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[product / service launch]

Nespresso's ‘U’ launching Objective: to release the new machine in a surprising way and to leave a mark on the vip customers and the press invited; to get a wow effect appropriate to the brand values and to serve as an international showcase for other markets. Creative idea and description: the agency wanted to organize the main event in a house because the home represents the place where you can be Only U (following the motto of the new machine). That’s why the agency integrated diverse surprising experiences in a house and searched for an elegant and modern place to convey exclusivity. Guests (120) arrived and had a cocktail while a countdown was mysteriously projected on the facade. At the reveal, a videomapping covered the facade and filled the garden with light color and music. Suddenly, sitting in one of the front windows appeared an opera singer (Soaia Hernández) who played Casta Diva, and immediately after that in the champion Gemma Mengual. Afterwards there was a speech by the ceo of

Nespresso and attendees were invited to enter the house, where several rooms had actors playing daily scenes next to several ‘U’ like a girl in the bathroom making up and getting ready to leave while tasting a cup of coffee. Staging and set design: outside: facade as the main stage, poufs and some islands for the cocktail and a photocall for the speeches. Inside: the house was absolutely fully-equiped and it was recreated daily home situations in the main rooms where the ‘U’ machines were the protagonists. Every guest could discover and touch the new Nespresso product in such a exclusive and at the same time domestic way. Media Mix: press conference which took place in the morning in the same house. La 5ª take over the technical PR office sending the invitations and following up the attendance of all guests: those for the main event in Madrid and the guests for small events celebrated in Boutiques Nespresso in Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and San Sebastián.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Spain Organiser: La5ª / Dicom Client: Nespresso Date: June 19th, 2012 Target: Vip clients and press Location: Madrid Budget: up € 100,000 to € 200,000


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