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[celebration / festivity]

50th Anniversary of R.I.A.R. Objective: celebrating 50 years of the Riar with members and townsfolk, emphasising the values driving the club - passion, tradition, excellence, ‘Italian-ness’ and sharing. Creative idea and description: Cremona, on the route of memorable editions of the Mille Miglia in which Alfa Romeo triumphed, was seen by Promoconvention as the ideal and unusual location for the event, as its history and traditions portray the passion and excellence of Italian quality. Piazza Stradivari became the setting for an open-air display of vintage cars that enabled decades of style and technological evolution to be retraced. For the first time, permission was given for the exclusive use of nearby Piazza del Comune, symbol of

sharing and meeting, with elegant architectural scenery; after an aperitif under the portico and a concert in the cathedral with Stradivari 1715 and Amati 1566 violins, a formal dinner in the square for the guests followed. The highlight of the celebration for all townsfolk was an intense show telling the story of Riar and its values with projections, lights, artistic performances and the roar of engines, creating five living pictures. Audio/video/lights: a lighting show valorised P.zza del Comune to create suggestive frames for the different phases of the event. The Torrazzo was animated by video projections with mapping effect. Dynamic light games, plus the magic of the torches on Palazzo del Comune, enabled the different frames of the show to unfold on the many scenic fronts of the square. Results: more than 30 press releases including the leading national dailies, on-line and paper.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy Organiser: Promoconvention / Input Group Client: Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (R.I.A.R.) Date: June 23rd, 2012 Target: 250 guests, members of R.I.A.R., local authorities, journalists and townsfolk Location: Cremona, Piazza del Comune and Piazza Stradivari Budget: up € 100,000 to € 200,000


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