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Asha’s favorite thing is to introduce people to Jesus. She visits them in their homes, where they feel comfortable asking questions about the Bible.

Asha is able to answer these questions confidently because she studies her Bible a lot. She has no formal training or degree—just a strong desire to share God’s message with her neighbors.

Asha’s children are also interested in reaching out to the community, and they often join her in giving Bible studies. As they approach one home that they regularly visit, the owner greets them with a big smile. He’s eager to learn more about the Bible.

Asha shares stories that the man has never heard before. A simple lesson, a song, and a prayer are enough to make a huge impact. He has decided to be baptized.

Global Mission pioneers are local people who dedicate at least one year to starting new churches in areas or among people groups where there is little or no Adventist presence. Many are volunteers, living on small stipends. They work in challenging conditions and some are the only Seventh-day Adventists in an area of more than one million people. To learn more about their unique ministry, please visit

Global Mission pioneers have planted seeds in this part of India that have grown into a healthy group of believers. Without their efforts and your faithful support, many people in this community would still not know the love of Jesus. Thank you!

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Mission 360˚ Magazine - August 2014  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - August 2014