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Ball Packaging Consumer Promotion 2.0 Objective: to communicate the environmental arguments surround drinks can innovatively and credibly through real dialogue in a creative context. Using digital and analogue communications channels to increase and stimulate discussion and active involvement in recycling. Creative idea and description: to reach your target group you need to be there where they are and where they use your product. You need to create as many touch points as possible and ‘speak’ their language. In the case of the Ball target group (young people) this meant a focus on online media and an emphasis on live events and active participation. The ‘language’ we choose was one of ‘creativity’. We urged our target group to be creative with drinks cans. We wanted them to show us their vision for the usage of drinks cans. We challenged them to become can visionaries. Or in German: Dosionaire (‘Dose’ is German for can). Online we invited fans to share their visions on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Flickr and a dedicated dosionair website. Live we met them at their preferred events. As part of the smart beach tour - a beach volleyball competition all over Germany - with the

‘Fresh-Up Kiosk by’ and rickshaws as mobile interactive sampling stations in cooperation with brands like Coke, Warsteiner and Mixery. Media Mix: live events, social media (Twitter, Flickr, YouTube & Facebook) plus a dedicated campaign website. Opinion leader shows their visions for the drinks can and call their fans to create user generated contend. The dialogue continues in person at the ‘fresh up kiosk’ at the smart beach tour events. The currency at the kiosk - user generated content such as paying with a tweet. Interactive rickshaws also make the drinks can hot topic of conversation both on- and offline. Results: through on and offline events the dosionair community keeps on growing. The campaign generated: 10 mio impressions on Facebook.110,000 clicks on 2 mio engagements on the social networks. 420 mio national media gross contacts. 200,000 product experiences with a can recycling rate of 98%.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: VOK DAMS Agency for Events and Live-Marketing Client: Ball Packaging Europe Date: January - July 2012 Target: teenagers and young adults Location: various cities in Germany Budget: up € 300,000 to € 400,000


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