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The international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential

Turning vision into action AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

President’s Address Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Meed

Every journey starts with a first step. Our first step, the year 2008 – 2009, was very special one for us. It was a year where we officially started up the world's largest youth run NGO, AIESEC, in Mauritius. After launch in August 2008, a lot of effort was put into setting up the membership of the organisation, establishing the unique brand of AIESEC, providing Mauritian youth with life-changing experiences, creating partnerships with non government and corporate sectors and maintaining financial sustainability. It is said that nine out of ten start ups die in their first year of creation. AIESEC in Mauritius not only succeeded to survive, but also reached unbelievable heights, thanks to the support of our different stakeholders. We came across many challenges which made the organisation grow stronger and

The first Mauritians went abroad, the first

bution not only to the youth but to all our

many fruitful opportunities which make us

internationals came to work in Mauritius,

stakeholders. We encourage interaction be-

believe even harder in our vision to bring

the first projects were realised around differ-

tween the youth and the different corpo-

"Peace and Fullfilment of Humankind's po-

ent social issues; all these first results we



achieved show us that we actually suc-

government. We take into consideration

ceeded in Turning Vision Into Action.

their needs so as to provide them with inter-

The theme of our year is "Turning Vision Into Action". The AIESEC vision was

We are proud to turn back and retro-





national exposure, networking and involve-

created after 2nd World War and since then

spect on the first year of AIESEC in Mauritius

it has been bringing change to the world for

to see our achievements, that is the legacy

Special thanks to our Board of Advisors,

more than 60 years already. Our term was

built to ensure sustainability as well as our

Advisory Council and all the stakeholders

ment in the social issues of their interest.

about imparting the idea of AIESEC to a

efforts to empower the Mauritian youth.

who supported us in our journey to set up

new country: Mauritius. The ultimate objec-

The main reason for our success in Mauritius

foundation of AIESEC in Mauritius. And

tive of AIESEC is to make a positive change

goes to the relevance of AIESEC to the Mau-

without who’s precious help our organiza-

in the society. With this in view, the organi-

ritian youth. Our flexible platform where

tion wouldn’t stay as strong as it is now. We

sation enables young people to explore and

young people are exposed to different op-

would also like to thank AIESEC in India, our

develop their leadership potential. This year

portunities to develop their leadership po-

partner country, which initiated the idea of

was about making the first steps in this di-


bringing AIESEC to Mauritius and constantly

rection. We wanted to encourage tomor-

environment through our global internship

row’s Mauritian leaders to take actions and

programs and to build on soft skills.

align themselves to the AIESEC philosophy.




supported us during our journey.

AIESEC brings along a positive contri-

Ekaterina Siridova President AIESEC in Mauritius AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009



AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

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AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


The AIESEC Way Many organisations are working to make a positive impact in our society, as we do. Each one of them has its own approach. We also have our unique way to make that impact. Activating Leadership The AIESEC Way is not only a description of the way (manner) we aim to make a positive impact on society, but also describes the way (road) we are taking to achieve what we envision.

We lead by example and inspire leadership through actions and results. We take full responsibility for developing the potential of other people. Demonstrating Integrity


We are consistent and transparent in our de-

AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation

cisions and actions. We fulfil our commit-

run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education.

ments and conduct ourselves in a way that is

Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management.

true to our ideals.

AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.

WHAT WE ENVISION? Peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential.


Living Diversity We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented in our multicultural environment. We respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.

Our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.

Enjoying Participation We have a dynamic environment created by


active and enthusiastic involvement of indi-

AIESEC provides its members with an integrated development experience

viduals. We enjoy being involved in AIESEC.

comprised of leadership opportunities, international internships and participation in a global learning environment.

Striving for Excellence We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything we do. Through creativity








continuously improve our results.

Our values provide a way for the collective leadership of AIESEC to encour-

Acting Sustainably

age common norms of behaviour across our global network which will sup-

We act in a way that is sustainable for our or-

port the achievement of our goals and will support us in pursuing our

ganisation and society. Our decisions take


into account the needs of future generations.

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

AIESEC Experience

From taking the first step of joining AIESEC, a door of diverse

upon returning to Mauritius she became the Organizing Com-

opportunities is opened to students through the AIESEC Experi-

mittee President of project on HIV/AIDS named STEP uP. The project

ence. Made up of five stages, the AIESEC experience enables young

has for objective to educate the youth of Mauritius about this issue.

people to discover and develop their leadership potential. In the in-

Vanessa had the chance to manage a team of 8 Mauritian and

troduction to AIESEC stage, our members become aware of what

3 international students, whereby she could develop her leadership

the organization is about and the opportunities available to them.


Moving on to taking responsibility in AIESEC allows members

Exchange is divided into four types: Management Traineeship

to develop skills such as project management, public speaking,

(MT), Technical Traineeships (TT), Development Traineeship (DT) and

strategic planning, marketing, selling, facilitating and problem solv-

Education Traineeships (ET). It is the next stage of the AIESEC expe-

ing, among others.

rience. While looking for an international opportunity that provides working in a new environment, a challenging job and a lifetime ex-

“Studying biology, I had very limited knowledge of marketing,

perience, Vanessa decided to go on internship with AIESEC after the

strategic management or psychology but through AIESEC I came

HIV/AIDS project. Vanessa will spend 3 months in Kenya, working

to put all this into practice; through being on the Organising Com-

for Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund.

mittee for the Launch Event and the recruitment. I was able to do what most other students of these fields do only in theory.” says

After an enriching AIESEC experience, AIESEC members are

Vanessa Bactora, 20, Biology student at the university of Mauritius.

then ready to head for the future, where they consider how they will put into their experience acquired from AIESEC into practice,

One can choose to fulfil a leadership role to support the de-

when they become an alumnus.

velopment of others, and the experience they go through as they strive to achieve the organization’s overall goals. Vanessa Bactora’s

AIESEC alumni are located all over the globe, working in various

leadership experience with AIESEC in Mauritius started with the con-

professions and industries and playing important roles in their com-

ference in India. “ HEROES” dealt with the topic of HIV/AIDS, social


entrepreneurship, where she met the youth of more than 13 different countries who aimed at being agents of change in their own society. “It was an amazing experience to share ideas with them and seeing how to put these into practice in our home country”, says Vanessa.

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


History and AIESEC Alumni We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history - Sonia Johnson Some of our alumni It has been 61 years since a group of university students came together in 1948 unified by feeling of urgency to reduce intercultural misunderstanding and conflict and to provide positive leadership in the world. This is how AIESEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales*) started.


Aleksander Kwasniewski, former

President of Poland n

Bill Clinton, former President of

united States n

Helmut Kohl, former chancellor of

Germany What began in 1948 as an organisation to help develop "friendly relations" between member countries is now a global association with activities in 107 different countries and territories.


Martti Ahtisaari, Former President

of Finland and Nobel Prize winner n

Uwe Doerken, Chairman and CEO

of DHL Worldwide Looking for more relevance, nowadays AIESEC is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential. Our innovative approach to developing young people focuses on taking a proactive role, developing self-awareness and a personal vision, building networks and developing capacity to drive change. We do this through an international platform of opportunities that provides over 5,000 leadership opportunities, 3,500 work abroad opportunities, 350 conferences, and virtual tools to build networks.

n Hans

Ulrike Maerki, Chairman IBM

Europe/Africa/Middle East n

Cesar Gaviria Trujillo,


General, Organisation of American States and Former President of Colombia n

James "Al" Merritt, Chairman,MD

International AIESEC has network of over 1 million alumni including heads of state and prominent business leaders.


Junichiro Koizumi, Former Prime-

Minister of Japan n Vikram

* The French acronym AIESEC is no longer used by the organization, since in the history AIESEC expanded to other backgrounds different to Economic and Commercial Sciences. Please use AIESEC simply as is.

Gandhi, Former President of

Morgan Stanley, India n

Koosum Kalayan, General Man-

ager, Corporate Affairs, Shell South Africa

104 countries and territories 1 700 universities 35 000 members 5 000 international intersnships 7 700 leadership Roles 4 000 partners/sponsors 470 conferences 61 years of existence 8

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Israel B. Skosana, Chief Executive,

South African Express Airways n Nigel

Motts, Senior Programme Of-

ficer, International Development and Research Centre n

Khaya Ngqula, Chief Executive, In-

dustrial Development Corporation

Italy Malta Netherlands, The Norway Portugal Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States of America

Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Mexico Panama Peru Puerto Rico Spain Uruguay Venezuela


Austria Belgium Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland

Western Europe & North America

Asia Pacific Afghanistan Australia Bangladesh China, Mainland of Hong Kong India Indonesia Japan Malaysia Mongolia* Mauritius* New Zealand Pakistan Philippines, The Singapore South Korea Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Vietnam*

Africa Angola* Benin* Botswana Cameroon Cote d’Ivoire Ethiopia* Gabon* Ghana Kenya Nigeria Rwanda Senegal South Africa Tanzania Togo Uganda Zimbabwe

Middle East & North Africa Algeria* Bahrain* Egypt I.R. Iran* Jordan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia* Morocco Oman* Qatar* Tunisia United Arab Emirates

Armenia Azerbaijan* Bosnia Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia Georgia* Hungary Ireland* Kazakhstan* Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania

Central & Eastern Europe

*official extension committees

Macedonia, FYRO Moldova Poland Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Tajikistan* Turkey Ukraine Uzbekistan*

Our Global Network Countries and Territories listed by Growth Network in AIESEC

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


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Asia-Pacific Asia-Pacific and and an nd Europe-Americas. EurropeEu o e-A Ame me m ericas ricas.

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Excellent level of quality and efficiency

AIESEC in Mauritius ü Priorities

2008 - 2009

ü Financial sustainability ü Brand establishment ü Building membership capacity ü Establishment of exchange processes ü Skills and knowledge building for members

Results ü 2 Local Chapters: university of Mauritius, university of Technology, Mauritius ü Structure of Local Committees was established ü 70 members ü Education Cycle for members was created ü 18 leadership positions taken ü 17 Mauritian students and recent graduates went abroad for internship ü More than 200 companies and organizations were contacted ü 4 companies joined Board of Advisors ü 11 students and graduates from abroad came for internships in Mauritius ü 23 000 EuRO raised ü National Advisory Council was formed

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Activating leadership We believe that leadership is a key element to ensure positive

countries. During our first year of expansion to Mauritius, an entre-

change. To make a difference in the world, one should have vision,

preneurial approach was required in our way of functioning. Below

ability to share this vision and ability to lead towards accomplish-

are stories of youngsters who were the first leaders of Local Chap-

ment of common goals within a team. In the year 2008, 7 500 lead-

ters of AIESEC in Mauritius.

ership opportunities were opened globally in more than 105

Deesha Basenoo

Vedarshen.V. Poinen

Local Committee Vice President AIESEC UTM

Local Committee President AIESEC UoM

I led a local chapter of AIESEC with an initial membership of

I have had the opportunity to manage a team and lead it to-

approximately 20 members to an actual membership of around 60

wards achieving results, creating events and motivating the whole

members over a year. During this enriching journey, I acquired valu-

team while on the go. We had our ups and downs but still we man-

able experience for my personal and professional growth. The im-

aged to work on it and it certainly taught me how to continue with

portance of effective communication within a team, ways of

things when the tide is high and things are so much of a challenge.

bonding a team towards a common goal, change management,

While tracking the performances of the whole teams, i have myself

problem solving, working under pressure, learning from mistakes,

become more perceptive on my view of looking at the talent and

celebrating success, motivating my immediate team and the local

finding the gems within people. i have also been able to sharpen

committee, liaising between an international team and a mauritian

my communications skills and being a bit more of a diplomat in dif-

team where I learnt to work in a local as well as international envi-

ficult situations. still it was not only hard work but rather i have

ronment. All this resumes the key learnings my AIESEC experience

been able to do with ease and while at it i have thoroughly enjoyed

provided me.

myself with the teams when learning new things and passing the different phases when working together.

Leadership Opportunities

uoM 15


AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

uTM 3

I have developed my selling and management skills by handling a Tourism-based project and being Vice President of AIESEC's local chapter, university of Mauritius.

Kushum Luchmun, Vice President AIESEC UoM

I have changed a lot through my experience in AIESEC in university of Mauritius. Thanks to the combination of leadership and exchange opportunities, I have grown in terms of leadership, management and communication skills.

Shersing Nekitsing, Vice President AIESEC UoM

My AIESEC experience pushed me a lot of self discovery. I learnt to listen to others and improved my interpersonal skills a lot.

Rowin Kistnama, Vice President AIESEC UoM

I was amongst the first eb team of aiesec expansion to mauritius and my life took a new turn from this exciting challenge. Within 1 year i have grown tremendously in maturity and leadership capacity.

Stephanie Manuel, Vice President AIESEC UoM

I am from engineering background and yet i took up the challenge of managing a team.Being expansion coordinator of AIESEC in uTM , I developed team management and time management skills.

Dayaagaren Murday, President AIESEC UTM

“ “

I am Vice President of AIESEC in uTM, leading a team of 6 people.I work in close collaboration with 25 members of university. This experience allowed me to develop my inter personal and leadership skills.

Dev Woodit, Vice President, AIESEC UTM

My AIESEC experience was being leader of the Non Corporate team in AIESEC in university of Technology.I developed my potential in terms of interpersonal skills, managerial skills, team spirit and flexibility in thinking.

Mrina Bhujun, Vice President, AIESEC UTM

AIESEC Alumnus Story Opportunity…Choice…Impact…my AIESEC To me, leadership is a journey- not a desti-

worked with alumni; I organised national conferences and I led teams. As an Intern, I worked with DHL Florida in Strategy and Business De-

nation. To me, AIESEC is an osmotic model: the

velopment to implement a global 5-year Strate-

idea that simply being around people of other

gic Plan. As a National Advisor in External

cultures and being exposed to the visible man-

Relations to AIESEC Canada, I developed a new

ifestations of their cultural habits- greater un-

framework for sponsorship proposals and li-

derstanding is automatically generated. Greater

aised with senior Government officials. As an

understanding is the foundation for leadership

alumnus, I sit on Review Boards to interview


and select Global Internship Program candi-

As a member, I challenged accepted norms; I mingled with people of diverse backgrounds and I imbibed and absorbed. As a VP External Relations and then VP Corporate Development, I negotiated with companies; I net-

dates. All in all, AIESEC changed me from my inner roots to my outer core. Once again, leadership is a journey-not a destination. And the journey continues…

Yamal Matabudul Strategy & Training Manager Mauritius Employers' Federation

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009



AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Introduction to the Global Internship Programme The AIESEC International Internship Programme enables organisa-

Benefits to your company or organisation

tions to source high potential graduates from over 1 000 universities in 107 countries and territories. With over 3 000 partners each year

Access to qualified employees, who respond to organisation’s needs

sourcing AIESEC interns in a proven solution for both short term and

n Wide

long term human resource needs.

n Intern

choice of student and graduates (more than 100 countries) with required education, qualifications and experience

n Adjusting

The process and AIESEC services

duration of internship to organization’s needs

Possibility of development and expansion to new markets n Knowledge about intern’s country of origin (marketing and market

Internal screening Each AIESEC office pre-screens candidates

researches, law and economy situation, etc.)

through a review board consisting of interviews, tests and partici-

n Searching

pation of externals


Profile Identification you determine the desired candidate, profile

company’s branch abroad)

for trade partners and cooperation with current

Simple and cheap way of expansion to foreign markets (setting

and job description for your intern

New solutions, different perspective

Intern selection AIESEC would provide a suitable lot of candidates

n New

and aids the selection process by arranging a telephone or on-line

n Fresh


n Enthusiasm

look on company and its environment thinking and innovatory solutions and motivation- positive impact on co-employees

Visa/work permit services AIESEC assists the intern in his visa/ work

Long term Talent Development

permit application by facilitating the process of applying for and


obtaining the documents

the best and brightest young responsible leaders from all over the

Pre-arrival services AIESEC supports the intern with cultural prepa-


ration and goal setting exercises


Post-arrival services AIESEC arranges logistics such as accommoda-

and proven leadership experience

tion, pick up and reception of the intern

Short term Projects

Integration services AIESEC provides on-going activities for the in-

n We

AIESEC provides your company access to a global talent pool of

interns come equipped with established global networks

offer a simple solution to source talent for short-term projects

tern and connects him/her to a network of AIESEC members in the

or off-season recruitment


Cost Effective

Evaluation AIESEC facilitates an evaluation for both the organization

n We

and the intern throughout the internship to ensure objectives and

national talent

are the most cost effective means of gaining access to inter-

expectations from all sides are being met

Intern’s Academic Profiles

AIESEC People Difference

Global Exchange Partners

n Business

n Leadership

n PricewaterhouseCoopers

n Sales


and Marketing

n Information


n Finance n Human


n Economics n Language


n Functional



n Effectiveness

n Alcatel-Lucent

n Global


and Diverse

n Self-Awareness

n Electrolux

n Proactive

n Microsoft n uBS

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Incoming Exchanges Those who came... n Oystein

Jensen, 23, graduate in Fi-

nancial Management from Norway, came for 3 months to Kross Border Trust Services Limited, being engaged in Business Administration. n Yasmeen

First year of AIESEC in Mauritius was crucial

It was also crucial to present AIESEC to Mau-

to establish the process of exchange. We

ritian authorities, get to know what are the

have worked hard at first to find companies

procedures involved in bringing international

and organisations that would like to take

students and graduates. Necessary support

part in our Global Internship Program and

was obtained and we were able to fulfil our

benefit from it. Meetings were carried out,

objective. 18th of January 2008 was a significant date for AIESEC in Mauritius:

Aden, 23, student of Pub-

which helped us to understand the needs of

lic Affairs and Policy Management from

Mauritian organisations and we were able

the first ever AIESEC intern arrived -

Canada came for 2 months to Etoile

to understand how AIESEC internship Pro-

Oystein Jensen from Norway. until now 7

d'Esperance working in Administra-

gram can fit into fulfilling them.

people came to Mauritius for internships.

tion and counseling. Leber, 22, student of Philos-

once again. Being part of the world’s

ophy from Germany spent 2 months

largest youth run organization had

working for Youth Alive.

taught me a lot and I knew that going for

n Stefan


an internship would allow me to see life

Marija Miljkovich, 23, student of

from a completely different perspective

French language and literature from

which is what I needed.

Serbia, came for 2 months to PILS n

Coming for an internship has allowed me

Naazneen Santrampurwala, 23,

to grow as an individual in every aspect

graduate in the field of marketing from

of my life. I believe I have been one of

India, came for 6 months to Kross

the luckier people of my age, for having

Border Trust Services Limited, being

been given an opportunity to live a life of

engaged in Business Administration. n

Barbara Kawa 23, student of Fi-

nance from Poland came for 4 months to KPMG to work in Audit Department.

such diversity. Naazneen Santrampurwala, 23

KBTS has a vibrant and young energy to

Intern in Kross Border Trust Services

it which makes it a perfect environment

AIESEC provided me with an op-

to grow and learn. Learning a new trade,

Peter Alex Sakila, 25, student of

portunity in 2006 to be a part of it and

meeting new people, I haven’t been able

Law and Management from Tanzania

grow and know myself, in 2009 at an-

to see too many 23 year olds be able to

came to work for 1 year in IVTB in Mar-

other crossroad in my life I found AIESEC

do this.


keting Department And who will come... n Arsh

Saini, 22, from India is coming

for 7 months to work in Univercell Outsourcing as IT officer n

Jairo Martinez, 25, from Colombia

coming for 1 year for Cyber Rite to work as CISCO trainer. n Julia

Bale, 25, from uK coming for 3

months to work for Amnesty International n Ricardo

Capitanio, 26, from Brazil is

coming for 3 months to HSBC. He will be attached to marketing department 16

Since I joined AIESEC, I always wanted to complete my AIESEC experience by going for an international internship. The Commerce knowledge at the university of Dar es salaam, the 2 years active involvement with AIESEC in Tanzania as well the nine months experience gained with Tanzania Cigarette Company in Marketing department will be an added value to at IVTB. At the end of the internship, I see myself gaining the necessary experience for my future career plan, contributing to the IVTB vision of leading training and skills development for employability.

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Peter Alex Sakila, 26 Intern in IVTB

Those who experienced internship n

Outgoing Exchanges

Shersing Nektising, 21, Electrical

and Electronic Engineering student at the university of Mauritius, went for Genesis HIV/AIDS Project in Hyderabad, India

During the previous year, AIESEC In Mauritius has been working hard on the

abroad, experiencing a different culture and

n Rowin

Kristnama, 21, Electrical and

learn from that.

Electronic Engineering student at the university of Mauritius, went for World-

promotion, selection and preparation of the

In a world where globalisation is a om-

first Mauritian students and recent gradu-

nipresent, it is essential for the young leader

View Project in Chandigarh, India

ates who have been going for international

to be able to understand and work with di-


internships. To handle the process of outgo-

versity. Bearing this in mind, 12 Mauritian

dent at the university of Mauritius,

ing exchanges is a huge responsibility, since

students and recent graduates went on in-

went for Academy of Perspectives Proj-

it is about supporting Mauritians to accom-

ternships abroad with the aim of challeng-

ect at Wroclaw, Poland

plish their dream of living and working

ing and developing themselves.

n Shazia

Manish Auckel, 21, Sociology stu-

Hussenbux, 22, Biology stu-

dent at the university of Mauritius,

Shazia Hussenbux, 22

I was working with AIESEC on a CSR program of the Standard Chartered Bank called 'Living with HIV', an AIDS awareness program with young people as main targets. I had to carry out sessions and presentation about AIDS in high schools and universities and sensitize people of my age

and younger about the realities of AIDS in the world. I targeted over 400 young people in various schools and universities in Karachi. AIDS is an issue which is a taboo in Pakistan especially because of the religious mindset. The main challenge was to convince school principals or university administration that the SCB program is an awareness campaign about an issue which is prominent throughout the world. I got the job satisfaction I was looking for. The curiosity of the young karachi’ites touched my heart. I gained a lot personally and professionally in terms of communication, presentation and planning skills. It was an honour to represent such a bank as SCB. It was also fun and I enjoyed every day of the internship.

I was working on a project called Academy of

Perspectives. My tasks involved the creation of

ated in Production Management at the mon Joinery Ltd in Ghana n Ahmed

Iqbal Khan, 23, Biology stu-

dent at the university of Mauritius, went for ASK (HIV/AIDS) Project in Ghana n

Stephanie Manuel, 21, Law and

Management student at the university of Mauritius, went for Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund in Kenya n

Vanessa Bactora, 20, Biology stu-

dent at the university of Mauritius, went for Street Families Rehabilitation Trust Fund in Kenya n

Vijayaluxmi Naralloo, 23, gradu-

ated in English at the university of

Yuvan Hurloll, 24, Mechanical En-

gineering at the university of Mauritius,

after two months of work I feel different. I've

went for Genesis HIV/AIDS Project in

grown up, I've gain experience, maturity, and

Hyderabad, India

many skills.

n Vyatka

I worked with students from India, Australia,

Seewoonarain, 21, English

with History at the university of Mauri-

Manish Auckel, 21

tius, went for AGAPE Foundation in Hy-

gained a lot of knowledge from them, and I came

one of the upcoming leaders of the world! We

to know about the cultures of so many countries

students discover our inner potentials and talents

at one time without having to travel to all of them!

that will help us all to progress throughout our lives

become more mature, more responsible, to be

Beeharry Panray, 24, gradu-

university of Mauritius, went to Perga-


students of High Schools in Poland. I can say that

in the world to help them develop themselves to

n Ryan

dation in Hyderanad, India

cation, Leadership Skills and other topics for the

AIESEC is a golden opportunity for all students


Mauritius, went for Dr. Reddy's Foun-

workshops about Autopresentation, Communi-

New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, Iran and uganda. I

went for HIV/AIDS Project in Karachi,

and will benefit the society also!

derabad, India n Wenda

Ho Tu Nam, 21, Marketing

Management at the university of Mauritius, went for Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Projects and Events AIESEC is striving to create a positive impact not only in future by developing leadership skills and attitudes in young people, but also directly today by running programs and projects around different social issues. Some on which we focused on in the past term were Entrepreneurship and HIV/ AIDS for instance.

STEP uP: THE HIV/AIDS PROJECT AIESEC in Mauritius sensitises the youth AIESEC is trying to combat this very serious issue which is taking huge dimensions throughout the planet. We believe that if all of us put an effort on spreading awareness on this disease, we can make a direct impact on the population and society. Step up is an AIESEC initiative which aims at sensitising the youth on the HIV/AIDS issue. Done by the youth for the youth, this campaign resulted in 30 workshops carried out between 27th February and 28th April 2009, to increase students knowledge in HIV/AIDS prevention. These regrouped some 1200 Mauritian youths in schools and youth centres, among which: John Kennedy College, Hamilton College, Le Bocage International College, Pere Laval College, Centre du Service Volontaire International (SVI), Moka Village Hall or Cite Mangalkhan Floreal Learning Centre. These workshops were done with support from Rogers and were run by a team of trainers comprising of Mauritian students and international interns - yasmin Aden from Canada, Stefan Leber from Germany and Marija Miljkovich from Serbia - who came to Mauritius through AIESEC international exchange program especially for the project. Sponsored by Rogers, the Step up team received the support of the following NGO’s: PILS, youth Alive, MODA and Etoile d’Espérance. Representatives of these organisations, heads of the targeted schools, AIESEC members together with parents gathered on the 30th of April 2009, at the Lecture Theatre of the IVTB House on the closing event of the project. The results, achievements and impact on the youth were presented to the audience. After a successful first initiative, AIESEC in Mauritius plans to continue it and organize future editions.


AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Entrepreneurship Day This first ever conference organized by AIESEC in Mauritius for external students took place on 14th April in the Lecture Theatre of the university of Mauritius. It was run in collaboration with the Public Relations Office of the university of Mauritius and was sponsored by Cyber-Rite Co. Ltd. The objective of the workshop was to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit in Mauritian students and graduates, who could get the knowledge on how to be self-employed, have proper management and know where to look for if they want to set up their business in the future. Guest speakers who were present: • Stephan Buckland, Mauritian sports star who has launched his own catering enterprise • Sanjay Brambodary, from the Mauritian Association of Disabled Entrepreneurs, who does handicraft • Afzal Delbar, founder and Managing Director of Silverline Services, specialized in the field of logistics, covering international and regional trade • Vishal Nowbuth, CEO of Cyber Rite, IT training institution Around 100 students attended the workshop. We hope that they obtained knowledge and inspiration to go for entrepreneurship in their future.

Global Village 2009 AIESEC in Mauritius brings the world to Trianon AIESEC is striving for peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential as its ultimate goal and we see mutual understanding between different cultures across the globe as a necessary condition for reaching our vision. Global Village is a public interactive fair where participants can learn about different countries and cultures from across AIESEC network. This year the event was organized on 25th of April 2009, at Trianon Shopping Park, from 11.00 to 16.00. 5 countries showed their uniqueness on this first edition in Mauritius: Russia, Poland, Brazil, India and Kenya. Representatives were dressed in their traditional clothing, offering food traditionally served in their home countries and telling about their cultures.

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Conferences and Seminars Conferences and seminars are one of the best ways to support the learning of AIESEC members. During this time members are able to receive information and share their knowledge, as well as to connect with different partners and professionals of different backgrounds. During the first year of existence of AIESEC in Mauritius, the Conferences Cycle was created and five conferences were already delivered.

National Leadership Development Seminar (NLDS) 12-13 Oct 2008 40 delegates

The objective of this conference : to build capacity for the members as well as introduce the organisation to the new recruits. Different sessions about the functionalities of AIESEC were delivered as well as skills building sessions, such as team work activities, done by Mr Shakil Daby, Relationship Manager at HSBC. Chairing this conference was Mr Harish Rajan, President of AIESEC in Chennai, India. The first day was only for the leadership body of AIESEC, comprising of about 10 people.

Empower Conference 17, 18, 19 Dec 2008 10 delegates

They participated in team management and leadership sessions. The last two days were open to all members and they participated in various sessions allowing them to review their experience so far and improve their performance. Chairing this conference was Mr Junaid Ahmed, Vice President of Talent Management of AIESEC in Karachi, Pakistan. The aim was to prepare members to deliver trainings. They had the opportunity to learn

Train the Trainers 7, 8 Jan 2009 10 delegates

and practice their facilitation and presentation skills.

At this point, the first members of AIESEC in the university of Technology of Mauritius were

Jump In Conference 7, 8 Mar 2009 70 delegates

selected and joined the organisation, together with a new group from university of Mauritius. The new members had their first contact with the AIESEC world. The senior members had advanced discussions about the development of AIESEC in the country and their personal contribution. Senator Aruna Pulton from JCI delivered a session about Interpersonal Communication and Mr. yamal Matabudul was present to talk about his experience with as an alumnus of AIESEC in Canada. Chairing the conference was Mr Mihir Patel from AIESEC in India. The object of this conference was to prepare exchange participants so that they get to learn

Outgoing Preparation Seminar Throught the year 15 delegates


more about cultural differences and how to deal with it, getting them ready for their exchange experience in the process.

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

A glimpse on our Conferences

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


National Team 2008 - 2009 From left to right: Monika, Ekaterina, Jalusa It is with immense satisfaction that we- Ekaterina Sidorova, Jalusa Lopes and Monika Sabat – are presenting our contribution for the past year in the history of AIESEC in Mauritius. It was enriching to us to live this experience of promoting and consolidating the Association in this lovely island. It was a very challenging and impactful year for each of us. Our main personal objective was to learn and develop ourselves, in order to acquire experience and become better individuals. For sure, it was a great cultural challenge as well, since each of our countries and Mauritius are different among themWe believe that AIESEC started in a very good direction, with

selves. After almost one year of hard work in order to build the association in the country, it is great to see our first achievements, especially when you see the change you can make in other people and how these people can grow because of your support. The Mauritian youth has loads to gain from AIESEC in the country, and this first group of students who are starting the Association and going for exchange is the living proof of how relevant can AIESEC be to Mau-

some very important corporate and non-corporate partners as well as with a very motivated and high potential individuals belonging to the Association. In the future much more exchanges will be done and more Mauritian youngsters will be able to develop their leadership skills in AIESEC. We wish all the best to the new National Board of AIESEC and a great year of achievements. Sincerely,


Ekaterina, Jalusa and Monika

National Team 2009 - 2010 With a view to provide more leadership experiences, AIESEC

Altogether, these individuals will be striving hard for the up-

Executive Bodies are renewed annually. We would therefore like to

coming year to ensure further the growth of our organisation. For

introduce and wish best of luck to the next team of National Com-

the first time in AIESEC in Mauritius history, the National Body will

mittee of AIESEC in Mauritius: n President n

- Aparajita Deb (from India)

Vice-President Communication - Vedarshen V. Poinen (from

The main focus of the year 2008-2009 was to set the foundations and leave a legacy. The challenge for upcoming year will be to

Mauritius) n Vice-President

Exchange - Zita Zhong (from China)

continue the establishment of these bases and ensure the growth

n Vice-President

Talent Management - Adeel Hasan (from Pak-

of AIESEC in Mauritius so as to amplify its impact.

istan) n Vice-President


comprise of international and Mauritian young people working together.

External Relations - Dwij Vasavada (from India)

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

What our partners say about us Rogers


HSBC has been closely associated

with AIESEC Mauritius since its establishment a year ago. We have been impressed with the speed at which AIESEC has established itself locally and is now actively working with Mauritius corporates as well as the youth to develop future leaders. AIESEC is truly a global youth organisation which has a lot to offer Mauritius as it opens up to the world.

We are delighted to have been

able to support AIESEC’s project on the prevention of HIV/AIDS among the youth of Mauritius. This project, called “Step up”, consisted of providing three foreign exchange students who were placed at first as trainees in local HIV related NGOs, namely PILS, Etoile d’Espérance and youth Alive. yasmin, Marija and Stephan, from Canada, Serbia and Germany respectively, came for three months and were able to subsequently

Sandeep Uppal,

devise and hold several workshops in local

Chief Executive Officer

secondary schools to sensitise students on HIV/AIDS. Their prior research work in the NGOs ensured that their presentations were clear, concise and well-adapted to their au-

The relationship between AIESEC

and Kross Border Trust Services Ltd (KBTS) is still in its first year but has been an enriching one for both parties. As a member of the National Board of Company Advisors, KBTS was brought to participate in the exchange program. Being the first Mauritian company to engage itself into this exchange was quite an expe-



Kross Border Trust Services Limited

rience from both the AIESEC and KBTS perOur association with AIESEC has

We were agreeably surprised by the profes-

been a two way traffic since its setting up in

sionalism of the AIESEC team and with the

Mauritius a year ago. The drive of AIESEC

organised manner in which the project was

coupled with the experience of the IVTB is a

handled. We believe that this innovative

successful mix in making positive things hap-

project presented two advantages in the pre-

pen. Change being the only constant in life,

vention of HIV/AIDS among youth: (a) Mau-

AIESEC has injected a new perspective in our

ritian students could identify themselves to

people, particularly our youth, and is contin-

the generational concerns of the trainees;

uing to do so. AIESEC has provided a new

and (b) the novelty of having workshops

opening onto the global village for our peo-

conducted by foreign university students

ple. The development of youth in any coun-

provided an added interest and an appeal to

try is key to the success of the country,

imitate young foreign models.

especially in terms of values and principles and AIESEC is fully contributing towards this objective. AIESEC being so dedicated, in making today's youth tomorrow's best leaders, is a noble cause in which we all must be engaged in.

spectives considering that the formalities with the authorities turn out to be more complex than initially planned. Due to the perseverance and the hard work of the AIESEC representatives in Mauritius, after weeks of negotiation the first two AIESEC interns finally arrived at KBTS from Norway and India respectively at the beginning of 2009. The exchange program enabled KBTS to witness how motivated, enthusiastic and open minded AIESEC members are. The two in-

terns hosted by KBTS demonstrated keen-

Audrey d’Hotman de Villiers, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

ness to learn, an easy to adapt attitude and high sense of responsibility and dedication. We hope that those individuals would have benefited from their experience at KBTS especially in their professional development and their future career path.

Ashvin Ramdin Chairman

Mow Taher,

Director/Compliance Manager

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


Financial Report Financial stability was one of the priorities

Statement of revenue and expenditures

of our term. Our main goals were to sustain


ourselves, financially support first projects and initiatives and also leave sufficient funds for the next team to start their term efficiently. We intend to leave to the next team balance of 200.000 MRu and also several partnerships which will be renewed next year and will help next team to reach financial stability.

Revenue Board of Advisors AIESEC in India Project Donations Revenue from Incoming Exchange fees Revenue from Outgoing Exchange fees Companies fees for promotion Other Total revenue

800 000 200 000 84 600 40 000 50 625 42 500 10 000 1 227 725

Expenditure Salaries, personnel expenses Partnership with AIESEC India establishment Office and flat maintenance Information System Development of Local Chapters Projects International Conferences Promotional Materials Total revenue

454 000 100 000 189 525 17 549 22 031 84 600 146 800 6 725 1 021 230

Revenue redistribution '.


(. %.




%(. +. ,. %*. *).



&. &.

" %-.

! %$.


AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Our Partners National Board of Advisors

National supporters

Global Development Group

Global Development Group

Global Initiative Partners and Learning Network Partners

National Board of Advisors:

National Advisory Council:

This board is the supervisory group for the organisation to monitor

This council primarily consists of non-corporate representatives and

the progress of AIESEC Expansion into Mauritius. They also provide

provide advice in this specific sector as and when required.

financial support. •

Dr the Honourable Vasant Bunwaree, Minister of Education, Cul-

Mr Sandeep uppal, CEO, HSBC

ture and Human Resources

Mr Georges Chung Tick Kan, Chairman, Kross Border Trust Serv-

The Honourable Satyaprakash Ritoo, Minister of youth and

ices Ltd/ T-Printers Group


Mr Philippe Espitalier Noel, CEO, Rogers

Mr Ashvin Ramdin, Chairman, IVTB

Mr Manoj ujoodha, CEO, Air Mauritius

Mr Raju Jaddoo, Managing Director, Board of Investment

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008 - 2009


AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008-2009  

AIESEC in Mauritius Annual Report 2008-2009

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