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100 innovations Objective: to create the largest exhibition ever at the museum, an experience combining interactive learning, design and inspiration for the broad target group. The content, the 100 innovations, was also to be voted through by the public to be qualified. Creative idea and description: the exhibition celebrates the 100 most important innovations in history. It is based on a survey where more than 1,000 people voted for what they thought should be presented as the most important innovations of mankind. It opened in February 2012 to present 2,000sqm of exhibition space, but development didn’t stop there. From that day a web based voting procedure started, and still goes on every day. It invites you to vote on existing objects or vote in new ones that could replace others in the exhibition at any time. We have created a digital bridge influencing the

content in real time. As society and technology change, the reflection of our ideas change and new innovations qualifies to be presented. The exhibition contains architecture, design and workshop-rooms custom made for educational purposes. There are also integrated experiences such as watch-out solutions, industrial robots and many more things that can be controlled and interacted with inside of the exhibition. Staging and set design: set designers, architects, interior designers, 3-D designers and many more competences have been involved in the shaping and design of the exhibition. The design encompasses Nordic and Scandinavian architecture with bright colours, natural raw materials and elaborate designs. Media Mix: targeted pr, print ads, banners and the social media campaign containing the voting mechanics. Results: the exhibition was heavily recognised in different media and has welcomed far more than 50,000 visitors after only three moths. Development of content through voting continues and has already collected more than 100,000 votes online and at site, with over a thousand new nominations having been made.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Sweden Organiser: PS Communication Client: the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology Date: February 2012 Target: the Swedish inhabitants and tourists of Stockholm Location: Stockholm, Sweden Budget: up â‚Ź 1,000,000 to â‚Ź 5,000,000


European Events Annual 2012  
European Events Annual 2012  

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