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The World of ‘Le Magnific’ Objective: to celebrate 15 years of the existence of SG Equipment Finance, member of Société Générale, in the Czech Republic together with customers and business partners in a unique and unconventional way. Creative idea and description: the World of ‘Le Magnific’ was the task of the Event Arena agency to think up and prepare the whole concept and realize the event for more than 300 guests. The baroque palace of Troja transformed into a world behind the mirror. The entire programme was designed in the style of a land of ‘absurdity’ evoking Tim Burton films, with the clients becoming spectators of a stunning surreal show where anything was possible. Event Arena had been assisted in preparing the evening programme by theatre directors,

screenwriters and the artistic group Art Prometheus that represents a wide array of unconventional foreign artists. The rare machines had successfully represented the Czech Republic in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. One of the interesting items on the programme was the ‘dance battle’ of two completely different worlds. The street artists also presented their art - by means of street dance and a graceful ballet dancer. The event's grand finale was marked by fireworks. Results: the event definitelly fullfilled the client´s expectation.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Czech Republic Organiser: Event Arena s.r.o. Client: SG Equipment Finance - member of Société Générale Date: August, 2011 Target: 300 guests (employees, customers and business partners)

Location: Prague - Chateau of Troja Budget: up € 50,000 to € 100,000


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