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José and his grandson.

Jose loves to present devotionals and the Sabbath school lesson on the radio. He’s now the treasurer of the local church.


Welcome to Francia Sirpi, a remote village in the dense jungles of Nicaragua. There’s no electricity here, no running water, no outside communication; and very few ways to make money. The Miskito Indians who live here are some of the poorest people in Nicaragua, which is one of the poorest countries in Central America. Those lucky enough to find work earn less than three dollars a day. The bus ride into town costs five. AWR recently partnered with Cross to Crown International, which operates a radio station in Francia Sirpi to reach the Miskito Indians. One day a man named José walked from his village to the station. He had only a small pack of clothes, a machete, and a chicken with him. He had learned about Jesus as he listened to the radio programs and had come to thank the people at the station for the broadcast of hope to him and his people. “I now have a future in heaven,” he said, smiling. José had tried to share his new faith with his family. But the more he tried, the angrier they became. Finally, they told him to leave. When José came to the station, he was on José

Every day Adventist World Radio (AWR) studios receive letters, phone calls, and text messages from listeners who are finding Jesus through The Voice of Hope programs. Here are a few of their stories from around the globe. his way to a new village. He told the radio director that he was sad about leaving his family and longed for them to know Jesus, but that he was happy that he now had Jesus in his heart. As José was leaving, he gave his chicken to the director. He said, “It is the only thing I own besides my clothes and machete, but I am so thankful for the peace I have found in Jesus, I want to give you a gift.” José wants to go back home, but he had to make a choice. He chose Jesus. Please join us in praying that José and his family will be in heaven together when Jesus comes.


Kosi Rekha is a remote village in Nepal. Located in the lush mountains of the Himalayas, it’s known for the people who live there. They’re Every Sabbath the Kosi Rekha congregation worships in their mountainside church.

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