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Centenary BA Vidro Objective: the aim was to celebrate the company's 100th anniversary, as well as that of the event venue itself. Guests were welcomed in an ambience of fantasy and glamour. The idea was to create an unforgettable occasion transporting guests far beyond the physical nature of the company's products and services. Creative idea and description: The starting point for the design project was the raw material and its transformation into glass containers. The containers were re-used, serving as a resource to create a bold new scenographic setting. From black metal flower pots to the welcome desk illuminated with jam jars, from iron table decorations incorporating glass candle holders to a magnificent chandelier made of bottles, a whole range of pieces were made from scratch. In parallel, a video mapping project was developed to be projected on to the factory's two chimneys telling the story of the transformation of glass into containers. So that the projected images could be viewed without difficulty, BA Vidro removed a whole zinc wall from one side of the warehouse, and replaced it with two big acrylic windows (which were open at the time of the show). In this way the show could be seen perfectly and it ended with a firework display between the chimneys. Audio/video/lights: for the production of this event, 120 moving lights were used, as well as 10,000 watts of light, 200 metres of truss, and 6 video projectors. A 32metre-long structure with remote-controlled motors for raising a black curtain measuring 32mx10m. Videomapping projected on to the two factory chimneys with content produced for the event. During the cocktail

party, two designers drew BA Vidro containers which were projected in real time on to one of the lounge walls. Staging and set design: the semi-circular main stage was used for a New Circus show and for a performance by the opera singer Liza Veiga, who appeared in the room on a remote-controlled platform/stage which carried her to the main stage. Eight iron screens with coloured glass bottles divided the lounge areas from the dining room. Media Mix: As it was an internal event, there was no plan for outside advertising, but, through the public relations department, the event was attended by different media channels which led to the publication of 149 news items on television, in the press and online (24 press, 17 Tv, 97 Web, 1 radio, ? 996,421.78 Ave). Results: the objectives were fully met, surpassing the expectations of the client and guests. In addition, the event was reported in different media channels, through 149 news items on television and radio, in the press and on the web (€996,421.78 Ave).

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Portugal Organiser: Desafio Global Ativism Client: BA Vidro Date: May 10th, 2012 Target: Members of government, clients and partners of BA Vidro

Location: Fábrica BA Vidro - Avintes Budget: up € 200,000 to € 300,000


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