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Interactive Spotlight Installation Objective: when night falls over Germany, people in dark car parks in German cities become the directors of their own ‘light show’ with an interactive spotlight that follows their every movement. Creative idea and description: due to the fact that the risk of accidents is twice as high at night, the brand with the star

turned night into day: with ILS (Intelligent Light System), an adaptive, self-thinking headlight system. So we transfer the ILS principle to human movements - with an interactive spotlight installation. In poorly or unlit car parks, a spotlight appears out of nowhere, finds people and follows their movements thanks to an innovative motion-tracking camera and special software. Whether moving forward, backward or sideways, dancing or jumping in circles of light, the people in the car parks can clearly see. This way, the way to or from the car on a dark night is, thanks to Mercedes-Benz, a bit safer and more fun. ‘Light where you need it. The Intelligent Light System by Mercedes-Benz.’ Results: thousands of direct contacts, which developed into multipliers: people took pictures and videos of the campaign and uploaded them to the Internet via blogs and social media.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: Jung von Matt/relations Client: Daimler AG - Mercedes-Benz Cars Date: January 5th-15th, 2012 Target: general public Location: Berlin, Hamburg, Köln, Leipzig, München Budget: less than € 50,000 Low Budget


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