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Porsche 911 Carrera dealer launch event in Cape Town Objective: to confirm the significant status of the most important model and to manifest as the brand identity in the consciousness of the dealers, as expressed through the event motto: Porsche Identity. Creative idea and description: staggered in eight waves, 2,100 guests from over 70 countries took part over a period of four days per group. The highlight was the staging of the reveal, where the onlookers were transported from the hanger onto the tarmac on a mobile grandstand. There, they experienced the choreography of 13 Porsche 911 and three Albatross jets synchronized precisely to the second. In addition, the guests put the new Porsche model to the test around Cape Town and on the race track, experienced the special features of the sports car in workshops, in experiments with 3D technology and in an interactive exhibition. A reception for the guests at the summer residence of the President of South Africa and a smoothly integrated fashion show of the Porsche Design Driver’s Selection, including the reveal of the new 911 Carrera Cabriolet, rounded off the overall experience of the new Porsche 911, with impressions of the host country, South Africa. Staging and set design: the region around the Table Mountain and Cape Town was used as an event space. The location ‘The Lookout’ was adapted to the claims of the customer: Porsche interior elements, illuminations, technical equipment and a revolving stage provided additional upgrades for this premiere location. At Ysterplaat Airbase

two hangars were equipped with a mobile kinetic grandstand, equipment for sound and video animations, exhibition and workshop areas, show stages, media walls and an exhibition aircraft. Media Mix: interactive workshops involved the use of a driving simulator, 3D technology and one-to-one experiments. An iPod app was available throughout the event which contained background knowledge on the 911, an audio guide as well as a competition. Each participant was given a DVD containing video and photo documentation as well as a high-gloss event magazine and a personalized photo album. Results: qualitative sample surveys of the guests and dialogue between organizers, guests and management documented the lasting motivational boost for the guests and an image boost for the brand identity. In May 2012 Porsche achieved the highest number of customer deliveries in the history of the company.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: South Africa Organiser: Mindact, Amt (Agentur für Marken(t)räume), S&T Wirth, Vok Dams Client: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche Date: November 18th - December 12th, 2011 Target: 2,100 dealers from over 70 countries Location: South Africa, Cape Town area Budget: more than € 5,000,000 High Budget


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