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WRITTEN By THEO PAUL ILLUSTRATED By Tamara Paul Knights Press co

Dedicated to my awesome family, relatives, grandparents and all the teachers that educated me in the past six years. Thanks to my family that took care of me for nine whole years. Thanks to all of you THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

My family and I went to Greece and met two new friends. One day the 3 of us went to the beach to try and jetski. We couldn’t stop walking and we couldn’t stop talking because we were talking about our favorite soccer teams. I talked about Bayern Muenchen. And suddenly we found ourselves in a big conversation.

Finally we arrived at the beach. We went and rode a JETSKI! Of course my dad was there. It was awesome as we rode through the warm summer breeze. I was shouting, “Faster, faster, that is what I call VICTORY”!!! I

shouted so loudly that for once everybody stared at me. A second after that everybody laughed! I was on the jetski for almost half an hour.

Then we walked back to the hotel which was close to the beach. Then I went into my room and jumped up and down on my heavenly awesome BED. I was really happy.

Later that day my friend came over and we went back to the beach to go on the Airstream! It’s a kind of ride you can get on a speedboat. When there there is wind it flys up like an airplane. It is pretty dangerous

because it can fly onto the speedboat. At the end of the ride we jumped off the ride and swam to the beach and went for lunch.

After lunch we asked to play with my dad’s Ipad and we played for quite a long time and then it was time to sleep.

Thirty minutes after everyone was asleep we went for a swim. Splash splash splash we were jumping into the water and best of all nobody knew.

The Awesome Vacation  
The Awesome Vacation