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Inspired Living Since 2003 Those with an appreciation for great design know unmatched inspiration for living combined with enduring style and taste. So whether it’s working with

house a home, we’re with you every step of the way. Needless to say, you’ll be known for your timeless sensibility and enduring good taste. | +1 (345) 745 4305 IDG, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Away Cayman is a full-service custom interior and exterior design solution ďŹ rm. Our team of highly talented and skilled professionals has partnered with Davenport Development to offer complete home decor packages. The A Squared team works with multiple suppliers and manufacturers, giving clients in the Cayman Islands the possibility of purchasing a wide range of goods, whilst dealing with a single point of contact. We will coordinate and consolidate orders, arrange shipping and clear customs in Cayman. The specially-designed Away Cayman Islands service includes three packages ordered by the room or your entire home, starting as low as CI$4000. We are here to help your style become a reality.

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Letter from the publishers Well what an extraordinary year 2020 has turned out to be! We had a huge earthquake (that measured 7.7 on the Richter scale), an uncontrollable landfill fire, a global pandemic, our borders closed to all tourists, we endured months of lockdown, and now we live with very strict quarantine protocols for all returning residents.

Go Digital 2021

Amongst all this turmoil we have updated Cayman Resident. It wasn’t easy during lockdown in April and May as businesses just did not know what tomorrow would bring, but as we began to emerge from lockdown, the resilience and hope of the Cayman people began to shine through; businesses were keen to let everyone know they were here, and that they were open for business.

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So, everything has been updated; no stone has been left unturned, and whatever we couldn’t fit between the 416 pages of this book has been posted on our new, completely revamped, and lightning fast Cayman Resident website. In our new Family Matters chapter, we highlight some commonly overlooked laws that can easily get you into trouble, how to get a pre or post nuptial agreement and how to get divorced in Cayman. On a more positive note, we provide details on how to move here under the Global Citizen programme.




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With the help of our contributors we have updated thousands of pieces of information and completely rewrote the Disaster Preparedness and the Cayman a Global Financial Centre chapters. We are truly indebted to these experts who have given us their time and expertise to ensure that Cayman Resident is both factually correct and incredibly useful.

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For all new or existing residents of our beautiful islands, we hope you enjoy our 18th annual edition of Cayman Resident and we wish you and your family a safe, healthy, prosperous and happy 2021.

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Cayman Resident 2021

Acorn Media PO Box 31403 Grand Cayman KY1-1206 Cayman Islands Tel: (345) 946 3200 Fax: (345) 946 2830 Email:



Charles Grover & Joanna Boxall Publishers, the Cayman Resident




years ago, Isaac and Rhonda Edie established Edie’s Décor Ltd. because they wanted to offer Cayman the same quality products and services they used when building their home.

Now, four decades later, the company has helped thousands beautify their homes and businesses across the islands. During this time Edie’s has proudly maintained its position as a leader in the local Flooring and Soft Furnishings industries. Today, as a company holding true to its core principles, Edie’s reveals a revised name, logo, and energy as the next generation enters a new era of innovation and growth. The Edie family thanks the amazing community of Cayman for their continued support, and looks forward to another 40 years of service!

64 Eastern Ave, George Town, Cayman Islands +1 345-949-6348

2021 Publishers Joanna Boxall - Editor Charles Grover – GM

Sales Charles Grover Deborah Roberts

Sales/Marketing Mahreen Nabi

Design/Production Julian Dalton

Researchers/Copy Editors Clare-Louise McGrath Rosita Ritch Jessica Wright Mina Whorms

Summer Interns Paris Broad Aimee Egglishaw


Contributors Simon Boxall James Burch JC Calhoun Louise Desrosiers Lucy Frew Trisha Johnson Nick Joseph Robert Mack Anthony Mourginos Philip Paschalides Ingrid Pierce Prasana David Pytches Clive Thomas Benjamin Twidle Tamsin West

Photography Cathy Church Cayman Islands National Archive DRCL/Camana Bay© Julie Corsetti/Deep Blue Images John Doak Architecture Daria Keenan Rebecca Davidson Photography Courtney Platt Lisa Reid Justin Uzzell Guy Waller Monica Wojtkiewicz

Acknowledgements To create the Cayman Resident magazine and website every year takes a team of dedicated staff and the willing participation of industry experts. We owe our heartfelt thanks to: All the wonderful photographers and businesses who allowed us to use their amazing photos in this Jonathan Molyneaux edition and who went out and took specific photos when we needed something unique like a school bus, a recycling bin, a new office building or medical equipment. We are very grateful to you all! Thank you so much! We would also like to thank: Simon Boxall, from Hazard Management CI for updating our Disaster Preparedness chapter. JC Calhoun, from Coldwell Banker Cayman for giving us the latest updates on what has been happening in the Cayman property market. Louise Desrosiers, from Travers Thorp Alberga who wrote our new Family Matters chapter and shared her expertise on pre and post nuptial agreements and on getting divorced in Cayman. Trisha Johnson, from IRG who checked and updated our commercial office space information. Nick Joseph, from HSM for sharing his expertise on Cayman’s immigration laws and the new Global Citizen Certificate. Robert Mack, from HSM for writing about wills and probate, end-of-life medical laws, and dying intestate for our Retiring in Cayman chapter. Wil Steward, MD at Chalmers Gibbs Architects for his advice on how to build like a developer. Ogier who reviewed our Trade & Business licensing information to make sure it was up to date. Special thanks go to the team at Walkers who went above and beyond by writing and updating no less than ten sections of Cayman Resident: James Burch who updated our CLO information in the Global Financial chapter. Lucy Frew who updated the sections on Beneficial Ownership and Legislation to Meet Client Needs. Anthony Mourginos who updated the section on Taxation plus we feature him in the Last Look section at the back of this book. Philip Paschalides and Clive Thomas who suggested and then co-wrote our new section on Single Family Offices. Clive also wrote our section on Jurisdiction of Choice and co-wrote the Taxation section. Ingrid Pierce who updated the section on Investment Funds. Prasana who updated our section on Brexit. David Pytches who wrote our section on Trusts. Benjamin Twidle who co-wrote the sections on Beneficial Ownership and Legislation to Meet Client Needs. Last but not least, Tamsin West who updated the section on Companies and Partnerships. Thank you so much to all of our contributors! Without you updating Cayman Resident would be impossible.

On The Cover All our Cayman Resident 2021 cover photography was taken by Julie Corsetti and the talented team at Deep Blue Images. We would like to thank the Seymour family for allowing us to feature their two beautiful daughters on the cover and above.

Don’t be shy! We always welcome contributions, suggestions or photos to make this magazine even more informative and visually appealing each year. We would be very happy for you to send us anything that you think would be important for us to include. Or if you are a budding photographer and would like to get some of your photos published then send us your best. As you can see we publish a wide variety of images so don’t be shy! Contact Acorn Media on (345) 946 3200 or email:

The Cayman Resident is published annually in November. Complimentary copies can be found at Government Information Services, Tel: (345) 949 8092; the Chamber of Commerce, Tel: (345) 949 8090; the Seven Mile Beach Post Office; the Airport Post Office and many other locations throughout Cayman. The information can also be found at All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means: electronic or mechanical, including photography and recording without the prior consent of the publisher. While every effort has been taken to provide information that is as accurate as possible, the publishers and respective contributors and researchers do not accept any responsibility for injury, loss or damage occasioned to any person as a result of material in this book.


















The Cayman Islands Seven Mile Beach George Town West Bay Red Bay, Prospect, Savannah


History & Politics Customs & Traditions

02 CAYMAN – A GLOBAL FINANCIAL CENTRE Cayman’s Financial History Companies & Partnerships


Wealth Management Investing in Cayman Property


04 WORKING IN CAYMAN Finding a Job

10 10 12 14 16 18 22 23 27


32 34 40 40 47 50 52


56 Trade & Business Licensing 62 Setting Up an Office 72




76 77 84 89 90


92 94 96 98

Work Permits Permanent Residency Immigration Services Visas & Passports

The Process of Moving Cost of Living Tables Shipping Considerations

08 RETIRING IN CAYMAN Wills & Probate End-of-Life in Cayman


Being Green in Cayman Waste Management in Caynan Recycling in Cayman


Opening a Bank Account Utilities Insurance Pensions

100 102 104 107 108 108 110 116 116 125 129 132


134 140 152 160


162 162 165


170 171 175


176 176 177 183

Overview of Residential Areas Buying a Property Renting a Property Maintaining Your Home Cleaning Services

Family Breakdown in Cayman Family Law Practices

Babysitters & Nannies Day Spas, Hair & Beauty Salons Purchasing Overseas


184 Hurricanes 184 Earthquakes & Tsunamis 185

16 HOME IMPROVEMENTS Indoor Improvements Outdoor Living & Gardens Swimming Pools

189 194 199 200






17 BUILDING IN CAYMAN Building Options Building Professionals

388 337 202 206 210

18 FOOD & DRINK Places to Eat Supermarkets Culinary Things to Do

214 216 220 224

19 SHOPPING Beauty Products Clothing Furniture Stores Toys

226 228 230 232 238

20 TRANSPORTATION Driving Licences Leasing a Vehicle Buying a Used Car Electric Cars

21 BOATING Where to Boat Buying & Maintaining a Boat Fishing


240 242 246 249 250 254 256 259 265



22 EDUCATION Government Education Private Education Scholarships Vocational Training 23 HEALTH & WELLNESS

267 271 273 290 292


Playgrounds & Parks Sports Cultural Activities

Health Insurance Pharmacies Medical Specialties

298 300 308 315

24 PETS Importing Pets into Cayman Veterinarians

337 337 339

344 345 347

25 GETTING MARRIED Planning Your Wedding Wedding Locations


351 Obstetricians/Gynaecologists 352 Costs of Having a Baby On-Island 354 After Having a Baby 356


Exploring Cayman’s Attractions Cultural Activities Watersports & Excursions

360 360 363 365


406 368 369 372 377


381 381 387 389


392 393 394


400 401 405

Clubs & Organisations Voluntary Organisations Religious Services Cricket, Crossfit & Cycling Gyms & Fitness

Wreck Diving Local Dive Operators

32 TRAVEL Staycations Sister Islands

406 407 408






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Wearis Bay

Mary’s Bay Acorn Publi shing

Charles Bight

The Bluff

Point of Sand

West End



Cedar Point

Bamboo Bay


Hawksbill Bay 1 1



3 2

Kilometres 4

North East Point


Pollard Bay

The Bluff

Gun Bay


Spot Bay

East End

Spotland Plantation

North East Bay

The Caribbean Dominican Republic


Anchor Point

Cottage Point

Half Moon Bay

Old Man Bay

Frank Sound

Latin America



Frank Sound

Malportas Pond

Stake Bay

Meagre Bay Pond



Old Man Bay


Pease Bay


Cayman Kai


South Hole Sound

Owen Island

Jackson’s Point

Booby Cay


Rum Point


Newlands Red Bay Savannah Prospect Spotts Lower Valley

North Sound



South Sound


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Snug Harbour


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Seven Mile Beach

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Spanish Bay

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The Cayman Islands

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The Grove

H Dr


Sa f e h aven

Ave Bay


Pinehu rst


ha ve





r nD

S a fe


Turnberry Drive




lD ta ys

uay kQ



uay mQ Dau

Cl na

on Nels ke a r D y Qua

y Qua

rd i Sa

Ave sula Penin


ay Galw y Qua ay a Qu Hoy

uay oe Q




a os m Mi uay Q

ellan Mag y Qua










su l


in Pen


ce Prin uay Q rles Cha llan Mage a Quay Av llan e Mage e Driv

Ritz Carl


t on D r


Palm Heights Driv e


Calico Quay

Jennifer Dr Andrew Dr

Britannia Drive

Britannia Drive


Emerald Lane

Stewart Lane


Accent Quay Dakota Quay

Newhaven Quay


Canal Point Dr

Victoria Lane


Banana Quay

Earth Cl



Lizar d Run Dr.





laris Ave So











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od Dr rwo

Se y m




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oln Dr

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goon Dr

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Blue La


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Coral Sands C



Marb el Dr

le at W


ncas te


Par kway Dr


Parkland Close



a Bre



rA ve

Dr uail


S no oze Ln





Minerva Dr



Nexus W ay






Forum Ln

1/4 Miles

wa te



Market St

s Dr Emeritu

Coral Beach

y it al qu


fre Grand Cayman’s favourite grocery store for special dietary & organic products.

| TELEPHONE: (345) 949-7022


Cl Pe b Gle W bles n ay en Cla y ton




Fou r

Ech Point S o St t Moxa m Rd Denh am T homp son Way ndalw ood Cr e





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Webster's Dr

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Sto new all D r


Lantana Way



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Bowie Cl Ln Crocket

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D t Cl n mon O R

hur nd Ly ve A



s Barne Drive

Portland R d

t a y u ga



od Dr rwo

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d Rea ry

Fern Circle

na Vi en

Ithmar Ci

Th ve eA

g ray Dr

Oly m p

ON DR IRATI ASP s alm P r s ve Sil Cre



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Eclipse D r


Annex Stadiu m

G . N IX O N

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D Te m W pe Tem ay st wo ple An od St ax Oak irf Fa ay W t nd S Jul y S t ak O




Kennedy Dr Greenwood Dr Washi ngton St Rd






Cl Woodpe cker Woodl


w irvie

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d le R Ho k Scho ol Rd

Bodden R d



epy Hollow D Sle r

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ad Ro C o u r ts

Mill St

Thompson D r

arw Dr ick

Map le R d Ket ura hS t New por t St


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Av ry e M D er r re n




Par Cir son’ cle s Me m Av oria l e







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Grand Old House


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Pad tondingLn

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Gw en Way t

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Coral Sands C





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S Temp leton t

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we Rd O ld Cre

Palm e D ale Av

Succes Cir

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San Sebastian





Isl e W a


Gra nd

Kilometres 1/2 1/4 Miles



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Parrot Av e



nt Road

y Lords Wa

ec osp Pr

Hi nd

s la

Boilers Rd Pon d

» Rd dle Mid Hope Dr

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Av e

Pine e Gl

na Ru

Printer Way






Comme Ave


ncas te

nd on

Y A E W der AGN S Crusa y Wa



Belmont Cl


Breaeyzy W


st e r Davi d Fo


ST Alto W ay

RC H Ryan Rd

C HU Gresscott Ln

R O A Windfern Cl


A r To W

Me lody Ln





14 Grackle Rd

RE ay W Birch Wood Rd

Ella Mae Gardens



Dr D


Ln ce pru ze

d Mistrel Cl

I on

ar Canal Ln

our R d Se y m B

n er

ad Woodstock Ro


Bimini D r


Ln ation Carn


Selkirk Drive


Abbey Way


r ake D

n L Wre



wL ado Sh S


S La

ETT S H r ky’s D Spar

Dr l Gar

K d b ir ing



ac Pe

Passag Ln

Dr Island


Anchorage Ave Capta Cour

Admiral’s ve A

ding Lan otts


Tr op i

George Town S pi n

r a ke

Providing access to bespoke alter native investment opportunities to eligible investors since 2015

Telephone: (345) 922 1805 | Email: | Apollo House East, 87 Mary Street, George Town Moore & Moore Investments Ltd is incorporated in the Cayman Islands and is being registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority pursuant to the Securities Investment Business Law. We will offer a securities arrangement service that is purely on an introduction only basis. The investments that we will provide arrangements in relation to will only be available to investors that meet the definition of either a “high net worth” and/or a “sophisticated” investor (as defined in the Securities Investment Business Law) and, by engaging our services, you will confirm that you are either a “high net worth” and/or a “sophisticated investor”. We will not be licensed or regulated to provide any other services to any other types of investors. For example, we will not be licensed or regulated to accept deposits, manage investments or offer advice on investments. Your decision to make any investments should only be made after considering seeking independent financial advice and reviewing the information and documentation associated with the relevant investment. As with all investments, you should note that your capital may be at risk as the value of investments can increase or decrease (and, in the event of a decrease, you may not get back your initial investment).


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Cre scent


Gli d

den L n ent Cresc Close


r Fa


Bog gy



t h St


Ro ad

Eliza be

S and


ar ol ch Dr

Garsto S


d Osbert Rd an oe Capts J



Dr Park V i ew Cres

e ev Dr n ip Cl


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purgeon C

Br o k c





Jacksons Pond



eH ill Rd

Glade Dr

Rai nbow Ln

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1/4 Miles

Ca p Curr t ys Roa d


tt C l

R B L AE V E CK RE Ma M N nd AN D er so n Ro D a

Ba rne

Aurora Dr Cr e s t R Boreal St


Ja de




ans o n Dr



T R E E HIL L D R d Banke r’s R

Chevy St



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Po w

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Bro Araun ah Ln



d Bob R

orelink Ter Sh

Radie Ln

n do A





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shor e Dr



Garv in Rd

t Yach


line Dr



Vulg s unn ner Dr iv er s lgun e u d V n Lyn e Cres


Kilometres 1/2


l nsa t Bo scen er Cre

s Dr ank Velm a B

Boltin Ave s

h Av e


Josephs Dr


Cap t All ies Rd Jeffe Unc rso Jim n mle y Ln Lan es

Sky ka Dr Way Eure

Topaz Lane



a nk R s

Calame Dr i Po nciana Ln s u e Ficlos C

dale ano l se


t m as Fore Clos e


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Knoll s







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Cayman Motor Museum








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W in ds t ar

Malwina s Way



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King Rd rt Fou

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Smit h Rd







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Spanish Ln

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Shorewind sT






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Ce ete met ry - Bo th well Rd D

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Shorew i n Tra i l


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CAYMANRESIDENT 2020 Bo e i ll nn e v


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Sea Pond


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16 ry we Rd n





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West Bay

Ir o

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oln Dr

Lin c



H . 345 525 5500 .


ad Ro C o u r ts


wL ado Sh



le at W

Slate Dr

Helen Drive C



S no oze Ln C C


Coral Beach

Welcome Home to The Meadows, 1 - 3 Bedroom, energy efficient, solar ready, hurricane and earthquake resistant town homes. Crafted with the finest materials, combining contemporary finishes with Caribbean charm. 2 huge resort style pools, 2 clubhouses, exercise circuit, gymnasium and an expansive lake are just a few of the facilities exclusive to all purchasers. A 5 minute drive to Seven Mile Beach and a short walk to fine dining restaurants. The Meadows at Batabano is the prime location for the very best of Island Living. Starting from CI$290,000, call us today to explore your options.

Marb el Dr


Kinty H







Par kway Dr

Parkland Close








a Bre

Nexus W ay

Forum Ln

laris Ave So





Lizar d Run Dr.








Earth Cl







epy Hollow D Sle r

goon Dr Blue La Britannia Drive

Britannia Drive

Jennifer Dr

Andrew Dr Palm Heights Driv e

Ritz Carl t on


S a fe


Pinehu rst

Tree Lime

The Grove C







Ave Bay

uay kQ Coo

on Nels ke Dra y Qua

y Qua

uay oe Q


ellan Mag y Q ua

Canal Point Dr

r nD

ay Galw y Qua ay a Qu Hoy uay mQ Dau

Turnberry Drive

Crighton Dr

a os m Mi uay Q

ay Qu ula s nin Pe H

Stewart Lane


ay h Qu Raleig e c in Pr y Qua rles Cha llan Mage a Quay Av llan e Mage e Driv


Dr uail


s Dr Emeritu



Newhaven Quay


Victoria Lane



ha ve



Accent Quay Dakota Quay






Market St

Minerva Dr



l i ns u T Pen B E

Ave sula


rA ve

Cl na

wa te

rd i Sa

Calico Quay


Banana Quay

lD ta ys

Emerald Lane


d for ter y Wa Qua t a ar cc y Ba ua Q

Sa f e h aven

Introducing Cr




ec osp Pr


Captains Court


Hickory Dr

Morningside Dr

Gr ap e

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Or an ge



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r ia




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ks ic tr Pa

Berry Dr

Om e

Bamboo St

Domino St


Jump Link

Rosemary St

Satinwood St Mahoe St

Al m

oard Cl

hey Cres

ga Dr



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I Atz

RD e L oudscap

Cl es Cr ar s Qu re C



Dr re

Su nb l


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ve Raven A



rd St

C r es St ow Sparr


le St Nightinga

f isher St








Candlewood D r


evonshire Dr

Nathan Merren Dr

Riley Cir

Leonce Rd

ld er berry Dr


w do d ea R M rk la

Jackson Wall


Montrose Way Tridelphia Way Colesville Way





Ago u ti Lk

Ranch Rd

y Cir

Luke s Dr Forbe

Kimera Way

Astr al

Sa n


North Sound Estates

ad ste Home

n so di

Ja ys

ve le A eda Lov Dr to in ve P nA dde Bo ve Jim rA e t a e arw Av Cle st e rv Ha ve tt A t o c S Elli al en Gr

ity ar Ch



Countryside Shopping Village



Little Pedro Point

Ma y

Keyston Farrel Rd

Eldo n St


Faye St Ann St Debbie St Nancy St Brenda St Kelli St Island Dr Reef St MoorMervin St hen Ta Ln Sun Green St Rose St Archie St James St Arnold Av Royal Palm e Hazel St Dr Wa ter Foye St Candover GregSt ory St Wh Jac kie St Pepi ites St an Champs Fle d ur Dr Pa nton St GrapeDugan St seed St HurlMe adowlands Dr stone St Nadine St Wat Kitty Ln er St Cunn Peckham ingBayfi Whispering S wood St Soutt hward Waters Way Mi Dr Hopefield Dr

Ten Foot


Duck Pond Cay

dr Pe

©Acorn Media 2021

nt Road

d Woodstock Roa


Passage Ln

Dr Island

it Cre s

ect D r

Parrot Av e


Sum m

Dr side Anchorage Ave

Victory Ave Prosp

Bay Islan d Ave

Bonnie View Ave Westwood Dr

Marin a Dr Pa rt y Ln

y Lords Wa

A ve


Holly Drive

Marina Dr

Pro sp ect Dr

Trop Buckb


Bu tt o n wo Lo od g wo Av od e Bi Wa y Ma rch A ho ve ga M n a y ng Wa rov y eA De ve vo n

Whirlwind Dr




l lC efu ac Pe

Mallard Dr Casca de Dr


Adven ture St

1/4 Miles

Rocksh i

r po n

Rodeo Cl


Canyo n Daw n Dr

e Wi llow D

Col l ege C


C ir Soto Ln


Tucker m ans Ln


am Dr

Mo on be

Leewar d Dr

Kilometres 1/2

Jasmin Ln



Blue bi


Qu ail S t

Teal Island Dr

R ackle y Blv d

Butt erfl

St Brightside



Hone Hill Coo lS pri ng sC l


dd y’ s

Litigate Crt

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k ingbi r d Bu

King s Rd la n d ew N ts

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r ell D kw

Bougain vil lea

e ia Av nsylvan Pen y St Blueja

s Ca

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Vision St

Trin ity B lvd e Arle St ne A ve Yell o w s tone St Fait h Av e Flee t Av e Kim ber ly


Wh ist lin g

Lake Mo c

Cl et Mill

Seas ide W ay

Bimini D Ol ea nd er Dr

Rd d Country R Gala xy W ay

Chime St

e Av

Av e



W ay

xter Rd Poinde


n sti De

ro u

Democ racy D r


Lo tt e ry


Vigoro Nursery

Lower Valley

Explore Way

Disco ver D rive


Ma caw Dr

pray Sea S

ture’s Cir Na


Ro a d



Pebble Beach Dr

t Rd gh

Beach Bay

Dept. of Agriculture Market at the Grounds

Damsel Cl

Great Pedro Point

ian rist r Ch ry D Ave ng r Be mstor Ar Dr els ni Da

dy G

Timberland Cl k kL ruc r rst dD Sta she Dr ter ot a cel W Lan


nd Isla lm va Sa

ah nn

tton Dr Su Cre rry E She

ept dsw Win

r dD lan od Wo

C res

Agricola Dr

nd Dr W es tL n

Selkirk Drive

Si b

ad Will T Ro

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Be r



An gel Rid ge

Anguilla Dr

son Dr


Cadet Dr

Abbey Way E


id ni


er Hemlock Way


D r








S pi n

w ca Ma W ill


ugh Roxboro


Ocean Dr

Dr lton r aD Rin

dy un rg y Bu Wa


eld Cre


Sta rap ple

Cir Brightvi ew Dr

Fig Tree Dr


Bea ch B ay R oad







18 Windward


Red Bay, Prospect, Savannah, Newlands & Lower Valley NO




Buena Vista Dr

Coral Stone Way


Midsummer Dr

aze Dr

2021 Contributors Simon Boxall

James Burch

Simon updated the Disaster Preparedness

James updated all our information on CLOs in our

chapter and he wrote about Cayman’s history,

Global Financial Centre chapter including how the

piracy, slavery, geology, flora and fauna for our

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History & Politics - Early Cayman History - Piracy - Slavery - The Legal & Political Systems - Relationship with the UK - National Statistics & Fact Sheet

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Geography - Geology, Caymanite - Mosquitoes, Flora & Forna

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Customs & Traditions - Traditional Cayman Home, Backing Sand - Catboat Regattas, Public Holidays - Traditional Industry, Thatch Weaving - Turtles & Turtling

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Traditional Events & Holidays


Formalities - Attire & Dress Standards - Time, Business Hours, Climate

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Cayman’s outlook, a history of the Cayman Islands, customs, traditions, festivals, legal and political systems, geology, flora and fauna, climate, banking hours and dress code.


Due to the global pandemic, 2021 is likely to be a challenging year for the Cayman Islands. However, because of the Cayman Islands Government’s swift and continual management of local COVID-19 cases, the hope is that the population will continue to be coronavirus free, enabling residents to live normally with minimal threat of country-wide lockdowns. With the introduction of the Global Citizen Certificate, which encourages qualifying individuals and families to move to Cayman with minimal red tape, the Government is proactively looking at ways to bolster the local economy in the knowledge that the tourism sector has been significantly impacted. Over time, as vaccines and other technologies become available, we expect the borders to be further opened to people looking to enjoy everything that our Islands have to offer. Due to the country’s strong fiscal polices over the last 10 years, Cayman is financially the most robust out of all the Caribbean countries, and combined with its strong financial services sector, is positioned to weather the coronavirus storm better than the vast majority of other tourism dependent countries. Looking back on 2020, the population, and the Government, have dealt with more than their fair share of challenges: in the early part of the year there were two enormous fires at the George Town Landfill, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake which came with a frightening tsunami warning, then came COVID-19, a strict lockdown and the shuttering of Cayman’s tourism industry. It is

at the busiest Butterfield roundabout, an airport connector road will be built to link the Cayman International School (CIS) roundabout to Sparky’s Drive. Sparky’s Drive will then be extended to Airport Road by the George Town Yacht Club to ease the heavy traffic seen on a daily basis. Cayman continues to gear up for the general elections on May 26th 2021. The current voters’ register contains 21,824 individuals eligible to vote in District Elections. The elections will allow for the welcoming of a new Premier, as Alden McLaughlin Jr. is coming towards the end of his second term. HISTORY & POLITICS

Early Cayman History - 1503 to 1670 Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering the Cayman Islands. The explorer was on his fourth voyage of discovery when his ships, ‘Santiago de Palos’ and ‘La Capitana’, sailed past Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The date was the 10th of May 1503, and his son Ferdinand noted in his journal, “We were in sight of two small, low islands, filled with tortoises, as was the sea all about.” Columbus named the islands ‘Las Tortugas’ after the large number of sea turtles he saw. Columbus and his men didn’t stop. Worm-eaten and leaking badly, their ships laboured on until they had to be beached and eventually abandoned in St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. Historians question whether Columbus was really the first person or even European to set eyes on the Cayman Islands; a full year prior to Columbus’ journey, the three islands appeared on the 1502 Cantino map. Moreover, Queen Isabella of Spain authorised four other voyages to the New World in 1499. Aside from these facts, even if Columbus was the first European explorer to set foot in Cayman, at the time of his visit, there were as many as a million Carib, Taíno and Arawak Indians living in the adjacent coastal areas in the region. Archival research suggests that Cayman is a word of CaribIndian origin (meaning crocodile). The Caribs and Taíno were proficient mariners, known to make ocean journeys in canoes up to 80ft in length. In Jamaica, thousands of

Taíno Indians were living just upwind and up current from Cayman, so it is probable that the Taíno were among Cayman’s first visitors. In 1586, Sir Frances Drake and a fleet of 23 ships stopped in Grand Cayman for two days and recorded that the island was not inhabited, but that there were numerous crocodiles, alligators, iguanas and turtles. In 1655, Admiral William Penn and General Robert Venables were sent from Britain by Oliver Cromwell to take Hispaniola island from the Spanish. The so-called “Western Design” failed as the English did not capture the Spanish stronghold; however, they did manage to seize Jamaica. Shortly afterwards, Cayman became a possession of Great Britain, following the signing of the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. 1700 to 1900 In the 1700s, permanent settlement of Grand Cayman began with a few families, most notably the Boddens. Between 1734 and 1742, five land grants in Grand Cayman were made by the Governor of Jamaica. At this time, mahogany and logwood were exported to Jamaica. In 1780, William Eden, a mariner and early English settler, established a cotton and mahogany plantation in Savannah’s Pedro bluff, building St. James (now known as Pedro St. James Castle), a remarkable building for that period and the only house on Grand Cayman to survive the devastating hurricane of 1784. In 1794 the ‘Wreck of the Ten Sail’ occurred and Cayman’s most popular legend (of how Cayman became tax-free) was born. In 1798, the Governor of Jamaica appointed the first magistrate in Cayman. The 1800s saw the first census (1802) and on the 5th of December 1831, Pedro St. James was the site of a historic meeting of residents who came together to resolve which representatives should be appointed for the five different districts. The meeting allowed for local laws to be formed for better government. Cayman’s first elections took place five days later,


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



estimated that almost 3,000 workers have lost their jobs and approximately 4,500 overseas workers have left Cayman due to redundancy. Monthly stipends of $1,000 have been given to furloughed or unemployed Caymanians and charities are still providing supermarket vouchers to those struggling to feed their families. A mandatory 14 day quarantine is still in place for anyone entering the Islands and people have to apply to TravelCayman to gain permission to enter the country. Government revenues went from $353 million in the first three months of 2020 to $23 million in April, while expenses climbed to $68 million. Despite the dramatic drop in Government revenues, the debt rating agency Moody’s has maintained Cayman’s AA3 rating in April 2020, citing Cayman’s ‘prudent government planning’ that has left us with the fiscal space to deal with the economic impact of the pandemic. On the conservation front, researchers confirmed that 675 turtle nests were counted between April and December 2019, and it was the longest recorded turtle nesting season in the Cayman Islands. In February, Environment Minister Dwayne Seymour announced a plan to ban certain single use plastics by January 1st 2021. These include polystyrene, plastic straws, plastic shopping bags and stirrers. We are waiting to hear an updated announcement on this. Then in October 2020, the Government and the Dart-led Consortium signed a longawaited agreement to remediate and cap the exiting landfill and build a new solid waste management system. Inflation is expected to drop by 0.4%, and the economy to decrease by 7.2% in 2020, while the restaurant and hospitality sectors have suffered an estimated 74.6% decline. Despite these negative signs, registrations of new companies are on the rise, with The Trade and Business Licensing Board having issued over 4,000 licences in 2020. Efforts to alleviate traffic congestion through major roadworks continues. The NRA are planning to extend the three lanes on the first leg of the East-West Arterial Highway all the way down to the Grand Harbour roundabout. To reduce traffic


and on the 31st of December, the first Legislative Assembly met in George Town. The population at that time was approximately 2,000. Between 1830 and 1840, the first missionaries from the Anglican and Wesleyan churches arrived and the first schools were established (the Mico Charity and the Wesleyan school). In 1835, Governor Sligo of Jamaica landed in Cayman to declare all slaves free, in accordance with the Emancipation Act of 1833. In 1846, the Presbyterian Church was established by the Rev. James Elmslie. In 1898, Frederick Sanguinetti, a British national, was appointed by the Governor of Jamaica as the first Commissioner of the Cayman Islands. 1900 to 1970s In 1920, a major Education Act paved the way for the establishment of government schools in all districts. In 1937, the first cruise ship, the ‘Atlantis’, visited Cayman and the beginnings of tourism commenced with the publication of the first tourist booklet. However, tourism did not really take off until the 1950s when a number of hotels opened. Then in 1953 Grand Cayman’s first airfield was built which replaced the seaplane service that had operated in the North Sound since the 1940s. 1953 was significant for two other reasons, including the opening of the first commercial bank (Barclays) and the first hospital (George Town Public Hospital). In 1959, Cayman received its first written constitution, which granted women the right to vote, and in the same year Cayman ceased to be a dependency of Jamaica. In 1962, following Jamaica’s independence from England, Cayman chose to remain as a Crown Colony. In 1965, the Mosquito Research Control Unit began operating and also in that year, the Chamber of Commerce was established, the Caymanian Weekly newspaper (later the Caymanian Compass) began publishing and the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman was chartered. In 1966, landmark legislation was introduced to encourage the banking industry. In 1968, Cayman Airways started flying, and in 24



1970, the population reached 10,249 with a total of 403 visitors arriving that year. In 1972, a new constitution was introduced under which Cayman would be governed by a Legislative Assembly, Executive Council and a Governor. In this same year, Cayman introduced its own currency. In 1973, the Bahamas became independent, and Cayman’s banking industry took off. Piracy By 1660, the English had established themselves in Jamaica and began treating the Cayman Islands as natural appendages of that larger territory. However, apart from small settlements on Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, most of the three islands were left untouched. This was ideal for pirates, since Cayman also lay astride the route of treasure galleons returning to Spain, laden with gold and silver from the New World. The promise of capturing Spanish treasure ships on their way home from the Caribbean soon attracted the attention of a motley crowd of buccaneers, pirates and freebooters. The ‘Golden Age’ of piracy spanned from the 1650s to the 1730s and Cayman’s most notorious pirate was Edward Teach, otherwise known as Blackbeard, who frequented the area from 1713 until his death on the 22nd of November 1718. Despite the celebration of Pirates Week (Cayman’s National Festival) at the beginning of November, the piratical part of Cayman history is downplayed in favour of district heritage days. However, some of the biggest names in buccaneering circles, including Lowther, Lowe, Morgan and Blackbeard, prowled the coasts of the Cayman Islands. According to Neville Williams’ book, ‘A History of the Cayman Islands’, the abundance of fresh water, turtle meat and wood, made Cayman an ideal landing spot. Furthermore, the Islands offered pirate captains the possibility of finding crews to man captured vessels and a quiet location away from the authorities where pirates could hide their loot and careen and repair their vessels. This pirate’s haven, however, only lasted for about 110

years; by the 1730s, the scourge of the buccaneers had been largely tamed, if not discouraged, by the growing population. Slavery The first Cayman land grants by the English Crown were made in 1734 and it is likely that these first settlers brought slaves. The holdings were granted to Campbell, Middleton, Bodden, Spofforth, Foster and Crymble. In 1773, the cartographer George Gauld drew the first map of Grand Cayman for the Royal Navy. He made a note in the margin, marking the population at 400 – half free and half slaves. By 1802, when Edward Corbett did his census, the population of Grand Cayman had grown to 933, of which 545 were slaves. Interestingly, only two of the original founding families (Foster and Bodden) still remain. It is possible some of these families returned to Jamaica with their slaves, having found Cayman unsuitable for planting on a large scale. According to Bertie Ebanks’ book ‘Cayman Emerges’, there were no more than 985 slaves out of a total population of 2,000, when slavery was officially abolished in 1833, resulting in a ratio of about one slave to one non-slave. This makes Cayman very unusual compared to other Caribbean islands, particularly Jamaica, where the ratio was 10 slaves to 1 free man at the time of emancipation. In exchange for their freedom, the claims of all the 116 Caymanian slave-owners totalled 447,765 pounds sterling. To this day, Cayman has very good race relations and according to the author Gary Lee Roper, quoting from his book ‘Antebellum Slavery’, “Grand Cayman differs greatly from its neighbour Jamaica, in that there were no large plantations on the three small Cayman Islands, slaves were limited to the trades and domestic arts”. This is part of what differentiates the Cayman Islands from other slaveowning nations in this time period. Although slavery existed in Cayman for about a century, it was not ultimately able to prosper because the main sources of industry on the Island were not in areas

that were conducive to slave trade, such as farming and agriculture.

The Political System & 2017 Election The Cayman Islands is a parliamentary democracy with judicial, executive and legislative branches and holds its general elections every four years. Cayman currently has one political party, the People’s Progressive Movement (PPM), led by Alden McLaughlin, and the independents are led by Arden McLean. We have learnt that North Side MLA Ezzard Miller will be forming a new political party, the Cayman Islands People’s Alliance, for the 2021 general election and will be running a slate of 19 candidates in it. On 24 May 2017, Cayman held a landmark election – the first with single member constituencies following a pivotal change to the country’s electoral system in 2016. In this “One Man, One Vote” electoral system, voting districts were increased to 19, with each district now only represented by one Member of

Relationship with the UK The Cayman Islands have been connected to Great Britain since the signing of the Treaty of Madrid in 1670. From that time until 1962, Cayman was linked to Jamaica as a dependency. In 1962, Jamaica chose to become independent, but the Cayman Islands decided to remain a British colony. In 2002, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office discontinued the use of the term “Dependent Territory” and the Islands

are now called an “Overseas Territory”. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office appoints a Governor, whose responsibilities cover a number of areas including: National Security, Foreign Affairs, Police, Immigration, Passport Office, Postal Services and other portfolios, such as Broadcasting, District Administration and Civil Service. Currently, there is very little desire amongst Caymanians for the Islands to become independent. GEOGRAPHY

Geology The Cayman Islands are the tops of seamount pinnacles reaching up from the Cayman Trench — one of the deepest sections of ocean in the world. The Cayman Ridge stretches from the Sierra Maestra mountain range in Cuba to the Gulf of Honduras. This ridge forms the northern margin of the Cayman Trench, which is 100 miles wide and reaches depths of around 25,000ft. The Islands’ position near the Oriente Transform Fault and the Mid-Cayman Rise, means that the three Islands are separate uplifted fault blocks that were pushed up by friction between the North American and the Caribbean tectonic plates. According to the research of geologist Brian Jones, each Island appears to have a granodiorite foundation, which is succeeded by a cap of basalt and an uppermost layer composed of carbonates. These carbonates were created by living organisms such as corals, algae and shells, and were laid down during sea level changes over the past 30 million years. Caymanite Hidden away, under the jagged crust of Grand Cayman’s East End and the craggy cliffs of the Bluff in Cayman Brac, lie beautiful and mysterious mineral deposits. These rock strata, called Caymanite, are found only in the Cayman Islands and are well disguised by the surrounding limestone. Caymanite has layers of colours in earth tones, created by the different metallic contents of each strata. Its hardness challenges any who work on


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



The Legal System The Cayman Islands legal system is based on English common law, with the addition of local statutes which have, in many respects, changed and modernised the common law. The Islands have a good legal and judicial system and are constantly being upgraded to enhance their safety and reputation as a leading financial centre. The courts system is a simple one, with practice and procedure based on English law. Minor criminal and civil cases are tried by a Stipendiary Magistrate sitting in the Summary Court. All serious crimes and most civil cases are tried by the Grand Court, presided over by the Chief Justice and Grand Court Judges permanently residing in the Islands. Appeals lie from the Grand Court to the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal, which sits in Grand Cayman and, from there, to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England. New residents, especially those from the US, may be surprised to find that barristers in court wear wigs and gowns.

the Legislative Assembly (MLA). Given the dramatic increase in the number of candidates vying for a political seat, this historic election was a contentious one. Since the establishment of political parties in the Cayman Islands, a record number of candidates entered the race as independents and a total of nine were elected. Three former cabinet members: former (and now current) premier Alden McLaughlin, Moses Kirkconnell and Tara Rivers were re-elected. After the much talked about “horse-trading”– what locals call the period of time following an election where ministry assignments are decided – the PPM secured control of cabinet. Alden McLaughlin now holds responsibility for human resources, immigration and community affairs. Tara Rivers, the former education and labour minister has presides over the financial services and home affairs portfolios. Moses Kirkconnell is once again deputy premier with responsibility for district administration, tourism and transport. Former speaker, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly, now has responsibility for education, youth, sports, agriculture and lands. Joey Hew oversees commerce, planning and infrastructure, Roy McTaggart has public finance and economic development under his purview and Dwayne Seymour is responsible for health, the environment, culture and housing. Former opposition leader McKeeva Bush is the speaker of the house. Independent, East End MLA Arden McLean is the new leader of the opposition. The next general election is scheduled to be held in May, 2021.

it, but when cut and polished, the stone has radiant hues and can be transformed into unique jewellery and carvings. There is a permanent Caymanite display at the Cayman Islands National Museum and pieces can be purchased at various places in Cayman including the Museum, Artifacts, Pure Art Gallery and other jewellery shops.

Fact Sheet

Composition: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Location: Grand Cayman – Western Caribbean, about 150 miles south of Cuba,


480 miles southwest of Miami, 180 miles northwest of Jamaica

Flora & Fauna Cayman is world-renowned for its marine life, but there is much to see on land as well. Over 650 different species of plants have been recorded and the forests are far more diverse than those found in more temperate northerly latitudes. Two of the best places to see the flora and fauna of Grand Cayman are the Botanic Park, where you’ll spot lots of the endangered Blue Iguana, and the Mastic Trail. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are also particularly popular with bird watchers. Little Cayman has a major breeding ground for a species of cormorant called the Red-Footed Booby. Cayman also has a colourful native green parrot that can be heard chattering in almond trees on all three islands, especially at sunset. Frogs and lizards are common around houses, especially those backing onto the bush, and bats can be seen at night. Large, edible land crabs crawl across roads after heavy rains. The agouti is shy and rarely seen. Fresh water ponds attract migrating birds and are filled with hicatees (a species of aquatic tortoise) and tiny minnows. A lot of Cayman is covered in wetland, so there are large areas of mangrove wilderness, an essential breeding ground for fish and birds. Their protection is a major project of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. Follow Bush Girl Medicine to learn more about the practical health applications of Cayman’s flora and fauna. Mosquitoes Before the Mosquito Research and Control Unit (MRCU) was established in 1965, mosquito numbers were legendary. Reports were made of livestock being suffocated during the night and people did not venture outdoors without a smoke-pot to drive off the mosquitoes. In 1974 one mosquito trap, which are still used today to survey mosquito numbers, caught 793,103 mosquitos in a single night. However, thanks to Dr. Marco Giglioli, MRCU’s first Director, numbers have fallen. He and his team dug a huge network of canals, ditches, dyke roads and paths into the wetlands and swamps which serve as mosquito breeding habitat, and by manipulating the water levels of these wetland areas he controlled the pest by physical means. These dyke roads are maintained to this day and are used to survey standing water for the presence of developing mosquitoes. When larval mosquitoes are found in the water MRCU uses a biorational insecticide to try to suppress the mosquito’s emergence. However, many thousands of protected wetland acres produce mosquitoes and so trucks and planes are used to fog and spray these pests at dusk. MRCU’s Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) programme has also been working hard at limiting mosquitoes produced in 26



Cayman Brac – 89 miles northeast of Grand Cayman Little Cayman – 5 miles west of Cayman Brac

Capital: George Town, in southwest Grand Cayman Size: 102 sq miles/164 sq km (total area of all three islands) Grand Cayman – area: 76 sq miles; length: 22 miles; average width: 4 miles; highest point: about 60ft above sea level Cayman Brac – area: 15 sq miles; length: 12 miles; average width: 1.5 miles; highest point: The Bluff – 140ft above sea level Little Cayman – area: 11 sq miles; length: 10 miles; average width: just over 1 mile; highest point: 40ft above sea level

Population: 64,958 of which 37,887 are Caymanians (2020) National Income (2019/2020): GDP per capita: CI$73,694 Real GDP: CI$4,489.4 million Total Government Revenue: CI$860 million Total Government Expenditure: CI$757.9 million Core Government Debt: CI$284.4 million

Other Statistics (2019/2020): Infant Mortality rate (per 1,000 live births): 7.6 Unemployment Rate: 7.1%* Total Work Permits: 27,514 Total Labour Force: 47,394 Total # Core Government Employees: 3,918 Average Inflation Rate: 0.4%* Total Imports: CI$1,183.3 million Bank & Trust Licences: 125 Captive Insurance Licences: 646 Total Mutual Funds: 10,857 New Company Registrations: 12,822 Doctors per 1,000 population: 5 Visitor Air Arrivals: 2019: 502, 739; 2020 (Jan & Feb): 93,558* Cruise Ship Arrivals: 2019: 1,831,011; 2020 (Jan & Feb): 448,435* *2020 figures which reflect the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Main Industries: Financial Services, Construction, Healthcare and Tourism (prior to the COVID-19 pandemic)

Political Status: Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom (i.e. British dependency)

Nationalities: Over 130 different nationalities are represented in Cayman, including Caymanian, Jamaican, Filipino, British, American, Canadian, and a mix of Latin American. Information obtained from The Economics and Statistics Office.

containers such as tires, buckets, barrels and other water bearing receptacles. The general public are reminded to please never leave water standing in upturned pots or tubs as mosquitos can breed in something as small as a bottle cap! CUSTOMS & TRADITIONS

The Traditional Cayman Home The oldest known style of Caymanian home is the ‘wattle and daub’ cottage, which dates back to the mid-18th century. Houses were usually rectangular, with foundation posts made from termite-resistant ironwood.

Backing Sand Family outings to the beach on weekends are a major part of Caymanian culture, but sand plays another very important role in Cayman at Christmas time. Unlike many parents around the world, Caymanians have always been able to guarantee their children a white Christmas. The tradition of ‘backing sand’ has stood the test of time. Often, beginning as early as October, Caymanians could be seen by the light of the moon carrying ‘ground baskets’, woven from leaves of the magnificent thatch palm trees that tower loftily over the islands, brimming with powder-white sand from the beaches. The sand would be deposited in the front yard and on Christmas Eve, raked into intricate patterns and decorated with shiny new conch shell pathways.

Public Holidays 2021

Friday, 1st January New Year’s Day

Monday, 25th January National Heroes Day

Wednesday, 17th February Ash Wednesday

Friday, 2nd April Good Friday

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Catboat Regattas Cayman’s proud maritime history has served to provide many lasting traditions. The Catboat, a simple sailing boat once used for fishing and turtling in and around Cayman waters, is enjoying a revival thanks to the efforts of the Cayman Islands Catboat Club. Regular regattas are held in Grand Cayman and the sight of these humble, yet skillfully crafted vessels tacking their way around George Town’s bustling harbour, vying for space amid cruise ships, dive boats and tenders, is a truly remarkable snapshot of the juxtaposition of past and present in Cayman. Traditional Industry Through the ages, the principal economic mainstay of the Cayman Islands has been the hunting of sea turtles. However, there have been other industries, including schooner building, sponge harvesting, gathering of seabird eggs, wrecking, guano collecting, catching sharks for the leather industry, felling and removal of hardwoods such as mahogany and cedar, barking of red mangrove trees and cutting of logwood for their use in dyes. Coconuts were exported, cotton was gathered, ropes were made from thatch and, from the late 19th century until the 1960s, Caymanians worked as merchant seamen on commercial ships. Thatch Weaving & Rope Making Another noteworthy tradition is thatch weaving. ‘Laying rope’ was once one of the few means of making a living for Caymanian women and children while the men were away at sea. This valuable custom has been passed down from generation to generation. Certain districts were known to produce the best ‘tops’ for cutting and people would often walk for miles to collect bundles of thatch, which would later be stripped, dried and twisted into fine fathoms of rope. This would then be traded overseas or exchanged for goods such as cloth, sugar or kerosene. Folk Singing In 2009, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation formed the Cayman Islands


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Once known as the “islands that time forgot,” the Cayman Islands have been catapulted into the 21st century at, some say, an alarming rate. Yet over the last decade there has been a determined effort to uphold a balance between preserving the essence and simplicity of the past, while still moving resolutely into the future. Many Caymanian customs and traditions are linked inextricably to religious holidays. Whether camping by the sea at Easter or hunting for land crabs during the rainy season, these events are social in nature and family-oriented. Visit East End on any given Sunday and you will see families and friends, recently returned from church, ‘shooting the breeze’ on their front porches or enjoying a noisy game of dominoes under the shade of a breadfruit tree. Being up to date on the latest ‘Marl Road’ (gossip) is as important as drawing breath in the Cayman Islands!

Gaps between the ironwood or mahogany posts were filled with a basket weave of wattled sticks and then plastered on either side with lime daub made from burnt coral. The earliest roofs were thatched using palm tree fronds, but in more recent times, wood, shingle or corrugated zinc have been used. Windows were simple openings with wood board shutters, while smoke-pots helped keep out mosquitoes. Normally, these one-storey dwellings would feature a steeply pitched roof. This would keep the houses cooler as hot air rises. The typical sandy yard would have been shaded with seagrape and popnut trees and there would be a separate ‘caboose’ for cooking.


Folk Singers, a company dedicated primarily to preserving, celebrating and propagating the musical traditions of the Cayman Islands. The company exists to help revive the folk music tradition in the Cayman Islands. The work it produces is reflective of the Caymanian image and helps us appreciate our place in the Caribbean region and the wider world. Since its inception, the group has been showcasing Cayman’s rich musical heritage through song. The Folk Singers have an impressive repertoire of Caymanian composition, as well as beloved songs from around the region. For more information email: Turtles & Turtling When the first Europeans came to Cayman, they found one of the largest turtle nesting grounds on earth. For nearly 200 years, ships of all nations (particularly French, Dutch and English) came to these shores to ‘turn’ green and loggerhead turtles and dry their flesh, an easily obtainable source of protein for ship or plantation stores. Early on, Cayman became the centre of the Caribbean turtle industry. By 1800, the turtle population had dwindled and the local turtling fleet turned their attention to the south coast of Cuba and the coastline of Central America. Until the early 1960s, Cayman ships still supplied the largest share of turtles entering foreign markets from the Caribbean. These were mostly caught on the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua. The Cayman Islands officially banned turtle hunting in 1988; however, in honour of Cayman’s turtling heritage, certain individuals are permitted to hunt turtles under license in accordance with the Marine Conservation Law. While typically some of these individuals apply to renew their licences annually, in the past few years, no turtles have been taken under a licence. The Cayman Turtle Centre is home to hundreds of turtles and supplies the local market with turtle meat. Camping Camping by the sea at Easter is a long28



held Caymanian tradition. Popular spots to camp are beaches along the Queen’s Highway, Rum Point, Cayman Kai and Seven Mile Beach. Camping in Cayman is legal, but there are strict guidelines. These include removing all garbage, disposing properly of human waste, not camping on land which has a ‘Do Not Trespass’ sign on it and being very careful lighting and burying bonfires. Technically, permission must be sought from the Dept. of Environmental Health (Tel: (345) 949 6696) and the Fire Dept. (Tel: (345) 949 2276) to light a bonfire. To rent a public beach cabana call the Recreation, Parks & Cemeteries Unit (Tel: (345) 946 8250). TRADITIONAL EVENTS & HOLIDAYS

The Agricultural Show Early Caymanians supplemented the sea’s bounty by subsistence farming or backyard farming. While subsistence and organic farming in particular, have experienced a resurgence, the Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Agricultural Society, have been running the Agriculture Show for over 50 years. The show is a widely anticipated family event every year and provides farmers with an opportunity to sell their home-grown produce and display their livestock. In addition to the wide selection of local produce, authentic dishes and handmade crafts are available for sale; children can participate in the many kidfriendly activities such as games, pageants, horseback riding and the petting zoo. Now in its 54th year, the Agricultural Show is a testament to the love the people of these Islands have for the land. Held every Ash Wednesday, a public holiday, it is not to be missed! Go early to avoid the traffic. Easter Easter is a very festive time in Cayman: Caymanians celebrate the occasion by camping on beaches, many attend church services and there are Easter brunches at numerous hotels and restaurants – some will even offer Easter Egg Hunts too. Rum Point is also a popular meeting point for groups with boats, and some

families rent condos in Cayman Kai and enjoy the beach for the weekend. Batabano Cayman Carnival Batabano is usually held the week after Easter every year. It is a major highlight on the Island’s entertainment calendar. It is said the word ‘batabano’ refers to the tracks left in the sand by sea turtles as they crawl onto the beach to nest. Batabano is a multi-day event that includes a Carnival Ball, soca song competition, street parade, street dance, a beach fête and pulsating Soca music, dancing and pageantry. It celebrates the Caribbean’s diverse African and religious roots, as well as reflecting the Island’s rich heritage. Thousands of Cayman’s locals and visitors flock to the streets. It should not be missed! For more information visit the Batabano website at Rundown This popular local show is named after a spicy Caymanian dish that combines lots of different ingredients. It is a satirical look at Caymanian life, politics and its people. For more information call (345) 949 5477 or visit Halloween Halloween is a very popular event in the Cayman Islands. The festivities start just as the sun goes down and are wrapped up by about 9pm. Very popular areas to trick-or-treat are Webster’s Estates and Snug Harbour, but people also trick-ortreat in their neighbourhoods. Check out National Symbols National Bird: Grand Cayman Parrot National Flower: Wild Banana Orchid National Tree: Silver Thatch Palm National Song: Beloved Isle Cayman National Motto: “He hath founded it upon the seas”

Cayman Parent online as they always list what is happening for Halloween.

Christmas Christmas in Cayman is magical! There might not be snow, but we do put up real Christmas trees and fill our gardens with twinkling lights as the rounds of parties and good cheer begin. Traditions include visiting Capt. Theo Bodden’s magnificent garden, opposite Sunset House, which from early-December becomes a theatrical display of lights. The festive season ticks off with the Christmas breeze which starts to blow in November. Camana Bay’s annual tree lighting in November is a great family outing. The Parade of Lights takes place at the beginning of December. The Rotary’s annual carol singing concert in early December is highly anticipated every year. Enjoy shopping at the local craft markets and keep a look out for an appearance from Father Christmas! FORMALITIES

Attire & Dress Standards Business attire is usually conservative for men. Jackets are rarely worn, even in board meetings, but are compulsory for lawyers

Business & Banking Hours Typical business opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm, Saturday 9am1pm. Usually only retail outlets are open on Saturdays. Most banks are open MondayThursday from 9am-4pm and Friday from 9am-4.30pm, but some bank branches are also open on Saturdays between 9am-1pm. Greeting Customs & Caymankind Say “Good morning” or “Good evening” on first meeting someone in Cayman. If you are talking to a Caymanian, then use the first name but preface it with a “Miss” or a “Mr”. “Mrs” is rarely used. If you do not know their name, and they are older than you, then “Sir” or “Ma’am” is appropriate. “CayMAN” (never the Caymans or CayMEN Islands) is a welcoming place and ‘Caymankindness’ is embodied by many, so be sure to engage with people you meet. Caymankindness is about being kind and courteous.

Date System The Cayman Islands use the English date system: day/month/year. However, because of the influence of the US, some people write the date as month/day/year. It can be confusing so make sure to check! Daylight Savings Time & Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Daylight Savings Time is not observed in the Cayman Islands. Cayman is on Eastern Standard Time. Also when the United Kingdom is on British Summer Time (BST), the time difference between the UK and Cayman is six hours.

Climate The most pleasant weather in the Cayman Islands is during the winter, from midNovember to April as there is little rain, brilliant sunshine and a constant cool sea breeze. These months also coincide with peak tourist season. May to November is the rainy season, but unless there is a tropical depression or a severe storm over the Cayman Islands, the rain is normally only heavy for a few hours.

Sunday Closings By law, most businesses in the Cayman Islands close on Sundays. Places that do remain open in Grand Cayman include some pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and hotel bars, Camana Bay’s cinema, the Black Pearl Skate Park in Grand Harbour and Kings Sports Centre.

Cayman’s Climate at-a-glance (2019 figures) Average temperature

Average sunshine hours

Average millimeters of rainfall

Average humidity (%)


26.4 °C /79.5 °F





26.9°C /80.4 °F




27 °C /80.6 °F





28.1°C /82.6 °F





28.8 °C /83.8 °F





30 °C /86 °F





30.1°C /86.2 °F





30.4 °C /86.7 °F





30.3 °C /86.6 °F





29.3°C /84.8 °F





28.1 °C /82.7°F





26 °C /81 °F






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Pirates Week Cayman’s National Festival Pirates Week 2021 is scheduled to be held during the third week in November in Grand Cayman with the Sister Islands celebrating either sides of those dates. For over 40 years it has become the country’s largest celebration, drawing 35,000 patrons. It encompasses many events including street dances, district heritage days, a mock pirate invasion and float parade, a song contest, two running races, a sea swim, a Pirate Pooch Parade, a steel pan competition, a children’s fun day, and underwater treasure hunt for divers. However, in 2020, due to the pandemic, a massively scaled down event took place and no visitors could come in for the week due to our quarantine requirements. The National Festival office runs Pirates Week. See for more information.

attending court proceedings. For women: a smart skirt, dress or slacks with a blouse is appropriate. For social occasions, residents love to dress up and casual attire can be smart. Women dress in the same way they would in America and Europe. Away from the workplace, the dress is casual – shopping and running errands are done in shorts, T-shirts and sundresses.


A Global Financial Centre

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An overview of the Island’s banking, fund management, captive insurance and trust industries, structured finance, currency, the stock exchange and aircraft/ship registration.



Beneficial Ownership


Legislation to Meet Client Needs


UK’s Vote to Leave the EU


Cayman’s Financial History


Jurisdiction of Choice 32 Banking


Taxation 33 Investment Funds


Trusts 34 Companies & Partnerships


Structured Finance


Collateralised Loan Obligations


Independent Directors


Financial Technology ‘FinTech’


Single Family Offices


Insurance Legislation


Captive Insurance & Reinsurance 38


Cayman Islands Insurance Association


Cayman Islands Stock Exchange


Cayman Finance, Currency


Aircraft/Ship Registration





espite the global pandemic, the Cayman Islands continues to maintain its dominant position as a leading global financial hub, efficiently connecting law-abiding users with providers of investment capital and financing worldwide, benefitting both developed and developing countries. Cayman’s commitment to excellence and modern legislation are a few key elements of its performance, particularly in capital markets and investments. Alongside this, Cayman is strengthened by close connections to the United Kingdom. Cayman has also remained the leading jurisdiction for international hedge funds, as around 85% of the world’s hedge funds are currently located here. Cayman is the number one domicile for healthcare and group captives, and continues to excel globally in banking, capital markets, trusts and fiduciary services. For eight months during 2020 Cayman was added to the European Unions’ list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions due to the Islands “not having appropriate measures in place relating to economic substance in the area of collective investment vehicles.” In September 2020 Cayman was removed from the EU list after it adopted new reforms to its framework on Collective Investment Funds. As the Cayman Islands’ Governor, Martyn Roper OBE, said “Despite dealing with the global pandemic, Cayman has yet again shown a strong track record in fully adhering to international standards. This supports the sector’s strong international reputation as a world leading, highly professional and high quality financial services sector.”

Since 2018 the Cayman Islands has passed almost 20 pieces of legislation to meet EU demands on tax matters. This includes amendments to the Mutual Funds Law and a new Private Funds Law to implement new rules for the registration, administration and supervision of funds.

Legislation to Meet Client Needs Cayman’s regulatory framework


In addition, in 2020 the Cayman Islands Government amended the existing Mutual Funds Law and enacted a new Private Funds Law to provide a regulatory regime for smaller closed ended investment funds. The new regime will ensure that the Cayman Islands remains the offshore financial centre of choice for fund managers seeking to do business in Europe, and supports the Cayman Islands’ broader aim of adopting global standards in areas such as anti-money laundering and economic substance. The Cayman Islands had already introduced legislative changes to allow the funds sector the scope to participate in the EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (“AIFMD”). More recently, the Cayman Islands has introduced the Virtual Assets (Service Providers) Law (2020) which sets out the legal and regulatory framework for virtual assets service providers seeking to do business in and from the Cayman Islands. The framework, which also introduces a “regulatory sandbox”, addresses the registration and licensing requirements for virtual asset service providers including exchanges and custodians. UK’s Vote to Leave EU (Brexit) On January 31st 2020, the United Kingdom (the “UK”) officially withdrew from the European Union (the “EU”). This follows the EU and UK agreeing to a transitional period ending 31 December 2020, during which the UK and the EU will enter into negotiations with respect to the UK’s future relationship with the EU.


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2 C AY M A N - A G LO B A L F I N A N C I A L C E N T R E

Beneficial Ownership The Cayman Islands is a strong partner in combatting global financial crime. The jurisdiction has implemented the highest global standards for transparency and crossborder co-operation which are regularly reviewed and enhanced. In 2017, the Cayman Islands passed legislation to establish a centralised platform for beneficial ownership information. The legislation requires companies, limited liability partnerships (“LLPs”) and limited liability companies (“LLCs”) to engage a corporate services provider to assist them establish and maintain a beneficial ownership register. Companies and other persons may be subject to fines and imprisonment for breaching the laws relating to establishing and maintaining beneficial ownership registers. Only the competent authority is able to search the beneficial ownership registers for information. It is only able to search for such information upon receipt of a lawful request by the specified Cayman Islands or UK law enforcement authorities set out in law. The UK Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act (2018) requires the UK Government to draft an order by the end of 2020 requiring British Overseas Territories to create a publicly accessible beneficial ownership register. The UK Government has indicated that such an order, if implemented, would require the British Overseas Territories to introduce a public beneficial ownership register by the end of 2023. The Cayman Islands Government has been clear that it will not consider the introduction of a public register of beneficial ownership unless and until that becomes the accepted and implemented international standard.

continuously enhanced to ensure it meets the needs of regulated entities and their clients and investors. Cayman has taken the lead in raising standards of corporate governance across the financial services sector, which is one of the main priorities for global market participants. Cayman has also introduced a number of recent amendments to its anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, proliferation financing and financial sanctions requirements to ensure it remains in line with developments in global standards, in particular those of the Financial Action Task Force (“FATF”), and the implementation of the analysis of the Caribbean FATF in its Mutual Evaluation Report. In 2016 the Cayman Islands Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) was introduced at the request of US clients. This was followed in 2017 by the introduction of the Foundation Companies Law. Foundation Companies function like a civil law foundation but in the form and with the benefits and familiarity of a company. This provides private clients with a flexible vehicle for offshore structuring, which even clients with a civil law background will be familiar with. Following consultation with the OECD, the EU and Cayman Islands stakeholders, the Cayman Islands together with other international financial centres, adopted a series of measures to introduce economic substance requirements in 2019 to implement OECD best practices for combatting ‘base erosion’ and was assessed by the OECD as fully compliant.

As a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands are not part of the EU. The Cayman Islands Government maintains a strong working relationship with the UK government and industry will continue to ensure all operations with business partners in the region remain active and secure. Cayman’s robust and resilient financial services industry actively monitors the political and economic developments on Brexit to ensure the country is well-placed to adapt for these future opportunities and changes.



Cayman’s Financial History On the dark and moonless night of the 8th of February 1794, a navigational error resulted in ten British ships, including a Royal Navy vessel, being wrecked on the treacherous coral reefs off East End, Grand Cayman. Local people saved everyone aboard the ships, including, so the story goes, a royal prince. When Britain’s King George III heard of this act of gallantry, he is said to have decreed that the people of the Cayman Islands should forever be free from taxes and war conscription. There is no doubt that the Wreck of the Ten Sails actually took place, but there is no documented evidence of the royal decree, however, this has not stopped the story from becoming one of Cayman’s favourite legends. The real reason for the Cayman Islands being a tax-free jurisdiction is rather more prosaic. Until the mid 1960s, the population was less than 8,000 and most Caymanians made their living from subsistence farming, fishing, turtling, schooner building and making thatch-rope, while many of the men served as merchant seamen on oceangoing ships, usually flying the American or Liberian flag. This basically meant that most of the residents in Cayman were living on meagre earnings, there were few companies at the time and capital gains were virtually non-existent, so there was nothing worth taxing. But in 1952, an aircraft runway was constructed and the following year Barclays Bank opened a branch in Grand Cayman. In fact, Cayman’s status as an international financial centre derives from the foresight of 32



some early legal practitioners and a receptive Government who, in the mid 1960s, together drafted and enacted legislation to build on this modest beginning. In the following decades, more international banks were attracted to Cayman, together with law and accounting firms. When the Bahamas became independent from the UK in 1973, a number of expatriate workers from that jurisdiction were attracted to Cayman as a stable place to do business. Cooperation between the Government and the private sector has continued to this day. This, combined with a policy of welcoming expatriates with special skills to the Islands and a population of well-educated Caymanians, has kept Cayman in the forefront of the international financial industry. Jurisdiction of Choice To be successful in the competitive global financial industry requires political and economic stability, tax neutrality, a responsive legal system, stable banking environment, a sound regulatory regime, absence of exchange controls and highly sophisticated service providers. In addition to these factors Cayman’s status as an overseas territory of the United Kingdom and its international cooperation regimes in the areas of tax information exchange, regulation and law enforcement, provide the necessary level of confidence that Cayman has a sophisticated and hospitable financial environment. That confidence is built on Cayman’s status as a transparent, cooperative jurisdiction that already meets or exceeds the full range of globally-accepted standards for transparency and cross-border cooperation with law enforcement and tax authorities. Cayman became an early adopter of automatic data exchange, signing onto agreements such as the EU Savings Directive, OECD’s Common Reporting Standard, US FATCA, and country-by-country reporting principles under BEPS. The OECD’s Global Forum in 2017 assessed our jurisdiction to be “largely compliant” with the international standard for transparency and exchange of information, the same rating given to Germany, Canada and Australia.

This commitment to the highest standard is why Cayman continues to attract high calibre service providers such as lawyers, accountants and administrators, making the jurisdiction attractive to foreign investors. Cayman’s professional infrastructure, business friendly approach, flexibility, an English common law framework, stability, well-regulated regime and tax neutrality all play a role in attracting private and institutional investors to the island. The wealth of international expertise available in Cayman is one of the key factors making Cayman a jurisdiction of choice. Clients have access to a wide array of services, including trusts, family office, structured finance, insurance, banking, reinsurance, company and asset management, vessel and aircraft registration, and stock exchange listings. Banking Regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), banking in the Cayman Islands is a major part of Cayman’s financial sector, with 123 banks licensed as of June 2020. The total international (cross-border positions in all currency and domestic positions in foreign currency) assets and liabilities were reported as US$663 billion and US$662 billion respectively in December 2019. Cayman is ranked 14th internationally in terms of cross-border assets and also 13th for cross-border liabilities. The majority of these banks are branches, subsidiaries and affiliates of established international financial institutions conducting business in the international markets. More than 80% of those international assets represent inter-bank bookings between onshore banks and their branches, subsidiaries, affiliates and other Cayman Islands’ licensed banks. A testament to the worldwide recognition of the quality of Cayman’s financial industry is the fact that over 40 of the world’s top 50 banks hold licences in Cayman. The banking sector hires highly skilled professionals and is one of the most prominent employers on the Island. Cayman Islands’ banks are bound by strict antimoney laundering laws, which together with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations, are recognised as meeting or exceeding those of all

major onshore jurisdictions. The 123 banks licensed in Cayman are split into A and B classes, with the former licence permitting banks to carry out local and international business. There are currently 9 Class A licensed banks in the Cayman Islands, with six of those carrying out retail services. The other 114 banks hold Class B licences and are mainly restricted to offshore transactions with non-residents. Of the 123 banks licensed in Cayman in the second quarter of 2020, 20 are from Europe, 21 from the USA, 21 from the Caribbean and Central America, 19 from Asia and Australia, 13 from Canada and Mexico, 27 from South America and two from the Middle East and Africa. To see a list of the banks licensed in the Cayman Islands visit

Network. It does not offer tax incentives designed to favour non-resident individuals and businesses. Cayman does not have differing tax rates for foreign entities, nor does it have legal mechanisms or treaties (such as double taxation agreements) in place with other countries to legally transfer tax bases from one country to another in order to aggressively reduce taxes. Cayman does not promote itself as a jurisdiction for aggressive tax planning. International policy makers continue to recognise the vital role Cayman’s financial services industry plays as a strong international partner in combatting corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing and tax evasion. Investment Funds The Cayman Islands is undoubtedly the leading offshore centre for the establishment of hedge funds and private equity funds. There are over 10,000 mutual funds that are either licensed, registered or administered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority


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2 C AY M A N - A G LO B A L F I N A N C I A L C E N T R E

Taxation Cayman imposes no income, capital gains, payroll or other direct taxation on corporations or individuals resident in the Cayman Islands although indirect

taxation is imposed on the importation of goods and direct and indirect transfers of Cayman Islands real estate. Through this tax system, total government tax revenues, as a percentage of GDP, are similar to tax rates in G20 countries and are sufficient to fund government operations. This makes additional (direct) taxation unnecessary. Cayman signed its first Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty with the USA in the 1980s and has tax information exchange agreements with 36 jurisdictions; the Multilateral Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, which allows tax information exchange with more than 140 countries; automatic data exchange as part of the European Union Savings Directive; and has adopted US FATCA, UK FATCA and the OECD’s Common Reporting Standard. ‘Tax haven’ is a phrase that is often thrown around in the media and politics, and incorrectly assigned to the Cayman Islands. Cayman does not meet any of the tax haven definitions set out by the OECD, Transparency International or Tax Justice



(“CIMA”). Following the enactment of the Private Funds Law in 2020, there are over 12,000 private funds registered with CIMA. The vast majority of investment funds are aimed at institutional or sophisticated/ high net worth investors which is reflected in the types of funds that are regulated in the jurisdiction and their assets under management. Investment funds, like other entities established in the Cayman Islands, must have a registered office provided by a licensed corporate services provider, which maintains, among other things, the corporate records of the entity. Funds will typically appoint a suite of service providers both within and outside of the Cayman Islands and in certain circumstances, must appoint Cayman Islands providers. Thus, funds will engage Cayman Islands legal counsel, approved Cayman Islands based auditors, administrators (who may need to be locally licensed in certain circumstances) as well as directors and/or advisory boards, licensed Cayman Islands trustees and (if listing) an approved listing agent. In keeping with international standards, each fund is required to appoint anti-money laundering (“AML”) officers and AML compliance officers and there are several qualified professional organisations who can provide this service. Asset managers may be based in the Cayman Islands or overseas. While the overwhelming majority of managers are located outside of the jurisdiction, in recent years there has been increased interest by managers in establishing a business with a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. With the amendment of the Securities Investment Business Law in 2019, there is an enhanced regulatory and supervisory framework for securities investment business in the jurisdiction. The success of the investment funds industry in the Cayman Islands is due to a combination of factors, including its marketleading reputation, freedom of investment decisions for asset managers, tax-neutral status, a highly regarded legal system and the availability of world-class professional service providers. The industry is an important pillar of the Cayman Islands financial services sector, responsible for the direct employment 34



of hundreds of professionals. These advantages will ensure that Cayman will continue to lead the way as the jurisdiction of choice for investment funds. Trusts As a global centre of excellence for trusts, the Cayman Islands financial sector has serviced international clients for decades with what is the most flexible instrument for wealth structuring and estate planning. The Cayman Islands trust law is derived from an amalgamation of common law and equity, English statutes and local statutes that have become a blueprint for trust law in many other jurisdictions. Trust legislation is supported by a strong and highly regarded local and independent judiciary, court system and legal community. Public and private sectors are continuously reviewing and updating key legislation so that it remains current, viable and relevant in a global context, and also creating new legislation to meet ongoing needs. The Cayman Islands Law Reform Commission conducted a review of the Trusts Law and the subsequent recommendations. This work was largely the basis for the Trusts (Amendment) Law (2019). The amended Law enhances the competitiveness of the jurisdiction’s trust framework by empowering the Cayman court to set aside the mistaken exercise of a fiduciary power and to approve compromises in trust litigation. The Court is also provided with powers to vary trusts where there would be no detriment to that beneficiary, and inserts a new provision to allow the Grand Court to make rules to give effect to provisions within the Law. The amended Law also bolsters the protection of Cayman trusts under the existing “firewall” provision by including a provision that beneficiaries of Cayman trusts are excluded from being deprived of rights under the Cayman trust by virtue of a foreign law. Another important part of the jurisdiction’s trust framework is the Banks and Trust Companies Law (2020 Revision). This Law was amended in 2019 (the ‘Amendment’)

to give the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) more responsibility and control in the regulation of the trust industry. The Amendment requires more frequent reporting by licencees to CIMA, and gives CIMA the power to reject licence applications that do not fulfill requirements. The Amendment also requires the regulation of the licencee’s minimum net worth to ensure that it is maintained on both a solo and consolidated basis, and that the capital and other prudential requirements are met. Other provisions to modernise and strengthen Cayman’s position as a leading trust jurisdiction were made in the context of a continued focus on compliance in the world of finance. With steady and dependable growth, trusts remain an important component of the financial services industry in Cayman. According to CIMA, as of 30th June 2020, there were 147 Active Trust Licences, of which 58 were Full Trust Licences, 59 were Restricted Trust Licences and 30 were Nominee (Trust) Licences. Companies & Partnerships The Cayman Islands is a popular jurisdiction for the establishment of business vehicles because of its stable legal system, modern and flexible corporate structures, business friendly culture and tax neutral status. The main forms of business vehicle established in the Cayman Islands are: exempted companies, limited liability companies, exempted limited partnerships, Segregated Portfolio Companies, special economic zone companies and local ordinary companies. As of Q1 2020, The Cayman Islands General Registry had a total of 109,986 active companies registered and a total of 29,877 active partnerships registered. Company incorporations remain a thriving part of Cayman’s financial services offering. Cayman Islands companies are used for a variety of purposes and are governed by the Companies Law (2020 Revision) as amended. Ordinary companies are typically incorporated by those wishing to undertake business

Islands regulation as it applies to business vehicles, in particular, with respect to antimoney laundering, beneficial ownership, economic substance, data protection and the regulation of closed-ended private investment funds. These developments underpin the jurisdiction’s commitment to adherence to the very highest international standards. In addition to the law firms, who are available to provide specialist legal advice and assistance in relation to the establishment and ongoing management of the various different Cayman Islands business entities, there are also many highly qualified professional firms licensed to provide corporate services in the Cayman Islands. The corporate services providers are able to provide services including: registered offices, principal offices, fiduciary services, regulatory and compliance services, the provision of nominee shareholders, as well as the maintenance of corporate records, accounts and financial statements.

Structured Finance Several of Cayman’s law firms specialise in capital markets and structured finance transactions for international clients. The Cayman Islands have become one of the world’s leading providers of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) for structured finance transactions and are recognised by the international rating agencies as a pre-eminent jurisdiction for rated debt capital market transactions. SPVs are often used in securitisation transactions which involve the acquisition of financial assets by the SPV and the subsequent issuance of securities to institutional investors. The attraction of the Cayman Islands for investors in securities issued by Cayman Islands SPVs includes statutory recognition of non-petition provisions, tax neutrality, creditor-friendly legislation and the large number of sophisticated professionals in the legal, accounting and fiduciary sectors who are well versed in assisting with establishing, maintaining and reviewing orphaned structures.


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We provide security to Cayman, every day. The CIIA unites the Cayman Islands’ insurance industry to create and maintain the highest standards of service, ethics, transparency, communication and good practice in all aspects of insurance. We work with our members to ensure that people, homes and businesses in the Cayman Islands are well-protected. For a list of CIIA accredited members, brokers or agents visit


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2 C AY M A N - A G LO B A L F I N A N C I A L C E N T R E

in the Cayman Islands and exempted companies are incorporated to undertake business external to the Cayman Islands. The introduction of the Cayman Islands limited liability company in 2017 added a further option for people wishing to establish a corporate entity in the Cayman Islands, combining the flexible features of an exempted limited partnership but with the benefit of the separate legal personality of the exempted company. Another popular business vehicle is the Cayman Islands exempted limited partnership which is the vehicle of choice for certain types of international business, in particular, for closed-ended private investments funds. Exempted limited partnerships are governed by the Exempted Limited Partnership Law (2018 Revision) as amended, which provides a modern, flexible framework for the establishment and ongoing operation of this type of business vehicle. In recent years there have been significant developments in Cayman



Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLO) The Cayman Islands remains the top choice of domicile for US CLO Managers when establishing their issuer vehicles given Cayman’s reputation as a sophisticated, creditor friendly jurisdiction. CLOs securitise assets, typically leveraged loans, by pooling them together and paying out income and principal repayments from the pool to note holders. CLO investors buy tranches of notes with specific seniority and pay-out structures, hence taking different degrees of risk. The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange is also a popular choice for Managers should investors require that the notes be listed. In 2019 there were approximately 246 new deals that priced totalling $118 billion. In addition, there were refinancing transactions of approx. 90 CLOs with a value of over $40 billion. Despite the current challenges in the market worldwide CLO issuance continues to be robust with all indications that this will continue. Independent Directors in Cayman A growing sector of Cayman’s financial services industry is the provision of independent directors on various structures, such as hedge funds, private equity funds, special purpose vehicles, and insurance companies. Corporate Governance in general has become a major touch point in the financial services industry worldwide, following a number of high profile cases where investors were defrauded, in part due to insufficient independent oversight. In addition, during the global financial crisis, independent directors from the Cayman Islands added significant value when hedge funds were faced with making difficult decisions, for example, ensuring that all decisions were made in accordance with the fund documents and that all shareholders were treated fairly. This has not been lost on the institutional investors who are, for the most part, making it one of their investment requirements that there is a majority of independent directors on the board. In addition to the extra layer of oversight provided, a significant benefit of 36



appointing a local, Cayman director to a Cayman entity is that local service providers are current with all relevant legislation, and can ensure that the structure is compliant with their legal requirements where necessary. On 4th June 2014, the Cayman Islands Government approved the Directors Registration and Licensing Law (DRLL) 2014, which required all directors of mutual funds regulated under the Mutual Funds Law (2020 Revision) and directors of companies registered as excluded persons under the Securities Investment Business Law (2020 Revision), to register with CIMA. These Laws provide for the registration and licensing of individuals or companies appointed as directors of Cayman Islands mutual funds and entities carrying out securities investment business, which would include Cayman Islands incorporated or registered investment managers. The Law requires an individual acting as a director on 20 or more entities to apply for a professional director’s licence, unless they meet certain caveats. Professional directors are required to have insurance with a minimum aggregate cover of $1m and minimum cover of $1m for each and every claim. An amendment to the DRLL was passed in early 2020 as a consequence of amendments to the Securities Investment Business Law (SIBL). The use of independent directors has been brought into increased focus following the implementation of the Economic Substance requirements, which came into effect in the International Tax Co-operation (Economic Substance) Law, 2018, passed in December, 2018. This legislation does not currently apply to investment funds, but requires all other relevant entities to prove that their “Mind and Management” is located in the Cayman Islands in order to allow them to claim the tax benefits of being domiciled in an offshore jurisdiction. Financial Technology ‘FinTech’ On 25 May 2020 the Cayman Islands Government passed The Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Law, 2020 (“Law”),

which provides a legislative framework for the conduct of virtual assets business in the Cayman Islands and for the registration and licensing of persons providing virtual asset services. The Law is intended to place the Cayman Islands with a cutting edge, robust framework which is in alignment with global regulatory standards, protects consumers and meets the requirements of the Financial Action Task Force recommendations in respect of virtual assets. The Law defines a “virtual asset” as a digital representation of value that can be digitally traded or transferred and can be used for payment or investment purposes but does not include a digital representation of fiat currencies. For the purposes of the Law, virtual service tokens are not classed as virtual assets. A person is a ‘Virtual Assets Service Provider’ (“VASP”) under the Law, if it is (i) a partnership or entity formed and/or registered under the applicable Cayman Islands legislation (ii) provides a virtual asset service as a business or in the course of business in the Cayman Islands and (iii) is registered or licensed in accordance with the Law or is an existing licensee that is granted a waiver under the Law. A natural person cannot carry on or purport to carry on a virtual asset service as a business or in the course of business in or from within the Cayman Islands. The Law requires a VASP to register with or be licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) dependent on the activity carried out by the VASP. As perhaps one of the most publicly recognised applications of FinTech, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that use cryptography to secure and verify transactions, and to control the creation of additional units. But FinTech – a shortened form of ‘financial technology’ – is broader than just cryptocurrencies. FinTech also refers to computer programming and other technology that is revolutionising the delivery of financial services via digital applications, retail banking, and investment markets. The term used by the Cayman Islands Government to describe FinTech is ‘digital assets’. Particularly in

Single Family Offices The Cayman Islands are an increasingly appealing jurisdiction for the establishment and operation of single family offices. This is, in a sense, a natural evolution and development of the financial services activities for which the Cayman Islands is well known. Many of the businesses that grew to service the investment funds, banking, finance and insurance sectors require experienced staff and technical expertise that is consequently available in the Islands and readily transferable into a family office environment, where the focus is on the preservation and management of family assets rather than external investors’ interests. There are few places outside the major onshore financial centres which can offer the talent pool, professional services support, fiduciary/ custodial mindset, transactional expertise and connectivity which is available in and provided by the Cayman Islands. Single family offices of many shapes and sizes, therefore, have come to be based in the Islands but the most prominent by some margin is the Dart Family Office, which has made the Cayman Islands its home

since the 1990s and has played a significant role in the development of Cayman more recently. Having a large and sophisticated family office such as Dart in the Islands is a major endorsement of the factors that make Cayman so appealing for family offices generally and, as the community of single family offices in the Island grows, there will be growing opportunities for these family offices to work together, coinvest, and to attract larger and ever more interesting investment opportunities. Unsurprisingly, the cosmopolitan nature of the Cayman Islands generally is reflected in the international makeup of the single family offices, which are based here, with offices representing families from the US and Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Africa, particularly, and interest from the Middle East and Asia increasing of late. As well as being based in the Cayman Islands themselves, many single family offices employ Cayman Islands companies, limited partnerships or trusts to structure the acquisition and

holding of assets or to participate in the international transactions in which they engage in order to preserve and enhance the wealth of the family which they serve. In this respect, the Cayman Islands provide solutions to the single family office at a number of different levels. Families Relocating

With over 130 nationalities represented in the Cayman Islands, it is no surprise that the Islands are proving of increased interest to UHNW individuals and families from all regions of the globe. The factors that make the Cayman Islands appealing for international business transactions and investment and asset holding structures, also make it appealing to the individual: the rule of law applies to all without bias, including the government; the judicial system is competent, fair and transparent and the Islands are politically and financially stable (reinforced by its connections to the United Kingdom as a British Overseas Territory); the Islands


Offshore legal services Experience with agility

We provide clear, expert, no-nonsense legal advice. Whether working with financial institutions, corporate clients or high net worth individuals, we focus on the client experience and maximising value. Our clients tell us that’s what they love about doing business with us. Ian Jamieson, Partner +1 345 949 0488



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2 C AY M A N - A G LO B A L F I N A N C I A L C E N T R E

recent years, financial services in Cayman have increasingly reflected the value of delivering products and services through digital assets. Some of the digital assetrelated activities that take place within Cayman include crypto exchange services, initial coin offerings and fund-issuing tokens that exist in or originate from the Cayman Islands. Government’s position on digital assets is similar to what is found in many other jurisdictions. The Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Law (2020) has introduced a framework to regulate digital assets, in order to ensure that any risks associated with such activities are analysed and mitigated, and that any benefits are realised in a manner consistent with a wellregulated financial services jurisdiction. For updates on the Cayman Islands’ digital assets regulatory framework, visit the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority’s website at



also boast an excellent communications network. In addition to this, inhabitants of the Cayman Islands enjoy a considerably higher standard of living than anywhere else in the Caribbean (if not the world). Most importantly, the Cayman Islands are extremely safe with a low crime rate and no instances of the type of antisocial and threatening behaviour which affects other places where the wealthy tend to congregate. Cayman is a society that is friendly, inclusive, cosmopolitan and respectful of the individual, so much so that the term “Caymankind” has been coined recently to reflect the particular qualities of Cayman society. With an expected increase in the population of the Islands to 100,000 by 2031 (an increase of approximately 30,000), we can expect increased diversification within the population over the coming years and increased interest from wealthy families. Insurance Legislation The enactment of the Insurance Law (2010) (the ‘Insurance Law’) was a result of public and private sector collaboration in an effort to improve the regulation of insurance business in the Cayman Islands, enhance protection for domestic consumers and open new frontiers of business development. The main provisions of the Insurance Law include what were at the time two new categories of insurer licences – Class C (Special Purpose Vehicles) and Class D (Reinsurers). It also includes whistle‐blowing provisions, enhanced domestic policy holder protections and provides for increased penalties and regulatory powers by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority, regulator of Cayman’s financial services sectors. In March 2013, Cayman introduced incorporated cell legislation for segregated portfolio insurers. The Insurance (Amendment) Law (2013) confers several advantages, such as allowing a portfolio insurance company (“PIC”) the flexibility to transition to a stand‐alone captive unlike an unincorporated cell. The Insurance (Portfolio Insurance Companies) 38



Regulations, 2015 were brought into force on 16 January 2015, along with the related section of The Insurance (Amendment) Law, 2013. These regulations enhance the insurance statutory framework, providing more alternatives to risk management by enabling insurers incorporated as Segregated Portfolio Companies (“SPCs”) more flexibility. Captive Insurance Since 1979 when the Insurance Law was first passed in the Cayman Islands, this jurisdiction has become a major centre for international insurance business. The Cayman Islands is the second largest domicile for captives and holds the number one position worldwide for healthcare captives; these make up nearly one third of captive insurance companies in Cayman. The international insurance industry is primarily made up of companies insuring risks in North America, representing about 90% of the market. As of September 2020 the total number of international captives in Cayman was 652 with 25% of them in total being Medical Malpractice Liability captives. The second largest line of business proved to be Workers’ Compensation, with 148 licencees and 23% of companies assuming risk. Total assets for the entire captive industry in Cayman equated to approximately US$74.3 billion as of 30 September 2020. Reinsurance Although the reinsurance industry is relatively small in the Cayman Islands when compared to that sector in Bermuda, it has shown evidence of continued growth over the last few years, including 2020. Reinsurance represents 9% of Cayman’s international insurance industry with a total of 58 licences in the third quarter of 2020; its total assets equating to US$25.8 billion. The ongoing growth of the industry was evidenced by a reinsurance subsidiary of a large New York-based private equity firm taking advantage of the amended Insurance Law to migrate from a Class B

captive licence to a Class D open-market licence. By drawing a distinction between reinsurance and captive insurance and by offering effective regulation and competitiveness, the Cayman Islands is in a strong position to attract substantial reinsurance business through either new enterprises establishing themselves in Cayman or those re-domiciling in Cayman from elsewhere. The benefits offered to attract business and personnel to Cayman’s shores include “Special Economic Zone” treatment of reinsurance businesses and their staff. This entails exemptions from many migration restrictions and expedited licensing procedures. Alternatively, senior management personnel of reinsurance businesses, as well as other categories of financial services professionals, may apply for residency under the Immigration (Transition) Law (2018). The holder of a Residency Certificate (Substantial Business Presence), which is valid for a renewable period of 25 years, is entitled to reside in the Cayman Islands and to work in the business in which he or she is an owner or is employed in a senior management capacity in an occupation approved by the Chief Immigration Officer (without a work permit). The spouse (or civil partner) and dependent children of the Certificate holder are also allowed to reside in the Cayman Islands. Domestic Insurance The number of Class A insurance companies operating in Cayman totals 27 as of September 2020. The insurance sector in the Cayman Islands remains robust. As of 30 June 2020 the total premiums were reported at US$398 million. Cayman Islands Insurance Association (CIIA) The CIIA was established in 2004 to bring all of the insurance associations representing the industry in the Cayman Islands under one umbrella. CIIA advises on insurance policy and communicates directly with the Cayman Islands Monetary

Authority (CIMA), who regulates the insurance industry, on behalf of industry stakeholders and insurance providers. The CIIA places focus on professionally educating and developing their members to increase their insurance knowledge. They also aim to inform the public about current insurance topics of interest and provide transparent communication. To read posts about these topics and for more information, visit SE E AD PAG E 35

Cayman Finance Cayman Finance’s mission is to protect, promote, develop and grow the Cayman Islands financial services industry through cooperation and engagement with domestic and international political leaders, regulators, organisations and media; to promote the integrity and transparency of the industry by legislative and regulatory enactment and to encourage the sustainable growth of the industry through excellence, innovation and balance. For more information visit

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX) CSX is a well-established and internationally recognised stock exchange, which is a member of the Intermarket Surveillance Group, an affiliate member of the International Securities Commission (IOSCO) and has been granted recognised status by the UK HMRC, which enables UK resident investors to receive interest and dividend payments without the deduction of withholding tax. It provides a specialised and well-regulated listing and trading facility for mutual funds, hedge funds, structured debt securities, Eurobonds, Shariah compliant products, preferred shares, depository receipts, derivative warrants and local and international equity. To attract fund listings from other jurisdictions, non-Cayman listing agents may now be appointed. Cayman Islands Department of Commerce and Investment (DCI) The Cayman Islands DCI is responsible for the grant and regulation of licensing for most business in the Cayman Islands. This includes the administration and issuance of Trade & Business Licences, Local Company (Control) Licences, Tobacco Permits, Liquor Licences, Public Film Exhibition Premises Licences, and Special Economic Zone Company Licences. For more information see their website on Currency The legal tender of the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Islands Dollar (denoted CI$) and the sole issuing authority is the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). However, the United States Dollar, with a fixed rate of exchange, is widely used in local finance and commerce. The denominations consist of $1, $5, $10, $25, CI$50 and a $100 bill. Aircraft Registration The Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry (CIAR) (

registry) provides aircraft registration and certification services for aircraft within the jurisdiction or those based elsewhere. Founded on UK legislation, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is responsible for safety oversight and the economic regulation of the aviation industry in Cayman and for all aircraft registered on the CIAR. Any person or company wishing to register an aircraft in Cayman must meet the exacting standards of the CAACI; these include submitting due diligence records within a registration application which meet International Anti-Money Laundering Law requirements. Those financing a registered aircraft can register their security interest on the Cayman Islands Aircraft Mortgage Register, which is supported by the CI Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations (2015). Registration applications, certifications and ongoing authorisations happen within a bespoke secured data management portal, VP-C Online designed specifically for the CIAR. Additional info can be requested by email: Ship Registration The Cayman Islands has a seafaring history that goes back more than a century. This tradition is preserved by the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI) which has oversight of the Cayman Registry and maintains its headquarters in Grand Cayman. The MACI is a firstclass international organisation, with a worldwide reputation for excellence and efficiency in global shipping. The registry is staffed by an international team of shipping professionals with many years of experience in the world of international shipping. As a Category One British Registry, the Cayman Registry is qualified to register vessels of all sizes and classes, from yachts to super tankers. In the super yacht range, Cayman is one of the world’s leading offshore luxury yacht registries. Registering your vessel in the Cayman Islands grants you protection and assistance from the UK Royal Navy regardless of location and full British Consular services for all Cayman flagged vessels. Visit


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


2 C AY M A N - A G LO B A L F I N A N C I A L C E N T R E

Business Conferences in Cayman Cayman usually hosts a plethora of notable business and industry conferences throughout the year which attract a broad cross-section of the professional and business community and well-recognised guest speakers cover local and global events, pertinent financial and political topics and technological advances. However, due to the global pandemic many of these have either been cancelled or are on hold for 2021. A few of Cayman’s premier business conferences include: The GAIM Ops Cayman conference, which is the largest hedge fund operational due diligence, compliance and risk management event. The Cayman Captive Forum which discusses issues most pressing to the captive insurance industry. The International Wealth Structuring Forum hosted by STEP. Others include the Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS), and the Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference (CyDEC)., call (345) 769 6200 or email: enquiries@caymanfinance. ky.

Investing Photos courtesy of Cayman Alternative Investment Summit, Monika Wojtkiewicz & Deep Blue Images

Saving and investing in Cayman, including wealth management services, tax considerations and investing in property.



Wealth Management 40 Saving & Investing in Cayman 44 Establishing a Trust 45 Investing in a Cayman Pension 45 Investing in Crypto Assets 46 Precious Metals & Secure Storage 47 Investing in Cayman Property 47 Investing in Annuities 49


he Cayman Islands’ well-regulated, tax-neutral environment is highly regarded internationally. As the world’s leading domicile for offshore hedge funds and one of the largest captive insurance centres, it is predictably the offshore jurisdiction of choice for both private and institutional investors. Cayman’s prominent reputation comes in part from the highly professional and business-friendly Cayman-based financial institutions, which maintain a close working relationship with the Government. Together they ensure that Cayman continues to foster a transparent and functional financial regime. Included in this chapter are some of the top wealth management advisors in Cayman who can provide expert advice on all of the asset classes available to investors, as well as brokerage services for those who want to pick their own stocks and shares. One asset class that remains popular among investors is Cayman property. Real estate is highly sought-after by local and overseas investors as there is no annual property tax. The local property market also continues to become more sophisticated every year. The Island is positioned as one of the top spots in the world for investors to hold high-end property. 40




There are a number of different ways to engage in the services of investment advisors based in the Cayman Islands, either through the local office of a global firm or the asset management group of a local financial institution. A local investment advisor will be able to offer expert investment guidance on a personal one-on-on basis in the resident’s time zone. He or she will also be familiar with the asset allocation and types of investments that are appropriate given the resident’s tax status. Most of the retail banks in Cayman have a full range of financial services, and there are an increasing number of specialised financial institutions that advise individuals who are looking for private banking or wealth management facilities. Brokerage firms in Cayman offer a wide range of client accounts and a full suite of products. For example, there is ready access to the full spectrum of offshore hedge funds and funds-of-funds, with choices ranging from low volatility funds to those which are aggressive and specialised. There is access to a wide range of interest bearing securities, structured notes (including equity-linked notes), step-up bonds and Eurobonds denominated in multiple currencies. Investment accounts that are designed to receive monthly contributions are not very common because deferred tax planning is generally not necessary. However, a number of the larger retail banks

and brokerage firms can structure traditional brokerage accounts to receive monthly contributions and invest those contributions in a portfolio of mutual funds. There are a number of regulated wealth management firms based in the Cayman Islands that offer securities brokerage, along with investment advice and discretionary management services. Most financial institutions offer products and services to meet the needs of investors of all sizes. We recommend contacting a couple of the following companies to discuss your range of options and their minimum requirements. Some of the leading organisations offering wealth management solutions are listed here:



payroll services, online banking, Visa Infinite

and Business cards, a dedicated relationship

Liberty Wealth is a fee-only comprehensive

manager, priority processing on all applications.

wealth management firm, offering holistic

Mobile banking coming in 2021.

financial planning and investment management

SE E AD PAG E 46 & PAG E 119

services. Liberty Wealth guides you to financial freedom and true peace of mind through a

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

wealth management process that goes far

FirstCaribbean house, George Town

beyond investments.

Tel: (345) 949 7300

Moore & Moore Investments Ltd

Services offered include Private Banking,

Apollo House East, 4th Floor

Discretionary Portfolio Management and CIBC

87 Mary Street, George Town

Bank and Trust Services for estate planning

Tel: (345) 922 1805

and tax-optimisation strategies appropriate

for your circumstances. SE E AD PAG E 44 MMI provides access to bespoke alternative

EFG Wealth Management (Cayman) Ltd

investment opportunities to private investors.

Suite 3208, 9 Forum Lane, Camana Bay

With a core focus on wealth preservation, MMI

Blacktower Financial Management

Tel: (345) 943 3350

work closely with you, taking into account your

(International) Ltd.


individual circumstances, goals and risk profile

SW2 Grand Pavilion, West Bay Road

to manage and preserve your wealth and

Tel: (345) 943 0015

EFG Bank (Cayman) is part of EFG International,

protect your legacy.


a top 10 Swiss private banking group


headquartered in Zurich but operating in 40

Blacktower works to ensure their clients

locations worldwide, with its shares being

RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited

receive the financial products and wealth

listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Their

Royal Bank House, 24 Shedden Road, 2nd Floor

management services that best advance

services, catered towards the domestic and

Tel: (345) 949 4600 ext. 69036

their financial objectives and circumstances.

international HNW market, cover banking


From pension planning and pension transfer

and credit, financial planning, investment

schemes to savings, investments and tax

management and offshore trusts.

planning, Blacktower specialists can help you


ensure your money works for you.

RBC Dominion Securities Global Limited 3rd Floor, 9 Forum Lane, Camana Bay


International Financial Planning (IFP)

Tel: (345) 949 4066

94 Solaris Avenue, 3rd Floor, Camana Bay

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited

Tel: (345) 769 5352

RBC offers the strength and experience of

12 Albert Panton Street, George Town

Email: or

a global firm, with a personalised boutique

Tel: (345) 949 7055

IFP is an independent financial planning

service. They pride themselves on their

company with offices in Bermuda, the Cayman

tailored approach to your individual wealth

Islands and the British Virgin Islands. They

management needs, always putting your goals

Services offered: Private banking, asset

provide impartial, independent investment

and priorities first. Backed by the strength

management, trusts and estate planning,

advice and advise clients on a range of

and experience of Canada’s leading wealth

custody services and lending solutions.

strategies best suited to them. Specialists

management firm, RBC Dominion Securities

SE E AD PAG E S 57 AN D 117

in tax neutral retirement planning, regular

Inc., are able to draw on this global expertise

savings and portfolio management, IFP can

while operating like a specialty local business

Cayman National Bank Ltd.

help you plan for a better financial future.

to help you to protect and grow your wealth

Suite 6201, Forum Lane, Camana Bay


throughout every stage of your life.

Tel: (345) 949 4655


Liberty Wealth Partners Ltd

Fort 51, Fort Street, George Town

Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd.

Services offered: Premier savings and chequing

Tel: (345) 516 2695

Scotia Centre, 18 Forum Lane, Camana Bay

accounts, lending services, merchant services,


Tel: (345) 949 7666




Entrepreneurial thinking. Private banking. First-class private banking solutions; comprehensive financial and investment offering; delivered one relationship at a time. EFG Bank AG, Cayman Branch is licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to provide private banking services. Please note, some restrictions may apply. The office in Grand Cayman for EFG Bank AG, Cayman Branch is located at 9 Forum Lane, Camana Bay, P.O. Box 10360, Grand Cayman KY1-1003, Cayman Islands, T +1 345 943 3350.


are physically working outside of the

tax year in order to avoid tax on income. US

country. All newcomers to Cayman should

citizens are liable to be taxed on worldwide

Working in Cayman can be particularly rewarding as earnings and any gains from investments are tax-free. Nevertheless, as the Cayman Islands are a tax-neutral jurisdiction, it is strongly recommended that all new residents looking for employment here take the following steps:

determine if it is advantageous to transfer

income, irrespective of where that income

savings and investments to Cayman or

is physically earned, although you may

keep them at home. It is also very important

be eligible for a foreign earned income

to determine how long you need to be a

exclusion, which is adjusted each year based

non-resident before securing tax-free

on the inflation rate. Canadian citizens have

benefits, if it is possible at all. Tax legislation

to prove that they have severed ties with

is continually changing, so it is imperative to

Canada to avoid paying tax.

1) Seek tax advice in your home country. The

have the latest information before making

2) As soon as is practical after arrival in the

tax authorities in Canada, the UK and the US

decisions on investing. For example, in the

Cayman Islands, a local bank account

treat income differently when their residents

UK you have to be a non-resident for one full

should be established. This will enable you to have a debit card and do online banking. Local ATMs accept both local and foreign debit and credit cards. A note regarding chequing accounts: most local banks impose significant monthly and transaction fees on chequing accounts


unless fairly significant average balances are maintained. Certain banks for example, point out to new customers that the bank maintains the payment details of several


hundred local merchants and service providers. This, together with easily accessible online banking, can mitigate the need for having a chequing account, since bills may be paid online. In this instance, customers are granted savings accounts in either US$ or CI$. (Note: banks in Cayman are strictly regulated by the Governmentrun Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), which has the regulatory and oversight functions of a central bank. There is no equivalent in Cayman to the US Federal Deposit Insurance, which means that deposits are not protected if a bank should be declared bankrupt). 3) Consider





investment account. This will enable new residents to take advantage of some of the other services that banks offer, such as investment advice, brokerage services and, for those with significant assets, discretionary investment management. 4) Arrive prepared to meet local requirements for establishing banking and investment relationships. Local due diligence calls for having readily available (original) documents that confirm the personal identity and other particulars of an applicant. The requirements vary with 44



each institution, but generally include two forms of identification, confirmation of residential address, a bank reference, professional reference (both addressed to the bank in Cayman) and evidence of the source of funds. For a full and detailed list of requirements see the Money and Banking section of the Settling In chapter. 5) If planning to return to a country that is not US$ denominated, consider converting CI$ or US$ denominated earnings to the home country currency on a regular basis. If all of

be changed, a trust that is registered as an ‘exempted trust’ would remain tax-free for up to 50 years. A variety of flexible trust structures can be set up in the Cayman Islands to provide asset protection and estate planning. Many of the top legal firms in Grand Cayman have a proven track record in commercial and private trusts including trust formation and establishing private trust companies. These firms also advise on the regulatory and operational requirements related to various trust structures. Turn to

pages 66 and 67 in the Running a Business chapter for a comprehensive list of legal firms that can help you to establish a trust and also manage any disputes related to existing trusts. INVESTING IN A CAYMAN PENSION

According to the National Pensions Law (NPL), all participants to a local, nonGovernment-run public pension plan can either choose, on retirement at 65, to convert their pension to an annuity or to draw down a percentage of their pension

your savings are in CI$ and you only convert it upon returning to the home country, it is possible that exchange rates could move adversely and negatively impact the value of your savings once converted into your home currency.


6) Factor into investment planning an eventual return to the home country. At that time, it’s not advisable to liquidate all investments held locally and repatriate the funds. To


make the appropriate decision at that time, it is very important to be fully aware of your individual tax situation and what you are legally allowed to do. Whilst in Cayman, it may be advantageous to establish a Cayman-registered company or Caymanregistered trust to own investments; these could potentially provide tax advantages upon returning to the home country. Most local banks in the Cayman Islands have a trust department that can provide expert guidance and they will advise on the best strategy based on each client’s personal situation. However, please see the Domicile & Tax section on our Cayman Resident website before establishing a trust, as you might trigger inheritance tax if it is done too soon. ESTABLISHING A TRUST IN CAYMAN

With a well-regulated financial industry that is guided by modern and regularly updated legislation, the Cayman Islands is one of the world’s top tax neutral jurisdictions to establish a trust. Trusts in Cayman not only benefit from a politically stable government but there are also no capital gains, income, profit, corporation or withholding taxes. Cayman’s Government also ensures that if the tax status in the country were to ever


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




pot annually. Non-retired residents have often talked about a rumour that on retirement you can only withdraw a total of $12,000 from your pension a year, regardless of the amount in the pension. So we thought we would investigate this for you so that you can decide what to do about investing in a pension. Here is what we found: at retirement, depending on the amount in your pension pot, you can either draw down a percentage of your pension pot (at 65 this would be between 2.05% and 5.11% of your total pension pot), or, if your maximum drawdown allowance does not reach an annual total of $12,480, then you are given an annual allowance of $12,480, which is paid monthly, until the balance of your pension is finished. In reality what this means is that if you have $244,227 in your pension account at the age of 65 then the maximum you will be allowed to withdraw that first year is $12,480. This is calculated as $244,227 x .0511. If you had $300,000 in your pension pot at 65 then you would get $15,330

(300,000 x .0511), and each year thereafter you would have to look at the age and the amount in the account to determine the percentage that would be applicable or, if you don’t have enough then you would be paid $12,480 per year until the balance is finished. Note that this should have been index-linked annually since January 2017 but it has not been done yet. There are other things to consider: 1) At retirement additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) can be withdrawn as a lump sum at retirement. 2) Before retirement, people can take a drawdown from their pension for four specific reasons – temporary unemployment (for a max of 6 months), to pay for medical bills (non-elective medical treatment only), housing or education (can be extended to the member’s children but must be full-time education). The reality is, to withdraw $51,000 a year at the age of 65 you would need $1 million in your pension pot at retirement. Many people will never save anywhere near that amount. Compounding the problem was the

Enjoy the premier Cayman lifestyle

massive exodus of funds from our private pension plans in 2020 due to COVID-19. Although incredibly popular, and in many cases a life-saving source of funds, the emergency pension fund withdrawal opportunity for local residents (other than civil servants who were not eligible), meant that over $500 million was withdrawn from local pension plans. Most was reinvested in the local economy but Government MLAs and others have voiced their grave concern that this will have a significant knock-on effect when people come to retire, and the burden it will place government and future generations under. By contrast, the Government pension plan has been very well managed, exceeds over $1 billion in funds, and according to the 2019 annual report for the plan, the fund grew by more than $228 million and provided a return of well over 26% last year (2019), supporting past claims by the Premier that the scheme is much better than anything the private sector has to offer. There is a general groundswell from the public and those in government for the public pension law and its management by private pension companies to be given a thorough overhaul. Generally speaking, a private pension was never meant to provide income replacement; it was designed as income supplementation and most professionals believe that you need to save between 17%–20% of your annual income for 40+ years to have a secure retirement income source with the assumption that you may live (on average) for 23–27 years after retirement (according to Loma’s research). Once the pandemic passes, and Cayman’s second pillar industry (tourism) can resume, it is recommended that those who took an emergency withdrawal from their pension fund reassess their financial retirement plan. INVESTING IN CRYPTO ASSETS


Really live life with our Visa Infinite credit and debit cards, and enjoy satisfying rewards with every purchase made using our credit card. Talk to our Premier Banking Team today at Camana Bay or email us at



The financial service industry in Cayman is well positioned to support this new decentralised economic model. The Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Law (2020) has introduced a framework to regulate digital

to a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds helps improve the returns of such a portfolio over time while reducing risk and overall portfolio volatility. Traditionally, financial advisors have recommended allocating 5%–10% of one’s portfolio to precious metals, however, recent data indicates that the optimal allocation to precious metals is closer to 20%–25%. The Cayman Islands is an excellent jurisdiction for the storage of precious metals for several key reasons: > Its proximity to the United States, Canada and Latin America; > There are no import or export tariffs on precious metals coming to or leaving the country; > There is no sales tax on the storage of precious metals; > Assets in storage are not reportable to any local or foreign government or tax authorities. If you would like to invest in precious metals, the following company can help:

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) 115A Printer Way, George Town Tel: (345) 640 2111 Email: Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) operates a world class vault housed within a category five hurricane rated building here in George Town. SWP specialises in the secure storage of precious metal bullion, cold storage for cryptocurrency devices and disaster recovery services for corporate data, documents and other valuable items. INVESTING IN CAYMAN PROPERTY

From the breathtaking canal front properties tucked away in the North Sound waterways, to the new Bahia terraces overlooking the South Sound shoreline, the Cayman Islands’ property market is continuing to flourish this year. To get an independent overview of how things are standing in the property market, we asked Charterland, who produce the annual Cayman Property Review, what


Owning gold and other precious metals makes tremendous sense and offers investors opportunities for both wealth preservation and wealth appreciation across a wide spectrum of economic scenarios. Purchasing and storing precious metals in the Cayman Islands is a solid investment in your future. Adding precious metals


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




assets, in order to ensure that any risks associated with such activities are analysed and mitigated, that any benefits are realised in a manner consistent with a well-regulated financial services jurisdiction, and to develop sensible measures for blockchain innovation to thrive. It is widely speculated that this new technology has the potential to disrupt the current global economic model by providing a more efficient engine for the flow of assets across borders. In these early stages the process of investing in crypto assets is still being fine-tuned, but the basic procedure is to (i) purchase, (ii) transfer, and (iii) store a crypto asset(s). (i) Purchase: Open an exchange account (e.g. Bitfinex, Gemini, CoinBase or Bitrex) and fund your account with a fiat currency. (ii) Transfer: The most secure way to store crypto assets is within an application known as a wallet. Popular examples include Electrum or Bitcoin-Core for Bitcoin, MetaMask for Ethereum and Ledger or Jaxx for a multiple crypto asset storage solution. The wallet has a deposit button which appears to be a random set of characters, known as your public key (think ‘user name’). The exchange will have a withdrawal function, requiring your public key to send the crypto asset to your wallet. Once the transaction is executed on the exchange, a global network of computers (the decentralised ‘governance’, so to speak) will process the transaction and publicly confirm its successful completion. (iii) Store: Your crypto asset is now stored in your wallet, for you to make purchases to another wallet, or make further transfers. Anyone looking to secure large values of crypto assets should first speak to a technical expert.



the highlights are. Here is what we found: there was a total of 1,936 registered property transfers in 2019. The total value of these sales was over CI$826 million, which has increased by 3.3% since 2018. Yet, what is interesting to note is that the increase in property sale numbers have not been consistent with an increase in average property values. For instance, although the number of property sales have increased in the CI$1 million to CI$4.99 million sector in 2019, in 2020 we do not see any major changes in the average value of sales. For example, a condominium registered at the Seafire Residences sold for CI$6,315,802. However, a family home sold on South Sound Road for CI$5,122,882, deeming itself the highest-valued home in the district, despite costing less than other luxury residences. In residential homes and land, from 2019-2020, we have seen various increases and decreases in average sales in all areas of the Island. George Town Villas received a net increase of 22% for two sales in

2018, with their average value of 2019 sales sitting at CI$800,275. In Savannah, the average price for a property fell 19% in 2019, meaning average sale prices dropped from CI$152 per square foot to CI$123. Contrastingly, average sale prices for land in Frank Sound has exponentially increased by 17% in 2019. This may have been due to increasing demands for construction in the area, for instance development in and around Health City. It is also promising to see how developers are now building properties in Cayman for a more sustainable future. Eco-friendly building is not only benefitting homeowners by reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions, but also helping to remediate the environment. Places like ONE Canal Point are being built sustainably by replanting the trees that they cleared to build the property in another orchard. In 2020, we have also seen one of Cayman’s most eco-friendly smart homes built in Patrick’s Island, energy-efficient with electric bills only being approximately CI$100 a month. With eco-

4781 IFP | Press Ad | NEW Resident | Size: 4.77in x 4.84in | Option G | CMYK | BB&P | 23 july 2015

Whatever your financial destination, IFP’s advisers can get you there If you've just arrived in Cayman, setting up a bank account is only the first step in securing your financial future. Talk to an independent financial advisor at IFP today for advice on any pensions you may have left behind and how to best structure your financial future in Cayman. Call us at +345 769 5352 or email




friendly elements taking over Cayman’s construction market, we hope to see a steady increase in eco-homes over the following years that utilise solar-generated electricity, eco-villages with gardens and greenhouses, low-flow plumbing and materials made from recycled items. When we asked a realtor about the future of Cayman’s property market, she said that if you would like to purchase a property, it is better to do it now than later. Throughout 2021, Grand Cayman is predicted to see a massive increase in home prices, but greater scarcity in availability. Many properties are also being sold pre-construction with the growth of new luxury developments. Here is a look at specific areas: Go West to discover the pinnacle of oceanfront luxury living along the Seven Mile Beach corridor. New developments to look out for include: La Paidion, located on Adonis Drive, West Bay, is a gated community near The Shores. They offer 1, 2, and 3-bedroom townhomes and condominiums, each with a modern urban design. 8 townhomes have roofdecks and private patios, with many amenities including green spaces, club houses, fitness centres and pools. Prices start at CI$245,000 for both townhomes and condos. Located at the end of the Esterley Tibbetts highway in Batabano, and five minutes drive from the beach, The Meadows will be 1 to 3 bedroom, energy efficient, solar ready, hurricane and earthquake resistant townhomes. Crafted with contemporary finishes and Caribbean charm, there will be two expansive pools, two clubhouses, an exercise circuit, gymnasium and a lake. Prices start at CI$290,000. SE E AD PAG E 17 Located just north of Seven Mile Beach will be SeaDreams, an exclusive boutique condominium development. With 4 storeys and only 2-units per floor residents will enjoy large living spaces, as well as fantastic amenities including a pool and BBQ area. After years of planning, the Hyatt will be developing Grand Hyatt Residences.

living, with amenities such as lush landscaping and a breathtaking view of the South Sound waters. SE E AD PAG E 19 Also close to Grand Harbour is Aura, a collection of 39 luxury 2 or 3-bedroom apartments. Each residence spans 1 or 2 storeys, and is designed to capture maximum sunlight. The homes encourage a healthy lifestyle with a fully equipped gym and 75 ft. lap pool, and also provides a secluded cove, BBQ area, and children’s playground. Also near Grand Harbour is the gated Grand Palmyra townhouses. They are three storey, four bedroom townhouses which include a garage. Prices start at CI$675,000. Paraiso, located at the end of Lord’s Way, boasts 12 modern canal-front homes. Each unit will have their own private dock and plunge pool, along with a green space and private patio area. Pre-construction pricing starts at US$870,507 for a 3 bed, 3.5 bath, and separate den area. Another luxury development on the rise is Indigo Bay, consisting of 29 ocean-view villas on the edge of South Sound. Amenities include private backyards, an outdoor yoga area and rooftop patios. Visit www. for more information.

fixed rate of return. Generally the longer an individual invests, the higher the rate of return. Interest is credited every day and compounded annually. At the end of the fixed term, a guaranteed amount is earned. This amount does not depend on market performance – it is based on the guaranteed interest rate stated in the contract. Fixed annuities are for investors that seek both reasonable investment returns and safety of principal over a medium to long term basis. It is also for individuals that want the option, but not the requirement, to convert their savings into a monthly guaranteed payment over a stated period or their lifetime. Given the increasing reality of outliving financial resources during retirement, most individuals should consider allocating at least some of their savings to a fixed return product like an annuity. Typically the percent allocation to a fixed product should increase as a person gets older. Knighthead Annuity and Life Assurance Company 62 Forum Lane, 1st Floor, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 623 0300 Email:

Fixed annuities are single premium investment products that provide the ability to earn guaranteed interest over a fixed term. They are a great way to protect and grow accumulated savings without downside risk. An individual has the choice to select the duration of their desired investment, which corresponds to a

Services offered: Fixed annuity investment products with highly attractive, guaranteed investment returns that provide predictable



growth and peace of mind. S E E A D T H I S PAG E

Tell them you saw it in the


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Grand Hyatt will be a 20-storey resort located at Pageant Beach. It will feature a new 351-room hotel, with 167 residential units. Studios and 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units are priced between US$522,000 and US$4.18 million. Sales have been greater than CI$64 million since this development began. Eleven Parc, situated on the Seven Mile Beach corridor, is comprised of 17 new townhomes. Units range from 2.5 to 3 bedrooms, all equipped with a private garage, gourmet kitchen and swimming pool. Each unit is 1,800-2,000 square foot and priced around CI$795,000. There is also Nautica Marina Residences ( S E E A D PAG E 7 ) which is located in Crystal Harbour. These are exclusive, luxury marina-side residences in the form or 2, 3 and 4-bedroom units. These condos are perfect for boat owners requiring access to the North Sound. The price point for these properties is currently being negotiated, but you can receive more information by emailing: Go East to purchase a condo at Ocean Vista in High Rock, pre or post construction. Located on Seaview Road, Ocean Vista is estimated to be completed in 2021, consisting of 2 and 3-bedroom units starting at CI$285,000. Being a 3-minute drive from Health City with stunning ocean views, Ocean Vista is a great opportunity for young or new investors to purchase property at lower pre-construction prices. Go South to snag a boutique property in South Sound. In keeping with surrounding luxurious homes and upcoming developments, The Mantras is an apartment complex with 50 units, valued at CI$15 million. Each unit will be equipped with Hurricane Impact Rated doors and windows. The property boasts two swimming pools, private fenced-in back gardens and a children’s playground. South Bay Residences, located on Bel Air Drive in South Sound, are new 4-bedroom townhouses by Palmyra Developments. Each residence offers spacious waterfront

Working in Cayman

Photos courtesy of Guy Waller, Deep Blue Images, Monika Wojtkiewicz and Julian Dalton

How to find a job in the Cayman Islands, the different jobs available, insight into the Island’s Labour Law, and details of Cayman’s recruitment companies.



Employment Prospects - Work Permits - Labour Law - Know Your Rights - Finding a Job - Financial Services Professionals - Other Skills & Professions - Recruitment & Employment Agencies

50 50 52 52 53 53 55


he Cayman Islands has numerous employment opportunities in the financial services industry, making it a desirable jurisdiction to be employed and it attracts professionals from around the world. Jobs in other sectors (medical, construction, retail) exist mainly to meet the demands of the local market. The Island has a well-educated local workforce, but traditionally there have been more positions to be filled than there are qualified candidates, though this is changing. Foreign workers make up a large percentage of the workforce, and come from over 130 countries. Historically, the two pillar industries that fuel Cayman’s economy are tourism and finance, and those seeking employment opportunities within these sectors have often been successful. However, since the global pandemic there have been mass redundancies in the tourism industry. Yet the introduction of the Global Citizen Programme has opened up more opportunities for people to live and work in Cayman. Please see page 81 in the Immigration chapter for more information. EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS

Work Permits Strict work permit regulations exist to ensure that Caymanians, 50



the spouses of Caymanians, Permanent Residents and existing Residents are given preference (in that order) for any position. The rules present some unique hurdles to the expatriate jobseeker, so a basic understanding of this process is required to put the employment market in context and avoid finding yourself in a position that is improvident at best and disastrous at worst. Unless contracted to Government, expatriates must either hold a valid work permit (which includes a Special Economic Zone Certificate), a Certificate of Direct Investment, a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate or hold Permanent Residency with the right to work in a prescribed occupation or occupations in order to work and reside in the Cayman Islands. The administration of work permits is the responsibility of the Cayman Islands Government Department of Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC) and are the legal obligation of your employer. There is also an understandable emphasis on the training of local staff to ensure that they have an opportunity to develop their skills. The onus is on the employer to demonstrate to WORC that they have tried to fill the position with a Caymanian by advertising the job on the JobsCayman website. In order to do so, the employer must register the position locally on the JobsCayman website, which in effect advertises the position to all Caymanians seeking work. Only after all efforts to recruit locally have failed can the employer rightfully justify a work permit application. This

permit, unless the permit is cancelled at the employer’s request. It is unlikely an employer will be granted a work permit unless a) the proposed expatriate employee is professionally qualified or very well experienced in a relevant field, or b) there is no interest in the position from the local workforce (which is actually fairly common). This creates something of a “Catch 22” for those expatriates without a professional qualification. The better the position, the higher the level of interest from the local workforce and the less likely it is that an expatriate will be granted a work permit. There are certain occupations that presently seem to hold little appeal for existing residents. These are often positions that offer little job security, irregular or anti-social hours of work, or a somewhat unpredictable or unreliable income stream. Examples of such lines of work are office temping, diving, nursing, construction, food and beverage service, security services and most commissionbased sales positions.

CAREER IS MORE THAN A JOB. Career is a lifestyle. 4



process must be repeated periodically (usually once every two years) depending on the employer’s circumstances. Some employees can however be granted work permits of up to five years’ duration, or even, in relation to senior positions in the financial services industry, 25 years. Work permits can take as long as three months to be processed, although they are often issued within six weeks of application. Temporary Work Permits (for anything from 30 days to up to six months) can be granted within a matter of days (if an express fee is paid), but they are generally discouraged in favour of full (i.e. one year) permits. Temporary Work Permits should therefore only be used when the circumstances justify it, for example where there is genuine urgency or where the employment is temporary in nature. A Seasonal Workers’ Permit allows the employee to work for eight months. Where employees are only required for very short periods and no residence in the Islands is expected, exemptions from the work permit restrictions can apply in particular circumstances. Other types of permission such as a Business Visitor’s Permit or even a Visitor’s Work Visa may be appropriate alternatives. Note: a work permit is granted for a specific position with a specific employer. This means that a work permit holder is not entitled to work in any other capacity or for any other employer and that any significant changes to the person’s role within the organisation, must be approved by WORC prior to the individual taking up a revised role. If you want to take up employment with a different company while you have an existing work permit, your current employer must provide a letter to WORC releasing you from your work permit. You should therefore be doubly sure that any position is right for you before committing to a long-term contract. Once employed you should take some time to consider your situation before your employer applies for your work permit renewal, as you are effectively bound to them from the time of application until expiry of the

Rules on Residing On-Island Whilst a Work Permit is Processing

The WORC authorities generally dictate that individuals should not be present in the Cayman Islands while a Work Permit application is in process, however, this does not apply if you are already legally resident, including (for example), working legally on a Temporary Work Permit (TWP) and the Full version is submitted to WORC before your Temporary Permit expires. Generally speaking, without special circumstances or the consent of the Director of WORC, no one is permitted to remain in the Cayman Islands as a Tourist Visitor while a Work Permit application is being considered. Once your permit is approved you can return to the Cayman Islands and start working. It should be noted that if you come to the Cayman Islands on a Temporary Work Permit, and your subsequent Full Work Permit application is denied, you


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


will have to cease work immediately and may have to leave Cayman on short notice, unless permitted to remain by virtue of some other provision. Rules on Dependants



It is important to be aware that your spouse or children are not automatically entitled to reside in Cayman even if you hold a valid permit. He or she must be a named dependant on the permit and a separate application must be filed. All accompanying dependants must also submit an original medical questionnaire (if over 18 years of age) and, if it is a spouse, a certified copy of your marriage licence, civil partnership, any final divorce decree, and an original police clearance certificate. If the dependant is a child, a certified birth certificate naming you as a parent and (if old enough) a letter from a Cayman Islands’ private school confirming acceptance is required. Where appropriate, arrangements for homeschooling can be made. WORC will consider, along with other factors, your ability to financially support your dependants. Dependants can also be added to a Temporary Work Permit. For more information see the Immigration chapter. Work Permit Term Limits ‘The Roll Over’ Policy

In 2004, the Cayman Islands introduced an immigration “term limits” policy, a necessary consequence of near exponential growth of the population over the previous four decades. Under current provisions, most expatriate workers can only remain in the Cayman Islands for a maximum of nine years, unless they have applied for Permanent Residency (PR) on passing eight years of legal and ordinary residence. All such applications must generally be made by the ninth anniversary of the expatriates’ arrival to live in the Cayman Islands. The point system for awarding PR provides workers with greater transparency and certainty. This system permits everyone who qualifies to apply for Permanent Residency following a 52



clear and objective set of criteria. Labour Law - Know Your Rights We strongly advise you to become familiar with your employee handbook, the Labour Law (2011 Revision), and the Gender Equality Law (2011 Revision). Below are some of the highlights of the laws governing employment in the Cayman Islands: Sexual Harassment: The Gender Equality Law (2011 Revision), states that sexual harassment is illegal in the Cayman Islands. Maternity Leave: The Labour Law (2011 Revision) stipulates that 12 calendar weeks must be granted for maternity leave. The amount of paid maternity leave is four weeks (20 days) full pay; four weeks half pay and four weeks no pay, for all female employees who have completed 12 months of employment otherwise it will be on a prorated basis. Holiday Pay: According to the Labour Law (2011), each employee is entitled to a minimum of two weeks’ vacation (10 working days) for the first four years of employment, three weeks (or 15 working days) for years four to 10, and four weeks (20 days) if employed for over 10 years for the same company. Severance Pay: Under the Labour Law (2011), all employees who have continually worked for their employer for more than a year are entitled to receive severance pay if their employment is terminated for any reason other than for misconduct and poor performance, at a rate of one weeks’ salary for every completed year of service. For part-time employees, severance pay is calculated based on the ratio of their hours of employment to the standard work week. Unfair Dismissal: If an employee feels that they have been unfairly dismissed they have 90 days from the date the employment was terminated to file a claim for unfair dismissal with the Department of Labour and Pensions. If the employee is successful with their claim they may be entitled to further compensation if the Labour Tribunal deems fit. Minimum Wage: The current national

minimum wage is CI$6 but in July 2019, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced that this will be reviewed by December 2020. Currently those in service positions who receive a portion of their income via gratuity can be paid CI$4.50 per hour, and domestic helpers who receive benefits (such as a car and accommodation) in their salary package cannot be paid less than CI$4.50 per hour. Overtime & Weekend Hours As is the case in most leading jurisdictions around the world, many companies expect their employees to work beyond the normal eight-hour work day. Conversely, standard Human Resource (HR) practices may vary from country to country. Before taking a job, familiarise yourself with the work culture. Ask your prospective employer’s HR professional whether overtime pay is provided or time in lieu. Again, knowledge of the Labour Law will assist you in determining what is legal in the Cayman Islands from an employment law standpoint. Check the Department of Labour and Pensions’ website: www.dlp. for more information. The Cayman Islands Society for HR Professionals (www. is also a great resource. Finding a Job Despite a growing population, there are still many employment opportunities available in the Cayman Islands. Most companies on the Island receive a continuous and endless barrage of employment applications from overseas, but very few are deemed to be genuine. The minefield of applying for employment on the Island is further complicated by the requirement to advertise any position prior to a work permit application or annual renewal. By law this must be done through the JobsCayman (WORC) website but many companies also advertise their jobs in the local newspapers. However, it is often misleading as to which one of these jobs is a genuine vacancy. With 25,015 work permits in issue as of October 2020, any apparent vacancy could actually turn out to be for a work permit application

or renewal. This makes trying to find a position by reading the JobsCayman website or the Compass classifieds a bit like looking for a needle-in-a-haystack. For most jobseekers, responding to such ads should only be a part of a more proactive, direct strategy. The most effective approach to finding good employment depends on what type of role you are suited for and how soon you wish to relocate. For those that have a job overseas, but would like to live and do that job while in Cayman, they can now apply for the Global Citizen Certificate. See the Immigration chapter for more information.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of office experience, you may want to consider office temping. This is a good way to make friends and contacts when you first arrive, which can prove to be invaluable in the search for employment. As you will be tied to the temping agency for the duration of your contract and work permit, you should do as much research as possible on prospective employers before signing up. A good agency will be able to provide references from current and past staffmembers, together with contact details, which will allow you to confirm their authenticity yourself. For other specific industries the situation is as follows:


Construction: Management positions are usually hired from overseas simply because there are not enough qualified Caymanians


to fill these posts. We recommend that you find a list of local construction companies in the Yellow Pages (www. and contact them directly. When a position becomes available, these companies tend to go through the resumés on file to see if someone is qualified for the position. The construction industry in Cayman is booming and companies have started working more closely with local recruitment agencies.


CI Government: As with all Civil Service jobs, the Cayman Islands’ Government prefers people to submit an official application form, a resumé and a cover letter. Visit www. for job opportunities.


Electricians and Plumbers: Legally, all electrical and plumbing workers require a local licence to work in the ­Cayman Islands.

Other Skills & Professions For those with qualifications, skills or


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Financial Services Professionals Many positions exist for professionally qualified accountants, particularly those with investment, funds or insurance industry experience (but this is by no means essential). The Cayman Islands recognises most Commonwealth and international accounting designations. Due to the proliferation of choice for qualified accountants, it may be wise to consider registering with a Cayman Islands-based recruitment agency that has an in-depth understanding of the local marketplace. They will be able to advise you on the prospects and appropriate salary for someone with your experience and qualifications. Many of the largest financial services employers on the Island find their professional staff through recruitment agencies. However, if you are interested in working for one particular employer, it would be more advisable to approach them directly first, expressing your interest, before registering with an agency. Lawyers should note that if they are seeking to practice Cayman Islands’ Law, they must generally have at least three years post-qualification experience in a British Commonwealth jurisdiction, as well as previous financial services experience, preferably in mutual/hedge funds, insurance, insolvency, structured finance or commercial litigation.

ambitions not related to financial or legal services, finding good employment may require more research and legwork. Most reputable recruitment agencies will be able to point you in the right direction and some may have vacancies within your field, so it will be a matter of researching those agencies that may be able to help you. If you are Caymanian, a Permanent Resident or currently on a work permit, you can register on the JobsCayman portal and see all the jobs which have been posted on there. Employers from top firms have access to this database and regularly post job listings on this online system. The department of WORC, in conjunction with the former NWDA has a Career Assessment Centre and also provides free career counselling and training to Caymanians. You can also use LinkedIn, the Compass classifieds or Yello to make a list of potential employers and write to them enclosing your resumé. For your cover letter, remember to include when you will be available to work, your skills, qualifications and your marital status and partner’s occupation (if you are a non-Caymanian who is married to a Caymanian). Some Cayman employers will also be interested to know if you currently reside in Cayman and if not, you should be prepared to have a convincing case for moving and being committed to your potential employer. Most employers will not reply unless they have a suitable vacancy. It is good practice to follow up with a call to their Human Resource Manager to confirm receipt and enquire as to any current vacancies available.

Plumbers are licensed by the Plumber’s

further afield to find the specialist skillsets

designation and accepts applications from

Examination Board and should contact the

needed. There is also an increased number

qualified healthcare professionals from

Planning Department about specifics of the

of positions available in the software

around the world. Email your resumé to

process. Information can be found on www.

development and network administration, under the ‘Builders Board’ tab.

fields in addition to project management

Electricians must satisfy the CI Electrical

and business analyst roles. These positions

demand for corporate administrators, legal

Board of Examiners that their qualifications

are often advertised by, and filled through,

secretaries, trust officers and compliance

meet the requirements of the Electricity

employment agencies.

administrators in support roles and these

Regulations. Call the Planning Department





Teaching Positions: Teaching positions in

positions are generally filled by employment

private schools regularly come up. See the

agencies. An employment agency will often

In all cases, a certified copy of your licence,

Education chapter and apply to various

hold a six-month work permit for you that

trade references and a recommendation

schools directly. Teaching and Education

will then turn into a full-time position with

from the jurisdiction you are seeking to

jobs in the Government schools are

a company you have temped for. There

transfer from must be submitted along

advertised on the Ministry of Education’s

are a few Personal Assistant positions,

with your application. You will not receive

website (, between

but these positions are generally filled by

a work permit until you have completed

December and February every year. The

Caymanians. Support staff in accounting

this process. Qualified MEP workers should

application form is available on the website.

contact local MEP companies directly to see

You can also email: edu.recruitment@gov.

if there are any vacancies. These companies

ky with questions or applications and the HR

the retail field are Island Companies and

can be found in the local Yellow Pages.

services team will usually respond to your

Kirk Freeport. Both would be happy for





firms also tend to be local.


Luxury Retail: The major recruiters in


enquiry within two weeks. This department

you to contact them directly; you can

several locations and you can reach the

is also responsible for the recruitment of

email Island Companies at careers@

HR department via their website by filling

all jobs within the Ministry of Education, and Kirk Freeport

in the online application at https://fosters.

so positions other than teaching are


ky/need-help/about/careers/. For Kirk

available throughout the year. Employment

Market, you can visit the careers page of

contracts are generally two-years in length


their website ( and

and include a range of benefits. Further

consequently Caymanians tend to avoid

see what positions they have vacancies in.

contracts are often offered, subject to an

these jobs. The best way to find a sales

annual performance process.

position is to make a few phone calls from

Health Field: Medical professionals fully

your home country, introduce yourself and

you can view job vacancies on their


Office Support Staff: There is a high

on (345) 244 6501 for more information.

For those seeking employment at Hurley’s,





Sales: Sales jobs in Cayman usually have commission-based



website or email:

registered in Australia, Canada, Jamaica,

the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and

Hospitality Industry: Hotels and restaurants

the US may be eligible to practice in the

often hired locally and promoted from

usually hire in September and October to

Cayman Islands once they have become

within the particular business. Some jobs

fill positions in time for high season, which

registered with the appropriate Council.

do occasionally become available and in

starts in December. Visit the Cayman Good

Presently, doctors with specialist training

these cases, recruitment is done through

Taste website at www.caymangoodtaste.

are preferred at all registered health care

employment agencies. See the Settling In

com to contact the restaurants of your

facilities. Please visit the Department

chapter for a list of the telecommunication

choice. It is recommended that you email

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Other: Dart is another corporation that is often seeking motivated employees. Visit

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Recruitment is Cayman’s leading recruitment

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Founded in 2004, CML is the largest professional


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Recruitment Agencies With the Cayman Islands being a global financial centre, it is not surprising that the recruitment of human capital from overseas is necessary due to the Islands’ small size. There are a number of recruitment and employment agencies located in Grand Cayman that specialise in finding talent for legal and financial firms as well as companies that require candidates with IT or other technical skills. Certain agencies also offer extensive training programmes to the candidates that they recruit, and provide immigration advice to their clients. Many will recruit candidates for 6-month temporary positions.








recruitment. Their dedicated recruiters are committed to identifying and securing the

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Highbury Consulting specialise in recruitment

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corporate immigration services, and benefit

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from people who have first-hand experience


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of living and working offshore. Acumen Group Ltd 2nd Fl, 2A1 Landmark Square,64 Earth Close

Invenio Global

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Acumen is a bespoke services provider



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other specialisms are: Immigration services, general HR advice and payroll processing




1st Floor, Elgin Ct, Elgin Avenue, George Town Tel: (345) 945 1781



Tel: (345) 623 1029

With over 28 years of excellence in recruitment

At Nova they provide recruitment services,



Highbury Consulting


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Running A

Business Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images and Bedell Cristin

How to set up a business in Cayman, the legal formalities, trade and business licensing requirements, finding commercial office space, business services, computers and office supplies.



Establishing a Business 56 - Legal Formalities 56 - Funds & Investment Business 60 - Cayman Enterprise City 62 Trade & Business Licensing - Incorporation/Registration - Accounting & Auditing Firms - Corporate Services - Legal Services & Attorneys at Law - Independent Directors - Cayman

62 63 64 65 66 68

Other Formalities - Work Permits - Employee Entitlements

69 69 69

Business Services - Bookkeeping Services - Business Insurance - Office Supplies & Electronics - Disaster Recovery Services - IT Services & Support - Notary Public

69 69 70 70 71 71 71

Setting Up An Office 72 - Commercial Office Space 72





As a well-regulated, international financial centre with a world-class infrastructure and political stability, the Cayman Islands has the ideal environment in which businesses can flourish. As a result, the business sector in Cayman is booming. Cayman’s tight regulatory framework was further enhanced during 2020 to ensure that the Cayman Islands remains aligned with international standards and expectations. In July 2019 the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) deemed Cayman’s tax regime as “not harmful” to other countries. With a well-developed common law system based on English law, and with a proliferation of world-class corporate service companies, predictably many companies have chosen to incorporate in Cayman. Below is your business set-up guide. LEGAL FORMALITIES A business in Cayman can be run as a sole trader operation, a partnership or a company. It is also possible for a foreign company to register a branch in the Cayman Islands in order for the foreign company to operate locally. The main distinction is that sole traders and general partners have unlimited liability to third parties doing business with them, whereas the shareholders of a company typically have limited liability to third parties doing business with the company. The differences in, and suitability of, various types of

Banking, by


At Butterfield, we provide financial services with a personal touch, we focus on results, we value relationships, and we celebrate success. Our local expertise connects clients to a world of financial services providing bespoke banking and financial intermediary solutions.

Let’s start a conversation. Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited P.O. Box 705, George Town, Cayman Islands, KY1-1107 Tel +1 (345) 949 7055

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited is licensed to conduct banking business and investment business by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. Address: 12 Albert Panton Street, George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.



business structure are highly technical and are best discussed with a qualified Cayman Islands’ attorney. Typically, small owneroperated businesses with few liabilities might consider operating as a sole trader, often using a ‘trading as’ title such as Fred Smith (t.a. Fred’s Fantastic Fences). There are few formalities for formation and few annual fees. However, the sole trader is personally responsible for any debts the business incurs. Where two or more people want to go into business together, but wish to avoid all the formalities and expense of a company, a partnership structure is more appropriate. Professional advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, have traditionally used a partnership structure for their business. A partnership has less legislative governance than a company and can be more flexible in its treatments of the partners’ responsibility for liabilities and share of profits. Partners are also personally liable for any debts the business incurs. A company will be used where the owners and operators of the business want to have limited liability for the debts of the business. Companies are very commonly used for all sorts of businesses, from one-man operations to multi-million dollar, multinational businesses. There are more formalities and fees associated with forming and operating a company than with a partnership or sole trader business; however for some, the benefit of limited liability that is attached to a company offsets the extra effort and cost for the formation and operation of a company. Foreign businesses that do not wish to establish a Cayman Islands subsidiary, have the option of registering a branch operation in Cayman. The process to register a branch with the Cayman Registrar of Companies is straightforward and the branch, once registered, is required to maintain a local registered agent and pay annual fees to the Cayman Islands Government to maintain its registration. If your aim is to operate a business, then depending on the nature of the on-Island business to be conducted, some other form 58



of local licensing will be needed. More details on the local licences procedure is given later in this section. For a business, wholly or at least 60% beneficially owned and controlled by one or more Caymanians, the acquisition of a Trade and Business (T&B) Licence is required. Where beneficial ownership and control is less than 60% by Caymanians, a Local Companies Control Law Licence (LCCL) may be required. The grant of an LCCL is a matter of discretion for the Trade and Business Licensing Board which will carefully consider, amongst other things, the benefit such business will bring to the Islands, the extent to which Caymanian participation has been sought (which will ordinarily include a requirement for public advertising) and whether the proposed business will compete with any local Caymanian-owned businesses. Businesses wishing to set up a physical presence in the Cayman Islands, whose activities are carried out mainly outside the Islands, are in most cases exempt from the Local Companies Control Law (LCCL). Therefore, although they would require a T&B Licence to set up their local office and secure work permits for any expatriate employees (as discussed further in the Immigration chapter), they would not require a LCCL, or 60% ownership by a Caymanian Status holder. It should be noted that banks, trust companies, company management firms and a number of other businesses are exempted from requiring both a T&B Licence and LCCL, though they would need to secure any requisite licensing with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). A different regulatory regime is available for businesses in certain approved categories seeking to set up within Cayman’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Sole Trader Due to immigration requirements and the rules governing the grant of a T&B Licence, in practice, only a Caymanian will be able to operate a business as a sole trader if they are competing in the domestic

market. A sole trader is able to start his/ her business by simply offering services or goods in return for payment, with very few formalities depending upon the type of business. The sole trader can employ people to work in the business, but is personally responsible for all the liabilities of the business (e.g. rent, T&B Licence fees, salaries and benefits of employees) and is also the person who receives all the profits. As indicated above, however, a foreign national competing only in the international economy from a base within the Cayman Islands will generally only be able to obtain a licence and operate in and from within the Cayman Islands if they first incorporate a suitable Cayman Islands company and obtain suitable licensing for that entity. There will be no requirement for such an entity to have any Caymanian participation. Partnerships One form of partnership is where all the partners are “general” partners and participate in the management of the business. In this structure, the only restrictions on sharing profits and withdrawing capital are those agreed between the partners. As well as general partnerships, the Partnership Law sets out the rules for “ordinary” limited partnerships. However, limited partners must not participate in the management of the business and a limited partner’s right to share in the profits or withdraw capital is restricted. The Exempted Limited Partnership is another form of partnership which is specially designed to provide more flexibility to suit the needs of the financial industry in Cayman. In all cases, you are advised to contact a specialist to determine the partnership arrangement most suitable for your needs. In addition to the Exempted Limited Partnership, the Cayman Islands passed legislation for the introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP). The LLP is a partnership with a separate legal personality and limited liability for its partners and it is intended as an alternative to ordinary

limited partnerships. It is generally the LLP, rather than an individual partner, who is liable for the debts. Moreover, members enjoy limited liability and there are no joint liabilities for acts or omissions of another partner, excepting where there is negligence by the partner. The LLP is designed for the conduct of business domestically, as well as for business overseas. It is anticipated that the LLP will be an attractive vehicle to overseas companies in a variety of international financial service transactions.

HSM Corporate Services Ltd. provides corporate services in the Cayman Islands. HSM’s corporate team aim to work with our clients to achieve their objectives within the parameters of the structures available under Cayman Islands law.


• Incorporation of companies and Formation of Limited Partnerships • Assisting in establishing bank accounts for corporate clients


Companies & LLC A company that intends to conduct the majority of their business outside of the Cayman Islands would register as an exempted company. The key elements of an exempted company are that it is not required to keep a register of members open for public inspection or hold an annual general meeting in the country, it can alter its Memorandum and Articles of Association without restriction (but must notify the Registrar of Companies of any changes), it can offer shares to the public in the Islands if listed on the Cayman Islands Stock Exchange (CSX), and finally it may issue shares with nominal or no par value. The company is treated in law as a legal person able to enter into contracts and own property as well as incur liabilities. An individual who is a shareholder in a company, has a liability to the company, limited to the amount unpaid on the shares the individual owns and cannot be liable for the liabilities of the company itself. The company may distribute profits to shareholders by paying dividends and a shareholder can only get their investment in the company back by selling or redeeming the shares they have. Company formation and operation is governed by the Companies Law (Revised). The laws of the Cayman Islands also allow for the formation and the registration of Limited Liability Companies. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a unique vehicle that blends key features of a Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership with those of a Cayman Islands exempted company. Most notably, a LLC is not the typical company vehicle with liability of shareholders limited by shares or by guarantee, but by reference to members’ capital accounts and capital commitments, with freedom of contract among members determining the internal workings of the company similar to an Exempted Limited Partnership. Yet, unlike an Exempted Limited Partnership, a LLC will be a corporate body with a separate legal personality and its members enjoying limited liability. A LLC is therefore a hybrid between an exempted company and an Exempted Limited Partnership, developed to meet the demands of various global client bases that wish to operate a vehicle which offers the greatly increased flexibility of partnership capital accounting capability but within a corporate vehicle with separate legal personality. This hybrid approach is useful in a variety of investment spaces (such as investment funds, joint ventures and holding vehicles

• Company searches • Corporate and Partnership filings • Legalisation, notarisation and apostilling documents • Re-domiciliation and transfer of companies • Voluntary Liquidations and Striking off of Companies

For further information, please contact: Huw Moses Director HSM Corporate Services Ltd. +1 345 815 7400

Choose the Experts. Choose HSM.

+1 345 949 4766

68 Fort Street George Town PO Box 31726 Grand Cayman KY1-1207 Cayman Islands


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


for a variety of assets including ships) where some investors and service providers find the share capital accounting structure of a company somewhat cumbersome for certain transactions.



Foundation Companies In 2017 the Cayman Islands enacted legislation for the formation and registration of foundation companies. Unlike the traditional company, a foundation company may have no shareholders and may entrench its objectives. Other key elements of a foundation company is that whomever the founder wants can be given rights, powers and duties (not just to existing members, directors or supervisors). A foundation company may also entrench the objectives of the company or specific provisions within the constitution and may have bylaws to govern the exercise of discretion by those who have duties or powers under the constitution. The by-laws do not have to be filed, and they do not affect a third party dealing in good faith with the foundation company. As a relatively new type of company, that is free of the current perceived drawbacks of a company or trust, the foundation company provides an attractive alternative in a range of wealth planning and commercial scenarios. It is anticipated that foundation companies will continue to open up a variety of interesting estate and other planning possibilities and will be used for commercial, philanthropic and other private purposes. Cayman Islands Branches An overseas company which i) establishes a place of business; ii) commences carrying on business within the Cayman Islands (even “offshore” business); or iii) proposes to own real estate situated in the Cayman Islands, must register as a “foreign company” (essentially register a branch) under Part IX of the Companies Law. A registered Cayman Islands branch will not have a separate legal personality from the main company headquartered overseas. In many cases, this is desirable for group 60



operations which are required to maintain tax residency in a certain jurisdiction, but wish to have a Cayman Islands presence from which to conduct certain business of the group. In the case of a bank, trust company, insurance company, management company, mutual fund, mutual fund administrator or any entity carrying on securities investment business, a licence to conduct such business will be required from CIMA, even though such business is actually conducted outside the Cayman Islands. A Cayman Islands branch is able to secure a T&B Licence and, if necessary, a Local Companies (Control) Licence (LCCL) to comply with the necessary legal requirements to set up a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. Intellectual Property Legislation The CI Government has in recent years modernised the country’s intellectual property laws in order to provide better protection of the rights of persons involved in creative and business endeavours. By improving copyright, trade mark, patent and design rights legislation, Government also has improved the local commerce framework. Copyright protection has been significantly updated with the commencement of the Copyright (Cayman Islands) Order (2015), as amended. The categories of original creations that are protected in Cayman have been expanded to cover music, film, art, and other creative fields in every format – including digital. The Trade Marks Law (2016) allows people and companies to locally register their brands and company logos. It also gives legal protection against piracy and infringement, allowing local and international companies to be confident in what they create in the Cayman Islands, while providing an incentive for local and international investors. The Patents Law (Revised) continues to allow patent holders the ability to register their rights in the UK and extend those rights to the Cayman Islands.

The Design Rights Registration Law (2016) allows design rights – the physical appearance of an industrial or handicraft item or a part of it – registered in the UK, to be extended to Cayman. Funds & Investment Business Common fund vehicles used in the Cayman Islands to operate mutual and private funds include the exempted company, the segregated portfolio company, the unit trust and the exempted limited partnership. The Segregated Portfolio Company (SPC) can also be established with protected cells or segregated portfolios. The SPC makes it possible to provide a means for different groups to protect their assets when carrying on business through a single legal entity as shareholders and creditors have recourse only to the assets of a particular portfolio to which their shares are allocated. The unit trust is usually established under a trust deed with the investors’ interest held as trust units. The exempted limited partnership provides a second unincorporated vehicle and it can be formed as easily as the exempted company or the trust unit. Each type of vehicle can operate as an open-ended fund (where investors have the right to redeem their shares or interests at their own election), or as a closed-ended fund (where the right to redeem shares or interests is made at the election of operator of the vehicle). The investment funds industry is regulated and monitored by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) through a number of pieces of legislation including the Mutual Funds Law, the Private Funds Law and Monetary Authority Law. An attorney can provide more information on structuring a fund in the Cayman Islands and can advise on the necessity for a licence/applicable regulation and assist in compliance with the formalities. Fund Administration The Cayman Islands remains the premier jurisdiction for the domiciliation of hedge funds. As of September 2020 CIMA

accumulated expertise. This familiarity and concentration of expertise inevitably makes the establishment and ongoing operation of hedge funds in the Cayman Islands more efficient in terms of timing and costs than less-specialised jurisdictions. Setting up a Single Family Office The Cayman Islands are an increasingly appealing jurisdiction for the establishment and operation of single family offices. For more information on this topic please see page 37 in the Cayman a Global Financial Centre chapter. Walkers (Cayman) 190 Elgin Avenue, George Town Tel: (345) 949 0100 Email: Walker’s private capital team is composed of

their advisers to provide timely, customised advice across jurisdictions that address the particular sensitivities of private capital clients. SE E AD PAG E 41

Small Businesses Commerce in Cayman continues to receive support with the Government continuing to incentivise micro and small businesses by significantly discounting T&B Licensing fees. To be classified as a micro business, owners can only employ four additional employees and cannot exceed an annual gross revenue of CI$250,000. Small businesses cannot employ more than 12 employees and exceed an annual gross revenue of CI$750,000. For business licensing information, please email: info@, call (345) 945 0943 or visit


selected specialists who advise on corporate, finance investment funds, trusts and estates and litigation matters. They work with highnet-worth individuals, family business, family offices, private banks and trust companies and

Cayman Islands Department of Commerce & Investment (DCI) The DCI is responsible for the grant and regulation of licensing for most businesses

Turnkey, fully serviced office suites available now from US$1500 per month or $199 per day. Hourly conference room rental also available for members and non-members. How we work, when we work and where we work is changing. We believe that the spaces we work in should be places that work for you and your business. Private, modern office suites with flexible occupancy options are ready now. Contact readyspaces today and move in tomorrow. +1.345.743.4610


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



had 11,157 Regulated Funds which comprised of 7,855 Registered Funds, 282 Administered Funds, 61 Licensed Funds and 2,959 Master Funds. In addition there are 76 Administrators currently licenced in the Cayman Islands. CIMA lists all registered fund administrators in the Cayman Islands including Carne, Conyers, Estera, International Management Services (IMS), Maples, MUFG, Ogier and Walkers. In October 2020 the Cayman Islands were named ‘Best Private Equity Fund Domicile’ at the 2020 Private Equity Wire US Awards. It is commonly acknowledged that Cayman’s success as a hedge fund jurisdiction is due to a perfect combination of factors: being in the right time zone to serve the US market; having a wellrespected legal and judicial system based on English common law; that we attract the world’s best service providers who are experts in their field including fund accountants and auditors, fund attorneys, independent directors, fund administrators and trustees, all with over two decades of

in the Cayman Islands. They also process all liquor and tobacco licences as well as cinema licences and film ratings. They ensure that business owners comply with Cayman’s legislative and regulatory framework for commerce, and ensure that trade and business operations conducted in the Cayman Islands adhere to local and global requirements. Visit

> >

Strategic base with easy access to lucrative

Set-Up Process

North and Latin American markets

CEC offers businesses very flexible packages which include fully serviced offices, use of the business centre facilities, the Trade Certificate to operate the business and the Zone Employment Certificates (work/ residency visas) for their staff. Set-up can be expedited within 4-6 weeks. CEC also provides offshore data-centre facilities through their strategic partner Brac Information Centre. For more information email: info@caymanenterprisecity. com, call (345) 945 3722 or visit www.

On NYC/EST time zone

Eligible Market Sectors CEC can accept companies and divisions of companies active in these key sectors:

> >

Internet and Technology Media and Marketing (including digital media, film and broadcasting)



Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) The Cayman Islands Government enacted the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Law in an effort to encourage further economic growth and attract additional international investment. Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) an award-winning development project which consists of three special economic zones focused on attracting knowledge-based and technology-focused businesses to set up a physical presence in the Cayman Islands. The zones included within CEC are Cayman Tech City, Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City and Cayman Maritime & Aviation City. CEC enables businesses to easily and cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence with staff and offices, to generate active business income in the Cayman Islands where there is no corporate, capital gains, sales or income tax. Cayman’s SEZ enable companies to take advantage of the Islands’ jurisdictional benefits, along with a series of appealing concessions granted by the Government. Cayman is an ideal business jurisdiction and is OECD white listed, meeting the highest anti-money laundering compliance requirements. Concessions and Reasons to Relocate to CEC


100% exempt from corporate, capital gains, sales and income tax in the Cayman Islands

> > >

100% foreign ownership permitted 100% exemption from import duties Renewable five year work/residency visas granted within five days

> > > > 62

> >

Commodities and Derivatives Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Green Technology


Maritime Services and Aviation Services

Why Companies are Establishing in CEC: Global Tax Mitigation

Companies are using CEC as part of their global structuring strategy, as it provides them with the opportunity to costeffectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore, which can significantly enhance their competitiveness in the global marketplace and enable them to generate a tax-exempt active business income in the Cayman Islands. Work/Residency Visas for Staff

CEC enables businesses to immediately relocate key staff from any country of origin to the Cayman Islands, particularly those that may not be able to get visas for the US or Canada. CEC companies can obtain five year work/residency visas for personnel within five working days. Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property can be held by a zone company and licensed internationally from this tax-neutral jurisdiction. Many CEC companies avail themselves of the benefit of establishing their IP offshore early, as part of their overall business strategy, in order to maximise the value of this key asset for the whole of the company’s life cycle, avoiding costly migration issues later.

Five year residency for employees and their dependents

Access to Global Markets

4-6 week fast-track set-up of operations

Companies are setting up within CEC and utilising the zone as a catalyst to increase global growth from a tax-neutral location.

Intellectual property owned offshore Appropriate level government reporting CAYMANRESIDENT 2021


TechCayman Similar to CEC, if you have an IT or Tech company which does business outside of Cayman, then you are eligible to move your company to TechCayman and then live and work in Cayman. For more information visit TRADE & BUSINESS LICENSING

Subject to limited exceptions, in order for an individual, partnership or company to conduct business in or from the Cayman Islands, an application must be made to the Trade and Business Licensing Board (T&B Board) for the grant of a T&B Licence. The T&B Licence fee is payable every year and the application for renewal must be made at least 28 days before, but not more than three months before the date of expiry of the licence. It is an offence to operate a business in the local market with the public of the Cayman Islands without a valid T&B Licence or an alternative licence (unless exempted). A company wishing to carry on business in the local market with the public of the Cayman Islands, which does not have at least 60% Caymanian ownership and control, will also require a Local Companies (Control) Licence (LCCL) from the T & B Board (unless it is otherwise exempted from such requirement). Each LCCL application is considered on its own merit and all relevant forms and information for both LCCL and related T&B Licence applications are readily available online at

Elgin Avenue, George Town. Application Process Your locally licensed service provider will contact the Registrar of Companies and ask if the company name you want is available and then they will prepare the following documents (but other documents may be required based on the type of company you are incorporating):

the day the incorporation documents and fees are submitted to the Registrar, provided that the incorporation documentation is in good order. The processing time is approximately five to eight business days, unless submitted on an express basis (an additional fee of CI$400 applies to express processing) in which case, the application will be processed within 24 hours during business days.

a) Memorandum of Association; b) Articles of Association.

The Registrar does not require details of the proposed business for the registration of a new company, only the type of company being registered (such as resident, nonresident, or exempted company). The fees for incorporation vary depending on the type of company and share capital. For a typical resident company with a share capital of less than CI$42,000, the fee is CI$300 and for an exempt company, the minimum fee would be CI$600. Your local service provider will have their own fee list. The company is deemed incorporated on

Company Registry Fees The registration and annual fees for any company are dependent on the size of the authorised share capital. Also worth noting is that annual fees and annual returns are due in January of each year, but the Companies Registry is under no obligation to notify the company that the fees are due. If these fees are not paid by the 31st March (of each year), they begin to accrue penalties up to 100% of the fee. Every company is responsible for paying these annual fees and filing the returns. If it has not been paid nor filed, the company

McGrath Tonner is a full-service law firm offering advice and solutions to the local and international market.

- Incorporations for companies and partnerships - Immigration advice and appeals - Registered office - Directorships - Nominee services - Vessel registration - Trade & Business and operational licensing - Special Economic Zone at Cayman Enterprise City

5th Floor, Genesis Building, Genesis Close | PO Box 446, Grand Cayman, KY1-1106, Cayman Islands Tel: (345) 949 2740 or (345) 623 2740 | Fax: (345) 949 0073 | |


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Incorporation/Registration If you wish to incorporate or register a Cayman Islands entity that will conduct business outside of the Cayman Islands, you are required to engage a local licensed service provider to incorporate your company. This is a seamless process and most firms also provide these services: registered office, corporate administration, directors and other officers and management of the company on the instruction of the beneficial owner(s). Online registration is now available and accessible through local licensed service providers. This is a secure access and not available to the public. Read on to see a list of top firms under Corporate Services. It should be noted that persons wanting to register an ordinary resident company (also referred to as a “resident company”) may apply for registration directly. Information is available at www. or by contacting the Registrar of Companies on (345) 946 7922, or by visiting the General Registry, Ground Floor, Government Administration Building, 133



is subject to being struck off the register after being in default for one year. If the company had assets at the time it was struck off, those assets will become the property of the Government of the Cayman Islands. If you were ignorant of the fact that annual fees and returns were due, your company could be struck off without your knowledge. This is one of the benefits of using a locally licensed service provider, as they will process the annual paperwork and remind you of the amount and timing of annual fees. They will also keep you informed of regulatory updates and reporting obligations that apply to certain Cayman entities. Their fees are a lot less than the fees you would pay to an attorney to make the necessary application to the Cayman Court for the company to be reinstated to the registry! Accounting & Auditing Firms Accounting firms in the Cayman Islands provide a broad range of advisory, administrative, risk management, auditing and consulting services that

are specifically tailored to Cayman’s well-regulated business environment. Each year more than 60 professional accountants move to Cayman and begin a two year contract, many working in the audit industry. Every major audit firm is represented here in Cayman, including ‘the Big Four’ but we also have an incredible inventory of second tier accounting firms, each of which offer a unique environment with its own specialty areas and culture. The



Baker Tilly (Cayman) Ltd. Governors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue Tel: (345) 946 7853 Email: or Baker Tilly (Cayman) Ltd. is an independent member of Baker Tilly International and is a leading firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors in the Cayman Islands. They provide a wide range of services to


companies domiciled in the Cayman Islands, in

was formed in 1970. The organisation’s mission is to further the public interest through the regulation of the accounting profession, promoting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. In 2013, CIIPA became a full member of the International Federation of Accountants, the worldwide organisation representing the profession. A not-for-profit, it prides itself on its role as both an educator and regulator in the financial services industry. Visit www.

particular mutual funds and captive insurance

Professional Accountants

Institute, email: or call (345) 749 3360. S E E A D T H I S PAG E & 294


companies registered with the Cayman Island Monetary Authority. BDO Governors Square, 23 Lime Tree Bay Avenue Tel: (345) 943 8800 Email: Deloitte 2nd Floor One Capital Place, Shedden Road Tel: (345) 949 7500 EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. Century Yard, Cricket Square, 171 Elgin Avenue Tel: (345) 945 5889 Email: EisnerAmper Cayman Ltd. are approved by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority to audit hedge funds, captive insurance companies and trust companies. They are experts at conducting audits under International Standards on Auditing and US GAAS. Their focus is on financial service companies and commercial companies. They audit pro-bono the Cayman Islands Red Cross, Cayman Chamber of Commerce and Cayman Finance. EY 62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 949 8444 Email: Grant Thornton Cayman 2nd Fl, Century Yard, Cricket Sq, George Town Tel: (345) 949 8588











administrative services including company




SIX Cricket Square, George Town



Tel: (345) 949 4800


Email: Provides audit, tax and advisory services.

registration services - all with a personal, time

registered office, secretarial services and

responsive touch.

vessel registration.


McGrath Tonner provides responsive, efficient


and professional corporate services to local


and international clients. Affordable solutions

through their affiliate, yacht and aircraft

for company and partnership formation,


management, independent insurance



PwC 18 Forum Lane, Camana Bay

FG Services Limited

Ogier Global

Tel: (345) 949 7000

Tel: (345) 815 2800

89 Nexus Way, Camana Bay



Tel: (345) 949 9876


Rawlinson & Hunter

FG Services Limited (FG) is the corporate

Windward 1, Regatta Office Park, West Bay Rd

services affiliate of FrancisGrey, Attorneys-

Ogier Global offers integrated legal and

Tel: (345) 949 7576

at-Law. FG provides company and partnership

corporate administration services where they



incorporate and administer a wide variety of vehicles. They are known for their focus on

Services provider and a registered Intellectual

corporate governance, regulatory compliance


and data integrity. Their highly experienced and


Patent & Designs).




responsive team of technical experts focus on providing the highest level of personal service

HSM Corporate Services Ltd.

while delivering commercial solutions in the

68 Fort Street, George Town

most efficient way.

Tel: (345) 949 4766 Email:

Ritch & Conolly Corporate Services

Tel: (345) 949 7366

HSM provides corporate services in a responsive,


timely and cost-effective manner. Their services

include incorporation of companies (including

Ritch & Conolly’s regulated affiliate, Foreshore

Special Economic Zone companies), assisting in

Corporate Services Ltd., provides corporate

establishing bank accounts, preparing and filing

management services, including incorporation

applications to the Registrar of Companies and


the handling of re-domiciliation and transfer of

companies, registered office and administrative

companies. SE E AD PAG E S 59, 79 & 103

services. The firm also handles related





immigration work including work permits and Campbells

McGrath Tonner Corporate Services Limited

applications for the grant and renewal of Trade

Tel: (345) 949 2648

Tel: (345) 949 2740

and Business Licences.

SE E AD PAG E 152 Campbells Corporate Services Limited (CCSL) holds an unrestricted trust licence issued by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority and provides a full suite of company management and trust services to local and offshore clients.

Corporate & Commercial Law Specialists Investment Funds Banking & Finance Financial Services Regulation Trusts & Private Client Conveyancing Employment Law


Cayman Management Ltd. Tel: (345) 949 4018 Fax: (345) 949 7891 Email: Cayman




T] 345 -815-2800 F] 345-947-4728 E] W] Suite 2206, Cassia Court 72 Market Street, Camana Bay P.O. Box 32302 , CI, KY1-1209



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Corporate Services The following are a few of the locally licensed corporate service providers who can assist you with the incorporation process. The usual fee for their services is between US$750–US$1,750, excluding Government filing fees. The other services they offer include: the provision of a registered office; maintenance of statutory registers; handling of annual returns; drafting resolutions and minutes; providing certified documents; getting documents apostilled and notarised; updating the register of officers, shareholders and directors; maintaining the minute book; assisting with corporate restructuring; revisions to the memo and arts, and some also provide director services.

registered office and intellectual

property services. FG is a licensed Corporate

Sinclair Corporate Services

Tel: (345) 949 0699


Tel: (345) 743 2626


1st Fl, Appleby Tower, 71 Fort Street, GT



The dynamic and rapidly growing Sinclair Group

company secretary and director services, and

offers practical, responsive and cost effective

general corporate and commercial matters.

Bedell Cristin

Cayman business solutions. It is registered as


18 Forum Lane, Suite 5305, 3rd Fl, Camana Bay



Tel: (345) 916 1440 or 326 6261 offices,

a trade mark agent and licensed by CIMA to


Tel: (345) 949 9107




Appleby Tower, 71 Fort Street, George Town

Caribbean Plaza, 2nd Floor North Building

Tel: (345) 949 4900

878 West Bay Road


Tel: (345) 943 0303 or (345) 623 0303

Contact them for company formations, registered




compliance officer appointments and directors’ services, ship registrations, as well as notarial and legal services through experienced English qualified lawyers. Suntera Global


Tel: (345) 949 0488

Legal Services & Attorneys-At-Law There are 40+ law firms operating on-Island. Many of these top firms have a strong global presence and are internationally renowned. A number of Cayman’s local firms have offices conducting business around the world and as a result, attract top talent from London’s magic circle firms, positioning the Cayman Islands as one of the premier jurisdictions for legal services.

undertake corporate and directors services.


Email: or

3rd Floor, Royal Bank House Bedell





domestic clients on all aspects of Cayman Islands law. The firm’s sector expertise includes funds, regulatory and compliance, insurance, banking,






restructuring licensing,

immigration, real estate and wills and probate. SE E AD PAG E S 37 & 83

24 Shedden Road, George Town

Travers Thorp Alberga 2nd Floor, Harbour Place


103 South Church Street, George Town Broadhurst LLC 40 Linwood Street, George Town Tel: (345) 949 7237 Email: Broadhurst LLC is an offshore corporate and litigation boutique firm advising both local and international clients in a full range of legal services. SE E AD PAG E 173 Campbells Floor 4, Willow House, Cricket Square, GT

• Independent Director Services

• Full corporate registration and representation services for all local, and international business undertakings

• Specialist corporate services for Funds and Investments Managers • Captive Insurance management and advisory service

• Yacht, Shipping and Aircraft registration and representation services

Tel: (345) 949 2648 Campbells is a leading offshore law firm established over 50 years ago. From their offices in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong they provide comprehensive corporate and litigation advice and services to clients worldwide in relation to Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands law.

A professional service, delivered with that extra personal touch | (345) 949 - 4018 Governors Square, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Carey Olsen 1st Floor, Willow House, Cricket Square, GT Tel: (345) 749 2000 Email:




Collas Crill

Kobre & Kim

private clients on the laws of the British Virgin

2nd Floor, Willow House, Cricket Square, GT

Suite 3207, 9 Forum Lane, Camana Bay

Islands, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Jersey and

Tel: (345) 949 4544

Tel: (345) 749 4000

Luxembourg. With offices in key jurisdictions


around the world, the Maples Group has specific

Kobre & Kim is a global law firm focusing

strengths in areas of corporate commercial,


exclusively on disputes and investigations,

finance, investment funds, litigation and trusts.

SIX, 2nd Floor, Cricket Square, GT

conducting most of their work as special

Tel: (345) 945 3901

conflicts counsel in complex international

McGrath Tonner


disputes. They regularly execute cross-

5th Floor, Genesis Building, George Town

border litigation and investigation strategies

Tel: (345) 949 2740


and their specialised, integrated product


3rd Floor, One Capital Place, GT

offerings allow them to pursue aggressive

Tel: (345) 745 5000

and creative solutions to clients’ underlying

McGrath Tonner is a full service law firm serving


problems, whether legal, financial, commercial

the local and offshore market: Litigation and

or reputational.

dispute resolution, corporate law, matrimonial and family law, wills and probate, trusts, real

Forbes Hare Cassia Court, 10 Market Street, Camana Bay

Loeb Smith

estate conveyancing, immigration, judicial

Tel: (345) 943 7700

5th Fl, Zephyr House, 122 Mary Street



Tel: (345) 749 7590

licensing and debt collection.








Suite 2206, Cassia Court, Camana Bay

Loeb Smith is a corporate law firm serving

94 Solaris Avenue, Camana Bay

Tel: (345) 815 2800

clients globally with outstanding Partner-

Tel: (345) 949 4123


led service at competitive rates. The firm



FrancisGrey is a specialist Corporate and

markets, mergers and acquisitions, private


Commercial Cayman Islands law firm. The firm


4th Floor, 89 Nexus Way, Camana Bay

provides services in the areas of investment

banking and finance, insolvency and corporate

Tel: (345) 949 9876


restructuring, and commercial litigation.







property, regulation, trusts and private client,








Ogier is a leading law firm advising on Cayman,

conveyancing and employment law. SE E AD PAG E S 65 & T H E OP P OSI T E PAG E



Maples Group

BVI, Guernsey, Jersey and Luxembourg law.

Ugland House, South Church Street, GT

Ogier has had a presence in the Cayman


Tel: (345) 949 8066

Islands for over 25 years. Legal services for

3rd Fl, Harbour Place, 103 South Church Street

Tel: (345) 949 8599



core of its business, alongside private wealth,


international law firm, Maples and Calder, advises

local legal services and integrated corporate

global financial, institutional, business and

administration services.



the corporate and financial sectors form the through


HSM 68 Fort Street, George Town Tel: (345) 949 4766 Email: HSM is a full-service law firm and their lawyers advise on the principal areas of corporate and commercial litigation, insolvency, property, private client and trusts. They have specialist lawyers handling business establishment in the Cayman Islands and related employment, immigration and relocation services.

FG Services Limited Company & Partnership Formation Economic Substance and Board Support Services Intellectual Property Agents (Trademarks, Copyright, Patent & Designs) T] 345 -815-2800 F] 345-947-4728 E] W] 72 Market Street, Camana Bay

SE E AD PAG E S 59, 79 & 103


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Walkers provides legal, corporate, fiduciary and

3rd Floor, Genesis Building

compliance services to global corporations,

Genesis Close, George Town


Tel: (345) 743 2626

participants and investment fund managers.



In 2014, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) introduced its directors’ registration law, which was followed up in 2017 by the administrative fines regime, which provides the regulator with guidelines on how to impose penalties on funds and their operators for noncompliance. Penalties can range from CI$5,000 to CI$1,000,000 depending on the severity and scope of the breach. Most new hedge funds have at least a majority of independent directors on their boards, many of whom are seasoned professionals based in Cayman. A few well known firms of independent directors based in Grand Cayman include the Carne Group, HighWater and ICG Management Limited and law firms, such as the Maples Group and Ogier. Cayman had come under pressure from institutional investors and overseas regulators (such as the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)) to enhance its regulatory regime in relation to governance and anti-money laundering monitoring. By taking these steps Cayman stays competitive with Dublin and Luxembourg, as it seeks to strike a balance between being sufficiently regulated, without the regulations being overly burdensome, and therefore keeping Cayman attractive to new investors.

Sinclairs is a boutique law firm of English-

Legal Befrienders

Cayman Management Ltd.


Phoenix Legal

Symons & Symons

Office 115, Windward III, Regatta Office Park

4 Tropic Centre, 18 Earth Close

Tel: (345) 929 4701

Tel: (345) 745 7529

Email: Lisa Donalds specialises in family practice law:

Travers Thorp Alberga

adoption and children’s legal arrangements,

2nd Floor, Harbour Place


103 South Church Street, George Town




applications, pre and post nuptial agreements,

Tel: (345) 949 0699

protection from domestic violence, wills,


probate and administration. TTA advise on all types of offshore entities

Priestleys Attorneys-at-Law

including hedge funds, private equity, corporate

2nd Fl, Caribbean Plaza, 878 West Bay Road

and partnership vehicles, asset and structured

Tel: (345) 946 1577

finances, cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, capital


markets, general corporate and commercial matters, and private client. In addition, their


Ritch & Conolly Attorneys-At-Law

matrimonial department deals with family

4th Fl, Queensgate House, South Church Street

law including divorce, financial provision, child

Tel: (345) 949 7366

custody and cross border asset tracing.

Email: or



Established in 1983, Ritch & Conolly has developed a solid reputation for providing

Walkers (Cayman)

comprehensive legal services to local and

190 Elgin Avenue, George Town

international clients and financial institutions.

Tel: (345) 949 0100





markets 87 Mary Street, 2nd Floor Apollo House West

Tel: (345) 949 4018

experience in the Cayman Islands. Practical,






Tel: (345) 945 8869 or


cost-effective advice and representation

Free legal advice is offered on issues such as

is offered in: litigation and insolvency,

domestic violence, divorce and immigration at


corporate and commercial transactions, IP

the Legal Befrienders Clinic every Tuesday from


and employment law. Sinclairs is a registered

5pm-6.30pm. You can either call or visit the

services” in support of ongoing compliance

trademark agent and licensed by CIMA to

Clinic where qualified attorneys offer advice on


undertake company incorporations and the full

a walk-in, first come first serve basis

as well as affordable company registration

range of corporate services. Notarial services

Stuarts Walker Hersant Humphries Kensington House, 69 Dr. Roy’s Drive, GT Tel: (345) 949 3344 Email:











and incorporation services for local and

Independent Directors - Cayman The Cayman Islands is the leading offshore domicile for hedge funds, and as regulators and investors have placed more stringent requirements on good governance and oversight, independent directors have taken up the mantle of supporting the asset management industry.

also offered.






vehicles. Other services include: shipping, yacht and aircraft registration, fund services and advisory services. Their affiliate CSI International Underwriting (Cayman) Limited offers captive insurance management services to clients.


OPENING BUSINESS ACCOUNTS To open a business bank or trust account in the Cayman Islands, you will need to complete a very detailed application, as well as provide the following information:

> >

Full incorporation paperwork Written request to open a new account on company letterhead giving an overview of the business (e.g. clients, number of staff and how revenue is generated) and reason for needing the account

> >

Bank references from a current bank Certificate of Incorporation, certified by a Notary Public


Articles and Memorandum of Association,

operation of the account. Companies incorporated in other countries require notarised documents to verify the bona fides of the company. Each bank in Cayman will have a minimum amount required to open a business account. OTHER FORMALITIES

Work Permits All businesses will require work permits and/or other relevant permissions for any non-Caymanian staff engaged in gainful employment in the Cayman Islands. Details of such requirements can be found in the Immigration chapter.

certified by a Notary Public


Annual report, financial statements, auditors reports or business plan


Certificate of Good Standing, if business is older than one year


Register of Members, Officers and Directors, certified by the registered office or a Notary The identity of each ultimate beneficial owner, director and signatory; this must be supported by a certified copy of their passports and proof of residential address


If the business is conducted within the Cayman Islands, a copy of the current Trade and Business licence


Professional reference from an accounting or law firm and a professional reference from a bank that indicates a good relationship of over three years


Nature and dollar volume of anticipated transactions, including source of funding of initial and subsequent deposits. This can be provided from a copy of the Business Plan if the company is new or latest Financial Statements if the company is already operating

> >

Tax declaration form All directors, members and signatories to supply all information needed for a personal bank account, including certified copy of partnership agreement.

If there are more than a nominal number of shareholders, the bank requires identification and references for the principal shareholders who own 10% or more of the shareholding, directors and officers responsible for the


Advertising Agencies, Social Media Consultants & Web Design Services The Cayman Islands has a great selection of creative agencies providing exceptional advertising, marketing, branding and public relations services, that can provide you with the right tools to promote your business on-Island. These include BB&P Brand Interactive (Email: simon@bbandp. com), Bliss Digital Marketing (Tel: (345) 916 2630), Fountainhead (Tel: (345) 926 0187), FSH Design (Tel: (345) 947 8755), MC2 (Tel: (345) 946 1220), Massive Media (Tel: (345) 947 6677), Netclues Inc. (Tel: (345) 925 2222), Not Your Standard Agency (Tel: (345) 745 6972), Savage Consulting (Tel: (345) 326 3333), Social Grace (Tel: (345) 328 1552 or, Tower Marketing (Tel: (345) 623 6700), and Wigglypen (Tel: (345) 916 8562). Bookkeeping Services HLB Berman Fisher Tel: (345) 928 4751 Email: Qualified accountants and CIMA registered

Health Insurance & Other Benefits Employers are required to ensure that all employees, their unemployed spouses






professional accounting, interim CFO and advisory services to both local and offshore


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m





Employee Entitlements Cayman’s current Labour Law (2011 Revision), sets out the minimum entitlements that must be provided by an employer to its employees. There is no requirement for the employer to provide a contract of employment, but the terms and conditions of the job are required to be set out in a statement and provided to the employee shortly after commencing employment. Essentially, the minimum terms and conditions for leave, set out in the Labour Law, include two weeks annual vacation, increasing up to three weeks after four years and four weeks after 10 years of service. This is in addition to the (approximately) 11 public holidays scattered throughout the year. Employees are entitled to 10 paid sick days each year and 12 weeks maternity leave (20 days of which are at full pay and a further 20 days at half pay). Nine weeks adoption leave is available for female employees (of which 15 days are at full pay). Upon termination of employment by the employer, there is an entitlement to severance pay, equal to one week’s pay for each completed year of service. There is a statutory unfair dismissal scheme which provides compensation equal to one week’s pay for each completed year of service.

and dependents have health insurance. Employees are also entitled to a pension plan. Similar to other parts of the world, employers may offer enhanced benefits to prospective employees and it is not uncommon to see employers offering enhanced vacation leave, relocation expenses, additional pension contributions, bonus options, upgrades to premium health insurance and private school fees. It can be very expensive to move household items to Cayman and different employers will have more or less generous relocation packages, so review the offer of employment carefully. Many employers offer attractive health insurance packages for their employees. See the list of Health Insurance Providers in the Health & Wellness chapter.







compilation, payroll, accounting (corporate,

personal and strata), financial statement







insurance insurance

services: solutions

Commercial including

valuations, liquidation and forensics. HLB

property, liability, business interruption, as well

Berman Fisher also provides training and

as specialty insurance products for professional









implementation of policies and procedures. CG Britcay Insurance


Tel: (345) 949 8699


Omni Cayman


Tel: (345) 547 4473


CG Britcay can design business insurance plans

that provide wide ranging cover, including

Omni Cayman are Certified QuickBooks Pro

property, asset and profit protection, as well as

Advisors offering professional accounting

protection against the potential legal liabilities

services. They have a team of professionals

of running a business.

with over twenty years’ experience with Cayman’s top firms such as Deloitte, KPMG and BDO. Omni provides full service professional outsourcing, as well as individual and corporate


US Tax filing and consulting services.

Business Insurance If you run a business it is important that you are fully protected for your property, business interruption and liability exposures whether it is caused by fire, hurricane or injury losses. To find the right insurance for your business, call the qualified advisors at one of Cayman’s top insurance providers on page 130 in the Settling In chapter or see below for companies who specifically specialises in business related insurance products. Briat Insurance Tel: (345) 945 0030

Business Security Although Cayman has one of the lowest crime rates in the region, the Royal Cayman Islands Police (RCIPS) is taking a proactive approach to mitigate any criminal activity within the business community. In addition to their normal policing activities, the RCIPS run a Business Watch programme along the Seven Mile Beach corridor and the George Town waterfront that allows business owners to report any suspicious behaviour. You may direct reports to PS Jonathan Kern (Email: jonathan.kern@ or tel: (345) 649 4222) or use the new mobile app by visiting their website at Additionally, reports can be made anonymously via the RCIPS call centre in Miami, Tel: 1 (800) TIPS. By reporting even the smallest annoyance, the police can recognise if a trend is occurring

in your area and jump on the problem before anything big happens. If you witness a crime or are being threatened at your business, please contact 911 directly. The RCIPS plans to launch the Business Watch programme in other areas in the future, as well as expand all Community Policing. If you need to improve the security at your business, there are companies that provide services from 24-hour security monitoring to installing alarm systems. Anti-Business Fraud Hotline In 2017, the Government established a whistle-blower hotline in order for civil servants and members of the public to report government fraud or any breaches in ethics anonymously. The number for the toll-free hotline is Tel: 1 (800) 534 1111. All calls to this hotline are monitored and answered overseas by a KPMG trained operator. Callers can expect to receive a tracking number, which can then be used as a reference if they need to make a followup call. Persons who wish to make a report by email must use and are encouraged to visit the Anti-Fraud Policy website at if they require more information. All claims of fraud or allegations will be investigated by Cayman’s Internal Audit Services. The authorities strongly discourage frivolous or malevolent tips. Office Supplies, Printers & Electronics Alphasoft Tel: (345) 949 8251 Email: Alphasoft is an authorised dealer and service provider for Hewlett-Packard (HP) hardware. Cayman Business Machines Ltd/PBS Group 49 Hospital Road, George Town Tel: (345) 949 8642 CBM/PBS





for Xerox, Solutions, Lenovo, SMART, L3 Securities, Cisco, Oracle, TrippLite, Data Card and NCR.




Kirk Office

mould and microbial remediation, water and

Tel: (345) 946 8324

67 North Sound Road, George Town

fire restoration, as well as post-construction


Tel: (345) 623 5475

cleanup. Staff are trained in Applied Microbial


Remediation and follow all protocols in cleaning

Document Solutions, Conferencing Systems,

Kirk Office has been helping businesses work

and disinfecting for COVID-19 according to CDC

A/V Systems and Automation.

smarter for over 25 years. With over 6,000


products, computers, document solutions, office furniture and even IT support. Kirk Office offers easy online ordering through their webstore, plus fast & free delivery island-wide. They also offer custom printed stationery, folders, stamps and business cards, as well as printing/copying services. SE E AD PAG E 72 Office Supply Ltd. Marquee Plaza, 36 Lawrence Boulevard, SMB Tel: (345) 946 1200 Email:





items in stock and over 30,000 available in their catalogue, they offer a great selection of office


Kirk ISS

Disaster Recovery Services Occasionally the Island can be affected by hurricanes, and no business is completely safe from equipment failures, fire and a possible cyber-attack/virus. Disaster recovery options include preserving critical material and hard drives in a separate secure physical site to allow you to restore your business back to its full operational capacity as soon as possible. Cayman also has world-class facilities for cold storage of cryptocurrencies and corporate data recovery services.

67 North Sound Road, George Town Tel: (345) 623 4730 Kirk ISS provides IT solutions & support for businesses of all sizes. They are a 3-time Microsoft Partner of the Year and Gold-level partner with HPE Aruba Networks, Fortinet.

Mitel, With

Cisco, over





across networking, cybersecurity, servers, storage, cloud, communications and even a managed IT service, Kirk ISS supports


virtually every area of the IT department. SE E AD PAG E 72

Corporate Office Cleaning

Deloitte Tel: (345) 949 7500

Office Supply Ltd.

Tel: (345) 946 1200 Email:

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) Tel: (345) 640 2111 Email:

IT Services & Support Cayman Mac Store Tel: (345) 943 4763 Cayman’s Apple authorised reseller and service provider, with a full range of Apple products. Creative Tech Suite 101 Cannon Place, North Sound Rd

Notary Public/Justice of the Peace Notary Public or Justice of the Peace (JP) services are available either through law firms or from independent operators. JPs do not charge, but they can only certify local documents. Have your passport or driver’s licence handy when you need their services as they need to verify your details and write your passport number in their records. (Visit to find a list of all Notary Publics and JPs that are in good standing, however, the website does not

Commercial Insurance Brokers Commercial Property • Group Health • Executive Homes • Strata • Liability

Hew’s Cleaning Services Tel: (345) 949 0734 Hew’s are a family owned and operated company and have been in the Cayman Islands since 1977. All their work is safe, professional, trustworthy, efficient, friendly and caring. They specialise in maid services, offices, floors, carpets, upholstery, marble, windows, janitorial,

(345) 945 0030 |


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Conference & Meeting Facilities A host of large international conferences are held in Grand Cayman at The Ritz-Carlton, the Marriott and the Kimpton Seafire Resort. There are also a handful of very professional and well presented places that can host smaller conferences or business meetings often with catering options. These places include Cannon Place (Tel: (345) 945 3517), the Caribbean Club (Tel: (345) 623 4500), Cayman Conference Centre (Tel: (345) 949 5511 or email:, The Cayman Islands National Museum on the Waterfront in GT (Tel: (345) 949 8368 or email: with the Museum accepting donations in exchange for the use of their facilities and Sunshine Suites (Tel: (345) 949 3000 or email:

list any email or phone numbers.) You will be expected to pay a Notary Public in the region of CI$25 per stamp, though some charge less if it is just a simple matter. Some will also charge a call-out fee if you want them to visit you to notarise documents. Please note that since COVID-19 digital notarisations are accepted. Here are some active Notary Publics you may contact:

The dynamic and rapidly growing Sinclair Group offers practical, responsive and cost effective Cayman business solutions, including notarial services through its two notaries. The standard charge is CI$25/US$30 per notarised document.

Office Automation & Electronics Creative Tech Shops 6, Bay Town Plaza, West Bay Road

Baysyde Biz

Tel: (345) 946 8324

27 Duxies Lane, West Bay


Tel: (345) 917 5756

Creative Tech offers Conferencing Systems,


A/V Systems and Automation,

Baysyde Biz is available 24 hrs, 7 days a week

Walls, Workflow Application Solutions, IT

(by appointment) for document notarisation.

Infrastructure, and Document Solutions.


They also provides assistance in preparation,











immigration, legal, personal and more.

The Security Centre Limited Tel: (345) 949 0004 Email:








edge systems, The Security Centre has a

Tel: (345) 745 7529

comprehensive range of products and services


designed to cover all your commercial security


Professional Training See the Education chapter for information on training and educational opportunities.

Work Smarter!

You have enough going on at work. Get everything you need in one place.

Office Supplies Office Furniture Computers & Accessories IT Support Document Solutions In-House Service

Authorised Partner:

67 North Sound Rd. 72




Tax Advice Receiving professional tax advice may be essential when running a multijurisdictional operation in the Cayman Islands, as certain countries require special reporting. Tax advisors in the Cayman Islands usually have specific legal and financial expertise and also advise private individuals on tax related matters. They may also offer a range of services including providing advice on shareholder tax planning, international tax structuring for multijurisdictional transactions, compliance prior to an overseas acquisition, to employment matters and reducing a business’s tax burden, as well as protecting and exploiting intellectual property. See the Immigration chapter for tax advisors.

Translation Services The WORC requires that all documents (i.e. medical and police clearance forms) being submitted from non-English speaking countries must first be translated into English and the translated copy notarised. Places that can help you do this include Baraud (Tel: (345) 945 1781 or email: and the Modern Language Institute (Tel: (345) 943 8254 or email: modernlanguages11@yahoo. com). The latter also offers interpreters and multilingual support for depositions, court appearances, conferences and meetings. SETTING UP AN OFFICE

COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE The Grand Cayman commercial space rental market is one of the strongest in the Caribbean region, with high demand for all classes of space traditionally in the region of 75,000 sq ft to 125,000 sq ft per annum. The primary source of demand comes from the offshore financial sector, including law firms, accounting practices and insurance/ reinsurance firms. From a retail market perspective, the cruise ship duty free sector is a dominant force, particularly within George Town. The market comprises of close to 4 million sq ft of space in all classes, which breaks down to roughly 1.25 million sq ft of Class A office space, 1.75 million square feet of Class B space and close to 300,000 sq ft of retail. Class A cruise ship/duty free retail locations are rare and transact at high value. Average vacancy rates vary by class and location, from as low as 2-3% for Class A+ to A space, 5-10% for Class A- to B+ and around 15%-20% for Class B and C space. Within these averages, there is a wide variety of vacancy rates, for example, some Class B properties in central George Town have vacancies of between 25% to 35%. This has been largely due to the exodus of larger corporate tenants from the typically older buildings in George Town centre to the master-planned community of Camana Bay or edge of town development corridor of Elgin Avenue, such as Cricket

rates of US$80 to US$130 psf pa are achievable. More recently, as gross rent rates in developments such as Camana Bay and Cricket Square have risen to between US$60 – US$73 psf pa, increasing numbers of tenants are now choosing office space located in buildings within George Town centre once again. As such, the current prognosis for George Town looks very positive, especially bearing in mind the potential for the new cruise ship dock to bring new restaurants, retail, entertainment and possibly boutique hotels as part of the rejuvenation of the town centre, including the planned pedestrianisation of Harbour Drive, Cardinall Avenue, Albert Panton St and Fort St. It is anticipated that once these changes occur, rental rates in the cruise ship retail market will likely escalate exponentially.

Cayman, you should speak with a realtor who specialises in corporate rentals. Though many of the real estate companies listed in the Finding a Home chapter can help you with residential rentals and sales, only a few agents on-Island specialise in commercial properties. Cannon Place Tel: (345) 945 3517 or (345) 326 1903 Email: Cannon Place is a well-established Business Center, with 51 Retail/Office rental spaces. Dart Realty (Cayman) Ltd. Tel: (345) 640 3600 Email:

5 Dart Real Estate has developed more than $1.5 billion in mixed-use, residential, commercial, recreational,




properties in the Cayman Islands. Among its

Office Space Availability If you are planning to lease office space in

leasing portfolio is Camana Bay, which boast over 850,000 square feet of retail, office and


Contact Larissa Waters 345-936-3343


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Square. That said, we are starting to see a slowing down of that trend, and an increasing uptake in the George Town market as buildings have been renovated, and sometimes repurposed, and landlords have offered attractive rents and other incentives to retain tenants. Indeed, we have started to see an increased amount of interest in Class B+/B renovated spaces in Central George Town. This includes smaller turn key office suites with access to shared amenities such as conference rooms at an all inclusive price. This type of office space is attractive to small corporations and sole proprietorships who want to be in George Town with close proximity to all the additional amenities that George Town offers such as Class A banks, court house, government offices, and a mix of local restaurants and coffee shops. Several Class B buildings in George Town have sold recently and are under full renovations, which brings the increased revitalisation needed to George Town to attract tenants and new businesses. These renovations will in turn decrease the vacancy rates for the Class B office space as buildings are renovated to a higher standard. Class A to A+ space is predominantly now found in development-type locations such as Camana Bay and Cricket Square on Elgin Avenue and in parts of the harbourfront where redevelopment has occurred. Other buildings have been renovated to a high standard where viable. Office space rental rates range on a triple net basis from US$42 to US$55 sq ft per annum in the Class A to A+ market sector with the highest rents in Camana Bay to US$30 to US$42 per sq ft. in the Class B+ to A- market sector, falling to US$20 to US$30 psf pa in the Class B market. CAM charges range from between US$15 to US$18 psf pa in developments such as Cricket Square and Camana Bay where infrastructure costs are higher to between USJB$12 to US$14 psf pa in standalone office buildings in other locations. Retail rates vary from US$40 psf pa on Seven Mile Beach to the highs of Harbour Drive, Cardinall Avenue and Fort Street where

residential space, as well as Regatta Office


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company specialising in commercial properties.

The Process of Setting Up an Office The length of time required to set up an office in Cayman largely depends on the condition of the space that your business will occupy. The simplest offices can be set up in four to eight weeks, however, this is uncommon. By the time a design has been finalised, interior finishes have been chosen, furniture ordered, IT systems specified and work permits and licences granted, you should expect about four to six months to have passed. Tenants may be required to submit fit-out plans to the Planning Department for building code approval. Office Space Planning & Design Grand Cayman has a few well known architectural firms that have qualified interior designers on staff who specialise in interior design for commercial premises and can take a new or existing office and create a space to suit the requirements of your business. To find an interior designer in Cayman please see page 194.

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Costs to Prepare an Office Space Costs depend on a number of factors, including the existing condition of the space and the quality of the final product you desire. Well-fitted existing office space in need of reconfiguration, with partitioned walls and internal offices, a suspended ceiling, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning and power grid already in place, may be prepared for as little as US$50 per sq ft. Finding such spaces has become

FLOW Tel: (345) 949 7800 Digicel Tel: (345) 623 2499 Email: Logic 43 Eclipse Drive Tel: (345) 745 5555 Email: Using fibre technology, Logic provides your business with fast, dependable and reliable internet access. See their Fibre Coverage Map on their website to work out whether your area is covered.



Gas Supplies for Businesses Clean Gas 277 Sparky’s Drive, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 233 4427 Email: Clean Gas provide propane tanks for any sized business, with tanks ranging from 20lb to 200lbs, and to over 2,000 gallons for bulk storage. They provide propane system design and installation, appliance installation, sales, service and maintenance. Their trained and certified personnel regularly inspect all

C3 Pure Fibre

leased tanks and can perform regular cleaning,

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maintenance, and repairs.


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FITTING OUT YOUR OFFICE Telephone, Internet & Data There are five main telecom service providers on-Island: C&W Business, FLOW, C3 Pure Fibre, Digicel and Logic who all offer a varying range of services and delivery mechanisms. FLOW and Digicel offer mobile phone service, both offering LTE data with speeds comparable to the US and Europe. Signal quality and data speeds are generally very good across the three Islands, as the topography of the Cayman Islands affords few black spots. Fixed line calling rates are competitive on the International market and the service quality is generally good. Mobile phone service providers in Cayman supply the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other smart phones. Always check the cross-carrier rates to help in choosing what’s best for your business. International mobile phone roaming can be very expensive, but some business plans offer discounted roaming plans for customers that travel often. Modern collaboration platforms are also widely used on island. Some of these platforms support video and voice calling and can even route calls directly to mobile devices. Check out, Toggl Plan, Flock, Filestage, Karbon or Microsoft Teams and Google Docs. WhatsApp is widely used in Cayman and many districts have a community-wide WhatsApp group

to keep residents informed. As a startup business you will be able to procure the usual services, such as Broadband up to 300Mbps, as well as fixed line telephony and more specialist data services such as MPLS (depending on your location). You may want to consider managed IT infrastructure and services being offered by local IT companies and telecom operators, such as Cloud back-up, business continuity, virtual data centres. Grand Cayman is serviced by two underwater fibre links: MAYA1 which connects most of the western Caribbean nations, before returning to the US and the Cayman Jamaica Fibre System (CJFS) that takes an alternative route via the eastern Caribbean back to the US. These links have enough capacity to support any type of business and their data needs, with private bandwidth available to guarantee quality of service consistently and when required. Luckily, local providers are increasingly offering managed IT services that grow as your business does, with an easy ‘per user’ or ‘pay as you use’ approach, which removes the need for heavy financial investments as you set up your business on-Island. See the Settling In chapter for more information on telecommunications in the Cayman Islands and see providers below.


significantly easier and there is now an abundance of older properties available. New office space with only perimeter walls, one to two-hour fire rating separation walls and an air conditioning unit with an electrical panel sufficient for the tenants’ requirements, can be found and you may likely spend around US$120-US$200 per sq ft to prepare it to a reasonably high quality fit-out. Some landlords will offer a standard fitout package, or even a fit-out allowance, in the region of US$20-US$40 per sq ft depending on the location. In fact, some landlords in older buildings are offering full fit-outs at no cost to the tenant to attract quality tenants.

Immigration Passports & Domicile




Entry for Visitors/Tourists New Arrivals without Cayman Connections 1. Work Permits a) Full Work Permit (FWP) - Standard Term Limit (9 Years) - Registering a Job on JobsCayman - Change of Employer, Promotions - Dependants of a Work Permit Holder b) Temporary Work Permit (TWP) c) Business Visitor’s Permit 2. Government Contracted Workers 3. Special Economic Zone Certificate 4. Global Citizen Certificate 5. Student Visas 6. Certificate of Direct Investment 7. Business Presence Residency Certificate 8. Residency for Independent Means 9. Certificate of PR for Independent Means

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Existing Residents with Cayman Connection 1. Permanent Residency a) Residency with the Right to Work (PR) - Permission to Continue Working - The Next Step for Permanent Residents - How to Appeal a PR Refusal b) Residency as the Spouse of a PR c) Residency as the Dependant Child d) Residency as the Spouse of a Caymanian - Death or Divorce from a PR 2. Residency by Entitlement of a BOTC 3. Naturalisation 4. Acquisition of the Right to be Caymanian - Spouse & Children of Caymanians - Marriages of Convenience

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Immigration Services & Consultants Visas & Passports UK & US Domicile & Tax Status

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An overview of work permits, employment rights certificates, permanent residency, visas and domicile.


At Cayman Resident, we are often asked how many days, as a visitor, one can stay in the Cayman Islands. Under the law, a person who has no other basis to enter the Cayman Islands (i.e. a Work Permit) and with no right to residence may be admitted into Cayman as a visitor for a total of up to six months, with extensions permissible in rare circumstances thereafter. However, many people arriving in Cayman will be permitted entry for an initial 30 days only, unless they own property in which they will be staying and can demonstrate an ability to maintain themselves during their stay. If a person is admitted as a visitor and they want to stay longer, and an extension beyond 30 days was not approved on initial arrival, then they have to go to the Department of Workforce Opportunities and Residence Cayman (‘WORC’), before their time runs out, fill out an extension form and request to remain longer. Fees of CI$50 are payable for the first extension and CI$100 for each further extension. Note that it can get quite expensive after a few months! However, if you plan well in advance and come prepared with a letter showing you can support yourself, and have somewhere to live, you may possibly be given a longer period to stay upon landing. If a visitor is arriving for a significant period, like many of our returning ‘snow birds’ do over the winter period, then they will generally be admitted for up to six months. For this they must show the entry officer their return ticket, a very recent bank or investment statement showing that they have sufficient funds to

support themselves and a hotel/condo reservation or a lease. This paperwork is looked at very discreetly and returned to the visitor. If the visitor owns a home in the Cayman Islands, and can show the Land Register, then a six month permission will be granted to them and other visitors travelling and visiting with them. Entry to Cayman Since COVID-19 At the time of writing (October 2020) all inbound travel to the Cayman Islands is currently limited to Caymanians, Permanent Residents, Work Permit holders and their families, persons who own residential property within Cayman, students with a valid visa to study in Cayman and persons with close family ties to a resident (spouses, fiancees, parents, grandparents, siblings). Please see page 93 for details on the new rules for getting to Cayman.

If you are looking to move to the Cayman Islands and are neither Caymanian, nor married to a Caymanian, nor married to a work permit holder, permanent resident or in a civil partnership with one, below are the normal ways you can become legally resident: 1) Work Permits

a) Full Work Permits (FWP)

b) Temporary Work Permits (TWP)

c) Business Visitor’s Permit & Visitor’s

Work Visa

2) Government Contracted Workers 3) Special Economic Zone Certificates (SEZ) 4) Global Citizen Certificate 5) Student Visas 6) Certificate of Direct Investment 7) Residency Certificate (Substantial Business Presence) 8) Residence as a Person of Independent Means 9) Certificate of Permanent Residence for Persons of Independent Means

It is worth noting that an overriding principle of Cayman Islands Immigration legislation is that employment and career opportunities are offered to Caymanians before any other nationality. Caymanians

1. WORK PERMITS Despite being a British Overseas Territory, the Cayman Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, nor the European Union (unlike the French ‘Départements’ in the Caribbean). Therefore, no advantage is given to British or European nationals over any other nationality. However, not every foreign national working in the Cayman Islands needs a work permit. There are specific categories of persons who are exempt from the requirements, for example, Cayman Islands Government employees. Others can be exempted subject to strict requirements, for example, journalists representing a recognised news organisation and nonexecutive directors of companies carrying on business in the Cayman Islands are allowed as working visitors, provided they remain in the Cayman Islands for no longer than ten days. A few other examples of people and activities which are exempted include: visitors who are coming to Cayman to organise, attend or speak at a conference or seminar; those representing

an overseas educational institution who have come to promote or interview applicants for places and those visiting for the purpose of servicing or repairing products under warranty. For a full list please see the Immigration section of www. a) Full Work Permit (FWP) These allow a person to work and remain in the Cayman Islands for a specified period of time. All work permit fees are the responsibility of the employer. The law prohibits employers from requiring employees to pay any part of such fees. Annual fees range from nil (for positions in education) to up to CI$32,400 for the most senior positions in the legal industry. It is an offence for any non-Caymanian engaging in gainful occupation (and who is not expressly exempted from the work permit regime) to engage in gainful occupation in the Islands without a work permit or alternative permission. Prior to granting (or renewing) a permit, the relevant Board or the Director of WORC will need to be satisfied of a number of matters including: the need to engage the services of the prospective worker, attempts to find a Caymanian, the spouse of a Caymanian, a Permanent Resident with the Right to Work or person already lawfully resident to fill the role; the character of the worker and the protection of local interests. The person is also required to take and pass an English proficiency test if from a non-English speaking country. Many skilled workers are granted a permit for between two and five years, with a renewal fee payable each year. Please note that work permits for self-employed people are only issued in exceptional circumstances. Employers (in the Private Sector, but excluding those employing household staff) must hold a Trade & Business licence or equivalent licensing or exemption therefrom in relation to specific industry types. Standard Term Limit (9 Years)

All foreign nationals gainfully employed in


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are given preference over similarly qualified expatriates and employers must generally take steps to provide training opportunities to Caymanians who have the potential to fill a particular position. With the reality that Caymanians have already become a minority in their own Islands, efforts are made to ensure that a balance of other nationalities exists, so that no other nationality is culturally or numerically dominant. If a Caymanian cannot be found for the position, then preference in employment opportunities is required to be given first to the holders of Residency and Employment Rights Certificates who are married to Caymanians, next to Permanent Residents with the Right to Work and finally, to other persons who are already legally and ordinarily resident in these Islands (including existing work permit holders and their approved dependants). As a general rule only if these categories of persons are unavailable for a position will a permit be granted to a person who is from overseas.



the Cayman Islands are currently entitled to be considered for the grant of a work permit for up to nine years. After eight years, most residents are assured of the right to apply for Permanent Residence. After nine years, foreign nationals who are subject to a nine year term limit and have not applied for Permanent Residence will generally not be granted any form of work permit until they have ceased to be resident in the Cayman Islands for at least one year. In most instances this means they will be expected to leave the Cayman Islands for a minimum of 12 months before they can be granted a new work permit. Visits in the intervening period for vacation and the like as a genuine tourist visitor do however seem to be generally permitted. Please note, there are exemptions to the term limit provisions. For example, a person married to a government worker, or a person whose term limit is set to expire after their spouse’s, can arrange for their permit to be renewed until their spouse’s term limit is reached. There are also circumstances in which the authorities will (or at least historically have) reset a worker’s term limit without them first having to leave the Islands for any period, although such resetting may be of questionable effect. In order to understand the reasoning behind the Government’s creation of limits on work permit terms, it is helpful to know the history of the population increase in this diverse community. The Cayman Islands have undergone a dramatic change since the early 1970s. At the start of that decade, the population was approximately 10,000 people and now, fifty years later, there are indications that approximately 70,000 people now live in the Cayman Islands. Much of this dramatic increase has come about as a result of foreign nationals settling on the Islands and obtaining permanent rights of tenure. With that change has come not only strains on the infrastructure, but a recognition amongst generational Caymanians that their culture might be overwhelmed if the process is not managed correctly. There is also a perception by many Caymanians that their participation 78



in the success of Cayman is diminishing. Whilst the people of the Cayman Islands are welcoming towards foreign nationals, there has been a realisation that continuing to invite ever increasing numbers of individuals to acquire security of tenure and become permanent inhabitants of Cayman is unsustainable. Even with the hurdle of Term Limits, the population growth has continued at an accelerating pace.

in a form online, scan a copy of their passport and pay a CI$25 fee by debit/ credit card. They will then receive a receipt via email which they need to take to the Criminal Records Office along with their passport as identification. See to apply. Alternatively, you can still order the certificate by visiting the office. Medicals for Immigration Purposes

Registering a Job on JobsCayman

It is now a requirement that all jobs are registered on the ky web portal prior to applying for or renewing a work permit. The first thing you need to do is register your company and then you can register the specific job that you are trying to fill. Very detailed steps can be found on the Cayman Resident website, but if you are having problems then call WORC on (345) 945 9672 and someone will talk you through what to do. You can then either email the work permit documents to WORCpermitsubmissions@ or drop them off at WORC’s office on Mary Street. Required Forms

All immigration permit forms and instructions can be downloaded from the Department of WORC’s www. website. Please note that an original Police Clearance Certificate (and a certified translation if not in English) is required and at present there is a general expectation of there being a raised seal on such documents. Translations are generally required to be provided through an approved translator. Please make a copy of all the paperwork submitted and keep it on file for the rare occasion that the paperwork is lost by the Department of WORC. Police Clearance Certificates (for persons already resident in Cayman for six months)

These forms can now be requested online and collected 24 hours later from the Criminal Records Office in the Windjammer Plaza on Walkers Road, George Town. The applicant must fill

All work permits over three months in duration, including work permit renewals, Permanent Residency and Caymanian Status applications must be accompanied by a completed medical questionnaire. Spouses and children over the age of 18 must also submit a medical questionnaire. Among other things, the medical report will require you to take a blood test and furnish lab reports with HIV and VDRL tests included. You will also need a chest X-ray. Medical examinations are required on first application and once every three years thereafter. Lab tests have to be repeated with each medical exam but chest X-rays are only required once every five years. Getting a medical done is a very simple process and can be completed in 30 minutes in Cayman. A medical questionnaire that is completed overseas, and in a foreign language, must be translated into English and the translation certified as a true copy of the original. Change of Employer, Promotion or Redesignation

Subject to some exceptions, the holder of a work permit may not change his/her employer for the duration of a permit. Changing employers upon the expiry of a work permit is permitted, although a release letter from the previous employer is usually requested before the relevant board or WORC official will grant a permit in favour of a new employer. Protections are in place to prevent expatriate workers from falling victim to unscrupulous employers and the WORC will assist workers as appropriate in relevant circumstances.

During the duration of a work permit, the holder may not be promoted or re-designated without their employer notifying the relevant board (or director of WORC) and formal consent being received. This restriction is intended to protect opportunities for Caymanians and to ensure that due revenue is collected. Applications must be made well in advance, with new positions not started until after all required approvals have been forthcoming. Rules on Residing on-Island Whilst a Work Permit is Processing

Dependants of a Work Permit Holder

The relevant Immigration Board has to be satisfied that the worker has sufficient income available to adequately support any dependants. Currently, the Board would expect to see a minimum monthly household income in the region of CI$3,500 for one dependant to be included, with an increase of CI$500 for each additional dependant. This is a guideline only. In every case, the character, reputation and health of your dependants is taken into consideration, as well as whether you can comfortably afford to feed, house, educate and maintain them in the Islands. The possibility is that you will be granted a work permit, but your children will not be allowed to accompany you if your income is considered insufficient. For a complete breakdown of the immigration rules for children born in or residing in Cayman to expatriates, please see the Cayman Parent 2021 magazine which has an extensive section on this subject. Each year a fee of CI$250 will be collected for each dependant of a worker in the unskilled category and CI$500 for each dependant of a worker in the skilled category. It appears to be open to the employer and the employee to agree between them who will pay for this as it does not constitute part of the Work Permit fee. A non-refundable fee of CI$200 per person

HSM is a full-service law firm in the Cayman Islands. Whether you are a business or an individual with a need for Immigration, Employment or Property guidance, HSM’s team of dedicated attorneys have extensive and market leading experience in the identification and implementation of effective solutions.


• Relocation I M M I G R AT I O N & PA S S P O R T S

WORC generally requires that you be off-Island while a Full Work Permit (FWP) or Temporary Work Permit (TWP) application is in process. Therefore, do not book your flight until your permit has been approved or (in normal circumstances) you will risk being asked to leave again and put on the next flight back out of Cayman. Further, although the vast majority of applications are approved without issue, there can be no guarantee that any application will be ultimately successful. However, if you are already on-Island and are switching from one employer to another you may not need to leave the Island while your new work permit is processing. Having said this, you should make sure that your release letter from your current employer is dated to take effect on the exact date on which you hope to be authorised to commence gainful occupation in the service of your new employer. If this is not possible then you may be required to get a Visitors stamp in your passport on the day that your current work permit is cancelled, to avoid any prospect of you being labelled as an overstayer.

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is also collected for repatriation. Either you or your employer can submit the letter applying for your spouse or children to be a dependant on your work permit, but your employer must submit a letter indicating the number of hours per week you work, your monthly income and any other benefits you receive. If each parent is working, then both employers must provide a letter. If your family members are not added as dependants, then they can only stay here as temporary visitors. Please also note that only the following can be dependants of a work permit holder: spouses, children (including step and adopted child/children), grandchildren, parents, step-parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters (including half-brothers and half-sisters) and civil partners. This means that girlfriends, boyfriends and fiancées cannot be listed as dependants on a person’s Work Permit. However, the Cayman Islands now (generally) recognises legally married same sex spouses as dependants. If a girlfriend or boyfriend comes to the Island without their own work permit, they will be allowed in as a visitor and in all likelihood will be given as little as 30 days to stay. It would help their case if they arrived at the airport with a letter from their ‘sponsor’ (the permit holder) which says that they will be supported while they are here. If they come in with this letter they might be given a total of three to six months to stay. Stays of longer than six months in any calendar year by any person classed as a visitor are (in normal circumstances) unlikely to be permitted. Dependant Children Over 18 Years

Dependant children of work permit holders can only remain on a parent’s work permit after the age of 18 if they are a) in full time tertiary education or b) in special circumstances (such as the child is unable, for medical or other exceptional reasons, to maintain themselves). Should your child turn 18 before they finish secondary school, the Immigration authorities will usually allow your child to 80



remain in Cayman, although not formally as a dependant on your work permit, until they complete their secondary education. However, if your child chooses not to go on to university or college, and they want to continue living in the Cayman Islands, then their only option may be to try and get a work permit. At this point they are competing with every Caymanian and Permanent Resident school leaver who will have precedence over them, placing them at distinct disadvantage in seeking job opportunities. Please see further in this chapter for rules on children of Permanent Residents who are over the age of 18. Divorced or Divorcing Couples

Please note that should an expat couple living in Cayman decide to divorce, any non-working (previously) dependent spouse will have no particular right to stay in Cayman. Residence based purely on the presence of children is not contemplated by the Immigration Law. Children in such circumstances can remain as approved dependants of the parent who is on a work permit or government contract, and continue to attend full-time education until adulthood (as late as 24 if attending university). However, the formerly dependent parent will likely only be able to remain if they obtain their own work permit (including through the Special Economic Zone regime) or government contract; or alternatively secure some form of residency as a person of independent means. They may be permitted to remain as a tourist, but remaining in such a capacity for more than 90 days can present difficulties, and no permission ought to be expected after six months in any year. On the other hand, the former spouse of a Caymanian, who is the parent of Caymanian children, will usually be allowed to remain (subject to various approvals) and be permitted to work until the children complete their education or their 24th birthday, whichever happens sooner. Please see further in this chapter under Permanent Residency (PR) for

details on those with PR divorcing and the immigration implications it can have on you depending on your residency status. b) Temporary Work Permit (TWP) In appropriate circumstances and upon suitable application, the Director of WORC or her designate, may grant a Temporary Work Permit to an individual permitting them to engage in gainful employment in the Cayman Islands. Such permits, if granted, range from terms of one month up to a maximum of six months and generally cannot be extended or renewed. An eight-month permit, “A Seasonal Work Permit”, which can span the high season in the Tourism Industry, is also available. These cannot be extended or renewed. While Temporary Permits are often used as a bridge between the arrival of an expatriate worker and the issuance of their Full Work Permit, their use (save in exceptional circumstances) for persons who are not genuinely intended to be temporary employees is discouraged. Nevertheless, where urgency is required in the granting of a work permit, seeking and gaining of permissions, the authorities will tolerate the use of the Temporary Work Permit Regime to achieve expedition. Notes on a TWP: 1) A medical questionnaire is only required if the permit is being sought for more than three months; 2) There is no prohibition on applicants for TWPs having dependants; 3) TWP applications can be expedited on payment of an ‘express fee’ which can (in normal circumstances) guarantee initial processing within 48 hours. See for necessary forms needed. Anticipated changes in the system, which are expected to reduce the application time for Full Work Permits to two weeks, will likely significantly reduce the ability of employers to rely on Temporary Work Permits for Full Time positions.

2. GOVERNMENT CONTRACTED WORKERS Any person employed as a Civil Servant in the Cayman Islands (or employed by other prescribed employers, including the Government of the United Kingdom) does not require a formal work permit, and will have appropriate permissions for them (and approved dependents) to live in the Cayman Islands stamped into their passports. Whilst no Term Limit is currently applied to such persons, they are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence pursuant to the points system, once they have been resident in the Islands for more than eight years. Care must be taken to ensure that any dependant children are able (should they wish) to remain resident in the Cayman Islands in the event that they cease to be classed as dependants on their parent’s Government Contract. 3. SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE CERTIFICATE (SEZ) These certificates are in effect a special category of work permit. They are only available to employees of entities (“Special Economic Zone Enterprises”) established within Cayman Enterprise City’s SEZs which include Cayman Tech City, Cayman Commodities & Derivatives City and Cayman Maritime & Aviation City. Zone Certificates enjoy certain advantages over traditional work permits, including in many instances, a lower cost to employers, and an exemption from any requirement to prefer Caymanians or other legal residents for any employment. Accordingly, no advertising is required as part of the application process and the permissions are capable of being granted in only a few weeks. Applications are available from Cayman Enterprise City and from a number of local law firms, who assist enterprises establishing within an SEZ. See the Running a Business chapter for more information on Cayman’s SEZs. 4. GLOBAL CITIZEN CERTIFICATE The Global Citizen programme has now been launched. The Certificate allows persons who are employed outside of

the Cayman Islands with the financial independence to work remotely, to relocate and live in the Cayman Islands for up to 24 months. For many this will be a straightforward and cost effective way to dip a toe into all that Cayman has to offer, whilst enjoying all the benefits of formal residence. Approvals are expected within days of application. The Certificate is available to anyone who can demonstrate their existing (and anticipated ongoing) employment outside of the Cayman Islands. The criteria for eligibility include demonstrable annual income of no less than US$100,000 for a single person, US$150,000 for an applicant and spouse, and US$180,000 for an applicant and spouse and children. The holders of these certificates are expected to reside in the Cayman Islands for a minimum of 90 days each year. The Government fees are US$1,469 per annum for an applicant and spouse, with a further US$500 payable for each dependent. Prior to the expiry of any Certificate it is anticipated that the holders will be provided with the opportunity to transition into alternative immigration permissions. Accordingly it is expected that it can form a part of the initial stages towards ultimate citizenship. Application can be made at: https://www.visitcaymanislands. com/en-us/global-citizen-concierge/applynow/application-form. 5. STUDENT VISAS A non-Caymanian who is 18 years of age or older, seeking to enter the Cayman Islands to attend a recognised educational institution on a full-time basis, may be granted a student visa. The student should be self-sufficient or provide proof of support from other means. They must also submit a medical questionnaire and a police clearance certificate when applying. The application process generally takes four weeks. The student visa does not allow the student to engage in any gainful occupation. The student is expected to leave the Cayman Islands on completion of the programme. Student visas can be


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c) Business Visitor’s Permit & Visitor’s Work Visa Any business in Cayman which regularly needs workers to come from overseas to work for no more than 14 days on any particular visit, may seek to apply for a Business Visitor’s Permit allowing such individual(s) permission to work for a specified number of visits per year, subject to strict limitations. These Business Visitor’s Permits are not available for people attending for one visit only. There is also a category of Visitor’s Work Visa, which permits individuals who are employed outside of the Islands, and who wish to visit for up to five calendar days at a time, in order to engage in commercial activity with a locally licensed entity or person (a ‘sponsor’), to apply for the grant of a Visitor’s Work Visa. To obtain a grant on arrival, the requirements are as follows: the local business or visiting worker must download a ‘Letter of Invitation’ form from the Immigration website and email it to at least 24 hours before they are due to arrive. It should be noted that once approved, the person will be required to pay CI$100 at the airport. The Visitor’s Work Visa is not available to those who are employed in a professional capacity (lawyers, accountants, medical professionals, architects, surveyors, teachers and other occupations) or who are otherwise not entitled to a work permit by virtue of having reached their term limit. The Visitor’s Work Visa also does not exempt someone from the requirement to obtain an entry visa if they possess a passport from a country which would otherwise require a Visitor’s Visa to enter the Cayman Islands. In addition, a business visitor may not hold more than one Visitor’s Work Visa in relation to the same sponsor or sponsors within the same calendar month, but, unlike a Business Visitor’s Permit, a Visitor’s Visa may be used for a single visit. Visitors Work Visas are dealt with by Customs and Border Control (not WORC).

granted for a period of up to four years but may be extended for a further 12 months. A person on a student visa may, after the proper application, have a dependant added to their application and can seek other permissions simultaneously with or following, their student visa’s expiry.



6. CERTIFICATES OF DIRECT INVESTMENT Wealthy individuals who are in a position to invest a substantial sum in an employment generating business or businesses in the Cayman Islands, may wish to participate in an incentive scheme intended to attract investors and their dependants. Such persons may, provided they can demonstrate an investment (or imminent investment) of a minimum of CI$1,000,000 in an employment generating business (or businesses) on the Island, apply to the Director of WORC for a Certificate of Direct Investment. Approval-in-Principle Certificates which are valid for six months are available prior to applying for a full certificate. Full certificates are valid for 25 years and are renewable. Such a certificate entitles the holder to reside in the Cayman Islands and to work in the business or businesses in which the holder has invested. The spouse and dependent children (where applicable) of the holder of a Certificate of Direct Investment will, on successful application, be granted a Direct Investment Holder’s (Dependant’s) Certificate, permitting them to reside in the Islands for the duration of that certificate. The application fee is CI$1,000 with a further CI$20,000 payable on issue of the certificate with an additional CI$1,000 payable for each approved dependant. 7. RESIDENCY CERTIFICATES (SUBSTANTIAL BUSINESS PRESENCE) A Residency Certificate (Substantial Business Presence) is available to individuals who either own at least a 10% share in an approved category of business or will be employed in a senior management capacity 82



within such a business. In each case, the business must have a substantial presence in the Cayman Islands. It is designed and intended to be less onerous than the more established option of a Certificate of Direct Investment and is not limited to owners of the business. Approved categories of business include: fund administration, brokerage services, investment and fund management services, investment banking, financial trading (including foreign exchange, securities and derivatives), captive insurance or reinsurance management services and underwriting, actuarial services, insurance claims management, family office, hedge fund administration, any business in Cayman Brac providing back office support, and any company registered as an exempted company under section 164 of the Companies Law (2018 Revision). It is expected that people in these positions would fill a senior management capacity and therefore ordinarily attract an annual work permit fee of CI$20,925 or above (or CI$5,000 or above if based in Cayman Brac). Provided the Director of WORC is satisfied that the applicant and any spouse have clean criminal records and that they and any dependants are in good health and possess adequate health insurance, as well as fulfilling the other requirements, then the applicant will be issued a 25 year Residency Certificate. A grant fee of CI$5,000 is due on issuance, with a further CI$1,000 payable in respect to each approved dependant. In addition, Certificate holders are required to pay an annual fee equivalent to that payable by a work permit holder in the same occupation. 8. RESIDENCE AS A PERSON OF INDEPENDENT MEANS For foreign nationals not wishing to work in the Cayman Islands but simply wishing to have the right to reside, there are alternative options. In particular, one can apply to the Director of WORC for a Residency Certificate which is valid for 25 years and is renewable. To reside in Grand Cayman, the person must show proof of

an annual income of at least CI$120,000 (without engaging in employment in the Cayman Islands) along with an investment of CI$1,000,000 (of which CI$500,000 must be in developed real estate). The “remaining” CI$500,000 must be invested in a company or property – and simply holding assets with a broker or monies in a local bank account (whilst encouraged) do not count for these purposes. Investing in a local business, or even one which has shares publicly traded such as Caribbean Utilities Company can count. Most often, applicants will simply buy a substantial home (or a number of apartments) and immediately meet the requirement. A deposit maintained in a local bank or institution of no less than CI$400,000 deems an applicant to have sufficient funds (and income) to maintain themselves and their dependants. Alternatively they will generally be expected to prove an annual income of no less than CI$120,000, without needing to work. To become resident in Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, proof of an annual income of CI$75,000 without the need to be employed in the Cayman Islands is required, as well as an investment of CI$500,000 locally, of which at least CI$250,000 must be in developed residential real estate. Whichever Island is to become your home, there is a one-time fee payable on grant of CI$20,000 and a further CI$1,000 payable for each approved dependant. The initial application fee is CI$500. The CI$1,000 dependant’s fee is then payable annually. The process of applying for a Residency Certificate is relatively straightforward although at present requires approximately six months to be processed. Legal fees for this option are unlikely to exceed US$5,000. Please note that with this form of Permanent Residency you can never claim to have changed your Domicile of Choice. Please consider this if you are trying to change your domicile permanently. If this is the case then you should seek the Certificate of Permanent Residency.

of Permanent Residence for Persons of Independent Means, applicants will be required to have invested a minimum of CI$2,000,000 in developed real estate and possess sufficient financial resources to maintain themselves and their dependants. An applicant will also need to demonstrate that they and their dependants are in good physical health and of good character. The number of these types of certificates is restricted to an annual quota of 250 set by the Cabinet. The application fee is CI$500 with a further CI$100,000 due upon grant and an additional CI$1,000 payable per dependant. The CI$1,000 dependant’s fee is then payable annually. The right to work in an approved occupation can be gained subsequently, upon application to the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board, with an annual fee thereafter payable, equivalent to a Work Permit fee, for as long as employment is maintained, or until the individual becomes a Caymanian.


Breaches of the Immigration Law are treated as quasi-criminal by the Department of WORC and can have very serious consequences for all concerned. Overstaying, working without or outside of the terms of permission granted may result in arrest and prosecution. EXISTING RESIDENTS - CAYMAN CONNECTIONS

For those expatriates with a connection to the Cayman Islands various options may be available (in addition to the above). These are as follows: 1. Permanent Residency with the Right to Work a) Based on application made after 8 years of living in Cayman b) Based on being the Spouse of a Permanent Resident c) Based on being the Child of a Permanent Resident d) Based on being the Spouse of a Caymanian 2. Permanent Residency (without the Right to Work) as a British Overseas Territories Citizen registered by entitlement by virtue of a


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9. CERTIFICATES OF PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR PERSONS OF INDEPENDENT MEANS This is the ultimate permission which can grant Permanent Residence with the right to resident permanently in the Islands for the rest of ones life. It is based on investment, rather than on waiting eight years to become eligible to apply, subject to a points system, for Permanent Residency. Unlike Residency for Persons of Independent Means, this option has no expiry date and qualifies the holder (upon certain criteria being met) to become eligible for Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) once they have been resident in Cayman for five years. Once naturalised they are entitled to a BOTC passport, which upon successful application, they can become a full British Citizen without the need to surrender any existing citizenship. Finally, once a person has been a BOTC citizen for five years they can apply to become Caymanian. In order to qualify for the Certificate

connection with the Cayman Islands




Your Occupation; Including Whether it is


Community Involvement and Integration

3. Naturalisation

“Priority” in Nature: 15 points are presently

into the Caymanian Community: Up

4. Acquisition of the Right to be Caymanian.

available for each and every occupation,

to 20 points are available. By way of



example (provided more than 35 hours are

15 bonus points available in relation to

spent over a year in relation to relevant

occupations which have been determined

participation) two points will be awarded for

by the CI Government to be “Priority” in

each year an applicant has been engaged in

nature. No list of “Priority” occupations has

relation to the rehabilitation of offenders,

been published as at time of writing.

whilst participation and assistance in a

Education, Training and Experience: A point

local service club will generate 1.5 points

is available for each year of experience that

for each year. Other points can be gained

an applicant has been in their role (after

through charitable donations. Working with

a minimum threshold of two years with a

children and vulnerable adults may grant

max of 10 years). Points are also available

more points to your contribution to the

based on levels of academic or other

community. Outstanding initiatives to get

qualification relevant to their occupation or

involved in include the Aim Higher mentoring

role. For example, persons with professional


qualifications are eligible for 15 points, and the LIFE (Literacy is For

whilst possessing an Associate’s degree

Everyone) programme (email: volunteer@

will garner 8 points. A total of 25 points are or see the Community Life

available under this factor.

chapter to get other ideas of where to get

Local Investments: Investment in Cayman

involved. Applicants for points in these

Islands real estate and/or in a locally

categories may be eligible for slightly higher

licensed company has the potential to

points if they can demonstrate that the

generate up to 30 points. The total amount

person they are training or mentoring is a

paid towards such investment(s) (including


1. PERMANENT RESIDENCY WITH THE RIGHT TO WORK a) Based on application made after eight years of living in Cayman Almost all persons who reach eight years of continuous legal ordinary residence in the Cayman Islands are eligible to apply for Permanent Residence with the Right to Work. Applicants are assessed under a points system which seeks to be as objective and transparent as possible, and those achieving 110 points or more are assured of a grant. If you are successful in gaining a Certificate, then you must annually submit a declaration in respect of your job, investments and other factors including the status of your dependants. There is a condition whereby if the Certificate holder sells the property that was listed in his/ her application for PR, then they must purchase an alternative property within 180 days and inform the Board with the details of the property, within 30 days of the transaction. An unsuccessful applicant will be given a permission to continue working for no less than 90 days, following which they will be expected to leave the Islands. An application for Permanent Residence with the Right to Work can be administratively onerous although applicants, particularly those individuals who prepare over the years leading up to it, are likely to find their application successful. Under most conditions, if an applicant is successful, then they can remain in the Cayman Islands indefinitely, provided an annual fee is paid by them or their employer which is the equivalent to the fee paid for a full work permit. They can work for any employer, although some limitations may be placed on the specific role which they are entitled to fill. Variations may be granted with the prior approval of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board or Director of WORC. Factors considered in a Permanent Residence application include: 84








the full amount of any mortgage payments,





History and Culture Test: You will be asked

the cost of renovations, where applicable

40 multiple choice questions and will

and stamp duty paid) is assessed relative

receive half a point for each correct answer.

to an applicant’s income over the prior

The questions on the test have been taken

five years. This is subject to a minimum

from The Cayman Islands in Transition (by

threshold of CI$50,000. Investments in

J.A. Bodden; Roy Bodden), Founded Upon

excess of CI$500,000 are guaranteed

the Seas: A History of the Cayman Islands

maximum points.

and Their People (by Michael Craton),

Financial Stability: Evidence of savings

Foundation - The Arts and Culture of the

held in local bank accounts (again relative

Cayman Islands Volumes 1-4 (Cayman

to income) generates points. The maximum

National Cultural Foundation), Caymanian

15 points available will be awarded to any

Expressions: A Collection of Sayings and

applicant who can demonstrate that they

Expressions Used in the Cayman Islands

have (and have maintained) in excess of

(by Kevin M. Goring) plus the media as well

5% of their last 12 months income in a local

as community and cultural events. The

bank account. Further additional points are

University College of the Cayman Islands is

based on annual salary and income. By way

offering a four-week course that covers the

of example, a person earning CI$55,000

history, culture, political system, general

each year will (generally) be awarded seven

facts and the evolution of the economy of

points. However, in calculating the points

the Islands. That course has proved to be

available for a given salary a deduction is made from the salary in respect of

particularly helpful to applicants. >

Close Caymanian Connections: Having a

dependant children. Of vital importance is

close relative who is Caymanian will result in

your ability to provide for the healthcare

an automatic award of points. The amount

and educational needs of your family.

of points vary depending on the nature of

the relationship. >

Demographics and Cultural Diversity: Points are awarded based on an applicant’s

well before being eligible to apply, as any mortgage payments (including interest) will count in the assessment.

country of origin, provided their nationality Permission to Continue Working (PCW)

in force. At present, Jamaicans and Filipinos

When a person applies for Permanent Residency, he/she must apply for and be granted Permission to Continue Working (PCW) before any existing work permit expires, otherwise they will have to cease work when their latest permit expires. If the applicant’s final work permit has already expired, they are not entitled to work whilst awaiting the outcome of their application for permanent residence, until they have a ‘PCW’ stamp in their passport. A ‘PCW’ stamp attracts the same fee as a six month work permit and must be renewed every six months while the application is pending. Most Permanent Residence applications are however dealt with within four months, and so the renewal of PCW’s is now happily somewhat of a rarity.

are ineligible for points: citizens of those countries already comprise approximately 42% and 13% of work permits in force in the Cayman Islands. UK nationals presently comprise approximately 7% and can expect 5 points. Citizens of all other countries can presently expect 10 points. >

Age: Applicants are eligible for varying points depending on their age. The most “desirable” bracket is in respect of applicants aged between 25 and 35. Ten points are awarded for persons falling within this range as at the date of application.


Deductible Components: Points can be lost in defined circumstances including where an applicant suffers from a contagious disease that could make them a danger to the community, are proved to have mistreated fellow workers, or where they

The Next Step for Permanent Residents

do not have an adequately funded pension.

Many people have asked what happens next once someone has been granted Permanent Residency (PR). Below we explain.

The Board has the power to revoke the Permanent Residence of any holder who “fails to maintain the level of financial investment stated in the application”. The law also states that if false information is provided, or a material fact is concealed in the application, the Board may revoke any permanent residence granted. Permanent Residents are required to report details of their circumstances annually. Finally, if persons become destitute, subsequent to the grant of permanent residence, it may be revoked. Harsh as this might sound, without a large tax base available to provide an extensive social safety net, the Cayman Immigration (Transition) Law seeks to ensure that only persons who will not become a burden on the society are awarded PR. Please note that as the current system stands, unless you own a property in Cayman, it can be difficult to make enough points to qualify for Permanent Residency. Applicants are likely to gain the most points should they purchase a property



Once you have been

granted PR you only need to wait 12 months from the date of approval, and then you can apply to be naturalised on the grounds of residency. This is an essential step if you would ultimately like to apply for Cayman Status (other than on the basis of being under 18 and the child of a Caymanian, or the spouse of a Caymanian). Please see the Naturalisation section in this chapter for more information on the process. >

The Right to be Caymanian (Caymanian Status): Once you are naturalised and five years have passed (or you have been resident in the Cayman Islands for 15 years, whichever happens earlier), you can apply for Caymanian Status. Please see the Right to be Caymanian section in this chapter for all the details.

How to Appeal a Permanent Residency Refusal

If your PR is turned down the first thing you have to do is decide whether you are going


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




is below 10% of the number of work permits

to appeal the decision or not. If you choose to appeal then the next step is to serve a formal Notice of Appeal on the Secretary of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal (IAT) – located in the Government Administration Building. Your Notice of Appeal ought to be received by the IAT within 28 days of your application being refused. At this point all you need to include in the letter are a) the grounds under which you are filing the appeal (i.e. that the refusal was (i) erroneous in law (ii) unreasonable (iii) contrary to the principals of natural justice (iv) at variance with the Immigration Regulations) b) the decision against which the appeal is made c) a copy of your original application and the refusal letter (if that latter document is available) and d) a bank draft for CI$1,000 made payable to the CI Government, which is non-refundable. Once the IAT receive your appeals paperwork you will be issued with a receipt and the IAT will request from the Department of WORC an ‘Appeals Statement’ which will include the reasons for the decision to turn down your PR. It will also include their scoring of your PR application plus all the paperwork which went with your original PR application. The IAT will then forward all of this to you. You are then required to file detailed grounds of your appeal with the IAT and serve a copy to on WORC within 28 days of receipt of the Appeals Statement. In your appeal you must provide written arguments as to why you disagree with the points given in each section, raise any relevant other factors, and provide any supporting evidence/documents. The IAT will review all the documents and decide whether the appellant’s case has merit. If the IAT decides in favour of the appellant, this will be communicated. The successful appellant will then be given an opportunity to submit updates and/or provide fresh evidence for consideration, and any changes in circumstances as it relates to the application. The IAT will then reconsider your application, and assess you afresh against the points system. Once the Tribunal have made their decision the IAT

Secretariat will inform you of the decision.



b) Permanent Residence as the Spouse of a Permanent Resident Permanent Residents will have to continue paying CI$500 per year per dependant until they (or the Permanent Resident) becomes Caymanian. If you are on a government contract, and receive PR, you appear to have the choice of putting your dependant children on your PR (and paying the CI$500 fee per year) or keeping them on your government contract and paying no fees for them. There are other rules worth considering. The dependant spouse of a Permanent Resident can and (in most cases) should apply for their own Permanent Residence and Employment Rights Certificate (RERC) in their own right, as soon as their spouse is granted Permanent Residence. They do not have to wait the usual eight years of residency and do not have to take any test or be subject to the points system. They should also apply to be naturalised after having PR for one year and then apply for the Right to be Caymanian as soon as five years have passed, or they have been living in the Cayman Islands for a total of 15 years. Do not overlook your children’s Naturalisation and Status application in this process! However, many people just carry on having their Residency & Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Permanent Resident (RERC) ‘tied to’ their spouses’ PR since there is no time limit on the award. This can however create problems down the line. For example, a problem arises when one of the spouses applies for and is granted the Right to be Caymanian. At this point the RERC holder/spouse (and children) must have their Immigration status in the Islands ‘regularised’ within 45 days. In effect, the spouse can no longer be deemed the dependant of a PR holder when the person is now a Caymanian – and if applications are not made promptly, they can lose the right to live in the Cayman Islands. As it pertains to accompanying children, 86



as long as they are under the age of 18 and the parent acquires Cayman Status, they can apply for the Acknowledgement of the Right to be Caymanian by Entitlement within those 45 days provided they have resided in Cayman for a minimum of 1 year. If there are some accompanying children who are over the age of 18 they must apply, within 45 days, for a continuation of their Residency under Section 39, but only if that child has been legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for a minimum of seven years. Being away for schooling does not affect their ability to apply (provided Cayman has remained their home throughout). Such applications are dealt with by the Director of WORC. It is very important that this rule is understood, as applying for Permanent Residency under Section 39 of the Immigration (Transition) Law grants the child PR independent of their parents. Serious issues have also occurred when Permanent Residents have become Caymanians. A policy provides that all dependent spouses have exactly 45 days to apply for Caymanian Status (if they have been married for over seven years) or for a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Caymanian (if they have been married for under seven years). However, people have run into immovable problems if their marriage has broken down in the intervening years. One of the requirements in the Immigration (Transition) Law is that you can handon-heart tick the box saying you have a stable marriage. If you cannot, then there is no particular rights remaining for you in the law: your certificate as the spouse of a Permanent Resident will have become void, and you cannot now swap it for Caymanian Status. You may not be allowed to stay in the Cayman Islands. If you have children the consequences can be devastating. This is why immigration lawyers worth their salt will always stress the need for spouses to apply for Permanent Residency in their own right, and then apply for Naturalisation and the Right to be Caymanian the moment they can, even

if only as insurance against the unexpected. c) Permanent Residency based on being the Dependant Child of a Permanent Resident An expatriate child of a Permanent Resident (even if the child has a Cayman Passport) must in most cases be a dependant on a Parent’s Permanent Residence. Upon turning 18, most will be eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in their own right under section 39 of the Immigration (Transition) Law. They can do this without being subject to the points system, provided they have been legally and ordinarily resident in the Cayman Islands for seven years prior to the application being made, were named on their parent’s application and approved, and are of good character. Their parent must also continue to be a Permanent Resident, or have become Caymanian. Any such application must be made before the child turns 19 (ideally prepared even before they turn 18) but if the parent’s RERC has been varied to allow the child to be a dependent past 18, it can be made up until the child is 24, provided the child is still in tertiary education or within six months of the end of such education. They will then be able to apply to become Caymanian once they have been in Cayman for 15 years and are Naturalised or Registered, or five years after having been Naturalised or Registered and become a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC). An expatriate child who is the child of the expatriate spouse of a Caymanian and whose expatriate parent holds a RERC (Residency & Employment Rights Certificate) as the spouse of a Caymanian can be added as a dependent on their parent, but only until they are 18, unless they continue into tertiary education and their permission is varied. d) Permanent Residence as the Spouse of a Caymanian The spouse of a Caymanian has no inherent right to live or work in the Cayman Islands (apart from any unexpired permission they may have held before being married to a

Caymanian) unless they apply for and have granted a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Caymanian. The Cayman Islands Government has now amended the Law, and these RERC’s are now permanent in nature. Unlike other RERC’s, these place no restrictions on occupation, presently require no annual declaration, and require no annual fees. These certificates can however be revoked, and may become void in the event of a breakdown in marriage. It can take several months to obtain an RERC as the Spouse of a Caymanian and so it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible. Death or Divorce from a Permanent Resident

2. PERMANENT RESIDENCY BASED ON REGISTRATION BY ENTITLEMENT AS A BRITISH OVERSEAS TERRITORIES CITIZEN Any child who is born in the Cayman Islands and whose parent subsequently becomes a permanent resident or lives the first 10 years of their life here, may, immediately (or if their parent is not a Permanent Resident) upon their tenth birthday, seek Registration as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) by Entitlement. All persons so registered have a right to remain in the Cayman Islands for life (and hold a BOTC (Cayman Islands) passport). Applications in relation to children who have lived in Cayman for the first 10 years of life are independent of a

3. NATURALISATION If you are a Permanent Resident adult and not married to a Caymanian then getting Naturalised as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) is an essential step in the process of acquiring Caymanian Status. Once you have had PR for 12 months (and have lived in Cayman for at least five years) you can apply under the British Nationality Act for Naturalisation as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) by virtue of a connection with the Cayman Islands. For the application you will need to provide a copy of your PR approval letter, your PR certificate, your birth certificate, passport picture page, a passport-sized full-face photo, a police record, a current job letter, a marriage certificate (if it applies) plus the birth certificate for your spouse, and a current travel history from WORC/CBC. One thing worth noting is that the physical presence rules are totally different under the British Nationality Act than those under the Cayman Islands Immigration Law. If you have been outside of the Islands for longer than 90 days in total in one year, or a total of 540 days over the course of five years, then this may affect your ability to be granted Naturalisation on the grounds of residency. If you are applying for Naturalisation on the grounds of being married to a BOTC then you ought not to have been off the Islands for more than 270 days over the course of three years. Please note that you will still need to pay your PR work-related fees every year once you are Naturalised. However, the spouse of a Caymanian does not pay these fees. The spouse of a Caymanian or Permanent (provided their Caymanian or

Permanent Resident Spouse is a BOTC), be able to apply for Naturalisation 12 months from the date that their RERC was approved provided they have been resident in the Islands for at least three years and seek to apply on the basis of marriage to a BOTC. Application is made to the Deputy Governor and must include an up-to-date travel history covering the last five years (you can obtain this from WORC/CBC), as well as certified copies of your relevant documents and a fee of CI$825. Please note that a child under the age of 18 can (on successful application) be registered as a BOTC and the cost is CI$450. Naturalisation entitles the applicant to a Cayman Islands passport but does not make the applicant a Caymanian (i.e. does not grant Status) or give them a right to work or even necessarily to reside in the Islands. It does however normally entitle the holder to ultimately apply for the right to be Caymanian on the basis of residence, provided they remain legally and ordinarily resident in Cayman. Registration is the equivalent of Naturalisation for children, and the basis for Registration can vary widely depending on various factors, including age, immigration status of parents, and place of birth. The fact that many people who have become naturalised or registered or have otherwise become BOTC’s and possess Cayman Islands passports without being Caymanian can be potentially confusing. It is perhaps best to think of a Cayman Islands passport as a travel document, naturalisation (or registration) as becoming a BOTC (but not a Caymanian) and being Caymanian (known as possessing the Right to be Caymanian) as possessing a particular type of Immigration permission (whether by right, entitlement or grant). Not all Caymanians are BOTCs and accordingly, large numbers of Caymanians are not entitled to hold Cayman Islands Passports. 4. ACQUISITION OF THE RIGHT TO BE CAYMANIAN Any person who has been naturalised as a British Overseas Territories Citizen


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




The surviving or former spouse of a Permanent Resident is required to notify the Director of WORC and the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board of their change in circumstances within six months. Within these six months the surviving spouse, or former spouse, may be eligible to apply for the grant of a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate in their own right. It may be important to consult with a lawyer or reputable immigration services company to confirm your standing and options in the event of appropriate circumstances arising.

parent’s immigration status, and cannot be denied to a child who meets the criteria. This reality is both a reason for the rollover policy and creates an enormous opportunity for the Cayman-born children of those to whom the rollover is not applied (including Civil Servants and anyone exempted from term limits, including persons married to government employees or even work permit holders).



(BOTC) by virtue of his or her connection with the Islands may, upon satisfying various residency requirements (being resident for 15 years or be naturalised for five years, whichever happens sooner), apply for the Right to be Caymanian. Persons who have been married to a Caymanian for seven years, can also apply for the Right to be Caymanian. The surviving spouse of a Caymanian can apply for the Right to be Caymanian as long as they had been married for seven years and fulfil the other criteria. A person who is the child of a Caymanian, no matter the basis on which the parent became Caymanian, is generally considered a Caymanian if he/she is born subsequent to their parent becoming a Caymanian. Persons who can prove that they are the child or grandchild of a Caymanian who was born in the Islands can also apply to become Caymanian on the grounds of descent. The Cabinet may, in exceptional circumstances, grant the Right to be Caymanian to up to four persons in any year. Any individual who acquired the Right to be Caymanian can lose that right if they move away from the Cayman Islands for more than five years (other than if they are away for medical or education purposes) and if they are convicted of an offence which was made possible by, facilitated by or connected with the grant of the Right to be Caymanian. For further details see Spouses & Children of Caymanians

When a Permanent Resident is granted Caymanian Status the spouse and children of that new Caymanian must have their immigration status ‘regularised’ within 45 days. In effect, the spouse/children can no longer be deemed the dependants of a PR holder when the person is now a Caymanian! In those 45 days the spouse of a Caymanian has two options depending on how long they have been married: a) if married for seven years then the spouse may be automatically entitled to apply for Caymanian Status as the Spouse of 88



Caymanian, b) if married for less than seven years then the spouse needs to apply for a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Caymanian. Then as soon as they have celebrated seven years of marriage they can apply for Status. Serious issues have however occurred when Permanent Residents have become Caymanians and their dependent spouses have to regularise their immigration status. One of the requirements in the Immigration Law is that you can handon-heart tick the box saying you have a stable marriage. If you cannot, then there is no particular rights remaining for you in the law: your certificate as the spouse of a Permanent Resident will become void in 45 days, and you cannot now swap it for Caymanian Status. Your life in Cayman is then in limbo and you may not be allowed to stay in the Cayman Islands. If you have children the consequences can be devastating. This is why immigration consultants and/or lawyers worth their salt will always stress a preference for spouses to apply for Permanent Residency in their own right, and then apply for Naturalisation and Cayman Status the moment they can. As it pertains to accompanying children, as long as they are under the age of 18 and the parent acquires Cayman Status they can apply for the Acknowledgement of the Right to be Caymanian by Entitlement within those 45 days. This Status however, will expire at age 18, so it is essential that you apply for “continuation” before they turn 18. For children applying for Status there is now an acknowledgment form in which you have to give proof of the schools your child has attended in the Cayman Islands (or school overseas), proof of how the child was able to remain and reside in Cayman (whether they were dependent on a PR or Government worker’s contract), the birth certificate of the child and marriage certificate of the parents; and CI$50. Children who go to boarding school will not be affected as long as their primary home has always been Cayman, and they return home with some frequency (ideally every holiday).

If there are some accompanying children who are over the age of 18 they must apply, within 45 days, for a continuation of their Residency under Section 39, but only if that child has been legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for a minimum of seven years. Being away for full-time secondary schooling or tertiary studies (again provided Cayman remains their home and they return for holidays) does not affect their ability to apply. It is very important that this rule is understood, as applying for Permanent Residency under Section 39 of the Immigration Law grants the child PR independently of their parents. Marrying a Caymanian

A person who is newly married to a Caymanian needs to apply to the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board for a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Caymanian (RERC), which allows them to remain and work in any occupation and the certificate remains valid for as long as the marriage remains stable. It no longer expires at the seven year mark. If they are in possession of a work permit before they are married, then the work permit remains valid for its duration. Provided an application for a RERC is made before the expiry of the work permit, the right to live and work in the Cayman Islands continues whilst the application for a RERC is pending. If the RERC is approved then after the 7th anniversary of the wedding, and as long as the marriage is still stable, the holder may apply for the Right to be Caymanian. There is a non-refundable application filing fee of CI$300 and, when approved, there is an additional government fee of CI$400. A person who has been resident in the Cayman Islands for many years, and then goes on to marry a Caymanian, may apply for Permanent Residency in their own right as long as they apply before they have been resident for 8 years. They may also apply for an Employment Rights Certificate as the Spouse of a Caymanian (RERC). The difference is, that if the marriage does not last then they will not lose their

residency status. Please note that the RERC application process can take several months and many documents are required to be submitted, including an affidavit to the effect that your marriage is not one of convenience.

outsourcing services. For the Cayman job-seeker,

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The Cayman Islands Government is very aware that marriages of convenience have been arranged in order for foreigners to move to Cayman, remain, live and work without paying work permit fees. If caught these offenders are severely punished to the full extent of the law.

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advice. If you want an immigration partner that

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friendly working relationships with the key


Former Spouse of a Caymanian

officials in the Department of WORC are all

In the instance where the former spouse of a Caymanian is the mother/father of a Caymanian child, they will usually be allowed to remain (subject to various approvals) and be permitted to work in the Cayman Islands until the children complete their education or reach their 24th birthday, whichever happens sooner. If their last child reaches the age of 24 and the non-Caymanian parent has not obtained an alternative immigration permission before this point, then the parent will (according to the provisions of the law as presently drafted) have to leave the Cayman Islands. Such a parent will however have an opportunity to apply for Permanent Residence pursuant to the points system, provided Cayman has been their home for more than eight years.

advantages that Baraud brings to managing

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All Immigration services including Work Permits,

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Legal Befrienders

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The Legal Befrienders Clinic and Phone line

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Work Permits and immigration advice and tailored

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IMMIGRATION SERVICES Immigration Consultants For help with an application or if you have any questions call WORC on (345) 945 9672 or visit www.immigration. Alternatively, call one of the local immigration specialists below:


on a walk-in, first come first serve basis, no appointments are necessary. VISAS & PASSPORTS



Visas for Cayman Nationals of the USA, Canada, the UK and most countries within the British Commonwealth do not require visas to enter the Cayman Islands. Citizens of Jamaica, Honduras and the Philippines, for example, do. Check the Visa section of or www. to see if you need one. However, if you have a US, UK or Canadian Visa and you are travelling directly to Cayman from one of these countries (whether by air or sea), you do not need a separate Cayman Visa. Where visas are required, they must be sought and obtained prior to travel. Contact the British Embassy or Consulate with a visa section that is nearest you. There is a dedicated visa office within the Customs & Border Control office. You can call the manager of that department on (345) 244 2076 or email: Emily.Hurlston@ There is also one in Kingston, Jamaica. Call (876) 906 7866/5336 or email: Visas for the US & Elsewhere If you are looking to travel to the US as a non-American passport holder with an EU member passport then you must register online at least three days before travel via the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA). Once approved, you are allowed to travel to the US for up to two years without re-registering. The website is However, the intention of ESTA is for EU residents living in EU countries to use this system and not for EU residents living in the Cayman Islands. It is strongly advised that residents of the Cayman Islands obtain a US visa from the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica. Appointments can be made here: US Visitor Visas are not a function of the US Consular Agency and are managed through the US Embassy in 90



Kingston, Jamaica instead. Please note that all UK and Euro ESTA and USA visa holders must now have an electronic readable passport in order to be able to enter the USA. For questions or concerns about the non-immigrant visa process email: and for questions pertaining to the immigrant visa process please email: KingstonIV@

in online and then the required paperwork, including your existing passport(s), must be couriered to Her Majesty’s Passport Office, OVS-D, Millburngate House, Millburngate, Durham DH97 1PA, England. Go to to get started. Payment must be made by credit card online during the application process. Processing time takes about three weeks.

PASSPORTS More information on getting a passport for a child born in the Cayman Islands can be found in the Having a Baby chapter or on the Passport & Visa section of www.

Caymanian Passports Caymanian passports (also called a British Overseas Territories Citizen passport) are processed at the Passport & Corporate Services office in George Town and then sent to the UK passport office to be printed. The processing time for this is currently about six weeks. Application forms for a BOTC passport can be downloaded from along with a list of required documentation. Passports cost CI$75 for a child and CI$100 for an adult. Temporary passports, which are only issued in the event of a medical air evacuation, are still produced in Cayman and can be turned around within a day for those who are eligible. The passport office is located on the 2nd floor of Sussex House, 128 Elgin Avenue and is open Monday-Friday 9am-3pm. Tel: (345) 943 7678.

American Passports The US Consular Agency has an office in the Smith Road Centre, Suite 202B, 150 Smith Road, George Town, email: They are open Monday through Friday 9am-2pm and are closed on all Cayman and US holidays. If you are a US citizen experiencing a serious emergency call (876) 702 6000. You may email or visit the office for enquiries, however, applications are submitted by appointment. They also assist with the following services: US Notarial Services, performed for US citizens or when documents are related to the US. If you are a US citizen who recently had a child in the Cayman Islands, you should apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad and a passport for your child. Email the consular agency to request a checklist to assist you with the process and schedule an appointment. You should complete the application forms available at The child and all the parents who are on the birth certificate must attend the appointment and present original valid documents. Processing time is four to six weeks and cannot be guaranteed; please plan accordingly. British Passports Application forms for British passports (renewals or new passports) need to be filled

Canadian Passports The Canadian Consulate is located on the 1st floor, Landmark Square, 64 Earth Close, off West Bay Road (Tel: (345) 949 9400 or email: cdncon.cayman@candw. ky). They are open Monday-Thursday 10am-1pm. They offer consular assistance for Canadians who are travelling, working or living in the Cayman Islands. These services include assistance with obtaining Canadian citizenship for children born in the Cayman Islands to Canadian parents, passports and any emergency assistance. Application forms for Canadian passports can be collected from the Consulate or downloaded online from www.cic. The Consulate can review your application before you send it to the High Commission of Canada in Kingston,

Other Nationalities The Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs of the Cayman Islands Government and the Office of the Governor have assembled contact details for the consular representatives of other countries. See the Passport & Visa section of www. for details. DOMICILE & TAX STATUS

US TAXATION OF AMERICAN CITIZENS OR GREEN CARD HOLDERS MOVING TO THE CAYMAN ISLANDS American citizens and green card holders are subject to US tax reporting requirements even when they are not living in the US. This can include both expats and lifelong residents of Cayman. Many Americans living in Cayman can reduce or eliminate their US tax using the foreign earned income exclusion. In 2020, this means that up to US$107,600 of qualifying earned income (plus an additional amount for certain housing expenses in excess of US$16,656) can be excluded. Generally, you can qualify for this exclusion if you can show that you are a “bona fide resident” of the Cayman Islands (or another country) for at least a full calendar year and have Cayman as your “tax home”; usually living and working in Cayman is enough for this purpose. Additionally, you can qualify by being physically present in Cayman for 330 days in a 12-month period (which does not necessarily need to be a calendar year) and having your tax home in Cayman. Even if all of your income is excluded and you owe no US tax, you are still

required to file a tax return, declare your worldwide income, and make the election to take the foreign earned income exclusion. Additionally, you are required to file information returns for your foreign bank and financial accounts (including your Cayman pension), as well as for any business entities and trusts formed in Cayman or other foreign countries. Non-Compliance & Catching-Up Individuals who have not complied with US tax reporting requirements in past years are subject to penalties if their noncompliance is discovered by the IRS. Penalties can be in excess of US$25,000 per year in some cases, even when no tax is due. Some individuals may be able to take advantage of an IRS amnesty programme called the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures, if they can certify that their non-compliance was not wilful. This programme involves filing back tax returns (including information returns for business entities and trusts formed in Cayman or other foreign countries) for the past three years along with foreign bank and financial account reports for the past six years, and paying any taxes owed with interest. In many cases a Streamlined filing will result in no penalties imposed by the IRS. For formal advice please call: Omni Cayman/John Wagner Tel: (345) 547 4473 Email: Omni Cayman in the Cayman Islands are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors offering professional outsourcing including, US Tax filing, interim CFO, accounting and consulting services. Omni has a team of qualified professionals with over twenty years experience coming from Cayman’s top firms such as Deloitte, KPMG and BDO. For some clients, Omni Cayman is contracted to fulfill specific accounting roles while for others, Omni serves as the client’s entire accounting department.

Tell them you saw it in the


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




UK TAX STATUS & DOMICILE If you were once a resident of the UK but are now a resident in Cayman, then knowing how many days you can visit the UK to see family and friends is very important. Generally, if you spend less than 16 days in the UK in a tax year then you will not be considered a UK resident. If you have not been a UK resident for three tax years or more then this is extended to 46 days. However, if you work full time in the UK, spend 183 days or more in the UK per year, have a home in the UK in which you spend 30 days in the tax year plus you have no overseas home, then you can assume you are a UK resident. There are also ties, which if combined with the number of days you spent in the UK in any given tax year, can determine whether or not you are a UK resident. These ties include family (i.e. a child in a boarding school), having a house in the UK, working in the UK and spending over 90 days in the UK. Depending on the number of ties you have dictates how many days you can safely stay in the UK before becoming UK tax resident. These ties may also dictate whether you remain UK tax resident. Your domicile on the other hand will determine if you are liable to pay UK Inheritance Tax (IHT). If you wish to avoid IHT on your worldwide assets then you

have to plan carefully and make positive steps to shed your UK domicile. There is no specific form to fill out to explain that your domicile has changed; however, in your annual UK Self-Assessment tax return there is a section which asks you to talk about your domicile. Please note that when leaving the UK you should either complete and submit form P85 “Leaving the UK - getting your tax right” to HMRC or include details on your last self-assessment tax return. This form advises HMRC that you are leaving the UK and will help them decide if you will still be required to file a UK tax return as a non-resident. For formal or informal advice on UK tax status and domicile you can contact Paul Hotchkiss from Hotchkiss Associates Limited. Call +44 (1624) 872140 or email: or visit www.


Jamaica. The processing time is 15-20 business days. For non-Canadians who wish to visit, study or work in Canada, as well as for the new Canadian requirements regarding the eTA visa, you will find information, as well as online application forms, at

To Move

Everything you need to know about the process of moving: things to consider before signing a contract, what and what not to bring, duties and fees, the cost of living and shipping considerations.

Moving to Cayman 92 - Gateways to Cayman 92 - Cost of Flights & Flying Time 92 - Moving to Cayman During COVID-19 93 - Special Services 93 - Relocation Services 93 - Time Zones 93 - Before Signing Your Contract 93 - Cayman Currency 94 - Weights, Measurements & Temperature 94



The Process of Moving - Cayman & Miami Freight Forwarders - Cost of Living Tables - International Packers & Movers - Shipping by Air - Excess Baggage - Shipping by Sea

94 95 96 97 97 97 98

Shipping Considerations 98 - Import Duty 98 - Customs Clearance 98 What to Bring & What Not To Bring



Moving to Cayman may be an exciting, significant milestone in your life but there are a lot of details to consider before you arrive on the Island, move into your new home, unpack, start your job and then finally put your feet in the sand. Gateways to Cayman Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM) is a 92



Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images, Huis, Justin Uzzell and Julian Dalton


relatively busy airport with over 1.4 million passengers passing through it each year. The airport is located in the capital, George Town. In March 2019, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall officially opened the new airport terminal which can now accommodate up to 2.7 million passengers a year. In 2020 improvements to the airport continued with the runway being extended and resurfaced, and a blast deflector being added. This will mitigate air turbulence at ground level by deflecting air upwards for departing aircraft to protect passing pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic using the road behind the runway. These enhancements will enable larger planes and longer direct flights to land in Grand Cayman, therefore encouraging tourism from European countries. The national carrier of the Cayman Islands is Cayman Airways. The main gateway to Cayman is Miami as they have daily flights to Grand Cayman, but you can also catch a flight from Charlotte, Chicago, Havana, Jamaica, La Ceiba, Tampa, New York, and the Sister Islands. Other airlines that service Cayman are: Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, United Airlines and WestJet. Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, flight schedules have been impacted globally. Commercial travel to Cayman is expected to return sometime in 2021. To stay up to date with the latest travel restrictions into Cayman, visit Cost of Flights The average cost of a return ticket from Miami is US$400, from New York US$500, and from London US$1,300. Costs will vary according to high or low season. Flying Time to Cayman The flying time from Miami to Grand Cayman is 1.5 hours. The flight from London is 10 hours (with 45 minutes on the tarmac in Nassau). Flying time from Toronto and New York is four hours.

negative PCR result, you are now eligible to leave your isolation facility and begin your new life in the Cayman Islands. Special Services To ensure a stress-free arrival and departure to and from the Island, there are a few reliable companies that offer special services to help you. Taxis are readily available on arrival at the airport and you can find out more information on fares in the Transport chapter. Grand Limousine Services Tel: (345) 916 7772 or Offers airport transportation in luxury and style. They are also available for special events. Island Air

moving to Cayman. They are part of a global network of destination service providers.

Time Zones While the US employs daylight savings, the Cayman Islands, being nearer to the equator, has relatively equal periods of day and night year-round. There’s really only about an hour difference in daylight between 20th June and 20th December, so Cayman keeps the same time all year (-5 hours Coordinated Universal Time). This means the Islands share Eastern Standard Time (EST = -5 UTC) with Miami and New York from November to March. However, when the US switches to daylight savings time in March, Cayman then shares Central Daylight Time (CDT = -6 UTC) with Chicago and Houston.


Tel: (345) 949 5252

fully customised for the employee, providing

Before Signing Your Contract When planning your move to the Cayman Islands you will need to know what to expect in terms of the cost and standard of living, as they may be very different from what you’re used to. Bear in mind that the cost of living in Cayman is high (see the Cost of Living tables later in this chapter). Unless you are moving from an expensive city such as London or New York, you may discover that everything from groceries and electricity bills, to maintaining a car and schooling your children will cost significantly more. In October 2020 Expatistan listed the Cayman Islands as the second most expensive country in the world to live, just behind Bermuda. Visit www.expatistan. com for more information. The process of moving can be very costly. Before signing, find out what your employer will do to absorb or mitigate certain costs. Here are some questions that you may want to ask your new employer before you accept a job offer:

information on housing and schooling options,

1) Cost of Shipping

An aviation service for private and chartered aircraft including ground handling and a refuelling service. Websters Tours Ltd Tel: (345) 945 1433 or Offers full airport arrival and departure services as well as on-Island transfers and Island tours.

Relocation Services It is often useful to enlist the help of a relocation consultant. ‘Destination Services’ as it has come to be known, offers private and corporate clients unbiased assistance and invaluable insight into Island life. Blue Point Consultants Ltd. Tel: (345) 525 0706 Email: They offer an employee relocation programme and work in conjunction with many employers on the Island. The orientation they provide is

Will the company

key amenities, shopping, recreation, social

contribute towards transporting your

groups, sports clubs, medical and banking

personal items to Cayman?

facilities, vehicle purchasing and hire, typical

2) Accommodation & Renting a Car Will the

living conditions and any special concerns.

company provide you with a place to live

They also help private individuals interested in

and a rental car for your first month on the


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Moving to Cayman During COVID-19 During the pandemic, and in an effort to protect the health of our citizens, there have been significant restrictions placed on arrivals into the Cayman Islands. Here is a brief outline of the procedures everyone must follow, however, please visit www. for the most up-todate information. At the time of going to print, Cayman was undertaking a phased re-opening of its borders. In practise this means an increased number of repatriation flights from the UK, USA, Jamaica, Honduras, and other countries. Flights are operated by Cayman Airways and British Airways and only Caymanians, residents, work permit holders, homeowners and close relatives of Caymanians and work permit holders are eligible to book a seat on these flights. On arrival at Owen Roberts Airport you will be required to take a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. Passengers can choose to self isolate at home or at a government facility. Those isolating at home will have to wear a track-and-trace Geofencing bracelet and will be required to stay at home for 14 days and no visitors are permitted. If the Geofencing technology is removed from your person, or you are detected to be outside of your designated area, an alarm will sound, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service will be contacted, and you may be subjected to a CI$10,000 fine and 2-year prison sentence. Alternatively you can opt to stay in a government quarantine facility. Caymanians and permanent residents are not required to pay for their stay at a government-led facility. If you are a work-permit holder, you must use a paid facility where prices range from CI$5,250CI$9,000 for 16 days and includes food. On the 15th day, persons will receive a second PCR COVID-19 test, upon which a negative result is required in order to be released from both government-led and home isolation facilities. If your test result is positive, you will have to remain in isolation for a further 10 days until you receive a negative test. If you receive a

Island? See the Finding a Home chapter for

will cost at least CI$500-CI$875 per

temporary accommodation options.

month, double that for a couple and triple

3) Cost of Setting Up Your Life in Cayman It

that for a family. Though the Law states

is worth being completely aware of the

you only need the basic plan, the premium

costs of setting up a home in Cayman.

plan should be considered for better

For example you will have to buy a car

coverage. A good employer will pay at least

and a year’s worth of car insurance; pay

50% of a premium plan, including half of the

deposits on a house or apartment including

insurance cost of your family. However,

deposits on getting your electricity, water

this will still leave you with a monthly

and telephone set up. You will have to take

deduction of between CI$650-CI$1,250

a driving test and pay for a driving licence.

per month (if you are on a premium family

For a couple without children we estimate

7) Vacation Time How many weeks of annual

couple with children we estimate it to be

holiday does your contract provide for?

closer to CI$23,000, or even more if you

There is a disparity in Cayman between

don’t want the most basic of second hand

companies which offer only the US system

cars. See the Running Your Home chapter

of 10 working days per year and others

for detailed cost estimates.

which offer 3-4 weeks. Be sure to ask!

4) The Cost of Living This will invariably

8) Can Your Children Join You Unless you are

depend on your standard of living but we

guaranteed to earn a minimum of CI$3,500

advise that you design a budget before

per month, you will not be allowed to have

taking the leap to Cayman. Things to take

your children join you in Cayman. See the

into consideration are your salary, minus

Immigration chapter for more information.

5% pension and your portion of health

9) Divorce If you get divorced during the

insurance. Then factor in accommodation,

tenure of your stay, the non-working

utility bills (water, electricity, phone,

spouse will have to leave the Island or

TV, internet), running a car (gas, licence

obtain a work permit, regardless of

and insurance), groceries, school fees,

whether you have children. Your children

entertainment, activities, clothes, flights

can stay if they are listed as dependants

off the Island, savings, etc.

on your work permit.




this to be just under CI$10,000, but for a

5) The Currency of Your Salary What currency will your salary be paid in? If you will be paid in US dollars, is it at the going rate? For example you might think US$60,000 is a fair salary for a qualified accountant, but it’s actually only CI$49,200 (when using the bank exchange rate of .82) and the cost of living is greater here than in the US. Be aware that you will pay for almost everything in CI dollars, so if you are paid in US dollars you are better off taking the money you need out of the bank in CI dollars than paying for something at a

Cayman Currency The Cayman Islands Dollar (CI$) is pegged to the US Dollar and does not fluctuate. The exchange rate is CI$1= US$1.20. The cash exchange rate is CI$1 =US$1.25 which means that US$20 cash is worth CI$16. US Dollars are accepted everywhere. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted and there are many ATMs throughout the Island. Currency denominations are as follows: CI$1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 dollar bills.

store with US cash at a conversion rate of .80. On a salary of US$60,000 per year you will save around CI$1,200 a year. 6) Health Insurance This is compulsory and it is essential that you ask whether your company will be covering more than 50% of the basic plan required by law. Premium health insurance coverage for an individual 94



Weights, Measures & Temperature Cayman uses the US system of miles for distances, mph for speed, inches for length and pounds for measuring weight. Petrol is sold by the Imperial gallon. For temperature, Fahrenheit (°F) and not Centigrade (°C) is used.


When it comes to moving to the Cayman Islands you have three options: the first option is to do 98% of the work yourself by packing up your belongings and arranging for a company to ship your personal items to Cayman. This may be the least expensive option but it certainly isn’t the easiest. You must be prepared to arrange for the items to be inspected and cleared by customs when they arrive in Grand Cayman, pay the Port Authority and have your items picked up and delivered to your new home. The second option is to pack everything yourself and have a freight forwarder organise the collection, shipping and customs clearance on arrival. The third option is to arrange for a moving company to do everything for you from packing up your home, trucking to the port and organising the shipping, to clearing it through customs in Cayman, arranging for delivery to your new home and finally unpacking and set up. If you decide to use a moving company you will need to book it at least eight to ten weeks in advance. It’s prudent to find out if they are an accredited member of a moving association to ensure that you will have recourse if you encounter any problems. Sort through your personal items and decide what you are going to take, then call the moving company so they can visit your home and work out a quote. Be sure to get any quote in writing, but keep in mind that most expire after 30 days. Next, establish a time frame for your move and confirm that the insurance policy being offered has sufficient protection to cover the cargo for the duration of the journey, i.e. until you take possession at the new destination. You should also discuss the deductible. Ask your mover to provide a copy of the documents with the itinerary, along with an itemised inventory and the name of the receiving agent. Finally, the moving company will expect payment prior to exporting or shipping your personal effects, as it will be necessary for them to prepay the freight and any other

handling and destination charges. Listed next are some locally-based shipping companies, freight forwarders and moving companies who, to one degree or another, can help you move your home or business effects to or from Cayman. Their standard of service is very high.

Email: or

Email: or

Miracle Brokers

c/o Consolidated Freight and Shipping (CFS)







10050 NW 116th Way, Suite 9, Medley, FL, 33178

consolidations, daily air shipments and a small

Carlos Alvear Tel: (305) 510 6687

package service for cargo 12 cubic feet or less for

or Cayman Tel: (345) 949 5989

CI$67 (inclusive of all charges except for duties


and insurance for any cargo over US$1,000).

Services include logistic coordinators for international (import/export) and local house

Mail Boxes Etc.

moves. They offer freight forwarding and a small

Tel: (345) 745 1400

package service from Miami to Cayman. They can



Cayman & Miami-Based Freight Forwarders Freight forwarders facilitate the entire shipping process between Miami and Grand Cayman and vice-versa. When shipping to or from Miami there are three options you can consider, depending on the quantity. All companies charge by cubic feet, rather than by weight. Firstly, you can book by the container load, secondly, your belongings can be consolidated with other packages, in what’s known as Less than Container Load (LCL) and thirdly, there is the small packages service, which is particularly useful if you’re buying items online from vendors that won’t ship to Cayman. If you need this service, you will be provided with a postal address in Miami for your package to be delivered to, it will then be shipped to Cayman. For all three services the freight forwarder will organise all the paperwork and clear the goods through Customs. The following companies offer this type of freight service. Note: You should contact the office in your country of origin to start the process.

Phone: 1 (305) 513 0156 or (345) 949 2350

Cayman Islands Customs Agency (CICA) Tel: (345) 949 2350 Email: A customs broker whose services include twice a week ocean consolidations and cargo clearance, daily air shipment handling and clearance, freight forwarding, small package service, customs brokers, freight consolidating, delivery, vehicle clearance and licensing. Miami Office / Deluxe Freight 11401 NW 107th Street, Suite 100, Miami, Florida 33178


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Cost of Living in the Cayman Islands Grocery Costs





CI $

US $


Butter (Anchor 8oz) Baby Food (Gerber 8oz) Baked Beans (Bush’s 28oz)

CI $

US $





Bath Towel








China Set (Gibson 16 piece)


56 39.60 21.95

Batteries (Energizer pack of 4 AAA)



Coffee Maker (Mr.Coffee 12 cup)


Beer (Pack of 6)



Cutting Board (Kitchen Details 14” x 11”)


Bread (Sara Lee’s 100% Whole Wheat)



Dishwasher (LG)



Cat Food (Friskies 5.5oz can)



Alarm Clock



Cereal (Special K Original 12oz)



Plates Set (12 piece)


58.50 10.90

Chicken (breast per lb)



Glasses Set (4 piece)


Cigarettes (Camel per pack 20)



Igloo Wheeled Cooler (70 quarts)



Coca-Cola (6 pack cans)



King Comforter Set (5 piece)



Coffee (Pampa Instant 1.8oz)



King Sheets



Disposable Diapers (Huggies 22)










Dog Food (Pedigree dry food 3.5lb)



Light Bulbs (2 pack 60w)

Eggs (12 Organic Valley)



Microwave (Whirlpool)

Ice Cream (Ben & Jerrys 1 pint)



Paint (Flat interior 1 gal)



Laundry Detergent (Tide 92oz)



Pan Set (WearEver 12 piece)



Milk (2% 1 gallon)



Refrigerator/Freezer (Height 61 inch)









Milk (Organic whole, 64 oz)



Screwdriver Set (6 piece)

Shampoo (Pantene 12.6fl oz)



Stove (Whirlpool 30 inch glass top)

Shower Gel (Dove 12oz)



Tall Kitchen Bin (8 Gallon)

Sirloin Steak (Angus Beef per lb)



Television (Samsung 49” flat screen)







Still Water (Aquafina 1 litre)



Toaster (Kitchen Aid Stainless Steel 4

Razor Blades (Equaline pack of 4)




Red Wine (La Crema Pinot Noir 750ml)



Tampax (Super pack of 10)



Toilet Paper (Charmin pack of 4)



Tomato Soup (Campbell’s 10.75oz)



Toothpaste (Colgate 6oz tube)




Washer/Dryer (Whirlpool)

Average Apartment House Rental Rates (Mid-range) CI $

US $



Tuna (Bumble Bee 5oz can)



Studio apartment

White Wine (Terre Pinot Grigio 1.5 litre)



1 bedroom apartment



Whole Grain Rice (Uncle Ben’s 2lb)



2 bedroom apartment



Yoghurt (Dannon Activia 4 pack)



3 bedroom apartment





3 bedroom house with garden

Medical Care Expense

CI $

US $

Advil (20 tablets)





Dental Hygienist Cleaning



Consultation with a GP (NB: Any procedures are extra)





Dentist Consultation

Hospital Daily Rate Private Room Hospital Daily Rate Semi-Private Room 96





Monthly Household Expenses for a 2-Bed Apartment (*optional) Expense

CI $

US $

Electricity (including a/c)






Cable/TV (basic package plus movies)



Telephone + Mobile (excluding overseas)



Internet Connection



Cleaner - once per week/per month*



A/C Maintenance – per quarter*



Pest Control – per quarter*



also provide packaging materials and enclosed trucks. They are fully licensed and insured. SE E AD T H I S PAG E

Sta-Mar Enterprises Ltd. Tel: (345) 949 2399 Email: Services include customs clearance and brokerage, services

complete for







shipments, moving services, freight forwarding

Shipping by Air All local and Miami-based freight forwarders can also ship by air. Alternatively, Cayman Airways Cargo has an air shipment service which can prove to be a cost-effective shipping option if you are moving from the US. You need to deliver the items packed for shipping to the cargo area at the airport. Once they are delivered in Cayman you will need to either arrange collection yourself or use a customs broker.

Excess Baggage If you are only bringing your personal effects with you, other options to consider are using your airline’s excess baggage allowance. Cayman Airways now charges a fee of US$20 on the first and second bag for economy class passengers travelling to or from Miami, Tampa, Jamaica, Honduras and Cuba. Passengers travelling to or from New York or Chicago will be charged US$25 for the first bag and US$35 for the second bag. If your bags exceed the weight limit

from Miami and preclearance for perishable cargo. For all your online shopping needs StaMar offers three freight forwarding services,


providing customers with a US delivery address plus customs clearance and on-Island delivery

(345) 949 5989 or (305) 320 4004 140 Kingbird Drive, George Town Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

if needed. USA 2U offers a weekly airfreight and Sta-Mar has a three day priority and a two week sea freight all at a very competitive rate.

MADE EASY • International Moves • Logistics Management

Miracle Brokers Tel: (345) 949 5989 or USA: 1 (305) 320 4004 Contact: Claudia Gonzalez Email: Logistic coordinators for international moving both to and from the Cayman Islands. They are the agents for CFS, ZIM, Crowley and Hoegh Autoliners. They offer trained packers and movers, furniture installers and customs clearance. They are fully accredited and insured and are members of the Household Goods Forwarders Association.



International Packers & Movers The following companies offer a full international moving service that takes all the stress out of moving. They will organise the whole process for you from professionally packing up your house, organising for your belongings to be shipped to Cayman, sorting out the relevant paperwork, paying the port authority and any duty and finally, delivering the goods to your new home in Grand Cayman.



• Local Residential & Commercial Moves • Freight Forwarding & Customs Brokerage Consolidated Freight and Shipping:

Carlos Alvear 10050 NW 116th Way, Suite 9 Medley, FL 33178 t: (305) 510 6687 e:

Online shopping to Cayman

(a division of Miracle Brokers)

DHL Tel: (345) 949 8575 Email: DHL offers a worldwide door-to-door relocation service for those moving to Grand Cayman.


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


of 55lbs you will be charged, however, more bags can be checked for a fee. Southwest airlines, who fly direct to and from Fort Lauderdale, accept the first two checked bags for free, as long as they are under 50lbs. The free baggage allowance on British Airways varies depending on the destination of travel and ticket class purchased. Fees for extra bags are less if you pay for them in advance online. WestJet charges CAD$35 for the first bag, CAD$60 for the second and CAD$100 each for third and fourth bags.



Tropical Shipping

Antiques over 100 years old - 0%

9505 NW 108th Avenue, Medley, FL 33178 US Tel: 1 (305) 805 6620 Local Agents: Thompson Shipping Cayman Tel: (345) 949 8044 Email: Ships full containers or LCLs. Their ship leaves the Port of Palm Beach (Florida) for Grand Cayman every Tuesday and Friday. SHIPPING CONSIDERATIONS

Customs Clearance Clearing your household effects through Customs yourself is possible, but it can be quite complex, so we recommend that you do it through a customs broker. They are reasonably priced and know the process inside out. The cost is usually CI$75-$100. If you’d prefer to handle the process yourself, here is an overview of what you need to do:


Cayman Tel: (345) 949 4977

Import Duty Visitors and residents that are flying into the Island will no longer have to declare their goods through customs if they do not exceed the CI$500 goods allowance or the alcohol and tobacco quotas. If you’re entering Cayman to take up employment or residency for a period in excess of 12 months, your personal and household effects are admitted duty-free, although they must be imported within six months of arrival. The six-month period starts the moment you arrive, rather than the date your work permit is approved. For the import of used personal effects, you must complete a ‘Declaration For Unaccompanied Baggage’ form in addition to the Customs Import Entry form and produce proof of residency by way of a work permit or other means. If you can’t import your household items within the six month window, it is possible to ask the Collector of Customs for an extension. You will need to write a letter to PO Box 898, Grand Cayman KY1-1103 or call: (345) 949 4579. Most mail-order items will be charged 22% duty and any gifts sent by family and friends are also subject to duty. Common duty charges can range from 7% to 27%. Below is a list of common items and their duty rate. A full list can be found on


Alcohol - $1.95 to $15.98 per litre

Books – Free

released by Customs, go to the Port Authority

Seaboard ships less-than-container loads

Cameras, binoculars, sunglasses – Free

on Portland Road in the Industrial Park area,

from Miami and Jamaica and full-container

Cars – Between 0% and 42%

Tel: (345) 949 2055 to get Port Authority

loads from Miami, Brooklyn (NY), Houston,

Clothing and footwear – 22%

clearance of your goods. Once all fees are

Savannah and Jamaica to Grand Cayman.

Leather bags – Free

paid, you can collect your shipment from the

Shipping is also available from the Caribbean,

Musical instruments – Free

Port Authority. They are open Monday-Friday

Central and South America, the Far East and

Toys – 22%

8.30am-4.30pm and Saturday 8.30am-

Europe. SE E AD PAG E 95

Watches – 7%

12pm. For a 20ft container, the fee is CI$384.

Shipping by Sea Transit time from Florida to Cayman is usually two to three days. You can ship your personal items through a shipping company (see below) or a freight forwarder. Upon arrival in Cayman, you or your freight forwarder of choice will be required to clear the shipment through Cayman Customs and the Port Authority and then arrange delivery. Hyde Shipping Corporation Full containers: 1801 SE 28th Street, Port Everglades, FL 33316, USA US Tel: 1 (305) 913 4933 or Cayman Tel: (345) 947 4933 Email: Less than container loads (LCL): 3740 W 104th Street, Suite 1, Hialeah, FL 33018, USA US Tel: 1 (305) 913 4933 Hydes send both full containers and LCLs to Cayman every Monday and Thursday. Seaboard Marine Cayman 8001 NW 79th Avenue, Miami FL 33166 US Tel: 1 (305) 863 4444




Before your shipment arrives, you will first need to pre-register on the new Customs Online System (COLS) website (www. Once you submit the request they will either approve the registration or they will advise, via email, what other documents are required. If approved, you will be given a COLS trader identification number (TIN) and login information.


You will then be able to log in to the COLS website where you must start the nine step process to declare your goods. Supporting PDF documents needed will include invoices and the Bill of Lading/Airway Bill. Confirming the declaration will constitute as your electronic signature which will be legally binding. This process is subject to change as Customs continually upgrade its systems.


Once the Customs entry has been approved/ finalised by Customs, payment will have to be made at the Customs Department on Owen Roberts Drive, Tel: (345) 949 4579 before collection. There is also a Government inspection fee of CI$100 on all containers and CI$0.18 per cubic feet for less than container load shipments.


For air freight you‘ll need to go to the Customs Warehouse on Owen Roberts Drive to collect your shipment. You will pay the warehousing fee which depends on the weight and/or size of the package, whichever is greater.


For ocean cargo, once the shipment has been

prices will vary for less-than-container loads (LCL) based on the size and number of pieces in the shipment, calculated at CI$16.65 per 40 cubic feet and CI$7.20 per dock receipt. (Note: these prices are subject to change.) Collect your items as soon as possible, as storage is charged after 5 days.


In the event that your goods are to be inspected, you will have to arrange an inspection time with the Customs Inspection Unit and have your documents ready to show what has been declared. DECIDING WHAT TO BRING & WHAT NOT TO BRING

Here are some basic guidelines to assist you in deciding what to bring to Cayman.

Computers, Phones & Tablets Laptops, smart phones and tablets/iPads are dutiable if they were recently purchased overseas. If you are travelling to and from Grand Cayman with electronic devices you can register them so you are able to prove to Customs that these devices have not just been purchased abroad. Visit See the Shopping chapter for details on where to buy electronic goods locally. Electrical Appliances Cayman runs on the same electricity system as the US (110/115v), but uses a 3-pin plug. However, the US 2-pin plug will work. If your appliances run on 220v, and they don’t have dual capability, they will not work in Cayman. Importing Food Small quantities of meat and seafood can be

Furniture, Lighting & Appliances Generally rented condos or homes come with all the basic furnishing, lights and appliances needed. If you’re buying a house or apartment, they will also usually come fully furnished, unless they have been newly built. Bring personal accessories and smaller items, like framed photographs etc. to help your new house feel like your own and any larger pieces of furniture can be shipped from home later. There are some good furniture and homeware stores in Cayman but the selection isn’t comparable to that which you would find in the US, so think carefully before selling off good quality pieces of furniture. If you intend on buying new furniture overseas, you’ll have to pay for the shipping plus 22% duty. Firearms/Weapons It is possible to import a firearm or your firearms collection to the Island, however, the Cayman Islands has very strict laws on the possession of unregistered firearms. It is illegal to possess a firearm without a Firearms Licence authorised by the Commissioner of Police. Punishment for this offence is severe with a minimum of 10 years imprisonment. To import, the applicant must complete a Firearms Licence and Import form, which can be obtained from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS). In addition to providing the various supporting documents, the applicant will be required to declare that their firearm will be stored

in a locked box or safe bolted to the wall and floor and the RCIPS reserve the right to inspect the safe, firearm and ammunition at any time. There is an active gun club on the Island, see the Sports & Fitness chapter for details on the Cayman Islands Gun Club. You can also import a bow and arrow or your bow and arrow collection but all the same procedures for importing and storing a gun must be followed. The use of spear guns are also regulated. It is illegal to possess, use and import a spear gun without a licence from the Marine Conservation Board. Kitchen Appliances Most rental apartments come with appliances such as a washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and oven. A fully furnished apartment should also come with a toaster, kettle and coffee maker but if they don’t, then the local home centres stock these items. Check with your landlord beforehand so you know what will be included. Medication Be sure to pack at least a month’s supply of medication that needs to be taken daily while you organise your on-Island healthcare. Most medicines are available on Grand Cayman, although they may be sold under another brand name. Ask your GP for the generic names of prescription drugs. See the Health & Wellness chapter for a list of pharmacies. Wine Individuals can bring a maximum of four litres of wine in their luggage. If you want to import your wine collection from home you must bring it in through a company that has a liquor licence. Regardless of the value of your wine on the open market, the Cayman Islands Government charges the following duty per litre of wine: CI$10.80 for Champagne, CI$7.80 for sparkling wine, CI$3.60 for table wine and CI$5.25 for dessert wine.

Tell them you saw it in the


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Clothing In Grand Cayman there are a reasonable selection of stores, but certainly not as many as in a large city and the prices will likely be more expensive than you are used to. Bring a reasonable amount of warm weather appropriate clothes and shoes with you. You may need a light sweater if you will be working in an air conditioned building or when we are hit with a cold front. Bring a raincoat for the rainy season.

imported as long as it is for personal use only. A ‘Certificate of Wholesomeness’ is required for seafood in excess of 20lbs and can be obtained by applying for an Import Permit from the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture. Small quantities of meats (up to 25lbs) can be brought in by passengers in their luggage as long as the meat is from an approved country (www. PDF), is pre-wrapped under a brand name and has the Official Seal of Inspection of the country’s Meat Inspection Authority. You can bring in coffee and herbs for personal use, as long as they are sealed in their original packaging. No fruit or vegetables can be brought into Cayman in luggage.


For a 40ft container, the fee is CI$768 and

Retiring In Cayman

Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images and Daria Keenan

For those contemplating retiring, growing old and spending their final days in Cayman, this chapter details the things you will need to think about. For those who have lost a loved one, it covers everything you might need to know about wills and probate, repatriation and the various burial options.




Retiring in Cayman - What to Consider - Health Insurance - Medical Care in Cayman - End-of-Life Medical Laws - Immigration Considerations - Senior & Retirement Homes - Poor Relief Payments - In-Home Carers - Hospice & Palliative Care - Wills & Probate - Inheritance Tax & Domicile

100 100 101 101 101 101 102 102 102 102 104

End of Life in Cayman - Overview of the Process - Burial - Burial Assistance - Preplanning Funerals - Cemeteries Management - List of Public Cemeteries - Cremation, Burial at Sea - Repatriation & Funeral Planning - Funeral Homes

104 104 105 105 105 105 106 106 106 106




ith beautiful beaches and good weather, it is easy to see why Cayman is regarded as an ideal place to retire, grow old and ultimately die. Aside from the climate, what draws retirees to Cayman is that you can get the ease of island life whilst still having access to world-class healthcare and remaining near to the US. The retirement community in Cayman is thriving; over 65s account for over 8% of the population and, as a result, activities, clubs and services for seniors are increasing. Each October The Department of Children and Family Services (Tel: (345) 949 0290) celebrates Older Persons Month by hosting free events for seniors in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. Whether you intend to get involved in the community or simply relax on the beach, the lifestyle in Cayman suits any retirement model. RETIRING IN CAYMAN - WHAT TO CONSIDER

Health Insurance Health insurance is required by law for all residents of the Cayman Islands. For retirees arriving in Cayman over the age of 55 there are very few options available to you. All of the insurance companies offer the SHIC plan (Standard Health Insurance Contract). It is a set fee regardless of your age and the annual premium does not go up each year. This is the good news. The cost for an individual is in the region of CI$150-CI$167 per month, for a couple it is CI$300-CI$372 and for a family it is CI$465-CI$508. If you

Medical Care in Cayman Grand Cayman has three fully-equipped hospitals, nearly 4.5 doctors and 6.3 nurses for every 1,000 people, more than two dozen private healthcare practices, as well as specialists in cardiac surgery, chemotherapy and orthopaedics. We also have a 3.0 Tesla MRI machine, 3D and 4D ultrasounds, echocardiography, GI endoscopy and even an IV medical spa. If there was one place outside of the USA where you could be guaranteed to receive first rate medical care, you can be assured that Cayman ticks the box. Cayman’s sophisticated medical healthcare is quickly becoming known as the third pillar of our economy after finance and tourism. End-of-Life Medical Laws The Health Care Decisions Law (2019) addresses the problem that healthcare providers and families face when a patient

is too ill to communicate their treatment preferences. The introduction of ‘Advance Health Care Directives’ by this Law, commonly known as “living wills”, provides a legal framework to express your wishes regarding medical treatment while you are mentally competent, which should be followed by your physician. The Advance Health Care Directive is a document which sets out in writing which life-sustaining measures you would want to be applied to you under different circumstances, including a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order and the refusal of life support if you are in a vegetative state. It is also possible to appoint one or more people as proxies to make medical decisions for you should you become mentally incapable. To be legally appointed as a proxy, you must be an adult and satisfy certain principles such as being mentally competent. Should the proxy holder die or renounce their duty, and the patient is mentally incompetent, the patient’s doctor automatically becomes the decision maker. It is highly recommended that you consult a lawyer to guide you through this process given the potentially serious implications involved for your health and wellbeing. The Health Care Decisions Law (2019) prohibits physician assisted suicide. The Heath Care Decisions Law (2019) does not affect those who were in palliative care prior to the introduction of this law or the right of a person to receive palliative care. The Human Tissue Transplant Law (2013) and the Human Tissue and Transplant Regulations (2018) came into effect in 2018, and healthcare providers had hoped to start performing transplants in 2020 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Law allows adults (18+) to register as organ donors. Persons under 18 years of age need parental consent to register and can only donate regenerative tissue (e.g. bone marrow). This Law excludes the donation of fetal tissue, sperm or ova and prohibits the trading of human body parts. If you have not registered as a donor prior to your death

your organs/tissues cannot be donated once you are deceased. In addition, a Human Tissue Transplant Council has been established to monitor compliance with the Law, and oversee the new donor registry. The Registry has the potential to connect Cayman with the overseas organ donation network, whereby patients gain priority on other international registries. For more information on the healthcare system and what the Cayman Islands have to offer, see the Health & Wellness chapter. Immigration Considerations The Cayman Islands welcomes wealthy retirees with open arms as long as they have enough money to buy a house and support themselves in old age. Without a regular tax base, the Cayman Islands Government does not have the resources to support an aging population. Please see the Immigration chapter for more information on how to become a resident of the Cayman Islands. If you are the dependent/spouse of a Permanent Resident and they die before you do, the right of the surviving spouse to reside in the Islands may be revoked at the discretion of the Director of WORC. The surviving spouse may, within three months, apply for the Grant of Residency Certificate for Persons of Independent Means upon satisfying the requirements. Senior & Retirement Homes Cayman does not currently have any particularly sophisticated options for retirement homes. We do, however, have The Pines Retirement Home, which is open to all and The Golden Age Residential Home in West Bay which is managed by the Department of Children and Family Services. Everyone agrees that another retirement facility is needed and as such the Department of Children and Family Services is exploring the idea of creating a purpose-built facility in East End.


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




would like to add dental and vision coverage then that costs approximately CI$30 more per month per individual, however, most insurance companies will not add this for you if you join the plan after age 55. That said, not all health insurance companies in Cayman offer the option of additional dental and vision under the SHIC plan; the majority only offer the medical benefit portion of the plan. If you are a current Cayman resident reaching retirement age and you already have an individual or company plan, whether a basic or premium plan, then you can stay on that plan indefinitely. As long as your employer and your insurer are happy for you to continue on their plan after you retire, you can keep that plan regardless of your age. Group plan rates vary and depend on the number and age of employees; premiums should just continue to go up at the annual rate you are accustomed to. Another option for a retiree is to keep their existing health insurance from overseas (for example BUPA) and get a basic plan in Cayman to cover the legal requirement. For a list of health insurance providers see the Health & Wellness chapter.

The Pines Retirement Home

home, whether they are residents or tourists.

60 Pines Drive, George Town Tel: (345) 949 5650 Email: The Pines Retirement Home is a non-profit, charitable organisation established to provide residential accommodation primarily to meet the needs of elderly citizens during their retirement. Over time the emphasis has moved to the provision of care provided by Registered Nurses in response to the needs of the community and the high care requirements of many of its residents. There are 48 beds split between private, doubles, and wards. The cost is CI$3,100 per month for a shared room or ward, and CI$3,600 for a private room. These


rates include three meals per day and snacks as well as varying levels of assistance with daily living activities, housekeeping, weekly outings and more. There are also seven villas on the property which are rented to independent


seniors for between CI$950-$1,850 per month (meals not included). Daycare is provided Monday through Friday from 8.30am-5pm for

Hospice & Palliative Care For many year’s residents have been in the very fortunate position to have free hospice and palliative care. Jasmine, formerly known as Cayman Hospice Care, provides professional nursing and comfort care to those living with a life limiting or end of life illness. Care is provided in the home or in the Villa, depending on the needs and wishes of patients and their families. The new Jasmine Villa is a purpose built facility which can accommodate four patients and their family members. The “Villa” includes a meditation room, family room, kitchen and a multi-purpose community room providing space to offer support services for family members and caregivers. Services are aimed at treating pain and managing symptoms as well as improving the overall wellbeing of patients and their families. Anyone can refer a patient to Jasmine. Email: or see below to find out more.

a rate of CI$45 per day for seniors wanting to spend the day at The Pines. The home is open

Jasmine (previously Cayman HospiceCare)

to all citizens of the Cayman Islands.

31 Jasmine Blossom Way, West Bay Road Tel: (345) 945 7447

Poor Relief Payments For those too elderly to work, who are over the age of 60 and are in great need, the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) currently offer a monthly stipend of CI$750. A full assessment needs to be undertaken and then the level of assistance required is investigated. This is only open to Caymanians. The NAU is located at 55 South Church Street, George Town. Tel: (345) 946 0024.

Email: Jasmine is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to providing professional end of life nursing and comfort care, free of charge, to those living in the Cayman Islands with a life limiting illness. Jasmine is committed to improving the lives of those affected by terminal illness and death, assuring long-term emotional, spiritual and general well-being to patients, their families and the bereaved. Jasmine





In-Home Carers

caregivers and has a team of trained patient

Caring Hands Cayman

care volunteers who offer support to patients

Tel: (345) 943 1177

and their families. Supported by holistic care,




Caring Hands Cayman is a professional in-home

bereavement support are available. Jasmine

healthcare provider, dedicated to enhancing

costs more than CI$1,800 per day to operate

the quality of life, dignity and independence of

and is 90% funded by fundraising events and

Cayman’s elderly residents, the sick, or those

donations. Support from the community and

incapacitated and in need of nursing care at

volunteers is always needed and very welcome.








counselling, Club


Wills & Probate There is no inheritance tax in the Cayman Islands. Cayman Islands law allows complete freedom of disposition, meaning that you can dispose of your Cayman assets on your death as you please, subject only to the law of your domicile. It is extremely difficult to contest an otherwise valid Cayman Islands will, and so it is recommended that you have an understanding of the probate process and an up-to-date will. Post-death, the law requires a grant of probate or letters of administration be obtained from the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands to enable personal representatives (usually those persons nominated as executors in the will) to administer the deceased’s Cayman Islands estate. Court fees of around CI$250 are payable to the Cayman Court, excluding legal fees (if applicable) to prepare the application. The application for probate must be filed within six months of the date of death, otherwise an additional application has to be made to the Grand Court for special leave. When probate or letters of administration are granted it empowers the personal representatives to deal with the deceased’s Cayman Islands assets. It is advisable to obtain multiple copies of the grant of probate or letters of administration if there are multiple assets to administer. It can take several weeks to several months to obtain a grant of probate or letters of administration from the Grand Court. It is important to note that under the Succession Law (2006 Revision), executors are only entitled to very modest remuneration. However, the will may allow more generous remuneration. The Formal Validity of Wills (Persons Dying Abroad) Law (2018) prescribes that a Cayman Islands will is considered valid if it conforms with foreign or Cayman Islands execution formalities. This law also applies to wills created before this law came into force in 2018. A 2020 amendment to the Succession Law (2006 Revision) and the Wills Law (2020 Revision) has introduced provisions

Drafting a Will Although anyone can draft their own will, there are certain legal requirements that must be met in order for it to be valid. Take advice from an attorney to make sure your will: > Is unambiguous > Clearly sets out your wishes > Meets legal requirements. Attorneys can also provide additional services such as the retention of your will. You will also need to ensure your will is valid. A will can be handwritten, typewritten, or prepared on a computer. If handwriting your own will, it is important that you ensure it meets appropriate legal requirements. As requirements for wills vary internationally depending on your location, it is necessary to seek legal advice when drafting your will. Letters of Wishes Often accompanying a will is a letter of wishes setting out additional, non-binding requests. Such letters can be a great comfort to family members who find themselves unsure about where to begin when dealing with your final wishes. Simple instructions include where your life insurance policies, annuities and pension plans are held. Also included are: your bank account details, your electricity, water, internet account numbers, your computer password, a list of your fixed assets, the names of your attorney, accountant, doctor, and generally all of those items that only the individual may know.

As a full-service law firm we draft trusts and wills as well as set up foundation companies and family offices for both residents and non-residents of the Cayman Islands. We are able to assist those who have assets in the Islands whether real estate, shares in a Cayman company or bank accounts. We represent clients in connection with trust and estate disputes as well as provide guidance and advice on legal issues arising from trust and estate administration matters.


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for civil partners to be considered equal to married persons as a matter of Cayman Islands law. Foreign probates or letters of administration (with certificated translations, if necessary) can be re-sealed by the Cayman Probate Court at which point such re-sealed foreign legal documents will be effective to administer any Cayman Islands assets. Dying intestate (i.e. without making a will) can sometimes make matters more complicated. If a Cayman-domiciled person dies intestate, a closely connected person, such as a surviving spouse or surviving adult child, must apply to the Grand Court for letters of administration. Once obtained, this legal document empowers them to deal with the deceased’s assets in accordance with the Succession Law (2006 Revision). Many people attempt to take on the responsibility of acting as a representative of an intestate estate, and then immediately find themselves overwhelmed. In order to navigate this complicated process, it is advisable to seek advice from a duly qualified attorney-at-law. The benefit of having a local representative who is familiar with the Cayman Islands legal system cannot be overstated. Their familiarity with the rules could save your estate from significant expense, not to mention alleviate the stress placed on bereaved loved ones who may otherwise find themselves having to negotiate the requirements of a country and legal system they may not be familiar with.

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For further information, please contact:

Robert Mack Head of Private Client & Trusts HSM Chambers +1 345 815 7356

Cayman’s Go-To Law Firm

+1 345 949 4766

68 Fort Street George Town PO Box 31726 Grand Cayman KY1-1207 Cayman Islands


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


your beneficiaries inherit the residue of your estate. This is only relevant if your beneficiaries are very young at the time of you writing your will. ‘Worst case scenario’ gift – You need to name a charity, family member or friend who will inherit your estate if everyone you have named in your will dies and cannot inherit it.

Setting this out in a letter of wishes will save your representative hours of digging through papers and making telephone calls trying to determine where your assets are held. Giving precise details can save your estate from potential losses due to unidentified assets. Your attorney will ask you to fill out an instruction sheet with the following information:


Family Information

Assets & Liabilities List

> What is your full name, date of birth

The final portion of the will requires you to list your assets, liabilities (mortgages and outstanding debts), as well as any life insurance policies you may have and the details of your pension plan. HSM Attorneys-at-Law can assist you in writing a will and Letter of Wishes or advise on probate, alternatively refer to the Working in Cayman chapter for a list of law firms who will also be able to help.

and home address? What is the full name of your spouse, their date of birth and address? Full names, dates of birth and current ages of your children? Were there any previous marriages? If so, were there any children from that previous marriage? What are their names and ages?



Key Roles in your Will

> Names and addresses of your proposed


executors: maybe a trusted friend as one and a trusted family member as the other. You need to explain your relationship to these people. Name and address of guardians to your children, although this is only relevant if your children are young.

HSM 68 Fort Street, George Town Tel: (345) 949 4766 Email: HSM lawyers can provide guidance and advice on local and international wills and probate matters for both residents, and non-residents of the Cayman Islands. They offer assistance


drafting wills and obtaining grants of probate.

> Pecuniary bequests – These are legacies

They also represent clients in connection with

of cash that you may want to leave to someone. Legacies of property – You will need to identify the specific item/property that you want to leave someone. Beneficiaries of the rest of your estate – This is whatever is remaining in your estate and can be given to one person, or it can be divided equally, or unequally, between several people. It is called the ‘residue’ of your estate. Substitute beneficiaries of your estate – In this section you need to name a substitute to inherit your estate should the named beneficiaries die before the estate can be given to them. Age of inheritance – You will be asked if you want to specify an age when

trust and estate disputes and non-contentious

> >


> 104



trust and estate matters. SE E AD PAG E S 59, 79 & 103

Inheritance Tax & Domicile For foreign residents, inheritance tax may still be due in their country of domicile. Your lawyer will be able to determine whether or not you are domiciled in Cayman, or advise you on the steps you should take to change your domicile to Cayman. Purchasing a grave plot or vault in the Cayman Islands and purchasing insurance which pays for your mortal remains to be repatriated to Cayman are two ways to prove your domicile is in Cayman. For more information please refer to the Immigration chapter.


When a person dies the next of kin are left with a number of decisions and arrangements to make. Fortunately, undertakers are there to help guide family and loved ones through the process, take care of the paperwork and ease the burden as much as possible. The main decision to be made is whether the body is to be buried, cremated or repatriated. Funeral homes help in all three scenarios. There are two funeral homes in the Cayman Islands: Bodden Funeral Services and Churchill’s Funeral Home. Both provide the same range of services and similar funeral packages, although Bodden Funeral Services has the only crematorium in the Cayman Islands. Overview of the Process If a person dies of natural causes – that is, the death is not sudden, violent or suspicious – the process is as follows: > If that person has been under the direct care of Jasmine, the deceased is taken to a hospital where an examination is carried out, the person is pronounced dead, and the body is then moved to the funeral home. > If the deceased has not been under the care of Jasmine the next of kin must contact the hospital. The body must be taken to the hospital where a medical practitioner determines whether or not further investigation is required. > Meanwhile, the undertaker will collect the necessary information and complete the paperwork for the death certificate. This is then presented to Medical Records where the attending physician verifies the information, fills in their portion and sends it to General Registry. When the death certificate is ready, the body is released to the funeral home for burial, cremation or repatriation. Additional death certificates can be ordered online on the CI General Registry website ( or at the Government

Administration building for a fee of CI$10.


Burial Assistance For those in need, the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) can provide financial support to bury loved ones. They can give families a maximum of CI$2,500 towards funeral packages and/or a maximum of CI$1,200 towards a vault. You will need will need to visit the NAU office, fill out the required forms, along with any supporting documents, and wait to be assessed by one of the officers. They are located on 55 South Church Street, George Town. Tel: (345) 946 0024. Preplanning Funerals In other countries it is not uncommon for people to preplan their own funeral well before they become ill, and then leave this plan on file with their chosen funeral home. In the plan you can let your family know whether you want to be cremated or buried, whether you want to forgo the expensive coffin and whether you would rather they not go over the top with flowers. You can also buy a Government or a private burial plot in advance and let the funeral home know the details. Leaving a plan for your funeral will take a huge weight off your family. You can also pay for the funeral costs in advance and the funeral home will freeze the cost even if it is 30 years before your family needs to access your file with the funeral home and initiate your wishes. Cemeteries Management The vast majority of cemeteries on all three Islands are either privately owned family plots or Government owned, but there is one cemetery in Prospect where

anyone can buy a burial plot and it is run as a private business. Public/Government owned cemeteries are managed by the Department of Environmental Health who are responsible for the allocation of land for burial, design and construction of burial vaults. Public burial plots/vaults can be reserved and bought at the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) office (Tel: (345) 949 6696 or email: dehcustomerservice@ for a fee of CI$1,200 for adults and CI$600 for children. Family plots can be purchased at public cemeteries, however, most sites are full and it will be hard to obtain a plot situated next to your loved ones. Anyone can buy a plot in a public cemetery; you do not have to be Caymanian. Private cemeteries on-Island are still monitored by the Department of Environmental Health to ensure that the vaults are constructed to DEH specifications. These, however, are not available for public purchase as most of them are on family owned land that is used as a gravesite for that family only. The Garden of Reflection, Prospect Point Road is a private cemetery in Prospect that has grave plots available for the public to purchase. This cemetery currently has 515 available plots (as of September 2020). Grave plots can be purchased for CI$3,750- CI$6,500 and the cost includes landscape maintenance. The plots are sold and managed by Crighton Properties, and the company maintains accurate records to ensure that reserved grave plots are not built upon. You can contact Crighton Properties on (345) 949 5250 or email: or through your undertaker. Grave vault construction must be arranged by the family and local contractors charge between CI$3,200 and CI$3,600 to build a concrete vault. The size of a single plot is 4ft x 8ft and there is a 5% discount if the family buys more than four plots. List of Public Cemeteries: West Bay - West Bay by the Fire Station


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Burial If the deceased’s wishes are to be buried, the next of kin must decide, with the help of the undertaker, on a casket, clothing for the deceased, whether to hold a service and if so, what type of service. Other considerations will include whether to have flowers, a programme, and announcements of the death on the radio or in the newspaper. The average funeral package is CI$2,500 and these costs should include everything other than flowers, announcements and the funeral programme. When you call the funeral homes to work out the cost of the funeral package make sure to ask the following questions: > Do they charge a storage/cooler fee to keep the body for the days before the funeral? If so how much is it per day? It can take time for loved ones to get to Cayman and a funeral can often be delayed for one to three weeks. A cooler fee can easily add CI$1,000 to the cost of the funeral package. > How often can you view your loved one and is there a fee to view the body? Are there any restrictions you should know about? > What make and material is the casket that is included in the basic package? Google the casket and see if it is what you want. Upgrading to a different casket can add upwards of CI$500 to your bill. > Ask what the basic package includes. It should include the following: transfer of the body to the funeral home, cool-storing the body in their facility, all clerical paperwork, embalming (required for repatriation), dressing, restoration, hair and make-up, coffin, viewing at the funeral home, staff for the service, transportation, hearse for the coffin, free bus for the family to the gravesite, gravesite equipment (chairs, tent, drinking water, coffin lowering device), vault sealing, guest books, one

newspaper announcement and four radio ads. It would not include flowers, additional announcements and the funeral programme. If the deceased is a civil servant, died in a tragic accident, or is under the age of 18, then ask if the funeral home will offer you a discount on their funeral package.



Cremation If the deceased is to be cremated, the main decision for next of kin will be the type of service they want: one with the body present, followed by a cremation, or a memorial-type service, where there may be a picture, or an urn, but no body. Cremation packages range from CI$2,000 to CI$3,000. Burial at Sea With Cayman’s well-known seafaring history, sea burials are an option worth considering in Cayman. They are a natural and sustainable alternative to traditional burials and pay homage to the sea which has been such a big part of life for many in Cayman over the years. To obtain the necessary permission for a sea burial, you must submit a copy of the death certificate, a certificate of non-communicable disease and the Burial Order to the Department of Environmental Health (DEH). Once this has been confirmed, the body must be prepared for a sea burial by a licensed mortician and the casket must adhere to a specific set of guidelines which can be found on the DEH website (www.deh. The burial must take place at least five nautical miles from shore, at a minimum depth of 700ft, and outside of traditional fishing grounds. Although they say it is not a common option, the team at Bodden Funeral Services (345) 949 7464) has experience with sea burials and can assist you if this is a route you 106



would like to take. If you would like to scatter your ashes at sea the only requirement is you do so at least three nautical miles from the shoreline. Repatriation For expat workers, repatriation is often the preferred choice. The next of kin will need to decide whether to repatriate the body in a casket or whether to send it as freight, which is more cost-effective. The paperwork varies considerably depending on the country the body is to be repatriated to, and thus so does the cost. Repatriation to the US, Canada or UK is quite straightforward and quick to arrange. Repatriation to Cuba and the Philippines, however, is much more complex, so the administrative costs are higher. Funeral homes, such as Bodden Funeral Services and Churchill’s Funeral Home will take care of all the paperwork and arrangements, including the embalming which is a non-negotiable requirement for the deceased to be shipped overseas. The basic cost is CI$2,500, plus airfare and paperwork costs.

Funeral Planning Needless to say, arranging a funeral or memorial is a distressing affair but funeral homes do all they can to ease the stress and make the process as straightforward as possible. Undertakers are experienced at guiding families through the decisionmaking, asking the necessary questions and making as many of the arrangements as they can. Funeral homes also offer a pre-planning service, so that if a person is in the end stages of life their family and next of kin have the option to talk with undertakers and make key decisions and plans ahead of time, which are then enacted at the time of death. It also worth noting that one can take out Final Expense Insurance Coverage which, depending on the policy, will cover some or all of the costs of a funeral. Funeral Homes There is no set time frame within which burials, cremations or repatriations must occur and, barring unforeseen complications, these can usually take place as little as two to three days after death. Bodden Funeral Services 117 Walkers Road, George Town

Importing a Body/Ashes to Cayman In the event that the death occurs abroad, to bring a body/ashes to Cayman you must have received permission from the DEH. Either by mail or email you need to provide the DEH with the following information: the deceased’s full name, place of birth, name of person responsible for the remains, arrival date of the deceased, a copy of the death certificate with cause of death (specifying whether the death was from a non-communicable or communicable disease), a US$25 administrative fee and, if applicable, a cremation certificate. Please note that for non-residents the administrative fee is US$100. Requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to the body/ashes arriving in Cayman. If granted, you will receive a letter of approval which must be presented to Customs upon the body/ashes arriving.

Tel: (345) 949 7464 Email: Bodden Funeral Services have been serving grieving families in the Cayman Islands with respect, dignity and compassion for over 60 years. With great attention to detail, care and guidance they offer burial, repatriation and are the only option for on-Island cremation services. Their undertaker is available 24 hours a day to assist your family in times of need. Churchill’s Funeral Home 328 Eastern Avenue, George Town Tel: (345) 943 4663 Email:


(Closed: all vaults are sold), Boatswain Bay and North West Point. George Town - Dixie (Closed: all vaults are sold), South Sound (Closed: all vaults are sold), Prospect and Spotts (Closed: all vaults are sold). Bodden Town - “Old” Bodden Town across from the Bodden Town Clinic (Closed: all vaults are sold) and “New” Bodden Town located on the same side of the road as the Bodden Police Station, going East. East End - East End and Gun Bay. North Side - North Side and Old Man Bay.

Tell them you saw it in the


Green Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images

Ways to live a greener lifestyle at home and at work, including how to recycle and what’s happening with Cayman’s waste management.


ver the past few years, Cayman residents have made a significant shift towards thinking in more eco-friendly ways. On World Earth Day 2020, environmental organisations in Cayman such as the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Reef Environmental Educational Foundation, Mangrove Education Project, Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Sea Elements and the National Trust joined together to create the Cayman Environmental Focus Group, an organisation focused on supplementing curriculum development through outdoor activities. The group was formed to teach young Caymanians to be more sustainable users of natural resources and to support youth environmental education. Also educating the public, and campaigning for a ban on single-use plastics and Polystyrene food containers, is Plastic Free Cayman. Their monthly beach clean-ups are well publicised and show just how much plastic and other rubbish washes up on Cayman's beaches. We encourage all residents to take part in clean-ups, and if you have a dog, take a plastic bag with you and pick up rubbish when you walk them. If we all do our little bit we can help to keep Cayman beautiful. The George Town Landfill, what is happening with it and the problem of littering have dominated conversations in 2020. In January, and again in March, an enormous fire ignited at the Landfill, and along with high winds, it was next to impossible to extinguish. The acrid smoke crossed the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, shutting it down along with numerous schools and businesses. The public voiced their fears over the deterioration of Cayman’s environment if the issue of our landfill was not permanently resolved and quickly. However, with the announcement in October 2020

Being Green in Cayman 108 Waste Management in Cayman


Sustainable Eating


Recycling Locations




At Work 110 At Home - Reduce, Recycle, Reuse & Refuse - Recycling

110 110 110

When Building


Powering your Home - Solar Power, Solar Power Storage - Home Energy Storage - Solar Farms

114 114 115 115

Swimming Pools


Get Involved in the Green Community - Plastic Free Cayman

115 115


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


that a public-private agreement had been signed to remediate 'Mount Trashmore' the public are delighted. However, we now still need to tackle littering which is an everpresent problem. Residents are reminded that under the Cayman Islands Litter Law (1982), anyone caught littering is subject to a $500 fine or 6 months imprisonment.



Being Green in Cayman Cayman’s recycling strategies are quite behind when compared to other islands. Attempts at being green are often sidetracked by the lack of proper recycling and composting services. The biggest barrier to enforcing at-home recycling measures in Cayman is reluctance towards separating out plastics, glass, paper and metal from one’s own personal rubbish. At present, in 2021, there will be no movement to construct further initiatives to recycle different types of plastics. This is because it is anticipated that the Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) will eventually be used as an alternative way of recycling all plastics and compostable materials in Cayman, thus removing the need to introduce further strategies until then. WASTE MANAGEMENT IN CAYMAN

Current Landfill Site As aforementioned, one of the most pressing environmental issues for the community is the George Town Landfill site. The 80ft pile of rubbish can be seen from offshore and is visible to locals, residents and visitors every day. It has caused numerous toxic fires, forcing surrounding schools and businesses to close and, as the landfill is not lined, it’s feared it may be contaminating the surrounding water-table. It is predicted that the landfill will reach full capacity by 2021. The proposed plan to tackle Cayman’s ever-growing landfill site is to create a comprehensive Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) as a public-private partnership. A private consortium of companies, led by DART Enterprises, will take over responsibility for 108



the treatment of all waste management in the Cayman Islands for the next 25 years, working alongside the Department of Environmental Health who will continue to collect waste on the Islands. SE E AD PAG E 113 After the completion of an Environmental Impact Assessment, the contract for the ISWMS is expected to be signed in Q4 of 2020. It is unlikely that all of the facilities will be fully operational by the end of 2021, when the landfill is predicted to reach capacity, as some facilities – like the waste-to-energy plant – are expected to take at least three years to complete. Until then, the landfill will continue to expand laterally after the height capacity has been reached. Cayman is already benefitting from the environmental awareness and legislation from other countries, as larger producers take responsibility for making their products more sustainable. Yet it remains crucial to slow the increasing flow of rubbish to the landfill. The Government is making efforts to shred used tyres, recycle materials and bale scrap metals so that these objects do not take up valuable space in the landfill, whilst also trying to educate both schools and the general public on the importance of home waste reduction. Nevertheless, these changes rely on the participation of Cayman’s population, and people are urged to make the attitude and lifestyle changes required in order to reduce waste, and its environmental impact. As outlined in the new waste management strategy, when the current landfill site is closed, it will undergo surface water and landfill gas management, and then eventually it will be capped with around five feet of protective layering, and re-vegetated to create a recreational green space. The grounds will continue to be monitored to ensure the site performs within the approved parameters of safety, and landfill gases (such as methane and carbon dioxide) will be collected and transported to the thermo-recycling plant to be used as fuel. Over time, the overall height of the landfill is expected to decrease yearly by around 3%, and the

contamination of the surrounding ground and wet-lands will also be reduced. New facilities will then be built, which will manage all recyclable and non-recyclable waste for Grand Cayman and also Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. All rubbish will be shipped over to Grand Cayman for processing. New Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) The proposed Integrated Solid Waste Management System (ISWMS) will be built to the east of the Waste Water Treatment plant, and will include a waste-to-energy plant, as well as a recycling centre. The ISWMS will include a new landfill that will be properly lined, and all incinerated waste will be disposed of correctly in the small controlled site. The goal is to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill for disposal by up to 95%. The electricity generated will be sold to Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) and it is estimated that the ISWMS will contribute approximately 7.6 megawatts to the local grid. This translates to approximately 8% of the country’s electricity needs. At the facility’s recycling area there will be bays to collect and bale various recyclables, such as number 1 and 2 plastics. The facility will also provide composting areas on all three Islands for horticulture/yard waste, and there will be a reuse centre where people can deposit functional (but unwanted) goods and furniture. There is also an educational aspect to the project: a significant amount of work needs to be done to educate the public so that current habits are changed, and more environmentally-friendly recycling practices are encouraged across the three Islands. SUSTAINABLE EATING

A significant factor of sustainable living includes making the right choices when it comes to food. In Cayman, much of our food is imported and a considerable amount of energy, fuel and water is used in the entire process of growing, distributing, storing and cooking our food. Although

choosing local produce is a great way to offset this energy from being used, in Cayman we do not always have the option to do that. Consciously eliminating food waste, however, can have the same desired effect of indirectly slowing down global warming and deforestation. Saving food also saves money, and by reducing the amount of food that you throw away, you are reducing packaging waste that will end up in the landfill. There are several ways to reduce food waste:

> Check your pantry and fridge before you do your grocery shopping so you know what food you already have. > Plan your meals ahead. Meal prepping is a great way to eliminate waste. > Learn how to store your food properly as this can help it stay fresh for longer. > If you can’t use it right now, freeze it for later!


❑ Camana Bay Recycling Centre ❑ All supermarkets including Foster’s,

Kirk Market and Hurley’s

❑ Some public and private schools ❑ Government Administration Building ❑ North Side Civic Centre, North Side ❑ All five District Parks GLASS RECYCLING

❑ Camana Bay Recycling Centre ❑ All Foster’s locations ❑ Kirk Market, George Town ❑ All five District Parks

Grow Your Own Following the success of the green iguana cull, gardens Island-wide are flourishing as they are no longer losing flowers and foliage to these pests. There is a whole range of fruit and vegetables you can grow including tomatoes, leafy greens, herbs, eggplants, melons, bananas, mangoes and much more. The ideal growing season is November–April when it’s cooler and drier, however, you will need to water the plants regularly and look out for pests. You can pick up seeds or baby plants from any of the local nurseries, plus soil, organic pesticides and gardening tools. See the Shopping chapter for a list of garden centres.



❑ All Foster’s locations ❑ Kirk Market and Hurley’s ❑ All five District Parks BATTERIES

❑ Lead acid car batteries: Drop off at the DEH Landfill for proper recycling

❑ Small household batteries: place in the blue tubes at Foster’s, Hurley’s, CostU-Less, some public businesses and condos

❑ Rechargeable batteries (computer,

camera and cell phone batteries): drop off at Funky Tangs or BrandSource for shipment to the US for recycling

Shopping Green When grocery shopping, make sure to buy the products with the least packaging, choose glass or other alternatives to plastic, and take canvas bags instead of paying 5¢ for a plastic bag. Alternatively, shop at Hurley’s where they have ditched single-use plastic bags altogether after discovering they were distributing 800,000 a year. They now offer reusable, recyclable and biodegradable paper bags in their place. Most of the supermarkets sell organic food and some, like Kirk Market and Foster’s sell a wide selection of both locally grown and imported organic produce, as well as organic meats, frozen food, gluten-free and luxury food. On the drink-front, Flowers Bottled Water produces delicious, filtered,


❑ Deliver to the DEH Landfill public

dropoff, call Recycling Services (Tel: (345) 547 6654), JUNK Removal and Recycling (Tel: (345) 325 5865) or Cayman Islands Ltd Electronic Recycling (Tel: (345) 916 6764) for stripping and recycling in the US


❑ Drop off at the Humane Society, One Dog at a Time charity shop or the Red Cross


❑ Drop off at DEH Landfill (they will mulch it) or start your own compost


❑ Drop off at DEH Landfill


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Choose Local While it is unlikely that Cayman will ever stop relying on imported food, the local agribusiness is flourishing. A wide variety of fresh produce can be bought at the Market at the Cricket Grounds next to the cricket pitch in George Town (MondayFridays from 8.30am and Saturdays from 6.30am to 7pm) and from the Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market at Camana Bay on Wednesdays from 10am-3pm. The grocery stores also stock a selection of local produce. There are a number of stalls dotted around the Island that sell fresh local produce as well. Tony sells Willies’ local farm produce from a white van on West Bay Road opposite Governors Square and next to the Governor's House every Saturday morning. Also, Patrick Panton who owns Cayman Farm & Garden sells a variety of fresh fruit, leafy greens, vegetables, fresh chicken, eggs and seafood from his farm in Bodden Town. He is always at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays but he also has a thriving business doing home deliveries. Email him on patrick.caymanfarmandgarden@gmail. com and ask to be put on his mailing list, then when you are ready to order you email him on orders.caymanfarmandgarden@ You can also call him on (345) 526 4231 or visit www.facebook. com/caymanfarmandgarden for more information. Bluff Farms, located in Cayman Brac, provides the finest pedigree goat breeds, raised outdoors in the most ideal environment on the Bluff. Their lean and fresh meat is readily available to purchase at an affordable price at the farm in Cayman Brac and in Grand Cayman, for delivery/in-store pick up at 209 Cannon Place. Email: or call (345) 926 3665. Refer to the Food & Drink chapter for more information on locally produced goods.



chlorine-free water that they sell in large 5-gallon bottles which you can buy in most petrol stations or have delivered directly to your home or office. You can further reduce your plastic pollution by installing a Koola bottle-less water cooler. It acts like a mini water purification plant, connecting to your building’s water supply and filtering out chlorine, lead, phosphates and bacteria. For those who like to drink beer, White Tip Lager is a joint venture with the Department of Environment and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation with a portion of the profits being donated to shark conservation work in Cayman’s waters. Another local brewery, 19-81 Brewing Co., produces three quality craft beers as well as other limited-edition beers produced in collaboration with local farmers. For more information see the Local and Specialty Beer section in our Food & Drink chapter. Composting Composting – the natural biodegradation of organic materials – is a good way to recycle your leftover food and food scraps. Compost is primarily used as a fertiliser in soil, and can be useful to farmers, landscapers and nurseries. If you enjoy home gardening, making your own compost will certainly save you money on mulch and potting soil and it is a relatively easy activity to manage. Composting systems, typically described as ‘bins’, come in a variety of different sizes, but you can also make your own. A.L. Thompson’s usually have composting bins in stock. AT WORK

For the most part, work environments sit empty at night, so it is a waste of both energy and money if things are left on. Take these steps to ensure that your work environment is greener: turn off lights and air conditioning, and shut down computers before you leave at night. Set computers to energy-saving mode and don’t use screensavers – rather switch off your monitor. Eliminate unnecessary power use or ‘phantom power’ – the term used to describe the way devices 110



use and waste electricity when they are not on – by unplugging electronics when not in use. Whilst at work, only print when necessary and print on both sides of the page when possible. Send e-cards for birthdays and special events rather than printing invitations. Collect office newspapers and take them to the Humane Society or One Dog At A Time. Stock the break room or office kitchen with reusable dishes and silverware and buy coffee, sugar and other consumables in bulk to avoid extra packaging. Cartridge Smart (Tel: (345) 323 4313), a subsidiary of JUNK Cayman, will recycle and refill any printer cartridges, from small personal printers to large professional copiers. E-Waste Cayman Islands Ltd Electronic Recycling (Tel: (345) 916 6764) is a new company that will take most old electronic equipment and recycle it in an environmentally-friendly way. Customers can schedule an appointment to collect electronic waste on their new website Kirk Office (Tel: (345) 623 5475) sells an array of FSC certified paper and recycled products in addition to a range of Energy Star certified electronics. They also accept your used batteries, ink and toner cartridges for recycling. Kirk Office also accepts old computers, printers, photocopiers, and fax machines. Encourage your employers to install JUNK (Tel: (345) 325 5865) recycling bins at your office. JUNK will assist you to install a programme that is tailor-made for every workplace, large or small. If your office has regular suppliers, check for sustainability initiatives built into their contracts. If you work at a school or in the hospitality industry, encourage your establishment to take Plastic Free Cayman’s 345 Pledge for Businesses, whereby you commit to making changes to reduce the business’ single-use plastic waste. The business will also receive a plaque, allowing customers to identify the eco-friendly practices. For more information about Plastic Free Cayman and their initiatives, see page 115.


Whether you own or are renting a home, making environmentally-friendly choices will help preserve our beautiful Island. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse & Refuse With each resident in Cayman adding around 2,775lbs of waste to ‘Mount Trashmore’ each year, it is essential that we all strive to reduce, recycle, refuse, and reuse our waste. All the major supermarkets on the Island now sell reusable woven shopping bags and charge 5¢ per plastic bag. They still offer plastic produce bags in the fruit and vegetable aisles and these are ending up in the landfill by the thousands. Boycott Styrofoam – it cannot be recycled and is one of the biggest culprits of ocean pollution. Say no to single-use plastics, such as shopping bags, plastic produce bags, plastic straws, utensils, and disposable coffee cups. Buy mesh produce bags for fruit and vegetable purchases, reusable coffee cups and glass/stainless steel straws. Reusable straws are available at Jessie’s Juice Bar, Foster’s, Kirk Home Centre and Kirk Market. Reducing the amount of waste we personally generate ultimately reduces the amount of waste we send to the landfill. Recycling Recycling benefits the environment in a number of different ways. It reduces the amount of waste that is sent to landfills and conserves natural resources (such as water, timber and minerals). There are currently eight recycling depots; six of which are located at the Island’s three major supermarkets. The eighth and newest depot is located by the Captain George Dixon Park, East End. Before September 2020, East End was the only district in Grand Cayman that did not have recycling containers. Residents can recycle the following items at each of these locations: a) paper and cardboard, b) clean metal food cans (tin and aluminium), c) glass bottles and ceramic dishes and d) PET/PETE and



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




HDPE plastics (#1 and #2). Be sure to check the bottom of containers for codes such as PET, PETE and HDPE or the 1 and 2 symbols. Read the signs at each depot and follow the instructions carefully. Remember to separate your waste at source. Make sure everything has been rinsed out and is clean, and don’t put plastic wrappers, plastic bags and cling wrap in with the #1 and #2 plastics. It is essential that no additional waste items are disposed of in recycling bins as they contaminate the recyclables and could cause them to be landfilled. As mentioned previously you can also get JUNK to help make your recycling easier. They will collect from your home or office all of your recyclables including plastic, cardboard, glass, aluminium and tin cans on a weekly basis, and their quick and easy recycling service is cost-effective and benefits the customer and the environment by diverting dry waste away from the George Town Landfill. Their mission is to promote recycling and provide waste management services to protect our fragile island environment for present and future generations. Junk offers recycling collection services for offices, retail, commercial, residential, strata, hospitality and health and wellness centres. Junk also does single event recycling. From as little as CI$50 per month for weekly collections, they provide labelled “stackable” recycle bins that can be used in office buildings and by households. They also offer various sizes of larger bins, for external use and kerbside collection. Junk will then collect your recyclables, transport them to the Recycle Center where they are re-sorted, crushed and baled, then placed into containers and shipped to waste management partners in the USA. Junk services over 150 customers in Grand Cayman including several Government offices, CUC, Ernst&Young, Health City, The Ritz Carlton, Cracked Conch, Grand Old House, Rum Point Club, Wyndham Reef Resort, The Avalon, George Town Villas, One Capital Place, Cricket Square, St Ignatius, Cayman Prep, Cayman International School, individual 112



residential homes and many more. Contact JUNK on Sales (345) 925 4374, email:, Operations (345) 325 5865 or If you have old electronic equipment, such as computers, keyboards, and cables, E-Waste Cayman Islands Ltd Electronic

(Tel: (345) 916 6467) will collect them and recycle it. Fees to collect electronic waste range from USD$45 to USD$175, depending on the nature of collection. Visit their website for a full list of fees. Recycling

Cleaning Products Environmentally-friendly cleaning products are becoming more common in Cayman’s stores. These green products clean just as well as their harsh chemicalladen counterparts, but are made entirely out of natural ingredients which are non-toxic, free of phosphates, fillers, fragrance, chlorine, dyes and NPE. They are not tested on animals, nor do they contain animal additives. Another added benefit of these green products is that they are far better for the septic tank systems that most homes in Cayman have. Foster’s and Kirk Market lead the market in supplying safe cleaning products. Top Tips for Being Green Small choices can make a difference, so here are some ways you can reduce your impact on the environment:

> > > > > > > > > > > >

Purchase reusable bags to take with you to the grocery store Purchase food and cleaning items in bulk Buy glass food containers and reuse them Invest in high-quality, long-lasting products Take your own reusable containers when you get takeaway food Use your own reusable cups for your daily coffee or smoothie Avoid disposable cutlery Choose eco-friendly cleaning products Avoid toiletries that contain microbeads Swap to non-plastic alternatives e.g. a bamboo toothbrush or a mooncup Avoid products with palm oil Drink Flowers Bottled Water or tap water,

which is perfectly safe, and use refillable bottles. Consider installing a ‘City Water Filter’ from to remove

> > > > > > >

the chlorine from tap water Be mindful of water usage and install a ‘low flow’ shower head to save water Use a drying rack or clothesline to dry clothes, rather than a dryer Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load Set the A/C thermostat at the highest temperature you feel comfortable with Conserve energy by turning off lights, fans and electronic equipment when not in use Use rechargeable batteries Recycle newspapers and towels by taking them to the Humane Society and donate

> > >

magazines to the hospital Recycle old printers and laptops by donating them to schools or charities Return clothes hangers to dry cleaners Take secondhand clothes to the Humane Society, One Dog At A Time or the Red

> >

Cross Share rides, use public transportation, walk or cycle when possible Compost where possible

Being a Green Family In order for your kids to value the importance of recycling, you must lead by example. The more fired-up you are about recycling, the more interested they will likely be about participating. Kids should feel recycling is an exciting way to help protect the Earth! If you plan on making recycling a regular chore for your kids, incentivise it by rewarding them with fun activities such as trips to the beach or park. Take some time when you visit the beach to pick up some trash and help keep Cayman looking beautiful. Household Appliances Clean Gas Ltd. ( S E E A D PAG E S 7 5 & 1 2 4 ) and Home

both provide propane service for residential and commercial customers – the cleanest fuel-based source of energy in Cayman. Both companies offer home delivery for all sizes of propane Gas

(SEE AD PAG E 1 25)



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


tanks and their friendly staff work with customers throughout the whole process of designing, installing and maintaining your propane system. Both companies can also offer propane to power outdoor appliances such as tiki torches, water heaters and grills.

you cool your home much more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems – saving you substantial energy and money.

Please also refer to the Building a Home chapter for more information. Design (Cayman) Limited


Dry Cleaning When you need dry cleaning done on Grand Cayman, Island Cleaners (Tel: (345) 949 5391) and Puritan Cleaners (Tel: (345) 949 7104) are both eco-friendly companies that use environmentally safe dry cleaning products, recycle hangers and offers a same day service, if needed. Fluff ‘N’ Fold (Tel: (345) 943 5833) in Camana Bay also uses energy-efficient equipment, non-toxic chemicals and recycling programmes to reduce their impact on the environment.

125 Owen Roberts Drive, (Hyundai Complex) Tel: (345) 949 2800 Email: At Design (Cayman) Limited, their team knows: “The Art of Building”, a focus that enables clients to feel deeply understood, leading to projects that deliver beyond the commercial to truly bring satisfaction and joy. Serving Cayman for over thirteen years, leaders in innovative and green design and building, Design Cayman services include: Architecture, Interior Design,


Project Management, Development and Master WHEN BUILDING

Planning, BIM - Virtual Design, Renovations

Innovative geothermal and solar technologies are now available in Cayman and are being integrated into residential and commercial properties. In addition, Cayman is one of the countries outside of the USA where LEED – a green building certification programme – for homes is available, thanks to local company GreenTech Group. If you are thinking about designing and building a green home, consider the following steps:

and Additions, ALDM (Architect Led, Design,

1) Find a design-builder who has proven

(ICF), foam flat sheets, steel stud and

Concrete Forms (ICF) such as Fox Blocks which are manufactured here locally, Spray Foam Insulation, low VOC’s materials and finishes, Impact/Insulated windows, Watersense rated plumbing and Energy Star rated appliances; 3) Own your own energy. With the growing demand for alternative energy sources, utilize solar energy in your home from companies like GreenTech Solar, the exclusive dealer for SunPower and Tesla. NCB Group launched its Geothermal cooling division – GeoCayman. As the exclusive distributors of the leading geothermal cooling systems, GeoCayman can help 114


Manage, Build). S E E A D PAG E 2 0 5 Flowers Group 184 Seymour Road, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 623 0000 Email: The Flowers Foam Products division of the Flowers locally including tracks,

experience with green homes in Cayman; 2) Use key building products like Insulated


mile radius of the airport. There are also concerns that their height would interfere with Cayman’s Doppler radar station. Other renewable energy sources proposed include the world’s first ocean thermal energy conversion plant. Concerns surrounding this were that it was not yet commercially proven, and therefore risky, and also that it would not be financially feasible. Solar power currently remains a trusted option for renewable energy.



manufactured Insulated architectural

state-of-the-art, building


Concrete components

custom shapes and signs.

Solar Power Significant improvements are being made in the solar energy industry every year and Cayman is the perfect location to harness the power of the sun. Solar energy can be harvested in two ways: solar photovoltaic (PV), which converts sunlight into electricity and solar thermal, which heats water. The initial costs of purchasing these systems are significant and currently the Government does not offer subsidies as an incentive. But an encouraging point to note however, is that renewable energy equipment such as solar panels are in fact duty-free for residential homeowners. Affordable Solar (Tel: (345) 546 6686) provides a wide range of services and sells energy storage systems, off-grid solar systems and solutions.

Forms and

S EE AD PA G E 208


Fossil fuel costs to power our homes will only continue to rise as supplies dwindle worldwide. Electricity is already costly in the Cayman Islands, and as small Caribbean countries don’t have the bargaining power of larger countries, they will be the hardest hit as oil reserves become more limited. Cayman’s goal of obtaining 25% of its power from renewable resources by 2025 has raised discussion for alternative ways of doing this. 300ft wind turbines have been considered, yet face problems with height restrictions of 250ft anywhere within a 10

Solar Power Storage Although Cayman enjoys over 300 days of sunshine, you will need to consider an alternative source of power should there be no sun. One such option is the Tesla Powerwall battery. These rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are wall mounted and can be stored either outside your home or inside your garage. Tesla Powerwall batteries can help provide financial savings by charging and storing energy. They also assure power in the event of a power outage, instead of having to use a generator. Solar Grid-Tie Systems CUC has an initiative called the Consumer Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) Programme and will purchase alternative energy from approved independent

sources. However, CUC has no plans for the CORE programme to be offered to new customers. New customers will be directed to the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) programme, so if you would like to have solar panels or other renewable energy sources generating electricity for your home or business, CUC will buy that power from you at an unsubsidised rate. For more information, visit customer-service/renewable-energy. Home Energy Storage Systems Intelligent technology can be used to power your home if you need to be off the grid. These compact systems can be easily adaptable to your individual needs. Affordable Solar Tel: (345) 546 6686 Email:

per month on utilities. There is now no more space on the CORE grid to obtain new renewable energy sources. Ofreg, the utilities regulators, say that spaces for new energy sources will not be possible until CUC implement a larger battery system that can hold 20 megawatts of electricity. GreenTech Solar have teamed up with CUC, so that if you invest in their renewable energy, your CORE contract will last 25 years, as will the solar panel products. If you choose to install a SunPower product system with CUC’s new battery system, you will even have electricity when the main grid is down. According to GreenTech, if you install a SunPower 10 KW system with a CORE CUC contract, you will save 800 barrels of oil being produced in 25 years, and reduce your carbon footprint by almost 15 tons per year, or 375 in 25 years. GreenTech Solar


Plastic Free Cayman The Plastic Free Cayman movement continues to grow. This not-for-profit NGO has caught the community’s attention and people are now more than ready to refuse single-use plastic bags, refuse plastic straws, and take reusable water bottles, cups and containers with them to refill and use. They have also launched the 345 Pledge for Individuals, Businesses and Schools, to guide us all in ways to go single-use plastic free. Visit to learn more about the movement and for ways to get involved. They host monthly beach clean-ups, the details for which are on their Facebook page.


Tel: (345) 949 8324 Email: GreenTech provide solar panels and storage solutions, installed by their professional team. Visit their website to get a quote for solar product installation and learn more about the services that they offer. SWIMMING POOLS

As a pool owner there are several steps you can take to help keep your energy bills down:

> Cover it up

A pool cover will reduce heat

loss, water evaporation and chemical consumption by up to 70%. It also helps keep your pool clean.

> Think about the pump A pool filter pump is

the second largest consumer of energy in a home behind your A/C. If you install a twospeed, variable speed or solar powered pump, it will pay for itself very quickly with energy savings.

> Environmentally-friendly


Consider using a chlorine generator, which turns ordinary salt into chlorine and is kinder to the environment and your skin. Use LED lights for lighting.

Earth Day Cleanup An annual event in Cayman, the Earth Day Cleanup draws hundreds of volunteers to collect litter and debris from Cayman’s roadsides and beaches. Visit www. to find out when the 2021 event will take place. The National Trust The National Trust for the Cayman Islands has been protecting the future of Cayman’s heritage and environment since 1987. The Trust is a not-for-profit NGO created to preserve the history and biodiversity of the Cayman Islands. The Trust runs environmental, historic and educational programmes including the Mission House, Blue Iguana Conservation, guided nature walks of the Mastic Trail and volunteer projects. Being a member allows you access to voting privileges at general meetings. Other perks include priority booking on local tours, discounts on local Trust events, and much more. For more information contact ky or visit


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Solar Farms Creating solar farms and possibly wind farms in the Cayman Islands would lessen our dependency on fossil fuels and decrease the $153 million we spend on importing diesel fuel each year. CUC’s Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), which was approved in early 2019, outlines the transition from diesel energy to more renewable sources by 2045. It is predicted that, in the next 20 years, 70% of Cayman’s energy will all come from renewable resources. However, with only around 5% of CUC’s energy currently coming from renewable sources, to reach the 25% mark by 2025 they need to get building and fast. Swapping to renewable energy may be difficult if programme capacities are full, as well as the Bodden Town 5 MW solar farm hitting its 17 MW threshold for renewable energy allocation. The Jasmine palliative and hospicecare facility were donated a 10 KW solar system in 2020. The electricity generated from these panels are given to CUC’s distribution, allowing for a more sustainable way of using renewable energy. Jasmine now saves approximately CI$450

To find out more about swimming pools, contact Oasis Pool & Spa (Tel: (345) 945 7665 or visit or Pool Patrol (Tel: (345) 949 8543 or visit

Settling In Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images, Charles Grover and Rebecca Davidson

Opening a bank account, getting telephone service and internet access, connecting your utilities and organising your pension and insurance.



Money & Banking - Opening a Personal Bank Account - Online Banking, ATMs & Cheque Books - Money Transfer Services

116 116 118 118

Communications - Telephone Services - Mobile Services - Internet At Home - Internet Providers

120 120 121 122 122



Utilities - Electricity - Gas - Household - Petrol & Diesel - Water

125 125 126 126 127

Insurance - Health Insurance - Home Insurance - Insurance Providers - Life Insurance

129 129 129 130 132

Pensions - Private Pensions & Pension Providers - Public Service Pensions

132 132 133


Opening a Personal Bank Account All banks in the Cayman Islands adhere to mandatory due-diligence requirements and will perform fairly extensive checks before opening an account for you to ensure that you are thoroughly legitimate and that no money will be laundered. Non-residents can open bank accounts in Cayman without visiting the Islands (not all banks offer this service), but they must submit multiple certified documents to prove their identity, a current overseas address, the source of funds and bank references. Local banks will often want a legitimate rationale for opening an account for an overseas resident. It is worth noting that a US citizen who has opened an account in the Cayman Islands will still need to declare the account to the Department of Treasury in the US, and declare any income earned on that account to the International Revenue Service (IRS). In order to open a bank account, banks will request some or all of the following information: >

A reference from your current bank, addressed to the bank in the Cayman Islands. This document must include how long you have banked with your home bank, the average balance maintained, and the manner in which your account has been conducted. If the applicant has not had a bank account for at least three years, a professional reference addressed to the bank is required. The letter must be the original copy and, if a husband and wife are sharing an account, they




Right at home, by .



> >




both must be referenced in the letter. If you

Cayman National Bank Ltd.

Branches & Banking Hours: Cayman Financial

are moving from another country, it is much

PO Box 1097, Grand Cayman KY1-1102

Centre, Dr. Roy’s Drive (GT), Monday-Friday

easier to get this letter organised before

Tel: (345) 949 4655

9am-4.30pm; Fidelity Financial Centre (SMB),

you leave your home country and bring it


Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.

with you.



Branches & Banking Hours: Camana Bay

accounts, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid

documentation, i.e. job letter if source is

(SMB), Cayman Brac, Centennial Towers (WB),

cards, online banking, teller services, ATMs,

salary or rental agreement if source is rental

Countryside Shopping Village (Savannah), Elgin

currency exchange, wire transfers, bank drafts,


Ave (GT), Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday

utility bill payments and loans.

If you are coming here to work, then a

9am-4.30pm; Little Cayman, Mondays and

letter from your Cayman employer stating

Thursdays 9am–11.30am & 12pm-2.30pm.

RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited

the commencement of employment, the

Branch Services: Chequing, savings and fixed

PO Box 245, Grand Cayman KY1-1104

amount you will earn and your position in

deposit accounts, credit and debit cards, online

Tel: (345) 949 4600

the company.

banking, largest ATM network Island-wide,

A recent utility bill (less than 3 months old)

loans, mortgage services, currency exchange,

Branches & Banking Hours: 24 Shedden Road

as proof of address.

wire transfers, electronic funds transfer,

(GT), Monday-Friday 9am-3pm; Red Bay

Valid forms of identification such as your

travellers cheques cashing, bank drafts,

Branch, 53 Shamrock Road (next to Grand

driver’s licence and passport (they will

letters of credit, utility bill payments, Saturday

Harbour), Monday-Friday 11am-6pm.

photocopy your documents).

banking, safety deposit boxes (sizes vary














depending on Customer Service Centre, subject

Scotiabank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd.

phone number, nationality, date of birth,

to availability), standing orders, customised

Scotia Centre, 18 Forum Lane, Camana Bay

occupation and name and address of your

credit solutions such as mortgages, loans,

PO Box 689, Grand Cayman KY1-1107


domestic and international premier banking at

Tel: (345) 949 7666

Camana Bay location, merchant services and

night deposit facilities.

Branches & Banking Hours: Camana Bay (SMB)

Other services offered by the Cayman National

Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm and Friday 9am-

Opening a Business Bank Account Refer to the Running a Business chapter.

Group: Alternative investment funds, family

4.30pm; and South Sound (across from Grand

Local Banks


Harbour), Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Limited

advisory services and discretionary asset

12 Albert Panton Street, George Town

management solutions.

PO Box 705, Grand Cayman KY1-1107

& PAG E 46





Tel: (345) 949 7055 Email:

CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank

PO Box 68, Grand Cayman KY1-1102

Branches & Banking Hours: Butterfield Place

Tel: (345) 949 7300

Banking Centre (GT), Monday-Thursday 9am-

4pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm; Midtown Plaza

Branches & Banking Hours: Monday-Thursday

Banking Centre (GT), Monday-Friday 9am-

9am-4pm and Friday 9am-4.30pm

4pm; Camana Bay Banking Centre (SMB),

Branch Services: Vehicle loans, mortgages,

Monday-Friday 9am-4pm; Governors Square

chequing and savings accounts, credit and

Banking Centre (SMB), Monday-Friday 9am-

debit cards, currency exchange, wire transfers,

4pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.

bank drafts, utility bill payments, teller services,

Banking Centre Services: Accounts, online

online banking, mobile banking, telephone

banking, ATMs, credit and debit cards, currency

banking, ATMs, loans and transfers.

exchange, wire transfers, bank drafts, utility

SE E AD PAG E S 44 & 120

bill payments, night deposit facilities, safety deposit boxes, standing orders, Saturday

Fidelity Bank (Cayman) Ltd.

banking, mortgage services and loans.

PO Box 914, Grand Cayman KY1-1103

Other Services Offered: Credit references,

Tel: (345) 949 7822

trust services, private banking and investment


management. SE E AD PAG E S 57 & 117




Online Banking, ATMs & Cheque Books All the banks on-Island offer online banking, but some are definitely more user-friendly than others. If online banking is important to you, it is worth asking about each bank’s online capabilities. All banks allow you to pay almost all your monthly bills online. ATM machines are available at most bank branches and all supermarkets. If you use your own bank’s ATM you will not be charged a withdrawal fee (other than Government’s 25 stamp duty charge for every withdrawal). The charge to use another bank’s ATM is CI$2.40-CI$3 depending on the bank, for each withdrawal. If you need a cheque book on your personal bank account, make sure to ask the prospective bank if they offer this service, as some do not. Money Transfer Services Due to the number of foreign nationals in

While some doors close, Online is always open.

You never need to be at a loss when it comes to managing your banking. With Cayman National’s highly trusted online banking you can keep your financial world going around the clock, from around the world. You really can bank on our online service. Get started today, at­banking PERSONAL BANKING | BUSINESS BANKING | FIDUCIARY & INVESTMENT SERVICES | FUND SERVICES

A subsidiary of

the Cayman Islands, there are numerous money transfer companies on the Island including: MoneyGram, JN Money transfer and Western Union. Money transfer companies accept both US and CI dollars. MoneyGram

MoneyGram has eight locations on Grand Cayman and two on Cayman Brac. It offers a fast and secure way to send money. Tel: (345) 945 5616. Western Union


Western Union is located in the four Foster’s Supermarkets in Grand Cayman and L M Superstore in Cayman Brac. It’s a quick and reliable way to send or receive money.



Cayman’s sophisticated tourism and financial industries have ensured that telecommunications are as advanced as those you would find in any developed




country. There are plenty of options for mobile and residential phone services, and high speed internet connections, both via fixed lines and through mobile data, are available across all three islands. In 2016 amendments to the Information and Communications Technology Authority Law gave regulators the power to fine phone, TV and internet providers up to $50,000 for violations to their licenses, such as not providing internet speeds that are advertised to customers. This has been great for consumers as it ensures reliability. Choosing the right provider will depend both on the services available in your area and your personal usage. Bundled options from the same provider can result in significant discounts. It is worth noting, however, that due to the small population of the Islands, the cost of broadband, residential and mobile phone services tend to be quite a bit higher than in Europe and North America.

TELEPHONE SERVICES Every provider in the Cayman Islands must be able to provide local and long distance telephone services. All the mobile phone providers offer an International Direct Dialling service and depending on your plan rate, prices are often comparable to those for fixed lines. Mobile phone service options are varied and there are choices to suit any need, including voice, mobile data, text messaging and voicemail. The mobile providers in the Cayman Islands are Digicel and FLOW. Internet services are available from all four providers: Logic, FLOW, Digicel and C3. High speed fibre optic cables and networks are increasing in availability, with Logic, FLOW and C3 providing even higher internet speeds to homes in Grand Cayman than previously possible. Standalone and bundled internet and VoIP options are available, and in some instances discounts are offered for taking more than one service. Residential phone service choices are

internet speeds are as fast as you will find anywhere in the world. The MyFLOW and MyDigicel apps enable customers to view and pay their bills with postpaid, or top up credit with prepaid phones, as well as activate a number of addon plans, such as reduced international calling rates, roaming and data plans.

Overview of Local & Long Distance Telephone Services Logic and C3 Pure Fibre offer phone services which allow users to make calls at home using an internet connection rather than traditional fixed lines. Logic’s Chatterbox service works with any internet provider and gives you unlimited international calls for a fixed monthly fee. Several monthly plans are available, depending on which countries you call the most. For those who want family or friends to be able to call them in Cayman without having to pay for overseas calls, the Chatterbox International Numbers mean Cayman residents can be reached on a US/ UK/other country number. C3 Pure Fibre offers home phone services over their fibre network, rather than over traditional fixed lines. FLOW provides consumers with residential phones that use fixed landlines. They offer three home phone plans: Residential, Home 500 and Home 800. All three packages have a monthly line rental charge with the difference occurring in free local call minutes and discounts on international calls.

Prepaid Mobile Services The advantage of prepaid mobile phones is that there is no contract, no monthly fee and no deposit required. Prepaid SIM cards can be purchased from Digicel and FLOW stores, as well as from other retailers, such as supermarkets and gas stations. If you have an unlocked phone, all you need to do is purchase the SIM card, put it in your phone, add calling credit with a plan and start calling. Credit can be added (also known as topping up) at the same locations, as well as at some ATMs, online and through the mobile service providers’ apps. The disadvantage of prepaid phones is that the per minute rates are higher than for postpaid plans. Local calls cost 20 to 45 cents per minute depending on the time of day and on whether you are calling numbers within your network, or fixed and mobile numbers outside the network. You may purchase calling plans for prepaid to save on regular calling rates. The prepaid credit can be used for making calls, using mobile data or for texting. You will get better value by purchasing data, text and calling plans.

MOBILE SERVICES Two mobile service providers operate in the Cayman Islands: Digicel and FLOW. Both companies offer prepaid options (or pay-as-you-go top up and plans), as well as postpaid plans (billed per month). Plans typically include voice calls and text messaging, and most also include a certain amount of international calls (anywhere minutes) and data allowance. Most residents have Android or iOS smartphone devices. FLOW and Digicel both use 4G LTE technology – so mobile

Postpaid Mobile Services You will usually be required to sign a contract for 12 or 24 months with a postpaid plan. These are easy to set up – you just need to take along ID, a proof of address, and a deposit – and there is a choice of plans allowing customers to choose the one that best fits their needs. Postpaid plans are paid monthly and start at around CI$100 at FLOW and CI$60 at Digicel, and both include a basic allocation of minutes, text messages and data allowance.

Contracts often include a discount on handsets and the cost of the phone can usually be spread out over the course of the contract. As there is no such thing as credit rating systems in the Cayman Islands, you will need to put down a deposit, typically CI$100-CI$200, if you choose a postpaid plan. FLOW currently offers three plans: Essential, Plus and Max. All plans come with a bundle for local voice minutes with the variation occuring in the bundled data allowance. Calls can be made to international destinations at a price per minute or can be bought as a bundle for a much lower cost. Digicel offers several postpaid plans, available on a 12 month contract. All the plans include an allocation of Anywhere Minutes, Unlimited Digicel to Digicel calls and SMS, plus varying data allowances, all of which come with Unlimited Rollover, meaning you never lose what you’ve paid for. Handsets It is worth noting that if you bring a mobile phone with you from overseas when you move to Cayman, it will not necessarily work here. It all depends on the frequency used: Cayman mobile providers use GSM, HSPA and LTE technology. It is a good idea to check with your provider prior to moving to find out if your phone will be compatible, if you are free of contract obligations, and if your phone is unlocked.

Dialling Codes To the Cayman Islands From the UK: 001 + 345 + number From the USA: 1 + 345 + number

From the Cayman Islands To the Caribbean: 1 + Country Code + number To the USA & Canada: 1 + Area Code + number To the UK: 011 + 44 + number Rest of the world: 011 + Country Code + number


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




plenty with installation times varying from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks depending on the company and the type of service you choose. If you are building a home in a newly developed area and want a fixed line installed, check directly with your provider to confirm the expected time of installation.



As a general rule, European phones will use the same frequency, but phones from CDMA carriers in the US and Canada will not. Mobile phones can be unlocked locally at Cellular World, in the Bay Town Plaza, opposite The Wharf Restaurant on West Bay Road. They can also repair mobile phones and replace cracked screens on iPads. For more information call them on (345) 943 2355 or email: repairs@cellshop. ky. FLOW and Digicel sell a wide range of new handsets, some of which will be discounted or even free, depending on the plan you choose. Purchasing a handset from one of the mobile providers on-Island is much more advisable as their selection of phones are set up to work best on the networks here, and you will get a warranty and access to authorised repair services. Roaming All mobile phone providers offer worldwide roaming, so that you can make and receive calls while travelling on your Cayman number. These calls fall outside your monthly plan allocation, meaning that you will be billed at much higher rates than at home for both outgoing and incoming calls and text messages, as overseas network charge higher rates for visiting users. To enable frequent (and not so frequent) travellers to keep using their phones abroad without breaking the bank, both FLOW and Digicel offer roaming plans and bundles starting at CI$15. Roaming bundles give customers free incoming calls and texts, and an allowance of data and minutes to use while roaming. These can be activated just before departure, and are usually valid for three days, seven days or a 30 day bundle. Check with your provider which countries are covered by their roaming plans, as these vary. Roaming plans are also available for prepaid phones but you will first need to ensure you have topped up with sufficient credit to be able to activate these.




INTERNET AT HOME Logic, FLOW, Digicel and C3 all offer home-based internet plans with unlimited usage. Generally the upload speeds offered by all four providers are very high. The higher the upload speed, the better the performance for playing data consumption online games and streaming online content. Logic offers download speeds as high as 500Mbps. Fibre optic installation is on-going, so how far the different fibre optic networks extend is constantly changing. Research what kind of coverage each provider has in your area. Fibre Optic (+TV) Logic, FLOW and C3 have all been busy over the past two years installing fibre optic cables so much of the Island can enjoy consistent superfast broadband speeds. As fibre optic cables allow such consistently fast download speeds, all three providers offering fibre optic broadband now also offer TV packages. The choice of channels will vary according to the provider but is generally based on US programming with add-on packages available for those who may want specific channels such as Hispanic, Filipino, sports or movies (see TV section for more information). Purchasing Internet and TV as a bundle will often be more economical than purchasing the two separately. Internet Providers At the time of writing, Logic’s fibre optic network is available in West Bay, Seven Mile Beach area, George Town, South Sound, Prospect, Savannah and Bodden Town. Logic hopes to have extended to cover the whole of Grand Cayman in the near future. Logic has recently increased their speeds to offer 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200 and 500mbps of fiber optic plans where available. Residential plans start from CI$65 per month, up to CI$255 with no contract. Logic TV, with anywhere from 25 to 144 channels, plus the ability to add on packages, is also available in fibre areas. Elsewhere, traditional cable TV is offered, with up to 53 channels. Logic customers

signing up for both fibre TV and internet, during the promotional period, will not pay an installation fee. Installation takes approximately 5-10 days. FLOW has replaced much of their copper wires across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac with fibre optic. Packages are offered to suit different needs and household sizes, from 10Mbps to 200Mbps. FLOW’s superfast broadband customers can access a range of FLOW TV packages, plus choose additional channels and enjoy HD entertainment. TV packages include US and Latin American programming plus Video on Demand content. You can receive a free demo online at or by visiting a FLOW retail store. C3 Pure Fibre offers a selection of fibre optic-based services. C3 Pure Fibre serves both residential and business customers with WiFi internet, TV, phone and IP services. Standalone Internet packages range from 25Mbps to 300Mbps. Internet and TV bundles allow high capacity streaming and high-speed internet. For more information visit or call (345) 333 3333. Digicel broadband for business and residential customers is available through their LTE network, offering internet of up to 12Mbps across all three Islands. The Digicel LTE Home Broadband is a ‘Plug and Play’ product meaning there is no installation required. There is no need for a fixed line. You can sign up on a fixed term contract and get the wireless modem for free. Or purchase the modem and activate a plan on pay as you go. Internet on the Go It’s very easy to stay connected while on the move in Cayman. Depending on your phone, you may be able to create a hotspot through which other devices can connect to the Internet using your phone’s mobile data. Although the 4G LTE technology means connecting is fast, it can become an expensive option.

Providers’ Contact Details

Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Bay Town Plaza, West Bay Road

C3 Pure Fibre

> Countryside Shopping Village. Monday-

Tel: (345) 943 2355

409 Walkers Road, George Town. Monday-

Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm

Cellular World can repair and unlock many

Friday 9am-4pm, Saturdays 9am-1pm

> Stake Bay, Cayman Brac. Monday-Thursday

brands of mobile phone and tablets.

Customer Service: (345) 333 3333

9am-4.30pm, Friday 9am-4pm

Help Desk: (345) 333 3325

To make an appointment to visit Customer


Email:, or

Care, call (345) 949 7800

Bayshore Mall, 31 South Church Street, GT

Customer Service Email:

Tel: (345) 928 3696 or

Main Office: (345) 949 7800

Offers repairs for most models of phones, tablets and digital watches from Apple,

Digicel Retail Stores


> 45 Market Street, Camana Bay.

> Governors Square, West Bay Road. Monday-

Samsung, Google Pixel and Alcatel.

Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm

> Waterfront, 72 North Church Street, George

> Logic Main Retail Centre (off Eastern Avenue,

Town. Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

behind Rankin’s plaza), George Town. Monday-

> Countryside Shopping Village. Monday-

Friday 8.30am-5.30pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

Tel: (345) 745 5555

> Corporate office: Cayman Technology Center,

Customer Support Line: Monday-Thursday

115 Printer Way. Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm


Corporate office: (345) 623 3444

Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 11am-3pm

Customer Care from Digicel mobile: 100

Email: or

Business Customers: (345) 623 2499

FLOW’s Retail Locations:

Phone Repairs

> Galleria Plaza, West Bay Road. Monday-

Cellular World





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745.5555 |


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Local residents can enjoy international programming through cable, satellite and broadband. There are also three free local over-the-air TV stations which can be received in all households as long as the TV has an antenna. These are: Trinity Broadcast Network (channel 21 and Logic TV); CIGTV, the government channel (channel 23 and Logic TV) and the Seventh Day Adventist Network (channel 30 and Logic TV). Streaming services are growing more

popular as an alternative to cable TV. There are a wide variety to choose from, however not all are available to stream on-Island. Netflix remains the most popular. Users have access to hundreds of shows, movies and documentaries, and more are added each month. There are three-membership plans to choose from, determined by how many devices can stream at the same time. UKTV Everywhere offers Cayman Anglophiles their dream: a subscriptionbased service that streams live British TV feeds anywhere. Users purchase a set-top box for US$159 and then choose from a variety of subscription tiers, starting at US$25 a month.



Television Service Three companies (Logic, FLOW and C3) provide TV programming to the Island. Logic also has a cable TV service and Dish Direct TV provides Satellite TV. Logic TV offers TV services through high-speed fibre optic cables where these are available. If fibre optic cables are not

available, then a wireless cable TV service is available. Logic Fibre Optic TV: Four tiers of packages are available starting at CI$39 per month all the way up to CI$125, and include a number of HD channels. Add-ons for HBO, MAX and sports channels can also be purchased. Installation fees are waived when purchasing internet and TV as a bundle, or upgrading from cable TV to fibre TV and adding internet. Set-up includes one set top box. In households with multiple TVs, additional set top boxes can be rented for CI$12 per month. If additional set top boxes are requested after the initial installation is complete, there is a CI$50 installation fee per set top box. A Whole Home DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is also available for an additional CI$16 per month. Only one device is required per household, but it enables you to watch, pause and rewind live TV and record shows at different times on different TVs. Logic TV also offers free Video On Demand.

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Logic Wireless Cables TV: In areas where Logic does not have fibre optic services, a wireless cable TV service is available. Cable customers will have individual receiving antennas at their home. Installation is CI$99 and includes one cable box, but you can order extra boxes when you sign up. Three tiers of cable packages are available, priced from CI$39 to CI$72 per month. All include 50 music channels and eight radio stations. Various add-on channels can be purchased for any of the packages. A Logic DVR which allows you to pause, rewind, fast forward and record shows is also available for CI$16 per month. Customers can bundle their TV, internet and phone plans and save up to 10%. For more information on all Logic TV services and packages call (345) 745 5555 or visit FLOW TV works with broadband and a FLOW supplied set top box. Customers choose between four monthly base packages offering a range of channels at differing price structures, or you can customise your channel lineup. Packages start at CI$40 per month. C3 Pure Fibre provides TV, either as a standalone service or bundled with Internet, via their fibre optic network. C3 offers four levels of TV packages. C3 TV requires no installation fee when bundled with internet, no contracts and no hidden fees. TV packages can be bundled with internet for additional savings. Bundles start at CI$106 per month.

Satellite supplies satellite TV services, Sling TV and DirectNOW Broadband Internet TV, as well as a range of international and special interest programmes. TV Programming packages start from CI$42.99 per month. The price for programming depends on the selection of channels you want. They are located in the BrandSource Centre, 209 Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park. Tel: (345) 949 4000 or email: Dish Direct TV Water heaters

A tankless water heater saves up to $1,200 in annual energy costs over electric models.

Stoves and ovens

All-gas homes are valued up to 5% higher than allelectric homes in all markets, ESPECIALLY here in Cayman where energy costs are high.

Clothes dryers

A propane-powered dryer works faster, saves 30% in energy costs annually, and is gentler on clothing by using moist hot air.



Propane grills give instant onoff convenience and precision temperature control. Keep the heat outdoors, and save hundreds on indoor cooling.

Composite cylinders

Light and see-through, composite tanks last 12 years as opposed to metal tanks, which need to be recertified every 5 years to ensure they are safe to use.

Flame lighting/Tiki torches

Propane-powered outdoor lighting and accessories burn odorless, are energy efficient and provide added safety during a power outage.



Pool and spa heaters

Save money and cut carbon emissions by heating pools and spas with propane, which has faster temperature recovery times than its electric counterparts.

Lawn mowers

Propane-fueled equipment runs cleaner than gasoline or diesel, with up to 86% fewer emissions, and 30% to 50% savings in operational costs.


The required security deposit for electricity on existing accounts is calculated based on the average historical usage of 45 days of consumption. Deposits for new residential homes/condos are calculated based on square footage and number of bedrooms. Grand Cayman runs on a 120 volt electricity system with three-pin plugs. However, the outlets are designed to accommodate a two-pin American plug (see picture below). Monthly electricity bills will vary depending on the size of your house/condo/ apartment, your lifestyle, how often you run your air conditioning, the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, the age of the property and how well the property is insulated, among other factors. It is important to note that the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit can make a big difference in kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption and your monthly electric bill. The lower the SEER, the more power will be consumed. A SEER of

12 for example, will consume more than a SEER of 14 or higher. Getting your air conditioning units serviced regularly will ultimately save money. The base cost of electricity did not fluctuate in 2020 due to COVID-19. As of June 1st, 2019 it was CI$0.1087 per kWh for residential customers with a monthly facility charge fee of CI$5.46 and a regulatory and licencing fee of CI$0.0125 per kWh, which applies only to usage over 1,000 kWh per month. However, if you factor in the fuel and fuel duty surcharges, the cost per kWh is approximately CI$0.2469. The Government duty on fuel is CI$0.25 per imperial gallon. The fuel cost fluctuates with the global price of oil and the cost of fuel is passed down to the consumer after a two-month lag. To put it all into perspective, usage of 1,000 kWh per month would cost approximately CI$252.33 and usage of 1,500 kWh would cost CI$382.01 (based on the June 2019 rate). The cost of electricity is the same island-wide and does

Cayman’s Propane Powered Home How Propane can fuel the demands of today’s high performance house, whilst conserving energy, saving money and the environment.

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490 Walkers Road • PO Box 291 • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1104 • • 345.949.7474


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Electricity Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (CUC) is the sole provider of electricity to Grand Cayman. To obtain electricity service, property owners are required to complete and sign an application for electrical service, pay a deposit, show proof of ownership and a photo ID. Tenants are required to complete and sign an application for electrical service, pay a deposit, provide a signed rental agreement or lease and submit a photo ID. Applications should be submitted via e-mail, alternatively hard copies of documents may be submitted by way of the customer drop box at CUC’s Administration Building on North Sound Road. Customer service forms can be downloaded from the Company’s website at CUC’s Customer Service Centre is located at the Company’s Administration Building and is available for inquiries only. All other business should be conducted by telephone or e-mail.

not fluctuate depending on the time of day. Bill payments are not accepted at the Customer Service Centre, but details on the numerous payment methods are listed under “Payment Methods” on the Company’s website. Caribbean Utilities Company Ltd. (CUC) > Administration Building: 457 North Sound Road Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Customer Service Centre (Administration Building): Monday-Friday 8.30am-4pm > Customer Service Centre: Caribbean Plaza, West Bay Road Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8.30am-4pm PO Box 38, Grand Cayman KY1-1101


Tel: (345) 949 5200 Fax: (345) 945 1218 24-hour Fault Reporting: (345) 945 1282


Email: service@cuc.kyor

Cayman’s Electrical Plug

Gas - Household Gas is a safe and efficient energy solution for powering your home appliances. Propane is a non-toxic gas that provides a greener and more economical alternative for a wide range of appliances. By using propane, you can save up to 40% on your energy bill and reduce your carbon emissions by 85%. The 20lb cylinders used for barbecuing can be found at almost every gas station in Cayman, where you can buy a new filled cylinder or swap an empty used cylinder for a full one. Various gas companies around the island allow customers to have their own cylinders filled at a fraction of the cost of exchange. Bulk delivery can be utilised by installing a larger on-site tank either in the ground or a tall 100lb cylinder. Many houses in Cayman have an underground refillable propane tank in their garden or one standing alongside an exterior wall and the gas is then piped into the house. The size options for the tank vary depending on the amount, quantity and type of appliances being used. Gas prices may vary and are subject to change based on the procurement costs. The price has remained quite stable and hasn’t seen an increase in several years, but rather has seen several decreases since the market place has grown. In addition to cost and energy savings, another benefit is that many of your propane appliances can still be used even in the event of a power outage. If you would like a free consultation to determine the energy savings your home or company can achieve by switching to propane, call either Clean Gas or Home Gas. Clean Gas 277 Sparky Drive, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 233 4427 Email: Clean Gas provides propane service for both residential and commercial customers. They offer home delivery for all sizes of propane tanks from 20lb to over 2000 gallons. Their

Cayman’s Electrical Outlet 126


friendly staff work with customers throughout


the whole process of designing, installing and maintaining your propane system. Clean Gas also offers propane for indoor and outdoor living. Clean Gas is a NPGA member and has CETP certified technicians, providing the highest quality of service to their customers. Same day delivery and emergency after hours services available. Opening hours are MondayFriday 7am-5pm and Saturday 7.30am12.30pm. SE E AD PAG E S 75 & 124

Home Gas Ltd. Walkers Road Plant, 490 Walkers Road, GT Tel: (345) 949 7474 Home Gas supplies propane gas for residential and commercial use. Offering a full-360 service operation from installation to maintenance and repairs as well as gas supply and delivery. Home Gas also offers appliances, including water heaters, cooking stoves / ovens, dryers, generators, outdoor fire features, tiki torches and more. Their services are available on all three Islands. SE E AD PAG E 125

Petrol & Diesel The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (‘OfReg’) of the Cayman Islands confirms that there are 11 Rubis and 11 Esso (SOL) petrol stations in the Cayman Islands, all with attached convenience stores. There is only one independent retail station know as Refuel, located on Grand Cayman, which markets ethanol blended gasoline and biodiesel blended fuels. As of July 2020, the average full-service price for premium, regular and diesel fuel were CI$4.25, CI$3.85 and CI$3.87 respectively, although prices vary from one station to another. Self-service petrol prices are typically 5¢ less than full-serve prices. At the time of going to press, the cost of premium petrol in Florida was in the region of US$2.10 per US gallon (3.785 litres) or CI$1.75. The average price of a litre of fuel in the UK is around £1.13 for petrol and £1.18 for diesel per litre. Weekly prices for retail fuel across the Islands are posted on OfReg’s website: www. The (import) duty component of

of the fuel. It is specifically formulated for marine engines but works very well on automobiles as well. Cayman Islands Law states that all fuel stations must display their fuel prices in CI dollars and imperial gallons, except at Marinas where CI dollars per US gallon (which is approximately 20% less per volume than imperial gallons) is allowed. Make sure that you are being charged appropriately. Water (Tel: (345) 945 4277) and (Tel: (345) 949 2837) supply Grand Cayman with quality water. In the case of both companies, water is extracted from deep underground via a series of abstraction wells. The water that is extracted is saline groundwater that has to be treated using Reverse Osmosis. This process, with the addition of three fluoridefree chemicals, makes the water safe to drink straight from the tap. All chemicals added to the water are NSF International (formerly National Sanitation Foundation) Cayman Water

Water Authority - Cayman

approved for potable water use. Cayman Water serves the Seven Mile Beach and West Bay areas, while the Water Authority serves the rest of Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac (piped and trucked water). Currently piped water is only available to customers on the western end of the Island, the remainder is served by water trucks. The Authority will continue to expand its network in Cayman Brac, with a new Bluff Water Works facility. Both companies require you to fill out an application, present your Land Registry form for proof of ownership and pay a non-refundable connection fee that varies according to the size of your water meter. Please note that both companies only allow property owners (not renters) to apply for water service. If you are a tenant, please arrange with your landlord to receive duplicate billing. Always be sure to inspect your home regularly for dripping taps and “phantom flushing” toilets to avoid an unexpectedly high water bill. If you suspect a leak,


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




gasoline is 75¢ per imperial gallon and 85¢ for diesel. The quality of gasoline sold in Cayman is equivalent to a mid-grade unleaded (octane level 89) and a super premium unleaded (octane level 93) often sold in the US. Some high performance cars will experience problems if they are not run on the highest octane fuel available. Refuel has introduced E10, a type of renewable gasoline containing 10% ethanol which reduces emissions while naturally boosting octane levels. E10 is sold at octane levels 87, 90 and 93. They also stock 2 grades of Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel B5 (up to 5% biodiesel) and B20 (20% biodiesel) which have similar emissions-reducing effect and high cetane levels. These fuels, which are used throughout the US and the UK, are compatible with most cars. Check your car’s owner’s manual to be sure. Scotts Landing at the Barcadere Marina sells diesel and gasoline to cars and boats. They add a high performance fuel additive called ValvTect which increases the quality



please contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible. At Cayman Water, in 2020, the first 3,000 US gallons for a residential customer will be charged at CI$18.98/1000 gal. Anything above that will cost CI$22.77/1000 gal. An energy adjustment factor surcharge is applied each month that varies according to the cost of electricity. Monthly meter charges also vary depending on the size of the meter, from CI$3.50 to CI$40 for meter sizes ranging from 5/8” to 6”. Cayman Water’s website provides additional information to customers, such as current water quality data and answers to frequently asked questions (www. At Water Authority - Cayman, the first 12 cubic meters (m³) (approximately 3,200 US gallons) will be charged CI$4.56/m³. Anything above that will cost CI$5.79/m³. In addition, there is also an Energy Adjustment Factor charge (which varies monthly and covers the fluctuations in the cost of electricity to

produce the desalinated water). Monthly meter charges also vary depending on the size of the meter, from CI$5.00 to CI$58 for meter sizes ranging from 20mm to 150mm. The Authority’s website ( allows property owners to register for an online account. While the Authority offers a variety of payment methods, anyone can pay their bill online at the Authority’s website regardless of whether they have an online account or not. It also provides information on outages, tips on saving water, water and sewage application forms, meter reading request forms and online fault reporting. For emergencies outside of business hours, please call (345) 946 4357.

Filter’ from Ion Faucet removes all the chlorine that is put in desalinated water and you can add a remineralising filter to put minerals back in which desalinated water does not have. See Flowers Bottled Water 172 Seymour Drive, Industrial Park, GT Tel: (345) 949 8688 Email: They sell purified, chlorine-free water in fivegallon BPA-free bottles. They deliver to homes and offices or you can pick up five-gallon bottles from convenience stores and petrol stations Island-wide.

Bulk Water Flowers Block 184 Seymour Drive, Industrial Park, GT

Bottled Water Locally bottled water is clean, affordable, and tastes good. It can be found in grocery stores and petrol stations. Alternatively, you can install an under-the-sink well-water/ city-water filter system. The ‘City Water

Tel: (345) 623 0000 Email: Offers bulk water for those who need their cisterns filled. They also provide pool water. SE E AD PAG E 208

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Massy United Insurance Ltd. Cayman Technology Centre 115 Printer Way, George Town T: 743-1900





Cayman has a wealth of insurance companies that can provide cover for your home, car, life, health, property, contents, liability and much more. Car Insurance Refer to the Transportation chapter for more information and page 130 in this chapter for insurance providers.

Home Insurance The average cost of annual house insurance is based upon a percentage of the property value and generally, includes liability insurance. Waterfront properties may attract higher insurance rates depending on

the value of the property, their proximity to the water, storm-protection features, and height above sea level. If your property is part of a strata corporation, the building must be insured in the name of the strata. Each owner then pays a portion, usually based on square-footage, which is often included in the monthly strata fees. The Cayman Islands Government charges a flat rate of CI$12 Stamp Duty on all insurance policies, plus an additional Stamp Duty fee of 2% of the premium for policies covering immovable property. This means that if you purchase or renew an existing policy on your home and the premium for the house is/was CI$5,000, you would pay Stamp Duty of CI$112 (2% of CI$5k plus CI$12). The fee is due in full at policy inception and does not go to the insurance companies. Shop around for an insurance rate to suit your needs. Contents Insurance Budget for about CI$500 per CI$35,000 of coverage. If you are renting a property,

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Cayman Insurance Centre LTD. Insurance Brokers

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GRAND CAYMAN (345) 949-4657 (345) 949-8137 CAYMAN BRAC (345) 948-1382 (345) 948-1380

www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Health Insurance Under the law, all residents of the Cayman Islands must have health insurance, and all employers are obligated to ensure that their employees, their unemployed spouse and dependent children residing on-Island are also covered. The options for coverage range from the basic SHIC plan (Standard Health Insurance Contract), to premium plans which cover everything and cost a lot more. The law states that the employer must cover at least 50% of the cost of the basic SHIC plan but they are not obligated to cover any of the costs of your unemployed spouse or children. Therefore knowing how much your health insurance deduction will be each month is crucial to working out if you can afford to live here. The basic SHIC plan is not expensive: the cost for an individual is in the region of CI$150-CI$167 per month, for a couple it is CI$300-CI$372 and for a family it is CI$465-CI$508. If you would like to add dental and vision coverage then that costs approximately CI$30 more per month per individual. However, the benefits are fairly basic, so make sure to ask for a breakdown from your company. Most companies will also offer an enhanced or premium plan as an option, but the cost for this can be in the region of CI$400-CI$800 per individual per month, CI$1600 per couple per month and well over CI$2000 for a family. Make sure to ask how much of this you will be expected to pay. Health insurance rates depend on the size of the group, the age of the employees, if there are any pre-existing conditions and whether it is a standard or premium plan. Rates will increase each

year if there are any major claims. The good news is that premium plans always offer global coverage and the benefits are very extensive. The basic SHIC plan only provides on-Island care, and will only offer overseas care when treatment is not available in Cayman. The cover for dental, prescriptions, out-patient doctor’s visits or diagnostic procedures is also limited. If you have to find your own health insurance policy consider using a broker to see which insurance plan would work best for you. They don’t charge and they do all the leg work. Your doctor or dentist may also have some valuable advice as well. For more information, and to see a list of health insurance providers and brokers, please see the Health & Wellness chapter.

When it comes to your health and the safety and security of your family, choose Cayman First for everything that’s valuable to you. ‘First’ is more than our name; it’s our nature. Talk to us about Property & Casualty and Health insurance solutions to protect the things that matter most.


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your landlord may have insurance to cover the contents provided in your unit, but anything belonging to you needs to be covered by your own policy. The risk of theft in Cayman is relatively low, however, due to the chance of flooding and hurricane damage, insurance is recommended. Insurance companies suggest you make a list of all your home contents and personal possessions, including relevant serial numbers, and the current replacement cost for each article. This will ensure you do not inadvertently under-insure your contents. The consequences of underinsuring your contents are simple: if the insurance company finds you have insured your contents for CI$10,000 when they are really worth CI$20,000, and your loss is CI$5,000, then they will only reimburse you CI$2,500. This is called the condition of average and is not unique to Cayman. You should review your insured items list every year to update the values, as these details will assist in faster claims settlements. Under-insurance is also applicable to your home insurance. You need to ensure your property rebuild valuation is current and the sums insured are adequate. If you own property that is part of a strata complex, your kitchen contents will likely be covered by the strata’s building insurance. Otherwise you will have to insure your kitchen appliances yourself. Insurance Providers Aon Risk Solutions (Cayman) Ltd. Tel: (345) 945 1266 Email: Products: risk management broker services






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who specialises in life insurance. Other insurance providers listed in this chapter may also provide life insurance.

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Private (Non-Government) Pensions The Cayman Islands are different from other jurisdictions when it comes to pensions. There are two pension sectors in Cayman, privately funded pension plans and Government funded pension plans for civil servants (see the next page for information on Government funded pension plans). The private sector pension 9/16/20 plans are 12:16:00 fundedPM by employees and

employers, but Government-mandated. The Cayman Islands Pension Law requires both employees and employers to contribute a total of 10% of the employee’s monthly salary to an approved pension plan. The law states that employees must contribute 5% and employers must match the 5%. Those who are self-employed are required to contribute 10% of their salary to a pension plan. In May 2016, the National Pensions (amendment) Law 2016 was passed with over 50 provisions revised. A few of those changes to the Pension Law include: > Adjusting the normal age of entitlement from the age of 60 to 65 for those who are 47 and younger as of January 1, 2017. Those who were 48 and older as of January 1, 2017, may still retire at 60 (early retirement at 50). > Raising the maximum annual pensionable earnings from CI$60,000 to CI$87,000. > Accessing voluntary contributions for housing, medical, educational, and unemployment purposes. > Non-compliance from employers can result in fines up to CI$10,000 and possible imprisonment. In April 2020, an amendment to the National Pensions Law was passed which enabled workers to access their private pension funds up to a certain amount to assist those who had been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme is open to both Caymanians and Non-Caymanians, as well as those who are self-employed. People who have already claimed normal or early retirement could not apply for withdrawal. Under the emergency-withdrawal scheme, private pension members can withdraw from their accounts 100% of their pension funds not exceeding $10,000, and 25% of funds in excess of $10,000. Those who left the Island after February 1st, 2020 are also allowed to withdraw funds from their pensions. Public servants have not been granted access to their government pensions. By September 2020, over 35,000

Registered Pension Providers BAF Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd. Dot Com Centre, Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 949 5089

Suite 6201, 62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 640 9263 Chamber Pension Plan 2nd Fl, Strathvale House, George Town Tel: (345) 745 7630 Coralisle Pension Services Ltd BritCay House, 236 Eastern Avenue, GT Tel: (345) 949 8699 Email: Excellent




administration/investment fees (no hidden fees); contributions allocated and invested every month; personalised & flexible investment strategies;




employer statements; enhanced access that allows members to verify and make amendments to their account details and investment allocations online. Island Heritage Retirement Pension Plan Island Heritage House, 128 Lawrence Blvd Island Heritage and the BF&M Group of companies offer long-term value through active





analysis of risk/return. Pension members are provided with the solutions, resources, tools and guidance needed to develop and manage a retirement strategy. SE E AD PAG E 132 Silver Thatch Pension Plan (Powered by Saxon Pensions) Saxon Centre, 14 Saturn Close, Eastern Avenue Tel: (345) 943 7770

Public Service Pensions Civil servants and other public servants are members of the Public Service Pensions Plan (PSPP), which is administered by the Public Service Pensions Board (PSPB). This means that 15 Ministries and Portfolios of the Cayman Islands Government, along with 13 Statutory Authorities and Government Owned Companies are actively participating in the PSPP. As the largest pension administrator in the Cayman Islands, the PSPB oversees pension accounts for over 10,000 individuals, with over 1,800 of these members being pensioners. The PSPP has both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution components. Any member who joined the PSPP prior to January 2000 is part of the Defined Benefit Plan portion. Individuals who join the PSPP after January 2000 are part of the Defined Contribution Plan. This means that if you are looking at starting employment with one of the PSPP’s participating employers, you will join the Defined Contribution Plan. Contributions & Rate of Return: For plan members of the Defined Contributions Plan, contributions of 6% will be deducted from your salary or wages and will be credited to your Employee Contribution Account. A further 6% of your pensionable earnings will be credited to your Employer Contribution Account on your behalf by your employer. The balances in both these accounts will increase each year based on a

credited rate of return, which is calculated from the average of the rates of return received on investments for the previous three years, net of expenses. Retirement Options: Depending on your age, years of service and if you have Caymanian Status are all factors that will determine your retirement options or options available to a plan member if they leave the PSPP before becoming eligible to retire. The normal retirement age is sixty-five, but early retirement options are available for plan members with at least ten years of qualifying service. Upon electing to retire, a plan member is able to collect a full monthly pension or they can elect to commute up to 25% of their benefit as a lump sum and receive a reduced monthly pension. If a plan member is no longer employed with a participating PSPP employer and they are not eligible for retirement, they have options to leave their accrued benefit in the Plan until retirement, transfer it to another approved plan in the Cayman Islands or request a cash-out of their accrued benefit. Of note, the cash-out option is subject to satisfying specific conditions relating to a non-Caymanian no longer working and residing in the Cayman Islands. Public Service Pensions Board: If members want to find out information specific to their pension they can meet one-on-one with a PSPB Member Services Officer. Walk-in service is available Monday to Friday or by appointment at both of the PSPB offices. The PSPB Grand Cayman office is located at the Government Administration Building (133 Elgin Avenue) in George Town and the PSPB Cayman Brac office is located at 5 Dennis Foster Road in Cayman Brac. For more information, visit or contact the PSPB on (345) 945 8175.

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www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Cayman National Pension Fund

Tel: (345) 949 7280


withdrawals had been made by pension members, totaling around $350 million. Government also implemented a ‘pension holiday’ retroactively from 1st April 2020 which was extended until at least the end of 2020, allowing both employees and employers to opt out of pension contributions for the duration. While the pension withdrawal scheme has been incredibly helpful for those who had their livelihood impacted by COVID-19, some Government MLAs have voiced their concern that it will have a significant knock-on effect some years down the line. If you have a query regarding the new Pension Law, call the Department of Labour and Pensions at (345) 945 8960 or visit

Home Finding a

Photos courtesy of Heritage Holdings and Jonathan Sparrow

Overview of Cayman’s residential areas, renting guidelines, resources for finding a place to live, buying a property and temporary accommodation.



Overview of the Property Market - Land & Homes - Condos & Apartments - New Developments - The Real Estate Industry in Cayman

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Overview of Residential Areas - Grand Cayman - Cayman Brac - Little Cayman

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Buying a Property - Stamp Duty & Other Charges - Legal Conveyancing - Mortgages & Borrowing - Insurance Required for Mortgages - Strata Titles - Property Valuations & Appraisals - Pitfalls to Avoid - Home Inspections & Site Surveys - Property Management Services - Realtors - Sales

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Renting a Property - Starting Your Search - Related Costs - Realtors - Rentals

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Temporary Accommodation






During the first two months of 2020, development activity in Grand Cayman was as active as it has ever been, owing to strong tourism figures and a flourishing local market. However, the arrival of COVID-19 to Cayman’s shores in March, which swiftly led to border closures and a government-mandated local lockdown for the next several months, has certainly impacted business. Locally, unemployment rates (particularly in the tourism sector), instances of wage cuts and job uncertainty all rose, and people were more cautious about tying themselves to bigger investments. Yet various stimulus measures, such as pension pay-outs, rent forgiveness, payment deferrals, as well as the gradual reopening of the borders in October has seen some re-stabilising after a very slow second quarter. While a transaction on Seven Mile Beach which was being negotiated before the wider global spread of COVID-19 eventually went to contract at a price 7% below what estimates suggest it otherwise would have sold for, others are closing without any reductions in price! Despite the Island’s tourism industry effectively shuttering, there is still international interest in Cayman’s real estate market. Compared to the rest of the world, Cayman has fared remarkably well in containing the spread of the virus. Globally the stock market quickly rebounded after the initial losses experienced during the first half of 2020, and while the US and the UK continue to battle record numbers of COVID-19 infection rates,

overseas buyers are increasingly looking to small, attractive locations like the Cayman Islands to make an investment and this is great news for sellers!



Land 2020 was an up and down year for land sales, which is to be expected considering the global climate. 29% fewer Low Density Residential land parcels were sold in 2020 vs 2019, with the average price being 21% less than last year. These lots are often sold for single family homes in more attractive areas and are more expensive per lot than others. The decreases here may have been a pricing issue due to several previous years of price increases. 66% more Medium Density Residential land parcels were sold in 2020, with the average price being 40% less than last year. Local developers often prefer this category because it allows more density of development in more attractive locations than high-density land. 50% fewer High Density Residential land parcels were sold in 2020 with the average price being 10% more than last year. Many of these parcels were sold over the past few years leaving us with a lack of supply in this category and this alone will lead to price increases. 17% more Beach Resort Residential land parcels were sold this year with the average price being 48% more than last year. These are development parcels and are considered a longer-term play, and as such are not as affected by COVID-19. Beach is always a preferred option for purchasers if they can afford it. Homes Although inventory is slim and sales move fast, there are still a variety of homes available in the Cayman Islands at different price-points, ranging from a 2-bedroom cottage in Cayman Brac for US$162,000 to a waterfront palace in Grand Cayman for US$39,950,000 (October 2020)! 43% fewer singlefamily homes were sold in 2020 vs 2019 with the average price being 5% less than 136



last year. The drop in the number of sales during the COVID-19 lockdown should not surprise anyone since the purchasers had to be largely local. However, the fact that the average price was similar to last year indicates local confidence in the housing market as well as some positive response to local Government stimuli and international interest didn’t dwindle entirely. Some sales were made during this period by real estate agents who continued to sell to international buyers with virtual showings and tours. Condominiums & Apartments Condos will always be in greater demand than other residential options in a resort location like Cayman. However you should keep in mind the longer you expect to stay in Cayman, the less this living style will fit as many condos are designed for short-term stays both in their physical designs and in their by-laws. It is also worth noting that many of the Island’s new-builds are trending towards smaller unit sizes with equally, if not higher price-points, depending on the area. Before making a purchase, read the Strata By-Laws to ensure they meet your personal requirements and review strata or condominium fees to determine if any assessments are pending and whether insurance payments have been factored in. There are 601 condos available for sale across Cayman (October 2020), the majority of which are either pre-construction units or in-land developments. A 1-bed inland unit in West Bay goes for CI$120,000, while a 4-bed on Seven Mile Beach at the Watermark is priced at CI$11,479,180. Remember that anticipated sales numbers can be misleading as these are often refundable ‘reservation deposits’ which are subject to some natural fallout during the formal contract process, or some marketed developments may not have funding locked in yet, and may never be built. Talk to someone who is not representing the developer to get a

better feel for the likelihood of a certain project coming to fruition. 24% fewer condos were sold in 2020 vs 2019 with the average price being 18% less than last year. Again, the lack of tourist purchasers would have affected the number of sales. A reduction in average price is also an indicator of the lack of tourist purchases as more purchases were likely made in lower cost developments by local buyers. 43% fewer multi-units were sold in 2020 vs 2019 with the average price being 53% less than last year. Existing units are only coming on the market if the pricing will allow sellers to realise a profit. Nobody really wants to sell their Cayman property, but sometimes the appreciation just gets the best of them; that, and maybe a change of living circumstances (age, divorce, downsizing, etc.). Many property owners in the SMB area live abroad and rent their units out for the majority of the year, but due to Cayman’s border closures in 2020, the rental market was significantly affected as the previously rapid rise of rental rates stopped very quickly. This caused return on investment percentages to drop and prices of rental properties also had to drop to provide a return high enough to attract a purchaser. New Developments With the real estate market being so strong, and current inventory being in short supply, it is no surprise that developers are taking this opportunity to replenish the marketplace. As always, Seven Mile Beach is thriving. After years of planning, the Hyatt will be developing Grand Hyatt Residences. Grand Hyatt will be a 20-storey resort located on Pageant Beach. It will feature a new 351-room hotel, with 167 residential units. Studios and 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units are priced between US$522,000 and US$4.18 million. Eleven Parc, on the Seven Mile Beach corridor, is comprised of 17 new townhomes. Units range from 2.5 to 3 bedrooms, all equipped with a private garage, gourmet kitchen and swimming


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pool, and prices start around CI$795,000 (depending on the location of the unit). Also on the Seven Mile Beach corridor is ONE Canal Point. With 73 units in total, ONE offers residents a carefully considered selection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom plus den condominiums and townhomes. World-class amenities include a dog park, community fruit tree orchard, children’s playground, communal roof terrace and 25m lap pool. Prices start at US$600,000 up to just under the US$2 million mark. Across the way, in Crystal Harbour, is Diamond’s Edge, which offers owners unparalleled views and direct boating access via a private channel. This serene and private oasis will be replete with lush landscaping, finished seawalls and high-end cantilevered docks. Estate lots are construction ready, no pilings required and are seconds from the North South Golf Club. Underground utilities, extensive streetscaping with custom lighting make this luxury community a truly rare and distinctive place to call home. Nautica, also in Crystal Harbour, presents a whole new concept of oceanfront living. 2, 3, and 4 bedroom condominiums are built around a state of the art marina for boating enthusiasts who want the highest standard of living as well as the ease of access provided by the owner’s channel cut directly to the North Sound. With fitness trails, boardwalks, and a clubhouse all within walking distance of the North Sound Golf Club, this development offers a private, secure and upscale lifestyle. Further west, SeaDreams, a luxurious 8-unit, 4-storey oceanfront boutique complex will be located on North West Point Road. With 4 storeys and only 2-units per floor, residents will enjoy large living spaces, as well as fantastic amenities including a pool and BBQ area. Units start at just over US$1,000,000. The Meadows at Batabano redefines Island living, combining old Caymanian design elements with modern functionality and facilities, including two expansive pools and a clubhouse. Choose between 1and 3-bedroom units. 138



Dart Real Estate and NCB Group broke ground on Camana Bay’s first for-sale residential development, OLEA, in early 2019. Amenities will include beautifully landscaped common areas, a resort-style pool and a fully equipped gym, and property options will range from 1-bedroom condos to 4-bedroom townhouses. Phase 1A construction is underway, and Phase 1B is slated to begin end of 2020. The South Sound area shows no signs of slowing down. Davenport Development introduces Bahia, which will blur the line between vacation and ‘reality’ on the shores of South Sound. Scheduled to break ground in 2020, Bahia residents can enjoy amenities typical of a high-end resort: boasting open roof terraces, an Olympic training pool and 200m ‘resort’ pool, tennis courts and yoga studio, a clubhouse and full-time on-site property manager. Best of all, units are priced between CI$475,000 and CI$850,000, making luxury affordable. Vela is continuing to expand with the addition of Phase III. Owners in this phase will have access to all the amenities of Phase I and II, including two fully serviced gyms, a clubhouse and function room, yoga room, tennis courts, Olympic sized swimming pool and the security of a gated community. South Bay Residences by Palmyra Developments offers spacious waterfront living. Each townhouse is fitted with luxury amenities and tenants can enjoy use of the communal facilities in a lush landscaped setting. Indigo Bay, located in eastern South Sound, is an upcoming luxury development comprising of 29 ocean-view villas. With panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea from sunrise to sunset, each home is designed to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living. Communal amenities include private dock and gazebo, pet-friendly Indigo Park, roof top patios with outdoor kitchen, jacuzzi and shade structures, on-site multi-purpose community centre and storage lockers for paddle boards and kayaks. Only threebedroom units remain in Phase I, starting price US$1,549,000. Nearby, the Grand Harbour area also has

a number of new residential developments underway. Allure, which will hug the coastline and offer unimpeded views of the North South, is sophisticated Island living at its best. Featuring 2 and 3-bedroom luxury condos and a wide range of amenities. Prices start at US$488,000. Arvia will be a single-phase development, located on the Grand Harbour Canal, comprising of 96 condos, and interestingly the first approved aerial subdivision on-Island. The condos will be clustered around a small marina-like set of docks, ensuring each home has a view of the waterway. The units will range in price from US$606,353 to US$834,486. Periwinkle is a new housing development that combines all the great attributes of living in Cayman Islands, with the principles of new urbanism. There is a strong focus on sustainable living and enjoying Cayman’s world class waterfront living. There are a mix of garden townhomes, courtyard townhomes and waterfront townhomes available and prices start between CI$650,000 and CI$1.1m. The Real Estate Industry in Cayman Pre-1980 Cayman’s real estate market could best be described as the Wild West. There were no real estate laws, no safeguards, and no consistency of business practices except that it was every man for himself. In 1987 a group of local realtors agreed to work together and founded the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA)

. Their purpose, as a not-forprofit organisation, was to try to regularise the industry for the benefit of buyers, sellers, and realtors. They created a hybrid of the US and Canadian real estate systems of that time, added a sprinkling of the most acceptable Cayman market norms of the day, and wrapped it all in British Law. Not only did that lead to the Caribbean’s first Multiple Listing System (MLS), but also to a 3-part course of study for brokers and agents, including entry level testing and continuing education, a required code of ethics and comprehensive set of rules and regulations with penalties for noncompliance. In short, CIREBA became (SEE AD PAGE 142)

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The Residences at Seafire Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman From US$1,400,000 MLS#: 408247, 50, 57, 409578-79, 410013, 411301, 411361, 411752-55, 412160

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the gold standard for the Cayman real estate industry and eventually its quasi-regulatory body. This meant the industry did not have to be regulated by Government, which has been a bonus for all concerned. To say that CIREBA was a significant contributor to what the Cayman real estate industry is today would be a gross understatement; there is no way our industry could have ever approached its current levels without CIREBA. There is still nothing close to it anywhere in the Caribbean – although it has been copied elsewhere (often with help from CIREBA). Currently there are 35 broker members with over 200 agents and they make up the vast majority of all Island practitioners (although there are a few outliers as membership is not compulsory). These brokers share their property listings in an online Multiple Listing System and they work together on real estate transactions which allows buyers to see all the properties and still work with their single favourite agent. It also allows sellers to get the widest possible exposure for their properties. The association works closely with the Cayman Government on any issues relating to the real estate business to ensure a good experience for all involved. Legal Overview The real estate market in Cayman is simple and straightforward. Apart from a one-time stamp duty, there are no annual property taxes or restrictions on foreign ownership by individuals and title is granted and guaranteed by the Cayman Islands Government. Title to land is recorded in a modern, reliable and centralised land registry, where every plot of land is mapped and given a descriptive title number based on location. Any encumbrances such as mortgages, rights-of-ways and cautions pending contracts are recorded on the title register of the parcel of land. As a result of this there is no need for lengthy title searches, 140



title companies or title insurance. In fact, title companies and title insurance do not even exist in Cayman. Vacant land can be owned and held for future investment potential. To date, Cayman real estate has proven to be an attractive and profitable investment. Owning land in the name of a corporation is possible, but strict rules apply and a lawyer’s advice is essential. Buildings are subject to a series of planning permissions and building permit approvals. These are monitored by the Cayman Islands Central Planning Authority and Building Control Unit, which carries out plan reviews and onsite inspections that relate to site, building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical works. There are also requirements for structural engineers to take into consideration such as seismic design principles depending on the building heights and purpose of the building. Construction materials have to be imported and are subject to duties that range from 15%-22% on the landed value (which includes duty on the shipping costs). Consequently, the cost of building is considerably higher than in places where materials are more readily available. Refer to the Building in Cayman chapter for a detailed guide on building a residential property, as well as a list of building professionals in the Cayman Islands. Attorneys are usually used by a purchaser to aid in understanding the difference between our system and what they are familiar with back home. An attorney can also help with more complicated transactions, and ensure that the somewhat archaic procedures required by the Cayman Islands Land Registry are more easily negotiated. The biggest difference between a purchase here as opposed to most other jurisdictions is the Stamp Duty which is a 7.5% fee based on the sales price of the property. It is paid to Government after closing on each transaction in order to register your title and it is normally paid by the purchaser.


Seven Mile Beach (SMB)


is divided into two areas: the beach and across the road from the beach. Both are ideal locations within walking distance to restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops and Camana Bay. There are many apartment complexes on Seven Mile Beach itself, but most are rented out for shortterm, daily rentals. However, some offer long-term rentals like George Town Villas, The Grandview, Sunset Cove, Laguna del Mar, Seagull Condominiums, Lacovia, The Sovereign and The Pinnacle. Monthly rental prices in this area range from a low of US$2,000 to a high of US$35,000+). Areas such as Snug Harbour, Parkway, Governors Harbour, Canal Point, Crystal Harbour and the Cayman Islands Yacht Club area are all nice places to live and really popular with families, though the prices of properties can vary significantly between them. There are many four-bedroom houses in these areas but you can also find upscale two and three-bedroom apartments in a few of them. Properties are usually well maintained and professionals tend to rent or buy them. These neighbourhoods around Seven Mile Beach are generally quiet areas, near to restaurants and the beach. There is also a very good school in Camana Bay called Cayman International School, which follows the International Baccalaureate education system and accepts children from two to 18 years of age. They recently underwent an expansion which allows them to accommodate just over 1,000 students. Britannia apartments are popular and vary in price, but based on the large number of units you can usually find a motivated seller. Apartments have either canal, pool or park views and the property is walking SMB

Imagine Life



No 1 E S


% 5 7 LD SO

Exquisite oceanfront townhouse villas on South Sound Inquiries: 936-1056



distance to Camana Bay and all its great facilities. Snug Harbour lies to the east of the West Bay Road and is reached from the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. This is a sought after residential area and is very popular with families. As well as being family and dog friendly, Snug Harbour has the advantage of being close to Seven Mile Beach and Camana Bay with easy access to George Town and West Bay. The area has two roads, Jennifer Drive and Andrew Drive, which run parallel West-East and finish at the North Sound. There are a number of intersecting roads in-between. Much of the residential housing consists of detached family homes with gardens, ranging from modest two bedroom homes to more upscale, five/six bedroom residences. However, there are several apartment buildings and townhouses here too, particularly towards the North Sound. Residents of Snug Harbour enjoy the added benefits of use of the




Snug Harbour Park. This consists of a tennis court, a basketball court, a children’s playground and a large grassy park. This is a popular meeting spot for families. Residents can book to use the tennis and basketball courts online. Palm Heights Drive lies to the south of Snug Harbour and is accessed through the main Snug Harbour entrance. This is another popular residential location. One side of this road lies on the picturesque Britannia Canal, where you can find a number of attractive residential canal front houses and apartments. The other side of Palm Heights consists mostly of detached family homes, some with beautiful gardens. Palm Heights Drive is often mistakenly considered to be part of Snug Harbour, but this is not the case. Whilst residents here use the Snug Harbour park and playground, they are not able to book the tennis and basketball courts.

Camana Bay

Camana Bay and

its town centre are situated on 685 acres that stretch from the sea on Seven Mile Beach to the North Sound on the other side. The design of Camana Bay is based on New Urbanism, a planning model that promotes “walkability” through a mix of housing, shops, restaurants, public spaces, schools, and parks. Streets and walkways are interconnecting, offering a safe and scenic stroll or bike ride, while shady courtyards nurture social gatherings and a sense of community. Traffic is also minimal and developer Dart Real Estate has continued that theme, building a four-lane vehicle underpass so pedestrians can safely travel from Seven Mile Beach over the bypass to the Camana Bay Town Centre and

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waterfront. Designed by a team of awardwinning architects and planners, Camana Bay has a contemporary style inspired by traditional Caribbean architecture and is landscaped with beautiful mature trees and native plants to give it a distinctly Caymanian character. With a cinema (Camana Bay Cinema), notable restaurants, Foster’s Supermarket, a weekly Farmers Market, a working ceramics studio, a yoga, sports massage and physiotherapy studio, bookstore, clothing stores, doctors’ clinics, pharmacy, a 24-hour gym, two schools, residential housing and prestigious office space for businesses, Camana Bay has become a very popular place to live simply because it welcomes the return to a traditional style of community – a friendly neighbourhood. Residential rental options include The Terraces, which are a collection of 63 one and two-bedroom apartments (some of the two-beds have a den which could be used as a third bedroom) with over 28 different floor plans. They are available for long-term rental and are in the heart of Camana Bay’s Town Centre. Beautifully decorated with spacious private balconies, fully equipped contemporary kitchens, state-of-the-art electronics and flatscreen televisions, The Terraces also boast around-the-clock security and property management, underground parking and video entry lock systems. Benefits for residents include gym membership and secure underground parking with elevator access. Each of the two Terraces towers has its own lap pool and leisure area with fresh water showers, bathrooms, seating areas and an outside kitchen with a high-end gas barbeque. The Terraces are equally popular with families and young professionals and pets are welcomed. OLEA, which broke ground in early 2019, is Camana Bay’s first for-sale residential development, made up of an assortment of condominiums, townhouses and duplexes, located to the south of Camana Bay’s Town Centre. Major features of this amenity-rich waterfront neighbourhood include the Island’s first lazy river, a resort-style pool, a waterfront boardwalk, beautifully landscaped common

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areas, a yoga garden and a fully equipped gym. Living in Camana Bay is all about the lifestyle it offers more than anything else. Being able to walk everywhere (particularly if your work place is located there) and having everything taken care of for you, as well as access to world-class dining, entertainment (concerts and festivals), shopping and children’s activities right on your doorstep, is incredibly appealing.

The Terraces at Camana Bay Dart Real Estate Tel: (345) 640 4000 Email: An exclusive property in the heart of Camana Bay owned by Dart Real Estate, The Terraces offers residents the ‘work, live and play’ dream. With direct access to all of Camana Bay’s renowned amenities, The Terraces offer modern one-bedroom and twobedroom apartments. SEE AD THIS PAGE

OLEA (Sales & Presentation Centre)

South Sound

Market Street, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 640 6532 Email: OLEA, Camana Bay’s first for-sale residential development, is an amenity-rich waterfront


proximity to the water, schools and George Town. It is also home to the Cayman Islands Rugby Club, Tennis Club and Squash Club, public dock, a government boat launching ramp, beaches and a seaside boardwalk. Cayman Enterprise City is set to build its main 850,000sq ft campus in South Sound, and Harbour Walk, a multi-purpose retail, residential and commercial location in Grand Harbour is already underway. One downside to South Sound being such a popular area to live is that the traffic during rush hour can be bumper to bumper the entire length of South Sound Road. Apart from SMB, South Sound is one of the most convenient and, therefore, expensive areas in which to buy or rent on the Island.

neighbourhood located minutes from Camana Bay’s Town Centre which will feature Grand


Canal Front Living

Cayman’s first lazy river, a resort-style pool and the largest solar array of any residential development on Island. Visit the OLEA Sales &


Presentation Centre to learn more about its 124 condos, townhomes and duplexes. Open MondayFriday 12pm-5pm (or by appointment).

is currently seeing a boom in development. Take a drive down South Sound Road and you will see numerous developments on both sides of the road. The popularity of South Sound isn’t surprising given its South Sound

The life to live. • One- and two-bedroom homes available for lease • Short- and long-term leases available • 24-hour on-call security • Rooftop pool and BBQ • Access to car-share initiatives • Exclusive access to Camana Bay Perks programme • Underground parking • Fully furnished • Pet friendly

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There are a number of waterways that cut inland from the North Sound, creating canal subdivisions that are a very nice, more affordable alternative to buying or renting property directly on the oceanfront. If you are planning to buy a boat, you cannot beat the convenience of having a dock right in front of your home or apartment. There are 20 canal subdivisions in Grand Cayman, half of which can be found along the Seven Mile Beach corridor and West Bay, and the other half run east from Prospect to North Sound Estates and the Cays in Rum Point. Canal subdivisions take time to mature and to be built-out and this will have a significant effect on the values that land and homes in these areas can command. Over time this will change as various subdivisions develop and it is something to think about when buying. The following is a pretty straightforward and honest overview of the various canal subdivisions which can be classed into five levels, one being the most expensive and five being the most affordable. Some subdivisions straddle two levels and this invariably depends on specific roads within the area and the quality of the homes and landscaping on those roads. Level 1: Top-of-the-line estate homes. Meticulously maintained with strong covenants and manned security gate. Vista Del Mar and Salt Creek are first in class in these tier one communities because of their formal security and attention to detail, well maintained public open spaces and the quality of the homes build within. The most expensive non-beachfront homes are found here. OLEA, Camana Bay’s first for-sale residential community offers beautifully landscaped common areas and access to the highest-quality amenities. Level 2: Excellent maintenance and services. Luxury homes with a manned security gate and strong covenants. Crystal Harbour leads this class of the field and has been one of the most actively developed canal subdivisions on Grand Cayman in recent years. New

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to Crystal Harbour is the upscale subneighbourhood of Lalique Pointé and recently sold out Cypress Pointe North developments. The redeveloped Cayman Islands Yacht Club has benefitted the most from direct access via the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, and residents are taking advantage of its boating facilities and two very good restaurants (Morgan’s and Bàcaro). In due course, a pedestrian trail to Seven Mile Beach will be built. New to the Yacht Club area is the gated waterfront community called Stone Island, which is being developed by the same people behind The WaterColours. Britannia is fading a bit, but is still very well-regarded and a convenient living location. One important consideration, if you are planning on buying land to build on, is that concrete pilings are required in the house foundations of properties in both the Yacht Club and Crystal Harbour. This raises the cost of construction considerably. Level 3: Good services with upper-




middle class luxury homes. Well maintained with good covenants. Canal Point is in this class followed by The Shores and Mangrove Point, all gated neighbourhoods with evening manned security. Governor’s Harbour has lost its sheen due to there being no landscaping buffer from the Esterley Tibbetts Highway, and haphazard road maintenance, but could come back. A newer canal development in the area is Clipper Bay, which is located between Snug Harbour and Canal Point. Grand Harbour is the most conveniently located of the Eastern subdivisions and many of the homes here are high level properties. There are three distinct areas to Grand Harbour: the older and more developed side called South Reach, which is now a gated community, The Isles and The Estates, both of which have had a lot of building going on recently. The commercial area of Grand Harbour has a recently renovated supermarket called Hurleys,

plus two restaurants and a very well-run and popular Skate Park which gets active in the evenings with 6-16 year olds. A little further east, Patrick’s Island has some older and beautiful homes with mature landscaping and wide open basins. It also backs onto a huge sway of undeveloped land with numerous dyke roads cut into it which lead to the North Sound, via numerous inland lakes, and are lovely for walking dogs, running and getting away from it all. Sunrise Landing rounds out this level. Both of these last subdivisions are popular with successful local entrepreneurs. No houses are built in the Cays yet. Level 4: Decent services with mixed mid-level homes. Older subdivisions like Red Bay, Omega and Prospect all have their “good” and “not as good” sections. As one of the newest projects, Newlands Sound has the potential to move higher but has no homes yet, though land is for sale. Palm Heights in Snug Harbour has the benefit of looking across at Britannia, but this area contains mainly duplex properties. Canal subdivisions in this level: Palm Heights, Omega and Newlands Sound. Sunrise Landing and the Cays at Rum Point all straddle level 3 and 4. Prospect, Red Bay and North Sound Estates all straddle level 4 and 5. Level 5: Minimal maintenance and either no covenants or these are not enforced. Mid-level to lower-value homes, but most still to a very reasonable standard. All these subdivisions are similar and are mixed quality developments. The developers are now deceased, so there is no consistent ongoing maintenance responsibility. North Sound Estates is farther out, but has been quite active due to pricing. Some homes are very nice, but there is too much debris around keeping prices down. Canal subdivisions in this level: Red Bay, Prospect and North Sound Estates, all of which straddle level 4 and 5, depending on which street you are looking at.

Prospect & Red Bay


West Bay



This is a residential area at the top western end of the Island. It is less expensive than George Town or Seven Mile Beach and there are some lovely homes and condominiums on or near the sea. The canal front area called The Shores commands premium prices on rentals and sales, as do properties on Boggy Sand Road, the last residential neighbourhood remaining on Seven Mile Beach. Popular seaside West Bay condos which offer long-term rentals include: Coconut Bay, Ocean Side Plantation, Westview and Villas Pappagallo. West Bay also has some wonderful restaurants including Calypso Grill, Cracked Conch, Macabuca, Ristorante Pappagallo and VIVO. Tourist attractions like the Cayman Turtle Centre and the Cayman Motor Museum are also in West Bay. Diving from the Cracked Conch restaurant and from Lighthouse Point nearby is also very popular. Divetech, the on-site dive shop at Lighthouse Point is very welcoming, and friendly staff can explain where nearby dive sites are and they will also take you to the Kittiwake. You can also go horseback riding and bicycling along a rugged and little travelled beach called Barkers National Park, which spans part of the northern tip of West Bay. Barkers Beach is a


Prospect and Red Bay, which are right next to each other, are one of the fastest growing areas in Grand Cayman. They are close to George Town, the schools and the Shoppes at Grand Harbour which has various shops, a school, two restaurants, a large supermarket (Hurley’s Marketplace), and the Caribbean’s largest skate park: The Mountain Dew Black Pearl. Harbour Walk, a new destination location featuring residential, office and retail space has just broken ground next to Grand Harbour and is scheduled for completion is early 2021. There are also two banks in the area, as well as the Department of Vehicle and Drivers Licensing. Also in the Red Bay area are the Cayman Islands Sailing Club, King’s Sports Centre and Powerhouse Gym. The commute to town (outside of rush hour) from this area is relatively quick (10 minutes), but traffic does get backed up during rush hour at the Hurley’s roundabout. Expect the regular commute at the height of rush hour to take 35 minutes, but you can shave 15 minutes off that time if you live at Grand Harbour. There are lots of residential homes in this area with a mix of inland, canal front and oceanfront properties. There are a few really nice areas to look out for in Red Bay and Prospect: the first is Old Prospect Point Road, a quiet beachfront community found on a winding road where longtime Cayman residents have built very exclusive million-dollar homes. The second area, called Patrick’s Island, is an upscale residential area with canal frontage, where land is still available and many desirable four and five-bedroom homes have been built. The third is

Grand Harbour, which is located immediately behind Hurley’s Shopping complex. Consisting mainly of canal front homes: the south side of it, called South Reach, is a gated community and almost completely built out. The other side of the canal has the Isles and the Estates, and it has been a very active area in terms of new home construction.


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nice area to get away from it all and is popular with dog walkers and kite surfers. Please note the area is always closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from sunset to sunrise. It currently takes about 20 minutes to drive from West Bay to George Town using the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. George Town (GT)


George Town is

the capital of the Cayman Islands. It is located on the southwest corner of Grand Cayman and has a busy port, with an influx of several cruise ships almost daily and cargo ships unloading most evenings. The main roads in George Town are North and South Church Street, which run through town parallel to the sea. Walkers Road has most of the schools on it (Truth for Youth, Cayman Academy, Calvary Baptist, John Gray, CIFEC, St. Ignatius, Cayman Prep, Sprogs - in that order from GT end to the South Sound end) and also many residential properties. Smith Road, Shedden Road and Eastern Avenue cut through town and run down to the waterfront roads off North and South Church Street. Most of the properties in George Town are mid-range in price. It is a good area to live in if you have schoolaged kids, as the main school areas are on Smith Road and Walkers Road and are literally five minutes from the town centre. Also, with increasing traffic levels, it means you will avoid the main rush hour traffic jams (the routes in from West Bay/Seven Mile Beach and the Eastern Districts are slow-moving at peak times). Private prep and high schools in this area include St. Ignatius Catholic School, Cayman Prep and High School, Triple C, Cayman Academy, Calvary Baptist Christian Academy as well as Truth






for Youth. A lovely neighbourhood off Walkers Road where houses occasionally come up for sale (and are quickly snapped up) is the upscale Webster’s Estates. All the homes sit on larger than usual plots, have mature shade trees, large gardens and are architect designed. No apartment complexes have been allowed to be built in Webster’s Estates, so there is a quiet community and family feel to the area. On the apartment front, there are many condominiums for rent off Walkers Road starting at CI$1,000 for a studio, CI$1,300-CI$2,500 for a one-bedroom apartment and CI$2,000 CI$2,800 for a two-bedroom unit. Some of these apartments look and feel dated, so it is worth looking around and not getting discouraged, as there are some gems as well. A few of the nicer options in this area include the townhouses at The Retreats and also the L’Ambience complex off Fairbanks Road. The latter has a multitude of mature shade trees, lush landscaping, two pools and huge communal grassy areas. These are family oriented complexes and pets are allowed. If you are looking for high-end luxury, then check out Casa Luna, SeaView, Oceana and Fin. All are on the waterfront in George Town and offer luxury living for upwards of CI$1 million. Savannah, Lower Valley, Newlands & Pedro St. James


This is another area with both inland and canal front properties. Sunrise Landings and North Sound Estates (both canal front areas) fall within Savannah and Lower Valley. These areas are very popular with young families as land is still affordable. You can also easily find canal front house plots for sale at a reasonable price. Inland you will find that properties on

Beach Bay


Beach Bay is on the right just before you get

to Bodden Town. It has one of the highest elevations on the Island. If you drive all the way down Beach Bay Road you’ll find Sea Spray Drive, a coastal road with fabulous houses and apartments on it. One end of the road has a very private (but rocky) beach, and the sunsets over the bluff at the other end of the coast road are amazing. The rents here range from high to exclusive.

Bodden Town


Those who venture out to Bodden Town love it. It is on the beach, away from the hustle and bustle and the rents are in the low to mid-range. The community still has the feel of a small Caribbean town, with a mixture of locals and expats living alongside one another. The beaches are rustic, usually littered with driftwood and dried turtle grass and are lovely places for walking dogs. Although the impression of a long commute may keep the fainthearted away from Bodden Town, it takes just 20-25 minutes to reach George Town if you leave early or late enough to miss the rush hour traffic. Frank Sound & Cottage


Frank Sound is

an area which crosses the Island as you drive towards Rum Point. It has affordable homes with large properties; the land is very fertile with mature shade and fruit trees. Another huge bonus of this area is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the Mastic Trail, both of which are great to explore, and are located just off Frank Sound Road. It is also the location of the Clifton Hunter High School. North Side & East End


This is a beautiful and historical part of the Island. On the way to these eastern districts you will pass Pedro St. James’ Castle in Savannah, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Frank Sound and the Wreck of the Ten Sails in Gun Bay. The residents in North Side and East End are said to be the friendliest in Cayman. The commute time from either East End or North Side to George Town will take at least 40 minutes (without traffic). Good restaurants in the area include Over the Edge, in the village of Old Man Bay, which serves great local seafood cooked with a French influence. Their catch of the day is always good, as is their shrimp cooked in a Chablis sauce. Other restaurants include Kurt’s Korner which offers grilled fish, stewed beef and oxtail. There is also an Italian restaurant located by Foster’s Supermarket in East End called The Italian Kitchen, which provides good basic Italian cooking, but is not open for lunch and doesn’t take reservations for the evening. In the heart of East End there is Tukka, which is an Australian/Caymanian fusion seafood restaurant and Eagle Rays, which is run by the same owner as Tukka and is located at Ocean Frontiers. Finally, Vivine’s Kitchen, which is located on the water, is a rustic little restaurant with tables set up in Miss Vivine’s garden, where she serves up very good local food. It is packed on Sundays. Fun things to do in the area include: diving with Ocean Frontiers, walking the Mastic Trail (bring bug spray and wear walking shoes), snorkelling off the North Coast (remember it is a marine park so don’t break anything off or take anything home with you), beachcombing deserted beaches, kiteboarding, sailing or having a ride on White Sand Sports’ exhilarating Jetovator which you can find at the Wyndham Reef Resort. North Side Living Life on the North Coast involves a long list of trade-offs. The distance from town, which has helped keep the old


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the market in this area are family homes on larger plots with good sized gardens and lovely shade trees. Savannah is one of the highest (above sea level) areas of Grand Cayman. The commute times have improved since the East-West Arterial Road opened, but it still slows down significantly near Prospect during the morning rush hour. From late-May to early-August the poinciana trees (of which the area has an overwhelming abundance) flower and the sight as you drive through Savannah is breath-taking. Also located in Savannah is Pedro St. James Castle, a national historical site and the oldest existing structure in Cayman. It is known as the “Birthplace of Democracy in the Cayman Islands”. Countryside Shopping Village, located at the roundabout where the road intersects between Savannah, Pedro and the entrance to Newlands, is the largest central shopping hub in the area. This village of shops has a Foster’s supermarket, CNB bank, large pharmacy, medical clinic, liquor store, hardware store, gym, veterinary clinic, dry cleaners, several restaurants and a few other useful stores. In the past year, Country Corner has opened next door and has introduced additional locations for Cimboco, Chicken! Chicken!, Cafe Del Sol and GNC to the area.



time Cayman lifestyle, is inconvenient for trips to Seven Mile Beach, the airport etc. The prevalent onshore trade winds, which bring cool temperatures most of the year, also bring salt to coat windows and degrade electronics. On the flipside, the lack of neighbours means a lack of ambient light and great conditions for star viewing. Living in North Side can feel like being perpetually on vacation. Almost every house, drive or walk involves a sea view and holiday atmosphere, and many houses are owned by long-term visitors, who have been visiting Cayman on vacation regularly for 20 or 30 years. Others are shortterm vacationers staying at The Retreat, Island Houses, Kaibo Yacht Club Villas or The Pools of the Kai Condominiums. Residents of other districts, particularly boat owners, often go for staycations in Rum Point/Kaibo houses, especially over long weekends. Many full-time residents in the area are also retired, so very few actually commute into town to work. The journey takes about 50 minutes, but obviously depends on rush hour traffic. Other residents work locally, primarily in the tourist/hospitality industry. Being relatively far from town means that some forward planning is needed for routine activities. Without a list, one is fated to “pop back” at least as far as Countryside Shopping Village to pick up forgotten items. Organise your errands to make sure to get all of it done on one day. There is a wide cross-section of society living in the district of North Side. Nobody cares who you are, only if you have something interesting to say! Rum Point


has a beautiful stretch of beach and faces the North Sound. It has shade, Rum Point




clear waters, exclusive million-dollar homes and some more affordable condos. The Rum Point Club can be reached by car, ferry or private boat and is a great place to hang out in hammocks, eat lunch at a picnic table and swim or snorkel in the safe and shallow water right in front of the sun lounger area. On Sundays the place is jammed and sometimes up to 50 boats are moored off the beach. Nice things to do in the area include paddleboarding, waterskiing, kayaking, sailing and taking a boat to the Sandbar to see the stingrays. You can also fly fish the mini sandbar on the Eastern side of the lagoon entrance and take a bioluminescence kayak tour with Cayman Kayaks on a moonless night. The commute to George Town will take just under an hour, although a couple of residents commute by boat across the North Sound, but this means you have to leave a car at either end. The nearest supermarket is Foster’s Express opposite The Wyndham Reef Resort in East End, but it is quite small. There is also a small rustic grocery shop, Chisholm’s, on Rum Point Drive. Cayman Kai

has a superb rum collection and a tasting menu with wine pairing. Kaibo also has a coffee shop, they sell ice, basic groceries and fuel for cars and boats. The commute into George Town at rush hour will take just over an hour. OVERVIEW OF RESIDENTIAL AREAS IN CAYMAN BRAC

The most easterly of the Cayman Islands, the Brac, is about 12 miles in length and just over a mile in width. Early Scottish fishermen who settled here gave the Island its name. Brac is Gaelic for bluff, named after the limestone ridge that runs down the centre of the Island reaching an elevation of 150ft at the eastern end. This is also the highest point on all three Islands. The friendly Brackers share their Island with over 200 different bird species and numerous iguanas. The dramatic scenery and rugged terrain boasts a plethora of hidden caves and winding trails that the whole family will love exploring. The atmosphere is tranquil, crime is almost non-existent and the people are friendly and welcoming. Cayman Brac is also famous for its superb diving, which should not be missed. West End


is just beyond Rum Point. There is a holiday home feel about the area and life is centred around the beach. There are many luxurious houses and a few upscale apartments on the water. Prices in this area are high for large private homes but there are two-bed condos at the Kaibo Yacht Club which rent for around CI$200 per night. Some residents treat themselves by renting a house or condo here for the weekend. Call Cayman Villas (Tel: (345) 945 4144) to see what vacation rentals they have available. Great restaurants include the chilled out Kaibo Bar & Grill and the upscale Upstairs Restaurant which Cayman Kai

WEST END (Cayman Brac)

In Cayman Brac’s West End you will find the airport, two grocery stores, a gas station and couple of condo complexes. Hence, the north shore of the West End has the highest population of residents on the Island. The famous Russian wreck dive, renamed M.V. Capt. Keith Tibbetts, lies just offshore. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Information Centre is located here, as well as West End Primary School (a Government Hurricane Shelter)

and the Island’s only airport: Charles Kirkconnell International Airport. Stake Bay

STAKE BAY (Cayman Brac)

On the north side, Stake Bay roughly refers to the middle section of the Island. Stake Bay is the capital of the Island and is where you will find the main Government building, the hospital, the museum, a grocery store and the Island’s only high school – the highly respected Layman E. Scott Sr. High School. The Bluff

the Cayman Brac Museum, offering reenactments of our country’s past, with displays showing how islanders of the past used natural resources to create houses and tools. There are two primary schools, Creek Primary School and Spot Bay Primary School, in this area. OVERVIEW OF RESIDENTIAL AREAS IN LITTLE CAYMAN

Little Cayman is truly little. Ten miles in length and one in width, it harbours a permanent population of fewer than 200. Even though it is a mere blip on the radar, the Island is a formidable destination for diving and offers some relaxing pursuits such as beachcombing, bird watching, bone-fishing and chilling in a hammock. The Island does not have a town as such, but the only grocery store, gas station, bank and clinic are all located near the Edward Bodden Airfield on the west.

South Hole

SOUTH TOWN (Little Cayman)

THE BLUFF (Cayman Brac)

The Island’s gentle ascent eventually leads to the limestone cliffs which are its namesake. A lighthouse crowns the 150ft tall seaside edge of the bluff. The birds circling overhead may eventually lead you back inland to the ancient woodlands of the Brac Parrot Reserve. It is home to many endemic flora and fauna species of the Cayman Islands. The Bluff has seen a significant increase in housing developments and it also has the Government-owned Cayman Brac Day Care Centre. Eastern Districts Continue east to Watering Place, Creek and Spot Bay and you’ll find a true Cayman Brac welcome. “Mom and Pop” stores and small local restaurants showcase authentic souvenirs and traditional Caymanian fare. The Cayman Brac Heritage House is located between Creek and Spot Bay and compliments

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The Island’s most famous diving destinations, the Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson Wall, are both on the north side of this part and are easily accessible to divers staying at any of the resorts or villas in the area. Paradise Villas is the closest, but there are other good options including the Southern Cross Club, Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman Beach Resort and The Conch Club. Most of the accommodations are within walking distance of the Edward Bodden Airfield. The Booby Pond is also the only RAMSAR site in the Cayman Islands (an internationally recognised important wetland) and home to the red footed booby bird. The indigenous

Sister Islands’ Rock Iguana also roams freely on the island. There is also a Police Station, Clinic, School and Fire Station in South Hole.

and is probably one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The sea is crystal clear and incredibly inviting. Just don’t swim there after dusk – sharks also love this spot!


EAST POINT (Little Cayman)



Heading up the road away from South Hole, the Island becomes more and more of a deserted paradise. South Hole Sound is at the border of the two areas, and the beautiful South Shore provides stunning views on the way to Point of Sand at the eastern end of the Island, where you can gaze across the water towards Cayman Brac. Heading back on the northern side you will pass by Crawl Bay and Jackson Point. Point of Sand is located at the very tip of Little Cayman




Buying a property in Cayman has many advantages, not least that if you are staying for some time, mortgages tend to work out cheaper than rents over a three to five-year period. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate if the property is for personal use and there are no annual property or capital gains taxes. If the property is rented out as an investment, then no tourist tax is payable if the property is rented to residents (although, if more than two properties are owned for rental, there will be additional licences required, namely a Trade and Business and Local Companies (Control) Law Licence). Cayman’s Land Registry office enables transfers to be relatively quick and simple. Every piece of property is registered under a unique block and parcel number, which means every owner is registered and the Government guarantees the accuracy of the entries recorded at Lands. A potential purchaser may examine the records regarding any piece of property to check whether there are any liens, charges or restrictions on it. Unless stipulated within the covenants for a particular development, there are no time deadlines for building on raw land. The land can be held undeveloped indefinitely and many families are land banking for future generations. Planning approvals are valid for five years following the grant of planning permission. Building time in Cayman is relatively fast and most homes up to 3,500 sq ft can be built within a six to eight-month period from the commencement of construction. Allowing four to six months for your architect to design and obtain planning approvals and prices, you can expect to be able to design and build a home in just over a year. See the Building a Home chapter for more information.

Stamp Duty & Other Charges Stamp duty, which is payable on all real estate transfers and purchases (other than those between close family, aka ‘by love and affection’), is 7.5%. However, a first time Caymanian buyer will pay no stamp duty if the property is below CI$300,000 (2% if it is over CI$300k but does not exceed CI$400k) and is going to be owner occupied. Stamp duty on bare land purchases by first time Caymanian buyers are set at 2% for land that is valued above CI$100k but does not exceed CI$150,000. There are some zoning exceptions. Stamp Duty is paid by the buyer on the purchase price or market value, whichever is higher (as assessed by the Lands and Survey Department), but NOT on chattels purchased with the property. The Duty must be paid within 45 days of a contract being signed. Other typical charges associated with purchasing are described below: > 1% charged on mortgages of less than CI$300,000 and 1.5% on mortgages of CI$300,000 or higher. You should budget up to 1% for legal and registration fees. > When you build a house, there are building permit fees which are charged according to the square footage of the property being built. > When purchasing with bank financing, the bank will require a report on the ‘Market Value’ of the property. Each lender has its own rules but the report will usually need to be prepared by an approved firm of professional valuation surveyors. Aim to pay in the region of CI$400 for this report. Know Your Client/Customer Please keep in mind that the sale or purchase of real estate in the Cayman Islands constitutes as Relevant Financial Business for the purposes of Cayman’s anti-money laundering measures. As part of the Know Your Client/Customer (KYC) requirement, your real estate agent or any professional acting in relation to a real estate transaction is required by the Cayman Islands Government to collect

your identification details such as passport or driver’s licence numbers and source of funds (by way of a bank statement), as well as other relevant information to finalise the transaction. If you need further information about this requirement, please contact a legal conveyancing professional.

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Stamp Duty Exempts on Furnishings Stamp duty is not charged on the furnishings or chattels of a house. If you are not entirely sure how to calculate the value, then call the Lands and Survey Department on (345) 244 3420 and they will be happy to discuss your situation. Check out their website

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Lily Lee, Partner E: D +1 345 914 5852

FrancisGrey Tel: (345) 815 2800 Email: SEE AD PAGES 65 & 67

Commercial Property and Residential Transactions

HSM Tel: (345) 949 4766



Financing and Restructuring

HSM’s property lawyers are always accessible during fast moving transactions, providing

Debt Recovery (on behalf of Banks)

comfort and certainty to clients regardless of what side of the property transaction they

Commercial, Industrial and Retail Leasing

are on. They act for financial institutions, developers,




Strata Debt Recovery

sellers and landlords/tenants of residential and Bedell Cristin



Legal Conveyancing Conveyancing is the technical word that is used to describe the way that a property is legally transferred from one person to another. Technically, you can do the conveyancing yourself, but if the property is being bought with a mortgage, your lender will insist that you use a lawyer to confirm that the property is free from any liens or other encumbrances and to draft the appropriate charge documents. A few law firms in Cayman have departments that specialise in conveyancing. Their job will be to prepare the paperwork for your mortgage and property transfer. They check that there are no encumbrances such as a mortgages lien, outstanding strata payments or anything else which would hinder the purchasers use and enjoyment of the property. They usually charge 1% of the property value unless a different figure has been negotiated. A typical simple transfer of land takes no more than three to four weeks, with registration of the new proprietor at the Land and Survey Department taking place four to six weeks after that.

commercial properties. SEE AD PAGES 59, 79 & 103

Corporate/Commercial Transactions

Tel: (345) 949 0488 Email:

Ritch & Conolly Attorneys-At-Law

Tel: (345) 949 7366

Whether a client is acquiring a commercial

Email: or

investment or simply their next home, the

Ritch & Conolly has been at the forefront of



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


local real estate practice in the Cayman Islands since the 1980s. No job is too big or too small. SEE AD PAGE 152

McGrath Tonner Tel: (345) 949 2740 Email: SEE AD PAGE 63



Mortgages & Borrowing Most banks and financial institutions in Cayman offer mortgage packages. Interest rates are quoted based on the KYD and USD prime rate published in the Cayman Islands by the retail banks. The prime rate in Cayman normally fluctuates in accordance with changes in the United States Government Federal Reserve rate, also referred to as the “New York Prime Rate”. Banks usually ask for deposits of between 10%–35% as a contribution towards the purchase price or construction cost. Long term interestonly mortgages do not exist in Cayman. Mortgage amortisation terms are normally offered from 15-30 years, but

typically not exceeding retirement age. It is worth comparing what kind of deal the different banks will give you, as a variance of 1% or even 0.5% on your interest rate will make an enormous difference. Banks will usually charge between 1-3% above the prime rate, giving the lower percentage rate to those with the greater deposit. Banks also charge a commitment fee of up to 1% of the loan amount and some charge an early repayment penalty. Establish a meeting with your chosen bank to determine the best possible rate and terms that can be offered. Cayman banks have historically been very cautious when lending money.

Webster from Cayman Insurance Centre (SEE AD BELOW) sells life insurance. Strata Titles Residential property in Cayman is often sold as part of a strata plan if it is in a condominium or apartment complex. Most countries have the concept of freehold property, where the owner has ownership and responsibility for the land they own and all buildings on it. Strata ownership is less familiar to many people, but very common in Cayman. The following is an explanation of how it works:


If you buy a property which is part of a strata plan, you will have the registered

Insurance Required for Mortgages A Property Insurance Policy collaterally assigned to the bank is required for all mortgages and many banks will also require a Life Insurance Policy so the mortgage can be repaid in the event of death. Your loan officer will advise on their bank’s specific requirements. Michael

title of the house or apartment that is situated within the property in the plan. You will also own a share and have voting rights in the ‘strata corporation’ which owns all the land in the strata plan including estate roads, communal gardens, shared pools, etc.


The strata corporation has an obligation to insure the strata property and maintain it for the benefit of the owners, along with the right to recover the costs of doing


so from them. There will be rules and

Life Agent

regulations governing how the strata company is run (known as strata by-laws)

Cell: (345) 925 - LIFE (5433)

and an annually elected committee that


is authorised to run the corporation. Examples of monthly strata fees you

w w

might expect to pay are: CI$375 for an

Your home may be your most valuable asset...

inland two bedroom townhouse; CI$650

Protect it today with Home Mortgage Series.

per month for a three-bedroom inland

Home Mortgage Series Plus MORTGAGE

apartment; and for properties on the water, especially along Seven Mile Beach, you could easily pay between CI$800– CI$1,200 (CI$400 maintenance, CI$350 insurance and CI$65 sewage charge). Your realtor will be able to find the exact strata fees for you.

Property Valuations & Appraisals Whether applying for a mortgage, or purchasing or selling a property it is customary to instruct an independent valuation surveyor who is a registered valuer, chartered surveyor and member 154



of the RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) to carry out a valuation report. The report provides an independent opinion of value using different methods depending on the type of property. The Valuer will carry out an inspection of the property, take photographs and produce a report detailing the description, location, leasehold or freehold information, comparable evidence of recent sales, market rental values, and in some instances build costs and land values. It provides a purchaser or owner with invaluable data as well as current market conditions and trends. In addition to meeting the banks requirements, a valuation should also provide the purchaser or owner with the reassurance of what the fair market value of the property is.

regulated firm comprising a team of highly

BCQS is a firm regulated by RICS. They offer

skilled property professionals who provide

a comprehensive range of services, including

a comprehensive range of construction,



development and appraisal services including

quantity surveying, construction management,

market and insurance reinstatement valuations

claims consulting, valuations and appraisals,

and construction monitoring services.

project monitoring and feasibility studies.


Blue Point Consultants


Tel: (345) 525 0706

A1 Plaza Venezia, North Sound Road


Tel: (345) 623 2772


RICS registered valuer offering property

valuations, development appraisals, feasibility

Services include: Valuations and appraisals,

studies, acquisitions and disposals, consulting

feasibility studies, quantity surveying and cost

on landlord and tenant issues, property

consulting, plus commercial, residential and

searches, reinstatement cost for insurance

strata property management.



purposes and loss adjusting. Specialising in hotels and resorts. SE E AD P R E VIOU S PAG E


DDL Studio Ltd. 2nd Fl, Buckingham Square, West Bay Road

Bould Consulting

Tel: (345) 943 3622


Tel: (345) 946 6063


2nd Fl, Whitehall House, 238 North Church St

Email: or

Tel: (345) 949 8644

With over 50 years working throughout the

DDL Studio Ltd. is a well-established multi-


Caribbean, Bould Consulting Limited is an RICS

disciplinary construction consultancy providing


Chartered Surveyors Resort, Commercial & Residential Valuation / Appraisal Services

Our experienced and professionally qualified team provide robust land and property valuations at reasonable fees with quick turnaround time, accepted by all lending institutions.

Whatever your real estate plans, we have the property professionals to guide you. 35 years in the Cayman Islands

Call or click today! 345-945-5930

Valuations / Appraisals Dispute Resolution / Mediation Development Consulting Insurance Services Project & Construction Management Quantity Surveying Property & Facilities Management

Email us on Call us on +1 345 946 6063

w w Regulated by RICS


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



BCQS International - Property & Development

valuation and appraisal, quantity surveying,

leasehold valuations, reinstatement valuations

your new house will need to be built with

architectural, project management, interior


pilings, thus hugely increasing the cost of

design and property management services.








building. More information on what the

compensation claims and landlord and tenant.

technician does, and why it is important, is

JEC Property Consultants Ltd.

listed in the next section of this chapter.

96 Mary Street, George Town Tel: (345) 945 5930 Email: or Services




appraisals, home buyers reports, development appraisals and feasibility studies, construction cost estimates, residual valuations, investment valuations, reinstatement cost valuations for insurance purposes, assessment and


Pitfalls To Avoid There are various pitfalls you will want to avoid when buying a property in Cayman. Many, such as unpaid strata fees by the previous owner, will be caught by a conveyancing lawyer during title checks. However, there are other pitfalls which are less obvious but equally easy to avoid:


Planned Special Assessments: If you are buying a condo, a good realtor will request a report from the strata’s property management




whether any special assessments are planned on the apartment complex. Special assessments may involve considerable costs and you might well be able to get the

Water Bills: Make sure the final water bill on

existing owner to pay for them (or have

negotiation of compensation for compulsory

the property has been paid by the previous

purchase, market rent valuations and valuation

owner. Water companies are under no

of leaseholds. SEE AD PAGES 155 & 213

obligation to reconnect water supply to

a breakdown of the monthly costs of

accounts that have been disconnected

running the property in the summer and

Quayside Surveyors Ltd.

due to non-payment and still have unpaid,

in the winter months. It is not uncommon

Unit 2, Bldg B, Cayman Center, Dorcy Drive



for a four-bedroom house on a 1/3 acre

Tel: (345) 938 0662

encouraged to ensure previous water

(particularly in a windy position) to have


bills have been paid for by the landlord or

an average water bill of CI$650 per month

previous tenant prior to moving in.

and an average monthly electricity bill

Air Conditioner Servicing: Check whether

in the region of CI$1,000-CI$1,500+

the property owner has been regularly

depending on the month of the year, size

servicing the A/C units. A lack of regular

of the house and whether the property

maintenance will greatly reduce the life

has been well insulated (if the house

expectancy of air conditioning condensers

has Icynene spray foam insulation in the

and new systems can cost thousands of

attic, it will not only significantly reduce

dollars. As a condition of the sale, request

your electricity bills but help hold your

that the seller have the property’s units

roof together in the event of a major

serviced and provide a report on their




Chartered Surveyors and RICS Registered Valuers.












Pest Control: Find out if the previous owners had the property sprayed regularly

Property Grounds | Structural & Roofing Interior & Exterior | Electrical and Plumbing Air Conditioning Systems Insulation & Ventilation | Appliances Windows & Doors | Drainage & Waste Disposal

for ants, roaches, termites and other pests. Failing to have done so could put you at risk for an infestation problem. If you are buying a wooden house, get the house checked for termites before you buy the property.


Why Inspect?

MEP Report, Home Inspections and Site Surveys: As a condition of purchase,

Exclusive Advocate for Buyers Objective Facts About the Home

it is very important that you get a

Know the ‘True Condition’ of the Home Before You Buy

Home Inspection and/or a MEP report

Professionally Licensed in the U.S. & Grand Cayman 21 Years Experience

the property before you finalise the sale.

(Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) done on Significant problems can reduce the value of the property. If you are purchasing

(345) 936-2454

raw land, then a Conditions Site Survey is

recommended by a qualified engineer who will assess, among other things, whether


Hidden Costs: Ask your realtor to request


Comprehensive Home Inspections Include:


them deduct it from the sale price).



Home Inspections & Site Surveys In the UK, it is common practice to have a Chartered Building Survey completed before purchasing a property, whereas in the US you would most likely have a Full Home Inspection done by a licensed home inspector. There are companies that provide both services in the Cayman Islands and it is highly recommended that you have one done when purchasing a home. A Building Condition Survey will include an inspection by a civil or structural engineer who will examine the roof, insulation, flooring and the condition of the walls of your home, as well as other structural areas. They will also check whether your appliances are up to code and will recommend

including full examinations of homes, which

Services include: Commercial, residential and

include structural integrity, exterior and


site, all interior components, appliances and

and appraisals, feasibility studies, quantity

mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

surveying and cost management and insurance

The company also offers full construction

loss adjusting.









building multi-million dollar homes.

JEC Property Consultants Ltd.


96 Mary Street, George Town Tel: (345) 945 5930

Property Management Services Property management is an invaluable service on-Island, given the number of property owners who live overseas. A good property management company will market your property, screen prospective tenants, draw up a lease, handle financials, produce monthly reports, handle maintenance matters and be on call 24/7. Many realtors offer property management services.

Email: or JEC





property management for both residential and commercial properties. Services include: tenant screening and placement, regular property inspections and reporting, management and supervision of maintenance contractors, mail collection, arrangement and attendance at AGM/EGMs, strata financial management including estimating yearly budgets, invoicing


and collections, income and expenditure statements etc. SEE AD PAGES 155 & 213

Avata Property Services Ltd. Tel: (345) 947 4747 or (345) 916 4286

REM Services

Email: /

Locale, Unit C1, 455 West Bay Road, SMB

Tel: (345) 946 8664







whether a MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) report needs to be done by professional technicians. A Home Inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector will include a full examination which will consist of structural components such as foundations, floors, walls, ceilings, hurricane straps and roof. They will also check all interior components – doors, windows and all appliances, testing the safety and functionality of all items. A licensed home inspector is also qualified to inspect the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems of the home. An inspection report is then provided, noting all findings, and actions for any required remediation. A similar approach should be taken when purchasing a plot of land; while it may look like the lot is filled properly, it can be overlying soft peat or have other ground conditions which would require you to pile your future property at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, a site investigation is a must. A simple trial pit or more complex borehole test and accompanying report will reveal the build-up of the underlying ground conditions. This technical data can then be utilised by your structural engineer when designing and calculating the foundation structure that is necessary to support your home. Most builders will require this report before commencing construction on any parcel of land, especially canal front.


throughout the Caribbean, Avata’s team of property professionals in the Cayman Islands use their combined skillsets to deliver firstclass service to their clients. Contact them today for a quote or review of your property

Professional Property Management

management needs. SEE AD THIS PAGE

Avata offers experienced staff to manage your properties.

BCQS Property Management

Professionally accurate budgeting, forensic accounting and diligent maintenance are the hallmarks of our first-class service from the Avata team.

2nd Fl, Whitehall House, 238 North Church St. SEL Consulting

Tel: (345) 949 9300

Tel: (345) 525 0209



Call or email for a

BCQS specialises in the proactive management Utopia Realty

of commercial and residential properties

Tel: (345) 325 6372

including stratas. They also have an extensive


range of residential rental properties available.

quote or review of your services

Professional services are tailored to meet WestPoint Inspections

a client’s specific property management

Tel: (345) 936 2454

requirements. SEE AD PAGE 160



A team of professional general contractors

A1 Plaza Venezia, North Sound Road

and home inspectors licensed and qualified

Tel: (345) 623 2772

to operate in the US and the Cayman Islands.


They lead comprehensive home inspections,

947 4747 | 916 4286 |


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Email: REM Services Ltd. is a professional property management company in the Cayman Islands with over 35 years’ experience. Providing services to clients on Island and overseas, REM specialises in residential and commercial properties





short-term and long-term rental options are

Cayman’s Accommodation Locator of Choice!

available. SEE AD NEXT PAGE THPM Real Estate Unit E2, Cayman Centre Tel: (345) 949 5134

conditions and attend the closing with you. Once you have made an offer, you will need to supply the following information: your passport, driving license, a current utility bill, source of funds letter, mailing address, occupation and date of birth. One of the additional benefits of using a CIREBA realtor is that they know the best lawyers, bankers, surveyors, appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, structural engineers, handymen and property managers. They know the deal makers and the deal killers; the most expensive and the most reasonable.



Amber Yates - Century 21

Services include: Tenant placement, 24/7

Cell: (345) 926 0396

emergency call service, property advertising


and showing, tenant screening, property



Amber Yates has been a CIREBA Real Estate

agreements and inventory preparation, rent

professional in Cayman for over 18 years

collections and bill payments, accounting and

and is constantly an award-winning Top

book keeping services. SEE AD THIS PAGE

Performer for Century 21 Cayman and the No




1 agent in the Caribbean. Amber specialises in

Realtors - Sales When buying a property, it’s more productive to work with one real estate agent. As mentioned before, the Islands’ MLS is run by CIREBA and it ensures the best market coverage to view every property on all three Islands. Depending on your market at home, this may be unusual for some, but this is how it works: a seller will list his/her property with a specific agent, that agent then enters the property details into the MLS which is accessible to all CIREBA agents. In other words, the agent you are comfortable working with will show you all the listings, regardless of with whom they are listed. The agents all cooperate with each other, so there is no need for you to reach out to different offices. The realtors generally work on commission only, so using the time and resources of one realtor and then jumping to another is definitely frowned upon. Realtors will help you gather all the information you require, shortlist properties, take you back for second viewings, write up an Offer to Purchase, follow through with all your

Real Estate Sales Rentals Property Management Relocation Assistance T: (345) 949 5134 E:THPM@CANDW.KY




a bespoke service to enable you to find your ideal property. Amber has an impressive portfolio of repeat clientele and will assist you in making an informed choice on all property decisions. Contact her today. SEE AD PAGE 148 Azure Realty Limited Tel: (345) 946 2987 Email: Established in 2008, Azure Realty Limited is a well-known boutique real estate agency that strives to provide outstanding customer service to all their clients. They provide distinctive properties for their discerning clientele and can help with an array of real estate needs. SEE AD PAGE 147 Cayman Islands Sotheby’s International Realty Sheena Conolly – Broker/Owner Governor’s Square, Seven MIle Beach Tel: (345) 623 1234 Email: As the only firm to have been awarded ‘Best Real Estate Company’ in the Cayman Islands by AIPP, we are a professional team of realtors that

offer exceptional real estate concierge service in

the three Cayman Islands. We work closely with

IRG - International Realty Group specialises

you to find the best real estate solution for your

in the Cayman Islands’ luxury residential and

needs; whether that is a luxury home, a Seven

commercial real estate investment markets. Our

Mile Beach condo, investment property, land for

international team of experts provide brokerage,

development, an oceanfront residence in Cayman

advice and support in relation to: luxury real

Kai or a family home. Connect with us today.

estate, luxury resort residences, international


relocation, and commercial property investment.

Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty

Kass Coleman – RE/MAX agent

J.C. Calhoun - Broker/Owner

Tel: (345) 949 2396

Tel: (345) 945 4411

Cell: (345) 916 0378



The Coldwell Banker® brand has a global reach

Kass Coleman has excelled in Cayman real

with offices in 44 countries and territories.

estate with RE/MAX for over 27+ years in

There are approximately 3,000 Coldwell

all areas of sales and marketing. Kass is a

Banker offices. Operating in Cayman since the

“Lifestyle Specialist” and will help you every

‘80s, Coldwell has offices on all three Cayman

step of the way when buying or selling your

Islands, with knowledgeable agents available

property. Let her experience and proven

and eager to serve their clients.

track record work for you.




Provenance Properties Cayman Islands Tel: (345) 640 7000

Tel: (345) 949 5250 or (345) 945 1313



Provenance Properties is the Cayman Islands

Since the early ‘70s, Crighton Properties has

affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate, a

provided their clients with expert advice about

global leader in luxury real estate. Provenance

the local real estate market. They offer an

Properties specialises in representing luxury

extensive range of real estate options, whether

Grand Cayman real estate, including the

you are looking to invest in a beachfront home,

exclusive listing for The Residences at Seafire.

canal front lot or investment property.

This boutique brokerage provides exceptional


service and valuable market insights.


Crighton Properties


Engel & Völkers Tel: (345) 623 1400



Cayman Tel: (345) 938 1000

New York Tel: 1 (917) 836 9108

Engel & Völkers Cayman offers local expertise


backed by a global reach. They align themselves

with exceptional real estate professionals to

Rhulens is a trusted advisor for clients looking

not only better serve their clients, but exceed

to buy, sell or rent residential property.

their expectations. From starter homes to

They offer unbiased advice and exceptional

dream homes - they provide a personal buying

customer service throughout all stages of

experience. SEE AD PAGE 11

the real estate transaction. Their extensive market knowledge and strong negotiating

IRG - International Realty Group

abilities allow them to achieve the best

Jeremy Hurst – Owner/Broker

possible outcome for their clients.

Tel: (345) 623 1111




www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


communicate your wish list to a realtor prior to your arrival. Have the following in mind when you contact an agent:

THPM Real Estate Unit E2, Cayman Centre Tel: (345) 949 5134



Time-frame: The majority of tenancies

commence on the first of the month.

A leading real estate agency offering a

Landlords can be flexible if you ask and

bespoke sales service with reduced sales

put a security deposit down (typically one

commission, excellent attention to detail and

months’ rent). Most rentals will not begin to

top customer service. THPM offers a wide

be advertised until 4 - 6 weeks prior to the

selection of properties for sale and specialises

start of the lease and the rates will fluctuate

in matching the perfect people to their dream

throughout the year so wait until your

home, as well as helping vendors get the best

permit has been approved before you start

value from their property. SEE AD PAGE 158

your search. The current market moves very quickly. Most realtors are willing to give

West Indies Brokers

you a tour by FaceTime or send additional

Tel: (345) 943 9400 or Cell: (345) 916 7289

photos if you have yet to arrive on-Island.








affordable as you may be used to and you committed


may have to forgo that beachfront condo or

upholding their reputation to achieving the finest investment for their valued customers


Price range: Rent in Cayman is not as

extra bedroom to stay within budget.


Deposit: The industry standard for a rental

worldwide. They specialise in Seven Mile Beach

security deposit is equivalent to a full

condos, developer properties, income producing

month’s rent. E.g. if you lease a property

properties and estates, as well as premier beach

for CI$1,500/month, your deposit will be

and canal front residences.

CI$1,500. In addition to this, the first month’s


rent will be required to be paid in full on or RENTING A PROPERTY

Starting Your Search Cayman’s usually slim rental inventory saw a sharp increase in available properties in 2020, likely owing to COVID-19 related emigration. There is no central portal so the best place to start your search is by contacting a realtor who specialises in rentals. They will give you a list of what they have available, arrange viewings and even drive you around to see properties. This is also free of charge. Alternatively, you can look on ecaytrade. com and see what rentals are listed there; as of October 2020, listed 1488 available rentals – almost triple the amount available this time last year. Prices also saw a slight decrease as many landlords lowered tenants’ rent from March and during the months of the Island-wide hard lockdown. Rent fees are only now creeping back up to what they were pre-COVID-19. As expected, rent along the Seven Mile Beach corridor and in the South Sound area is generally higher than units in West Bay or Savannah. To manage your expectations, +1 345 949 9300 160



before you take occupancy.


Location: Again, be realistic, not everyone lives within walking distance to the beach or a shopping centre. A reduction in the commuting time is often one of the top priorities for people moving to the Cayman Islands, so you may want to make sure you choose a property which factors in journey times to the office and schools.


Size: How many bedrooms do you need or want? Many people like to have an extra bedroom for visitors, or even a home office.


Lifestyle: You will likely have to compromise on either your location, size, or your budget. Prioritise your wish list prior to the search.

Related Costs In addition to the first month’s rent and deposit, you will have start-up costs related to your new accommodation:


Utilities Deposit: Estimate approximately CI$100 for water, CI$200-CI$500 for electricity (depending on the size of the property) and an estimated CI$150 for a landline, cable and/or internet package.

Maintenance Costs: Most landlords will take care of maintenance costs associated with garden and pool care, pest control and servicing of general systems such as A/C. If this is not specified within the lease agreement, enquire prior to signing.


Insurance: Insuring personal belongings is the responsibility of the tenant. The property owner will be responsible for any issues that are not the fault of the tenant i.e. inclement weather, a burst pipe or the A/C system failing.


Furnishings: Most units come furnished. Some may be “fully-furnished” (linens,

Realtors - Rentals For potential renters, the best approach is to email one of the realtors below, make a connection and have them guide you in your search. Please note that each agent or company will have their own rental listings, but they will have access to each other’s, as well as properties listed on It is recommended that you use one agent in your search for a rental, to ensure there are no crossbookings or miscommunications; realtors work with each other to find each other the best match for tenants and owners.

kitchenware and all appliances are supplied,


Unit E2, Cayman Centre Tel: (345) 949 5134 Email: THPM is a leading real estate agency offering personalised services to clients. Whether new to the island or looking for a new home, a condo or corporate properties in the capital, THPM offers a comprehensive selection of properties to clients. THPM also provides full property management and sales. SEE AD PAGE 158 The Terraces at Camana Bay Dart Real Estate, Camana Bay

BCQS Rentals

Tel: (345) 640 4000

ask for an inventory list showing everything

2nd Fl, Whitehall House, 238 North Church St.


that comes with the unit. You will have to be

Tel: (345) 949 9300

prepared to supplement anything missing.


An exclusive property in the heart of Camana Bay

Pets: A large number of complexes or

owned by Dart Real Estate, The Terraces offer

owners do NOT accept pets. Those

If you’re looking for the ideal apartment or home

residents the ‘work, live and play’ dream. There

which do will require an additional non-

to rent over the long-term, talk to the friendly

are one and two bedroom options available and

refundable security deposit, which can be

professionals at BCQS Rentals. With full relocation

they come with direct access to all of Camana

as much as CI$600 per pet (to account for

and tenant placement services, BCQS can help

Bay’s renowned amenities. SEE AD PAGE 144

a specialised cleaning of the unit done once

you every step of the way. BCQS Rentals brings

the tenant has left. Carpets, sofas and

quality tenants and landlords together. Review

curtains will all be professionally cleaned

their website today to see the latest rental listings.

to make sure that no animal hair remains. If


must notify your landlord..

Centre Island Properties

Monthly Costs: You will be expected to pay

Tel: (345) 326 4790

water and electricity which will be based on


consumption, the size of the unit and the

age of the build. Your realtor will be able to

Centre Island Properties is a premier real estate

give you an estimate on the unit prior to

company having residential and commercial

signing an agreement. Cable and internet

properties available for rent in Grand Cayman.

may or may not be included in the rental


rate. If it is included, it is usually a basic package and you can pay to upgrade.

REM Services Ltd. Locale, Unit C1, 455 West Bay Road, SMB

What to Expect In Cayman there are family homes, townhouses, condominiums, apartment complexes or rooms/apartments carved out of larger houses all available for rent. The most common type of properties available are two-bedroom condos or townhouses for which owners are looking for long-term tenants (1-year+ leases).

Tel: (345) 946 8664 Email: REM Services Ltd. is a professional property management company in the Cayman Islands with over 35 years’ experience. Providing services to clients on Island and overseas, REM specialises in residential and commercial

Real Estate Photography Please refer to the Living in Cayman chapter. Temporary Accommodation Many companies offer new employees two to four weeks of temporary accommodation to assist with relocation. The 10% tourist tax will not be added to your hotel bill on presentation of your work permit. Options include: Sunshine Suites (Tel: (345) 949 3000), and Shangri-La bed and breakfast (Tel: (345) 526 1170). There are also a growing number of property owners who are using Airbnb to advertise locally available condos and guest houses, or you could try one of the condominiums on Seven Mile Beach. Without tourists coming to Cayman, many are available for shortterm rentals and staycations.

Tell them you saw it in the

properties and beachside condos. Both shortterm and long-term rental options are available. SEE AD PAGE 159


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




as well as furniture). Prior to signing a lease,

you acquire a pet during your tenancy you


THPM Real Estate



Running Your


Photos courtesy of Huis, Justin Uzzell, Paradise Landscaping and Pool Patrol

How to maintain your home, pool and garden, organise domestic help and assess your monthly costs of living in Cayman.




Maintaining Your Home - Air Conditioning - Electricians - Home Security - Pest Control - Set-Up & Monthly Living Costs - Quarterly Spraying - Painting & General Maintenance - Plumbers - Recycling

162 162 163 163 163 164 164 165 165 165

Cleaning Services


Domestic Help


Maintaining Your Garden - Landscaping - Plant Trees - Lawn Maintenance - Sargassum Removal - Pool Maintenance

167 167 167 167 168 168

Sewage & Wastewater Treatment


Waste Disposal





The quality of services, selection of homeware stores and the expert contractors found on Grand Cayman compares to those of major cities in North America. From furniture stores and carpenters, to pool maintenance, home security companies and landscapers, Cayman living can be a breeze. But there’s just one catch – living in paradise is not cheap! Luckily, there are ways to avoid financial haemorrhage when maintaining your home: ask your friends for recommendations and shop around before choosing a contractor or service provider to ensure that you’re finding the best rates. Air Conditioning Air conditioning is an expensive necessity on-Island and can have the biggest impact on your electricity bill. Keeping the temperature at the highest setting you feel comfortable with will help reduce costs, as well as using an overhead fan, especially during the winter months when a fan may be all you need in the mornings and evenings. You can also save electricity by closing windows and curtains during the day, making sure your air filters are clean and that your home is well insulated. Finally, ensure that you have your air conditioning unit regularly maintained by a professional company to maximise its efficiency. There are ample air conditioning contractors to choose from. When selecting an air conditioning system, presuming you are getting a new one, make sure that the system has a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating

(SEER). This can make a big difference to your energy consumption.

BrandSource Home Gallery Carries a large selection of major appliance brands such as GE, Profile, Café, Monogram, LG,

Air Conditioning Contractors Below are a few local contractors who can advise, install, maintain and repair A/C systems. Although the cost of quarterly maintenance is often similar, some companies will include the cost of new filters, whereas others won’t.

Samsung, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Icon, Fisher & Paykel, DCS, Danby, Haier, Beko, Thor, U-Line, Foster Milano, Zephyr and more. They provide installation, repair and parts for all brands of

The Security Centre Limited

appliances. 209 Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park,

Tel: (345) 949 0004

Tel: (345) 623 5000.

Electricians Androgroup Ltd.

Androgroup Ltd.

Tel: (345) 949 8000 (24-hour service)

Tel: (345) 949 8000 (24-hour service)


DP Economy Services Ltd.

Tel: (345) 945 7167

Be it a full apartment or home renovation or just a kitchen or bathroom remodeling stint, DP Economy Services is here to address your renovation needs in the fastest possible time without sacrificing on quality. They provide Remodeling, Renovation, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry and General Repairs & Maintenance services. They offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality of delivery and workmanship. 325 Owen Roberts Dr, GT. Tel:

EcoSmart Cooling Ltd.

(345) 321 7562, email: dpeconomyservices@

Tel: (345) 936 2665 or visit www.dpeconomyservices. com.

Parsons Air Conditioning Tel: (345) 949 3945

Appliance Sales, Service & Repairs A. L. Thompson’s They sell and support the following major home appliance brands: Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Miele, Sub-Zero and Wolf. 189 North Sound Road, George Town, Tel: (345) 949 8622 or visit SEE AD PAGES 111, 195, 200 & 233

Bon Vivant Kitchen Studio Offers kitchen design services, specialty culinary appliances, cabinets and a variety of kitchenware: blenders, juicers and accessories. Brands include Bosch, Thermador, Smeg, Liebherr and Le Creuset cookware. They also have a busy schedule of interactive cooking classes for all levels of ability. Market Street, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 623 2665, email: info@ or visit SEE AD PAGES 207 & 235

Home Security While Cayman enjoys one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean, burglaries do occur. The majority of burglaries are crimes of opportunity and occur at residences when no one is at home, the entry is concealed and easy to access. It is suggested that you lock all doors and windows, particularly when you are not at home. There is a lock which is unpickable called the ‘multi-lock’ and with this key a new key cannot be copied without proof of identification by the property owner. They are expensive, but the police recommend these locks above all others available on the market. If you live in Cayman and are going away on holiday for an extended period, have a friend or a neighbour check on your home periodically. For added protection, you can also have an alarm system installed in your home,

Pest Control Cayman has a warm and humid climate, and consequently uninvited guests such as ants, cockroaches, termites, weevils, centipedes and scorpions also live here. Scorpions tend to be more prevalent after periods of heavy rain and home infestations can occur in large numbers. Although not particularly poisonous, they have a very painful sting and if any symptoms occur, you should visit the hospital or doctor as a safety precaution. Termites are a major problem in this region and can cause a lot of damage to a property. If you are planning to purchase a house it is important to have a termite inspection done prior to purchase. If you are planning to build a house, have a pre-treatment for termites done prior to building. Rodents are an all-year problem in Cayman and there are two species of rat and one species of mouse on-Island. People with pets will likely encounter ticks and fleas − local vets sell NexGard chewable tablets which are an effective flea and tick control medicine for dogs. Ticks are a particular nuisance during dry weather and if you have a tick infestation in your home, then a reliable pest company needs to spray the floors of your home twice over a twoweek period. Cayman has biting insects such as fire ants, mosquitoes and sandflies. It is the task of the Mosquito Research & Control Unit (MRCU) to suppress the mosquito population and assist in preventing mosquito-borne diseases. The MRCU conducts aerial spraying with insecticides before the rainy season to kill larvae and evening sprays to kill adult mosquitoes. Fogging trucks are used for ground spraying at times when


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Mould Remediation, Decontamination & A/C Duct Cleaning & Sanitation Life in a tropical climate means A/C ducts and vents are susceptible to mould and bacteria growth if they are not regularly inspected and thoroughly cleaned by a trained professional.

which can then be connected to a security company. There are a number of security companies across the Island that can advise you on beefing up your home security. Here is one option:

mosquitoes are most active. To minimise mosquito problems on your property, ensure there are no open containers where water might grow stagnate, as these areas are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Large land crabs are common across the Island. Migrations are prompted by heavy rain and storms when thousands make their way to the sea to spawn. Many Caymanians catch land crabs to

eat, so when driving in crab season, use caution and watch for ‘crabbers’ along the roadside. Chickens and roosters roam freely in the Cayman Islands and can often be a nuisance. You can request that a trap be set for free by the Department of Agriculture, who will then come and take them away. Call (345) 947 3090. Non-indigenous, invasive green iguanas are a problem, and must not be mistaken

Living in Cayman: Set-Up & Monthly Costs (in CI$) Scenario 1:

Scenario 2:





> > >



COUPLE with 2 CHILDREN (Ages 2 & 4)

Teacher earning CI$3,600 pmth and Administrator earning CI$3,500 pmth 1 small, but reliable second-hand car 1-bedroom apartment in George Town Other expenses include dinner once a week and a movie or a cocktail once a week Note: you may need to purchase two cars if you each need to work and live independent lifestyles

$5,500 $450 $150 $215 $1,800 $1,800 $80 $200 $200 $10,395 $1,800 $120 $80 $250 $80 $150 $700 $500 $3,680

Preschool fees (half-day) Prep school fees Domestic help (full-time) Domestic help health insurance Entertainment/Other Total living expenses


Pension 5% Health Insurance Total Monthly Income Total Monthly Expenses

$355 $600

Pension 5% Health Insurance

$7,100 $4,635


$3,000 $120 $100 $500 $80 $350 $1,200 $900 $1,200 $1,200 $160 $700 $9,510


Total Monthly Income Total Monthly Expenses


$3,000 $3,000 $80 $300 $200 $23,260


Apartment rent Telephone + mobile Water Electricity Internet Petrol Groceries


Apartment rent Telephone + mobile Water Electricity Internet Petrol Groceries Entertainment/Other Total living expenses

$15,000 $1,000 $250 $430


Apartment deposit First month’s rent Water deposit Electricity deposit Telephone deposit Total set-up costs


Apartment deposit First month’s rent Water deposit Electricity deposit Telephone deposit Total set-up costs


Purchase of 2 vehicles Motor vehicle insurance Drivers licences x 2 Vehicle licensing/inspection


Purchase of a vehicle Motor vehicle insurance Drivers licences x 2 Vehicle licensing/inspection

> > >

Accountant earning CI$6,500 pmth and Corporate Services Administrator earning CI$5,000 pmth 2 second-hand vehicles: SUV and sedan 3-bedroom apartment in George Town Other expenses include dinner and a movie once a week and children’s activities


$575 $950 $11,500 $11,035

with the endemic Cayman blue iguana, which is a protected species. The green iguana is a pest that breeds in large numbers and has no predators. To wipe them out, a Government-mandated cull was launched in October 2018 whereby registered cullers receive a bounty of CI$5 per iguana carcass. Over 1.1 million green iguanas have already been killed and Cabinet has agreed to fund this project for an additional year to keep up with the green iguana’s prolific breeding capabilities. If these voracious eaters are wreaking havoc on your garden, you can call Joseph on (345) 939 6075 who is a registered DoE culler, and has a licence for an air rifle. He will come to your home, cull and dispose of the iguanas. Quarterly Spraying at Home If you are buying a property you should check if the property has been sprayed regularly for pests. If renting, ask your landlord if they have a pest control company that sprays quarterly to control ants, scorpions and cockroaches. Most property owners will do this as a matter of course to protect their investment. If your landlord doesn’t arrange this, it might be worth organising it yourself. If not mitigated, pests can become a serious problem in the Cayman Islands. A typical house, depending on size, costs between CI$135-CI$165 per quarter to treat. Treating a two-bedroom apartment costs in the range of CI$125-CI$140 per quarter. Pestkil Ltd. Operates across all three Islands and has been in business for over 38 years. Services include the control of cockroaches, rodents, ants, as well as all other pest control for residential and commercial locations; including lawn, shrubs and tree services. Owned and run by a Doctor of Entomology (insects) Pestkil holds a long standing position in the community, and boasts a strong team culture of experienced and trained employees at all levels. Pestkil is the exclusive provider of the Sentricon Termite Elimination System in Cayman the most effective system on the market for the eradication and protection against sub-

terranean termites. Abacus House, 311 Walkers Road, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 9145 or SEE AD PAGE 166

Painting & General Maintenance There are a number of painting companies on the Island. One reputable company that also provides free estimates is Paint Pros Ltd. (Tel: (345) 949 7767). Painting contractors usually charge by the job rather than by the hour. For a general handyman ask a friend for a recommendation and be prepared to pay CI$10-CI$15 per hour. Plumbers Androgroup Tel: (345) 949 8000 DP Economy Services Ltd. Be it a full apartment, home renovation or just a kitchen or bathroom remodeling stint, DP Economy Services is here to address your without sacrificing on quality. They provide Remodeling, Renovation, Plumbing, Electrical,

plastics (#1 and #2) at their site. Recyclables in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are safely stored at their respective landfills until arrangements are made for shipping to Grand Cayman for further processing. Once at the recycling facility at the George Town landfill, recyclables are sorted, processed and baled for shipment to recycling plants in the US. For more information about how you can recycle, please contact DEH by email at or refer to the Being Green chapter. CLEANING SERVICES

At some point you might find yourself needing the help of a professional cleaning service to give your home a proper, thorough clean. Fortunately housekeeping services are an affordable luxury in Cayman and there are a number of reputable cleaning companies which offer various residential and commercial services. If you don’t go through an agency, it is easy to find someone via word of mouth. For

Carpentry and General Repairs & Maintenance services. They are committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality of delivery and workmanship. 325 Owen Roberts Dr, GT. Tel: (345) 321 7562, email: or visit www.

Recycling Cayman has made progress in its recycling efforts over the last seven years but there is still a long way to go. While the message is slowly resonating with some, many people in Cayman either still don’t understand the importance of recycling or don’t know just how much can be recycled. There are currently seven recycling depots; six of which are located at the Island’s three major supermarkets. The newest depot is located in East End on the grounds of the Captain George Dixon Park. Residents can recycle the following items at each of these locations: a) paper and cardboard, b) clean metal food cans (tin and aluminium), c) glass bottles and ceramic dishes and d) PET/PETE and

CALL: 949 0734

MORE THAN CLEAN Family owned and operated in the Cayman Islands since 1977. Safe, professional, trustworthy, efficient, friendly & caring. Staff are trained in Applied Microbial Remediation and follow all protocols in cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19 according to CDC recommendations. Maids Offices Floors Carpets Upholstery Marble Mold Windows Microbial restoration Water restoration Fire restoration PO Box 10594, Grand Cayman KY1-1005, 335 Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




renovation needs in the fastest possible time

HDPE plastics (#1 and #2). Be sure to check the bottom of containers for codes such as PET, PETE and HDPE or look for the 1 & 2 symbols. Read the signs at each depot and follow the instructions carefully. It is essential that no additional waste items are disposed of in recycling bins as they contaminate the recyclables and could cause them to be sent to the landfill. Make sure everything has been rinsed out and is clean, and don’t put plastic wrappers, plastic bags and cling wrap in with the #1 and #2 plastics. Bins have been organised using the following colour codes: Blue – Types 1 & 2 Plastics, Yellow – Paper & Cardboard, Gray – Tin & Aluminium Cans and Brown – Glass & Ceramics. Residents can also deposit recyclable items at the 24-hour drop-off site located at the front of the George Town landfill. There is no fee for this service and assistance is provided during regular business hours. Camana Bay also operates a recycling depot, but they only collect glass and

a seasonal clean of your carpets, area rugs, windows and upholstery, it’s worth hiring a specialised team to do the job. The agencies listed below can help.

polishing, upholstery cleaning and much

cleaning services; and combines state-of-

more. Staff are trained in Applied Microbial

the-art equipment with a customized service

Remediation and follow all protocols in cleaning

plan. Staff are trained in Applied Microbial

and disinfecting for COVID-19 according to CDC

Remediation and follow all protocols in cleaning

recommendations. They also offer a residential

and disinfecting against COVID-19 according to

team cleaning service and they come prepared

CDC recommendations. Tel: (345) 949 5010,

A family-owned company that provides

with supplies. A great, hassle-free service.




Hew’s Cleaning Services professional




commercial and residential cleaning services. Contact them for general and deep cleaning,

FabriZone Cleaning Systems of Cayman

as well as oven, carpet, cupboard and window

FabriZone Cleaning Systems specialises in

cleaning. They also offer sanitising, marble

comprehensive residential and commercial

12 Do it right the first time!

Over 35 years in business R U N N I N G YO U R H O M E

Serving all 3 Cayman Islands Residential & Commercial Pest Control • Rodent Control Fire Ant & Carpenter Ant Control • Fly Control Lawn Spraying & Feeding • Shrubs, Plants & Tree Spraying Pre -Construction Soil Treatment • Subterranean Termite Control • Termite Inspections/Reports Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

Contact us Today Tel: 949-9145 | web: email:

tro on








tio nC





Air Quality










Many families employ domestic help either on a full-time, live-in or part-time basis. You can often find someone via word of mouth on Facebook forums such as ‘The Real Women of Cayman’, ‘Hope of Cayman’ or ‘Caymums’ or you can try an agency. Make sure to ask for and check all references. > Hiring through an agency: Expect to pay approximately CI$12 per hour for a minimum of four hours if hired on a fullday or half-day regular weekly basis. If you hire them as a one-off, the hourly rate is CI$14. The convenience of using an agency is that they train the staff, pay their health insurance, pension and will replace them if they can’t work for any reason. Refer to the Having A Baby chapter for more detailed information on securing a fulltime domestic helper or caregiver through an agency. We recommend the following three agencies: AAA Caregivers Agency, Tel: (345) 916 5925 or Best Home Care, Tel: (345) 947 2297 or email: > Hiring someone yourself: If you hire someone yourself then the going rate for a full-time helper (between 40 and 45 hours per week) is approximately CI$450 per week, before overtime. For this salary they would be expected to be able to drive your children, cook for them and help with cleaning the house. For part-time work, babysitting or overtime, the going rate is CI$10 per hour. If you hire your own helper on a fulltime basis, you must apply for a work permit. Paperwork and instructions can be downloaded from their website: www.worc. ky. A police clearance, passport photos and a full medical are also required. They may be required to take an English test as

around CI$15 per hour. Many gardeners will chop back plants, so be very specific about what you need trimming, and make sure they don’t kill any snakes as grass snakes in Cayman are harmless and help keep the frog population in check. Plant Trees Planting trees around your property is a great way to support Cayman’s environment, and also help keep your house cool, provide shade outdoors while your children play in the afternoons and add character and value to your property. Local resident Margaret Barwick, author of the book Tropical & Subtropical Trees, maintains the emphasis should be on respecting and incorporating indigenous flora where possible. Planting indigenous trees supports the local wildlife (birds and bees in particular), will be less affected by pests and will also bounce back far quicker after a major storm. The Neem tree is a fantastic shade tree that grows fast and is drought-resistant. It

is non-toxic to birds and is an important honey plant (i.e. bees love it). Another great option is the Mahogany, an indigenous, endangered tree that does remarkably well in marl-filled land as it is salt tolerant and fairly fast growing. The smaller Poui, Poinciana and Tabebuia trees are also very popular on-Island for their showy canopy of bright flowers. Avoid planting the invasive Casuarina tree, which will take over your land quickly. Keep coconut trees to your property’s perimeter and trim regularly, as the coconuts can fall and hurt children. Lawn & Garden Maintenance Lawns in Cayman, and particularly those with St. Augustine and Zoysia grass, often suffer attacks from white grub, army worms and cinch bugs. If your lawn is coming up in clumps or showing brown patches then you have a problem. The most effective way to treat it is to have a pest company spray the lawn every three months and make sure you water it well. Note that Zoysia lawns should be shaved down once a year during


If you live in an apartment complex, the strata will generally take care of garden maintenance. Homeowners not a part of a strata can seek landscaping services from one of the many companies in Cayman. See the Lawn & Garden Maintenance heading further in this chapter. Alternatively you can maintain your own garden. Equipment such as lawn mowers and fertiliser are available from most home centres such as A. L. Thompson’s, Cox Lumber, Kirk Home Centre and Uncle Bill’s. There are also very good plant nurseries with experienced staff who can advise you. Refer to the Shopping chapter for details on where to buy all-weather outdoor furniture. Landscaping Expect to pay independent landscapers


547-1530 |


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




well. It is worth noting that the WORC does not usually grant expatriates a work permit for domestic help, unless they show sufficient need, i.e. they have children who need looking after, in which case you will also need to provide certified copies of the birth certificate of each child to be cared for and think carefully about the information you provide in your cover letter. Please note, a work permit for a ‘Nanny’ needs to be advertised in the newspaper for two consecutive weeks and costs CI$650 per year, but a work permit for a ‘Domestic Helper’ does not need to be advertised and costs CI$250. You will also need to take care of your employee’s health insurance and pension, give them at least two weeks paid vacation per year and pay them double time for working any public holidays. A good employer will also pay for one airline ticket home per year and give a Christmas bonus of between two-week’s and a month’s salary. > Things to note: You cannot submit your domestic helper’s work permit paperwork until your own work permit has been approved; it is illegal to make them pay for their own work permit; helpers are not allowed to have dependants on their work permit and the maximum time they will be allowed to stay on the Island is ten years.

the rainy season.

service landscape and design company backed by a plant nursery. Both stores sell a large

Every Bloomin Thing (EBT)

variety of seeds, plants, shrubs, trees, soil,

EBT provides plants, flowers, trees and shrubs

fertilizers, terracotta pots, home and garden

from the traditional to the quirky. Open

accessories and Mexican Talavera. Walkers

Monday-Saturday 8am-4.30pm and Sunday

Road, Tel: (345) 949 4270. Agricola Drive, Tel:

10am-4pm. 384 Crewe Road, George Town. Tel:

(345) 945 5236. Email:

(345) 945 1701, visit

or, visit www.vigoro.

has been removing unwanted bees from people’s homes and gardens for years. The Department of Agriculture also offers bee removal services. Call them on (345) 947 3090. The cost usually varies depending on the complexity of the situation. Bee removal should be done by a professional – please do not kill the bees!

ky or Paradise Landscaping Paradise Landscaping specialises in creative and quality landscape design, installation and maintenance




staff have meticulous attention to detail and can design, install and maintain extraordinary outdoor spaces personalised to suit your own unique style. The Owner, Giles Smith, has


been a professional in the landscaping arena for decades. Tel: (345) 547 1530, email: giles@, or visit



Power Flower For over 30 years, Power Flower has been providing residential and commercial clients on Island with premier landscape maintenance and design services of the highest standard. Their

Bat Removal Services Bats are looked at with great compassion in Cayman, especially as they do an incredible job keeping the mosquito population down. The National Trust will install tall bat boxes in neighbourhoods for CI$750 per box, which gives bats a permanent and safe place to nest and discourages them from nesting in people’s attics. While bats are not dangerous and do not damage structures, they should still be removed from roof spaces as their droppings can create odour problems. To ensure safe removal, please contact the National Trust at By law, bats cannot be disturbed during their breeding season (June-November).

family of professional landscapers, irrigation specialists and tree pruners are committed to delivering outstanding service and timely communication for every project on every property. 31 Orchard Lane, off Crewe Road, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 2256 or (345) 321 0308 (Nursery), email: or visit SE E AD PAG E 199 Vigoro Nursery & Landscaping With two handy garden centres, Vigoro is a full-

Bee Removal Services Cayman has a thriving community of bees which ensure that our fruit trees continue to bear abundantly. However, sometimes these bees can overtake a corner of your garden and may need to be safely removed and relocated. Call Otto Watler (Tel: (345) 947 1255) who lives in Lower Valley and produces Pure Cayman Honey from his happy family of bees. He


945-7665 168



Sargassum Removal Sargassum is a genus of large brown seaweed what floats in island-like mats and is a crucial habitat for many different species. However, at certain times of the year it washes ashore and as it dries it gives off a foul smell. Usually a nor’wester will blow through and take it out to sea again, but sometimes it builds up so much that it must be removed. However, be sure to remove it in the least intrusive way (hand raking) and be aware of wildlife, especially during turtle nesting season (May-November). Care must be taken not to destabilise the beach and cause erosion. Using machinery to remove sargassum is not advisable due to the environmental risks. If it is deemed necessary, the DoE must grant approval beforehand. It is essential that you use the same route on and off the beach when using machinery to prevent further destruction. Pool Maintenance If you rent or buy in an apartment complex then the strata will take care of the cost of pool maintenance. If you own a house with a pool, depending on its size, expect to pay on average CI$150 to CI$200 per month to have a maintenance technician come around once a week to add chemicals and vacuum the pool. Salt water pools, with their essential component, a chlorine generator, are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chlorinated pools and also require less maintenance. Other environmentally friendly products such as LED lights, variable speed pumps, solar heaters and automation systems will help reduce your monthly bill as well.

Oasis Pool & Spa offers a wide variety of






maintenance to the latest energy-efficient pool equipment to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready to swim. Tel: (345) 945 7665, email:



Pool Patrol Pool Patrol supplies and stocks pool and hot tub pumps, motors, accessories, chlorine

systems require routine maintenance of mechanical equipment e.g. motors, blowers and pumps. The WAC maintains a register of certified service providers, which can be found online. Unlike the WAC’s wastewater treatment facility, the management of onsite wastewater treatment systems is the responsibility of the property owner, but can be outsourced to a service provider, and some oversight is provided by WAC. For more information please contact:

generators, heat pumps, gas heaters, pool WASTE DISPOSAL

tubs and patio furniture. Services include

The Department of Environmental Health

weekly cleaning, water testing, pool design

(DEH) (Tel: (345) 949 6696) is responsible

and construction, as well as renovations and

for all waste management and recycling in the Cayman Islands. Residential garbage is collected once per week on Grand Cayman, while commercial garbage is collected based on the needs of the individual business. There is no charge for residential garbage collection but there is for condo and commercial garbage collection. Complexes with 10 or more dwelling places are viewed as commercial establishments. Place your garbage on the kerbside on the evening before your scheduled pick-up day to avoid a missed collection as pick-up commences as early as 1am. Garbage containers will not be collected if they are too heavy; so make sure that your garbage container has a maximum capacity of 33 gallons. Avoid putting the following items into your garbage container: hot coals, grease/oils, sharp objects, garden waste, dead animals,

repairs. Tel: (345) 949 8543, Email: pools@ or




Residents who live along the main West Bay Road corridor and some of the connecting neighbourhoods are served by the Island’s only public sewerage system which is operated by the Water Authority - Cayman (WAC). The wastewater is collected in the West Bay Beach Sewerage System and treated at the WAC’s wastewater treatment plant. Residents located outside of the public sewerage system area have their wastewater treated in an on-site wastewater treatment system, typically located on the same property as where the residence is located. On-site systems are septic tanks or aerobic treatment plants, both of which discharge the treated effluent into an effluent disposal well. Septic tanks are typically used at older and smaller developments. Both treatment systems require maintenance. Solids accumulating in the treatment system reduce treatment capacity over time and require periodic removal (pump-out) by licensed septic tank cleaners, which are listed on WAC’s website: The required frequency of pump-out ranges from one to five years, depending on the size of the tank and usage. In addition to periodic pump-out, aerobic treatment

Tell them you saw it in the


We Specialise in: • Full retail store with Cayman’s largest inventory of pool/spa & backyard products • Pool and spa service & repairs - commercial and residential • Consultation, design, construction and renovation services • Fully trained and certified staff

Tel: 949-8543


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




games, pool floats, outdoor showers, hot

liquids, household hazardous waste items and electronic appliances. Take these items to the George Town Landfill which is open 24/7. Hazardous material, including batteries and chemicals, must be disposed of properly. Household batteries can be taken to the grocery stores and chemicals and oil must be taken to the landfill. Electronic equipment and other household appliances can be recycled and Kevin Ropes will come and collect it directly. Call (345) 321 6126 or email JUNK also collects recyclables from private residences and businesses. Tel: (345) 325 5865. The DEH provides free kerbside bulk waste (old furniture, appliances, etc.) pick up once per year. Never place bulk items out on the kerbside until the DEH has announced its annual bulk waste pick-up schedule. You may, however, hire DEH to pick up your bulk waste throughout the year at the cost of CI$75 per load. To get in touch with someone at the DEH Solid Waste Unit, call (345) 949 8793 (or (345) 948 2321 for customers on the Sister Islands). Lastly, littering by throwing things out of your car, and/or dumping (or ‘fly tipping’) is illegal under the Litter Law (1997 Revision) and if caught you will be fined CI$500 or given six months in prison. Please do not litter!


Oasis Pool & Spa



Common laws in the Cayman Islands that you should know about, plus prenuptial agreements; the process of getting divorced in Cayman; child arrangements; division of assets, and domestic violence and child abuse.




The Cayman Islands is a very safe place to live, with a strong legal system based on English common law. To avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble we outline a few of the most common offences that residents may knowingly or unknowingly commit. 1. Camping & Trespassing

Camping is legal on public land under the Public Lands Law (2020 Revision). Camping on private property without permission from the owner is criminal trespassing. You may be face a fine of up to CI$1,000 fine and imprisonment for one year if convicted (Penal Code, 2019 Revision). 2. Fireworks

Fireworks are illegal if they exceed a height of 200ft from the ground and are set off within three nautical miles of the airport (unless permitted by the Director-General of Civil Aviation). If you light fireworks to annoy or place others in danger you may face a fine of up to CI$2,000 (Penal Code, 2019). 3. Bonfires

Unless you are granted permission from the Department of Environment (DoE), bonfires are illegal. If you light a bonfire 170



Photos courtesy of Getty Images

Common Laws in Cayman 170 Birth & Marriage Rules 171 Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements 171 Family Breakdown in the Cayman Islands 171 - The Process of Divorce 171 - Child Arrangements 173 - Division of Assets 174 - Child or Spousal Maintenance 174 - Domestic & Child Abuse 174 - Legal Costs 174 - Travelling with Children 174 Wills 174 Law Firms with Family Practices 175

without permission you may be convicted of disorderly conduct or statutory nuisance. If convicted, you may incur a fine of up to CI$1,000 or six months imprisonment (Penal Code, 2019). 4. Flying Drones

Flying drones is completely legal, but there are many restrictions. For example, you cannot fly drones within three nautical miles of any airport or the Northward Prison (unless you have permission from both parties), within or over 150 metres of a large crowd (e.g. 1,000 people), or over 50 metres of any vessel or person. 5. Littering

Littering in Cayman is illegal under the Litter Law (1997 Revision). It is defined as ‘anything whatsoever’ ranging from dust and dirt to derelict vehicles. If charged you will face a fine of up to CI$500 or six months in prison (Penal Code, 2019). 6. Drink Driving & DUIs

Anyone caught driving, supervising a learner, or sitting behind the wheel (when parked) while over the legal alcohol limit (0.100%) commits an offence. Your first offence results in a fine of up to CI$1,000 or six months in prison (or both); second and third offenders receive a fine of up to CI$2,000 or one-year imprisonment (or both). You may also have your licence revoked for a minimum of 12 months.

7. Cannabis

Cannabis use is only permitted if you have a prescription from a medical doctor (Health Practice Law, 2017). Any person caught manufacturing it (or any derivative) or supplying it is subject to a fine of up to CI$10,000 and five years imprisonment. Upon indictment, you may incur further fines and up to 14 years imprisonment. 8. Fishing & Catch Limits

During lobster season (1st December-29th February), the daily limit is three lobsters per person (or six per boat). You may only catch spiny lobsters with tails longer than six inches. During conch season (1st November-30th April), the limit is five per person or 10 per boat, whichever is less. Catching echinoderms (such as urchins and starfish) is illegal. If convicted, you may face a fine of up to CI$500,000 and one-year imprisonment.

There are very strict marine conservation laws. Please see our Boating chapter to familiarise yourself with these laws. BIRTH & MARRIAGE RULES


After you give birth to your child, the hospital will issue a Live Birth Notification Form. This form must be brought to the Registrar of Births, at the Government Administration Building on Elgin Avenue (Tel: (345) 946 7922) along with your marriage certificate (if married) and both you and your partner’s passports. There is no charge to register your child, however, a copy of your child’s birth certificate will cost CI$10 per copy. For more information on the process of registering the birth of your child see the Having a Baby chapter. Marriage

The minimum age of legal marriage in the Cayman Islands is 16, however, anyone under 18 must have consent if he or she has not been married before. Consent can be given by the father or, if the father is dead, by a lawful guardian. If there is no guardian,


When planning a wedding and future together, divorce is the last thing on a couples’ mind. But with around half of all marriages ending in divorce, more and more people are opting to draft up a prenuptial agreement before getting married, and for good reason. Divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining time, so deciding how to divide your resources, at a time when you are both working towards shared future goals, can save a lot of stress if you later decide to divorce. Prenuptial arrangements can also help to provide clarity and security. It is a bit like insurance – even though one hopes they’ll never need to rely on it, it provides certainty and financial protection if things don’t go to plan. What is a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is a legal document entered into by each party before marriage that sets out how the couple intends for their assets and debts to be divided between them should they get divorced in the future. It will sometimes also include how the couple may wish to deal with their assets during the marriage. When a Judge is considering how assets will be split in a divorce, the paramount consideration is the Matrimonial Causes Law (2005 Revision), which states that all the relevant circumstances of the case must be considered. However, in October 2010 the United Kingdom Supreme Court issued a judgment in the landmark case of Radmacher v Granatino [2010] UKSC 42. This judgment, although not legally binding on Cayman Islands’ Courts, is considered to

be highly persuasive. Following Radmacher, prenuptial agreements now form part of the considerations for Cayman Courts. For a prenuptial agreement to be legally binding, it must satisfy the legal test set out in Radmacher. Key points include that each party: freely entered into the agreement without undue pressure; obtained independent legal advice prior to entering into the agreement; was informed of the full implications of entering into the prenuptial agreement; and if there was a full and honest disclosure of both of parties’ assets. The actual agreement must also be validly drafted pursuant to the laws in the jurisdiction where it is to be applied. A prenuptial agreement should also include a review clause, and should be reviewed whenever any significant change in the marriage occurs. For example, the birth of a child or the receipt of a large inheritance by one spouse could drastically change the terms of a prenuptial agreement. FAMILY BREAKDOWN IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS

The Cayman Islands has a high divorce rate, with 316 in 2018 and 297 in 2019. There is growing concern about the costs of family proceedings and the amount of time it can take to resolve matrimonial property and child custody issues. So, although it is a very hard thing to write about, we have decided to give an outline on how to get divorced in the Cayman Islands. We hope that it will then help you focus on the steps you need to take for yourself, your children and your finances. The Process of Divorce How to Begin Divorce Proceedings

Under the current Matrimonial Causes Law (2005 Revision) a person is entitled to get a divorce in the Cayman Islands if either of the parties is domiciled in the Islands. A ‘female’ (as the Law states) may also apply for a divorce if she has been ordinarily resident here for at least two years prior to filing for a divorce. Grounds for Divorce

At this time it is not possible to be granted


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




9. Marine Park Laws

an unmarried mother may give consent. Persons residing in the Islands may make an application for a marriage certificate to be issued by either a civil registrar or a minister of religion who is also a marriage officer. Marriage by a civil registrar does not involve a religious service, though couples may later go through a religious service if they wish. For more information on this see the Getting Married chapter.

a ‘no fault’ divorce, instead you must prove one of the grounds below:


Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to continue to live

There are two documents required to start a divorce:


with them;

> >

that the petition is true and accurate. You will also need to provide your marriage

Your spouse has deserted you for a

You and your spouse have lived apart for at and your spouse consents to the divorce; You and your spouse have continuously lived apart for 5 years before the issuing of the proceedings.


A sworn affidavit whereby you state

live with him or her;

least 2 years before you issue proceedings,



that you cannot reasonably be expected to

issue proceedings;


A petition which sets out the facts of the marriage and the grounds of the divorce.

Your spouse has behaved in such a way

continuous period of 2 years before you


will need to be made if you are claiming an exemption. However, it is important to note that an exemption is not always granted and parties should be prepared to go to mediation. Mediation can cover matters relating to both finances and your children. If your case is suitable for mediation a Court ordered mediation process can begin. You will be asked to provide financial disclosure to the mediator by way of a Form called a “MIAM3”. The mediation is a free service provided by the Court. However, if you bring an attorney with you (which is often advised, but not mandatory) this will cost you money. If parties cannot agree on an outcome with the assistance of a mediator, the matter will return to Court. The Judge can then give direction to get the matter ready for a final hearing, where evidence will be heard and a decision made. If you cannot agree on where the children will live, or how frequently a parent should see them or how the family finances should

What Happens Next

However, if adultery has occurred, you cannot apply for a divorce unless two years have passed since the celebration of the marriage. The exception being if the Court is satisfied that exceptional hardship has been suffered by the petitioner, then the petition may be filed within the two-year period.


certificate or a certified copy.

The petition is then filed with the Civil Registry and served on your spouse. Your spouse has 14 days to respond and indicate whether they intend to contest the divorce grounds. If your spouse does not defend the divorce then the Court will approve the petition. Otherwise the case will be listed before a Judge, who will decide whether there are proper grounds for divorce and what the next steps need to be. Parties must then attend a Court ordered Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) following the first hearing unless there are grounds not to do so, such as domestic violence or a previous failed mediation. An application





Travers Thorp Alberga are pleased to announce the establishment of their family law department specialising in all aspects of matrimonial law including divorce, residence and contact disputes, child and spousal maintenance, removal applications, interim and f inal f inancial provision, cross border asset tracing, pre and post nuptial agreements, private client and succession planning, wills, trusts and foundations. Email: Direct: +1 (345) 623 2371 Mobile:+1 (345) 326 4631

Email: Direct: +1 (345) 949 0699 Mobile: +1 (345) 516 4911

HARBOUR PLACE 2 N D F LO O R , P O B OX 47 2 1 03 S O UT H C H U R C H ST R E E T G R A N D CAY M A N , KY 1 - 1 1 0 6 CAY M A N I S L A N D S




Email: Direct: +1 (345) 623 2535 Mobile: +1 (345) 516 2540

Email: Direct: +1 (345) 623 2539 Mobile: +1 (345) 922 0922

W W W.T R AVE R ST H O R PA L B E R G A .CO M MAIN : + 1 (345) 949 0699

be divided, then a Judge will decide for you. Judges will always encourage agreement where possible as attorneys are well aware that enforced settlements can leave both parties feeling like they lacked control over the outcome. Only once financial matters and any issues regarding children are resolved, a decree of dissolution of the marriage will be granted. This final step in the process is dealt with administratively through the Civil Registry and no further appearance in Court is necessary.

4) An injunction for the protection of settled

Court Orders

9) Making

and other property in which either spouse claims an interest; 5) The protection of one spouse from interference by the other; 6) The disposition of matrimonial property, including the matrimonial home; 7) Varying any settlement of the property of the spouses made in consideration of the marriage, whether such settlement was made before or upon the treaty of the said marriage; 8) Varying





matrimonial property; financial




This is not an exhaustive list, but the Judge doesn’t just dissolve the marriage, they can also make decisions about:

10) Providing for periodic payments to be

1) The residence, care and control of the

made by either spouse for the benefit of

children of a marriage. This can include

the children of the marriage and for the

where the children should live and how they

other spouse; and

should spend time with either parent;

property of either spouse for the children of the marriage and for the other spouse;

11) Who pays what legal costs.

2) The use of a matrimonial home; to another pending suit;

International Divorces

Child Arrangements Each case is different, and the welfare of the child(ren) is the Court’s paramount consideration. Sometimes, due to the living situation and the ages of the children, they may spend more time with one parent, or time may be split equally. If you want to find out more about the types of application that can be made to the Court concerning children, a helpful guide can be found here: https://www.judicial. ky/general-public/making-an-applicationunder-the-children-law.

A person can get a divorce if they have

Relationship breakdown, the consequential division of assets and the care of children can be some of the most stressful and complex issues a person may face in their lifetime. Our experienced family team can help.



For more information as to how we can help you, call us.

FIRST 40 Linwood St, George Town +1 345-949-7237


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




3) Periodic payments to be made by one party

been domiciled in the Cayman Islands. However, extra care is needed where the case has an international element to it as a divorce could possibly be started in more than one country, but the financial outcomes might be significantly different in different places. Getting legal, tax and immigration advice early on would be prudent. See a list of lawyers who can help on page 175.



Division of Assets In the context of how your assets are to be divided, outcomes can include what happens to your home, pensions, savings, other assets and debts. Spousal support and child maintenance can include school fees, health insurance premiums and the costs of extracurricular activities. It may also include general costs of living and a wide range of other things. The Court has a starting point of ‘equality’, rather than a strict 50:50 split and such a division is not always appropriate. Ensuring proper financial disclosure and valuing assets correctly should always be undertaken before deciding how to split the finances. When considering how finances should be divided, the Court is guided by a number of factors starting with the welfare and best interests of any children of the marriage, and thereafter to other responsibilities, needs, and then to the actual and potential earning power of each of the parties. Child or Spousal Maintenance A mediator, attorneys and/or the Court can help you reach an agreement for child or spousal maintenance if you cannot agree with your partner on a reasonable sum to be paid. If you are unmarried, and the father of your child is not paying maintenance, you can apply under the Affiliation Law for an order that he should pay you maintenance for the child. You should apply either within 12 months of the birth of the child or when the father stops paying you maintenance. If you are married, and your husband is not supporting you and/or your children, you can apply for an order under the Maintenance Law that he should pay maintenance for you and your children. You can also apply for maintenance for children living with you at the time of your marriage. If you are divorced, or a divorce application is pending, you must apply in the Grand Court. When considering both child and spousal maintenance, the Court considers needs and will look at both the income needs of the spouse in whose favour the 174



order is made and the income of the spouse who will be required to make the payments. Any time after the spousal maintenance order has been made the amount payable under the Order can be varied by agreement or application to the Court. This will be especially relevant if the income of the person making payments, or the need of the person receiving payments either increases or decreases. Other circumstances such as cohabitation with a new partner may reduce any maintenance that a person is entitled to. Domestic & Child Abuse You should seek help immediately if you are in a difficult or dangerous situation. If the situation is dangerous, contact the police who will help you at any time. If you do not feel it is appropriate to call the police, the Crisis Intervention Centre provides a helpline 24/7 (Tel: (345) 943 2422) and a walk-in service for crisis intervention and the assessment of victims of family violence. They will ensure that appropriate referrals will be made to the various community resource options, and that emotional support and guidance is given to victims through various stages. This service is available by telephone and online and details can be found here: www. The Court can make an order on application to protect you, your children and other connected persons and in serious situations your spouse does not necessarily need to have notice of your application until the Court order giving you the protection you seek is in place. Legal Costs Legal costs are very difficult to estimate and can depend on the level of agreement between the parties. A completely amicable (non-contentious) divorce may cost between CI$2,000-CI$5,000. The cost of a non-amicable divorce varies and will be much higher. Court mandated mediation is free but typically parties engage lawyers to assist. Legal aid is generally not available for civil proceedings. However, it may sometimes

be available for proceedings under the Children Law started by the DCFS. In divorce cases, the Honourable Chief Justice has directed that legal aid will only be granted where there are allegations of recent domestic violence or children are at risk. Travelling With Children Following a divorce or separation you must get permission from the parent with responsibility for a child, or from a court, before taking the child abroad. It is also prudent to specify in any court order or divorce agreement what is intended for future travel abroad. Is it allowed, or is it restricted? Even if permission is given in your final court order, you should still obtain a letter which demonstrates that you have permission to take the child abroad. Even if travel arrangements are agreed between you and the other parent, you might still be asked for a letter at a border. The letter should include the other person’s contact details and details about the trip. It also helps if you travel with the child’s birth or adoption certificate, especially if you are a single parent and your family name is different from your child’s name. WILLS

Once you have a family it is especially important to have an up-to-date will. If you die, or worse, both parents die, you will want to ensure your children are looked after by guardians that you have chosen. Making a will is your opportunity to create a plan that protects your children and the property that you leave to them. Each parent needs his or her own will. You might include the following information: 1) Who will care for your children in the event of the mother or fathers’ or both parents death; 2) Who will look after your children’s finances; 3) Who will be responsible for any property your children inherit; 4) How will property/finances be divided between multiple children. You will need to include things like jewellery, clothing, art and other personal possessions; 5) A named ‘executor’ or the person (often

a spouse, adult child or other close family

Tel: (345) 623 2740

the Family Resource Centre offer The Legal

member) who will disburse funds or


Befrienders Clinic and phone line every Tuesday

administer your will upon your death.

from 5pm-6.30pm. Call or walk-in. First come

One of Cayman’s premier law firms for family

first serve, no appointments are necessary.

To find out more about writing a will see pages 102-104. LAW FIRMS WITH FAMILY PRACTICES

and divorce matters. They advise on all aspects of the breakdown of a relationship including

The Family Resource Center (FRC)

the financial implications and arrangements in

2nd Floor, 87 Mary Street, George Town

Bedell Cristin

relation to children. They provide advice on and

Tel: (345) 949 0006

18 Forum Lane, Suite 5305, 3rd Fl, Camana Bay

draft all forms of matrimonial agreement: pre

Email: or

Tel: (345) 949 0488

and post-nuptial and separation agreements.

The FRC is dedicated to providing a wide range


The firm has experienced mediators on its

of services and programmes to promote and

family team and they regularly deal with

support healthy family relationships. The




programmes are free, short or long term, and

Bedell Cristin has considerable expertise in

assets and foreign proceedings. SE E AD PAG E 63

they equip families with tools and strategies to



family law and offers a broad practice covering

parent confidently. Programmes include: CoPhoenix Legal

Parenting Workshops, Fathers First Workshop

pre and post-nuptial agreements, separation,

Office 115, Windward III, Regatta Office Park

and Parenting Inside Out. The FRC also provides

financial and ancillary relief and all Children Law

Tel: (345) 929 4701

a walk-in service for crisis intervention and

matters including residence, contact, custody,


assessment of victims of family violence to

relocation and removal from the jurisdiction.

ensure appropriate referrals to community

SE E AD PAG E S 37 & 83

They offer legal services for family law including


pre and post nuptial agreements, divorce,


custody arrangements, the division of assets,

Tel: (345) 949 7237

guardianship and receivership applications, and


protection from domestic violence.





Tell them you saw it in the A firm specialising in dispute resolution/

Travers Thorp Alberga

litigation with an approachable family law

2nd Floor, Harbour Place

team experienced in complex and high-value

103 South Church Street, George Town

matters that can assist in all areas of family

Tel: (345) 949 0699

law, including pre nuptial agreements, divorce


and child related matters. SE E AD PAG E 173 Travers Thorp Alberga has an experienced

Hampson and Company

matrimonial department dealing with family

Apollo House East, 4th Floor

law including divorce, financial provision,

87 Mary Street, George Town

child custody and cross border asset tracing.

Tel: (345) 623 7788

They also have specialists in private client


work including wills, trusts and immigration, Graham

providing a full suite of legal services for your










attorney, wrote the entire Family Matters





chapter for us.] SE E AD PAG E 172


family. [CR Editor: Louise Desrosiers, their

matrimonial law, including pre/post nuptial agreements, mediation, division of assets,

Other Resources

and children issues (residence, support and

Legal Befrienders

relocation), through amicable settlement, and

87 Mary Street, 2nd Floor Apollo House West

if necessary, at trial and appellate levels.

Tel: (345) 945 8869

SE E AD T H I S PAG E If you are seeking free legal advice from

McGrath Tonner

qualified attorneys on issues such as domestic

5th Floor, Genesis Building, George Town

violence, divorce, immigration and more,



Broadhurst LLC


contentious and non-contentious divorce,


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Living In Cayman

Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images

A list of professional services to make Island life easier, including babysitters, beauty salons, dry cleaners, postal services and more.



- Babysitters & Nannies - Bicycle Repairs - Car Wash - Day Spas, Hair & Beauty Salons - Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Tailors - Event Planners & Party Rentals - Florists - Key Cutting/Locksmiths - Local Media/Radio Stations - Notary Public - Personal Concierge Services - Photographers - Photo Processing Studios - Postal Services - Courier Services - Printing & Copying - Purchasing Overseas - Storage Units & Warehouse Space

176 177 177 177 178 178 179 179 179 181 181 181 181 181 183 183 183 183

have staff trained in CPR and first aid. For a good babysitting service you can expect to pay between CI$12-CI$14 per hour (extra for more than one child). Hourly, daily or weekly rates can be negotiated for cleaning, as well as childcare. Although babysitters can be found by word-of-mouth, below we have listed some reputable companies. More information on hiring a fulltime domestic helper or nanny can be found in the Running Your Home chapter and in our sister publication, Cayman Parent (www. AAA Caregivers Tel: (345) 916 5925 Email: or They are a home care service agency whose staff are trained in first aid/ CPR, housekeeping, childcare and safety. Staff members are assigned


iving in Cayman is made easy thanks to the abundance of highly-skilled professionals who offer exceptional services. From internationally-trained hairdressers and photographers, to hard working beauticians and reliable event planners – this chapter contains all the information needed for taking care of yourself and your family. For home related services like air conditioning technicians, house cleaners and plumbers, see the Running Your Home chapter; for information on pets, see the Pets chapter.

based on the suitability to your family’s needs. The cost of the service is dependent on the amount of cleaning and childcare to be done and whether it is part-time or full-time. If you require a full-time domestic helper or caregiver, they can source, interview, and train a trustworthy and hardworking employee for you for a finder’s fee, who you can then employ on your own terms. Their rates are very competitive. Best Home Care Agency Tel: (345) 947 2297 or (345) 926 2297

Babysitters & Nannies A reputable babysitting company should be licensed, insured and 176



Best Home Care Agency offers professional childcare and babysitting services as well as housekeeping services.

K&A Janitorial Services

Tel: (345) 943 2002

Offering massage therapy, body treatments,

Tel: (345) 326 3379


facials, manicures, pedicures.

K&A Janitorial Services provides residential


and commercial cleaning including carpet,

Services include: Chiropractic, Physiotherapy,

La Prairie Spa, The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

upholstery, windows, tile and grout cleaning.

Cellular Therapy, Sleep Evaluation, Women’s

West Bay Road

Health, Men’s Health, Candela Laser, Laser

Tel: (345) 815 6900

Bicycle Repairs



Services include signature facials, massages

Cayman Mobile Bike Repairs

Laser Skin Treatments, Body Contouring,

and body treatments. Treatments range from

Tel: (345) 936 8385 or (345) 525 2020

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Aesthetic

45 minutes to a full day of services.

A mobile bike repair company that also


sells bicycles, Shimano and Garmin bicycle


computers, shoes, jerseys, shorts and helmets.





Botox/Juvéderm, Mesotherapy, Massage



Sclerotherapy, therapy,




Uncle Bill’s Home Improvement Centre

HydraFacials, Microdermabrasion, Chemical

343 Eastern Ave, George Town

peels, IVF support/infertility, and smoking

Tel: (345) 949 7601

cessation. SE E AD PAG E 331, 332 & 334

Madison One Salon Park Place, 25 Earth Close, Off West Bay Road Tel: (345) 325 0371 Sue Tyrrell specialises in colour work. Tips ‘N’ Toes Bayshore Mall, South Church Street, GT

As well as bike repairs they sell a variety of Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa

Tel: (345) 943 8637

repair kits. SE E AD PAG E 227

South Market Street, Camana Bay

Facials, massages, nail services, body treatments,

Tel: (345) 945 1188 or (345) 916 7274

microneedling and microblading.

Get Nailed & More

Rock Gorgeous Hair

Caribbean Plaza, West Bay Road

1st Floor, Coconut Plaza, West Bay Road

Tel: (345) 943 3836

Tel: (345) 925 4231

Car Wash Cayman’s only automated car wash, The Auto Spa (Tel: (345) 943 1946) is located off Godfrey Nixon Way. Refer to the Transportation chapter to learn more.

Email: Halo Hair Studio

Book online:

Cleaning Services See the Running Your Home chapter.

72 North Church Street, George Town

Located between the Ritz and the Caribbean

Tel: (345) 623 5437

Club, their international team from Canada,

Day Spas, Hair & Beauty Salons Whether you’re looking to get massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts or other beauty treatments, Cayman has a great selection of service providers. It is customary to leave a tip of 15% or more.

Hibiscus Spa at the Westin Resort & Spa

their colour work, event hair and make-up,

Seven Mile Beach, West Bay Road

bridal services and hair extensions. They have a

Tel: (345) 914 2009 or (345) 914 2010

‘Braid Bar’ offered throughout the day starting

Treatments include facials, massage therapies,

at just CI$40, and a Happy Hour ‘GlamBar’

nail services, waxing, and more.

which offers express services on makeup and

UK, Ireland, Sweden and the US are known for

styling Tuesday-Friday 1pm-3pm. Book in for The Spa at Seafire (Kimpton)

the full experience and sip on some bubbly or a

Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa

60 Tanager Way, off West Bay Road, SMB

cappuccino and let their talented artists leave

3rd Floor, Tomlinson Building, GT

Tel: (345) 746 4040

you looking “Rock Gorgeous!”.

Tel: (345) 945 2737 Offers









threading. They also sell cosmeceuticals. Body Works Queens Court Plaza, West Bay Road Tel: (345) 945 6485 Offers massages, facials, waxing and nails.



(345) 949-8809

Da Vinci Centre for Wellness and Alternative Therapies Park Place, West Bay Road

Cutting • Perming • Colouring • Highlights • Braiding • Relaxer • Acrylic Nails • Manicures Massage • Pedicures • Waxing • Facials • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




bike-related products, accessories, lights and

Scalp Aesthetics


Tel: (345) 947 1897

130 Keturah Street, Walkers Road

Tel: (345) 917 6262 or (345) 949 2944 Spa Esprit Hair Design & Day Spa

Vanity Hair and Nail

Unit 1, Midtown Plaza, George Town

Island Cleaners offer a full laundry and dry

Tel: (345) 949 7929

cleaning service for clothing and household

The Strand Shopping Plaza, West Bay Road

items such as duvets, bed linen, comforters

Tel: (345) 945 4334


and more. You can visit their shop or take

Smith Road Plaza, Suites 5&6, Smith Road,

advantage of their free pick-up and delivery

Styles Hair Salon & Spa

Tel: (345) 945 6968 or (345) 936 6969

service to your home or office. They also offer

West Shore Centre, West Bay Road


Tel: (345) 949 8809

massages, body wraps, spray tans, makeup

Facebook: Styles Beauty Salon and Spa

and all-natural skin care products.





Tel: (345) 949 8989 or (345) 938 6189

Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services & Tailors There are several dry cleaners on the Island that are fully equipped to deal with shirts, trousers, dresses, bedspreads, sofa slipcovers, rugs and more. In addition to several tailoring stores in Cayman, many of the dry cleaners also offer an alteration and repair service for minor issues.

Uniko Eco Salon

Classy Tailoring

Harbour Centre, SMB

Nevlaw Building, Shedden Road

Tel: (345) 769 5400

Tel: (345) 946 9283 or (345) 924 6917

waxing, full body treatments, massages, spray tanning, acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures. They also offer a variety of Keratin treatments.



Touch of Thai Park Place, West Bay Road

re-sizing garments. SE E AD T H I S PAG E Puritan Cleaners

Services include: unisex hair cutting, colouring and treatments, highlights, lowlights, tinting,

an alteration service, from replacing buttons to

Four locations: two in George Town, one in West Bay and one in Savannah. Tel: (345) 949 7104 Super Stitch Suite #39, Pasadora Place, Smith Road Tel: (345) 949 2833 Offers fabrics, arts, crafts and sewing supplies, as well as carrying out a tailoring and dress


making service within the store.

Massimo Crigna’s new sustainable hair salon is Cayman’s only eco-friendly salon. It features

Fluff ‘N’ Fold

environmentally friendly elements and products.

65 Market Street, Camana Bay

Services include: cuts, hair botox, colour and

Tel: (345) 943 5833


Cayman’s only certified eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry service provider. Free

Utopia Salon

pick-up and delivery is available within the

Caribbean Plaza, West Bay Road

George Town and Seven Mile Beach areas.

Tel: (345) 749 8876

Event Planners & Party Rentals Most of the big hotels and larger restaurants on Grand Cayman such as Caribbean Club (Tel: (345) 623 4500) and Cracked Conch (Tel: (345) 945 5217) offer event planning as part of their packages. For wedding planners, see the Getting Married chapter. For catering, see the Food & Drink chapter. For party stores, see the Shopping chapter. For event planning services and equipment rental, contact the following:

Island Cleaners Vintage

43 Vibert Bodden Drive, George Town

AI Rentals

Unit 8 Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Road

Tel: (345) 949 5391

17 Lancaster Crescent, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 946 4935 or Every Last Detail Tel: (345) 321 8227 Offers event planning services for all events. Massive Equipment Rental & Sales Tel: (345) 949 7990

43 Vibert Bodden Drive Massive offers a huge selection of inventory including: Audio/visual/lighting, tables, chairs, tableware,




glassware, food service items, special effects, 178



staging, dance floors, tents and more. Delivery

by the pound. They will sort, clean, dry and

Radio Cayman 89.9 FM

and collection from any location on-Island.

neatly fold your laundry for only CI$1.50 per

A Government-owned station featuring local

pound. They also do Commercial service.

and international news (BBC), talk-shows and


music. Available in the Sister Islands on 93.9 FM.

Florists Celebrations Ltd.

They host the morning show ‘Business Buzz’

Building C, Kingbird Warehouse Park

Super Suds Laundromat

Tel: (345) 623 2044

553 Odessa Plaza, Bodden Town

Flower arrangements of freshly cut flowers for

Tel: (345) 916 4719

with Sabrina Turner on Tuesday and Thursday. Rooster 101.9 FM Plays country music and hosts a very popular

every occasion. LOCAL MEDIA

political morning talk show called ‘Cayman

Every Bloomin’ Thing (EBT)

Local Radio Stations

384 Crewe Road, George Town

Big Fish 95.5 FM

Tel: (345) 945 1701

Contemporary Christian music with teaching

Spin 94.9 FM


Plays a range of music from the top 40 to

Crosstalk’. Also available in the Sister Islands.

A full-service floral shop, landscaping company, garden centre, gift shop and tea room.

dance, and hip-hop to rock. Bob FM 94.9 Bob FM plays the best of the 80s and 90s.

Star 92.7 FM

Trisha’s Roses

Playing pop, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro

266 North Church Street, Waterfront

Breeze 105.3 FM

Tel: (345) 949 2423 or (345) 949 7315

Playing pop, Latin, reggae, religious and

They create arrangements for all occasions.

country. Available in Cayman Brac on 93.9 FM.

house and country.


107.9 FM Weather Features a recording (updated hourly) of the


temperature, rain probability, humidity, wave

Playing classic rock and new rock. Featuring

heights and tides.

artists such as U2, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling

X107.1 FM

Stones and The Who. SE E AD PAG E 180

Playing the international Top 40 hits. Featuring

Choice Professional Locksmiths Tel: (345) 928 6659

artists such as Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Ariana HOT 104.1 FM

Grande, The Weeknd and more. SE E AD PAG E 180

Playing a mix of reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, The Security Centre Limited

soca and gospel. Featuring artists such as Bob

Z99.9 FM

Tel: (345) 949 0004

Marley, Machel Montano, Movado, Bunji Garlin,

Plays the latest pop hits. They also have a very

Beanie Man and Popcaan. SE E AD PAG E 180

popular morning show called ‘On Air’.

ICCI 101.1 FM

Local News - Online & Print There are several online news services in the Cayman Islands, as well as two newspapers. The Cayman Compass is published weekly on Fridays (cover price $1) and includes news, issues, business, living and sport sections. Copies are available from outlets around the Islands, including gas stations and supermarkets. Their website, www., is updated with breaking news, developing stories and also live-streamed debates. Subscription to the website is $9.99 per month. The Caymanian Times is another weekly newspaper, that is available free-of-cost on Wednesdays and Fridays at outlets around the Island, with the accompanying website

Laundromats/Launderette Laundromats are a convenient solution if you do not have a washer and dryer or if you need to wash bulky items. They are usually open daily and accept CI quarters.

A college radio station whose mandate is to train future broadcasting professionals. Irie 98.9 FM

C.A.R.T.S. Laundry

Broadcasting the sound of the Caribbean with a

Barnes Centre, Walkers Road, George Town

variety of soca, reggae and dancehall.

Tel: (345) 949 0361 KISS 106.1 FM Fluff ‘N’ Fold Laundry Services

Playing adult contemporary from the 70s to

65 Market Street, Camana Bay

today. Kiss 106.1 has Cayman’s best variety

Tel: (345) 943 5833

of music with tracks that are sure to appeal to everyone. SE E AD PAG E 180

Island Cleaners 43 Vibert Bodden Drive, George Town

Praise 87.9 FM

Tel: (345) 949 5391


Island Cleaners offer a Wash and Fold service

Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.







www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Key Cutting/Locksmiths Most home centres offer a key cutting service, however, the following two companies have dedicated locksmiths: Cayman News (CNS) is a free online-only news service at which covers breaking stories and “local life” articles. Loop Cayman, at is an online-only service which provides local and regional news. Cayman Marl Road, www.caymanmarlroad. com, covers local news and stories and has a very active Facebook page.


and underwater photography.

My Personal Concierge Services Berthaze Court, 95 Godfrey Nixon Way, GT

Guy Waller Photography

Tel: (345) 928 7723 or (345) 947 8565

Tel: (345) 321 3336

Offers a range of personal and corporate







vehicle licensing, immigration assistance and


administration assistance.

photographer capturing memories and joyful





moments. KRW Personal Services Tel: (345) 917 8885

Pictures by Shankar

Services provided include grocery shopping,

Tel: (345) 925 1777

administrative assistance such as completing


application forms, writing cover letters and

helping with essays, and immigration services. Rebecca Davidson Photography


Tel: (345) 916 1654

Cayman Photographers by Cathy Church’s


Photo Centre

Sunset House Hotel, South Church Street, GT

A talented photographer with over 30 years’

Tel: (345) 949 7415

experience in capturing stunning images.


Rebecca has the expertise and the enthusiasm

to capture memories that you will treasure

Cathy Church and a staff of dedicated

forever. Specialising in weddings, Rebecca’s

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way. SE E AD PAG E 350



228, 349 & 404

Creations Unlimited Email: A team of talented photographers with over 20 years’ experience in capturing stunning images from family shoots to weddings. They also sell

Photo Processing Studios As far as we know, Rainbow Photo in Elizabethan Square, Shedden Road (Tel: (345) 945 2046) is the only photo studio that still develops film. They will also scan your old negatives onto CDs for you.

canvas prints and much more.

Notary Public For the purpose of a work permit application, a bank account application or any other reason when you may need your identity verified, you will need a Cayman Islands Notary Public to certify that the document is an authentic and correct copy of the original. You can find a list of all licensed and active notaries on the Judicial website: The standard charge is CI$30 per stamp. Alternatively, call either Baysyde Biz on (345) 917 5756 or Joy Basdeo MBE, JP on (345) 949 9933.

Cathy Church’s Photo Centre & Gallery Daria Keenan

Sunset House Hotel, South Church Street, GT

Tel: (345) 925 6695

Tel: (345) 949 7415

An award winning family and newborn

Offers printing on canvas, photo and art papers,

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known for her high energy and ability to put children and parents at ease in front of her camera. Deep Blue Images/Julie Corsetti Tel: (345) 916 0016 Email: Specialises in wedding, family, children, events


Postal services in Cayman are fast and efficient with the turnaround time for local mail usually being 24 hours. There is no postal mail delivery to houses and


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Local Television Stations Currently, there are two free television stations in Cayman: Trinity Broadcast Network (channel 21 over-the-air and 41 on Logic) and the Seventh Day Adventist Network (channel 30 over-the-air and Logic channel 42). Other television stations include the Cayman Islands Government Television, CIGTV, (C3 channel 3 and Logic channel 23), Cayman Life TV (Logic channel 33) and Discover Cayman (Logic channel 27 and C3 channel 2) which provides information for visitors and locals on activities, events and dining out in the Cayman Islands. CIGTV also has a YouTube channel by the same name where they stream important news briefs and government press conferences. During the COVID-19 Island-wide lockdown period, live press conferences were held daily to update the public on local developments.

Personal Concierge Services

businesses, so alternatively PO Boxes are used. There are sixteen post offices and numerous blue mailboxes located throughout the Islands. The largest post office branches are the Airport (APO), General Post Office downtown (GPO) and Seven Mile Beach (SMB), but there are also post offices in Savannah, Bodden Town, North Side, East End, Hell and West Bay. The APO and GPO are open from 8.15am-5pm Monday-Friday and all other post offices are open from 8.30am-

5pm Monday-Friday. Some offices are open on a Saturday from 9am-12.30pm, except for the post offices in Hell, Bodden Town, North Side and East End, which remain closed on the weekend. Incoming and outgoing international mail in the Cayman Islands has been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions (as has the rest of the world). The Postal Service continues its efforts to reestablish mail services to pre-COVID-19 lockdown levels. The situation will improve as airline



transportation links resume worldwide and national postal services in other countries expand their level of service. Postage Costs Overseas Mail: Airmail is zoned according to its destination and charged by weight. A postage calculator is available on the website: > US, Canada and Central America: CI$0.75 per half ounce. > UK and South America: CI$0.80 per half ounce. > Asia, South Africa and Australia: CI$1 per half ounce. There is also a ‘printed matter only’ rate available for overseas mail. Mail is dispatched daily but must be in the mailbox by 3pm. The Post Office also offers an Express Mail Service (EMS) which delivers packages to 177 countries. Call (345) 949 6777 for more information. All incoming parcels are subject to duty and you will receive a notice in your mailbox when a parcel has arrived. If you prefer, you can request that the notice be sent to you by email by sending the tracking number and invoice to The CIPS delivers trackable items to street addresses for an additional fee. To schedule a delivery, use the link on the Contact Us page of their website ( or email: and include the item’s identifier number and delivery address details. An example of the correct way to address mail or a parcel to Cayman is listed below. It is a requirement that a PO Box number as well as a postal code is always used on a letter mailed to the Cayman Islands unless coming by courier. Mr. Cayman Resident PO Box 31403 Grand Cayman KY1-1206 CAYMAN ISLANDS

Do not solely write George Town on the envelope, as there are dozens of ‘George Towns’ and ‘Georgetowns’ around the world and its use can cause confusion. 182



Private Mailbox Services

Tel: (345) 745 1400

boxes (non-climate and climate controlled)

Mail Boxes Etc.

Email: or visit

that are stored in a 24-hour surveillance

Market Street, Camana Bay

A one-stop shop for printing services,

facility. Box Buddies also has a fully equipped

Tel: (345) 745 1400

including digital colour and black and white

moving crew that will deliver boxes for your

Email: or visit

copies, binding, laminating, etc. They print

packing and then return to collect them.

Services include: Private mailboxes (with

business cards, brochures, flyers, invitations,

a local Cayman street address which are

plus more. They also do passport photos, are

Heritage Holdings Ltd.

accessible 24/7), mail holding and forwarding,

an authorised shipping centre for DHL, FedEx

Barcadere, Kingbird and Universal

packing, and shipping and a US address service

and UPS and rent out mail boxes.

Warehouse Parks

- useful for imports and online shopping. They also offer passport photos and printing services such as digital colour and black and white copies, binding, and laminating. They are an authorised shipping centre for DHL, FedEx and UPS, and also offer full postal services. They are open from Monday-Friday 9am6pm and Saturday from 9am-5pm.

Express Mail Service (EMS) Tel: (345) 949 6777 A cost effective way to ship parcels through

Purchasing Overseas All visitors are expected to declare anything new they are bringing in if they exceed the CI$500 goods allowance or the alcohol and tobacco quotas. Keep in mind that a lot of online retailers do not ship to Cayman and if they do, shipping costs will be high. Most banks on Island will allow you to add an additional address to your cards which will allow you to shop at online retailers that do not accept Cayman addresses. Contact any of the companies listed below for their shipping rates to avoid these high fees. They can ship anything you buy in the US to Grand Cayman, including large bulky items. These companies will provide you with an address in the US and will then forward the package to Cayman from there.

the local post office.

Email: Heritage Holdings Ltd. is one of Cayman’s leading




specialising in Property and Warehouse Management Services. Completed projects include Centennial Towers, Countryside Shopping Village and Kingbird I & II, Barcadere I & II and Universal Warehouse Parks. Warehouses are well managed, have 24 hour surveillance and are available in 1250, 625 or 312sq ft units. The new 2nd floor at Barcadere II is accessible via a cargo elevator and offers a unique space for an office, studio or storage across from George Town Yacht Club. SE E AD PAG E 73 Mini Warehouse 2 Ltd. 246A Industrial Park, George Town PO Box 11637 APO Grand Cayman, KY1-1009

CICA Tel: (345) 949 2350

Tel: (345) 949 7750

DHL International (Cayman) Ltd.

Mail Boxes Etc. Tel: (345) 745 1400


131 Warehouse Centre, Maclendon Drive, GT

Miracle Brokers Tel: (345) 949 5989

Tel: (345) 949 8575

Seaboard Marine Tel: (345) 949 4977

Mini Warehouse 2 is the oldest and largest

Provides next-day delivery service by air.

Sta-Mar Enterprises Tel: (345) 949 2399

self-storage facility on Grand Cayman.

Online booking and tracking available.

Their climate-controlled units are secure

Shoe Repair

with state-of-the-art security. Climate-

FedEx Express

No. 1 Shoe Shop

controlled units are available (in sizes 4’ x

Tel: (345) 949 5911

Tel: (345) 949 5595

3’ to 10’ x 20’) at two locations: Canal Point

UPS (United Parcel Service)

Storage Units & Warehouse Space The companies listed below have multiple fully-managed warehouses.

across from the Strand on West Bay Road,

Printing & Copying





and the Airport Industrial Park, which also offers climate-controlled and non-climatecontrolled units ranging in size from 5’ x


Tel: (345) 749 8771

Cayman Business Machines

Box Buddies

5’ to 20’ x 20’. Prices range from CI$69 to

49 Hospital Road, George Town

Building 6, GKF Business Park,

CI$1,500 per month. SEE AD PAGE 182

Tel: (345) 949 8642

Godfrey Nixon Way, George Town

Tell them you saw it in the

Tel: (345) 526 2697 Mail Boxes Etc.


Market Street, Camana Bay

Box Buddies offers standard sized packing



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Courier Services International courier services to and from the Island are extremely reliable. A CI$2 government tax is charged on all packages leaving via courier. When packages arrive a CI$5 package tax and a CI$5 warehouse fee are applied. Some couriers also charge a CI$8 clearance fee.

Tel: (345) 936 3343

Disaster Preparedness

An overview of how to be prepared for hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, waterspouts and tornadoes. Information on what to do, supplies to purchase and what to expect so that you can be ready.

Hurricanes 184 185

Photos courtesy of Courtney Platt and Jennifer Marshall

Earthquakes & Tsunamis

Waterspouts & Tornadoes 186


Emergency Alert System


Property Protection



Insurance 188 Medical Assistance


Children & the Elderly


Leaving the Island


Aftermath of a Disaster


Checklists & Important Info - Hurricane Supply Kit - Things To Do - Important Documents - Flags - Hurricane Scale - Food & Water Supplies

186-188 186 187 187 187 187 188

Important Numbers Police/Fire/Hospital/Ambulance 911 National Hurricane Committee 949 6555 Emergency Hotline (during ‘Alert’) 946 3333


lthough the Cayman Islands are located in an area which can and does get affected by hurricanes, other natural disasters can occasionally affect us as well. This chapter provides a summary of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, waterspouts and tornadoes, along with information on how to be prepared. Hazard 184



Management Cayman Islands (HMCI) are responsible for dealing with both natural and man-made disasters, should they occur. They are responsible for the National Disaster Management Programme, which includes preparedness, response, mitigation and recovery. Their main aim is to protect Cayman’s residents and visitors by being prepared for every scenario of a disaster. This includes working with emergency responders to reduce the loss of life, suffering, property and environmental damage. Visit for more information. In previous years, the deployment of Cayman’s National Emergency Operations Centre was uncommon, however in 2020 they were active since January, responding to a major earthquake and tsunami warning, two large landfill fires, a tropical storm warning and an ongoing pandemic. Hurricanes A hurricane is a large rotating system of wind and water, originating in the tropics with sustained surface winds of at least 74mph. It is the most common natural disaster that threatens the Islands. Hurricanes start out as a tropical disturbance when a mass of organised oceanic thunderstorms persists for 24 hours. Once closed circulation occurs and winds reach 74mph, it becomes classified as a hurricane. Hurricanes are measured by the Saffir-Simpson wind scale, but this scale is not a very good indicator of the likely impacts, so it is important to tune in to Radio Cayman and other official Government information sources when a hurricane is threatening. The hurricane category only measures wind speed, it does not consider things like

information in the aftermath of a storm. Internet, television and cell phone systems may go down for hours, days or weeks. Preparation is key - be sure to install hurricane shutters or get plywood sheets (to cover openings) before the hurricane season so you can protect your property when you need to. Once the wind breaches the home it is much easier for the roof to be lifted off. It’s too late to think about saving your personal items, important documents, filling the car up with gas or buying supply kits and non-perishable supplies when a hurricane is imminent. Also, withdraw enough cash to last for a few weeks, as after a storm ATM machines may not work, banks might ration cash withdrawals and personal cheques will not be accepted. Prepare an evacuation ‘togo bag’ containing important documents (inside a watertight ziplock bag) and enough clothes, water, food, snacks and medication for each member of your family for at least five days. Please refer to the checklists in this chapter. Decide ahead of time where you will stay during a hurricane. If your home is high enough and durable enough to withstand the winds, storm surge and waves, then it is probably the best place to stay. Ask your neighbours about the vulnerability of your neighbourhood in the case of flooding and wave threats, or reach out to Lands and Survey to get a topographical map of your specific area (cost $50). If you decide that it is safe to stay in your home, find the safest areas in your house to shelter and potential escape routes. If your home is not secure, then evacuate! Low-lying areas will flood, so take shelter on higher ground at your work place or a friend’s house. Hurricane shelters are also an option; a complete list of locations can be found on or Bear in mind, there is at least one emergency medical centre (EMC) shelter located in every district and there are doctors and nurses at these shelters. Remember ambulances will not be running during a hurricane, so if you have a health issue that may require

medical attention it is best to go to an EMC shelter. Shelters can also become quite crowded and they ask that you bring enough supplies (food and water) for your family. Most shelters do not allow pets, but there are two pet shelters (John Gray High School and Clifton Hunter High School) that accept dogs and cats, but crates are required (a full checklist is on the Caymanprepared website). Earthquakes & Tsunamis Grand Cayman lies close to the boundary zone of the Caribbean and North American tectonic plates, which are seismically active. Cayman experienced a magnitude 7.7 earthquake with its epicentre 67 miles from Cayman Brac and 154 miles from Grand Cayman on the 28th of January 2020. Although there were reports of multiple sinkholes and some reports of 1-2ft waves, no major structural damage occurred. Over 20 aftershocks were felt with the strongest tremor measuring 6.1 with the epicentre just 35 miles east of Grand Cayman. Before this, the strongest recorded earthquake in Cayman, which occurred on 14th December 2004, measured 6.8, and despite the epicenter being just 20 miles away from George Town, very minimal damage occurred. In the case of an earthquake, duck, cover and hold: get under a solid piece of furniture or reinforced doorway. Be sure to cover your head to protect yourself from falling objects. If outdoors, move to an open space away from glass, electrical cables, trees, light poles and other objects that are likely to fall. Do not move until the shaking has completely stopped! Tsunamis are most often triggered by underwater earthquakes, with waves spreading outwards rapidly from the site. Out at sea (in deep water) these waves typically measure only a few inches in height and may travel at speeds of 400mph, but when the tsunami reaches shallow water, the wave slows and its height increases. Although tsunamis triggered by earthquakes can occur in Cayman, the probability is believed to be very low: Cayman’s underwater landscape, with


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




the size of the hurricane wind field, the angle of approach or the forward speed. These elements can affect the height of the storm surge, which is the most significant threat to life and property. Both Grand Cayman and Little Cayman are generally very low lying (on average less than 7 feet above sea level) and a hurricane can cause the sea level to rise up in some extreme (and rare) cases as high as 20 feet above the usual sea level. In addition to the surge, hurricanes are usually accompanied by very large waves (which are a different and separate threat from the surge). Waves are a very real threat for coastal residents on open coastlines (as opposed to canals). A wave can be a maximum of 1.5 times the depth of the water offshore. If you live near an area with a water depth of approximately 20ft, and there is a 10ft storm surge, then a 45ft wave could potentially come ashore. A wave this size would easily reach the second floor of a coastal building. Most properties located on the coast are vulnerable to impacts from the sea in a hurricane, but some people are not aware that the surge risk also exists for residents living well inland, especially those living in single storey dwellings in low lying areas. For example, if a very large and powerful hurricane threatens, and your ground floor is 10ft above sea level, it is possible for the storm surge to fill the house with water up to the ceiling, and in some cases leave you trapped. If Cayman does get a significant hit by a hurricane, plan to be without power and water for seven days minimum. After Hurricane Ivan, it took 2-3 months for most residents to get their electricity back, and about a month for water. Keep in mind that there were also no banks, supermarkets or gas stations open for at least a week, so it is important to have an emergency supply of canned food and water that will last up to at least one week. You are advised to store a gallon of water per day for each person in your house, and to keep it cool by storing it in a dark location. Have a portable radio with extra batteries on hand, because radios are an important medium for sourcing



steep drop offs close to shore and very little continental shelf, may well reduce the risk of dangerous tsunamis, however there is a significant area of shallow water in the North Sound which could allow for wave run up. After the earthquake in January 2020, a tsunami warning was briefly issued and residents were advised to stay away from the coast. However, within an hour, HMCI announced the tsunami ‘All Clear’. If a very long and strong ‘felt’ earthquake occurs, there may be very little warning time if a tsunami threatens, so residents should NOT wait for an official warning but take action immediately. If you feel a very strong earthquake, you should head inland and get to an elevated area. For those living close to the sea, ensure you are familiar with the nearest multi-storey building or location of nearby higher ground. If you are at the coast and notice the water receding, move away immediately and, if possible, towards high ground. Waves may strike at intervals anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour. Cayman has not experienced

a destructive tsunami in its entire recorded history, so the likelihood of one occurring is very low, and strong destructive earthquake events are also incredibly infrequent. Waterspouts & Tornadoes Waterspouts are a rotating column of water formed by a whirlwind occurring over the sea. They sometimes form along the dark, flat base of cumulus clouds, and may sometimes be seen in the coastal waters around the Cayman Islands. They are typically not harmful as they travel slowly and the wind speeds associated with the waterspouts are usually less than 69 miles an hour, and they are only active for about 20 minutes. Typically, these waterspouts dissipate quickly when they make landfall. Emergency Alert System When a major threat is declared, a release is issued to all media houses to advise the public and the notification is also posted on the HMCI website and social media accounts. A National Emergency Notification

Hurricane Supply Kit Things to purchase, set up, prepare and do in advance of the hurricane season

❑ Plywood and screw nails for windows/

❑ Shut off wrench and pliers ❑ Plastic sheeting to cover furniture ❑ Tarpaulin for roof ❑ Surgical and yard gloves (for clean up) ❑ Paper towel, toilet paper and napkins ❑ Disposable plates, plastic glasses, plastic

doors (if necessary)

❑ ‘C’ type fire extinguisher for electrical fires ❑ Oil and petrol for generator (optional) ❑ Portable gas cooker and refills ❑ Charcoal and lighter fluid ❑ Flashlight, lantern and oil cutlery and several plastic bags ❑ Matches/lighter in watertight bag ❑ Aluminium foil, plastic freezer bags ❑ Battery operated radio, fan and extra ❑ Can opener/knife (e.g. Swiss army) batteries ❑ Clorox wipes (for cleaning cutlery) ❑ First aid kit, sunscreen and feminine ❑ Chlorine bleach (sterilising water) and hygiene supplies

❑ Medication - make sure your prescription is full and you have an adequate supply at all times during hurricane season

❑ Candles and matches ❑ Mosquito coils, citronella candles and/or spray

❑ Life vests, galoshes and whistle ❑ Rope/strong twine, duct/packing tape 186



Dettol (disinfecting hands and feet)

❑ Hand sanitiser (such as Germ X) and baby wipes (for personal hygiene)

❑ Ice chest and ice ❑ Broom, mop, bucket and rubbish bags ❑ Pet food and litter box ❑ Baby supplies: nappies, wipes, food ❑ Books, magazines and games

System (NENS) is in development and the first phase has now been established, which allows NENS to interrupt all FM radio channels in an emergency. The second phase is expected to come online in December 2020, and that includes an app that residents can sign up for to receive emergency alerts (for significant threat events only). The third phase includes a wider range of solutions, including the establishment of a cell broadcast system which will permit ‘Amber Alert’ type messages to be sent directly to mobile phones. The NENS will eventually include a broad range of alert mechanisms but residents are also encouraged to establish a family and business hazard plan. In the meantime, follow the Hazard Management Facebook page (Caymanhazard) or Twitter Account (#CINEOC) to get notices of threats and warnings. Property Protection It is prudent to begin assessing your home before hurricane season starts by ensuring that trees are gently pruned, especially if they are close to power lines, water pipes and near the roof of your house. Never attempt to cut branches close to power lines yourself; call CUC (Tel: (345) 949 5200) and they will send a team to evaluate your property and trim any potential hazards. Additionally, ask your gardener or strata maintenance to remove coconuts as they can become dangerous missiles in high winds, and can put both you and your home at risk. Install hurricane shutters on windows and glass doors to protect your home or business. Options vary considerably, including maximum security screens (Crimsafe), hurricane shutters (accordion, panel, roller, colonial, Bahama) or electric roller doors/ windows. If you already have shutters installed, check that they can still open and are not damaged. Cayman’s building code regulations ensure that modern buildings are strong enough to withstand a certain degree of quaking, so the main hazards are unsecured appliances, objects and structures that could fall and cause injury, downed power lines and damaged water and sewerage systems. As a preventative measure, HMCI

Things to Do


(2–3 days before the disaster)

❑ Design a family plan for which shelter and route is the best to suit your needs

❑ Fill cars with gasoline/charge if electric and move them to higher ground

❑ Withdraw cash from bank. ATMs won’t work without power

❑ Bring in everything from outside, i.e. bird feeder, hose, barbecue, chairs, potted plants

❑ Secure boat and remove all equipment, i.e. battery, CD player, life jackets, etc.

❑ Make arrangements for the safety of your pets ❑ Move furniture and belongings away from windows and doors and elevate off floor level

❑ Put silicone or foam around outside doors and also fill sandbags sufficient to protect against flood water damage on ground floors

❑ Pick up rugs from the floor, and remove drapes from windows and store in plastic bags furniture and wood floors from ceiling leaks

❑ Pack irreplaceable and precious items into large plastic bags or Rubbermaid containers/ tubs and seal them with tape

❑ Do laundry; it may be a long time before you can do it again, then fill the machine with water

❑ Clean tubs/baths and fill them with water Important Documents & Records

Store in a portable, watertight container, scan or back up to an external hard drive

power goes out, food and ice will last longer

❑ Freeze water ❑ Charge cell phones and have cell phone charger that plugs into you cars USB port or car lighter. Also charge up external battery packs

HURRICANE ALERT Hurricane threat more than 36 hours away.

❑ Consider blocking toilets with old towels, so they do not back up

❑ Wedge sliding doors to prevent them lifting from tracks and reinforce garage door

H U R R I C A N E WAT C H Hurricane threat 24 to 36 hours away.

❑ Keep swimming pool full, to around 12 inches from the top

❑ Turn off propane tanks ❑ Secure TV antennae ❑ Check supply of emergency food ❑ Close cistern openings and disconnect



❑ Have empty gallon bottles to fill with water for bathing and flushing purposes

H U R R I C A N E WA R N I N G Hurricane conditions expected within 24 hours.

❑ Make sure you have old towels, shirts, etc. to line doors and windows for water seepage

❑ Have raincoats/ponchos handy as it might rain for several days after the hurricane ALL CLEAR The storm has passed, use caution.

❑ Make sure you have the phone numbers of family and friends and that they have yours

Hurricane Scale The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale is a 1-5 rating based on the hurricane’s present intensity.

❑ Passports, birth certificates, driver’s licences and pets’ documents

❑ Photographs of home contents and vehicles for insurance purposes

This is used to give an estimate of the potential property damage and flooding expected along the coast from a hurricane landfall. Wind speed is the determining factor in the scale, as storm surge values are highly dependent on the slope of the continental shelf and the shape of the coastline in the landfall region. These speeds are one minute averages and not maximum gusts!

Wind Speeds

❑ Digital back up of photos and a video


(kmph) (km/hr)

(feet) (feet)





















of your property and valuable items

❑ Inventory of household (itemised) ❑ Bank accounts and credit card information

❑ Insurance policies, wills, contracts and deeds of your home

Storm Surge


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



❑ Buy buckets and sheets of plastic to protect

❑ Turn freezer and fridge to the coldest setting. If

Food & Water Supplies Purchase 5–7 days supply of non-perishable items before hurricane season starts

Insurance Examine the insurance on your home and/ or business to ensure that the full value of the building(s) and contents are protected. Document the contents and take photographs of furnishing and valuables in advance. Keep these on a digital memory stick or backup drive. If you sustain damage, these photographs will support your insurance claim. See the Settling In chapter for a list of providers.

❑ Water purification tablets ❑ Canned/ powdered milk, baby food, formula, wipes, nappies/diapers plus medication and vitamins

❑ Salt, pepper, dry seasoning, sugar, coconut or olive oil

❑ Tea, instant coffee ❑ Drinking water (allow one gallon per person per day – also used for washing face, teeth and hands)

Medical Assistance Every district has a shelter that is specifically designated as an Emergency Medical Centre (EMC). If you have an existing medical condition, this may be the best place to seek shelter because there are medical personnel on hand. During high winds or flooding, however, ambulances will not respond until it is safe, which could potentially be more than 24 hours later. Make sure that your health insurance is up-to-date, so you are covered in the event of a medical emergency.

❑ Energy drinks, fruit juices ❑ Spam, corned beef, canned fish,


Vienna sausages


❑ Miracle Whip (not mayonnaise) ❑ Peanut butter, jelly, syrups, honey ❑ Bread, crackers, cookies (in a water-tight container)

❑ Canned spray cheese ❑ Canned soup, cup-of-noodles, ravioli, spaghetti, canned vegetables, canned and dried beans

❑ Canned fruit, dried fruit, raisins ❑ Nuts, grains and other snacks like

Children & the Elderly Young children and the elderly are vulnerable during a storm and, without support, can suffer great emotional distress. If you have an elderly friend or relative, consider offering your home as a safe-haven. If they are in a nursing home, be sure to confirm their emergency plans. If accompanied by an elderly person, keep in mind that they may take daily medication. Ensure that there is a sufficient supply and that it is stored in watertight containers. Young children may need special items, such as diapers, formula and bottles.

breakfast bars

❑ Couscous, quinoa, quick-cook rice ❑ Salsa and salad dressings ❑ Packet mashed potatoes and ‘instant eggs’

Useful Websites Cayman National Hurricane Committee Cayman Islands Government US National Hurricane Center

Pets Currently, there are only two pet-friendly shelters on-Island: John Gray High School and Clifton Hunter High School. John Gray can accommodate 30 dogs or 60 cats

Caribbean Hurricane Network Weather Underground 188



and Clifton Hunter can accommodate 15 dogs or 25 cats. Space will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Refer to our Pets chapter for in-depth information. Leaving the Island & Emergency Travel Documents Have a plan and funds in place in the event that you decide to leave the Island before a disaster. The airport will get very busy during this time. Pay close attention to flight availability – some airlines increase the number of flights during evacuation periods, but flights still fill up quickly. Island Air (Tel: (345) 949 5252) can provide evacuation services during the hurricane season. If you require assistance with passports or travel documents, talk to your local Honorary Consul in advance. In the Aftermath of a Disaster Stay safe in the aftermath of a storm by following these helpful tips: > Always assume that powerlines are live and never touch low hanging lines or objects in contact with them. > Only turn on your main breaker once you are sure that every secondary breaker is switched off. > Open windows and doors to ventilate your house and dry flooded or damp areas to mitigate damage from mould. > Boil any water before consuming. > Make sure you do not turn your water back on until advised that water services have been restored in your area. Once you turn on the water, inspect your home for damaged pipes. > Be especially careful of pests, such as scorpions, which disperse during storms. > Check thoroughly for gas leakages before striking a match. > Try to restrict using the telephone unless it is an emergency to save battery life and keep lines open. > Avoid walking in settled water as there may be bacteria in it.


recommends bolting down appliances and bookshelves and placing heavy objects on lower shelves.

Tell them you saw it in the

Home Improvements

Photos courtesy of Huis & Justin Uzzell

Home renovation tips, suggestions for interior designers, kitchen, bathroom, flooring, doors, windows, swimming pool installers and more.

Regularly enhancing the exterior and interior of your home is essential for maintaining its well-being over time, and can also add value if you plan on selling it in the future. Alternatively, renovating a home can simply be about your desire to stay in step with modern aesthetics. Whether it is a simple do-it-yourself project or a full-scale renovation, the Island’s impressive selection of professional craftspeople, contractors and homeware stores can help bring your vision to reality. Make a Return on Your Investment The kitchen and bathroom(s) are two rooms you must examine carefully when you first look at a home. These rooms are usually the most costly to remodel, but they are far more likely to pay for themselves if you ever choose to sell your house. You can typically recover up to 80% of your investment when you spend your money on an upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom, however not all remodelling projects yield a return. Swimming pools rarely return their cost as buyers are often unwilling to spend more for a house with a ‘luxury’ add-on that can be expensive to maintain. Remember that a home improvement project need not be costly, as ‘costly’ does not always equate to value added. Often it is the minor upgrades that are not only the most effective in improving the appearance of your home, but producing greater dividends in the long run. Instead of overhauling your entire kitchen, you could repaint the walls, change the backsplash and upgrade a few appliances to give the room a fresh new look. When considering what the result of your home improvement

189 189

Before You Begin


Construction Management


Interior Designers


Indoor Improvements - Kitchens - Bathrooms - Colours & Accessories - Doors & Windows - Curtains, Draperies & Blinds - Flooring, Tile & Carpet - Home Automation & Electronics - Painting & Roofing Contractors

194 194 195 196 196 197 197 198 198

Outdoor Living & Gardens - Landscapers - Garden Trends

199 199 200

Swimming Pools - Pool Safety For Kids

201 201




Home Improvements - Make A Return On Your Investment

Four key questions to ask yourself before renovating: 1. Is the project a good investment? 2. How will the project impact your home’s appraised value? 3. How long do you plan to be in your home? 4. How strong is the resale market in your neighbourhood?


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


project will look like, give strong consideration to how long you intend to be in your home. If it is not going to be for the long-term, it may be wise to avoid spending a great deal of money on trendy or unusual design schemes. Improving your home may also mean transforming your approach to life. Recently, more and more homeowners are choosing to embrace a greener lifestyle in Cayman.




Create Your Vision - Do your research and

draw on many sources for inspiration. Use traditional interior design magazines and TV shows, or websites such as Pinterest and Houzz, which are home to thousands of interior design ideas, interior designers, and trades people who will often showcase their portfolios. You can also create vision boards; a great tool if you’re working with an interior designer, as they help you to understand each other’s vision. When improving a room, you need to




think about the space as a whole, rather than focusing on individual items you like. You may like a light fixture you saw on holiday, the blinds you saw in a magazine or be nostalgic for granny’s old side table, but you must ensure that whatever you do is harmonised with existing design elements in your home. Have a Plan - A common mistake made by homeowners is to walk blindly into projects without doing some strategic thinking beforehand, particularly about how you plan to pay for the remodel, new furniture or fixtures. First and foremost, you must have an appropriate plan of action which should include either a written scope of the proposed projects or, for more complex projects, a set of drawings that include a detailed construction schedule, providing a clear visual representation of the works required and the estimated time and money needed to complete them. Get it in Writing - Proceeding on home updates without having an adequate


written agreement in place with your contractor or project manager leaves both the scope and the quality of the work open for interpretation by them and/or the subcontractor(s). This is a guaranteed recipe for disappointment and even disaster! In addition, all of the participating parties need to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of precisely what is going to be involved. Decide what will add the most value for the dollars spent (as it is possible to cut costs without necessarily having to cut corners), determine what order the updates should take place in, and finally assume how much the worstcase scenario of the final cost might turn out to be. Manage Your Costs - The more detailed the information is about what you desire, the more accurate your cost projections will be. However, it is still important that you have a healthy margin of overage in place for any potential cost overruns or unexpected

Island Living . Island Style






expenses. One easy way to keep your project in check is to banish the words “while you’re at it” from your vocabulary during the course of the project. It is an all too common mistake that can act as a slippery slope to budgetary woes. Stick to your original plan and avoid any unnecessary impulse additions! Trends vs. Timelessness - As Cayman is a transient place, consider how long you plan on living in your current home. If it is five years or less, think about styles that will help increase your resale value rather than a personalised style that may put buyers off. Or simply go for cosmetic enhancements rather than large structural projects. If it is 10 years or more, consider adopting a classic style or design that won’t date. You should also always think about long term personal changes, such as whether you’ll be having children, and how that fits with your design aesthetic. Older houses and condominiums in Cayman reflect the various architectural and




interior design styles that were popular at the time of construction. Design styles have evolved dramatically through the years and today’s homeowner wants a chic, elegant, open-house plan full of natural light and space. Remodelling a dated residence can easily bring that vision to life. Finding ways to assess a renovation and maximise the property’s true potential via creative and affordable options, is where the value of the right contractor’s knowledge and experience can really come into play. Separate and distinct functional rooms continue to be replaced by open-concept rooms combining kitchens and family rooms as a shared social space with plenty of room to do everything from homework to entertaining. Simplification of design, by way of cleaner lines and more natural and timeless elements, such as wood and stone, as well as the modern reflective elements of steel and glass have also become popular incorporations into the contemporary

PASSIONATE ABOUT DESIGN Over 30 years experience of providing quality cabinetry, design and installation.


remodelling scheme. Be Green - Green living has made its way firmly into home construction as consumers continue to become more aware of the long-term savings and other positive implications associated with an energy efficient approach. Energy-efficient low emittance windows, smart glass (also known as electrochromic glass), cool roofs that reflect the sunlight away, solar energy generation, LED lighting, rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns, greywater systems, tankless water heaters, permeable pavers, drought-tolerant plants and no or low-mow grasses and use of reclaimed wood for remodelling and new building, are all significant and logical additions to current green Caribbean design and retrofit remodelling schemes. Learn more by chatting to one of the experts listed in the Being Green chapter. CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT

If your renovation project requires any structural, framing, demolition or remodelling work, then you may want to consider employing a construction manager. An experienced construction manager will be able to offer advice on how to improve the layout of a room or home and make the most of a space. They will also be able to advise on the best materials for your project in terms of both sustainability and on-going maintenance to ensure that the renovation lasts and retains its value. For a complete list of construction management companies see the Building in Cayman chapter. INTERIOR DESIGNERS

Hiring an interior designer doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury. More often than not, a good interior designer will save you money in the long run, especially if you’re new to decorating and renovating. Just some of the benefits of hiring an interior designer are: > Training and Experience − A designer can





A jewel of the Caribbean, Kempa Kai was completed in 2018 and has become a premier vacation destination. Working with architect John Doak, Design Studio was able to explore the themes of Balinese luxury in a Caribbean setting.

@designstudiointeriors @KEMPA KAI

the decade of DESIGN STUDIO

“The last ten years have been an amazing adventure! We have grown our business, started our own family, and really become established in our community.... all in the context of this beautiful island.”


eading design couple, David Wilson and Michelle Butler, have established their interior design business over the last decade with a passion for good design and a love for our island lifestyle. With backgrounds in architecture and interior design David and Michelle have collaborated on many of the island’s most exciting residential projects and their spaces reflect their global perspective and extensive experience with the practicalities of island living.








take the reins on the project, will foresee problems and ensure everything is done on time, on budget and as per your vision. Even if you can’t hire a designer for the whole project, consider having a consultation with one. Creativity − While you may think you know your likes and dislikes, an educated, skilled designer knows what questions to ask and what to look for in a client’s life story to glean details about personal tastes that can be used to create your dream. Established relationships − Designers have close working relationships with subcontractors on-Island. They’ll know who is right for your project and who will offer the best value for money. Importing Furniture − They can coordinate deliveries and budget accurately for shipping, duty and other miscellaneous costs so there are no surprises. Also a designer will know which vendors are the most reliable. Space Planning − A designer can help

choose correctly proportioned furniture for your space. This is particularly important when ordering furniture from overseas which cannot be easily returned. Some architectural firms also have in-house interior designers, as do several construction companies.

Design Studio Unit 18A, 48 Market Street, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 945 4977 Email: and Design Studio is an award-winning interior design firm with locations in both Turks and Caicos and in the Cayman Islands. Their

A Squared Designs

scope of services include residential and

Tel: (786) 501 8808

commercial design with retail showrooms

offering furnishings and accessories, as well as SE E AD PAG E 2

resources for custom orders from a wide array of international suppliers. SE E AD PAG E 190 & 193

Chalmers Gibbs Architects Tel: (345) 949 2727

HÜIS by Lydia Uzzell Interior Design


350 Shedden Road, George Town

Tel: (345) 945 1271

As a part of a multidisciplinary architectural


practice, their team of interior specialists provide services in corporate, hospitality,

IDG Interior Design


Seven Mile Shops, 215 West Bay Road




residential design, both in new build and

Tel: (345) 745 4305

renovation projects. SE E AD PAG E 206

Email: IDG is an award-winning full service interior design firm that offers a comprehensive suite of design services and a tailored homeware shop. From quick makeovers to full-scale design, build and project management, IDG handles projects large and small.



With a

diverse team of design experts, IDG creates inspirational spaces designed to embrace each client’s individual lifestyle. SE E AD I N SI DE F RON T COVE R

Trio Architecture Tel: (345) 525 0777 Email: INDOOR IMPROVEMENTS

Certified Window Treatment Consultant




Kitchens Kitchens are an important feature of the home. A property with an old, dated kitchen is usually harder to sell and may even decrease the property’s overall value. Even if you do not plan on selling your home, modern kitchens are more functional than old fashioned ones. As the kitchen is often the heart of the home, the trend of

you are building your dream home or renovating your existing kitchen, Pooley Cabinets delivers a high standard of design and installation in both traditional and ultra-contemporary settings.

and even smaller ornamental changes like knobs and handles, can really modernise a space and be a less costly alternative to a structural remodel.

They offer innovative products, professional design, expert installation and exceptional service. SE E AD PAG E 192

Bathrooms Bathrooms were once purely functional spaces with little thought given to style or luxury, but this is no longer the case. Concrete sinks, rain showers, walk-in showers, wall-mounted toilets and faucets and freestanding baths are all en vogue and can be designed to suit your home’s personal aesthetic as well as needs. Innovative built-in storage can also free up space and allow for an uncluttered look. Bringing elements of the outdoors into the bathroom is a big trend, with wood and stone proving the most popular, along with using a colour palette of neutrals and earthy tones. Accessories such as new mirrors, lighting,

Bathroom & Kitchen Improvements The following companies can provide you with hardware and appliances for both your bathroom and your kitchen. A. L. Thompson’s 189 North Sound Road, George Town Tel: (345) 949 8622 Email: A. L. Thompson’s houses a large bath and kitchen gallery. They stock a wide selection of fixtures, fittings and appliances, with brands that include Kohler, Delta, Brizo, Decolav, Kallista,





KitchenAid, Avanti, Sub-Zero and Wolf. SEE AD THIS PAGE & PAGE 111, 200 & 244


a ‘social kitchen’, characterised by an open plan space and generally a large kitchen island, is set to continue. If a complete remodel isn’t in your budget, consider improvements such as a new countertop or replacing the tiling or backsplash for an easier and less costly facelift. A neutral colour palette continues to be the colour of choice for contemporary kitchens. They can brighten up the room and make it appear larger, and will also suit most people’s taste should you decide to sell. If you find neutrals a bit flat, then you can always add splashes of colour with accessories such as brightly coloured dishware or colourful light fixtures. The options for counter surfaces have greatly increased in recent years. Marble, concrete, quartz, stainless steel and even wood countertops can create a stunning effect. Clean and classic ‘subway tile’ or mirrored and metallic finishes are popular options for backsplashes. Using green products such as reclaimed wood, recycled glass and handmade products is very popular and kinder to the environment when compared to some mass-produced products. See the Bathroom & Kitchen Improvements section in this chapter for providers of kitchen products. It’s also worth considering a custom made kitchen as there are some wonderfully talented craftsmen in Cayman. See the Cabinets & Custom Millwork section below.

BrandSource Home Gallery 209 Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park

Cabinets & Custom Millwork Martlet Design Ltd. 56 Merrendale Drive, George Town Tel: (345) 916 7583 Email: Martlet Design specialises in crafting beautiful bespoke furniture and cabinets. Pooley Cabinets Design Studio 17 Marina Drive, Prospect Tel: (345) 947 6780 Email: Pooley Cabinets has provided quality cabinetry to clients in Cayman for over 30 years. Whether


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Tel: (345) 623 5000 Provides custom design and installation of custom closets, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and cabinets, lavatory, fixtures, showers doors, kitchen sinks and faucets. Offering a large selection of premium brands including Duravit, Isenberg, Design Element, ORG Home, Baden Haus, Rubinet, Nantucket, Foster Milano, Palazzani, and many others. Encompass Ltd 10 Market Street, Camana Bay Tel: (345) 938 0850 Email: or Renovation services include: Complete home


makeovers, outdoor living improvements, residential




structural repairs and commercial space


buildouts. SE E AD PAG E 207

Colours Choosing the right paint colour for your room can really transform its look. Opting for something timeless, like Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year ‘Classic Blue’, ensures a lasting appeal that will not require yearly updates. Use your wall colour to anchor trendy changeable pieces in your home. Uncle Bills offers expert advice and has a wide variety of paints in-store. Refer to the Paint section in the Shopping chapter for a list of retailers. Uncle Bill’s Tel: (345) 949 7601 SEE AD PAGE 227

Accessories Accessories are what distinguish a home from a showroom. A new set of cushions, a strategically positioned lamp or new bed linen add life to a room while also bringing together existing design elements. > Pops of Colour are an easy and low maintenance way to freshen up a tired room. If you’re not ready to commit to a coat of paint, consider tying your colour of choice in with easy-to-change finishes, such as drawer handles, rugs and curtains. > Retro Accents add charm and character to modern spaces. Bespoke vintage decor can be sourced online, or for a more budget-friendly option, try browsing local consignment shops for unique hand-me-down pieces. > Playing with Textures is a great way to elevate soft furnishings and introduce a few stand-out pieces in your home. Look for eye-catching fabric textures such as plush velvet pillows, and contrast that with more rugged rattan and macramé finishes. Ashley Furniture has a great selection of home furniture and decor to suit a variety of budgets. Refer to the Furniture section in the Shopping chapter for a full list of retailers that sell furniture and accessories on-Island.

in and the hot sun out. Good quality windows and doors also have the added benefits of keeping ambient noise out, especially if you live near a main road or close to the airport, whilst also providing increased security. You will need to think about hurricane season, and whether shutters are necessary for your home. The following list of home centres and door and window suppliers can advise on certain brands and styles. A. L. Thompson’s Tel: (345) 949 8622 Email: A. L. Thompson’s specialises in PGT windows and doors. SEE AD PAGES 111, 195, 200 & 244 Apex Perimeter Protection Tel: (345) 949 0004 Apex has a showroom with a range of high impact windows and doors. Kirk Home Centre Tel: (345) 949 2521 Kirk Home Centre exclusively carries SIW and CWS impact rated windows and doors. Marksons Furniture

Doors & Windows Choosing windows and doors for your home is a big investment, but making the right choice can help save you a lot of money in the long run. We recommend buying the best windows you can afford, ideally tinted, to help keep the cool air

Tel: (345) 949 6233 Email: Marksons Funiture offers a wide selection of window hardware and treatments that can accommodate your needs with a touch of style. Browse through their collection of finishes and discover interesting fabrics, shades, shutters, sliding panels, blinds and more. SE E AD PAG E 194 Wizard Screens Industrial Park, George Town Tel: (345) 939 7725 Email:

20 years of trusted superior screen solutions Performance


Living in Style

Crighton Building, Crewe Road, Box 1899 Grand Cayman KY1-1110 | 939-7725 196



Wizard Screens of Grand Cayman provides high quality customized retractable screen doors





offers a wide range of products for every

property and budget. Expand your outdoor

which are made-to-order in their professional

living experience, reduce electricity costs

drapery workroom, where they also offer

and keep bugs out and the breeze in.

upholstery services. Contact them today to


schedule your consultation.

and can guarantee a higher return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Some flooring trends include:


innovative thing to hit the construction and


Curtains, Draperies & Blinds Window treatments add flair and functionality to a space. Although they often take a backseat to other interior design changes, choosing the right window ‘fashion’ complements the overall style of a room. Design consistency aside, they also provide privacy and keep your home cool during Cayman’s hot summer months. Below are two well recommended company that specialises in various window treatment designs:

COVERLAM is the newest and most interior design industry in Cayman. It offers

Tomlinson Furniture

the residential and commercial property

9 Walkers Road, George Town

developer the opportunity to have unusually

Tel: (345) 945 5383

large panels of porcelain tiles which range


from 3ft wide to 11ft tall and 5.6mm thick



(and sizes in between). It gives the interior

custom window treatments for residential



and exterior of a property a very different

and commercial needs, ranging from indoor plantation shutters to rollershades, blackouts,

look and feel.


Wood Look Porcelain is here to stay and

wood blinds and more. They do free at home

the industry somehow manages to make

consultation to take measurements and

tile look more like authentic wood year after

ensure the perfect selection. They also do the installation. Each of their window treatments



Luxury Vinyl Plank is a popular option due


installations come with a 10-year warranty!

to its durability and green credentials. These

64 Eastern Avenue, George Town


planks give the appearance of real wood

Tel: (345) 949 6348 Email: Edie’s supplies custom-made blinds and shutters, as well as draperies and curtains,

without the bother of maintaining it. It’s

Flooring, Tile & Carpets Although re-flooring your home can be an expensive endeavour, the right flooring sets the design tone of your entire home

a great option for children’s rooms as it is easy to clean, gentler underfoot than tile and some options are even waterproof!


Paver Style Flooring has become a top

EDIE’S. LIVE LIFE BEAUTIFULLY. 64 Eastern Ave, George Town, Cayman Islands +1 345-949-6348


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




choice for outdoor living spaces. Large,

Stafford Flooring


sturdy slabs of porcelain can be laid directly

Tel: (345) 943 2722

Tel: (345) 746 4434

Rugs Oriental

Creative Tech

25 Galleria Plaza, West Bay Road

Tel: (345) 946 8324

on compacted sand or installed on concrete to create a wonderfully uniform look.

Consider the potential for flooding during hurricane season and whether your flooring choice is susceptible to water damage. The following companies sell and install a wide variety of flooring options:

Tel: (345) 943 7847 Email: Cayman Island’s premium supplier of unique hand-woven Oriental rugs offering a huge



range of traditional and contemporary

64 Eastern Avenue, George Town

designs. They also sell gorgeous hand-

Tel: (345) 949 6348

crafted accessories and home furnishings

Email: or

sourced on their annual buying trips including

A well-established family operation, Edie’s


offers an exceptional range of flooring

mosaic lamps, Turkish towels and robes.

products: porcelain, granite and marble tiles,

They have something for everyone – even

COVERLAM, mosaics, luxury vinyl and carpets

custom orders, to make sure you get that

are all available. SE E AD PAG E S 5 & 197

perfect rug or accessory for your home.





ITC Tile Tomlinson Furniture

Tel: (345) 945 3798


Home Security Systems & Monitoring Although Cayman is undoubtedly one of the safest islands in the Caribbean, a home security system, which monitors the smoke detectors and whether any doors or windows have been opened, is helpful for peace of mind. Nowadays, wireless security systems are preferred over hardwired technology that require drilling through walls and floors. Wireless systems are reliable, convenient to operate, easily upgraded and expanded, and can even move with you to a new location. See the Running Your Home chapter for more details.

Tel: (345) 949 5383

The Security Centre Limited Tel: (345) 949 0004

Paramount Carpets

General Maintenance & Repairs

Tel: (345) 949 5000

Cayman Property Maintenance/Bill Perigo Tel: (345) 327 0582 Email: Bill Perigo, also known as The Fixologist, owns and runs CPM. He is a like-able, honest, reliable and

Painting Contractors There are a number of painting companies and contractors in Cayman who can paint a wide variety of surfaces. Below are some reputable options.

affordable handyman who always returns phone


calls and emails and shows up on time, every

DP Economy Services Ltd.

time. He can take care of all your small repair

325 Owen Roberts Drive, George Town

and maintenance jobs including small carpentry

Tel: (345) 321 7562

requests, interior and exterior painting, door


repairs, dry walling, replacing fixtures and

fittings, ceiling and water leak repairs, basic

They provide Remodeling, Renovation, Painting,

plumbing repairs, assembling furniture, sanding

Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry and General

and staining furniture and decks, power washing,

Repairs & Maintenance services. They are

hanging art and wall tiling.

committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality of delivery and

Home Automation & Electronics Home automation systems have come a long way. You can now turn your home into a smart home with the capability to link all your audio visual devices, control air conditioning, secure the house and adjust lighting via your smartphone or tablet. The following companies have a great reputation for home automation devices and installation:






workmanship. First Impressions Tel: (345) 917 7499 Paint Pros Ltd. Tel: (345) 949 7767

Roofing Whether you are building from scratch or

replacing the roof on your existing home, there is a wide range of factors to consider. Style matters, but equally important is product cost, material weight and installation requirements. We recommend these roofing companies to help you make the right choice:

Complete upholstery services for sofas, chairs,

A major department of A. L. Thompson’s, the

headboards and more, in addition to decorative

30,000-square foot ‘Outdoors’ carries one

accessories like custom throw pillows and

of the widest selections of outdoor goods

bedding. They also stock and special-order

in Cayman. They sell sheds, decking, pots,

fabrics. SE E AD PAG E S 5 & 197

lawn ornaments, patio furniture, camping equipment, outdoor grills, smokers and a whole


Hydes & Sons Ltd. Tel: (345) 949 7062 Precision Roofing Tel: (345) 916 7823 Watler’s Metal Products Tel: (345) 949 1699

Cayman Islands Spray Foam Tel: (345) 326 6767

Storage & Organising Solutions Basic wire racking for shelves can be bought from any home centre on-Island. For custom built shelving, contact either Custom Closets on (345) 526 6774 or Storage Solutions on (345) 525 2647. Upholstery Services If you have a piece of furniture in your Cayman home that fits well and has a sound frame but has just got a bit tatty, don’t throw it out – consider having it reupholstered. It’s also cheaper than buying a brand new piece. We recommend the following company for your upholstery needs:

Landscape Gardeners An experienced landscape gardener will approach each garden on an individual basis and will be able to create a detailed design based on your needs. If you are new to landscaping then there’s the danger that you could purchase a lot of plants and accessories that don’t work together, let alone survive in the Cayman sun! A landscape gardener will understand which plants work best with your property’s terrain and conditions. They will also know what plants are the most durable, which shrubs or trees can provide good shade and increase your privacy, plus advise on long term garden maintenance. It is worth noting that the cost of irrigating gardens, especially manicured lawns, can be very expensive. Cayman Growers

Outdoor Living Areas Outdoor kitchens, BBQ areas, decking or stone patio areas, hot tubs and even fire pits can really elevate your outdoor living experience:

Tel: (345) 323 0722 Email: A complete landscape company offering design, installation, irrigation and lighting services. Every Bloomin’ Thing (EBT)

The Outdoors

384 Crewe Road, George Town

A. L. Thompson’s, 189 North Sound Road

Tel: (345) 945 1701

Tel: (345) 949 8622

Email: or

Edie’s 64 Eastern Avenue, George Town Tel: (345) 949 6348 Email:


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Spray Foam Insulation Spray foam insulation is a popular alternative to traditional fibreglass insulation in the Cayman Islands. It is well regarded for not sagging or slipping and creates a complete seal, keeping heat and moisture out of buildings. It also has been proven to help keep roofs attached in the event of a hurricane.

Outdoor areas are a key extension to homes in Cayman, thanks to the Island’s warm and mostly sunny climate. A well-designed outdoor space can add to the marketability of your property. If your outside area needs an overhaul, then here are some questions to consider before you begin the process: > Do you need an entertainment area? > Would you prefer serene and manicured gardens or a more natural area that children and pets can enjoy? > How much time/money are you willing to spend on maintenance each month? > How long will you live in the house and will it be worth the financial outlay? Once you’ve thought about the answers and have a vision of what you want to achieve, then it’s worth investing in a professional contractor and landscape gardener.

lot more. SEE AD PAGES 111, 195, 200 & 233

A full service landscape company offering

design, Power Flower considers your needs, style

a range of services Island wide including:

and budget when designing your ideal garden.

landscape maintenance/installation/ irrigation.

Through careful planning and execution, their

Pest Management and tree pruning.

professional landscape design and installation staff work hard to ensure a client’s space delivers

Paradise Landscaping

exactly what they want. SE E AD PAG E 199

Tel: (345) 547 1530



Vigoro Nursery & Landscaping


96 Agricola Drive, Lower Valley

Paradise Landscaping specialisies in creative


324 Walkers Road, George Town

and quality landscape design, installation and

Tel: (345) 949 4270 or (345) 945 5236


Email: or




staff pay meticulous attention to detail and or

can design, install and maintain extraordinary

Instagram: @vigoro_cayman

outdoor spaces personalised to suit your own

Vigoro has been providing landscaping services

unique style. The Owner, Giles Smith, has been

in Cayman for almost 50 years. Their services

a professional in the landscaping arena for

include all areas of gardening and landscaping,

decades. SE E AD PAG E 167

including design, maintenance, construction, irrigation, stone/hardscape, water features,

Power Flower

misters, lighting and artificial lawns.


31 Orchard Lane, Off Crewe Road, George Town Tel: (345) 949 2256 or (345) 321 0308

Garden Trends


Native Plants and Trees Specialising in the fine art of balance in landscape




– Local garden centres stock a wide assortment of native and non-native species of plants and

trees. There is a huge variety of bright and beautiful options including Tabebuia, Geiger, Neem and Cassias trees. Edible Gardens – Produce gardens can be a bit tricky to establish and maintain, but the wait is well worth it. Locally grown tomatoes are delicious, as are salad leaves and herbs. If you have the space, consider planting fruit trees − they’re great for providing shade too! Vertical Gardens – These ‘living walls’ add a personal touch to patios and balconies. However they are an expensive addition. Artificial Turf – Many homeowners are turning to artificial turf for a lowmaintenance landscaping solution. Not only can you guarantee your lawn always looks great, but once you get past the initial high cost of installation, it’s a great money saving move. For a list of garden centres please refer to the Shopping chapter. SWIMMING POOLS

A swimming pool is a great addition to any home in the Cayman Islands,


Sheer descents and sheer rain features

are water features that can be built into a wall or planter. A sheer descent provides a perfect sheet of water and is a great addition to enhance poolside hardscapes. Pool Safety Tips for Kids Having a pool comes with serious responsibility. While pool-related tragedies are rare in Cayman, a few have occurred in 2020. Every homeowner with a pool should follow Oasis Pool & Spa provides comprehensive outdoor living construction service. From design to completion, they are with you every step of the way to create your dream pool, patio, cabana and outdoor kitchen. Oasis can also renovate your existing pool and patio. SE E AD PAG E 168

Pool Patrol Tel: (345) 949 8543 Email: Pool Patrol offers you services every step of the way, from pool design and DEH submissions to the final pool and spa construction. They can build your pool from scratch or renovate an existing pool, bringing it back to its former glory.



Tell them you saw it in the Oasis Pool & Spa


Swimming Pool Trends Depending on your budget there are several types of pools and pool features to consider: > Zero entries create a beach style entry into the pool. The entryway slopes into the pool as if you’re walking into the sea. The shallow area is a great spot to let supervised children play. > Plunge pools are perfect for a smaller outdoor space and a swim jet can allow you to swim laps against a current. > Infinity edge pools produce a visual effect of the water extending to the horizon and are particularly impressive where the infinity edge appears to merge with the ocean or canal. > Perimeter overflow pools are an evolution of the infinity pool where the water constantly flows over the edge of the pool. The water runs into a hidden catch basin and is then re-circulated into the pool. > Deck laminars provide a dual function as a calming water feature. Like those seen in water parks, the jets of water exit the patio from hidden fixtures and cascade in arcs into the pool.

these basic safety tips: > Always supervise children when they are in or near a pool, and always ensure that those in a supervisory role are good swimmers! > Make sure everyone in your family learns to swim, including nannies and caretakers. > Secure your pool with barriers. > Install and use a lockable safety cover. > Install pool and gate alarms to alert you when children go near the water. > Keep life vests and an emergency flotation device near the pool. > Everyone in the family should learn how to perform CPR and do basic water rescue training. The Red Cross offers certification programmes. > Keep your pool clean and maintain proper chemical levels to minimise the risk of ear infections and rashes. The following companies in Cayman can install and maintain your swimming pool:


providing a year-round source of recreation for both adults and children. It is worth noting that a pool will cost approximately CI$200 a month to maintain, and adds significantly to the cost of your electricity bill and potentially your water bill. For tips on how to run an energy-efficient pool refer to the Being Green chapter.

Tel: (345) 945 7665 Email:


We Specialise in: • Full retail store with Cayman’s largest inventory of pool/spa & backyard products • Fully trained and certified staff • Pool and spa service & repairs - commercial and residential • Consultation, design, construction and renovation services Tel: 949-8543


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Cayman Building in

Photos courtesy of john Doak Architecture and Deep Blue Images

How to build a home in Cayman, building environmentally friendly homes, suggestions on selecting a team, architects, land surveyors, general contractors and structural engineers.





Building in Cayman - Dream, Investment or Both - Selecting a Site - Budget vs. Reality

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Building Options - Design/Build - Construction Management - Design/Bid/Build - Selecting Your Team - Interior Design - Building Greener - Blocks & Insulated Concrete Forms - Roofing

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Building Professionals - Architects - Construction Management - General Contractors - Land Surveyors - Quantity Surveyors - Structural Engineers

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An inevitable truth about building, whether it be a home or commercial property, is that you will encounter hurdles along the way. For most people, it will amount to one of the most significant investments of their lives, tying them to a large debt that can take decades to pay off – and before even taking the plunge you likely have to wade through many construction horror stories exchanged at dinner parties. All considered it can be overwhelming! However, the easiest way to ensure you make smart and informed choices is by equipping yourself with professional insight prior to getting started. This will help better manage your expectations and significantly reduce stress and associated costs. Read on for a round-up of the best building and design professionals in the industry as well as things to keep in mind when building in Cayman. Dream, Investment or Both An essential element in feasibility planning is weighing the importance of financial investment against less tangible personal goals. Analysing the financial investment is made relatively straight forward through calculating all costs (including mortgage interest) against possible return; however, it is often the subjective factors that can complicate decision-making, such as a desire to say “I did it my way…”. Obtaining advice from reputable professionals can allow you to concentrate on what you do best, without repeating some classic

Where can I find an architect?


pitfalls of a first-time developer.



Selecting a Site Beyond the obvious location factors of convenience to work, schools and shopping, do some research on the area – find out if any nearby road improvements are proposed or the potential incompatibility of approved neighbouring land uses. A quick online check of the zoning map on the Central Planning Authority website will allow you to see land uses proposed for an area and the specific zoning of the parcel you are considering. Although you should be able to obtain this information from your realtor, surveyor or architect, a little due diligence may reveal a lot. For commercial properties this is particularly important since proposals for a parcel requiring rezoning may take years to plan and to obtain the required approvals. Geotechnical Testing Many older subdivisions built on reclaimed land have ‘marl’ fill placed over original




‘peat’ material to bring up the elevation. This ‘peat’ layer may be a mixture of sand, rocks and organic solids unsuitable for supporting the weight of a building. The replacement of this material with ‘engineered fill’ or the design of pile foundations to penetrate down to a solid bearing material will add large costs to a building which must be considered. An engineer can drill or dig test holes for a modest fee to allow some cost planning for foundations. Often, the engineer’s local knowledge will be sufficient to predict general soil conditions. This might even be a prudent condition of a land sale if problematic soil conditions are expected.

the home or office that suits your lifestyle or professional requirements. An inventory of rooms and spaces will also help determine the approximate size of the property that meets your needs. Remember, however, that looking at building plans online does not make you an expert and many house plans found online are generally suited to North America or Europe and may not be appropriate to Cayman. Construction techniques and building codes, weather patterns and climate on-Island can be very different to those found elsewhere. Those minimalist architectural wonders that you have fallen in love with may cost a fortune when translated into the Cayman context.

What Do You Want? Think carefully about the layout and configuration of your house or building, and how this will work for your personal needs and objectives. Draw inspiration from online floor plans and design resources such as Pinterest or Houzz. Save any photos that inspire you and use these images to illustrate

Budget vs. Reality All too often rough area construction costs ($ per sq ft) are used for budgeting in place of realistic assessments of probable development costs. Fooling yourself that a building will cost $x/sq ft multiplied by an approximate area is usually a recipe for disappointment or frustration later in the

Making a realistic cost plan can provide a useful indication of the cash flow requirements during the process which will be of interest to potential lenders, and can allow you to calculate carrying costs or requirements for interim financing. Scheduling The length of time that is required to complete the full cycle of planning, financing, design, commissioning of a building and construction often comes as a surprise to ‘proto’ developers. A period of up to several years may be required for a large residence or commercial property once all the factors have been considered. When projects are geared towards completion for a specific date, planning can become critical – a homeowner entertaining visitors from abroad, a store owner aiming for a holiday retail season, or a company gearing their move-in date around an annual business cycle all need to plan for the unexpected or even the unthinkable. Delays in obtaining statutory

approvals, order time for materials or equipment, adverse weather conditions, and design revisions must be considered for a well-planned project. Good Design – Value Added? The area of professional services is often a difficult one to apply a cost-benefit rule of thumb. A DIY homeowner downloading a set of plans from the internet or trying to design their property themselves may save thousands on architect’s fees but may end up spending even more in construction costs due to delays, cost overruns or approval issues, than if they had just hired a professional to draft an accurate, detailed set of construction documents. Professional fees (architecture, interior design, engineering, survey), which can quickly constitute 10%-15% of the overall construction budget, will inevitably be value added to the building. However, unlike commodities, it is sometimes difficult to assess the worth. The DIY designer will naturally love their own

We Know The Art of Building

Stop by our offices for a coffee with an architect and complimentary 30 minute consultation

To learn more about Design Cayman Ltd. please visit: or contact Brian Macdonald at: 345.916.0930


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




process. A quantity surveyor may provide you with a detailed breakdown of actual costs to expect, such as: Soft Costs — Building permits (planning permission, infrastructure fees, etc.), stamp duty, licenses, professional fees (architect, engineer, surveyor), legal fees and utility connection deposits must be carefully factored into your overall costs. For commercial properties promotion, marketing and financing costs must also be considered. For rental properties initial period vacancy rates are estimated in order to predict the cost of holding unleased space. Hard Costs — Land, construction costs including normal contractor costs (overhead, profit and supervision), landscaping, major appliances and site furnishings must be considered. Typically, a contingency fee (between 5%-10%) is usually included in estimates to account for the unexpected, which include owner changes, site conditions or material cost increases.


creation to the extent of remaining oblivious to their dysfunctional end-result, and triumphant they have saved money. If the cost of their time or construction stage change orders was considered, the saving may well be insignificant. BUILDING OPTIONS

There are several general models of how construction contracts are structured and there are good reasons to recommend one over another in particular situations. Design/Build A general contractor with in-house or subcontracted design expertise (design-builder) can often offer a streamlined package which is attractive to busy people not wanting hands-on involvement in the process beyond initial design and material selection. This ‘one-stop’ approach to a contract is typically a fixed price attached to a material specification and set of design documents. The main advantages of this approach are: (1) convenience (2) guarantee of final cost and (3) minimum risk for the owner. Some disadvantages may be: (1) loss of some flexibility during the process (2) the added cost of the convenience factor and (3) no independent control of quality.



Construction Management In this scenario a ‘construction manager’ (typically a quantity surveyor) will offer a fixed cost to manage the entire process either from the outset or based on a set of construction documents and specifications (prepared independently). The construction manager is functioning in the role of general contractor yet employed by the owner. The advantages of this form of contract are typically: (1) flexibility during construction (2) market competition in sub-trade contracts and (3) cost control flexibility. Some disadvantages of this approach are: (1) risk for sub-trades is assumed by the owner (rather than the construction manager) and (2) loss of market competition in contractor cost (fixed fee for supervision). This is typically an excellent strategy where a project needs to be rushed (or fast-tracked in industry jargon) and there is insufficient time to prepare detailed, coordinated documents for a bid. Another good reason might be if there is likely to be a lot of changes during the design-construction process. Since the construction manager works for the owner on a fixed management fee, they are typically not profiting from changes in the work or work sequence. Design/Bid/Build This is the traditional method of procurement where an owner works with an architectural designer and related professionals to produce detailed drawings and specifications (often with cost reports). General contractors are invited to offer competitive tenders based on a detailed estimate of the documents within a fixed tender period. This approach has the primary advantage of cost competitiveness and a detailed set of documents will be the 206



best guarantee of maintaining cost control during the process. Some disadvantages of this approach may be: (1) significant time is required for detailed document preparation and the tender period and (2) document errors or revisions to the contract may result in some loss of cost control since changes could be costly. The Design-Build project has the overwhelming advantage of convenience. By contrast, the traditional Design-BidBuild and Construction Management approaches have the advantage of the competitive marketplace with multiple contractor estimates (and the possibility of cost-saving). The traditional/construction manager contracts may allow a high degree of control since design and construction stages will involve an independent professional hired directly by the owner.



Selecting Your Team Before making any decisions about a direction for your particular project, talk to professionals knowledgeable in the construction industry in Cayman. Architects, builders and quantity surveyors will usually be willing to share their experience with no obligation. Each method described previously has its devotees and detractors and it is ultimately up to the owner to decide which of the various methods will be a good fit. Seeking professional help from someone with a detailed working knowledge of these procurement options and how they work in the Cayman Islands can help you make an informed choice. Do not simply copy what someone else has done. It is important that you choose an approach after weighing all the pros and cons. While each approach may have a very different risk profile to you (after all some people like to base-jump, while others would rather take a nice stroll along the beach), it is very important that you own this decision fully. Whatever approach you choose, it will be the people you select to work with and manage the process, who will be the key players in developing and managing a


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




successful project. Consider the following when choosing your design and build professionals: integrity and reputation should always be the main ingredients when selecting people, so look at current, recent and past jobs, talk to past customers and check their payment and litigation history. Choose design professionals who are adaptable and have a team spirit. Ask your contractor, construction manager and architect to provide a checklist and procedures for administering, inspecting and testing the various stages of your project. It is strongly recommended that you meet everyone who will be a part of making your project a success. Make sure you establish a good working relationship and feel comfortable with all the people who are involved. Enquire about their current workload – can they handle your job and give you the attention and support you desire? Can you communicate with this individual or team openly? It is important that you do your homework, take your time and make

sure that all of the design professionals you intend to engage carry professional indemnity insurance. Only agree to terms after you are absolutely sure you have the ‘dream’ team that truly has your best interests at heart! While there are many components to consider carefully, some being significantly challenging and time consuming, building your own home is an exciting project and for many people, it is a dream come true; so you should endeavour to have some fun too! Interior Design in the Building Process Consider hiring an experienced interior designer and kitchen designer to review your plans with your architect before they go to the builders. A qualified designer can look at architectural plans and work out whether the space and dimensions allowed will work or raise potential problems and limitations. They will look at the plans, room by room, and work out their function, including ease of access, amount of light, acoustics, seating and places to store or set things down. They

will also consider how the space will be used, whether it will be for work, leisure or entertainment, and their goal will be to create a unified whole. For more information on Interior Designers refer to the Home Improvements chapter. For your kitchen, finding a designer who specialises in creating functional, beautiful spaces is essential. In today’s modern homes, kitchens are now the focal point; they are usually free flowing spaces that are well integrated into the rest of a home, and also the primary place for entertaining. If you want a kitchen that is well-designed and suited to your lifestyle, then we recommend the following two companies who have a proven track record and lots of examples of beautiful kitchens they have designed: Bon Vivant (Tel: (345) 623 2665 or visit which is the luxury kitchenware and design store in Camana Bay and also Pooley Cabinets (Tel: (345) 947 6780 or visit www. who specialise in custom cabinetry design and installation.



Celebrating 75 Years

A new generation of construction innovation technology from a name you can trust

A Division of The Flowers Group

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

Architectural Shapes

• Poured concrete walls with reinforced steel • Hurricane resistant • Lower energy costs • Sound Transmission control qualities • High production capacity • Cost effective • Can be used for Commercial, Residential or Industrial Projects

• Flexibility of shapes • Custom look • Manufactured locally to specification • Easy installation,cost effective • Columns Pediment • Arches • Bases & Caps


Architectural Shapes

Foam Flat Sheets

Foam Flat Sheets

(for pre-existing concrete walls) • Insulation qualities • Sound transmission qualities • Lower energy costs

Custom Foam Signs • Ideal for entryways • Manufactured locally to any specification Custom Foam Signs

Steel Studs • Steel Studs and tracks in a variety of lengths and gouges to specifications

Cay Deck • Foam Insulation Flooring Systems • Insulation for floors decks and roofs

Steel Studs

E: • W: • T: 345 623-0000

Available at Flowers Block Factory 208


184 Seymour Drive


off North Sound Rd

Cay Deck

Industrial Park • A member of the Flowers Group

Their in-house designer can provide expert advice on kitchen design. Designing a Security System To have an electronic security system that is well integrated into the design of your new home, a plan should be drafted at the conceptual stages. You, your architect and an experienced security professional should work closely together to identify your needs and see what technology will be suitable to achieve your goals. Refer to page 198 for a local company who can assist.

right option. ICFs are forms used to hold fresh concrete in place permanently, providing added insulation for your home. Not only are ICFs excellent for protecting the structural integrity of your home during severe weather, it also provides highly effective insulation to keep the heat out.

Established by pioneer Clarence L. Flowers, the Flowers Block division of the Flowers Group specialises in the manufacturing and delivery of concrete products including building blocks, grass





Flowers Group


184 Seymour Road, Industrial Park Tel: (345) 623 0000 Email: Flowers locally




Driveway & Walkway Surfacing The companies below offer a wide range of pavers, bricks and cobblestone for your driveway or walkway surfacing needs.

state-of-the-art, building


Flowers Group

including Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), foam

Tel: (345) 623 0000

flat sheets, steel stud and tracks, architectural

components and custom shapes and signs.

Part of the Flowers Group, Flowers Block


provides a wide selection of pavers, including


cobblestones in numerous colours and sizes.

Concrete Blocks & Pavers


Flowers Group 184 Seymour Road, Industrial Park

Island Paving

Tel: (345) 623 0000

Tel: (345) 949 8294


Insulated Concrete Forms If you want to insulate yourself from the ambient sounds of the outside world, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) may be the

rectangular pavers and cobblestone pavers.

The Flowers Foam Products division of the

Building Greener Those looking to build more consciously will be pleased to discover the many environmentally responsible construction practices that are widely embraced on Island. Green construction in Cayman is recognised by the Governor’s Award for Design and Construction Excellence in Sustainability and the Environment. The idea of the award is to foster and maintain innovation, sustainability and excellence in the Cayman Islands’ construction industry. Some way in which that is being upheld include: using recycled building materials and timber, tapping into alternative energy and waste-water systems and employing more eco-friendly home automation. Other green tips for building include, ensuring that your property is orientated to make effective use of the prevailing wind and windows are positioned so as to avoid filling the house with the heat of the afternoon sun in a nod to traditional Caribbean architecture. Reduce energy consumption by insulating the exterior walls and roof of your home and make use of the Island’s year-round sunshine with solar power panels and energy units. LEED certification is also available on-Island to give you an idea of how environmentally-friendly your home or property is. For more information on building green, refer to the Being Green chapter.



LIFESTYLE | QUALITY | INNOVATION 148 David Foster Drive,Barcadere Warehouse Park Building C-Unit 202 P.O Box 30909 KY1-1204 Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. T: 345 525 4632 / 34 | W: | E: Visit us on Facebook


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Roofing The old adage, that you should always have a good roof over your head, is essential wisdom in a country that receives heavy downpours, which is standard during the region’s rainy season, and suffers from the occasional hurricane. Not only will a good roof help to keep you dry, but due to Cayman’s hot and humid climate, it can also keep your house cool if constructed accordingly. In Cayman, roofing choices are numerous: light-weight metal standing-seam (great for adding solar panels later), aluminium, prefabricated truss frame, solar, snap-lock, shingles and Spanish tiles. Do not be fooled by going for the cheapest roofer. Ask for a detailed quote and count exactly how many stainless steel pins they will use to hold the roof in place, and if it is half the number of the other company with a more expensive quote, then you have your answer: your roof may well be flying off during a major hurricane. We recommend the following roofing contractors:

Hydes & Sons Ltd.

management firm based in Grand Cayman. The

Tel: (345) 949 7062

managing director, Donal McGrath RIBA, has over 30 years of professional experience in

Precision Roofing

the Cayman Islands. The primary focus of the

Tel: (345) 916 7823

practice is to create high-quality, aesthetically pleasing



Watler’s Metal Products

architecture which responds to the client’s

Tel: (345) 949 1699

functional requirements and budget.


Architects The following is a list of Cayman Islands architectural firms whose staff are registered and qualified in accordance with the professional standards of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Institute of Canadian Architects and the American Institute of Architects. Many of these firms also have experienced project managers on staff as well as interior designers.

Chalmers Gibbs Architects Tel: (345) 949 2727 Email: Established





Architects offers professional architecture, planning and interior design services. Building design




commercial, retail, industrial, hotel resort and institutional projects. Other specialised services include 3D modelling, brochure graphics, feasibility studies and space planning.

BDCL Architects


Tel: (345) 925 4909 Email: or

Design (Cayman) Architects

An architecture, interior design and project







Chartered Architect, RIBA: Tel: (345) 916 0930 Email: At Design (Cayman) Limited, their team knows: “The Art of Building”, a focus that enables clients to feel deeply understood, leading to projects that deliver beyond the commercial to truly bring satisfaction and joy. Serving Cayman for over thirteen years, leaders in innovative and green design and building, Design Cayman services include: Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Development and Master Planning, BIM - Virtual Design, Renovations and Additions, ALDM (Architect Led, Design, Manage, Build). SE E AD PAG E 205 DDL Studio Ltd. Transforming our client’s dream into reality through exceptional service across South Florida and the Caribbean

Tel: (345) 943 3622 Email: Services include: architecture, interior design,











quantity surveying, valuations/appraisals and feasibility studies.

Frederick + McRae Ltd. Tel: (345) 926 8049 or (345) 926 3601 John Doak Architecture Tel: (345) 946 3625 Email: With 40 years in the Cayman Islands and across the Caribbean, John Doak’s renowned design-build services for residential, resort and commercial projects have been recognised by international awards and through international media and publications. His firm’s services include: architecture, imagineering, engineering, interior design, master planning, landscape design, feasibility studies, construction administration and project management. SE E AD PAG E 204

maintaining property values through great design. The institute ensures its members are highly competent in their professional arenas through local and international educational programmes, sharing technology trends and methodologies, and sharing experiences. The ICIA works with the Government, developers and the public to share ideas and help with strategic planning for major projects and developments in Cayman. The Institute will also help to educate Caymanians about the many paths within the profession and to ensure its members maintain and advance their knowledge of the art and science of architecture. ICIA aims to become a centre for architectural excellence in the Cayman Islands. For more information visit www.icia. ky. Current ICIA members are listed below:

Lyle Frederick B ARCH (HONS), AIA/PRINCIPAL, ICIA Frederick and McRae Ltd. Tel: (345) 926 3601 Brian Macdonald ARB, RIBA, ARIAS, ICIA Design Cayman Limited Tel: (345) 949 2800 SE E AD PAG E 205 Donal McGrath RIBA, ICIA Building Design Consultants Ltd. Tel: (345) 925 4909 Cindy O’Hara MRAIC, LEED AP, ICIA Design Cayman Limited


Tel: (345) 916 1356

OA+D Architects Tel: (345) 945 2979


John Doak Architecture Tel: (345) 946 3625


Tel: (345) 949 8115

OBM International


Tel: (345) 949 8115


OBM International

Trio Architecture Tel: (345) 525 0777 Email: Mike Stroh created Trio Architecture in 2006 to offer the highest level of architectural, interior design, and engineering services to the Caribbean and South Florida. Their professional expertise covers commercial, hospitality and residential projects. Services include:




interior and



design, construction administration, and


more. SE E AD P R E VIOU S PAG E Tropical Architectural Group Tel: (345) 947 5849

Institute of Cayman Islands Architects (ICIA) The role of the ICIA is to be an advocate for good architecture in the Cayman Islands. Its members are dedicated to high standards of professionalism, integrity and competence, and as such pride themselves on delivering projects to a high standard, consistently within budget and with the aim of creating and

27 Sleepy Hollow Drive, George Town, Grand Cayman Cayman Office: (345) 947.4879


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


planning, coordination and oversight for your residential project.

William Stewart M.E. Des (Arch), MRAIC, ICIA Chalmers Gibbs Architects Tel: (345) 949 2727

management, design-build turn key services. Cornerstone Group

BCQS International

Tel: (345) 938 1009

Tel: (345) 949 8644


Architectural Consultants Ltd.

Build Cayman Limited

Encompass Ltd.

Tel: (345) 946 6681

Tel: (345) 925 8517

Tel: (345) 938 0850




Rob Towell RIBA, ICIA

Construction Management The following firms can provide the overall



Email: Visit


Encompass Cayman provides project management




construction and


services for a more hands on construction process, and a more integrated role in the fiscal aspects of the project. SE E AD PAG E 207

General Contractors AMB Construction

Bringing a higher level of service to our clients


Reliable, Accurate & Efficient with over 20 years experience Boundary re-establishments | Subdivisions Combinations | Strata Surveys | Topographical surveys B U I L D I N G I N C AY M A N

CALL FOR A FREE ESTIMATE: 345.947.1582 M: 345.925.2816 • •

Tel: (345) 525 4632 Email: AMB Construction is service driven, specialising in residential and commercial builds, fit-outs, renovations









developers, architects, subcontractors and suppliers that help expedite key responsibilities. AMB ensures that the client’s quality project begins and finishes on schedule with an efficient transition to facility opening and operation. SE E AD PAG E 209

Anchorock 27 Sleepy Hollow Drive, George Town Tel: (345) 947 4879

Creating reality by building your vision

Email: Anchorock provides commercial and residential general




the Cayman Islands. From retail and office to residential, they have the capability to deliver on all sizes of jobs, from residential renovations

Our Services: Residential Commercial Marine Hardscaping Decorative Concrete Renovations Office Fitouts Home Inspection

to new commercial construction. SEE AD PAGE 211 Encompass Ltd. 10 Market Street, Camana Bay, Box 382 Tel: (345) 938 0850 Email:


Encompass Ltd. specialises in creating


homes that are inspirational, providing Renovation/Remodel



Design/Build services. Their experienced 212



team has in-depth knowledge of building

RICS registered valuer offering property

JEC Property Consultants Ltd.

luxury homes and resorts. Encompass has

valuations, development appraisals, feasibility

Tel: (345) 945 5930

established relationships with suppliers

studies, acquisitions and disposals, consulting

Email: or

around the world, enabling them to create

on landlord and tenant issues, property

Services: Development advice, development


searches, reinstatement cost for insurance

feasibility studies and appraisals, construction cost

purposes and loss adjusting. Specialising in

estimating, construction and project management,

hotels and resorts. SE E AD PAG E 154





budgets for maximum value. SE E AD PAG E 207 Le Habitat Ltd.





management, construction contract advice and

Tel: (345) 949 6688

BCQS International

dispute resolution. SE E AD T H I S PAG E & PAG E 155

Tel: (345) 949 8644 Robson Construction

Structural Engineers

Tel: (345) 526 3428


AMR Consulting


A1 Plaza Venezia, North Sound Road

Tel: (345) 949 2716

Tel: (345) 623 2772







specialises in new residential construction,







APEC Consulting Engineers Tel: (345) 949 5858 include:


commercial and industrial construction. They

surveying and cost consulting, valuations and

Trio Architecture

provide quality work in a timely manner and

appraisals, feasibility studies, commercial,

Tel: (345) 525 0777

work directly with an established network of

residential and strata property management


local building and design professionals.

and insurance loss adjusting.






Phoenix Construction

Tell them you saw it in the

Tel: (345) 943 3622

Tel: (345) 945 8001

Land Surveyors Abernethy & Associates Ltd.


96 Mary Street, George Town








Tel: (345) 947 1582 Email: or Abernethy & Associates Ltd. is a land surveying company owned by Greg Abernethy, who brings over 25 years of experience to his clients.

Property & Facilities Management Project & Construction Management





Insurance Services Dispute Resolution

Quantity Surveying Development Consulting Property Valuations

Specialising in legal boundary re-establishments, subdivisions,




incorporations, Abernethy & Associates use the latest GPS technology and are fully equipped to perform civil engineering and building set outs. SE E AD PAG E 212

Cayman Survey Associates Ltd. Tel: (345) 945 9222

Quantity Surveyors & Project Managers Blue Point Consultants Tel: (345) 525 0706 Email:

96 Mary Street, George Town Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



DDL Studio Ltd.



Cayman’s Culinary Scene


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The past year has presented many challenges for Cayman’s food and beverage industry. On March 17th 2020, amidst Cayman’s best tourism season on record, it was announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic all bars needed to close, and restaurants could only be open for take-out and delivery service. Despite the uptick in takeout and delivery orders placed during this period, these services could not keep pace with in-person customers, and it is estimated that restaurants lost 75% of their revenue. Some restaurants donated their staff and time, opening soup kitchens and assisting Cayman’s ARK in distributing meals to individuals who had lost their jobs because of the Island-wide shut down. Thankfully, Cayman’s restrictions eased in June and most restaurants have been able to stay afloat. Although many annual food and drink events were postponed during 2020, their 2021 dates are scheduled to go-ahead, reminding us that there is, as always, much to look forward to where Cayman’s culinary scene is concerned! Chef Eric Ripert’s globally renowned Cayman Cookout is booked for the second week of January and the next Taste of Cayman will take place in April 2021. And fortunately, not all was lost to the pandemic over the past year! Restaurant Month and Cayman Cocktail Week both took place to great success during the month of October – with restaurants and bars across the Island taking the opportunity to



WE HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CREATE THE PERFECT DISH. With an array of fresh, quality groceries from around the world, creating the perfect dish has never felt better. Foster’s Supermarkets, conveniently located across the Island.

Foster’s Supermarket – better because we care. 945-FOOD | | @fosterscayman


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flex their culinary creativity with delicious fixe-prix menus, innovative cocktails and fun pop-up food and drink events. We look towards 2021 with high hopes and hearty appetites. Cayman’s resilient food and beverage industry has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. PLACES TO EAT


For an extensive list of Cayman’s restaurants pick up a copy of Good Taste magazine, which you will find in most hotels and grocery stores on the Island. It’s a smart, upscale dining and entertainment guide for Cayman packed with sample menus, restaurant contact details and interesting food related articles. Visit www. for promotions, ‘bests’ lists, and a comprehensive search capability. Follow them on Facebook (www. and Instagram (@caymangoodtaste) and find pages for regular updates and giveaways.



New Openings Despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented for the Island’s food and beverage industry over the past year, new restaurants braved economic headwinds to open their doors up to Cayman’s always responsive dining scene! Camana Bay’s bustling city centre continued its steady expansion with three new food outlets: Pane & Pasta, on the corner of Market Street and Nexus Way, boasts authentic housemade Italian breads and pastas, Carnivore Premium Meats, located right next door, is a bespoke chophouse, offering premium products from sustainable ranchers and local farmers, and Tomfoodery Kitchen & Bar, which serves up delicious local fusion cuisine from their breezy spot on the Paseo. Seven Mile Burger opened in Governors Square in 2019 to rave reviews and quickly became a go-to for burger lovers (their fish tacos deserve an honourable mention too!). Long-time favourite Full of Beans in Pasadora Place underwent a rebrand and reopened its doors as Coffee Point Cayman – a cosy café




specialising in coffee, pastries, and casual lunch fare. Two new restaurants opened up next door to each other in George Town: Wolf’s Den on North Church Street offers tasty comfort food that won’t blow the budget and its neighbour, Waffle Monkey, is an independently owned café and waffle house that serves delicious Belgian waffles as well as baps and breakfast sandwiches. And last but certainly not least, is Jack Sparrow, a sustainable fish and chip shop with a New Zealand/Australian background. Cafés, Bakeries & Bistros The Island is home to a number of fantastic cafés, all staffed with great chefs who prepare sumptuous breakfasts and lunches, as well as fresh bread, cakes and pastries. You can visit The Pantry at Seafire, located just off the lobby of the chic Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, for freshly baked pastries, sandwiches, fresh salads and local fruit smoothies, pressed juices and steaming hot espresso. There’s also Icoa Café in Seven Mile Shops on West Bay Road, famous for their tasty cakes and a wide range of lunch options. Established coffee houses include Paperman’s Coffeehouse which has three locations: the Strand Shopping Centre, Windjammer Plaza and Midtown Plaza; Perk Up Café in Governors Square; Jessie’s Juice Bar and Café in Camana Bay and Governors Square and Café del Sol, which has two locations: Marquee Plaza, SMB and, more recently, Country Corner in Savannah. Petit Paris, a French bakery, offers an array of baked goods, lunch items like soups, salads and sandwiches on freshly baked baguettes, sweet treats imported from France and more. Water & the Elephant is a specialty coffee bar and café in the Cayman Technology Centre. Coffee Point Cayman in Pasadora Place is a lively spot for the breakfast and lunch crowd with daily changing specials, plenty of choice for vegetarians and fantastic coffees. The Brasserie Market in Cricket Square also serves sandwiches and salads, along with soups, hot lunches, pastries, etc. Their daily specials are posted on their Facebook page.

in George Town has a great breakfast menu, delicious espressos and fresh pressed juices. Their lunch menu features salads with housemade dressing, plus freshly prepared savoury pies, sausage rolls and soups. Lauren’s, in Buckingham Square, serves tasty breakfast treats, as well as many lunch options and daily specials. Cayman Crêperie in George Town also offers crêpes along with sandwiches and coffee. Over on the north side of the Island, Kaibo Beach Espresso coffee shop is open for breakfast from 7am daily. Sample their freshly roasted Colombian coffee and straight out of the oven pastries. Their warm, flaky croissants attract a large crowd daily and go fast! They also offer hot breakfast paninis, bagels and gluten-free muffins and brownies. South West Collective

Vegetarian & Vegan Food There are several great options on the Island for vegetarians and vegans. Bread & Chocolate, located on the corner of Edward Street and Dr Roy’s Drive in George Town, offers health-conscious (yet hearty) all-day vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Don’t miss their housemade pepper sauce! Island Naturals Café in Coconut Plaza, off West Bay Road, is a popular lunchtime and early dinner spot seven days a week. They cater to healthy appetites offering delicious daily specials with gluten-free and vegan options. VIVO at the Lighthouse Point Resort on NW Point Road in West Bay, offers delicious plant-based food with lots of gluten-free options. Jessie’s Juice Bar and Café in Camana Bay and Governors Square is a popular juice bar. A range of health foods are also available, including vegetarian, vegan and raw options. Its sister restaurant, South West Collective in George Town, has a very similar menu. Britta Bush, a well-known natural food vegan chef, owns Saucha (sow-tcha) and delivers locally sourced, organic and unprocessed vegan meals and artisan sourdough to your home or office. The Brasserie Market, located off Elgin Avenue, has a wide selection of home-grown produce and many vegan

lunch options. You will also find that most menus on the Island feature vegetarian and dairy-free options. Agua Restaurant has a ‘healthy lunch’ section on their lunch menu that includes vegan salads and gluten-free substitutes. Tillie’s, Yoshi Sushi, Thai Orchid, China Village and even fast casual spots: Singhs Roti Shop, and Al La Kebab have very inclusive menus for dietary substitutions. Kosher Food The Cayman Islands has a small, vibrant Jewish community and a variety of kosher food products can be found in Grand Cayman. Foster’s (SEE AD PAGE 215) , Hurley’s and Kirk Market have a good selection. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman may accommodate kosher menus for group guests or special orders if arranged 24-hours in advance. For kosher wines try The Tasting Room in Caribbean Plaza and Blackbeard’s liquor stores. The organisation Chabad Cayman hosts regular Shabbat dinners that are open to anyone. Visit www. for more information.



Waterfront Dining Cayman has an enviable number of places to eat while overlooking the water. In the South Sound area there is Grand Old House (Tel: (345) 949 9333) which offers classic and international dishes in an old world setting, and Sunset House (Tel: (345) 949 7111) a laid back tiki bar serving casual food and great cocktails. On the George Town waterfront is Casanova Ristorante (Tel: (345) 949 7633), a lively and family-friendly authentic Italian restaurant that specialises in housemade pasta and pizza. Cayman Cabana (Tel: (345) 949 3080) is a very popular bar and restaurant with an expansive oceanfront deck that specialises in serving fresh, locally sourced fare. Da Fish Shack (Tel: (345) 947 8126), serves fresh local fish. The Lobster Pot (Tel: (345) 949 2736) is a popular seafood restaurant with a waterfront deck. George Town Yacht Club (Tel: (345) 947 4892) is located at the Barcadere Marina and has a great seafood and bar food menu. Kids will love the swimming pool! The Seven Mile Beach area has an array of great restaurants with waterfront views: The Wharf (Tel: (345) 949 2231) has been around for 32 years and its talented chefs create mouth-watering international and Caribbean influenced dishes; The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman (Tel: (345) 815 6912) features three premier waterfront restaurants including Seven, an upscale steakhouse serving Niman Ranch cuts, where you can dine on the terrace with sweeping views of Seven Mile Beach; Bar Jack, a casual beach bar with stunning sunset views and the best piña colada and Andiamo, where Italian cuisine meets a casual Caribbean ambiance, overlooking breezy waterways. The Beach House (Tel: (345) 945 3800) at The Westin also offers deluxe views of Seven Mile Beach. Ave (Tel: (345) 746 4111), located at the Kimpton Seafire Resort, offers coastal Mediterranean cuisine and Coccoloba, also at the Kimpton, serves a mash-up of local and Mexican cuisine. LUCA (Tel: (345) 623 4550) another upscale restaurant on the beach serves contemporary Italian food. Camana Bay has six waterfront restaurants including: Mizu


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Asian Bistro + Bar,



a stylish Asian-inspired restaurant and bar, Pani Indian Kitchen, authentic Indian cuisine, KARoo, cocktails and tapas, The Waterfront Urban Diner, American classics for an affordable price, The Brooklyn Pizza + Pasta, flavour-packed Italian and American cuisine in an edgy, urban and industrial-chic setting along the waterfront, and Agua, a popular waterfront restaurant featuring the best Italian cuisine with a Peruvian twist. West Bay has an excellent choice of upmarket restaurants: Morgan’s is located at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club and has a wonderful seafood menu and a lovely breeze. Also in the Yacht Club is bàcaro (Tel: (345) 749 4800), the country’s only authentic Italian ‘tapasstyle’ restaurant and wine bar. Cracked Conch and Macabuca, (SEE AD BELOW) both offer stunning views and excellent alfresco dining. Visit Cracked Conch for white tablecloth service and a trendy bar setting. Their signature conch dishes are legendary. Macabuca offers a more laid back bar with casual food and great cocktails. Calypso Grill

(Tel: (345) 949 3948) is located in Morgan’s Harbour and offers panoramic views of the North Sound with a lovely cooling breeze. In Bodden Town, there is South Coast Bar & Grill where diners can enjoy tasty local fare right on the beach. ‘Upstairs’ at Kaibo overlooks the beach and serves upscale cuisine on the sea-view veranda, open every Thursday through Sunday, from 5.30pm. Try the awarded Chefs Tasting Menu and Rare Rum Bar. A water taxi is available upon request and can also take you to the acclaimed Rum Point Club & Restaurant (Tel: (345) 947 9412), home of the Mudslide, beach BBQs and sumptuous seafood dishes. Take a walk after your meal on one of the Island’s longest docks. Dining On A Budget Dining out in Cayman doesn’t have to break the bank. The Island’s impressive roster of restaurants includes many budget-friendly options, such as: Al La Kebab, The Burger Shack, Cafe Del Sol, Chicken! Chicken!, China Village, Cimboco, Da Fish Shack, Eats Café,

Gino’s Pizzeria, Pico, The Sunshine Grill,

restaurants. Check out promotional deals at Dog-Friendly Restaurants Most venues with outdoor areas will be happy to accommodate your dog, however it is a good idea to call ahead to be sure. Some places that are openly dog-friendly include: Coral Beach, The Fish Bowl, Gelato & Co., Häagen-Dazs, KARoo, Macabuca and Salty’s. Keep your dogs on a leash and sitting properly under your table. Food Delivery Service The Island’s delivery and takeaway services stepped it up a notch during the COVID-19 Island-wide lockdown and two new food-delivery apps were launched. Let’s Eat and Bento both allow users to order from restaurants on-Island and track in real time, as their food is brought to them, with their Apple and Android-friendly apps. Fine Dine-In (Tel: (345) 623 3463)

Waterfront Dining • Macabuca Tiki Bar • Premier Shore Diving and Snorkeling •

North West Point • West Bay Road (across from Boatswain’s Beach) T. 345-945-5217 • E. • W. 218




Wok N’ Roll or try any of the Island’s fast-food

and Island Grub (Tel: (345) 923 7974), who have each been serving the Island for a number of years, will deliver food and wine to your door from over 20 restaurants. Alternatively, many restaurants continue to offer their own independent delivery services – the details of which can be found on the ‘Restaurants that Deliver’ page on Food Trucks Al La Kebab has two food trucks: one can be found in Red Bay right at the entrance to Selkirk Drive; the other opposite the Foster’s car park in West Bay. Burger Shack’s food truck is parked in front of Country & Western Bar seven days a week. The Swanky Stop offers freshly harvested local and seasonal produce and smoothies and is always parked at the Market at the Cricket Grounds six days a week. Good Mood Food Co. is located on the lot next to Casa 43, and serves a variety of tasty and indulgent sandwiches and burgers daily.

Macabuca (WB) is a great spot to watch the

a large bar area and outdoor deck.

sunset and divers can jump into the water right

Coconut Joe’s (SMB) has an open-plan bar and

in front of the bar for a night dive.

is a good spot to catch sports games.

My Bar at Sunset House (GT) is a relaxed

Coccoloba Bar & Grill at the Kimpton Seafire

oceanfront bar just south of George Town. The

(SMB) is part street taco joint, part beach hut

perfect place to watch the sunset.

offering expertly mixed margaritas and icy

Peppers Bar & Grill (SMB) serves authentic


Jamaican cuisine in a large and friendly

Coral Beach (SMB) is a boutique-style beach

open-plan bar and restaurant.

venue great for signature cocktails.

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman (SMB) offers

Craft F&B Co. (SMB) is a popular gastro-pub

a vibrant yet refined nightlife: Silver Palm

with a large list of craft beers on tap.

Lounge boasts an exquisite cocktail menu,

Kaibo Beach Restaurant (North Side) offers

with a resident DJ every Friday and Saturday

a fun and tasty menu as well as signature

evening. Taikun, Grand Cayman’s gourmet

cocktails and their famous Mudslide.

sushi restaurant, offers delectable Japanese

KARoo (Camana Bay) is a popular after-work

cuisine and the Island’s largest sake selection.

venue. Offers cocktails, tapas and a daily

Sandbar (GT) is a fun waterfront daquiri bar

Happy Hour.

and grill that has live music weekly.

Legendz (SMB) is a popular sports bar with

South West Collective (GT) is a trendy spot,

lots of comfortable seating and big screens.

with board games and vintage foosball, and a

The Lodge (SMB) is a fun, friendly and eco-

great selection of beers and wines.

conscious bar with weekly live music and

Tillie’s (SMB) is a chic beach bar great for

karoke events.

happy hours.

Lone Star (SMB) is a bustling, Texas-style

The Wharf (GT) is a premier waterfront

bar, great for live music and TexMex food.

restaurant that is known for their Tuesday







All Stars Sports Bar (SMB) is a great place to play pool and beer pong. Food available.






Backroom (SMB) offers a setting reminiscent of the prohibition years with great cocktails. Bar Crudo (GT) is part of the Guy Harvey’s group and serves great drinks and fresh seafood overlooking the harbour. Cayman Cabana (GT) supports local farmers




The Bar Scene Cayman’s bar scene is lively and dynamic! We mention the most popular ones here, however for a full list visit the Bars section on






10 %



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Tipping Tipping is standard practice in the Cayman Islands and, although server’s standard wages are generally higher than in the United States, it’s still an important part of a server’s income. Most restaurants include a gratuity on the bill of 15-18%, however, it is always wise to check, as it is customary to leave a tip of approximately 15% and a little more for particularly good service or larger dining groups.

with their fresh farm-to-table fare. They have

Salsa Nights and the Boogie Nights Old School Dance Party each last Friday of the

the creamiest Piña Coladas and first-class sunset views over Seven Mile Beach.


Lillies (SMB) is a sophisticated late night lounge and nightclub located above The Lodge in the Strand Shopping Centre.

Live Music Scene Cayman has a dynamic and diverse music scene. Some great spots for live music include: bàcaro, Coccoloba, Decker’s, Grand Old House, Kaibo, The Lodge, Sandbar, Silver Palm Lounge, Tortuga Beach Bar, The Wharf and the Wyndham Reef Resort. Download the What’s On Cayman app for details.

The Lodge (SMB) is a late night bar located below Lillies nightclub which hosts a weekly array of fun themed nights. Seven Mile Lounge (SMB) is a recently rebranded nightlife spot with great drink specials.


Cayman observes a day of rest on Sunday, so bars and restaurants stop serving alcohol at midnight on Saturday and there is no live music permitted on Sundays. Note:

Cigar Bars For the perfect casual cigar scene and a wonderful range of quality cigars, Club Havana is a great place to stop in. They have two locations: their cigar lounge in Caribbean Plaza (with a non-smoking section) or their bar in the West Shore Centre. Both locations have an admirable humidor selection and an in-house torcedor (cigar roller). There is also Stogies Cigar Bar located to the right of Guy Harvey’s restaurant on the waterfront. Mixology The art of mixing the perfect cocktail is highly regarded on-Island. Luckily, bars and restaurants always rise to the occasion, creating wonderful, innovative concoctions, and we even have a whole week dedicated to the art of the cocktail every October for Cayman Cocktail Week. See Culinary Events in this chapter for more information. Try Anchor & Den for their gincentric apothecary inspired cocktails and chilled ‘lounge’ vibe, bàcaro for their handcrafted cocktails and delectable small plates, Ave at the Kimpton Seafire for cocktails infused with local exotic fruits and a long wine list and The Ritz-Carlton’s Bar Jack for 220

Camana Bay location provides the widest variety of organic and specialty products. Their

The Club Scene Grand Cayman is a small island, so there are only a handful of clubs. Many bars adopt a nightclub feel later in the evening.


stores maintain a similar format, their largest



Camana Bay store also offers prepared meals for lunch and dinner. Foster’s is the exclusive distributor of Waitrose products from England and at Christmas time, they stock mince pies, Christmas pudding, brandy butter and other traditional treats which get snapped up quickly! This year, Foster’s introduced Foster’s Go!, their only shopping platform which allows customers to shop online, anytime, and either

Catching ‘The Game’ Coconut Joe’s, Fidel Murphy’s, Legendz, The Lodge, Lone Star, Pirate’s Den (PDs) Pub, and Salty’s all televise the games on big screens with great food, comfortable seating and good service.

pick up their order in-store or have it delivered. Visit for more information. SE E AD PAG E 215

Bay Market Café (Tel: (345) 945 3663) is a Whole Foods style café featuring a coffee and juice bar, all day breakfast and light fare,


gourmet salads and sandwiches, Asian wok and

Cayman’s grocery stores, in terms of brand range, are very comparable to large North American grocery stores. They carry most major US and Canadian brands, as well as USDA certified meats, UK brands such as Waitrose, lots of fresh fish, meats and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit. All of the supermarkets carry organic products, however fresh organic fruit and vegetables from the US have to travel far to get here, unlike locally grown produce. The supermarkets sell very good meat, but the freshness of certain cuts of fish can vary between different stores. Ask when the fish came in and which is the freshest.

sushi, a grill bar, soup and salad bar, and hot and cold buffet style options from the Caribbean and around the world. Choose from their large cheese section and enjoy pastries, cakes and breads baked fresh daily. Indoor and outside seating available to patrons. Customers can skip the line, and order the food they love from Bay Market Café by visiting www. baymarket. ky. Orders are available for pick up same day. Delivery is available within Camana Bay only. Hurley’s Supermarket (Tel: (345) 947 8488) is located at Grand Harbour Shoppes, Red Bay and is open Monday to Saturday 6am-9pm. They are well known for their fresh fruits and vegetables, and large assortment of organic


produce. They have a recently expanded their

Foster’s (Tel: (345) 945 3663) has five

Fresh Kitchen with an exceptional variety of

locations: Airport Centre, Camana Bay, Republix

freshly made cold options and hot meal items

Plaza, Countryside Shopping Village and a

available daily. The Fresh Kitchen also features

Foster’s Express opposite Moritt’s Tortuga

a full service juice and smoothie bar, coffee bar,

Club in East End. All locations are open Monday

brick oven pizzeria, burrito bar, panini station

to Saturday 6.30am-10pm, except Foster’s

and sushi bar. Hurley’s offers catering services

Express in East End, which is open Monday

and specialty cake orders. They now offer

to Saturday 7am-7pm. All locations are open

online shopping for either pickup or delivery

from 9am-6pm on public holidays and closed

through their App, available on the Apple App

on Sundays. Foster’s is well known for their

store or at

fresh produce, meat and fish, locally produced goods, and wide variety of specialty, organic

Kirk Market (Tel: (345) 949 7022) is located

and dietary specific products available at an

between George Town and Seven Mile Beach

inclusive range of price points. While all Foster’s

on Eastern Avenue, and is open Monday

to Saturday 6.30am 9.30pm. Visit www.

to Saturday from 7.30am-6pm. Located on Kirk Market offers a wider

Huldah Avenue next to the cricket pitch in

selection of gourmet, natural, organic, gluten-

George Town, we recommend you get there

free, and more special dietary foods than any

before 8am on Saturdays. You can buy fresh

other grocery store on-Island. In addition to

local produce, fresh caught fish, meats and

these specialty categories, you will also find

eggs, as well as sample traditional Caymanian

an extensive offering of well-known grocery

cuisine. Purchase unique souvenirs and gifts,

brands. Kirk Market’s produce department

handmade crafts and artwork, traditional straw

features a diverse range of quality fruit and

work, preserves, sauces, seasonings, natural

vegetables from both local and international

beauty products and jewellery made with

farms. You will also find a full-service butcher

shells or the precious Caymanite stone.

counter, a bakery, a gourmet deli that features a chef-inspired Mediterranean bar, and a delicious hot bar and salad bar. Their in-house florist can create floral arrangements for any occasion or event. Kirk Market is also home to Kirk Pharmacy, which can be reached by calling (345) 949 7180. SEE AD PAGE 13

Farmers’ Markets You can find an abundance of homegrown (and mostly organic) produce at the peak of freshness at the Island’s local farmers’ markets. Get to the markets early to snag the best produce. Camana Bay Farmers & Artisans Market Discover all things grown in Cayman at the weekly Camana Bay Farmers and Artisans Market. Local farmers from around the Island

Local Flavours If you are new to the Island and have not sampled an authentic Caymanian dish, such as conch stew or a fresh fish fry, stop by one of Cayman’s favourite local spots: Amelia’s Kitchen (George Town), Grape Tree Café (Bodden Town), Heritage Kitchen (West Bay), Kurt’s Korner (North Side) and Vivine’s Kitchen (East End). Be sure to top off your meal with one of Cayman’s sweet ‘heavy’ cakes made from cassava or corn. Street Food Jamaican Jerk, the internationally renowned street food, is big in the Cayman



Browse the magazine, read the special features, admire the photography and choose your next dining experience


Go online for full menus, restaurants that deliver, promotions, reservations, reviews and much much more...

‘Like Us’ and join 1000s of others for Cayman’s culinary gossip, the latest news and last minute deals

gather to offer fresh produce and local farmed goods alongside artisans providing handcrafted speciality goods and gifts. You will find various vegetables, fruits and even eggs for purchase. It all takes place on Wednesdays in October through April from 10am-7pm.

Another really useful guide from Acorn Media (345) 946 3200 | |

Market at the Cricket Grounds This vibrant and lively market is open Monday


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




International Groceries The Oriental Market located opposite Anderson Square in George Town is great for finding international ingredients. They stock a wide range of dry and canned Pan-Asian goods from China to Thailand. Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-12pm. Tel: (345) 949 1109. Find their second location in Pasadora Place. Open on Monday-Saturday from 1pm-8pm. Tel: (345) 947 6000.

Buying Fresh Fish Cayman’s fishermen do a great trade and on almost any day of the week, you can buy fresh fish on the waterfront in George Town beside the Cruise Terminal across from Bayshore Plaza. Fishermen anchor their boats offshore, set up tables on the beach and display their fresh catch. Charging approximately CI$4.50 per pound, they sell the fish on the bone, but they will fillet it for you. You can also try the Market at the Cricket Grounds which is next to the cricket pitch on Huldah Avenue in George

Town for fresh fish brought in several days a week by local vendors. The supermarkets sell types of fresh fish you cannot get from local fishermen, such as salmon (wild and farm-raised), cod, catfish, sole, swordfish, haddock and trout. Do not buy local grouper as it is critically endangered. A better choice is the similarly white flaky lionfish, which is invasive.

Islands! Try Mango Tree (George Town), Peppers Bar & Grill (SMB), Di Kit-Chin (Prospect) and Rankin’s Jerk Pit (Bodden Town) to name a few of the more well-known spots, however there are more plenty jerk vendors off the beaten track and you can often find jerk on the menu at local restaurants. Gourmet Food Despite being a small Island there is a wide selection of gourmet foods and fresh dishes to choose from. Carnivore Premium Meats

Great wines No retail outlets Cellar Prices


Interesting wines from around the world FOOD & DRINK

Wines for everyday drinking and special occasions Free delivery island-wide Other services include shipping and Customs clearance of private collections to Cayman and storage in our climate controlled cellar.

Carnivore is the first chophouse of its kind in the Cayman Islands. They offer hand-crafted and premium products sourced from sustainable ranchers and local farmers. Tel: (345) 640 6328 or visit Foster’s - Camana Bay The Foster’s location at Camana Bay (Tel: (345) 945 3663) offers the brand’s widest selection of organic and specialty products on-Island. In the ‘luxury’ range, they sell a variety of jams, olives, sauces, spices, exotic fruit and vegetables (all organic), as well as an impressive assortment of cheeses! They even sell fresh, organic dog food. SE E AD PAG E 215 Kirk Market In addition to well-known grocery items, Kirk Market (Tel: (345) 949 7022) carries an excellent selection of fine gourmet foods from around the world. They also feature fresh local produce and an impressive selection of natural, organic and gluten-free products. Visit www. SE E AD PAG E 13 The Tasting Room Sells Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and honey. On request, they will prepare gourmet picnics and gift baskets filled with wine and amazingly delicious food. They also host monthly supper clubs. Located in the Caribbean Plaza on West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 322 4925.

Goods Produced Locally Tortuga Rum Company (Tel: (345) 623 7701) manufactures delicious rum cakes that you can watch them make. Cayman Spirits Co. (Tel: (345) 943 4786) produces locally distilled Seven Fathoms Rum, matured seven fathoms underwater! Call for a tour of the 5,000 sq ft facility or email: Cayman Sea Salt sells their locally produced sea salt in most supermarkets, gift shops and at the Pure Art Gallery. Email: Cayman Islands Brewery (Tel: (345) 947 6699) produces twelve locally brewed beers which people can sample at their factory in Prospect. Kombucha tea is brewed on Island at Jessie’s Juice Bar and by Elizabeth Chisholm who can deliver a range of flavours, including decaf varieties. Email: Saucha (Tel: (345) 926 0508), a vegan meal delivery company, delivers artisan sourdough and a variety of house brewed kombucha in two bottle sizes. For over 30 years, Cayman Honey (Tel: (345) 947 222



1255) has been produced by bees owned by Sybil and Otto Watler and is well known as a local delicacy. They operate out of a house in Savannah and are very welcoming to visitors who would like to sample and buy their honey. They also sell it in the local grocery stores. Cayman Islands Sauce Company (Tel: (345) 516 2467) produces a hot sauce from the extremely hot scotch bonnet pepper. Carol Hay of Cayman Pepper Patch makes Gourmet Pepper Jelly that can be bought at supermarkets and select gift shops on Grand Cayman and at Mary Lou’s liquor shop in Cayman Brac. From April to October, Hank Ebanks can be found on the roadside outside the Mango Tree restaurant selling live white land crabs. Tomfoodery Kitchen’s locally made and bottled line of ‘Fiyah’ hot sauces are very popular. Available in 5oz bottles, they vary in heat and seasoning and can be delivered straight to your home or purchased at Cayman Spirits Co.

Cost-U-Less: (Tel: (345) 745 5377) is located in Governors Square off West Bay Road and is open Monday to Saturday 8am-9pm. Priced Right: (Tel: (345) 815 1070) offers warehouse shopping without a membership. Their wide selection allows you to find everything you need for your home and family. Priced Right is located in the Airport Centre and is open Monday to Saturday 7am-9pm. There is also a Priced Right store located adjacent to the West Bay Foster’s store (Republix Plaza), open 6.30am-10pm, Monday-Saturday. Foster’s at Camana Bay, their affiliate, also has a bulk

flour, snacks, nuts, coffees and more in bulk and package free. Reflections Food 4 Less has two locations: MacLendon Drive (Tel: (345) 949 3797) open 24/7 and their second location on Godfrey Nixon Way (Tel: (345) 947 3663) open MondaySaturday from 7am-7pm. They both sell drinks, frozen food, and canned and dry goods. BEER & WINE

Local & Specialty Beer You can find most of your favourite American and international beers at Cayman’s bars and restaurants, as well as some craft varieties. For a good selection of draught Irish beers on tap, head to Fidel Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. There are also a few home-grown breweries on-Island which produce their own locally brewed beers. Cayman Islands Brewery Ltd. (Tel: (345) 947 6699) produces 12 beers year round and produces some seasonal beers too. The beer offerings include the Caybrew, a full-bodied German style pilsner premium lager; Caybrew Premium Light, a light beer with only 110 calories and 4.5% ABV; Ironshore Bock, an amber beer brewed with specialty hops and malts to 7% ABV; 345 Stout, a dark beer with chocolate and roasted coffee flavour; Nitro Stout, a nitrogenized version of the 345 Stout with a creamy finish; Shellshock IPA, an Island IPA with notes of grapefruit; White Tip Lager, a Belgium style moderate bodied lager, for which part of the profits are donated to the Department of Environment and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation; Mango Tango, a clear straw colour with mango flavour and a hint of grains; 345 Lager a clear straw colour with hints of a grass and honey notes flavour; Freestyle, a low cal, low carb beer, gluten free and 97 calories. Seasonally, they produce four craft beers: Gone to Helles, a light German style lager with a light spicy finish; Mastic Pale Ale, a hop forward beer with notes of pine, 5% ABV. They have produced Cayman’s premium Hard Seltzer

Nor’Wester 5% ABV which was launched with just Citrus and they are continuously developing new flavours of Seltzer. They have tours of the brewery during the week from 11am. There is also a tap room on site, so you can sit and enjoy the beers whilst watching the brewers hard at work through the windows into the filtration room. You can even stay for Happy Hour over the weekend as they now have a full bar available. They recycle all their spent grain and donate it to local farmers, at present they have a 50% return rate for their bottles which are reused and the investment into a new aluminium bailer has allowed them to reduce the amount they are contributing to the landfill. The Brewery is aiming to become Carbon Neutral by 2025. 19-81 Craft Brewery (Tel: (345) 945 0440) is devoted to creating premium quality craft beers – starting with the introduction of their three signature handcrafted beers: Island Session, the Cayman Blonde, and their Tropical IPA.


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m




Buying In Bulk Buying in bulk can be very beneficial: it saves both time and money and is more environmentally-friendly. The following stores also carry canned and dry goods (great for stocking up on emergency supplies during hurricane season), frozen meats and seafood and a limited selection of fresh produce, as well as a wide variety of children’s toys, home and office supplies, ice-chests, personal care products, televisions and other electronics.

section in store where customers can purchase



19-81 beers are available on tap at several local bars and restaurants and can be bought in cans at Jacques Scott, or you can visit them at their dedicated tap room on Dorcy Drive. KARoo (Tel: (345) 946 6633) has an excellent selection of international beers and is a popular ‘watering hole’. Draft beers include Hoegaarden, Guinness, Magners Cider and Stella Artois. The bottled beers include an ever changing list of products from North America, Europe and the popular local beers from Caybrew. Craft Food & Beverage Co. (Tel: (345) 640 0004) boasts the largest selection of craft beers on-Island. The beer menu features over 10 beers on tap ranging between local and international selections.

case (mixed cases are fine), often at less than CI$20 a bottle. They also have a large selection of French wines. When ordering wine from them, call and chat with Iain, their wine expert, who will recommend a mix of wines that fit your taste and budget and he will then deliver them to you at any address in Grand Cayman. Tel: (345) 526 8466 or email: SE E AD PAG E 222 West Indies Wine Company is both a tasting room and a shop. Over 80 different wines available by the glass, beer on tap and a recently added gin menu are available by the glass as well as a large selection of bottles to take home with you. Tel: (345) 640 9492 or visit www. SEE AD PAGE 223

Liquor Stores & Wine Merchants Blackbeard’s liquor stores have eight locations, with most of them open until 10pm. Blackbeard’s flagship store is in Camana Bay, which houses a 1,000 sq. ft. wine room where you may try your wine before you purchase it and wine specialists on hand to help you pick the perfect bottle. All their stores have monthly specials on wine, liquor and beers with deep discounts on top brands. Tel: (345) 949 4444. SE E

Duty On Alcohol Liquor carries a heavy duty which is reflected in liquor store prices and the cost of drinks at bars and restaurants. Duty on hard liquors such as rum starts at CI$11.85 per litre. Duty on wine is CI$3.60 per litre; champagne is CI$10.80 per litre; sparkling wine is CI$7.80 per litre; overproof liquors are CI$15.98 per litre; liqueurs are CI$13.50 per litre; and duty on beer is CI$1.95 per litre.

by stops at three Camana Bay restaurants and end at Gelato & Co. for a scoop of any of the shop’s many gelato flavours or sorbettos. Every Wednesday at 6.30pm, with a weekly changing menu. Available for private bookings only. To book, email flavourtour@camanabay. com. Friday Night Beach BBQ (Westin Grand Cayman). Start your weekend in style with a delicious and family-friendly beach-side BBQ buffet from the Westin’s award-winning culinary team. Call ahead to reserve your spot. Tel: (345) 945 3800.

Annual Culinary Events Cayman Cocktail Week Cayman Cocktail Week is a celebration of all things sip-worthy in the Cayman enjoy a collection of almost-daily fun and interactive events focussed on the ‘Art of the Cocktail’. For more information visit www. Cayman Cookout The Caribbean’s most respected culinary event, hosted by Chef Eric Ripert and a roster of world famous chefs, sommeliers and mixologists at The Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman. Events include culinary demonstrations, tastings and

AD PAG E 219

has six high-end wine and liquor stores across the Island. The flagship store on Shedden Road stocks the widest range of beers, wine and spirits on-Island and to suit all budgets. They also offer free delivery to your home or office anywhere on Grand Cayman. Call (345) 949 0277 or visit SE E Jacques Scott


Food and drink related events happen often in Cayman. Stay on top of the latest culinary happenings with the Events Calendar on You can also download the What’s On Cayman app for Cayman’s most comprehensive source of what’s going on in the Cayman Islands.

dinners. 13th-18th January 2021. Visit www. Cayman Restaurant Month Every October foodies get to enjoy diningout at some of the Island’s best restaurants for the best possible prices. Participating restaurants create delicious 2-course and 3-course lunch and dinner menus starting

AD PAG E 217

Tortuga Fine Wines and Spirits is family owned and operated since 1984, with at least ten liquor store locations, including a store in the Owen Roberts Airport. They sell their world famous rum cake and other Tortuga products. Tel: (345) 623 7701. Vino Veritas has no retail outlets, but operates from their climate-controlled cellar. They hand-pick wine from small vineyards worldwide and sell it by the 224

Islands. On the last week of every October



Weekly Culinary Events

at just CI$10 for lunch and CI$25 for dinner,

The Flavour Tour (Camana Bay)

served every day for the entire month. There

Tel: (345) 640 9492

are also many chances to win great foodie

Delight your taste buds and try something new

giveaways with Cayman Good Taste’s daily

at the farm-to-table Flavour Tour experience.

giveaway contests on their Facebook and

The Flavour Tour is a guided dining adventure

Instagram pages. For more information visit

through a few of Camana Bay’s restaurants,

featuring local ingredients presented in the restaurants’ signature styles. Start the

Taste of Cayman Food & Drink Festival

evening at West Indies Wine Company for a

Now in its 33rd year, foodies gather in the

taste of one of the shop’s 80 wines followed

thousands to experience classic local cuisine

and new, refreshing tastes from further afield. In addition to delicious culinary offerings, festival-goers can enjoy live music, chef

an outstanding oceanfront location, with a large deck that is great for full moon dining.

demonstrations and fireworks. Saturday, 17th April 2021. Visit

Cooking Classes Cooking classes are very popular in Grand Cayman and a great opportunity to meet new foodies.

Cayman with prix-fixe menus. Westin Wine Dinners Tel: (345) 945 3800 ext. 6017

Food & Wine Societies Below are two well known food organisations. While very welcoming, some do require new members to be recommended by existing members.

Wine events are held several times per year and the dinners feature gourmet cuisine with superb wines. Reservations are essential. The Tasting Room Caribbean Plaza, West Bay Road, SMB

International Wine & Food Society (IWFS)

Tel: (345) 322 4925

Bon Vivant Kitchen Studio

Cayman’s branch of the IWFS was first

Offers fantastic wine and food tasting evenings

Tel: (345) 623 2665

chartered in 1987 and they now have over

by reservation only.


100 members. They host a number of

events throughout the year, including wine

Wine, Spirits and Mixology Courses

Bon Vivant’s lively cooking classes focus

tastings, dinners with special menus at local

Unit 3, Paddington Place, Godfrey Nixon Way

on quick, healthy and delicious dishes that

restaurants and cooking demonstrations.


everyone can enjoy. Classes are themed and

They also have a members-only wine

Wineschool 3 offers a range of wine and spirits

you can enjoy your creation with two glasses

inventory. Membership is by invitation from

tasting classes, suitable for small groups and

of wine paired with your meal. They also offer

another member only. Visit www.iwfs.

large corporate gatherings of up to 100+.

private classes for a minimum party size of 14.

org/americas/cayman-islands or see the

Kids classes are also available.

Society’s Facebook page.


SEE AD PAGES 207 & 235

Slow Food South Sound of



Cayman’s caterers are equipped with years of experience and impressively varied portfolios.



Tel: (345) 926 0508

culinary group promotes the use of local and


sustainable food, the preservation of local

Food For Thought

Offers private and group cooking lessons

food cultures and the enjoyment of dining in

across the Island, with a focus on vegan food

a convivial setting. Email: slowfoodcayman@

Tel: (345) 945 2433 Email:

using local ingredients. for information.

Catering services for corporate events,

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands

Sunday Brunch in Cayman Restaurants are buzzing on Sundays between the hours of 11am-3pm. They offer an impressive feast of fresh seafood, breakfast favourites, sushi, amazing desserts and unlimited bubbles. Generally reservations are a must. Popular choices include: LUCA, Anchor & Den at the Marriott Beach Resort, Seven at The Ritz-Carlton, Ave at the Kimpton Seafire, Tillie’s at Palm Heights, and Blue Cilantro. Agua and Ristorante Pappagallo’s both offer a family-style brunch. For a casual vibe with affordable prices, try the BBQ Brunch at KARoo, China Village for their Dim Sum or Tukka for their buffet-style brunch.

weddings and private parties. Customise

Caymanian Visit





a schedule of cooking classes or contact




Full Moon Celebrations Kaibo’s ‘Luna del Mar’ dining experience started the full moon celebration scene. On the Friday closest to the full moon you can enjoy a nine-dish sharing feast on a torch-lit beach with lanterns, a fire pit and a DJ. Cayman Ferries operates from Camana Bay to Kaibo for CI$20 per person. Lobster Pot has an extensive outdoor patio ideal for catching the full moon. The Cracked Conch & Macabuca on North West Point Road in West Bay have

variety of packages for the right fit. Mise en Place Tel: (345) 623 2433 Email: Premiere events catering company offering fully-custom or packaged catering options for weddings, private events and corporate functions, as well as private chef services. Rent-A-Chef

Tel: (345) 516 1959 Email: Suitable for parties of 4 or more Rent-A-


Offers traditional cooking classes of local

your catering services or choose from a

Chef offers private catering services for small groups.

Tell them you saw it in the

Wine Tasting & Dinners Restaurants often host wine dinners in


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m





Shopping Photos courtesy of NKY, Le Visage, 3 Girls & a Kiln and Sportista

An overview of shopping in Cayman. Here you will find information on where to buy clothing, beauty products, home decor, sports equipment and much more.



On-Island Shopping 226 - Antiques & Art Galleries 227 - Art Supplies 228 - Beauty Products 228 - Bicycles 229 - Books & Stationery 229 - Building Supplies 230 - Buying in Bulk 230 - Cameras & Photographic Equipment 230 - Clothing - Children, Adults & Maternity 230 - Computers & IT Services 232 - Dive Equipment 232 - Electronic Equipment 232 - Fireworks 232 - Furniture Stores 232 - Hardware 235 - Homewares, Accessories & Lighting 235 - Hurricane Supplies 236 - Jewellery, Watches & Repairs 236 - Musical Instruments 237 - Party Supplies & Rentals 237 - Plants, Flowers & Garden Centres 237 - School Uniforms 238 - Shoes 238 - Sports Clothing & Equipment 238 - Sunglasses 238 - Toys 238 - Thrift Shops 239 - Underwear 239 Online Shopping






rand Cayman offers a wide range of goods and services from high-end items, to surprising bargains and everything in between. It is quickly becoming one of the Caribbean’s shopping meccas, and not just for the duty-free items! Artwork, books, toys, cameras, jewellery, household accessories and furniture, are just the beginning of what our shops have to offer. For high-end clothing or accessories, fashion lovers no longer have to travel abroad as there are stores offering a wide selection of upscale items, especially in the swim and resort wear ranges. Fashionistas who prefer a bargain should not be disheartened, as recently more shops have opened that offer great choices at relatively low prices. Seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, also happen on-Island, so make sure to keep an eye out! There are a number of shopping centres in Grand Cayman, each offering an extensive variety of shops to choose from. In the central George Town area, many of the stores are aimed at tourists, specifically those coming off the cruise ships. Shops and shopping centres in this area, such as Bayshore Mall and Island Plaza, sell jewellery, artwork, souvenirs and beauty products. Along the Seven Mile Beach strip you will mainly find clothing stores, especially those selling swim and resort wear, salons and a few stores selling books, stationery and craft supplies. The majority of the furniture stores are located within or near the Industrial Park, and the major homeware stores are located in the vicinity of Eastern Avenue. Camana Bay is full of shops, from clothing and books to kitchen supplies and shoes. In Savannah, the Countryside Shopping Centre houses a Foster’s supermarket, an A. L. Thompson’s and other shops from healthcare to salons.

New shopping plaza developments include Country Corner, located in Savannah and Heron Place in East End. The Grove and Harbour Walk are upcoming developments and will feature a variety of retail stores, restaurants and cafés.

Museum Shop offers a wide selection of locally

from the National Trust are available on their

made products, souvenirs and are the official

Facebook page store. Tel: (345) 749 1121 or

distributors of the Cayman Island flag. Open


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 10am2pm. Tel: (345) 949 8368. SE E AD PAG E 370

Goodness offers a selection of handmade and sustainable gifts and essentials, from

Cayman Nature Store aims to provide eco-

both local and international small business

Antiques & Collectables

friendly products that help in preserving the

creatives. They also offer a variety of creative

Artifacts Ltd. is a treasure trove of antique

Islands’ environment. They have a selection of

workshops monthly for all ages. Open

maps, prints, silver, coins, jewellery, shipwreck

apparel, plastic-free items and art from local

Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm. Located

treasures and china, as well as unique modern

artisans. Located in Dart Park, South Sound.

at 31 Shedden Road. Tel: (345) 947 4663.

handmade glass and ceramics. Cayside Galleries,

Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Select items


Harbour Drive. Tel: (345) 949 2442 or (345) 916 8435 or visit

Art Galleries & Locally Made Items Art galleries in Cayman showcase the high quality works of local artists and crafts people, which have become highly collectable. Featured work includes original paintings, Caymanite jewellery, hand-woven thatch products, Cayman sea salt, soap products, artisanal jams, hot sauces and sculptures.



Art Nest is a welcoming and exciting online creative studio where local artists can paint, create and make art. They also sell local fine art, ceramics and craft items. Visit

Great on Style, Easy on the Wallet

Awardart Gallery sells contemporary 2D and 3D artwork at regular pop up art shows. Email: or visit www.avrilward. com/awardart-gallery. Cathy




collection, available at affordable prices, is worth the trip to Cathy Church’s Underwater Photo Centre Gallery on South Church Street at Sunset House Hotel. Tel: (345) 949 7415 or www.cathychurch. com. SE E AD PAG E S 228, 349 & 404 Cayman Craft Market is located on the corner of Boilers Road and South Church Street in George Town and when the cruise ships are back in they will resume selling locally made items and

A world of new color that will transform yours… Let us help make your house a home

uniquely Caymanian art and craft souvenirs. Monday-Friday 8.30am-3pm. Cayman Islands National Museum is located in the heart of George Town and celebrates the unique natural and cultural heritage of Cayman. The



www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Guy Harvey Gallery and Shoppe sells original

Sandon Feat Gallery features paintings by

3 Girls & a Kiln is an art collective focusing on

paintings, giclées and limited edition paper,

local artist, CEWhitney, as well as a unique

fun design and local, Island-inspired ceramics

canvas and aluminium art by Guy Harvey, 49

variety of local handicrafts - all in the friendly

and upcycled art. They offer a wide selection of

South Church Street, George Town. Tel: (345)

atmosphere of a real Cayman cottage. Located

monthly art classes for all ages. Market Street,

943 4891. Visit

at 109 North Church Street (next to Da Fish

Camana Bay. They are open Monday-Saturday

Shack), George Town. Open Monday-Saturday

10am-6pm. Check out their Facebook, Etsy

9.30am-4.30pm. Tel: (345) 949 7263.

page or visit

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (NGCI) is located on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway



and is the permanent home of the national

Kennedy Gallery carries a large variety of

art collection. They host a wide variety of

original local art, photography, prints, glicees,

Art Supplies

exhibitions throughout the year, and their

cards and sculptures crafted by over 60 local

Book Nook

facility includes an art studio, an on-site café

and international artists. They also offer a

Home to an array of toys, books and arts

and gallery shop with locally made gift items

custom photo printing service on various

and crafts materials, particularly suitable for

and prints of works from the national collection.

papers and canvasses which are ideal for

children. Galleria Plaza, West Bay Road. Tel:

The National Gallery is open Monday-Saturday

making giclees, and they offer framing and

(345) 945 4686.

10am-5pm. Entry is free. Tel: (345) 945 8111.

have an extensive inventory of mats, glass and frames. West Shore Centre, West Bay Road.

Kirk Office

Pure Art features Cayman’s best-known

Tel: (345) 949 8077 or email: kgallery@candw.

Carries an extensive selection of acrylic,

and beloved painters, sculptors, artisans and

ky or

watercolour and oil paints, as well as washable


craftspeople with original paintings, art prints

children’s paints. Their range of art supplies

and handcrafted gifts in her Caymanian-

The Wreck View Art Gallery carries local

include a variety of brushes, canvases,

style cottage on South Church Street. Open

crafts, paintings, sculptures and inexpensive

drawing pencils, felt swatches, glue and

Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm. Tel: (345) 949

jewellery. Located in East End, opposite Tukka

glitter. 67 North Sound Road, George Town.

9133 or visit Facebook: Pure

Restaurant. Tel: (345) 928 6662.

Tel: (345) 623 5475.

Art Gallery & Gifts.



Office Supply Offers a large selection of arts and crafts, school and office supplies. Marquee Plaza, 36 Lawrence Boulevard. Tel: (345) 946 1200,



Beauty Products There is a vast selection of well-known beauty products that can be purchased onIsland and most salons will sell the brands they use in store. See below:



Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa They









Skincare, Poo


Gold and

Revivogen. Located on the 3rd Floor of the Tomlinson Building, George Town. Tel: (345) 945 2737. Email: Body Works Sells Aura Cacia, Kneipp, Deep Steep, Eminence, Gaiam Products, Gehwol Foot Products, OPI and Thalgo. Also candles, books, CDs and DVDs.

AT S U N S E T H O U S E H O T E L South Church Street 1 mile south of George Town






Queen’s Court Plaza, West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 945 6485.

Da Vinci Centre for Wellness & Alternative

MAC Cosmetics

men and women. West Shore Centre (Pink


Sells MAC cosmetics beauty products and

Plaza), West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 949 8809.

Sells Chrysalis anti-aging skincare products.

skin care. 40 Royal Plaza, Cardinal Avenue,

Facebook: Styles Beauty Salon and Spa.

Located at Park Place Plaza on West Bay

George Town. Tel: (345) 949 6513 ext. 5202.


Madison One Salon

Uniko Eco Salon

Road. Tel: (345) 943 2002, email: info@



www. Eclipze Hair Design & Day Spa



Uniko Eco Salon by Davines is the only ecofriendly

Professional. Park Place, 25 Earth Close, SMB





salon in Cayman. They boast environmentally

(off West Bay Road). Tel: (345) 325 0371.

friendly elements and products. The salon,

Sells Goldwell, TIGI – Catwalk, Bed Head, B

which offers plant-based hair colors, also has

for Men and TIGI Cosmetics, Peter Thomas

Paige & Co.

a program allowing clients to save money and

Roth, June Jacobs Spa Collection, Aromafloria-

Sells a full range of TIGI Bed Head products.

reduce waste with products that can be refilled.

Smelling beads and Muscle Soak, Gehwol, OPI,

Pasadora Place, Smith Road, George Town. Tel:

Harbour Centre, next to Grand Pavilion, SMB. Tel:

Bella, Niko Hair Care and Mineral Makeup, Wet

(345) 949 6912.

(345) 769 5400.

Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 945 1188 or (345) 916

Penha Perfume & Cosmetics

Vanity Hair & Nail Design

7274 or email:

Sells fragrances, skin care and cosmetics. 40

Sells a full range of Aveda products. Midtown

Royal Plaza, Cardinal Avenue, GT. Tel: (345) 949

Plaza, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 7929.

brushes, Olivia Garden brushes and more.

Focus Hair & Beauty


6513 ext. 5102.

Sells Guinot, Redken and L’Oréal. Marquee


Plaza, Lawrence Boulevard. Tel: (345) 943

Tips ‘N’ Toes

Sells Jane Iredale skincare makeup, Repechage


Sells Dermalogica, Gelish, OPI, Young Nails,

skincare products as well as CIRCADIA

and Versa Pro Spray Tanning. Bayshore Mall,

products. Smith Road Plaza, 60 Smith Road,

George Town. Tel: (345) 943 8637.

Suites 5&6. Tel: (345) 945 6969, email: info@

Hibiscus Spa at The Westin Resort & Spa

gifts, bath and body products, Kerstin Florian,

Rock Gorgeous Hair Salon

Intraceuticals HydraFacial and Pure Fiji skin

They sell GHD (flat iron and blow-dryers),

care products. Tel: (345) 914 2009 or (345) 914

Oribe, Unite, Olaplex, Smith & Cult Nail

2010, email: hibiscusspa@westin-cayman.

Polish, top of- the-line hair extensions like

com or visit

HaloCouture, tape-in extensions, and bonded Great Lengths, GK Hair Keratin products, Zuriel

Kirk Freeport

hair taming system Hair Jewellery, and Pink

Shop for the latest products in makeup,

Pewter hair accessories. 1st Floor, Coconut

skin care, fragrance, men’s products and

Plaza, off West Bay Rd. Tel: (345) 925 4231,

more in dedicated Kirk Freeport stores and

email: or www.

boutiques. Stocking over 450 different

products from the world’s top brands such as Bare Minerals, Chanel, Christian Dior,

La Prairie Spa, The Ritz-Carlton

Clarins, Guerlain, Lancôme, L’Oréal Paris, La

The spa offers a wide selection of La Prairie

Prairie, Sisley Paris, Shiseido and Yves Saint

beauty products. Located on West Bay Road.

Laurent and more! For a full list of locations

Tel: (345) 815 6900.

Bicycles There is a wealth of bicycles and bicycle accessories available for both adults and children on-Island. The main supplier is Uncle Bill’s Home Improvement (Tel: (345) 949 7601). They also sell a wide variety of bike-related products including, accessories, lights and repair kits. Kirk Home Centre (Tel: (345) 949 2521) also sells a good selection of Huffy bicycles. Both can be found on Eastern Avenue in George Town. Cayman Mobile Bike Repairs (Tel: (345) 936 8385) is an authorised dealer for Felt and Bianchi. Books & Stationery

in George Town and Seven Mile Beach, visit or call (345) 949

Spa Esprit Hair Design & Day Spa

Atlantic Kids


Sells Olaplex, KMS, Goldwell, OPI and more. The

More than just a clothing and toy store, ‘AK’

Strand Shopping Centre, West Bay Road. Tel:

offers a unique selection of books for children,

(345) 945 4334.

as well as other educational items which can

Le Visage Sells Elemis, Cane + Austin, Androit Beauty,

help children learn to read, count and improve

BECCA, Sara Happ and much more. The Paseo,

Styles Hair Salon & Spa

their analytical skills. ‘AK’ also carries an

Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 946 2332 or email:

Sells Matrix, Biolage, Biosilk, Brazillian Blowout,

assortment of back to school items including

Chi, Lanza, Tec Italy, Paul Mitchell, Redken,

Jansport backpacks. They are open Monday-

Sebastian, Sexy, TIGI Bed Head products for

Saturday from 9.30am-6.30pm. Paddington


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Offers Hibiscus Spa gift certificates, wellness

Place, Godfrey Nixon Way. Tel: (345) 943 2296. SE E AD N E X T PAG E Books & Books Books & Books is the Island’s leading retailer of books, toys and gifts for all ages. The shop also holds frequent events including author

Buying In Bulk If you are looking to buy bulk items like nappies, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, non-perishable food and soft drinks, Cayman has a good selection of wholesale stores. Priced Right and Cost-U-Less both sell an array of different household items.

signings and readings, kids’ story and craft

and toys from infants to teens. It is Cayman’s authorised retailer for Carter’s, OshKosh, Skechers and Stride Rite, alongside many other top children’s brands such as Guess, Habitual, XRay Jeans & BYER. ‘AK’ also sells

time. A free gift-wrapping service is also


selection from Jansport. They are located at

available. They are open Monday-Saturday

Governors Square, 51 Lime Tree Bay Avenue.

Paddington Place, Godfrey Nixon Road. Tel:

from 10am-6pm and on Sundays from

Open Mon-Sat 8am-9pm. Tel: (345) 745 5377.

(345) 943 2296.



December). The Paseo, Camana Bay. Tel: (345)

Priced Right

640 2665.

Two stores: Airport Centre is open Mon-Sat

Kids Karma Closet

8am-9pm, and Republix Plaza is open Mon-Sat

Sells pre-loved, good quality children’s

The Book Loft

7am-11pm. Tel: (345) 815 1070 or (345) 949

and maternity wear. A consignment store

The Cayman Islands Humane Society’s charity


specialising in clothing from newborn to

book shop, The Book Loft, is mostly run by

16+, shoes, accessories, toys and carriers.

volunteers and sells used and new adult and

Mise en Place

Buckingham Square, West Bay Road. Tel:

kids’ books, and only displays books in a good

Offers a cash and carry service. Tel: (345) 623

(345) 947 7330.

condition. They also sell DVDs (CI$2 each),

2433. Visit

gifts, stationery, greeting cards and paper, as well as both adult and kids games, computer games and puzzles. The Loft is open Monday


Specialises in children’s clothing, accessories

backpacks for all ages including a wide

10am-4pm (hours are extended to 9pm in


Atlantic Kids

12.30pm-4pm, Tuesday-Friday 9.30am-4pm and Saturday 9.30am-4.30pm. All monies

Little Angels

Cameras & Photographic Equipment In some cases, cameras and camera equipment may be cheaper on-Island than in the US or Europe as they are duty-free.

raised is for the animals. Tel: (345) 946 8053 or email:

Sells a great selection of UV sun protection apparel and swimwear, trendy casual clothing and Cayman branded items for kids. Across from the cinema, Camana Bay, Tel (345) 946 2645. Visit

Cathy Church’s Photo Centre Cathy Church’s sells a wide range of digital

Adult Clothing & Accessories

Book Nook

cameras including Nikon, Olympus, GoPro,

Activ Angels

They have a very good selection of adult,

Instax, Fujifilm, and underwater systems and

Grand Cayman’s largest selection of yoga,

teen and children’s books, travel guides,

more. With the camera purchase, you also get

active, performance wear, athleisure, sportluxe

cookbooks, notecards, candles and other

20 free 4x6” prints from the convenient self-

clothing for men and women. Market Street,

unique gifts. Open Monday-Saturday 10am-

service print kiosks. They also offer underwater

Camana Bay (opposite CrossFit Cayman). Tel:

6pm. Located in the Galleria Plaza on West Bay

camera rentals and canvas printing. The gallery

(345) 946 26453 or visit

Road. Tel: (345) 945 4686.

of Cathy’s beautiful underwater photos is

The Christian Enlightenment Centre They





Devotionals, home décor gift items, greeting

worth the trip. They are located at Sunset

Allee Designer Fashion Boutique

House Hotel, South Church Street, GT. Tel:

A women’s designer fashion and shoe boutique.

(345) 949 7415.

Allee provides quality and elegant clothing

SE E AD PAG E S 228, 349 & 404

for all occasions at affordable prices. Galleria

cards, journals and more. Open MondaySaturday 9am-6pm. Located on 185 Elgin Avenue, George Town. Tel: (345) 945 1252.

Building Supplies There are a handful of replete building supply companies in Cayman. The major building suppliers are A. L. Thompson’s, Cox Lumber and Kirk Home Centre. For in-depth information, please see the Building a Home chapter. 230



Plaza, West Bay Road off Seven Mile Beach.

Children’s Clothing The beauty of buying kid’s clothes locally is that the stock suits the climate! You will be pleased with the selection, variety and prices available in Cayman. Some adult stores, such as Funky Monkey, also stock a good selection of kids clothing. The boutiques at The Ritz-Carlton and The Westin, as well as Divers Supply and Divers World carry good options for kids.

Tel: (345) 946 6464. Visit alleedesignerboutique. Atlantic Offers a variety of well-known brands at affordable prices. In the Men’s department you will find designers such as Original Penguin, Ben Sherman as well as dress shirts and ties from Michael Kors and Van Heusen. The women and junior departments carry Coco + Carmen,

Ruby Rd, Democracy, A.BYER, My Michelle, YMI

Forever Summer

Jeans and many more popular brands. They

Offers a variety of stylish, fun and affordable

have an extensive collection of lingerie including

fashion and accessories for teens and young

Maidenform and Bali. In the shoe department,

adults. The Paseo, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 949

you will find Madden Girl, Esprit, Rampage and

4142 or visit

they are the authorised dealer of Skechers for the whole family. Atlantic also has an excellent

Funky Monkey

selection of accessories and unique gifts.

A hip apparel and fun wear boutique for sporty,

Paddington Place, Godfrey Nixon Way. Tel: (345)


943 2296.

They provide trendy fashion selections and


accessories for the whole family. Featuring






brands such as Ocean Drive, Elan, River + Sky, Bliss Living & Yoga

Volcom, Johnnie-O, Banana Moon and more.

Sells yoga books, mats and high quality athletic

Governors Square, West Bay Road. Tel: (345)

wear, including Lululemon Athletica. Marquee

943 8659 or

Plaza, Lawrence Blvd. Tel: (345) 949 9642. Guy Harvey Gallery & Shoppe Blue Wave - Waterman Cayman

They sell Guy Harvey merchandise including

A lifestyle wear and surf shop that carries

men’s, women and kids apparel. They also offer

Billabong, Roxy, Amuse Society and more. They

a wide range of accessories, home décor gifts

also stock kitesurfing equipment and a selection

and unique souvenirs. Located at 49 South

of surfboards. Located on the 10 Shedden Road,

Church Street, George Town. Tel: (345) 943

George Town. Tel: (345) 949 8166. Galleria Plaza,

4891 or visit

19 The latest in clothing, shoes and unique & educational toys from newborn to tween, all at affordable prices. Visit us today.

NKY, NKY Collections & POLO by NKY Carey’s Karma Closet

Offers a large selection of top brand and

A women’s designer consignment store that

luxurious men and women fashion and

sells designer clothing and accessories for a

accessories with professional tailoring and

fraction of the retail price. Expect to find brands

personal shopping services available. Visit

such as Louis Vuitton, BCBG, Gucci, Jimmy



West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 769 7873.

Choo and DVF. Buckingham Square, 720 West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 947 4945 or email: info@

Off The Peg






affordable clothing (sizes 2-18), unique fashion De Sunglass Man

jewellery and handbags. Elgin Avenue, George

The leading sunglass store on Island with a

Town. Tel: (345) 946 5050 or visit www.

broad range of duty-free sunglass brands

to suit every lifestyle, from Chanel, Bulgari, Prada and Gucci to Coach, Maui Jim, Oakley and

Red’s Emporium

Ray-Ban. They also sell fashion watches and

The retail location of Red Sail Sports in Camana

accessories. Located at Jasmine Court, The

Bay, Red’s Emporium sells affordable fashion

Paseo, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 640 5339 or visit

for work and play as well as unique gifts and

accessories for both men and women. The Crescent, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 640 9849 or visit

Fifth on Seven for





..all at affordable prices, and in one convenient location. VISIT US TODAY.

Features designer resort wear, swim and beachwear

The latest in fashion and unique gifts for the entire family..

Sand Angels

Caribbean Plaza, West Bay Road. Visit www.

Sells a great selection of world-class swimwear,

resort wear and accessories including bikini



separates, full-figure and bra-sized swimwear. The Paseo, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 945 7263 or


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



tablets, printers, monitors and accessories in

Funky Tangs

their interactive showroom. They also offer

Sells TVs, home theatre equipment and audio/


networking, storage and memory components

video accessories. They also offer a full line

Sells lingerie, underwear, loungewear and

plus a variety of cables, adapters and

of musical instruments and car stereos. 220

pyjamas for both men and women. They also

accessories. Tel: (345) 623 5475 or visit www.

Shedden Road. Tel: (345) 949 0998 or Hirst

offer a bra fitting service. The Paseo, Camana Bay. SE E AD PAG E 72

Road, Savannah. Tel: (345) 943 0998.

Office Supply Ltd.

Hi-Tech Electronics


Sells HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba

Ashgo Street, off Godfrey Nixon Way. Tel: (345)

An affordable fashion and shoe boutique for

Computers and Laptops. They also stock a

945 3950. Email:

women. Caribbean Plaza and 40 Cardinal Avenue.

large selection of HP Printers and back to

Tel: (345) 945 1253.

school supplies. They have a full IT support and

Tel: (345) 943 5223 or email:

service centre that offers in-house or off-site



Flooring, Tiles & Carpets See the Home Improvements chapter.

Maternity Clothing The Bump Boutique (Tel: (345) 938 6498) stocks a variety of fashionable maternity and nursing apparel for all stages of motherhood. Atlantic, Silhouette and The Baby Shoppe all sell a good selection of maternity bras. Bliss Living Yoga sells Lululemon Athletica which is very comfortable and durable and can be worn throughout pregnancy. Funky Monkey also has a good selection of comfortable clothing.

repairs. Marquee Plaza, 36 Lawrence Blvd. Tel:

Computers & IT Services Expect to pay a little more for computers in Cayman than in the US. If you import a computer, you will have to pay 22% duty on the shipping, insurance and cost of the equipment.

Divers World

in a box’ displays. They offer online shopping

Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Road. Tel: (345)

and free Island-wide delivery on orders

949 8128.

over CI$250. Tel: (345) 949 7990 or www.

Cayman Business Machines Ltd/PBS Group

Electronic Equipment & Home Automation

(345) 946 1200 or email:

Dive Equipment Divers Supply Offers a full range of diving equipment including BCDs, regulators and computers, plus tank and

Fireworks During December there are many places selling fireworks, however, throughout the year, you can get them from Fireworks Ltd. by Massive which is Grand Cayman’s largest fireworks retailer.

gear rentals. Also available is snorkelling gear, swimwear, wetsuits and sandals. Open daily,

Fireworks Ltd. by Massive

8am–9pm. West Shore Centre, West Bay Road.

Open all year around, offers a wide range of

Tel: (345) 949 7621 or

fireworks such as rockets, roman candles, sparklers, cakes, fountains and large ‘show for more information.

Curtains, Draperies & Blinds See the Home Improvements chapter.

Cayman’s Apple authorised reseller and service

Creative Tech

provider, has a full range of Macs, iPads, iPods,

Creative Tech is Cayman’s authorised dealer

iPhones, Apple TV, Beats products, headphones,

for Bose, Sonos, Paradigm, Samsung, Marantz,

Furniture Stores There are a number of furniture stores onIsland with a variety of options. IDG ( SE E AD I N SI DE F RON T COVE R ) is an award winning Interior Design Firm offering hassle free shopping at competitive prices, great quality and same day delivery. IDG has over 65 vendors to choose from and is the exclusive local vendor for many brands. Other dedicated furniture and accessories stores like Absolutely Fabulous, Marksons Furniture, Sticks & Stones, Tomlinson Furniture and Design Studio, all sell a very good selection. Home centres like A. L.

accessories and more. One Nexus Way,

Martin Logan, URC and other leading AV brands.

Thompson’s, Cox Lumber, Kirk Home Centre

Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 943 4763 or see www.

Offering a wide range of home theatre systems,

flat screen TVs, headphones and speakers. Bay

and Uncle Bill’s sell a small selection of relatively inexpensive indoor furniture. Children and baby furniture can be bought from Bedside Manor in Camana Bay, The Baby Shoppe in Alissta Towers on North Sound Road, Tomlinson Furniture Gallery and





laptops for business and home use as well as IT

Bang & Olufsen

services. They also offer quality digital printing

Cayman’s exclusive dealer for Bang & Olufsen

services and quality prints at quick turnaround

offering an extensive range of products such

times. 49 Hospital Road, George Town. Tel: (345)

as BeoLab speakers, BeoVision televisions,

949 8642 or visit

BeoPlay headphones and portables. Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 623 8080.

Cayman MAC Store

Town Plaza, Shop #6, West Bay Road. Tel: (345) Kirk Office

946 8324, email:

As an authorised retailer of HP and Lenovo, Kirk Office has an excellent selection of laptops, 232



you can choose to import your personal items (furniture, paintings, accessories, etc). If you have been here longer than the six-month duty-free window, then you can write to the head of Cayman Customs explaining that you have now bought a property and would like to import your used personal items from back home, and request that the items be brought in dutyfree (see the Preparing to Move chapter for more information). As long as the request is genuine, it is unlikely you will be denied. This would be subject to any condition that the Collector may see fit to impose. Provide all the receipts so you can prove the items are over six months old, but please note, the items must be used - if the items are new and have never been used, then you will likely be charged duty.

9803. Email: or www. Ashley Furniture HomeStore Sells a variety of furniture items and accessories for your living room, bedroom, dining room and outdoor spaces. Whether updating a room or furnishing from scratch, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has a wide range of furniture for every room, budget and style. Their lifestyles and collections will help you create the home of your dreams. Visit the showroom at 360 Dorcy Dr, George Town. Tel: (345) 943 2323, email:, visit SE E AD PAG E 191


BrandSource Home Gallery Offers a selection of Tempur-Pedic and

Absolutely Fabulous They




Sealy distributor






including tables, lamps, rugs, mirrors and bed

Karpernter, Carrol Boyes and Il Giardino di

accessories. 209 Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park.

Legno Italian outdoor furniture. Caymanian

Tel: (345) 623 5000.

Village, North Sound Road. Tel: (345) 926


at 68 Mary Street in George Town. Pre-loved/second-hand baby and children’s furniture can be bought through the EcayTrade website and at Kids Karma Closet. Cayman also has extremely skilled furniture designers who can build almost anything from scratch, such as wine cellars, book shelves, entertainment centres, stair cases, custom closets and beds etc. Custom cabinets and cupboards for your kitchen and bathroom can be purchased from Pooley Cabinets (Tel: (345) 947 6780). John Bird of Martlet Design also builds custom design furniture (Tel: (345) 916 7583). If you’re moving to Cayman, the best course of action is to first decide whether you will be renting or buying a house. Most rentals come fully furnished, as do previously owned houses and condos. Newly built houses and condos come unfurnished. Many people buy new furniture locally, or take advantage of the booming second hand market on the EcayTrade website and other local Facebook pages. If you decide to buy your own home, Baby Express


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m


Design Studio An interior design firm and furniture retail shop. Their showroom features a wide variety of furniture and accessories for the home. Camana Bay, Market Street. Tel: (345) 945 4977, email:, visit www. and check out their online shop at


AD PAG E S 190 & 193

Interior Design Group (IDG) Founded in 2003, IDG is an award-winning full service interior design firm that offers a comprehensive suite of design services and a tailored homeware shoppe. From quick makeovers to full-scale design, build and project management, IDG handles projects large and small. With a diverse team of design


experts, IDG creates inspirational spaces designed to embrace each client’s individual lifestyle. Tel: (345) 745 4315, email: shop@, visit the showroom at Seven Mile Shops, 215 West Bay Road or shop online


Tel 949- 5383 • 925-9059 9 Walkers Road, Tomlinson Bldg. GT •

Affordable, Dependable, Quality

at Contemporary furniture and design store selling the following brands: Surya, EQ3, Four Hands, Sugarboo & Co, Essentials for Living, Moe’s, BDI, Ethnicraft, Selamat, Brafab and more. Located in Pasadora Place, Smith Road. Tel: (345) 233 8700 or visit Marksons Furniture They provide space planning and interior design services. Their showroom has a huge selection of indoor and outdoor furniture, including sectionals, dining room sets, bedroom furniture, accessories, area rugs, tables, and more. Located in GT. Tel: (345) 949 6233 or visit SE E AD PAG E 194 Sticks & Stones An eclectic collection of fine indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories. Open MondaySaturday 10am-5pm. 114 Kingbird Drive, Industrial Park. Tel: (345) 947 8663, email: Tomlinson Furniture & The Mattress Gallery stocks all major brand mattresses such as




washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove. If you are renting, properties are usually equipped with some kitchen utensils, such as plates, cutlery, and pots. Linens and towels are less frequently provided, however, a great selection of good quality beach towels can be found at Priced Right on Airport Road and Valu-Med Pharmacy on Walkers Road. Accessories can also make your house really feel like home. All the home centres and many furniture stores carry an interesting range of accessories, such as pillows, lamps, throws, linens and ornaments. Lamps with 110/115 volts and a two-pin electrical plug work here. Refer to the Settling In chapter, Utilities section for more information on electrical plugs and outlets. Bed sizes in Cayman are all US sizes. This means that a twin or single bed is 38” x 74”, a full bed is 54” x 80”, a queen is 60” x 80” and a king is 84” x 80”. Most mattress brands sold on Island have pillow tops, so deep fitted sheets are a must.

Miele, Sub-Zero and Wolf. 189 North Sound

you to keep up with the latest home trends.

Absolutely Fabulous

Bon Vivant Kitchen Studio

Free island-wide delivery available. Tel: (345)

Sells a great selection of stylish imported

Offers kitchen design services, specialty

927 1611, email:

accessories and decorative items. They are


or visit

the exclusive distributors for the Carrol Boyes

variety of kitchenware: blenders, juicers

collection of functional art homeware. Caymanian

and accessories. Brands include Bosch,

Village, North Sound Road. Tel: (345) 926 9803 or

Thermador, Smeg, Liebherr and Le Creuset


cookware. They also have a busy schedule

Serta, Sealy, Tempur and Beautyrest. They offer solid wood bedroom sets, sofa sets, dining sets, home office, bunk beds and more. Brands carried include: Coaster Furniture, Furniture of America, Modway, Classic Home, Ashley Furniture, Serta Upholstery, Palliser and more. They also sell nursery and children’s furniture including cribs, crib mattresses, toddler beds and more. Home décor accessories including rugs, mirrors, paintings, lamps, candle warmers and diffusers from brands such as Uttermost and IMAX, Three Hands and UMA are always on hand. Free Island-wide delivery is offered on any purchase. Tomlinson Building, 9 Walkers Road, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 5383, email: or www. SE E AD PAG E 234 Sonder For Home An online boutique store offering modern and quality children’s furniture and decor. All products are specifically hand-picked with a keen eye for design and functionality and new

Road. Tel: (345) 949 8622 or visit www.

SEE AD PAGES 111, 195, 200 & 233

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Sells a variety of furniture items and accessories for your living room, bedroom, dining room and outdoor spaces. Their home décor includes home accents, pillows and throws, wall décor, clocks and more. Stop by their styled showroom for an idea of how each piece can fit in your home. 360 Dorcy Dr, George Town. Tel: (345) 943 2323, email: ashleyfurniturehomestorecayman@gmail. com, visit SE E AD PAG E 191 Bedside Manor This lovely boutique sells luxury linens, down pillows, weight duvets, baby products, home


accessories, such as throws and cushions, and a quirky choice of gifts. Market Street, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 947 2711 or visit

collections are launched every month allowing




of interactive cooking classes for all levels A. L. Thompson’s

of ability. Market Street, Camana Bay. Tel:

Sells home fashions, indoor and outdoor

(345) 623 2665, email:

lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, countertop

or visit SE E

appliances, cookware, bakeware, tableware,

& PAG E 207


gadgets and window treatments. Major home appliance brands include Whirlpool, KitchenAid,

Hardware A. L. Thompson’s,

Cox Lumber, Kirk Home

Centre and Uncle Bill’s

carry a large selection

of hardware. Homewares, Accessories, Lighting, Linens & Bed Sizes Whether you’re renting or purchasing a house, most tend to come fitted with a


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



Second-Hand Furniture The second-hand furniture and accessories market is flourishing, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the goods found for such reasonable prices. Second-hand furniture can be found on and Cayman Consignment. Second-hand household items, books, clothing and more can be found at the Red Cross Thrift Shop and the The Claws-It Thrift Shop. See the Thrift Shop section in this chapter.


BrandSource Home Gallery

Rugs Oriental

Balaclava Jewellers

Offers a full range of European kitchenware,

Stocks a tasteful and eclectic collection of

Offers stunning and unique jewellery pieces

cookware, cooking utensils and gadgets

authentic hand-knotted, oriental rugs directly

that are rarely found elsewhere. Choose

for the wine enthusiast. 209 Dorcy Drive,

sourced from major weaving countries. They

from a selection of contemporary and classic

Industrial Park. Tel: (345) 623 5000.

have a large selection of quality handmade

jewellery or work with Balaclava to design

carpets in varying sizes, colours and styles.

a piece unique to you. Located in Governors


They also sell gorgeous accessories including

Square, West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 945 5788 or

Everything in store is made from Bamboo

cushion covers, furniture upholstered in




vintage textiles, mosaic lamps, jewellery,

hypoallergenic. Their products range from



Turkish towels, robes and scarves. Galleria

Island Jewellers/Island Companies

bed linens and plush throw blankets to

Plaza, West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 943 7847 or

With six locations in Grand Cayman, Island

fitness attire, sleep wear and bath towels.

email: or visit www.

Jewellers specialises in an array of fine

Kirk Freeport Plaza, Cardinal Avenue, GT. Tel: SE E AD PAG E 198

jewellery, diamonds and watches. Browse

(345) 949 7477 ext. 1115.


timepieces by Ulysse Nardin, Hermès and Uncle Bill’s

Tissot or select jewellery from the collections

Design Studio

Carries a great selection of inexpensive home

of Hearts on Fire, Tacori, John Hardy and more.

A full service interior design firm and

accessories and housewares for both indoor

The Island Plaza (345) 949 7098/946 2333;

showroom featuring furnishings and home

and outdoor living from a range of brands. They

The Paseo, Camana Bay (345) 640 5337;

décor. Market Street, Camana Bay. Tel: (345)

provide quality products backed by competitive

Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa (345) 746 4112;

945 4977, email:, visit

pricing. 343 Eastern Avenue, GT. Tel: (345) 949

The Ritz Carlton (345) 640 3475; The Airport and check out their

7601 or visit SE E AD PAG E 227

(345) 945 1029,

Hurricane Supplies Stock up on supplies well before the season starts and the threat of a hurricane appears. Visit bulk suppliers like Priced Right and Cost-U-Less for deals on items like drinking water, batteries and canned goods (see the Buying in Bulk section in this chapter). Other items such as torches, tarpaulins and generators can be sourced at home centres such as A. L. Thompson’s, Kirk Home Centre or Uncle Bill’s. For hurricane shutters, Hydes & Sons has an on-Island factory which makes top-of-the-line hurricane shutters. See our Disaster Preparedness chapter for more information.

Kirk Freeport

online shop at www.designstudiointeriors.


shop. SE E AD PAG E S 190 & 193 Kirk Home Centre Sells an extensive variety of all homeware products, from linens and home decor to paint, lighting and much more. They are the exclusive supplier of Rohl and Toto products. 257 Eastern Avenue, GT. Tel: (345) 949 2521. Kirk Freeport With a large collection of bone china and crystal glassware, Kirk Freeport’s collection is second to none. With exclusive pieces from top brands such as Cariloha, Wedgwood, Lalique, Lladró, Villeroy & Boch, Rosenthal, and others. For a full list of locations in George Town and Seven Mile Beach, visit or call (345) 949 7477. SE E AD OU TSI DE BACK COVE R Marksons Furniture With one of Cayman’s biggest showrooms, over two floors, Marksons has a large selection of




pillows and comforters as well as accessories, artwork, candles and more. Specializing in the design, installation and servicing of window treatments. Located in George Town. Tel: (345) 949 6233.


The Official Rolex Dealer of the Cayman Islands and home to a vast variety of the world’s leading brands including Cartier, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Patek Philippe, Omega, David Yurman, Mikimoto, Marco Bicego, Roberto Coin, Hearts On Fire, Chopard and many more. For a full list of locations in George Town and Seven Mile Beach, visit or call (345) 949 7477. SE E AD OU TSI DE BACK COVE R PANDORA Take advantage of tax free savings at PANDORA. They specialise in charm bracelets and jewellery in sterling silver and 14k gold. Located in The Island Plaza Duty Free Shopping Centre, George Town. Call (345) 946 9964 or

Jewellery, Watches & Repairs Most jewellery stores on-Island carry a broad selection of high-end watches including brands such as Cartier, Rolex and Tag Heuer. Cayman is also a great place to buy jewellery as it can be cheaper than Europe or the US since watches, gems and most precious metals are charged at only 7%. For jewellery and watch repairs, Kirk Freeport and Island Companies offer inhouse repair services.

visit Rocky’s Diamond Gallery They sell an impressive range of jewellery, from GIA certified diamonds to tanzanite, as well as rubies and emeralds. They sell an array of rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets and can custom design jewellery. They are highly ranked on TripAdvisor. Located in downtown George Town at 28 North Church Street, George Town. Email:, Tel: (345) 946 7851 or visit




Musical Instruments The importation of musical instruments are duty-free! Guitars are readily available on Island and come in all sizes. However, there is a limited variety of other instruments for sale in Cayman. For music lessons refer to our Activities for Kids & Teens chapter.

Office Supplies See Running the Business chapter. Paint Dedicated paint supply stores are listed below. However, many of the home centres also carry paint and painting supplies.

acres, they have approximately 10,000 trees at

Funky Tangs


Every Bloomin’ Thing (EBT)

Carries guitars, keyboards and drums and can

Carries top brands such as Clark & Kensington

They carry a wide variety of plants, shrubs,

order in violins. They have two locations: 220

and Magnolia Home.

trees and orchids. 384 Crewe Road. Tel: (345)

Shedden Road, Tel: (345) 949 0998 and Hirst

Godfrey Nixon Way. Tel: (345) 949 4223.

945 1701.

Cayman Coating Industries

Growing Beauty

Myles Music Store

They specialise in Benjamin Moore and their

The owner, Michelle Green, has a great deal of

Sells a selection of instruments including

own branded paint. 96 Portland Road, Industrial

knowledge about Cayman’s native plants and

pianos, recorders, guitars, drums, keyboards,

Park. Tel: (345) 949 2920.

can provide valuable advice when planning

Cayman Growers A plant nursery, as well as a sod/grass and tree farm located in East End. Spread over 30

11 Ashgo Street, off

any one time. They have a wide variety of palm, shade and fruit trees including mango, avocado and the Barbados cherry. Tel: (345) 323 0722.

Road, Savannah, Tel: (345) 943 0998.

music books, accessories, plus audio and recording equipment. Barnett Building, 24 Huldah Avenue, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 1753, email: The Music Box Sells guitars, violins, drums, keyboards and you need. Market Street, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 938 3838.

Musical Instrument/Piano Tuning Typically, acoustic pianos require a service every 6-12 months. If your acoustic piano is in need of tuning, regulation or repair, the companies below offer professional piano tuning services. Blue Water Piano Tuning, regulation and repair of all acoustic pianos. Installation of dehumidifier systems in acoustic pianos and repairs to electronic keyboard




availability of parts (mainly Yamaha and

Party Supplies & Rentals With every occasion, there is a cause for celebration. Regardless of the size of your event, there are several party supply stores and services available. It’s Your Party (Tel: (345) 946 4453) is located in Bodden Place on Shedden Road, Party Source (Tel: (345) 947 2789 or (345) 916 2789) is in Paddington Place on Godfrey Nixon Way and PartyVille (Tel: (345) 943 8455) in Plaza Venezia on North Sound Road. They all sell party supplies, fancy dress costumes, balloons, and bouncy castles and water slides rentals. Some also offer face painting. For larger party supplies like tents, tables, chairs and more, try AI Rentals (Tel: (345) 946 4935), Celebrations Ltd. (Tel: (345) 623 2044), Massive Equipment Rental (Tel: (345) 949 7990) or Party Source (Tel: (345) 916 2789). Partybooth Cayman has photo booth rentals suitable for every event (Tel: (345) 926 4100).

Roland). A member of the Master Piano Technicians of America. Tel: (345) 925 4535, email: or visit Myles Music Store Barnett Building, 24 Huldah Avenue, GT. Tel: (345) 949 1753. Email:

West Bay Road (next to the Harquail Theatre). Tel: (345) 927 2487 or (345) 925 3857 or email: Power Flower Power Flower’s huge variety of ceramic pots and healthy, locally grown plants add the finishing touches to any property or event space. Visit their nursery where a passionate team of specialists can help you make the most of your home space and at the same time create a welcoming and tranquil ambiance. 31 Orchard Lane, Off Crewe Road, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 2256 or (345) 321 0308 (Nursery), Email: or visit SE E AD PAG E 199 Vigoro Nursery & Landscaping Carries a large variety of plants, shrubs, trees, fruit trees, seeds, live herbs, glazed and terracotta pots Mexican Talavera, home and garden accessories and garden furniture in both of their garden centres. Their expansive Agricola Drive location is open Monday-Friday 8am-

Plants, Flowers & Garden Centres Throughout the year, florists and grocery stores have a variety of pre-cut flowers and pre-made arrangements. Plants, trees and potting soil can be also be found at the Island’s plant nurseries, the Botanic Park and at the Department of Agriculture in Lower Valley.


6pm, Sat 7.30am-6pm and Sun 11am-5pm. Their two locations are: 324 Walkers Road, Tel: (345) 949 4270 and 96 Agricola Drive in Lower Valley, Tel: (345) 945 5236, email: tom.balon@vigoro. ky or, visit www. or find them on Instagram (@vigoro_ cayman) or Facebook (@VigoroCayman).


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m



ukuleles. They will also order in any instrument

your garden. Located at 12D Lawrence Blvd, off

School Uniforms While most preschools do not have a school uniform, all primary and high schools in Cayman require uniforms. Most uniforms for private primary and high schools may be bought directly from the schools, however uniforms for Cayman International School and some items for Cayman Prep School must be purchased from Lands’ End ( Government primary and secondary school uniforms can be purchased directly from the schools, Uniforms Cayman or Becky’s Closet. Clifton Hunter High School uniforms are only available at their uniform shop located at the school. Contact the school directly.

Shopping Centre, West Bay Road. Tel: (345)

Plaza, West Bay Road. Tel: (345) 949 7884 or

949 7121.


No. 1 Shoe Shop

Waterman Cayman

They carry many different brands of children’s,

Sells equipment and clothing for watersports

men’s and women’s shoes, as well as sports

such as paddle boarding, surfing and kite

shoes. In-store shoe and luggage repair

surfing. Galleria Plaza, West Bay Road. Tel:

available. Hospital Road Plaza, 62 Hospital

(345) 769 7873.

Road. Tel: (345) 949 5595. SOLES Shoe Salon They sell men’s and women’s designer footwear, as well as popular brands and all the latest styles. SOLES also sells designer handbags, wallets and travel cases. The Paseo, Camana Bay. Tel: (345) 746 8173 or visit www.


Uniforms Cayman Sells uniforms for most government primary schools such as Savannah Primary School and Bodden Town Primary School. They also sell John Gray High School uniforms. Located at 62 Hospital Road Plaza, George Town. Tel: (345)


949 5784.

Sports Clothing & Equipment Tennis gear can be purchased at the RitzCarlton tennis shop at The Courts Tennis Center. For yoga clothes and mats, shop at Bliss, Cayman Yoga Club or Activ Angels. Below is a list of places where you can also buy sports clothing and equipment.

Becky’s Closet Sells uniforms for most government primary

North Sound Golf Club

schools as well as for Triple C and Wesleyan

Sells golf apparel for men and women including

Christian Academy. They also sell navy and

brands such as Travis Matthew, Nike, Adidas

khaki pants, skirts, shorts and skorts. Located

and more. Tel: (345) 947 4653. The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Toys Places to buy children’s toys include

The golf shop at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club sells

Atlantic Kids, Bedside Manor, Books & Books

a great selection of golf apparel, equipment,

and Book Nook. Priced Right

at 3 Archive Lane, George Town. Call or WhatsApp (345) 939 0007.

Shoes As well as the shoe stores listed below, Blue Wave sells OluKai sandals and shoes, Harbour House Marina sells Crocs and Sand Angels in Camana Bay sells Melissa sandals.

Sunglasses Optique in Queens Court Plaza (Tel: (345) 949 3937) is a new optical boutique store offering new and exclusive brands. De Sunglass Man in Camana Bay (Tel: (345) 640 5339) stocks a wide range of brands including Maui Jim, Oakley, Ray-Ban and more. VisionWear in Camana Bay (Tel: (345) 943 5151) stocks brands such as MODO, Michael Kors, Valentino, Tom Ford and more. Optical Outlook in Caymanian Village (Tel: (345) 746 2020) sells designer brands such as Maui Jim, Oakley, Ray-Ban and other prescription sunglasses. Caribbean Optical in Seven Mile Shops (Tel: (345) 943 1515) also sells designer sunglasses. Mid-range sunglasses are available at the dive shops and cheaper sunglasses can be found in Foster’s, Kirk Market and Cost-U-Less.

and eyewear. Tel: (345) 815 6500.

and CostU-Less also carry a variety of toys and sometimes inexpensive gems.

Sport ‘N’ Zone Sells branded clothing and footwear including

Atlantic Kids

Nike, Reebok, Adidas and more. Hospital Road

Carries a great selection of fun, award-

Plaza, Hospital Road. Tel: (345) 945 6453.

winning toys for boys and girls of all ages at

Atlantic Kids

affordable prices. Expect to find toys you’d

Sell quality children’s shoes such as Stride


see in toy stores in the US and the UK. A

Rite, Skechers, French Toast and Juicy Couture

Sells activewear, footwear and accessories

great place to shop for birthdays, with gift

including uniform school shoes. Located at

and much more on their online store. Tel: (345)

registries available. Paddington Place, Godfrey

Paddington Place, Godfrey Nixon Way. Tel:

926 1122, email: or visit

Nixon Way. Tel: (345) 943 2296 or visit www.

(345) 943 2296. SE E AD PAG E 231

Sports Supply

Book Nook

Le Classique Shoes & Leather Emporium

Offers clothing for football, yoga, tennis and

Sells a great selection of toys, Lego, puzzles,

Offers a large selection of leather shoes for

general fitness. Brands include Nike, Adidas,

board games, electronic toys and lots of

men and women, plus handbags. The Strand

Asics, Champion and Under Armour. Galleria

books. Kids love the very talkative resident





parrot. Located in the Galleria Plaza, West Bay

The Red Collection (tRc)

Road. Tel: (345) 945 4686.

tRc is the CI Red Cross’ Thrift Shop designer boutique. They sell vintage designer apparel,

may not ship to Cayman, therefore it is a good idea to consider using a freight forwarder who will provide you with an address in the US and will then forward the package to Cayman.

Thrift Shops

higher-end furniture and some brand new

The Claws-It Thrift Shop

items for sale at competitive prices. Open

Located in Plaza Venetia, next to China

Saturdays 10am-1pm. 34 Huldah Avenue,

Village, the shop sells gently used clothes,

George Town. Tel: (345) 949 7467 or email:


shoes, jewellery, handbags, school bags,

1 Aeropost Way, Miami, FL 33206

housewares and computers at bargain prices.

Tel: (345) 949 6778 (Erick - Cayman)

Every dollar spent goes towards the dogs


Tel: (954) 260 9620 (Dino Nassi - Miami)

and cats at the shelter and helps find loving


homes for them. Open Tuesday-Saturday:

For women you will find Bali and Maidenform.

They offer an all-inclusive marketplace for

9am-2.30pm. Tel: (345) 945 5596. Visit

The bra and panty sets make for great gifts

online shopping plus a freight forwarding

and their 4 for CI$12 panties might be the

service to Grand Cayman. Items are collected

best deal on the Island. Bra fitting is available

from 529 Shedden Road, George Town.

New To You Bargain Shop

from trained associates. Atlantic Kids carries

Located at NCVO on 90A Anthony Drive,

a full line of underwear and socks for boys

Cayman Islands Customs Agency (CICA)

this thrift shop is open Monday-Saturday

and girls, including first bras for tweens.

Tel: (345) 949 2350

7.30am-12pm. All funds raised help fund the

They also carry sleepwear for all ages at


NCVO programmes. Tel: (345) 949 2124.

extremely affordable prices. Paddington

A customs broker whose services include


Place, Godfrey Nixon Way, just off the

twice a week ocean consolidations and cargo

One Dog at a Time (ODAAT)

Butterfield roundabout. Tel: (345) 949 2296.

clearance, daily air shipment handling and

Located at Unit 2, JJT warehouses, Industrial


clearance, freight forwarding, small package


Way (opposite Ropers) in George Town. Sells

service, customs brokers, freight consolidating, Silhouette

and more. Open Saturdays 8am-5pm and

Sells lingerie, underwear, loungewear and

delivery, vehicle clearance and licensing.

Wednesdays 10am-2pm. Tel: (345) 917 8284.

pyjamas for both men and women. They also

CICA Miami Office / Deluxe Freight

offer a bra fitting service. The Paseo, Camana

11401 NW 107th Street, Miami, Fl 33178

PAWS Thrift Shop

Bay. Tel: (345) 943 5223 or email: info@

Phone: 1 (305) 513 0156 or (345) 949 2350

They accept all donations and sell a variety of


items from books and toys to furniture and







clothes and shoes, household items, toys


kitchen appliances. Every dollar spent goes

Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories

consolidations, daily air shipments and a small

towards assisting the animals in the eastern

Sells VS panties, sportswear and sleep wear.

package service for cargo 12 cubic feet or less.

districts with food, shelter and medicine.

40 Royal Plaza, Cardinal Ave, George Town. Tel:


(345) 949 6513 ext. 5302.



All donations welcomed. 553 Plaza Odessa, next to Cox Lumber (BT). Tel: (345) 916 3957 or (345) 329 5958, email: caymanpaws@ or visit PAWSThriftShop. Red Cross Thrift Shop Open for the public to donate and buy new and used items, such as clothing, shoes, furniture and appliances. The funds generated are used to help support those vulnerable in the community. Shop hours: Tuesday 9am-2pm, Thursday 9am-2pm and Saturday 8am-1pm. 34 Huldah Avenue, George Town. Tel: (345) 949 7467 or email:


While the prices of some goods are more expensive than in the US, there is often a very valid reason for this. Every item sold in Cayman has to be imported either by air or sea; then, Customs charge duty on (most) items at 20% (to retailers) or 22% (to the general public). This duty is calculated based on the value of the goods, the shipping costs, as well as the insurance charged. The items are then displayed in stores that pay higher electricity bills than the US and some also have to pay work permit fees. Also note that many online retailers

Mail Boxes Etc. Tel: (345) 745 1400 or Email: NCI Services Ltd. Tel: (345) 943 4624 or Email:

Please keep in mind that some items cannot be imported into Cayman due to certain laws. For example, all items that depict the cannabis plant are prohibited from entering the Island. However, de-hulled hemp seeds can be bought at Kirk Market because they do not depict cannabis leaf imagery. See the Preparing to Move chapter for other considerations and companies that offer freight forwarding.


www. c a y m a n r e s i d e n t . c o m





Rules of the Road - Roundabouts - School Buses & School Zones - Children & Car Seats

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Legal Requirements - Driving Licences - Licensing your Vehicle - Car Insurance

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Rental Cars


Leasing a Vehicle


Importing a Vehicle - Shipping Costs & Details - Duty Costs of Importing a Car

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Buying a New Car - New Car Dealers

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Hybrid & Electric Cars


Car Maintenance & Repair - Tyres & Batteries - Roadside Assistance - Car Cleaning - Disposing of a Vehicle

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Alternative Transportation - Motorcycles & Scooters - Bicycles - Public Transport

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Drinking & Driving


Cell Phones, Texting & Driving


Photos courtesy of Deep Blue Images

Everything you need to know about the rules of the road, licences, insurance, buying, renting or importing a car, maintenance and alternative forms of transportation.


ayman’s roads have seen many changes recently. In an attempt to alleviate the Island’s rush-hour traffic congestion, many road developments are underway; the expansion of the Linford Pierson Highway, the extension of Elgin Avenue and the Crewe Road realignment. Although this has significantly improved traffic, it has pushed the bottleneck elsewhere, meaning new road developments are perpetually underway. Over the next two years, the National Roads Authority will be focusing on five main projects, these include:


The Linford Pierson Highway will be expanded into four lanes all the way through to George Town and a new roundabout will be added. Bobby Thompson Way will also be expanded to four lanes through the intersection with Smith Road.


Grand Harbour Widening and Improvement: additional lanes will be added in each direction from the CUC roundabout by Kings Sports Centre through to the Auto Spa roundabout.


Airport Connector Road: the new roundabout by Cayman International School will be linked to Sparky’s Drive in the Industrial Park. Eventually, the road will link to the Owen Roberts International Airport.


East Arterial Widening: a 0.6 mile long stretch of the highway will be widened to four lanes from the CTMH roundabout to Poindexter Road.


East West Arterial Road Expansion: this highway will be extended from Savannah to Northward.





There are over 130 different nationalities represented in Cayman, which means there are drivers from all around the world where traffic laws can be quite different. It is therefore crucial that drivers know the rules of Cayman’s roads.

animal/vehicle, you must exchange names, addresses, DOB, registration numbers and your insurance details. Or report the accident to the police within 24 hours


Tinted Car Windows: Front windows can be tinted, but must allow a minimum of 35% light transmission through. Rear windows can be made darker to a maximum of 15%.

Visit for more information. Here’s what you need to know:

> > >

four-way stop first after making a full stop,