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AIESEC Global Alumni Newsletter NOVEMBER 2011

Contents 1. AIESEC’s new ambition: AIESEC 2015 2. Calling all AIESECers!

Hello dear AIESEC Alumni!

3. Global AIESEC Alumni Award Winners 2011 4. Global Alumni Relations responsible 5. Invitation to join the Blu100

It's with the big excitement I'm writing to you today. First of all I would like to start with putting some context for this year in AIESEC. As you might know last year we have closed one chapter of AIESEC history by achieving the AIESEC 2010 mid term ambition. Entire 2011 we spend building plan for next 5 years for the organisation. For AIESEC, 2011 has been quite successful year, and its important to highlight what this year is about:

6. Apply for the WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012 7. Global Excellence and Achievement Awards 8. Common purpose: Future Considerations and AIESEC

Our new ambition: AIESEC 2015 We are excited to give you some up-date on what is AIESEC now and what is our ambition. This is our desire for 2015 which represent ambition and hope of more then 60 000 members all around the world.

It is about Unity ... Is how we start will determine how fast we will move as an organisation. This year is about alignment and re-adjustment and to start with we really hope we can unite and connect as One AIESEC towards 2015. It is about Success ... As the generation of AIESECers who have started 2015 midterm ambition we have immense responsibility to achieve first year plan and lead success from the first year of our journey. This ambition is translated into the refreshed AIESEC Experience which supports more and more young people getting experience in this organisation. The AIESEC Experience has three phases: Engagement with AIESEC In this phase, young people are introduced to the world of AIESEC through different engagement channels. They will learn about the WHY, HOW and WHAT of AIESEC and it will empower them to pick the path to kick start their AIESEC Experience.

Tatiana Mykhailyuk President AIESEC International Tel: +31 10 443 4383; Fax: +31 10 265 1386; E-mail:

Experiential Leadership development The main programmes of the organisation are delivered here. This is the leadership development centre where the members can learn and gain everything from the global leadership network of AIESEC. We have 4 programmes under this phase.

Life-Long Connection with AIESEC In this phase, AIESEC is aiming to support AIESEC Alumni in their continuous leadership development as well maintain a strong connection with AIESEC and its values. LifeLong Connection is  A platform for continuous growth  Opportunity to make a constant positive impact on society  A strong network of entrepreneurial and responsible leaders across sectors

Experiential Leadership Development Programmes Global Team Member Programme We focus on providing a practical learning and development experience to a young person, by being part of a team and having responsibilities towards managing AIESEC’s performance and the delivery of its experiences. Duration 8 – 78 weeks Global Team Leader Programme We focus on providing practical learning experiences to a young person on how to manage a team, AIESEC’s performance and the delivery of its experiences. Duration 8 – 78 weeks Global Internship Programme We focus on providing opportunities for interns to enhance their skills and experience by working in areas related to management, information technology, engineering, sciences, education and other fields that require specific expertise and skills. Duration 6 – 78 weeks Global Community Development Programme We focus on areas and issues with the need for direct social impact and sustainable solutions. We do this by creating volunteering opportunities for young people with these organisations to work with and contribute to local communities. Duration 6 – 78 weeks

CALLING ALL AIESECers: Let's work together to unleash AIESEC's Alumni's Full Global Potential Surely you have taken part in some incredible alumni events over the years. But do you believe there is scope for our alumni organizations to work smarter and in a more synchronized way globally? Can we benefit alumni more and increase AIESEC’s crossgenerational positive impact on society? The time has come to forge a united way forward. AIESEC International and AIESEC Alumni International have joined forces to launch a unified strategic planning effort that will put us on the optimum path that will unlock our global opportunity. Our goal over the next few months is to work with interested AIESECers worldwide to formulate a shared global alumni vision and the time-phased plan that will transform it into reality. We aim to reach a consensus among all parties by the February 2012 meetings in Hungary that will coincide with the IPM.

Our goal over the next few months is to work with interested AIESECers worldwide to formulate a shared global alumni vision and the time-phased plan that will transform it into reality. We aim to reach a consensus among all parties by the February 2012 meetings in Hungary that will coincide with the IPM.

Help us get us started by answering this question: Imagine a world in which nothing can hold us back from achieving our global AIESEC alumni dreams. In this scenario, what is your global vision for our alumni organisation?

Click here to tell us your vision!

We’ll reach out to you for feedback often, and we thank you in advance for your active support and participation!! Frank Beuselinck (Highly active international alumnus who joined AIESEC in 1971 and speaks 11 languages) Arnould de la Boulaye (AAI Executive Board, International Senior Member, Founder, AIESEC Alumni France) David Epstein, project leader (AAI Executive Board and Chairman, AIESEC Life) Juan Manuel Ferrón (AAI Executive Board, International Senior Member, President, AIESEC Alumni Iberoamerica) Kuba Karlinksi (AAI Executive Board and Founding member of AIESEC Alumni Poland) Hiro Kinashi (AAI Executive Board, International Senior Member and Founding Member, AIESEC Alumni Japan) Andrew Rowe (AAI Executive Board and International Senior Member) Bernd Thomas (International Senior Member and AIESEC International Alumni Hall of Fame)

Under the auspices of AIESEC International and AIESEC Alumni International Learn more at

The AIESEC Values represented by Eddie, our new mascot

The refreshed AIESEC Experience

Objective of Global AIESEC Alumni Awards

Global AIESEC Alumni Award Winners 2011 Showcasing the impact of AIESEC The quality of our alumni and their contribution to and impact on society demonstrate and ensure the relevance of AIESEC and our activities. Profiling role models for AIESEC members Alumni put leadership for a positive impact on society and being a change agent into practice. Demonstrate the power of the AIESEC network The recipients of the Hall of Fame awards are examples of the caliber of people that form part of the AIESEC network. Recognise the achievements and contribution of our alumni Their contribution directly and indirectly allows for the creation of more and better AIESEC experiences and as AIESEC we want to celebrate their achievements with them.

AIESEC International Congress 2011 - Nairobi, Kenya

The Global AIESEC Awards were launched in 2000 at the AIESEC International Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland. The awards are given in the following cathegories: AIESEC Contribution Award This award is presented to those individuals who make and outstanding contribution to AIESEC in their countries by participating in a wide range of activities, including national conferences, partnerships, alumni organisations and serving on advisory boards of AIESEC entities. The aim of this award is to increase the involvement of alumni and encourage those who continue to make a difference for AIESEC.

Alumni Hall of Fame Award This award is presented to alumni who had an outstanding contribution while being in AIESEC and after leaving the organisation and who had demonstrated active leadership throughout their lives. They were or are still involved in local national or international activities, offering advice and support to the AIESEC membership The aim of this award is to show to the world the impact that AIESEC alumni have in society and to acknowledge their contribution. We would like to reinforce the leadership characteristics, excellence and attitudes desired in our organisation by highlighting alumni who exemplify our values.

Alumni Entrepreneurship and Leadership Award This award is presented to an alumnus who has made a considerable achievement as an entrepreneur and leader in his / her field of engagement.

Young Alumni Contribution Award This award is presented to those young alumni who make an outstanding contribution to AIESEC by participating in a wide range of activities, including and not limited to national conferences, partnerships, Alumni Clubs and Associations and serving on Boards of Member/National Committees.

The aim of this award is to showcase the achievements of alumni who have been involved in developing ideas into successful entrepreneurial or social setups or achieved significant personal results in the community and demonstrating leadership in their areas of business and society.

The aim of this award is to increase the involvement of alumni and especially young alumni and to recognise and encourage those who make a difference for AIESEC even in their early careers.

Sponsors of the Global AIESEC Alumni Awards At AIESEC International Congress 2012 Kenya, we had the privilege to welcome Eva Mattheeussen (AIESEC alumnus), Regional HR Manager, representing Deutsche Post DHL James Maitho, Africa Central Human Capital Manager representing PricewaterhouseCoopers

Awarded Alumni Jesperi Loponen Pasi Riikonen Fernando Moncayo

Home country Finland Finland Ecuador

John Simba


Colin Baril


Atul Singh Professor Waswa Balunywa Marton Svekus Teia Catana


Antonio Cailao

The Philippines

Deo Onyango


Uganda Hungary Romania

Current Occupation Managing Director Aaba Homegrounds Ltd. Managing Director Aaba Homegrounds Ltd. CEO of Startups Ventures – ASIAM Ltd. Managing Partner of Simba & Simba Advocates Chairman of University of Nairobi Chairman of Pan Africa Insurances Director of Operations and development of The Natural Step Canada Ltd. President & CEO, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Prinicipal of Makerere Business School in Uganda Director of Bank of Uganda Managing Director of Common Purpose Hungary Ltd. Founder and President of FuturePlus Ltd. CEO and President of The Philippines National Oil Company Chief Operating Officer of United Coconut Planters Bank Regional Executive & Commercial Director East Africa of General Electric International

Selected Award Alumni Entrepreneurship and Leadership Alumni Entrepreneurship and Leadership Alumni Entrepreneurship and Leadership Global AIESEC Contribution Global AIESEC Contribution Global AIESEC Contribution Global AIESEC Contribution Young Alumni Contribution Young Alumni Contribution Global Alumni Hall of Fame Global Alumni Hall of Fame

Global Alumni Relations Responsible 2011-2012 Dear friends of AIESEC, Being in charge for alumni relations this year is the continuation of an effort having a long history on AIESEC International. I feel great excitement and responsibility to take forward the opportunity to develop and enlarge a network of special people achieving impact every day. With creating AIESEC 2015, the organisation has clearly declared its desire to maintain and develop a self-sustaining, entrepreneurial and responsible network of AIESECers across generations. I believe that being in the first year towards this ambition, we are taking over an incredible legacy and just starting to transform it into something viral and unexpectedly impactful. Throughout this journey I will undoubtedly need your support to reach more of your friends and to get your suggestion on how to bring more relevance and added value both to the alumni network and AIESEC.

Invitation to Join the Blu100 WorldBlu, a global certification and membership organisation that publishes the annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces ™, is looking for 100 top-caliber consultants globally to the Blu100, an elite group of 100 top-tier consultants who would like to share the WorldBlu message of democracy in the workplace with the world by licensing the use of the WorldBlu Scorecard™ to grow their independent consulting practices. Here are some of the qualities they are looking for:

    

People who love to help and serve others People who enjoy facilitating groups and coaching leaders People who "get” WorldBlu and would love to share these ideas with others People who want to be a part of a dynamic learning community People who would love to earn a great income while making a difference for others

If you would like apply for the Blu100, please email Traci Fenton, Founder + CEO of WorldBlu at to receive more information and an application. Training programmes begin in November and December. Learn more at

Apply for the WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2012 Do you work in an organisation that is highly inclusive, where people are engaged and everyone loves to come to work each day?

Looking forward to an exciting year! If so, your organisation may qualify to be certified for the WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces 2012, a global award that has been earned by companies such as Groupon, Zappos, WD-40, Hulu, NixonMcInnes, and MindValley and profilesd in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune and other media globally. AIESEC has earned this award for the past five years in a row.

Luca Keresztesi Global Alumni Relations Responsible AIESEC International Tel: +31 10 443 4383; Fax: +31 10 265 1386; E-mail:

How to apply?

To find out more and apply, please contact Miranda Ash, Global Director of Certification + Community at WorldBlu: The deadline to apply is December 15, 2011. Learn more at

Important message about the Alumni Modul As you might have already heard, on 1st October 2011 we have started to use a new version of We have received great support also from the side of alumni, so first of all, we would like to say thank you for all the help till now for the New System. As we had expected in the case with any major IT Project, the System does have quite a few bugs - the quantity and severity of such bugs is always difficult to guess before they actually get reported. As the Alumni Menu's are still under development and testing (and the timeline for them is different than the regular System timeline), all alumni users have been transferred but they cannot access the System as of yet (getting a message about Unauthorized Access error). We are working on solving this major problem and that is our only priority and focus as of now besides the development of new and more user-friendly menus. Once again, we really thank you for all the support, patience and acceptance of In case of questions, please turn to

Global Excellence and Achievement Awards UBS Global Achievement Award is given to one country that is a role model in its performance as well as in its contribution to the global AIESEC network. The country that wins this award can be seen as the best country worldwide in running AIESEC operations. "We at UBS see a number of parallels between ourselves as a financial services firm and AIESEC and we have much in common in the area of values and leadership engagement. Indeed, this common ground was just one of the reasons we entered into our collaboration with AIESEC in 1967 and why the relationship has endured over the intervening years.This year in AIESEC is one of record breaking growth and achievements for our global network. And the winners are: Africa AIESEC in Mauritius Asia Pacific AIESEC in Mainland China Western Europe and North America AIESEC in Germany

Common purpose: AIESEC and Future Considerations As a recent AIESEC alumnus, it is very interesting, though not surprising, to see the speed at which the global organisation changes in response to changes in the external environment. Programmes are added, acronyms are changed and within 2 months of leaving the organisation the 3rd version of in my time has been released! But what I truly love about the organisation is that the essence of developing global leaders has remained at the core, driving motivation across continents. This unwavering purpose draws the organisation together and is fundamental to its success over the past 60-odd years. I would have to say from my own personal experience that the self-driven experiential leadership development has provided knowledge, skills and more importantly, perspective that I would have never otherwise had. Of course, as with any organisational strength within AIESEC, the question was asked, “How can we do this whole leadership development thing better?” This same question sparked a conversation in 2008 between AIESEC and Gabriela Albescu and Jarda Dokoupil two AIESEC alumni working with Future Considerations, a leadership development and change consultancy that I have the pleasure of working with in London, UK. By the end of 2008, the first workshops of the programme were ready to be delivered. 2009 saw expansion of the programme to include direct development with the AI current and elect teams and by February 2012 approximately 350 MCPs will have participated in the programme and we are currently exploring ways that support may exist for it to be scaled to include MC teams as part of the objectives of the programme.

The speed at which this programme has been implemented is a credit to the dedication of consecutive AI teams, Gabriela and Jarda. I look at this as an example of how common purpose acts as a fundamental driver for timely action. Within 6 months the idea for a global development programme went from an idea to a reality and it continues to drive growth and performance of the organisation and even more important, the fact that it directly relats to leadership, the essence of AIESEC, this type of activity would remain eternally relevant. My learning from this example stems into the organisations and teams that I have worked with and am working with. Do my colleagues and I share the same understanding as to why we are working together? How does this common purpose shape action to achieve performance? If something is missing in terms of a common purpose, then how can this be recognised and rectified as part of a team? I feel that as an alumnus of the organisation, our ability to learn from our time in AIESEC will only continue to grow and serve is in our professional careers and personal lives. Though, as always, it is up to us as individuals to find that learning and apply that in the most appropriate way. Peter Masters is the first intern working with Future Considerations and plays a key role in the marketing and communications of the company. Previous to his internship he was the MCVP Incoming Exchange for AIESEC Australia 2009-2010.

Central and Eastern Europe AIESEC in Russia Middle East and North Africa AIESEC in Egypt UBS Global Achievement Award AIESEC in Brazil

We would like to extend a wholehearted congratulations to the winners for UBS Regional Excellence and Global Achievement Awards. Our sincerest hope is that you continue to be an inspiration for the global network and the world. UBS would like to thank AIESEC for this partnership and look forward to continuing our fruitful long term collaboration."

Who is Future Considerations?

Future Considerations is a global consultancy whose mission is to enable the world’s leaders, institutions and systems to evolve, and to influence the greatest challenges of our time. We work with partners (such as HSBC, Shell and AIESEC) to transform their leadership, teams and organisations by applying leading edge thinking to business reality and effect deep personal development as a conduit for organisational change, and vice-versa. Learn more at

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AIESEC Alumni Newsletter for November 2011