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December 2017

Festive Glamour LBD, Sparkles and Red Hot outfits to WOW this party season

A Scottish Retreat WIN! A getaway for two


Keep Your Skin Glowing Our top tips

Working their way back to you The Jersey Boys A Relaxing Escape to Y Spa

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I’m Welcome... loving... 1




I love Christmas; it’s one of my favourite times of year. A time when I get to spend quality time with my family and friends, overindulging in far too many mince pies and of course fizz, talking of fizz we’ve picked our favourite pink fizz for you o enjoy over the festive season (page 47).

3 5

We continue with our Christmas countdown and have well and truly spoilt you with even more gift guides, party dresses, decorations and getaways. We show you how to make your home warm and welcoming (page 49) by filling it with some of our wreaths, baubles and stockings. Why not impress your guests by making a batch of our delicious Christmas pudding scones (page 46) and serve them on a festive plate from Emma Bridgewater (page17), you’ll have them thinking you’re the next Nigella.

1. Sequin Dress, £85, Miss Selfridge 2. Gisela Graham, Ballerinas, £25, (set of 2), Amara 3. Birthday Shoes, £250, Dune London 4. Parfum Clutch Handbag, £12.99, TK Maxx 5. Emma Bridgewater Holly Wreath Candle, £17.95,

We have a great getaway for two people in Edinburgh staying at the stunning Gleddoch Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort, turn to page 18 to see how to enter and plan your escape for 2018. A very Merry Christmas to all my family, friends, advertisers and readers, I hope you all have a truly magical festive season full of love, laughter and fun – See you all in 2018. Love & Hugs

Jane x

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Winter Skin Because you’re worth it Christmas Time Little Black Dress Time to Sparkle Beauty Lover Foodie News Food at The Fordham Festive Feast You’re Crackers Merry Decorating Fit for a King Relax and Recharge Back to You

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What does your kitchen mean to you?

Telephone: 01234 843000

Telephone: 01480 398017/8

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Top 10 Tips

for Keeping your Skin Glowing During Winter


ith winter well and truly under way it means we finally get to snuggle up in big coats, drink mulled wine by the fire and enjoy long walks in the crisp, cold air, but for our skin it’s a very different story. The colder weather can reap havoc on our skin, as the air is much dryer and harsher, so ensuring you take the necessary steps to keep your skin hydrated is paramount to retaining that beautiful, healthy glow. The beauty experts at Ellipse UK have given their 10 top tips on looking after your skin in the colder months. 1. Hyaluronic Acid Originally used as a lip filler ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid has quickly become a vital element of every beauty expert’s skincare routine. Having previously had the reputation of being an unattainable ingredient with a significant price tag attached, it can now be found practically anywhere, including high street drugstores. Hyaluronic acid, in short is an easy to use hydrating solution you can apply any time of day, aiming to hydrate and re-plump the skin leaving it looking and feeling fresh and dewy. 2. Protect your Skin The nights may be drawing in, the temperature dropping, and the sun dipping a little lower in the sky, however this doesn’t

mean that you’re free from risk of sun damage, in fact the sun can sometimes be even harsher in the winter due to its angle in the sky. Making sure you use an SPF daily is imperative to ensure your skin is free from sun damage and drying out – many moisturisers now include an SPF making it much easier to remember to apply in the morning. 3. Top up your H2o Levels It’s no secret that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the simplest and cheapest way to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh, however managing to drink this much can prove difficult when you lead such a busy life. Try keeping a reusable water bottle by your desk so you remember to top up each day.

4. Hydrating Sheet Masks Sheet masks have only really become a bit of a phenomenon in the UK over the past year or so, originating from the Korean beauty industry, women are now swapping their much loved clay masks in favor of these easy to use, no mess masks. There are countless hydrating sheet masks available on the market at varying price tags all promoting similar benefits for the skin, and with hyaluronic acid acting as the key ingredient, this allows your skin to enjoy a superhydrating facial leaving your complexion plump and fresh.

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5. Facial Sprays Hydrating facial sprays are perfect for busy woman who need to top up their skin hydration levels on the go. A quick spritz all over the face and neck instantly gives you a glowing complexion, eliminates that tight feeling and allows your skin to breathe. These can be found most places, from high-end brands to drugstore.

6. Rosehip Oil Rosehip oil is a naturally rich source of essential fatty acids that re-hydrate dry, sun damaged skin and help to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars, burns and stretch marks. Used regularly, it can completely change the look and feel of your skin, rejuvenating and kick-starting those skin cells.

7. Exfoliate Ensuring you thoroughly exfoliate your skin a few times a week will ensure your skin stays soft and supple over the colder months. Invest in a good scrub or exfoliating gloves to rid of the dead skin cells that tend to surface over the winter months.

8. Turn the Heating Down Us Brits are notorious for whacking the heating on as soon as we feel so much as a small breeze drift our way – however

having the central heating on all the time is actually quite detrimental to our skin, drying it out and causing it to look dull and drawn. Try and prevent putting the heating on too early by wrapping up in jumpers, slippers and cosy nightwear.

9. Night Time Moisture Masks Our skin loses a lot of moisture overnight, and in the colder months it’s beneficial to invest in a heavy-duty face moisturizer. Why not try some overnight moisture masks, which will allow your skin to enjoy some hydration, and you will wake up with soft supple skin that looks fresh and glowing.

10. Facials If you can afford to spend a little more on your skin, why not treat yourself to a professional facial. Splurging on one of these once in a while can do wonders for your skin and give it a new lease of life within minutes, and with many different types to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. The skincare Specialists at Ellipse Beauty have unveiled their new Light Facial device which helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles and promote a radiant and fresh complexion, the perfect result for summer ready skin.

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Tropical Treats

Tropic Skincare have launched two new products , The Whipped Body Velvet (£28) a fluffy and intensely rich body butter, designed to comfort and cocoon even the driest skin. Ideal for caring for winter worn skin, this whipped treat melts at body temperature to effortlessly smooth over the skin like velvet, and the So Sleepy Pillow Mist (£20) blends essential oils of eucalyptus, rose geranium, frankincense, chamomile, rosewood and rosemary, with sleep-inducing lavender to create a delicate, balancing fragrance. Available from

12 Days of Christmas

All that Glitters

Last month saw the launch of Glitter Lips into Urban Retreat at Harrods. Glitter Lips will be offered as a service for the festive period, expertly applied by one of Urban Retreat’s professional make-up artists. Priced at £15, it includes the complimentary Glitter Lips for you to touch-up throughout the night. Seven selected shades, including Cherub, Guilty Rose, Sparkling Rose, Ruby Slippers, Forbidden, Vintage Pretty and Cocoa Loco

Liz Earle’s 12 Days Of Christmas advent calendar is now out. Featuring iconic classics, skincare solutions, fine fragrance and all-important accessories; products include Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion, Superskin Moisturiser, Superskin Concentrate for Night, Superskin Superlip Balm, Botanical Essence No.15 Eau de Parfum, Gentle Face Exfoliator, Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, Deep Cleansing Mask, 2 Pure Cotton Cloths, 1 Sponge and 1 Soft White Headband, with a RRP of £66 and available from John Lewis and online.


Notes to Self

‘Notes to Self Journal’ has been created by Wendy O’Beirne and her burning desire to seek clarity and direction, at the cusp of turning forty. Requiring just twenty minutes of work daily, the volume allows readers to solidify and action their life goals, health and wellness, let go of grudges, write a letter to their younger self and much more. The ultimate goal is for owners to pen their own blueprint to a life beyond their wildest dreams. The book helps people take a look at what really drives them, stop doing the things they’re doing through expectation or pressure – and identify what they really want out of life. They’ll find their own inner exploration has equipped them with everything they need to achieve even their wildest dreams. Available for £26.99 from , make sure it’s on your Christmas wish list.

Sculpt and Boost

The ICONIC London Sculpt & Boost Eyebrow cushion is an innovate two-shade liquid brow compact that creates effortlessly fuller-looking brows. The first-of-its-kind, a cushion-like dispensing system allows your brush to become fully saturated in each of the rich, pigmented colours that are both smudge proof and sweat resistant to ensure long-lasting, gradual eyebrows. With each cushion containing Vitamin E to help stimulate the growth of your natural brows. Alongside a unique formula, each rose-gold, mirrored compact includes a double-sided applicator with a spoolie at one end and an ultra-thin angled brush on the other to create hair-like strokes for the most precise brow application yet – think micro-blading at home! Available in three universal duo shades for £26.99 each, exclusively at

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Because you’re Worth It

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Susie is a fully qualified at diploma level technician who has a treatment book full 3-4 months ahead (she’s the best), I was going to be in good hands. One of main worries was the pain (me and needles don’t like each other) but I needn’t have worried, as soon as you walk into Susie’s treatment rooms, she applies numbing cream to the area she will be treating, and leaves you to relax with a coffee, whilst she discusses what she is going to do step by step.


ith a manic working life and family to look after, I have to admit although I take time and care with my hair and make up, one thing I do neglect is my eyebrows!

A teenager of the 80’s means they are nearly non existent with over zealous plucking and just a very thin line (one of the fashion trends of the time!), I just cant be bothered to faff around drawing them on, filling them in, brushing the hairs up the right way – You get the jist. So after much deliberating and putting it off I decided to go for it and let semi permanent make up expert Susie Bavister have a go.

Once the numbing has taken effect, Susie uses a regular eyebrow pencil to shape my brows, once she’s finished she makes sure you are 100% happy with the shape she has drawn – then she puts a couple of colour swabs on your forehead and between you, you decide which one matches your skin tone /hair colour best and then the fun begins. A fine needle with the colour being fed into it is used to tattoo individual hairs onto the brow area, there is no pain, just a slight pull at the skin, which means you can just shut your eyes and relax – once one eye is finished she starts on the other, in exactly the same way – both brows finished, and the moment of truth! WOW! I was blown away they looked absolutely amazing, just like the real thing I was so pleased. The brows scab over after a couple of days – not so it is noticeable to anyone else but yourself and approximately 6 – 8 weeks later you just need to go back for a top up of the colour – The effect was fantastic and looked so natural I was cross with myself for not getting them done earlier. They last between 12 – 18 months, and then you need to go back for a top up, which I will definitely be doing. It’s not just the eyebrows Susie’s an expert at it’s all the semi permanent make-up including eyeliner and lips. Prices start from £300 for eyebrows and are so worth it.

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Midlife Madness Don’t Tell Me it’s for My Own Good


have watched a few TV series recently where there has been such a high degree of brutality and general ‘gore’ that I have had to shield my eyes with a cushion, crawl behind the sofa or run screaming into the kitchen. Yes, I know there is an off button but weirdly others seemed to be enjoying it!! I am faint hearted. As many of these are set in either medieval times, war or dystopian futures, I thank my lucky stars that I don’t live in such barbaric and brutal times. But that doesn’t take account of modern medical practices which seem to be just as brutal (never mind seem - they are, take it from me) even if they are meant to be for my own good!! Recently I have endured dental work, an exhaustive test for glaucoma (honestly it really was a horror story) and had mammography - ladies you know where I’m coming from! Let’s be honest as women if you’ve spent a lot of your life waxing legs, or other parts, plucking eyebrows and can remember the days when highlights happened by pulling your hair though a swimming cap with a crotchet hook, we know a bit about discomfort. As an ex nurse I get that some things that are good for us are not pleasant! I get that sometimes it is better for us not to be anaesthetised - better physiologically and biologically - I’m not sure about the psychology of it. Isn’t everyone’s deepest fear the idea that we’d be awake and unable to move under surgery - that sounds scarily like having surgery under an epidural to me, which seems to be increasingly popular even for fairly major surgery because it lowers the chances of all sorts of complications - I’m absolutely confident it would raise the chances of other complications like never daring to fall asleep again for fear of nightmares about it or in fact never grumbling about any symptoms ever again.

And of course if you are in pain or have something seriously wrong with you that is causing unpleasant symptoms then I would not only put up with ‘interventions’ but be relieved that there was an answer! When it is a preventative strategy however my response is a bit different. I understand the seriousness of glaucoma so have readily subjected myself to the ‘puff’ test at the opticians and when they suggested that I ought to go and have more extensive checks at hospital I agreed. Oh my goodness what a mistake! Instruments of torture hardly comes close - over a period of a few hours I had needles put into my eyeballs, my eyelids forcibly held open and all manner of horrendous things done. A visit to the dentist wasn’t much better! It got me to thinking about all the machines that are used in these processes and I suppose about the characters of people who invent such devices. Do you think they may be the long distant relatives of people who invented mediaeval instruments of torture!! Sure, their motives are different they do not set out intending to inflict pain and suffering, in fact the opposite is true, I imagine their aim is to improve health and wellbeing and clearly therefore they are good folk. So don’t, if you are or were related to a scientific health screening scientific equipment designer, be offended. But I ask myself do they get to test such devices themselves? Do they know what it feels like? I have a sneaking suspicion they don’t. Who on earth would even come up with the idea that we could use a drill in someone’s mouth, even writing it seems to cause me pain (can’t help but remember the noise) but even that is not as worrying as the folk who, no doubt over a period of time and with numerous modifications (all in the name of science), thought it was a good idea to design a way that people could be awake for operations! I can only assume they were somehow inspired by the kind of TV I’d been watching! Well at least it’s Christmas, so barring emergencies we should be left alone.

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Shard Phone Case, £22, Dune London

Leopard Print Frill Dress, £52, Glamorous

Santa's Stocking, £25, Hotel Chocolat

Prosecco Flavoured Popcorn, £12.99, New Look


Emma Bridgewater Reindeer Mince Pie Plate, £22.95 ,

AeroBull XS1 Gold Wireless Speaker, £2000, Harrods

Apres Ski Leggings, £57,

This month’s must have gifts and accessories

Emma Bridgewater Reindeer Mug Set, £44.95 ,

Renaissance Artic Grey Faux Fur Jacket, £240,

Bag, £15.99, New Look

Savile Row Men's Fragrance, £27, www,

Philip Kingsley Polished Perfection Cracker, £10,

L.O.L Surprise! Tots, £9.99, Amazon

Sequin Jacket, £60, Very

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An Overnight Stay for two at

Gleddoch Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

Gleddoch Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort is one of the most prestigious luxury hotels in the Glasgow area. Featuring a top-quality golf course and spa resort, it is so much more than just a hotel. Situated amongst 360 acres of picturesque Scottish countryside, with spectacular views across the River Clyde, Ben Lomond and the rolling hills of Renfrewshire, it’s no wonder Gleddoch is a leading hotel near the city of Glasgow. History and heritage also play a part in the unique charm of Gleddoch – the hotel was once the awe-inspiring home of notable shipping baron, Sir William Lithgow. This prestigious hotel, golf and spa resort, has recently unveiled a major transformation following a multimillion pound refurbishment, bringing contemporary flair and more luxury to the new hotel and spa facilities. Thanks to its excellent facilities, outstanding golf and spa services, and not to mention the convenient location, Gleddoch offers the whole package for those looking to get away from it all.

The Prize: One night’s accommodation, including breakfast and a three course dinner for two people.

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:02 Page 17

How to Enter Which city is Gleddoch Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort close to? A. Edinburgh B. Aberdeen C. Glasgow Please email your answer to Competition closes on 31st December 2017 – GOOD LUCK! – T&C’s Apply.

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Enjoyable Christmas Finding the Ingredients for an

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:02 Page 19


aving enjoyed over half a century of Christmases, as a child, teenager, adult, partner, mother and grandmother I now realise there is not such a thing as one perfect Christmas, whatever advertising industry may make us feel. There are numerous different Christmases each with their own special memories, which may not have felt perfect at the time but are often remembered with fondness through the passing of time. Think of it like a Christmas dinner, there are a few essential ingredients, but each individual might regard different ‘ingredients’ as the essential one.

Know what is important to you and make sure that it’s included For some it is the religious aspect of the period, singing carols for some or attending a midnight service that is important and for others it might be entertaining family and friends and for others maybe just some quiet times with loved ones and some old favourites on TV. The fact is that it doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that what is important for you is included, and if you are part of a group, a family or you live with friends then before Christmas comes make sure you know what the important elements are for each person. You may not be able to fit everything but each person can have some time doing what they want to do. Be clear about the fundamentals Whatever is important for you it is worth remembering that Christmas is fundamentally a time of loving and giving. We would probably all do well to emphasise time with family and friends rather than material things. Even presents don’t need to be expensive but it is hard not to get sucked into the materialistic side of the season, which is fine if you can afford it but sad when it leads to unaffordable debt in January. It can be helpful, especially with other adults to set limits for presents or offer alternatives like a dinner in the New Year at your house. With children it can be especially tough as their wish lists may cost hundreds of pounds but again it is reasonable to set a limit - after all they do need to learn that money is finite.

Don’t be afraid to change traditions When you ask people about Christmas often they will say ‘Oh we always ……. traditions are important but only if you enjoy them. If it causes stress every year to have certain relatives around the table or to be the one to do the entertaining then think if there is an alternative way of doing things? Remember almost every ‘family’ tradition was probably a new idea once. You might be surprised how many others might be ready to do something different, but if you aren’t sure then start the discussion ahead of time so people all know you’re thinking about a few changes. In fact trying new things can add a real injection of

fun to what can become quite mundane when the same things always happen year after year.

Flex your Assertive muscle Not many people like conflict and so it is easy to shy away from it, but if we do that repeatedly and continually end up doing things that we don’t want or NOT doing things that we do want, especially at a time that is supposed to be special, then eventually we become resentful. Nobody should need to be a martyr and if you really find it hard then you need to establish a few ‘truths’. You are as important as the next person, your needs do count, you deserve to be happy at Christmas as much as the next person. If you find this hard then maybe the time has come for you to address some of the issues that hold you back and stop you from voicing your own needs. See it as a Christmas present to yourself.

People are more important than things For parents with children, or for those who have to care for others at this time of year it can sometimes be hard to manage all the cooking, buying, wrapping, clearing up and ‘hostessing’, as well as finding time to actually spend with the people you love. Many parents get frustrated that they can’t play with the toys with the children because they are fastened to the kitchen. Well if that’s not working think about changing it - have the ‘elaborate’ meal the night before or on Boxing Day so you can do what you actually want to do on Christmas Day. Try to enjoy moments and make memories Many people find the Christmas period is just so hectic that it whizzes over and they look back and wonder where all the effort went. Some of that is the physical busyness, but at other times it is to do with our inability to ‘be in the moment’ - we are so busy thinking about the next thing we need to do that we forget to actually enjoy the moment we are in - if that is the case then try some mindfulness. Follow the link for a few exercises to get you started: /4-mindful-exercises-to-try-today

Plan ahead So, some time before Christmas, even if it’s just a few days, build yourself a plan to include things that will reduce the stress, to give you the chance of spending quality time with the people you want to, to give you the chance of some ‘me time’and include some of the things that are important to you. If you do all that then whether you have turkey or lasagne, a curry or a nachos, whether the sprouts are crunchy or soggy you can have a wonderful Christmas.

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Dorothy perkins

Little Black Dress

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:02 Page 22

We all need one, or maybe two LBD’s in our wardrobe, cocktail party or casual date they suit any occasion, here’s some of our favourites

Studio by Preen, £69, Debenhams

Ruffle Hem Dress, £90, Very Ben de Lisi, £75, Principles

Giles Deacon Dress, £99, Debenhams

Jenny Packham

Michelle Keegan Dress, £55, Very

Dress, £19.99, New Look

Dress, £80, River Island

Stripe Sequin Dress, £65, Very

Tiered Ruffle Dress, £55, Very

Ruffle Dress, £65, Little Mistress

Sequin Dress, £120, Very

One Shoulder Dress, £69, Miss Selfridge

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Red Hot

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:03 Page 24

Bored of your little black dress? Take inspiration from our round up of RED dresses, the ideal colour for the Festive season.

Beston Bag, £65, Dune

Red Dress, £12.50, George at ASDA Baroque Dress, £72, Little Mistress

Dress, £59, TopShop

Lace Dress, £22, George at ASDA

Lace Dress, £65, Little Mistress

Velvet Dress, £75, Little Mistress

Red Floral Necklace, £25, Sequin Dress, £46, Very Ruffle Dress, £40, Very Boots, £125, M&S

Strappy Heels, £29.99, TK Maxx

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Ready to Party

Christmas party season is upon us, which means it’s time to add a dose of festive sparkle to our feet and dance the night away.

Steve Madden Multi Strap Sandals, £85, John Lewis

Carvela Kurt-Geiger Kankan Shoes, £89, John Lewis

Glitter Block Heels, £22.99, New Look

Laser Cut Sandal, £40, Very

Glitter Gold Stiletto, £110, Karen Millen

Debut Heels, £39, Debenhams

Glitter Court, £35, Marks & Spencer

Silver Block Heel, £45, Marks & Spencer

Diamante Heels, £22.99, New Look

Jenny Packham Shoes, £82, Debenhams

Slingback Kitten Heel, £35, Very

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:03 Page 26

Time to Sparkle Don’t forget to add some sparkle to your outfit with one of these glitzy, shimmering bags.

Black Sequin Bag, £22, Miss Selfridge

Box Clutch, £35, Faith

Embelished Glitter Bag, £28, Very

Savannah Miller Clutch, £35, Debenhams

Gold Shoulder Bag, £28, Very

J by Jasper Bag, £39, Debenhams

Therapy London, £20, House of Fraser

Glitter Bag, £18, Miss Selfridge

Lola Glitter Bag, £20, Accessorize

Feather Jewel Clutch, £28, Very

Sparkle Bag, £11.99, New Look Kimbug Purse, £20, Dune London Sparkle Bag, £25, Debenhams

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dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:03 Page 28

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:03 Page 29

Christmas Gift Guide

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 20:18 Page 30


Beauty Lover This Christmas give the gift of Beauty, whether it’s a stocking filler or main gift, you can’t go wrong with one or two of our favourites






6 8

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 20:17 Page 31



10 12


13 14 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

GHOST Whitelight Star Set, £40, The Perfume Shop Being by Sanctuary Suck it Up Gift Set, £14, Boots Baylis & Harding Beauticology Carnival Carousel Tin, £18, Debenhams Sanctuary Ultimate Indulgence Set, £25, Boots Decléor Nourishing Lip Balm, £12, www, Mugler Angel Etoile Des Reves Eau De Parfum, £110, John Lewis centremk Hair Heroes Star Box, £15, Crabtree & Evelyn Christmas Bauble Trilogy. £32, Ted Baker Trio Mini Bow Gift Sets, £26, Being By Sanctuary Honey, I'm Sweet, £18, Boots Murad Ultimate Skin Perfectors, £65, John Lewis Charottle Tilbury Gift of Goddess Skin, £39, John Lewis, centremk Decleor Hydrating Gift Set, £41, Clinique The Chubettes, £75, Selfridges Caudalie Divine Body Collection, £29,

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:06 Page 32


Drink Connoisseur Say Cheers to Christmas, with these alcoholic gifts to suit all tastes







dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:06 Page 33


7 8


12 13


14 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Zing Vodka Red Velvet, £28.99, Woodford Reserve Classic-Bourbon, £31, Waitrose The Bubble Smallest Bottle of Sparkling Wine, £12.99, Selfridges Half Hitch Gin, £40, John Lewis Disaronno Trio of Miniatures, £5, Appleton Estate Rare Blend Aged 12 Years Rum, £38, Waitrose Chase Brand Book Trio, £18, John Lewis Pink Glitter Hip Flask & Vodka Set, £10, Debenhams Ros Booze Decanter, £35, John Lewis Winter Palace Edinburgh Gin and Prosecco Set, £35, John Lewis Pickering's Navy Strength Gin, £42.95, John Lewis Spirit Baubles-Miniature Collection, £18.50, Royal Salute 30 Year Old Flask Edition, £600, Harrods Gin Baubles (set of 6), £30,

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Stocking Fillers Under ÂŁ10 3 Those stockings will be bulging, when you stuff them with these great little extras



2 1 6


dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:06 Page 35


7 9


12 14

11 13

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Leighton Denny Two of a Kind, £10, www; Ted Baker Stocking Filler, £6, GHOST The Fragrance Mini, £8, Boots Jumper, £7, Primark Prosecco Gummies, £6.50, Debenhams Bucks Fizz Marmalade, £4.99, Cats Protection Crown Trinket Dish, £10, Debenhams Dashund Socks, £2.50, Dorothy Perkins Star Shaped Shortbread Biscuits, £10, Crabtree & Evelyn Hugo Boss The Scent Bauble, £5, Personalised Nutella, £5, Debenhams Petit Desserts Collection £6, Tesco Earrings, £10, Debenhams Winter Glow Candle, £7.99, New Look

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dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:06 Page 38

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A Very Pommery Christmas

This Christmas (but not just for Christmas!), Champagne Pommery is delighted to be featured in The Wolseley’s new hamper collection – the perfect gifts for the festive season. These two iconic luxury brands come together in hampers which are suitable for all tastes, including chocolate truffles, wine, champagne and Christmas pudding. Starting from £72 - £350 and available from

House of Newby Opens it’s Doors

Luxury tea company Newby Teas of London have released their House of Newby advent calendar, a comforting and sumptuous twenty-four-day journey through Newby’s luxurious Classic Tea Bag Collection. The elegantly illustrated three-dimensional calendar depicts the iconic five-story frontage of the Newby Teas global headquarters, N. Sethia House. Complete with snowflakes cascading across the classic façade and glimpses of Christmas baubles through the building’s snow covered windows, this special piece radiates with the spirit of the winter season. The ground floor offers a peek into the festively decorated Newby Teas boutique. Available online from for the RRP £55, the calendar is the perfect gift to share with friends and family this Christmas.

A LillyPuds Christmas

Light, delicious and packed full of fruit, a tasty LillyPuds Christmas pudding is the perfect way to end the most important meal of the year. Just like you'd make at home, LillyPuds are lovingly-created using carefully selected ingredients that are mixed in small batches and traditionally steamed to produce a delicious dessert to complement any Christmas meal. Also suitable for vegetarians and are available in 2 x 120g (£7.75) 454g (£10.95) and 908g (£17.50). Available from from


Go for Gold this Festive season with the glamorous Bottega Gold, available in magnum (£43.99), Regular (£19.99), and a stocking filler size (£5.99) and available from Wine Rack. With its fresh and crisp taste, you’re guaranteed to have a very MERRY Christmas

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THE FORDHAM ARMS “Tripadvisor you were right....”


he Fordham arms is situated in the picturesque North Bedfordshire village Sharnbrook – off the A6.

The bar with its modern décor, cosy fireplaces and cheerful staff, provides a friendly warm welcoming atmosphere. With executive head chef’s Daniel Nedelea and Jonathan Goodwin at the helm who have worked at top restaurants in London, guests can look forward to a similar standard of

excellent food. Both chefs have worked at the very highest level and honed their cooking skills under the likes of Michel Roux Jnr at Le Gavroche in Mayfair. You can expect a unique dining experience that engages your senses in a new way accompanied by a warm and hospitable service. Please view the recipe below written by the Chef’s at The Fordham Arms.

The Fordham Arms Spiced Apple Berry Crumble Ingredients


For the apple and berry mix: 1kg bramley apples (peeled, cored and chopped into thick slices) 200g of mixed berries (can use frozen) 100g butter 1 cinnamon stick 3 star anise ½ tsp ground ginger 1 vanilla Pod or 2 tsp of vanilla extract ½ tsp of ground cinnamon 150g caster sugar 50g of brown sugar Crumble: 500g flour 250g unsalted butter (room temperature) 250g caster sugar

1. Preheat your oven Gas Mark 4 Fan assisted oven 180c 2. Melt the butter in a pan, add the apples and all the spices for the apple and berry mix including the caster and brown sugar. Leave to cook on a low heat until the apples have softened and they have gained a nice brown caramel like colour. 3. Place the apples in to an oven proof dish which allows room to accommodate the apples. 4. In a separate pan place the mixed berries with some sugar and cook down before placing on top of the softened apples. 5. Now make the crumble mixture by sieving the flour into a bowl adding the sugar and softened butter. 6. Place the crumble mixture on a flat oven tray and in to the oven, cook until you notice the crumble becoming slightly golden-brown colour. Check every 7 minutes and keep turning the crumble mix until all the crumble mix takes on a golden colour. 7. Once done remove the crumble and place on top of the apple and berry mixture and then return the whole crumble to the oven and cook for a further 6 to 7 minutes. Serve with a good quality vanilla custard or ice cream and enjoy!

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Squash and Spinach Pie This spinach and squash pie makes a perfect alternative for a vegeterian dish this Christmas.

Ingredients 3 tbsp olive oil 1 butternut squash (about 770g), peeled and cut into small wedges 2 tsp chilli flakes 400g frozen spinach, defrosted and squeezed dry 200g Greek-style salad cheese, chopped 150ml Greek-style yogurt 50g butter, melted 4 large sheets of filo pastry

Method Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan180°C/gas 6. Heat the oil in a large frying pan, then fry the squash over a medium-high heat for 10 minutes until tender, adding the chilli flakes towards the end of cooking. Transfer to a bowl to cool a little, then mix in the spinach, cheese and yogurt. Season well, then set aside. Butter a sheet of filo pastry and use to line a roughly 26cm x 16cm shallow tin so the ends overhang. Repeat with 2 more sheets, laying them in alternate directions, so you get a good amount of pastry overhang on all sides of the tin. Spoon the squash and spinach filling evenly into the prepared tin in an even layer. Cut the remaining sheet of filo in half, butter both pieces and lay over the top of the filling. Fold the overhanging pastry into the centre to encase the filling. Brush the top of the pie with a little more melted butter, then bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until golden and piping hot. Turn out or slice in the tin into portions.

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Turkey, stuffing and cranberry Chelsea buns This sweet and savoury bun combines classic Christmas flavours in a soft white dough.


500g/1lb 2oz strong white flour, plus extra for dusting 50g/2oz caster sugar 10g/¼oz salt 40g/1½oz unsalted butter cut into small pieces, plus extra for greasing the tin 2 free-range eggs 2 x 7g sachets fast-acting dried yeast 150ml/5fl oz lukewarm milk 90ml/6 tbsp lukewarm water 280g/10oz cranberry sauce 300g/10½oz leftover turkey, shredded 200g/7oz leftover sage and onion stuffing


Place the flour, caster sugar and salt into a large mixing bowl and stir to combine. Add the butter, eggs, yeast, milk and warm water. Mix the ingredients with your hands until a rough dough is formed. Tip the dough onto a well-floured surface and knead well for ten minutes, or until the dough is smooth and elastic. Place the dough into a clean, oiled bowl , cover with a damp tea towel and leave to rise for one hour. Tip the dough out onto a very lightly floured surface. Roll out the dough into a rectangle about 50x28cm/20x11in. Turn the dough so that the longer edge is closest to you and “tack” the dough to the work surface by pressing it down firmly with your finger. Spread cranberry sauce onto the surface of the dough with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle the shredded turkey and stuffing on top. Roll the long side of the dough towards you quite tightly, forming a spiral inside. When rolled up, release the tacked edge and place it onto a floured part of the surface. With a sharp knife cut the sausage shape into 5cm/2in rounds. Place all spiral rounds, swirly side up, into a large, deep roasting tin or baking tray greased thoroughly with butter, leaving a 1cm/½in space between each one. You want them to be close enough so that they will bake with their sides touching. Cover with a damp tea towel and set aside in a warm place to rise for an hour. They should have expanded and be touching each other. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6. When the buns are ready, put them in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes. After removing the buns from the oven, let them cool slightly before removing them from the tin and placing on a cooling rack. When ready to eat, pull the buns apart to reveal the soft edges.

Christmas Pudding Scones

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“Use up the remnants of your Christmas cake and pudding – these rich, fruity scones are divine with a dollop of crème fraîche” Ingredients 80 g unsalted butter , (cold) 20 g dried cranberries 1 orange 250 g self-raising flour , plus extra for dusting 30 g golden caster sugar 70 g leftover christmas pudding or cake (any icing or marzipan removed) 1/2 tsp mixed spice 1 large free-range egg 4 tbsp semi-skimmed milk , plus extra for glazing 1 tbsp treacle

Method Preheat the oven to 200ºC/gas 6. Line a baking sheet with baking paper. Chop the butter into small cubes, roughly chop the cranberries and zest the orange. Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl and stir in the sugar. Add the cubed butter and rub into the flour and sugar until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Crumble in the leftover pudding or cake, then tip in the cranberries, orange zest and mixed spice, then gently stir to combine. Beat the egg with the milk, add to the dry mix and use an eating knife to bring it all together to form a soft, slightly sticky dough. Fold in the treacle right at the end. Tip out onto a clean, lightly floured work surface. Using a rolling pin, roll to about 2.5cm thick and use a 5cm cutter to press out 8 rounds. Place on the baking sheet, brush with a little milk and bake in the oven for 12 minutes or until risen and golden. Serve warm or cold with a dollop of crème fraîche, and some cranberry sauce or stewed fruit, if you like.

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Christmas Party Nights

Available any time from the 1st-23rd December, and food is £27.95 per person for3 courses and £21.95 per person for 2 courses. Every Friday and Saturday or parties over 50 includes a DJ free of charge

Lunchtime Special

2 Courses - £9.95 3 Courses - £12.95 Available 12-3, Monday - Saturday


Tis the Season to Sparkle

Everyone loves a glass or two of fizz – and you always feel more upmarket with a glass of the pink stuff. Here’s our favourites….

Mirabeau La Folie Rosé Ballet-pink in appearance with a nose of delicately-scented strawberry and raspberry aromas. Hints of gooseberry and blackcurrant follow. The mousse is mouth-filling and elegant with flavours of red berry, grapefruit and a tiny hint of spice for a lovely long finish. The perfect accompaniment to your festive celebrations. £12.99, Waitrose

Christmas Day

4 Course Meal & Tea, Coffee and Chocolates only £75 per person, £35 for children

New Years Eve

Option 1 - Sit Down Meal This includes, a sumptuous 4 course meal, including a free arrival drink and entrance to marquee to see in the New Year. Sit down 8.30 pm. Only £35 Per person

Option 2 -The Party The Marquee which is fully heated and has its own private bar, with free arrival drink and a designated DJ playing until 1 am with snacks available from the bar

01234 781678 millhouse_hotel Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1NP

Taittinger Brut Prestige Rosé NV A vibrant rosé with a vivid aroma of red summer fruit, enticing wild strawberry and raspberry dominate the stylish and elegant palate. £48.25, Waitrose

Freixenet Ice Rose With a hint of sweetness, it’s designed to be served over ice, as the name suggests, and it makes a lovely summer apéritif when garnished with fresh raspberries, sliced strawberries and a sprig of mint. £11.99, Waitrose

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Deck the Halls


Festive Wreaths

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Give your guests the perfect festive welcome with one of these fabulous wreaths



4 5 6



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10 11




1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

Berry Wreath, £12.99. TK Maxx Citrus & Spice Wreath, £85, Berry & Herb Door Wreath, £70, Pre Lit Wreath, £19.99 , Homebase Rattan Pre Lit Wreath, £17.99, Homebase Silver Pinecone Wreath, £110, Amara Silver Bauble Wreath, £79, Berries & Baubles Berries & Heart Wreath, £7.99, Laura Ashley Gold Fern Wreath, £45, Liberty London Frosty Wreath, £12.99, TK Maxx White Pine Wreath, £60, Amara Peacock Wreath, £12.99, HomeSense Gold Leaf Wreath, £19.99, Very Pinecone Lit Wreath, £19.99, Very

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You’re Crackers!


No Christmas dining table would be complete without a few crackers to pull, we bring you a round up of some of our favourites.



4 5


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8 9 11


13 12


1. Flamingo Crackers, £24, (set of 8) Selfridges 2. Stag Crackers, £25 (Set of 6), Homebase 3. 12 Days of Christmas Crackers, £10, (set of 6), Sainsbury's 4. Sparkly Silver Crackers, £25 (set 6), Debenhams 5. Marble Crackers, £22 (set of 6), House of Fraser 6. Traditional Crackers, £39.95, Liberty of London 7. Pastel Metalic Crackers, £24 (Set of 6), Debenhams 8. Navy Connoisseur Crackers £30, (set of 6), Marks & Spencer 9. Craft Tree Crackers, £7 (pack of 6), Sainsbury's 10. Sophie Allport Starry Night Crackers, £16, (pack of 6), 11. 12 Days of Christmas Crackers £20 (Pack of 12), John Lewis 12. Personalised Individual Crackers, £10, Selfridges 13. Woodland Crackers, £12, (set of 6), John Lewis 14. Peacock Crackers, £39.95, Liberty of London

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Hang it up Don’t forget to spruce up your fireplace with one of these Christmas stockings, and hope that Santa leaves you more than just a Satsuma.





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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Knitted Stocking, £12.99, Very Stocking, £15, House of Fraser Nordic Festive Stocking, £28, Snowflake Stoicking, £20, Debenhams Tapestry Pom Pom Stocking, £20, John Lewis Check Stocking, £19.95, White Stuff Personalised Stocking, £ , Matalan Blue & Gunmetal Stocking, £35, Deluxe Stocking, £12, John Lewis Jan Constantine Sleigh Stocking, £48, Amara Faux Fur Stocking, £22, Debenhams Fur Stocking, £25, White Stuff

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Fry’s Footie Corner

Twenty years ago, I employed Dan Ashworth as Academy manager and under 18s manager of Peterborough United and I am very proud of what he has achieved in the game since that moment. He was a huge success at West Bromwich Albion with Roy Hodgson as Director of Football and it was no surprise to me when the Football Association headhunted him and appointed him in the Technical Director role.

I am sure that both Gareth Southgate and Dan will be looking at the success of the younger groups and hoping that it bodes well for the senior side. We have already seen in the recent friendly games that Rueben Loftus-Cheek has starred against two of the top sides in the world and I personally think it is wonderful to see him making that step up look so comfortable.

As part of that role, he has been in charge of all of the England teams through the age groups and recently he has two World Cup’s on his CV after success with the under 17s and under 20s. This is a miraculous achievement as England have failed over the years in these departments.

Our youth department has flourished over the times that I have been connected with the football club with top players like Simon Davies, Adam Drury, Matthew Etherington, Luke Steele and Leo Da Silva Lopes just a small selection of those to come through the Academy system.

Also in the England set-up is Aidy Boothroyd, who was not only a player under my leadership at Peterborough, but when he was forced to retire due to injury, we put him in charge of the under 18’s and he went on to manage a number of clubs including Watford with great success. He is now in charge of the England under 21s.

We are all working hard to ensure that our Academy continues to thrive and importantly, continues to develop these young players and prepare them for a career in the game. The youth system is vitally important to clubs like ours, we will structure the programme to ensure it continues to be a success for us.

We have also had Mark Robson at this football club as part of our coaching staff and he is an integral part of the success that the under 20s have enjoyed, both in the World Cup but also in the Toulon Tournament, which England won. This is a new era for England with Russia next year and I think it is fantastic to see so many young players getting their opportunity.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your football over the Festive Season.

Barry Fry

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10 of the Best! Prepare yourself, it’s nearly time for the obligatory Christmas jumper to make an appearance – Fancy a new one? Take a look at our round up.

Jack & Jones Christmas Jumper, £25, House of Fraser

Dog Jumper, £28, River Island

Dinosaur Christmas Jumper, £28, River Island

Gingerbread Jumper, £30, Topman

House of Fraser

Red Herring Jumper, £30, Debenhams

Snowman Jumper, £30, Debenhams

Fairisle Jumper, £28, Burton Menswear

Penguin Jumper, £28, M&Co

Joules Oh Deer Jumper, £69.95, John Lewis

Sleigh my Name Jumper, £30, Topman

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Fit for aat King

at Tewkesbury Park Hotel L

ong country walks, quaint English tea rooms, antique shops and an Abbey with nearly 900 years of fascinating history makes a visit to the historic village of Tewkesbury worthy on it’s own, but add to that a stay at the recently refurbished luxurious Tewkesbury Park Hotel and you’re in for a real treat. As you drive through the gates, up the winding road past the sprawling golf course, you can’t fail to notice the spectacular views of endless countryside that’s laid out before you, and you can already start to feel the hustle and bustle of your everyday life slowly fading away as you enter your very own country house retreat. Stepping though the doors into a vast open plan lobby area, you are greeted with a mixture of modern and traditional decor split over two levels. To the right is a large lounge area with it’s own piano and plenty of seating (there’s even a couple of dog beds for those that travel with their pets), directly in front up a couple of steps is a large fireplace flanked with two regal looking armchairs, just perfect for sitting in whilst reading the papers and enjoying a hot toddy from the nearby bar. Walls here are dominated in a deep air force denim blue with splashes of royal blue, checks, and greys creating the perfect space to relax in. The hotel has 85 rooms and 9 suites in total, and we were thoroughly spoilt with our very own King Edward IV suite. Fit for Royalty it certainly was, our own little sanctuary (actually little is the wrong noun to describe this suite), bigger than my best friend’s

apartment, it would be so easy to live here. Its floor to ceiling sash windows gave us the most spectacular breathtaking views over the golf course, surrounding Cotswolds countryside and even the Malvern Hills. It wasn’t just the views that made this suite special it was the little touches, such as a hot water bottle for cold winter evenings (not that we needed it, the room was lovely and cosy), the Nespresso coffee machine and our own little dog (not a real one, a doorstop that you put outside your door if you don’t want to be disturbed). A huge bed with a soft grey headboard against a deeper shade of grey wall offered the most amazing nights sleep. A salmon pink sofa and two deeper pink checked chairs dominated the lounge area, with dark wood furniture dotted around bringing the whole look together, again fusing modern with traditional. A little corridor to the bathroom housed a small dressing area, with built in cupboards and plenty of mirrors, exactly what us ladies need. And then the bathroom – The large free standing bath was beckoning for me to fill it up and indulge in a lovely long soak, which of course I did, and it was made even more indulgent when hubbie brought me a cool glass of champagne to enjoy whilst I pampered myself with the heavenly Bramley toiletries that were provided. After much nagging from hubbie, I finally managed to drag myself away from one soak straight to another. This time at the Health Club, that houses a pool with steam room, sauna and outside hot tub, so

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 19:12 Page 63

I’ll let you guess where I headed! A little tip, if you visit the health club late afternoon or evening (this will have to be in autumn or winter, when the days get dark earlier) you can luxuriate in the hot tub, and stare at the stars above, a real tranquil experience that you won’t want to end, well at least not until you’re starting to feel a little peckish. We had dinner in the orangery an airy space, bathed in natural light from the surrounding windows and glass roof, with colourful hues of gold’s, creams, blues and yellows, a large painted shelving unit houses numerous bottles of Chase vodkas, greenery and fruit – it looks really effective and adds a laid back ambience to the whole area. Could the food be as good as everything else at this fabulous country house hotel? Of course it could, in fact it was a foodies dream. We whetted our appetites with fresh bread and olives whilst waiting for our starters of roasted curried aubergine served with tandoori spice ratatouille, topped with a potato crisp and a gazpacho puree and roast wood pigeon breast with duck leg rissole served on a bed of sweetcorn and red pepper, both dishes excelled in taste, texture and presentation. A fresh ……..Market fish of the day* served with new potatoes, stem broccoli and a parsley lemon garlic butter followed, and hubbie’s ……………………………… ………………………… was full of flavour and ……a real example of how executive chef Anuj Thakar creates amazing dishes from some of the best local ingredients. Baked custard with blueberry and caramelised apples, topped with a crumble lid and served with blackcurrant sorbet was the perfect way to end a meal that was full of amazing flavours, perfect presentation and excellent service. I think all the country air, good food and the odd glass of champagne had worn me out and I was ready to head back to our suite and retire for a blissful night’s sleep, and blissful it was, so much so I didn’t want to get up the next morning, but when you’re Lady of the Manor for a few days needs must and after another indulgence of food (this time breakfast) it was time to be whisked away to the spa for a relaxing, recharging massage. The spa is housed within the hotel, not the leisure club, so the therapist meets you in the lounge to walk with you. The spa uses Natural Spa Factory of Bath products that smell absolutely divine and feel amazing on the body. Tewkesbury Park Hotel is the ideal base to explore in and around the Cotswold’s, whether you venture further afield to the Malverns or stay close in the local village you won’t be disappointed, you’ll find yourself planning your next visit before this one even ends – It’s not just the luxury of the hotel, or the stunning views that make it so special it’s also the staff, whose vibrant happy energy rubs off on everyone around them, making Tewksbury Park Hotel the perfect retreat to escape to. BOOK IT

Prices start from £134 for a Touch of Class room, including breakfast. Suites, start from £230 - £350 for an Opulence suite, including breakfast. A round of golf is £38. For information and reservations, please call 01684 295 405, or email,

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The Ultimate Family White Christmas to Lapland with Air Charter Service’s Exclusive Private Jet Package

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Ultra-high net worth travellers can treat their families to the ultimate white Christmas in Santa’s hometown, as Air Charter Service launches a no-expense-spared private jet holiday to Lapland. Taking place from 23rd -27th December and exclusively available to just 10 people staying in a luxury log chalet with private chef, this four-night festive fairy-tale includes a magical reindeer-pulled sleigh ride and visiting Santa on Christmas Day, along with the chance to see the legendary Northern Lights. Guests on this incredible trip are treated to VIP service from start to finish. Avoiding the usual hustle and bustle of Christmas travel, they’ll be whisked direct to Lapland by luxurious private jet before enjoying a chauffeur-driven transfer to the prestigious ski resort of Levi, which is prized for its snow-dusted slopes and worldclass restaurants and bars. Nestled on a snowy hilltop, Villa Laavu is a lavish seven-bedroom log chalet complete with spacious sauna, cosy open fireplaces and private chef. Beautifully decorated to celebrate an authentic Finnish Christmas, guests can settle into their yuletide home-from-home by baking festive biscuits, decorating a real Christmas tree and playing snow games with a visiting elf. Waking up in Lapland on Christmas morning is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Following a reindeer-pulled sleigh ride through their wintry surroundings, the whole family will receive Christmas presents from Santa in a secret forest hut before embarking on a snowshoe safari in search of the Northern Lights. A specially prepared Christmas feast back at the chalet completes the festivities. Guests will uncover long-held local traditions during their stay, meeting native Sami reindeer herders to hear about their fascinating nomadic history and wrapping up in thick blankets for a husky sled ride before learning

about the life of a sled dog while meeting adorable husky puppies. The trip also includes an ice-fishing lesson, using traditional techniques to catch the pike and perch that survive in Lapland’s frozen lakes, following which guests will help their private chef to prepare their catch for lunch. Lapland is one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights, an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that fills the sky with an eerie green-and-pink glow. Guests can look out for this amazing spectacle during a series of thrilling adventures, from zipping past arctic forests on a snowmobile to tobogganing down icy slopes. Additional experiences include a guided tour of an ice gallery’s frozen artwork in a spellbinding snow castle, and whizzing around exhilarating ice circuits behind the wheel of a custom-fitted BMW or Porsche rally car. The Lapland Christmas package is priced from £111,150 for 10 people, traveling on board a Legacy 600 private jet and includes: • Return private jet flights from Farnborough to Kittila including transfers and private driver-guides • Four nights at the seven-bedroom Laavu log chalet over Christmas, full-board with a private chef • Christmas activities including festive baking, decorating, snow games and a visit to Santa • Reindeer-pulled sleigh ride on Christmas morning • Snowmobiling to the Northern Lights • Ice-fishing and preparing your catch with the chef • Husky sled ride and visit to husky puppies at their kennel • Tour of an ice gallery and tobogganing adventure • Ice-driving experience in a Porsche or BMW rally car For more information or to book, clients should call the Travel & Concierge team on +44(0)20 8339 8588.

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Relax, Rejuvenate and Recharge at

The Waterfront Hotel and Y Spa

Sipping hot chocolate half naked, outside on a crisp autumn day doesn’t sound much fun does it? In fact it makes you question whether I am slightly mad – It was and I’m not! – We were in fact having a day of relaxation and pampering at Y Spa in Wyboston, and were wrapped in our fluffy robes, snuggled under big blankets on squishy outdoor sofas enjoying our hot chocolate, complete with cream and marshmallows and feeling completely spoilt. The Y Spa in Bedfordshire (mid way between Cambridge and Milton Keynes), is the perfect place to get some ME time back, whether it’s for half a day, a whole day or even overnight, you’re guaranteed to come away feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world and anything it throws at you. With it’s Hydrotherapy Pool, hot and medium heat saunas, steam rooms, experience showers, ice wall and relaxation rooms, you’ll find yourself doing absolutely nothing and the only decision you’ll have to make is “where to next?” For me nothing beats sitting in the bubbling hydrotherapy pool, feeling the cold air on my face as the hot water wraps me in its current and the bubbles gently massage away my aches and pains – add a glass of a different type of bubbles (the hot chocolate was just a starter) and you are in pure girlie heaven.

Hubbie also likes it hot, but not in the water, his choice is the “Some like it Hot” Sauna, housed in a wooden cabin, made with one hundred year old logs overlooking the hydrotherapy pool (great for all you men wanting to keep an eye on your lady and how many glasses of champagne she indulges in) and heated to 85 degrees or above, it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. Before we knew it, it was time for lunch (a two course buffet lunch is included in a full day package), a real foodie treat with an array of hot and cold dishes that included cold meats and seafood, salads, vegetable curry, roast pork, stir fry noodles and the most delicious chicken, chorizo and sea food paella, you really are spoilt for choice, and let’s not forget dessert, strawberry cheesecake, Eton Mess, chocolate fudge cake and even cheese and biscuits. All this R&R was exhausting, so we made our way to the relaxation room, for a little snooze on the water beds, before heading upstairs for our treatments - I was literally buzzing for my treatment a Bee Good Necta Perfect Facial, a dreamy facial, using products infused with real honey that helps to restore youth and vitality to tiered ageing skin. Not only was this facial luxurious and serene it also smelt delicious and good enough to eat. Normally after a day of being so lovingly pampered it would be time to hop in the car and drive back to reality, but not this

dec2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 03/12/2017 21:36 Page 67

time, we’d decided to combine it with an overnight stay in one of the Waterfront’s recently refurbished Deluxe Double Rooms, that include espresso coffee machines, complimentary mini bar (only included in Deluxe rooms), super king beds and 48” flat screen TV’s. Toiletries in the bathroom are Molton Brown and if you do only one thing when you stay over it’s take a shower –It’s a rainfall shower that has lights that change colour built in, all you need is some loud music and you can pretend you’re out at a nightclub dancing the night away – Not that I usually go out and dance naked! Chucking out time at the rainfall nightclub, meant it was time for dinner – so we headed down to the Waterfront bar and restaurant, a swish space with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the lake, comfy seating and atmospheric lighting all come together to create a relaxing space to enjoy dinner. We began with warm artisan bread and butters, followed by asparagus spears, wild mushrooms and quails eggs and flamed mackerel with wasabi aioli, marinated mooli and compressed apple, both of which were fresh and flavorsome. A delicious steak was next and dessert was a traditional sticky toffee pudding for hubbie and a small plate of chocolate and meringue treats for me – I did say I was too full for dessert but our lovely waiter took pity on me and decided I couldn’t sit there with nothing, so he had the chef make little treats for me – How did he know meringue was my favourite? Dinner finished, it was time to retire to our room for a peaceful nights sleep before dragging ourselves away from this serene location and heading back to reality and the manicness that goes with everyday life. BOOK IT

Prices start from £39 per person for a half-day spa package, which includes breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. Prices start from £109 per person for a Hideaway Spa package that includes one night Dinner, bed and breakfast and spa use including a two course buffet lunch A 50 minute Bee Good Necta Perfect Facial is priced at £60. For more details on other packages and special offers please visit;

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‘Working their way Back to You’


he internationally acclaimed stage sensation, Jersey Boys is working its way back to Milton Keynes Theatre in January 2018.

Helpmann Awards for Best New Musical, JERSEY BOYS is the winner of 57 major awards worldwide and has been seen by over 25 million people worldwide.

This smash hit musical has won 57 major awards worldwide, including the Olivier Award for Best New Musical.

Written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, with music by Bob Gaudio and lyrics by Bob Crewe. The UK & Ireland Tour production is staged by the entire original Broadway creative team, led by director Des McAnuff and choreographer Sergio Trujillo, with scenic design by Klara Zieglerova, costume design by Jess Goldstein, lighting by Howell Binkley, sound by Steve Canyon Kennedy and projection design by Michael Clark. The orchestrations are by Steve Orich and the music supervision and vocal arrangements by Ron Melrose.

JERSEY BOYS is the remarkable true story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and their rise to stardom from the wrong side of the tracks. These four boys from New Jersey became one of the most successful bands in pop history, were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and sold 175 million records worldwide, all before they turned 30. The show is packed with their hits, including Beggin’, Sherry, Walk Like A Man, December, 1963 (Oh What a Night), Big Girls Don’t Cry, My Eyes Adored You, Let’s Hang On (To What We’ve Got), Bye Bye Baby, Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Working My Way Back to You, Fallen Angel, Rag Doll and Who Loves You. Winner of Broadway’s Tony, London’s Olivier and Australia’s

Jersey Boys is a story full of heart, humour and ‘sheer musical razzmatazz’ (The Sunday Express) you simply will never forget. Tues 23rd January - Sat 3rd February Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 8717652

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STARS Manish Kumar Arora (K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant) reveals what’s in store for you this month

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) This is an expansive phase where you can gain greatly through being out there, keeping a clear and positive attitude and being ready to take the chances that come. New ideas, new working associations and new social directions are keys to the future. Opportunity comes through those you meet and you may expand your activities into new areas through such influence. You will have luck yourself so make the most of it and strike while the iron is hot. Favourable Dates: December 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Green

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Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) This month is all about finding a balance that suits you. A busy, social time whirls around you, but you know you need private time to develop all your scintillating ideas and plans and your dreams and goals morph into something fresh and challenging. You should keep an eye on your pocket book though, because expenses at home may be more than you expect. A loan or help from an outside source is a possibility. Favourable Dates: December 3, 8, 12, 17, 26, 30 Favourable Colours: White & Grey

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) You can make a new beginning, leaving old patterns behind. There may be a powerful or dramatic process of adjustment needed but the Heavens will support the act of making it. Work should be very fulfilling though, and this is a good time to get some recognition there. Love and relationships are strong this month. A partner or love interest may take special notice again, and singles could meet someone new. Favourable Dates: December 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favourable Colours: White & Purple Pisces (19 February – 20 March) You will find this to be an action packed month and there will be celebrations and other adventures on your personal agenda during this fantastic month for sex and love. Later you will find yourself faced with lots of work and with family responsibilities as well. However, work matters would be moving forward in pleasing ways, and you will have the chance to showcase just how creative you can be. Favourable Dates: December 3, 9, 12, 18, 21, 27 Favourable Colours: Green & Yellow

Aries (21 March – 19 April) You have very focused interests and you naturally and willingly work hard on something you believe in. Midmonth is when your instincts are most likely to be spot on, as you’re able to ignore the chaos around you and steer a steady course. This is a revealing time when communications and understanding with others will advance. You will be able to talk things through with partners or close associates and see them in a different light. Favourable Dates: December 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favourable Colours: Green & Blue

Taurus (20 April – 20 May) You may be restless or frustrated with who you are or where you're going. If you sit down and conduct an inner review, you will discover the hidden thoughts or feelings at the bottom of all this. Standing up for your own ideals and dreams would be important, and strengthens your selfesteem. If you’ve been silent, or hesitated to rock the boat, you might be amazed by how good you feel when you speak up. Favourable Dates: December 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favourable Colours: Red & Yellow Gemini (21 May – 20 June) This is a good time for lots of travel and also for putting time into either working at home or home projects. You crave financial security, but would love to revel in edgy philosophies and experimental projects. You would enjoy a secure relationship, but often tend to devote more energy to friendships. Friends and partners see you in a rosy glow

and if you’re single you might even enjoy rekindling an old flame. Favourable Dates: December 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 28 Favourable Colours: White & Yellow

Cancer (21 June – 22 July) You are on top of your game this month and positive connections with others can be made fairly easily. This is a period where both singles and those with partners can advance at speed or change with dramatic intensity. Money and relationships figure strongly. There may be beneficial news, important opportunity and romantic meetings all coming at you. Events cause you to focus more attention on your mate, or on looking for one. Favourable Dates: December 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 30 Favourable Colours: White & Red Leo (23 July – 22 August) This period signals a sea change in your world that will take time to register in your consciousness. The chameleon of karma will indeed come and go in your life as you begin to see the immutable laws of cause and effect working out. Familiar routines could be disrupted or subverted, but this should be a good thing since it opens up new vistas, interests, and courses of action. Favourable Dates: December 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 27 Favourable Colours: Red & Blue

Virgo (23 August – 22 September) You’re thinking about your values and polishing up your philosophy of life. Your charisma is boosted around the 10th and 15th, bringing flirtatious possibilities or a shedload of compliments. Friends and colleagues are in a supportive mood this month, and team efforts or shared projects can boost your creative energies. Just avoid secret deals, they’re likely to unravel and undermine your progress. Favourable Dates: December 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27 Favourable Colours: White & Blue Libra (23 September – 22 October) You are due to gain recognition in your professional life, and sexual and romantic satisfaction will follow close behind. Your public image and professional affairs will demand extra time and responsibilities but the rewards that follow will be worth it. You're getting along well with your partner/mate, and in fact, they are a big help in the moment. Your psychic or spiritual perceptiveness will be an important part of your life during the last week. Favourable Dates: December 6, 8, 17, 18, 24, 26 Favourable Colours: Red & Brown Scorpio (23 October – 21 November) This is a wonderful time for your creativity, and you find yourself doing a lot of behind the scenes work. Money tends to fluctuate, so follow a budget. Overall though, the financial tendency should be towards increase. For those married or in a partnership, opportunity may add something to your lives or change the way you're headed. New goals and new interests can emerge through contact with new friends and interesting people. Favourable Dates: December 1, 7, 10, 16, 19, 25 Favourable Colours: Yellow & White manishastroconsultant

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A quiet night in... Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan Welcome back to Mount Polbearne! The new book from Top Ten bestseller Jenny Colgan is full of festive joy, warmth and the best hot chocolate you can imagine...It's Christmas in the Cornish coastal village of Mount Polbearne - a time for family, friends and feasting. Polly Waterford loves running the Little Beach Street Bakery. She's at her happiest when she's creating delicious treats and the festive season always inspires her to bake and knead something extra special for the village residents. In fact, the only thing she loves more than her bakery is curling up with her gorgeous boyfriend, Huckle. She's determined that this Christmas is going to be their best one yet, but life doesn't always work out as planned...When Polly's best friend Kerensa turns up with a secret that threatens the life Polly and Huckle have built together, the future begins to look uncertain. And then a face from Polly's past reappears and things become even more complicated. Polly can usually find solace in baking but she has a feeling that's not going to be enough this time. Can she get things back on track so that everyone has a merry Christmas?

Daddy’s Home 2 In the sequel to the 2015 global smash, father and stepfather, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell), have joined forces to provide their kids with the perfect Christmas. Their newfound partnership is put to the test when Dusty's oldschool, macho Dad (Mel Gibson) and Brad's ultraaffectionate and emotional Dad (John Lithgow) arrive just in time to throw the holiday into complete chaos. Release Date: 24th November

Office Christmas Party When the CEO (Jennifer Aniston) tries to close her hard-partying brother's branch, he (T.J. Miller) and his Chief Technical Officer (Jason Bateman) must rally their co-workers and host an epic office Christmas party in an effort to impress a potential client and close a sale that will save their jobs. Release Date: 13th November

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December 2017

Festive Glamour LBD, Sparkles and Red Hot outfits to WOW this party season

A Scottish Retreat WIN! A getaway for two


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Working their way back to you The Jersey Boys A Relaxing Escape to Y Spa

Affinity Luxury Lifestyle Magazine December 2017  

Affinity is a premium quality luxury lifestyle monthly magazine. Targeting men and women who aspire to a luxury way of life.

Affinity Luxury Lifestyle Magazine December 2017  

Affinity is a premium quality luxury lifestyle monthly magazine. Targeting men and women who aspire to a luxury way of life.