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HOLI HAI BHAI HOLI Celebrating the festival of colours

Hong Kong Budget 2016 A quick highlight



Bhagoria Haat Festival An incredible tribal carnival during Holi in Madhya Pradesh

Rabindranath Tagore The great Bengali poet and the Nobel laureate

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HIGHLIGHTS OF HONG KONG BUDGET 2016 Financial Secretary John Tsang did not disappoint in offering billions in sweeteners in tax and short-term relief measures while cautioning about the bumpy road ahead with increased economic and political volatility. Tsang has not departed

from his prudent fiscal management philosophy in this year’s budget. Apart fr om the immediate boosters, we support his efforts to shore up Hong Kong’s competitiveness by looking to cultivate new businesses, technologies and talent.

The Government forecasts a 2015-16 provisional budget surplus of HK$30 billion versus its previous HK$36.8 billion estimate. Nevertheless, if we add back HK$45 billion allocated to the Housing Reserve, the surplus was about HK$75 billion.


• Underlying 2016 inflation forecast at 2 pct * Expects fiscal reserves at HK$860 bln by end-March 2016 * Expects 3 pct avg GDP per annum in real terms from 2017-20

Confrontations have not eased, and worse still, our society has become even more polarised.”

• Forecasts 2015/16 provisional budget surplus of HK$30 bln (govt forecast HK$36.8 bln) • Forecasts 2016/17 consolidated budget surplus of HK$11 bln • Expects deficit in consolidated account in 2018/19 and 2019/20 mainly due to allocations for healthcare reform and retirement • Fiscal reserves estimated around HK$870 bln by end-March 2017 • Reduce salaries tax and tax under personal assessment for 2015-16 by 75 pct, subject to a ceiling of HK$20,000. To benefit 1.96 mln taxpayers and cut govt revenue by HK$17 bln • Waive rates for 4 qtrs of 2016-17, subject to ceiling of HK$1,000 per qtr for each rateable property; will benefit 3.17 mln properties and reduce govt revenue by HK$11 bln ECONOMY • Q4 GDP up 1.9 pct y/y * Q4 GDP expands 0.2 pct q/q * 2015 GDP up 2.4 pct vs govt forecast of 2.4 pct * Govt forecast 2016 GDP growth of 1-2 percent * 2016 headline inflation expected at 2.3 pct

• “The local economy is laden with risks in the year ahead; the outlook is far from promising. We need to take timely and appropriate measures to stimulate the economy, support local enterprises and safeguard employment.”

POLITICS * “Acute social conflicts will add uncertainties to the already adverse economic environment. Politics and economics are closely intertwined. Political volatility will unavoidably impact on our economy.” * Expects political disputes will “intensify” in coming months * “Tension and turbulence are mounting in Hong Kong. Many of us feel suffocated by and, indeed, helpless with the tiresome confrontations day in and day out. This highly charged atmosphere has continued to deteriorate since the unlawful occupy movement a year and a half ago, even after the defeat of the constitutional reform package.

INVESTMENT * Set up HK$2 bln Innovation and Technology Venture Fund to coinvest with private venture capital funds in local start-ups * To explore ways to open up more channels for two-way cross-boundary RMB fund flows, including bigger investment quota for Hong Kong under RQFII scheme * Will implement ShenzhenHong Kong Stock Connect “as soon as possible” * To launch HK$10 bln inflation-linked bond

HOUSING * Govt has adopted public housing supply target of 280,000 units from 2016-17 to 2025-26 * Expects to sell land for 29,000 private sector flats in 2016/17

HEALTHCARE, EDUCATION, SOCIAL WELFARE * Estimated recurrent expenditure for 2016-17 is HK$198 bln, accounting for 60 pct of recurrent govt expenditure - an increase of more than 80 pct from 10 years ago



Buzz In Town Respite for individuals We welcome the increase in the personal basic allowance from HK$120,000 to HK$132,000, although still below our recommended HK$140,000 level, and married person’s allowance from HK$240,000 to HK$264,000. The adjustments are aimed at easing the tax burden of individuals and catching up with inflation as the allowances have not been adjusted since 2012-13. One-time measures such as the refund of salaries tax and waiver of rates, in addition to the revision of allowances for maintaining dependent parents or grandparents, a recurring measure, will also alleviate the financial pressure on families. Tsang hopes the measures will help spur domestic economic growth. Supporting businesses, new and old We also support the various incentives offered to boost traditional and new businesses, including waiving business registration and several licence fees to support SMEs and extending the application period for the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme.  We are particularly encouraged by Tsang’s moves to embrace the adoption of technological breakthroughs in financial services and cultivate start-ups and R&D in this area.  In PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, released earlier this year, 77% of respondents cited technological advances as a top trend that would transform wider stakeholder expectations of businesses within their sector over the next five years. 


As a leading international financial hub, Hong Kong stands to benefit from the boom in fintech, or the opportunities that can arise when finance meets technology. In this regard, the Enterprise Support Scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) will be helpful in providing financial support to fintech start-ups and financial institutions. While fintech can disrupt traditional business models, we believe it can also help companies reinvigorate their services and redefine their offerings in a rapidly evolving environment. As such, we also back Tsang’s HK$2 billion Innovation and Technology Venture Fund that will co-invest with private venture capital funds on a matching basis in local technology start-ups. Also heartening is the move to enhance the long-term competitiveness of SMEs in their use of technological services and solutions through the launch of the Pilot Technology Voucher Programme under the ITF to improve their productivity.  However, we have yet to be convinced that actions such as these are sufficient to stimulate sustainable advances and stabilise the economy.  We encourage the Government to look into additional measures such as reducing the profits tax rate from 16.5% to 10% for qualifying high-tech companies as well as additional tax relief and incentives to encourage more start-ups to grow their businesses. For Hong Kong to capture developments in this area more fully, we also urge the Government to review relevant legislation to stay competitive. 

We are also happy to see progress being made on the raft of measures announced in last year’s budget aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong’s businesses, in particular, the financial services industry. However, we feel that the pace can be quickened. Planning and financing the city’s future First mentioned in last year’s budget, Tsang has officially established the Future Fund to save a portion of this year’s surplus (in addition to the HK$220 billion from the Land Fund) in anticipation of the structural deficit that the Government may face in the long-term future. The HK$45 billion top-up into the Housing Reserve will strengthen the financial health of the Housing Authority as the Government ramps up the supply of public housing in the coming years. In our view, Tsang is taking a responsible and prudent step in planning and financing the city’s future. Echoing the Chief Executive’s Policy Address in January, Tsang has set aside HK$200 billion for the Hospital Authority to implement a 10-year hospital development plan that will expand and upgrade healthcare facilities across the city and cope with the demands from an ageing population. While it is commendable that the Government is committed to enhance the hardware for public healthcare with a long-term outlook, more resources should be devoted to invest in the software—attracting, training and retaining healthcare workers for the public system.

Buzz In Town


Economic indicators 2015

2016 Forecast

2017 to 2020 Medium range forecast

Increase in real GDP


1% to 2%

3% average annual growth rate

Underlying inflation rate




Consolidated budget forecast 2015/16 Original forecast Surplus of HK$36.8 billion

2015/16 Revised forecast Surplus of HK$30.5 billion

2015/16 surplus (HK$30.5 billion) consists of: HK$48.3 billion surplus on operating account HK$17.8 billion deficit on capital account By the end of 2020/21, the government projects fiscal reserves of approximately HK$835.4 billion (equivalent to 18 months of government expenditure). Operating expenditure forecast 2015/16

FHK$339.3 billion


HK$376.8 billion


HK$426.9 billion

Total public expenditure is 21.2% of GDP for 2016/17, and will be kept at around 20% of the GDP going forward. However, operating expenditure is expected to grow at 4.5%, which is in line with the nominal growth rate of the economy. Article compiled by Akansha Sharma. Adesiflava Sources: http://www.pwchk.com/home/eng/ budget2016_commentary.html http://www.reuters.com/article/hongkongbudget-idUSL3N16239Z

2016/17 Forecast

2020/21 Forecast

Surplus of HK$11.4 billion

Surplus of HK$2.8 billion

2016/17 surplus (HK$11.4 billion) consists of: HK$21.4 billion surplus on operating account HK$10 billion deficit on capital account

2020/21 surplus (HK$2.8 billion) consists of: HK$45.2 billion surplus on operating account HK$42.4 billion deficit on capital account


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H O N G K O N G ’ S F I R S T L I F E S T Y L E M A G A Z I N E F O R S O U T H A S I A N S Mar

HOLI HAI BHAI HOLI Celebrating the festival of colours

Hong Kong Budget 2016



Bhagoria Haat Festival An incredible tribal carnival during Holi in Madhya Pradesh

Rabindranath Tagore

A quick highlight

The great Bengali poet and the Nobel laureate


Nayonika Bansal, Vihaan Nair & Ardaan Tewani. Photograph by Deepak Deshpande EDITOR: Pardeshi, Gaurav Ashok PUBLISHER: Neha G.Pathak DESIGN CONSULTANT: Sivasakthibalan CONTRIBUTORS: Sanika Kulkarni Akanksha Sharma Poonam Mehta Dr.Sanjukta Ghosh Nirupama Vishwanath Bejan Daruwala Taran Bhawsar A-DESIFLAVA COMPANY LTD.: Suite D, 3rd Floor,Lyton Building, 36-38 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: +852-23631786 Email: info@adesiflava.com FOR ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE CONTACT: Gaurav Pardeshi T +852-95433660 Email: gaurav@adesiflava.com PRINTED BY: 01 Printing Limited Suite M, 3/F, Tower 3, 448 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2811 1183 COVER DESIGN: Studio3 Creations DISCLAIMER: No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without permission. The publisher, layout designer, contributors, their employees and partners are not responsible for the results of any actions, errors or omissions taken on the basis of information contained in this publication and expressly disclaim all and any liability for any such action of any person. The views expressed in A-Desiflava are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor, layout designer or contributors. The publisher, layout designer and editor cannot be held responsible for differences of opinion or statements published in good faith. The mention of specific companies or products in articles or advertisements does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by this magazine or its publisher in preference to others of a similar nature which are not mentioned or advertised.


very Happy Holi to all the readers of Adesiflava Magazine.

Holi is a festival that reconnects each one of us with our childhood and young age memories. Just close your eyes for a while and feel as if you are back in those days, and i bet you will have a lovely smile of happiness and joy all over you face. Its that one festival where sheer fun takes you beyond your looks, clothes, hunger and everything else. Its just colors and colors all over. While putting together this Holi special issue i was falling short of ideas and topics to cover in this issue. This time i thought relying on my writers will be a good option. One of our magazine’s regular contributer and writer shared with me a very unique festival of match making called the Bhagoria Haat in Madhya Pradesh, India. The festival is celebrated alongside Holi. I had never even heard about this festival in my entire life. Wow! can you imagine a small village in India, where all the unmarried girls come to this festival during Holi and all the deserving and unmarried bachelor men form a circle and these girls choose their grooms by putting red color(gulal) on the face of the guy who she likes. If the guy in return puts the same red color on the girls face, it means that both like each other and are ready for marriage. The village committee officially approves their marriage in front of the entire village. Read

about this incredible tribal carnival of Madhya Pradesh in our In the mood section. Our new column ‘Scholar’s Forum’ will feature articles and stories related to science, scholars, literature, achievements and our famous historians of India. Dr.Sanjukta Ghosh is an expert educationist and will be writing for this column on regular basis. In ‘Episodes’ column our young writer Sanika Kulkarni has completed her episode of how she started from being the only Indian student in her school to becoming the president of the first student representative council of her school. To see how she started her episode, it will be useful to also get a copy of our previous Jan-Feb 2016 Issue. Our Globetrotter column is about Macau During the day. In this article we’ve put together all the places worth visiting during the day time in Macau. The article will be very useful for first time goers to Macau. A-Desiflava magazine really needs support from all its readers and likers, please share this magazine copy with someone who would feel the worth of advertising in it. Your help will be very much appreciated. All the best for a safe and sound Holi. Once again wishing you all and your loved ones a very Happy Holi 2016.




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Celebrating the Festival of Colors

Bhagoria Festival

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Sanika Kulkarni

Macau During the Day

Back to my birth place

Enhance your love using crystals

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8 Cover Story





Holi, the festival of colours is celebrated worldwide. From water fights to bonfires, it is an event that bring communities together. We look at its origins, how it is celebrated all over the world and our Hong Kong plans!


You may have seen Indians dancing and laughing with their faces covered in coloured powder and splashing water on each other. Welcome to the wonderful festival of colours called Holi. What better way to celebrate the triumph of good over evil than to have a huge water/coloured powder fight? Well done Indians, on showing the world how to really celebrate. The ancient festival Holi was originally a multi-faith custom that celebrated Spring, harvest and fertility. As time went on it evolved more towards the Hindu faith which is the form in which it is mostly celebrated nowadays all over the world.

Cover Story 9

10 Cover Story The Story Behind Holi As with most Hindu festivals celebrated by Indians, Holi is preceded by myth from which its moral, that good always triumphs over evil, is extracted from. It tells the story of Holika a female demon who had ademon brother, the king Hiranyakshap. He considered himself the ruler of the universe and higher than all the gods - a very big mistake to make as the real life Henry VIII discovered! His son however, was a devotee of Hindu god Lord Vishnu which caused him to have a bitter relationship with his demon father. One day Hiranyakshap asked his son Prahalad to choose between him and God in response to which he chose God. This made Hiranyakshap want to kill him but, despite feats like throwing him off a cliff, Prahalad survived, protected by his devotion. In desperation and fury Hiranyakshap asked his sister to do the deed for him with the plan that since she had been given a gift from the gods to be immune to fire, Prahalad could burn to death whilst she survived. She agreed but because she was using her gift for anevil deed, the gods withdrew her immunity and she burnt to ashes. Prahalad was however rewarded for his devotion and stayed alive under the protection of Lord Vishnu. Unsurprisingly, Prahalad proceeded to kill his father and took the throne. So how did this lead to people throwing colour at eachother? The Festival of Colours Holi, also referred to as the ‘festival of colours’ is celebrated with gusto by Hindu’s all over the world and as with most festivals, has become much less of a religious event


and far more of one that brings communities together. It stays true to its origins and is still celebrated at the start of Spring and given its affiliation with Lord Vishnu, otherwise known as Lord Krishna, it is popular amongst North Indians who are renowned devotees. Holi starts with the burning of a bonfire to commemorate the death of Holika and her attempted murder of Prahalad. The next day everyone comes out in clothes they are happy to forsake, traditionally in white, and armed with coloured powder, often mixed with liquid. They start by smearing some colour on their faces and wish friends and family a Happpy Holi after which, they launch the frivolities of throwing colour at everyone. Why colour? Since Holi was originally a celebration of Spring, the colours represent the vibrant colours that this season brings. It is visually a beautiful celebration but the real beauty of it lies in its heart - it is a celebration where all prejudice in society against caste, class and creed is suspended and the community celebrates as one. When everyone is covered in color, it becomes difficult to tell who’s who anyway! It can also be seen as a liberating event as unlike the conduct that is usually deemed acceptable, it harnesses but encourages public flirting with traditional rivalry between the genders. The fun is added with various rules like men not being able to fight back. The Intoxication Holi is a celebration that everybody of all ages take part in but there is a tradition to it that typically men

and young lads look forward to bhang. Bhang is a drink that is culled from the leaves and buds of cannabis which undoubtedly helps raise the gusto that the festival is celebrated with. Only the Hindu’s could get away with this but, it is a drink that is associated with one of the gods, Lord Shiva, which makes it more acceptable and although He has very little to do with Holi, Bhang has become its official beverage! How it is celebrated around the world? All over the world people celebrate Holi in different ways but regardless of newly created traditions, everyone stays true to its harmless, fun and competitive nature. Children are known to fill balloons with the coloured water and throw them like water bombs. There are specially made ‘water guns’ to aid people in being able to cover people with colour at long distance. New creations to add to the fun just keep coming. In some parts of India it is traditional for boys to create a human pyramid to break a clay pot of buttermilk that is hung high - a dedication to Lord Krishna and his mischievous ways as a child. In India, it traditionally starts with a big bonfire - to symbolise Holika and Prahalad. However traditions have been diluted as Indians have migrated to other parts of the world. In the UK for example, venues will not allow the use of the coloured water as it stains and houses are lined with carpet which doesn’t accommodate the traditional form of celebration. This is why many hire a venue for everyone to attend

Cover Story 11


and instead just throw the coloured powder at one another.

Rezonance Events Holi Beach Party on 20 th March 2016

Other countries too have incorporated their own traditions... Holi in South Africa - with a large Gujrati population, Holi is celebrated quite traditionally with bonfires, the throwing of colours and songs to take the merriment into the evening. Holi in Pakistan - as Hindu’s are not in plenty here, Holi is a little downsized. Many still follow the rituals and customs but tend to congregate in temples to celebrate. Holi in South America - Hindu’s in Guyana typically celebrate Holi (or Phagwa as they tend to call it) with a lot of enthu. In fact, to them it is not a celebration but a season; one that commences with the planting of Holika, a castor oil plant which is burnt one month later. Holi is such a prominent celebratory event that Guyana even have a public holiday to commemorate it. Holi in Hong Kong Holi is celebrated with a big bang in Hong Kong. It’s as good as celebrating the festival in your own city in India. There’s Rain Dance, Beach Parties, Club Night Glow Parties and Private Holi events happening all around the place. Different community groups in Hong Kong celebrate this festival in their authentic style. Bhaang, Gola, Colors, Water Sprinklers and dipping in pools are some common things you’ll see at the parties celebrated in Hong Kong. Check out for these Holi festival events happening in Hong Kong.

Mar 20 Holi Beach Party 2016 Gatepadss Sunday, March 20 at 12 pm - 5 pm Upper Cheunga Sha Join in biggest Holi in Hong Kong Date: 20th March 2016 | Time: 12pm tll 5pm | Colour Conutdown: 2:30pm Entry Fee Ticet Price Booked Before 12th March HKD150 Ticket price booked after12th March-HDKD200 (provided tickets are still available)

Rezonance Events Holi Glow Party on 26 th March 2016

Holi organized by our university for the south Asian students

Article by :

Sumantha Dutta is a UK based freelance writer who has published works worldwide. With an Indian heritage she writes about various India traditions much of which have come from her experiences of being an Indian who has been born and raised in the UK. Sources: ‘Holi Around the World’ - www.holifestival.org BBC - www.bbc.co.uk


In the mood



Carnival THE BHAGORIA HAAT Vibrant Colors of Tribal Values


ncredible India, an amazing country in south Asia, which is unquestionably rich in the culture. The culture changes with every kilometer in India when you travel from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. You might have heard of Village Haats”. “Haat” means “A market place, especially held on a weekly basis in the rural areas of the India”. The Bhagoria Haat, not just a haat but also a carnival, is especially a hallmark celebration of the Bhills and Bhilalas (local tribes of central India) particularly in the district of Khargone and Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh, India. Bhagoria, the cultural carnival of tribesmen will be celebrated for a week at the onset of the spring season, followed by the festival of the Holi. The joviality of Bhills and Bhilalas tribes just before the festival of Holi is worth experiencing. It is not just a fortuitous that the carnival held preceded to the

festival Holi of course, Holi is a big festival for the region. Harvest time also antecedent the carnival, so tribesmen have money in their bags, it is the perfect time for some shopping for the Holi, marriages and enjoyment. At the time of this carnival, every single person who belongs to the tribe returns to their home villages from their working place. This haat will be held at dozens of different locations in the district of Khargone and Jhabua on different dates. It is a carnival of love, life, music and colors. The specialties of this carnival are that cent percent of nearby villagers will be gathering at carnival location and the celebrations will start with the tribal music and dance. All tribesmen will be dressed according to their tribal fashion. They will be arriving at carnival dancing and singing along with various tribal musical instruments. They will celebrate this carnival with their family, relatives

and friends at the haat location. Every Bhagoria haat is highly crowded. There will be various hammocks and swings like giant wheels, Columbus, Tora-Tora et cetera for enjoyment and various small-small shops of various local goods and foods. Here, you can see the glimpses of tribal cultures of central India in this carnival.


The enthusiasm of hardworking tribesmen for this festival is at the top level always. It is referenced in literature that it is a carnival where young unmarried tribal boys and girls come delicately groomed in pursuance of proposing to their conjugal/spousal preferences, if both bride and groom are mutually in love they elope from the ground, till their parents hammer out a deal and agree to get both married once they come back. In a large number of cases, the marriage is already fixed between the prospective bride and groom, and the carnival furnishes the traditional framework for publicizing the marriage socially. Each group of girls is draped in the same colored outfits with weighty silver ornaments. Those girls move in groups and each group has its own color code. The colors range from bright to dull shades, excluding white. The silver ornaments they wear sparkles like new and again they all gear up the similar fashion across the colors of dresses. Men wear quite modern outfits though some with ornate flutes, fashionable goggles, matching outfits and Safas.

In the mood



In the mood

Now, would you not be excited to know how these boys in the Bhagoria haat propose? How do girls react? And how it is accepted as a ritual? The fact is somewhat different from what you might be thinking. At Bhagoria haat the girls choose the boys and put gulal (red colored powder) on the face of the boy to show their interest and if the boy also has the interest in the girl he also put gulal on the face of the girl in acceptance. Here let me make it clearer that a group of girls do this practice, not a single girl. The boys are encompassed by the group of girls and they sing songs to get a gift on Bhagoria haat. It is socially accepted if a boy or girl falls in love. There are many theories and beliefs about the origin and name of this carnival. In the street talk, the name Bhagoria refers to “Bhag� that mean run, another belief is that


the first couple of this festival was Bhav and Gauri i.e. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and this is how the festival gets its name. A third belief is that after winning this area king of Bhagore permitted his army men to elope with the girls they like at the haat or market that takes place before the Holi. Since then, it became a ritual that continues in same ways till date. It is also believed by the tribes of Jhabua that the Bhagoria carnival is organized in the honor of Jahma Mata a Goddess who had built the ponds of Bhagor village. She is one of the most honored goddesses of the Bhil tribe. The old people of those days spoke about the power of Jahma. Jahma belonged to a princely family. Her father was a king but she had given up all luxuries because she could not bear up the miserable condition of the Bhil tribe during the famine.

There was a scarcity of water. The water resources were limited in those days. Jahma by her spiritual power constructed ponds and temples in many places. Since then Bhagoria carnival is celebrated in this area. So this can be most acceptable historical fact about the origin of Bhagoria. A couple of decades ago, at the Bhagoria Haat Carnival tribesmen were allowed to settle down their old conflicts and they are also permitted to open challenges to their enemies to have blood war for their old conflicts. But nowadays police and the administration have restricted this ritual in the carnival. Plan your next trip to India and make sure you visit Khargone and Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh during March before the festival of Holi to witness this unique carnival of colors and match making.

In the mood


Travel Information: Step 1: Take Jet Airways flight from Hong Kong to New Delhi. Step 2: Take Jet Airways flight from New Delhi to Indore Step 3: Take A/C or non A/C bus from Indore to Khargone or Jhabua. Take local transport from Khargone or Jhabua to Bhagoria Step 4:  Carnival location. Or you can avail package for experiencing The Bhagoria Carnival offered by MP Tourism as alternative of step 3 and Step 4. Offer may also include luxurious accommodations and delicious meals.

Article by Taran Bhawsar Born and brought up in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India) in June, 1985, Taran Bhawsar’s penchant for writing had developed at a very young age. He used to write poems and articles about his trips with family or friends. Gradually, writing becomes his passion and profession. He is a correspondent of Adesiflava magazine from India. He also holds the designation of Manager HR in a reputed IT company in central India.



Scholar’s Forum





INDIAN PERSONALITY This article is targeted the Indianorigin youngsters and students who are growing up in Hong Kong, studying international curriculum. Many of them, today do not know about the great historical personalities in India. In particular, that is not their fault because they are studying international history. In order to give all the youngsters a glance of our great Indian personalities I have started this column. In this issue I will talk about the great Bengali poet and the Nobel laureate RABINDRANATH TAGORE. Rabindranath Tagore (7th May 1861 – 7th August 1941) was the first nonEuropean and first Indian to receive THE NOBEL PRIZE in literature in 1913. He was an eminent poet, a great writer, music composer and singer from Bengal. Till date people always refer him as “Kobi Guru” (the master/teacher of all the poets). He used mainly, the Bengali language for writing but afterwards he has translated some of his works in English. He was as efficient in

English language as he was in Bengali. He was the only person whose two songs were selected as the National Anthem of two countries India (Jana Gana Mana) and Bangladesh (amar sonar Bangla). He was famous as a humanist at International level. He was a Bengali polymath who reshaped Bengali literature, music and Indian art. He was born to a rich Zamindar (who has many ancestral lands) family as the youngest son of Debendranath Tagore. Debendranath Tagore was a leader of Bramho samaj, which was a new religious sector during nineteenth century. You all will be surprised to know that Rabindranath didn’t have any formal education in school. Because his mother expired at his early age he was grown up by the servants and he enjoyed the home schooling. His father wanted him to become a barrister and for this purpose, at the age of 18 he went to London to study the course of Barrister. However, his interests

were very different than what his father wanted him to do. Therefore, he could not complete his studies and came back to India. After that he only concentrated on different aspects of literature. Tagore wrote novels, essays, short stories, dramas and more than two thousands of songs (2230). His collection of short stories was huge and all were heart touching. His songs till date is considered as a special category of music in Bengali language, and well known as Rabindra Sangeet. He wrote many dance dramas to inspire people and their real life stories. His works are frequently noted for their rhythmic, optimistic, and lyrical nature. Rabindranath Tagore traveled almost 30 countries between 1878 - 932. From May-1916 till April 1917, he lectured in Japan and US. In 1930 he mate Einstein and they had a discussion on….He visited and interacted with some of the great international personalities like Charles. F. Andrews, William Butler Yeats, Robert Bridges, Thomas

Scholar’s Forum


Moore, Mussolini, George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells, and many more. Tagore opposed the imperialism of British government (India was ruled by British for 200 years) and supported Indian nationalists. He inspired general people for getting educated. Tagore wrote many songs in support of Indian independence movement. The famous two of them are “Ekla Cholo Re” (if they answer not to thy call, walk alone) and “Chitto Jetha Bhaysunyo”, (where the mind is without fear). Tagore renounced his “knighthood” (titled to him by British Government) in response to Jalianwalah bagh massacre. One of the most beautiful creations of Rabindranath was Shantiniketan and Viswa Bharati University. The Vishwa Bharati University is an art & cultural hub in Bengal. Tagore employed the “Bhramha Charya“ system like student will stay separately from their home and


concentrate on their studies. The teachers over there tried to give emotional, intellectual and spiritual guidance. 7th August 1941 was a black day in all the Indians life when our Kobi Guru expired from his life. He still remains within our heart, in our thoughts and education. We remember and salute him whenever we hear our national

Article by Dr. (Ms.) SANJUKTA GHOSH Ph.D., Physics, Former J.S.P.S. Fellow at Tokyo University, Japan


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Putting Education First


elia School of Canada is a private International School that offers PreGrade 1 to Grade 12. Delia School of Canada implements the Ontario, Canada Ministry of Education curriculum for students in Pre-Grade 1 through Grade 12. We have small class sizes and an extensive extracurricular club program. Learning continues in our after school extracurricular program which is conveniently offered on campus. We offer more than 30 extracurricular activities. Supervised by Delia School of Canada teaching staff, the extracurricular program offers students the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and develop social skills as they participate in clubs and sports activities.

Our Elementary program develops all areas of the student by focusing on four core academic areas, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, and Social Studies, in addition to Health and Physical Education, The Arts - drama and dance, visual arts, and music, and International Language - French, Japanese and Putonghua.

prepared for post-secondary education and are actively recruited by universities in Hong Kong and internationally because of the well-rounded education they have received. Students are required, in addition to completing required course work, to become active members in the community by participating in Community.

English as a Second Language Program is also available for those students whose first language is not English. The English as a Second Language Program offers Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes.

All graduates of our Secondary Section receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This diploma is recognized internationally and qualifies students to apply for entrance to universities around the globe. We currently have past graduates studying in more than 75 universities. Students in the Elementary Section, like their Secondary Section counterparts, also receive the Ontario Provincial Report Card.

The High School program, which begins at Grade 9, leads to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma and, in turn, for our graduates, acceptance into universities throughout the world. Delia School of Canada graduates are well-



Our association with Delia school of Canada has been from the year 2006. While looking for a good international school with well rounded curriculum in a safe environment for our children our search stopped here. From the top management to the support staff, everything and everyone is child centric. It is for this very reason that on our second stint in Hong Kong we knew the one aspect that we didn’t need to worry about was -our kids schooling. It had to be Delia. Needless to say, we are very happy with the trust we have placed in the institution. My son graduated from DSC a year back and is doing well at the HKUST like all other of his batch mates in universities of their choice.

For our daughter too with the wide spectrum of subjects offered at the high school to choose from coupled with the expert guidance of her teachers ,we are positive that she will achieve the goals she’s set for herself.

Delia School of Canada is a place that my children love, and are proud of. DSC is the best example of unity in diversity.

Be it my daughter in India who is currently a PhD scholar at one of the top universities, or my son who has just begun his undergraduate studies at HKUST, DSC taught them to thrive in any environment and communicate their ideas and thoughts creatively through the best language possible. I am a proud parent; DSC has truly lived up to their motto of putting education first.

With classmates from around the world, my children got to experience a truly global learning environment, as well as create lasting relationships that go beyond culture and nations.

Our partnership with the school in all round development of our children has stood the test of time and I wholeheartedly recommend the school to all parents.

Mrs R. Rajpal (parent)

Priya Suresh Kumar (parent)


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I entered Delia School of Canada in the 6th Grade, and have since gone on to pursue my undergraduate degree in Global Business at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

In my opinion, the true value in education at Delia School of Canada came from being exposed to individuals from diverse backgrounds, and learning to interact and communicate with them suitably - a skill of great importance for today’s citizen.

The curriculum itself is dynamic, allowing everyone to see the applicability of theories and concepts in the real world. Delia prepared me well not only for my tertiary education, but more importantly allowed me to develop and practice transferable skills, those that have the greatest demand today. All in all, I would recommend this school for its diversity, applicability of knowledge, and opportunities to develop as unique people.

Delia School of Canada was a place where lie my fondest memories. I got to experience so many different cultures as being one of the most multicultural schools in Hong Kong. The education and socialization helped me a lot to tackle the following years as a law student in the UK. Kamaljot Singh Law Student in UK (graduated 2004)

I graduated in 1989. My time at DSC proved to be one of the pillars of my life today. Apart from meeting my wife Preetee there I also attained very high academic results and was elected the student council president. I found the focus on holistic learning much more helpful then the HKCE system and went on to build a better life for myself. Today I hold a MBA from AGSM (Australian GraduateSchool of Management) and have had many senior executives roles in global MNCs. I also co-founded Jaavis Labs and currently serve as COO of the group, with presence in HK, Australia, India and Singapore. Jaspal Sarai (graduated 1989)

Sahil Mohnani (graduated 2014)

For more information please contact: Ms. Gurjit Kaur (Admissions Officer) • T : 3658 0400 • E: g.kaur@delia.edu.hk

Please make appointments for individual school tour and consultation Article contributed by the Admissions team of Delia School of Canada






ne of the recent events in Hong Kong was “International Women’s Day 2016 – Celebration”, hosted by “The Radiance” took place at “Aamchi Mumbai”, restaurant, TST. Dr. (Ms.) Sanjukta Ghosh, Owner and Director, ‘The Radiance’ organized the event in an outline of ‘Conference cum Interactive Dinner Party’. The party was attended by females from various nationalities and from various professions like teachers, social workers, doctors, professionals, and house wives. Everyone interacted to each other, discussed about the event topic and enjoyed the dinner with lovely ambience. The topics covered in this conference was women empowerment, human rights, problems faced by women in their career, health care of women, self views and self esteem and helping out the needy women. The event took with a welcome address and key note speech on women empowerment by the host Dr. Ms. Sanjukta Ghosh. Some of the other esteemed speakers were Mrs. Poonam Mehta (the president of “Be The Change” organization, and she talked about human rights), Ms. Catherine Tsang, (Senior Wealth Management Advisor, Convoy Financial services and she talked about how women are

discriminated in career), Ms. Angie Tourani (Advanced Certified Body Talk practitioner, and she talked about how stay healthy without medication), Ms. Agnes Tan (Vice President, Wharf T & T Ltd. And she shared her views in life), Ms. Aruna Ramaswamy (Experienced Kindergarten Teacher and she talked about low self esteem), Ms. Anuradha Sen (Cultural Secretary, Hong Kong Bengali Association and she talked about her own views) and Ms. Nathalie Sommer, Ms. Christa Den Boogert, & Ms. Seema Bhatia (from Little alchemy group and they shared how can women be supported by their group when in need). If we go back to the history we will find that ‘International Women’s Day’ (IWD) was first celebrated in the year 1909, at New York, based on the female worker’s strike in 1908 at a garment factory over there. Thereafter, the day 8th March is considered to be and celebrated as ‘International Women’s Day’ all over the world. Since 90’s every year the IWD is celebrated in various part of the world in a more organized way with precise agenda. This one day gives us the opportunity to show our gratitude to all the women in this world.


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Here is a list of some of the women who are pioneer in their respective fields: First women professor (Science): First Women Nobel laureate: First Women Space Astronaut: First Women Writer: First Women Mathematician: First Women Doctor: First Women Business Owner: First Women Sports Person:

Laura Maria Caterina Bassi (Italy)-1732 Marie Curie – 1903 & 1911 (Paris) Valentina Tereshkova (Soviet)-1963 Aphra Behn (UK) 1670s-1680s Hypatia (Alexandria) AD ~ 400 Elizabeth Garett (UK) 1836-1917 Madam C. J. Walker (US) 1867-1919 Mary Queen of Scots – 1567

In February 2014, I, Dr. (Ms.) Sanjukta Ghosh, Ph. D., (Physics) founded “The Radiance” is an educational organization which I dream to see as an institution in future. On its completion of two successful years on February 2016, we have organized the first event of “THE RADIANCE”, “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2016 – CELEBRATION” as an INTERACTIVE DINNER PARTY at Aamchi Mumbai, TST. This event was in true sense International as there were variety of invited guests like Indians, Chinese, Malaysian, and European etc. This event was organized in an outline of semiconference, with variety of speeches. Few of the esteemed guests expressed and shared their thoughts and views.

The program was well organized with warm welcome of the guests, providing them a professional ambience with authentic Indian food. Some of distinguished guests were Ms. Poonam Mehta, (the president of “Be The Change” organization), Ms. Catherine Tsang, (Senior Wealth Management Advisor, Convoy Financial services), Ms. Angie Tourani (Advanced Certified Body Talk practitioner), Ms. Agnes Tan (Vice President, Wharf T & T Ltd.), Ms. Aruna Ramaswamy (Experienced Kindergarten Teacher), Ms. Anuradha Sen (Cultural Secretary, Hong Kong Bengali Association) and Ms. Nathalie Sommer, Ms. Christa Den Boogert, Ms. Seema Bhatia (from Little alchemy group).



More About “THE RADIANCE” Our Mission: We offer quality and expert guidance to the students from primary level to University level. We cover all curriculums and give preparatory courses for IGCSE, Edexel GCSE, IB, A Levels, HKDSE, HSC etc. As an experienced science researcher I believe in knowledge at diversity and strictly believe the fact that knowledge can shared, discussed and purposefully utilized among different age group of people. Our Vision: We firmly believe (a) that every student is special (b) every student has the capability to learn, (c) every student has right to ask

silly questions and lastly (d) every student will mostly perform wrong numerical in class. We aim to solve the above mentioned four problems of the students and try to make them more confident so that they can reach their goal. Our excellent cognitive skill helps the students to gather deep knowledge and understanding in the subject. Based on their needs we keep our teaching technique flexible. Our patience helps them to be brave and confidence enough in participating in an interactive class. Our regular homework assignments help them to get more confidence in them and slowly reach an optimized level. We give special attention to the students who are weak in some particular topics.

Our Skill: We possess excellent cognitive, communicative, sensory and interactional abilities. We are able to understand and use the teaching strategies appropriate to the level, ability and interests of the students in the class. We can communicate with students effectively. We follow a lesson plan and complete the students’ worksheets, assignments and assessments on a time bound. Our sufficient sensory functions help to develop and maintain awareness among all the students in the class. We are the tutors with compassion, integrity, concern for others, interpersonal skills and strong motivation. Our Members: Dr. Ghosh, Ms. R. Rahangdale, Ms. D. Balayan, Ms. N. Ramchandani, Mr. R. Conte, Mr. A. Rafiq, Ms. R. Pahuja, Ms. M. Chakrabarti, Ms, S. Shobhna

Contact Us: Dr. Ms. Sanjukta Ghosh Room 842, 8/F, Rykadan Capital Tower, 135 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong Tel: 29116543 Fax: 29116544 Email: sg.aitr@gmail.com






Sanika Kulkarni continues her half story published in the Jan-Feb 2016 Issue of the magazine.


set of words that changed my life once again. From the only Indian girl in the entire school to the president of the first student representative council of my school, it was daunting but there was an uncanny excitement about it.

In all honesty, the only reason I was interested in being involved in this, was so that I could have an experience to support my university application, little did I know that this position was much more than that, it came with gripping sense of identity. I knew that it required responsibility, and organization but it was only after I was elected to take this position that I realized the sense of empowerment that came along with it. In the 3 years that I spent in this school and country, there

Executive secretary - Megan Lai, Treasurer - Clare Coey, President - Sanika Kulkarni was a lot that I had taken in, with unbelieveable shocks on certain occasions to trivial surprises; it has shaped the way I think. One of the most important lessons I learnt was to be able to identify yourself without the help of your name, race, wealth and appearance, and after you have been able to identify the things that define you, you keep working towards becoming a better person - this means that you don’t need anyone else’s validation. Praise, appreciation and criticism is welcome but you don’t depend on it, you make it your own. Being elected as the president among 4 other candidates was seen as a mere sign of popularity by some people. They failed to see through it; the courage it took to be able to fill the form, the defiance it took to be able to do something that had never

been done before, it was nearly not as effortless as it seemed. The confidence that this experience gave me subconsciously made me feel like I was responsible for bringing about a change, a sustainable; significant change. Operating from this position of power, I was able to make the voice of the students in the school heard and worked towards the betterment of the student body but soon I realized that this confidence gave me the drive to do something beyond the scope of my school or community. Recently I had the pride and privilege to be able to share a platform with the renowned playwright and activist, Eve Ensler. With the help of some students in



my school and the Asian Migrants association I organized the 4th One Billion Rising event in Hong Kong, to fight against the violence and abuse faced by women in Hong Kong. I was inspired to do this as I realized over the years that if I have a voice, I must raise it for all the right reasons. Women all over Hong Kong, in various fields face oppression and are unable to speak for themselves. In Hong Kong, predominantly, migrant workers face are the largest group of women who go through injustice, we conducted a solidarity march, a press conference and a parade in Central to raise awareness about it. A few things that Eve Ensler said increased the sense of empowerment that I felt, she repeatedly stressed on the fact that privileged, fortunate people should be the ones to fight for the ones that do not usually hold power or authority. People are often under the misconception that being able to fight for yourself is the only true form of victory but that day I realized how wrong that statement was. During the press conference one of the interviewers asked me why I was there, and whether or not this issue directly affects me, and my answer was simple. I said “It doesn’t affect

me, not at all”. Everyone was baffled to hear this at first but that was the reason that gave me a real sense of achievement that day. I wanted to make it clear that the movement “One Billion Rising” is about rising for everyone around you, this may not affect me but I feel a strong urge to stand up for all the mothers, sisters and daughters around me. To me, it’s undoubtedly selfish to live in a society where there is so much happening around us but we are incapable to attempt to make a difference just because it doesn’t affect us. As a 16 year old girl, this is what I have achieved and it’s much more precious that any award, medal or certificate I could win for myself. What have you done for this society? Are you comfortable with the fact that 1 in 3 women are violated throughout their lifetime? Are you comfortable with the fact that 1 in 5 children are going to go to sleep hungry tonight? Are you comfortable with the fact that 1 in 4 people will not be able to read this article because they can’t afford an education? If not then this is your chance to raise a voice, attempt to bring a change, not for yourself but for the society that you live in.

Article by Sanika Kulkarni I am a 16 year old student, currently taking the IB diploma in International college and I hope to make people laugh and learn from the stories of little challenges that I have faced here in Hong Kong.







Macau, as everyone knows is very famous for its night life, casinos, shows and the fabulous hotels like Venetian, Galaxy, City of Dreams etc. We all are pretty much familiar with its night life. It sometimes becomes difficult to know what happens in Macau during the day. The moment we reach Macau, we are mobbed with too many tourist taxis and tour guides to help us with sightseeing Macau and I am sure every fourth or fifth group ends up paying handsome amount of money for touring the places during the day. Here we are, with a list of places that you can see during the day time, and also some information on how you can reach there using public transport bus. If bus doesn’t sound convenient, you can just call out the name to a taxi driver. We recommend you to please tear-off this article and keep with you for your next visit to Macau. You may also want to give this page to your friends, family or relatives who plan to visit Macau during their next trip to Hong Kong. A MA TEMPLE A-Ma Temple was built long before Macau became the modern city it is today. The complex is made up of a variety of different structures, and, although each structure is dedicated to the worship of different deity they stand together to form an A-Ma Temple. Address:Largo do Pagode da Barra. How to get there:Bus : 10,10A,11,18,21,21A,1,1A,2,5,6,7,9 ,26,28B,34 Opening Hours:07:00-18:00 CENTRO DE CIENCIA DE MACAU MACAO SCIENCE CENTTER Macao Science Center features a variety of interactive exhibits designs to extend 4 district themes (Children, Technology, Environment and Lifestyle) as well as highresolution Dome shows at the Planetarium. It is a great place for visitors of all ages to come and have fun to explore science and technology.

Address:Avendia Dr. Sun Yat-Sen,Macau How to get there:Bus: 3A, 8, 10A, 12 Opening Hours:10:00-18:00 (Closed on Thursday and Lunar New Year’s Eve), open on public holidays. DR. SUN YAT SEN’S MEMORIAL HOUSE IN MACAU Located within walking distance of Lou Lim Leoc Garden, Dr. Sun Yat Sen memorial house formally known as ‘’Mansion of Sun’’ was built as a residence for Dr.Sun’s first wife LuMuzhen in 1912. Address:1, Rua de Silva Mendes. TELE PHONE NO:+853 2857 4064 Free Admission Opening Hours:10:00 – 17:00(Closed on Tuesdays) JARDIM LOU LIM LOK The picturesque Lou Lim Lok Gardens was constructed as a private garden in the early

20th century, acquired by the government of Macau in the early 1970s. The garden’s crowning achievement, the ‘’Green Grass Hall’’, is designed to have the ‘’perfect’’ combination of pavilions, ponds, bridges and rockeries. Address:Est Adolfo Loureiro TELE PHONE NO:+853 8988 4100 Free Admission Opening Hours: - 06:00- 21:00 KUN IAM ECUMENICAL CENTRE The Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre consists of the towering 20metres bronze Kun Iam Statute and the giant dome-shaped lotus base, is composed of sixteen petals. The interior of the Centre featured 2 levels: a multi-function room and souvenior counter on the ground level and a contemplation room and small library in the basement. Address:Avenida de sun Yat-Sen

Globetrotter 27


Opening Hours:10:00-18:00(Closed on Fridays) except public holidays. TELE PHONE NO:+853 2875 1516 MUSEUM OF THE MACAU SECURITY FORCES The Security Forces Museum Macau is located in the lobby of the old Military Museum, with the building dating back to the colonial occupation. The museum contains of several historically valuable items that were actually used by military and police, including: pistols, guns, and uniforms. Address:Calcada dos Quarteis Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau Opening Hours:Weekdays - 09:00-17:45 Weekends & holidays – 09:00-17:00 TELE PHONE NO:+853 2855 9999 HERITAGE EXHIBITION OF A TRADITONAL PAWNSHOP BUSINESS Tak Seng On ‘The Virtue and Success Pawnshop’ was established in 917 and initially belonged to a Mr. Kou Ho Ning, a wealthy Macanese merchant. The architectural design and layout, interior décor and equipment of this establishment would have been very similar to pawnshops in Mainland China at that time. Address: Av.Almeida Rieiro No. 396 Opening Hours:10:30-19:00 (Closed on the first Monday of every month) Admission: MOP 5 TELE PHONE NO:+853 2892 1811

How to get there:Bus: 2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,8A,10,10A,11,18,18 A,19,21A,26A,33 NATURAL AND AGRARIAN MUSEUM The museum’s five exhibitions are devoted to Macau’s long history with farming and the natural environment. Featuring a simulated mangrove swamp, a working waterwheel and a grain mill replica, the museum truly captures the essence of Macau’s farming community. Address: Seac Pai Van Park, Coloane Opening Hours:10:00-17:00 (Closed on Monday, closed on the following day instead if a public falls on Monday) FREE ADMISSION TELE PHONE NO:+853 2887 0277 How to get there:Bus: From Macau Peninsula: 21, 21A, 25, 26,26A from Taipa: 15 RUINS OF ST. PAULS The Ruins of St. Paul’s refers to the façade of what was originally the Cathedral of St. Paul, built from 1582-1640. Destroyed in a fire in 1835, the ruins remain as a reminder for a century long past lost. Address: Rua de Sao Paulo, Macau Opening Hours:Open Daily How to get there:Bus: 2,3,3A,4,5,6,7,8A,10,10A,11,17,18, 21A,26,26A and 33. SENADO SQUARE Senado Square has been Macau’s centre for centuries and is still today the most popular venue for public events and celebrations. The square is surrounded by pastel-colored

neo-classical buildings, creating a distinct and pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere. Address:Leal Senado Square, Macau How to get there:Bus: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8A,9,9A,10.10A,11,12, 17,18,18A,19,21A,25,26,26A,33. WINE MUSEUM Divided into three different areasHistorical Information, Wine Cellar, and Museum/Exhibitions- the Macau Wine Museum aims to educate visitors on the social, economic and cultural importance of wine in Portuguese tradition. At the Wine Museum your entrance fee includes a Portuguese Wine tasting experience,’’Prova de Vinhos’’ Address: Calcada dos Quarties, Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau Opening Hours:10:00-21:00 (Closed on Tuesdays) How to get there:Bus: 1A,3,3A,1-,10A,10B,12,17,23,28A,2 8B,28C,32,API PRICES:$15(included wine testing) TELEPHONE NO:+853 8798 4188

References websites: http://hk.macautourism.gov.mo/en/ http://gohongkong.about.com/od/ daytrips/ss/Macau http://www.discoverhongkong.com

Article by Neha Pathak


Be The Change




PLACE I was born in united India at Quetta, in present Pakistan! During the partition, when I was just 3 years old, my parents and I moved from Quetta to Mumbai.  In Mid February 2016, I took the plunge of visiting my birthplace Quetta, Pakistan. I was welcomed in to my friend Sobani’s house with unconceivable love and far-fetched respect. I am grateful to the Lord that caste and religion did not come in our way, just love of caring and sharing.  Serving humanity was the purpose of my visit. My family has known Sobani’s for 4 generations. Mr.Ebrahim and Dr Shoib Sobani and their family is one of the most humble families I have ever known. Their mother our Amee I visited Kohi Goth hospital where I had an opportunity to meet Dr. Shershah Sayed and Dr. Shoib Sobani. Dr. Sayed presented me with his book ‘VISION’ in which he has penned about his family history. At present there are  42 medical doctors in his family.  The aim of the hospital is to provide free of cost quality and modern treatment to poor females. They  operate on Fistula patients and train

late Mrs. AZIZA Sobani, blessed my first-born son, when he was in cradle. She said MASHALLAH! HE IS A BLESSED CHILD unquestionably he is. I stayed with them in their royal house! Their incredible hospitality was beyond words. My stay in Karachi was like a pilgrimage, going back to my roots where there was only love no fear or hatred. I met many prominent people who welcomed me with grace and pride. I am deeply touched and wish to thank each and everyone for making me feel so special. Furthermore, I was thrilled to talk to my fellow beings in Sindhi! People there have a heart of gold. I am proud of the country where I was born. students from villages to become future Doctors ! I was fortunate enough to conduct workshops for students. They received it with enthusism. There was great learning and sharing. My salute to Dr. Sayed  and to his 42 incredible doctors in one family. Grace be upon parents. I visited DAR-UL-SUKAN a home for children with disabilities

Be The Change


Shakir Samrat classical dance director and choreographer teaches these children on volunteer basis Purpose driven life indeed! Shakir is blessed to share his talent with special children. The Citizens Fund TCF Quality education for less privileged students. Shared my expertize and conducted workshops

SZABIST Directorate of Schools and Colleges Honour of meeting Chancellor of SZABIST University Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho and her team

Mrs. Lubna Khalid, Dr. Suleman Shaikh, Dr. S Sobani and Students Conducted workshop with students on Phonics and Literacy

Visited Mama Parsee School 99 years old and shared resources Visited Hyderabad Meera High School and met dedicated teacher Dadi who is100 years

Save Our Souls SOS home for underprivileged

Mrs. Tasneem Bandukwala JCI Senator and President of Rotary Club Defence

Article shared by Mrs. Poonam Mehta



Love & Relationship



he crystal or the quarts is considered to be a good source of positive energy. Therefore, it is used for enchasing positive energy. In the Reiki treatment, the crystal is used extensively. The crystal has the important place in Feng-shui too.




The crystal is a splendid medium of enchasing the energy of the earth-element of the house. • The crystal, when kept the south-western corner of the house, maintains love and understanding among the different members of the family. • The crystal kept in the direction of the house makes the Chi energy of this area extremely effective and positive which leads to an enhancement of love between the husband and wife or the lovers. • If any young woman is not able to get married, she must bring this remedy in use. In this way, she can definitely get a good life-partner under the effect of the Chi energy. For this, it is necessary that the south-west corner of the house should be energized by putting up many big crystals & Rose Quartz Grapes etc. • One table in the south-western corner of the house keep big crystals, crystal balls, crystal

grapes and heart – shaped crystals/rose quartz. Directly over these crystals keep a table lamp or lighted-up bulb. This will help to keep the crystals highly energized and maintain a constant of the Chi energy of love.

Special • If the crystals are small, then arrange them in the shape of a necklace and wear them around the neck. Remember that small crystals are meant to be worn in the form of necklace and not for keeping in a corner of the house. • Never allow anybody to touch the crystals. Remember that you should always think positively when you are close to the crystal. • If you fight, quarrel or talk negatively in the room in which the crystals have been kept, then they begin to give off negative energy and in such a situation, it becomes necessary to make the crystal pure again. To do this, wash the crystals properly in the saltwater and then, keep them in sun light for 3-4 hours. • If the rainy season going on at such time, then keep the crystals in a deep thali and keep them in the roof. The lightening flashing across the sky will fill these crystals with living energy. This is the best way to energize the crystals.

Article by Pandit Gopal Sharma

Love & Relationship 31


Candle for

Romance L

ight up red or yellow candles in south-western corner of every room of your house on the Full Moon night. These candles awaken the chi energy according to Feng-shui. Never light up white or black candles as these bring about the opposite effect and destroy the Chi energy. You can also undertake the following experiment on the Full Moon night to enhance the auspicious Chi energy:

• Fill a board and deep vessel with water. Light up three red and two yellow candles shaped liked the earthen lamps and let then swim in the water of this vessel. If you have any precious stones like Topaz, Emerald, Safire, Ruby, Pearland diamonds etc., then take any seven precious stone out these and put them into water. Now, take a small piece of

wood and any one flower (rose, mariegold, jasmine, etc.) and put them into the water. • Also put your golden ring or a piece of gold in the water, keep this vessel on the table in South East of the drawing room and see the positive effect. •This vessel represents the five elements of the cosmos. The lighted-up candles represent the fire-element, water represents the water-element and the piece of wood represents the wood-element. In this way, the living Chi energy of the cosmos produces a magical effect in your house. At this time, call any person you want to attract yourself, to your house and see the effect of the Chi-energy. This experiment should be conducted on every Full Moon night. Along

with an increase in romance and love, this experiment will also make possible for you to get desired work done by the invited persons. When some special guests or friends come to your house, then you must do this experiment and see the favorable flow the Chi energy.

Precaution • The precious stones give a good effect but if they are not available, you can also use seven small pieces of stone in the water. • This experiment should always be conducted increases the scared love only. It should never be used for any undesirable activities. If it is used for any undesirable activities, then it can give the opposite results.

Article by

Pandit Gopal Sharma




DISCRIMINATION ON THE GROUND OF DISABILITY IS UNLAWFUL Mr. X had a chronic illness and needed to use a wheelchair. One day, a taxi driver stopped and opened the car door when Mr. and Mrs. X hailed for a taxi at a taxi stand. Mrs. X then put a bag at the back seat of the taxi and went back to assist her husband. Mr. X alleged that the driver fled as he saw him. If not because of a traffic jam that stopped the taxi from going further, they would not have been able to retrieve the bag with his medicine inside that had been put in the back seat. They did not accept the explanation of the taxi driver that he was not driving away, but intended to stop at that spot to wait for them.

Represented by his wife, Mr. X lodged a complaint with the EOC against the taxi driver for disability discrimination. The case was settled through conciliation after the taxi driver agreed to provide a letter undertaking to provide assistance to passengers using wheelchairs. The Law: It is unlawful under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance for a service provider to refuse service to a person with a disability, unless the provision of the service would impose unjustifiable hardship on the service provider.

Community 33


The disability discrimination ordinance makes it unlawful for anyone to discriminate or harass someone because of their disability. ”Disability” according to the law has a wide definition. It includes physical, mental, temporary, long-term, short-term, past and imputed illnesses and impairments.A disability includes not only a disability which presently exists, but also a disability which previously existed but no longer exists, which may exist in the future or which is imputed to a person. Apart from direct and indirect disability discrimination, the DDO also prohibits harassment on account of one’s disability. Disability harassment would include insulting remarks and offensive jokes about someone’s disability. Under the DDO, disability vilification is also unlawful. Vilification is an activity in public which incites hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of people with a disability. For example, if a person speaks openly in public that people with a disability are useless and a burden to society, this may amount to vilification.

Let’s look at a case of Disability Harassment. Mr. A was a non-civil service contract worker of a government department. He alleged that his former supervisor had made disparaging remarks about him for taking frequent sick leave. Mr. A lodged a complaint against his employer for being vicariously liable for the alleged disability harassment incident. The case was settled through conciliation after the employer agreed to issue a letter to Mr. A (1) stating the “zero tolerance” principle against any disability harassment in the workplace; (2) undertake to inform Mr. A of the outcome of the internal

If you feel you have been discriminated against on the ground of a disability, you can do one of the following: (a) if the complaint is job-related, you can lodge a complaint with your organisation's management or seek other forms of appropriate help from your organisation; (b) if the complaint is related to the provision of services or facilities, you can lodge a complaint with the goods, services or facilities provider or request for improvement; (c) lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC); and/or (d) take your case to court.

investigation regarding the alleged incident; and (3) to apologize for the distress caused by the incident if it did happen. The Law: Under the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, it is unlawful for an employer or an employee to harass another employee on account of his/her disability. Employers can be held vicariously liable for the unlawful conduct of their employees, unless they can prove that reasonably practicable steps have been taken to prevent such conduct from happening.

For enquiries and further information on the Disability Discrimination Ordinance, please contact: Equal Opportunities Commission 19/F,Cityplaza Three, 14 Taikoo Wan Road TaikooShing, Hong Kong Hotline: 2511-8211 Email: eoc@eoc.org.hk Website: www.eoc.org.hk Office hours: Monday to Friday from 8:45 am to 5:45 pm

Article by Niru Vishwanath, EOC

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MRS. POONAM MEHTA SHARE YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS WITH HER, SHE KNOWS IT ALL.. AUNTY POONAM MEHTA, HK’s well-known Counsellor & our Columnist for Love & Relationships section. — M. Ed. Guidance & Counseling, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne U K and Early Years Registered Educator in Hong Kong

Question 1: Dear Aunty I am Anita, I am regular reader of Adesiflava Magazine. I like your guidance very much. These days I am facing one problem. I don’t know why, I get angry very fast and sometimes I even feel like finished everything. I am trying to control my anger, but fail to do so. This is affecting my professional & personal life. Can u please suggest me something valuable? (From  Tung Chung)

uncomfortable. Cause of Anger Varies: it can be caused by guilty, unfulfilled desires, suppression, and lack of self-acceptance. Try to know what causes your anger. Become aware that anger can hurt yourself and others and damage relationships. Look at yourself and others with respect and dignity. When you are angry be slow in your expression. By training your mind to look at difficult situations in a more realistic manner, you can free yourself from a lot of unnecessary mental pain.

Answer 1 Dear Anita, I appreciate your kind words and it seems you are aware of your problem. That’s good! Have there been any major changes in your life? If any, ponder on those issues. Anger is by nature a painful state of mind. Whenever we are angry, our peace of mind immediately disappears and even our body becomes tense and

Instead of reacting blindly under the control of ingrained habit, you should examine whether it is helpful or realistic to become unhappy; at such times. You need not become unhappy just because things do not go your way. Although, generally it is a normal reaction to difficulties. However, once you acknowledge that it does not work you are free to respond in a more positive and realistic manner. Best wishes.

Question 2: I am very depressed please help me out from this situation. Aunty, I am from a family who is having strict rules & regulations. I have completed my professional education & want to pursue my career. My family background is economically good and they want me to marry as per their choice. I want to have some more time for taking such type of decision. This is my life & I want to live it in my way. My elders never opposed them due to which my family thinks whatever they are doing is right. I don’t want to do anything against them but my family doesn’t want to compromise. Please provide me the best way out? (Masha from Satin) Answer 2 Dear Masha, “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion.

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It keeps you sane.” ― Criss Jami, Killosophy I understand your desire to fulfill your dream, and become productive by using your knowledge. Parents serve as a major influence in their children’s career development and career decision- making. Yet, they fail to understand that their children too have dreams of their own. Some parents want their children to find happiness and success in life by just getting married and landing up as homemakers. Furthermore, some parents consider career against family values when it comes to marriage, they are highly influenced by society too. They also feel responsible to fulfil their earthly duties. You also need to give hope and assurance to your family that you are well matured and are able to decide what is right for you. Share with them your vision and the benefits of your career. You may also seek help form elders in your family who can share your feelings them. You need to be brave and wise in enlightening your family that you respect them and honour them but their decision may not be right for you. Question 3 Hello Aunty, This is Sunaina from Tsim Sha Tsui, I live with my husband and completed 2 years of happily married couple. But sometimes only just because of interference of my husband’s family leads me into very critical

situation. Our disputes raised to that much extent that we thought of leaving each other. We both are happy with each other, but then also this situation arrives in between 7-8 months. He can’t stop the interference of his family and at the same time he doesn’t want to leave me. Just due to others, our life gets disturb. Aunty please suggest me, how to manage this situation & my life too. Answer 3 Dear Sunaina, Your problem is with the interference of your husband’s family. Marriage is not for two years but for life long. Your husband needs you and his family too. Instead of paying attention to the behaviours which you do not like focus on where you and your in law’s family get along. You can exercise some tolerance and patience and build your intimacy with your husband and the best possible relationship with family. You have abundance power of love and forgiveness. God loves those who honor their elders. Apply these you will experience amazing love of family. Question 4 Aunty, my name is Bhoshika (name changed), I live in Argentina. I got a copy of A-Desiflava Magazine at my father in law’s residence in Hong Kong. I took a copy with me to ask you this question. I will read your answer in the online issue of the magazine. I came to know recently that my father in law is having physical relations with his Nepalese helper. She even got pregnant once and had to go back for abortion to Nepal. She is merely 24 years

old and father in law is like 60+. The helper is a very nice girl and became very close to me during my trip to Hong Kong. She wants to be released from this physical abuse thing done by my father in law. I can’t discuss this with my husband either as he will feel very bad and will be emotionally disheartened knowing about all this. Please suggest something which will help the helper to get her problem resolved. She also can’t leave the job as she is very well paid as a domestic helper and also she has the liberty to work part time elsewhere with permission. Your suggestion will be appreciated. Answer 4 Dear Bhoshika, I appreciate your compassion for the 24 years old domestic helper. You can always encourage her to find another employer in Hong Kong. She may also be partly responsible for the consequence. I fail to understand why can’t she take a decision. Explain to her that this kind of repeated act may result in worse mess and at the expense of her health. If it is not with mutual consent, your father in law can be legally charged. You need to listen from both sides. Nothing better will happen if she continues to work for your family. Your husband may feel more awkward when he comes to know when things get worse. It is wise that her employment is terminated as soon as possible.





It is customary to wear new clothes and buy gold during the festive season; to appease their respective planets {Grahas}, one can do so by wearing ones Lucky colors, for increasing the magnetic attraction. One may even invest in their lucky gems, or birth stones, what with Gold prices at an all time high! Sounds like a Gem of an idea! At least to leading Numerologists, Sanjay B Jumaani & Gemologist, Jhernna S Jumaani.

So lets consult the duo for some sparkling & invaluable suggestions to our readers. Number 1 {SUN}: {Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th in any month}

Number 2 {MOON} {Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th in any month}

Your lucky colors are yellow, brown, orange, blue and gold.

Your lucky colors are green, grey, white, blue and cream.

Your Lucky Jewel is the Ruby, right hand ring finger, 4 carats approximately, set in Gold, to be worn first time on a Sunday, 9 A M. Chant the following mantras 7 times before wearing on that morning: Aum Grinih Suryaya Namah.

Your Lucky Jewel is the Pearl, right hand little finger, 4 carats approximately, set in silver, to be worn first time on a Monday evening, 6 pm. Chant the following mantras 11 times before wearing on that evening: Aum Som Somaya Namah.

Benefits: From improving relations on personal, professional front to strengthening husband-wife bond, it is the Gem of the Sun, so can help get recognition, just like lakhs of people worship the Sun, one can expect what they deserve or even more. It gives name, fame, vigor and the capacity to command.

Benefits: It helps in calming emotions and increases peace of mind. It can control Mood swings, depression and short temper. It is said to provide vitality & wisdom {Sanjay Dutt was advised to wear the same and since past few years of doing so, he has sobered down quite a bit. Now he uses machine

guns only in films!} Number 3 {JUPITER} {Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th in any month} Your lucky colors are blue, violet, and purple. Your Lucky Jewel is the Amethyst, approximately 4 to 6 carats, right hand mid finger, to be worn in silver first time on a Saturday, 2 hours 40 minutes before sunset, chanting the following mantras 18 times: Aum Shum Shanischaray Namah. Benefits: It helps in throwing away negative vibrations, helps in improving financial status. It is also supposed to help reduce intake of intoxicants. It sometimes helps regain lost wealth/property. Number 4 {URANUS} {Those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st in any month}



Your lucky colors are yellow, brown, gold, orange, blue. Your Lucky Jewel is the Gomedh {Hessonite} approximately 4 to 5 carats, right hand ring finger, in any metal, to be worn first time on a Saturday, 2 hours after sunset, chanting the following mantras 18 times: Aum Ram Rahave Namah. Benefits: It helps in health matters, especially guards against stomach ailments. It protects from hidden enemies, and helps curb insanity, evil spirits. {Big B was suggested to wear the same to help with some of his health issues he couldnt stomach!}. Number 5 {MERCURY} {those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd in any month} Your lucky colors are green, silver, blue and all light shades. Your lucky Jewel is the Emerald, of around 4 to 5 carats right hand ring finger in silver. You should wear them first time on a Wednesday in the morning 2 hours after sunrise, chanting following mantras 9 times before wearing: Aum Bum Buddhaya Namah. Benefits: Being the gem of Mercury, Buddh, meaning buddhi, it helps improve memory, concentration and increases the ability to learn. Its the best gem for the eyes and the nervous system, thereby helping curb stomach problems stemming out of anxiety. Its wearer can get sufficient wealth. Number 6 {VENUS} {those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th in any month} Your lucky colors are blue, violet, and purple.

Your lucky Jewel is the Diamond, half a carat approx or White Sapphire, 4 to 5 carats approximately, right hand ring finger first time on a Friday at Sunrise, chanting; Aum Shum Shukraya Namah, 16 times before wearing. Benefits: It is the gem for Venus, which stands for the good things of life. It can enhance artistic tastes and qualities. It can get you the luxurious things, and can also help increase sexual drive. Perhaps thats why it is a custom to exchange diamond rings during weddings! {Anil Kumble on our recommendation wore the same, to find himself becoming the Captain of the Indian side, that too at the fag end of his career.} Number 7 NEPTUNE} {those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month} Your lucky colors are green, grey, white, blue and cream. Your lucky Jewel is the Cats Eye, approximately 4 carats be worn in the right hand, little finger, set in silver first time on a Thursday midnight 12 oclock. Chant the mantras: Aum Kem Ketave Namah, 18 times before wearing.

white, light grey. Your Lucky Jewel is the Blue sapphire approximately 4 to 5 carats, right hand middle finger, to be worn in silver first time on a Saturday, 2 hours 40 minutes before sunset, chanting the following mantras 18 times: Aum Shum Shanicharay Namah. But before wearing, you need to first test it to see whether it suits you or not for around 7 days. Benefits: It can take a person to higher status. But being the gem of Saturn, Shani, it is supposed to have the ability to make or break. It sometimes helps regain lost wealth/property. It also helps restore lost wealth, property. One should first keep with self, touching the body for around 10 days to see if it suits or not. {While it revived Big Bs stagnating carrier due to ABCL debacle, giving him Mohabatien & KBC, Lady Diana apparently lost her life a few days after wearing it!} Amethyst is a safer substitute and can be worn instead, following the same procedure. Number 9 {MARS} {those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month} Your lucky colors are blue, pink, red and maroon.

Benefits: It helps protect from sudden misfortunes, depression, insanity, drowning, intoxication and hidden enemies and government punishment {if not guilty!} It is also said that it helps those in speculative businesses.

Your Lucky Jewel is the Red Coral, approximately 4 to 5 carats, right hand ring finger, to be worn in gold first time on a Tuesday, 1 hour after sunrise, chanting the following mantras 19 times: Aum Ang Angarkaya Namah.

Number 8 {SATURN} {those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th in any month} Your lucky colors are blue, yellow, cream,

Benefits: It helps in making a person courageous; it is also said to help in blood related diseases. Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work.






ASTROLOGY BY BEJAN DARUWALLA - MARCH 2016 Aries: Having set the ball rolling in your workplace, with Ganesha’s blessings and your dedicated efforts, you will now be receptive to the myriad opportunities that have fallen into your lap. You have energy and a positive mindset and success is ensured. You will complete all your tasks and keep your deadlines. The proper management of resources and time allows you to indulge in your favourite pastimes without compromising tight work-schedules. Taurus: This period will see a turnaround in your priorities as the work driven focus of last period will diminish to some extent and shift to your personal ties and associations. On display will be the new you, more mature, loving, caring and demonstrative. Friends, both old and recent, and from relationships just forged or revived from the distant past, will fill you with a sense of warmth and happiness. Tender and memorable moments shared with your spouse / partner and children / dependents, while ignoring pressing demands on your resources (physical / monetary), will strengthen mutual love and bonding. Gemini: You are on a high this period, as you allow nothing to hold you back in your pursuit of pleasure and profit. You will be eager to partake of fun and you also have a back – up plan to ensure that funds keep coming in. It is your time to shine and you will go much beyond the call of duty in your fulfilment of domestic obligations. Health of elders / dependents / boss and even in – laws could require your prolonged involvement.  Cancer: The professional arena will now demand intense commitment. You are a high achiever; nobody can deny that, and you will continue to work on your projects without letting up, and are not ready to brook any interference. You will set very high standards, not just for your subordinates, but also for yourself. This uncompromising attitude could alienate

your co-workers and supporters leaving you to complete the bulk of the work alone. Leo: Once again, relationship issues will distract you from your work, making you lose focus, and this could have harmful long – term repercussions. Details at work will be important at this time and reading the fine print could help you avoid heartaches in the future. You could have the tendency to be laidback and even casual about things, and carrying this attitude into your workspace could cause grief.  Virgo: For the better part of this period you have been involved in tackling varied issues on the home front. This will result in the strengthening of family ties which you now realise is important for your mental peace and harmony. Health – related concerns of children (your own, if you have them) could create panic and stress. This period could put a strain on your budget too and you will have to attend to money matters urgently.  Libra: All the trends of the preceding period continue to require your intense movement. Spiritual leanings and insights of the last period will grab your attention even now and you look hard for rest, relaxation and inner peace. Family funds and assets are relevant at this time as there could be unexpected demands on your time and money. Although you experience relief at the favourable conclusion of a court case or legal matter, there is a chance of getting into big trouble if you over – commit your limited resources in solving problems.  Scorpio: You will be motivated to extend yourself, not just physically but even emotionally, to consolidate all your ties and associations. Communications, contracts and collaborations will be very relevant professionally and also in your personal life. It is not all smooth sailing, though, as unexpected events, accidents and losses could have an adverse impact on your partnerships. Remaining alert and flexible will help minimise the damage. 

Sagittarius: This is a period of intense activity. Connections, friendships, links and associations formed now will not only be just career – related but even personal and this is largely due to your helpful nature. Tightening your belt and investing in sure – shot winners – be it stocks, shares, mutual funds or government bonds – will give you a healthy balance sheet which will be a big blessing in these times of increasing expenses. Capricorn: You may have felt doubly blessed as you enjoyed a profoundly stimulating union with your mate last period. But now, Ganesha showers grace on you further. You are extremely happy as even health and wealth are in top – notch condition. You will glow with an inner sense of harmony and well – being as you experience and live, joyfully each and every aspect of your life. You will be on a high as you experience amorous interludes with your lover / sex partner.  Aquarius: There is a lot of activity this period requiring you to juggle both money and relationship issues. Though you will feel intensely passionate and gloriously romantic in your personal live, it will not be wise to neglect matters pertaining to your work / profession. Cash transactions, overdrafts, loans, credit ventures will occupy you, but Ganesha advises you to keep all such deals under wraps if you want to derive maximum benefit from them.  Pisces: Expanding your knowledge through intensive spiritual practices will occupy this period. You are charged and high motivated. Wisdom and confidence will be yours. You will have no respite this period both from work and family commitments. Though you continue to invest your time and effort in these areas, you will also set a game plan for the future. Rising expenses on the home front could cause worry and the stress could lead to health problems. Ganesha’s blessings are with you. 



ASTROLOGY BY BEJAN DARUWALLA - APRIL 2016 Aries: You are on an intense work binge. You have a changed perspective and now display a great work ethic. You fire on all cylinders and make rapid progress. Associates and colleagues are inspired by your leadership abilities and vision and you will make several key decisions. There will be important collaborations and the signing of deals which will benefit you in the long run. Taurus: Hard work is an integral part of your psyche at this juncture. You are full of vision, optimism and faith and you inspire all those around you to give their best. You gain the support of friends, admirers, acquaintances and lovers. These are good times and there may be the blossoming of a romance with someone you meet at work, a sort of office romance, I may add. Tread carefully. Gemini: You make progress and cover a lot of lost ground. You make purchases and are filled with a love for beauty and all the good things of life. The giant strides you are making now will be the result of the changed mental ethos that you have created within you, caring for those around you, being tolerant and less critical. The softer persona makes for much more happiness and also helps to gain the true co-operation of colleagues / co – workers, bosses / sub – ordinates / employees.   Cancer: You rise to the challenges of hard work and career advancement and initiate several projects that stretch your imagination, capabilities and skills. Your achievements are impressive and you win applause from all quarters. You embark on many new projects that underscore your ingenuity and creativity. But, despite it all, you are in a thoughtful mood and tend to get depressed for no particular reason.  

Leo: There is a new focus and thrust and you are assured of success in your ventures. Work increases and you have no time to party; even the weekend meetings with friends and loved ones will be taken up by work pressures. There is expansion in several spheres, work wise and a lot of money needs to be invested. Virgo: Work is progressing well and there is also travel thrown in. You are determined to sustain the growth that you have achieved and to even up the tempo. You grow as a person and earn the respect and admiration of your peers. I must add here that in life one always loses a bit when one gains something else and there is no escape from this cardinal principle. Which is why it is necessary to know what you really want from life. Libra: The work phrase is in full swing and you are making waves. There is intensity in whatever you do and the stage seems set for passion. Love enters your life and sets it like a wick in a haystack. A new relationship has your heart racing but you are caught in it, and are helpless. Without a doubt, you are overextending yourself.   Scorpio: Thankfully, you slow down a bit now and make the correct decisions. There is more sanity in your dealings and you stretch to meet more people. There are partnerships, collaborations and tie – ups at work. You show interest in higher studies, spirituality and faith. You turn to religion and look for answers. You look for a grip on life and spend time with family and friends. Sagittarius: You find yourself isolated; in fact, your need for privacy leads you to long periods of solitude during which you don’t even tell your loved ones where you are, which is quite difficult for them to cope with or accept. But you need this

‘me’ time in which you probe deep questions about life and death and your purpose on this planet in the particular circumstances you are in. Capricorn: You are back on terra firma with many disturbing psychological questions seemingly answered. There is more happiness and contentment. You are cheerful and warm, tolerant and more accepting of yourself, others and situations which earlier infuriated you no end. As a result, there is joy in all your interactions. You are a softer and more rounded person now and you look at life from a different prism and perspective. Aquarius: You stretch yourself in all directions. You reach out to people and they respond favourably. Your plate is full to overflowing with events and activities. Family and loved ones expect much from you in this phase. Work takes a back seat and you quite like – and do justice to all the socialising. There is travel, expenses of all kinds, and some stress. You find cracks developing in some new – found love and this disturbs you. You find solace in quieter retreats and may visit a spa or place for healing for rejuvenation and treatment. Pisces: People continue to be an integral area of your life. But you need to be objective and dispassionate and re-evaluate and reassess your life and your attitudes. You will realise that you are not centred and are being pulled in many directions simultaneously. The moment you get your teeth into something, you lose interest and move on. This can get disconcerting and irritating to you and the persons involved. Your mind wanders and you are unable to stick to anything for any length of time. 



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A-Desiflava Mar-Apr 2016 Issue  

very Happy Holi to all the readers of Adesiflava Magazine. Holi is a festival that reconnects each one of us with our childhood and young ag...

A-Desiflava Mar-Apr 2016 Issue  

very Happy Holi to all the readers of Adesiflava Magazine. Holi is a festival that reconnects each one of us with our childhood and young ag...