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Porsche Boxster dealer launch Objective: to create an extraordinary experience of the brand Porsche and the new roadster to the dealers worldwide. Present them the new car through an emotional performance with wow-effect, build a platform for communication, product knowledge sessions and driving experience. Creative idea and description: an unique and extraordinary event, matching to the new Porsche Boxster, positioning as an icon of independence, was expected. The motto: ‘Breaking Free’. Every magic moment was a direct interpretation of the Boxster’s free and independent approach to life. Breaking free by choosing the location Gran Canaria, a volcanic island, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Breaking free by a spectacular reveal show simulating a volcanic eruption in a builded open-air experience the roadster on the winding mountain roads, on the long stretched coastal roads and on the race track as well as experience the special features of the car in workshops in a drive-in cinema setting or by using hybrid technologies. Staging and set design: the choice of location was also a direct interpretation of the Boxster’s free and independent

approach to life. A volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with spectacular winding roads through breath taking volcanic landscapes and long stretches of super fast coastal roads. For the reveal show a vacant dam was used as the screen for the projection and an amphitheatre with wooden walkways from the event hotel was purposely build for the occasion. Media Mix: a multimedia show utilizing a tailor-made 40m wide projection screen ‘moulded’ into the existing landscape immersed the guest in the world of the new Boxster and its Breaking Free approach to life. A technical briefing in the shape of a drive-in theatre, resulting in a sensory mix of learning & experiencing. But the key ‘media landscape’ used was the open road. No show, no matter how multi media is a substitute for the ultimate driving experience. Fresh-of-the-press event magazine, dvd doco. Results: during two days the 1,600 international Porsche dealers get an extraordinary experience of the brand and the new Porsche Boxster - independent, free, powerful and intensive. An experience of breaking free the Porsche way in the best suited environment for an enlightened roadster.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: VOK DAMS Agency for Events and Live-Marketing Client: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Date: March 24th - April 5th, 2012 Target: worldwide Porsche dealership owners and senior management (1,600 people)

Location: Gran Canaria, Spain Budget: more than € 5,000,000 High Budget


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