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Smarting xmas Objective: to spread the news of the opening of the new ING Direct’s office in Milan through the direct involvement of employees. Increase the enthusiasm and the sense of belonging of participants, while creating outdoor engagement in an entertaing way. Creative idea and description: 270 ING Direct’s employees became brand ambassadors, to communicate the opening of the first office in Milan and the smartbanking days, the promotion linked at the event. The participants, dressed in orange, were divided into teams and were challenged in 10 trials. The ‘smartest’ team has been awarded during the night gala. The tests required the involvement of the citizens in order to make them

aware in a fun way of the opening of the new ING’s office. Media Mix: guerrilla activities with distribution of promotional material. Involvement of employees through the website via a teaser video to motivate action and sign up. Final evening event with live performances and award hand out to the winning team. Results: also thanks to guerrilla activities the results for the first two days of the opening of the office were very significant: the office has received more than 1,000 visits. During the days 600 accounts were opened as well as 100 ‘Conto Arancio’.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Italy Organiser: Egg Events Client: ING Direct Date: December 13th, 2011 Target: employees Location: Milan, city center/Superstudio Più


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