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Móvil Forum Conference 2011 Objective: Movil Forum platform (a programme for Telefónica partners) is used to develop projects that improve business processes and always from a view towards consolidating its commitment to the market, innovation and value generation. It is the conference of reference in corporate innovation and mobility. Creative idea and description: Movil Forum 2011 was held at the Miguel Delibes Cultural Centre in Valladolid. Nearly 1500 people visited the exhibit over the two days of the event. A total of 20 exhibitors, nine sponsors (including BlackBerry, Google and Nokia x Microsoft), two collaborating organisations, roundtables, 240 mobility solutions, 300 success stories and the exclusive point of view of highly prestigious international speakers like David Kirkpatrick, Fons Trompenaars and Kevin Mitnick. An agenda of innovative content offered by some of the most

outstanding sector firms. The event atmosphere went beyond the Cultural Centre with satellite activities in other areas of Valladolid like the Millennium Dome, where a dinner was held for sponsors and speakers, or the historical city centre where a tapas route was organised with cards featuring QR codes for the media, bloggers and exhibitors. Plus, 2 prior events were held for the first time ever in Madrid and Barcelona. Media Mix: the event could be followed via Twitter while the highlights and speeches could be viewed and downloaded from the event website. More than 2,000 messages were shared by Twitter users, reaching 1.4 million followers and nearly 9,000 downloads of the various videos uploaded to the website were recorded. Finally, the cumulative audience of the news generated by the event in the press, on the radio and television and online media exceeded 35 million people (according to data provided by Acceso). Results: it was the result of the constant and continuous development of solutions that renew the market and reinforce and optimize the processes of Telefónica’s customers.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Spain Organiser: Quum Comunicación Client: Telefónica España Date: November 28th - 29th, 2011 Target: more than 1,500 attendants Location: Valladolid, Spain Budget: up € 500,000 to € 1,000,000


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