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[product / service Launch]

Grundfos, Big Bang Circulator Event Objective: to launch ‘The Red Wolf Project’ and its product line to the Internal Sales; to make an event that would be unforgettable, engaging and ensure excellent sell-in to the marketplace. Creative idea and description: the creative approach was to activate the senses and reveal the secrets of the new circulators in the most spectacular way. The agency developed the idea of the ‘Secret Inside’ as a parallel to the hidden but highly innovative elements of the client’s products. The environment - an Octagon - would bring the story to life and enhance the presentation. Projections in a spectacular 360 degrees solution, magnificent 3D presentations delivered the client’s messages in a stunning visual experience. The day would begin with registration and a light snacks in the foyer dressed as a misty forest. During the breaks the exhibition area, for critical hands-on time with the products, would open. At the end of the day everybody gathered again for a fantastic dance spectacle, where the Red Wolf would be brought to life in a memorable show. Staging and set design: we researched the location of the event to The Arena in Berlin, Germany since the launch was international. We physically divided the Arena into three sections, each hidden from the others; 1) The foyer being the registration, welcome and break area. 2) The Octagon (the secret) -

auditorium for the presentations and performances. 3) The Exhibition area for showcasing and demonstration of the new products and at the same time provide catering space throughout the day. Media Mix: website for registration and practical information. Live presentations in 3D supported by PowerPoint and keynote screen materials. The exhibition area displayed product demos for the target groups. All employees received an Ipod containing all presentations and products specifications. Results: ‘The Best Event Ever’ quote from a client who saw every goal met. Unified, inspired and highly motivated colleagues. The business agenda covered perfectly, the social agenda surpassed; the sense of having attended something unique was evident in the accolades and evaluation given by attendees.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Denmark Organiser: Welcome Event Marketing Client: Grundfos Date: February 8th 2012 Target: Internal Sales Force, Key Accounts and Business Partners (450 pax per day) Location: Berlin, Germany Budget: up € 1,000,000 to € 5,000,000


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