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Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion

in our community

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La Trobe La Trobe Social Work students Social Work students giving back

giving back to their community to their community

Declo Bisimwa

Habiba Ibrahimi

After fleeing the Congo and spending time as a child

From a young age, Habiba Ibrahimi would attend her mothers’ health appointments to act as a translator and to ensure she was seen by a female doctor. From a young age, Habiba Ibrahimi would attend her Habiba a Bachelor of majoring in Sociology mothers’completed health appointments to Arts, act as a translator and to at the Shepparton Campus and is doctor. grateful to for the ensure she was seen by a female opportunity to study locally so she can continue to assist Habiba completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sociology her family. “I am glad that I at Shepparton Campus and is grateful to for the canthe stay here in Shepparton opportunity to study to study and give my locally parentsso she can continue to assist her family. “Ithey am glad the support needthat withI can stay here in Shepparton paperwork and going to and give my parents to study appointments” the support they need with Now in her and second year of paperwork going the Master of Social Work, to appointments” Habiba already has years of Now in her second yearofofcare. experience in the field the Social Work, TheMaster supportofshe received Habiba already has years to pursue her study dreamof experience the field of care. has helped in increase her The support she received passion to help her community and other local communities. to pursue herher study dream Throughout studies, Habiba has been working with Wise has helped increase her Well Women. The female-led community health education passion help her community otherhealth local communities. programto was developed to help and improve outcomes Throughout her studies, Habiba has been working with Wise among Shepparton’s culturally and linguistically diverse Well Women. The female-led community health education communities. “Ever since I came to Australia, I have received program was developed to help improve health outcomes support and have been encouraged to do what I want to do among Shepparton’s diverse – and I want to do theculturally same to and helplinguistically others who need social communities. “Ever since I came to Australia, I have received work or counselling”. support and have been encouraged to do what I want to do – and I want to do the same to help others who need social work or counselling”.

Declo in a UgandanBisimwa refugee camp, Declo Bisimwa has called

Shepparton home for the last 12 years. After fleeing the Congo and spending time as a child Declo is currently a third yearDeclo SocialBisimwa Work student at La in a Ugandan refugee camp, has called Trobe Shepparton Campus. He12isyears. also the Founder and Shepparton home for the last Director of the Australian Youth Leadership Foundation – Declo is currently a third year Social Work student at La Masomo Mbele Foundation. Trobe Shepparton Campus. HeDuring is alsothe therecent Founder and local COVID Director of the Australian Youth Leadership Foundation outbreak, Declo and fellow– Masomo Mbele Foundation. Social Work student, Flavio During the recent local COVID Lubadi (a board member of outbreak, Declo and fellow Masomo Mbele Foundation) Social Work102 student, Flavio supported African Lubadi (a board member of families who were in isolation Masomo MbeleDeclo Foundation) in Shepparton. said that supported 102 African they got many requests from families who were in isolation the African community in early in Shepparton. Declo said that days of Shepparton’s outbreak they got many requests and ensured the familiesfrom the African community in early received provisions that were culturally appropriate, such days ofleaves, Shepparton’s outbreak as dry beans, semolina, and cassava medication and ensured the families and so on. “Helping the local community during this received that culturally appropriate, such COVID-19provisions was one of ourwere biggest achievements so far as dry beans, semolina, and cassava leaves, medication in our journey as leaders”. and so on. “Helping the local community during this In additionwas to supporting in lockdown, Declo COVID-19 one of ourfamilies biggest achievements so faris helping combat ‘vaccine fear’ that is extremely prevalent in our journey asthe leaders”. in Shepparton’s African community and persuading more In additionoftothe supporting families lockdown, Declo Declo plans is members community to getinvaccinated. helping combat the ‘vaccine fear’ that is extremely prevalent to publicise he, his wife and Flavio, getting their in Shepparton’s African community andlike persuading first COVID-19 vaccination. “We would to providemore members of the community to get vaccinated. Declo plans information which educate and raise awareness and to to publicise his wife and Flavio, getting their create betterhe, understanding”. first COVID-19 vaccination. “We would like to provide Declo will complete his Social next year and information which educate andWork raisedegree awareness and to plans to continue supporting the Shepparton Community. create better understanding”.

Habiba Ibrahimi

Declo will complete his Social Work degree next year and plans to continue supporting the Shepparton Community.

latrobe.edu.au latrobe.edu.au

Our Goulburn Valley

136 Pages of success in the Goulburn Valley Local Visionary Welcome to

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Our Goulburn Valley

Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community A special magazine highlighting many success stories in our great Goulburn Valley region.

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Manufacturers, industries, farmers and anything to do with property… booms in the Goulburn Valley Entrepreneurship will see the Goulburn Valley flourish post-lockdown Damian Drum Federal Member for Nicholls Message from the Prime Minister Lead where you live Elizabeth Capp Fiona Smolenaars John Anderson Matt Sharp Louise Tremper Dr Steve Capewell Carmel Johnson David McKenzie Paul Briggs OAM Sam Birrell Premier Dan Andrews Suzanna Sheed MP Wendy Lovell MP Mark Gepp MP Innovation, recipe for growth Cr Kim O’Keeffe Cr Chrissy Weller Clare Keenan Chris Raeburn

19-30 Primary Industries and Consumer Goods 20 22 23 24 26 28 29 30

Local manufacturer thrives despite adversity The rural sector across the Goulburn Valley is mostly enjoying a dream run Investing and delivering in our industry Burgers that will make your mouth water The quiet achievers Meat processing in the heart of the Goulburn Valley New investments unlocking the region’s agricultural potential $50M project to create 230 new local jobs

31-40 Engineering and Manufacturing 32 34 36 38 38 40

Made locally in Shepparton General engineering with an emphasis Innovation and technology bring jobs to Shepparton Apprenticeships in the spotlight as demand for skills continues to grow Furphy Foundry leadership in sustainable manufacturing From strength to strength at the forefront of engineering

41-68 Infrastructure, Construction and Development 42 43 44 46

The big green diamond From start to finish under one roof Safety taken to new heights 3D building impressions take out the guess work 48 Tech savvy and accurate 50 Diverse range of skills to meet demands 52 Choice and quality on show 54 Building a new aspect 56 Property market ahead of the curve 58 Shepparton and wider Goulburn Valley, a serious hot spot for property 60 Residential, commercial, rural, land going gangbusters in +61 the Goulburn Valley 62 Business continues to grow 63 Property market paused during COVID lockdown… But is off and running again 64 Developments around the Goulburn Valley +65 Reliable serivce with a difference 66 67 Property market booms for City of Shepparton and surrounding towns… 68 Rural indicators show one of the best agricultural seasons ever



Manufacturers, industries, farmers and anything to do with property… booms in the Goulburn Valley

69-82 Transport 70 72 74 74 76 78 79 80 81 81 82

Truck sales and service continues to boom for local firm Local freight firm celebrates 30 years… and continues to expand Local vehicle business continues to reinvest in Shepparton Getting back on the road again Exciting times ahead. New era in 2022 for Shepparton BMW Over 45 years of experience Moving with the times Family trucking business a true believer in supporting locals Giving back to our community MOVE opens its doors Shepparton hits a new milestone

83-88 Education and the Arts 84 86 86 88 88

New college in the heart of Shepparton People will bring out the best in new school Nation leading initiative created in Goulburn Valley Stewards of creation, community at heart Shepparton Art Museum

89-108 Professional Services 90 92 96 98 99

Local firm facilitates wonderful opportunities Finding your passion We value our clients Personal injury lawyers with a personal touch Building a protected business

publishing team.

100 Investing within and beyond 101 Protecting what’s most important to you 102 Celebrating a decade of awardwinning finance broking 104 Leaders in the insurance industry 104 Career progression at GV Health 104 Meaghan Thompson 106 When courage leads to healthy outcomes 108 Right there with you 108 Greater Shepparton Draft Budget 2021

109-134 Services 110 Cutting-edge security company keeping businesses and homes safe 112 Telecommunications solutions tailored to your business’ needs 114 Seeing abilities and possibilities 116 Nuts and bolts of riveting service 117 900 GV businesses ban office water coolers 120 Local scrap metal goes International 120 Heavy lifting and a wealth of experience 122 Committed healthcare to all animals, big or small 124 Stitching up workplace safety 124 Local linen service continues to expand across Victoria and NSW 126 Worry Free Water and excellence 126 Safety servicing and keeping your cool 128 Doing things the Donway! Van sales increase in demand 128 Over 35 years’ experience in recruitment 130 Growing FOOTTprint. New site, new services and a big step forward 133 Chamber Business Awards to be bigger and better in 2022 134 OUR GV Business Directory 2021 Publishing and advertising enquiries are welcome by contacting The Adviser on 03 5832 8900

On the cover of this record 136 page Our Goulburn Valley Magazine Extraordinary times call for an extraordinary effort. The Adviser team is humbled by the response received for this, our seventh edition of Our Goulburn Valley magazine. A sure sign of resilience is Shepparton and the wider Goulburn Valley’s ability to respond to adversity, multiple lockdowns and COVID-19 itself by being dynamic. This year’s theme is one of Inspiration, Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community and as you’ll read, the edition is uplifting, thanks to many wonderful success stories in the Goulburn Valley. With COVID-19 affecting each of us in some way, this special publication shows just how inspirational, innovative, resilient and passionate the people of Shepparton and the wider Goulburn Valley are – something we should all be immensely proud of.

I take this opportunity to also acknowledge the dedication, hard work and excellent teamwork of The Adviser publishing team: Advertising…Melanie Spencer, Bron Timothee, Stacey Dalziel, Will Adams, Geoff Adams. Editorial…Stephanie Holliday, Deanne Jeffers, Steve Hutcheson, Sarah Knight, Judie Gade. Photography…Kelly Lucas. Production…Mathieu Ryan, Cameron Bathman, Sandra Saenz, Ryan Bathman. Distribution…Melissa Burgess. General Manager…Will Adams. Managing Editor…Geoff Adams. The front cover features a number of important cogs in the successful operations of business and commerce in the Goulburn Valley. With record canola prices, along with what appears will be record yields, we thought it appropriate that our cover features Dookie

farmer Richard Tallis, in the middle of his stunning canola crop. Also on the front page are Rob Bryant and Geoffrey Thompson of Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packing Co; Zane Foott and Peter Foott of Foott Waste Solutions; Deepak Singh and Mathew Ryan of Gradian Hydrotech, Milcast and Milne Construction & Fabrication; Prime Minister Scott Morrison who has written a letter to the people of the Goulburn Valley inside; Greater Shepparton Mayor, Kim O’Keeffe and Paul Briggs OAM, executive chairman of Kaiela Institute; Charles Wooley and Shane Rodda, Adrienne Gledhill, Natalie Parker, Anna McIntosh of MB+M; Tim Davis and Khady Ajro of Faram Richie Davies Lawyers; Dr Brett Davis of GV Vets Clinic & Hospital, Natalie Simpson of The Apprenticeship Factory, the all-new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) which is to open

on November 20, and the all-new Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE) which opened in late September. We also salute the fine work of our health workers at GV Health. We think there is something for everyone in this bumper edition of Our Goulburn Valley magazine and that even in these COVID-affected times, we should all be very proud of what we collectively achieve in ‘Our Goulburn Valley’. Our Goulburn Valley magazine takes this opportunity to commend the businesses in the Goulburn Valley to our readers for their extraordinary efforts and achievements in having to pivot and adapt in these challenging times. We hope you enjoy reading this, our biggest Our Goulburn Valley magazine ever. Geoff Adams, Managing Editor

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

Manufacturers, industries, farmers and anything to do with property… booms in the Goulburn Valley The year COVID punched, the Goulburn Valley hit back harder


By Geoff Adams

o one could predict that for the last 12 months the Goulburn Valley would boom. Yes, there are the haves and have-nots, which may be disconcerting for many of us. COVID has created an extraordinarily difficult set of circumstances for retailers in many sectors, including tourism, the entertainment industry and anything to do with the hospitality sector, which has never before experienced such upheaval. COVID has forced businesses in these sectors and many others to pivot, to change the way they do business, redirect precious resources and to be far more efficient. It has driven many back to their business plans to give them the best chance of weathering further lockdowns. The big news in the Goulburn Valley is that many people from the big smoke are heading our way. There has been a remarkable turnaround of fortune for the Goulburn Valley for those who have moved to Melbourne for study and work. The brain drain Shepparton has experienced for decades appears to have reversed, with many people returning to the region to settle. Significant developments in recent years have made it attractive to live in the Goulburn Valley and Shepparton in particular. Take the following major

developments that have occurred in recent times into account: • The major Goulburn Valley Health upgrade, which has required 100s of additional employees and has pumped an additional $10s of millions into the local economy, has been at the forefront of huge growth across the health sector. The Goulburn Valley’s largest employer continues to break new ground with various projects underway or in the pipeline. One of several projects opened this year has been the inpatient unit and emergency facility which includes 10 Critical Care Unit beds, 64 inpatient beds and four new operating theatres as part of the $229.3M redevelopment. The upgrade has also doubled the capacity of the hospital’s emergency department, providing 36 treatment spaces. Last year the redevelopment delivered a new single-story dialysis unit which provides the capacity to treat twice as many patients. Headed up by CEO Matt Sharp, GV Health has also had to contend with COVID breakouts and providing large temporary testing sites. • The controversial $133M Greater Shepparton College (GSSC) in Hawdon Street is a key development in the massive $140M Shepparton Education Plan. The large educational precinct can accept in excess of 2,700 students when fully occupied. The college is enrolling students for 2022 intake

across all secondary year levels. The superstructure, which features five new buildings along with the original Shepparton High School building and three neighbouring buildings, is an extraordinary project for the Shepparton region. Senior students will have their House, their Neighbourhood and an Enterprise and Innovation Centre with trade technology, science, food, dance, performing arts and other specialist space. Ms Barbara O’Brien was recently appointed to be the executive principal of GSSC. • Iconic Australian company, Shepparton-based SPC has big plans to become a $1B company. The employer of more than 400 fulltime staff sees a big opportunity to supply the aged and health care sector. SPC acquired PomLife earlier this year and Kuisine in 2020. The company is owned by Shepparton Partners Collective, a partnership between Perma Funds Management and The Eights, who acquired SPC in 2019 for $40M. Headed up by CEO Robert Giles, SPC has led the nation in a push for staff COVID-19 mandated vaccinations. • Shepparton Art Museum’s (SAM) $50M project, which opens this November, will contribute to enormous cultural and tourism dollar value to the region for many decades to come. Recently opened, the Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE) is a $5.5M project that will be a huge generator of visitors for the area, attracting 1000s of visitors annually who are interested in cars, trucks, and automotive memorabilia. Together with one of the best collections of

period costumes in the Southern Hemisphere from the renowned collector, Loel Thomson, MOVE is housed in a multi-acre building at Emerald Bank, South Shepparton. The project has been the brainchild of local businessman and developer, Jim Andreadis and has been on the drawing board for several years. Our Goulburn Valley magazine has been told there is enormous potential for MOVE to grow and plans are already underway for another major development to complement MOVE. • Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packaging has built a new $60M state-of-the-art, 45 metre high refrigerated cool storage shed in Mooroopna. The company, which supplies fruit to supermarkets Australia-wide, earlier in the year hit the record of 107,000 bins processed for the season. • Renewable projects far and wide in the Goulburn Valley continue to progress. With several multi-million-dollar solar farms, AgBioGen aim to produce in excess of 150M litres per annum of commercially saleable, locally produced, plant-based, renewable energy and fuels at Katunga. • There are exciting environmental works being carried out by Goulburn Valley Water. Headed by Dr Steve Capewell, GV Water has recently completed a $10M project to capture renewable energy with a new cover for the lagoon at Wanganui Road Lagoons. In the last financial year, GV Water carried out large solar installations at Wanganui Road and at their head office in Fryers Street, Shepparton. “It’s all-around liveability without

putting preassure on drinking water. Greater liveability, with green and blue infrastructure for towns and waterways. Blue infrastructure relating to recycled water which can be used in lakes, waterways, school sporting fields, parklands,” Dr Capewell told Our Goulburn Valley magazine. He said that Stage 2 would see the solar program extended to Cobram, Seymour and Mansfield. GV Water is one of the region’s largest employers, with 250 staff. • Cannatrek’s $160M Shepparton cannabis production facility commenced building in 2020, with production of medicinal cannabis to begin in 2021. The project has received Major Project Status, indicating the Government’s recognition of this project’s national significance to produce major economic growth and employment opportunities for regional Australia. The facility, which is being built in phases on 178 acres of land owned by Cannatrek, includes 160,000m2 growing area under a giant hightechnology glasshouse. When operating at full production, the company aims to produce 160 tonnes of medicinal cannabis per year, which will make it one of the world’s largest such facilities. Currently, nearly all medical cannabis is imported. As more countries legalise medicinal cannabis, Cannatrek will pursue multiple export markets. CEO Tommy Huppert said Cannatrek chose Shepparton because of its abundant water, long daylight hours and passionate people with significant skills in agri-technology. CONTINUED PAGE 68

Entrepreneurship will see the Goulburn Valley flourish post-lockdown Print continues with credible readership


espite the onslaught of the effects of COVID-19 across the Goulburn Valley, Shepparton and the wider Goulburn Valley are bouncing back across many business sectors. There are the hospitality, mainstream retail, and generally small business sectors that have felt huge pain during the 20 months of unprecedented disruption. However, businesses that survive this extremely difficult trading period are likely to bounce back to be stronger than ever before. On the flip side, construction, real estate, and agriculture across most sectors are booming, albeit experiencing a hit during the lockdown periods. The latest edition of Our Goulburn

Valley magazine, produced by The Adviser, is a testament to the Goulburn Valley’s great entrepreneurship. The Adviser team is delighted to have produced this record 136 page edition during these challenging times. The Adviser takes this opportunity to sincerely thank all of the businesses and organisations who have supported and continue to support Our Goulburn Valley magazine and The Adviser publications. Without the support of these businesses, we would not be here to support you. Highlights of the 2021-2022 Our Goulburn Valley magazine include the many guest writers who have had the opportunity to contribute to the magazine, with a special message from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

OVERSEEING THE PRODUCTION OF THIS YEARS’ OUR GOULBURN VALLEY MAGAZINE... is the Adviser’s managing editor, Geoff Adams. Photo: Kelly Lucas. The leading feature sections of the magazine include: Primary Industries & Consumer Goods, Engineering & Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Construction & Development, Transport & Logistics, Education &

the Arts, Services, and a new section: Professional Services, including Legal, Accounting, Insurance & Finance. With the advent of social media, print media in comparison continues to be a stand-out for

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

strong, genuine and, significantly, credible readership. Regional and Country newspapers continue to have a strong local readership and magazines and special publications continue to be read strongly as well. Victorian country newspapers have a 1.2M weekly readership, providing a voice for their communities. The challenge for regional newspapers is advertising revenue. COVID-19 has had a big impact on regional newspapers and regional media in general. However, for business, the effective combination of print and digital media continues to grow, offering a strong platform for readership and marketing. We wish our local entrepreneurs all the best in the challenging and exciting times ahead and have every confidence that the Goulburn Valley has the resilience to continue to go from strength to strength. - Geoff Adams

Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction


Damian Drum

Federal Member for Nicholls As the Goulburn Valley, and Australia as a whole, continues to grapple with COVID-19 and the economic fallout from it, a debate is occurring around whether this year or last has been harder.


he reality is both have been incredibly

difficult. Yet in the face of border closures and intermittent lockdowns that have kept families and friends apart, and severe restrictions that have regularly halted, among other things, classroom lessons, sporting leagues, arts festivals and agricultural shows, the resilience, passion and innovation shown by Goulburn Valley residents has made me prouder than ever before to be your local representative in the Australian Parliament. To further foster this innovation, the Federal Government is investing millions of dollars to improve digital connectivity in the region via our Regional Connectivity Program, while at the same time doubling the number of Business Fibre Zones in the Nicholls electorate. Access to high speed internet allows local businesses to grow and thrive, break into new markets, and achieve their long-term growth potential. Significantly, The Nationals have also delivered a vital and historic agriculture visa to help secure the future of rural and regional Australia. This visa will provide a long-term, reliable workforce for our critical industries, including hundreds of businesses in the Goulburn Valley that have struggled, particularly during COVID, to secure the workers they need to maximise production. Most importantly though, I want to thank each and every one of you for the ongoing sacrifices you are making so we can return to some normality as soon as possible. I look forward to continuing to advocate for you in our Federal Parliament.




OUR GOULBURN VALLEY 2021 I’m delighted to contribute once agai n to Our Goulburn Valley in another celebration of the innovation and resilience of your regi on. You are employers, innovators, creators and investors. In agriculture and man ufacturing, health and education, arts and culture, our regional communities contribute eno rmously to national progress, prosperity – and pride. Our Goulburn Valley highlights you

r achievements, as well as your com

munity character.

I know this is a difficult time for the Goulburn Valley as you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. I want you to know how grateful I am to everyone in the Goulburn Val ley for what you are doing right now – following the pub lic health orders, getting tested and gett ing vaccinated. In the face of challenge, you are demonstrating strength and fortitud e, resilience and determination. Everyone is playing their part and I have every confidence you will get thro ugh this – because you are a community that looks out for each other. In these times, community matters, and

I honour your community.

This yearly edition of the Our Gou lburn Valley celebrates your commun ity – its people, its achievements, and its future.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP Prime Minister of Australia August 2021

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The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021

Volvo FH

UD Quon

Mack Anthem


Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

Lead where you live LEADING THE WAY... Chair, Goulburn Murray Community Leadership, Julie Cobbledick & executive officer, Goulburn Murray Community Leadership, Nathan Bibby. Photo Supplied.

Do we react or do we respond? This is a question continually being asked of our community leaders and the answer may well underpin the resilience and future growth of our communities.


onsidering the preexisting challenges and the ever-changing landscapes being navigated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to continue increasing the pool of community leaders who have the vision and skills to inspire a positive mindset and create change in the

communities where they live. The region has successfully banded together to respond and achieve great outcomes, and we now find ourselves at a precipice. How do we continue building on this momentum to develop thriving communities across the region? This requires a concerted effort to continually identify and develop

Many businesses in Shepparton District have had a tough two years, but with the loosening of restrictions and the increase in COVID-19

Regional Road Map First Nations Vaccination Rates Edging closer to a billion

dollars of investment in Shepparton District


Changes in our border bubble

to immediately putback in place the bubble not been returned to the of the pandemic response toborder be in our ofhas the contact tracing and management mechanisms required tosoon. enable more at this time, we hope it will be healthtracing services soto that they of regional the pandemic response be in ourcan of the contact Cross-border residents whoand havemanagement not left the work with our PHN’s and other health regional health services so that they can of the pandemic to be our cross-border or beenresponse to an extreme riskin zone any providers to beat the virus and get our work with our PHN’s and other health time in the last 14 days, can now enter Victoria regional health services so that they can communities up andreason. going again. without a permit for any providers to our beat the virus and get our work with PHN’s and other health Those Victorians stranded further north in New communities up and going again. providers to beat theGoulburn virus and get our The $10.7 million GOTAFE Murray South Wales may have had their local government Trades Skills Centre will communities upredevelopment and going again. area downgraded toapprentices a red zone. Ifand thatstudents is the case, accommodate more theywill cangoapply red zone permit to re-enter who on tofor fillaskilled roles in our district. Victoria. The Victorian Government allocated $6.4 million situationFruit is constantly so look inThe Queensland Fly controlevolving, in Goulburn to thisSunraysia link for updates: Murray, and Yarra Valley. This ongoing funding to help protect the Goulburn Valley’s www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/informationfresh fruit production from Queensland Fruit Fly cross-border-communities is welcome.

A Greater million dollarsShepparton was granted for the redevelopment of Verney Road School. This Secondary College school is overcrowded and a redevelopment isconstruction long overdue. This funding will get the ball rolling on the planning stage and hopefully ICOVID-19 am delighted toTesting see the construction of Greater funding for its redevelopment will be granted in Shepparton Secondary College charging ahead next year’s budget. Anyone unwellGrade with 6symptoms in recent months. students areof looking COVID-19 Testing Our regiontowill also benefit from theschool $200 forward transitioning to the new next COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, COVID-19 Testing million School Mental Fund,students aimed tofrom year and current secondary school Anyone unwell withHealth symptoms ofsense sore throat, runny nose, loss of of help ourcampuses schools deliver programs, staff, Anyone unwell with symptoms of and other have been very impressed with COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, smell, no matter how mild, should get vaccination rates, we can look forward to the build themselves back up. That’s where our other support tailored to unique needs. This COVID-19 suchfollowing as fever, chills, the newcould building visits. cough, funding fully fund thesite Neighbourhood

sore throat, runny nose, loss of sense of a part. We can help them tested forWe COVID-19 immediately andplay rest of our summer in the Goulburn Valley. community can sore throat, nose, loss of sense of The purpose ofrunny the Education Schools Project, if itsShepparton application is successful. smell, no matter how mild, should get stay at home until you receive the result. will again appreciate the wonderful businesses rebuild by shopping locally for goods and smell, no matter how mild, should get Plan is to transform education in SheppartonAlong with six other regional sites, Shepparton tested for COVID-19 immediately and and services the region offers as we return to a services. You canfor now be at Goulburn Mooroopna helptested young people get the best tested COVID-19 immediately and will receive a and Victorian Academy of Teaching more familiar world. stay atat home you receive the possible educational opportunities from birth toto fight for more government Valley Health’s Acute Respiratory Clinic and Leadership tountil help the professional While we continue stay homeuntil you receive theresult. result. post-secondary school. development ofbe our teachers, which will lead to to recovery and relief from (You ARC ) at Graham Street, Shepparton, Last year Jobkeeper payments helped support on our road You can now tested at Goulburn can now beoutcomes tested atfor Goulburn higher educational the district’s The will address many of thecommunity issues which issues, what we can take seven days per week between businesses stay afloat, but this year it plan was border Valley Health’s Acute Respiratory Clinic Valley Health’s Acute Respiratory Clinic students. had developed including falling enrolments, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm. tougher to navigate Victorian Government charge of ourselves is supporting one another as ( ARC ) at Graham Street, Shepparton, ( ARC ) at Graham Street, Shepparton, below-average educational outcomes, We are living in very challenging times. low We business grants. Some businesses suff ered we always do. We are a strong community and seven days per week aspiration and attendance issues. Our economic students continue to bear enormous social and seven days per weekbetween between huge financial losses and will take10:00 am – 5:30 pm. time to wenew will riseatagain if we stay together. costs and the–need topm. work together all levels deserve these wonderful facilities. 10:00 am 5:30 has never been greater.

03 5831 6944

Suzanna Sheed MP INDEPENDENT MEMBER FOR SHEPPARTON DISTRICT Phone: (03) 5831 6944 www.suzannasheed.com.au

Head of Shepparton Campus, La Trobe University

community leaders, an effort Goulburn Murray Community Leadership (GMCL) is committed to playing a key role in. Established in 1994, La Trobe University GMCL proudly delivers the Fairley Leadership Program Shepparton plays a vital economic, focussed on providing participants educational, social and cultural role in our the education and learning Regional Road community. Map The campus graduates up to experiences to help them lead Like many, I am finding it hard to accept change at a community level. 100itstudents a year, the majority of whom Like many, I am finding hard to accept Ithe was shocked toprocess hear that vaccination rates ofall Now in its 25th year, the program stepped which includes Regional Road Map the stepped process which includes all commence work in regional Victoria. Victoria’s Indigenous population had been greatly offers a powerful opportunity to regional Victoria in one category before regional Victoria in one category before inflated to more thanfinding double the actualto amount, Like many, I am it hard acceptMember enable a network of more than n April 2019, Federal the easing ofrestrictions restrictions can occur. following a technical software glitch. the easing of can occur. I Iall Drum the stepped process which includes Last week’s Victorian State Budget was a “hold 600 graduates to come together for Nicholls Damian value the important work of the Chief the important of the Chief With the spread ofItCOVID-19 across western New the fort” budget. addressed debt with higher regional Victoria in work oneMP category before and respond to local crisesvalue and announced a $5M taxes some areas, while focusing on the South Wales, Victorians have been congratulating Health Officer evidence-based theineasing ofand restrictions can occur. I emerging needs. GMCL is currently contribution to support broken stateon of having our mental system. themselves such ahealth high rate of vaccination research. working with an Alumni group to the important the extension of LaChief Trobe’s research. value work of the among our Indigenous community, but it turns out am pleased that the funding in the determine how this can beI done. Shepparton campus However, I believe therewe areceived betterbuilding. and this was notI believe the case and I raised matter with the However, there isisathe better and budget brings our district closer to $1 billion Furthermore, there is another Later that year, the former more positive way forward whereby theDeputy research. minister inway parliament last whereby week. inhealth Statepositive Government investment in our region forward the opportunity available. Wemore doregions Prime Minister, the Hon Michael can be divided into areas over recentHealth years. Much of these funds are being Victorian Minister Martin explained However, Ibe believe there isFoley athree better and regions divided into three areas not need to work in isolation andon can McCormack, visited the campus spent essential infrastructure in rail, health, along the linesway of our Primary Health how thepositive Commonwealth Government error the more whereby along the lines of our Primary Health GMCL is focussed on partnering toforward hear about the redevelopment education and agriculture. Networks (PHN). would meanareas occurred said the This Victorian Government was regionsand can be divided into three with organisations to implement plans. Then the COVID Networks (PHN). This would mean Inworking this Murray year’s budget, the Shepparton District with the Victorian Aboriginal Community the PHN which incorporates its regional leadership pathway happened the project was paused. along the lines ofpandemic our incorporates Primary Health missed out on our Organisation big-ticket items astoand the Murray PHN which Controlled Health peaksuch body ensure northern Victoria, from Mildura toAugust model. Through collaboration, Fast forward to 2021: La Trobe has responded the Shepparton Bypass and Goulburn Valley Networks (PHN). This would mean the necessary resources wereMildura availableto to get northern Victoria, from beyond Wodonga, be Health’s Early Parenting Centre butassessed wethe didpandemic, have the region can leverage existing towould the effects of releasing a new Strategic the Murray PHN which incorporates people vaccinated as quickly as possible. beyond Wodonga, would beeducation, assessed some meaningful investment in separately to the south-west which leadership programs and implement Plan which reaffirms our commitment to our campus northern Victoria, from Mildura to I will behealth making sure our First Nations people have mental protecting our horticulture toand the south-west which new programs to increaseseparately the network across regional includes Geelong for instance, aprotect city soVictoria. We have been easy accessWodonga, to vaccinations so they beyond would becan assessed industry. includes Geelong for instance, a city soour campuses and returning pool of community leaders focussed on re-opening closely integrated with Melbourne. themselves, families and the community. separatelytheir to the south-west which representing the whole spectrum to face-to-face learning, teaching and working. closely integrated with Melbourne. I’ve calledGeelong on the Victorian government includes for a cityworking so closely with Damian Drum of age, background and sectors. Weinstance, have also been Government I’ve called on the Victorian government to immediately put in place the closely with We are excited about the future of integratedMP andMelbourne. the Commonwealth Government on the campus toThere immediately put in place the have been some significant changes in our mechanisms to enable more the region and enabling our future and look forward to sharing more detail about I’ve called onrequired theredevelopment, Victorian government border New South While Shepparton required to enable more of thewith contact tracing and management leaders to lead where theymechanisms live. thisWales. exciting project in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!

Are we all in this together? As a community we have proven time and time again that we care for one another and this was especially evident during our recent COVID-19 outbreak.

Elizabeth Capp



5831 6944 @SheedSuzanna 03035831 6944 @SuzannaSheed

@SuzannaSheed @SuzannaSheed @SheedSuzanna @SheedSuzanna

Suzanna Sheed MP

Funded fromGoulburn Parliamentary Budget.Inspiring AuthorisedInnovation, by: Suzanna Sheed, 5 Vaughan St,Passion Shepparton 3630. October/November 2021 - Our Valley Resilience and inVIC our community - The Shepparton Adviser INDEPENDENT MEMBER FOR SHEPPARTON DISTRICT

Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

Fiona Smolenaars

people to the community. This innovative role is the first of its kind across Australia and it certainly showcases the very best of Greater Shepparton. It creates connections and builds friendships to help more people feel like they belong to our community. If you have new staff joining your team and need help to support their relocation, contact Fiona, the Community Connector Coordinator: Fiona.smolenaars@shepparton. vic.gov.au or 0468 562 826.

With Shepparton demonstrating it is the place to do business

in regional Victoria, Greater Shepparton City Council, Committee 4 Greater Shepparton and Goulburn Valley Health have collaborated to develop a strategy for the attraction, recruitment and retention of professionals to fill many of the roles on offer that outsiders are securing. The Community Connector program has focused on supporting professionals and their families relocate to the region. We can help secure a home, find a job for their partner, a school for their kids and deeply connect these

will enhance the area under and adjacent to the Telstra Tower. Through advocacy by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and support of Council, all off street car parks now have free, timed parking, For the second year in a row, Council granted Complimentary parking for December January for the festive/vacation season. We can look forward to more such support ongoing. The magnificent SAM gallery will open in November. An important and beautiful asset

to showcase the vast artworks held in Shepparton but also to provide both a café and rooftop function centre for those who wish to enjoy a bird’s eye view over the lake and Goulburn River. In tourism, MOVE opened in September, which adds a unique opportunity for people to see history both modern and historic in automotive as well as the world class Thomson garment collection. Close to the MOVE location is the Shepparton Botanic Gardens, a stunning example of community effort located on a reclaimed tip site. Soon this location will be linked by a walking bridge that joins with the current Goulburn River trail which traverses Shepparton from North to South. In all this, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a crucial role in advocating for business, being the voice of Shepparton to the council and to government. With an active board of volunteers, the Chamber intends to create new

networking and education possibilities for businesses. Innovations such as Zoom meetings have been required in the past twelve months, but with grants from the government and support from Council, the Chamber is in a strong position to continue the advocacy role for all business and the community in Shepparton. At the end of 2022, the Chamber will host the Business Excellence Awards, an event that rewards and showcases Shepparton business and staff in many different categories. This event is the red-carpet night, so enjoyed over the years and this year features the 25th anniversary of this event. With innovation during COVID, adapting to the times, many new infrastructure projects, Shepparton is well placed to be an attractive option for people and families to relocate to Shepparton and enjoy a lifestyle that is second to none in Australia. It is a wonderful community for business to thrive, and for individuals and families to live.

also to be able to support other health services in their vaccination rollouts in nearby towns. Despite the high numbers of people coming forward to be vaccinated, we still have a way to go yet. I urge you to book in for a COVID-19 vaccination if you haven’t already, and remember to get tested for COVID-19 if you have any symptoms, no matter how mild. Alongside the pandemic response, GV Health continues to

work to improve the health and wellbeing of communities through high-quality health services, outstanding care and learning. We remain focused on improving access to services across our sites and enhancing our facilities. Finally, please check in on your family, friends and colleagues – it is not an easy time and lockdowns have shown a face-to-face conversation isn’t something we should take for granted.

transcend cultures, can supplement where we have weaknesses, and catch those who fall. And let’s face it, all of us have had our moments over the past 18 months. Some of us more so than others. But if this social support network is strong, it can catch us, carry us until we get back on our feet and weave our own steel rope that strengthens the net to catch someone else. The more we support each other, the stronger that network becomes and the more it strengthens everyone in it. So, what does support look like? Reach out to friends and family. Ask for help when you need it. Don’t buy into the evermore prevalent divide-and-conquer politics. Back our small businesses

– they’re the ones doing it really tough, yet they’re the ones that make us proud to live here. Back them by shopping locally, eating locally, and going to local events. And that’s exactly why we made plans to deliver this year’s Shepparton Festival, it had to happen because it gives people the space to come together, to share experiences, to weave those steel ropes. The Festival supports small businesses and artists by design. It strengthens this place of ours, and that’s the role of art. Three weeks, 50+ artists, 200+ volunteers, 20,000+ participants. Plenty of steel ropes.

Shepparton’s Community Connector Co-Ordinator

Greater Shepparton is a region built on entrepreneurialism, self-reliance and resilience, demonstrating true community spirit and collaboration. In reality, we have probably benefited from being ignored by the Government because we have just had to get on, work together and make something happen for our region.

John Anderson

President, Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry The words Innovation, resilience and Passion for community could not be more meaningful to us as residents of Shepparton in 2020-21. The fact is that as a regional city Shepparton has not just coped and survived the disruption of multiple COVID lockdowns, rather our community has progressed, innovated, coped with, and at the time of writing, is looking ahead beyond the latest and most serious Covid outbreak in Shepparton. With increased vaccination my vision is for Shepparton progressing eventually to a free society once again. We can do this through maintaining what keeps us protected as businesspeople and the community at large. Observing social distance rules,

QR codes for entering businesses, mask wearing where required and importantly, accessing and encouraging vaccination. In Shepparton, we have much to be thankful for. Heading towards 2022, we have much to look forward to as a community both in business and as a public. In 2022 we will see construction commence of the rebuild of Maude Street Mall which will become a beautiful, vibrant space for business, for the community and for visitors. Planning is underway for a redevelopment of Fraser Street to become “Fraser Square” which

Matt Sharp

GV Health Chief Executive The Goulburn Valley’s response to COVID-19 has been outstanding and the resilience of our community and businesses has been second to none. I wish to thank the community for its support of GV Health and commend everyone on their collective response to COVID-

19, including people coming forward to be vaccinated. We are very fortunate to have a vaccination hub in Shepparton but

Louise Tremper Shepparton Festival General Manager

It seems to me resilience is a word bandied about willy-nilly these days, along with sentences sprinkled with ‘agile’ or ‘pivot’ or ‘recover’, plus / minus CovidNormal and CovidSafe. Yuck, a mish-mash of COVID buzzwords. But resilience should not be devalued by becoming part of the political jargon. It’s too important. Resilience isn’t one-dimensional. It’s not just cashflow, and it’s not physical toughness, and it’s definitely not

‘manning up’ or ‘stiff upper lip’. Social science tells us that our resilience is determined by social as well as cognitive factors: How good our social skills are plus how strong our social support network is, plus how good we are at planning,


prioritising, and goal setting. Our collective resilience is greater than the sum of our individual resilience because of the amplifying nature of the social support factor: It’s like a huge net of steel ropes that connect us and carry us. It can

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

Dr Steve Capewell Managing Director, Goulburn Valley Water

As a region, we have continued to face the challenges posed by the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic over the past 12 months. The resilient, supportive, collaborative nature of our communities has never been more evident than in the Goulburn Valley’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Greater Shepparton in late August. Environmental management has been a key focus for us in the past year, after the region experienced several years of drought conditions and declining water availability. In the past year, we’ve taken a number of steps to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Our 4,800 solar panels generated more than 2.59M kilowatt hours of renewable energy to power

our energy-intensive water and wastewater treatment processes more sustainably. Planning for our next round of solar panel installation is underway, and we’re continuing to seek new opportunities to integrate new technologies to improve the sustainability of our services to benefit our customers. We recently installed 9800 digital water meters in towns

Carmel Johnson

Head of Development at Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) The last eighteen months have challenged us the world over in so many ways. However, the Goulburn Valley community, and particularly Shepparton has demonstrated that whatever crisis comes our way we all step up with great resilience to help each other, and justifiably making us all so proud

of everyone who lives here. Since commencing my role at SAM earlier this year I have been inspired by the passion of my colleagues, and the dynamic new SAM building that rises each day like a phoenix lapping

experiencing high population growth, and the trial has already helped us identify and proactively repair 150 water leaks - saving customers money and water. In Euroa we established our first recycled water standpipe, in partnership with the communityled Greening Euroa project – the first collaboration of its kind. In the first five months of operation, more than 3.5M litres of recycled water have been delivered, saving millions of litres of drinking water in the process. We have also committed to the water industry’s pledge to be leaders in climate change and mitigation actions, with a target to reduce our total net emissions to 37k tonnes of CO2e by 2025. This year, we took a significant step towards that goal with the installation of a new 5Ha cover on our High Rate Anerobic Lagoon at the Shepparton Wastewater Management Facility. It will enable almost complete capture of biogas, where we can transform it into green energy.

Underpinning our commitments to delivering quality water services is our desire to support liveability in our communities. We have undertaken extensive community consultation to help us inform our future focus, services and how we can play a role in encouraging regional prosperity. As a major employer in the region, we’re committed to looking into initiatives that support flourishing communities, like installing community-access

drinking fountains, supporting local events and community groups, or sustainably watering green spaces in addition to our core business of delivering safe, affordable and reliable water and wastewater services. I look forward to seeing continued progression, growth and innovation in our region and how we can contribute to ensuring our region is a great place to live and work.

at the shores of the serene and majestic Lake Victoria. Each day hundreds of people walk, run, cycle, skateboard and roller skate the well-worn paths whilst clearly appreciating the natural beauty of the glorious flora and extensive wildlife who too have found a home in Shepparton. The new five story building will open later this year (COVID permitting!) and houses the Shepparton Art Museum, Kaiela Arts and the Greater Shepparton Visitors’ Centre. The “state of the art” museum will radically activate arts and culture in exciting ways

to ensure a thriving rich and creative Greater Shepparton, and the building will be a

beacon of inspiration designed to engage, inform and inspire our dynamic community.

Wendy Lovell MP

Member for Northern Victoria Region Working hard for a stronger future for the Goulburn Valley For assistance with State Government issues, please contact my office p: (03) 5821 6668 e: wendy.lovell@parliament.vic.gov.au /wendylovellMP Authorised by Wendy Lovell MP, 222 Wyndham Street Shepparton. Funded from Parliamentary Budget October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

David McKenzie

grazing country, irrigated cropping land, orchards and dairy farms, are benefitting from a sustained run of favourable seasons, strong levels of production, and healthy commodity prices. Demand for large scale and high quality agricultural assets has never been higher. We have seen a series of the most high value farm sales ever recorded in

our region over the past 12 months, and the current season looks set to drive even more optimism, and competition for good quality assets. A healthy agricultural sector flows quickly into our industrial market, and Shepparton has one of the most well traded and high value industrial markets in regional Victoria. Driven by food processing, logistics, coolstorage and warehousing supporting the farm sector, this market is also performing particularly strongly. Take up of newly developed land is at high levels, prices are strengthening, rents are rising, and investment yields are dropping. There are almost no vacant industrial buildings in the city, and there is a strong pipeline of new building projects on the books. Also fuelled by large scale building

and infrastructure projects driving a jobs boom, the residential sector is performing at an unprecedented level. Record numbers of blocks have been sold over the past 18 months, with new home starts at similar levels. The rate of capital growth for established homes has been quite remarkable. Underpinned by a clear trend of Melbourne residents seeking a move to the regions and working from home, there is strong unmet demand for good quality homes across all price brackets, and very short supply. Using property as a proxy, or a barometer for economic performance in our region, most sectors are thriving, and the outlook is bullish.

Together, we are tackling the challenges of historical dispossession, marginalisation and trans-

generational poverty by saying we all benefit from embracing Yorta Yorta knowledge and culture, and we all gain by sharing the value and prosperity First Nations people can bring to our regional economy. Co-Chair, David McKenzie, explained, “The time is now. The region is ready to take a leadership role in working together to deliver this powerful and achievable vision for shared prosperity.” On September 29, Ms Josephine Sukkar, Chair of the Australian Sports Commission, delivered the 13th annual Dungala Kaiela Oration. In

calling for a nationally coordinated approach to racism in sport, Ms Sukkar proposed “a shared cultural vision for all Australians”, reminding us that “We can no longer leave the job of advocating for their own human rights to the ones whose human rights have been compromised. That is not right and that is not who we are. We are better than this.” The challenge ahead is to build on these remarkable foundations. The Prosperity Plan is a sophisticated road map towards shared prosperity, with Yorta Yorta culture at the heart of a thriving region.

The fundamental advantages of the Goulburn Valley as a place to live and do business have always been apparent, but they are more and more coming to the attention of people and business from outside the region. It is instructive to ask business owners and skilled workers why they set themselves up here. The answers I get are: community, water infrastructure, climate, access to skills, population base, facilities such as schools and hospitals, proximity to Melbourne. Improved rail and CBD development

will improve our already impressive amenities. We are getting better at looking after new arrivals also, with the advent of the community connector role performed so ably by Fiona Smolenaars and her team. Agricultural industries are doing very well with favourable conditions and markets keen for our produce. Hopefully in the next few months the vaccination rates are high, the worst of Covid is behind us and the Goulburn Valley can drive forward into an era of even more prosperity.

Director of Opteon Property Group Despite the disruption wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, most sectors of our regional economy are in incredibly strong positions. It is important to acknowledge that areas such as hospitality, accommodation, tourism and the arts continue to be in highly vulnerable states. The retail sector also continues to undergo structural change. However, practically all other sectors have proven highly resilient. Not only have they absorbed the

COVID shock, they have grown and thrived. As a valuer, I believe we can detect the health and optimism of different parts of our economy by looking at the performance of property aligned to those areas. Agricultural property is enjoying its strongest period of growth in my 30 years as a valuer. All classes of productive land – dryland cropping,

Paul Briggs OAM, Executive Chairman of Kaiela Institute In a year in which Covid-19 disrupted our sporting season and our ability to meet face-to-face, two events stand out. On July 15, we launched the Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity Plan. Developed by the region, for the region, the vision is to generate shared

prosperity by restoring and sustaining a thriving First Nations economy. The Plan is collectively owned by, and accountable to, the region.


Sam Birrell

Committee for Greater Shepparton Chief Executive Officer The second year of the pandemic has provided more profound challenges for Greater Shepparton than the first, but the community remains strong and resilient, and the economy keeps going from strength to strength, despite the headwinds. Why is this?

THE NATIONALS ARE BACKING AUSTRALIAN FARMERS Thanks to an additional $2.5 million, bringing the total Federal funding to $10.5 million, the Dookie Drought Hub is expanding its remit to accelerate agricultural innovation, drive commercialisation, and create jobs. This builds on The Nationals committement to Australian’s agriculture industry, and it’s plan to grow the industry to a $100 billion industry by 2030.

For help with federal government matters: 426 Wyndham Street, Shepparton VIC 3630 damiandrum.com.au 03 5821 5371



Authorised by D. Drum, National Party of Australia, 426 Wyndham Street, Shepparton VIC 3630. The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021



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Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

The Hon. Daniel Andrews

Suzanna Sheed MP

Premier of Victoria

Member for Shepparton District

The Goulburn Valley is well known for its stunning landscapes, rich farmland and beautiful fresh produce, food and wine.

Are we all in this together?

But it’s the people of the Goulburn Valley who set it apart. In the face of recent outbreaks, so much has been asked of you. And through it all, you have shown strength and enormous determination to work together as a community and protect the health of those you love. Through the hardest of times, I have been struck by your sense of optimism, compassion and sense of community. The willingness of business, volunteers and so many locals to step up and help those

who are vulnerable, hungry and in need of support has been inspiring. You have shown our entire state, that when we’re faced with the unknown and the unprecedented, there is only one thing to do – stick together. Take care, stay safe and thank you.

Wendy Lovell MP

Member for Northern Victoria Much like last year, 2021 has been a challenging year for all Australians, no more so than for the many communities of the Goulburn Valley. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has continued to impact on our entire way of life: separating families, closing businesses, and transforming homes into classrooms as parents home schooled their children. The challenges have been enormous but in the worst of times the resilience of our region has once again come to the fore. The significant COVID outbreak in Shepparton in August was a difficult time for the people of the Goulburn Valley, particularly the close to 20,000 residents who had to endure a 14-day quarantine period and the businesses who employed them. Staff shortages caused by quarantine impacted every section of the community; manufacturers struggled to fill shifts, supermarkets reduced opening hours, hundreds of health workers were

furloughed, and many retail businesses closed altogether. Through innovation, compassion and oldfashioned hard work, the Goulburn Valley community showed magnificent resilience to help those in need. I have always been proud to call the Goulburn Valley my home and this latest example of our community working together in the toughest of times reinforces how lucky we are to live in our magnificent region.

As a community we have proven time and time again that we care for one another and this was especially evident during our recent COVID-19 outbreak. Many businesses in Shepparton District have had a tough two years, but with the loosening of restrictions and the increase in COVID-19 vaccination rates, we can look forward to the rest of our summer in the Goulburn Valley. We will again appreciate the wonderful businesses and services the region offers as we return to a more familiar world. Last year JobKeeper payments helped businesses stay afloat but this year it was tougher to navigate Victorian Government business grants. Some businesses suffered

huge financial losses and will take time to build themselves back up. That’s where our community can play a part. We can help them rebuild by shopping locally for goods and services. While we continue to fight for more government support on our road to recovery and relief from border community issues, what we can take charge of ourselves is supporting one another as we always do. We are a strong community and we will rise again if we stay together.

Mark Gepp MP

Member for Northern Victoria There is no doubt, this global pandemic has been a real challenge for everyone, but as we continue along the roadmap to emerge stronger – we must reflect on the incredible efforts and resilience shown across the Goulburn Valley. What we have seen is extraordinary community spirit, kindness and teamwork. Not only have residents rolled up their sleeve to get vaccinated – helping protect themselves, their families and the community – I am absolutely heartened by the many inspiring examples of local groups, businesses and individuals swiftly responding to help support the community through the challenges faced, particularly during the recent outbreak. I am very proud to represent communities across the Goulburn Valley and I continue to work hard to deliver important and meaningful projects that will make a real difference in people’s lives. From the Big Housing Build and Three-

Year-Old Kinder to record investment in health, education, agriculture, regional development, community sport and tourism – the Victorian Government is supporting the Goulburn Valley continue being a great place to live, work and visit. To stay up-to-date with the latest information on grants and projects, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, or visit my website markgepp.com.au

As your local state members of parliament we are able to assist you with any State Government enquiries. Please contact our offices for assistance. STATE LABOR MEMBER FOR NORTHERN VICTORIA jaclyn.symes@parliament.vic.gov.au 5783 2000 jaclyn.symes jaclynsymes.com.au @JaclynSymes

STATE L ABOR MEMBER FOR NORTHERN VICTORIA mark.gepp@parliament.vic.gov.au 1300 122 905 MarkGeppMP markgepp.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction


Innovation, recipe for growth Witnessing the influx of people exiting metro Melbourne to experience regional living has been nothing shy of impressive – and our region has really benefited from this growth.


new role within Council to support anyone looking to move into Greater Shepparton has been introduced, and our Community Connector Coordinator has been busy transitioning people as they embark on calling our region their new home. “2021 has really been tough for business, with snap lockdowns and the Greater Shepparton outbreaks – I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for what our region experienced economically,” said Council’s Economic Development Manager, Anthony Nicolaci. “However, our municipality has been so inspiring, not only financially, but also on a social level where people banded together to support those that were doing it tough during the pandemic.”

The next 12 months looks very promising across our visitor economy sector with exciting, game changing new visitor experiences helping put the region on the must-do list. The opening of the $50.7M Shepparton Art Museum and $5.3M Museum of Vehicle Evolution will present unique opportunities to build the regions profile and leverage increased visitation to keep local business busy, create jobs and keep the economy strong. “Why wouldn’t people consider regional Victoria now that people can work remotely – plus the career opportunities in Greater Shepparton are well worth relocating for,” said Mr Nicolaci. We continue to hear stories of success across our region, even during tough times, and whilst the challenges for local

GROWN TO NEW HEIGHTS... Great Things Happen Here ambassador, Charles Wooley pictured with Plunkett's Orchards general manager, Andrew Plunkett, who have seen some of the best strengths in the most challenging year. Photo: Supplied. businesses have been a difficult reality– you can’t help but be proud of what our businesses have done to survive and thrive. We have a campaign that spruiks that ‘Great Things Happen Here’ and that’s because they do. Our resilience during the pandemic was underpinned by the region’s strong agriculture and manufacturing sectors who continued to feed the nation as the food bowl

of regional Australia. Andrew Plunkett, general manager of Plunketts Orchards, commends the people and businesses of Greater Shepparton on their ability to overcome such unprecedented challenges. “Despite the many obstacles this past 18 months has had us all face, our region has continued to show great resilience and excellent business acumen. We would like to thank our staff,

customers and the community for their ongoing support and congratulate them on their ability to face those adversities with such strength,” said Mr Plunkett. “Continuing to supply the nation with our quality produce has been imperative and we’ve managed to get through it, our ability to do so can be attributed to the Greater Shepparton community’s fighting spirit.”

Our businesses are eager to thank you for your support...

and welcome you back. Across the Greater Shepparton region our businesses are doing their best to ensure your safety, to keep people employed, and stay in business.

Here’s how you can help our region be stronger than ever together: • ‘Like’ and ‘share’ favourite businesses on social media • Rave about something new or a special service you received • Shop within our region • Reconnect with each other and the businesses and services you’ve missed • Renew a membership/subscription • Book tickets to a movie, show or upcoming event • Check out the unique businesses in our small towns • If your shopping time is limited many of our regional businesses have adapted to online and offer click and collect

Support our regional businesses and search within the Greater Shepparton Business Directory greatthings.com.au/shop The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021

GREATER SHEPPARTON getting greater Even during these challenging times, Greater Shepparton gets greater. With new businesses opening and expansions occurring throughout our region, Greater Shepparton continues to impress. 2021 has been challenging for all but inspiring none the less with many businesses doing amazing things. We were fortunate to experience restaurant operators such as Okami and Lazy Moes commit to commencing in our CBD, whilst current businesses such as BelCibo & Co have decided to expand and call the CBD their new home in Fryers Street. The Maude Street Mall will be revitalised in 2022 and Council is already experiencing interest in in the precinct given the opportunities that this upgrade will present. We are also seeing current businesses within the mall expand. Residential property values in Shepparton have soared 13.3% over the past 12 months. Net internal migration for regions outside the capital cities continue to increase, with a net migration of 44,700 people in the year to March 2021. Greater Shepparton has truly benefited from this inflow of investment, further enhancing construction opportunities within the municipality. Gathercole’s meat works in Tatura will nearly double in size and they have recently added more storage space to the facility. Their latest project has enabled them to expand into the United States. The FruitCo construction is underway at the old SPC Ardmona site as Geoffrey Thompson Fruit Packing is producing a $55million plant creating more than 50 jobs. The development will create a new high-tech fruit sorting and packing facility for the region. Also within horticulture, four local familyowned orchard businesses in the Greater Shepparton region are merging

into one company with a Canadian fund investing in the merged entity which will be called Pomona Valley. The game changing Greater Shepparton Secondary College will be up and running from 2022 onwards, and the site is really taking shape. We also received incredible news when the Anglican Schools Commission announced plans to build Shepparton’s first Anglican school. The new $50m private Anglican school will be built on a 16-hectare site on Verney Road in Shepparton North, and will cater for students from Prep to Year 12. Baby Bunting have secured a store in Shepparton! It’s an exciting announcement and they will open before Christmas and be located at Riverside. Arnott’s Group announced an $8 million upgrade to its Shepparton plant, as part of an infrastructure investment program to upgrade its facilities over the next three years. The upgrade will create a 30 per cent increase in overall production at Campbell’s Shepparton over the next 12 months, and a 400 per cent increase in export volume. SCS Plastics is about to embark on a multimillion dollar expansion. The above are only a few examples of what is happening within our region. To hear more success stories visit greatthings.com.au and if you would like to discuss new business ideas or are considering expanding, please contact Council’s Economic Development Team on (03) 5832 9700.


| #GreatThingsHappenHere


01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

The clean and National green climate, transport plenty of hub. sunshine and state of the art irrigation system.

Highly level of connectivity – road, rail and air.

Strong Internationally manufacturing competitive sector. agricultural industries such as dairy and horticulture.



Shepparton Art Museum (SAM)


Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE)


Maude St Redevelopment

$12.66m CFA Fire Station


St Anne’s College at Kialla



Maude Street Mall Redevelopment



Goulburn Valley Health Redevelopment

New Greater Shepparton Secondary College

$756.5m Shepparton Rail Line Upgrade


Fish Hatchery

Strategic attraction of international, national and state events.

Centrally located statewide and nationally.

Talented and highly skilled workforce.

Ongoing private and government investment in the region.

Support, networks and services required to make things happen!



Our Goulburn Valley An Introduction

Cr Kim O’Keeffe

Cr Chrissy Weller

Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor

Campaspe Shire Council Mayor

While this year has been an extremely tough one for Greater Shepparton, it has been truly remarkable to see the strength and resilience of the community during this difficult time.

The coronavirus continues to impact and test the resilience of our business sector and wider community, with impacts felt across the whole of Victoria, Australia and the world.

Greater Shepparton is known for its innovation and creativity, and this was no different when the community needed each other most during the recent COVID-19 outbreak. It was amazing to see the community banding together to support each other, offer assistance and develop ways of reaching those who were in need of a helping hand. Your efforts were recognised, not just locally but on a national scale, and for that we all should be extremely proud. As we now transition through to the

recovery phase, I have no doubt that we will all continue this support to ensure businesses, families and community members can overcome the hardship. Council will continue to work closely with local businesses to support them on this road to recovery. We as a region have so many amazing things to look forward to in the coming year. In particular I am excited for our events calendar to be back up and running and to see many major projects completed, including the official opening of the Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) and the Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE). I look forward to seeing what our fantastic community can achieve in the coming year, and have no doubt we will continue on as the bold regional city we know and love.

The focus is now about supporting our community to get vaccinated, and to re-open with confidence and certainty. For our business sector to prosper, for our children to return to school, and for our community to see the annual calendar of events return. Despite lockdowns, some large and small scale projects have continued. Open space projects underway include redevelopment of the Echuca East Community Precinct, the Rochester Rotary Park play space, and Lions Park in Gunbower. The importance of open

Cr Chris Raeburn

Clare Keenan

Strathbogie Shire Council Mayor

Moira Shire CEO

I am incredibly proud of how the Strathbogie Shire community has come together this year.

As a newcomer to Moira Shire, I have been overwhelmed by the strong, smart and resilient communities that make up this great Shire. With the mighty Murray River to the North and the Goulburn and Ovens rivers at our boundaries, this is an area of incredible agricultural productivity and opportunity for prosperity. With our vaccination rates climbing, we look forward to resuming the community and economic activities as well as working to increase First Nation involvement and visibility in our Shire. With our beaches, sunshine, great

spaces has been highlighted in lockdowns, able to still enjoy areas that we have locally. We thank the community in working with us on these and other important projects. Our agricultural and manufacturing sectors have been major pillars in our region through the pandemic and are looking forward to having a successful season around these trying times. While the year has again been a difficult one, we are confident that our sought-after lifestyle, good amenity and strong levels of service will continue to see our region as an attractive place to live, work, visit and play. With a rich and diverse agriculture and food processing sector, and a strong community, there are still opportunities for growth and prosperity.

We came off the back of a very challenging 2020 and were eager to tackle lots of incredible new projects. While this year has also presented its own set of challenges, it has been amazing to see the resilience of our community and its continued passion to see our Shire thrive. Throughout ever-changing restrictions, we have seen some fantastic events go ahead during times when crowd numbers were able to gather in larger numbers. Our businesses have continued to rise to the challenge during this difficult time and we commend them for their ongoing efforts. We were excited to see some fantastic new spaces open, particularly for our youth, including the Violet Town

people, sports and excellent schooling, we are extraordinarily lucky. We are seeing unprecedented demand for residential properties as the city dwellers appreciate all we have to offer and large commercial developments are in the pipeline. Our population is growing fast with a median age of 47 and is home to people from diverse cultural backgrounds, bringing with it significant agricultural, retail, tourism and food sector opportunities. With a good season for agriculture and the gradual return of regional tourism, our businesses can start to open up again with confidence and rejuvenate the lifestyle that comes with living in magnificent Moira.

Skatepark and Nagambie Youth Hub. We held some really special events earlier in the year such as the Taungurung Sovereign Flag raising ceremony for NAIDOC Week and we are currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding with the Taungurung Land and Waters Council. Perhaps one of our most exciting pieces of work has been the ongoing engagement with our community to establish our Council Vision and Plan. These documents are so important in driving our future direction and we were so pleased to have more than 20 community members participate in our Community Panel. These community members were so understanding when the panel sessions were moved to an online format at the last minute due to lockdown restrictions. We look forward to seeing these documents come to fruition this year along with our very important Financial Plan and Asset Plan.

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By Steve Hutcheson AS we get to the end of a trying dealing with time lockdowns and so many people in the district being required to isolate, for thousands of people, getting their 13-day test to clear them has been trying.

Hundreds of cars were lined one of the several up at any testing points get tested and looking to the results coming positive. back are Continued Page 8

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8, 2021



Playground re-open in s time for the sunshine






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PLAYGROUNDS REOPEN... Playgrounds reopened for across Victoria children under have 12 with now mandatory. Photo: Stephanie checking in via QR code Holliday Story Page 8

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MEET SOME OF THE SHERBOURNE TERRACE FAMILY... Standing from left, Caitlyn, Karen, Amy, Ruby, Juanita, Rea, Sharon, Liana, Wendell, general manager, Nick Zurcas, function manager, sitting in front, Nathan Zurcas and executive housekeeper, Jenny Mathews. Photo: Steve Hutcheson


The place where memories have been


executive officer, member, Jim Andreadis, Steve Hutcheson patron and founding Photo: Jade Burley, MOVE entrance to MOVE. curator of MOVE, Frank Papallo at the MOVE, from left, MOVE chairman, Stacey Short and NT... The people behind LEVEL OF ENTERTAINMEmanager for the Loel Thomson Collection, on to see what Shepparton MOVE SETS A NEW has played a way of Lynne Salau, collections and how transport has to offer in the Peter Hill, reception t. in addition in its prosperity.

Evolution is complete. MOVE The Museum of Vehicle a polish or two and The final touches, for business. is once more open

n has The reconstructio due in part to taken some time however COVID-19 restrictions

and ready it is now complete with to provide the region of a world class exhibition

motor vehicles fashion to collections of bicycles, through the ages, equipment communication that and the Furphy Museum history reflect on the region’s

significant role with Beginning this week can a soft opening, visitors now take the opportunity holidays are while the school

world class entertainmen at Emerald MOVE is located and is Bank, South Shepparton 10am to 4pm. open daily from

ONS MOVE CONGRATULATI iences exper rd to sharing great s. We look forwa unity and visitor with you, our comm

If there's one entertainment complex that evokes special memories for many Shepparton residents, it's the Sherbourne Terrace. For the past 55 years at least, the business has been owned by the Zurcas family who have taken it from a small hotel-motel into one of Goulburn Valleys foremost family hospitality and entertainment centres and it is through those various transformations that people have wined and dined and celebrated some of life's more important events.


TAN Zurcas and his family acquired the business in the late 1970s and have continued to expand its scope of operation ever since.

Like it has with most other hospitality businesses, Covid has had a major impact on its function capabilities over the past year with new government rules coming into play each

| Oct/Nov 2020

rainfall Following great and some in the last week is definitely sunshine, Spring Goulburn Valley. in the air in the Adviser’s Welcome to The House & 12-page Spring . Land wraparound Photo: Stephanie


Inc WineluTrding Visito ai rs Mal p


week. With that in mind, a major renovation has conference or bistro or TAB function they been taking place in the motel rooms and the attended. expansion of the TAB and gaming facilities using With an astute feel for hospitality, Nick said, local trades and businesses where possible, into "We have to keep changing, it is the nature of where the bottle shop once stood. the industry. If we remain static, we would simply Managing director, Nick Zurcas said, "The stop operating, people want to see change." family has always been involved in hospitality The current renovations are now largely and orchards in the region with the family complete and as the restrictions start to ease, operating a hotel in Numurkah before moving the expansion is already being recognised as a to Shepparton. The Sherbourne has been a step forward. huge part of our lives and I am sure everyone Enjoy this special celebratory wrap around in Shepparton would have some memories of feature in recognition of one of the Goulburn this hotel, whether it is a wedding, the nightclub, Valley's entertainment venues.

Reaching 60,000

and maintain your pool Poolwerx can help family. the health of your spa while ensuring wellbeing of our clients Our priority is the COVID safe plan. and employees. Following

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Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion


Water Testing at store only

Mon to Fri 9am -

| 53 5pm Sat 9am - 1pm

Archer St, Shepparton

in our community

om.au P: 5822 4291 www.poolwerx.c

- 1800 808 839 ton Visitor Centre Greater Sheppar arton.com.au www.visitshepp

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October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Primary Industries and Consumer Goods

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need to support and sustain Australian sovereign capability for our nation; particularly with the personal and household hygiene and sanitation market being amongst the most critical in assuring community safety.” CARMINE CONTE Pental site manager



$3,660,000 estimated in Greater Shepparton in 2021 $1,988,000 estimated in Campaspe in 2021 $1,630,000 estimated in Moira in 2021 $708,000 estimated in Benalla in 2021 $448,000 estimated in Strathbogie Shire in 2021 Based on NEIR modelled data released in March 2021

Housing prices soared, the typical house price in 2021 in each Local Government Area (LGA) was: $417,248 (+ 12.91%) in Greater Shepparton with 4.34% (-8.06%) yield (or houses) $446,160 (+1.61%) in Campaspe, with 3.66% (+1.78%) yield. $442,598 (+5.57%) in Moira Shire, with 3.90% (-0.28%) yield. $387,716 (+13.77) in Benalla Rural City, with 4.43% (-5.24%) yield. $404,654 (+9.60%) in Strathbogie Shire, with 4.21% (-3.25%) yield.

Welcome to Gathercole's Our family company commenced operations at Tatura in 1985 and has built its strength in serving supermarkets and butchers nationally with a high quality lamb product range.

We have obtained our Tier 2 Export accreditation and have extended our range of boxed lamb products to serve new markets. Our Graebar Park Lamb is being served to customers in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Korea and the Pacific Islands.

Our Tatura Facility is expanding and will create up to 100 new jobs for locals.

High quality standards QUALITY ASSURANCE


Gathercole’s is AUS-MEAT accredited and is fully HACCP controlled with a Quality Assurance program to ensure product is processed with the highest level of safety and care.


Gathercole’s operates with the highest animal welfare standards and is accredited by the new Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS).


Gathercole’s is committed to operating facilties in a sustainable manner, including the use of solar panels and sustainable water and waste processes.

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

Local manufacturer thrives despite adversity A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN... Pental’s research and development chemist, Hanlu Cai with liquid plant productions operator, Adrian Horne, who represent Australia’s only manufacturing business with the capacity to produce entire ranges of personal and household hygiene products. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

SUSTAINABILITY through crisis requires a combination of adaptability, strong business instincts and bold leadership.


hen coupled with an innovative, solution-based business model, production capability and the capital to invest; you have a business with the ability to thrive in the face of adversity. That willingness to rise, and readiness to take enormous risks, across every area of the business is exactly what has seen Shepparton-based, Pental earn the title of the largest domestic and industrial cleaning products manufacturer in regional Australia. In a league of its own, the business now has a product range so diverse, it is capable of producing the entire range of both personal hygiene and

home care cleaning products. Pental’s recent investment in their brand-new sanitation plant, and development of premium brands along with their diversified business units, has seen the business further strengthened through the pandemic. Pental’s underlying strategy of sovereign capability, diversification and security has been fundamental in not only maintaining but growing their market share during this time explained site manager, Carmine Conte. When asked about their willingness to continually invest in authentic Australian brands, and their choice to increase production and capabilities and expand their

range of products manufactured here in the Goulburn Valley, Mr Conte said this: “The COVID pandemic has highlighted the need to support and sustain Australian Sovereign capability for our nation; particularly with the personal and household hygiene

Supporting Growers in the Goulburn Valley

and sanitation market being amongst the most critical in assuring community safety.” Based here in Shepparton, Pental has become the only manufacturing business of its kind in Australia, with the capacity to produce an entire range of personal and

household hygiene and sanitation products on the one site, from organic liquid and bar soap, to sanitizer, disinfectants, detergents, bleach and antibacterial cleaners and lotions. With a number of recent brand acquisitions, the Pental success story is only set to continue.

ed e Tailorebdy qfe uality advic supported

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Rootstocks for your next planting

We believe great grain makes great stockfeed Using local grains and our wide range of reputable additives, our feeds are tailored to individual herd needs. Having a strong involvement in the local community and industry matters to us at Rex James Stockfeed. 1 Murray Valley Hwy, Nathalia Ph: 5866 2771 www.jamesstockfeed.com.au

1800 772 726

Apple CG202

• A semi dwarfing tree growing slightly larger than M26 • Does well in warmer climates • Resistant to fire blight and phytophthora • Good resistance to woolly apple aphid • Partial tolerance to replant disease • Best suited to tree densities to 1500-2500 trees/ha


29 Drummond Rd, Shepparton OFFICE & RETAIL

Apple Nic®29

• Similar to M26 tree size with M9 precocity and productivity • Less brittle than most other M9 clones

Cherry Krymsk™ 5 • • • •

Produces cherry trees 90% the size of F12 Very precocious with high yields Resistant to wet soils Sensitive to prunus ringspot and prunus dwarf virus • Good fruit size and firmness

82 Mitchelldean Rd, Manjimup WA 6258


T 08 9772 1207 sales@oleanurseries.com.au www.oleanurseries.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Proudly manufacturing & distributing global brands from our home in the Goulburn Valley for over 60 years

Trusted by families for generations These Pental brands are manufactured and packed by our team at our Shepparton facility

Pental Limited | www.pental.com.au

Quality ISO 9001


Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

The rural sector across the Goulburn Valley is mostly enjoying a dream run Record canola prices are being recorded before the harvest has even got underway, spelling a boom for broad acre farmers from Thoona, Tungamah, and Dookie, through to Strathmerton in the North, to Eurora, Tatura and Murchison in the Southwest – in fact, the entire farming district around Shepparton is showing huge crop promise.


o far, it’s been a cracking season following an excellent 2020, which all bodes well for equipment suppliers, fertilizer companies and rural suppliers. The supply chain of chemicals and equipment arriving has blown out several weeks due to shipping demand and container costs. IK Caldwell’s David Jobling hasn’t seen canola prices like this ever before. He says, “I’ve seen canola reach $600 a tonne once in my lifetime, but never have I seen it hit $700, and I’ve never dreamt of it hitting $800 a tonne. Not only are they record prices, but the volumes are shaping up to be huge as well, providing temperatures stay mild.”

“Wheat is also sensational at $320 a tonne,” says David. On the flipside, orchardists are struggling to get a good price for their produce. Volume is good but the supermarkets aren’t doing growers any favours, David tells Our Goulburn Valley magazine. “Last year was a good harvest of apples and pears, but growers were constrained by labour shortages. There’s a real concern as to who’s going to pick the crops when they come on stream,” he says. Cherries normally come on stream in the second week of November, then stone fruit, apples and pears are picked in January, and Packham pears are picked in the second week of February.

ACTIVELY SEEKING NEW MILK SUPPLY Bega & Tatura are actively recruiting new milk supply.

FIELDS OF GOLD... Pictured Richard Tallis of Dookie celebrating record canola prices and possible record yields, giving farmers plenty to smile about. Photo: Kelly Lucas.



Supporting local wineries since 1977 Trading hours

With increased capability and an increasing demand for our products we are seeking new milk suppliers in all regions. Why supply Bega & Tatura • An Australian owned company • Competitive milk prices • Growth incentives • A guaranteed minimum price each year, no step downs • Organic Milk • Payment systems to suit your farm • Options for large farms, split calving • 9/3 payment system suits seasonal, small to medium farms or farms looking for early cash flow • Personalised service from our dedicated Milk Supply Team

If you’re interested in supplying Bega or Tatura please contact our Milk Supply Office on (03) 5824 6203 or email milksupplyservices@tatura.com.au

Mon - Fri 9 am - 6 pm

Sat 9 am - 4 pm

119 Corio Street, Shepparton

Ph: 5821 2051

Whatever you grow, wherever you plant, Biomix compost helps you.

Nurture your soils with our compost. A natural, environmentally friendly soil conditioner.

Did you know that using compost can reduce your water usage by up to 25%

Nurture your soils with our compost. A natural, environmentally friendly soil conditioner. Ask us today how our organic compost • Certified organic by NASAA & AS4454 Compliantand saves you water. improves soil health • Helps your soils capture and store water • Adds carbon, nutrients and trace elements to grow healthier plants • Increases microbial activity • Improves soil sructure, reduces compaction and enriches soil health • Increases root growth, root lengths and root health • Reduced use of inorganic fertilisers • Improves soil temperature control

e. info@biomix.com.au | m. 0488 993 066 Full information on website www.biomix.com.au

The Biomix local Community Support Program, donates product & such as schools, garden groups, Kinder gardens etc. Email Biomix, to see if your local community group qualifies.

financial support to local community projects October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods


Investing and delivering in our industry THE dairy industry in the Murray region contributes over $700M to the regional economy and employs over 8000 people either on farm, in the processing sector or broader service sector.


he dairy industry has shown great strength and adaptability as it has adjusted from drought, water policy and market impacts of recent years to continue to be an integral part of agricultural success in our region. Murray Dairy is a not-for-profit regional services organisation led by a board of farmer and service provider directors, and supported through levy funds matched with federal government funds via Dairy Australia. Each year, Murray Dairy invests and delivers in a wide range of research, development, extension and education programs to support farmers and the broader dairy industry to continue to produce quality nutritious dairy

products for both domestic and international markets. Being responsive, adaptable and well networked, Murray Dairy continues to look for ways to engage and deliver valuable services for the dairy industry. Being responsive, Our programs include adaptable and well support for networked Murray Dairy discussion continues to look for groups, EVERYTHING DAIRY... Regional extension officer Lisa Birrell and herd manager, Ruby ways to engage and building Meston on the Stewart family farm in Yarrawalla, VIC. Photo: Supplied skills with the deliver valuable young dairy and animal are available both in person being made on farms. services network, delivery nutrition, or online and investment with For more information about of technical farming systems, regional partners on current Murray Dairy and what they information across areas animal welfare and research and innovation ensures offer please go to their website of employment best practices, natural resource management. access to current expertise www.murraydairy.com.au. business management, feedbase Delivery of training programs to support key decisions

Murray Dairy Providing regional and seasonal information for the dairy industry in northern Victoria and southern NSW • Workshops, training and tools for the management of livestock, feed, natural resources, people and your farm business • Access to expertise to improve on-farm performance • Seasonal updates to assist with decision making • Networks and support for industry groups including Discussion Groups

Murray Dairy and Dairy Australia are investing in programs that support farm businesses as they adjust to seasonal variability including: • Alternative fodders and cropping • Animal health and nutrition • Business structures and employment • Risk and strategic planning • Water portfolio management

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021

We are proud to play an important part in the food chain and as a popular supplier of fine meats & meat products in the Goulburn Valley.


Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

Burgers that will make your mouth water Savour if you will, a delicious, if not expensive burger eaten within the confines of an architecturally designed hipster café anywhere in the state and quite likely, the meat in the burger was produced right here in the Goulburn Valley.


‘farm to From with fork’

435 New Dookie Rd, Lemnos bestonglobalfoods.com.au

rovincial Food Group is in the business of taking basic meat cuts and further processing them into packaged meals, as shanks in sauce, as sausages and of course, as ready to cook burgers. The machinery used in these processes has for the most part, been imported from Germany who are the masters of making sausages and it is constantly being updated and refined to bring a better product to market. Commercial clients such as Campbell Foods use the processed meat in its different forms, minced or diced to add into their range of products while with Aldi, that lamb shank

in tomato sauce in their meat section or the ready cooked roast beef may have journeyed through the Provincial Food Group plant in Lemnos. General manager, Rabeeh Charif has only recently joined the company having spent a number of years in Papua New Guinea running a similar operation there. “Not many people in the community know that our company is one of the largest meat further processors in the region since most of our clients are B2B,” said Rabeeh. The processing plant at Provincial Food Group was once used as a refrigerated cold storage for horticultural produce

ANOTHER WORLD CLASS BUSINESS... Machinery from Germany, meat from the GV and experienced general manager, Rabeeh Charif joined Provincial Food Group from similar projects in Papua New Guinea, making this operation one to watch. Photo: Kelly Lucas. before transitioning into meat processing around 2018 when the facility was acquired by Beston Global Food Company Ltd, an ASX listed company. Provincial Food Group

employs around 35 people across its operations and is located at 435 New Dookie Rd, Lemnos. Our Goulburn Valley magazine salutes another success story in the Goulburn Valley.

More than just fruit, it’s our people For nearly 75 years, Geoffrey Thompson Holdings has been supplying fruit to supermarkets, fruiterers and the like. The journey continues today with 300 permanent staff and an extra 300 people during harvest, making us the fourth largest employer in the Goulburn Valley. Our team recently hit an extraordinary milestone of a record 107,000 bins processed. Geoffrey Thompson Holdings supplies 10% of Australia’s apples and pears. From apprentices and forklift drivers to trainees and pickers - our focus is our people. More than just fruit, it’s our people.



Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

The Quiet achievers When Geoffrey Thompson Snr was approached by a group of Shepparton Orchardists 73 years ago to build, cool store and market their apples and pears through Europe, North America, New Zealand and Asia he would not have known where his family would take the business and the region, nine years after his passing in 2012. Along with Richard Pratt’s father and many local identities, GTH Limited has been the quiet achiever in the fruit industry.


n 1993 when his son Geoff relocated to Shepparton and purchased their first orchard in the region, they have expanded and now grow, pack and market 10 percent of the apples in Australia. This makes them the largest apple grower in Australia, employing 300 permanent staff and an extra 300 people during harvest. They have trained more than 100 apprentices in the last 10 years and provided stability for 100s of local families. The company complements their own production with outside growers’ fruit, which provides an extra 50 percent of total production. Since

the late 1990s the bulk of the crop has been sold to the This makes them the domestic largest apple grower in market Australia, employing 300 via the permanent staff and three large supermarkets an extra 300 people and between during harvest 5 and 10 percent sold to export. This will change with the commissioning of the of-the-art facility set to be $60M construction at the former operating in February 2022, will Ardmona Fruit Products site in reduce the cost of production Mooroopna, which coincidentally to become internationally is celebrating 100 years in 2021 competitive and will put a floor since its formation. This statein domestic fruit pricing. It will

AT THE $60M JEFTHOMSON PLANT - MOOROOPNA... JefThomson chairman, Rob Bryant and CEO Geoffrey Thompson. Photo: Kelly Lucas. provide transformational capacity for this region’s fruit industry. A great company understands the importance of preserving the core values and culture of their company while their strategy

and operating practices must adapt to a changing world. Geoff Thompson Jnr embodies the culture that his father developed, as the company embraces global challenges and opportunities.

growers caring for our

since 1960

Behind every good business there is a great team Our extensive agronomic team deliver a range of services for broadacre, horticulture, viticulture, fodder, rice and summer crop production across these regions. These include on farm advice on pest, disease and weed management, crop inspections, farm planning and recommending in-crop nutrition requirements. As well as comprehensive fee for service programs I K Caldwell also has an extensive range of services such as insect trap monitoring, orchard monitoring, farm mapping, soil moisture monitoring, nutrition advice, disease/frost warnings and a suite of analytical services.

Serving the Goulburn Valley, Northern Victoria and Southern NSW

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and our community The SheppartonPh: Adviser 116Passion New in Dookie Road, -Shepparton (03)

5821 2477 www.ikcaldwell

f o l l Fu s e s i r


*Photo taken prior to Covid-19

With direct links to SPC, the region’s food processing company and providing many of Australia’s favourite brands at 20-70% off, SPC Factory Sales continues to be a favourite destination for locals and visitors alike.

Open 7 days Mon to Fri 9am-6pm, Sat + Sun 9am-5pm and some public holidays 9am - 5pm 197-205 Corio Street, Shepparton 03 5821 7033 www.spcfactorysales.com.au ‘SPC’ is a registered trade mark of SPC Ardmona


Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

Meat processing in the heart of the Goulburn Valley WOOL BUYERS


aaa woolbuyers


5821 7855


36 Wanganui Rd Shepparton

Standing high above the skyline in Tatura, the new 15m high building under construction at G & B Gathercole’s is soon to be completed, almost doubling the size of the existing meat processing facility.


eneral Manager, David Cunningham, said, “The company has recently acquired an export licence and we now have a path into the lucrative US market through meat The company has wholesaler, Wolverine recently acquired an who supply to major retail outlet, Cosco. export licence and we “If we are going now have a path into the to serve that market lucrative US market adequately, we need - General Manager, David to be able to process more product and to Cunningham do that, we need a larger NEW SPACE FOR BIG DREAMS... Plant manager, Jarod Winters standing facility that can handle up to in for general manager, David Cunningham out the front of the recently 100 new workers and increased finished G & B Gathercole’s building. Photo: Kelly Lucas. processing and storage space.” The company currently employs G & B Gathercole commenced operations provide cold storage space for 20,000 around 130 workers however David sees in Melbourne in 1974 and is now ranked in lambs along with a new kill floor and recruiting the additional manpower the top 25 multi-species processors in the amenities for the additional workers. from the region will take time. country. The company supplies to Victorian Mr Cunningham said it was an exciting “It is a very competitive job market at the wholesale and retail butchers from its three new project for Tatura and will no moment although I believe this is a hurdle plants, Tatura, Carrum and Wangaratta. doubt serve the community well with its we will quickly overcome, “said David. The new facilities at Tatura will increased employment opportunities.


Prompt payment and service from Grant & Hayden


Kyvalley Dairy Group is one of Australia’s largest family owned dairy businesses supplying innovative fresh milk products throughout Australia. 100% Australian Family Owned and Produced We are proud to provide to our customers a full suite of brands from Kyvalley Farms, Kiewa Country, Geelong Dairy, Coach House Flavoured Milk and our range of True Organic which are NASAA Certified Organic produce.

For more information on our brands find us online:

www.geelongdairy.com.au www.kiewacountry.com.au

www.kyvalleyfarmsmilk.com www.coachhousedairy.com.au

PO Box 424 Kyabram VIC 3620 Australia

“Our business focus has been to provide quality fresh products to our customers and consumers that you can trust to be of the highest quality in every part of our production value chain”.

Kyabram Office 7 Slattery Rd Kyabram VIC 3620 Australia

Melbourne Office Level 6, 111 Collins St Melbourne VIC Australia

General Enquiries: +61 4 3721 0358 Sales Enquiries: +61 4 3721 0358 digital.marketing@kyvalleydairy.com.au www.kyvalleydairy.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods


New investments unlocking the region’s agricultural potential One of Australia’s leading agricultural investors, goFARM Australia, is making large investments in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District.


he Australian owned business specialises in large scale projects that transform the productivity and profitability of farming systems. Co-founder and managing director Liam Lenaghan says the business sees a bright future for the region. “The GMID (Goulburn Murray Irrigation District) has the soils, climate, water and people to support a range of high value crops. At goFARM, we see great opportunities to bring together capital, people, and technologies to unlock the underlying potential of the region’s land and water resources.” As part of its farming operations goFARM has invested heavily in irrigation infrastructure, including sub-surface drip irrigation. General

manager of goFARM’s operations in the region, Nick Raleigh, says the business is committed to best farming practices: “Drip irrigation is not a new technology but traditionally has been very high cost. Modern We are serious manufacturing techniques about transforming now makes agriculture and leaving these systems a positive legacy in viable for annual crops the communities UNLOCKING PRODUCTIVE POTENTIAL... Managing director Liam Lenaghan and chief farming such as corn. - Liam Lenaghan, goFARM officer, Nick Reliegh plan on transforming agriculture for the better. Photo: Supplied. The yields and Australia’s managing water savings high density the pandemic, goFARM’s focus We are serious about transforming director. we are achieving ‘Afourer’ mandarin has been supported by the agriculture and leaving a positive are very exciting.” orchard. This is first strong commitment of its staff, legacy in the communities and In 2021 goFARM established stage in goFARM’s vision to directors, and investors. industries in which we invest,” its first two commercial orchards unlock the productive potential “The development of new, high said Liam Lenaghan, goFARM in the region, a 207-hectare of its assets in the region. value irrigated industries will Australia’s managing director. almond orchard and a 71-hectare Through the challenges of support job creation in the region.

goFARM is local, employing locals We’ve become a local, and are enjoying working with locals. Come and work with us. Please visit gofarmaustralia. com.au/work-with-us for employment opportunities.

e hr@gofarmaustralia.com.au p +61 3 9046 1998 www.gofarmaustralia.com.au

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Our Goulburn Valley Primary Industries & Consumer Goods

$50M project to create 230 new local jobs TONGALA is to receive a boost to its industry with a local, 100% Australian-owned beef processor set to receive a multi-million dollar investment to transform their processing facility.


W Greenham & Sons are to complete a $50M redevelopment of their abattoirs, including constructing a chilled beef production facility that will unlock access to more lucrative export markets and help the business to move into premium meat products. The most significant capital investment in the company’s history will see the new stateof-the-art facility produce premium quality beef for world markets and create 230 new full-time jobs and is expected to increase turnover by 20 percent. Mr. Peter Greenham, the company’s Managing Director, paid tribute to his late father, who built an enviable legacy since commencing the Tongala operations in 1993. “Tongala was our first home, and we’re pleased to invest in

the facility as we see an exciting opportunity for the Goulburn Valley region within the Australian Beef industry,” Mr Greenham said Whilst the Tongala facility has been focused on producing lean grinding meat for export markets, Greenham’s more recently acquired facilities, Greenham Tasmania and Greenham Gippsland, have built an enviable reputation for producing high-quality beef brands, including Cape Grim, Bass Strait, and Altair Wagyu. Those brands are strongly supported by Australian cattle producers who are part of Greenham’s lifetime traceable programs, which give access to key retail and foodservice customers around the world. “We are seeing increasing demand for high-quality Australian Beef from our customers, and this expansion











COMBINED STAGE 1 & 2 at Tongala will allow our business to grow with that demand,” said Mr. Greenham. “It also provides new opportunities for beef producers in the Goulburn Valley who join our supplier program.” Greenham’s free-range barley-fed brand, Wanderer will be processed at the facility as

well as a new brand currently in development that will be exclusive to the Tongala site. Construction began in August, with Shepparton based CAF Consulting selected to manage the build. The new facility will be custom designed with the latest processing equipment, increasing Greenham Tongala’s production

capability from 50 tonnes a day to 200 tonnes a day and giving access to over ten new export markets. While the new facility is being constructed, Greenham will continue operations, accepting all cows and bulls as business as usual.

100% Australian owned & operated

There’s a new era at Greenham HW Greenham & Sons is a 100% Australian family owned company, providing the most convenient and fair option for farmers to sell their livestock. Greenham’s Tongala, Tasmania and Gippsland operations buy livestock from over 9,000 mainland and Tasmanian suppliers through live weight buying centres or ‘over the hooks’ trading. Greenham is proud to offer a suite of beef products under the Cape Grim Beef, Bass Strait Beef, Pure Black Angus Beef, Vintage Beef Co, Greenham Natural Beef and Robbins Island Wagyu brands. Greenham’s quality brands and products are found on the menus of Australia’s leading restaurants and exported to over 25 countries including the USA, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Maldives, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Recently, Greenham announced a multi-million dollar transformation of its Tongala facility which will enable the site to process premium beef in addition to the manufacturing beef when it opens in 2022. While the expansion is taking place, Greenham’s Tongala will continue to accept cull cows and bulls for processing.

For more information please visit www.greenham.com.au October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

A major part of our work is supplying to the construction industry, various plates that end up buried in concrete in one form or another. We have supplied components to all the major projects happening in the region, the new secondary college, SAM and GV Health Hospital Expansion.”

Engineering and Manufacturing

MARK HOOPER JMAR Engineering managing director

ECONOMIC OUTPUT IN EACH LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA (LGA) $3.51B in Greater Shepparton $5.6B Campaspe Shire $3.91B Moira Shire $1.7B Benalla Rural City $1.1B Strathbogie Shire

Manufacturing had the largest total exports and imports in all LGAs in the region, except in the Strathbogie Shire, where the Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing industry makes the greatest contribution to economic output ($307.3M accounts for 27.96% of total output).

Professional Custom Engineering & Precision Metal Fabrication Services Customised Design Solutions • Industrial • Agricultural

Mild / Stainless Steel & Aluminium Welding Guillotine Repairs & Maintenance CNC 4m x 175 tonne Press Brake CNC Turning CNC Plasma Cutting

229 Macisaac Road, Ardmona VIC 3629 (03) 5829 0478 info@sibioengineering.com.au


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Our Goulburn Valley Engineering & Manufacturing

Made locally in Shepparton In 2003, Steve and Sandra-Lee Snelling bought J Murphy Sheetmetal, renaming it Snelling Engineering, starting as a husband and wife team, with previous owner Jim Murphy lending a hand. Currently they employ eight full-time staff and skilled sub-contractors.


n the 1st of July 2021, the business celebrated 18 Years in business. SandraLee “the real boss” keeps Steve in line and manages the office administration. Son-in-law Jedd Ibrihim is assistant manager. Snelling Engineering started small and grew organically, transitioning to larger fabrication and project work. They design, manufacture and install stainless equipment, architectural feature screens, metal powder coated furniture and metal sundry items. During COVID restrictions, business increased, despite notable material cost increases with some materials being unavailable. Their willingness to be both flexible and versatile

with services has been instrumental in their success. “Clients say we are very easy to deal with and go out of our way to provide excellent service and quality.” Snelling’s main clients are KFC and Builders say our McDonalds level of service, in Melbourne. knowledge, experience However, and workmanship is the business superior to comparable has key Melbourne services local clients, PERFECT EVERYTIME... Clients cannot get enough of Snelling Engineering or their - managing director, providing managing director, Steve Snelling, who keeps them coming back. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Steve Snelling a balance between local and providing clients Steve Snelling explains, “Our “We have never had a recall Melbourne based work. with the scope to business is repeat business. and no fixing up mistakes.” All product is made at “add value” as needed. Builders say our level of service, “We get the job right the first the Shepparton facility, with “The tradesmen who make knowledge, experience and time and just as important, we the ability to diversify and the product locally, install what workmanship is superior to get the job done on time.” increase fabrication services, they have made on-site.” comparable Melbourne services.”

Supporting local businesses & employing locals Whatever steel you need... However you need it

K & S Pallets is certified to comply with international requirements for your export needs. The AWPCS certification mark is an accepted means for demonstrating this compliance to limit the spread of wood pests and diseases.

Customers who buy wood packaging materials from K & S Pallets can rest assured of a globally accepted quality. Wood products used for packaging exports include: • Pallets • Bins • Dunnage

• Crates • Skids

410 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton East  www.ksindustries.com.au  1800 360 039

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years!

Servicing the region with everything in Steel: • Structural Steel • Merchant Bar • Sheet and Plate

Catering to all types of

• Pipe and RHS • Roofing and Fencing • Commercial and Domestic

General Engineering, Steel Fabrication & Machining

27 Hawkins Street, Shepparton Ph: 5831 2700 Fax: 5831 4944

In the GV for 20 years Founded in 1952

12–14 Williams Rd, Shepparton p: 5821 2266 e: admin@gveng.com.au www.gveng.com.au

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Steve Snelling - Manager


Jedd Ibrihim - Assistant Manager

0439 982 223

0418 126 561



29 Telford Drive Shepparton 29 Telford Drive Shepparton


Our Goulburn Valley Engineering & Manufacturing

General engineering with an emphasis The rural sector in the Goulburn Valley is becoming more industrialised year on year and housing that industry is going beyond the scope of small farm sheds into the realms of industrial buildings.


MF Engineering is a local family ran business priding themselves on their ‘good old fashioned’ service. Building a legacy that will be passed on from father to sons, owner, Malcolm Smith, is all about face-to-face value and is very hands-on in meeting client expectations. Offering a large range of general engineering services, they see themselves as the go-to firm in Shepparton for large custombuilt sheds suited to on the farm or in an industrial setting in town. The team are focused and their attention to detail is second to

none, assuring all aspects of their work is right for their clients. TMF Engineering are also able to provide standard and customised projects from the creative idea stage right through to design, fabrication and on-site erection. Although sheds play a big part in the business, this innovative company also specialise in mechanical services. These skills play a large part in the business diversity that make up TMF Engineering and their core, which includes but is not restricted to machinery modifications to purpose-built truck bodies. In its infancy, the business started off fabricated truck

A FAMILY BUSINESS... TMF Engineering provides good old-fashioned service, from left, Macabe Smith, Leisha Smith, Malcolm Smith and Arlen Smith. Photo: Kelly Lucas mounted forklifts and olive harvesting machinery then grew to include projects involving designing and fabricating custom workstations on the chassis of trucks.


“The TMF workshop has a broad range of tools and machinery which allow us to build or repair just about anything. We can fold and cut sheet or fabricate with any metal such as



Customised innovative


Aluminium | Stainless Steel | Mild Steel Welding • • • •

General Engineering • Custom Tool • Machinery Modification/ Custom Fabrication Boxes Installation & Maintenance Trailers • Sheds • Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ute & Truck Trays • Structural Steel Cast Iron Welding

aluminum, stainless steel or mild steel from scratch,” said Malcolm. TMF Engineering are located at 81 Drummond Road, Shepparton and can be reached on 5831 8226.

81 Drummond Rd, Shepparton Ph: 5831 8226 | M: 0414 771 262

malcolm@tmfeng.com.au www.tmfeng.com.au

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Proudly Australian Made & Owned



No matter what industry you’re in or what challenges you

Our experienced staff are backed by industry recognised certifications, delivering peace of mind and certainty for all project work. • AS 4801:2001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems • ISO 9001 – Quality Management systems • Australian Government Federal Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems Corporate orders Made-to-order • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Milcast have the capacity to manufacture Milcast can design made-to-order Management Systems

OUR SERVICES face, we have the technical knowledge, experience and commitment to help you save money and get better results for your water projects. INCLUDE • BAY OUTLETS

Technology is constantly changing, so using a company that’s been involved in a whole range of applications for over 40 (ALUMINIUM OR RUBBER years –FLAP) from domestic plumbing to large–scale irrigation, mine dewatering, water treatment, landscaping and construction – is the best way to make sure your systems are as advanced and efficient as possible. Precast Products

• HEADWALLS • DROP BOXES We design, manufacture and supply precast concrete products for agricultural and supply bulk products to corporate structures based on your specific needs. OUR CAPABILITIES and commercial uses. customers. Products can be from our Including pipe brand selection and • CHANNEL CHECKS We pride ourselves on delivering turn–key solutions that are existing catalogue or made-to-order. control door requirements. cost effective for our customers. We can deliver end–to–end • PITS HYDROTECH AND RISERS UT GRADIAN To view our range or for further information on our corporate and made to order products, visit our website. water systems and infrastructure including consultation, product supply, manufacturing, installation, service • PIPES AND PIPEdesign, ENDS and maintenance.



that’s 40 n, mine tion nced

t are –end n, vice

m to


or full

pools, ll as pe and




Polyethylene Fabrication Steel Fabrication Our experienced staff are backed by • industry Our staff recognised are certified butt and electrofusion welders. • We specialise in fabrication of aluminium and stainless steel certifications, delivering peace of mind and certainty for all products to suit the national water market. • We can manufacture polyethylene fittings from 50mm to project work. 1200mm in diameter. • Our workshop is equipped to handle any customer • AS 4801:2001 – Occupational Health Safety requirements from small bay outlets to floating pump • Weand utilise data logging of weld parameters which are issued Management Systems structures with access walkways. with completed product. • ISO 9001 – Quality Management •systems • Our engineers work with the customer from design through All welds are stamped by our accredited fabricators for full to fabrication and installation. traceability. • Australian Government Federal Building and Construction • Our product range includes foot / in-line valves, stainless OHS Accreditation Scheme Call and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable sales team! • Our products include irrigation outlets, flanged pipe spools, screw-down valves, over-centre lockdown, slide doors, pump manifolds, • ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems floating pumps and pontoons as well as Please phone (03) 5888 products 3051 or emailfrom us polyethylene at sales@milcast.com.au polyethylene stock troughs with durable galvanised frame, customised fabricated pipe and • OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety pipe-end stops, as well as a wide range of floating pumps for sheet. Murray Hut Drive, Finley NSW Management Systems river, creek, channel and dam water supply projects. • We can provide a full range of poly products and various www.milcast.com.au ranges of pipe.


Steel Fabrication • We specialise in fabrication of aluminium and stainless steel products to suit the national water market. • Our workshop is equipped to handle any customer requirements from small bay outlets to floating pump structures with access walkways. • Our engineers work with the customer from design through to fabrication and installation. • Our product range includes foot / in-line valves, stainless screw-down valves, over-centre lockdown, slide doors, polyethylene stock troughs with 2 durable galvanised frame, pipe-end stops, as well as a wide range of floating pumps for river, creek, channel and dam water supply projects.

Water Utilities



A client focused approach to your irrigation & engineering needs Please note that all prices are exclusive of GST & Freight. All prices & dimensions are subject to change without notice.

We at Gradian Hydrotech pride ourselves on delivering turn key solutions that are cost effective for our customers, we deliver end to end water systems and infrastructure including consultation, design, product supply, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance.


t all prices are exclusive of GST & Freight. nsions are subject to change without notice.

23 Telford Drive, Shepparton | 03 5822 2600 sales@gradianhydrotech.com.au | gradianhydrotech.com.au



Our Products and Services include:

| High Density Poly Pipe and Fittings | Bay Outlets | Pipe and Riser Systems | Floating Pumps and Pontoons | Custom Poly and Steel Fabrication | Pumping Systems | Waste Supply Systems


Our Goulburn Valley Engineering & Manufacturing

Innovation and technology bring jobs to Shepparton Technology is changing the scope and means of manufacturing in a competitive world and keeping ahead of current best practice is a force to be reckoned with.


ver the past couple of years, local engineering firm JMAR Engineering have been adding to their range of machinery capabilities putting them in a position where they can offer services in Shepparton that once would have been assigned to metropolitan firms. JMAR Engineering managing director, Mark Hooper said, “We have recently invested in a new 8kW Fiber laser cutting machine that gives us a significant advantage. It was a choice between two sizes and the bigger machine was only marginally more expensive, but it gives us room to grow in the future.” Primarily engaged as a business-

to-business service, JMAR provide component parts to other local engineering companies and little of what they make appears in the open market. “We are currently producing component parts for a new three-wheeled vehicle that will go into service delivering parcels Australia wide in the near future. In itself, when it comes about it has the potential to become the largest Australian vehicle manufacture of volume at this time. “A major part of our work is supplying to the construction industry, various plates that end up buried in concrete in one form or another. We have supplied components to all the major projects happening in the region,

A CRUCIAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE... JMAR Engineering managing director Mark Hooper and director Janice Hooper are proud to have provided vital components to all major projects occurring in the region, including MOVE Museum, GV Health, and the new secondary college. Photo: Kelly Lucas. the new secondary college, SAM and GV Health Hospital Expansion,” to name just a few, said Mark. The company has recently expanded their workspace to accommodate the new larger laser cutter as well as a new 300 tonne 4 metre break press

that can fold heavy sections of steel plate as required. “As a service company, for some of our larger clients, they have given over to just-in-time supply rather than maintain millions of dollars of machine components in stock and will call on us to provide

a manufactured replacement item in a matter of days.” JMAR offer a wide range of CNC turning and machining in addition to cutting sheets of steel with their fibre laser and high-definition plasma cutting.

Driving the the Driving Goulburn Goulburn Valley since since 1986 1986 Valley

Drives for Industry has been supplying the Goulburn and Murray Valleys withfor power transmission equipment supplies since 1986. Drives Industry has been supplyingand theengineering Goulburn and Murray Valleys with power transmission equipment and engineering supplies since 1986. We provide advice on all aspects of mechanical power transmission systems, automation systems, engineering Wesystems, provide pneumatic advice on all aspects of mechanical power transmission plasticspneumatic and conveyor systems and have earned anengineering excellent reputation systems, systems, automation systems, throughout the region for ourand work with major an food producers. plastics and conveyor systems have earned excellent reputation throughout the region for our work with major food producers.

COVID ‘sneeze screens’ for the hospitality industry COVID ‘sneeze screens’ for Food Processing the hospitality industry Canning Food Processing Can Making Canning Milk Powder Production Can Making Milk & Cheese Processing Milk Powder Production Fruit Processing Milk & Cheese Processing Farm Machinery Fruit Processing

Stockfeed Stockfeed Abattoir

Electrical Civil Engineering Electrical Civil Engineering Government

Abattoir Meat Processing

Government Automation Engineering

Packaging Equipment Meat Processing

Automation Engineering Timber Industry

Pumping Refrigeration Health Pumping

Automotive Wineries

Farm Machinery


Conveyor Manufacturing

Engineering Packaging Equipment Refrigeration Engineering

Timber Industry Automotive Wineries Conveyor Manufacturing

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44-48 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton (03) 5822 2988 sales@dfi.com.au | www.dfi.com.au 44-48 Old Dookie Road, Shepparton

sales@dfi.com.au | www.dfi.com.au


Detailed Design Drafting using SolidWorks Mild and Stainless Steel Fabrication Precision Machining Fully Automatic CNC Turning Centre Lathe & Machining Centre 4kw 1.5x3m Table 8kw 2x4m Table Fibre Lasers High Definition Plasma Cutting 1.8x6m Table

6 Broomfield Street, Shepparton Victoria 3630 Phone: (03) 5831 5995


Engineering Pty. Ltd. Est. 1994


Our Goulburn Valley Engineering & Manufacturing

Apprenticeships in the spotlight as demand for skills continues to grow WHILST the last two years have been full of surprises for Shepparton’s J. Furphy & Sons, one thing that has remained constant is the value of the company’s long running apprenticeship program.


mongst the 110strong team in Shepparton, there are currently 14 apprentices. These apprentices are all completing Engineering Certification 3 in metal fabrication with on-the-job training and supervision provided by J. Furphy & Sons subsidiary, Furphy Engineering. In addition, classroom-based learning and certification is provided by Shepparton’s GOTAFE. Training includes welding and fabrication of stainless-steel tanks and vessels in addition to planning, computations, and interaction with computer technology. Most entrants to the apprenticeship program do not have any skills in these areas when they start. “A lot of people might be put off applying for an apprenticeship

thinking they don’t have the skill level required to work in that role, but the reality is that anyone can be an apprentice,” said Furphy Engineering’s operations manager, Quinton Langlands. “Training is provided and In less time than it we’re looking takes to get your driver’s for interested license an apprenticeship people with us can have you rather than MEET THE TEAM... Clockwise from the back is Quinton Langlands, Jake Chadwick, pre-existing looking at a stainless-steel Daniel Candy, Andrew Stewart, Jacob Crosbie, Jayson Andrews, Ben Benyer, Ash Gall, skills.” tank saying I built that! Rick Jordan-Brown and Adam Furphy. Front row from the left is Jiuta Rauluni, Michael With a 157Kennedy, Mackenzie Trewen, Haydan Heron and Michael Brittain. Photo: supplied - Furphy Engineering’s year history, Operations Manager, the company as a career pathway. you looking at a stainless-steel Quinton Langlands has a long record equipped “With the combination of tank saying I built that!” of investing in people dedicated ongoing training as well as The company is looking to and equipment to enable automated experience working in industry, increase its number of skilled growth in size and diversity. equipment. an apprenticeship gets you on tradesmen with four new Furphy Engineering’s stainless According to J. Furphy & a paid pathway to success. apprenticeship positions to be steel tank manufacturing facility Sons managing director Adam “In less time than it takes offered for 2022, with applications is a remarkable sight, with tanks Furphy, an apprenticeship to get your driver’s license an opening in November. under construction in workshops is often underestimated apprenticeship with us can have

Furphy Foundry leadership in sustainable manufacturing

Now Powered by Clean, Green, Energy

ENDLESS INNOVATION... Investing in solar has made sustainability goals possible at the Furphy Foundry, led by managing director, Sam Furphy. Photo: Supplied.

Furphy Foundry is now manufacturing its full range of products using a Clean Energy Source, made possible with the installation of solar panels across its various plants in Shepparton, Victoria.


he manufacturing company that produces street and park furniture and open space structures, has also modernised its casting plant with the implementation of a new electric induction furnace. These environmental upgrades were thanks to a grant contribution from the Victorian State Government, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning created to help businesses reduce energy costs and slash emissions. “We were thrilled to receive notice that our grant application

for the Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund was successful,” says Furphy Foundry managing director, Sam Furphy. “This has really assisted in changing our operations and our contribution towards a cleaner and greener environment by our business, and we are very pleased to be doing our part.” Because of these recent upgrades, all Furphy Foundry’s power requirements are now generated from solar energy and any surplus energy stays in the grid. Meanwhile the newly installed electric induction furnace not only offers a

reduced carbon footprint but reduces costs and creates a safer working environment. “We can now proudly say that all products produced by Furphy Foundry are made from a Clean Energy Source, and that is very good for business,” Mr Furphy said. Clean energy isn’t the only environmentally friendly initiative Furphy Foundry has a proud history of continuous innovation. Their timber, for example, is sustainably sourced,

harvested from sources around Australia. Castings and slats are made from 100 percent recycled aluminium which uses only 5 percent of the energy it takes to create aluminium from scratch. Many of the manufactured materials Furphy Foundry uses in its products also have a low environmental impact. For instance, Wood Plastic Composite which is a durable and versatile material made from wood fibres, plastic, and inorganic fillers, while High Density Polyethylene, used

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

in a range of outdoor benches. Furphy Foundry is one of Australia’s oldest companies and a fifth-generation family business. From its beginnings producing farming equipment, it is now a diversified manufacturing company specialising in outdoor public space products which are sold throughout Australia and overseas. They’re proud to say their products are 100% Australian owned and made.

Now Powered by Clean Green Energy

Certified System

Leadership in Sustainable Manufacturing


Quality ISO 9001

Furphy’s Foundry has grown from an agricultural implement maker, to a diversified infrastructure products company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of open space products for communities throughout Australia. Our Shepparton operations continue to expand and have grown to include 5 distinct production centres being Cast Aluminium, Steel and Stainless Steel Fabrication, Timber Production and Product Coatings. A key achievement in the last 12 months has been the implementation of a clean energy program and as a result we now power all plants and produce all products from a clean energy source. A second manufacturing plant is located in Brisbane’s north.

Urban Green Spaces

Eureka Modular Restrooms

Our strong and durable prefabricated product designs are widely accepted as superior for all Australian environments.

Recycled Aluminium Seating

Efficient Water Usage

Products • Shelters • Pedestrian Bridges • Street & Park Furniture

• • •

Restrooms & Changerooms Boardwalks & Access Public Barbecues

Services  Design  Manufacture & Installation  Project Management


New Solar Panels & Electrical Upgrade at Furphy Foundry

Recycled Plastic Tops & Panels

Clean & Hygienic Public Barbecues

Female Friendly Sports Facilities

Drummond Road, Shepparton | www.furphyfoundry.com.au | customerservice@furphyfoundry.com.au | (03) 5831 2777

J. Furphy & Sons J. Furphy & Sons is proud to share a 157 year, family owned manufacturing history. From our base here in Shepparton we are pleased to be able to provide world class manufactured products and services to our wonderful customers throughout Australia. Ask us how our great local team can help you with your next project. Furphy Engineering: The complete end-to-end stainless steel tank solution • • • •

Accredited and registered in house engineering design capability Dimple-Q Laser welded heat exchange panels. Extensive workshops with state of the art equipment Dedicated on-site inspection and repair services offering - Remote visual inspections - Specialised repair - Condition and design assessments and more

Furphy Galvanizing: Fast turnaround, superior corrosion protection services • • •

8.5 metre long galvanizing bath capable of dipping up to 15.5 metre length beams Expert advice from staff accredited to ACA HDG Inspector certification Extensive transport services throughout the Goulburn Valley region and beyond

EST 1864


FURPHY www.furphyengineering.com.au



Our Goulburn Valley Engineering & Manufacturing

From strength to strength at the forefront of engineering FROM humble beginnings in 1959 with a father and son partnership, Trevaskis Engineering has grown to be a trusted name throughout the Goulburn Valley specializing in precision punching, cutting, forming and pressing of sheet metal.


revaskis Engineering currently employ 44 locals and have engaged in a wide variety of innovative projects over the last 12 months. Utilising their large skill base, these works included engineering and design, laser cutting, sheet metal processing, component processing for other manufactures, structural fabrication and manufacturing of feeding systems for the food processing industry and for livestock, among other important sectors. “Our aim is to be manufacturing engineers that deliver through innovative service, strong relationships, competitive pricing

and exceeding expectations. We have a commitment to developing lasting business relationships with all of our customers and plan grow our business,” said managing director at Trevaskis Engineering, Michael Mason. “To achieve this, Trevaskis Engineering strive to have a highly skilled, passionate, professional and dedicated workforce and to provide customer satisfaction through a commitment to quality and service. We aim to operate in an honest, consistent reliable and friendly manner while providing engineering solutions at competitive prices. “We also maintain leading edge technology so that accurate and efficient manufacturing

SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL AND LARGE BUSINESSES... From left, Trevaskis Engineering business development manager, Phil Hickey, laser operator Kane Champman, and managing director Michael Mason. Photo: Kelly Lucas. outcomes are achieved while developing new markets and expanding our customer base.” Trevaskis Engineering are grateful for community support and look for ways to give back where they can. A focus

on putting local people and businesses at the forefront of what they do is imperative to their continued success. “There aren’t many handshake deals anymore but you can trust local businesses will always do

Manufacturing engineers that deliver On time and on budget Highly skilled, passionate, dedicated Committed to providing excellent customer service Honest, reliable and friendly Engineering solutions at competitive prices Leading edge technology




60 N


Engineering & Design Feedtech Feeding Systems Laser Cutting Sheet Metal Processing Special Projects Welding & Fabrication


16/18 Edgar St, Tatura | (03) 5824 1466 sales@treveng.com.au | www.treveng.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

the right thing and operate in a helpful and ethical manner, ours is a great community that’s willing to help one another to achieve a common goal.”

One area of the business that has continued to see growth over the last year, has been the residential building sector, the development and demand for blocks is like nothing we’ve ever seen before.” KEELAN DON PJ’s Concrete Pumping manager

Infrastructure, Construction and Development


Value of building approvals in Greater Shepparton


In the City of Greater Shepparton, 623 residential buildings were approved to be built in the 2020/2021 financial year.


total budgeted spending for infrastructure


total budgeted spending for new capital works 2021/2022

Over 25 years experience throughout the Goulburn Valley Whether your projects are big or small, we provide the solutions for whatever you require.






5825 1800 250 McLennan Street, Mooroopna e: sales@admoorplumbing.com.au The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

The big green diamond Across the Goulburn Valley, more local people, they have GAME's big green diamond is been busy upskilling their staff to synonymous with the provision meet industry specific compliance of quality Traffic Management. requirements for key customers. ith a team of This is no more evident than with experienced and the Rail Upgrade projects being qualified staff rolled out across Northern and and an extensive Northeast Victoria, where staff are range of traffic equipment, GAME completing rail specific training to has been successful in meet stringent rail safety partnering with many requirements. large infrastructure Like many projects on locally grown the go across businesses Local businesses the GV and GAME also working with GAME beyond over has a wider enjoy a partnership that the past 12 reach than months. just the is based on a commitment The Goulburn to quality, safety and injection Valley, long-term community of both having federal and established dividends. state funds into themselves as infrastructure has a leading Social ensured that GAME Enterprise, nationally. staff have continued to work Geared4Careers GAME's throughout the pandemic, and flagship youth employment they currently employ more local program, embedded in 15 regional people than pre-pandemic times schools, now supports 1,341 youth to meet demand for their services. to remain engaged at school Not only are GAME employing and successfully transition to


INVESTING LOCAL FOR BUSINESS GROWTH... GAME general manger Max Allen with CEO Josh Hudson, and depot manager Andrew Harlow with Geared4Careers manager, Craig Mangan. Photo: Stephanie Holliday. employment or tertiary studies. Through this program GAME's contribution to the Goulburn Valley will continue to be felt

for generations to come as our youth are supported to achieve their potential. Local businesses working

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

with GAME enjoy a partnership that is based on a commitment to quality, safety and longterm community dividends.

Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development


From start to finish under one roof SHED SOLUTIONS FOR ALL... No project is too large, too impractical or too hard for All Sheds or for manager, Ross Pederick. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

Providing floor and wall coverings for project buildings, renovations and new homes


Our Goulburn Valley All Sheds is a local family-owned and operated business with over 35 years of experience in the sheds industry.


t All Sheds, you have an endless range of options as every shed is custom designed to suit your specifications. All Sheds can assist with all your rural and commercial shed needs. The team have extensive experience in rural and commercial structures, including hay, farm and machinery sheds, great looking barns, and school court structures. All Sheds only uses materials from Australian BlueScope Steel, so you know you're getting a topquality product when you build your rural or commercial structures. All Sheds are also your local Stratco Dealer. We can help you build your dream pergola or patio that will

allow you to entertain all year round, regardless of the weather. If you are after a structure for your residential property, the team can also help with all your residential shed needs. As a registered building practitioner, All Sheds offer a start to finish service that includes permits, insurance, construction, and concreting. All you need to do is design your project with the team then the All Sheds team will take care of the rest, including dealing with the council. To build your next shed visit the All Sheds team at 29 Drummond Rd Shepparton or give them a call on 1800 673 667. To view recent projects and see examples of our work visit https://allsheds.net.au.

Some major local projects we’ve provided flooring for include: • Waranga Aged Care • Shepparton Villages Mooroopna Aged Care • Shepparton Villages Maculata Aged Care • Euroa Aged Care Redevelopment • Bendigo TAFE

• Kensington Gardens Lifestyle Estate • DHS Rafferty Road Accommodation • St. Mary of the Angels School Nathalia • St. Mels Primary School Learning Centre

• Goulburn Murray Trades Skills Centre • Shepparton Art Museum • Mooroopna Early Learning Centre • Echuca Cinema • Echuca Twin Rivers School

The floor you’ve been searching for

Visit our extensive showroom today

















29 Drummond Road Shepparton

Call us on 5822 2133


29 Drummond Road Shepparton

Call us on 5822 2133


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Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Safety taken to new heights Quicklift crane hire was established in 1998, when husband and wife team, Jarrod and Karli Sutherland, bought their first crane. Being in a high-risk industry, safety is their main priority.


ver the years, Quicklift became a family affair. Jarrod services clients, Karli heads up administration, son Ty and his grandfather Rod are crane operators, whilst the youngest, Nate, helps by washing cranes after school.   Their total staff, of experienced, professional operators, consists of approximately 30.  Karli says, “The greatest change has been the modernisation of our fleet and the development of our safety systems.” “We want everyone to go home at the end of the day safely. As parents, with a son working

QUICKLIFT INTO ALL THINGS CONSTRUCTION... Business owner, Karli Sutherland and operations manager Dion Canty, with business owner Jarrod Sutherland, service technician Wayne Burrell, crane operation Jordan Trevaskis, Jai Morrison in operations and Marie Walker in accounts. Photo: Kelly Lucas. in the business we have the ultimate justification for safety.” The business has 20 cranes including Liebherr, Demag and Grove all terrain cranes, from Germany, plus eight Australianmade, Franna ‘pick and carry’ cranes.  Boom and scissor lifts have been added for hire.

Quicklift offer a free assessment service for customers, removing the guesswork of which crane is needed.   Jarrod explains, “We use ‘Lift Planning’ software to visualise how a lift will be performed, whilst demonstrating the level of safety margins in

each lift. Clients can be confident with our level of safety.” “Our newest cranes have technology that senses how far the outriggers are extended and automatically adjusts the lifting capacity accordingly.” "Customers may not be aware that if a crane hirer pushes the

boundaries, and there is an incident as well as injury, they may not have insurance.”  Quicklift offer 3 tonne to 220 tonne cranes. A brand new Liebherr 250 tonne crane, Northern Victoria’s largest, arrives November 2021.

Re-roof Your Existing Home

You’d be a galah not to talk to Steeline.






Roofing New Homes

Steeline are the steel roofing and steel building product specialists. If you’re looking to build a new home, re-roof your existing home, want a new shed or garage, a new fence, or want to discuss your needs for any commercial, industrial or rural project, Steeline has the products and the people to ensure you experience service over and above.

62 Mitchell St Shepparton | 03 5831 1935

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


NEW 250t

Arrives Nove mber


CRANE & ACCESS HIRE OVER 20 CRANES UP TO 220 TONNE AVAILABLE With a reputation for delivering results safely and efficiently across country Victoria. From mini cranes for small residential jobs to larger cranes for industrial work, QUICKLIFT has a full range of hire options delivering a safe, efficient and smooth process. Specialist in Mobile Crane Hire, Forklift Hire, Crane Truck Hire, Access Hire, Special Tight Access Lifting & Over Dimensional Equipment Transport.



5 Future Court, Shepparton

03 5831 2171



1300 WE LIFT

| www.quicklift.com.au

Servicing country Victoria since 1998


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

3D building impressions take out the guess work Established in 1984, Bruce Mactier Building Designers, is one of the largest, leading building design practices in regional Victoria, from designing smaller domestic extensions, to aged care facilities and larger builds.


lexible services adapt to clients’ needs, including project management, coordinating information for builders’ quotes to planning permits for council. “We listen and hear what clients are saying, then guide and advise as to the best design elements. Our staff are detail oriented in all factors of construction.” Four accredited energy assessors, for commercial or residential builds, can comply with any local council energy efficiency requirements. The large team often work remotely from home. COVID has made the business more adaptable and conscious of keeping staff and clients safe

whilst keeping teams connected. Innovative technologies, such as 3D artists impressions, help to visualise a building before construction. “These impressions are photorealistic. You can barely tell the difference between the impression and a photo. We can provide these for funding or loan applications, increasing chances of success.” Colour selection, electrical plans, inclusion lists, survey reports, floor plans and 3D elevations improve accuracy with quotes, funding applications and cost control. Owner and designer, Bruce Mactier says, “We are building more now than pre-Covid. Residential builds have boomed!”

COMPANY COMES ALIVE WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY... Owner and designer, Bruce Mactier, has seen technological advancements revolutionise the building industry making the design process interactive and engaging for all. Photo: Kelly Lucas Sporting facilities provided surprise design requests. “With the growth of AFL Women’s clubs, we are creating new change rooms, specifically for male as well as female players. Gone are the days of open showers and open urinals.” “We have designed AFL

Change rooms across Victoria for numerous Councils.” Creating local community spaces, particularly in smaller townships, Bruce Mactier recognises as essential. “Now we redesign the building, giving clubs a resources package which includes schematic plans,

a costing by a Quantity Surveyor as well as an artist’s impression, to apply for funding and help local communities to connect.” Bruce Mactier’s enthusiasm for designing is evident and translates into exceptional and adaptable service options for clients. No exceptions.

Bruce Mactier Building Designers was established in 1984 and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of building design. We are a large firm with the capacity to do small and large jobs with a very broad range of experience on most types of jobs.



Our service extends from the Northern Suburbs in Melbourne to the Riverina in the North. SHEPPARTON OFFICE Level 2 4 Welsford Street, VIC 3630 KILMORE OFFICE Shop 3, 11-13 Sydney Street, VIC 3764 P: 1800 221 255 E: admin@brucemactier.com W: brucemactier.com.au

Bruce Mactier Building Designers 1800 22 1255 October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


“Proudly building for local clients, subcontracting local trades and employing locals throughout the Goulburn Valley since 1925”

Greater Shepparton Secondary College Under construction

Chris Limosani

Gabby Robinett


Jason Williamson

Helen Limosani

5 Zurcas Road Shepparton VIC 3630

Graeme Spence

Lenita Psychogios

Patrick Payn

03 8290 5100 shepparton@hansenyuncken.com.au

Travis Mills


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Tech savvy and accurate For over 30 years, Tony Scaffidi has serviced the Goulburn Valley, growing Scaffidi Contractors to employing 12 full-time staff.


aniel, Tony’s son, oversees the administration. With an eye for specifics, he undertook to stay informed with state and federal government regulations for businesses when Covid19 infiltrated Victoria. Daniel took it upon himself to ensure all staff were well-informed, abided by new OH&S rules, keeping all staff and clients safe. Tony Scaffidi remarked, “We strive to provide consistency in servicing clients, including training staff with the latest equipment, for more efficient and accurate work.” The company places an emphasis on local businesses in the farming community. They concentrate on farming layouts, servicing orchards by removing trees, preparing for new plantings and laser grading

to help with water distribution. Notable technology being used are laser-controlled diggers and GPS guided machinery. Daniel Scaffidi explains, “Lasers are used for digging and trenching, whilst most tractors are GPS guided. These offer accurate, finished results whilst giving We strive to provide clients consistency in servicing confidence clients, including in the end result.” training staff with the Another latest equipment service on - Tony Scaffidi CONTRACTORS CAN DO... Scaffidi Contractors, administration officer, Daniel Scaffidi, offer is concrete brings his keen eye for detail to the 30-year-old family business. Photo: Kelly Lucas. removal, saving clients’ money and avoiding landfill. Geoffrey Thompson Saleyards, using a galvanised Scaffidi Contractors accepts Concrete is crushed, screened Holdings 35 metre high, cold construction making pens small or large contracts, and repurposed into other storage facility and distribution harder wearing & resistant to knowing a small job that is well applications, such as driveways. centre in Mooroopna. corrosion, was a Scaffidi project. done can develop into larger, Scaffidi were also involved The upgrade of the holding By building relationships long term propositions. in the construction of the pens at the Shepparton and having a ‘can-do’ attitude,



SCAFFIDI CONTRACTORS 635 Archer Rd, Kialla T (03) 5823 1404 M 0418 597 898 E admin@scaffidi.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Why sell with us? We’re a family-owned and operated company and we pride ourselves on our trustworthy approach to all property transactions. We have a strong team of highly experienced real estate professionals, committed to customer service and achieving great results. That’s why I’m proud to say, we’re the team to trust. - Kevin Hicks We’re an REIV member

this gives you confidence in our standard of service.

All staff are REIV accredited, we operate under an industry code of conduct and adhere to the REIV rules of practice. This reassures you of the highest levels of honesty and integrity.

228-232 Wyndham Street, Shepparton T: 5821 8388 1-3 Melville Street, Numurkah T: 5862 2611 KevinHicksRealEstate.com.au




Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Diverse range of skills to meet demands Link Building Systems is a locally owned and operated building company, operating throughout Northern Victoria and Southern New South Wales.


irectors Cameron Wood and Andy George believe in providing an exceptional standard of workmanship while upholding an exemplary level of work ethic within their dedicated team of tradespeople. They are experts in all building, renovation, underpinning and insurance repair needs and have a long-term plan which marries in with the exceptional work environment they provide for their valued staff. Providing employment opportunities for local people is crucial to Link Building Systems, “We have established ourselves in the Goulburn Valley and as we continue to expand, we believe

ANOTHER HAPPY RESIDENT... Link Building Systems director, Andy George showing client, John Dimitropoulos, his freshly renovated bathroom. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

in supporting communities that support our business by hiring local people,” Andy said. “The input our employees are encouraged to make in terms of feedback We believe in and ideas is supporting communities invaluable that support our to our business, we business by hiring appreciate local people the innovative - Andy George contributions we receive.” They are having a large, committed to keeping multi-skilled team gives business local and strive to them flexibility to organise and minimise interruption to their perform ‘make safes’ within a very client’s business or daily home short time frame, while currently life. They are on call 24/7 and operational workloads can go on.

With the building boom in full swing, particularly in regional areas, and our local manufacturing and business community continuously evolving, Link Building

Systems are looking forward to expanding their already diverse range of skills and services to meet with future demands.

Need renovations or have movement? Your link to home improvement Your local team of dedicated professionals providing advice and repairs

• Experts in hydro excavation & underpinning • Experts in new homes • Renovations • Extensions Andy George

Cameron Wood

GOULBURN VALLEY & SURROUNDING AREAS 31 Telford Drive, Shepparton T 5821 4516 E lbsjobs@linkbc.com.au W www.linkbuildingsystems.com.au

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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT What do you look for in a Property Management team? An agency with proven Property Managers. An agency with a reputation that precedes them. An agency that knows the Goulburn Valley better than anyone. We offer all three. Our objective, always, is to lease your property promptly, to high calibre tenants, and maximise your rental return. Property management is about people; those who manage your valuable investment, and those who live in it. We get that.


OUR NUMURKAH DUO Specialising in all things property. Led by chief, Darren Scott, our leading Numurkah office located at 70 Melville Street is home to our dairy, rural lifestyle and Numurkah residential listings. Director, Darren Scott & Sales executive, Brett McKeown have made an impact in the Numurkah region property market and continue their ongoing fantastic relationships with the locals and exceeding sales goals! Proven results, local people and exceptional local knowledge.

70 Melville Street, Numurkah | 182 High Street, Shepparton | 03 5831 1800


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Choice and quality on show Home buyers get a triple treat when they visit Dennis Family Homes at Seven Creeks estate in Shepparton. The three stunning Inspirations Series homes on display – the Sandford 343 Hamptons, Heathcote 313 Savannah and Olinda 263 Verve, make a statement in the Shepparton region.


eople love all the Sandford has an effortless three homes,” flow from the moment you said Northern walk through the door. Regional The Heathcote 313 Manager, Jason Watts. features a stunning “Each design master suite and has something living area at special to offer the rear of Each design has showcasing the home, something special superior ideal for to offer showcasing build quality, capitalizing the latest in on superior build quality must-have properties - Dennis Family Home design trends with Northern Regional and stunning captivating Manager, Jason Watts interior features.” rear views. For those looking While the for single level living impressive, vaulted on a large block the stunning ceiling in the Olinda Sandford 343 sets the scene. 263 demonstrates that first Designed to accommodate a home buyers and downsizers larger block size of 18m plus, do not need to compromise and ideal for regional areas, on the ‘wow’ factor.

DREAM HOMES ON DISPLAY... Dennis Family Home sales consultants, Brooke Gribben, Elysia Fallon and Jackie Taplin know you will love what’s on offer at Seven Creeks Estate. Photo: Kelly Lucas. With over 25 years of building experience in the Goulburn and Murray Valleys the team at Dennis Family Homes Shepparton have the local knowledge

and expertise to help build a home your family will love. Visit Brooke, Elysia and Jackie at the Dennis Family Homes Display Centre at Seven Creeks

Estate, Lorikeet Street, Kialla and experience these beautiful homes for yourself today!

DESIGNER KITCHENS & BATHROOMS by Liberty Kitchens since 1987

CUSTOM DESIGNED Kitchens & bathrooms for residential & commercial

Kitchens, walk-in pantries, bathrooms, laundries, entertainment cabinets, workstations, robes and all other types of cabinetry.

The kitchen is the heart of the home... find your heart at 60 Williams Rd, Shepparton T: 5831 2620 www.libertykitchens.com.au October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Building a new aspect ESTABLISHED IN 1997, GV Carports and Patios are reputable carport, verandah, patio and pergola builders throughout the Goulburn Valley.


emonstrating exceptional resilience, they have managed to overcome the many obstacles 2021 has brought to the Goulburn Valley in the face of COVID-19. Daryl and Maree Emmett, owners of GV Carports and Patios, stand by their 10-year guarantee on all their products and workmanship, including their carports, patios, pergolas and verandahs. Daryl is a registered builder with more than 35 years’ experience in the industry. Their Mitchell Street workshop and showroom showcases a full-sized display patio with insulated roofing and Colorbond TM iron roofing with Lysaght Firmlok beams. They now also offer Solarspan in a woodgrain effect, with a ceiling like finish as well as the traditional smooth and elegant looks. A well-designed patio by Shepparton’s GV Carports and

Patios is an affordable way to create a beautiful outdoor living area, and add significant value to your home. A patio can be built anywhere in your garden, providing a focus for landscaping and garden-style entertaining. “Our Mitchell Street workshop and showroom showcases a full-sized display patio with insulated roofing and Colorbond TM iron roofing with Lysaght Firmlok all-in-one roofing beams,” said Daryl solution to add value and Emmett, owner comfort to your outdoor of GV Carports living spaces, perfect for and Patios. “Solarspan the temperatures we and Insulroof face here in the GV provide an all- Daryl Emmett, GV Carports in-one roofing and Patios owner solution to add value and comfort to CREATE SHADE, ADD VALUE, LOVE YOUR OUTDOOR AREA... Business owner, Daryl Emmett, your outdoor living spaces, knows you’ll love the products and workmanship provided by GV Carports and Patios, perfect for the temperatures that’s why every purchase comes with a 10-year guarantee. Photo: Kelly Lucas. we face here in the GV.”




Our stylish range of patios, verandahs, pergolas and carports are constructed with 100% Our stylish range of patios, ®verandahs, pergolas and carports are constructed with 100% Australian-made FIRMLOK steel beams from Lysaght for long term performance and Australian-made FIRMLOK® steel beams from Lysaght for long term performance and peace of mind. peace of mind. Backed by our 10 year guarantee on workmanship and with the confidence that comes with Backed by our 10 year guarantee on workmanship and with the confidence that comes with using only the best materials your GV Carports and Patios home addition will be a valuable using only the best materials your GV Carports and Patios home addition will be a valuable addition to your home. addition to your home.

Call us today on (03) 5831 2031 or Call us today on (03) 5831 2031 or email info@gvcarports.com.au email for a info@gvcarports.com.au free measure and quote. for a free measure and quote.


Visit our showroom at Visit our showroom at 70 Mitchell St, Shepparton. 70 Mitchell St, Shepparton.

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Victorian Registered Building Practitioner CDBU 58882 | NSW Contractors License 318251C

GV Carports & Patios GV Carports & Patios gvcarports.com.au gvcarports.com.au

We are here to help you with your real estate journey. “Whether it’s for buying, selling or renting your residence, buying or selling land, commerical, industrial or farming property - we’re here to help you step by step.”

- Glenn Young

EXTENSIVE LOCAL KNOWLEDGE... From left, Youngs & Co directors, Glenn & Connie Young and consultant, Les Young.

Youngs & Co Real Estate is a family owned and operated Real Estate Agency that was founded in 1997 by Les, Glenn and Connie Young after already servicing the local area for many years.


W W W.Y O U N G S A N D C O . C O M . A U 123 Wyndham St, SHEPPARTON PH: 03 5820 8777 62 McLennan St, MOOROOPNA PH: 03 5825 4833

For immediate enquiries contact Glenn Young on 0438 579 993


POLISHED Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development


Property market ahead of the curve EXPOSED


The property market in the Goulburn Valley is in full swing. Commercial, industrial, residential and rural are all seeing new limits being reached daily, both sales and in leasings.

INVESTORS GO REGIONAL... Izzy Gribben is growing her property portfolio with property agent, Rocky Gagliardi from Gagliardi Scott Real Estate. Photo: Kelly Lucas









Mawsons EliteCrete® decorative concrete range offers a unique set of colour and texture combinations to compliment any building or landscape setting. 1800 423 465 mawsons.com.au Mawsons EliteCrete® decorative concrete range

offers a unique set of colour and texture combinations to compliment any building or landscape setting.

Mawsons EliteCrete®® decorative concrete range Mawsons EliteCrete decorative concrete range offers a unique set of®colour and texture combinations Mawsons EliteCrete decorative concrete range offers a unique any set of colouror and texture combinations to compliment building landscape setting. offers a unique any set of colouror and texture combinations to compliment building landscape setting. to compliment any building or landscape setting.

1800 423 465 1800 423 465 1800 423 465

1800 423 465

mawsons.com.au mawsons.com.au mawsons.com.au



ccording to leading Shepparton property agent, Rocky Gagliardi from Gagliardi Scott Real Estate, "Prices in all sectors have increased but industrial land and building costs have gone up by 30 percent in the last year so we will see leasing rates also increasing over the next 12 months. "It is primarily the lack of available land that is driving prices up and it is going to take some time to be able to turn that around so I can only see scarcity driving prices higher." "Industry is doing well in the region and there is little option for new players to find suitable space at the moment if they are not continuously monitoring the market."

In regional Victoria, where population levels boomed during COVID-19 as people departed the major cities, in Shepparton, the number of properties listed is at an all-time record low. "If people are wanting to find a property, they need to be working with us watching the market on a daily basis. Properties come and go that quickly that if you are not paying attention, you will miss out." For anyone looking for advice on the property markets in the Goulburn Valley, Gagliardi Scott Real Estate are dynamic and act on the most property transactions in the region. Gagliardi Scott Real Estate are located at 182 High Street Shepparton.

Helping build the Goulburn Valley 125 years experience delivering quality service Extensive range of high quality timber products & building solutions at competitive prices




7 Wheeler Street, Shepparton • Ph 03 5822 2364 October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser



Looking to save with solar?

Brought to you by

New homes, existing homes and commerical properties.

Our experienced management team... Directors from left; Paul Marshall, Phill Lahm and Jade Tucker

Specialising in heating, cooling, hot water systems and solar power

RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Visit our extensive showroom today Shepparton 7965 Goulburn Valley Highway 1300

721 946


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Shepparton and wider Goulburn Valley, a serious hot spot for property AT the cutting edge of property transactions in the Goulburn Valley is Kevin Hicks, principle of Kevin Hicks Real Estate.


roperty prices flatlined for 10 or so years in the Shepparton region and the tail lagged compared to other regional areas, however…and a big however, Shepparton and the wider Goulburn Valley has now leaped frogged in price increases exceeding growth in many areas across the nation,” Kevin told Our Goulburn Valley magazine. “We’ve had a massive correction in price which is sustainable as it was a catchup scenario,” Kevin said. Property prices across the board have increased dramatically, whether it’s broad acres, horticulture, orchards (which can be fickle in price), residential, commercial and industrial land, is experiencing healthy growth. “Some parts of the of the property market, particularly residential has experienced

unprecedented increases where buyers are capitalising on the low interest rates and excellent rental returns. The higher end of the market can at times be the quickest to sell. With good rains, high levels of storage of water and therefor the price of water being cheaper is having a strong effect on prices, Kevin said. the property market, He added that particularly residential commodities has experienced had unprecedented increases improved - Kevin Hicks Real Estate and the dairy director, Kevin Hicks sector had Shepparton livened up but has definitely there was less dairy become a hot spot, product supply in the according to Kevin. market due to a lot of dairy Kevin Hicks’ colleague, farms being decommissioned in Chris Drum said he had never recent years. More dairy processes seen anything like it before, had also opened in recent years. “we are living in extraordinary

OUTLOOK IS BRIGHT IN THE GOULBURN VALLEY... Kevin Hicks Real Estate director, Kevin Hicks. Photo: Supplied times with all rural sectors doing well. Normally it’s two or three rural sectors that hold up the local market where other sectors were struggling, but in this cycle all sectors are up.” Land specialist at Kevin Hicks Real Estate, Terry Shiels said

“titled land is scarce, land is in high demand and the challenge is to have enough land for the demand.” He said the recent approval of the new Anglican school to be built on Verney Road was huge for north Shepparton.

Innovative, Efficient and Experienced Civil Engineers, Land Surveyors, Urban and Regional Planners and Project Managers

Innovative Efficient & Experienced At Chris Smith and Associates, we pride ourselves in being a multidisciplinary consulting organisation who provide professional advice, design and services to land development and infrastructure industries as well as government and service authorities. LOCATIONS

Shepparton Level 1/135 Fryers Street T (03) 5820 7700

Kilmore Shop 3/11-13 Sydney Street T (03) 5781 1939

Echuca Shop 7/33 Nish Street T (03) 5482 9100

Chris Smith


info@csmith.com.au | www.csmith.com.au

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


A great place to live & play “I remember being in awe of the Kialla Lakes lifestyle growing up and now, here I am. I’m proud to raise my family in such a premier estate.” Stephanie Boyle - Resident As you stroll through Kialla Lakes Estate, it’s hard to imagine it began as farmland south of the Broken River. The directors from Kavant Nominees Pty Ltd saw the potential of the land many now call home. The concept of a place that would have everything on offer a growing family would need is now a reality. From the intricate walking paths

and superior landscapes, to the newly developed St Anne’s Catholic College and the construction of the future child care centre, all offering the perfect balance of lifestyle, family and home. Among the landscapes lay various parks, wetlands and lakes, all connected by the walking paths, to explore and take in the lifestyle.

Standard Residential Development Possible Opportunity for Future Medium Density Residential Development Possible Opportunity for Early Learning Facility Future Residential Development


The estate is also blessed with a convenience store and specialist shops including a pizzeria and hairdresser. A bulk billing medical clinic also resides adding to the convenience of living. It’s safe to say, people love to live at Kialla Lakes Estate.

T O N ’S


winning ESTATE

Shepparton’s most popular housing estate continues to grow and provide a . Latest release stages are already proving very popular, because they offer excellent value for money, with large size blocks.

family lifestyle


New Goulburn Valley Highway entrance via a tree-lined boulevard (Opposite Emerald Bank) Close to schools, shopping centre, sporting facilities and public transport Over 7 kms of walking & cycling paths New wetlands area Large lots, ideal for growing families St Anne’s College at your doorstep

123 Wyndham St, Shepparton Glenn Young 0438 579 993

Kevin Hicks real estate

228-232 Wyndham St, Shepparton Terry Shiels 0448 573 820


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Residential, commercial and rural land It’s difficult to wipe the smile off local real estate agents’ and their client’s faces as property of all persuasions experience boom times.


he combination of low interest rates and the geographical location of Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley has created possibly the largest property boom ever. From developers, land surveyors, engineers, builders, 100s of associated businesses to property valuers and real estate agents, the Goulburn Valley is set for continued growth. Shepparton and Goulburn Valley were primed to experience good growth pre-COVID, with a large number of projects and developments already underway. It’s just that COVID has sped things up with many out-of-towners identifying great value investment opportunities in the region. Regional Victoria has become very appealing for people looking to move from Melbourne particularly among millennials as COVID drives big change. Our Goulburn Valley magazine caught up with a

number of businesspeople when compiling our 7th edition. Director of Chris Smith & Associates land development consultants, Chris Mempham, said “I’ve never seen anything like it, nearly every development is sold before we’ve started the project.” They were expecting the worst when COVID hit but it has been the opposite, “We’ve been flat-out.” Property performance With interest rates valuer, David in our continuing to stay low, McKenzie region, of Opteon most the price of property Property sectors are will continue to grow Group said, thriving, and - Kevin Hicks of Kevin “As a valuer, the outlook Hicks Real Estate I believe we is bullish.” can detect the Property prices health and optimism in the Goulburn of different parts of Valley flatlined and our economy by looking at lagged for 10 or so years and the performance of property has leap-frogged the market in aligned to those areas.” recent times, according to Kevin “Using property as a proxy, Hicks of Kevin Hicks Real Estate. or a barometer for economic “Shepparton has become

a hotspot for property across the board. We’ve had a massive correction in property pricing which is sustainable, because it was a catch-up scenario,” Kevin said. “With interest rates continuing to stay low, the price of property will continue to grow,” Kevin added. Rural land specialist at Kevin Hicks Real Estate, Chris Drum said, “we are living in extraordinary times.” “The Goulburn Valley was well known for when one or two parts of the rural sector

were down there would always be other sectors to hold things up, however at the moment everything is up,” he added. The rural sector is very diverse, and all are strong in the Goulburn Valley with dairy, fruit, horticulture, beef, lamb, wool and grain within 20 minutes of Shepparton doing well. Canola has hit well over $800 a tonne setting up a boon for farmers across the region. Crops whichever way you happen to drive are looking excellent. A major benefit for the region is the price of water which has

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SPECIALISTS Watters Electrical, your Local Systems Integrator and Electrical Engineering specialist, has a highly qualified team of electrical & control system engineers, fluent in all facets of electrical engineering, hazardous area, machine safety, systems integration and automation solutions. Our team services the needs of local industry as well as national and international clients. Our Industrial Controls & Automation division prides itself on delivering a reliable and quality solution. We work closely with our clients to ensure the end results are to their complete satisfaction. We can assist anyone looking for leading edge automation solutions, streamlining of existing installations, data collection or general problem solving and fault finding. We provide design, supply, installation and commissioning from initial concept to project completion. Our team of highly skilled programmers have a diverse skill and knowledge set, derived from over 90+ years of combined experience in many areas of industrial control and process automation.

AUTOMATION SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE Watters boasts a broad skillset. We are talented in, but certainly not limited to: • Automation Consulting, Design, Implementation, Commissioning • PLC/PAC Design & Programming • HMI Design & Programming • SCADA Design & Programming • Industrial Networking Design & Configuration • Industrial Internet of Things “IIOT” • Cyber Security • Historian and Reporting (MES) • Analytics, AI

• PC/Server Virtualisation (VMWare) • Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) • Variable Speed (Frequency) Drives • Motion Servo Control • Instrumentation • Relay Logic • CAD Design • Process Improvement Strategies • Control Board Building

MACHINE/PROCESS BREAKDOWN SUPPORT • PLC/PAC & CNC Systems • 24/7 Breakdown Support • Preventative/Predictive Maintenance

• Site Audits • Machine Software Backups with offsite storage options



Watters team of electrical engineers are capable of a broad range of activities ranging from consulting and detailed designs through to engineering complexed electrical systems including machine safety and hazardous area classifications. With over 90+ years of combined knowledge there is a good chance our team has encountered and engineered a solution similar to your application. If you have anything needing electrical engineering done give our team of engineers a call.

• Machine Safety Audits • Machine Safety Design


• Hazardous Area Classification • Hazardous Area Dossiers • Hazardous Area Inspections/Audits

• Hazardous Area Design • Hazardous Area Installations • Hazardous Area Software Tools

EXPERTS IN THE FOLLOWING FIELDS • Water and Waste water, • Utilities • Petro-Chem/ Explosives

ENGINEERING SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE • Electrical Design • Detailed Designs • Cable Selection/Sizing • Functional Specs

• Machine Safety Validation • TÜV Certified Engineer & Technician

• Consulting • CAD (Electrical) • Power/Harmonic Studies • Control Philosophy Development

SHEPPARTON • ALBURY/WODONGA • WANGARATTA ENQUIRE TODAY 1300 WATTERS industrial@watters.com.au www.watters.com.au 19-35 New Dookie Rd, Shepparton VIC REG 4409 NSW REG 253151C

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

• Manufacturing • Food and Beverage • Renewables • Mining • Timber

• Dairy • Packaging • Process • Power Generation

Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development


going gangbusters in the Goulburn Valley dropped to approximately as per the public registry the price on the last 7 day average of allocated temporary water in the Goulburn was $92 p/mg providing reprieve to the rural sectors on price and availability. Favourable seasonal conditions and higher farmgate milk prices have also been a winner for the dairy sector. Local real estate agent, Rocky Gagliardi of Gagliardi Scott Real Estate has experienced record land sales in the last 12 months. Rocky has been at the forefront of many blocks of land sold. Value for money has proven a big drawcard for young people buying up in regional Victoria, with a promise of a property that generally encompasses a bigger block, access to a regional lifestyle and the opportunity to finally achieve the great “Australian dream”. It’s a trend that’s not expected to slow down soon according to Rocky. “Greater Shepparton Secondary College, the new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) among other developments, have increased employment opportunities in our region and will add to an already thriving place to live as Shepparton is,” Rocky said. Rocky added that there was a huge spin-off to building related

businesses with tradies being among the great beneficiaries. Big news continues to flow on the education front, with the recent announcement of a brand new $50M Anglican school to be developed on Verney Road, North Shepparton. The facility expects to welcome students from prep to year twelve when doors open in 2024. The Anglican Schools Commission chief executive, Reverend Peter Laurence said, “The decision to invest in Shepparton was made because it is a growing regional city with high demand for additional schooling options.” Principal of Youngs & Co Real Estate, Glenn Young said, “People from all areas are seeing Shepparton as a great place to live and invest, it’s a lifestyle decision and everyone from the city, and particularly since COVID, have realised they’re tired of cramped living and are moving to the region. At the top of the list of what people are looking for when looking to move to the region is education, that’s why projects such as the new $50M Anglican school on Verney Road is so important.” With the high demand for land created by the tree change of Melburnians and beyond, the challenge for Councils is the zoning of enough developable

land to keep things growing. Shepparton’s geography offers challenges with natural growth to the north and south, however the highly productive land to the east of the city, and the river and bushland to the west limits those areas for development. The demand for property is not just in Shepparton, there’s big demand on land and property in Mooroopna, Tatura, Numurkah, Rushworth, Murchison, Kyabram and Echuca. There’s a property boom everywhere. Earlier in the year we saw four prominent orchard families

from Ardmona and Mooroopna amalgamate to form a large fruit packing and growing company with the backing of a Canadian pension fund. Turnbull Bros, Varapodios, M.J Hall & Sons and Pickworths Orchards are now trading under the new name of Pomona Valley. The new entity will operate approximately 500 hectares and will be run by wellknown Ardmona orchardist, Rocky Varapodio, as general manager. Showing a great deal of confidence in the region is Warren Hicks of Hicks Transport Group who has new depots on the drawing

board for both Shepparton (Future Court) and Cobram (Schubert Street). The 50-plus year old successful freight business had invested in a further six trucks and seven new B Double sets in the last 12 months. The family run business was founded by Warren’s father, Brian Hicks who passed away in December last year. “Dad’s business principles have been instilled for the longevity of the success of the business,” Warren said. The transport firm of 70 staff have experienced strong growth in the last 12 months.

Providing structural steel and concrete solutions to agriculture and industry The team at Milne Construction & Fabrication are dedicated to providing a premium level of personal customer service and first grade expertise. Compost Barn

Machinery Shed

Milne Construction & Fabrication specialises in offering: • Construction of new dairies, sheds, feed pads, free stall barns • Construction of industrial buildings • Structural steel fabrication

Fertiliser Shed

Freestall barn

• Precast panel construction and installation

21 Nelson Street Numurkah, VIC 3636 info@milnecf.com.au Precast Panels

Freestall barn

0417 296 286

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Business continues to grow THE PJ’S Concrete Pumping business has recorded year-on-year growth since their establishment over 20 years ago, and the past 12 months has been no exception.


021 has seen the business Well maintained equipment add a ninth truck to their operated by highly skilled, existing fleet, as well reliable and well-presented staff, as their new operations has always been and continues manager, Gordon Hall and three to be paramount to PJ’s Concrete new truck operators, Pumping. Along with with room to employ the commitment another two, to continuous said manager, improvement, Keelan Don. and their demand for blocks “One area of founding the business core value is like nothing we’ve that has of integrity, ever seen before continued to deliver a - PJ’s Concrete Pumping to see growth high standard manager, Keelan Don over the last service: That’s year, has been the the PJ’s promise. residential building It’s a promise sector, the development and a service delivery and demand for blocks is model that’s earnt the team like nothing we’ve ever seen their superior reputation as one before,” Keelan commented. of the best in the business. Family-owned and operated, Founder, Peter Don and wife, the business services regional Rhonda, are extremely proud to Victoria and Southern NSW now have the involvement of their with a combined staff of 17 and children in the business, with son fleet of nine concrete pumps. Keelan as manager and daughters

BOOM THANKS TO RESIDENTIAL BUILDS... Pump operator David Tomkins with PJ’s Concrete Pumping manager, Keelan Don. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Ashlin and Maddison both part of the administration team. For 62-year-old business owner Peter Don, the importance of maintaining their high standard of service delivery is more about customer satisfaction

than building an empire. “I’ve always been far more interested in pleasing people than anything else, and it’s rewarding to know you have when you can see it on their faces,” he said. PJ’s is a business cultivated by

a man, self-made in his success, that even in the shortest of conversations you gain a sense of why now more than 20 years on, the business is still growing and reaching new levels of success.





| T: (03) 5821 1267

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley Our Goulburn ValleyInfrastructure, Infrastructure,Construction Construction&&Development Development


Property market paused during COVID lockdown... but is off and running again Despite the sale of 100s of blocks of land in the Shepparton area in the last two years – many that are ahead in the construction planning process – Shepparton is still likely to experience a continued building boom, according to local real estate agent, Rocky Gagliardi.


he building boom is still to kick-off. Three hundred homes are due to be built and that’s just the start,” Rocky told Our Goulburn Valley magazine. “The market paused during lockdown and is now up and running again,” he said. An indication of the strength of the local market was shown when Gagliardi Scott Real Estate received close to 500 people registering their interest in buying blocks in the Northern Quarter development in Verney Road, North Shepparton. The blocks

are going to contract later this year for preparation to build from mid-2022. Now the challenge There is is being able to also strong interest in meet the demand The Vines - Gagliardi Scott Real Estate Estate principal, development NO BUST IN SIGHT... Gagliardi Scott Real Estate principal, Rocky Gagliardi, inspects works which Rocky Gagliardi with another 40 had commenced at Riverwood Park estate in January 2021. Photo: Stephanie Holliday blocks in stages 4 and 5 coming on stage 6 development. Park where 40 blocks were is being able to meet the stream, and approximately Other recent successful sold and Seven Creeks Estate demand; there’s a big shortage 30 blocks at the Sancturary Park developments have been where 45 blocks were sold. of stock,” Rocky said. Estate opposite the Shepparton Edgewater Road where 90 “The market paused during Harness Racing Club for their blocks were sold, Riverwood lockdown. Now the challenge

From design & planning, through to completion we handle it all

• Laser Levelling • Commercial Landscaping • Sports Field Construction

Our Services • Rewire and update old wiring

• Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

• Switchboard upgrades

• Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

• Landscape Lighting and Design

• Complete Electrical Inspections for New and Older Homes

• Smoke alarm installation and servicing • Whole House Surge Diversion protection • Chandelier and lighting installation • Ceiling fan installation • House renovations • New homes

• Home Automation • Test and tag • Install wall mount TVs and associated wiring • Consultations for energy efficiency

Residential Commercial Industrial

Construction by: Prestons Turf and Garden.

Photography by: Shane Hill. Landscape design by: Liesl Malan




The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Developments around the Goulburn Valley

The new CFA station on Archer Street, Shepparton. Pictured firefighter Jake Hooper.

Our Goulburn Valley Magazine while out and about captured some of the projects both under construction and finished recently. Photo’s: Kelly Lucas

GV Hospice Care redevelopment Corner of Wyndham Street and Balaclava Road, Shepparton.

Major O'Connors upgrade on Numurkah Rd, Shepparton, next to Advanced Fitness.

Proud to call Shepparton our home

since 1995


We Provide All Types Of Excavation & Drainage Works Our Team Are Committed To Delivering A Wide Range Of Options Along With Exceptional & Reliable Service OVER 50 YEARS EXPERIENCE All Work Guaranteed Quality & Precision Adhering To Agreed Budget Qualified & Licenced Team Residential - Commercial Industrial Government Contracts

0407 344 987 CONTACT STEVE

Murray, Mario & Mark combine their expertise in floor coverings, whether for residential, commercial, retail or industrial, no job is too big or small. Say g’day to the trio when you next need floor coverings.

Commercial • Industrial • Residential T 5823 2600 Melbourne Rd, Shepparton www.carpetcourt.com.au

WE ARE THE LARGEST SUPPLIER OF HIGH GRADE TOP QUALITY GROUND COVERING PRODUCTS IN REGIONAL VICTORIA You Will Find Over 50 Ground Covering Products To Choose From For All Your Landscaping & Garden Projects

PH: 5821 2111

Sand & Soil • Coloured Mulches • Mushroom Mulch Organic Compost • Organic Veggie Mix Garden Supplies Soft Fall for Playgrounds • Sand for Sandpits Statement Rocks • Decorative Pebbles • River Stones A Range Of Commercial Crushed Rock Pick Up or Delivery Pavers • Sleepers • Stepping Stones • Artisan Pots Retaining Walls • Gabion Baskets • Gift Vouchers 20 Wanganui Rd, Shepparton


Visit Our Website cleavesgardeningsupplies.com.au to View Our Products

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development



We supply all types of fasteners The new KFC site on the corner of McLennan St and Echuca Rd, Mooroopna.

“ “ Now at 2 great locations

Numurkah Rd, Shepparton near Boats 'n' More.

Numurkah Rd, Shepparton next to Solar City Marine and Caravans.

213 Numurkah Rd Shepparton 03 5821 2812

NEW 40 Benalla Rd Shepparton 03 4812 1588







Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Reliable service with a difference FOR contractors and builders, having that extra piece of plant readily available can change the nature of a job immeasurably. ConX Hire’s unbeatable service means they can deliver our reliable equipment on site, on time – every time.


eavy machinery for hire has been the mainstay for ConX Hire yet on top of that, they have built up a range of smaller equipment that fits into the needs of tradies and DIYers who need that piece of specialist equipment they don’t have and don’t need beyond that job. They are a market leader in town when it comes to providing dry hire equipment for the earthmoving and civil construction industries. ConX Hire are a passionate company with staff to match who focus heavily on working side by side with their clients to successfully complete projects from day one. ConX Hire director, Sam Boda, sees this sector of the market needing reliable partners like ConX Hire with a range of gear that has low milage and will

work without any problem. From excavators and roller compactors to scissor lifts and floor sanders, the range is growing each day. “Our equipment is top of the range and all has Our equipment low hours of use which is top of the range provides and all has low hours much better of use which provides reliability to our clients. much better reliability Our state-ofto our clients ALL YOUR MACHINERY NEEDS... ConX Hire’s owners Sam and Steph Boda in the centre front, the-art fleet with staff at the back from left, Darren, Ruwan, Paul, Roz, Austin and Ethan. Photo: Kelly Lucas. - ConX Hire director, management Sam Boda system allows and keep the years of experience with both Shepparton and Airport West us to monitor our machinery working, the knowledge of workshop and depots. When it comes to Safety equipment remotely they have a highly field service work,” said Sam. and Condition of the equipment, and we have a service team on qualified team backed with first The company supplies ConX is at its peak making sure all the road providing support class facilities and equipment. equipment to contractors equipment is regularly maintained where it is needed,” said Sam. “Our Mechanical workshop working over much of Victoria to the highest standard. To help ensure their client’s operates from our base depot in and southern New South Wales work remains productive Shepparton. Our mechanics have from its central location in

An acreage home that has it all

Yering 284Yering 284. Imagine this home on your land. Meet the new

An acrerage home that has it all Meet the new Yering 284. Imagine this home on your land.

Ground Floor (m2) Garage (m2) Porch (m2) Alfresco (m2)

Supplying and installing quality metal roofing

since 1973

218.84 37.14 2.10






Total (m2)


Total (sqs.)


Width (m)


Length (m)




• Specialists in all aspects of residential, industrial and commercial roofing, including new and replacement work • Servicing Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley region • John Brain Roofing Services use and recommend quality Stramit roofing materials • High quality workmanship • Excellent customer service Call us on 03 5831 2250 or visit us at Unit 4, 230 High St Shepparton to learn more! #The floor plans shown are provided for illustrative purposes only. They are not drawn to scale. The dimensions provided of “width” and “length” are the actual dimensions of the completed house including Alfresco areas (where applicable). No allowance has been OPTIONAL HUDSON FACADE OPTIONALItPHOENIX FACADE made for any council regulations or estate requirements. is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that the house will fit on their land and that all applicable council regulations and estate requirements are met. The image of each façade is for illustrative purposes only and may contain items that are examples of upgrade options which may be included at additional cost, for example: Roof tiles, #The floor plans shown are provided for illustrative purposes only. They are not drawn to scale. The dimensions provided of “width” and “length” are the actual dimensions of the completed house including Alfresco areas (where Panel lift door, front entry door, outdoor light, floor external paving and tiling and Images alsoand estate applicable). No garage allowance has been made for any council regulations or estate requirements. It iscoverings, the home owner’sall responsibility to ensure that the house will fit on theirlandscaping. land and that all applicable councilmay regulations requirements are met. The image of each façade for illustrative purposes onlyincluding and may contain that are examples of upgrade options which may be included additional cost, for example: Roof tiles, Panel lift garage door, contain items not supplied byisHotondo Homes allitems furniture & wall hangings. Colinbarry PtyatLtd CDB-U 51650 front entry door, outdoor light, floor coverings, all external paving and tiling and landscaping. Images may also contain items not supplied by Hotondo Homes including all furniture & wall hangings. Colinbarry Pty Ltd CDB-U 51650

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 74 Williams Rd, Shepparton

5831 2721 www.jbroofing.com.au

John Brain


October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development


Property market booms for City of Shepparton and surrounding towns…

Mattress sales for Commercial, Display Homes and Domestic Use All sizes available from Single to Super King

Lifestyle, work and play are big attractions


uch to the surprise of many, property has boomed in the Shepparton region during COVID, but one property expert believes it was only a matter of time. Combining the competitive price of house and land packages, larger blocks, wider streets, good infrastructure and great opportunities of employment in the Goulburn Valley, seasoned real estate agent, Glenn Young of Youngs & Co sees • Pillows • Sheet Sets no letting up of the property boom. • Bed Bases • Bed “People from all areas are seeing with Storage Bases Shepparton as a great place to live and invest. It’s a lifestyle decision and everyone from the city, and particularly YOUNGS & CO REAL ESTATE... A family-owned and operated business 9am — 3pm, Monday to Friday since COVID, have People from all areas that was founded in 1997 by Les, Glenn and Connie Young having 57 — 59 Hogan Street, Tatura realised they’re tired served the area for many years... From left, consultant, Les Young and are seeing Shepparton 0468 430 785 of cramped living directors, Glenn and Connie Young, with licensed estate agent Bree as a great place to Reeve and sales consultant, Michael Blake. Photo: Supplied and are moving to live and invest. It's a the region,” Glenn told Our Goulburn industrial, orchards lifestyle decision. Valley magazine. and broad acre farms, - Glenn Young of “Enquiries are they have sold many Youngs & Co coming from everywhere 1000s of properties since and as for blocks of land, 1997, and many more when they’re selling with a deposit, Les and Glenn Young traded signing of the contract and waiting under the name of Young & Rossignoli Apex Earthworks until the land is titled, which in some Real Estate. cases could be 12 months,” Glenn said. “High on the list of what people are Through the challenges of this year, Apex Earthworks has been able to looking for when moving to the region create additional local jobs, support our employees’ mental and physical is education,” Glenn, said. Plans for new health through new programs and focus strongly on keeping our team safe. High on the list schools in the region - and in particular the Our commitment to delivering high quality infrastructure projects of what people $50M school to be built in Verney Road, for the region remains our top priority. As one of the leading fullNorth Shepparton - will be great long term are looking for service earthmoving and civil contractors in the Goulburn Valley, we investments for the Goulburn Valley. when moving to provide local solutions-based project delivery to boost development Youngs & Co are synonymous with the region is and infrastructure for the communities in which we live. property. Les and Glenn Young, along education. with Glenn’s wife Connie, who operates We’re also proud to provide ongoing support in our community by creating the Mooroopna office, have been at the new local jobs including three new traineeships and a work placement forefront of property for two generations. program as well as our sponsorship of the Shepparton Running Festival. Whether it’s residential, land, commercial,

We also stock



We also look forward to developing even closer ties with our community in 2021/22. We are always on the lookout for committed team members with a great attitude. Apply now through our website. Recent projects we have been involved with include: • Wyndham & Fitzjohn St intersection upgrade at the new SAM inc the railway level crossing • Multiple projects at Cosgrove Landfill • Victorian Fisheries Native Hatchery

• Ongoing Shepparton Rail Line Upgrade • Greater Shepparton Secondary College (civil works and carparks) • Yakka Basin

Together, Apex Rail and Apex Earthworks are committed to improving and building high quality infrastructure across Regional Victoria and developing a committed,knowledgeable and trusted team.

Civil & Drainage • Roads • Bulk & Detailed Earthworks • Solar Farm Civils Water Infrastructure • Subdivisions • Rail

Ph: 03 9011 2560 www.apexrail.com.au

Ph: 03 5829 9966 www.apexearthworks.com.au

907 Goulburn Valley Hwy Congupna VIC 3633

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Infrastructure, Construction & Development

Rural indicators show one of best agricultural seasons ever


By Phin Zeibell NAB ustralia, Victoria and indeed the Goulburn Valley are now in the midst of one of the best agricultural seasons in living memory. 2020 delivered an excellent result and all signs point to 2021 being even better. Seasonal conditions are excellent and commodity prices continue to perform. The seasonal outlook to the end of

the year points to wetter than average conditions and the Bureau of Meteorology is now on La Nina watch, backing in the prospect of a wetter than average spring in the east of the country. This suggests that a record grain harvest is clearly in frame. Meanwhile, commodity prices continue to strengthen. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) broke through the $10 barrier around earlier this year - an extraordinary (and probably unsustainable) result. The wet spring outlook could even see upside for cattle prices, but we continue to see this market as substantially overheated. Grain prices continue to look good, reflecting an ongoing rally in global markets. Canola prices are looking particularly impressive. We now see Australian wheat prices around the $350/t mark in the December quarter, having previously expected prices in the low $300s range. Dairy – a traditional strength in the

Goulburn Valley – is enjoying its best conditions in years, with strong opening prices and lower input costs, particularly water. There some challenges however,

particularly in labour availability for horticulture. This labour shortage is unlikely to be resolved this year.

Manufacturers, industries, farmers and anything to do with property… booms in the Goulburn Valley CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 • Unless directly involved, few locals know of the 300+ employee business, Freedom Foods Group on Old Dookie Road, which produces $300M in dairy products and nutritional ingredients. One of its most valuable products is PUREnFERRIN lectoferrin, which they export internationally. According to a recent CSIRO report, the future looks bright in a $10B market for the product. • The new state-of-the-art Fire Rescue (FRV and CFA) complex is close to completion on Archer Street, Shepparton. With the relocation of the CFA from Maude Street, it will free up a large piece of land for future development in the heart of Shepparton. The project was valued at $12.66M. • A $10M fish hatchery on a 170-hectare property at Arcadia, south of Shepparton is due to open in November. The Victorian Fisheries Authority chose the site for its warm climate, elevation, high quality ground and surface water and clay soils – a perfect mix for the 32-pond hatchery. • Local disability service provider, GV Connect opened a new two-story facility in Bowenhall Street, Shepparton in June. The project was funded through fundraising efforts and $2M in Government contributions. • The second stage of GOTAFE’s Training Centre has been approved by the State Government. $10.7M will go towards the expansion of Goulburn Trade Training Centre in Archer Street, Shepparton. • In a major step for First Nations prosperity, the innovative and ambition plan for the region by Kaiela Institute chair, Paul Briggs and his team in collaboration with non-indigenous institutions, organisations, local businesses, and all levels of government, reached an historical turning point with the signing of intent by all parties at an official ceremony at Rumbalara Football and Netball Club on July 15. • Tongala received a huge boost in June with the news that Greenham and Sons are to complete a $50M redevelopment of their abattoirs, including the construction of a chilled beef production facility that will unlock access to more lucrative export markets and help the business move into premium meat products. The new development is expected to increase turnover by 20 percent and create up to 230 new jobs. • Tenders were called in recent months for the major revitalisation of the Maude Street Mall. The project, which received big support

from local Federal Member for Nicholls, Damian Drum, will help bring life back to the Shepparton CBD. The project has been the wish of many businesses in the Maude Street strip between Fryers and High Streets. Greater Shepparton City Council and the State Government have also thrown their support behind the $17.15M project, which gets underway later this year. • Maude Street between High and Vaughan Streets have also been upgraded with new car parks, plantings and beautification. The project received $1.6M in funding, the total spend of the works around Maude Street is approximately $13.7M. • Helping the Goulburn Valley, and Shepparton in particular, as a major educational precinct is the University of Melbourne Department of Rural Health. They are one step closer to realising a $6.5M student accommodation and expanded teaching spaces project. This upgrade will bring the total accommodation for students to 96 beds and a suite of new teaching and learning facilities. It is part of a series of programs funded by the Federal Government under the Murray Darling Medical Schools Network to help address the shortage of doctors in regional and rural areas of training. University of Melbourne (Shepparton) has partnered with La Trobe University to create a beginning-to-end rural medical program. • A new project recently announced by the University of Melbourne is the NorVicFoods Agri-Food Innovation Cluster. It’s all about exploring innovative and digital solutions to grow and increase the efficiency of food and agricultural sectors. The $4.7M project, funded by the State Government, will be based at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus. This is another great project for the Goulburn Valley that will create 87 jobs at the campus and help drive efficiencies in food production and agricultural sectors. • Aged care continues to be a powerful driver of success in the Goulburn Valley. The $20M Mooroopna Place residential aged care redevelopment opened earlier this year, offering an additional 100 places as part of the highly successful Shepparton Retirement Villages. President Mike Hall said, “The Mooroopna Place project is a significant investment by Shepparton Villages less than two years after opening the $32M 120 bed facility at Maculata Place in Shepparton.” • Plans for a micro-abattoir in Barham are with Murray

River Council. If approved, the project is valued at $2.2M • After a substantial construction period, Tatura Library opened earlier this year. The project, carried out by Greater Shepparton City Council, was valued at approximately $2M. • Another sleeper as a progressive successful local business is Future Recycling, headed up locally by Daniel Thewma. Originally started by Tom Garrett, the firm on Old Dookie Road has been taken to a whole new level by Tyrone Landsman. The business has recently invested $1.4M in six new concrete bays, a metal shear, container flipper, new prime mover, new trailer, new hook-lift truck, and new forklifts, most of which were supplied locally. Daniel told Our Goulburn Valley magazine they were moving on average 250 tonnes of recyclable material and 80-100 tonnes of oversize heavy-gauge railway track, among other recyclable materials, per week to Melbourne. The firm’s head office is in Dandenong and Future Recycling has transfer stations at Hallam and Pakenham. • A pipedream which is becoming reality for Deepak Singh and Mathew Ryan is their newly formed local Gradian Hydrotech. The driving forces behind the formidable pair is a desire to grow regional employment and to re-invigorate home-grown manufacturing. They have big plans for the impact they can bring to the civil construction and water industry following the acquisition of agribusiness, Total Eden in December last year. The Gradian Group acquired Milcast, a Finley based precast concrete business from Murray Irrigation Limited. More big plans are on the drawing board for the entrepreneurs. • An exciting project on Melbourne Road, South Shepparton, is quickly taking shape thanks to Aaron and Tom Brain. Aaron, the dealer principle of Shepparton BMW & Renault is building a brand new multi-million-dollar home for BMW, Renault, as well as a new and exciting showroom for MINI next to The Hot & Cold Shop. Combining the new corner site with a vacant block beside the new location will equate to 5500 square metres, approximately 1500 additional sqm to their current site. This and the above are just some of the new projects completed, currently underway or in the planning stages in the Shepparton region. The Goulburn Valley is truly an innovative, resilient, and passionate community, something Our Goulburn Valley magazine likes to recognise.

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Transport The amazing community spirit in Shepparton is what keeps our team eager to continue to grow and meet new and regular clients' needs, who have been great supporters of our business. We are such a resilient town and the strength we have shown in the face of recent adversities is a testament to how wonderful our town and its people are.” MANDY GOODFELLOW Goodfellows Rental and Storage Solutions manager

MUSEUM OF VEHICLE EVOLUTION (MOVE) 9000sq meters, total cost of redevelopment was approximately $5.5M

Old Dookie Road, Shepparton's Future Recycling moved on average 250t of recyclable material and 80-100t of oversize heavygauge railways track, among other recyclable materials, per week to Melbourne.

We get you back

on the road ... Sooner Proudly servicing the transport industry of the GV ✓ Speed & efficiency ✓ Great location and conveniently accessible ✓ Over 70 years of radiator, windscreen & mechanical experience ✓ Loyal customers

Our services

• Truck, heavy & agriculture machinery radiators • Truck, Bus & Car windscreens • Car radiators • All automotive air-conditioning



8006 Melbourne Rd, South Shepparton T: 5823 1590 F: 5823 1940





The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Truck sales and service continues to boom for local firm


Nearly a century ago, Hartwigs Trucks opened in Wagga Wagga as B G Hartwig & Co Pty Ltd. Four generations later, it is still owned by the same family.

n 2004, Hartwig’s purchased Jones Trucks in Shepparton, to join the existing Hartwigs’ group. The Shepparton dealership employs 22 locals, with staff tending to stay long-term. With a focus on ethics and maintaining long-term customer relationships, Hartwigs grew the business to accommodate the growing need for truck servicing and parts. Truck brands include Mercedes Benz, Freightliner, Fuso, Western Star, MAN and Denis Eagle Trucks. The impressive Mercedes Benz MP5 and Freightliner Cascadia trucks, have class leading fuel efficiency and safety aspects. Mercedes Benz has the option of traditional mirrors or mirrorless, replaced by Mirror Cam externally. This removes blind spots and tracks with the

trailer behind it. Inside has two screens on A-pillars between the windscreen and doors. Daydreaming risks on long hauls are covered. These trucks have Active Brake Assist, Lane Departure Warnings to alert drivers of potential hazards on We were very the road. Adaptive fortunate. Truck sales Cruise were very busy & TACTICAL TRUCKING... Hartwigs Trucks branch manager, Simon Calogero with salesmen Control services boomed Russell Eden and Wayne Taylor are all extremely proud of their range of truck brands on automatically hand and technology keeping their clients safe on the roads. Photo: Kelly Lucas. - Simon Calogero slows the vehicle, protecting However, by “We were very fortunate. customer and to help them the driver, cargo forecasting possible Truck sales were very busy keep their businesses going.” and general public. outcomes, our business & services boomed.” During times of “The past year saw an increase took a proactive approach to Simon explains, “Another necessity, positive business in business overall. Truck stock ordering stock, keeping supplies tactic was we would ‘stock relationships and creative became low due to supply healthy,” branch manager swap’ with other dealerships. planning are paramount. chain issues related to Covid. Simon Calogero maintains. This was moreso for the


L&P MACKIN Now service, repair and provide spares for



service, repair and provide spares for




HERE Telford Dr

Drummond Rd

TRADING HOURS: MON - FRI 7AM - 5PM SATURDAY 7AM - 11AM New Dookie Rd Florence St

Water Tower

83 Drummond Road, Shepparton T: 5821 5221 M: 0417 397 202


October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Jarrod Mackin

Hartwigs Devoted to providing our customers with quality service and the best sales experience since 1923.

With exceptional levels of safety, fuel efficiency and a number of industry first features, we have an extensive range of truck and bus solutions from Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner and Fuso to suit a variety of applications. For more information, please contact us today.

Hartwigs Shepparton 320 Midland Hwy, Shepparton 3630 Open: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Ph: 03 5820 7800 www.hartwigs.com.au

LMCT 7583


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Local freight firm celebrates 30 years... and continues to expand When COVID infiltrated Australia in 2020, whilst other businesses were unfortunately forced to close their doors, Bicknells Freight remained open and adapted to the uncertainty. Growing stronger each year, October 2021 marks the 20th Anniversary for the business.


e are not too big, but big enough to have the resources and connections, ensuring a positive customer experience and a fast response to any need.” Support features highly in the business ethos, supporting businesses who also remained open during the pandemic stating ‘Those industries that were able to stay open, they needed our support. How could we let them down?’. This community mindset has also extended to the public when recently Ros Bicknell gave

friends the use of a van to transport deliveries to those in isolation. Bicknell’s We provide a diverse positive customer clientele range experience and a fast from the response to any need. manufacturing, farming, 20 YEARS PROVIDING FOR THE COMMUNITY... Bicknells’ freight operation manager, Peter - Owner engineering, Gillespie, with owner Ros Bicknell and office manager, Jessamy Doyle. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Ros Bicknell automotive and construction continue to ensure and safer, Bicknell’s Freight has orientated and automates industries with 30,000 a safe, reliable and an online booking portal on their processes including labelling. annual consignments serviced environmentally friendly fleet. website. www.bicknells.net.au Reliable service, customer by 14 staff with over 80 years Rural industry support and This innovative technology convenience and innovative of experience between them. B2B delivery of rural supplies is streamlines booking processes, systems to produce positive The arrival of two new key to the business. Making the is COVID Safe with handling experiences are at the replacement trucks, shortly, will process convenient, streamlined and interaction, is detailed core of their business.

Stronger than ever.. 20 years of

managing your freight with our reliable service

Main service area Cobram

26 Telford Dr, Shepparton

Corowa Echuca Numurkah Yarrawonga Albury Tongala Kyabram Shepparton Wangaratta Tatura Benalla Bendigo

03 5831 7166


October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser



MODEL GTS 20 - 33 2 - 3.3t

NEW S Series

2 ½ tonne, smart and safer with a huge number of safety features

Heavy trucks & container movers



Drummond Rd


• 1.5 to 50 tonne Forklifts available • 24hr Onsite Service • Large range of Forklifts for hire


• Sales of New & Used Forklifts • Service and Repairs of all makes and models including Electric Forklifts



HERE Telford Dr

Drummond Rd


New Dookie Rd Florence St

Water Tower

83 Drummond Road, Shepparton T: 5821 5221 M: 0417 397 202


Jarrod Mackin


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Local vehicle hire business continues to reinvest in Shepparton A family-run business has operated in the Goulburn Valley since 1993 and have grown to become a name synonymous with transport in our region and beyond.


oodfellows Rental and Storage Solutions manages a fleet of more than 100 vehicles, with a range of small to large cars, single and dual-cab utes, refrigerated vans, trucks, peoplemovers and buses. They also manage pick-up and drop-off to depots in Euroa, Seymour, and Echuca. Along with their rental fleet, their Goulburn Valley Highway site in Kialla has 175 storage sheds, all alarmed and under video surveillance. Given storage solutions have been in such high demand over the past couple of years, they have welcomed the addition of roller doored, alarmed shipping containers for added security to their offerings. Owner of the business, Graham Goodfellow, started out as Renta-Wreck with 10 vehicles after a

23-year career in the state’s Road and Transport Authority. Today, the company is run by Graham’s daughter, Mandy Hodges, and her partner, Andrew. The company provides transport solutions to a range of large organisations such as GV Water, construction companies and even shire councils. They currently have a team of seven dedicated employees and as the transport industry has continued to operate through the pandemic, Goodfellows have been able to continue helping and supporting the community to maintain a sense of normality. Goodfellows Storage aims to keep expanding and evolving with the regions transport needs and helping the community where possible. During the lockdown crisis

FAMILY-RUN BUSINESS KEEPS ON GROWING... Goodfellows Rental and Storage Solutions administration officer, Matthew Spencer, and storage administration officer, Damien Hunt. With manager, Mandy Goodfellow; operations manager, Andrew Hodges, and owner/director, Graham Goodfellow. Photo: Kelly Lucas. we faced recently, they donated two vehicles to help deliver care packages to those in need. “The amazing community spirit in Shepparton is what keeps our

team eager to continue to grow and meet new and regular clients' needs, who have been great supporters of our business,” said Mandy. “We are such a resilient town

and the strength we have shown in the face of recent adversities is a testament to how wonderful our town and its people are.”

Getting Back on the Road Again Over 40 years ago, Shepparton Radiators and Windscreens opened for business, with current owner, Scott Campbell, taking over six and a half years ago.


uch of their business comes from referrals. A client-centred approach has supported the business, with customers generating more work during COVID restrictions. “We endeavour to provide quick, dependable and affordable services,” Mr Campbell says. Recently a full time auto technician has been employed, allowing them to branch further into automotive maintenance and air-conditioning. Services include radiator repairs, restoration and replacements; cooling system maintenance, and all vehicle windows, plus windscreens, including those fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. “We can help assist you with

your insurance claims, aiming to provide a seamless experience,” owner Mr Campbell advises. Being stranded at night, on a Goulburn Valley backroad, can be angst ridden and frustrating. Maybe your vehicle is hissing steam, or the windscreen is shattered, rendering your vehicle We get you back on undriveable? the road sooner” is the Having a 24/7 business motto and it is emergency taken seriously. service for radiators and windscreens, With the business gives a Victorian customers peace of coverage of nearly mind they will be well cared 34,000 km2, including the GV, for, regardless of whether it Greater Bendigo, Mitchell, is a residential, commercial Campaspe and Moira Shires or industrial vehicle. plus some NSW border towns,

DAY, NIGHT, RAIN OR SHINE... Business owner, Scott Campbell, strives for Shepparton Radiator and Windscreens to set the top standard for local radiator and windscreen services. Photo: Kelly Lucas. no matter the vehicle size or use, all customers can be confident of superior service. “We get you back on the road sooner” is the business motto and it is taken seriously. All the technicians are highly

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

experienced, with industry best practice knowledge for windscreens and radiators. “Our aim is to create the benchmark in radiator and windscreen service,” Mr Campbell confirms.

GOODFELLOWS Continues to expand fleet

CAR,TRUCK & 4WD RENTALS Good vehicles, good rates and Goodfellows to boot!

NEW ROSA 22 Seater Bus NEW addition 4½ tonne Refrigerated Truck NEW addition 4½ tonne Pantec Truck

NEW addition 4½ tonne Tray Truck NEW addition 4½ tonne Tip Truck Cars added to the fleet NEW (from small to large people movers)



• Domestic • Commercial • Boat, Caravan and Car storage • Dustproof • Waterproof • Vermin proof • 24-Hour security camera surveillance • Document Storage • Roller Door Alarmed


7945 Melbourne Rd, Sth Shepparton www.goodfellows.com.au OPEN 7 DAYS Depots in Echuca, Euroa and Seymour

EST 1993



Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Exciting times ahead New era in 2022 for Shepparton BMW

OVER the past couple of years, we have certainly observed some interesting new trends in consumer spending habits; not the least of which, has been the steady rise in Australians choosing luxury when purchasing new vehicles. The Automotive industry reported a 13 percent increase in sales across premium vehicle brands during the first quarter of this year alone. Among the many factors said to be influencing consumer choice in this sector, was the eliminated option of international travel, explained Shepparton BMW principal dealer, Aaron Brain. “With international travel off the table and the unpredictability of lockdowns, Aussie’s are

choosing to invest in luxury local travel,” Mr Brain commented. Despite the impacts of lockdowns and longer production lead times, the premium purchasing trend has continued throughout the year, with The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, the industry’s peak body, reporting just last month, a 33 percent growth in vehicle sales on the same month last year. It makes sense that when locals are looking to invest, they’re

turning to the local dealers, guys they know and trust. “We've been established in the Goulburn Valley for over 30 years now,” says Aaron. “And maintaining our reputation has always been our top priority. “As our existing customers know, we offer a number of complementary service plan options for both our new and premium used vehicles, which ensures that the cars we sell, we maintain. So, the increase in sales has also created a greater demand for our on-site servicing department; which has been a driving factor in our decision to relocate the business,” Aaron explained. Currently under construction, the new site will feature brand new state of the art showrooms and service center; and is just a short sprint up the road, located right next to the Hot and Cold shop. But that is not the only exciting news for Shepparton BMW and GV residents, as this new chapter also brings with it a new brand for the business. As the doors swing open in

NO SMALL FEAT... Shepparton BMW’s dealer principal, Aaron Brain, will spearhead the new local BMW and MINI’s brand-new state-of-the-art showrooms and service centre in March 2022. Photo: Kelly Lucas. March 2022, the city will welcome its first very own Mini dealership. “Being from the BMW range, we’ve always offered servicing of Mini’s, so with the additional space, it was really just the perfect opportunity to finally open the brand up to

Sheppαrton BMW 8002 Goulburn Valley Highway, Sheppαrton T: 03 5823 2940 | www.sheppαrtonbmw.com.αu

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

the community,” said Aaron. “We’re really excited about it, Mini is such a vibrant, fun brand and with both its history and BMW being one of the most innovative brands in the market, we couldn’t be happier to be bringing the two together,” he said.


THREE GENERATIONS & 39 YEARS OF DELIVERING FREIGHT IN THE GOULBURN VALLEY Melbourne to Shepparton daily. Also general freight to Echuca, Moama, Kyabram, Cobram, Mooroopna, Benalla, Albury, Numurkah, Tatura, Yarrawonga, Wangaratta & Wodonga.

Member of the National Roads Transport Hall of Fame.

A driving force...

Major sponsor since 1982

415 New Dookie Rd, Lemnos Ph: 5829 9388

Melbourne Depot: 38 Glenbarry Rd, Campbellfield


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Over 45 years of experience BEING situated in the Goulburn Valley ‘fruit bowl’ and the epicentre of manufacturing, the need for a reliable and expert provider of forklifts is imperative to the operation of many local businesses.


& P Mackin Forklifts is a local family owned and operated forklift company and have operated in the Goulburn Valley and surrounding areas for over 45 years. Originally established as a car service centre by Leigh and Pauline, in the 1970s, the business moved into forklifts as industry and demand in the region grew. Their son Jarrod Mackin is now the head of one of the region’s most established forklift service, repair, spare parts and sales companies. They are the local dealers for new Clark forklifts and have been local dealers for Clark forklifts for over 20 years. They stock a wide

FLEETS AND FORKLIFTS... Available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, meet from left, Joe, Ryan, Bailey, Pete, Darren, Jenny, Leigh, Jesse, Matt, Rob, Grant, Shane, Pat and Jarrod from L & P Mackin Forklifts. Photo: Kelly Lucas. range of reliable used and new forklifts for sale and carry out repairs to all makes and models of forklifts including LPG, Diesel and Electric either on site or in their fully equipped workshop. With an extensive fleet of hire forklifts for short term hire or fleet management, L & P

Mackin can meet all customer hire requirements. They have machinery to support any kind of job requirement, with machines ranging from 1.8 tonne through to 8 tonne. They offer 24 hour, 7 day a week breakdown service to keep our many factories and orchards

able to keep supplying Australia with our world-class produce. In regards to the last few months, Jarrod commends the people and businesses in Greater Shepparton on their ability to overcome what we’ve faced. “Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought to

many of us, our region has continued to show resilience and strong business acumen. We would like to thank our customers and the community for their ongoing support and congratulate them on their ability to face those adversities with such strength,” said Jarrod.

KEEPING YOUR WHEELS TURNING IN THE GOULBURN VALLEY FOR 69 YEARS Meet the award-winning CENTRAL TYRE SERVICE team, which has been part of the Goulburn Valley for 69 years. From left, Nicol Davidson, Brian Mark, Grant Crosby, Daniel Wright, Nicholas Mark, Rod Poliness, Phillip Kelly, Kurtis Scott, Timothy Webb, Jake Lister, David Austin and Joshua Wenzke.


CENTRAL Tyr e Ser vi ce

Brakes Batteries Steering Suspenson Exhaust Cooling Engines

117 Welsford Street, Shepparton

T 5821 9555

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Your one stop auto shop 132 342

Our Goulburn Valley Transport


Moving with the times Suppliers and consumers alike have an expectation of knowing where their goods are at any given time as well as a mechanism to access a proof of delivery system in real time. Such systems were the domain of large corporates in the freight delivery system.


ith recent advances in technology, the highly respected team at Frank Gattuso & Son Transport needed to provide such a system to their clients, not only for parcel freight, but for palletted and linehaul freight as well. Their partnership with the Adelaide based company, Cargo Office, provides them with this great capability. Being a web-based solution, there is no need to purchase software and then manage

the inevitable updates. “Through Cargo Office, clients can access our web portal to track their freight movements in real time. With the added benefit of ‘Sign On Glass’ a signed ‘Proof Of Delivery’ being obtained in real time. This assists our clients with their Customer Service and billing requirements,” said Frank Gattuso & Son Transport principal, Frank Gattuso. “Cargo Office also allows us to track the progress of our delivery trucks throughout the day and make informed decisions as to deliveries and pick ups.”

SECURING THE FUTURE... Jordan Gattuso, pictured with his immaculate 5-year-old Kenworth T909, is following his father’s footsteps in the family transport business. Photo: Melanie Spencer

Moving with the times Keeping up with the latest technology in the Transport Industry.

205 Central Ave, Shepparton East VIC 3631 Phone: (03) 5829 1001

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Family trucking business a true believer in supporting locals Joining a long list of local trucking dynasties who have thrown their support behind the all-new Museum of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE) is Keatings Freight Lines.


eatings Freight has been a supporter of many organisations and causes in its 39 years of operation. One of those organisations close to head of the Keating clan, Ken Keating, is Shepparton junior football. The Keating family have supported junior football for 41 years, a staggering effort in anyone’s language. Keating Freight Lines started in 1982, but Ken was active long before that carting local produce and helping to keep the wheels of Shepparton’s manufacturing businesses turning. Ken recently took time out from his trucking business to have a look around the new Museum

of Vehicle Evolution (MOVE) with sons Mark and Steve. For Ken it was extra special, because he was amongst the first small group of people who came up with the idea of pushing for a museum space that celebrated the history of transport in the region and its contribution to our modern day prosperity. “It is fantastic, it will be the greatest thing for the Goulburn Valley, there is no doubt about that,” he said. Ken and his brothers started up in transport in Bendigo and Swan Hill until Ken left the business and joined Streets ice-cream in Shepparton. After a year he tossed it in and got back on the road carting fruit

AN IMPRESSIVE FAMILY FREIGHT TEAM... From left, Ken Keating, Mark Keating and Stephen Keating. Photo: Supplied. and all manner of goods. “How we drove those trucks on those roads in the day I’ll never know,” he said “My first trip to Sydney was 17 hours.” Ken will promote MOVE on his trucks as they travel around

Victoria, but he has no doubt the addition of transport to the museum will be a huge drawcard. The company has a special truck on display at MOVE along with a miniature version. Our Goulburn Valley magazine

takes this opportunity to acknowledge the recent passing of Ken’s son Chris. Chris played a big role in the operation of Keatings Freight for many years. He succumbed to a long illness on 27th August, 2021.


RENAULT ARKANA like no other

SHEPPARTON RENAULT 8002 Melbourne Road, Shepparton ph: (03) 5823 2940 // sheppartonrenault.com.au R.S. Line overseas model shown. R.S. Line variant anticipated to arrive in Australia January 2022

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Our Goulburn Valley Transport


Giving back to our community CMV Truck & Bus is a division of the CMV Group, a family business founded in 1934 by Sidney Crawford.


MV Truck & Bus have more than 500 employees across seven branch locations, with 13 staff based at their Shepparton site. CMV Truck & Bus also has dealerships in Clayton, Dandenong, Derrimut, Gippsland, Epping and Wodonga. Over the last 23 years, they have proudly operated alongside their Shepparton business partners Don and Sharon Dimstas, who operated D&S Truck Repairs. In early 2021 Don and Sharon retired and CMV Truck & Bus acquired the business from them. While they’ve always been very active in the Goulburn Valley, they’re thrilled to now be part of the community and support the local economy. They are looking forward to continuing to grow CMV Truck & Bus in Shepparton and take on additional Technicians and Apprentices. CMV Truck & Bus are focused

RESPECT THE SAME FOR COMMUNITY, CUSTOMERS, AND EMPLOYEES... Meet Mick, Grant, Brody, Peter, Kurt, Mason, Frank, Richard, Brad, Lachlan, Michael, and Cassie. Photo: Kelly Lucas. on ensuring that customer needs can be met safely and efficiently, now and into the future. This is achieved by ensuring that the best staff are attracted to the business, who can then deliver the best customer service. They have a clear vision in mind. A vision to be an industry leader in service excellence, across truck and bus sales, parts, finance and the critically important workshop,

and to be a trusted and skilled service provider to the growing customer base in Victoria. At the heart of the CMV Group is what they call the ‘Three Peaks’ Policy. This is a culture of placing equal importance on employees, customers and our community. In doing so, they strive for continual improvement and quality while upholding our values. The CMV Foundation is a

charitable trust deriving funding from dividends received from the shareholding in the CMV Group. Its charter is to make donations to worthy causes in the local community. The Trustees of the CMV Foundation welcome suggestions from employees who through their involvement in community groups, schools and clubs etc. are aware of causes worth supporting.

“We’re proud to be a part of the business community in Shepparton and contribute to the local economy. Transport is a cornerstone industry in the region with its strong agricultural industry and it’s geographically important local to interstate freight. We might be a little biased but we think it’s one of the best regions in Victoria.”

MOVE opens its doors From the exotic to the fast, from the old to the new, from the standards to the experimental, cars of all descriptions pass through the Museum of Vehicle Evolution.


ostalgia, envy, regret, good times…these might be some of the emotions that a visitor to MOVE is likely to experience when they meander through the facility and take in some of the spectacular vehicles on display. Now open, the finishing touches have been applied to vehicles and the other collections on display ready for visitors to the region to take the time to look at motoring history. Open 7 days 10am-4pm

PURE CLASS...A 1936 Auburn Tourer with supercharged straight 8 motor at MOVE.

BACK TO THE FUTURE...The DeLorean 12.

CAR FOR A KING... Imported by Aussie rock legend, Johnny O’Keefe.

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST HOMEGROWN CAR... A 1946 FX Prototype. THE CAR FOR INTRIGUE... You can’t miss this 1934 Cord Tourer with straight 8 motor at the all new MOVE. Photos: Geoff Adams The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Transport

Shepparton hits new milestone Entertainment opportunities in Shepparton have reached new heights.


hrow in premier collectable cars, trucks, collectable motorbikes and bicycles, historical implements, radios, and the nation’s largest and most significant collection of Australian fashion and accessories, and you have MOVE... the new Museum of Vehicle Evolution. The new complex at Emerald Bank, South Shepparton is a dream come true for local businessman and philanthropists, Jim and Angela Andreadis. Our Goulburn Valley magazine caught up with the new MOVE executive officer, Peter Hill, who provided this message: Jim's generosity extends well beyond his philanthropic support; his vigour and enthusiasm has inspired others to become involved and has expanded MOVE beyond our wildest dreams. Substantial financial support from the Australian Government, Victorian Government and Greater Shepparton City Council has been critical, allowing us to develop a world-class museum that will play a crucial

MOVE SETS A NEW LEVEL OF ENTERTAINMENT... The people behind MOVE, from left, curator of MOVE, Jade Burley, MOVE patron and founding member, Jim Andreadis, executive officer, Peter Hill, reception Lynne Salau, collections manager for the Loel Thomson Collection, Stacey Short and MOVE chairman, Frank Papallo at the entrance to MOVE. Photo: Steve Hutcheson role in expanding our visitor economy and economic base. MOVE is really about us, showcasing the things we drove, wore or used. It is full of interesting objects, some shiny, some rustic and some just rusty. It is also full of people and their stories, particularly the

families who built our region's reputation as a transport and trucking mecca. Through the Furphy Museum, the story of Australia's oldest continuously operated family business is revealed. Loel Thomson's Clothing Collection is a marvel, collected over four decades and containing

10,000 items. It is a significant attraction in its own right. MOVE is a not-for-profit charitable enterprise, and we could not have achieved what we have without the generosity of our board members past and present, our staff, volunteers and sponsors. "MOVE has been built by the

community for the community. We hope you will visit often, discover new displays and make an effort to tell your friends and family when next in Shepparton you must experience MOVE", said executive officer, Peter Hill.

MOVE... A celebration of ideas, vehicles and equipment that helped the region develop. Photo: Deanne Peters.

MOVE STARTING OUT ON THE RIGHT FOOT... Providing the space for MOVE to grow, Angela and Jim Andreadis. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

MIXING CAREER WITH PLEASURE... Executive officer of MOVE, Peter Hill stands beside a Kenworth display provided by JDK Management. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Education and the Arts By working in close collaboration with Yorta Yorta and First Nations people, the region can create a thriving economy with circular economic flows building shared prosperity and regional growth.” PAUL BRIGGS OAM executive chair of Kaiela Institute

SCHOOL FACILITIES At least 115 school facilities helped educate our region, comprised of: 26 primary schools, 1 secondary school with 3 campuses 3 Private or Catholic schools, and 3 tertiary education providers in Greater Shepparton. 12 primary and 5 secondary schools, 8 Private, Catholic or Anglican schools and 2 specialist schools in the Moira Shire. 20 primary schools, 9 secondary schools, 2 catholic schools and Bendigo TAFE’s Echuca campus servicing the Campaspe Council. 4 primary schools, 1 secondary school, 3 Catholic or Private schools, 2 tertiary education providers, and 1 specialist education facility in the Strathbogie Shire.



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We are passionate about providing people with options in life, and these options are gained through education. It is the key to independence, self fulfillment, and self-determination.

rly ChildhoodPartners Educator Train to become a Community Services in training Australia provide training in Nursing, Aged

care, Early childhood and Care, Disability services and wide range of Community Services qualifications.

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The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Education & the Arts

New college in the heart of Shepparton


SHEPPARTON ACE Secondary College and its students have demonstrated exceptional resilience and good spirit given a challenging 2021 school year.

t was established 15 years ago to meet a community need to re-engage young people who had fallen out of their education and wanted to return to study years 11 and 12. Shepparton ACE Secondary College now has students from years 7-12, as well as further education. The school continues to enhance its reputation as a place where students can achieve to their potential as learners and citizens. It continues to successfully provide a safe, supportive small class environment with relevant, progressive curriculum and extra curricula activities. The 2021 school year saw the College move into new state of the art buildings at 123 –129 Maude Street, Shepparton (on the corner of Nixon Street). The College focus is on small class size (15 max) that offers

students greater interaction with their teachers and the ability to engage in a learning process that gives students an understanding of why they need to learn. From taking classes into the field, to working with the latest teaching aids give students an appreciation of what is The school continues achievable to enhance its and why it reputation as a place might be pursued. where students can The achieve to their majority of potential their staff have many decades HIGH SPIRITS AFTER A CHALLENGING YEAR... Students Alistair Gibson, Noah Moore, of experience Brayden Wilson, Jasmine Ricardo, Sharni Wilson and Nedd Gladman pictured out working with the front of their state-of-the-art school building. Photo: Kelly Lucas young people who have experienced a few hiccups invaluable, not only in curriculum College, student learning cannot is enhanced when all members of in their education or in their experience but in creating be separated from welfare. the school community participate personal life. Their experience, a steady, positive, success Students develop best when in the learning programs combined with the varied focused school environment. teaching and learning occur in a and the life of the school. approaches of new staff are At Shepparton ACE Secondary context of student welfare which

ace Secondary College


Now taking

Enrolments ace•




Low fees • Stationery, books, frequent camps and excursions provided at no extra cost Small school big heart • Kitchen facilities and food provided • Years 7 - 10 Australian Curriculum • Students to wear neat casual clothes. School wind-cheaters and T shirts available at no extra cost • Years 11 - 12 Victorian Certificate SHEPPARTON of Applied Learning SECONDARY COLLEGE • Strong commitment to education • Pathways to further education


Our exciting new location


SHEPPARTON 123 - 129 Maude Street, Shepparton SECONDARY COLLEGE

Years 7-10 Australian Curriculum Years 11-12 VCE/VCAL

Small school , big heart

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

123 - 129 Maude Street Shepparton, VIC 3630 T (03) 5831 4029 E shepace@iinet.net.au sheppartonace.com.au






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understand the value of Yorta Yorta and First strong sense of regional ownership and a shared We are proud and excited to licnuoC ytiC notrappehS retaerG • nEoiBgA • belief in our capacity to deliver the Plan. Nations people. CPSMurray • amaoM acuhcE rof eettimmoC • introduce theenGoulburn ruobleM fo ytisrevinU • notis rapan pehimportant S retaerG rof eturning ettimmoCpoint • for our region. This The Goulburn Murray has a responsibility, the etaW yarruM-nrubluoG • Regional Prosperity Plan. Our Where we rhave previously been held back by will and the capacity to address the economic the historical legacies ofpeople dispossession and shared regional vision isFortotoo long, YortaFor imbalance, uncertainty and exclusion in the lives Yorta and First Nations have been expected to step into the Western in Western order to prosper. too long, Yorta Yorta and First Nations people have been expected to step world into the world in From order to prosper. colonisation, we are building a shared sense of of Yorta Yorta and other First Nations people. this position of a lack of perceived value, the community Yorta Yortaloses. people see Yorta the world differently. generate mutual prosperity this position of a lack of everyone perceivedinvalue, everyone inloses. the community Yorta people see the world differently. purpose and a new-found optimism. Together we are committed to “Closing the Gap” by restoring and sustaining a economic life expectancy Rather than seeing Yorta Yorta and First Nations as people that society needsparticipation, to give to, the Goulburn Rather than Yorta First Nations as peopleon that mainstream society needs to give Murray to, theand Goulburn Murra This Plan isseeing both aYorta vision andand a strategy formainstream driving Plan (the Plan) provides a space so that the region can start to see they are people who have something quality of life. thriving and sustainableRegional First Prosperity Regional Prosperity Plan Plan) provides a space have someth a regional economy that(the is inclusive of Yorta Yortaso that the region can start to see they are people whoto give that is of great value. This Plan provides a place-based investment modelinvestment that, if successfully executed, has theexecuted, potential has to the pote give that is of great value. This Plan provides a place-based model that, if successfully and First Nations people. It will succeed as it Importantly, this approach will deliver a range Nations economy. change the socialchange and cultural fabricand of our nation. the social cultural fabric of our nation. 6

creates shared benefits while acknowledging and of benefits – economic, social and cultural – to TheI development of this Plan has deliberately understanding the historical journey for the region. the Goulburn Murray. By adopting an advocacy, this 15 yearWhile Plan is ambitious, the Goulburn Murray region is ready. strongisfoundation of local Indigenous is infrastru been a collaborative and consultativeWhile process this 15 year Plan is ambitious, the Goulburn MurrayAregion ready. A strong foundation of infrastructure local Indigenous place-based and strength-based whole-of-region mobilised for investment to ensure that Yorta Yorta and First Nations people are part of the future growth of gross regional Until now, Yorta Yorta and First Nations people from the outset. It has been our collective intention mobilised for investment to ensure that Yorta Yorta and First Nations people are part of the future growth of gross regiona approach, Planwill builds the product the region. A governance structure has developed will allowthis ‘learning asallow youon go’ andlessons theasflexibility to the flexib have largely been the been benefits of has that that this Plan should be collectively owned by,(GRP) in product (GRP) in theexcluded region. Afrom governance structure been developed that ‘learning youlearned go’ and from decades of institutional engagement and adapt as priorities change over time. The monitoring and evaluation framework will provide a place-based approach to the participation in our strong regional economy. and accountable to, the people, organisations and adapt as priorities change over time. The monitoring and evaluation framework will provide a place-based approach to th Government’s the Gap agenda. government and community responses. institutions of the Goulburn Murray region – both Closing Government’s Closing the Gap By adopting and owning thisagenda. Plan, the Goulburn C o m First Nations eand non-Indigenous. nittim fo aretopleased to provide you a copy of the ht ot g Murray regionacross is signalling thatare it is willing tofor the longWe oY Critically, the rightCritically, stakeholders the region committed term responsibility to with restoring access fo elor na atroY atr a P the right stakeholders across the region are committed forshared the long term toGoulburn shared responsibility to to restoring ac l a d n calp e o C t d h h u a e Summary Report of the Murray Regional r p adopt its leadership role in developing a thriving m o have F We are confident we developed a powerful p i n i r t o s t h a n the regional economy for Yorta Yorta and other First Nations people. Through the creation of a circular economy, where local e t h F r i i taN r i v s i o s dna t the regional economy for Yorta Yorta and other First Nations people. Through the creation of a circular economy, where lo n n s g itaN lpoep Prosperity Plan. Wewider welcome yourthe contribution to N tsriF andNations sustainable First Nations economy. Thisbenefit from, Thisand First oc sno Yorta Yorta people can contribute to,can andcontribute then the growth of the economy, Goulburn ht ot e tiand mmachievable snoita vision for shared prosperity. u e n c o Yorta Yorta and First Nations people to, and then benefit from, the growth of the wider economy, the Goulb y n a o hT .ymdelivered eht dn ollof e implementing this Plan invitebenefits you toeveryone. join us on commitment will challenge the invisibility First a shared vision, through ofregion a Murray hasMurray an opportunity toan lead the nation onlead howthe toof create prosperity model that and tangibly o gniw denthe is development r g g a region has opportunity to nation on how to create a shared prosperity model that tangibly benefits ev n i s t tS eh snoitaNations Nations people and flip the way we view and this journey to shared prosperity. thriving Economy, is backed by a vahFirst emeta moc e I fo tn ANO ORP L IREPS



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The Vision The Vision

Paul Briggs and David McKenzie Project Control Group Co-Chairs

The vision of this The Planvision is to generate an is additional $150m GRP per annum 2036 the Goulburn region through of this Plan to generate an additional $150m by GRP perfor annum by 2036 Murray for the Goulburn Murraythe region throug economic inclusion, prosperity and shared value of Yorta Yorta and First Nations people. The activation of the strategic in economic inclusion, prosperity and shared value of Yorta Yorta and First Nations people. The activationthemes of the strategic th this Plan will provide significant benefits, some of which are illustrated below. this Plan will provide significant benefits, some of which are illustrated below. +460 jobs within the

+460 jobs within the region by 2036 s mes e o region by 2036 c m t o ugtcic Theme l ou o a l e t n a r s t a S io Strategic Themes ion Reg Reg A thriving First Nations economy

Strong aspirations for Strong aspirations for the community the community

A thriving First Nations economy A Thriving Community Skills and Pathways A Thriving Community Skills and Pathways with Strong Foundations for the Future with Strong Foundations for the Future




Additional $150mAdditional GRP per $150m GRP per Building Opportunities annum by 2036 for the by 2036 Opportunities Valuing the Yorta Yorta annum for the The vision of this Plan is to generate an Enduring Through Valuing the Yorta Yorta Through Goulburn MurrayGoulburn region Murray identity of the region Relationships and region identity Culture of the region additional $150m GRP per annum by 2036 Culture and 6 GOULBURN MURRAY REGIONAL PROSPERITY PLAN as an asset through the inclusion, Shared as anValue asset through the inclusion, Shared Value for the Goulburn Murray region through the 6 GOULBURN MURRAY REGIONAL PROSPERITY PLAN prosperity and shared valueand shared value prosperity economic inclusion, prosperity and shared value of First Nations people. of First Nations people.

of Yorta Yorta and First Nations people. The activation of the strategic themes in this Plan will provide significant benefits, some of which are illustrated right.




Plan Champ

Building Skilled workforce Skilled workforce Committing to the role of a Plan Cha Enduring aligned to future of Yortaaligned Yorta and First Nations to other future Relationships needs and growth placedneeds upon the First Nations comm and growth

Plan Champions Plan Champions

a thriving First Nations economy.

The following organisations have com signed the Statement of Intent:

• AgBioEn • Committee for Echuca Moam Accelerating Enterprise Goulburn Murray as • Committee for Greater Shepp Goulburn Murray as Accelerating Enterprise a Region the and Leadership Committing to theof role of a PlanaChampion and signing theand Statement of Intent involves acknowledging •the ongoing contribution Region of the Leadership Goulburn-Murray Water Development of Yorta Yorta andFuture other First Nations people to the Goulburn Murray region, the history ofgrowth dispossession and marginalisation Innovation and Development Committing to the role of a Plan Champion and signing the Statement ofFuture Intent involves acknowledging the ongoing contribution Innovation and growth placed upon the First Nations community and the shared responsibilitythrough of the community to redress these injustices and restore economic inclusion of Yorta Yorta and other First Nations people to the Goulburn Murray region, the history of dispossession and marginalisation through economic inclusion a thriving Firstand Nations economy. Achieving of First Nations placed upon theparity First Nations community the shared responsibility of the community to redress these injustices andpeople restoreof First Nations people Achieving parity 6


Plan Champions

Champions Plan an Plan Champions Champions

a thriving First Nations economy. The following organisations have committed to the role of Plan Champion of the Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity Plan and Committing to the role of a Plan Champion and signing the Statement of Intent involves acknowledging the ongoing contribution theother Statement Intent: The following organisations have toNations the of role of Plan Champion of the region, Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity Plan and of Yortasigned Yortacommitted and First people to the Goulburn Murray the history of dispossession and marginalisation

Dismantling structural • AgBioEn • Greater Shepparton City Council structural racism racism • AgBioEn • ofGreater Shepparton City Council • Committee for Echuca • Murray SPC Source: KPMG The following organisations have committedMoama to the role Plan Champion of the Goulburn Regional Prosperity Plan and Committing to the role of a Plan Champion and signing the Figure Statement of Intent involves acknowledging the ongoing contribution Prosperity Vision benefits signed Statement of Intent: • regional Committee for Echuca • SPC ng mmitting to the role to the of role a Plan of aChampion Plan Champion and signing and signing the Statement the Statement of Intent of involves Intent1:involves acknowledging acknowledging theand ongoing the ongoing contribution contribution •theMoama Committee for Greater Shepparton • University of Melbourne Figure 1: Prosperity Vision and regional benefits of Yorta Yorta and other First Nations people to the Goulburn Murray region, the history of dispossession and marginalisation Yorta orta and Yorta other andFirst otherNations First Nations peoplepeople to the Goulburn to the Goulburn MurrayMurray region,region, the history the history of dispossession of dispossession and marginalisation marginalisation •andCommittee for Greater Shepparton • University of Melbourne • restore Goulburn-Murray Water • and AgBioEn • Greater Shepparton City Council placed upon the First Nations community and the shared responsibility of the community to redress these injustices ced on the upon First theNations First Nations community community and theand shared the shared responsibility responsibility of the community of the community to redress to redress these injustices these and restore and restore • injustices Goulburn-Murray • Water Committee for Echuca Moama • SPC a thriving First Nations economy. hriving First Nations First Nations economy. economy. • Committee for Greater Shepparton • University of Melbourne placed upon the First Nations community and the shared responsibility of the community to redress these injustices and restore Dismantling signed the Statement of Intent: a thriving First Nations economy.

• Goulburn-Murray Water The following organisations have committed to the role of Plan Champion of the Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity Plan and wing e following organisations organisations have committed have committed to the role to the of role PlanofChampion Plan Champion of the Goulburn of the Goulburn MurrayMurray Regional Regional Prosperity Prosperity Plan and Plan and signed the Statement of Intent: ened Statement the Statement of Intent: of Intent:

• AgBioEn oEn AgBioEn • Committee for Echuca Moama mittee Committee for Echuca for Echuca Moama Moama • Committee for Greater Shepparton mittee Committee for Greater for Greater Shepparton Shepparton • Goulburn-Murray Water burn-Murray Goulburn-Murray Water Water

• • •

• Greater Shepparton City Council Greater • Greater Shepparton Shepparton City Council City Council • SPC SPC • SPC • University of Melbourne University • University of Melbourne of Melbourne

A Product of broad consultation and collaboration supported by the Region

These organisations have committed to the role of Plan Champion of the Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity plan and signed the statement of intent



Our Goulburn Valley Education & the Arts

People will bring out the best in new school With the final touches being put on the modern facilities and learning spaces of the new Greater Shepparton Secondary College, Executive Principal Barbara O’Brien said the school is only missing one thing.


t is our people who will bring the excitement, activity and sense of community and belonging to our new college,” Ms O’Brien said. “We want that sense of community to be shared and appreciated by every student, every family and every member of staff from the moment we set foot on the grounds of this wonderful new school.” Ms O’Brien, who has lived and worked in Greater Shepparton all her life, said the city is widely known for its cultural diversity and community spirit. “Both have been on show recently as we’ve worked to support each-other through the challenges of COVID-19 lockdowns.” Ms O’Brien said our sense of community is also very ancient: “Our Koorie families share a care and connection to our land, sky and rivers spanning many, many generations. “ Since its inception two years ago, Ms O’Brien said GSSC had worked

LEADING THE COLLEGE.. Barbara O’Brien has been appointed the executive principal at Greater Shepparton Secondary College. Photo: Supplied. hard on developing its own sense of community pride and belonging with common school values and a shared sense of working as one across its three campuses. “Now, coming together

We want that sense of community to be shared and appreciated by every student - Executive Principal Barbara O’Brien

on the one campus, we can really strengthen our sense of community,” she said. Ms O’Brien said the school’s architecture would be a major asset,

NEW HOME OF EDUCATION... The new educational precinct can accept more than 2,700 students when fully occupied. Photo: Supplied. with its design custom-made to provide students and staff with the daily feel of being in a much smaller, more inclusive setting. “While our new college was being built, GSSC created nine Houses across our different campuses,” Ms O’Brien said. “Now, these Houses of no more than 300 students across all year levels fit seamlessly in place at our new campus. “So ‘home’ for our teachers and students is a House with several hundred students, while

our wider Neighbourhoods and the Enterprise and Innovation Centre provide the kind of amazing facilities and learning pathways only a big school can deliver.” Ms O’Brien said staff are now firmly focussed on guiding their students through Term 4. But she said the anticipation was certainly building for next year. “I know we are extremely proud to be part of the journey of GSSC at this pivotal time in the history of Shepparton secondary education.”

Nation leading initiative created in Goulburn Valley DESIGNED to deliver a range of cross sector benefits, with particular focus on social and cultural inclusion and sustainable economic growth, the recently revealed Goulburn Murray Regional Prosperity Plan has the capacity to become a real game changer and nation leading initiative.


rimarily driven by an overarching strategy of inclusivity, the ambitious 15-year Regional Prosperity Plan aims to generate an additional $150M gross regional product (GRP) per annum through economic stimulation; provided by employment and business growth, including both established and upcoming Indigenousled business initiatives. The plan prioritises the acknowledgement of the region’s First Nations people and actively demonstrates an understanding of the Yorta Yorta peoples historical place in the region. This is a unique aspect of the plan, as prior to this point, Yorta Yorta and First Nations people have largely been excluded from the benefits of participation in a strong regional economy.

The concept provides a strong foundation of engagement with traditional owners and other First Nations peoples and aims to mobilise regional infrastructure for investment By working in through Kaiela close collaboration Institute’s with Yorta Yorta and Algabonyah First Nations people, business A STRONG FOUNDATION... Pictured Minister for Employment Jaala Pulford, Greater the region can create a unit, further Shepparton Mayor Kim O’ Keeffe, Project Control Group Co-Chair Paul Briggs, Suzanna ensuring thriving economy Sheed Independent MP for the District of Shepparton and Greater Shepparton Deputy that Yorta Mayor Rob Priestly at Rumbalara Football Netball Club. Photo: Supplied. Project Control Group Yorta and Co-Chair Paul First Nations the can create a thriving economy First Nations economy. Briggs people are part of multifaceted with circular economic flows The activation of the plan’s the future productivity benefits that are building shared prosperity and strategic themes includes the growth in the region. possible when respectful regional growth,” said Mr Briggs. key component of job creation, Though the delivery of the plan, and valued engagement By adopting and owning this more than 460 new roles to be the Goulburn Murray region has is a high priority. Plan, the Goulburn Murray region exact, further demonstrating an opportunity to create a strong, “By working in close is signalling its leadership role how the shared prosperity model robust, and inclusive region and to collaboration with Yorta Yorta and and responsibility in developing is geared to provide tangible lead the nation by demonstrating First Nations people, the region a thriving and sustainable benefits for the community.

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

More than a new school… Greater Shepparton Secondary College is the major investment in the Shepparton Education Plan. Yet it is just one of four stages to improve educational outcomes and life opportunities for our young people. The Plan supports the best possible learning journey for our children, from early years and kindergarten to primary school, secondary school and further study and career pathways.

Stage 1 – Secondary Education GSSC is delivering more subject choice and study options with a contemporary, world-class campus to open next year. The new college is designed to provide an inclusive “small school” atmosphere for students with the specialist, state-of-the-art learning spaces that a big school can deliver.

Stage 2 – Early Years

Stage 3 – Primary Education

Stage 4 – Tertiary Education

A high-quality pre-school experience is critical to lifelong learning. The Plan helps local children access the most effective early childhood education and care. Stage 2 includes the new Mooroopna Children and Families Centre to bring together education, health care and support for our families.

Some of our best educators are working to strengthen teaching, learning and student wellbeing to deliver the best experience possible across all our primary schools Together, they will support our youngest students successfully and seamlessly transition from Early Years to Prep and Year 6 to secondary school.

Skills and adaptability are crucial to our young people’s ability to succeed beyond school. The Tertiary Education and Skills stage is awaiting endorsement. It provides a framework to build partnerships with local industry and higher education to enable our young people to prepare for, and aspire to, post-secondary study and training options.

*Greater Shepparton City Council is now accepting enrolments. Visit www.greatershepparton.com.au




Our Goulburn Valley Education & the Arts

Stewards of creation, community at heart St Mary of the Angels Secondary College is a vibrant, faith-filled and welcoming College community which offers a rich and diverse learning environment for its 650 students and families.


t Mary of the Angels welcomes families from across the region, with its dedicated modern bus fleet collecting students from as far as Tocumwal, Finley, Berrigan, Cobram, Katamatite, Numurkah, Katandra, Tallygaroopna, Congupna and everywhere in between. The College aims to develop the whole person where all aspects of students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical pursuits are nurtured. Led by Catholic tradition and in the spirit of St Francis, St Mary of the Angels encourages it’s students to be

aspirational, compassionate and forward thinking. St Mary of the Angels Principal, Matt Carver said, “Our 2021 College theme, ‘We are called to be stewards of God’s creation’ encourages each of us to take responsibility for our role in this world and to take care and look after it. “As a College community, we pride ourselves on providing a solid grounding of learning, integrity and compassion which continually challenges our students to face the world as generous contributors and stewards of its wellbeing.” For more information or to find

RICH AND DIVERSE… St Mary of the Angels Secondary College in Nathalia welcomes students from across the region. Photo: Supplied. out how St Mary of the Angels Secondary College can assist

your child, contact St Mary of the Angels at Chapel Street, Nathalia,

phone (03) 5866 2222, visit www. smotanathalia.catholic.edu.au.

Photos: Kane Jarrod

Photo: John Gollings

OPENING THIS NOVEMBER... Photos shown clockwise across the top were captured by photographer, Kane Jarrod. Interior photo in the middle at the bottom captured by John Gollings.

In a time unlike any other, St Mary of the Angels is an option unlike any other.

LED by Catholic tradition and in the spirit of St Francis, St Mary of the Angels Secondary College is an open and inclusive learning environment which welcomes students from across the region via their College owned bus fleet. With a diverse range of subject and pathway choices on offer, St Mary’s College community prides

itself on supporting and developing young people to their full potential. For more information on how St Mary of the Angels Secondary College can support your family’s needs, speak to the team on 5866 2222 or email: prinicpal@ smotanathalia.catholic.edu.au

St Mary of the Angels Secondary College, Phone: 03 5866 2222 Email: principal@smotanathalia.catholic.edu.au Visit www.smotanathalia.catholic.edu.au stmarysnathalia

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Professional services Considering the uncertain, current economic climate for businesses, providing ongoing risk management strategies and advice is crucial for clients.” PAUL FLEMING JPI Insurance Brokers general manager

EMPLOYEES 33,420 total people employed in Greater Shepparton, 31,169 in 2020

Let us take Let us take the hassle out Let us take the hassle Let us take the hassle out Let us take the hassle out Let us take the hass Let Let Let us us take us take take the the the hassle hassle hassle out out out Let us take the hassle out 18,559 total employees in Campaspe 12,956 total employees in Moira 5,688 total employees in Benalla Rural City

4,193 total employees in Strathbogie



All classes of insurance OFprovided FINDING THE RIGHT INSURANCE FOR All classes of insurance pro for all business types including:


Let us take the hassle out

for all business types including:

TRADES MANUFACTURING All classes of insurance provided OFFICE All classes FARMS of insurance provided All classes of insuranceMANUFACTURING provided for all business types including: All All classes All classes of insurance of insurance of insurance provided provided provided OFFICE FARMS OFclasses FINDING THE RIGHT INSURANCE FOR YOU RETAIL TRANSPORT


all business types including: for all business types including: for all forbusiness all forbusiness allfor business types types including: types including: including: RETAIL TRADES HOME CONTENTS & MORE TRANSPORT All classesOFFICE of insurance provided FARMS TRADES HOME CONTENTS & MORE MANUFACTURING OFFICE FARMS OFFICE FARMS RETAIL TRANSPORT for all business types including: OFFICEOFFICEOFFICE FARMSFARMSFARMS MANUFACTURING





Office Hours: 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday



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194 High Street, Sheppar www.mclardymcshanefreer.com.au mclardymcshane.com.au E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au | www.mclardymcshane.com.au E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au Office Hours: 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday| www.mc Office Hours: Office8:30am Hours: Office 8:30am Hours: - 5pm Monday 8:30am - 5pm Monday to - 5pm Friday Monday to Friday Office Hours: 8:30am 5pm Monday to Fri 194 High Street, Shepparton | PFriday 03 -to 5831 6253 Office Hours: 194 High 194 Street, High 194 Shepparton Street, High Street, Shepparton | P Shepparton 03 5831 | P 03 6253 5831 | P 03 6253 5831 6253 194 High Street, Shepparton | P 03 5831 62 194 2021 High Stree E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au www.mclardymcshane.com.au The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our |community - October/November INSURANCE BROKERS Office Hours: 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday E INSURANCE shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au | www.mclardymcshane.com.au | www.mclardymcshane.com.au | www.mclardymcshane.com.au INSURANCE INSURANCE BROKERS INSURANCE BROKERS BROKERS BROKERSE shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au E shepparton@mclardymcshane.com.au INSURANCE Office Hours: 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday | www.mclardymcshane.com BROKERS

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Local firm facilitates wonderful opportunities It’s no secret that regional businesses have traditionally struggled to draw locals back from the allure of the cities after completing their further education.


atthew Jones, director of local law firm Jones & Mitchell Legal, believes there has long been a misconception, particularly in the legal profession, that regional firms cannot offer the range or prestige that city firms can. That just isn’t the case, according to Matthew. Jones & Mitchell Legal practices in a variety of different areas and is often engaged in large complex matters. There are excellent career prospects in the Goulburn Valley that offer a work/life balance that cannot be matched by city firms. “We are staunch advocates for employing local people and strive to provide a workplace

environment that people genuinely want to be a part of,” said director at Jones & Mitchell Legal, Loretta Mitchell. “When it came time to grow our firm, we were pleased to find a returning local in Marcus Scott who has been an excellent addition We are staunch to our team.” advocates for After completing Year employing local CITY SERVICE WITH COUNTRY CHARM... Graduate lawyer, Marcus Scott, with Director/ 12 at Wanganui people Non-Legal, Loretta Mitchell and Director/Lawyer, Matt Jones. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Secondary - Jones & Mitchell College, “I was be a part of the Shepparton to purchase my first home and Legal, Loretta Marcus moved fortunate community and close to my hopefully lower my handicap Mitchell. to Melbourne to enough to get that family and friends,” said Marcus. at the Shepparton Golf Club.” complete a Bachelor of opportunity when “I am excited to learn and Jones & Mitchell Legal look Law at Monash University and I joined the team at Jones & progress in my career at a forward to growing their graduated in 2019, but he was Mitchell Legal earlier this year. workplace I am proud to be a business locally and continuing always keen to return home. I couldn’t be happier to again part of. I’m currently looking to support their clients.

Planning our future Providing fast and affordable town planning advice from a local planner with 20 years town planning experience.

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October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Experience the difference. We are a law firm based in Shepparton that emphasise experience and efficiency to achieve the best results for our clients’ individual needs. Our greatest asset is you. “We are staunch advocates for employing local people and strive to provide a workplace environment that people genuinely want to be a part of.”

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Finding your passion and purpose Michael Milburn took a chance when he opened his business in early 2020 and he has not looked back since, with his business growing from strength to strength.


ilburn Hill Consultants offers a wide range of services including coaching and development, recruitment, employee wellbeing, transformation and change, industrial relations and outsourced human resources. “The support from the local business community since I have opened has been fantastic and ranging across many different industries but they all have a common theme when it comes to HR – People, Process and Communication” he said. With more than 25 years’ experience working for large corporates and not for profit organisations, Mr Milburn is dedicated to helping businesses develop. "I provide outsourced HR and business services to organisations

who have a limited or no capacity when it comes to HR, it gives them the extra support they need," Mr Milburn said. "Milburn Hill Consultants has been set up to develop the most important asset of any business and that’s the people who work there," he said. Besides building his own business Michael is very supporting of our local community and understands that in order to grow our city you need to pass on knowledge and give back where you can. The Milburn Hill Foundation was also created by Mr Milburn in early 2021 which aims to provide educational resources to underprivileged children. While the foundation is in its infancy, the foundation has a very clear objective; "To make sure everyone

PASSION AND PURPOSE DRIVEN THROUGH EXPERIENCE... Director, Michael Millburn wants all people to realise their full potential through coaching and development, recruitment, and training opportunities. Photo: Kelly Lucas. has a good start to their education, regardless of their socio-economic background. Finding your passion and purpose takes time, but

having a good education to be able to make choices is paramount” he said. He said he was looking forward to helping other businesses

with their post-COVID growth. "I've been greatly supported by the Shepparton business community and I can’t thank my clients enough."



• Coaching

• Recruitment

• Industrial Relations

• Staff Wellbeing

• Transformation and Change

millburnhill.com 279 Wyndham Street, Shepparton P 0425 286 636 E michael@milburnhill.com


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LOOKING TO MINIMISE YOUR TAX POSITION? Reach out to our accounting team who specialise in: Business help to transition to Cloud Based Record Accounts management systems Business help for Clients Digitising their Records Professional Tax Accounting *Xero Gold Partner - Specialists



Self Managed Super Fund Advice Estate Planning & Family Succession Planning Self Funded Retirees Advice Business Mergers & Acquisitions Tax Compliance Advice


BOOK AN APPOINTMENT TO DISCOVER HOW WE CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS Phone 1300 436 829 In-Person Appointment Walk-In Submit via Email to info@sdptax.com

18-20 Ashenden Street, Shepparton

1300 436 829


Committed Goulburn and

Continuing our service since 1989 ‘Business as usual’

to the

Valley you Any industry, any hazard, any problem! Insurance that can save your business, farm or lifestyle. We know insurance. It’s been our business for a very long time, and we are one of the largest insurance brokers in the nation. With experience, integrity and a range of underwriter distribution channels, we provide advice and guidance to help you make informed decisions. We are efficient and responsive in everything we do and we always have your best interests at heart. Our management team have more than 100 years of combined continuous experience in all facets of Insurance. Our account executives and dedicated claims team are specialists in their field, it’s this depth of experience that makes such a big difference to our clients.

Insurance for Commercial & Industrial | Industry Specific | Houseboats | Truck & Motor | Personal & Life insurance

Call or email us today for a no cost indication on comprehensive and competitive policy options. Shepparton Office: 20-22 Welsford Street T. 03 5821 7777 | E. admin@pscggib.com.au | www.pscggib.com.au

AFS Lic. No. 305491 ABN: 49 153 084 329


Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services

We value our clients SMR Legal is a well-respected regional law firm with a strong focus of engaging with the community, building relationships with clients and maintaining a clear focus on the areas of law that impact people’s everyday lives: family, property and business.


e have the capacity to support a broad range of clients across many areas of law, and to successfully finalise and resolve the majority of legal issues that arise in people’s lives. We value maintaining and building ongoing personalised relationships with our clients. SMR Legal’s diverse legal capabilities are underpinned by a collaborative team of lawyers, clerks and office staff. This year SMR Legal celebrated 10 years of providing outstanding legal services to the Goulburn Valley, predicated on the principled and collaborative ethos of two of its founding lawyers — Suzanna Sheed, a family law specialist, and Mary Stewart, a wills and estates specialist. SMR Legal also has an office in

Melbourne and has established a successful online presence specialising in the removal of caveats with the domain caveatremoval. com.au Our team This year SMR Legal can assist celebrated 10 years of with the purchase of providing outstanding a new home, legal services to the investment SETTING THE BENCHMARK... SMR Legal directors, Fiona and Stephen Merrylees celebrated 10 Goulburn Valley property or years since opening the Goulburn Valley’s first law firm to introduce fixed fees. Photo: Kelly Lucas. business, and prepare Wills areas of law. quickly and amicably so that operate in the current market. and other personal Consulting clients have the best opportunity Our team complete matters documents. We also act a lawyer doesn’t to move on with their lives. quickly, amicably and in for clients in litigation matters, automatically mean committing SMR Legal is the first law the most cost-effective including family law, commercial to a lengthy and costly legal firm in the Goulburn Valley to manner for our clients. law and Estate disputes. We battle. We are not litigators who introduce a range of fixed fees for Contact SMR Legal today are multi-faceted and pride take everything to Court and our legal services. Fixed fees are for all your legal matters. ourselves on being able to work settle outside the door of the now the true benchmark for any We value our clients. with our clients across multiple Court. We want to resolve things law firm wanting to successfully

more than money

You can always rely on locals

Your local NAB Bankers supporting the Goulburn Valley With more local bankers on the ground, living in our communities, there’s always someone to help you navigate the daily business challenges and realise the opportunities. Call your local NAB Banker, to see how we can help you.

The Elders Insurance Team from left: Leah Lavelle, Tom Byrne, Richard Barry, Will Phillips, Naomi Still-Dudgeon

Monday - Thursday

9:30am - 4:00pm


All kinds of insurance, One kind of service

9:30am - 5:00pm

Business, Farm, Personal, Commercial motor & fleet insurance

13 22 65 (General enquiries)

www.eldersinsurance.com.au/shepparton 125 New Dookie Road, Shepparton T: 03 5822 7577

nab.com.au ©2015 National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 230686 A116318-0515

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duct is right for you.

SMR Legal

Celebrates 10th Anniversary

L-R Directors: Fiona Merrylees, Alexander Sheed-Finck, Stephen Merrylees and Nina O’Brien.

“Our lawyers are renowned for their expertise and are considered leaders in their practice areas. They have the experience and know-how to help you” Our specialty areas are: Your family | Family Law | Wills & Powers of Attorney | Probate & Estates | Guardianship & Administration

Your property | Commercial Property | Farm and Water | Residential Property | Building & Planning | Caveat Removal

65 Nixon St, Shepparton | P: 5821 0777 | www.smrlegal.com.au

Your business | Business Sale & Purchase | Business Advice & Litigation | Bankruptcy & Insolvency | Employment Law | Mediation


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Personal injury lawyers with a personal touch With 38 years of personal injury law, Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers have a proud history of acting for injured people across the Goulburn Valley and all over Victoria.


oo often, personal injury claims are the domain of larger firms, where clients can be left feeling like another number being passed around to different lawyers. Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers take pride in standing beside their clients and walking them through the process. As a family business, they have seen the impact an injury can have and what that can mean for you and your family. If you've been injured or have a disability, you deserve the best legal representation. Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers present your case in plain English from start to finish, guiding you through the legal process that can often feel

overwhelming and confusing. Principal lawyer Carmelo Barbante, who started Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers, is a highly experienced and respected practitioner who has substantial knowledge of personal injury claims. His advanced understanding of complex medical issues has proven to be of great value over the years, as he has helped more than 1,000 people through the legal system. The firm is proud that many clients come to them through recommendations from satisfied customers, challenging the team to always maintain their high standard, as well as their accessible and approachable service. Barbante Personal

HELPING YOU TO GET BETTER... Barbante Personal Injury lawyer Kathy Barbante, principal lawyer Carmelo Barbante, senior associate lawyer Con Barbante, and associate lawyer, Rebecca Laface. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Injury Lawyers believe all clients should be treated with respect, compassion, and the empathy that they deserve. “We pride ourselves on the


fact that many clients come to us through recommendations from satisfied clients. This challenges us to maintain our high standard of work because we cherish and

value the hard-earned respect we have built among clients and the broader community.”

Everyone has the right to compensation if you are injured. At Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers, we aim to maximize any entitlements that you’re eligible for. When we first meet, we will take the time to find out the nature of your claim and how it affected your life.

We pride ourselves on offering expertise in the following areas: WorkCover 5831 1633


Public Liability

Medical Negligence


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Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services


Building a protected business Two long standing insurance brokerages have merged, giving a combined total of approximately 175 years’ industry experience.


he merger, including JPI Insurance Brokers, provides broader levels of expertise and a stronger brokerage for Community Insurance Brokers (CIB).  John and Jan Petzke, previous owners of JPI, have 80 years combined, local experience, bringing staff to eleven. Most are long-standing employees, offering stability for clients.    “Long-term, client relationships are important, as having the same person to deal with, who knows your business intimately, offers security and confidence that needs will be met,” general manager Paul Fleming says.   “We are our client's insurance partner, adding value to their business to assist in their growth.”  The main industries serviced are agriculture, manufacturing, SMEs, transport, construction and corporate insurances.

CIB is continually evolving their service model but believes there is no substitute for verbal and personal contact. Paul Fleming states, “We take the time to listen and understand your business and exposures, providing innovative cover options and better We are our client's outcomes.”    insurance partner, CIB offers consistent, adding value to their local, business to assist in personalised their growth service, with national - General Manager Paul Fleming reach, from the initial analysis. This includes cyber insurance for business risk management strategies and homes, protecting against and advice is crucial for threats of cyber attacks.  clients.” Mr Fleming explains.   “Considering the uncertain, Remote, cloud-based systems current economic climate for permit seamless contact businesses, providing ongoing with the client, allowing CIB

STRENGTH IN NUMBERS... From left, Community Insurance Brokers account director, John Petzke, account executive, Clinton Campbell, office manager, Jan Petzke and general manager, Paul Fleming. Photo: Kelly Lucas. staff to work in the office, or from home, offering flexible contact with clients. “We understand that your business may require a specialist team to support your risk

needs. CIB’s extensive experience, in different business areas, makes our knowledgeable team of professionals a great fit to manage your insurance programs as needs evolve.”

Protecting your best possible future our team are here to help you.

Community Insurance Brokers is a leading insurance brokerage based in Shepparton. Community Insurance Brokers was formed following the merger of long-standing individual brokerages from the Shepparton area. Now one strong brokerage with the backing of Community Broker Network (one of the largest authorised broker networks within Australia) and Steadfast (Australia’s largest general insurance broker network), positioning Community Insurance Brokers to provide our customers with: • • • • •

Approximately 175 years combined industry experience. An exclusive range of products and services that helps provide a better insurance solution for you. Access to over 150 national and international insurers to ensure a competitive insurance solution. Extensive insurance knowledge and local industry expertise to ensure we provide you with unique expert advice. Tailored insurance programs for you, your business, and your lifestyle.

100 Nixon Street, Shepparton | 5821 7655

Paul Fleming

General Manager

John Petzke

Account Director

Jan Petzke

Office Manager

Clinton Campbell Account Executive

Community Insurance Brokers is your insurance partner from small to large enterprises, entrepreneurs, rural and individuals in navigating the complexity of the insurance market to provide a tailored insurance program to meet your needs.

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Investing within and beyond FROM small beginnings as an accountancy and taxation firm emerging in Shepparton in 1946, MB+M Group has a rich history of helping their clients to make life easier, and their businesses and wealth to thrive.


n the early days, the business founder, Maxwell Brown had only one other staff member to rely on; a secretary whose only technical aid was an old Imperial typewriter. Today MB+M Group employ more than 40 team members with expertise across the whole field of finance. MB+M welcomed Adrienne Gledhill and Vince Gagliardi to the board this July. According to existing directors, Greg Luscombe, Natalie Parker and Anna McIntosh, they have “hit the ground running since taking up the role of director.” Adrienne's strengths lie in business tax and business growth. Her main priority is to help MB+M clients to achieve personal goals by growing their business or selfmanaged superfund (SMSF). “I started at MB+M in 2007.

Prior to that I worked for an accounting firm in Cobram for three years while finishing my Bachelor of Commerce at La Trobe, Shepparton,” she said. “I love working at MB+M. I've been given the opportunity to grow professionally and as a person as I I love working at progressed to MB+M. I've been given a team leader MB+M GROUP BOOSTS EXPERIENCE... new directors Vince Gagliardi CFP second the opportunity to and then from left, and Adrienne Gledhill CPA second from right, have joined Greg Luscombe, grow professionally relationship Natalie Parker and Anna McIntosh on the MB+M board. Photo supplied manager. and as a person And now Vince is experience, Vince provides strong both sides of the equation. - Adrienne Gledhill ,CPA the biggest well versed leadership and guidance to our He sees the big picture and leap – to in wealth team. He is also passionate about the path to achieve it.” director! I've been creation. His building personal relationships Adrienne and Vince, along with blessed to have great emphasis at MB+M with clients to achieve their goals the whole team at MB+M, look mentors along the way.” is to grow clients’ personal in their most important stages forward to making life easier Vince Gagliardi CFP has also wealth through investments while of their lives,” said Adrienne. for businesses and individuals recently joined the MB+M board. also protecting their wealth. “Vince is a very balanced in the Goulburn Valley. As a certified financial planner, “Using his extensive person who likes to see

Growing Goulburn Valley businesses for 75 years with a team of specialists on your side

Grow your wealth with a team of specialists on your side Vince Gagliardi CFP®, Dip FP Retirement Planning Specialist

Bree Hanslow CFP ® Insurance Specialist

We take a holistic approach to your goals and specialise in: • Pro-active business growth advice

• Tax minimisation

• Self managed Super Funds

• Technology in your business

• Succession planning

• Cashflow and budgeting

• Virtual CFO

• Building retirement wealth

• Xero training

• Value for your time

Greg Luscombe CA, CTA, CPA Estate Planning Specialist

Myles Martin Adv Dip FP Aged Care Specialist Adviser

Jeremy Hall CA SSA SMSF Specialist

5821 9177 23 Nixon St, Shepparton www.mbmgroup.com.au

ABN 35 005 391 202 AFSL 221235 Contact one of our OzPlan Financial Services Authorised Representatives

03 5831 1233 mbmozplan@mbmgroup.com.au October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services


Protecting what’s most important to you A team of experienced professionals who live within in our community and are well versed in the specific needs of our region are able to provide timely, professional insurance advice.


cLardy McShane Freer Shepparton are well versed in insurance matters across the board, in particular the manufacturing, agricultural, retail, trades and professional businesses. They understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented to different businesses, no matter where they are located. They have fostered strong relationships with insurance companies, who acknowledge their professionalism and experience, with added support from the McLardy McShane Group, ensuring you receive competitive premiums and coverage, and strong support

when you need it most. “We wish to provide our clients with peace of mind that they have obtained correct protection of their assets and have insured their business against risks wherever possible,” said McLardy McShane Freer Shepparton general manager Barry Freer. “If our clients unfortunately have to make a claim, we work with them for a satisfactory outcome as best we can achieve.” Through the pandemic, the team have ensured they keep resilient and are always looking for opportunities, by organic growth, business referrals, and through acquisitions. They have maintained contact with clients through phone calls and emails

BENEFIT FROM LOCAL KNOWLEDGE... McLardy McShane Freer general manager, Barry Freer, wants clients to enjoy peace of mind knowing their assets are protected. Photo: Kelly Lucas. and overall, their business has been able to expand and grow. “Our reputation is based on delivering great service and

building strong client, and insurer relationships. We have a passion for our local community and would like to thank our clients for

trusting us with their insurance needs, especially through such trying times.” said Mr Freer.

Est 1991

More Than Local Lawyers Faram Ritchie Davies (FRD) has been providing quality legal and migration services to Shepparton and surrounding areas, interstate and internationally across a range of legal matters since 1991. The firm places an emphasis on providing sensible and realistic advice and assisting their clients to reach the right outcome for their personal circumstances or needs. The firm proudly supports the local community by providing pro bono services to a number of schools, sporting associations and clubs. FRD has also been a nominee in the Shepparton Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. FRD pride themselves on being Shepparton’s local lawyers.

 Family Law  Property Law  Migration Law  Employment Law  Business & Taxation Law  Criminal Law  WorkCover & TAC Law 375 Wyndham St, Shepparton | Ph: 5821 4566 | www.frdlaw.com.au

From left Office Manager Sam Calleri, Paralegal Luke Morgan, Conveyancing Clerk Nicole Batey, Partner James Maxwell, Lawyer Claire Soccio, Partner Tim Davies and Lawyer Khady Ajro.


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Celebrating a decade of award-winning finance broking ESTABLISHED in Shepparton in 2002, Vehicle and Equipment Finance have become one of the largest rural-based finance brokerages in Australia.


ow with in Shepparton, Ballarat, Geelong, Albury, Warrnambool and Melbourne, the business supports clients from all over Australia, offering their extensive knowledge in the field of asset finance broking. Their experience and extensive network of cross sector, industry relationships enables them to provide their customers with a wide range of financial products and advice. Be it agriculture, transport or earthmoving, food production, health, government or manufacturing, business owners across the nation seek the expertise of Vehicle and Equipment Finance. Being acknowledged as the ANZ Commercial Broker of the

Year for regional Victoria, for the last ten years consecutively, confirms for us, that staying true to our ethics is working, says general manager, Steven Tricarico. “The 2020-2021 period had been an interesting time for the business,” Steve commented. “Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, many finance companies have varied their policies, and the way they asses their loan applications, and settlements has become stricter. “Workplace conditions changed enormously, with staff working from home and less opportunity for in-person contact; but despite these challenges, our business has continued to provide our clients with the same level of support they’ve come to expect. I think

A POWERHOUSE WITH PLENTY OF BACKING ... Vehicle and Equipment Finance partners Steve Tricarico, David Edwards, Phillip Jones, and Warren Helman. Photo: Struan Jones. that is one of the reasons why our position in the market hasn’t changed over the past year or so. "Equally though, due to substantial rainfall many of our clients in the agriculture sector are experiencing the

best production season they've have seen in ten years, and record crops and that should be acknowledged. “For many in business, COVID19 has forced us to reassess how we operate and within

that - we have often had to rise to meet new demands. I think that is what really defines a business, their capability and dedication, to do what needs to be done when things get challenging,” said Steve.

Welcome to one of the Goulburn Valley’s oldest & most trusted law firms Our Legal Services include...

• • • • •

Meet our team

Anthony Coote Director

Jayne Law Director

Michael McIlroy Director

Owen Lai Director

Jeanette Lyle Legal Executive


Karen Shannon Law Clerk

Melissa Pace Lawyer


Simon Burke Lawyer

Shana McDonald Lawyer

Mick Manoria Lawyer

Get the right legal advice TODAY 128 MAUDE ST SHEPPARTON

P: 5832 1000 F: 5831 1292

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Local people dealing with local people since 2002

Vehicle&Equipment Finance

We recognise and understand individual financial requirements and can offer you best options for your finance needs.

Why people deal with us: ✓ Fully mobile to come out to your home or business ✓ Excellent knowledge of finance options and financiers requirements ✓ One call gets your assets up and running ✓ Build rapport and trust with clients ✓ We take the pain out of arranging finance ✓ Knowledge of industries (transport, dairy, earthmoving, agriculture etc) ✓ Competitive rates ✓ Understand time frames ✓ Ready to assist in all situations Vehicle & Equipment Finance Pty Ltd is a Corporate Credit Representative (CCR) #504015 of Australian Credit Licensee (ACL) #444332.

26 Welsford St, Shepparton

1300 786 626

finance@vefinance.com.au | www.vefinance.com.au

Melbourne | Shepparton | Ballarat | Albury | Warrnambool | Geelong


Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services

Meaghan Thompson

President - GV Young Professionals THE Goulburn Valley is not without its challenges, retaining a skilled workforce being a big part of this.


he GV Young Professionals, by providing social networking opportunities in a casual yet

comfortable way, aim to help people build a life outside of their job and to be part of our broader community. The challenges that everyone

has faced over the last 18 months in dealing with the

COVID pandemic have been immense and have definitely held us back in our ability to function as an organisation and provide many events. Most recently the COVID outbreak in Shepparton has shown how strong and resilient our community is and that when the chips are down its, all hands-on deck. We step up, we help out and we look out for each other. This is the community I want to be part

of and to show off this amazing passion for supporting people. Many of our members have stepped forward to offer support in many different ways and it makes me proud that people aren’t just seeking social connection but also community connection, volunteering time and skills to many different programs and organisations. I believe that the GV Young Professionals works and I’m proud to be part of it.

Leaders in the insurance industry PSC Griffiths Goodall is the largest insurance brokerage in the Goulburn Valley and aims to continue leading the way forward into the future.


hey have weathered the pandemic storm and remain one of the most respected insurance industry leaders in our community. Having gone through a merger with the publically listed PSC Group, including the restructuring of responsibilities and inclusion of additional leadership, and despite the challenges the last 12 months have brought, they have continued to develop new and innovative solutions for their wide range of clients. They have proven highly resilient and have adapted to the COVID led challenges, not just for their staff but even more importantly for their valued customer base.

“We see our clients as the most important piece in our value proposition, and we look to always achieve the best possible outcome for all of our clients when we act on their behalf,” said managing principal, Benjamin Goodall. “In an increasingly challenging insurance market, we strive to provide the best available insurance solutions for our clients that provide them the most suitable and adequate cover, for an efficient and fair price.” They continue to expand their diverse client base, both organically and through business acquisition locally, in Melbourne, interstate and internationally. “The sense of community, loyalty and connection a

Career progression at GV Health Regional towns are often accused of lacking career advancement opportunities for young professionals, but for GV Health physiotherapists, Matthew Calleri and Georgia Kremor, nothing could be further from the truth.


fter moving to Shepparton from Bendigo, Mathew is now in his fourth year at GV Health. Matthew was initially attracted to the role by the rotation programs offered to Grade 1 physiotherapists but has since progressed to Grade 2, working both with outpatients and in the emergency department, with the scope to specialise

in his area of interest. “I feel very supported by my manager. We have a great relationship and that allows me to continue to grow, learn and advance my career,” he said. Not only has Matthew’s role provided him with the chance to upskill, but it has also allowed him to help others. “I have the opportunity to mentor and support graduates and that leadership experience

CLIENT-CENTRIC SERVICE... PSC Griffiths Goodall team leaders, Nathan Findlay, Jo Foster and David Ryan. Photo: Kelly Lucas. region like Shepparton brings is outstanding. Our own internal and staff driven culture project, the PSC DNA, is not unlike the environment the Goulburn

has really helped me to grow as a health professional.” Mooroopna local, Georgia, commenced at GV Health as a Grade 1 physiotherapist in early 2020 because she was impressed the mentorship and opportunities for advancement available. “It’s a great team environment; very supportive and inclusive,” Georgia said. “I’m really looking to furthering my career at GV Health and moving into a Grade 2 role.” Matthew said he planned to stay at GV Health long-term and after speaking with previous Grade 1 physiotherapists, had found there was a pattern with members of his team staying at GV Health longer than they initially anticipated. “The culture and team environment is fantastic for supporting employees to do their very best work and our department is a reflection of that,” he said. For more information about careers at GV Health visit jobs.gvhealth.org.au

Valley business community provides,” said Mr Goodall. “We pride ourselves on servicing and building client relationships that go beyond

expectations and are excited for what the future entails.”

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS ON THE MOVE AT GV HEALTH... GV Health physiotherapist, Matthew Calleri, has found an opportunity in his chosen profession in Shepparton. Photo: Supplied.

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Support you to reach your potential

We want you to be engaged, inspired and challenged by the work you do. countabilit




To find out how you can join our team at GV Health visit: gvhealth.org.au/careers/ Graham Street, Shepparton P 03 5832 2322 | E enquiry@gvhealth.org.au Like us on

Grow in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. Join us as we grow.

CREATE Outstanding in everything we do.

Our people are incredibly diverse with different ambitions, backgrounds and perspectives.

Instil a culture of care.

It’s about the ‘feeling’ you get when you work here.

Help you to create balance.

Our people work hard at GV Health and to say thank you we offer a range of benefits to support and enhance your financial, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Together we can experience the ‘Great Things’ that happen in the region.

The very essence of the Goulburn Valley is family, friends, food and amazing cultural diversity.


Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services

When courage leads to healthy outcomes A group of local doctors established Sherborne Private Hospital, in 1979, as an alternative for the Goulburn Valley.


amsay Healthcare purchased Shepparton Private Hospital in 2005, prioritising the people that worked there, the community and the planet. A firm belief that healthy working relationships lead to positive outcomes for all, laid the foundation for ‘The Ramsay Way’. A culture where courage is applauded when finding new ways to do things and there is a focus on the care of both staff and patients. The Ramsay slogan “People Caring For People” infiltrates all levels of business and daily operations. “Whilst we predominantly see patients in the Goulburn Valley, we have patients from Seymour

to Southern NSW regions, from Echuca to Yarrawonga,” states CEO Trevor Matheson. Shepparton Private Hospital and its staff also support GV Health, by meeting demands of pandemic requirements and undertaking public surgeries. The challenges of the last year also saw the hospital increase support to their teams, by forming a Staff Engagement Group to recognise the efforts of staff. “During the last COVID outbreak, 91 staff were isolated here. All staff covered extra shifts, did staff grocery runs and ensured patients still received quality care,” said the hospital’s CEO Trevor Matheson. The first regional Victorian Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

CARING FOR THE COMMUNITY... Shepparton Private Hospital physiotherapist, Shashwati Das with a rehabilitation client. Photo: Kelly Lucas. (TMR) apparatus was invested in the past two years, to treat depression, helping patients reduce medication. Orthopaedic equipment was acquired the past year and rehabilitation day programmes consequently expanded.

“We have a comprehensive range of health care services at Shepparton Private Hospital, including orthopaedic, cancer care, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, investigative procedures, allied health, general medicine and more,” Mr Matheson states.

54A Wyndham St, Shepparton Ph: (03) 5831 6699 2/210-212 Pakenham St, Echuca 112 Queen Street, Bendigo Ph: (03) 5443 8437

Home Loans Vehicle Loans

“We are constantly striving to improve and add services to provide high standard care. GV people do not need to go to Melbourne for superior medical services.”

Ph: (03) 4400 9110

Investment Loans Commercial and Business Loans Equipment and Machinery Loans Wealth Advisory Australian Credit Licence 389087


October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Quality health care, close to home Shepparton Private Hospital is proud to offer a comprehensive range of health care services, ensuring our community have local access to advanced private medical and surgical care when needed.

We are seeking nurses and other health care professionals to join us in our support of the community. Apply now.

Our team of experienced doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health professionals work seamlessly to provide personalised care and to help our patients achieve their health goals. Quality care is closer than you think. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Onsite pharmacy Orthopaedic surgery Cancer Care Plastic surgery Gynaecology Endoscopy Urology Mental health Rehabilitation General surgery Weight loss surgery Ear, nose & throat surgery Oral & facial maxillary surgery Eye care and surgery General medicine

If you require specialist health care, ask your GP for a referral or to find a specialist first visit sheppartonprivate.com.au

20 Fitzgerald St, Shepparton VIC 3630 | 03 5832 1200


Our Goulburn Valley Professional Services

Right there with you COMBINING all types of insurance with one of a kind service, no matter where life takes you, Elders Insurance will be right there with you.


t Elders Insurance, their agents are local and trusted members of the community, who get to know you and your situation. When they say they can help, you can count on it, because it’s not just you they’re looking after, it’s their reputation too. Comprising of a team of five experts, including owners Will and Colleen Phillips, Jackie, Richard, Naomi, Tom and Leah are all local people with their client’s best interests at the forefront of everything they do. This year the Phillips family will celebrate their 20th year with Elders Insurance. “My wife Colleen and I purchased the local Elders Insurance Shepparton franchise back in 2001, we started working together and

employed Elaine, our first team member and Elaine only retired earlier this year,” said Will. “Our business had changed significantly with two long-term highly, valued team members retiring in 2021. With a combined 33 years in the business, the contributions John Low We have plans to and Elaine bring new members Christie made CELEBRATING 20 YEARS... Will Phillips bought Elders Insurance in 2001 and has big plans to the business and throughout to keep developing his professional team and business. From left, sales & accounts Naomi their time continuously develop Still-Dudgeon, claims officer Tom Byrne, sales & administration Leah Lavelle, development at Elders manager Richard Barry and managing director Will Phillips. Photo: Kelly Lucas. our current team Insurance - Will Phillips Shepparton were In terms so quickly; we will certainly members to the business and immeasurable. of what the continue to provide our personal continuously develop our current They’ve been a great future holds, and professional 24/7 insurance team to ensure Elders Insurance asset to us, and they’ve been Will and Colleen service to the great people of the continues to deliver a great a pleasure to work with, we wish reflect on their time so far. Goulburn Valley,” said Will. experience and solid insurance them both a happy retirement.” “The first 20 years have gone “We have plans to bring new products to our valued clients.”

Greater Shepparton Draft Budget 2021

Capital Works Capital Works $38$38 Maintaining Community Facilities Maintaining Community Facilities and Assets $13 and Assets $13 Governance and Administration $9

Governance and Administration $9

Recreation, Aquatics and Public Recreation,$8 Aquatics and Public


Waste Services $7

Waste Aged andServices Children’s$7 $7 Tourism and Economic Development $4 Aged and Children’s $7

Building and Planning $4 Development $4 Tourism and Economic Health, Animals, Law, Order and Safety $3

Where does my rate money go?

Building and Planning $4

Community Development $3

Health, Animals, Law, Order and Safety $

Arts and Libraries $3

Community Management Development Environmental and$3 Drainage $1

This graph shows how much is allocated to each service area for every $100 that Greater Shepparton City Council spends.

Arts and Libraries $3

Environmental Management and Drainage $1

Prompt, friendly, personalised... DESIGN PRINT

PROMOTIONAL GIFTWARE www.willprintshepparton.com.au sales@willprintshepparton.com.au

03 5831 6565

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


It’s all-around liveability without putting pressure on drinking water. Greater liveability, with green and blue infrastructure for towns and waterways. Blue infrastructure relating to recycled water which can be used in lakes, waterways, school sporting fields, parklands.” DR STEVE CAPEWELL Managing Director GV Water

Businesses now have a far greater awareness and focus on being environmentally friendly. They understand bottled water has to be pumped out of the ground, transported to a factory, packaged and transported again.” BILL DOWLING Director Aquafil 2019/2020 data about local workers in the City of Greater Shepparton shows that the three largest industries were: Health Care and Social Assistance (5,281 people or 15.8%) Retail Trade (3,710 people or 11.1%) Manufacturing (3,488 people or 10.4%) These three fields account for 12,479 people in total, or 37.3% of the local workers.


Incorporating • • • • •



Rental New & Used Sales Fleet Management Parts Service


Servicing all makes & models

1300 367 587 5822 2422 15 Lockwood Rd, Shepparton www.hsaforklifts.com.au

The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Cutting-edge security company keeping businesses and homes safe THE last two years have brought great uncertainty to our lives and anything we can do to ensure the safety of our families and property is now invaluable.


ecurity and peace of mind are more crucial than ever and utilising an elite service with a wealth of knowledge and experience is the best way to safeguard what we need to protect most. With over 30 years' experience, Standby Security are industry leaders in the use of innovative, cutting-edge technology. Director Angelo Kakouros and his team understand their clients want access to their monitoring systems whenever it suits them, and they have a plethora of options for business, domestic and commercial use to suit all lifestyles and premises’. Live notifications are sent to your devices to ensure the ability to

monitor your property 24/7. Mr Kakouros poses a great question when he asks people to have a think about the viability of their current security systems. “Does your current alarm system have the ability to verify a genuine intruder and prompt With over 30 years' a police response, experience, Standby STANDBY SECURITY, LEADERS IN INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY... Standby Security owner, or does it Angelo Kakouros and his team are on standby to talk you through cutting-edge security Security are industry just make systems for your business and home in the Goulburn Valley. Photo: Supplied. leaders a whole lot of noise?” Mr requires using genuine, branded products service. By integrating smarter Kakouros said. a response and expert, licensed installation. technology and manpower, Many homes and from authorities. Criminals have become smarter substantial savings for our clients business alarm systems Standby Security and more desperate in their have been achieved. And most generate a lot of noise yet fail to ensures their alarm systems approach and Standby Security importantly, the creation of safer verify a genuine intruder which integrate to work seamlessly provides superior technology and and more secure environments.


TODAY! PROVIDERS OF INDEPENDENT VALUATIONS & ADVICE FOR: ✓ Mortgage ✓ Pre-purchase ✓ Pre-sale ✓ Family Law ✓ Capital Gains Tax ✓ SMSF Audit

NOW OFFERING Tax Depreciation schedules for all investment properties

✓ Water Assets ✓ Rural ✓ Commercial ✓ Industrial ✓ Rental Advice ✓ Residential

Call for a quote today

308 Maude Street, Shepparton Ph: 03 5821 3565 www.opg.net


Security Technicians Administration Assistant Armed/Unarmed Guards

1991 - 2021

Mobile Patrol Officers Development Manager

Join our team.


jobs@standbysecurity.com.au We are so grateful for the growth we are having and with growth comes more opportunity! Interested in a role in the security industry?


We are seeking licenced, positive, vibrant, and energetic professionals.




Valuable Collection


Construction Security

Mobile Patrols




24 Hour Police Approved Grade A1 Monitoring


standbysecurity.com.au | 1800 809 579 64 Stewart St, Shepparton

Licence No: 644-900-82S

Registration No: 644-900-03S


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Telecommunications solutions tailored to your business’ needs MEET THE TEAM... Optus managing director Anthony Spadaro and office manager Connie Spadaro, network engineer Himanshu Sachdeva, tele appointer Hannah Mammone, with business development manager Jo Ruth and business account manager Jodie Taylor. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

STRIVING to be the business communications and technology provider of choice for Northern Victoria, Optus Business Centre VIC Regional North provide exceptional service and offer world class-leading products.


he team is locally owned and North have been a pillar of support for operated and comprises of their existing customers with regular expert account managers, check-ins to see how they have coped possessing more during this challenging time. than 40 years of combined In return, their clients experience, who can have supported them work with you as through referencing trusted advisors. their services to Business phone other businesses. we genuinely care about systems, mobiles “We love and business IT how agile our customer relationships, products and businesses are which has been one of the services are just in the Goulburn key pillars to our success some of the many Valley. We have - managing director telecommunications seen customers Anthony Spadaro solutions Optus change their Business Centre business models to VIC Regional North include new products can assist you with. and transition to an omniThey are well-respected channel approach to weather throughout the region and have installed the unplanned lockdowns,” managing phone systems and data networks director Anthony Spadaro said. in many local businesses, including “We simply have a passion for what Overlander Hotel, Mooropna Golf we do. We understand how great Club, Priceline Pharmacy, Shepparton Optus Business products and services Skin Clinic and many more. are and want to share this insight with Over the past 12 months, many our current and future customers. businesses in our region have “Additionally, we genuinely care about demonstrated great resilience and adapted our customer relationships, which has to the changing needs of their clients. been one of the key pillars to our success." Optus Business Centre VIC Regional




CONSTRUCTION • Excavating • Trenching • Pipe laying • Non destructive excavations • Plant hire

• Pump stations • Confined space works • Manhole building • Sewer and water reticulation

0407 801 714 | www.nldrainage.com.au Mon to Fri 7am - 6pm | 23-43 Cussen St, Tatura

We will keep you on the straight, narrow & curved WHY CHOOSE LINEMASTA? • The guy who QUOTES the job, DOES the job • Local: We are a locally owned and operated family business • We use 100% Australian products • Experience: We have been doing this for over 15 years • We pride ourselves on prompt and professional customer service

For a competitive quote, call Jarrod 0438 354 524 October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


Business Centre Victoria Regional North Your local team to support your business communication needs

Business Phone Systems • Messages on hold • Phone system support • Conference solutions • Phone lines

• Wireless headsets • Cloud and onpremise phone systems • Microsoft Teams integrations

Data/ /IT

Mobiles • Business plans • Mobile broadband plans • Mobile accessories • Antennas and repeaters • Mobile broadband static IP

• • • •

Routers Modems Switches Cables and patch leads • Backup power supplies

• Wi-Fi access points • Network Cabling • Business grade NBN solutions • Data cabinets

Great value starts with Optus Business Centre Victoria Regional North | info@obcregional.com.au | 1300 071 210 | 57 Benalla Rd, Shepparton


For all your business IT management needs Managed IT support


Remote computer and network management

Networking and data deployments

Microsoft Office 365 services

Mobile data antennas

Microsoft Teams deployment and training Business desktop and laptop computers

Cyber Security

tech barn managed IT

Phone systems

IT Consulting

03 5878 1160 | info@techbarn.com.au | 57 Benalla Rd Shepparton


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Seeing abilities and possibilities A SOCIAL ENTERPRISE... Connect GV employees. Back row from the left: Sean Grant, Tom Hanning, Leigh Smith, Scott Harris, Anthony Putt, Mewan Dissan, Gavan Deamy and, Kali Frost, Kimberly Healey, Karen Casey, Melissa Joyce. Front row from the left: Annunziata Fotia, Berkan Dag, Daniel Falla, Carolynne Frost, Katrina Holland, Rukmal Jayawardena, Alexandra Foster, Ramesha Jayasuriya, Jackie Ciszewski and Jo-Ann Hall. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

24/7 Mobile Service

For 67 years ConnectGV has been a part of the Goulburn Valley community. The registered NDIS provider and not-for-profit, focusses on the ability and choices of its clients and offers individual support, employment and accommodation.



Locally Owned and Operate Best Under Pressure

Servicing all brands of hydraulic components including: •




Dairy Power Packs


Truck Hoists and PTO

Excellent on-site service • Modern workshop facilities On-site hose repairs • Huge stock range 80 Drummond Rd, Shepparton 3630 Ph (03) 5831 5244

com.au om.au

24/7 contact: 0427 315 244 E info@gvhydraulink.com.au www.gvhydraulink.com.au

his year a new state of the art facility employment, allowing people with a disability opened, a safe and inviting space to benefit from social connections and to be catering for varying abilities, that part of the local economy,” Ms Frost explains. can be shared with the community. During lockdown, many in the GV undertook The new person-centred facility offers garden projects to maintain a sense of more flexibility, choices and achievement, to keep active and embraces new technologies, to pass the time. Billabong designed to accommodate adapted, ensuring increasing client numbers locals could purchase and to meet changes garden products by allowing people with under the NDIS. introducing ‘call a disability to benefit The progressive and collect’, local from social connections organisation has deliveries and swiftly adjusted its ‘drive-thru’ sales. and to be part of the programmes, adding In October 2021, local economy new online services, the Ruby Saltbush - Carolynne Frost, during COVID. This helped Café opened at Connect GV’s CEO clients to stay connected Billabong, further adding and emotionally supported. to ConnectGV’s suite and One of the social enterprise the Billabong experience. In the business achievements, for ConnectGV, future it will offer supported employees is the Billabong Garden Complex. new employment and training opportunities. “Engaging a social enterprise has significant ConnectGV’s social enterprises, provide economic and social gains for our community,” quality products and services to the says Carolynne Frost, Connect GV’s CEO. community, from plants and gardening Billabong began 20 years ago, originally products, fresh flower arrangements, to encourage the benefits of horticultural confectionery, trade and cleaning rags, therapy for emotional and physical well-being. garden maintenance and a ready workforce “Social enterprises provide meaningful for packaging and labour-intensive tasks.

Goulburn Valley Water delivers safe, reliable and affordable water services to the Goulburn Valley We’re proud to be delivering award-winning water and wastewater services to more than 132,000 people in 54 towns across northern Victoria. For over 130 years, we’ve been providing first-class services to our customers, driven by our team’s industry expertise and leading knowledge. We’re committed to the region and delivering innovative services that help our communities thrive. We’re dedicated to creating a excellent experience for every customer, every single time.

Faults and emergencies (24/7) : 1800 454 500 General enquiries: (03) 5832 4800 | mail@gvwater.vic.gov.au | www.gvwater.vic.gov.au October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

State Of The Art Facilities The new state of the art facility caters for varying abilities offering flexibility and greater choice. New technologies are embraced and a range of programs are offered in a safe and inviting space.


67 years

ConnectGV is a registered NDIS provider offering Individual Support, Employment and Accommodation for people with a disability. ConnectGV 12 Bowenhall Street, Shepparton | 5821 2466 | connectgv.com.au

CONNECTGV SOCIAL ENTERPRISES provide training and employment for local people with a disability through community connections. Your purchase makes a difference!

These businesses are Social Traders Certified and hold a Labour Hire Licence therefore whilst value adding to your business or government department, your purchase assists to meet social procurement requirements and strengthens community partnerships.

BILLABONG GARDEN COMPLEX Garden • Gifts • Café Billabong has all you need to make your garden grow, along with fresh flower arrangements and displays for ideas and inspiration.

OPEN 7 DAYS Nursery Weekdays until 5pm Weekends until 4pm Cafe 9.30am to 3.30pm

Wholesale, trade sales and contract growing enquiries welcome. New to Billabong is the Ruby Saltbush Café. The menu is inspired by seasonal produce with a little Ruby Saltbush influence! Soon to open, is a unique all-weather space for private dining, functions, meetings or lazy Sunday afternoons with friends.

295 Numurkah Rd, Shepparton 5821 8632 www.billabonggardencomplex.com.au

CONNECTGV SERVICES Offers a ready workforce for garden maintenance, third party logistics, packaging, collating and cleaning. CGV Services undertake jobs that can be labour intensive and take your staff away from their usual role assisting to maximise effectiveness and efficiencies in your business.


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Nuts and bolts of riveting service Coming up to 14 years in business in January 2022, owners of Ultimate Fasteners, Dean Jones and Mark Shanahan, employ sixteen local residents, part of their “Locals supporting locals” values.


ur vision is to maintain and service the customer relationship base and evolve as the economic climate changes.” While nuts and bolts are the core products, the CSS buying group’s extended range has diversified product areas, allowing Ultimate Fasteners to vary with customers’ changing needs. Dean Jones explains, “All our customers seem to have something on. They adjusted to changes and maintained their businesses. As their businesses grew, we grew with them.” Products now include personal protection equipment plus a massive range of construction, industrial and trade-based products via the CSS buying group. All you need is to ask staff. “To be a member, you have to go through an approval

process, so CSS maintains a level of professional consistency,” Dean proudly says. CSS has over 90 stores Australia-wide, with decades of experience between members. These stores’ relationships offer Ultimate Fasteners’ customers a distinct advantage in accessing products and advice from experts. The last 12 months was We consistently learn approached from daily experiences with a simple and employ them in strategy. Dean said other situations that they - Ultimate Fasteners preferred to co-owner, Dean Jones follow the KISS Principle, ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’, he stated. follow COVID mandates “You learn to evolve and get on with the job. and roll with the punches. “We don’t over-complicate We consistently learn from things. Pick Pack & Send,” daily experiences and employ

LOCALS SUPPORTING LOCALS... Ultimate Fasteners’ sales assistants, Simon Decker and Kyle McLeod show off the Milwaukee range in-store. Photo: Kelly Lucas. them in other situations.” Ultimate Fasteners was presented the CSS Buying Group ‘10 year Member Award’ for quality service to customers.

Look out for the F.A.T Mag specials on the Ultimate Fasteners website.


Locally owned employing local people to serve the community.

Over 10 years in Shepparton.

17A Mitchell St, Shepparton

5822 4122

Also at 8 Mores Crt, Wodonga + 85-87 Rowena St, Bendigo sales@ultimatefasteners.com.au

Our Goulburn Valley Services


900 GV businesses ban office water coolers While office water coolers are often a great place to catch up on all the gossip, many workplaces across the world are banning them for environmental, health and now COVID reasons.


trend that started with London councils and Scotland’s hospital system has now found its way to the Goulburn Valley. 900 businesses across the Goulburn Valley and North East Victoria have banned the traditional office water cooler with a 15litre water bottle on top. They no longer exist in 900 workplaces. These old fashioned 1960s style office water cooler have been replaced with state-of-the art Aquafil Fresh water coolers. The Aquafil Fresh water cooler provides a high-tech filtration and purification system of tap water leaving it chilled and ready to be consumed. This means workplaces will never have to order, store and stack or lift a bottle of water again.

“I had been delivering bottled water for over 15 years. Six years ago, Bill installed what is now an In 99 percent Aquafil Fresh of cases, businesses water cooler actually save money on in my own home as a their bottled water bills trial. Two by using an Aquafil weeks later Fresh water cooler, I quit my day Aquafil Fresh co-director job and Aquafil Craig McIntyre Fresh was born. I knew hands GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT... And even better for business, led by directors, Bill Dowling and Craig down it was the way McIntyre, choosing Aquafil over bottled water could save your business money. Photo: Kelly Lucas. of the future,” said Aquafil Fresh co-director Craig McIntyre. has to be pumped out of the actually save money on their definitely the way of the future. Do “Businesses now have a far ground, transported to a factory, bottled water bills by using an the environment and your health greater awareness and focus on packaged and transported again.” Aquafil Fresh water cooler,” a favour and never pay for bottled being environmentally friendly. “It is a real win, win situation. said co-director Bill Dowling. water again. Now that is a win!” They understand bottled water In 99 percent of cases, businesses “Aquafil Fresh water coolers are

NEVER pay for bottled water again FILTERED WATER COOLERS

Save $$$

Toby Balfour

Travis Ryan

Goulburn Motor Group

Steeline, Shepparton

GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! Aquafil Fresh state of the art water coolers provide high tech, quality filtration and purification of tap water. This will provide a hassle free solution for all your office, workplace and business water needs!


• Never pay for bottled water again • Never order bottled water again

• Never run out of water again • No more lifting or storing of water bottles

Over 900 satisfied clients and 1400 coolers from Albury to Mildura along Murray river, to Bendigo and Ballarat in the west and Seymour in the south. NOW IN GEELONG

Aquafil Fresh offer no obligation water supply audits, and are happy to provide recommendations which suit each individual clients’ needs.

For more information, give Craig McIntyre a call today on 0466 157 023








PROUD SUPPORTERS OF: and  Proudly supporting the local Shepparton PROUD SUPPORTERS OF:


 Proudly supporting the local Shepparton and NEUTRAL CERTIFIED CARBON  24 hr card operated 30m axle public weighbridge surrounding communities for over ten years



surrounding communities for over ten years

 Clean up your shed, backyard business 24 hr card operated 30m axle or public weighbridge  Clean We accept copper, farmor machinery, up your shed,brass, backyard business batteries,


aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal  We accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries, PROUD SUPPORTERS  For businesses orold a large amountALL ofOF: scrap, aluminium cans, appliances, things metal  Proudly supporting the local Shepparton and we can also provide bin services, call to discuss communities for overoften years  surrounding For businesses or a large amount scrap,  we can also provide bin services, call to discuss  24 /futurerecycling hr card operated 30m axle public weighbridge

  Clean up your shed, backyard or business /futurerecycling

 Proudly supporting the local Shepparton and

 We accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries, surrounding communities for over ten years DRUMMOND RD




aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal

 24 hr card operated 30m axle public weighbridge

 For businesses or a large amount of scrap,

we Clean your shed, bin backyard or business can up also provide services, call to discuss DRUMMOND RD

  We accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries, aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal /futurerecycling

 For businesses or a large amount of scrap, we can also provide bin services, call to discuss







 accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries,  We We accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries,


 hr card operated 30m axle public weighbridge  24 24 hr card operated 30m axle public weighbridge  up your shed, backyard or business  Clean Clean up your shed, backyard or business




surrounding communities for over ten years surrounding communities for over ten years



 supporting the local Shepparton and  Proudly Proudly supporting the local Shepparton and TELFORD TELFORD DR DR



aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal



  24 hrMonday card to operated axle public weighbridge Friday 8am 30m to 4:30pm FUTURE

/futurerecycling Ph: 03 5821 7876 SHEPPARTON TRADING HOURS /futurerecycling  Clean up your shed, backyard or business Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm Ph: 03 5821 7876



Visit www.futurerecycling.com.au for more informat Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm Ph: 03 5821 7876 Ph: 03 5821 7876




we can also provide bin services, discuss surrounding communities for overcall tento we can also provide bin services, call toyears discuss




 For businesses orDOOKIE a large amount of scrap,  Proudly supporting Shepparton and OLD RDlocal For businesses or a the large amount of scrap,

Visit www.futurerecycling.com.au for more informat CT




 We accept copper, brass, farm machinery, batteries, aluminium cans, old appliances, ALL things metal FUTURE

 For businesses or a large amount of scrap, we can also provide bin services, call to discuss SHEPPARTON TRADING HOURS CT


Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm /futurerecycling




Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm

Visit www.futurerecycling.com.au for more informat Ph: 03 5821 7876

Ph: 03 5821 7876 OLD DOOKIE RD


SHEPPARTON TRADING HOURS Monday to Friday 8am to 4:30pm Ph: 03 5821 7876

Visit www.futurerecycling.com.au for more information


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Local scrap metal goes International SUPPORTING LOCAL JOBS, INDUSTRY AND MOTHER NATURE... Future Recycling’s branch manager, Daniel Thewma; administration assistants, Kirsty Argentino and Ebony Wilson, with leading hand, James Legge. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

Ten years after purchasing Fletcher Metals and National Metals, they were rebranded as Future Recycling in 2018. Since 2014 the businesses had been voluntarily carbon neutral.


ow Future Recycling efficient, sustainable and are the only certified cost-effective solutions.” Carbon Neutral Recently, Future Recycling waste business, invested over $2M in equipment nationally, under and storage upgrades the National to its Shepparton Carbon Offset Facility. The Standard. machinery We place an “Our includes emphasis on being services are a Bonfig honest, transparent safe and Shear, innovative, Moffet and reliable whilst using tailored Forklift, efficient, sustainable and to our Scania cost-effective solutions customers’ prime needs.” mover and - Future Recycling’s Shepparton’s manager states a Scania Daniel Thewma Shepparton’s hooklift truck. manager Supporting Daniel Thewma. local businesses, “90% of the time it is a FREE Future Recycling contracted service for the customer. We also Shepparton’s Intercontinental offer fantastic rebates for ferrous Trailers, to make and custom and non-ferrous scrap materials.” design a trailer, with the moffet “We place an emphasis on attaching to the back of the being honest, transparent prime mover/trailer combo. and reliable whilst using Six new holding bays, for

separating materials for export, were built totally by local trades people and businesses. The new container tilter means Future Recycling can further

support local industry and jobs, by exporting directly from the local yard. Previously, materials were exported via Melbourne. Future Recycling plans further

diversification and growth, exploring new sustainable ways of recycling ferrous and nonferrous materials, thereby reducing landfill.

Heavy lifting and a wealth of experience L

When you need assistance with lifting requirements, you should immediately turn to GV Hoists and Cranes.

ocally owned and operated, GV Hoists and Cranes has been selling and servicing across the Goulburn Valley since 2014. Their local team should be your first call for sales and service for all your lifting and materials handling requirements. Specialising in meeting the needs of the customer, John and the team can assist with overhead cranes, jib cranes, monorail systems, lifting gear and sling attachments, goods lifts, chain and wire rope hoists, truck bus and motor vehicle hoists, through to patient lifting systems for cars, homes, hospitals or aged care facilities. Due to their superior technology and manufacturing, GV Hoists and Cranes specialise in Stahl Cranes manufactured in Germany. They are also the agent

for Genie scissor and boom lifts. “We are all about safe lifting and utilise the expertise of engineers who possess in excess of 50 years experience in this industry to ensure the Australian Standards are maintained. We are one of the few manufacturers We are all about making our safe lifting and utilise own crane beams,” said the expertise of engineers GV Hoists who possess in excess and Cranes of 50 years experience Director, John Prinzi. in this industry “With Servicing - GV Hoists and Cranes their expert what Director, John abilities, they they sell, Prinzi can also design GV Hoists and or manufacture Cranes can also offer spread and/or lifting beams full turnkey operations. for your business.” GV Hoists and Cranes can

MOVING ON UP... Director, John Prinzi holds safety, experience and efficiency at the heart of his GV Hoists and Cranes. Photo: Kelly Lucas. undertake 10-year certified inspections and NDT crack testing. They also inspect slings and chains and provide Lifting Register where necessary. As they carry their own test weights, they can load test all equipment

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

they sell and service to ensure all Australian Standards are met. GV Hoists and Cranes in the Goulburn Valley offers customers efficient and costeffective solutions, as well as same day breakdown service.

WorkSafe rules changed 1st July 2020.

Workplace manslaughter is now a jailable offence. All officers, organisations and employers need to make sure they comply with OH&S obligations in the workplace.

Now supplying

Garage workshop equipment including:

Air jacks Oil drainers Part washers 4 way trans jacks Any workshop equipment OVERNIGHT DELIVERY IF NOT IN STOCK

• • • • • • •

Design & manufacture Sales & Service of any hoists for every application Vacuum lifters available to pick up any product Sling & chain inspections 10 Year Major Assessments, NDT Testing Available Stock available for immediate delivery Sales & service of hoists for every application

• OH&S Compliant

• We can supply, deliver & install

Locally Owned & Operated Now servicing all North East Victoria and New South Wales. We visit 6 monthly and service all brands of car & truck hoists, EWPs, cranes on trucks & all aged care lifting equipment.


P: 03 5858 6677

151A Vaughan St, Shepparton johnp@gvhoistsandcranes.com.au



Our Goulburn Valley Services

Committed healthcare to all animals, big or small CENTRALLY located on Nixon Street, in Shepparton’s CBD, the team at GV Vets Clinic and Hospital, provide an extensive range of professional medical services across the greater Goulburn Valley region.

Your Library

Your community Fun, facts, free! Online or in person. HOLISTIC CARE FOR BELOVED PETS... Co-owner, Dr Brett Davis, wants more people to know that there are pain relief options available for animals undergoing common procedures and GV Vets Clinic and hospital are ready to help. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

B Shepparton Library 6-10pm Every Thursday

Connect to your community at the library Create at our craft and coffee mornings Learn with the help of our friendly staff Meet friends in our relaxing spaces Share your love of reading Your libraries are located in Mooroopna, Shepparton, Tatura, Cobram, Nathalia, Numurkah, Yarrawonga, Euroa, Nagambie, Violet Town and a Mobile Library Service.

uilt on a shared passion for best-practice treatment for all patients; the team are committed to a holistic healthcare model that ensures whole-animal-care is prioritised. With this, the practice offers both onsite clinic consultations as well as offsite, home and farm visits. Co-owners, Frances Jenner and Brett Davis, offer complimentary expertise, explained Dr Davis. "Frances has a keen interest in small animals, while my focus is on large animals. “I am particularly passionate about raising awareness of the importance of using

pain relief, in common procedures such as disbudding (preventing the growth of horns in calves), castration and marking of calves and lambs, he said. “In line with our commitment to providing whole-animal-care, we endorse the use of pain relief when performing these types of procedures on livestock. “Industry standards have changed over time and more and more producers are now incorporating pain relief as a more ethical treatment of their stock,” Dr Davis explained. “We provide three forms for pain relief. The first is local anesthetic, which lasts for two to three hours and is used to

block the pain signal to the brain. Anti-inflammatories are the second form, which provide relief for up to three days, by reducing inflammation around the wound or procedure site, and limiting the intensity of the pain signal to the brain. Sedation, is the third form and is commonly used when disbudding. It provides short-term pain relief for cattle and causes drowsiness for around 30-60 minutes, which is useful in that it also provides us with the opportunity to easily assess the animal for any additional issues like hernias, extramammary teats, or to apply their ear tags.



WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN! Local Franchisees, Ray & Haxhije Cox

SHEPPARTON - 46-52 Benalla Rd

Ph: 5821 6400 Email: shepparton@totaltools.com.au


October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser


The best care for your furry, feathered and hooved friends! 100% locally owned and operated vet clinic and hospital, located in Shepparton CBD, providing vet services to pets and farm animals in the Goulburn Valley region. Receptionist

Felicity Woods with Roxy

Veterinary Nurse

Phoebe Dewar with Mikie

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Melissa Mellington with Devon

Nursing Assistant

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Dr Rachel Jeremy Lee McClaren

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Dr Kerryn Agnew

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm Sat 9am - 1pm 169 Nixon St, Shepparton 5878 1144 Book online at gvvets.com.au Available 24/7 for emergencies

Dr Eddie Di Rago

Dr Emily Horneman

Dr Tanika Drummond

Olivia Neessen

Dr Frances Jenner

Josh Romano


Dr Brett Davis

with a prized dairy cow



Our Goulburn Valley Services

Local linen service continues to expand across Victoria and NSW SINCE 1989, Gouge Linen has been a family owned and operated commercial laundry and industry leader. Gouge provide linen and garment services to businesses throughout Victoria and country New South Wales.


ouge is locally owned The future at Gouge is bright and operated by as they are about to embark on a brothers Rob and Phil period of strong growth through Priestly and over the increasing their production in past 25 years, the organisation Mooroopna, which will result has gone from strength in more employment to strength and is a opportunities major employer and benefits in Mooroopna for the local They pride and across community. themselves on their Victoria. They This are passionate investment ability to provide about will further quality customer employee improve service and diversity and quality have a strong control, premium focus on family. and hourly products. They pride production. themselves on their Gouge are also ability to provide quality investing in more vehicles customer service and premium to meet the increased demand. products and deliver these Maintaining a safe and with reliability and integrity. reliable service for customers

LAUNDRY LEADERS... Gouge Linen CEO John Calleja, director Rob Priestly and logistics manager, Matthew Barnes. Photo: Kelly Lucas. during the pandemic has been a challenge, however ensuring hospitals have had supplies when under pressure has been a vital part of the COVID response. Investment in leading edge technology pertaining to quality

control, tracking of linen and fleet vehicles as well as environmental responsibilities of solar, water, gas and plastics recycling means Gouge will remain industry leaders in their field. Gouge have been leaders

in their field for over 25 years and maintain commitment to outcomes that benefit the local community, customers and the environment.

Stitching up workplace safety A background in finance, OH&S and hospital management gives Rob Jones an edge in assessing any business where safety is a high priority.


saw the potential and relevance of the safety industry back then,” Rob remembers. In 2004, Rob and Liz Jones opened Shepparton Workwear and Safety, knowing their experience would help local businesses in various ways. Rob, Liz and seven experienced staff, including daughter Leanne, offer any business a customised Work Safety Assessment, ensuring the correct products relating to the business are acquired. A strong online presence also gives businesses, Australiawide, advice regarding work safety products, as they are no longer geographically isolated. “We carry a massive range of stock, so as to enable clients to walk out of our shop with the products they need,” states owner Rob Jones. With over 2,000 pairs of boots,

including Steel Blue, Mongrel, Oliver & Blundstone, Shepparton Workwear and Safety has, overall, the largest range of work safety products in Shepparton. Bizcare Scrubs, for the healthcare industry, are also stocked. “We have the knowledge We have the to assess a knowledge to assess businesses safety needs, a businesses safety to improve needs, to improve their their workers’ workers’ ability to ability meet standards to meet standards within - Rob Jones their industry,” Rob confirms. The business has two digital printers and due to offering them tax three embroidery machines deductions,” owner Rob advises. on site, offering time “We are a One Stop Shop for saving for customers. all safety equipment, workwear “Embroidery & Digital printing and promotional embroidery are integral to customer business, and garment printing.”

SAFETY FIRST... Shepparton Workwear & Safety stock the largest range of work safety products in Shepparton, and customer service assistants, Tahlia Deakin and Sue Blackshaw can help you to navigate the stock. Photo: Kelly Lucas. Now a third Jones generation is showing an interest in workplace safety, by utilising elements of the family business in home schooling. The old adage “start them

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

young” may give the younger Jones generation a business education advantage, plus contribute to the future sustainability of Shepparton Workwear and Safety.

17 Huggard Drive, Mooroopna

P: (03) 5825 1243



Our Goulburn Valley Services

Worry Free Water and excellence HYDRO FLOW Shepparton are water treatment and wastewater specialists, with ‘Worry Free Water’ being their focus.


omprising of a team of 70 service and administration staff nationally, 12 of whom service Shepparton, they have worked with the Goulburn Valley’s biggest names in manufacturing. In the last 12 months, they have worked with Freedom Foods to double the capacity of their wastewater treatment and significantly reduce waste volumes and their environmental footprint by introducing sludge de-watering, which also decreased operating costs. Wastewater upgrades have also recently been carried out at Campbells Soups, and Hydro Flow continue to work with a wide range of manufacturing companies, food producers and commercial customers across the Goulburn Valley. They are continually

developing their chemical blending and warehousing facility here in Shepparton which is designed to hold stock and supply customers and depots across Australia. Despite a very challenging few months, Hydro Flow has been able to sustain its full roster of staff throughout the pandemic. Unbeknown to them, their expansion over the last five years into various areas of wastewater and filtration, including Reverse Osmosis, provided a platform to sustain their workforce through the challenges of the last two years. Their current and recent ventures provided real insight into more efficient water treatment options that are more economically and environmentally beneficial for their clients. “Our vision is to present our capabilities

Business owners Matt Fitzgerald & Will Gooiker and their team are experienced diesel mechanics who can take care of all your roadworthy and maintenance needs.

WORRY FREE WATER... Hydro Flow is good for the environment and great for business. Field service engineer, Ryan Sprunt is all smiles on site. Photo: Kelly Lucas. to more food producers to give the best local service, improve their environmental footprint and bottom line for businesses who have high costs and compliance issues,” said project manager of Hydro Flow Shepparton, Chris Pearson. “Expansion is constant, the Goulburn Valley provides an excellent base for companies such as ours with its diverse industry and progressive nature. We are striving to maintain our service levels under these challenges. “We want to be known as a dependable

Safety servicing and keeping your cool FOR ALL YOUR ROADWORTHY NEEDS... The team at Shepparton Roadworthy Centre, from the left: apprentice mechanic Jayme and qualified mechanic Nick, with both business owners and mechanics Will and Matt, and receptionist, Rhonda. Photo: Kelly Lucas.

E • Roadworthy • Air Conditioner Repairs • Mechanical Repairs • Servicing all makes and models • Cars • 4 WDs • Trucks • Buses

16 Wanganui Rd, Shepparton Ph: 5821 8121 E: info@shepprwc.com.au

Opening Hours Monday - Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm

company, with good people providing excellent service levels and engineering solutions. Maintaining good relationships with our customers is at the forefront of our plans moving forward, and always will be.” “The diversity of our work provides stimulation for our employees and allows us to retain staff and maintain a healthy working environment for our people. That in turn translates to our performance for our customers. We are very fortunate to have what we do on our doorstep.”

xperienced diesel mechanics, business partners Will Gooiker and Matt Fitzgerald, were looking for a sustainable business in 2015. The Shepparton Roadworthy Centre fit the criteria, being established over 30 years ago, they bought the business and it has grown steadily since. With a customer-centred value set, their team ensures all customers will speak with the mechanic who carried out the work on the vehicle. The business is qualified to rectify vehicles with safety compliance issues and to issue roadworthy certificates, ensuring vehicles are fully compliant before issuing a roadworthy. Will Gooiker confirms, “We are a fully accredited motor vehicle tester with VicRoads, providing roadworthy inspections for all light and heavy vehicles, including LPG.” “We are also able to clear all interstate defect notices.” Shepparton Roadworthy Centre also services all makes and models of cars, 4WDs, trucks and buses.

A substantial point of difference is they specialise in heavy vehicles, such as trucks, B-double trailers and fleet maintenance, with the latest engine diagnostics for multiple American branded trucks. “We have a drive through pit for B-doubles and semi-trailers are easily accommodated,” advises co-owner Will. “Furthermore, our team has extensive experience in all aspects of light and heavy vehicle repairs, to take care of all your fleet maintenance requirements. From vehicle and trailer servicing to minor and major repairs, plus we only use quality parts.” Given the hot GV summers, internal vehicle comfort is essential. Why not get your airconditioner serviced at the same time? “Our team can take care of all your airconditioning servicing and repairs, making sure the temperature is comfortable in your vehicle,” Will verifies. Exemplary customer service is a priority, including a promise there will be no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

Worry Free Water

It’s what we do.

Trade Waste and Disinfection Systems Cooling Tower Services • • • • • • • •

Water Treatment & Servicing Microbiological Testing Tower Cleaning Tower Refurbishment Corrosion Monitoring Risk Management Plans Legislation Legionella Awareness Training

Boilers and Closed Loop Systems • • • • • •

Chilled Water Condenser Water Heating Hot Water Process Water Steam Boilers Test Kits and Reagents

• • • • • • • • • •

Chlorination Coagulation / Flocculation Effluent / Trade Waste Ozone Potable Water Ultra Violet DAF & Clarifier Systems, Biological Processes Sludge Dewatering Equipment System Optimisation

Filtration & Ion Exchange Systems • • • • • • • •

Activated Carbon Birm Filters Demineralisation Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration Multimedia Reverse Osmosis Sand Filters Water Softeners

Specialised Water Applications

Project Management & System Services

• • • • •

• • • • •

Car Washes Domestic Hot Water Systems Fire Sprinkler Systems Ice Makers Ornamental Water Features

System Design & Installation System Passivations Equipment Management Plant Operation Chemical Cleans

Our experienced team of engineers, scientists and technical administration staff provide quality professional service Australia-wide.

1300 793 121

25 Telford Drive, Shepparton VIC


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Doing things the Donway! Van sales increase in demand IN THE past two years, since establishment, Shepparton’s own caravan brand ‘Donway’ has gone from strength to strength.


he last 12 months has seen an increase in the range, with more floor plans to choose from and more features to enjoy, the brand has really hit its straps in 2021 despite challenges imposed by the pandemic, such as longer lead times. Manufactured on home soil, by long established Millard, Shepparton’s own name in caravans, Donway; is a brand that has quickly become as trusted as its founders Peter and Rhonda Don. As a registered builder with deep roots ingrained in the Goulburn Valley; at 62 years young, Peter Don is still heavily involved in and still oversees all three of his businesses;

Donway Caravans, PJ’s Concrete Pumping and PJ’s 4x4 People are wanting Accessories, to explore our own which backyard instead, and with designs and that they’re keen to find installs alternative ways to explore premium the inexhaustible bounds ute canopies. of this huge country The - Donway founder Peter Don Donway workshop EXPLORE THE BACKYARD IN A LOCAL BRAND... Donway Caravans operations manager, Kevin Gribble and now features a sixsales manager, Mark Walsh, have seen a boom in caravanning since the pandemic. Photo: Kelly Lucas. tonne hoist to take care of caravan servicing, and a overseas travel no longer an to explore the inexhaustible it ourselves, and I think that recently-established caravanning option. People are wanting bounds of this huge shines through with our team accessory showroom. to explore our own backyard country,” said Mr Don. and the people who have been “Caravanning has really instead, and with that they’re “We’re passionate about what a part of this journey,” he said. experienced a boom since keen to find alternative ways we sell because we’ve designed

Over 35 years’ experience in recruitment The Apprenticeship Factory is a not-for-profit community-based Group Training company, who place apprentices and trainees with a range of small and large host businesses, providing on-thejob training.


ith over 35 years’ experience in the recruitment industry, they have employed over 6,500 apprentices and thousands of casual employees. The Shepparton business community trusts their brand, and this is obvious by the many local businesses who utilise their services year after year. Currently, they employ approximately 150 apprentices and trainees across the Goulburn Valley along with 30 casual employees in temporary work assignments. “Our vision is to be the local provider of Choice for Employment Services and workforce solutions,”

said The Apprenticeship Factory CEO Paula Ryan. “I love that the business community in the Goulburn Valley support each other and are resilient when things are tough.” Over the last 12 months, they have continued to work closely with schools to assist students as they transition into the workforce and start their career in either an apprenticeship or traineeship and navigate the obstacles the pandemic has presented. They implemented a program called “Get Apprenticeship Ready”, assisting students to set goals to ensure they are ready to undertake full time roles in their chosen career. Some goals have included ensuring students complete work placements,

HANDS ON LEARNING... M & L Nardella Home Builder’s carpentry apprentice, Marcus Rossignuolo hard at work. Photo: Supplied. obtaining their drivers licence, having resumes up to date as well as being ready for an interview. They also continue to run a very successful Traineeship Program providing participants with access to a range of different, nationally recognised qualifications across a variety of

industries, enabling secondary school graduates an opportunity to take up a gap year position, or early school leavers to access pathways to employment. “The last 18 months has been challenging for many businesses and ours has been no different. Our focus has

October/November 2021 - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - The Shepparton Adviser

been to continue to provide a quality service to our host employers, clients, apprentices and trainees, ensuring we meet their business needs,” said Paula. As a not-for-profit organisation, they are intent on helping and support the community. Their ultimate goal is to assist young people to find rewarding career opportunities and guide them through the journey. In terms of the bright future, their board are currently working on their new strategic plan, with the aim to continue the great work that has been undertaken for the last 35 years. “The GV has some challenges ahead of it as we navigate our way out of the COVID pandemic and we will work hard to support where we can to ensure we provide quality employment services to our local region,” said Paula.

The only way is the Donway Locally owned & operated in Shepparton Manufactured in Australia for Donway





Creators & suppliers of Australia’s first central locking alarmed canopy! • Canopies built with unsurpassed security • Ute lids featuring optimum versatility

PJ’s 4x4 has your rear covered!

Ute Lids


Tailgate Assist Easy up, easy down

PJ’s 4x4 and Donway Caravans are located at

7851 GV Highway, Kialla | 1800 008 458 | pjs4x4.com.au


Our Goulburn Valley Services

Growing FOOTTprint

New site, new services and a big step forward DEEPLY embedded in the state’s essential services sector, FOOTT Waste Solutions continue to grow their regional ` FOOTTprint’ throughout the Greater Goulburn Valley and North East regions of Victoria.


ith an extensive portfolio of waste management solutions, Shepparton’s FOOTT Waste Solutions is now the largest family-owned and run waste management business in northern Victoria. The recent acquisition of local businesses, GV Liquid Waste and Big Vac Waste, along with Chants Liquid Waste in Albury, has enabled FOOTT Waste Solutions to add liquid waste removal to their existing portfolio of waste and recycling services, explained founder, Peter Foott. “We believe that to be a successful business you need to continually evolve, or you will get left behind,” he said. “For us this means investing

in, and offering services that are either different or superior to those offered by our competitors,” Mr Foott said. The business’ vast portfolio of services, now encompasses commercial and industrial waste disposal, recycling collection and processing, liquid waste and chemical disposal, waste transport, sortation and recycling; as well as commercial event services, including portable toilet hire. In addition, the team also provide a full suite of regulatory administration services, such as waste management plans, site audits and reporting, along with decades of experience and industry specific advice. “Partnering with our clients to help minimize their contribution to landfill is a key focus area of

GO BIG OR GO HOME... Father and son team, FOOTT Waste Solutions operations manager, Zane Foott and CEO Peter Foott see great value in continuous evolution as FOOTT Waste enters into their 30th year in business. Photo: Kelly Lucas. FOOTT Waste Solutions. This is a particularly specialised area that is highly regarded within our industry,” said Mr Foott. The theme of evolution is set to continue for the business in

2022, as the team celebrates 30 years in business with the construction of their business premises. Set on a 12-acre block in Carroll Road, Shepparton the new state of the art facility

will feature a 4,500 m2 shed for processing recyclable materials, as well as a new operations and administration building, and aims to bring new efficiencies and even greater statewide serviceability.

For all waste solutions Commercial • Industrial • Recycling • Bulk Bins • Toilets • Events • Liquid

10 Carroll Road, Shepparton

1300 23 6688


We’re here to help you! 24/7 professional security service ready to meet all your needs in Victoria and NSW


SECURITY Crowd Control Clubs & Hotels Sporting & Outdoor Events Private & Corporate Functions Shopping Centres Construction Sites

PO BOX 6175 e fastsec@hotmail.com m 0452 525 117


Proud to be representing the Shepparton business community through good times and tough times. The Shepparton Chamber of Commerce & Industry is a strong advocate for all members large and small.

The Chamber is the voice of business in Shepparton and works alongside the Committee for Greater Shepparton and the City of Greater Shepparton as well as other groups representing Shepparton. As part of the continued Shepparton COVID response, the Chamber is delivering COVID packs of masks manufactured by MEDCON Shepparton and hand sanitiser manufactured by Pental Shepparton and supplied by Pental Factory Sales along with a window decal to use as a business showing support for vaccinations. Looking ahead to 2022, the Chamber will provide networking events at suitable times for businesses. This includes the Business Excellence Awards.

The Chamber’s major event, The Business Excellence Awards will celebrate its 25th year in 2022. Proudly sponsored by Pental White King, Triple M, WIN Television and The Adviser. OF AWARDS

made in Shepparton

Sponsored by in Shepparton

• The Chamber is in continuing dialogue with the Shepparton Council to work towards free parking both on and off street. To date, Council has provided free off-street parking (timed) and the Chamber’s aim is to ensure no visitor or shopper must pay for parking in Shepparton. • To be a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry means you have a voice and representation with better business communication. • The committee of the Chamber is a voluntary group and relies on your paid membership to be able to run events and functions and to be the voice of business.

Become a member of Shepparton Chamber from as little as $140 (gst inclusive) per year.

Be part of our dynamic business networking group. Go to sheppartonchamber.com.au for more information.

Ph 0407 503 886 www.sheppartonchamber.com.au

Our Goulburn Valley Services


PROUD WINNERS… A superb line-up of the 2019 White King – Pental 95.3 Triple M Business Awards’ winners and sponsors at the Gala Dinner held at Eastbank, Shepparton in 2019. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

Chamber Business Awards to be bigger and better in 2022 COVID continues to take a toll on major events on the Shepparton calendar. Following a recent Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry board meeting and considerable deliberation, the Chamber’s annual business awards have been postponed to 2022. The awards were set to celebrate 25 years on Friday 29th October at a major gala presentation dinner at Eastbank. The combination of Shepparton’s lockdown, uncertainty going forward and the tight restrictions on the number of how many people could attend the gala dinner equates to the postponement and a bigger and better awards in 2022. All nominees from this year’s program will be rolled into the 2022 awards. Major sponsor, White King Pental, along with media partners, Triple M, WIN TV and The Adviser are excited to continue their support for the awards, which are Shepparton’s premier business service excellence awards. The Award’s 12 categories include: Customer Service Award – Retail

/ Hospitality Services sponsored by Shepparton Club Inc. WDEA Works, and Shepparton Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Business of the Year – Professional Services of the Year, Trade Services of the Year, Retailer of the Year. Sponsored by Harvey Norman Shepparton. Visitor Experience of the Year Award – Sponsored by Greater Shepparton City Council – Tourism Greater Shepparton. Best New Business Award (under two years operation) – Sponsored by Shepparton Business Centre. Best Marketing/Advertising Campaign Award – Sponsored by Southern Cross Austereo, WIN TV and The Adviser. Entrepreneur of the Year Award – (operational for a minimum one year) – Sponsored by Victorian Chamber of Commerce. Apprentice / Trainee of the Year Award – Sponsored by GOTAFE. GV Health Workplace –

Sponsored by GV Health. Young Professional of the Year Award – Sponsored by LaTrobe University. Innovator of the Year Award – Sponsored by NBN Co. Environmental / Sustainable Business of the Year Award – Sponsored by Greater Shepparton City Council

Environment Department. Hall of Fame – Sponsored by Shepparton Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The Chamber takes this opportunity to congratulate the nominees to date and looks forward to a big awards year in 2022. Award enquiries can be made by contacting the Chamber on 0407 503 886.


COME FIRST Delta has been supplying electrical equipment to electricians, contractors & industry for over 25 years Our friendly staff welcome you to tour our showroom where we can show you the latest in all things electrical

CALL 5821 2777


35 Hoskin St, Shepparton

The Swimming Pool Specialists Local Family owned and operated, Conquest pools is the largest manufacturer of fibreglass pools in Victoria. Servicing customers with quality pools for almost 30 years. Call us today for your pool needs.

66-68 Drummond Road, Shepparton 03 5821 1270 www.conquestpools.com.au | info@conquestpools.com.au The Shepparton Adviser - Our Goulburn Valley Inspiring Innovation, Resilience and Passion in our community - October/November 2021


Our Goulburn Valley Services

OUR GV Business Directory 2021

INSIDE FRONT PAGE 2 ������������La Trobe University 5820 8600

INTRODUCTION PAGES 6,7 ��������CMV Group (08) 8238 5493 11 ����������Damian Drum MP (03) 5821 5371 5 ������������Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Op (03) 5821 9033 15,16,17 Greater Shepparton City Council (03) 5832 9700 14 ���������Jaclyn Symes MP + Mark Gepp MP 1300 122 905 12,13 ����Shepparton Workwear & Safety (03) 5831 4838 8 ������������Suzanna Sheed MP (03) 5831 6944 10 ����������Wendy Lovell MP (03) 5821 6668 PRIMARY INDUSTRIES AND CONSUMER GOODS 28 ����������AAA Wool Buyers Pty Ltd (03) 5821 7855 20 ����������All Storage Systems 1800 772 726 22 ����������Bega Cheese (03) 5824 6203 22 ����������Biomix Pty Ltd 0488 993 066 19 ����������Gathercoles Pty Ltd (03) 9772 2533 24 ���������Jeftomson (03) 5823 8200 29 ����������GoFARM Australia Pty Ltd (03) 9046 1998 30 ����������H.W. Greenham & Sons Pty Ltd 0431 395 283 26 ����������IK Caldwell (03) 5821 2477 20 ����������James Stockfeeds & Fertilizers (03) 5866 2771 28 ����������Kyvalley Dairy Group 0437 210 358 23 ����������Murray Dairy (03) 5833 5312 20 ����������Olea Nurseries (08) 9772 1207 21 ����������Pental Products (03) 5820 5217 22 ����������Phillips Cellars (03) 5821 2051 24 ���������Provinical Food Group 0467 826 130 25 ����������Shepparton Partners Collective Operations Pty Ltd (03) 5833 3777 27 ����������SPC Factory Sales (03) 5821 7033

ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING 36 ����������Drives For Industries Pty Ltd (03) 5822 2988 39 ����������Furphy’s Foundry (03) 5831 2777 32 ����������Goulburn Valley Engineering Works (03) 5821 2266 35 ����������Gradian Group (03) 5822 2600 39 ����������J Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd (03) 5832 1400 37 ����������JMAR Engineering (03) 5831 5995 32 ����������K & S PALLETS 1800 360 039 31 ����������Sibio Engineering (03) 5829 0478 33 ����������Snelling Engineering (03) 5821 0776 32 ����������Surdex Steel (03) 5831 2700 34 ���������TMF Engineering Pty Ltd (03) 5831 8226 40 ���������Trevaskis Engineering Pty Ltd (03) 5824 1466 INFRASTRUCTURE, CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT 41 ����������Admoor Plumbing (03) 5825 1800 43 ���������All Storage Systems (03) 5822 2133 67 ����������Apex Rail Pty Ltd (03) 5829 9966 56 ����������Bowens Pty Ltd (03) 5822 2364 46 ���������Bruce Mactier Building Designers 1800 221 255 67 ����������CAF Consulting (03) 5831 3347 58 ����������Chris Smith & Associates (03) 5820 7700 Shepparton (03) 5781 1939 Kilmore (03) 5482 9100 Echuca 43 ���������Choices Flooring Shepparton (03) 5822 2777 64 ���������Cleaves Garden Supplies (03) 5821 2111 53 ����������Dennis Family Homes Pty Ltd (03) 5823 7100 57 ����������Gagliardi Scott Real Estate (03) 5831 1800 42 ����������GAME Traffic & Contracting 1800 438 426 61 ����������Gradian Group (03) 5822 2600 67 ����������GV Beds 0468 430 785 54 ���������GV Carports & Patios Ptd ltd (03) 5831 2031

We’re open

We’reCome open and ask us about safeguarding your business in

47 ����������Hansen & Yuncken (03) 8290 5100 51 ����������Hot and Cold Shop 1300 721 946 66 ���������Hotondo Homes Shepparton (03) 5831 2250 66 ���������John Brain Roofing Services (03) 5831 2721 59 ����������Kavant Nominees 49 ����������Kevin Hicks Real Estate (03) 5821 8388 Shepparton (03) 5862 2611 Numurkah 52 ����������Liberty Kitchens (03) 5831 2620 50 ����������Link Building Systems (03) 5821 4516 65 ����������Mawsons Constructions (03) 5831 1144 56 ����������Mawsons Concrete 1800 423 465 62 ����������PJ’s Concrete Pumping (03) 5821 1267 65 ����������Premium Fasteners and Industrial (03) 5821 2812 63 ����������Prestons Turf & Garden 0408 597 369 45 ����������Quicklift Crane Hire 1300 WE LIFT 48 ���������Scaffidi Contractors Pty Ltd (03) 5823 1404 64 ���������Shepparton Carpet Court (03) 5823 2600 44 ���������Steeline (03) 5831 1935 63 ����������TSE Energy Solutions 5831 1957 60 ���������Watters Electrical 1300 WATTERS 55 ����������Youngs & Co Pty Ltd (03) 5820 8777 Shepparton (03) 5825 4833 Mooroopna TRANSPORT 72 ����������Bicknells Freight (03) 5831 7166 78 ����������Central Tyre Service Pty Ltd (03) 5821 9555 79 ����������Gattuso Transport Pty Ltd (03) 5829 1001 75 ����������Goodfellows Car & Truck Rentals 1800 235 888 71 ����������Hartwigs Trucks Pty Ltd (03) 5820 7800 77 ���������Keating Freight Lines Pty Ltd (03) 5829 9388 70,73 �����L & P Mackin (03) 5821 5221 76 ����������Shepparton BMW (03) 5823 2940 69 ����������Shepparton Radiator & Windscreen (03) 5823 1940 80 ���������Shepparton Renault (03) 5823 2940

EDUCATION & THE ARTS 85 ����������Kaiela Institute 87 ����������Greater Shepparton Secondary College 83 ����������Partners In Training (03) 5821 4877 84 ���������Shepparton Ace College (03) 5831 4029 88 ���������St Mary of the Angels Secondary College (03) 5866 222 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 98 ����������Barbante Personal Injury Lawyers (03) 5831 1633 106 �������Broker House (03) 5831 6699 Shepparton (03) 5443 8437 Echuca 102 ��������Camerons Lawyers (03) 5832 1000 99 ���������Community Insurance Brokers (03) 5821 9755 96 ����������Elders Insurance Shepparton (03) 5822 7577 101 ��������Faram Ritchie Davies (03) 5821 4566 90 ���������GV Finance Brokers 1300 881 579 105 ��������GV Health (03) 5832 2322 91 ����������Jones & Mitchell Legal (03) 5821 1930 100 �������MB+M Business Solutions (03) 5821 9177 89 ����������McLardy McShane Freer Pty Ltd (03) 5831 6253 92 ����������Milburn Hill Consultants 0425 286 636 96 ����������National Australia Bank 90 ���������Planography Pty Ltd 0437 620 174 94,95 ����PSC Griffith Goodall (03) 5821 7777 107 ��������Ramsay Health Care (03) 5832 1200 93 ����������SDP Tax Accountants 1300 436 829 97 ����������SMR Legal (03) 5821 0777 103 ��������Vehicle & Equipment Finance 1300 786 626 108 �������Willprint Shepparton (03) 5831 6565 SERVICES 117 ��������Aquafil Fresh 0466 157 023 115 ��������Connect GV (03) 5821 2466 133 ��������Conquest Pools (03) 5821 1270 133 ��������Delta Electrical (03) 5821 2777 129 ��������Donway Caravans 1800 008 458

Serving clients since 1927 | The Gallagher Way

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ving clients since 1927 | The Gallagher Way

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Connecting local employers with local people

As a not-for-profit organisation,

Goulburn Murray Group Training

trading as Monarch Personnel and The Apprenticeship Factory, has over 30 years experience assisting local businesses with their employment needs. Our team of experienced staff will work with you to create quality workforce solutions to meet the needs of your business.

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44 Wyndham St, Shepparton | www.theapprenticeshipfactory.com.au

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