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The Scary Waterslide

by Manju Bollschweiler

The Scary Waterslide By: Manju Copyright 2013

Dedicated to my My grandparents Peter, Momi, Lilly and Horst!! !!!!I love you!!!!

Boom, boom, boom, and boom! My heart went crazy. “Manju, you can do it” I told myself as I walked up the stairs to the “Scary Water Slide” I was soooooooooooo excited! It a was Saturday and I was in the “Wiener Terme” and I was standing in front of the “Scary Water Slide! I was half standing and half wobbling in front of the slide! “O-god, O-no “ I thought to myself as my uncle (who was there with me) disappeared down in the hole/slide with my cousin Noah! I was thinking about going back down, but that would be to

embarrassing! I could already see the disco light in the Water Slide changing color. My sister Anju, who was standing behind me, was just telling my other cousin Anouk about how easy it is to slide down! She was leaning against the wall calmly! “It’s sooo easy! I mean, every baby could do that!!!!” she said! I didn’t believe her!!!!!!!!!! After 30 seconds the red light changed to green light! I slowly moved myself toward the hole of the slide and BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! I found myself sliding down!!!

!!SKWEK!! I stopped in the middle!! It was going too steep down! I didn’t want to go down there!!!!!OUCH! My sister came sliding down and shoved me down there!! “!!! Ahh !!!” I shouted as we slide down!!!!! After the ride I was speechless! I just went sliding down the slide!! I couldn’t believe it!! It was actually not so bad!!! !!!BRRRR!!!! I’m cold! !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Authors page Manju Bollschweiler was born in India and lives now in Vienna! She is nine years old! Her first written book was called “Little Yellow Mango Hat�! She got inspired by her sister Anju. She has moved school once! At first she was in Vienna Elementary School and then in American International School. Her favorite things to do are to dance, sing, sports and typing. She has two dogs, nine chicken and two bunnys! She has one sister and no brothers!

The Scary Water Slide  
The Scary Water Slide