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[internal company event / convention]

go LIVE Objective: orchestration of an innovative and motivating strategy kickoff event that is not only information transfer for 900 employees and managers. Interactive challenges are used to heighten team spirit, and awards for outstanding accomplishments generate long-term loyalty and enthusiasm for their work. Creative idea and description: for two days, the Bavaria Studios serve as the location for O2’s temporary TV station. The location is known for prestigious directors, celebrities and famous movie productions. Authenticity is paramount: no hidden technology. The atmosphere is glamorous, fascinating and hands-on. A real TV studio and adjacent editorial offices are set up in 6,000 m2, and for every part of the event, the participants are involved in corresponding TV formats such as news, reports or talk shows. They autonomously establish important elements of the strategy for 2012 in editorial conferences. The idea behind the event is a precise reflection of the essence of any O2 sales employee’s daily work: In close contact with their customers, they have to perform ad-hoc: no rehearsals, no mistakes. Always on the spot - the same demands of a live TV broadcast. An after-show party and celebration of the best sales employees who receive a ‘Top Seller Award’ perfect the highly emotional evening.

Staging and set design: modular furniture ensures flexible use of two halls. The centerpiece is the ‘go LIVE’ studio. Before the broadcast, actors playing producer roles warm up the audience. A professional host serves as the master of ceremony and anchorman for the following productions. During intermissions, crew catering provides an authentic backstage flair. The ‘Top Seller Awards’ are staged as a chart show: a framed ‘Golden Record’ acknowledges the dedication of the most ambitious employees. Media Mix: digital invitations with a distinctive key visual form a communicative bridge to the studio’s set design. Via intranet and preceding the event, employees are called on to shoot short films about the team spirit in their shops. The best films premier during the live show and receive a ‘Spirit Movie Award’. All entries are available in the O2 intranet. Live remotes with correspondents at O2 headquarters incorporate the whole company in the proceedings. Results: Inspired and motivated by these two days, employees return with hard-earned results into their shops and teams.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: PHOCUS BRAND CONTACT GmbH & Co. KG Client: Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG (brand O2) Date: February 9th - 10th, 2012 Target: O2 employees Location: Munich Bavaria Studios Budget: up € 500,000 to € 1,000,000


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