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[unconventional event]

The EM-Walker Objective: the concept was to penetrate the emotional Euronics campaign motto ‘Wir sind die Fans der Fans’ (‘We are the fans of the fans’) into German media. Thus, the agency was assigned to develop a unique event corresponding to the idea of the campaign - and to make it the unmistakable talk of Germany. Creative idea and description: as fan of the fans, Euronics was eager to ensure that nobody in Germany would have to miss a match of the German football team during the European Championship. Let it be

because they had to work and watching the game was not allowed or no TV was available. In order to enable the unlucky fans to watch the games anyway, the agency created the Euronics EM-Walker: a person carrying a mobile TV set in order to let people watch TV wherever he went. Hence, a distinctive backpack had to be developed. Equipped with this special device, the group of EM-Walkers went out on the streets of Germany in order to do their job. Regardless of whether bus drivers, doormen, security guards or waiters, who were all in the unpleasant position to miss Germany’s match: the Euronics EM-Walkers enabled them to spontaneously watch it - live and on the spot. The exceptional outdoor event was logged on camera in order to produce film material for national TV and online distribution as much as documentation. Results: the media coverage was a great success. Pictures of the EM-Walkers were widely publicized in Germany’s most influential tabloids and blogs, local radio stations reported on the event and national TV stations broadcasted the extraordinary idea. Euronics was talk and picture of town.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Jung von Matt/relations Client: Euronics Deutschland eG Date: June 8th - July 1st, 2012 Target: general public Location: major German cities Budget: up € 50,000 to € 100,000


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