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Renault ZE Generation Sevilla 2011 Objective: making of this launch a huge commercial success. With the aim of training the new generation of salespeople (the whole international sales network representing 8,000 people) and convincing the new generation of buyers for this new generation of vehicles. Creative idea and description: tto offer a dynamic and innovative event for Renault, combining a real training strategy together with a convention and putting forward the ZE Generation concept. A consistent and high tech overall concept to immerse the international sales force into the world of electrical vehicles and allow them to integrate the most efficient sales arguments and tools. A customized concept to 71 participant nationalities with a lot of simplicity and conviviality. Over seven weeks, 31 24-hour sessions allowed the welcoming of a total of 8,650 participants.

The Barcelò Renacimiento in Seville was fully occupied namely to avoid any congestion and increase the smooth traffic of participants. Staging and set design: ranging from the ZE Generation name, several sets were designed in accordance with the brand as well as the electrical vehicle universe and in line with an eco-friendly approach. A 24-program over two days (in and out groups on a daily basis): lunch in the Z.E welcome lunch gardens; Z.E. plug introductory plenary; seven hour training for Z.E. training; including dynamic Z.E. test drives; Z.E. party gala dinner; Z.E. live show closing plenary party; Z.E. lunch Farewell. Results: return rate of 56% and a satisfaction rate of 99%! These are outstanding yet real results showing the salespeople were highly impressed by this launch and that they were aware that they are living a new era in the history of Renault.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: France Organiser: Le Public System Client: Renault Date: October 6th - November 24th, 2011 Target: Renault worldwide sales force Location: Sevilla (Spain) Budget: up â‚Ź 1,000,000 to â‚Ź 5,000,000


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