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Marching towards being a smart city BAUHINIA’S VIEW

NO MORE VISA ON ARRIVAL Frequently asked questions

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Volume 6

Issue 1

Another year is upon us, and as I sit here in the fag end of 2016 writing this note, i wish all my esteemed readers Happy New Year 2017.



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Marching towards being a smart city BAUHINIA’S VIEW

NO MORE VISA ON ARRIVAL Frequently asked questions

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Entering a New Year of amazing Bollywood movies Plus a wide variety of entertainment programs

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Bajrangi Bhaijaan

ON THE FRONT COVER: Depicting the cover story topic in the form of an angel baby who lost his life in the Tin Shui Wai toddler murder case. EDITOR: Pardeshi, Gaurav Ashok PUBLISHER: Neha G.Pathak DESIGN CONSULTANT: Sivasakthibalan CONTRIBUTORS: Chandragupta Amritkar Poonam Mehta Bejan Daruwala Manoj Motwani Notan Tolani KP Daswani Chitra Sivakumar Nirupama Vishwanath Narayanmurthy SRS Media ABP Productions A-DESIFLAVA COMPANY LTD.: Room 20, 13th Floor, Eldex Indl. Bldg. Block B, 21B Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom Kowloon, Hong Kong T: +852-23631786 Email:

FOR ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE CONTACT: Tanya Singh T +852 64348876 Email: PRINTED BY: 01 Printing Limited Suite M, 3/F, Tower 3, 448 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Tel: +852-2811 1183


COVER DESIGN: Studio3 Creations

No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form without permission. The publisher, layout designer, contributors, their employees and partners are not responsible for the results of any actions, errors or omissions taken on the basis of information contained in this publication and expressly disclaim all and any liability for any such action of any person. The views expressed in A-Desiflava are not necessarily those of the publisher, editor, layout designer or contributors. The publisher, layout designer and editor cannot be held responsible for differences of opinion or statements published in good faith. The mention of specific companies or products in articles or advertisements does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by this magazine or its publisher in preference to others of a similar nature which are not mentioned or advertised.

This issue i want to dedicate humbly to the little angel boy who became victim of the Domestic Helper in the Tin Shui Wai toddler-helper case. To believe something like this happening in a place like Hong Kong is unbelievable. I pay my sincere homage and condolensce to the Indian family and i hope justice is given to the bearer of death which in this case is the helper(pseudo domesticated). In the cover story I’ve suggested some ways by which the Indian employers can keep a close watch on the behaviourial changes of their helpers. Demonetization in India, is it really helping? well! if not now perhaps in the long run it might. Demonetization looks like a doubled edged sword, it is helping to cut the corruption but is really making the lives sad for the innocent middle & lower income population in India. For us living in abroad, we all are still not sure what lies in future for the NRI’s with regards to the demonetization effect in India. How much money can we bring back from home? How much money can we carry back home, How much money are we allowed to transfer to our Indian accounts, how much can we invest in India as NRI? There are several such questions which remain unanswered or are being falsly answered by many of our fellow Indians on whatsapp groups. In our FEATURE article, we tried to discuss this issue with some of the prominent Indian personalities living in Hong Kong. Please read their views and comments on this subject in our FEATURE section. Nashik, whenver this name tinkles in my ears, the only thing that comes to my mind is the Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Now with the latest modernisation of India and smart cities, lets see how Nashik is shaping up as a Smart City. Mr.Chandragupta Amritkar, our expert writer and official advisor of the magazine has written about how Nashik is marching towards becoming a Smart City of India. Read GLOBETROTTER section. Recently, Adesiflava team was busy covering some of the best events that happened recently in Hong Kong. WHILE AGO section features, BJP’s International Hong Kong wing spearheaded by Mr.Sohan Goenka did a great job with organising an Economic Forum and the Overseas Friends of BJP meet at the India Club, Our team had a great time listening to some expert talks and doing some chit chatting and thereafter photos with the political and influential people of Hong Kong at this event. Another event, well deserved and to be applauded was the recently held SRS Media World Business Conclave at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong whereby all the professional gurus, Political leaders & Top Businessmen came together for an insight on digitalization going globally viral now. And it was the team of SRS Conclave that got the best out from the conglomerates present there. Adesiflava magazine’s Jan-Feb 2017 issue starts with an emotional subject of the toddler murder case but brings you to an happy ending by the time you reach the last page. Please read every page and share your comments with me. Once again wishing all our readers a very Happy New Year 2017. Stay Healthy and Stay Fit in this brand new year. Forget the sorrows and stress of 2016 as this new year is going to be your game changer and the best one you ever had in your entire life.

Thanks for reading.


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Cover Story


Cover Story


A BOON OR A BANE? It’s a very good question to ask, whose fault, was it? when I heard the toddler murder case in Tin Shui Wai, I was devastated and had tears in my eyes. I immediately called my wife to check how our helper had been doing recently.

“Mom & Dad, I am happy and doing well in heaven. I was sent by god to give you love, happiness and affection only for few years though, God decided to put me on a bigger mission after I left you both. Please get back with normal life and stay happy as your son is always besides you as your baby angel”. I have not mentioned the above quote with a view to hurt the sentiment’s and feelings of the family, but it’s just a soothing message to the parents from their innocent son. Recently in Hong Kong we’ve been hearing a lot of unpleasing domestic helper cases of physical abuse, ill treatment and misbehavior with the kids. Why are they targeting your child? I think in most of the cases it’s a way for them to remove their frustration and anger towards YOU (their employers). Now, if we look at the recently held Tin Shui Wai toddler murder case

The Indian family in a group photo with the helper in the Indian family, there are lots of versions of what really happened and a lot of grapevine about what made it happen. When I discussed the story with many Indians living in Hong Kong and especially who belong to the Punjabi community, I got many versions of what was happening in the family and what must be the reason for the Indian helper to take such an obnoxious step. Was it because of an unpleasing relationship between the HelperEmployer? Was it a case of Black Magic? Was it a case of schizophrenia? None of us can judge and be sure what would’ve been the reason

behind this unpleasing act of inhumanity. As per my view, some behavioral changes or its trend in the nature of the helper could have hinted something fishy going on in the mind of the helper. Now let us try to understand the possibilities of what could have been the reason behind the helper’s devastating act, we will try to correlate our questions with the episode of events that took place as per the article published by South China Morning Post on their website on 24 October 2016, 8pm.



Cover Story

The helper being handcuffed, masked and escorted by the policemen after the incident.

( hong-kong/law-crime/article/2039620/domestic-helperquestioned-police-after-toddlerdies-home)

The Indian helper was left to take care of the toddler when the couple left home at about 8 am on Monday morning and went to work. The home was fixed with a surveillance camera. Fears were raised when the couple found the camera did not work at about 9.30 am and asked their neighbor to check the home, but no one answered the door. If the Helper was unconscious or under the influence of unnatural power influencing her to commit this sin, how did she remember to turn OFF the surveillance camera’s?

But contrary to my above question, if the helper did this murder in her full conscious and understanding, why did she not run away too far from home and was only wandering in the nearby area? Now this event makes me feel that YES she could have been unconscious or under influence of something unnatural while committing this inhuman act. Whatever is the reason behind or motive behind this murder the real reason will always remain a mystery for me unless someone really speaks up and utters the truth for the sake of the several families living in Hong Kong with their children being handled by their helpers. As a family person, also in a similar situation where we highly depend on our domestic helper’s for looking

after our kid when we are busy outside with our professional life’s, let’s take some precautionary measures and actions to never come across such a devastating situation in our lives. 1) Be friendly and nice with your helpers but don’t get overfriendly by which they might take you for granted. Don’t let it too loose, making it tight again will mess it up. 2) Try and understand the behavioral trends of your helper. Which acts of your kid irritates the helper or makes her go angry. What makes her happy and what makes her excited? 3) Keep a close watch on your helper’s sleeping patterns? any helper sleeping too late in the night is probably going in the wrong di-

Cover Story

rection. Even the helper’s parents or siblings wouldn’t chat or speak with her for such a long duration knowing its already midnight in Hong Kong. 4) Every time you leave your kid alone with the helper at home, try and call back every 1-2 hours and make a video call to check out on your kid. 5) Every time you leave your kid alone with the helper at home, try and make surprise visits back home and checkout on your kid and helper. 6) Try and observe for marks on your kid’s body, to check for bruises, rashes, cuts or swells. Anything looking unnatural should raise an alarm immediately.

7) Never ill-treat, misbehave or abuse your helper’s, always remember the most precious thing of your life is going to be or is being handled by them alone when you are out at work. 8) Remember, loneliness kills and empty mind is a devil’s workshop, so don’t let them get homesick. Please let your helper’s vent out on time, let them take their weekly off’s, let them talk and let them go around places to see. They also have a personal life after all. 9) For newly hired helpers, discuss and understand the real reason for them working in abroad as helper’s. Sometimes they could have been sent forcefully by their parents or spouse to earn money for their survival back home. Any instance

where you feel that the helper is not happily doing her job, please happily send them back to their home country. 10) the most important, never show your 100% dependency on your helpers, its your family and your children after all.

An article by: Gaurav Pardeshi Photo courtesy: http://www.ejinsight. com/20161026-indian-maid-saidto-have-admitted-killing-employer-s-son/ hong-kong/law-crime/article/2039953/hong-kong-domestic-helper-custody-over-suspectedstrangling whatsapp Help group’s




DEMONETIZATION IMPACT ON INDIAN EXPATS LIVING IN HONG KONG matter of re-building our nation and nothing good can happen without pain and consequent suffering. Surely our heart goes to millions back home whose lives are undergoing a very painful metamorphosis. The only consolation is that this generation has the good fortune to be a part, no matter how small, of making our nation healthy and strong on all fronts and be a vital player for peace and harmony in this world.

Mr.KP Daswani Trustee at Chinmaya Mission, President - HK Progressive Group I feel the impact on expat community is almost negligible. We do bring some funds back when returning from India but the amounts involved are minimal to facilitate our return trips back home. Naturally, if we are holding some high denomination notes we have the option to send out those funds through a friend to deposit in our account back home or to just forget about it. I am sure many of us support this de-monetization. It is a serious

Mr.Notan Tolani President, Sindhi Assoc. of Hong Kong

The big step that has created a furor in the Indians called DEMONETISATION is indeed a noble thought, but definitely not the right time now. Having said that

I will pinpoint certain things that should have been thought of before shouting so loud and that is “where is the homework done for such revolution to form into a commandment”. The demonetization is targeted at the black marketers and the fake money launderers. Although He may have been able to whisk out some fake currencies but what about the black money which unfortunately has resulted in the chaos which our country is in now . It is supposed to work for the masses whereas the common man is the one who is at the losses … ask me how? You see the banks don’t have enough cash flow to be given away to the common man for their daily needs resulting to their frustration and helplessness to the given situation. After so many days people still have to wait for hours outside their ATMs to borrow their own money which no way is helping the nation to grow. I do wonder as to how come the advisers of Mr.Modi could not see through all the adversities that could follow this announcement and if they did then my friends this could be the biggest scam of the century.


Dr.Manoj Motwani Founder / CEO, MAP Asia Pacific

The demonetization has certainly made a large number of NRIs gain or regain the somewhat lost hope in our system. NRI’s similar to the Resident Indians, do not need to worry as long as the money is accounted for. The main issue of discussion around is to exchange the old currency with new one. At present there is no exchange points outside India where the NRIs or OCIs can deposit the Indian currency they are holding and I can understand there is lot of work behind it in case the Government of India wants to facilitate this. Hopefully some support comes soon. I understand that the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has formed an inter-ministerial committee to study the concerns of tourists, NRIs and foreign missions with regards to demonetization and advice practical solutions to it. NRIs and foreign tourists are facing issues with currency exchange as they were caught off-guard in this situation. However, the RBI on its website has made it clear that those NRIs who could not get their monies exchanged before 30th December 2016 have a provision at select RBI or RBI authorised offices till 31st March 2017 either by themselves or someone duly designated by them.

For the investors holding foreign currencies, it is all positive. I believe there will be a short period of time where we will see a dip but then there will be a growth as the “J” curve. Currently the prices of the real estate have come down because this was one of the largest sector which was supporting and participating in the parallel economy of black money and cash transactions. The rupee has also softened in last few weeks. Looking at this, it is a great opportunity for the NRIs and OCIs to possibly think about investing into their own country. There will number of good deals available in different segments. We all wanted for years to kill this monster of corruption in India. Now Mr. Modi has taken the step, it is our responsibility to support him. It will not be without pain or inconvenience but for the sake of future it is necessary, because this move could transform not only our economy but also our society. He is a true leader. He has taken a huge political risk without worrying about the vote bank as lot many politicians think about. This may be an unglamorous job but it is really important to fix the foundation before growing to new heights. He is taking the steps which no leader has ever thought of taking in the history of India. India and Mr. Modi must succeed.

Mr.Narayanmurthy Founder & CEO, Career Architects Limited, Hong Kong

By and large the average NRI is typically insulated from the policies that affect day to today and operational aspects of life in India. However, the recent “Demonetization” with its far wider ramification is a matter that does not give this freedom. The NRI community suddenly discovered that whatever Indian Cash that they had in possession now has an expiry date that is much closer than what they would have liked.  The fact that the numerous money changers in their respective countries would no longer entertain their requests for converting Indian Currency to Overseas Currency did certainly catch many NRIs by surprise. Then there was a scramble to get hold of the right version of the various regulations pertaining to how much cash could a NRI carry back to India.  The fact that many aspects were being changed dynamically did add to the concern and confusion.  Fortunately there is far more clarity now. The objective and the consequent decision for the demonetization of high value notes was taken to throw out black money and counterfeit notes from the system which has been deep-rooted in the economy for the past many decades. The counterfeit notes were a huge facilitator for Terrorism and Anti India Forces.  The Jury is still out on whether or not the violence in Kashmir has declined primarily due to this move. At the outset, everyone knew that there would be collateral damage as this move is extremely radical.  The extent of its impact on the common citizen varies



Feature widely with some sections getting extremely affected and some not experiencing far too much discomfort. The magnitude and scale of the challenges of implementation for such a measure is itself Gigantic and did call for meticulous planning and also for midway course correction. Through demonetization exercise, the government is striving to achieve hard to have a cashless ( less cash) economy and is urging people to adopt the digital payments system for their transactions. such as United Payments Interface (UPI) app for a cashless transaction. Paytm, MobiKwik and FreeCharge and other online wallet companies  too, are pushing their online products and attracting customers to get away from cashbased transactions. They have all now projected front facing and advancing of their results!! The crackdown on black money was also designed to influence people from parking their savings in physical assets such as gold and real estate, and instead re-direct their savings into the financial system. Consequent upon the Augmentation of financial savings, there is hope and logical reason for the cost of debt capital in India to reduce. Increase in saving rate increases, will also lead to reduction of lending rates. It would be a bouns if the cost of housing comes back to reasonable levels.  However at the Operational Level  cash availability impacts  the common man struggling  hard to meet daily expenses in a market place that is still driven by Cash. Many banks and ATMs across the country

continue to dispense little or no cash. The average NRI is not affected by the hardship that is faced by the common man in India and the pressures on those in the villages and rural areas. This phase is a very critical phase of India’s emergence as a Global Power and the die-hard Indian Optimism says, “ Hom Honge Kaamyab and Achhe din Aayenge”!!

Mrs.Chitra Sivakumar Lecturer at City University of Hong Kong & Software Consultant at CLP Hong Kong

Demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes is another 911 (9th November) that hit all the Indians living all around the world after 15 years. The 911 (September 11th) of 2001 killed innocent people due to terrorist attack. But this 911 surgical attack of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was expected to save the poorest of the poor from the country consisting of corrupted few with huge piles of money.

Mrs.Nirupama Vishwanath Equal Opportunities Commission of Hong Kong, Ethnic Minorities Unit

I think the demonization may have had minimal impact on Indians in Hong Kong as most of us do not keep much in cash. Our reserves or savings are largely in forms other than cash. The few 500 and 1000 rupee notes I had were left over from my last visit to India and I am confident of being able to deposit that into my account on my next trip. From what I hear, most expat Indians welcome the move by the government as one of the steps needed to clean out black money although we do realize that it has caused hardship to many in India who mainly do small cash businesses.   I hope the worst is over as far as the implementation is concerned and people are able to get on with their lives.

Immediately after the announcement was made, messages flooded in all the smart phones of Hong Kong. A discussion about the surgical attack was there for more than a week. But everyone agreed that it will bring good to the country. Some told that they will not worry about this since they have no such unaccounted money with them. The only concern with the middle income group of Hong Kong is how to change the money that they had in their reserves to spend when they visit India. But found a way out by sending their money to their relatives through friends who travelled to India. Some expect serious repercussions, but as middle income salaried people of Hong Kong, most of them including me feel that this bold step will surely lead to constructive supremacy to India and Indians in near future.

Article compiled by Tanya Singh


NASHIK: MARCHING TOWARDS BEING A SMART CITY Nashik the city of temples, city of Kumbh Mela, the largest peaceful religious gathering in the world, city with an excellent mix of history and culture, city of grapes and wineries, city with picturesque surroundings and scenic beauty, city with world class hotels and some of the top industries. Thanks to the Kumbh Mela held last year Nashik got a major facelift as all three government machineries central, state and district plus Nashikites did a fabulous job. Nashik is well known for its hospitality and has quite a few branded and home grown hotels. Seeing the potential many more International chains are investing in Nashik. One of the few hotels that foresaw a business opportunity way back in 2010 was Shelar Properties Pvt Ltd who opened the hotel with around 100 rooms, the largest inventory in Nashik.  But within a year they added another 100 rooms making it a 200 room hotel - raising quite a few eyebrows on the feasibility of the venture from their own fraternity. “We have proved that a 200 room hotel can do good business If we provide excellent service and good quality food. Today we do a year round occupancy of 80% and on certain days 100%. Our restaurants are doing roaring business and we are

today the preferred choice for MICE or weddings in Nashik district,” said a jubilant Vikas Shelar, Director, Express Inn. From the restaurants point of while in Nashik one must certainly try out the Panchavati Thali. Nashik which is also known as "The Wine Capital of India”, thanks to the numerous wineries spread across the district. Also Nashik valley wine quality is much appreciated globally. On the industry front Nashik has seen rapid growth in the last decade. There are main five industrial zones in the city - Ambad, Satpur, Igatpuri, Dindori and Sinnar. There are plenty manufacturing and engineering industries, Auto companies, OEMs, ancillary units, pharmaceutical units etc. Then there is Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Thanks to HAL, Nashik is

expected to become a defence manufacturing hub in the next five years. Nashik also is well known for onions, pomegranates, grapes and tomatoes which are even exported. Maharashtra has also declared that it will develop Nashik as an IT hub. Thus there are innumerable options for a business investor to look at Nashik. Its close proximity to both Mumbai and Pune can help investors to look at startups in Nashik For the growth of any city good educational institutes are very important. Apart from standard colleges for arts, commerce and science, Nashik today has various institutions catering to all major sectors like management, engineering, medical, media,




architecture, hospitality etc. “The last 6-7 years have seen Nashik becoming an educational hub, especially as Mumbai and Pune have become saturated. Also now we have huge campuses with many courses under a single roof with sports facilities and many cultural activities. Another advantage for the girls is that we are able to provide hostel facilities on the campus with full security. Thanks to this we have 65% girls in our institutes. For those looking at monetary benefits I would say Nashik is 30-40% more economical than the metros,” said Ravindra Sapkal, CMD, Sapkal Knowledge Hub, Nashik. Tourism - Nashik – A city of Temples

Nashik is one of the holiest places for Hindus. This historical town of Legendary Lord Rama, who lived in Panchvati area of Nashik, with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana, during his years of exile is today a mix of old age culture and modernisation. Some important places worth a visit are Panchavati - the perfect place to start a tour. It was the place where Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Sita made their home while serving the exile. The word Panchavati literally means ‘garden of five banyan trees’. The trees are still in existence on the temple premises. Ramkund - one of the holy kunds located on Godavri River was built in 1696 by Chitrarao Khatarkar, on the spot where it is believed that Rama and Sita took their bath. Many devotees frequent here to have a holy dip. Kalaram Temple – is completely build of black stone (thus giving the temple its name) and the tip is made up of 2 tons of gold. Built by Sardar Odhekar of Peshwa in 1790, the temple is 70 ft high with beautifully sculptured idols of Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman. It

is estimated that it took 23 lakhs of rupees and 2000 workers to build the temple spread over 12 years. Sita Gufaa - near Kalaram temple is the cave where Sita was staying when Ravana came to kidnap her. The Shiv linga that she worshiped is still there in the cave. Tapovan – the place where Laxmana, cut the nose of Shurpanakha, the sister of Ravana is a nice green zone. Kapileswara Temple - dedicated to Lord Shiva is one of the oldest temples in Nashik and located on river Godavri. Generally, all Shiva temples have an idol of Nandi Bull, which overlooks its master’s sanctum but this temple is an exception as there is no Nandi Idol on its premises. Modakeshwar Ganesh Temple - where idol is believed to be self emerged ie, ‘Swaymbhu’. The temple derives its name from

the ‘Modak’ Lord Ganesh’s favorite dish. Veda Mandir - imparting Indian culture, Vedas and Puranas attracting students from across the globe. Free training and education on VedPuranas is given to all students. Pandav Leni Caves - located on the Trivashmi hills are a cluster of Hinayana Buddhist rock cut caves dating from around the 1st century BC to the 2nd AD. Most of these have outstanding sculptures with icons of Buddha, Jain Teerthankara Vrishabhdeo, Ambikadevi, Veer Manibhadraji and Bodhisattva. The famous Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak and Buddha Smarak are located close by. Dadasaheb Phalke Samarak - the founder of Indian cinema and film Industry born in Nashik. This memorial is a tribute to this producer of Indias first movie ‘Raja Harishchandra’. Spread across 29 acres with a nice


of India. It is believed that a holy dharshan of this shrine provides as much virtue as a visit to four holy places. 18 chapters of the Gita are inscribed on the walls. Veer Savarkar Smarak - Bhagur is the birth place of the freedom fighter, Swatanrya Veer Savarkar. There is also a beautiful temple of “Bhagur Devi”.

garden in its courtyard the smarak contains a meditation, a conference hall and an exhibition center apart from displaying the works of the Dadasaheb Phalke. Chambharlena - perched on top of the hill at an elevation of 400 feet is this holy place of the Jains - the sacred spot of Teerthraj Gajpantha. The popular belief is that Chamaraj the King of Mysore built Chambharlena in 600 BC. Hence the caves obtained the name “Chamer Caves”. Jain Mandir - recently built on the outskirts of Nashik is a gigantic temple complex dedicated to Jain saints. This shrine consists of a threestoried architectural grandeur of its own type different than the other temples. ‘Jain Mandir’ is a popularly called name for Shree Dharmachakra Prabhav Tirth, which is constructed using white marble and pink sand and without any use of steel, cement or modern building material. Muktidham Temple - built with white marble it displays almost all the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. It also showcases the facsimile of all the 12 Jyotirlingas

Apart from the above there is Anjneri - the birthplace of Lord Hanuman; Institute of Numismatic Studies located close to Anjneri Hill; Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri – is one of the world’s largest Vipassana meditation centres; Gondeshwar Temple is a splendid black-stone temple in Sinnar around 26 kms from Nashik; Saptashringi Devi Temple, about 52-Kms from Nashik City is the temple of Sapatashrungi Mata; Trimbakeshwar enshrines one of the 12 jyotirlingas dedicated to Shiva; Shirdi is just 90 kms from Nashik and famous for its temple of Sai Baba. Luxury at an affordable price

Great ambiance, grand rooms, par excellence food, good Spa, excellent sports facilities - gym, squash, billiards room, swimming pool,  even a kids games room, a world class saloon great and equally efficient and friendly staff makes Express Inn the most sought out hotel in Nashik. Certainly one of the best place to stay in Nashik - whether on business or on vacation. Express Inn- Nashik was recently awarded as The Best Luxury Business Hotel in the Western Region of India - competing with some of the best known global brands and home grown luxury brands. “It’s a feeling of great pride for me and my staff. My team has put in great efforts and we have always believed in giving excellent service while maintaining our standards of luxury,” said Narayan Shelar, CMD, Express Inn.



Globetrotter Located on Mumbai Agra highway you surely cannot miss Express Inn. Standing in all its grandeur Hotel Express Inn, a business luxury hotel has created a niche for itself. As one enters the beautifully designed lobby gives the guest an excellent impression of what lies ahead. The hotel has 200 luxurious rooms spread across two buildings including spacious suites, executive and deluxe rooms. Apart from being economically priced for the luxury given the hotel has a unique offering of family rooms for a family or a group of four. Nashik being a pilgrimage center many families and extended families visit the city and also Trimbak and Shirdi, so these family rooms are ideal and are designed to cater for perfect family retreats with lots of space. Each of these family rooms have beds for four and two washrooms. Another plus point for the hotel is serviced apartments, especially for expats. “Nashik has a lot of expats and to cater to there needs where they want to stay from several weeks to several months, we have serviced apartments. They are more comfortable staying in fully furnished apartments with kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms. Making this an ideal option for corporate,” said Narayan Shelar. Express Inn has one of the best restaurants in Nashik - Aster a 24 hrs multi-cuisine restaurant and After Dark. If you are going for the buffet in Aster restaurant then the spread is not only good but the starters are made fresh and served hot on the table. Dinner at the rooftop restaurant - After Dark is an experience. Excellent ambiance, cozy seating arrangement that is cozy and a view of the city from the top. My parents have always loved the view of the express highway. Le Bar – Salon a first of its kind lounge

bar in Nashik offering a varied range of exotic beverages. For those who have excellent taste buds this hotel can be an ideal option. The O2 Salon and Spa located at the Pool Side is good and I have experienced several good treatments. The Spa is equipped with Steam, Jacuzzi, sauna, change rooms and pool. The saloon is equally well maintained and not only used by hotel guests and ClubX members but also by Nashikites. Their haircuts and dyeing are worth the price. On the MICE front the hotel boasts of several venues. The Express Royale – The Convention Center can accommodate more than 800 guests at a time making it the best venue for large conferences and as well as weddings.  This luxury hotel is fast becoming a wedding destination. The hotels biggest wedding had 4,000 guests. Presidential Enclave@Express Inn “The Presidential Enclave Floor was specifically created for the expats and top end clientele who come


from across India and look forward for the same luxury that they get in hotels across the globe. It’s a niche and exclusive concept,” said Narayan Shelar. Built on the top-most floor of the property the Presidential Enclave provides a sprawling view of the city on one side and the famous PandavLeni on the other.  The Presidential Enclave Floor consists of five suites, one Presidential Suite (1800 sq. ft.), one Chairman Suite, Freesia Lounge with a library and finally a Smoking Lounge. In near future they plan to have butler service also. A top class hospital for Nashikites Apollo hospital – one of Nashiks largest hospitals not only looks impressive from outside but with 120 beds (and a capacity to expand to 150 beds) + excellent infrastructure with latest medical equipment’s and some of the best doctors it’s equally impressive from inside too. The hospital caters to a lot of specialized fields including Cardiology, Cardiac surgery, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Orthopaedics and joint replacement, Nephrology, Urology, Paediatrics, Paediatric Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Reconstructive surgery, Minimally invasive surgery, Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Dental surgery along with diagnostic services (Radiology, Pathology, Physiotherapy and dietary services). “We have recently added “Renal Transplant”. We have also started “Obesity clinic” and provide end to end solutions including “Bariatric surgery”, “Liposuction” and other reconstructive surgery. We have undergone audit by NABH and likely to get accreditation very soon,” said Maj Gen (Dr) Vijay Saraswat Chief Operating Officer, Apollo Hospitals, Nashik.

The hospital has a thirty bedded ICU and special Paediatric and Neonatal ICU, advanced Endoscopy (Gastroduodenoscopy, Colonoscopy ,ERCP), well equipped Dialysis Unit (HD,CRRT,SLED), a 128 Slice CT Scan(CT-Angiography, 3D Reconstruction), 1.5 tesla MRI (MR Angiography), advanced Mammography etc.

For those with insurance the hospital provides cashless hospitalization. For cashless treatment it is mandatory for the hospital to have an approval from your TPA. Apollo Hospitals Nashik has a tie-up with several TPA’s.

Taking a tour of the hospital we found the patient rooms quite spacious. Even the shared rooms are airy and comfortable. Private rooms have spacious sitting area with a cable TV and a computerized personal nurse call system. The suite has an additional sofa bed for attendant. The hospitals ambulance services can be termed as a hospital on wheels. The hospital has fullyequipped air-conditioned, modular ambulance with ventilators, monitors, oxygen, defibrillators, ambu-bags, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, spine board, life-saving drugs with doctor and trained paramedics. The guest cafeteria located on the 2nd floor serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Chandragupta Amritkar is basically from Nashik and was the first Consulting Editor for Nashik Times (Times of India). Currently based in Mumbai he is the Editor with Global Media Group that brings out two publications - Global Technologies and Global Destinations. Thanks to our reach we been invited by governments/companies/ expo organizers from across the globe. He has personally been hosted by 37 countries, experienced 800 + hotels, 18 different airlines, and most travel expos across the globe.

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VISA REGISTRATION FOR INDIANS FROM JANUARY 23 Frequently asked questions As first step in bid to cut down on city’s false asylum seekers from India, 2017 January 23 onwards, Indian nationals will be required to complete an online pre-arrival registration form before visiting Hong Kong. The form can be downloaded from the website of the Hong Kong government. After registering online, they have to produce a print out of this at the point of embarkation. Only then will they be allowed to travel to Hong

Kong and enter the city on twoweeks' free visa. The registration will be valid for six months. The Immigration Department earlier had said the arrangement is intended to screen those coming to Hong Kong in order to stem the sudden increase in asylum applicants from India. Authorities say many of the applicants are economic migrants, who are manipulating the system.

Q1. Who can apply for Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) for Indian Nationals? An Indian national can apply for PAR if he/she: (i) Holds an Indian passport valid for at least six months; and (ii) Intends to visit or transit (except in direct transit by air and not leaving the airport transit area) the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) for a stay not exceeding 14 days.



Bauhiniia's View Q2. Do I need to apply for PAR if I am transiting the HKSAR? You do not need to apply for PAR if you are in direct transit by air and will not leave the airport transit area. However, if you are seeking to enter the HKSAR during transit, you need to apply for PAR. Q3. Are all Indian nationals required to apply for PAR before visiting the HKSAR? Subject to normal immigration requirements being met, the following categories of Indian nationals may visit the HKSAR without PAR: (i) Holders of a valid Indian diplomatic or official passport; (ii) Holders of United Nations Laissez Passer coming to the HKSAR or transiting the HKSAR to/from a third place for official United Nations business; (iii) Those who have successfully enrolled for e-Channel service for Frequent Visitors; (iv) Holders of a valid HKSAR Travel Pass; and (v) Those who have obtained a valid entry visa for the HKSAR. Also, Indian nationals who are a member of operating aircrew or operating seacrew on board vessels, or a contract seaman may also come to the HKSAR without PAR, subject to normal immigration requirements being met. Q4. If an Indian national intends to visit/transit the HKSAR for more than 14 days, or if he/she intends to enter the HKSAR for a purpose other than visit/transit, what should he/she do? An Indian national who intends to visit/transit the HKSAR for more than 14 days or intends to enter the HKSAR for a purpose other than visit/transit (e.g. employment,

study, or take up residence in the HKSAR) must apply for an appropriate visa to the Immigration Department of the HKSAR under the existing arrangements. Q5. Does PAR have any restriction on age? No. There is no restriction on age in applying for PAR. All Indian nationals who intend to visit the HKSAR, regardless of age, are required to apply for PAR, unless they belong to one of the exempted categories. See A3 above. Q6. I intend to visit the HKSAR together with my wife and children. Do we need to apply for PAR individually? Yes. You and your family members are required to apply for PAR individually. Registration Q7. Is there any charge for PAR? No. PAR is free of charge. Q8. How to apply for PAR? You can visit the designated GovHK website ( immdindianparreg.htm) to apply for PAR. After inputting the required information, the application will then be processed by the computer system automatically and the result will be made known instantly. Q9. What information is required for application for PAR? You are required to provide information on all mandatory fields in the registration page, which are marked with asterisks, such as your name in English, alias in English (if any), sex, marital status, date of birth, place of birth, residential address, contact telephone

number, India passport number, its place of issue, date of issue and date of expiry. You should also provide other information in the non-mandatory fields as far as possible. Besides, you have to select and answer one of the predefined Identification Questions as an identification tool for subsequent retrieval and reprinting of your "Notification Slip for Prearrival Registration for Indian Nationals", if necessary. Q10. How should I input information when applying for PAR? In applying for PAR, you must truthfully enter the correct information. Besides, the information you provide in relation to your passport must be exactly the same as it appears in your passport. Q11. How should I input my name when applying for PAR? The surname in English and given name in English inputted must be exactly the same as it appears in your Indian passport. If there is no surname in English or given name in English in your passport, please leave the relevant field blank. Q12. If my Indian passport does not show my alias, do I need to provide the information when applying for PAR? You may click 'yes' in the field "Have you ever been known by other names?" and provide the relevant information thereunder. Q13. If my Indian passport only shows my year of birth, how should I input my date of birth? You should select '--' and '---' in the day and month fields respectively.

Bauhiniia's View

Q14. How to input the place of birth when applying for PAR? The inputted place of birth should be exactly the same as it appears in your Indian passport. You may choose your place of birth from the pull-down menu in the place of birth field. If you cannot find your place of birth from the choices provided, please choose "Others (Please specify below)" and input your place of birth as stated in your Indian passport manually. Q15. Do I need to provide or upload any supporting document when applying for PAR? No. You are not required to provide or upload any document when applying for PAR. Q16. When will I know whether my application for PAR is successfully or not? After inputting the required information, the result will be made known instantly. Q17. Do I need to have a sponsor in applying for PAR? No. However, if you have a local connection in the HKSAR, you should fill in the information in the relevant field upon registration. Q18. Why do I need to select and provide an answer to the Identification Question upon registration?

Identification Question? There is no restriction on the format of your answer. English words and numerals are both acceptable. English letters inputted are not case sensitive. Q20. Can I apply for a new PAR if my last registration is still valid? No. You will only be allowed to make a new registration when your current registration has expired. Validity of PAR Q21. How long can I stay in the HKSAR on the strength of the "Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals" (notification slip)? PAR is normally valid for six months or in accordance with the validity of the Indian passport, whichever is shorter. During the validity of PAR, you may use a valid notification slip together with the specific and valid Indian passport linked to the successful PAR to make multiple visits to the HKSAR visafree. On each visit, you may stay in the HKSAR for up to 14 days, provided that you meet the normal immigration requirements. Q22. How many times can I enter the HKSAR for visit within the validity of PAR?

To protect your personal data, you must select and answer one of the pre-defined Identification Questions during the registration as an identification tool for subsequent retrieval and reprinting of your "Notification Slip for Prearrival Registration for Indian Nationals", if necessary.

Within the validity of PAR, you may make multiple visits to the HKSAR for a stay up to 14 days upon each arrival on the strength of a valid "Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals" together with the specific and valid Indian passport linked to the successful PAR, provided that you meet the normal immigration requirements.

Q19. Is there any restriction on the format of the answer to the

Q23. Can I seek to enter the HKSAR on the last day of the

validity of PAR? If yes, will I still be allowed to stay in the HKSAR for a stay up to 14 days? You can seek to enter the HKSAR on the last day of the validity of PAR. Subject to normal immigration requirements being met, you may be allowed to enter and stay in the HSKAR for a stay up to 14 days. Q24. I have just renewed my Indian passport due to its expiry or change of personal particulars, etc. Can I still use the "Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals" linked to my previous passport together with my new passport to seek entry to the HKSAR? No. You must re-apply for PAR on the strength of the new passport. If there are some more questions for which you need answers you may please call the Hong Kong Immigration department general inquiry hotline on (852) 2824 6111.

Sources of Article: hk/eng/services/visas/ pre-arrival_registration_for_ indian_nationals.html rthk/en/component/ k2/1301925-20161212.htm



While Ago

WHEN BUSINESS CREATED HISTORY – THE WORLD BUSINESS CONCLAVE, 2016, HONG KONG A stellar business congregation December 2016, Hong Kong – It’s not every day that there’s an assemblage of the best of intelligentsia and the corporate world, together under one roof. The World Business Conclave 2016 in Hong Kong, organized by Stimulus Research Services was witness to the most influential corporate minds discussing the latest techniques and innovations ready to take on the world. The latest in driverless cars and artificial intelligence inventions were the talk of the Conclave as the 11th largest company in the

world, Baidu, revealed about its latest robotics and machinelearning techniques. The same platform was also witness to Baidu’s biggest competition Microsoft, represented by Chairman of Microsoft India, Bhaskar Pramanik. Also giving in their inputs on ‘Connectivity in Smart Cities’ were Sanjay Kaul, MD, Service Provider Business, Cisco India, Ms. Karuna Gopal, President, Foundation of Futuristic Cities, NSN Murthy, Executive Director & Leader, Smart Cities PwC and digital evangelist Mahesh

Murthy – together they provided new solutions to smart cities programmes across the world. The MD of Stimulus Research Services, Ms. Sanjana Mohan shared at the event that, “the World Business Conclave is our effort towards furthering international business solutions and innovations. By giving a platform to issues likes ‘Make in India’ & demonetization, we at Stimulus Research Services would like to underline and talk about stimulating business conditions. ”

While Ago

MD of Stimulus Research Services, Ms. Sanjana Mohan Pertinent issues like demonetization were also discussed in wake of encouraging programs like ‘Make in India’ and the problems faced by entrepreneurs hereon. Founder & Chairman of Oxigen Services, Pramod Saxena battled questions on the new surge of demonetization problems. Other participants like Manisha Sood, Country GM, Fitbit, India, Jeenanath Shetty, Director, Unitop Chemicals Pvt. Ltd and famous ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakar put together strategies that will hence drive the ‘Make in India’ program.

Key Note Speeches by Mahesh Murthy reiterated that how demonetization is not really working for the Indian system as the government is “printing cash to facilitate a cashless economy.” Giving his justification to how demonetization would work well for India was Founder & Chairman of Oxigen Services India Pvt Ltd., Pramod Saxena, as he addressed the gathering about the surge towards a cashless system. Witnessed by an audience of more than 250 international

corporates, the highlight of the World Business Conclave was the GLOBE Platinum Awards given out to the 101 top leaders and brands from the Asia Pacific region. The entries were judged by the editorial team of World of Business and a competent Jury of influential people from different sectors of the business world. One of the four big accounting firms was appointed to review that the winners were determined on the basis of the evaluation carried out by the panel of Jury and the editorial team of World of Business.



While Ago The World Business Conclave was a coveted business rostrum for knowledge sharing and ideation of business culture. The conclave excluded no industry from its purview and amassed conglomerates from diversified sectors to join the crusade that speaks for business competence and excellence. The World Business Conclave 2016 - Hong Kong, celebrating Asia-Pacific’s Success Story (APSS) was in collaboration with The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and TiE Hong Kong as Associate Partners, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) as Knowledge Partner, Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC) as Strategic Partner, Unirich Jewellery Limited as Luxury Partner, Buttar & Associates as Financial Partner, Sarjan Group as Country Partners.

While Ago

WORLD HINDU ECONOMIC FORUM ON 12TH NOVEMBER 2016 AT THE CLUB HOUSE: THE HARBOUR FRONT LANDMARK HONG KONG A seminar was organized by World Hindu Economic Forum, Hong Kong on the topic of ECONOMIC GROWTH AND INDIA’S GLOBAL RISE”. This was part the annual events which WHEF organizes in Hong Kong, and for this time the chief guest was Dr. Subramanian Swamy. The seminar was attended by approx. 100 well known business tycoons and industrialists of Hong Kong and China. Hon. Higher Education Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Kalicharan Saraf was also present

to witness the wonderful and meaningful seminar. World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF), as the name suggests, is a platform to bring together the wealth generators and thinkers in Hindu society, it’s entrepreneurs, academicians, economists and businesses, from across the globe. The purpose is to make the Hindu society prosperous. The inspiration for this idea is rooted in the wisdom – “Dharmasya Moolam Artham” or Economy Sustains Everything

Well known businessman and President of OFBJP Hong Kong Mr.Sohan Goenka felicitating Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, an Indian politician and economist who serves as a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

- as proclaimed by the legendary thinker Chanakya. The World Hindu Economic Forum pursues the vision of ‘Making Society Prosperous’ tempered by the ages old Hindu value of ‘Generate and Share Surplus Wealth’. This value is expressed as an exhortation in Yajurveda as – “Shata hasta samahara, sahastra hasta sankira” or Generate wealth with a hundred hands and share it with a thousand. The WHEF journey began in 2012 at Hong Kong, followed by successful annual forum in Bangkok 2013, New Delhi 2014, London 2015, and several other regions as well. This WHEF MEET was held to patronage the event that was going to be held at Los Angeles, USA between 18th to 20th November. This meet is almost presided by over 600 businessmen from more than 23 countries across the globe.

Article contributed by: Dr.Manoj Motwani



While Ago


Chief guest of the program was Dr. Subramanian Swamy and Hon Guest Shri Kalicharan Saraf, Higher Education Minister, Government of Rajasthan sharing in personal discussion with the guests. A program on 12th November 2016 was organized in Hong Kong by the team of Overseas Friends of BJP Hong Kong and China highlighting the achievements of BJP Government in India under the capable leadership of Honorable Prime minister Shri Narender Modi Ji. This program was attended by 600 over people. OFBJP was established in Hong Kong in 2014 just before the general elections in the presence of Shri Harsh Vardhan and Shri Vijay Jolly. This program was also blessed by Shri Rajnath Singh ji over the video conferencing.

The Chief guest of the program was Dr. Subramanian Swamy and was also attended by Hon Guest Shri Kalicharan Saraf, Higher Education Minister, Government of Rajasthan. Both the speakers spoke about the growth and optimism which the country has seen and people are feeling. And this too in a short period of 2 years!! Majority of the Indian diaspora as great supportive of Shri Modi ji and why they shouldn’t be, it is that simple, He is the man who has taken this mammoth task of leading this great country and without caring about himself. His great work has now started to show the results.

The OFBJP team is trying to spread information about the government’s development and reform agenda by organizing events, inviting valuable speakers to meet and speak with local diaspora members, sending information and interacting with Indians, locals as well as international community.

While Ago

Sitting left to right: Shri Kalicharan Saraf, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Shri Sohan Goenka Standing left to right: Dr. Manoj Motwani, Shri Ramesh Maldar, Shri Ramakant Agrawal, Shri Kuldeep Singh Buttar, Shri Raju Sabnani, Shri Ashutosh Bhargava, Shri Ashok Mundra. These events which involve the Indians living abroad binds them together and makes them proud of their motherland. The country where they were born has finally started to re-emerge on the world platform and not only loved but also respected by the world.

Article contributed by: Dr.Manoj Motwani



While Ago

9TH DASHIAN PARTY DANIEL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY The 9th Dashian Party hosted by Daniel Employment Agency for the domestic helpers working in Hong Kong was held recently. The party attracted over 200 Nepalese domestic helpers and community people who got together for this lovely and memorable event

hosted at the Legends of India in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. Apart from DJ music there were lucky draws, dance performances by domestic helpers and prizes for the best performers. Along with entertainment there was also recognition and awards given in

the form of certificates to the most honest and dedicated helpers working with various south Asians families in Hong Kong. Honorable delegates from the Nepal consulate were present to handover the awards and prizes to the deserving domestic helpers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s first Indian lunch box delivery service

Now in TST & Hung Hom

Online Ordering Delivery Before 1:30pm Weekly/Monthly Payment Weekly Menu FOR INQUIRIES CALL:-

95357876 / 23631786 A Project by Aamchi Mumbai Chowpatty Ltd.

Aunty MVP

MRS. POONAM MEHTA SHARE YOUR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS WITH HER, SHE KNOWS IT ALL.. of the best home remedies to stop smoking. Take a tablespoon of ground oats and mix it in 2 cups of boiled water. Leave it for a night, and then, boil it the next morning for about 10 minutes. Drink it after every meal. Avoid taking it at night. Question 1: My name is Pooja have been living here in Hk for the last seven years. My husband is a chain smoker I tried giving him the anti smoking chewing gum as well, which did not work as he kept on going back to his pack. I have tried talking to him about the adversities of smoking as well which he understands somehow that is not stopping the curb of smoking, so please tell me how to stop his curb and secondly is there any other medication that can be taken which can stop him from going back to smoking. Hi Pooja, you are truly a caring, concerned and a great asset to your husband. Continue doing what you are doing to help him to stop smoking, except blaming.  You can guide him to find his inner strengths to fight against the desire for cigarette. Self-awareness and selfempowerment is a great solution. To be honest it’s really a difficult task to quit smoking especially if a person is addicted. Some smoke to be social or as a symbol status, sometimes people are unable to handle stress or awkward situations, very sad indeed! The bitter truth is that until they don’t get a warning from the doctors they will never understand the consequence of various diseases. If you have children let him know passive smoking is very harmful to people around him. Please try some home remedies hope they are helpful. Oats is one

Taking various juices such as; ginger, it is one of the most common withdrawal symptoms of smoking, which can be easily eased up by taking ginger juice or radish juice with honey at least twice a day. Drink grape juice to flush out the nicotine from the body.Add a teaspoon of ginseng powder in your breakfast to help reduce the craving for smoking.. You can also try herbal cigarettes that have 0% nicotine in them. If all this doesn’t work seek help from a professional counselor or call smoking cessation hot line. Question 2: My name is Sanjeev (Name Changed) from Discovery Bay about 5 years back I got married to a Chinese girl. And also blessed with 2 daughters .Somehow after so many years there is no interaction between my wife and myself I am super busy with my work guess she is busy in her own world. she is not at all concerned with my well being so much so that even if I am unwell she wouldn’t bother to take care of me nonetheless it is only for our children we are staying in the same house but as strangers. Now my question to you is should I move forward and get married to maybe someone who will be better or should I just live the life as it is.         Dear Sanjeev, I sympathize with you, a caring relationship is imperative in any married life. Since, you have mentioned that you lead a super busy life, just consider her feelings

when you have not been around particularly when she has needed you the most in nurturing children and her personal need to be with you. Indeed you are seeking relationship and intimacy. You take lead in expressing your love and affection to your wife. An important way to feel closer to your partner is to give support and confidence that is unique. Talk about your feelings worries, woes, and life in general. See from her perspective she must have suppressed her feelings and has perhaps resigned to the fact that you have no more feelings for her; therefore, she has created her own world. It is never too late, take her out and explain to her how you feel, on the same note let her know that your job is demanding and you realize you have neglected her and that you wish to make adjustments to balance your work and personal life. Hear her out and show your genuine concern. Furthermore, be sincere in your confession. Finding someone, whom you believe will make you happy is a selfish act. Consider your children and their future as well as your responsibility towards them. Just work on your marriage all will be well. If you take the initiative, your marital relationship can be restored, strengthened and established. Please send your love and relationships related questions to with subject line AUNTY MVP. You may request to keep your identity anonymous.




PREDICTIONS BY SIR BEJAN DARUWALA - JANUARY 2017 Aries: Ganesha says you will achieve a harmony, balance, equipoise between the demands, and also satisfaction levels gained in the two most important spheres of activity – work / profession and family / home life. There is pleasure in both and perhaps the added pleasure of finding a soul – mate. At any rate, someone will be close, attractive and exciting. You will get peace as well as stimulation from this attachment. Taurus: While we are talking of satisfaction, I must mention that the other side of harmony is peace. One is not possible without the other, is it? This is just what you week in this period, perhaps even solitude, calmness, introspection. You will seek answers to some very basic, some very cosmic questions and the good thing is that you find the answers. Personally and individually, you realize that the institutions of marriage and family, the bonds of love. Gemini: You will be more practical in your approach now. This will pertain to (a) planning for your own ventures – either new or existing ones, (b) Money concerns will be dealt with and you will have to handle liquid assets and cash, joint-funds, property issues. All this may go against the grain but you realise the need for it and do it both willingly, and persuasively. Cancer: You may have tremendous ideas and inspired plans for work, but they will have to take second place. Home and household, the care of older relatives / parents vis-a-vis their ill – health – these will be more important now. It’s not that you shelve work – plans or put them on the back – burner. You yourself realize the need for rescheduling and rearranging priorities and do the needful – as pleasantly as possible, too. Leo: After all the heavy going of last period Ganesha sends you an

interlude of sweetness and light. You are able to relax much more now. Social activities, pleasant times with friends, some partying, some entertainment, all these are there. What lends spice, enchantment, rest to it all is the flavour of love and romance in your life. The how’s and where’s are beyond my immediate scope, but it’s presence I can guarantee! Virgo: Perhaps you had some fore-knowledge / premonition of what is in store for you this period. Perhaps you were brushing up your wonderful powers of persuasion, knowing that you’d have need of them now. You charm, cajole, convince (3 new C’s now!) people in order to implement your future plans, to help you in creative efforts, in your financial concerns. Advancement will depend on the finances, in terms of investment and funds you can raise for your own personal ventures. Libra: Where Ganesha gives you problems, worries, delays he also gives you marvelous wish-fulfillment and the realization of hopes! Much as you’d like to withdraw from the world, lead a more spiritual life, the time is not now. You have to be much more pragmatic, practical, than before. Social activities, too, will be demanding not to mention work, where routine and regularity will be your strong suit. Scorpio: Maybe Ganesha was testing you. He decides that you’ve done well – so there is a let-up. Money matters will ease, the flow of cash will be smoother, easier, and more regular. With that easing up, you can concentrate on other spheres that actually matter more. These will be – your own creativity, efficiency in your work and how well you can deliver the goods, personally and professionally. Sagittarius: Both satisfaction and excitement / stimulation come

to you now, with a marvelously energising effect. In fact, says Ganesha, energy is what life is all about. Travel and contacts, communication by all means possible and to all parts of the world will yield both pleasure and profit. They also reflect your concern with society, the world, the environment – all matters close to your heart. A certain interest in philosophy, wider issues, too. Capricorn: For the last period, Ganesha has made your problems and anxieties fade into the background. Now they will resurface, necessitating some very hard work indeed. You need to deal with many financial demands and constraints. You will also have to address some issues in the family / home life. You cope – because Ganesha also gives you greater spirituality, greater companionship from different period. Aquarius: Your domestic life, family matters have been causing you concern for quite a while now. This period, too, they will be in focus, but you realise that you have the inspiration and skills to handle them. Property / cash disputes, powerplays and struggles will be taken care of. The home itself could be renovated, decorated, extended, and beautified. By the time you read this, changes and shifts in family attitude will click beautifully into place – pleasing for you and your family. Pisces: In your sing, the moon brings relief, joy, energy. It will all be directed to the spheres of money and honey – finance and romance / love. Tie-ups and collaborations may work out, too, easing the money problem. Travel, long – distance trade and export, some legal issues will all be highlighted, too. What is more spectacular and exciting is that the joy, glamour, intensity are back in love, in the personal angle. That makes you feel vibrantly alive!


PREDICTIONS BY SIR BEJAN DARUWALA - FEBRUARY 2017 Aries: Ganesha says you may well be saying this as your venture, enterprises, hard and determined work finally begin to pay off! The flow of cash will be much easier, too. Even the worries you may have about the health of parents / in – laws / older relatives will not really get you down, as you tackle them positively and patiently. Ganesha says – in fact, patience should be your middle name now, no matter what kind of relationship you’re dealing with. Taurus: There can be a sense of turbulence and inner conflict within yourself that you have to deal with. There can be some resentment or envy in others, too. Your own progress and growth will be very favorable, so concentrate on that, and don’t get side – tracked. Betrayal or rivalry, too, may be likely so you need to keep your own counsel. Ganesha warns you not to discuss / divulge your future plans, present actions. Gemini: There can be no question or doubt that better times are here now. There will be a truly marvellous sense of fun, enjoyment, glitter and glamour – hobbies, creative interests, socialising, the arts. Your worries have melted away; health and money are in much better shape. What is in truly wonderful shape though are your relationships, particularly with parents and with children. Cancer: In the angle of relationships, your major gain is in the intensity, passion, depth that you experience in love. If not already involved, Ganesha and I see you tumbling headlong into love about now. The other area you rush into headlong will be money – loans, legacies, investments, property, assets, the works, in fact. There is much more cash available to you and acquisitions are bound to come. So, to sum up, money and honey once again!

Leo: Work and pleasure will both be equally intense now. In fact, happiness and pleasure in your relationship and your profession come together. Once again, there is anxiety regarding older relatives, but you handle it well – efficiently, patiently, and tenderly. The job scene registers sharp progress / gain, though not without more responsibilities. You’re eager to cope, laughs Ganesha. Virgo: A wonderful trend for the period in the financial angle, much more money, better prospects, lots of acquisitions. From clothes to gadgets to jewels, you will enjoy them all! What you will also enjoy is the socialising, partying, outings that you will be part of. You are wonderful with people – they love to interact with others. You also do this in financial areas, in addition to the social arena. Libra: You can display, enjoy, reveal in all the things that you do best now. Creative pursuits, your leisure activities, your love of the arts, music, literature, the finer things of life are all sources of pleasure. What makes it all much more joyous is the special aura, glamour, thrill in personal relationships. And here, Ganesha and I don’t only mean individual love. You love everyone around you – well, almost! Scorpio: Ideas, inspirations, bright new concepts, new techniques, new skills – all leading to study, research, pursuit of knowledge. You have the flair and brilliance for all of this. If at all your horizons needed widening, this is the ideal time. Your own core competence will be greatly improved and enhanced, new skills and methods learnt. You will function brilliantly at meetings, conferences, group discussions, presentations. Sagittarius: Now that you have moved away from your problems and worries, into great prosperity,

comfort, money – power, you feel you can indulge yourself a wee bit. Good times with family, fun with children, and romance with a loved one – all these will happen. In addition you will pursue your interest in the art, crafts, the latest books, the latest movie, the latest technology. Capricorn: Now that you feel you’re in control of yourself, and also your own little world, you feel that it can be too much of a good thing. Therefore, while you’re too sensible to discard it altogether you do experience a desire to move away from it all. Solitude, a quiet life, contemplation, even prayer, worship, spirituality with all seem much more contemplation, even prayer, worship, spirituality will all seem much more desirable. Aquarius: Having identified and confirm your priorities, you get back to work with a clear determination – I almost said with a vengeance! After all, the future hinges on the present. You might start up a fresh project / venture; dabble in the media and info – technology, or in the fields of publicity, publishing, public relations, human resources. You will certainly be looking at new methods / techniques that make for greater efficiency. Pisces: You will measure success and achievements by a new yardstick now – home, family, and relationships are the three feet that add up to this yard! Intimacy with loved ones, shared enjoyment, pleasure, time together will be your goals. In this, I must say, you are usually unparalleled. Success is, therefore, ensured, chuckles Ganesha. It certainly makes you one happy person. You love the ties and bonds that give you security and joy. Predictions contributed by Sir Bejan Daruwala Phone No.: 00918141234275







THE BIGGEST CHILDREN’S THEATRE FESTIVAL RETURNS TO HONG KONG KidsFest 2017 – World-Class Theatre for Children and Families

HONG KONG, 5 September, 2016 – KidsFest, one of the largest theatre events in Asia, returns to Hong Kong in its sixth edition for children and their families. To be held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 5th January to 12th February, 2017, the fun-filled KidsFest is an ideal medium to engage youngsters in literature and language very early on and offers a perfect blend of live entertainment, education and all-around fun for

the whole family. Tickets went on sale on 29 August, 2016, with group discount packages – there is a 10% discount for booking two shows or for group of 10 people or more, while a 15% discount is offered for a booking of three shows or more. In KidsFest 2017, ABA Productions partners with Stamford American International School to bring a wide variety of world class performances to Hong Kong to promote the magic

of live theatre to young audiences. Launched in early 2012 in Hong Kong and Singapore, the 2017 lineup features 10 different productions over five weeks. This year, the shows have been handpicked to suit a wide range of age groups. Two productions to watch out for are Gruffalos, Ladybirds and other Beasts which feature Julia Donaldson herself live on stage, and Romeo and Juliet Untold, which is


Shakespeare Globe’s creative twists to Romeo & Juliet. Other shows that should not be missed are Stick Man, The Snail and the Whale, Shark in the Park, The First Hippo on the Moon, The Way Back Home, Why the Whales Came, Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians and The Best of Barmy Britain. “KidsFest is an exciting festival for the whole family where compelling characters are brought to life and scenes from well-loved books are enacted vividly on stage. It is a wonderful platform for family interaction and at the same time nurtures a child’s interest in literature and language in a fun and interactive way. KidsFest has become a key event on Hong Kong’s calendar of cultural events where families can look forward to a series of world-class productions,” said Matthew Gregory, Executive Producer of ABA Productions Ltd. Don’t miss out – join us for some family fun this January! Tickets are on sale on 29 August 2016, and available through HK Ticketing call 31 28 8288 or visit their website For school and group bookings, please call Vanessa Lee at 2547 7150 or email Find out more about KidsFest: About ABA Productions ABA Productions ( is an international theatre production company

dedicated to creating and promoting a wide variety of performance styles from all corners of the world. Recent productions have included Hamlet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Taming of the Shrew, A Clockwork Orange, The Woman in Black, Boeing Boeing, Potted Potter, Circus Mechanics’ Birdhouse Factory, Insane in the Brain, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged), The Complete History of America (abridged), Completely Hollywood (abridged), Waiting for Godot, The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child, Stick Man, Showstopper!, The Improvised Musical, Room on the Broom, Horrible Histories Awful Egyptians and the Asian tour of the international smash hit musical Peter Pan, which visited Taipei, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur between 2005 and 2008. ABA Productions produces KidsFest in Hong Kong and Singapore. About Stamford American International School Stamford American International School (Stamford) was opened by Cognita in 2009 and is founded on a mission of providing the best teaching and learning experiences for each individual. Following their success at Stamford American International School in Singapore, drama, music and literacy have since taken on a great importance at Stamford. Stamford is opening a Hong Kong campus for children aged 5 to 18 in September 2017.

Send us the names of any 2 SHOWS that will be shown till 12th february 2017. Please e-mail your entries to with subject line: KIDS CONTEST First 5 entries will win a pair of tickets each for the upcoming kids fest .








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