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ATA’s Driver of the Year William Brown has worked hard and focused on the details that matter to build an exceptional career. A quiet man, the Blair Logistics owner-operator has logged more than 3 million-plus miles without an accident or violation and has earned a shelf full of accolades and awards. Photos by Cary Norton

ATA Convention Coverage


ATA brought its annual meeting back home to Alabama to celebrate its accomplishments, tend to official business, and push forward the Association’s agenda for improving the state’s trucking industry.

Big Night for Safety


The Alabama Trucking Association celebrated its members’ continual commitment to industry safety and professionalism at the Safety & Maintenance Management Council’s Fleet Safety Awards Banquet.

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Cindy York MANAGER OF SPECIAL PROJECTS J.J. McGrady MEMBER RELATIONS Susan Seymour SENIOR ADVISOR Ford Boswell ATA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Steve Aronhalt, Dennis Bailey, Nic Balanis, Brian Barze, Chris Bisanz, Joe Black, Gary Bond, Lacy Brakefield, Leigh Ward Breal, Greg Brown, Will Bruser, Craig Burgess, Dan Carmichael, Fenn Church, J.J. Clemmons, Kimble Coaker, John Collier, Driscoll Colquett, Brent Cook, Chris Cooper, Bo Cross, Jerry Davis, Amy DeFee, Joe Donald, Edmund Doss, Mack Dove, Wesley Dunn, Steve Dupuis, Jack Fricks, Beau Holmes, Jim Jenkins, Steve Johnson, Bryan Kilpatrick, Terry Kilpatrick, Mark Knotts, Jerry Kocan, Ben Leach, Alphonso Lewis, Andrew Linn, Drew Linn, Hunter Lyons, Jeff McGrady, Barry McGriff, Tom McLeod, Buck Moore, E.H. Moore, Jr., Tommy Neely, Butch Owens, David Padgett, Clay Palm, Emmett Philyaw, Kelly Robinson, Kevin Savoy, Bill Scruggs, Ben Smith, Ronnie Stephenson, Steve Stinson, Paul Storey, Harold Sumerford, Jr., Gene Sweeney, Gaines Thomas, Bill Ward, Bo Watkins, Wayne Watkins, Taylor White, Keith Wise, Daniel Wright Advertising rates are available upon request.

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Alabama TDC Returns


The Alabama Truck Driving Championships returned in a big way with more than 80 of Alabama’s safest and most accomplished truck drivers vying for bragging rights and the opportunity to compete at the American Trucking Associations’ National Truck Driving Championships later this summer in Indianapolis.

D E P A R T M E N T S Opening Remarks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Safety Insights . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 SMMC Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Trucking News Roundup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Buyers’ Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 ATA Events and New Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44

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Opening Remarks

Service Leads to Greatness: Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve Will Bruser ATA Chairman of the Board Truckworx

‘I know that the road that lies ahead leads to many great things for ATA.’


ow time flies. It feels like this past year went by in an instant. I have to say it’s been a great run, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with and getting to know so many of you. Leading this organization has been a career highlight — an experience that I will take many valuable lessons from as I continue to serve this great industry. First off, I thank the membership and ATA Board of Directors for trusting me in this role. Many of us compete in the marketplace on a daily basis. But when it came to working in concert for the good of trucking, I could not have asked for more complete and thoughtful support and advice from so many of you. I am truly humbled by that. I also thank Mark Colson and Kimble Coaker and their respective teams at the ATA and ATA Comp Fund. There is a very special thing happening with both of those organizations currently, and I am proud to have had a small role in helping move the needle for each organization as they grow and prosper in ways we could have only imagined a decade ago. I also want to thank my team at Truckworx. They work so hard to always do the right things for the right reasons. I am grateful for their dedication to serve the trucking industry at large. Looking back over the last year, I am happy to report that ATA is a much stronger organization than when I took over as Chairman this time last year. I can’t take the credit for the transformation. It was the work of many, and I congratulate the team we have in place – the ATA staff, our Board of Directors, and the membership at large – for the successes we have enjoyed. Because of our leaders and engaged membership, our events were successful and well attended; our public relations initiatives improved the image of trucking and were very well received; our political goals were met: and our most recent mission to bring more workers to our industry as service technicians and commercial drivers is now in “High Gear.” And, we’re just getting started. As I hand the reins of this great organization to Alabama Trucking legacy Chris Cooper of Boyd Bros. Transportation, I know that the road that lies ahead leads to many great things for ATA. I have never been more proud to be a part of something in all my life, and this year has made me realize the true value of service and sacrifice for something greater than myself. Believe me when I say the Alabama Trucking Association is heading in the right direction. The future’s so bright for us. I now look forward to keeping that momentum going. I wish you all the best! Thank you all for an outstanding year. God Bless.



Photos by Cary Norton


STRONG SILENT TYPE Alabama Trucking’s Driver of the Year William Brown prefers actions over words. By Ford Boswell BIRMINGHAM, Ala. t is often said it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about. When it comes to commercial drivers, however, there’s probably not a single fleet manager out there who wouldn’t appreciate a professional driver who does all the right things to be successful without a lot of discussion. Blair Logistics owner-operator William Brown is

I 4

that guy: the strong silent type who just gets his work done at the highest level to the delight of those who work with him. In 34 years of commercial driving, he has faithfully worked hard, focused on the details that matter, and built an exceptional career. A private man who doesn’t seek the spotlight, the 59-year-old lets his actions speak for him. His coworkers describe him as someone who always takes the extra steps to do the right things to deliver safely and on time without a

lot of supervision. Over the years, he’s logged more than 3 million-plus miles without an accident or violation and has earned a shelf full of accolades and awards. For his dedication to safety and professionalism, as well as for the value he adds to his customers’ operations, the Alabama Trucking Association named him Alabama Driver of the Year, sponsored by Southland Transportation Group, at its annual Fleet Safety Awards last spring. A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022


Brown has been both a regional driver, long-hauler, a company driver, and an owneroperator working with various carriers in Birmingham’s hot flatbed market. For the last few years, he’s been a member of Blair Logistics’ stable of 600 lease-operators, earning a reputation as one of its most trusted and valued partners in terms of production and quality of work. Blair Logistics Vice President of Safety Jeff Loggins, who nominated Brown for ATA’s award, highlights his leadership and dedication to delivering for the Birmingham-based company which was founded 10 years ago. “The best word I can use to describe William is ‘low key,” Loggins says. “Once you get to know him, he opens up and talks a little more each time he’s around you. He 6

goes about his business without much discussion and always does it well. He has never given us any problems from a safety standpoint – no issues with safety violations, CSA violations, or crashes, which is pretty remarkable for someone who has driven for 30-plus years.” Loggins wishes he had 100 drivers with the experience and talent that Brown has. “Drivers like Willam make my job easier,” he says. “I can point a newer driver to William and say, ‘Watch this guy; this is how you do it.’ I wish I had a whole fleet of drivers like him.” ATA President and CEO Mark Colson says professional drivers are the heartbeat of trucking, and Brown certainly is that for his company. “William is the epitome of excellence in

our industry,” he says. “He’s a small business owner, a 3 million safe miler, and a family man. It’s what Alabama Trucking is all about — it’s what America is all about. A man of few words, he speaks with his actions and his intentions. That form of leadership is especially important in today’s world of hyperbole and self-aggrandizement. The world (and trucking) would be even better with more William Browns in it.”

CAREER FLOW After graduating from Carver High School in Birmingham’s Northside in the early 1980s, Brown had no real plan for his next life chapter. He worked a few parttime jobs until getting hired on with the City of Birmingham as a general laborer at the Birmingham Zoo, a job he says he thoroughly enjoyed, but he always had trucking in the back of his mind. When he was a child, his aunt had a boyfriend named John Johnson who was a truck driver. Brown thought he had the coolest and would jump at any opportunity to ride along on regional runs. “I used to go with him on his routes up to Cullman and back,” he reA LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

calls. “I always liked big trucks, and I thought it was fun being high up and seeing everything from the cab. I can remember thinking back then that one day I’d get my CDL and start driving a truck. I never forgot that, and that’s what I did as soon as I could.” When he was old enough, he took a leave of absence from the city to enroll in classes at a private CDL training school in Georgia where he spent about eight weeks learning theory, truck operation, safety and procedure. After earning his CDL, he went back to work for the city to wait for the right time and opportunity to get into trucking. His first driving job was hauling building supplies to local markets. Following that, he began a succession of jobs at various fleets hauling produce, heavy metals, and building supplies with some of the big-name carriers of the day, including Deaton, Inc., Colonial Freight and Boyd Bros, among others. After a few years in the industry, and experiencing a little burnout from the grind of trucking, he went back to working for the city, figuring he’d come off the road to be with his family more. He planned to go back to trucking but knew that when he did, he’d do it as an owner-operator to take more control of his schedule and routes by leasing on with an operation that best suited his needs. “What I like best about being an owneroperator is having more control over things,” 8

he says. “The money is also better. I know my (level of) experience is an asset. Having had 30 years on the road, I know how to operate safely and efficiently, always taking my time to properly perform my pre-trips and check my load securements. I watch everything – mainly just keep an eye out for those on the road around me. You have to take it one mile at a time because anything can happen in a mile.” He currently leases a truck from Blair Logistics under his current contract. “I have run my own trucks before, but I like having a newer truck for more uptime and less maintenance. I plan to pay off my current truck and keep it for a while, though.”

‘PRETTY GOOD DAY’ ATA Vice President of Safety and Compliance Tim Frazier says he’s known Brown for several years through the Fleet Safety Awards. “William was a Driver of the Year Runner-up in 2018, and he’s competed at our Alabama Truck Driving Championships a few times,” he says. “But this year, our judges were impressed with his extensive career, especially his personal achievements as a driver and businessman. His record speaks for itself and is a reflection of his dedication to highway safety and a passion for the road.

His involvement with industry activities, civic responsibilities, and dedication to his family and coworkers were definitely major elements in the judge’s decision process.” Loggins adds Brown embodies the word professional as a driver, and more importantly, as a man. “He is a man of his word and that reflects on his impeccable safety record with our company,“ he says. Brown says he loves his job and plans to drive as long as he’s healthy, happy, and making good money. His advice to new drivers is to take safety very seriously. It’s the most important aspect of the job. “You just can’t come into this line of work and think you know everything,” he warns. “You can learn something new every day but you have to watch and listen closely. You do that, and you’ll make a lot of money in this business.” Brown says he was in his truck waiting to be loaded when he received word that he had won Alabama Trucking’s top professional award. “That was a pretty good day, and I sure wasn’t expecting it,” he says. “But it feels really good to be appreciated for the work I do,” he says. “Trucking is difficult. It’s up and down. It takes years to learn how to do it right. I have been fortunate to work with some great companies over the years. Everywhere I worked I learned something, and I am still learning every day.” A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

Photography by Bob Farley


SWEET HOME ALABAMA The Alabama Trucking Association brought its annual meeting back to Alabama to celebrate its accomplishments, tend to official business, and push forward the Association’s agenda for improving the state’s trucking industry.

By J.J. McGrady POINT CLEAR, Ala. ore than 500 leaders and guests of Alabama’s trucking industry gathered in late April at the historic Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Ala. for the Alabama Trucking Association’s 83rd Annual Convention. The three-day conference attracted an array of industry leaders and policymakers to push Alabama Trucking’s aggressive agenda to improve the state’s trucking industry. The weather was nearly perfect, and the setting on Mobile Bay was incredible, from the Welcome Reception Thursday night on the breath-taking Julep Point to the pristine and tranquil Sunday morning before the drive home. A weekend full of great content during daily business meetings and free time, packed with great speakers and fun for everyone – and that is what we all want. But our convention would not be possible without our sponsors. So, thank you to all our sponsors, no matter

M ATA President Mark Colson discussing the great work of the Careers in High Gear campaign. 10


TOP: Gov. Kay Ivey presents ATA Driver of the Year William Brown a commendation for his achievements in trucking. TOP RIGHT: ATA president Mark Colson Congratulates Kevin Savoy for winning the H. Chester Webb Award Winner. RIGHT CENTER: Rebecca Brewster of ATRI LEFT CENTER: Sen. Tommy Tuberville addressing national concerns about the trucking industry. BOTTOM: Alabama Road Team looking sharp for the Chairman’s Dinner.



the amount. But a special thank you to our Presidential sponsor, Cummins Sales and Service, and our Major sponsors, Love’s Travel Stops, and ATA Comp Fund, for their contribution to this year’s convention. Chris Cooper, Convention Chairman and CEO of Boyd Bros. Transportation said, “ATA’s 83rd Convention was a resounding success setting both attendance and sponsorship records.” “The response from our membership was incredible, and I was excited we were able to bring the event back to the state of Alabama this year at the Grand Hotel,” he said. “The turnout, content, and engagement experienced at this year’s event raised the bar for success and is a great example of why our association is viewed as one of the best in the nation. The convention allows us to come together as a trucking family and focus on the issues that impact the industry as a whole and have a lot of fun while doing it! I am so proud of our talented volunteer leaders and professional staff for hosting engaging events like our convention and driving our industry forward.”

Speakers Throughout the weekend’s business sessions, featured speakers covered a lot of content, including state and national issues, workforce development and industry safety and statistics. Three of Alabama’s highest elected officials, Gov. Kay Ivey, Sen. Tommy Tuberville and Congressman Jerry Carl provided information regarding the upcoming elections and industry-specific issues at the state and federal levels that need our attention. Additionally, State Supreme Court candidate Greg Cook put the spotlight on the race for an important seat on Alabama’s highest court. If elected, he will make sure that our values as an industry are represented in our state’s highest court. We had the honor of welcoming the American Trucking Associations Chairman and CEO of J&M Tank Lines, and a member of the ATA Board, Harold Sumerford, Jr. Chairman Sumerford gave an incredibly detailed overview of the federal legislative priority list. Included updates on select issues showed the legislative impact of America’s trucking industry. These insights provided great understanding into our industry’s greatest concerns and issues. For the trucking industry, safety is a 12

top priority, and several speakers over the weekend provided critical data and logic to some big-name issues in and around safety. First, Rebecca Brewster, President and COO of the American Transportation Research Institute gave a fantastic insight into the stats and data-driven perspective on trucking industry issues and the severity or lack thereof on different topics, including the traffic bottlenecks, driver retention, truck parking, and other research topics. Dan Cook of TrueNorth Companies, a risk management insurance brokerage firm based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, presented a different data-driven way to look at the trucking industry, emphasizing insurance and litigation reform. Cook’s talk detailed the insurance and litigation landscape, and its current climate in the trucking industry. Also, State Director for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Clinton Seymour provided an excellent overview of the safety culture in the State of Alabama and the progress made over the past few years. A commitment to safety is the highest priority as an Association because a safe trucking company is a profitable trucking company. Mike Lutzenkirchen provided a perspective-shifting reminder of the consequences of distracted driving. Mike is the Founder of the Lutzie 43 foundation, and its 43 Key Seconds program provides tools to help cut down on distracted and impaired driver accidents like the one that killed his son Philip at the age of 23. They use the message “Clear head, Clear hands, Clear eyes, Click it.” No matter how careful we are, Mike’s talk serves as a good reminder of the impact we can have when we are not careful.

Workforce Development Another critical issue affecting the industry is workforce development. During Friday’s session, the Alabama Community College System’s (ACCS) Mara Harrison provided an overview of the new Skills of Success program through the ACCS’s Innovation Center that will allow for students to virtually and at their own pace take courses toward certificates. For CDLs and other programs, the courses would operate in conjunction with an in-person lab portion and a hands-on exam. Harrison, the Interim Director of the Innovation Center, showcased Skills for Success with a clear focus on CDL and other trucking-related cerA LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

tificates. Harrison also gave an overview of how companies can take advantage of the new graduates of these programs and how they can contribute to these programs. Following Harrison’s presentation, ATA President and CEO Mark Colson and ATA Foundation Chairman and CEO of Billy Barnes Enterprises, Terry Kilpatrick gave an update on the Association’s ongoing Careers in High Gear campaign, which in recent weeks has reached significant milestones and promising signs from the pilot phase. Additionally, they updated the ATA Foundation’s Titans by pinning the Titans who have joined since the last convention. Also, during the weekend, six more Titans joined the cause, prioritizing the needs of our industry.

TOP LEFT: ATA Chairman Will Bruser welcomes Gov. Ivey to the stage. TOP RIGHT: Wayne Watkins and Kevin Savoy RIGHT CENTER: ATA Convention Chairman Chris Cooper of Boyd Brothers honoring the Presidential Sponsorship Cummins Sales and Service. Accepting the award is Nick Roth of Cummins. LEFT CENTER: Phillis Brown admiring her husband, William, after he was honored as the ATA Driver of the Year. BOTTOM: ATA Comp Fund CEO Kimble Coaker; Daniel Wright of Wright Transportation: and Steve Williams of Carr, Riggs, and Ingram during the ATA Comp Fund’s business session.

Business Sessions As a part of the Annual Convention, the ATA and the ATA Comp Fund must convene an annual business meeting. Chairman Will Bruser expeditiously led ATA’s session with a brief and precise overview of each of the reports on the consent agenda with a moment for questions. The Chairman received a motion and a second, followed by a unanimous vote affirming the presented consent agenda. On Saturday morning, the ATA Comp Fund’s business meeting provided an indepth overview of its continued success with its Alliance Interstate Risk (AIR) program. The presentation by CEO and Fund Administrator Kimble Coaker, COO Todd Hager, and ATA Comp Fund Chair and CFO of Buddy Moore Trucking, Susan Kirkpatrick, centered on the growth that AIR has seen across the Southeast. This growth has yielded an annual donation by the Fund through the AIR dues system. Then, during the business session, the Fund and its board presented their reports. Following a motion and a second, the reports all passed unanimously.

It Wasn’t All Work The gorgeous Grand Hotel and the adjacent Lakewood Golf Club served as excellent venues for the weekend, providing ways to unwind between the business sessions and evening festivities. The spectacular pools were a popular option for many when deciding how to A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022


spend the afternoons. The cabanas and hospitality services provided by sponsors made the great poolside experience even better. Thank you to poolside hospitality sponsors: Complete Tire & Service, Dixie Trucking, Love’s Travel Stops, Mack Trucks, ProBilling and Funding Services, and Utility Trailer Sales. The Lakewood course hosted several members as they hit the links on Saturday for the official ATA tournament and the days before. Congratulations to Saturday’s tournament winners First NET: Jace Thompson, Rick Sizemore, Bubba Allison, and Justin Ray; Second NET: Jim Tylor, Tommy Neely, Forrest Moorer, and Hunter Lyons. First GROSS: Joe Black, Ryan Aldridge, Jeff Martin, Rusty Sprouse; Second GROSS: Wesley Dunn, Brett Taylor, Tommy Kidwell, and Jamie Taylor. Thank you to all of those that participated in this year’s tournament. Thank you to our golf sponsor Wright Transportation and to all those that participated in this year’s tournament. Thank you to our prize sponsor, RangeWay Carriers, and our lunch Sponsor Progress Bank. Ladies, we hope you all enjoyed and took advantage of the spa throughout the weekend. The complementary spa session was sponsored by: AMX, Benny Whitehead, Inc., Johnston Trucking, and Storey Trucking.

Chairman’s Dinner Our annual Chairman’s Dinner is always a memorable way to close the weekend for many reasons, from the opportunities to recognize such honors as the H. Chester Webb Award recipient, the Driver of the Year, to honoring the Chairman of the Board. Then we closed out the evening with a great musical act to put a fun and loud exclamation point to the weekend. This year’s dinner and the show did not disappoint. At the start of the evening, the H. Chester Webb Award was presented to Kevin Savoy of Greenbush Logistics. The Webb Award is given annually to an individual in our Association for their leadership throughout their career. Savoy was ATA’s Chairman in 2014 and during his stint restructured the ATA Golf Classic turning it into one of the biggest and best events of its kind in the state. Also, the impact of the golf tournament allows for TRUK PAC to reach heights it had not been before. Likewise, Savoy’s impact on the state’s business community is beyond measure. 14

Later in the evening, ATA officials honored William Brown of Blair Logistics for being the Driver of the Year. His coworkers describe him as a man of his word, a joy to work with, and always safety-minded. ATA is proud to call him our 2021 driver of the year. One of the final observations of honor for the evening Convention Chairman and ATA Vice-Chair Chris Cooper took the stage to present 2021 ATA Chairman Will Bruser with a Waterford Crystal Bowl as a token of appreciation for his dedication over this past year as Chairman. Finally, we honored our Presidential Sponsor for the convention, Cummins Sales and Service. A Special thank you to Cummins for your work in making the 2022 ATA Annual Convention possible. And thank you for your fantastic work in the trucking industry in Alabama and beyond. To finish the night and the 2022 ATA Annual Convention, we went CRAZY with Purple Madness, a Prince tribute band that delivered a high-energy cap to the weekend. This special presentation was made possible by our Act 1 Sponsors: AAA Cooper, BR Williams, Birmingham Freightliner, Boyd Bros., Buddy Moore Trucking, Church Transportation and Logistics, Davison Fuels & Oil, Four Star Freightliner, Greenbush Logistics, Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, McGriff Tire, McLeod Software, Southland Transportation Group, Navistar, Nextran Truck Centers, Palomar Insurance, J&M Tank Lines, S&M Transportation, PS Logistics, Thompson Tractor Company, Truckworx, Walpole, Ward International Trucks, Watkins Trucking, Wiley Sanders Truck Lines and Wright Transportation. In closing, ATA’s President Mark Colson said, “The annual convention is the place where the Alabama Trucking family comes together to fellowship, learn, improve, and have fun. We have shifted the convention into high gear, and members who have attended our last two conventions experienced new energy with engaging content and speakers and a refreshed vibe. This year, we brought the event back to Alabama for the first time in a long time, and the response was incredible. For members who have never attended, or have not attended in a while, I highly encourage them to make it a priority to join this family gathering in the future.” We look forward to seeing everyone next year when our Convention returns to Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort on April 13-16, 2023. A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

TOP RIGHT: Will Bruser of Truckworx Kenworth and Jerry Kocan of Four-Star Freightliner sharing great stories while attending the ATA Comp Fund Reception. MIDDLE CENTER: Steve Dupuis, Chris Bisanz, Harold Sumerford and Wesley Dunn being honored as Alabama Trucking TITANS. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alabama Trucking legend Buddy Moore visits with former ATA Chairman Bill Scruggs.



Photos by Bob Farley


ATA VP of Safety and Compliance Tim Frazier (left) and ATA President Mark Colson (far right) pose with ATA Driver of the Year Runner-up Shannon Rowe and Driver of the Year William Brown (both of Blair Logistics).



Tim Frazier greets attendees.

ATA’s safety council showcases member fleets and individuals for safety excellence and professionalism at annual awards banquet. PELHAM, Ala. he Alabama Trucking Association celebrated its members’ continual commitment to industry safety and professionalism at the Safety & Maintenance Management Council’s Fleet Safety Awards Banquet on March 21st. Nearly 200 families, friends and coworkers gathered at the Pelham Civic Complex to honor the best of the best of Alabama Trucking while also showcasing all that makes our organization and industry great. The highlight of the evening was Blair Logistics sweeping the driver category with William Brown earning the Truck Driver of the Year award and his colleague Shannon Rowe earning First Runner-up. Blair Logistics also took First Place in the General Commodities Local Division Under 100,000 Miles and 3rd place in the General Commodities Line Haul and 2nd GC Combined. Brown, 59, has driven a truck for 34 years logging more than 3 million safe driving miles. He’s been with Blair Logistics for 14 years gaining the respect and trust of the management team there as a man of character and integrity. Company Vice President of Safety Jeff Loggins says Brown embodies the word professional as a driver, and more importantly, as a man. “He is a man of his word and that reflects on his impeccable safety record with our company,” Loggins said. Brown says he was in his truck waiting to be loaded when he received word from Loggins that

Fleet Manager of the Year Michelle Miller

Maintenance Manager of the Year Micah Calhoun

Safety Professional of the Year Runner-up Curtis Roberts.

Safety Professional of the Year Tyler Wilbanks



The ATA Comp Fund recognized several of its top-performing clients in several categories for loss control and safety performance, including its top honor, the Safety Excellence Award, going to LB3 Inc. Accepting the award above are owners Valerie and Brian Lindley with their daughters (left to right) Ella, Claire and Maggie. 19

ALABAMA TRUCKING ASSOCIATION 2021 SAFETY CONTEST WINNERS On Monday, March 21, 2022, the Alabama Trucking Association celebrated its members' continual commitment to industry safety and professionalism at the group’s annual Safety & Maintenance Management Council's Fleet Safety Awards Banquet in Birmingham, Ala. The following companies are ATA’s safest fleet for miles operated in Alabama in 2021.

Tank Truck 1st Place - J & M Tank Lines, Inc. Private Carrier Under 1 Million Miles 1st Place - Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. Private Carrier 3 to 5 Million Miles 1st Place - Publix Super Markets, Inc. Private Carrier Over 5 Million Miles (3 plaques) 1st Place - River Valley Ingredients Miscellaneous Category Under 1 Million Miles 1st Place - S and M Transportation, Inc. 2nd Place - Commercial Hauling Co., Inc. Miscellaneous Category 1 to 3 Million Miles 1st Place - Massey Hauling Company, Inc. Household Goods 1st Place - Move and Store 2nd Place - Changing Spaces Moving, Inc. Heavy Haulers 1 to 3 Million Miles 1st Place - RM Logistics, Inc. General Commodities Local Under 100,000 Miles 1st Place - Blair Logistics, LLC 2nd Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (FB) General Commodities Local under 1 Million Miles 1st Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (Van) 2nd Place - Watkins Trucking Co., Inc. 3rd Place - New South Express, Inc. General Commodities Local 1 to 3 Million Miles 1st Place - Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. 2nd Place - Wright Transportation, Inc. 3rd Place - ABF Freight General Commodities Local 3 to 5 Million Miles 1st Place - Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc. 2nd Place - Greenbush Logistics, Inc. 3rd Place - FedEx Freight, Inc. General Commodities Local 5-10 Million Miles 1st Place - Billy Barnes Enterprises, Inc. General Commodities Linehaul Under 1 Million Miles 1st Place - James R Smith Trucking Co., Inc. 2nd Place - RCA Trucking, LLC 3rd Place - New South Express, Inc. General Commodities Linehaul 1 to 3 Million Miles 1st Place - Billy Barnes Enterprises, Inc. 2nd Place - MT Select, LLC 3rd Place - Deep South Freight General Commodities Linehaul 3 to 5 Million Miles 1st Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (Van) 2nd Place - Shelton Trucking, LLC 3rd Place - Brown Trucking, Co.


General Commodities Linehaul 5 to 10 Million Miles 1st Place - Southeast Logistics, LLC 2nd Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (Van) 3rd Place - Blair Logistics, LLC General Commodities Linehaul over 10 Million Miles 1st Place - Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. 2nd Place - FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd Place - Wal-Mart Transportation, LLC General Commodities Combined Under 1 Million Miles 1st Place - New South Express, Inc. 2nd Place - Church Transportation and Logistics, Inc. General Commodities Combined 1 to 3 Million Miles 1st Place - Watkins Trucking Co., Inc. General Commodities Combined 3 to 5 Million Miles 1st Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (FB) 2nd Place - ABF Freight 3rd Place - Greenbush Logistics, Inc. General Commodities Combined 5 to 10 Million Miles 1st Place - Buddy Moore Trucking, Inc. (FB) 2nd Place - Blair Logistics, LLC 3rd Place - Wright Transportation, Inc. General Commodities Combined 10 to 20 Million Miles 1st Place - Billy Barnes Enterprises, Inc. 2nd Place - Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc. 3rd Place - Southeastern Freight Lines, Inc. General Commodities Combined Over 20 Million Miles 1st Place - FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd Place - AAA Cooper Transportation, Inc. President’s Award – Sponsor, - McGriff Tire Company S and M Transportation, Inc. Fleet Manager of the Year – Sponsor, Vertical Alliance Michelle Miller – Montgomery Transport, LLC Maintenance Professional of the Year – Sponsor, Nextran Truck Corporation Micah Calhoun – Montgomery Transport, LLC Safety Professional of the Year - Runner Up – Sponsor, Truckworx Kenworth Curtis Roberts – Montgomery Transport, LLC Safety Professional of the Year –Sponsor, Truckworx Kenworth Tyler Wilbanks – P&S Transportation, LLC Professional Driver of the Year-Runner Up – Sponsor, Southland Transportation Group Shannon Rowe - Blair Logistics, LLC Professional Driver of the Year – Sponsor, Southland Transportation Group William Brown Jr. – Blair Logistics, LLC Gavel Plaques, Sponsor, ATA SMMC Jeff Loggins, Blair Logistics, LLC – Birmingham Chapter Travis Williams, Greenbush Logistics, Inc. – Wiregrass Chapter Randy Watson, TRW Solutions, LLC – Gulf Coast Chapter

he’d won Alabama Trucking’s top professional award. “That was a pretty good day, and I sure wasn’t expecting it. But it feels really good to be appreciated for the work I do,” he says. “Trucking is difficult. It’s up and down. It takes years to learn how to do it right. I have been fortunate to work with some great companies over the years. Everywhere I worked I learned something, and I am still learning every day.” He says he loves his job and plans to drive as long as he’s healthy, happy, and making good money. His advice to new drivers is to take safety very seriously. It’s the most important aspect of the job. “You just can’t come into this line of work and think you know everything,” he warns. “You can learn something new every day, but you have to watch and listen closely. You do that and you’ll make a lot of money in this business.” Meanwhile, Montgomery Transport had three tables full of folks in attendance, and it seemed at least half of them walked to the dais to accept awards. The Birmingham-based flatbed hauler took top prizes for fleet safety in several categories, and three of its employees took home professional awards including Fleet Manager of the Year Michelle Miller, Maintenance Professional of the Year Micah Calhoun, and Safety Professional of the Year Runner-up Curtis Roberts. P&S Transportation, Inc. Director of Environmental Health and Safety Tyler Wilbanks was tapped as Safety Professional of the Year. S and M Transportation, Inc. of Saraland, Ala. won the President’s Award for the state’s safest fleet based on zero accidents with most miles traveled within state lines. Also, the ATA Comp Fund recognized several of its top-performing clients in several categories for loss control and safety performance, including its top honor, the Safety Excellence Award, going to LB3 LLC. Thanks to McGriff Tire & Service, Nextran Truck Centers, Southland Transportation Group, Truckworx, Trimble Transportation, and Vertical Alliance Group for sponsoring this special event. ATA also recognized its safest fleet for miles traveled within Alabama in the calendar year 2021. More than two dozen companies were honored in several categories. A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

Photos by Bob Farley


CELEBRATING ALABAMA’S BEST TRUCK DRIVERS FedEx Freight’s Dan Thompson takes the top prize at the triumphant return of the Alabama TDC 24


By Ford Boswell PELHAM, Ala. fter a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 gathering and travel restrictions, the Alabama Trucking Association’s Safety & Maintenance Management Council restarted its popular commercial driver celebration, the Alabama Truck Driving Championships on May 27th at the Pelham Civic Complex. More than 70 drivers competed in the one-day event, but it was FedEx Freight veteran commercial driver, Dan Thompson of Theodore, Ala. who took the top spot in the Twins Class on his way to earning the Overall Champion Award with a combined score of 385. It was his second time winning the Alabama TDC’s top spot, having done so in 2016. Thompson has had a long successful career in trucking with more than 3.5 million safe miles logged, tons of company and industry awards, and was even named the Alabama Trucking Association’s Driver of the Year for 2018. According to ATA Vice President of Safety & Compliance Tim Frazier, Thompson is among Alabama Trucking’s most consistently successful TDC competitors, routinely placing in the top three of his class. He’s also competed at the American Trucking Associations’ National Truck Driving Championship at least a half-dozen times in the last 15 years — and now he’ll return later this summer. “Dan is a super performer for FedEx, and he’s one of the most professional truck drivers I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” Frazier says. “He is always well-prepared, knowledgeable, and experienced. He’s also just an extremely likable guy. He is, in my opinion, the ideal commercial driver, and a leader for the industry.” Thompson also serves on the Alabama Road Team volunteering a few days each month to speak to high school driver’s education classes to teach students about road safety and trucking career opportunities after graduation. “It’s so hard to win this contest because of the stiff competition. There are so many great drivers here. I think it makes you rise to the occasion, though. All I can do is prepare, stay focused, and do my best.” ATA President Mark Colson says, “We’re proud to honor Dan’s big win, and his consistency in being the best serves as an inspiration for us all here at Alabama Trucking.”




CLASS WINNERS Perusing the official score sheets, many familiar names appeared at the top spots. Notably, the FedEx Freight team owned the leader board winning five of the eight classes while also placing several drivers in the top three of each category. Other drivers joining Thompson as individual class winners were William Brandon, FedEx Freight (4-Axle); John Carter, FedEx Freight (Twins Class); Thomas Garner, FedEx Freight (Flatbed); David Hawk, FedEx Freight (Straight); Alphonso Lewis, Yellow (5-Axle); Tony Johnson, TForce Freight (3-Axle); and Jason Webber, LB3 LLC (Sleeper Berth). Honorable mention awards were handed out to Steven Speer of Walmart Transportation, who earned Rookie of the Year with a total score of 297.5 in the Flatbed Class, and former ATA Road Team alum, Rusty Holmes, who scored an impressive perfect score on the vehicle defects test. Contestants, their families, and other guests were treated to a banquet dinner sponsored by Stoneridge, Inc., and winners were announced during a ceremony emceed by Tim Frazier and TDC Chairman Jeff Melville of Publix.

Tony Johnson

William Brandon

Alphonso Lewis

LABOR OF LOVE The Alabama Truck Driving Championships is a celebration of America’s 3.5 million commercial truck drivers, and according to ATA Chairman of the Board Will Bruser of Truckworx, the Alabama TDC event spotlights their professionalism, talent, and skill. “Putting on this event is a labor of love for us,” Bruser says. “We want to show our deepest appreciation for the work truck drivers do day after day to keep our economy going strong. If we learned only one thing during the pandemic, it is that professional truck drivers are vital to the American way of life and should be celebrated as heroes.” In his address during the banquet, ATA President Mark Colson did just that. In his speech, he made it clear to the group that the Alabama Truck Driving Championships are a celebration of a demanding job that sometimes is taken for granted by the public and, at times, the industry itself. “We’re here to highlight the professionalism and talent of Alabama’s trucking industry, but especially the 3.5 million men and women in this country who earn a living as truck drivers.” Then, pointing to a button pinned to his jacket lapel, he said, “You see this button? It says ‘I Love Trucks’. I like this pin because trucks are important, but tonight might be the last time I wear it. You see, there are a lot of people who spend a lot of time objectifying our industry. They run ads on TV demonizing our industry and our drivers – it doesn’t make me feel very good.” He continued, “Tonight, this celebration is about humanizing and personifying the trucking industry with our people. You see, trucks may be the objects that deliver the goods, but truckers are the people who deliver the goods. So, next year, we’re all going to be wearing pins that say, I Love Truckers. Because truckers are the people who make this industry so great, and they deserve our deepest appreciation and respect.” 26


Thomas Garner

Jason Webber


David Hawk

John Carter

Dan Thompson


SAFETY & MAINTENANCE FMCSA extends COVID-19 Emergency Declaration to August 31 FMCSA’s Emergency Declaration which was set to expire on May 31st has been extended through August 31, 2022. The declaration was also modified to include transportation of livestock and livestock feed; medical supplies and equipment related to the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of COVID-19; vaccines, constituent products, and medical supplies and equipment, including ancillary supplies/kits for the administration of vaccines, related to the prevention of COVID-19; supplies and equipment necessary for community safety, sanitation, and prevention of community transmission of COVID-19 such as masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, and disinfectants; food, paper products, and other groceries for emergency restocking of distribution centers or stores: gasoline, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), jet fuel, ethyl alcohol; and heating fuel including propane, natural gas, and heating oil. As with the previous extension, this declaration applies only to 395.3 “Maximum Driving Time for Property-Carrying Vehicles”. This modified declaration will remain in effect until August 31, 2022, unless terminated sooner by FMCSA. As always, carriers and drivers should review the details of all waivers to ensure applicability and compliance. Visit for full details. CVSA’s Operation Airbrake Program will hold two annual brake safety campaigns this year The next Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Aug. 21-27, 2022. There will also be an unannounced one-day brake safety enforcement initiative, which may be held at any time. During both the announced and unannounced brake safety enforcement campaigns, commercial motor vehicle inspectors conduct brake system inspections (primarily Level IV Inspections) on large trucks and buses throughout North America to identify brake-system violations. Properly functioning brake systems are crucial to safe commercial motor vehicle operation. Commercial motor vehicle brakes are designed to hold up under tough condi30

ALDOT to restrict hazmat loads on I-59/20 through Downtown Birmingham during the World Games

The Alabama Dept. of Transportation (ALDOT), under a directive from the US Secret Service, will restrict all hazardous material cargo shipments on I-59/20 through Downtown Birmingham during The World Games being held in the area from July 7-17, 2022. The affected portion of I-59/20 is from I-65 to the east of the E. B. Stephens Freeway (US Hwy 31). The closure begins Thursday, July 7, and continues through Sunday, July 17. We are told enforcement will be strict. The World Games is an 11-day international multi-sport event organized with the support of the International Olympic Committee. An anticipated 3,600 elite athletes from all over the world will compete in 30 of the fastest-growing sports. Event organizers and city officials expect more than 500,000 spectators to come through the Birmingham area during the event. With increased crowds and foot traffic underneath the raised portion of I-59/20, the Secret Service has placed a very high-security level in preparation for the many events and functions that will happen under or near the interstate bridges that rise over the Birmingham Central Business District, which includes Legacy Arena, Protective Stadium, and the Uptown Entertainment District. ALDOT is already alerting the public using digital message signs on various interstate routes to alert traffic. Static signs will also be placed. Carriers hauling hazmat cargo during the shutdown times should use the I-459 to bypass affected areas for pass-through destinations such as Gadsden, Chattanooga, Anniston, Atlanta, and many others. tions; however, they must be inspected and maintained carefully and consistently so they operate and perform properly throughout the vehicle’s life. Brake-related violations comprise the largest percentage of all out-of-service violations cited during roadside inspections. Improperly installed or poorly maintained brake systems can reduce the braking capacity and stopping distance of trucks and buses, posing a serious risk to drivers and public safety. Outreach and educational efforts by inspectors, participating motor carriers and others in the industry also take place during

CVSA’s brake safety campaigns and are integral to the success of the campaign. Operation Airbrake is a CVSA program in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. More than 3.4 million brakes have been inspected since the program’s inception in 1998.

CARB collected nearly $1 million in clean air penalties last year The California Air Resources Board’s 2021 Annual Enforcement Report shows A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

MANAGEMENT COUNCIL NEWS that these penalties were generated largely through fleet audits and in-use vehicle inspections. Excessive smoke emissions, missing emission control labels and violations of the state’s 5-minute idling limit generated the majority of citations and fines from on-road diesel trucks. Nearly 6,000 California-registered trucks were noncompliant with the state’s Truck and Bus Rule which ultimately requires trucks with 2010 or newer engines beginning next year. Noncompliance with the state’s transport refrigeration unit regulation was roughly 50 percent and generated the most citations and penalties from the diesel field inspection program. That regulation was amended earlier this year to require all TRUs operating in California to be registered and labeled beginning in 2024.

SMMC to hold Mock Trial/ Legal Seminar August 25 in Montgomery

agement Council on August 25 in Montgomery for a legal seminar for fleet executives and their staff focused on providing you with techniques and skills to protect your business from predatory litigation lawyers and nuclear verdicts. SMMC leaders have teamed up with attorneys from Hand Arendall Harrison Sale LLC to perform a mock trial that will show you how to think quickly and construct persuasive arguments and examinations under pressure. Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your testifying prowess. This event is FREE to members and lunch will be provided. For more information call 334-834-3983.

NHTSA signs off on new electric, driverless pod The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has approved freight technology company Einride’s Autonomous Electric Transport vehicles for use on U.S. public roads. The autonomous and electric Einride Pod does not have a driver on board and is instead remotely monitored by a Remote Pod Operator. Einride will begin a public road pilot to support operational flows for customer GE Appliances. A Remote Pod

Operator will be remotely monitoring the vehicle at all times. The approval from the NHTSA marks the first time a purpose-built autonomous, electric truck without a driver on board receives public road permission.

Trucking industry leaders strongly oppose proposed fuel tax holiday In June, American Trucking Associations President and CEO Chris Spear issued a statement calling on leaders in Washington to get serious about lowering energy prices and reducing inflation, rather than considering a proposal to temporarily suspend the federal fuel tax: “After months of touting the passage of the well-funded Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – a much-needed investment in our nation’s roads and bridges – the Biden Administration wants to cut that same highway system’s primary source of funding with a suspension of the federal fuel tax. Spear offered three immediate things the Biden Administration and Congress can do that will actually make a difference in lower fuel costs. “One, make America energy indeContinued on page 32

Feds issue two new HOS guides for drivers and motor carriers FMCSA recently updated two documents that help motor carriers and drivers better understand the Federal hours of service (HOS) regulations, including changes to the following four HOS provisions which went into effect on September 29, 2020. Short-haul exception Adverse driving conditions exception l 30-minute rest break requirements l Sleeper berth provision l l

You’ve worked hard your entire adult building a successful trucking operation. You’ve played by the rules, faithfully operated inside the law; hired great people, invested in and maintained top-of-the-line equipment, and you’ve trained your employees to always keep a close watch on their personal safety and the safety of those around them. Now, imagine after one accident, regardless of fault, your entire operation is threatened by a lengthy lawsuit. If a jury decides against you, your business could lose millions of dollars and possibly be forced to file for bankruptcy. Join ATA’s Safety & Maintenance ManA LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

You can download both documents at the links provided below, and we encourage you to share them with your fleet managers and drivers. 1.) The Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service summarizes the HOS regulations for property-carrying commercial motor vehicles, complete with example scenarios and exceptions. 2.) Hours of Service Examples review record of duty status (RODS) examples based on 30 different scenarios.


News pendent,” he stated. “Stop kissing the ring of Saudi Arabia. Two, renew trade agreements with the European Union and Asian Pacific nations in order to export more American oil and natural gas. And, three, balance the budget. Stop wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars on senseless programs that drive up inflation and runaway deficits. Energy independence, trade, and a balanced budget. Do that, and America wins.”

SMMC and ALEA hold Roadside Inspections near Tuscaloosa in April In April, the Alabama Trucking Association’s Safety and Maintenance Management Council partnered with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Unit to hold their spring roadside inspections at the westbound rest area on I-59/20 near Tuscaloosa.


ATA leaders say the event drew about 30 members and guests, including any new faces. This free member service is one of the most informative, hands-on safety programs we offer. It provides our members the opportunity to observe Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Motor Carrier Safety Unit troopers as they conduct live 1 and 2 Level inspections on commercial vehicles. Attendees can then use the experience to make adjustments in their own operations and teach employees about what to expect

during an inspection. ATA President Mark Colson says, “A safe trucking company is a profitable trucking company. Through programs like our Roadside Inspection, Alabama Trucking members and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency are working together to make Alabama roads safer.” Special thanks to Boyd Bros. Transportation, Inc. for providing lunch and also to Blair Logistics and Vulcan Materials Company for providing snacks and refreshments. We’ll do it again in the fall!



Chris Cooper installed as ATA Chairman

service with the military. And, of course, we extend a huge thank you to outgoing ATA Chairman Will Bruser of Truckworx. We appreciate Will’s passion and leadership this past year. He has been an exceptional leader for this Association, and we look forward to him continuing to serve our industry for many years to come.

ATA honors Kevin Savoy with H. Chester Webb Award

From left is outgoing ATA Chairman of the Board Will Bruser of Truckworx and current ATA Chairman of the Board Chris Cooper of Boyd Bros. Transportation.

On Tuesday, June 14th, the Alabama Trucking Association experienced history when Boyd Bros. Transportation CEO Chris Cooper became the first thirdgeneration ATA Chairman of the Board. Cooper, who was installed during a ceremony at ATA’s headquarters in Montgomery, follows the footsteps of his mother, Gail, and grandfather and Boyd Bros. founder, the late Dempsey Boyd. We are excited to welcome Chris as our new Chairman, and we look forward to a fantastic year of growth and leadership to improve Alabama’s trucking industry. Also during the meeting, ATA leaders heard former National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion and current ATA Board member Alphonso Lewis give an in-depth review of his career and the many amazing experiences he’s had as a member of National ATA’s America’s Road Team. Lt. Col. Chris Amos with the Alabama National Guard was also on hand to provide an overview of how the state’s trucking industry can play a role in getting more veterans back to work after completing their 34

The Alabama Trucking Association has given Wiregrass businessman Kevin Savoy its highest honor for a member, the H. Chester Webb Award for Distinguished Service, which recognizes state trucking executives for outstanding service and leadership to the state’s trucking business sector. Savoy is vice president of Greenbush Logistics, Inc. and Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. in Abbeville, Ala. Greenbush Logistics provides freight management in the southern, central and eastern U.S. Great Southern Wood Preserving is a producer of pressure-treated wood for residential, farm, commercial and industrial purposes.

Kevin Savoy

Savoy was honored at a ceremony during ATA’s 83rd Annual Convention held last weekend at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Ala. The award was presented by 2021 Webb Award recipient Wayne Watkins of Watkins Trucking of Birmingham, who said that Alabama Trucking has had its share of great leaders, but few personify the ideals

and characteristics of the award more closely than Savoy. “Kevin never seeks the spotlight for his actions,” Watkins said. “He does so much for this Association and his community, and he never asks for anything in return. He truly is a servant leader.” Savoy also serves on the executive boards for Alabama Trucking, Alabama Power, the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce, the Alabama Wildlife Federation, and the Leadership Alabama - Wiregrass Area. ATA Chairman of the Board Will Bruser called Savoy one of ATA’s “most valuable players.” “When he was chairman of ATA Board in 2014, he was the driving force in revamping our annual golf tournament, transitioning it from a social event that raised a little money to one that is known for being among the most successful political fundraisers in the region,” Bruser said. “The ATA Golf Classic is now the primary fundraiser for our political action committee, TRUK PAC, raising $1 million dollars each quadrennium. That reputation is so crucial to Alabama Trucking’s political might. People now know we carry a big stick in the state’s political arena, and that helps our agenda.” Mark Colson, president and CEO of ATA, added that Savoy was also an early supporter of the ATA Foundation — recently becoming a founding member of the new super-supporters group, the ATA Titans, which focuses on the long-term and sustainable funding for ATA’s public awareness and workforce development programs. “Kevin leads by example,” Colson said. “He’s a leader for his business, his community, and the industry that’s given him and his family so much for so many years. He never shies from giving back more than he receives.” The Webb Award was established in 1958 to recognize individuals in the state’s trucking industry for service and contributions to the industry and encourage public service by all members of the highway transportation industry. Winners of the Webb Award are those who have given their talents, leadership and dedication to the Alabama trucking industry, the state trucking association, and the communities where they reside. A LABAMA T RUCKER • 2 ND Q UARTER 2022

Four Start Freightliner partners with Ingram State for service tech apprenticeship program

“I am grateful for everyone at Ingram State Technical College, state leaders, and Four Star Freightliner for persevering and making this apprentice program a reality,” Ingram State Technical College is now said Dealer Principal Jerry Kocan. “Now offering students an innovative training that students are back in the classroom, we opportunity with the addition of its first can finally begin the process to help them apprenticeship program. The agreement, transition to a well-paying career that inwhich will benefit students enrolled in cludes skills that will carry them far into Ingram’s diesel mechanics program, is the their future. Four Star Freightliner is proud result of a two-year partnership between the to be a community partner that can provide College, Montgomery-based Four Star these students such a unique opportunity. Freightliner, the Alabama DepartOur goal is to provide a “hand ment of Corrections (ADOC), up” and a chance at a great career and the Alabama Office of Apthat will sustain them.” prenticeship (AOA). During the in-field training, “The apprenticeship agreement students will work with skilled marks a new level of opportunity professionals to maintain and for our students,” said Ingram repair diesel engines, as they President Annette Funderburk. would on the job. As they pro“We could not have asked for a gress in the program their in-field better industry partner to help hours will increase, enhancing launch this initiative than Four their experience. Students who Star Freightliner. Their commitcomplete both the program of ment to our students and our study and the apprenticeship will mission is unparalleled.” then become full-time employees The apprenticeship is one part at Four Star Freightliner through of a comprehensive program the ADOC work release program. designed to prepare students for “We see Alabama’s incarcerated the transition from the classroom Four Star Freightliner Dealer Principal Jerry Kocan & Ingram State President Annette population as an untapped reContinued on page 36 to the workforce. Participants will Funderburk sign their agreement to train more service technicians.


complete college courses and earn select lab credit hours as apprentices through Four Star Freightliner. The apprenticeship program directly aligns with the prison to workforce pipeline where students receive a quality education, gain hands-on experience through on-thejob training, transition to full-time in-field employment through the ADOC work release program, and are released with the tools and skills needed to join the Alabama workforce.



source for the state’s employers like Four Star Freightliner,” said ADOC Commissioner John Hamm. “This apprenticeship aligns perfectly with ADOC’s mission of rehabilitation through training. Inmates learn valuable skills that help them succeed once they reenter society.” “By providing returning citizens with high-value skill training, we will simultaneously help reduce recidivism and help the employers of our state meet their critical workforce needs,” AOA Director Josh Laney said. “It takes tenacity and vision to launch a program like this and our partners at Ingram State Technical College and the Alabama Department of Corrections are demonstrating they have both.” Ingram’s 60-credit-hour Diesel Mechanic program includes training in preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of engines, brake, and drive train systems. In addition to college credit, students can earn OSHA safety and forklift certifications. Students participating in the program are required to have a high school diploma or GED and must maintain a minimum-


community custody level in accordance with the ADOC Classification Manual. Ingram State Technical College is a fully accredited member of the Alabama Community College System serving incarcerated students exclusively. The College offers training in 18 career and technical programs.

ATA buys Ivey Campaign Ad time during recent state primaries The recent Alabama Primary Election and subsequent runoff elections were defined by a massive amount of TV advertising paid for by large budget campaign donations and fundraising. If you’re a student of campaign finance, you know that most candidates for legislative and constitutional office are often buoyed by contributions from industry and political groups. Contributions can range from as little as $2,500 to as much as $100,000, which the campaigns then turn into advertising. This past spring year, the Alabama Trucking Association took a new approach. In its support of Gov. Kay Ivey’s reelection efforts, leaders with ATA’s political action committee, TRUK PAC, came up with the idea of rather than giving a typical cam-

Above, Kelly Robinson preps for the camera. Below, screen grab of ATA’s ad for Gov. Ivey’s re-election campaign.


paign contribution, they would instead fund and produce its own ad telling the industry’s story, and why Alabama truckers support the governor. The 30-second spot featured Kelly Robinson, a trucker and president of Service One Transport in Muscle Shoals. It was placed in strategic markets statewide and was hailed by industry observers for its dual-purpose effects. “It was a way for us to do two things at once — support a governor who has done a great job and supports our industry, and also tell our story, putting our message forward,” ATA President Mark Colson told Transport Topics. “We typically don’t do a lot of hard money in the races. We’ve done $20,000, $30,000 or $40,000 in the past. Our board really wanted to do something to try to make a difference in the race.” The Association spent $150,000 on a statewide cable television media buy for a 30-second ad to air for two weeks. The ads feature and are narrated by Service One Transport president Kelly Robinson, who opens by standing in her company’s parking lot in front of a truck. “When one of our rigs hit the road, someone somewhere in Alabama is getting what they need,” she says in the ad, followed by words of support for Ivey’s efforts on behalf of small businesses.


“I’m really proud of Kelly,” Colson said. “We wanted a real trucker talking about their business, our industry and why we support the governor. And I think that’s what we did.” Colson called the ad “a real gamechanger” in terms of positive feedback he’s received from people across the state, especially in the trucking industry. “Gov. Ivey understands that trucking is essential to our economic success and has worked with our industry to get more people into the industry so they can, in turn, provide for their families,” said Greg Brown, president of motor carrier BR Williams in Oxford, Ala., and chairman of TRUK PAC political action committee, in an April 28 news release. “When an elected official keeps their word, provides strong leadership and produces positive results, they deserve our support and our vote. Gov. Ivey has done just that.”

New ATRI research quantifies the environmental impacts of zero-emission trucks The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released a new report that analyzes the environmental impacts of

zero-emission trucks (ZET). This analysis, a 2021 top priority of ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, utilized federal and industry-sourced data to identify and compare full life-cycle CO2 emissions for a range of truck types, including a baseline diesel trucks, electric trucks and hydrogen fuel cell trucks. The study found that while electric trucks have no direct tailpipe emissions, CO2 production associated with vehicle, battery and electricity production would only result in a 30 percent decrease in CO2 emissions when compared to a standard diesel truck. The marginal environmental benefits of electric trucks are due, in large part, to lithium-ion battery production – which generates more than six times the carbon of diesel truck production. The research, which utilized outputs from the Argonne National Lab’s GREET Model, also incorporates CO2 emissions that generate from the U.S. electrical grid – which still relies primarily on fossil fuels. ATRI ’s research concludes that hydrogen fuel cell trucks are ultimately the most environmentally friendly truck type, although the technology is not presently feasible for long-haul operations. Continued on page 38



“The U.S. trucking industry is strongly committed to carbon-reduction efforts, and electric motors and drive trains offer many additional performance and maintenance benefits,” said Hugh Ekberg, President and CEO of CRST. “But ATRI’s research highlights that several of the leading zero-emission approaches being advocated today still need additional research to fully understand how the different technologies can be best developed and utilized to maximize carbon reduction.” The report concludes by identifying additional strategies that can reduce CO2 truck emissions for all three energy sources – diesel, electricity and hydrogen. For example, renewable diesel could decrease CO2 emissions to only 32.7 percent of a standard diesel engine without requiring new infrastructure or truck equipment. Finally, hydrogen sourced from solar-power electricity could enable hydrogen fuel cell trucks to emit only 8.8 percent of the baseline diesel CO2. A copy of the full report is available through ATRI’s website


Susan Seymour joins ATA staff Susan Seymour joined the Alabama Trucking team in May as a Members Relations Representative. She will engage with members and support them with any items they need assistance with or connect them to Susan Seymour the best staffer to assist them. Susan is a native of Greenville, Ala., and a graduate of Auburn University Montgomery where she acquired a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education. For more than 25 years, she was an

educator in both Alabama and Georgia. She is happily married to Clinton, and they have two children Haley and Jacob. They currently resided in Auburn, and despite living in the loveliest village on the plains, she is an avid Alabama football fan. Susan also enjoys baking, gardening, as well as relaxing at the lake or beach. “I am so excited to be back home in Alabama,” she says. “I was introduced to this Association many years ago and have had a great deal of respect for what they do for the trucking industry in our state. This Association’s dedication to the next generation is awesome, as an educator, I am ecstatic to be a part of this incredible organization. I am thrilled I get to serve these great members and educate new members as they join the association. To be a part of this amazing team is truly a blessing.”

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Household Goods: ___

Allied Industry: ___

Your Dues Amount: $ __________________ (please fill in by using dues chart) Firm Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Address: (Box)________________________________(Street) ____________________________________________ City, State & Zip: ________________________________________________________________________________ DOT Number: ______________________________________ Number of Trucks: __________________ __________ Telephone: (______) ____________________ Fax (______) ____________________ 800/ ______________________ Website Address:


Type of Business: ________________________________________________________________________________ Official Representative : ________________________________Title: ______________________________________ Email address:


Alternate Representative: ________________________________Title: ______________________________________ Email address:



FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY CODE # _________________ Date _________________________

Mbr Type ____________________

Nxt Bill Date __________________

Check # ______________________

Dues Cat _____________________

AL Sen ______________________

Dues Amt ____________________

Freq _________________________

AL Hse ______________________

Mbr Class ____________________

Exp Date _____________________

CG Dist ______________________

MAG ______ MC ______ GC ______ YR ______ LTR/PLQ ______ RSL ______ BC ______



Schedule of Membership Dues (Effective July 1, 2017)

A. For-Hire Motor Carriers (Membership dues are based on truck count; maximum of $4,000) $500 plus $20 per truck

B. Private Carriers (Schedule based on miles traveled in Alabama) $300 ..............................for up to 1 million miles $600 ..............................for 1,000,000 up to 4 million miles $900 ..............................for 4,000,001 up to 7 million miles $1,200 ...........................for 7,000,001 up to 10 million miles $1,500 ...........................for 10,000,001 up to 13 million miles $1,800 ...........................for 13,000,001 miles up to 16 million miles $2,100 ...........................for 16,000,001 up to 19 million miles $2,400 ...........................for 19,000,000 up to 21 million miles $2,800 ...........................for 21,000,000 up to 24 million miles $3,100 ...........................for over 24 million miles

C. Household Goods Carriers (Schedule based on intrastate revenue only) $420 ..............................for under $100,000 $480 ..............................for $100,001 up to $150,000 $540 ..............................for $150,000 up to $200,000 $660 ..............................for $201,001 up to $250,000 $780 ..............................for $250,001 up to $300,000 $900 ..............................for $300,001 up to $400,000 $1,200 ...........................for $400,001 and over

D. Allied Industry (Those who service and equip the trucking industry) $600 annually

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT – The amount of dues paid by individual members of the Alabama Trucking Association is confidential information and is not subject to publication. Dues information can only be released by ATA to the principal representative of the member in question, and requests by other persons or parties will not be honored. Members are strongly urged to honor this privacy statement and to not share their confidential dues information with other ATA members or the general public.

2022 ATA Buyer’s Guide

We make every effort to ensure this list is correct. For changes or corrections to your company’s listing, contact

Alabama Trucking Assn.’s Buyer’s Guide lists those companies that have taken an active role in supporting Alabama’s trucking industry by becoming members of the Association. We ask that each time you plan a purchase that you consult this guide and give ATA members the opportunity to gain your business. These companies proudly support your association and deserve your support, as well. ADVERTISING/PUBLISHING Pitts Media (205) 792-1280 AUTO DEALER (SERVICE OR REPAIR) Faucett Motors of Boaz, Inc. (256) 593-7162

Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. (205) 585-3895

ENGINE MANUFACTURERS Cummins Sales & Service (901) 490-5232 EQUIPMENT LEASING CB Equipment, Inc. (205) 338-0943

BUS SALES & SERVICE Southland Transportation Group Interstate Nationalease (205) 942-6226 (334) 270-8387 Transportation South, Inc. KLLM/Equipment Solutions LLC (205) 663-2287 (205) 515-1478 Ward International Trucks, LLC Metro Trailer Rental (251) 433-5616 (205) 985-8701 CHEMICAL PRODUCTS Reliable Trailer Sales, Inc. Rushing Enterprises, Inc. DBA Storage Trailers of Alabama (334) 693-3318 (205) 808-0042 COMMUNICATIONS/ELECTRONICS REPOWR ISAAC Instruments LLC (205) 908-0540 (888) 658-7520 Southern Truck & Equipment, Inc. J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (251) 653-4716 (920) 722-2848 Southland Transportation Group Omnitracs, LLC (205) 942-6226 (615) 594-7565 Star Leasing Co. Orbcomm, Inc. (205) 763-1280 (201) 510-0424 Trailer Sales of Tennessee A Fleet PrePass Safety Alliance Equipment Co. (602) 601-4779 (615) 259-3301 Trimble Transportation Transport Enterprise Leasing, LLC (407) 347-5121 (423) 214-4027 DRIVER STAFFING Transportation Support, Inc. (205) 833-6336 EDUCATION/ TRAINING/ CONSULTING Central Alabama Community College (256) 215-4301 J. Guthrie Consultants L.L.C. (205) 544-9124 J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848 JP Transportation Safety Consulting, LLC (205) 329-8182 (205) 945-8550 Roadmaster Driver School (800) 831-1300 Transafe, LLC (601) 425-2703 Transportation Compliance Services, USA (877) 268-7347 TRW Solutions, LLC (251) 362-2275

Vacuum Truck Rentals, LLC (205) 277-6190

EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Allison Transmission, Inc. (678) 367-7011

Thermo King of B’ham-Dothan-MobileMontgomery-Chattanooga (334) 263-5782 W.W. Williams (205) 252-9025 (334) 279-6083 Werts Welding & Tank Service, Inc. (205) 238-9277

FINANCIAL SERVICES Alabama Farm Credit (256) 737-7128 Arvest Equipment Finance (866) 745-1487 Bank of America Merrill Lynch (205) 298-7467 BMO Transportation Finance (770) 960-6307 Comdata (615) 376-6917 Commercial Credit Group, Inc. (704) 731-0031 CorpFinancial, LLC (334) 215-4499 Crestmark Bank 615-620-3509 Electronic Funds Source, LLC (615) 777-4619 Fifth Third Bank (770) 510-8123 FirstBank (256) 970-1618 First Horizon Bank (615) 734-6046

Eaton Corp./Roadranger Field Marketing Hancock Whitney Bank (334) 398-1410 (251) 665-1667 EQUIPMENT PARTS/ACCESSORIES IBERIABANK Ancra Cargo (251) 345-9676 (859) 446-3804 People’s Capital & Leasing Corp. Dothan Tarpaulin Products, Inc. (205) 856-9354 (800) 844-8277 People’s United Equipment Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems Finance Corp. (334) 798-0080 (205) 664-9374 Paccar Parts/Kenworth PNC Bank N.A. (206) 898-5541 (205) 421-2764 ProBilling and Funding Service Rockland Flooring (256) 736-4349 (865) 982-8377 Progress Bank Southern Truck & Equipment, Inc. (205) 527-5692 (251) 653-4716 Renasant Bank Star Truck Parts (334) 301-5955 (205) 324-4681

ServisFirst Bank (205) 949-3433

TrueNorth Companies (616) 690-5856

Signature Financial (615) 982-4375

Turner & Hamrick L.L.C. (334) 566-7665

South State Bank (205) 422-7111

MEDICAL/DRUG & ALCOHOL SERVICES Alabama Specialty Clinic (256) 736-1460

Trustmark Bank (205) 995-4615 Wells Fargo Equipment Finance (314) 374-2165

INSURANCE BancorpSouth Insurance Services, Inc. (334) 386-3317 Benton & Parker Insurance Services (770) 536-8340 Byars|Wright Insurance (205) 221-3621

Carlisle Medical, Inc. (251) 344-7988 ErgoScience, Inc. (205) 879-6447 J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848 Safety First-Div. of Behavioral Health Systems (205) 443-5433

Caribou Insurance Agency, Inc. (205) 822-7577

PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Davison Fuels & Oil (251) 544-4511

Cottingham and Butler (563) 587-5521

Jack Green Oil Co., Inc. (256) 831-1038

DMC Insurance, Inc. (317) 436-4909 Farris Evans Insurance Agency, Inc. (901) 274-5424 Great West Casualty Co. (865) 392-3752 Hudson Insurance Group (317) 810-0056 Key Benefit Administrators (317) 284-7753 Lyon Fry Cadden Insurance (251) 473-4600 McGriff Insurance Services (334) 674-9810 (205) 583-9641 Joe Morten & Sons, Inc. (865) 392-3844 Palomar Insurance Corp. (334) 270-0105 PR Companies (334) 836-1377 Reliance Group, LLC (205) 504-4841 Reliance Partners, LLC (877) 668-1704 Starr Insurance Group, LLC (334) 401-0218 The Baxter Agency (334) 678-6800 TransRisk, LLC (334) 403-4114

Myers Oil Company, Inc. (954) 938-7211 RelaDyne (205) 384-3422 W.H. Thomas Oil Co., Inc. (205) 755-2610

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Accounting Firms: Aldridge, Borden & Co. (334) 834-6640 Katz, Sapper & Miller, LLP (317) 580-2068 Warren Averett (256) 739-0312 Attorneys: Adams and Reese LLP (251) 650-0861 Ball, Ball, Matthews & Novak, P.A. 334-387-7680 Bradley Arant (205) 521-8837 Carr, Allison, P.C. (251) 626-9340 Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophette, LLP (205) 252-9321 DeLashmet & Marchand, P.C. (251) 433-1577 Drivers Legal Plan (405) 948-6576 Friedman, Dazzio, Zulanas & Bowling, P.C. (205) 278-7000

(Current as of 6-21-2022)

Brandie Norcross at Hand Arendall Harrison Sale LLC (251) 432-5511

Power South Energy Cooperative (334) 427-3207

MHC Carrier Transicold (404) 968-3130

Gulf Coast Truck & Equipment Co. (251) 476-2744

Nextran Truck Centers (205) 841-4450

Hill, Hill, Carter, Franco, Cole & Black, P.C. (334) 834-7600

PR Companies (334) 836-1377

Rowe Management Corp. (205) 486-9235

MAC LTT (330) 474-3795

Rush Truck Center-Mobile (251) 459-7300

PrePass Safety Alliance (602) 601-4779

Star Leasing Co. (205) 763-1280

Manac Trailers, Inc. (404) 775-2619

Ryder Vehicle Sales LLC (205) 492-2428

QuikQ LLC (678) 591-4675

Thompson Tractor Company (205) 244-7812

R C Trailer Sales & Service Co., Inc. (205) 680-0924

SelecTrucks of Alabama (205) 322-6695

Randall-Reilly (205) 349-2990

W.W. Williams (205) 252-9025 (334) 279-6083

Reliable Trailer Sales, Inc. DBA Storage Trailers of Alabama (205) 808-0042

Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226

MGM (601) 255-0262 Moore, Young, Foster & Hazelton, LLP (205) 879-8722 Porterfield, Harper, Mills, Motlow, Ireland PA (205) 980-5000 Speegle, Hoffman, Holman & Holifield, LLC (251) 694-1700 Starnes Davis Florie LLP (205) 868-6000

Rand McNally (877) 446-4863 REPOWR (205) 908-0540 SET Logistics, Inc. (205) 849-6309

Other Services: Alignment Simple Solutions, LLC (205) 475-2419

Spectrum Environmental Services, Inc. (205) 664-2000

Allstate Beverage (251) 476-9600 Ext. 1231

Swift Supply, Inc. (251) 929-9399

AMG Driver Recruitment (205) 325-2446 C Cross Logistics, LLC (205) 759-1818 Corporate Billing, LLC (256) 584-3600 Davis Direct, Inc. (334) 277-0878 DriverReach, LLC (317) 610-0080 Drivewyze (780) 461-3355 Enterprise Holdings, Inc. (205) 823-4599 Inc. (866) 245-3918 TeamOne Logistics (770) 232-9902 The National Transportation Institute (612) 263-9983 TMW Systems, Inc. (440) 721-2260 Transportation and Logistical Services, Inc (205) 226-5500 Transportation Billing Solutions, LLC (205) 788-4000

TIRE DEALERS & MANUFACTURERS Southeast Trailer Mart, Inc. Best One Tire & Service (404) 361-6411 (615) 244-9611 Southland Transportation Group Bridgestone Commercial Solutions (205) 942-6226 (205) 514-8341 Star Leasing Co. Butler Industrial Tire Center, Inc. (205) 763-1280 (334) 376-0178 Columbus Tire Company dba Complete Tire and Service (706) 321-8133 Continental Tire North America (662) 549-7570 Love’s Truck Tire Care and Speedco (800) OK-LOVES McGriff Tire Co. (256) 739-0710 McGriff Treading Co., Inc. (256) 734-4298 Michelin North America (859) 661-0855 Wilks Tire & Battery Service, Inc. (256) 878-0211

Transport Trailer Center (334) 299-3573 Transtex (877) 332-3519 Utility Trailer Sales of Alabama LLC (334) 794-7345 Wabash National Corp. (270) 206-1877 Werts Welding & Tank Service, Inc. (205) 238-9277

TRUCK DEALERS, MANUFACTURERS Action Truck Center (334) 794-8505

Snider Fleet Solutions (336) 691-5499

Alabama Freightliner (205) 322-6695 Birmingham Freightliner (205) 322-6695

Southern Tire Mart (251) 457-9915

Capital Volvo Truck & Trailer (334) 262-8856

Taylor & Martin, Inc. (402) 721-4500 Trojan Industries, Inc. dba Lyncoach Truck Bodies (334) 566-4330 Truckworx Kenworth - Birmingham (205) 326-6170 Truckworx Kenworth – Dothan (334) 712-4900 Truckworx Kenworth – Montgomery (334) 263-3101 Truckworx Kenworth – Mobile (251) 957-4000 Truckworx Kenworth – Huntsville (256) 308-0162 Truckworx Kenworth – Thomasville (334) 636-4380 Velocity Truck Centers (256) 350-1630 Volvo Trucks North America (336) 508-4950 Ward International Trucks, LLC (251) 433-5616

EXT-Logistics (256) 468-8749

Transportation Compliance Services, USA (877) 268-7347

J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (920) 722-2848

Whiting Systems (205) 239-8014

Yokohama Tire Corp. (317) 385-2611

Coffman International Trucks (334) 794-4111

JP Transportation Safety Consulting, LLC (205) 329-8182 (205) 329-8183

Repairs: Big Moe Spring & Alignment of B’ham, Inc. (205) 780-0290

TRAILER DEALERS/ MANUFACTURERS C & C Trailers, Inc. (334) 897-2202

Daimler Trucks NA LLC (803) 554-4831

TRUCKSTOPS Love’s Travel Stops, Inc. (904) 738-4019

M & N Transport, Inc. (256) 657-5161

Birmingham Frame & Alignment, LLC (205) 322-4844

Empire Truck Sales, LLC (601) 939-1000

Pilot Flying J Centers (865) 207-3874

Fitzgerald Peterbilt (205) 379-8300

TravelCenters of America/Petro Shopping Centers (678) 591-4675

Dorsey Trailer, LLC (334) 897-2525

Max Coating, Inc. (205) 849-2737

BTTS (Ben’s Truck & Trailer Service) (205) 635-9286

Empire Truck Sales, LLC (601) 933-5190

MCG Workforce (251) 652-5244

Childersburg Truck Service, Inc. (256) 378-3101

Fleetco, Inc. (615) 256-0600

McLeod Software (205) 823-5100

Coffman International Trucks (334) 794-4111

Fontaine Fifth Wheel NA (205) 421-4300

Pitts Media (205) 792-1280

Lazzari Truck Repair, Inc. (251) 626-5121

Great Dane (205) 324-3491

Porter Billing Services LLC (205) 397-4079

Mann Automotive Diesel, Inc. (334) 792-0456

Gulf City Body & Trailer Works, Inc. (251) 438-5521

Four Star Freightliner (Dothan) (334) 793-4455 Four Star Freightliner (334) 263-1085 (Montgomery) Mack Trucks, Inc. (678) 201-4770 Navistar (813) 382-3113

TRUCK & EQUIPMENT AUCTIONEERS Taylor & Martin, Inc. (662) 262-4613

VEHICLE LEASING Penske Truck Leasing (757) 603-2853 Penske Truck Leasing – Birmingham, AL (205) 942-6985 Southland Transportation Group (205) 942-6226 Ward International Trucks, LLC (251) 433-5616



New Members 3-1-22 through 6-21-22 All Pro, Inc. Northport, Ala. Scott Parker

Oscar Mike, Inc. Irondale, Ala. Tim Goff

Rusty Hosmer, Inc. Alabaster, Ala. Rusty Hosmer

TKJ Express LLC Montgomery, Ala. Terrence Johnson

Beene Logistics LLC New Orleans, LA Patrick Beene

Pepsi-Cola Dr Pepper Bottling Company Winfield, Ala. Boyd Pate

Sabel Steel Service, Inc. Montgomery, Ala. Diane Woodruff

TL Cruz Transport, LLC Ashland, Ala. Chassity Schoggins

Sadler Bros. Trucking & Leasing Co., Inc. Nashville, TN Chris Sadler

Transafe, LLC Laurel, MS Joel Garrett

Brothers Concrete Supply, LLC Cullman, Ala. Tyler Yearwood Easy Haul Intermodal Inc. Fairhope, Ala. Austin Tucker

Pink Zebra Moving, LLC Birmingham, Ala. Lauren Bowen

Williams Brothers Trucking, Inc. Hazlehurst, GA Shirley Maley

Premier Holding Company, LLC Synovus Bank Birmingham, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Grant Davis Scott Suhr

Events Please contact Brandie Norcross at or visit for updates and changes. SMMC Mock Trial August 25, 2022 Montgomery, Ala. ATA Golf Classic September 20, 2022 Prattville, Ala.

SMMC Combined Seminar (All Chapters) September 22, 2022 Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting Birmingham November 7, 2022 Birmingham, Ala.

SMMC Regional Meeting Gulf Coast November 17, 2022 Mobile, Ala.

SMMC Fall Courtesy Roadside Inspection October 13, 2022 TBD

SMMC Regional Meeting Wiregrass November 10, 2022 Montgomery, Ala.

SMMC Christmas Celebration December 12, 2022 TBD *Date subject to change


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ADVERTISER Alabama Dept. of Agriculture Assured Partners ATA Comp Fund The Baxter Agency Birmingham Freightliner Corp Financial Cummins Inc. International Trucks McGriff Insurance McGriff Tire Nextran Truck Center Palomar Insurance R.E. Garrison Southern Tire Mart Southland Transportation Group Truckworx Kenworth Wallace State WH Thomas Oil Co.

PG. NO. 16 38 BC 36 IBC 17 9 IFC 32 7 29 33 37 21 35 3 41 22-23



PH. NO. (334) 240-7225 (888) 385-0186 (334) 834-7911 (800) 873-8494 (205) 322-6695 (334) 215-4499 (800) 844-4102 (334) 674-9803 (334) 674-9803 (800) 292-8685 (800) 489-0105 (800) 643-3472 (877) STM-TIRE (205) 254-1821 (800) 444-6170 (256) 352-8063 (205) 755-2610



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