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A perfect day, 24 hours with Philips Objective: Developing a new roadshow concept featuring event dramaturgy that is way beyond traditional product exhibits and that focuses more intensively on the product and brand world. Creative idea and description: A perfect day - 24 hours with Philips. A message turns into an experience. Based on the brand message ‘Philips products accompany you all day long’, guests get to experience an interactive, lively product exhibit during an evening event that guides them through a day from morning to night with Phillips innovations. An idea becomes a space: the symbol of the face of a clock is converted into a circular, two part roomin-room concept, which connects the exhibit to the evening event. The event space is perfect for a dramaturgy including changes of scenes, surprising moments, a spatial experience highlighting differentiated product worlds and clear guest guidance. Experience turns into Expertise: try and interact. The focal point is the detail rich product tour through four routine daily schedule worlds with hands-on product presentations that make the core strengths individual experiences. The presence of celebrity guests

complements a perfect day. Staging and set design: The room-in-room concept guarantees every visitor the ‘perfect day’ with Philips. The circular architecture, divided into two parts, comprises an exterior ring with the product exhibit and an interior circle, used for entertainment, networking and catering. Specifics: tailor-made product presentations, rich in detail and interactive and white. The ‘white furniture concept’ leaves the visual focus where it has to be, on the products. Results: S. Lindemann, Philips CL Spokesman, comments: “A creative concept, which delivered our message to our customers with laser like precision”. The concept delivered ideas for the POS and earned a high level of enthusiasm among the guests, stating: “Philips never presented itself this way before”.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: WILKENWERK Client: Philips; UB Consumer Lifestyle Date: February 14th - March 29th, 2012 Target: retailer Location: Hamburg (Schuppen 52, Potsdam), Munich (Filmstudios Babelsberg, Bavaria Studios), (Salzburg, Salzburgarena), Vienna (Austria Center), Cologne (Medienparks Nrw), Mainz (Rheingoldhalle) Budget: up € 1,000,000 to € 5,000,000


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