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Q3 NEWSLETTER AIESEC Mauritius Just like any other beginning, I also started my term in AIESEC Mauritius after a magnificent year of growth, progress and achievement in 2010-11. Being a part of the last National team, I could start the term smoothly and also same time I could help my team to adapt quickly and start smoothly. Now 3 months have already passed and during this course of time, every day I realize more & more about how big responsibility we have being the executives of a the world’s largest Youth run organization. This means to create opportunities everyday for the young Mauritians which would give them practical exposure, necessary soft skills, which would stimulate their thinking process, help them figure out their goal in life and make them more responsible of their own actions. Our ambition this year is to engage and develop every young Mauritian by giving them a platform for their development and by self-realizing their potential in order to create a positive impact on the society. In this newsletter You will find our activities which we have already done in the third quarter of this year and the kind of Impact this activities had on the society and Mauritian youth. The quarter report will also give You a brief of the upcoming activities through which possibilities of collaboration can be found. I am very happy to be able to accomplish our results in this quarter and look forward to do more in the next one. Thank you Deepa Khatri President 2011-12 AIESEC Mauritius

Content 1. Project: Positive faith against AIDS 2. Project: Every Child is Ours 3. International Congress 4. UBS Award 5. Youth to Business Forum 6. Members’ recruitment 7. Step Ahead National Conference 2011 8. Upcoming opportunities


NEWSLETTER Positive faith against AIDS This was a 6 weeks AIESEC project run by student from AIESEC in University of Mauritius between June and July 2011. There were 20 international participants who participated in that project coming from more than 10 countries. The project consisted mainly of sensitizing and informing foreign workers in Mauritius coming mainly from China and India. Workshops were run in the different organization employing them. The different partners for this project were PILS, UNDP and NSA. There were also sensitization campaigns run at Rose Hill bus station for 2 days and all the materials were funded by UNDP. The project reached out to 2000 persons throughout these 6 weeks.

Every Child is Ours “Every Child is Ours� is an AIESEC Mauritius initiative which is supported by Omnicane foundation. This project is implemented in 2 phases. The first phase started in the beginning of June and the second one beginning of August. Both of them lasted 6 weeks. 20 international participants were involved in each phase. The main aim of this project was to support NGOs working with children. Fraternite Nord Sud, CEDEM, APEIM and Caritas were the different NGOs which partnered with AIESEC to conduct this project. Different events were also organized in the NGOs, ranging from drawing competitions to fun day, global village and talent show. The prime objective which was to bring a smile on the face of these children was fully fulfilled throughout these events. More than 400 children participated were impacted.


NEWSLETTER International Congress From the 18th August to 29th of August, 600 young leaders from over 110 countries around the world gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for AIESEC’s 63rd International Congress. For 11 days, participants of the congress engaged with over 30 organizations, 45 business leaders and with each other, expanding their network and developing required skills of cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. One of the key objectives of the congress was to Launch AIESEC’s 5-year ambition, AIESEC 2015. Such an objective ensured that the agenda provided plenty of space for the participants to interact, learn, discover and challenge each other on the role which young people and youth organizations play in the world today and the type of leadership which is needed today. The agenda also provided spaces for the participants to learn leadership, management and business skills, which support the daily management of AIESEC’s network of over 60,000 young people globally along with having a positive impact on the society. Mauritius delegation had 2 people on board for IC including the President (Deepa Khatri) and Vice President handling Incoming Exchange, who is also the first Mauritian on the national team, student of 4th year of Civil Engineering, University of Mauritius, Sean Fourmacou. It was great for the delegation to represent Mauritius in front of 110 countries. People were amazed to see how a tiny island was doing such a good work and was an inspiration for the whole network. Also it was a great platform for Mauritius delegation for International exposure building their network, positioning Mauritius and taking Mauritian culture abroad.

At International Congress Mauritian Delegation had a chance to interact with global top companies/organizations from different backgrounds such as DHL, PWC, Microsoft, UBS, VALE, Ericson, Tata Consultancy Services, P&G, Husqvarna, Nike, Alcatel Lucent, Electrolux, Education First, ING, Potencia Ventures and many more. They also go a chance to live the diversity with more than 100 Presidents of the all the differ-

ent National offices of AIESEC, the individuals with the highest national Leadership positions in AIESEC. They were discussing the global direction of the organization, World issues, Role of Youth. This international forum opens lots of different opportunities for young students for their development. Those 11 days indeed prepared them to be future responsible leaders in their respective fields.


NEWSLETTER UBS Award This International Congress was also special because of one more reason - AIESEC Mauritius won the Global UBS award, which makes it one of the top 6 Countries among 110 countries in terms of AIESEC operations and the top country in Africa region for the performance of last year 2010-2011.

Mauritius was honored to get this award and I think we should celebrate it as an achievement not only within AIESEC, but as a country as well and the potential of Youth in the country which is immense and this award is a proof of it. It also demands more sincerity, honesty, hardwork and passion from the young Leaders of this organization which will take it to even new heights.

This Award gives more responsibility to AIESEC Mauritius to give more experiences to the young people of Mauritius and take the impact to the masses. AIESEC


NEWSLETTER Youth to Business Forum On 17th September AIESEC organized Youth to Business Forum in Cyber Tower 1, Ébene Cybercity. This is a unique event that enables talented Mauritian students, organizations and public representatives to discuss and train in area of youth innovation. Topic of this forum was “Harnessing Youth innovationâ€? In our challenging economic climate, young people need to develop their skills and understand the importance of pursuing and developing innovative solutions in their own lives and

for the organizations they join and create, as Mauritius seeks new opportunities to meet the future. Forum was composed mainly from two blocks: Business talks and Company workshops. In the first of them students had a chance to find out how Mauritius is standing in global reality and how they as students, can shape this position with their innovativeness. During the workshops, they had a chance to interact more with companies and discuss on topics of their interest. 207 students from Mauritius universities (primarily students of University of Mauritius, University of Technology Mauritius and MITD) attended the event. From these delegates, 91% stated that they would attend such event again and was satisfied with organization and delivered content.


NEWSLETTER Members’ recruitment

Members were attending trainings connected to a communication and HR area. Workshops were

about promotion of the recruitment and the selection procedures, like: conducting interviews, AIESEC global competency model, conducting Induction for new members into organization. Members got a theoretical and practical experience, which they can develop and use in the future.

Apart from new members, there are also experienced members – some of them are leaders already, some of them are still team members. They are working in different areas and projects, where they are developing skills and gaining practical experience, like team and crisis

management, working in a team, presentation skills, developing language, getting to know and work with people from other cultures. They have to take responsibility for their own and others’ actions, what makes them more independent and persistent.

August 2011 was a month of the recruitment for AIESEC Mauritius. All members were involved into promotion, selection and induction process.


NEWSLETTER Step Ahead National Conference 2011 AIESEC Mauritius hosted a National Conference for the current and new members selected from University of Mauritius, University of Technology Mauritius, Charles Telfair Institute and Mauritius Institute of Training and Development. Step Ahead Conference took place in Youth Center in Pointe Jerome from 9th till 11th of September 2011.

This event was an opportunity for AIESEC members from Mauritius to develop their potential and become responsible for their actions and learning. More than 100 members of AIESEC gathered to participate in workshops and training sessions facilitated by National Team and Externals. The AIESEC sessions were focused on how to grow our organization in Mauritius and how members can be developed to have a positive impact on the society. The nature and scope of this conference is unprecedented here in Mauritius, but we truly believe that our youth are ready for a challenging experience. They will build their potential and develop stronger skills to lead Mauritius.


NEWSLETTER Opportunities for companies to partner with AIESEC Upcoming external events

Business Networking Event Business Networking Event is a platform organized by AIESEC Mauritius where top businesses from the same field come to network and to explore opportunities of access global talent program which enables these companies to work with international young talents for a period between 3 to 12 months which in turn might open new perspectives, markets and reach in the global market for them.

January Election Conference During this National Conference there will be selected the new President for AIESEC Mauritius and also companies will have the chance to deliver workshops to top talents from Mauritius on topics like team work, selling and planning during 3 days starting with 4th of January.

AIESEC Academy It’s a two days event where top companies get a chance to work closely with approximately 160 students selected after 3 rounds of screening from different universities from Mauritius. A group of 20 students will be allocated to each company to be able to explore concrete ideas, solve cases and brainstorming about the topic of interest for every company. During this event companies aim to make best employees out of this young talent.

What’s in it for a company? Partnering with AIESEC will assure your company employer branding among Mauritian students, access to top local and international talent. It also gives you a good opportunity to network with other top companies from Mauritius as well as to contribute for the youth empowerment in the nation.


AIESEC Mauritius Q3 2011 Newsletter  

AIESEC Mauritius Q3 2011 Newsletter