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Mountain Church In a small mountain village in China, a group of Adventist believers built a church. Several years ago, an Adventist church planter started visiting tribal groups and sharing his faith. He visited this village and was surprised by what he found. Join Mission 360° as we pay a visit to the church on the top of the mountain.


One man’s grandfather was studying to become an Adventist worker at China Training Institute in 1940. Those were turbulent times, and that branch of the school closed. Through the years, a small group of believers remained faithful in the village.

1 The road to the village clings to the side of the mountain with a sharp dropoff on one side. It’s a 40-minute walk, but we drive as far as we can. More than a few passengers were praying when tires spun on a few corners.

4 This woman was working outside her house, which was close to the church. Quaint mountain villages like this still exist in China in contrast to major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

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