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August 2017

A Bath with a View 'Summer in the City' at Jewellers of Distinction 2 Church Arcade Bedford TEL: 01234 354026



Luscious Locks

The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard Asgar Saboo hairstylist to the stars shares his secrets

Cool in Coral This season's must have lipsticks

Sunshine Chic

Experience the

Summer fashion must haves

other side of Miami

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1 I’m loving... 2 3

4 I hope you’re all having a great summer. August is the month when we’re all in holiday mode, whether it’s just taking some me time, jetting off for a weekend or a two week indulgent beach break, it doesn’t matter as long as you manage a little R&R – We certainly did when we paid a visit to The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard for their ‘Summer in the City’ experience, one I would highly recommend you try to fit in before the summer’s out (page 60). Miami was another stop for us, this time The historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, offering grandeur that is reminiscent of a bygone era, a distinct restaurant portfolio and a world famous swimming pool, we didn’t want to leave – (page 64). Summer is also a time when we all decide to spruce up our interiors, high on the list of popularity this year is pink (page 46), add it as an accent or a main piece of furniture, either way it will add style to your home.


1. Slogan T-shirt, £9.99, New Look 2. Floral Hoop Earrings, £65, J.Crew 3. TAYMA-Floating Island Watch, £90, 4. Kate Spade Taxi Flat Shoes, £250, 5. Joanna Buchanan Flamingo Napkin Rings, £56, Amara

If you’re a lover of luxury yachts and cars then you’ll love this month’s car - Inspired by the finest luxury yachts is the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition we are drooling, turn to page 56 to see why. Don’t forget to follow our posts on social media for all the latest happenings Until next month Enjoy

Jane x

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What does your kitchen mean to you?

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Telephone: 01234 843000

Also open on Sundays 10am - 4pm Telephone: 01480 398017/8

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10 False Friends that could be Lurking in your

Kitchen Cupboards

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Planning on shedding a few pounds before your holiday this summer, or want to squeeze back into your favourite jeans post-holiday, after the all-inclusive buffet and endless cocktails? It may be time to detox your kitchen cupboards for some seemingly healthy foods, which could actually be doing more damage than good to your waistline. 1. Avocados “Whilst avocados are full of amazing antioxidants and healthy fats, they come with a hefty energy content. Avocados can contain anywhere between 250-400 calories each. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with having an avocado a day, it’s important to adjust your diet accordingly to account for the added calories,” explains our Nutritionist, Cassandra Barns.

2. Fruit Yogurt “The label might say ‘low fat fruit yogurt’ and so you would think it would help with controlling your weight, but the yogurt can contain up to 8 teaspoons of added refined sugar. Often sugar is the next ingredient after milk in highest amounts in the yogurt. This type of yogurt will be a high GI food causing your body to release more insulin to deal with the quick rise in blood sugar (blood glucose) and insulin is your fat storing hormone of the body,” explains Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading Nutritionist, author of Natural Solutions for Dementia and Alzheimer's ( 3. Almonds “When it comes to nuts, almonds can be very moreish, and it’s easy to polish off a small 100g bag whilst racking in nearly 600 calories within minutes. Portion control is absolutely vital with a handful being the optimal portion size,” says Cassandra.

4. Tomato Pasta Sauce “You would think that tomato sauce would be healthy as it is low in fat but unless you make it yourself it can also be high in added sugar. And if you then pour this over white pasta, which in itself is a high glycaemic index food because it is a refined carbohydrate like sugar, then you have a double whammy on your weight gain,” says Marilyn. 5. Dried Fruits “Dried fruits are a highly concentrated source of sugar. To give you an example - fresh strawberries contain 6g of sugar per 100g, whilst dried strawberries contain 60g per 100g. This is more than double the amount of sugar found in ice cream.

“Excess sugar consumption is one of the top causes of weight gain. Sugar stimulates the release of the fat storage hormone insulin and triggers further food cravings, especially for sweet foods. To help curb sugar cravings try taking chromium, which has a vital role in supporting normal blood glucose levels, and therefore helping to prevent the dips that cause us to crave sugary foods. Try Quest Vitamin’s Equigluco (from £12.12,, Take one tablet a day, preferably with breakfast,” suggests Cassandra. 6. Muesli “Muesli conjures up a picture of a healthy breakfast and is

often accompanied in adverts in a beautiful alpine setting with trees, bright blue skies, clear lakes and clean air. But not all muesli’s are the same and, as with anything you buy, you need to read the label and not just go by the hype on the front of the packet. Many can be laden with high amounts of added sugar and salt and this can turn a healthy breakfast into an unhealthy one,” advises Marilyn.

7. Rice Cakes “Rice cakes are often thought of as a low fat, gluten free health food. However, most rice cakes are made from white refined rice, leaving them with a glycaemic index close to 91 (pure glucose has a rating of 100). “This means that rice cakes breakdown into sugar rapidly within the body, resulting in blood sugar imbalances and weight gain,” explains Cassandra. 8. Soup “You might think that a can of soup would be a light and satisfying meal but again you have to read the ingredients on the label. Many of them will have added sugar and some also have glucose syrup. Both the sugar and glucose is going to cause a rise in blood glucose and then an increase in release of insulin which triggers to store fat,” explains Marilyn. 9. Cold-pressed Juices “Cold-pressed is the new health craze with juice bars popping up in London every few weeks. However does cold-pressed mean juices are actually healthier? Coldpressed is a special type of extraction method, where the juice is literally pressed out of the fruit or vegetable using very little heat. It is said that cold pressed juice contains higher nutrition levels and a more intense flavour. “Whilst this is completely true, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of these juices are still jam packed full of the fruit sugar called fructose. Excess fructose consumption can lead to blood sugar imbalances, obesity, metabolic syndrome and even increased risk of fatty liver disease. The best option would be to choose vegetable only green juices which have very low sugar contents,” suggest Cassandra.

10. Skimmed milk “For years it seemed like common sense to choose the low fat, low calorie milk option. But in reality by choosing skimmed milk, we are missing out on much need fat soluble nutrients like vitamins such as D, A, E. Fat really isn’t the health villain we have been led to believe. It has now been disproved that full fat milk leads to weight gain and heart disease. In fact organic full fat milk provides us with many essential fatty acids like omega 3’s and conjugated linoleic acid, which have powerful inflammatory and brain health benefits,” explains Cassandra. “Some people don’t produce the enzyme lactase, which helps them breaks down lactose, a sugar found in milk. You need this enzyme in your body in order to break down the lactose, otherwise it ferments in the gut causing pain, gas and bloating. Try taking GI Natural from Nature’s Plus (£23.75, to promote digestive ease and comfort,” adds Cassandra.

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Set of Scents

Radiance Restore

Last month hair brand Charles Worthington launched its Radiance Restore collection. This charcoal hair care range deeply cleanses the hair from the dulling effects of pollution and grime, and restores natural radiance and shine. Products include Shampoo (£6.99), Conditioner (£6.99) and Protection Mist (£6.99), all available from Boots

Matte Me Up Metallics

Barry M’s new Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kits are nondrying and ultra-longwearing, available in three shimmering, bold shades. These include Allure (pink), 24 Carat (bronzed liquid gold), and Prestige (deep burgundy) and are available from Superdrug for a RRP £6.99.

Introducing Rich Extracts Collection from Jo Malone London. The collection Includes: Tuberose Angelica, Velvet Rose & Oud and Oud & Bergamot and are priced at £176 per 100ml. Rich Extracts magnifies and intensifies each primary ingredient – hypnotic and mysterious oud, decadent and magnetic rose, intoxicating and voluptuous tuberose – enhancing their texture and strength while retaining the clarity and balance of the Jo Malone London scent signature. This addictive and opulent new collection will be exclusive to Harrods and at for a 3 month period, before being available nationwide in selected boutiques.


Want Longer Lashes?

Then the recently launched Hairburst Eyelash Growth Serum is for you. With 98% natural ingredients, it helps to stimulate hair follicles, resulting in fuller, stronger and thicker looking lashes within 4-6 weeks. It’s also vegan and cruelty free, and doesn’t contain any SLS or Parabens. Priced at £39.99, from

Lucsious Lush

Two new Lush body sprays are now in the shops. Twilight Body Spray (£20) is a sweet fragrance that contains notes of dusky tonka and lavender, with ylang ylang and smoky floral, which may be lightly spritzed onto clothes or skin. Rose Jam Body Spray (£25) contains sharpness of Sicilian lemon and rose oil from petals picked in Senir, Turkey, with fruity Egyptian geranium. Each body spray is vegan and available online at

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Trim The Ends

Snipping your hair more often encourages faster hair growth and removes split ends. Regular styling makes your hair prone to split ends and damaged cuticles therefore trimming the lower portion of your hair every six to eight weeks is always worthwhile as it minimises damage.

How to Get

Long Luscious Locks this Summer Growing healthy luscious locks takes time, but hairstylist to the stars Asgar Saboo has you covered with his top tips on how to get glossy strong hair this summer.

The Coconut Oil Mask

The vitamins and essential fatty acids that are naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum that builds up from the hair follicles. Coconut oil also moisturises the hair, which prevents breakage and slows down any signs of fallout, whilst giving the hair a healthy shine. At the end of the day soak and massage coconut oil into the hair and scalp for a few minutes and cover with a turban. Leaving the oil in overnight allows for maximum absorbance and will leave your hair strong, soft and shiny. Tip: Coconut oil is an excellent natural sunscreen. It is perfect for the summer when you know that your hair will be exposed to the elements more than usual. Spray some coconut oil for ultimate natural nourishing protection.

Lay Off The Heat

High heat styling tools are great in the short term, but the long-term effects are damaging. There are various other options available such as rag curls, rollers and braid waves. If you can allow your hair to air-dry as often as possible or select the cold settings when using a blow dryer, this will also make your hair look shinier! Tip: If you do have to use hot air, keep the dryer a distance of at least 6 inches between your scalp and the blow dryer nozzle.

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The Caffeine Coffee Rinse

Coffee is excellent for balancing pH for hair and is also really effective in stimulating your roots by improving its structure and growth. Apart from making the hair stronger and smoother, caffeine also gives a natural sheen to make it more manageable. Tip: Pour pre-brewed cool coffee into dry hair and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before cold rinsing and conditioning out.

The Vitamin E Drench

Vitamin E is extremely good for hair and has been an essential ingredient in body lotions, shampoos, and conditioners for years. You can use it individually in a capsule to work from the inside out or even mix vitamin E oil with coconut oil and apply it to your scalp for a luxury hair mask. Tip: Leave to soak in overnight for extra-nourished shiny hair.

The Cold Rinse

A super steamy shower can take its toll on your hair, leaving it coarse and dry. Rinsing with cold water, on the other hand, helps to seal the cuticles and strengthen the hair, helping it to grow longer whilst maintaining its health.

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Midlife Madness Trying (a little too hard) to be Young Again!

I guess we all have times when we kind of forget how old we really are and there is a part of us that likes to pretend that we are nowhere near as old as the mathematics of birth year and present year would lead people to believe. Don’t I just know it! I’m not saying I am completely innocent of this, I have had times when I have tried to squeeze into size 10’s (who on earth am I kidding! It’s even longer ago than the days before babies that I fitted into size 10). Then there are the moments when I thought I might get my eyebrows waxed and dyed - like the ’younger ones’ and, yes it was a mistake - especially when a colleague quizzed me about what on earth ‘happened’ to my eyebrows (yes I did pay good money for what had happened!) Then of course there are the evenings when I go out and think that despite the ever-increasing years I can drink the way I did decades ago and not suffer the consequences - weirdly the consequences seem to get much worse as the years forge ahead. I’ve always been a bit of a lightweight relative to mates, but blimey hangovers no longer last for day - I can be out of action for almost a week! But my dalliances with my long lost youth pale into almost insignificance compared to my (slightly younger) fella. The problem he faces is lots of contact with teenage boys who he teaches English to - he is both a brilliant teacher and someone almost every teenager seems to get on with. No problem there I hear you protest. But there is - the problem of course, is his desire to prove to himself, them, me, the world, (who knows) that, in fact he, is still young and can keep up with them in every way. Some ways are not too problematic - he is great at cards, and card tricks, almost always wins poker or black jack, he’s good at chess and can hold his own with computer

games. He is generally accomplished. He can paint, draw, knows about history and music, and plays several instruments, so he can keep pace with even the talented students without too many problems. Apart from the occasional mature student, and one notable Russian student, over 18 I must add, most are teenagers so he doesn’t need to demonstrate drinking prowess. I did explain that I think Russians have a head start when it comes to vodka, and that I thought at his age a three day hangover, given the amount that was consumed, was actually getting away with it quite lightly! He didn’t agree! It is sport that is the biggest problem. You see he is good at most sports. He can play tennis, golf, cricket, ride bikes, play football or rugby, swim, but not always perhaps the way he did in his youth. But he is determined to keep up, so off he goes with his younger protégés and back he comes in varying states of exhaustion, dehydration or near death. Obviously as a supportive spouse I suggest maybe they go on their own, there are often two, so strictly speaking he isn’t always needed. But he feels it is his responsibility to out play, out ride, out stamina these young men. But they are considerably less than half his age, sometimes less than half the age of our eldest son!!! To point that out would, of course, be cruel and heartless (so I haven’t) but maybe I will have to, for his own good! The other day he’d insisted on playing tennis (until he won) clearly it took a few sets, in unusually high English temperatures! Yes, I had packed them off with plenty of water but they insisted on riding their bikes there and back too. I seriously worried when he returned that a heart attack was imminent. But we all know that to hear from anyone that you are not as young, fit, slim, energetic as you used to be is harsh. To hear it from a spouse could be grounds for divorce! I might have to resort to hiding his trainers!!

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Mix Leaf Bikini Top, £19.95 Bottoms, £15, White Stuff

Sea Otter Wedge, £250,


ECOYA Guava & Lychee Sorbet Candle, £39,

Personalised Dog Notebook, £6.99,

Ted Baker Stacking Ring, £45,

Red Herring Dress, £39, Debenhams

This month’s must have gifts and accessories

Hotel Chocolat Nano Slab, £11, Hotel Chocolat

Happy Thoughts Mug, £9.95, White Stuff

Bee Phonecase, £20,

Isle of Harris Gin, £35, www.harrisdistillery.comjpg

Calvin Klein Steel & Rose Plate Earrings, £59,

Trousers, £40, River Island

Trinket Box, £22, John Lewis

Bag, £29.99 River Island

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Cool as Coral




We love coral lipsticks, they are the ideal colour to match your summer glow.

6 3



8 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Lipstick Queen Jungle Queen, £22, Cult Beauty Dior Addict Lip Glow, £25 , Debenhams Benefit They're Real Double the Lip in Flame Game, £16.50, Debenhams Mac Lipstick in Morange, £16.50, Debenhams Paul & Joe Lipstick in 310, £12.50, Selfridges YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in Orange Tournon, £25, Feel Unique L'Oreal Paris Infallible Paints in Orange Envy, £9.99, Boots Tom Ford LipStick in Sweet Spot, £40, John Lewis

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Live Life to the Full Learning to

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:11 Page 21

Open any magazine, or check your Facebook or Instagram feed and you will probably find some advertising based around living a life that is full and rewarding. Often, if it’s adverts, there will be some promise that if you buy a particular product or service, whether that is a new piece of clothing, a holiday, the latest electronic gadget or even some counseling or service like teeth whitening the promise is that, if you buy it or have it a problem will go away and you will have a more fulfilled life. Well, only rarely do I suspect that is true but even then the nature of human beings is that once we have that ‘something’ we will want the next ‘something’. We probably all know that while material things, and experiences can bring some pleasure real fulfillment rarely stems from these. Many of you may have seen the You Tube video where a professor fills a jar until it is full with golf balls; everyone agrees the jar is full. Then he proceeds to add some small pebbles, which of course fit in around the golf balls, his audience once again agree the jar is full. Then he adds sand to the jar, which fits into all the little gaps around the balls, and the pebbles and the audience agree again that the jar is full. Then he adds some liquid, which fits in and fills all the gaps. The ‘lesson’ in this instance is that the jar is our life. The golf balls represent the really important things - like health and family, the pebbles the other things that are important in life, maybe jobs, your house, etc and the sand and liquid are everything else. So what can we do to make sure our jar of life is full but that we don’t fill it so full of the peripheral things that the important things suffer. Well, it is all a matter of priorities.

Decide who is in control Every single day we make choices. But often we don’t realise we do. I acknowledge that there are some choices that are more limited than others. It is unrealistic to say that we can get up in the morning and choose whether or not we go to work. But if we find a particular job is taking more time than it ought to, then we can make a decision about whether we stay in it. Many jobs have busy phases, but if you are in a job where you are constantly working many more hours than you are paid for then it could be time to make a change. It is not always easy to find employment and for some people their financial situation means they need to work long hours. BUT even then the fact remains that YOU are in control and there will almost always be some elements of choice and control that you can exert. Working

less may mean fewer luxuries but better health.

Be honest with yourself Some people will state one thing, that their partner is the most important thing in their lives. Yet days can go by without them spending any quality time together. If this starts happening then an honesty check may be needed. What we say is much less telling than what we do, but sometimes we find it hard to be honest with ourselves. Maybe you get more of a buzz from work than from your relationship. That is okay but be honest, first with yourself and then with others it may impact.

Stop being reactive It is so easy to get sucked into responding to things. I’m sure many people will identify with the situation where you just go to check your emails and two hours later you look at the clock and can’t believe where the time has gone. Because while you might have made the decision to check emails you didn’t consciously decide to spend two hours doing that! The problem is not the activity, it’s that you can spend a lot of time doing things that you haven’t consciously decided to do. But it still has an impact. So decide NOT to be reactive and rather make conscious decisions about how you spend your precious time. Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. Stephen Covey

Learn to say NO I know I have said this before but it is one of the most powerful words that exist. Sometimes it is only by saying no to certain things that you can effectively say yes to others. It’s obviously a personal thing and every time a situation arises the response might be different but, to make time for things you really value you may well not have time for certain other things. In order to say yes to your priorities you have to be willing to say no to something else. Kypo

We only get one shot at life - so make sure you fill it with the things you really value. For more information about this or other aspects of life or success visit or contact Sheila on 07921193479

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Iconic Luxury South African Bath Body and Home Fragrance Brand

Charlotte Rhys has Launched in the UK

Founded in South Africa in 2000 the Charlotte Rhys luxury bath, body and home fragrance brand covers everything from candles to diffusers, aftershave gels to travel sets, and has grown to become a beautifully scented force to be reckoned with. With its market leading position in South Africa and a firm favourite with many Brits who become familiar with the brand through their travels, the brand has now become available to purchase here in the UK. The company prides itself on its green policy, being organic and selling luxury products with a conscience; it is a Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) accredited brand and strongly believes in the protection of natural resources and sustainable development, along with reducing negative impacts on the planet. The products are packaged using eco-friendly and biodegradable materials which are 70 per cent recycled and free from harmful chemicals and dyes. It is partly down to these reasons that the brand has become so popular with some of the leading hotels around the world.

Ruby Grapefruit: Tangy and Fresh. Alive with the fresh, clean tang of citrus and a hint of sweet blossoms and fruit. This refreshing and sparkling fragrance has top notes that explode with Orange, Tangerine and Grapefruit while Jasmine and Blackcurrant seduce the heart. The base is subtly enhanced with Musk. No. 17: Fresh with woody depth. Clean, fresh and zesty with an underlying richness and depth. This truly delightful fragrance has top notes that dance with Yuzu, Bergamot, Lemon and Tarragon, while Lily of the Valley, Nutmeg, Water Lily and Reseda perfume the heart. Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver and Musk give the base its depth.

Under The Leaves: Green with sun warmed energy. Versatile and easy to wear, this crisp, zesty fragrance is instantly uplifting. . The top notes are alive with Orange and Tomato Leaves. Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley dominate the heart, while Musk and Cedarwood fill out the base.

There are currently five different fragrances available in the UK, all inspired by the company’s birthplace, South Africa and more widely, Africa. There is a fragrance for all personalities and occasions and many of the product lines are available in each one.

These fragrances are all available in perfume form as well as in a collection of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners. For the body there is a wide range of products, including hand cream, body lotion and body butter to keep your skin feeling silky soft and smelling good.

St Tomas: An Aquatic Splash - Light and crisp with rich and refined undertones. This invigorating and fresh fragrance has top notes that sing with Mint, Birch Leaf, Grapefruit and Green Apple. Geranium, Lavender, Tarragon and Aquatic Accord fill the heart. Whilst Vetiver, Patchouli and Moss build the base.

Charlotte Rhys has also designed an exclusive line for men which includes shaving gel, hair and body wash, aftershave balm and moisturiser, all of which are suave, sophisticated and ever so masculine.

The Fragrances:

Victor: Aromatic and Enticing - Rich and enigmatic with a light crisp touch. This alluring and seductive fragrance has top notes abounding with Nutmeg, Baie Rose and Grapefruit, while the heart smoulders with Lavender, Geranium and Black Pepper. Benzoin, Vetiver, Patchouli and Cedarwood create the base.

The home collection which includes candles, diffusers and room sprays can really transform any room in your home to a haven of heavenly smells. Available to order now from and selected retail stockists.

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Dorothy Perkins

Yes to Yellow

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:11 Page 26

Frill Trim Dress, £24.99, New Look

Skinny Jeans, £20, Pretty Little Thing

Nine by Savannah iller, £65, Debenhams Lace Bra, £12.99, Knickers, £5.99, New Look

Crossbody Bag, £20, House of Fraser One Shoulder Playsuit, £24.99, New Look


Embroidered Bardot Top, £28, Pretty Little Thing

Lemonade T-Shirt, £12, Bonmarche

Cami Blouse, £14.99, New Lok

Floral Tea Dress, £19.99, New Look

Frill Top, £8, Primark Tie Sandals, £16.99, TK Maxx

Sleeveless Dress, £14.99, Blue Inc

Dress, £42, Dorothy Perkins

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Maxi Magic

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:12 Page 28

Bora Bora Maxi Dress, £25, F&F

Bardot Maxi Dress, £59, Sosandar Black & White Maxi Dress, £72, Little Mistress

dorothyperkins Strappy Ruffle Maxi Dress, £30, Pretty Little Thing

Maxi Dress, River Island

Mint Dress, £34.99, New Look Oasis Magnolia Maxi Dress, £105,

Frill Maxi Dress, £70, Very

White Cami Maxi Dress, £75, Glamorous

Floral Print Maxi Dress, £39.99, New Look

Whiter than White

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:12 Page 29

Principles Dress, £59, Debenhams

Wedge Sandals, £95, Jones the Bootmaker Cami, £12, JD Williams

Ruffle Dress, £39.99, Bon Prix

Textured Bandeau Bikini Top, £19.95 Bottoms, £15, White Stuff

One Shoulder Top, £28, Next

Off Shoulder Frill Dress, £44,

Skirt, £35, River Island

Ruffle Top, £18, Very

Damita Bag, £60, Dune

Cold Shoulder Blouse, £26, River Island

Trousers, £20, JD Williams

White Shirt Dress, £29, Girls on Film

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Popping up with Shola Pom Pom, £18, Dune


Whether it’s earrings, a dress or a pair of sandals, pom-poms are popping up everywhere.

Pom Pom Strap Bag, £28, Very Pom Pom Trilby, £18, Accessorize

Pom Pom Shorts, £20, EAST

Pom Pom Bag, £35, JD Williams Pom Pom Earrings, £3.50, River Island

Pom Pom Hair Bobble, £1.50, Primark

Pom Pom Trainer, £35, Marks & Spencer

Straw Pom Pom Bag, £25, Very

Pom Pom Flip Flop, £45, White Stuff

Flower Pom Pom Tote, £40, Accessorize

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Shoulder the Style

Red Cold Shoulder Dress, £28, Very

Bold Bloom Dress, £69, Sosander

Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress, £60, Very

Pale Blue Shirt, £22.99, New Look


Cold Soulder Swing Dress, £25, Pretty Little Thing

Yellow Flower Dress, £12, George at ASDA

Cold Shoulder Top, £27.99, Bon Prix

Pink Floral Dress, £27.99, New Look

Stripe Dress, £62,

Georgia Dress, £109, House of Fraser

Evelyn Bird Top, £45, Monsoon

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Mix it Up

Tipplesworth has launched three premium cocktail mixers that make it easy for anyone to mix up a delicious and fuss-free cocktail. Created by Tipplesworth Founder, Frankie Snobel, also known as ‘Lady Tipplesworth’, these handcrafted and all natural non-alcoholic mixers include Raspberry Mojito, Espresso Martini and Bramble and are being launched exclusively at Selfridges London, at the Tipplesworth pop-up experience in the Foodhall. The three cocktail mixers are packaged in 500ml glass bottles and when mixed with spirits, create five or more tasty servings, perfect for summer festivals, parties and picnics. Selfridges will also be selling a stylish and limited edition carry pack, containing all three mixers. Individual bottles cost £4.99 and a pack of three, £14.99, exclusively from Selfridges.

Protein just got Exciting

The UK’s snacking experts, graze, have launched a trio of oat-based Protein Bites in three delicious (and nutritious!) flavours; Banana, Cocoa Vanilla and Honey & Seed. Perfect for busy lifestyles, the new energy-fuelling bites are available in handy multipacks of four - plus each bite contains at least 4.5g of protein! Available at Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, with a RRP of £2.50

Chocolate Dreams

Last month Hotel Chocolat opened a new café within their Milton Keynes Store offering refreshments, including their new teaolat, a light, all-natural infusion that blends herbs, spices and cacao shells for a refreshing cuppa that’s tailored to your mood, as well as a range of other drinks such as Hot Chocolates and Coffee Chocolat Lattes as well as snacks, including irresistible brownies and ice cream.


Frosecco Fun

Patterns cocktail bar and music venue in Brighton has given Prosecco the ultimate makeover for summer, and transformed it into an icy cold slushie, with fizz still intact! The seafront venue will be serving the homemade frozen fizz on its own, as part of an Aperol Spritz Slushie, and in a Mojito Royal Slushie with rum, lime and mint this summer. Customers can slurp the boozy slushies on the venue’s sea-facing terrace, which has recently had a makeover to compliment the art-deco building style, with concrete facades painted in sunny pastel shades reminiscent of the famous South Beach Boulevard.

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Veda Therapeutics Carolyn wood Herbal Medicine - Ayuverda Naturopathy - Therapeutic Massage - Ear Acupuncture

Herbalist (Dip Herb) Naturopath (Dip ND) MAMH, MANP, ITEC

As a herbalist and naturopath I can help you with

• Immunity • Skin Conditions • Digestive Complaints • Hormonal imbalances • Heart health & Circulation • Energy & Wellbeing • Insomnia • Depression • Other chronic health conditions • Acute coughs & colds

07944 886502

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Avocado Pesto Salad with Corn and Tomatoes “This easy pasta recipe, is perfect hot or cold and makes an ideal picnic dish�


Kosher salt 1 lb Orecchiette pasta 2 ears fresh corn 7 oz basil pesto 2 avocados, pitted and diced Freshly ground black pepper 1 cup chopped fresh parsley, plus more for garnish 10 cherry tomatoes - halved


Cook pasta according to package directions until al dente. Drain and rinse with cold water until cool. Meanwhile, cook corn in pasta water for 2 to 3 minutes. Drain and rinse under cold water; cut kernels off the cob. In a large mixing bowl mix pesto and avocado; mash lightly using a fork and season with pepper. Toss together with pasta and parsley. Serve on large platter. Top with the corn and tomatoes and garnish with more parsley.

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Prawn Brocolli Lo Mein Ingredients

For the Lo Mein

1 tbsp sesame oil 1/2 lb prawns, peeled and deveined 1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced 1 broccoli florets 1/3 cup thinly sliced carrots (or matchstick) 6 oz spaghetti, cooked and drained 3 onions, chopped For the Sauce 1/2 cup soy sauce 2 tbsp. brown sugar 1 tbsp sesame oil 1 tbsp cold water 2 tsp cornflour


Drizzle a large skillet with sesame oil. Over medium-high heat, cook prawns, peppers, broccoli, and carrots until veggies are tender and prawns are pink, 5 to 7 minutes. Whisk together all sauce ingredients and add to pan. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Stir in noodles and green onions and cook, 3 to 4 minutes longer. Serve immediately.

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Fresh Fruit Cheescake Topped with fresh fruit this easy, no-bake cheesecake looks too pretty to eat.

Ingredients 44 Digestive biscuits biscuits 8 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted 16oz cream cheese, (at room temperature) 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups fresh thick cream 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 tangerines, peeled and sliced 1 kiwi, peeled and sliced 1/4 cup blueberries Small punet strawberries (sliced) Edible flowers (optional), for serving


In a food mixer, crush the cookies to form fine crumbs. Add the melted butter and mix to combine. Transfer to a 9-inch pie dish and press evenly on the bottom and up the sides. Refrigerate for at least 20 minutes. Using an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese and sugar in a large bowl on medium-high speed until smooth, about 2 minutes. Reduce mixer speed to low and gradually add the cream. Increase speed to mediumhigh and beat until stiff peaks form, (approx 3 minutes). Beat in the lemon juice to combine. Spread evenly into the base. Refrigerate until the mixture is set, at least 4 hours covering lightly with plastic wrap after 1 hour. Just before serving top with the fruit and edible flowers, if using.

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Tapas Night 25th August

Selection of 12 Dishes to try £20pp -7.30 arrival

Pudding Night 15th September

7.30 arrival - Main course and all you can eat desserts £16 per person

Starter Night



Three bubbles to toast the Summertime

Freixenet Cordon Negro A delicious Cava that pairs perfectly with light summer dishes such as pesto pasta salad and lemon-infused grilled prawns. Flavours of apple, pear and citrus with a pinch of ginger to finish. Using the same techniques as Champagne, Cordon Negro would be the perfect drink of choice for alfresco dining with family or friends. £10.00, Tesco

22nd September

All you can eat starters, only £20 per person Choose from a menu of 14 starters

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is served daily 2-5pm £9.95 for Sweet Afternoon Tea £11.95 for Full Afternoon Tea £18.95 for Champagne Afternoon Tea

Call to book on 01234 781 678

Freixenet Ice

Perfect tipple for alfresco drinking. a refreshing Cava best served over chunks of ice. With peach and ripe pear flavours with hints of tropical fruits make the taste that little extra special, try adding garnishes such as a sprig of mint or a squeeze of lime for an added spring-inspired twist.

£12.99, Ocado

01234 781678 millhouse_hotel Millhouse Hotel and Riverside Restaurant Mill Road, Sharnbrook, Bedford MK44 1NP

Freixenet Cordon Rosado A fresh and vibrant fizz with delicious berry and summer fruit flavours. A palate that is fresh and light with notes of ripe red fruits, strawberry and blackberry. Pairs well with cheese boards, paella or fruity desserts. £10, Sainsbury's

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Urban Draws, £279, Harvey Norman


Pink in

Browse interior magazines and you'll see pink popping up everywhere, so we thought we’d show you some of our favourite pieces.

Pendant Light, £34.99, HomeSense

Ombre Carafe, £15, Oliver Bonas

Faux Fur Throw, £89, Debenhams

Alba Side Table, £155, Amara Wire Basket, £19.99, TK Maxx

Sofa, £699, DFS

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:13 Page 45

Camden Sofa, £549, Very

Julien Macdonald Candle, £25, Debenhams Hometime Clock, £19, JD Williams

Throw, £16.99, HomeSense

Vase, £5.99, TK Maxx

Fern Cushion, £10, Very

Laundry Bucket, £7.99, TK Maxx

Laurie Chair, £249, Very

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Burn it Up Add a chimenea or firepit to your garden and enjoy the evening for longer without having to wrap up in blankets.

Mexican Sun Chimenea, £149, Wyevale Garden Centres Kala Firepit, £69.99, Very

Firefly Firebowl, £149, Wyevale Garden Centre

Maui Firepit, £799, Harley & Lolajpg Wine Cork Chimenea, £449,

Paris Tile Fire Pit £249, Dobbies

Hemi Firepit, £3,000, Solus Decor

Sherston Chimenea, £90, Wyevale Garden Centres

Tavolo Fire Pit, £3,400, Houseology

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Anyone Who Had a Heart

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:13 Page 50

The spectacular rise of one of Britain’s best-loved entertainers of all time. Cilla - The Musical is the new spectacular and heart-warming musical adaptation of the critically acclaimed hit ITV television series by Bafta Award winner, Jeff Pope. It tells the extraordinary story of the teenage girl from Liverpool whose teenage dreams of stardom lead to her becoming one of Britain’s best-loved entertainers of all time. It’s an introduction by a young John Lennon to music mogul Brian Epstein that changes Pricilla White’s life forever. By the age of just 25 she would be known as singer and TV Star Cilla Black, Number One selling artist and at the fore-front of the BritPop music scene. The musical score is the ultimate soundtrack to the 60’s including Cilla’s greatest hits Anyone Who Had a Heart, Alfie and Something Tells Me, Twist and Shout by the Beatles, California Dreamin by The Mamas and The Papas’ and many more. Tues 26th – Sat 30th September Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 8717652

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Fry’s Footie Corner

Manchester United know what they are getting in Lukaku. He scores goals, he is strong and can lead the line and I think he is the perfect replacement for Zlatan. Manchester City seem to believe that defenders was the key area to strengthen and you can certainly see why. They shipped a lot of goals last term, particularly with Vincent Kompany out of the side so the signings of Danilo, Walker and Mendy will definitely make them harder to bypass.

The football season is underway and at Peterborough United, I am very much looking forward to seeing what an impression our new signings make. We have had a busy summer, bringing in eight new players at the time of writing and getting a number of unwanted players out of the building. The transfer market is crazy when you actually take a step back out of the bubble. Players are making moves for absolutely silly money but when that happens, it does have a knock on effect, even at our level.

Even new boys Huddersfield Town have opened the chequebook and splashed the cash – I would have expected Newcastle to follow suit, but it has been very quiet on the North East and I am sure that won’t sit well with boss Rafa Benitez. Let’s hope they find a partner for Dwight Gayle – we know he will score goals.

In the Premier League, Everton have been massive spenders but they have subsidised that outlay with the big money departure of striker Lukaku to Manchester United. He will be a big miss, but they have welcomed Wayne Rooney back to Goodison Park and added Michael Keane at the back, Jordan Pickford between the sticks and Davy Klaassen in the advanced midfielder role. I think that is pretty good business. In Wayne Rooney they know what they are getting and we know that Wayne can operate in a number of different positions. They will want him to be a goal-scorer though because Lukaku scored a lot of goals for the Toffees last season.

It is going to be an exciting season, that I have no doubt. The big six have spent big and six into four doesn’t go – there is going to be disappointment for some and a price to pay if they don’t hit their targets. Until Next Month

Barry Fry 62

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Out to Sea Boat shoes, are the must have piece of summer footwear that every man needs in his wardrobe.

Grey Suede Boat Shoes, £45, River Island

Timberland Classic Boat Shoe, £52, Timberland UK

Navy Boat Shoes, £45, River Island

Tan Suede Boat Shoes, £75, Dune Mens

TOMS Linen Boat Shoes, £55, ASOS

Belize Boat Shoe, £65, Dune Mens

Tommy Hilfiger Suede Boat Shoes, £85, House of Fraser

Tan Leather Boat Shoes, £65, Debenhams

Sebago Boat Shoes, £110, House of Fraser.jpeg

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Inspired by The Finest Luxury Yachts

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:13 Page 55

Last month saw Bentley Motors announce the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition by Mulliner, inspired by luxury yachts.

Edition pays homage to the classic opulence, finest handcrafted materials and exquisite details that are championed both by yachts and Bentley cars.

Bentley’s bespoke commissioning division, Mulliner, has created the ultimate edition of the Continental GT Convertible in collaboration with British yacht experts, Princess Yachts, and takes inspiration from yacht design.

The seats are in Linen and Portland hides with Camel hand cross-stitching, the door panels are Linen, Portland and Brunel. Linen, Brunel and Camel accentuate the dashboard, centre console and armrests, whilst the steering wheel is Linen and Brunel with a Camel 12 o’clock stripe. The detailed headrest embroidery is in Camel and the Glacier White stowage case is exquisitely lined in Brunel Alcantara.

Defined by brilliant Glacier White and Sequin Blue hues externally, and inspired by the clean, confident design lines and materials of yachts internally, the Galene Edition by Mulliner combines the best elements of an oceanic lifestyle with luxury convertible motoring. It is powered by Bentley’s refined 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 powerplant, with 507 PS and 660 Nm and benefits from Bentley’s elegant, four-layered retractable hood, which keeps occupants in the same unruffled environment that the hard-top Continental GT coupe provides.

Designed by the Ocean: Clean, Confident Lines The external design of the new Continental GT Convertible Galene Edition by Mulliner captures the iridescent sparkle of crystal clear waters. Painted in pristine Glacier White, with a matching bodywork kit, the Galene Edition is specified with lower brightware in Sequin Blue, a timeless detail and elegant reminder of the life aquatic. A dark blue hood and striking 21” polished Propeller Wheels complete Mulliner’s external signature on the Galene Edition. Inspired by Luxury Yachts, Created by Mulliner The interior of the Continental GT Convertible Galene

The Glacier White external paintwork is echoed inside, in the stowage case and fascia panels, which can be specified with a unique handpainted Jaume Vilardell illustration of a super yacht alongside the Mulliner script in each car. It also coats the clock bezel in the Galene Edition, creating an interior space full of light and luxury. Pinstripe Walnut: Commissioned for the Galene Edition Inspired by the timeless appeal of sophisticated yacht design, Mulliner has created a new material finish – Pinstripe Walnut – for the Galene Edition. This distinctive surface is used in open-pore form, for a more authentic, natural finish, in the centre stack and console. A Pinstripe Walnut insert also adds a note of understated elegance to the bespoke illuminated treadplates in the Galene Edition, and lines the boot floor, creating a striking harmony with the rest of this graceful series, limited to just 30 examples worldwide, by Mulliner.

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Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard

Summer in the City at

The view from The Shard, we’ve all either experienced it or know someone that has, towering above the London skyline, taking in iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye and the River Thames, you can see for miles day or night, but how about doing this whole experience in a little luxury and style.

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:13 Page 59

Occupying levels 34 – 52 of this iconic building is the luxurious ShangriLa Hotel at The Shard, undoubtedly one of London’s most exciting hotels, and it was going to be our home for the night, whilst we experienced their ‘Summer in the City’ stay. From the minute you enter the sleek, luxurious ground floor lobby you know you’re in for a real treat as you head to a lift that whisks you to the 35th floor in 28 seconds (I timed it!) As the elevator doors open you are met with views that take your breath away, the whole of the London skyline is in front of you, and below it’s like a miniature town, with colourful ant-like dots rushing around. Check-in was faultless and before we knew it we were being elevated up to our room on the 45th floor. Our room, a Deluxe City View, was a spectacular space with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the River Thames, Tower Bridge, and St Paul’s Cathedral, to name but a few of London’s historic landmarks, it really was a sight to behold. The room itself was a fusion of oriental elegance with modern sleek finishes. Combining greys and light sand tones, along with Chinese silk patterns to create an elegant space to sit back, relax and admire the views, add to this the bottle of champagne that was waiting for us - it’s easy to see why this hotel is on everyone’s bucket list. And just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, I walked into the bathroom! – Oozing opulence and grandeur, with its heated marble floor and huge bath that looked out over the city skyline, I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be than luxuriating in this bathtub, with a glass of champagne, taking in the views all around me, and if I became just a little bored of watching the world pass by there was always the high tech TV built into the bathroom mirror to watch. This bathroom is one that you just have to savor, even the toilet hasn’t escaped, with its heated seat and state of the art technology. And did I mention the L’Occitane toiletries, and fluffy robes? Managing to prise myself away from the bathroom, it was time to venture up to the 52nd floor, where the swimming pool is situated. And in case you’re thinking a pool is just a pool, remember this is the ShangriLa. The space here is just as impressive as the rest of the hotel, offering a tranquil escape with loungers, elegant tables and chairs, a Nespresso coffee machine, bottled water, fluffy towels and, of course, the heated skypool (it’s the highest pool in Western Europe) with stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and Westminster. Also housed on this floor is the fully equipped gym - running on the treadmill has never been so enjoyable – shut your eyes (well not literally) and you can imagine you’re running on the clouds. Back in our room and Afternoon Tea was served. The mouth-watering array of sandwiches, scones and desserts was tempting enough for us to drag our eyes away from the London skyline, but not for too long may I add. Sandwiches that consisted of smoked salmon, roast Angus beef, honey roast ham, vintage cheddar and a brioche bun with duck egg mayonnaise, were all delicious, fresh, and generously stuffed. We indulged our sweet tooth on a cherry pistachio financier, a cassis and violet choux bun, apricot lavender mousse, rhubarb ginger crumble tart and a raspberry rose lychee macaron , all as delightful as each other but if forced to choose a favourite it would have to be the cherry pistachio financer. Sipping champagne, eating Afternoon Tea, sitting back relaxing in our own room, whilst watching the boats go up and down the Thames, helicopters flying so close you can almost touch them, really is an amazing experience. And just because Afternoon Tea was taken in our room doesn’t mean there was any compromise on the service we got. We only had to pick up the phone and ask for more sandwiches, cakes, scones and tea and within an instance the waitress was knocking at our door. It’s impossible to not stare out of the windows wherever you go in The Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, whether it’s at the Thames, Big Ben, The Gherkin or watching the most amazing sunset - you never tire, and when the sun has gone down and everywhere is lit up, it is as if the whole city has come alive beneath you, an entrancing sight that is just WOW!

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 18:13 Page 60

After an evening of exploring around London Bridge, we decided to head back up to the 52nd floor for a cocktail in GONG, the hotel’s bar; it’s a great space to end a perfect day. Returning to our room, the lights below offered a mesmerizing sight of London’s cityscape as we drifted off for a blissful nights sleep. As morning dawned, the streets below were slowly beginning to come alive, I could have sat and watched all day, but hubbie had other ideas and was being lured by the thought of breakfast, Served in TING restaurant and lounge back on floor 35, breakfast here is a grand affair. The ‘Ultimate Breakfast Experience’ lets you help yourself to the buffet, (the choice of delicious fresh foods on offer are extensive) and indulge in the choice of one hot dish and side from the menu, along with tea and coffee of your choice. Our table was in an alcove by the window with more spectacular views to gaze at, something you just never tire of doing. The variety of items in the buffet was impressive, whether you wanted cereals, fresh fruit, freshly baked pastries (brought in that morning from Borough Market), cold meats, fish, hummus, crudités, fresh salad, the choice was there along with an Asian influence of noodles and Dim Sum and finishing touches such as fresh honeycomb to scrape your own honey from. A special machine can freshly squeeze juice in front of you or you can opt for a smoothie – there’s even a Bloody Mary station. From the menu I opted for the healthy avocado, rye bread toast, poached eggs and spinach, which certainly didn’t disappoint. Hubbies choice was the Eggs Benedict, which was a treat to the tastebuds, with the eggs poached perfectly. From watching the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below us to the sun rising and setting behind the iconic landmarks, a stay at The Shangri-La at the Shard is a real one of a kind experience. The food is delicious, the small touches (too many to mention) are faultless, staff are warm and friendly and the views are breathtaking it really is a heavenly combination and one of the most spectacular ways to see London - somewhere you need to stay at least once in your life. BOOK IT!

Enjoy ‘Summer in the City’ at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London. This experience includes an overnight stay for two in a luxurious guestroom or suite, bottle of house champagne served in room upon arrival, a delicious afternoon tea to be enjoyed in the privacy of your room with captivating views over the capital, complimentary WiFi, complimentary use of the gym and the infinity Skypool, and English breakfast served in TING restaurant and lounge, located on the 35th floor. The offer starts from £615 for one night based on two people sharing a room.

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The Other Side of Miami


iami – One of the worlds most popular holiday destinations and renowned for its fast cars, bikini clad girls, and flashy way of life. Made famous in the ‘80’s by the cop show Miami Vice, you may think Miami is not the place for you! Think again, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The Biltmore Hotel, a luxurious and historic five star Hotel in the elegant Coral Gables area of Miami, an architectural masterpiece, and a great alternative to the party-loving hotels over on South Beach. Built in 1926 the Biltmore was one of the most fashionable resorts in the entire country. Hosting royalty of both the European and Hollywood variety. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, The Roosevelt’s, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland and Bing Crosby were all frequent guests – The Biltmore was a Jazz Age celebration of continuous glamorous galas and pool parties. Talking of pools, The Biltmore pool is in a league of its own - boasting one of the largest pools in the USA, measuring approximately 23,000 square feet, surrounded by sun loungers and private cabanas, hidden away amidst palms, hibiscus and bougainvillea. Each is elegantly furnished with teakwood chaises and loveseats, banana leaf ceiling fans, lounge chairs for sunbathing, and outdoor rain showers, making them a great place to lie back and sip cocktails.

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 22:21 Page 63

There are 273 guest rooms at The Biltmore, these include 133 suites, My room a Tower Suite had spectacular views over the pool and lushly landscaped golf course. A vast space encompassing a separate living/dining room area with sofa and chairs, a writing desk and 42” LCD TV in addition to a second 32” LCD TV located in the bedroom, luxury stone-tiled floors wireless high-speed internet, mini bar and walk in wardrobe – everything here is on a grand scale with a mixture of luxury and traditional elegance. The creme de la creme of rooms though is the Everglades Suite, At the height of absolute luxury a two storey two bedroom suite that is a one-of a kind, featuring hand painted ceilings depicting scenes from Florida’s Everglades, a baby grand piano and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace that if you look closely you may just be able to spot the bullet holes left from the prohibition period, when rumour has it legendary gangster Al Capone took residence in this suite, an argument broke out with gangster Thomas J “Fatty” and Al Capone shot him dead! The culinary delights are just as impressive as the rest of the hotel, offering four distinctive restaurants all offering world class cuisine and service that combined have created an internationally renowned culinary legacy – it’s a foodies heaven. Whether it’s the green landscaped Fontana courtyard restaurant, with its lavish fountain and Mediterranean architecture serving guests a Northern Italian menu, the 19th Hole sports bar and grill, with panoramic views of the Biltmore’s Donald Ross Golf Course, the Palme d’Or French restaurant or Cascade, an al fresco restaurant offering poolside dining for lunch and afternoon tapas, the choice is yours. There are 2 foodie experiences that if you stay at The Biltmore you MUST experience and I can’t decide which one is my favourite they are both jewels in the Biltmore’s Crown.

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 22:21 Page 64

Sunday Brunch is an extravagant affair, rated the number 1 brunch in South Florida. Serving delicacies such as, carved meats, fresh sushi, seafood, pastas, cheeses, salads, a caviar bar and so much more, washed down with champagne, champagne and more champagne (the champagne is bottomless). In case you hadn’t realized. This isn’t your ordinary brunch – you can sample everything you like (as many times as you like). Just a little word of warning – save space for dessert, prepared to perfection by executive pastry Chef Olivier Rodriguez. There are miniature offerings of all the classics including: tiramisu, carrot cake, chocolate mousse, crème Brule, strawberry tarts and lets not forget the chocolate fountain and even more champagne - A real feast to your senses. (Tip: wear loose fitting clothing!) Can it get any better on this gastronomic journey, Oh I do believe so with a visit to the award-winning Palme d’Or French restaurant, reminiscent of a 1920s-era dining room decked out with tropical foliage and flowers, with mirrored columns and ornate light fixtures. The best way to experience the different dishes is to indulge in a tasting menu; a sensory experience of culinary delights, taking you on a journey of perfectly paired flavours. I have to point out, I’m not a lover of French food, so I was a little apprehensive at the sixcourse menu I was about to embark on. That fear however disappeared as soon as I started my culinary journey with an Amuse Bouche of avocado, caviar and apple followed by La Terrine De Foie Gras Aux Kumquat (Foie gras terrine, Kumquat chutney, granola and brioche toast) it literally melted in my mouth – an absolute delight to eat as was the rest of the dishes that followed, including the Le Cabillaud D’Alaska (Alaskan Black Cod) and Le Poulpe de Mediterranee (Spanish Octopus). Service and presentation was faultless. Each dish was divine and created a real explosion of textures and tastes that were exquisite to the taste buds – to finish was Black Forest Gateaux - how can this look spectacular? Simple, you make it look like a work of art that tasted just a s good as it looked. The Biltmore’s reputation for exquisite cuisine is further added to with their Biltmore Culinary Academy – the only recreational cooking school of its kind operating in North America. Taking place in a fully equipped professional kitchen it is great fun for adults and kids alike, allowing you to showcase your cooking skills and create a delicious meal under the guidance and watchful eyes of the chef.

Aug2017.qxp_Jan 2014 Aff 30/07/2017 22:21 Page 65

No trip to Miami, would be complete without a visit to the Everglades National Park, lush subtropical wetlands that occupy 1.5 million acres of sawgrass prairies, hardwood hammocks, saltwater marshes and a diverse population of wildlife that includes bald eagles, whitetailed deer, and of course the alligator. Having recently partnered with Dragonfly Expeditions, the Biltmore can offer guests a bespoke selection of excursions that showcase Miami’s culture and history. Each tailor-made adventure unveils an unexpected and “wild’’ place in Miami where few visitors typically venture to. If you only do one excursion it has to be the Everglades airboat tour. The airboat takes you several miles into the Everglades with the wind in your hair and your headphones on (to drown out the noise of the airbus), you bounce up and down as you speed along marshlands catching glimpses of alligators as they pop their heads out of the water to say hello! We stopped at a couple of remote Miccosukee island camps, where our guide let us get up close and personal to a baby alligator (how brave was I at holding it) and a little turtle that looked so cute until our guide told us he was a snapping turtle and would snap your hand off in the blink of an eye, something he demonstrated with a piece of wood. Hopping back on the airbus our next island was where we got to learn all about the Miccosukee families (a Native American tribe) and how they have lived for years on these remote islands, protecting the heritage that they believe in. The was a truly exhilarating experience, that not only gave an insight into Miami’s wild side, but also gave you

chance to admire the beauty of an unrivalled landscape. After all this exploring, what better way to relax than a visit to The Biltmore Spa, situated on a high floor in the hotel, offering a tranquil escape with an array of treatments to choose from. It seemed only right that I should opt for the hotel’s signature Chardonnay massage, that uses Swedish techniques to increase circulation, reduce tension and induce deep relaxation. Featuring French Chardonnay grape seed oil, one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, this proved to be a truly blissful experience. If you’re feeling a little more energetic than me you can always pay a visit to the state-of-the-art Fitness Center that has separate areas dedicated to different components of fitness, it serves as one of the most prestigious health clubs in the affluent Coral Gables neighbourhood. It is easy to see why The Biltmore Hotel is at the top end of elegance; there is 5 star luxury everywhere you turn, making it the perfect escape for those seeking an elegant retreat in palatial surroundings. BOOK IT!

Enjoy 4 nights for the price of 3 at The Biltmore Hotel in a Tower Suite Including daily breakfast based on two people sharing in September 2017. Taxes and resort fees are excluded. British Airways return flights to Miami from Heathrow Airport start from £575 per person in September 2017.

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Traditional and Modern Combine at Dunston


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Driving through the 150 acres of scenic parkland on the approach to Dunston Hall (part of the QHotels Group) it’s hard to believe that you are only 3 miles from the centre of Norwich with its theatres, bars and busy nightlife. Having recently undergone a £2million refurbishment, this Elizabethan-style mansion built in 1859 has been lovingly restored to all its former glory, offering guests a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The house itself wouldn’t be out of place in a period drama, you could almost hear the hooves of the horses as they pull the elegant carriage past the feature fountain to the imposing front door. The reception area is light and airy, with comfy chairs and sofas, a mix of modern and traditional, and a feature fireplace that on a cold winters day would be the perfect place to sit and read the newspapers. Check in completed, we headed to the lounge bar for a light lunch before exploring our room and the rest of the hotel. The dark wood bar speaks of grandeur, as does the paintings that adorn the walls. Walk down a couple of steps into the conservatory area and you are met with a complete contrast, exposed brickwork, light blues and greys, sunlight filtering in from every corner and gorgeous views over the extensive gardens, makes this room a great space for coffee, cake, lunch or drinks. The hotel offers a selection of different room types, Classic, Deluxe and Suites. Deluxe rooms have larger seating areas than the Classic, with some having four-poster beds. Suites are the epitome of style and luxury with stunning views across the 150 acres of grounds, and then there are some original attic rooms with low beams and period features. All rooms offer complimentary Wi-Fi and tea and coffee making facilities. Time to make our way over to the leisure club and dip (literally) our feet in the pool, lounge on the day beds and indulge in the bubbling water of the Jacuzzi – Hubbie was a little more adventurous than me and he spent an hour or so in the fully equipped gym

before joining me to relax and unwind in the steam room – and if you fancy a bit of footie during your stay (playing not watching), there’s always the full size football pitch that was created with the help of Head Groundsman at Norwich City Football Club, Gary Kemp. All this relaxing had made us hungry, so we headed back to the main house to get ready for dinner. Dinner is served in the Brasserie Bar and Grill, an informal dining space with exposed brickwork, high ceilings, dark wood furniture and soft lighting. We began our dining experience with a glass of wine and warm bread rolls, whilst perusing the menu – then choices made we sat back and enjoyed the ambience of the room. Starters were prawn and crayfish salad and salted cod croquettes, the salad was light and fresh and the croquettes certainly didn’t disappoint. Steak was the choice for both of us for mains, and was cooked exactly as requested (medium/rare and medium/well done). I decided to opt out of dessert and share hubbie’s cheese board (although I’m not sure he was happy with that!) After a restful nights sleep, breakfast the next morning was buffet style and certainly filled us up ready for the day ahead, which was a day for exploring the city of Norwich itself. Dunston Hall is an oasis hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its on site golf course, leisure facilities, bars and restaurant you can do as much or as little a you like, making it the ideal choice for a leisure break in Norfolk. BOOK IT!

Prices in September for 2 people in a Classic room including breakfast start from £123. Prices in September for 2 people in a Suite including breakfast start from £152.

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STARS Manish Kumar Arora (K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant) reveals what’s in store for you this month

Leo (23 July – 22 August) This is a time to make smart financial decisions and do your homework. Some of you can become more serious about that extra gig, trying to make it more profitable. You can focus on the friendship aspect of relationships this month, wanting to ensure that they have a solid foundation. If single, you may opt for being friends first, and just don't want to rush into anything without a mental connection. Favourable Dates: August 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favourable Colours: Blue & Yellow

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Virgo (23 August – 22 September) You can be more connected to your beliefs this month, and you feel strongly about these, willing to defend them against any attacks, but you need to make sure you're being open to what other people believe too. This can also be a good time to focus on your finances, and pursue new financial opportunities, but ones you can do on your own. You may come across as more practical, reliable, or sensual. Favourable Dates: August 6, 9, 15, 27, 24, 27 Favourable Colours: Blue & Grey Libra (23 September – 22 October) You defend your beliefs fiercely, and you identify with them strongly. You can also enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing things in a way that you normally wouldn't, pushing the envelope a little bit. You may be craving more solidity, support, and emotional presence from others, but you might also feel a little suffocated now as you often feel you’re playing a role for others. Favourable Dates: August 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & White

Scorpio (23 October – 21 November) This is an excellent time to do something where you need an incredible amount of willpower. Your determination and drive is unparalleled now. You can have the best opportunities and the energy around you is conducive to creating the kind of work life that you want and will make you happy. You can get your emotional self-right, and you deal with whatever issues have been brought up. Favourable Dates: August 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & Red Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December) You can work on striking a balance in your life, and are more charming. You can feel much better in your relationships, and have opportunities presented to you through others. You can let the people in your life shine, and you can work out compromises, not feeling the need to win. You want to share your feelings with others, and you can communicate them in a way that allows you to be truly heard. Favourable Dates: August 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Green

Capricorn (22 December – 19 January) This is an excellent time for you work-wise, and you can create any sort of work opportunity that you want with a little elbow grease. You can also focus on your daily life, improving your lifestyle and creating a routine that helps you to accomplish more and become more efficient, or focus on your health by doing the right thing and making good choices for your body. Favourable Dates: August 2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22 Favourable Colours: Red & Green Aquarius (20 January – 18 February) You can have new work opportunities, improve your work environment, get along better with co-workers, streamline your daily life to become more productive and efficient, or work on improving your lifestyle to live healthier. It's also a good time to work on having healthy outlets for stress so you don't get so stressed out in the future. This period

gives you the chance to connect with your partner, if attached, or meet someone fun and exciting. Favourable Dates: August 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Favourable Colours: Yellow & Grey Pisces (19 February – 20 March) You feel better emotionally, and you feel that your internal foundation is strong. You can leave a group you belong to or take on a bigger role in one, or let go of a dream or have the opportunity to achieve one. This is a good time to work on letting go of something from the past or some sort of subconscious issue that's been holding you back. Favourable Dates: August 3, 8, 12, 17, 21, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & Green

Aries (21 March – 19 April) You come out of your shell, and are more open about what you’re working on. You’re good with creative projects, and can use your creativity to help with any problem you have. This can be a time of many conversations, sharing of information, and taking in new facts. If in a relationship, you want to have fun with your partner, and are a little daring. Favourable Dates: August 4, 9, 13, 18, 22, 27 Favourable Colours: Red & Purple Taurus (20 April – 20 May) You may come across as more graceful, charming, and vacillating. You can also commit yourself to more people, projects, and plans and have a more compromising attitude. Your creative self can come out, and you let your artistic side shine. If you’re single, you can meet more people who pique your interest, but you keep things casual. If you’re in a relationship, you can try to bring romance back into it. Favourable Dates: August 2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22 Favourable Colours: Red & Yellow

Gemini (21 May – 20 June) You feel optimistic, coming up with big ideas, and feel good about life. You can positively deal with other people’s money (taxes, debts, loans, inheritances, joint finances), and begin new business partnerships. If single, you can have an easier time meeting someone new. You can have a lot of options and enjoy pursuing all of them. You feel more comfortable with commitment and serious relationship stuff later in the month. Favourable Dates: August 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favourable Colours: Blue & Yellow Cancer (21 June – 22 July) You’re ambitious, and can come up with plans that are realistic for attaining your goals, and can have an important conversation about your goals. You feel best when you’re working at achieving your goals. The more success you have, the better you feel about yourself, but you shouldn’t tie your self-esteem to your professional wins and losses. You can be attracted to someone who knows his or her worth, as well as yours. Favourable Dates: August 4, 5, 13, 14, 22, 23 Favourable Colours: Blue & Red manishastroconsultant

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A quiet night in...

All That She Can See by Carrie Hope Fletcher

Feelings are part of life - feelings are life. If you take away what people feel, you take away anything meaningful. Wanting to diminish the evil in this world is a good cause, one I have fought for the majority of my life, but not like this . . . Cherry has a hidden talent. She can see things other people can't and she decided a long time ago to use this skill to help others. As far as the rest of the town is concerned she's simply the kindhearted young woman who runs the local bakery, but in private she uses her gift to add something special to her cakes, so that after just one mouthful the townspeople start to feel better about their lives. They don't know why they're drawn to Cherry's bakery - they just know that they're safe there and that's how Cherry likes it. She can help them in secret and no one will ever need to know the truth behind her gift. And then Chase arrives in town and threatens to undo all the good Cherry has done. Because it turns out she's not the only one who can see what she sees . ..

The Dark Tower There are other worlds than these. Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, the ambitious and expansive story from one of the world’s most celebrated authors, makes its launch to the big screen. The last Knight Warrior, Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), has been locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim, also known as the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey), determined to prevent him from toppling the Dark Tower, which holds the universe together. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black. Release Date: 18th August


Barely coping with the end of her marriage, Tessa Connover learns that her ex-husband, David, is now happily engaged to Julia. Trying to settle into her new life, Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, the man who can help her forget her troubled past. Soon, Tessa's jealousy starts to consume her, and she will stop at nothing to turn Julia's paradise into the ultimate nightmare. Release Date: 28th August

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