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By: Eliza-Maria Munteanu

Ice Disaster By: Eliza-Maria Munteanu Copyright 2013

Dedicated to: Stefan and Alex and my dog Spike

I looked down at the glistening ice. It was my first time at an ice skating rink. I was with my brother and my parents. I looked at the people passing by who made it seem so easy, but I knew it was not easy at all. “Come on!” said half of me. “Don’t do it!” said the other half of me. I decided to do it, but my body would not budge. “Come on!” half of me insisted! “Be patient!” I said.

There was a catastrophe going on inside of me, but I wouldn’t give up, even if half of me was saying “break a leg, go home, you can’t do it!” I slowly raised one foot then another. My brother was staring at me as if I was about to cross an ocean full of sharks, and I don’t think he is crazy, because that is exactly how I felt! In my head my thoughts were whispering in a creepy voice, “you are going to

fail!” I couldn’t stand it anymore! I got

on the ice and shouted as loud as I could. Just as I was about to turn around and say sorry to my parents for shouting so loud, CRASH !


OUCH I cried! As the pain shot through my head! My brother hurried over to help me up. “Are you ok?� He asked. Someone crashed into me and I fell head first. Then I noticed the guy standing up.

“Watch it kid!” I grumbled. Somehow I sounded so scary that the kid got up and rushed to his parents. I also got up and rushed to my parents. “Are you ok?” My mom asked. “Yes” I said as everyone started heading for the car. Just then I heard a big noise coming from inside of me. “Yessssssss!” Said not half of me but all of me! And I walked with a smile all the way back home!


AUTHER’S NOTE: Eliza is nine years old. She has two brothers and a dog. She comes from Romania but she was born in Belgium. Eliza wrote this story to tell people that it is important to try, because maybe you can do it! I hope you liked this story!

The Ice Disaster  
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