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Helen Hall has served as an Adventist volunteer for 42 years. To our knowledge, she is the longest, continuously serving Adventist volunteer.

Meet Helen Hall. She’s an Adventist Volunteer Service worker from Australia, working at an Adventist school in Asia for kids grades 1–12.


er dedication and passion for the job have allowed hundreds of children to graduate and move on to opportunities they may not have had otherwise. “If you have just a roof over your head and enough space, you can work and the kids can learn,” Helen says. “I get a great deal of pleasure when I see kids who come from a family where no one has ever been to school, and they’re the first ones to go through to grade six, and then they’re the first ones to finish year twelve, and then they’re the first ones to go to college.” Adventist Volunteer Service (AVS) enables people to serve in a mission setting globally. This includes a huge variety of jobs and tasks. For Helen, it


has meant serving as an administrator for more than 40 years. The mission at this school is for the students to receive a quality Adventist education. “It’s very difficult for a Buddhist to become a Christian,” says Helen, “and if they do it too quickly, it causes big problems in their family. But if they wait

For many classes, the children have no textbooks. Their classrooms are divided from each other by only a curtain.

and go a little more slowly, then they can get by.” H e l e n ’s ex p e r i e n ce h a s taught her what works and what doesn’t work in reaching Buddhists. She has had

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