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August 2012


Jewellers of Distinction Another exciting new range now in store

2 Church Arcade Bedford TEL 01234 354026





Summer Fun Inside - your one stop school holiday guide


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Certificated D Colour Diamonds

A Friendly Welcome Awaits The Victoria Arms is under new management and has been refurbished

Home cooked food is served daily with a variety of specials on offer Monthly Curry Night 2nd Thursday of every month Only £6.95

A wonderful variety of cask ales, lagers and wines Why not just pop in for tea or coffee Sunday lunch is between Noon and 6pm at only £8.95 (adults) and £4.50 (children)

“Relaxed Dining at it’s Best”

The Victoria Arms, High Street, Wilden 01234 772437

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Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm Sunday 10am - 4pm


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OR ON THE MARKET AND NOT SOLD? We can help you! Join in our selling success today.

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS THINK OF US Before putting my house on the market, I shortlisted several estate agents including both local agents and large national chains. Advancing Property’s to-the-point, no-nonsense approach was a clear winner from the start. And indeed, selling my house with Advancing Property has been an excellent and distinct experience. I can highly recommend their professional and positive approach from the initial consultation until the completion date. No time-wasting viewings, useful and timely feedback on viewings we had and, what is most important, they found a buyer within a few weeks. Advancing Property made the process of selling my house as efficient and painless as it can possibly be. It has been a pleasure to work with them. - Mr S We are always kept up to date, the team are very friendly and knowledgeable, they consistently work hard on our behalf, and it is service that goes the extra mile - Would definitely recommend! - Mrs T

Call for a free valuation on 01234 268064 and find out what a difference we can make to your move -"&?6ss!s!(

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s Only Bedfordshire’s Bedfordshire’ Dedicated Cruise Specialist Providing unparalleled customer service is the number one most important thing. Over 150 years of travel experience Cruised with over 25 cruise lines Sailed on over 50 cruise & river ships

Luxury Cruises



eam Team T The Te

Family Cruises


racey Tracey T


Cultural Cruises


Expedition Cruises

a Ship Tall Tall Cruises

Ex UK Cruises

Exotic Cruises

2013 Departures featuring our exclusive free petrol promotion

2012 Departures featuring offffers e Select offers special Cruise Watch atch - Baltic Cities Black W

TCH - Caribbean Rum & Gardens AT WATCH WA BLACK W

12 September 2012, 13 nights From £899

31 March 2013, 26 nights From £2459

Under £70 per person per night! Boudicca - Mediterranean

oyage Voyage BRAEMAR - Cultural Italian V

12 October 2012, 23 nights From £1599

6 May 2013, 18 nights From £1879

Under £70 per person per night! erde Islands Verde est Africa & The Cape V West Braemar - W

TCH - Lapland & St. Petersburg AT WATCH W BLACK WA

20 October 2012, 21 nights From £1559

29 May 2013, 17 nights From £1879

ransport Transport £200 Onboard Spend Or T

£100 Onboard Spend on outside cabins & above

BOUDICCA - Canary Islands Christmas 20 December 2012, 16 nights From £1699 Transport ransport £160 Onboard Spend Plus T

For total peace of mind

owns of Norway Towns BALMORAL - Fjords & T 10 June 2013, 8 nights From £939

Prices/cabins are subject to availability and can be withdrawn at anytime. Fares stated are per person based on two adults condi-anchor.. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines terms and condi sharing a twin cabin, unless stated otherwise. Some ports may be at anchor orldwide 2012/13 second edition brochure for Worldwide apply.. For 2012 departures please refer to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines W tions apply orldwide 2013/14 brochure. Onboard spend Worldwide full details. For 2013/14 departures please refer to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines W Transport is free parking or National Express. ^Free tank of petrol promotion is applicable on 2013 cruises is per cabin. Transport fffer may be offer £1100 per person, based on Ford Ka 8.5 gallon engine and retail petrol at £1.31 per litre. This of priced over £1100 withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Find us on

(01234) 326758 www 67 Goldington Road Bedford MK40 3NB appointment iisitors welcome by appointm Visitors V s!(

Have a tank of petrol on us! ^

Please scan this code with your smart phone to offers! see our fantastic offers!

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Discover your.......

Sue has over 30 years experience in the psychic field, is an authority on crystals and psychic energy, and is a world renowned Tarot reader and teacher. Each month readers are welcome to send their questions in for Sue to answer at Sue also offers private readings on a one to one basis, workshops, courses and much more, please visit her website: Tel: 01234 327090


Dream interpretation

ost people recognise that dreams are the subconscious, unravelling the trials and tribulations that plague the mind.

Some common dreams and their meanings are quite easy to work out, given a little thought, and personal symbols will sometimes mean that it is easier for you to work out your own dreams than to get someone else to do it for you.

Some common themes and their meanings: Teeth: Your teeth are falling out, they are on the floor around you, or come out in your hands as you try to straighten them, or you look in a mirror and see a dark hole where your teeth used to be. Losing teeth goes back to primeval actions, and means that you feel that you have no way to fight something, literally that you are toothless in front of your enemies. This shows a feeling of hopelessness, with the dream feeling that everything you do has no effect. Nakedness: You are out in the supermarket and discover that you have no clothes on, or at work and all eyes are on you,

suddenly you realise that you are stark naked! You try to hide behind plants or objects, but nothing covers you. This shows fear that people can see through the façade that you are living behind, under all the clothes that we put on and beneath any airs and graces which we may assume. The real us, we feel may not be able to fulfil what we have taken on. The situation that you dream yourself in may be at home, at school, at work , or in a relationship. This will help you narrow down the areas where you feel that things need to addressed. Being chased: Either seen or unseen threats chase you, wherever you turn they are just behind you, or just in front of you, and it seems impossible to escape. Literally a fear that things are catching up with you, whether it be work that you haven’t done, debts that you haven’t managed to escape, this fear is magnified into an enemy, out to get you. This dream makes you think about what you are stressed about, but trying to hide, before it becomes impossible to deal with. Sat 28th July Open Day 11am - 4pm Free drinks and nibbles, £5 Tarot and Palm 6 readings, Reiki, Massage, and more

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Cover Image Accessorize

Welcome... @affinitymagz

Jane Fry Editor 01234 215523 07809 499669

Hi Everyone Firstly I would like to say a big “Well Done!” to all the ladies that took part in last months Race for Life in Bedford, you are an inspiration to us all. Affinity’s photographer Vadisoro captured lots of you on the day so pop over to our Facebook page to check out the photos, and see if he caught you. Cancer touches most people in one way or another, and being famous doesn’t mean you are immune to it as we find out from Bernie Nolan who is now recovering from a two year battle against breast cancer, she has marked her recovery by starring in the stage production of Chicago which comes to Milton Keynes this September. We talk to Bernie and find out how she’s coping with her new role

Julia Crofts Sales Manager 07507 602401 O1234 215523

Vadisoro Design 01234 215523

The sun is shining (well I can but hope), the long school holidays are upon us and we will inevitably hear the words “I’m Bored!!!” well no more. Here at Affinity we have included a section especially to keep your kids amused these holidays, so turn to page 29 to see what’s on offer around the region. All this along with our regular features, so all that’s left for me to say is put your feet up with a cup of coffee or glass of wine, read this issue and have a fantastic summer, see you soon.

Jane x NEXT MONTH Our September issue is a wedding special so get in touch if you wish to advertise your services.

All adverts are printed in good faith. Affinity cannot take responsibility for the content of adverts. Advertisements are accepted on the understanding that descriptions of goods and services are accurate. Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. Printed in the UK by Regal Litho 01908 270400

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The Agony of an Agents Showcase


y daughter decided she wanted to be a dancer when she was three. She had been to a few ballet lessons, then I took her, as a three year old, to proms in the park. It happened to be a warm, sunny evening and we enjoyed a picnic with friends. Then the music started. My little girl simply put down her plate and with a brilliant sense of performance started to dance around on the grass. We carried her home, exhausted but happy, about four hours later. Quite literally, from that day on she wanted to be a dancer. She enjoyed, ballet, tap, modern, jazz took part in African and Indian dance, then singing and acting lessons and as lots of parents will have done, we spent numerous evenings and weekends transporting our little darling to rehearsals or lessons or shows.

no faster yet keeps speeding up until the moment your child is on stage. Then extreme pride when you realise once again that they are fine without you and you think to yourself, how can they have become so grown up and competent, and talented, and beautiful, oh goodness I sound like a theatrical parent…..again. But at this event, I sit waiting for the lights to dim and the show to begin and I notice there also non- parent types, in fact they are in the majority with clipboards and photos of the students, (our grown up children!!!!) which they discuss in hushed tones with each other, and make notes. The lights dim and the show, as always, goes on and let’s be honest it is what they have trained for, so they dance and sing and act in the hope that someone, who has the power to make their career will notice them and their particular look and talent and want to sign them.

So the years passed, as did Les Miserable, Bugsy Malone, Summer Holiday, The Boyfriend to mention but a few, she ended secondary school sitting GCSE’s and being Sandy in Grease. Meanwhile she was auditioning aged 16 for a place in musical theatre college. The auditions were nothing short of cruel AND you had to pay for the privilege of travelling miles, waiting around for ages and effectively being told ‘don’t call us’.

I clap, a little too loudly perhaps, then slide away so the people who may ‘sign’ my daughter can sip wine and nibble canapés and maybe pick up a copy of her CV and ‘headshot’ from the table and hopefully take her onto their books. Personally I think it is a lot worse than an interview, possibly not as bad as the open call auditions which demand that you get an early train and queue for hours with literally hundreds of others to sing a few bars of song - before they say, with a smile, obviously, ‘thank you that’s all we need for now’ which is how they now say ‘don’t call us we’ll call you.”

At one particular audition I remember, as all of us ‘parents’ were waiting in a room while our darlings ‘strutted their stuff’ in some other room, that we were told in no uncertain terms that now was the time we could get out. We were told that whether it was hairdressing or banking, plumbing or embalming, if there was anything else at all, of any nature, that our little darlings expressed an interest in, now was the time to use our parental powers of persuasion to ‘steer’ them in an alternative direction. If not there would be years of expensive heartache, not to mention shin splints and other injuries, ahead.

Still, I tell myself she has always had a focus and as other parents worry that their children don’t know what they want to do, I am glad (no, really I am) that she is such a determined young woman with clear if exacting goals for herself.

Well I tried, I suggested teaching, beauty (stage make up obviously!), fashion design event planning, you name it, but no, my delightfully determined daughter had made her choice, and boy, was she sticking to it.

The next day I enjoy one of those lovely, if expensive, ‘mummy’ jobs as we shop for her graduation ball dress. So with a greatly reduced bank balance, sore feet, and a warm satisfied glow because she found a dress she is delighted with, we head home.

So in September 2009 she began a three year course in musical theatre and the astute among you will realise, that it is now at an end and my daughter is graduating. However one more thing the theatre industry manages, is to inflict upon parents a new and original form of torture – ‘The Agents Showcase!’.

And she has an email! From an agent! Who wants to meet her! Wow! Another train journey to London, several emails later she is signed by an agent. As someone famous once wrote …’All’s well that ends well’ except this is just the beginning! I have it on good authority that a performer’s life is not always an easy one. But our job as parents is to support our children as they tread the path they have chosen, and if necessary help pick up some pieces along the way, that is right…. isn’t it?

Held at a theatre in London the third years perform a ‘showcase’ of numbers designed to showcase their particular talents. Any parents who have children who perform will know the agony and ecstasy of being in the audience while your child, albeit an adult now, is on stage. For those who don’t, there are butterflies, a dry mouth, a racing heart which you would swear could go

A musical theatre mummy!!


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DIY Hair Colour Charity Ball Kids Summer Fun Marvelous Memory Bernie Nolan Surf’s Up Flower Power In The Garden Maldives Paradise A Touch Of Class



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Five exercise myths that just won’t die! I’m sure if I asked anyone to tell me a health and fitness tip, many of the responses would be false. Unfortunately our media tells us what we think we want to hear so we have these preconceived ideas in our head about what exercise is good and what is bad for us without the rationale behind why. So today I’m going to kill off five of the most common fitness myths for you:

You need a gym to work out Most definitely not. Yes of course gyms are designed to help you work out more easily, as everything you could ever need is in one place but that’s not to say you can only work out in a gym. This may actually be more of an ‘excuse’ than a myth. I speak to lots of people who say they want to work out but then say they can’t afford the gym membership. Don’t let that be a barrier, find an area of open space and use your body weight to workout. Try this for a ‘free workout’ 1 minute jog/sprint 20 body weight squats 1 minute jog/sprint 20 press ups (on your knees or your toes) 1 minute jog/sprint 20 lunges (10 on each leg) 1 minute jog/sprint Hold the plank for 1 minute Repeat this 3-4 times and there you have it - a free workout that will challenge your cardiovascular system and will work your legs, arms and core.


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Dead lifts are bad for your back A dead lift is exactly what it says - lifting a dead weight. We do dead lifts ALL the time but we don’t realise we’re doing them. We do them whilst picking up our children, doing the gardening, moving furniture, emptying the washing machine, yet when we go into the gym we shy away from doing them....why? Because once upon a time someone, somewhere told us they were bad for your back. The dead lift is the king of back exercises when done correctly and that’s exactly it.....when done correctly. I’ve seen You need to do Bicep curls some very interesting versions of a dead lift which yes would to get great arms result in back pain, but that is the technique NOT the exercise. A good dead lift should have feet hip width apart, your back I used to work in a local should be straight, legs bent at the knee and you drive up gym (which shall remain nameless!) with the weight using the backs of your legs and your and without fail every Saturday afternoon bottom. If you do a great dead lift your lower back the weights area would be full to the brim with strength will increase, which in turn will young men doing what I call ‘a T-shirt’ workout. reduce back pain making the dead lift a Meaning they were working out their chest, shoulders good exercise for your back. and arms ready for the tight t-shirt they were wearing on their Saturday night out. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but I would mainly see these guys doing bicep curl, after bicep curl, after bicep curl. There is little or no thought at all to the triceps or even their back muscles (which would actually have made them look bigger in the first place!) You can achieve fantastic biceps by doing a number of other No pain, no gain! exercises - ones that work other muscles too, rather This is a bit of a grey area than isolate the biceps. For example a row or a pull to be honest, so I’m going to call this up. Let’s not forget the triceps either; some a ‘half-myth’. There’s a fine line between triceps dips or narrow press ups will get exercise pain that is good for you and will lead you them looking lovely too. to good results, and the pain that is an injury waiting to Happy tight t-shirt wearing! happen. Unfortunately the line gets crossed all too often because we’re told ‘no pain, no gain’ and then you injure yourself and that can put your exercise habits back for any period of time. You may feel some sense of pain when exercising but it should feel like a muscular burning pain rather than a stabbing pain. I would describe it more as a temporary discomfort. Rarely should your Ab crunches will give joints hurt when exercising unless you’ve not warmed-up enough. If you a flat stomach they do then this can be a warning sign that something is not right. It can be difficult to tell when it’s good or bad pain, the best Now I know I’ve talked indicator is how you feel the following day. Do your muscles about this in much detail in a ache a little when you do certain movements - e.g. going up previous issue of Affinity but this and down the stairs, coughing or laughing makes your fitness myth is the best of them all so I’m abs ache, these are all fairly normal, but the inability going to reiterate......Ab crunches will NOT give to move the following day is NOT normal. This you a flat tummy. The secret to a flat tummy is is a sign you have done too much, let that far, far, far more complex and it involves exercise, be a lesson and ease off next diet, hormones, genetics, stress, lifestyle and will time round. power! You can do crunches to make your abs more defined but if there is a layer of fat lying on top of those tummy muscles then you won’t see them. You can read my previous article about how to get flat abs online at

So there you have it, 5 fitness myths destroyed. Yes there are many many more but these are my top 5......for now!

Julie Holl - Personal Trainer - Holl Fitness Studio 07808 739651 11

Health & Beauty

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Hair Colouring Home hair care is becoming popular as many of us tighten our belts. Make sure you are ready and fully prepared to avoid a hair dyesaster. The most important advice to always remember is to patch test 24-48 hours before colouring. Even if you have used the same home colour kit for years, companies can change certain ingredients at any time meaning you could become allergic to the dye. If you experience any type of reaction, do not colour your hair and get hold of your GP should symptoms worsen. Figuring out what type of colourant is best for you can be confusing, as you stand in Boots deciding whether a permanent would be best, or a semipermanent is the way to go. A permanent colour means the colour will grow out, leaving you with your natural root colour showing through. You’ll only cover the regrowth when it needs a touch up, so prepare for maintaining the colour. Permanent colour can only lighten hair up to 4 shades, so if you are looking to go from dark to light it’s definitely worth discussing with a qualified stylist. A semi-permanent colour will last for around 6-15 washes depending on your hair condition and how porous your hair is. Whilst this won’t dramatically change your existing colour, semi-permanent dyes are a fantastic way to add shine and boost your colour. As the colour fades rather than growing out, you’ll be left with no root regrowth. After you’ve picked the right dye for you, it’s time to colour. It’s definitely

worth keeping the colour in the bathroom, grab a magazine and take some time out whilst waiting for the colour to develop. Sectioning hair is a great idea to avoid missing parts of your hair. If you have very long or thick hair it’s worth buying two kits. You can always keep one if you don’t use it, however popping to the shops for another can be tricky if you are halfway through. Once you are transformed with a fabulous new colour it’s important you keep hair looking healthy and full of gorgeous shine. Treat your hair to an intensive conditioning treatment the day after your colour. Most colours now come with a handy tube of conditioner – use this to help keep hair looking in fantastic condition. When washing hair, try using slightly cooler water than usual, this will avoid the hair colour fading. Keep Handy: Cotton wool – Add a little nail varnish remover and dab away any marks or stains on your skin. Sectioning clips or bands – Keeping hair out of the way not only helps you avoid missing bits, but avoids dye dripping or getting on clothes. Bin liner or plastic bag – Pop on the floor around you as you colour, it’ll help catch any drips or splashes of dye. Once you’re done, simply throw away –keeping your floor clean and your only concern your hair. Egg timer – Keep an eye on the time and set an egg timer. Most mobile phones usually have a stopwatch function which can also help you keep an eye on the time.

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For more hair tips from Kelly visit our Hair Clinic at Kelly Gay

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Travel Well and Stay Healthy Travel sickness Around 33% of us will be affected by travel sickness which can make travelling a real misery, rather than a start of a much needed break or adventure. All forms of transport can affect our sense of balance. When this is disturbed by long car journeys, sailing or flying, it gives rise to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and sickness. Vitamin B6 and magnesium, before and during the journey, will help calm the nervous system, whilst ginger and peppermint teas can help to settle the stomach. Sunburn Sunburn can catch us unawares, particularly if it is cloudy or the temperature is high but there’s a cool breeze. Obviously, sun protection is important, but we do need at least 15 minutes of sunlight a day to top-up, or maintain, our vitamin D levels. However, If you have caught the sun, there are three remedies that really help to cool the skin. Firstly, four chamomile tea bags infused in a bath of tepid water will help to reduce the inflammation and it’s also very calming, soothing and relaxing too – suitable for both adults and children (with a more diluted bath) . Aloe vera gel applied directly to the skin is another great skin healer for sunburnt skin. Alternatively, pure rose water mixed to a paste with corn starch, applied to the skin and allowed to dry will soon take the heat out of sun burnt skin. Once the skin has cooled a little apply a cream or lotion rich in vitamin E to repair the skin and replace lost moisture. Caution: if you have a fever, feel dizzy or start to vomit seek medical advice immediately. Stomach upsets Probiotic supplementation before going away for one month, along with fresh garlic, oregano and clove oil will create an environment in the gut that repels parasites and bacterial infections. However, if your stomach upset is as a result of stress or nerves and you may be irritable and unable to sleep,

chamomile tea will help relax you and settle your stomach. Constipation Long haul flights, which upsets our natural circadian rhythm, can lead to both constipation and disturbed sleep. Rather than relying on laxatives to solve the problem, take one tablespoon of flaxseed or sesame oil, along with a cup of warm water, before eating your evening meal and then before going to bed.

A few more general tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Holiday Keep well hydrated by drinking at least 1.5-2 litres of bottled water Food flavoured with garlic, oregano, coriander, turmeric and cloves will not only taste great, but will keep harmful bugs away from your digestive system. A vegetarian diet, with lots of colourful vegetables, is not only a way to increase our intake of much needed antioxidants but also goes some way to prevent upset stomachs. A diet rich in antioxidants makes our skin glow and is essential for cellular health. For cuts and grazes Vitamin A and zinc drops can be applied directly to the skin to aid repair of the tissue. Bruises Arnica 30c is a well known homeopathic remedy for speeding-up the healing of bruises. Lavender Essential Oil Is a great travel aid, which can be used for many things from a relaxing bath to application directly onto a minor burn. It also has anti-bacterial properties too, so can be used for cleaning surfaces.

For further information contact Carolyn Wood-Herbalist and Naturopath MAMH, MANP, ITEC 07944 886502 14

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The Battle for the EURO Table Football


he Euros are well and truly over, but that doesn’t stop me telling you about Affinity’s involvement on 21st June in “The Advancing People’s Euro Table Football Competition”.

We had such fun, and it was for such a worthwhile cause (£315 was raised and went to The Prebend Day Centre in Bedford) that we wanted to share it with our readers. On final’s night it was tense and The Sharnbrook Hotel & Vesuvio Restaurant along with Bengal Brassserie and Peppe Vesuvio tried to put off the opposition by plying them with pizza and Indian treats - not to mention the wine, beer and other nibbles supplied by Advancing People and I have to say it worked – The Sharnbrook Hotel played Advancing People Recruitment in the final and used their football skills to full advantage to win the title of ‘Champions!’ Pepe Vesuvio then had to meet Affinity to play for third place position – they won although I think the ball was weighted ha ha !!! Well done to everyone involved, here at Affinity we are already practising for next year so we can steal the shield!!

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Sports Luxe Cream Triangle Necklace £8.50 Miss Selfridge

White Envelope Clutch £15 Dorothy Perkins

Qulited Barrel Holdall £36 Topshop Models Clothes Primark


he long awaited Olympics are nearly over and the 'sporting summer' is nearly behind us but that doesn't mean sporting wear will disappear just yet. Sports luxe or maybe the more appropriate name 'nostalgic leisure wear' is the perfect look for laid back, cool, easy dressing. Perfect for the school runs, leisurely day wear, and even low effort evening wear.

the waist so you keep some shape. Team with a pair of plain pumps, or gladiator sandals for a more summery look or stick with the wedge hi-tops if appropriate. Add a barrel inspired sports bag and technically you're done! For more detail add some gold and silver rings of all shapes and sizes and a long pendant necklace in a matching metallic shade. For the cool summer nights and more of a evening wear look add a formal blazer, which is one of the key fashion pieces to have in your wardrobe at the moment. It instantly transforms any look into a winning one.

Sports looks can be made up using a palette of white, cream, beige and black mixed with light pastel tones with flashes of vibrant yellow, orange and acidic greens. Keep jewellery to a minimum as this doesn't really fit in with the trend, with the exception of a chunky sports watch in a complimentary colour. A must is a pair of wedge hi-top trainers or some chunky, simple, jelly sandals if the weather heats up! When creating a sports luxe look it's important to think about simplicity and coordination, two rules that sportswear normally follows.

A date in your diary: If you need something slightly more dressy and prefer something a bit more feminine, then the sports luxe trend can still work well for you. Start the outfit with a pleated or dipped hem skirt in a grey or pastel shade, to this add a simple, staple, loose fitting top or shirt tucked in. Then, try a pair of light wedge hi-tops, and a coordinating clutch or across-thebody bag. For those cooler, English summer days add a white or grey jersey blazer for a more formal look. Finally add the essential matching watch and its 'ready set go' to that appointment in your diary!

Day wear: For a laid back day wear look try a simple pair of trousers or shorts with a running stripe down the side for a sports inspired look. Wear with a simple white or black loose fit top, a matching sports watch and a pair of flat or wedge hi-top trainers. There are some amazing hi-top trainers available on the high street at the moment, from floral prints to metallics to studs they now come in all styles. This is the perfect trend if having a large bag is essential to you, whether you go for a backpack, duffel bag or barrel bag, all would be perfect with this look and allow all the room in the world for all your 'necessities'. Finish off with one statement, but simple, bit of jewellery if needed and you're ready to go.

A sporting occasion: For a sporty evening look start with a simple party dress or a playful play-suit in one block colour. To this add monochrome accessories, this keeps the look simple, laid back and classy. Try introducing metallics, go for bronze, silver and gold! Add a simple belt, square clutch and a more elegant looking pair of hi-tops to make your look appear well put together. For finishing touches try an eye catching ring and some co-ordinating earrings.

A recreational day out: Give the maxi and midi trends a sporting chance with this look. Opt for a loose and lengthy jersey dress, preferably one that cinches in at

Carla Williams


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Valid until 31st October 2012

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'(& ' # # ' (& # &$)%' -- $& $! $)&' ' ',)* * ) + !$')% +' *,!+ !&& )* !&+ )% ! + * & - & %,*! ! &* ,*! ') /', . $ '% * '+ ,$+* & !$ ) & )*!& & ( ) ')%!& .!+ '+ )* . ' * ) *!%!$ ) !&+ ) *+* *! &+! $ & &'& ) *! &+! $ '(+!'&* - !$ ! '

$#( ( )' $&


)& $& * ' ( $)& +

" # ")' $&,$)')"" &' $$!' $ ) +++ ")' $&,$)')"" &' $$!' $ )

$ '(

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Using a toothbrush or eyebrow brush, brush the hair upwards. Then tweeze out any obvious strays and trim extra long hairs with nail scissors.. Don’t over pluck; it’s far more flattering to keep brows full. The most flattering anti-ageing shape is a gentle arch that sweeps upwards towards the temples, then gently down in line with the top of your ear.

Follow these Tips for a Groomed Finish:

Step Away from the Tweezers

Bold brows are big news for summer. They are a big feature of our faces, and are unique to each of us.

Professional threading is the best way to establish the perfect shape and it can last up to four weeks (waxing lasts two to three weeks, and tweezing only two to three days)


Make sure you check from the sides as well as the front to see how your brows look. It’s quite normal to have one brow straighter or bushier than the other, so don’t be tempted to over correct. Our faces are not 100 per cent symmetrical and so trying to make them match exactly could make them look odd.

3 4

If you prefer to use pencil, chose a powder textured one, such as Clinique Instant Lift for Brows £14, or Dior Powder Eyebrow pencil, £16. Don’t draw a line instead, use soft, feathery upward strokes. Concentrate colour at the top edge of the brow for lift. Your brow should be subtle, remember less is more!

Fill in any gaps with a powder such as Bobbi Brown Brow kit, £35 or Anastasis Brow Powder Duo, £17. Remember not to go too dark. Apply the colour with a flat edged angled brush in light, upward strokes through the hair.

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Reserve your place at this year’s Affinity Black Tie and Tiara Charity Ball M

ake sure you join us on Friday 12th October at The Sharnbrook Hotel, A6/Park Lane, Sharnbrook, Beds for our Black Tie and Tiara Ball. Affinity will be holding a Charity Ball once a year, and we decided for our first Ball we wanted it to be something that was close to our hearts which is why we are holding it in memory of our dear friend Pat (Patrick) Mcgirl and in aid of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. Each year in the UK around 30,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is the only UK charity solely dedicated to seek to improve treatments, find cures and prevent all forms of leukaemia and related blood cancers including Hodgkin and other lymphomas, myeloma, the myelodysplasias and aplastic anaemia - in both children and adults. The charity relies completely on voluntary donations and thus we are asking you to join us on what promises to be a spectacular evening and an opportunity to support Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as we raise funds for this special charity. Guests will be greeted at 7pm with a sparkling drinks and canape reception, followed by a sumptuous three course dinner. Our raffle has some fabulous prizes and our Grand Auction will give you the opportunity to bid for select prizes before enjoying live music from Vision, as well as a surprise guest! You can also have a little flutter at our casino gaming table until carriages arrive at 1am.

Dusk till Dawn

This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a fabulous evening for this great cause. Tickets are ÂŁ50 per person with 10% discount for a table of ten (we also have a couple of tables of 12 available) so all you need to do now is book your table and for the ladies ... buy your dress!

To book tickets for this event contact Jane on 01234215523 - 07809499669 email

Dusk till Dawn

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2 %-( 3* )9/%)1-% %2( -2 1)136< 3* = %8

6-(%< 8, '83&)6 66-:%0 41 %66-%+)7 #,) ",%62&633/ 38)0 %6/ %2) ",%62&633/ )(7

' -60>

%1 $

0-88)6-2+ 6-2/7 %2%4)A !)')48-32 "91489397 #,6)) 3967) )%0 !%*@) ;'097-:) 9'8-327 %2( 19', 136)

33/ )%60< 83 %:3-( (-7%443-281)28 36 8-'/)8 36 74327367,-4 )259-6-)7 40)%7) '328%'8 %2) 6< 1%-0 .%2) %*?2-8<1%+ '3 9/

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Dresses to buy or hire with an extensive collection of over 500 dresses to choose from in sizes 4-28 Whatever your needs, whether it's hiring or buying you can be sure that Dusk till Dawn will have your perfect outfit Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm (appointments available Sundays and evenings)

- 01234 712200 - - 1st Floor Dagnall House, Stamley Court, Olney, Bucks MK46 5NH (opposite Co-Op)




MON 10 - SAT 15 SEP

0844 0 844 871 871 7652 7652 GROUP G ROUP U SALES SALES 01908 01908 547609 547609 w (bkg (bkg fee) fee)

MON 17 - SAT 22 SEP


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In t h e

N u d e

Astoria Frill Dress £395.00 Bow Peeptoe Shoes £89.00 Phase

Affinity Magazine August 2012_Layout 1 copy 20/07/2012 07:13 Page 22

Floppy Hat £15 Next

Crochet Fringe Top £18.99 Pilot

Kage £55 Dune

Vintage Patent Bowler £35

Freya Jeans £20 Boohoo Button Twill Skirt Cream £12.00

Lexus £55 Dune

Kirklland Dress Monsoon £225

Affinity Magazine August 2012_Layout 1 copy 20/07/2012 07:13 Page 23

Thread Woven Torque Necklace £40

Hair Flower Accessorize

Hat £22 Accessorize

Hair Pins Accessorize

Small Patent Top Handle Handbag £35 Coast Zeta Dress £135

Romeo Quilted Chain Shouder Handbag £189

Raffia wedges £38 Next

Lace Peplum Top £35 Cream Shorts £40 Warehouse

Glimmer £85 Dune


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Overcoming Jealousy “

The most powerful and profound aspect of a relationship is emotion. If we learn to shift emotions we can change all of our relationships


ealousy is a feeling that most of us will have experienced at some point in our lives. For the majority of us, these feelings will pass quickly and without any real harm. Sometimes, though, jealousy can get out of hand and destroy relationships.

you. It is also a common phenomenon for men to feel jealous of their own children; they sometimes feel they are coming second best in their partner’s emotions.

Jealousy, like envy, can also refer to a desire for someone else's status, attention or possessions. Yes – we can be jealous of what people have as much as with the people in our life.

Think back, there may have been a time as a child when you felt jealous because you thought your best friend wanted to spend more time with someone else, or you imagined your mother was giving your siblings more love and attention than she was giving you.

In a relationship jealousy causes someone to be doubtful of their partner by feeling threatened by their relationship with others. This then has a knock on effect on your relationship as it detracts from your time together, as you are likely to have fights because you spend your time thinking up negative situations and, before you know it, much of your relationship is spent dwelling on what might be going on rather than what is really happening.

Then in later life maybe you experienced a pang of jealousy when your friend seemed to want to spend more time with her boyfriend/girlfriend than with you. You may even have felt a little jealous when your friends’ had children and you felt they had less time for


Affinity Magazine August 2012_Layout 1 copy 20/07/2012 07:14 Page 25

Own your feelings For the most part, jealousy is all about our own issues with self confidence. You may feel that you're not good enough and that your partner will soon leave - as you believe that other people are better looking, nicer, kinder etc than you.

These 10 seconds will make you feel better as they will give you the valuable perspective you need to eliminate irrational jealousy. Practice deep breathing Find a safe, calm place, sit comfortably, and take deep slow breaths. Try to concentrate on the sensation of breathing in your nose, chest or belly. You will soon find yourself lost in thought and when you do, congratulate yourself for having noticed that your mind wandered. Then go back to the breathing. Do this for 10-20 minutes each day.

One way to start the process is to write out a list of all the reasons why someone likes you. List all your qualities – the harder you find this exercise the more likely you are to be lacking in confidence - and a lack of confidence is an excellent breeding ground for Jealousy, jealous feelings. Stop blaming other people It’s not the fault of your partner, or the girl who smiled at him at your friend’s party or the guy that asked her directions. When you feel jealous it is all down to YOU. No one can make you feel jealous apart from yourself.

Get help from your partner and friends If you have explained your feelings to your partner you can ask them to help you. If they say they won’t then maybe they’re not the catch you think they are.

Accept that your feelings of insecurity will not go away overnight – you have to work at stopping them.

like envy, can also refer to a desire for someone else's status, attention or possession

For example, devise a simple code between you for when you are feeling low. Agree with your partner that when you say a certain word or make a certain movement this means you need some emotional support. It may only mean your partner putting an arm round you. Remember that your partner can only help you, he/she can only reassure you up to a point. You are the one that has to learn to deal with your feelings. You may also find it helpful to talk to a close friend and get support in the changes you need to make from them.

Avoid intoxicants like alcohol These dull your perception, which will make you jump to conclusions and amplify your anger, jealousy and insecurity. Alcohol is also a depressant, so you will feel even less secure the following morning.

Learn from the past Look at how your behaviour has affected past Challenge your thoughts relationships negatively and use that information to When you start talking yourself into a jealous rage, help you behave better. You may soon discover that your stand back, take a deep breath and ask yourself what jealous outbursts are the real cause of your troubled evidence you have for your thoughts. A jealous partner love life. Realise that getting upset for no reason tends to spin events in the worst way possible. If won't help your situation. Focus on what is his/her partner doesn't return her call, for happening, not what you think is instance, they may think of them as being happening, otherwise you may end up with another woman/man instead of having difficulty separating fact from thinking that the battery has died and Focus fiction. needs to be recharged. on what is

Sunlight and exercise Both have been shown to be as effective as many forms of therapy at treating stress. Endorphin releases will make you feel happier, which will in turn make you feel more confident, which will in turn make you less prone to jealousy and anger.

happening, not what you think is happening

Realise that in any relationship, a lot of things that happen are ambiguous and can be interpreted in many ways. Instead of sticking on the worst case scenario, try to think on other more positive ones and hold on to them.

You need to challenge your thoughts regularly and if you do you will learn to talk yourself out of the thoughts that trigger your jealous feelings, which are really insecure feelings you have about yourself.

Spend time with positive people Negative people tend to bring one another down; if you are around negative people, talking constantly about how terrible things are, you will feel less happy and less confident. This feeling will manifest itself in anger and jealousy.

Controlling jealousy requires you to discipline your mind to think in a more positive and optimistic way. Just keep on raising your own self-esteem and you will find your thoughts and feelings become much less negative.

Count to 10 If you feel jealous, and are angry or upset at somebody, remove yourself from the situation for 10 seconds.


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Your Summer Survival Guide! Ideas on keeping your children happy....and you sane Wed 1st August Run Wild - 2pm - 4pm Ampthill Great Park Den building and playing in woods 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th August Children’s Nature Discover RSPB Spot birds, butterflies and dragonflies - 2pm - 4pm Thurs 2nd August Sunshine and Flower Power Forest of Marston Vale. Fun, facts and craft aimed at 4-10 years, £2.50, Fri 3rd August Olympic Live Site - Bedford International Athletic Stadium The week long free event includes a big outdoor screen showing the best of the action live as well as visitors having a go at numerous Olympic sports 3rd, 6th, 10th, 17th, 20th, 24th, 31st Minibeast Safari – RSPB. Delve for creepy crawlies. Adults free, children £4, members £3 Sat 4th August Wildlife Watch, Birding, 2pm - 4pm Priory Country Park Aimed at 8-12 years but under 8’s welcome with adult - £2 donation Mon 6th August A Story Safari Forest of Marston Vale Explore, riddles and stories aimed at 4-10 years, £3.50

Mon 13th August Buzzing About Forest of Marston Vale Games and activities about bees for 4-10 years, £2.50 Mon 13th – Fri 17th August Time Travellers Go...Archaeology Wrest Park Uncover clues and handle artefacts. 11am - 5pm Sat 25th August Family Fun Day Harrold Country Park 10am - 5pm Sat 25th August Kempston Fun Day Addison Howard Park, Kempston Stalls, displays, arena events etc Noon onwards PLACES TO GO If the weather is nice take a picnic and head to The Embankment or the many parks we have to offer however if it is raining............ 360 Play – Milton Keynes Indoor and outdoor play area Big Rock Climbing – Milton Keynes Indoor climbing wall for 4 years and over Box End Park – Kempston Watersports and activities Crafty Monkey – St Neots Pottery painting and arts and crafts Go Quadz Mobile quad biking parties


Eat’N’Bowl – St Neots Bowling, soft play and laser games Kidsworld – Bedford Indoor play area and laser games The Kiln - Bedford Pottery painting Mead Open Farm – Leighton Buzzard Farm Indoor play area, go karts Thurleigh Farm Centre Indoor and outdoor play areas, quad bikes Spy Missions Milton Keynes and Cambridge Become a spy Playschemes Premier Sports Sports courses for 5-11 years, currently buy one get one free Kidzsize Various courses for children aged from 5 years Barracudas Activity Day Camp ages 4½ - 16 years Bedford Modern School Activity courses for ages 4 -14 years Bedford Borough Council Playschemes. Various activities for ages 5-13 years

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Welcome to the musings of Yummy Mummy. Living in Bedford she is married to ‘The Husband’ and together they have 4 children, Rafferty, 7, Violet, 5, Roman, 3 and baby Clementine. All my views are my own and are not intended to offend anyone but alas I may frustrate you as I certainly do myself and no doubt those around me at times. I would love to hear from you, your views, questions or indeed just to share your experiences of trying to be a Yummy Mummy. Email me at

Surviving the School Holidays!


he school reports have come home, sports days endured and we have listened to the beautiful voices at the end of term school assembly so that means only one thing – it’s the six week school holiday!

always find it is slightly quieter at this time – by quieter I mean not ‘full on’ manic and the sound level is just below deafening! We shall also try our hand at painting some pottery – not at home of course but at The Kiln or Crafty Monkey, where someone else clears up and they make me coffee too!

However, before we get to this day I have had the foresight to sit down in front of the laptop with a spreadsheet waiting to be filled with activities that keep the children amused and my sanity intact! The youngest are booked into their usual nursery for the days I need to work and I then find a play scheme, Premier Sport, for the eldest two that I know they love as it keeps them busy doing sport. I am delighted that it is ‘buy one get one free’ so my budget isn’t dented too much at only about £8 a day – bargain! So that is the working days sorted, I now need to find activities that I can take them too! If – and that is a big if at the moment – the weather is ok we shall be frequenting many of the beautiful parks and lakes in the area – Russell Park, Mowsbury Park, Bedford Park, Priory Lake, Willen Lake.....the list is endless. Nothing beats taking a picnic and seeing the children getting lots of sleep inducing fresh air. I shall of course be treating myself to a coffee and the children to some yummy cakes from the Kiosk at Russell Park and no doubt ice creams from every park! I then check out all the free and cheap outdoor activities at the Athletics Stadium, Priory County Park, Forest of Marston Vale etc and they are in the diary (see the ‘What’s On Children’s’ page for details). Now onto the rainy day activities! The indoor play areas (Kidsworld, 360 play etc) will definitely be visited but we will be waiting on the doorstep at opening time as I

When the younger ones are having their naps, The Husband will be delighted to take the eldest to the more adventurous activities. I know he cannot wait to try Wakeboarding at Box End Park and releasing his inner child at Big Rock Climbing (and no doubt not being able to help himself by showing off and climbing the highest!). It is also Daddy’s job to take them swimming especially as they are so fond of splashing! So in the space it has taken me to drink a glass of wine, our summer holiday diary is full up! However it is not all activities as I have scheduled in some very important chill time for them to play at home with their toys, watch a DVD etc., or even just be bored for a while – nothing fuels their imagination than making their own fun! With the six weeks now planned I am sure in no time we will be back at the school gates waving them off in their new classes and I can’t help feel a little sad at how quick they are growing up, so I intend to make the most of the next few weeks together. I hope you all enjoy yourselves too!

Yummy Mummy 30

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Animal Daysack - Cow £17.99

P-Rex Dinosaur Backpack £25

Space Backpack £15.99

Turtle Snack Sack £10.20

Bag £10.50

Men At Work Case Set £22.50

Turtle Quilted Backpack £17

Monkey Zoo Pack £20.75

Lunch Box Owl Design £9.18

Pink Owl Design £19.99

Peko PenguinTrolley Case £50

Pirate Rucksack

Dinosaur Backpack £20

Melon Lunch Box £10.20

Weekender Bag £25

Soldier Rucksack £21

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ith the school summer holidays upon us I am sure you are looking for ways to entertain the children. Go-Quadz, a local company can offer the perfect solution for your children to have lots of fun and also to wear them out! Go-Quadz offer parties for up to 8 children aged 6 to 16 so they can enjoy the excitement of controlling their own quad. To keep your precious ones safe they ensure that the bikes are only ever used under close adult supervision and correct safety items are worn at all times - approved safety helmets, goggles and gloves are all supplied. For further peace of mind each quad also comes equipped with an emergency cut off device. Founder of the company Darryl Laneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passion for quad biking started after university when he and a friend bought an inflatable track and two 50cc Suzuki quad bikes. From there his passion ignited and he continued to add to his collection before deciding to turn his passion into his dream job. Check out their website and Facebook pages for more details and to see when they are appearing at local shows/events and you can see them in action.

0843 289 1640 or

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Keep Your Little Bees Busy This Summer!


tuck for what to do with your children? Then look no further than The Bee House, a new and innovative place to visit to entertain both children and adults! The concept was thought up by Pauline Carpenter after she had an idea that kept niggling away in her mind and now that idea has become a reality. In March a wonderful space was opened for children to be entertained and occupied and for adults to have the chance to exercise in the well equipped gym, be pampered by the beauty team or just simply relax over a cuppa! There are numerous classes and workshops for you to join in with, from antenatal, hypno-birthing, baby massage and yoga and for the toddlers and older children there are art & craft, cooking, drama sessions etc – the list goes on! Should you opt for a workout or want to treat yourself to a beauty treatment you can be sure that the Ofsted registered crèche provides a nurturing and simulating environment for children from birth to 8 years. With the summer holidays upon us the Bee House are hosting some extra activities for the under 12’s. Ideal to keep them, and of course, you happy! So whatever the weather you can be sure of a warm welcome at The Bee House! Telephone: 01908 299230 Howard Way, Interchange House, Newport Pagnell, MK16 9PX

(% .*! #% 1- " %% &-/ 5-2 !,$ 5-2/ &!+)*5 , ! # 1 ) 3 ) 1 5 # % , 1 / % &- / . ! / % , 1 0 4 ) 1 ( # ( ) * $ / % , , 1 % / % 0 1 ) , ' ! , $ & 2 , 0 2 + + % / ( - * ) $ !5 0 % 0 0 ) - , 0 &-/ # () *$ /% , 2 ,$% / 60 ), #* 2 $ ), '

35 %3#(5 00,+/) $#,+/) 3#.# * 0 - !3! ) * ! " * % *+-& (3+'/&-: %#(' (45'& 3')+45'3'& %3;%*'

*:5*. .64+% #3&'/+/) *' '' %5+7' -6$ 6--: '26+11'& ):. '9'3%+4' %-#44'4 '-#9+/) $'#65: *0-+45+% 5*'3#1+'4

-/ &2** ),&-/+!1)-, 0%% -2/ 4%"0)1%

08#3& #: /5'3%*#/)' 064' '81035 #)/'-!


44 4 1(% "% %( -20% ,%1

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IF YOU SUFFER FROM ANY NY OF THE GIVE US A T FOLLOWING, FO CA CAL CALL ALL & LET US HELP YOU. Chiropractic ttreatment can benefit the ffollowing:


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call our clinic TOD TODAY AY for our consultation and health check.

CALLL US NO OW 012344 353937 Bedford Chiropractic Clinic 20b De Parys A Avenue, venue, venu Bedford MK40 2TW admin ww w. bedfordchiropracto www. Registered with the GCC - BCA Major insurance companies

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arvelous emory

I remember, when I was about fourteen, a very old relative told me to savour the happy times I had, rehearse them as I fell asleep, and put them in an imaginary bottle. Then I could put them on a shelf in my brain and whenever I needed to, I could simply get the bottle from the shelf and relive the moment.


n the whole that was good advice, I am past experiences. For all humans this is a really useful skill lucky enough to have loads of brilliant – we don’t need to touch a flame to know it is hot, and we know that flowers often have a smell. Memories can also memories that quite literally make me feel all warm and content; the birth of my carry powerful emotions. Walking back into a previous children, specific good times with some of home, school or even place we have been on holiday can my friends, achievements like crossing the finish line of a quite simply flood us with memories and sometimes these half marathon, happy holidays with family and friends, the can catch us off guard. In addition memory helps us to associate certain things together, and this wonderful feeling of walking in crisp fresh snow, the list could go on and on. “We do not remember days we is very useful for learning. There are hundreds of songs that can remember moments.” Memory and learning are of course evoke a notion of how important the Cesare Pavese memory is to human beings, ‘thanks for linked and in some ways it is hard to separate the two. Learning is defined as the memory’, and ‘memories are made of this’ are just two examples. Other lines show something of being a process that modifies behaviour. So in the example the two sides of memory of a flame, we may remember that touching a flame causes pain so we make sure we don’t touch a flame, we behave “memories may be beautiful and yet, what’s too differently because of our memory. Memory plays a crucial part in our learning, as well as learning by associating painful to remember we simply choose to forget”. things together memory can be a reconstruction. Our Quite simply, memory is the ability we have to remember memory stores information that we have previously come


Affinity Magazine August 2012_Layout 1 copy 20/07/2012 07:14 Page 37

across and this allows us to make new inferences so, for example, we know that a car has a horn and a steering wheel so when we discuss a new car we will infer that it has these features without seeing them. So, memory provides a kind of framework on which we can attach new knowledge. The larger our existing framework of knowledge the easier it is to link new pieces of knowledge.

see if others can spot what is missing. We can probably also remember the ‘conveyor’ belt challenge at the end of game shows, where contestants win all the items they can remember from a selection that had previously been presented on the conveyor belt. Nowadays memory games have become more ‘high tech’ and the website links listed below all have a range of games and puzzles thought to improve memory:

Unlike certain others skills and functions memories do not seem to be stored in just one part of the brain but use a complex system of different processes which occur throughout the brain. There are Generally speaking our memory, three main types of memory; like any other part of us, works “I’ve never tried to block out the sensory, short and long term. best when we have plenty of memories of the past, even though some sleep and exercise and when we are painful. I don’t understand people Sensory memory - which some are not stressed. But it is also who hide from their past. Everything regard as part of the process of important to make time for you live through makes you the person perception, stores the information friends and fun, laughter is you are.” taken in by our senses but only indeed good for the brain and Sophia Loren briefly – for a maximum time of a memory. couple of seconds. Certain foods are thought to benefit memory, omega 3 Short term memory - also stores the information from our foods, eg oily fish, fruit and vegetables high in senses, again for just a short time, but only for a few dozen antioxidants (often the brightly coloured items like seconds, the nice coat we notice someone is wearing or a mango, broccoli etc) and even green tea. But we also need name we are given, will disappear again very quickly to exercise our brain and memory so keep trying things unless we make a conscious effort to remember the that are new, fun and challenging – a pub quiz for example information. And short term memory can only store about or learning some words in a new language before you go seven items, so things we need to remember need to be on holiday. stored in our long term memory. Long term memory - is where we store all the important information we need, where we live, facts about the world or friends names, how to get to work or make an omelette and all those other significant things that have happened in our lives. The capacity of the long term memory seems unlimited but is not infallible and generally speaking our memory becomes more unreliable as we get older. “No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.” Abraham Lincoln

Having stored memories, when we need the information - especially if it is not information we use every day - we need to recall or retrieve the memory. We probably all have experience of that ‘tip of the tongue’ moment, we know that we know, but it takes a few moments to actually get the information. What is happening is that the memory is revisiting the nerve pathways that were formed when ‘encoding’ that particular memory. As with lots of other skills we can practise using our memories and this tends to improve it. We can probably all remember the game where we put several random items on a tray, cover it, secretly remove one or more then

“An education isn't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don't.” Anatole France

For more information and help with any aspect of study, revision, exams or life coaching:

07921 193479 39

Food & Drink

Affinity Magazine August 2012_Layout 1 copy 20/07/2012 07:15 Page 38

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With a quick homemade pesto, this asparagus and potato salad has bags of flavour. Roasted tomatoes, garlic and a little balsamic vinegar are all the flavours you will need to finish off this summery dish.

Asparagus, Pesto and Potato Salad

The perfect Bottle McGuigan Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Sauvignon Blanc grapes from our finest vineyards are blended together to create a fresh, crisp, vibrant white wine packed with zesty citrus and luscious gooseberry fruit flavours. £10.99 Sainsburys


250g cherry tomatoes halved 1 tsp sugar 2 cloves garlic crushed 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 2 bundles asparagus 500g new potatoes Salt and pepper for seasoning


Small handful fresh mint leaves 1 handful rocket 30g walnuts 1/2 clove garlic 50ml olive oil, or enough to loosen the pesto 30g Parmesan grated Lemon juice to taste

Banrock Station Pink Moscato Australian Wine Enjoy fresh melon and sweet floral aromas with this light fruity wine. Sweet, refreshing, lightly spritzed £5.49 Sainsburys


Halve the cherry tomatoes and place on a baking tray. Add garlic, sugar and balsamic vinegar and cook at 160°C/Gas Mark 3 for 1 hour. Remove from oven. Turn oven up to 200°C/Gas Mark 6. Trim the ends of the asparagus and place on a roasting tray, drizzle with some oil, season and roast in oven for 6-8 minutes. Meanwhile boil the halved new potatoes until cooked through, drain and set aside. Add the mint to a blender along with the rocket, walnuts and garlic, drizzle in the oil whilst blending until you have a loose consistency. Add the grated Parmesan cheese and season with salt and pepper and lemon juice to taste.

Kumala Zenith Red A juicy, smooth full-bodied red wine, with red berry fruit, ripe plums and a hint of spice on the rich, lingering finish. £9.99 Sainsburys

Dress the asparagus spears and potatoes with the pesto and scatter over some of the roasted cherry tomatoes. Serve alongside some BBQ steaks or chicken for a delicious summer dinner.



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White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Makes 8 Individual moulds or 1 round cake tin Ingredients (serves 8) 200g Digestive biscuits 125g Unsalted butter 1 Pint of Double cream 200g White chocolate 200g Dark chocolate 500g Mascarpone 5 leaves of gelatine

• Break digestives in a food processor or large mixing bowl and add the melted butter. (Set the mix into individual moulds or one large round tin) • Melt 200g of white chocolate to ½ pint of the cream on a low flame. When chocolate has melted add half the gelatine leaves (that have all been soaking in cold water prior to making the biscuit mix) whisk until dissolved. Add half of the mascarpone and fold. • Pour the mix into individual moulds or large tin. Repeat the process for the dark chocolate once the white half has set firmly to touch.


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Made with an authentic Italian recipe Pizzas from as little as £6.30

Buy 1 get 1 FREE (On our pizza selection)

With FREE Delivery

*BOGOF on all Pizza’s (Cheapest free) **BOGOF does not include Garlic Bread Pizza After 5pm Mon - Sat only Free delivery within a 5 mile radius of Bromham minimum £10 order Cash and cheques (guarantee card)

01234 824121 Molivers Lane Bromham Bedford MK40 8JT

Whatever you’re up to this season, our luxury chocolate will help you do it in style – delivered as gifts by post or handed over in person

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Bengal Brasserie


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engal Brasserie is situated on The Broadway in the middle of Bedford. It is an Indian restaurant that brings a new concept in culinary fare; it is traditional yet modern, authentic yet innovative. We were made to feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as we arrived, and were shown to our table, where we perused the menu over appetisers of poppadums, and a selection of chutneys and pickles, I could have had these to eat all night they were delicious. All dishes on the menu are freshly made to order, I chose off the menu, but my husband, David, decided to let the chef choose the dishes for him. Tenga Mitta (an absolutely delicious mix of chicken, mushroom, green peppers and onions wrapped in thin bread), the flavours all blended together to create a sweet and sour taste in my mouth, this dish was perfect for me as I am not keen on anything too spicy. Chef’s choice for David was Naga Mirch (spiced and marinated chicken with herbs, stuffed in green capsicum and roasted in the tandori) this presented a multitude of flavours that had a slight kick to it and was truly mouth-watering. Main courses were equally tasty Salmon Mossala (the menu has an unexpected variety of sea food dishes) with Bengal special rice. The salmon was exquisitely tender, the sauce deliciously sweet and creamy. Citrus Duck (Duck confit cooked with fresh herbs, lemon and lime zest tossed in an iron wok and served with a sweet and sour orange sauce) served with vegetable rice, Bombay potatoes and peshwari naan was the other dish, a generous piece of duck that was cooked to perfection and just fell off the bone, it had a refreshing zesty taste that complimented the Bombay potatoes and rice perfectly. I resisted dessert as I couldn’t move, but David gave into temptation and tried the Fantasica, a cooling vanilla and hazelnut ice-cream on a crispy chocolate base, ideal to finish off a delicious meal. Bengal Brasserie is open seven days a week, and also has a takeaway option available. Their philosophy is “A subtle ambience, an exquisite atmosphere and mouth watering dishes all make for an unforgettable dining experience” and it certainly was!

Bengal Brasserie 01234 340888


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Ber nie Nolan stars in



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or the past two years singer and actress, Bernie Nolan, has been battling and recovering from breast cancer, but now she’s back and starring in the stage production of Chicago, which comes to Milton Keynes Theatre this September. She plays Mama Morton and says it is the "perfect way" to bring her back into the limelight. The past two years have been traumatic ones in her life, so she is understandably happy to be back on stage, although she remains philosophical about the challenges ahead.

The singer and actress, who scored a string of hits with The Nolans in the '70s and '80s, is no stranger to musicals - she's played in plenty since she first trod the boards and then played the West End in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers in the '80s. Bernie believes the role of Mama Morton is perfect for her, as it's not too taxing. "We've been touring now about six months," she explains. "Luckily Mama Morton is not a big physical role. It's pivotal to the story but I don't do any dancing. I sing two really good songs and of course there's the acting. It's perfect for me." I have two songs in the show - one solo ‘When You GoTo Mama’, which is the main song. Then I do a duet with Velma called ‘Class’." A nightclub singer, a double-murderess, a smooth-talking lawyer and a cell block of sin: what else do you need?

"I do feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders," she says, after being told she was in remission. "I’m very lucky in that my reaction to chemo was a good one. It was a relief to be told, but I still have to wait five years until I get the all clear, so I've just got to take it easy.” "It doesn't stop me working though and so far I'm feeling good. I had a mastectomy reconstruction and I'm feeling fine."

For the future there's plenty to look forward to for Bernie she will be playing The Wicked Fairy in Sleeping Beauty in Eastbourne this Christmas, while there's every chance the UK will be in the mood for dancing when The Nolans reunite for one last tour.

"I’ve always been very optimistic about life but this makes me live for each day even more – I look to the future and not the past and don't dwell on things."

"We did a massive reunion tour in 2009 which was fantastic," she says. "We all had such a great time. We're now talking about doing another tour next year. We're not sure when, it's all being discussed at the moment. "It was such a fun family affair," she adds. "My husband (Steve) played drums, Coleen's husband played guitar, while her two sons supported us.

Now it's Bob Fosse's stylish Prohibition-era production Chicago that's occupying her. Based on real life events back in the roaring 1920s, nightclub singer Roxie Hart shoots her lover and along with cell block rival, double-murderess Velma Kelly, they fight to keep from death row with the help of smooth talking lawyer, Billy Flynn.

"Last time we had so many people saying to us 'oh please do another one'. So we're going to do one last absolutely final farewell tour and then that's it."

“How could I say no to Chicago?” she asks with a laugh. “It’s got all that great music and dancing and I just adore it.” "It's a great role, but I do play her differently to what a lot of people expect," she explains. "People who have played her previously have been really big women, whereas I'm small and quite slight.

Milton Keynes Theatre Mon 10th – Sat 15th September 47

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footie corner


he start of the season is upon us. Every chairman, manager, player and supporter hopes and prays that this is going to be their year for success. The transfer window closes at the end of August and with the season starting on the 18th, there will be plenty of last minute transfers as teams begin the campaign and no doubt the fees will escalate through the panic.

In League Two, the favourites for promotion will be Rotherham United performing in their superb new stadium for the first time following a summer of recruitment from their boss Steve Evans with over 10 players joining the club. I think they will have strong competition from Chesterfield and it will be an exciting division.

The Premier League dominates this with money-bags Manchester City winning the league in the very last seconds of last term. What a fantastic climax to the Premier League that was. They will be very confident of repeating that success and obtaining back to back titles, but obviously Manchester United will be just as determined to win back their championship along with Chelsea, who are splashing the cash once again in their attempts to win some silverware.

In the Blue Square Premier League, I am hoping that Luton Town finally get promoted to the Football League after a few years’ of disappointment in the play-offs. Whoever you support, it is another fantastic season ahead of us with lots of twists and turns, lots of exciting football so sit back, and watch the rocket take off.!

I can’t see anyone else winning the Premier League than one of the aforementioned trio. I think it will be another close encounter with the same result as last year, City pipping United with Chelsea just behind. In the Championship, it is most probably the strongest league ever. With Bolton Wanderers, Blackburn Rovers and Wolverhampton Wanderers coming down from the Premier League, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if two out of the three yo-yoed straight back to the top division, although there will be plenty of other teams with the ambition of getting into the Premier League, particularly Leeds United, Brighton and Blackpool, who narrowly missed out last term. Blackpool were so unlucky in the play-off final against West Ham United because they were the better team on the day. Ian Holloway will be hoping for another miraculous return to the Premier League on one of the smallest budgets in the Championship. We at Peterborough worked a miracle in retaining our Championship status last term and we don’t kid ourselves, it will take another miracle to stay in this division once again. However, we have invested a couple of million pounds worth of talent in the squad, so hopefully that will help us prove everybody wrong as we are the bookies favourites for the drop! In League One, it will be very competitive once again with Sheffield United and Milton Keynes Dons trying to bounce back from play-off heartache. They will be the main contenders for automatic promotion.

Barry Fry 48

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Italian Design comes to Bedford G

ROWING up in Bedford was, and is to this day a bit like growing up in a small part of Italy. Not withstanding the obvious fact that it’s a town somehow and peculiarly located in the centre of the British Isles. Fashion is one thing that keeps the Italians at the forefront of style and all things chic. Brands such as Gucci, Armani, Prada and D&G are forever pushing boundaries and they help to drive fashion the world over. For my part I’ve always loved fashion and pursued a style all of my own which has always had a strong Italian influence. I’ve always loved that classic Italian look from the 50s and 60s and appreciate the good quality, good fit and good style that made it such an iconic period in our history. I think it’s fair to say that I’ve lived a colourful life so far, with experiences as varied and extreme as acting, which included a role as an extra in Eastenders, to a film ‘double’ for 007 Pierce Brosnan, along with a brief spell as a boxer. It was during a trip to Tunisia last year acting as a bodyguard to a dear friend of mine that I first came into real contact with the world of fashion and garment manufacturing. Today Tunisia serves as a fast and efficient

manufacturing hub that supports the Italian fashion industry with its strong and cost effective manufacturing work force. With all this info buzzing around in my head and with a new business partner who already has a well respected reputation making garments for the high end Italian fashion industry in a state-of-the-art factory I decided to launch ‘Conte di Savoia Clothing’. Before making the selection for our range and styles of clothing I felt a good indication would be to wear the garments along with some accessories. Important for me was feedback from friends and people in general commenting on my look. Just hearing: “Love your trousers” or “Where do you buy your shirts?” spoke volumes for me and helped finalise the range of clothing and accessories we offer. High end, but affordable designer clothing that matches the quality and style of the biggest fashion brands. We have achieved a unique blend of Italian and English fashion and made it accessible to all! All our shirts are completely exclusive to us in both quantity and design, as they are made from remaining fabric used to cut and make the top designer shirts. If you would like an individual look, wearing your shirt knowing that it’s a one off, we here at ‘Conte di Savoia’ can offer you this experience at very affordable prices.



(0'! 0) ' (&#'! , %# ' +"#(' +#!' * : * ' + # /: 2#%% +#!'#'! : #', * '! : ( +"#*,+5 ,*(0+ *+ ' ++( # , ++(*# +7 ' #&)(*, ', +#!' )* 1# 2 #+ + " 0% ,( , $ )% 2#," ," 4(0'! , %# ' +#!' * #' : #% ': , %48+ +-(' ( +"#('7 + * +0%, ' #' %% ," * % ',% ++ )0*+0#, ( ," ' 3, " ), * ( %(,"#'! 3 %% ' : : 2#%% %(+ *(&6 >C,"9?<," ( 0%47 ?>


' 5

+,% 0 45 (* @< ? <=>?@ D?<B<A 2227 (', #+ 1(# %(,"#'!7 (&

#&#, - +5

,( & +0* *(& ;?A< +#!' * *# (.(' +"#*,+5 +)($ +#%$ '' % ,*(0+ *+5 (.(' (* + ' "#'(+7 ((% ' +"& * &#3 $'#,2 *7

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Surfâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up !



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"'% !

"$) !


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Advancing People will be holding regular Open Days throughout the month of August where our recruitment consultants will provide you with: t t t t t

CV writing tips Interview guidance Careers advice Knowledge of local job market Free government funded training subject to eligibility

“Just wanted to thank yourself and Advancing people for all your help and support in finding me a job in my new career. I'm pleased to say without your help I don't think I would have found such a role suited to my expectations in all areas. I'm pleased to say I have already recommended yourself to colleagues seeking new roles and will keep doing so, I believe you've also already placed them to interview stages (excellent service). Many thanks for all your time and effort!” Stuart Candidate placed in a new role July 2012

“Working with a recruitment company that actually listens has been a refreshing change. Ensuring an efficient working relationship by listening to the needs of the business and communicating in a format that suits my role has lead me to recommending Advancing People's services to colleagues within similar fields across the UK. These little details make all the difference in effective working.” Human Resources Manager Leading European Interiors Manufacturer

Advancing People Ltd 01234 268012

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of the Month

Dominic Quirke Age: 35 yrs young Occupation: Founding Director of Advancing People and Advancing Property Resides: Bedford - Born and Bred Describe yourself in three words? Entrepreneurial – Driven - Quirkey

With just Mrs Q it can be anywhere overnight as we are not fussy if we can get babysitters!

What makes you stand out in a crowd? My Personality, the fact I never really stop selling and my hair when I decide to spike it and it hasn’t been cut for a while…

You can’t leave the house without? My clothes, shoes, car keys, locking the door, my Blackberry, at least one of the kids and bank cards… (in that order)

Your top three movies? Casino Royale for action – Pulp Fiction for plot – Star Wars for nostalgia

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Hopefully respected for what I have achieved, in good health and have been able to give back to my local community whilst building the businesses and supporting my family. An Aston Martin sitting on the drive would be nice too…

What do you do to relax? This rarely happens but some chilled Pinot Grigio, Chinese take away and some FIFA 2012 on the X-Box with Mrs Q in the mix too. Even rarer could be a few beers down the pub with the boys on a Friday evening…

Which three people dead or alive would you invite to a dinner party and why? God as I have quite a few questions for him/ her and will be interesting to see if he/ she turns up!

Your most extravagant purchase and why? Probably my flight for a recent boys trip to Las Vegas for 4 nights as I was due to go 2 years previously but we were expecting our 3rd child Oscar at that time so had to delay the trip. (There were plenty of other things Mrs Q would have spent the money on!)

James Caan as he is pretty much the ultimate person to talk recruitment and business with in my opinion, and Mrs Q likes his voice so would get to meet him when he came round.

If you could be anyone or anything what would it be? Great question! I always wanted to be a lawyer when I was young as they made lots of money, then I realised I would have to study for too long and, therefore, went into Estate Agency for 6 years and now Recruitment for 10 years and I love what I do. If I was someone that had the ability to read people’s thoughts and win the Euro millions that would be pretty good too…

Yoda for sheer amusement, one liners and wisdom.

Describe your ideal woman? Is this a trick question?

Saturday night you can be found where? Ushering the kids up to bed as near to 7pm as possible and either recovering from a Friday night out with the boys (if I have been out) or usually on Facebook whilst drinking some Pinot Grigio and doing a bad job of listening and responding to Mrs Q - who struggles to get my attention from me and my Blackberry most of the time – you know I Love You Mrs Q x

What makes you happy? Providing for my wife Becky, my kids Gracie, Harrison and Oscar, finding people life changing jobs and properties, whilst reaching my goals and building a great team of people at Advancing People and Advancing Property.

Best holiday destination and why? With the boys in Vegas as there is nowhere like it. With the family it will have to be Disney World in Florida to see the kids faces and to eat the amazing food in the USA (having lost a couple of stone first in preparation)



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Flower Power

Cherry Cushion Green and Blue ÂŁ31.95

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Vintage Pinks Wallpaper £49 Per Roll Nordal Sand Velvet Bird Cushion £25

Arabella Antique Rose Cushion £38

Southwold Chair & Footstool £375 & £125

Paloma Floor Lamp £327

Hydrangea Embroidery Cushion £48 laura Ashley

Floral cushion £14 Next

Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson Cushion £28 Debenhams

PiP Studio Birds in Paradise Wallpaper £60 a roll

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Metallic Anenomes £20

Savoy Armchair £495

Debenhams Wallpaper

Red Tulips Set Of 3 Canvas £80 Alium in Purple Bottle £8 Sainsburys Home

Cornelia Plum Jug £32

Agapanthus Bone China Tableware £9.50 - £17.90

Floral Garden Furniture £3.99 - £29.99

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C&B Home and Garden Maintenance

One off jobs to regular maintenance

The Lady Gardener Garden Design and Landscaping Country and Cottage Garden Specialist Restoration and Planting Schemes

For all your home and garden needs

Maintenance - Regular or Occasional Experienced, Knowledgeable and Reliable

For a friendly reliable service and a free quote give us a call on 07531 491019

Alison Wallbank 01234 782383 07795 246558

Veda Therapeutics Carolyn wood Herbal Medicine - Ayuverda Naturopathy - Therapeutic Massage - Ear Acupuncture

Herbalist (Dip Herb) Naturopath (Dip ND) MAMH, MANP, ITEC

As a herbalist and naturopath I can help you with • Immunity • Skin Conditions • Digestive Complaints • Hormonal imbalances • Heart health & Circulation • Energy & Wellbeing • Insomnia • Depression • Other chronic health conditions • Acute coughs & colds

07944 886502

We are seeking a highly motivated advertising telesales executive to join our already dynamic team. Have you got what it takes?

Call Jane on: 01234 215523 07809 499669

Conservation Restoration Preservation


Specialist Roofing Contractor

“Traditional plumber’s modern solutions”

Plumbing, heating, gas, solar hot water, gas boiler servicing and repair

01234 721565 / 07969423265

Free Quotation Friendly team Skilled Tradesmen

T: 01234 823 367 E:

All Types of Roofing Materials Unit A, Firs Farm, Stagsden West End, Beds MK43 8TB

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G. Butler

Loft and Garage Conversion Specialist We will provide a service from planning to completion █ █ █ █ █ █

Over 23 years experience Free quotes Professional advice Design, planning & construction available All work fully insured Local business

01234 327205 07801 880557 The space above your head is the room you have always dreamed of

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Hipnic Picnic Rucksack £49.95

Maxwell & Williams Insulated Basket £25 Sandstone Bell Tent £439

Bon-fire Set £319.99

Ladybird Play With Us Mug £8.95

Collapsible Bucket £19.95

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Pakhuis Oost Pitcher 4 Cups£6.50

Bird Song Camping Set £29

Glamp it up Deluxe Bell Tent Range £399

Garden Pavilion £240 £5 - £50

Globe Rope Lantern £49.95

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Bedford Wheels for friendly professional advice with competitive prices The price we quote is the price you pay!

Vehicle Servicing - Cars and Commercial Vehicles

∙ We are the main stockist for all leading manufacturers of motorcycle tyres

∙ Specialists in High Performance Car Tyres ∙ Established 16 years ∙ Genuine Vehicle Service Parts Used (Maintaining Warranty) ∙ Courtesy Cars Available ∙ Car Collection & Delivery

Use our Drive-In-While-U-Wait Motorcycle Tyre Fitting service!

∙ Bedford Wheels carries out full and interim servicing by professional, well trained technicians

Mon - Fri 8-5.30 Sat 8-1

56 College Street Kempston Bedford MK42 8LU Tel: 01234 216662 Facsimile: 01234 400047 Bedford Wheels for Vehicle Servicing & Tyres, Technology you can Lean on! ∙ MOT Repairs Carried Out

Simply Tree Services We are fully insured and all work undertaken is carried out with respect for you and your property.

Pruning Crown Lifting Crown Reduction Tree Removal Crown Thinning Sectional Dismantling Stump Grinding Hedge Work Garden Clearance

Please call for a Free quote

100% Recycle

Tel: 01234 330796 Mob: 07866 554673

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Windows, Doors and Conservatories

Over 35 years of experience in the window business Hundreds of satisďŹ ed customers

We have built an enviable reputation for quality products and customer satisfaction. Traditional or contemporary, the choice is yours. Visit Our Showroom Today, Your Home Will Thank You Apollo House, Aston Road, Bedford MK42 0LJ

T: 01234 400500 F: 01234 400501 E:

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Life Eco

“Help to preserve the fresh air, water and wildlife with these eco friendly outdoor living products”

7 x Paper Lanterns £9.50

Lunch Bag In Paisley Rose Design £4.95 Birchwood Disposable Cutlery

Delicous Ice Cream Bag £12.95

La Petite Rose Recycled Foil-lined Lunch Bag - £4.95

Burghley Picnic Hamper £89.95

100% Organic Cotton Table Runner & Napkins £40


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Affinity Gardening in August


s I write this article in July I’m keeping my fingers crossed that August will bring plenty of sunshine to help us forget the dreadful weather we had from April to June. Children are enjoying their summer holidays – hopefully playing outside and expending plenty of energy – if you have little ones you can do a few garden jobs whilst they are occupied and within sight. My mother was an inveterate gardener , usually in the garden well before the rest of the family was awake, and often out there until dusk. Though I didn’t realise it at the time much of my gardening inspiration and knowledge came from her.

untidy and past their best. Cut almost to the ground. Most will start to form new leaves within a few days and certain varieties will flower again in late summer/early autumn. Stake tall or top heavy dahlias and lilies to prevent them from collapsing under the weight of the flowers.

August is a month for harvesting in the fruit and vegetable garden. Tomatoes, spinach and all kinds of beans and salad leaves are ready to eat. Mid to late season raspberries are in full swing – it’s a great feeling to go outside pick a bowlful of your own home grown produce – and fun for children to help out too. If space allows why not let them have their own little patch to grow a few easy crops like There’s plenty to do in the tomatoes, lettuce and marigolds – garden this month. Patio geranium psilostemon it’s not too late to grow salad crops containers need frequent watering. Nowadays most and you could inspire a future gardener in the family! container composts contain plenty of nutrients and even water retaining gel so that you don’t have to water so My recommended plant for this month is the dahlia. It’s often. If the top layer of compost feels dry to the touch one of those flowers that comes in and out of fashion and then give it a watering. at the moment it’s in! As with roses, there are a myriad of different colours and styles to choose from, whether big Keep on deadheading perennials and, if you haven’t and blousy or more subtle varieties. When other already done so, cut back the last of the spring and early perennials are past their best the dahlia springs forth, and summer flowering plants like dicentra, aquilegia and if you keep on top of the deadheading, will reward you h a r d y with flowers until the first frosts. My particular favourite geraniums is Bishop of Llandaff, an old established variety, which that has purplish bronze feathery foliage and bright scarlet a r e single flowers on tall stems reaching a height of 2 – 3 feet. now This particular dahlia makes a wonderful splash of colour in the flower border.

Affinity loves.....

August tips.... ᴥ Keep deadheading perennials and summer bedding to prolong their flowering period – it really does make a difference. ᴥ Lift and divide iris. Doing this now allows the plants to take root before the cold weather starts. Ice shot glasses 12 pack Forget drinks with ice in them - how about some ice with drinks in them £7.99 Alison Wallbank The Lady Gardener 01234 782383 or 07795 246558

ᴥ Clip evergreen hedges to allow them time to recover before the first frosts. ᴥ Make sure greenhouse plants are well shaded on hot days. Damp down the floor every morning to increase humidity and this also helps to discourage red spider mite. ᴥ Pick summer fruit to make pies, jams or simply freeze and use at a later date.


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Cross Stitch


ross stitch is one of the most widespread forms of needlecraft. It seems to be unknown exactly where it originated, but it has been popular in Europe for at least three hundred years and possibly longer. It is well-known in the Middle East and, of course, it is also a popular craft in most countries which were settled by Europeans, including the United States. Originally, in Europe, cross stitch was only used to embellish other pieces of textile work such as doilies and table cloths, and it is still used for this purpose today. However, it is now used to create artwork in its own right and this is perhaps the most widespread use in the 21st century. Many houses have a framed crossstitch sampler or fully-stitched picture on the wall! Modern cross stitch is created using a particular fabric called aida, and is usually stitched using mercerised cotton thread consisting of six loosely-wound strands.

A huge range of colours and shades of embroidery cotton are available from a number of manufacturers, the two biggest being DMC and Anchor. Aida cloth is used for “counted” cross stitch, because it has divisions across it in both directions which allow the artist to stitch without measuring, forming a kind of mesh. Aida cloth comes in various stitch “counts”, usually ranging from 7 stitches to 28 stitches to the inch, and it is possible to get even finer gradations. For the beginner, a kit is probably the best way to learn to cross stitch. Most threadcraft shops will have at least some cross stitch kits. Others will have a wide variety of kits and printed aida sheets. Printed sheets have the “picture” the cross stitcher will create printed on them in approximately the finished colour and a list of the colours required printed on the margin. The results can be stunning. Why not have a go?

Cross Stitch! We have a good range of Cross Stitch Kits in Stock from simple kits for beginners to large, elegant works of art If you are looking for something different you are sure to find a special gift at Country Complements. Personally Sewn Textiles - Porcelain decorated with baskets of delicate pink roses - Organic Toiletries - a variety of beautiful Jewellery, Scarves, Handbags and much, much more!

Opening Hours Tues - Thur 9am - 5pm Fri 9am - 6pm - Sat 9am - 3pm


Why not try it? Come In and Browse Through Our Stock!

TudorRose Patchwork Your LOCAL Threadcraft Hobby Shop!

Present this Magazine and get Phone 01234 824983 10% off your next Purchase!* *Cannot be used with other offers

Station Road, Oakley MK43 7RB

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% #

)!&# # # %$ $ ! " #! # % #$ "% "$%! %% # ( " #$!

( % %! $ )!&# !( " %$ %! #& ( !# "& # ( % ! $ ,% ' %! &$% )!&# " %$ )!& # % ' ( % + " #$! $ )!&# % # !&%-% "# * $ ( ( # !# % $ ) )!& &$% ( # )!&# !# !% $ !# )!&# $ !#%$ !' # )!&# %#!&$ #$ + )% ! $ *1) %&* !+)* - #" ) +( % * .%* (* % &##&. % (#.

, +% ) & % (

. (&$ '$ *& '$ *& " ' * # %* , % % *& # ( *

( )* & * ( * .

$ #.

& &$ &% +.) * %* ( % % ( ) % $&% . &( * ) -&(* - # +) ) &, ( $ % - ## %&) - * $ # )' % ( , (. . ( % *& & &+( * % * * %)* * ) ( +# ) ) ) % *& %&* &%#. #' * $ % * +* #)& * ( $ # ) % * ()* *-& . () , ( ) %* )* / &( ( % ( 0 --- &( % ( &( +" 0 )& %-* * #' & &+( -&% ( +# ' (* ' %*) % #' () # * +) *& * ) $&+%*

!( ! )!&# %#) !# #! ((( " # )!&#" %$ ! !# " # )!&#" %$ !% !& ))





% *.$


& +"



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News Shoes No

‘Take off your flip flops, turn off your phone, kickback and relax’.


There is an amazing diversity of marine life, with live coral reefs and over 2000 species of fish including reef sharks, moray eels and rays. Shoals of unbelievably colourful fish swim around you completely unfazed by your presence. I was privileged to see a turtle meander past and follow the most amazing 15 feet long whale shark ... which is neither shark nor whale but a fish! Of the islands I visited each one had a character of its own.

onsisting of approximately 1190 Coral Islands spread over 90,000 square km of the Indian Ocean The Maldives is one of the most unique destinations in the World... which I was lucky enough to visit last month . I saw five very different Islands, took six seaplanes and two speedboat transfers in five days and I learnt much more than I expected to. The Maldives has long been considered the perfect honeymoon destination and it’s easy to see why, with talcum powder white sand beaches, turquoise blue seas, days spent lazing and evenings enjoying the romance of twinkling lights and clear starlit skies. Whilst it is fair to say that some islands actively discourage children, I was surprised at the wonderful facilities offered on the family friendly resorts I visited. Kids clubs tailor their activities to the nature of the islands and children are encouraged to ‘find nemo’ and learn about the Coral Reef. I hadn’t really considered it as a family holiday destination before.

The family friendly all inclusive Centara Grand Resort offers 2 bedroom beach villas & family water bungalows, painted white with brightly coloured soft furnishings. The turquoise lagoon houses kayaks, windsurfers and sailing dinghies and a sunken shipwreck can be explored for extraordinary snorkelling and diving. The rebranded Lux Island Resort will be known to many as Whitesands or Diva and offers world class facilities. Some innovative ideas including pop-up dining venues and surprises which are hidden around the island for you to find, including fresh coconut stands and complimentary cooling soft drinks on secluded beaches, certainly a refreshing approach to the beach holiday.

Renowned for its incredible diving opportunities and some of the top dive sites in the world most islands host their own House Reef and offer Dive Centres with expert tuition. The crystal clear water and shallow lagoons are perfect for snorkelling, while the reef walls offer a kaleidoscope of sea life for more experienced divers.

The incredible Kanuhura Resort has a butler with each villa and a General Manager who is a Michelin Star Chef


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so takes particular interest in the cuisine. It has its own private uninhabited island where secluded dinners can be taken. With the widest beach and double day beds, it’s probably the most romantic place I have ever seen. The internationally renowned Dusit Thani Luxury Hotel chain is going through a ‘soft’ opening and boasts the largest infinity swimming pool in The Maldives. Whilst it is fair to say there are a few teething problems with the villas, there is plenty of time to put these right before the official opening later this year, when I am sure the resort will quickly become a very sought after destination. Many guests like to stay in over-water villas and will pay a supplement for these luxurious rooms on stilts, but one of the most stunning rooms I had was the standard beach bungalow at Coco Palm Bodu Hithi Resort. A huge bedroom complete with double jacuzzi bath, doors to a white sand beach on one side and a private swimming pool on the other. Simply stunning. Direct flights with BA from Gatwick conveniently departing on Sunday evening, perfect for honeymooners, arriving the next morning ready for a seaplane or speedboat transfer to your chosen island. The daytime flight home allows you to have breakfast in The Maldives and be home in time for dinner in Call Sue Alexander of EagleTravel

Bedford! With only 4 or 5 hours time difference jetlag is minimal. Some of the closest islands to the capital Male are reached by speedboat, a refreshing way to reach your destination after the flight, those further away are reached by seaplane and whilst hot & stuffy onboard, the aerial view of the Coral Atolls is awe-inspiring. I learnt that some Resorts are close to the capital and the city skyline with its factories, and can be seen from even the most exclusive. I now know how far you need to travel by speedboat before the city is out of sight and the paradise island feel is regained. I can appreciate that this destination is not for everyone; many of the islands are less than a mile long and a few hundred yards wide, 3 feet above sea level and can be walked around in 10 minutes. The Maldives is by far the lowest country on earth, so the more intrepid explorer or mountaineer may find this too restricting for an entire holiday, but what about a few days’ pampered relaxation after a safari in Sri Lanka or a tour in India? Having worked in travel for over 32 years I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively to many fascinating destinations but nothing prepared me for the beauty of these islands and the barefoot luxury of the Maldives! 01234 348882

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Bedforshires Premiere Lifestyle Magazine

......everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reading it! If you would like your business to be included in Affinity reaching an audience of over 55,000 then call us today on

01234 215 523 Be Part of an Established Brand

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LUXURY MALDIVES Book with the luxury travel experts and enjoy bespoke advice, tailor-made travel and excellent value.

ALL INCLUSIVE ANGSANA IHURU 7 nights from £2,825 per person

SAVE £600 per couple Based on two sharing a Beachfront Villa, including British Airways flights, speedboat transfers and one free night. Valid for travel until 31 October 2012. Book by 20 October 2012.

Eagle Travel 11 Goldington Road, Bedford, MK40 3JY Telephone: 01234 348882

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Maserati GranCabrio


GranTurismo, substantial chunks of the GranCabrio are new.

magine the fantasy of driving a luxury convertible on a sun-drenched winding road leading to a chic Mediterranean hotel...

Much of its structure has been substantially reinforced to compensate for its execution, while all bodywork of the doors has been artfully sculpted to accommodate the hood and a pair of pop-up roll-over bars.

The film rolling in your head will probably involve you and a partner, or you alone and almost certainly won't feature anyone on your fantasy wheels' back seat.

Inside the GranCabrio boasts a combination of elegance and sportiness. All the materials are in leather and wood and the drivers controls are located to give a feeling of total command. The major dynamic functions are controlled by switches on the driver’s side, whilst the most commonly used multimedia controls can be operated via buttons on the steering wheel.

But the reality is that plenty of us need the convenience of multiple seats, even when living the dream, which is why Maserati's strategy is always to sell glamorous cars with room for four, and quite generous room at that. So the GranCabrio, a soft-top version of the GranTurismo coupé, has four seats and enough space around them to declare the back pair genuinely comfortable.

At the heart of all this is the glorious 4.7 litre V8 engine, delivering 434 bhp. It means the car can sprint from 062 mph in just 5.3 seconds and will go on to a top speed of 175mph.

The biggest omission by far though is the absence of a decent cargo compartment. When you pop the lid for the first time, you won’t believe your eyes. The cubicle is 173 litres small and so oddly shaped that a bespoke luggage set is mandatory, and folding rear seats are not an option!

It becomes more vocal still should you stab a Sport button that opens a baffle in the exhaust, sharpens the throttle response, enlivens the slick-shifting automatic transmission and stiffens the dampers' resolve.

Despite this it is surely a beautiful car, with its svelte Pininfarina lines proportioned to perfection and crowned with an elegant fabric hood that unfolds to nothing in 28 seconds.

The Maserati GrandCabrio is indeed a car to behold. It has the ability to transport its occupants into the millionaire’s fantasy; it will get you from A to B like any other car the only difference is once you get to B you won’t want to stop!

Though instantly recognisable as a sister to the


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your guide to .........

What’s On August 2012

Sat 28th July Open Day Sanctuary, Bedford Free drinks and nibbles, £5 Tarot and Palm readings, Reiki, Massage, and more 11am - 4pm 59 Harpur street, Bedford

Foundation. Doors open 3.30pm, £2 for adults, under 16 years free. Sat 4th August Olney Vintage Fair Some of your favourite vintage stalls selling original homewares, textiles, ephemera, costume jewellery and clothing from the 30s-60s. There will also be a well crafted handmade items and gifts, created from vintage fabrics or inspired by original vintage designs. As usual there will be an ’old style’ tea-shop selling homemade cakes and the period music from the 20s-50s will add to the vintage ambience. 11am – 4pm

Mon 30th July – Thurs 2nd August Stagedoor Summer School Following last Summer’s very popular summer school we are delighted to offer once again four fantastic days which give young people the opportunity to build social skills and creativity at the same time as developing drama and theatre techniques. Gain confidence whether you are a beginner or a seasoned performer with lively sessions. There will be the opportunity to share your experiences with family and friends in a special one-off showcase at the end. 10am-3.30pm on each of the four days £85 01908 324422 Stantonbury Campus Theatre, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK14 6BN

Fri 10th August Grease Tribute Night Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa Join Danny, Sandy, Kenickie and Rizzo on a trip back to 1959 at Rydell High School for a great night's entertainment with audience participation, top quality vocals and authentic costumes. Our four-piece Grease tribute act will entertain you with this fun packed energetic show, which comprises of all the hit songs from the movie and more. From just £49 per person 7.30pm – 12.30am 0845 400 0003

Weds 1st August MK Play Day, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes Come and join in the fun and play at MK Play Day. There will be lots of games and activities including woodland play, craft, wetplay, pond dipping, bug hunting, storytelling, musicial fun and much more! Join us after playday to welcome Godiva into the park. 11am - 4.30pm Thurs 2nd August Inflatable Fun Day - Free Event! Burn off some energy after watching the Olympics at our Inflatable Fun Day in Market Square. Come and see if you can conquer the bungee run, take the bouncy castle by storm, bounce in our dome, and zoom down the mega slide. There is also free face painting. All activities run from 11am until 3pm, weather permitting. Please note some activities may change depending on the weather. Market Square, Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP20 2SP

Sat 11th - Sun 12th August The Knebworth Country Show, Knebworth House 10am - 5pm There is something for everyone, from Horkesley Park’s Heavy Horse Demonstration Team, The Goat Show featuring milking and cheese-making, children’s farm and Totally Ponies where your little ones can groom, tack up and walk our very own miniature ponies, Birds of Prey and Falconry display teams, ferret racing, Polly’s Parrots, traditional Punch and Judy shows, have-a-go Totally Terriers display team, as well as Knights of Honour battle re-enactments and medieval village and Fighting Knights Admission £8 or Family ticket (4 people) £ 28

Sat 4th August Cople Music Festival Proms in the playing field . Bands, Hog Roast, BBQ, Bars. Grand finale of ’Proms’ music. Bring your chairs, blankets and flags. Charity for 2012 British Heart

Fri 17th August 2012 Drive In – Cars, Campbell Park, Milton Keynes Drive In cinema is back for a second year. Our family Drive in film this year is Pixar's family favourite Cars. A hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen gets


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waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family. Permits cost just £10 per car Film starts at 3pm; Gates open at 2pm Fri 17th August Abba Tribute Night Whittlebury Hall Hotel and spa Let your hair down, come and dance the evening away at our ABBA fun-filled themed night! You’ll find your feet tapping along to familiar hits such as Dancing Queen, MAMMA MIA!, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Take a Chance, The Name of the Game, GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!, Super Trouper, Thank You For The Music and many more. From just £49 per person 7.30pm – 12.30am 0845 400 0003 Sat 18th August The Original Flying Proms Orchestral concert with the National Symphony Orchestra plus guest soprano, with vintage aircraft from the Shuttleworth Collection overhead, ending with a fantastic Firework Finale, concert includes entry to the Swiss Garden and the Bird of Prey Centre Doors open at 10am and the concert starts at 7pm so spend the whole day and see all of the attractions at Old Warden Park. There is extensive FREE parking on site and the site is fully accesible for disabled people. or 01767 627927 Sat 18th – Sun 19th August Sandy & District Horticultural Show Sat: 1.30pm – 5pm Sun: 11am – 4pm Rabbits On Show - Bring your rabbit along for care advice. R.N.L.I stand, wood turning, plant stall, face painting, balloon painting, vintage car display and much more. Sun 19th August Flaxbourne Farm - Open Garden for NGS Beautiful and entertaining fun garden of 3 acres, lovingly developed with numerous water features, windmill, modern arches and bridges, small moated castle, lily pond, herbaceous borders, Greek temple ruin. Recently established three way bridge, planted up with Japanese acers, tree ferns, echiums, bananas and zinnia creating a tropical garden full of the Wow Factor! New

for 2011 Japanese garden with fly-over walkway, inspirational woodland setting., crow’s nest, crocodiles, tree house with zip wire for children. Huge Roman stone arched gateway as recently featured in ITV’s This Morning programme and BBC One Show 01908 585329 Sun 19th August Country Fete, Sue Ryder, Moggerhanger Held in the grounds and field behind the hospice with steam engine rides, swing boats, trade stalls, BBQ, hog roast, cream teas and much more Sat 25th – Mon 27th August Twinwood Festival Twinwood Festival incorporates the Glenn Miller Festival of Swing, Jazz, Jive and Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is THE largest and best annual, vintage music, dance and fashion festival in the UK. With air displays, hangar dances, fashion shows, comedy shows, over 150 trade stalls, dance lessons & workshops, food and bars, museums, living history, classic vehicles, camping and more. With over 50 bands and ten venues within the festival site, there is always plenty of choice to suit all musical tastes. Max Raabe & The Palast Orchestra, John Miller & his Orchestra, and Si Cranstoun, are just a tiny sample of the exquisite selection of bands who will be performing in 2012. Adult Day tickets from just £24, Weekend tickets from just £65. Camping tickets from just £32. See website for details! Contact us for a FREE brochure. The event always sells out, so early booking essential. Tel: 01923 282725 Email: Sun 26th – Mon 27th August WWI: Wrest at War! Visit Wrest Park this bank holiday weekend and learn about the important role of the house and its owner during the Great War! Meet soldiers of the period and hear stories from the frontline. Plus see Wrest Park as it would have looked during the period, as a convalescent’s hospital, complete with visiting camel sent from a nearby menagerie to aid the soldiers’ recuperation. 11am-5pm Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire MK45 4HR

If you have an event you would like us to mention please email

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A quiet night in....... â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everyone wants to believe that endless love is possible. Sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d believed in it once, too, back when she was eighteen.â&#x20AC;?


HE BEST OF ME is the heart-rending story of two small-town former high school sweethearts from opposite sides of the tracks. Now middle-aged, they've taken wildly divergent paths, but neither has lived the life they imagined . . . and neither can forget the passionate first love that forever altered their world. Years later, the lines they had drawn between past and present are about to slip . . . Called back to their hometown for the funeral of the mentor who once gave them shelter when they needed it most, they are faced with each other once again, and forced to confront the paths they chose. Can true love ever rewrite the past? This is definitely a book to read with a box of tissues next to you, it pulls at your heartstrings and will have you weeping with joy and sadness.

DVD release

Latest cinema release Release date 13th August


he all-new adrenaline-pumping chapter in the groundbreaking Bourne franchise is finally here, the only thing missing is Matt Damon! Set at the same time as 'The Bourne Ultimatum', 'The Bourne Legacy' follows the fallout of Jason Bourne's actions against the shadowy Blackbriar organisation. While his actions may have exposed Blackbriar's illegal operations, Bourne's mission has resulted in a life or death struggle for another agent - Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner). Following the killing of Guardian journalist Simon Ross (Paddy Considine) and Congress's investigation into the Blackbriar program, CIA agent Byer (Edward Norton) decides to shut down all of his covert operations and wipe out any evidence. This includes all agents similar to Bourne, such as Aaron Cross and their handlers. You should see this because: it promises more bonecrunching, breakneck action than fans of the series have come to expect.


ac Efron stars with Taylor Schilling and Blythe Danner in this romantic drama.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive-a photograph he found of a woman he doesn't even know. Discovering her name is Beth (Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. Despite her initial mistrust and the complications in her life, a romance develops between them, giving Logan hope that Beth could be much more than his good luck charm. Release Date: 27th August 2012


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Certificated D Colour Diamonds

A Friendly Welcome Awaits The Victoria Arms is under new management and has been refurbished

Home cooked food is served daily with a variety of specials on offer Monthly Curry Night 2nd Thursday of every month Only £6.95

A wonderful variety of cask ales, lagers and wines Why not just pop in for tea or coffee Sunday lunch is between Noon and 6pm at only £8.95 (adults) and £4.50 (children)

“Relaxed Dining at it’s Best”

The Victoria Arms, High Street, Wilden 01234 772437

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Jewellers of Distinction 2 Church Arcade Bedford TEL 01234 354026





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