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Moulding eco-warriors for a GREENER FUTURE





• Dealing with obesity in Children • Get fit by cycling together

THE P WORD Debunking myths surrounding plant based diets

HAZY DAYS IN SUNNY ISSUE 5 2019/20 • R49.00 (VAT incl.) 19005 9



n i a Sp


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Contents ISSUE 5


Mama Love


What’s On

Must haves for this season

Dates & events not to miss for the coming months

110 New Books

Delightful reads for you and your little one


Summer Fling

Fabulous Summer fashion for Mom


Make A Splash

Embrace cool colours and striking prints for your little fashionista


absolute mama | ISSUE 5


Collagen, the scaffolding to your complexion, an aid in tissue repair and an essential in overall gut-health

Beauty Notes

Natural skin essentials to keep your skin beautiful this summer


The Perfect Alignment

The importance of chiropractic care and ergonomics for your child


A Global Epidemic

 he fight against childhood T obesity


Eco-Mom to the rescue

Moulding the eco-warriors of the future

HEALTH & WELLNESS 56 The Buzz in Beauty & Wellness


The P Word

Busting the myths surrounding a plant based diet



 he benefits of including T Superfoods within your diet


Pedal Power

Cycling as a family

76 A Different Spin on the Traditional Braai

Yummy recipes to broaden the horizons of every ‘braaier’

contents | ISSUE 5


Sweet Treats

Delicious sugar-free dessert recipes to try this holiday


“Nou Gaan Ons Braai”

Spruce up your entertainment area with these top tips and latest décor pieces


absolute mama | ISSUE 5



96 Old-Fashioned Towns

108 The Year of Living


We visit the Overberg with its breathtaking natural wonders and quaint towns.

102 The Kingdom of Spain

The land of Siesta, Paella, over 8000 kilometres of beach and a family friendly destination!

A satirical entry into our resident Dad’s diary


PRESERVATI V E F REE NO AD DED SUG A R ALL NATURA L Good for you & tr ue to nature

For Sa l e t o Ev er y one. # a b s o l u t e m a m a # g u il t f re e pl ea s u re NO N-ALCO HO LIC REA DY TO DRINK COCKTA ILS . S HOP ON L I N E AT W W W.V ER G I N SA . CO. ZA . FOL LOW U S ON I N STAG R A M AT V ER G I N _ S A

The benefits of including Superfoods within your diet page 66


Spruce up your entertainment area with top tips and latest décor pieces page 86



And just like that another year has passed and the crazy season rushes us into the holiday we have been dying to have the whole year, a time to celebrate and reflect on all that we have achieved this year. When I recall summer holiday memories they include – The smell of my Mom’s famous Christmas cake baking; playing “I-Spy” while waiting in anticipation to collect my next Caltex Bunny sticker as we refuel on our trip down to the South Coast - hours frolicking in the warm Indian Ocean with my Dad and brother, ending the day on a ‘lekker’ family braai at our caravan. I also remember big family gatherings with all the cousins, aunts and uncles, grannies and grandpa’s and us kids, singing Christmas carols before opening our ‘prezzies’ that we totally deserved after our ‘good behaviour’ throughout the year. Isn’t it funny though, how the roles have changed? I am now the one baking the famous Christmas cake and creating those lifelong memories for my children who hopefully will pass them on to their children. This is my favourite time of the year and I am delighted as our 3 year old is beyond himself with excitement for the bearded man who will be climbing down our chimney to leave him all the presents his little heart desires. And after a year that felt like it had

Summer Fling page 22

730 days, I can’t wait for the warm summer evenings in front of the fire with my family playing board games, just relaxing – no deadlines, no school projects and no lunch boxes to pack. I have also been thinking about my New Year’s resolution for a while and I have discovered that the biggest gift I can give myself is time….time to do what I feel like doing and a lot of self-love! In this issue we discuss the importance of fighting childhood obesity. We bust the myths surrounding a plant-based diet, we also list the benefits of including Superfoods daily and take a look at the impact good spinal and muscular health has on your child’s cognitive development. We rediscover old fashioned towns in the breathtaking Overberg and take a trip to the land of siestas, Paella and over 8000 kilometres of beach, the Kingdom of Spain! We have also included gorgeous fashion for you and your kids, curated all the best events for this season and have a selection of delectable sugar-free desserts, made with Freesweet, the ultimate 1:1 sugar replacement and so much more this issue. Grab your copy or your tablet, sit back and enjoy!

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality – John Lennon

Join me online Absolutemamamag


absolute mama | ISSUE 5



BIG 5 SAFARI & SPA Real Africa. Real Close To Cape Town. Over 10 000-hectares of Big 5 conservancy.

4-STAR ACCOMMODATION | SPA | GAME DRIVE | HORSEBACK & QUAD BIKE SAFARI At the award-winning Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, guests will get the opportunity to experience a Big 5 safari, together with outstanding service; it just does not get any better than this. With game drives, quad bike and horseback safaris situated just 2 hours’ drive from Cape Town, it’s the closest you will get to real Africa, in the lap of luxury. The world-class spa at Aquila adds to the already exceptional facilities and services on offer. It is a masterpiece of luxury, defined by its serenity and creative use of natural elements.






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absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Inner turmoil and “should I or shouldn’t I?” *apply. Soft cheeses you shouldn’t eat during

pregnancy include brie, camembert, feta and goat. Soft cheeses you can eat during pregnancy include brie, camembert, feta and goat. Cheeses that grate easily are advisable. Unless, they don’t grate that easily, then they’re not advisable. For contradictory advice pertaining to blue cheese see every pregnancy website, ever.


our cover isn’t.

PPS Sickness and Partial Permanent Incapacity now covers ALL medically justified pregnancy complications . This means that if your doctor has to book you off, you might miss work but you won’t miss out on your income.


*T & C’s apply For more information, please consult your PPS accredited adviser or visit PPS is an authorised Financial Services Provider.


digest | WE LOVE

LA LUNA SUMMER COLLECTION Dynamic mother and daughter team, Dawn and Lauren Smorenburg, creates unique bespoke jewellery of unmistakeable quality and gorgeous design. Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy beautiful jewellery and their latest range is sure to do just that. The La Luna Summer Collection celebrates treasures from the ocean and captures the essence of ancient times through exquisite and timeless earrings, bracelets and necklaces.


Perfect Christmas Gift Ancient Coin Toggle Necklace

Afro Sundae is a premium South African hair product company, offering 100% organic hair products that are free from chemicals like sodium, lauryl sulphate, parabens and chlorine, which are found in nearly all conventional conditioners and shampoos. Afro Sundae Natural Hair Products are made with safe, gentle plant-based ingredients, which help to improve the health of your hair and scalp and are also 100% environmentally friendly. They are committed to offering women and men of all ages beauty hair products that combine everyday safety with effectiveness for the unique natural hair market. Go ahead, give into your fro’s craving for a natural boost!


Treasures from the ocean, a flavour explosion and ceramics celebrating self-love are amongst our top picks this season

From the South of Spain

Farah Hernandez Ceramics’ unique contemporary style is both elegant and light hearted. She uses porcelain as a canvas, creating onceoff pieces where the emphasis is placed on the illustrations. Leaving the shapes simple and clean, she creates intricate hand-painted designs following patterns that evolve into shapes and landscapes. In a search to love her breasts again after more than 2 years of breastfeeding, she started making the boob cups, a celebration of our uniqueness, our perfect imperfections. We are absolutely smitten with these cups of self-love!


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Happy Tot, Happy Family Got a picky eater? You’re not alone. Happy Family Organics offer trusted organic snacks & meals for your little one’s budding palate. Their Superfood Super Stars contains choline which supports brain health and chia. Small but mighty, chia seeds are packed with essential Omega 3’s (ALA) and also contain protein, calcium and fibre. Ranging from Superfood pouches, Oat Bars, yummy puffs – snack time can be fun and healthy.

digest | WE LOVE


Looking for all the flavour without the restriction of Dynamic alcohol? Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines are crafted using cutting edge technology and techniques to retain all the beautiful flavours from fermentation. Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines comes in a Savvy White, Rosè, Savvy Red and a gorgeous Sparkling. You should never be limited by choice, choose Lautus, the finer choice!

Ou-ma Goodness

Dynamic mother and daughter duo, Karien and Ananja of Nanas Baby Wear brings you beautiful knitted wear, summer wear and wooden toys for the trendy baby. Nanas is an initiative to equip a selection of grannies across South Africa with the necessary tools to regain purpose after retirement by creating unique handmade products with love. Their collection consist of gorgeous linen, knitted and velvet baby and kids clothing.

Pass on Plastic

In the midst of the plastic crisis we should all be making the swap to reusable shopping bags and start playing your part in eliminating single use plastics. Kiwinet’s POP bags are great for weighing and carrying fruit and vegetables, could be used for carrying shoes while traveling or even as a lingerie bag and make for a great re-usable gift bag. Made from off-cuts and empowering a local community, these POP bags are an absolute must for any grocery shopper! What are you doing to make a difference?

For the Tea Connoisseur

Ed’s Choice Orange Chamomile Green Rooibos Tea

Carmién Tea’s story started in 1998 in an old farm shop on the historic Brakfontein Estate near the small town of Citrusdal. Offering superior quality products direct from the farm, whilst ensuring total food traceability in the food chain, Carmién Tea takes the art of tea-drinking to the next level. Their latest Pyramid tea range of rooibos tea leaves blended with floral, fruity and spicy elements is beautifully showcased in see-through pyramid teabags. A taste and flavour explosion that sets the trend for a new era of tea enjoyment.

absolute mama | ISSUE 5



Fun filled events and activities for the whole family


The Little Mermaid on Ice 4 – 8 Dec Durban Ice Arena It`s time to experience breath-taking sequences, jumps, lifts and daring spins on ice by our local figure skaters. The classic tale of a rebellious mermaid fascinated with life on land, forbidden by her father to go there and falling in love with a human prince on one of her visits to shore. Tickets from R120

Durban Botanic Gardens Trail of Lights 12 – 30 Dec Durban Botanic Gardens Visit Santa’s Grotto and the magical Elf Village and browse the Festive Market for bespoke gifting and décor. Walk the trail illuminated by millions of lights, and take in the majestic gardens all lit up at night. Live music daily from 19h30 – 20h30 with a food garden offering only the best proudly local cuisine Tickets from R50


13 – 15 Dec uShaka Sea World, Durban A never seen before premium show by uShaka’s dolphins. Enjoy traditional Christmas Performances reworked with vibrant African rhythms and meet Santa Claus and his delightful friends. Magical Performances by the various choirs, exhilarating Kangaroo Zulu Warriors, contemporary dance productions, live band performance by Burton Naidoo and more! Tickets from R160


6 – 7 Dec Spier, Stellenbosch Join a procession featuring dancers, stilt walkers and other illuminating enchantments celebrating the launch of the second edition of Spier’s Light Art – an interspersed array of 21 light and sound installations created by some of South Africa’s leading artists and designers.Choreographer Jay Pather’s performance piece, From Before, will feature 22 Shembe, classical ballet and Bhartatha Natyam dancers – all wearing light-infused costumes. Tickets from R75


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

13 – 15 Dec Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is coming to Cape Town and will be played at the exhilarating Cape Town Stadium. Sixteen of the best men`s teams and the 12 top women`s teams will take part. The South stand featuring a host of entertainment for those who want to party, and a North Stand Level 1 is the family stand which is alcohol free. This will also be in close proximity to the Kiddies Play Village which is free of charge and will be situated on the North corner of the main stadium. Prizes galore will be awarded for best dressed and other activities. Tickets from R150

digest | WHAT’S ON


15 Dec Stanford Hills Estate, Stanford For a once in a life time opportunity, join Arno Carstens & Zolani Mahola as they perform the greatest hits from their careers including anthems from Zolani`s solo career & as lead singer of Freshly Ground and Arno’s award winning English & Afrikaans solo album hits plus his Springbok Nude Girls crowd pleasers.Stanford Hills Estate, just outside Hermanus is perfect for a day on the lawn with the whole family. Bring your camping chairs & blankets. Tickets cost R200, Kids U3 enter free


Workshops not to miss Kids Holiday Art School - Lillian Gray Artist & Art School 6 – 10 Jan Fairland, Northcliff This holiday workshop focuses on a different artist each day. They explore the artist’s techniques and life story, the kids then proceed to work on their project, based on the specific artist. Please view the program below for day-to-day activities.

Peter Pan on Ice 6 Jan – 2 Feb The Royal Showgrounds, Pietermaritzburg The world`s premier theatrical ice skating company, The Imperial Ice Stars, returns to South Africa with a brand-new show, Peter Pan On Ice. Take a journey to Neverland in this classic tale of magic and makebelieve, spectacularly staged on real ice.


17 Jan – 1 Mar Teatro at Montecasino, Fourways The Rocky Horror Show tells the story of Brad and his fiancée Janet, two squeaky clean college kids who meet Dr Frank`n Furter by chance when their car breaks down outside his house whilst on their way to visit their favourite college professor. It`s an adventure they`ll never forget, bursting with timeless songs and outrageous outfits. Tickets from R100

Prime Circle – The Innocence Tour

Discover the secret life of bees 22 Jan Babylonstoren, Cape Winelands Cape honeybees are honoured workers on the Babylonstoren Farm – not only do they produce an abundance of honey for the breakfast table at Babel Restaurant, they also play a key role in pollinating many of our garden fruits, herbs and vegetables. Our workshop starts with a guided walk through the garden to explore bee favourites, from nectar-filled annual flowers to pollen-rich trees. We then invite you to put on your beekeeping suit and discover our collection of diverse beehives.

31 Jan Rivonia Barnyard, JHB The guys are known for anthemic melodies, like ‘Hello’, ‘My Inspiration’ and ‘She Always Gets What She Wants’, that translate just as well in crowded stadiums as they do in intimate acoustic shows. What sets Prime Circle apart from the rest is their ability to remain relevant and produce chart-topping hits and fan-favourites time and time again, and this latest release is yet another testament to their achievement Tickets from R180

absolute mama | ISSUE 5


digest | WHAT’S ON


1 Feb Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards, Franschoek It’s the height of Summer and you’re looking for an excuse to dress up in your elegant white attire, but nowhere to go. Then join the Franschhoek Vignerons at this year’s Franschhoek Summer Wines for a spectacular garden party. Complement your wines with seasonal-inspired food freshly prepared and relax on the sprawling lawn or in the comfort of the enclosed patio area of the venue. Live music will add the final touches to a perfect day out in the Franschhoek Wine Valley. Tickets cost R280

Workshops not to miss Learn the art of bonsai 29 Jan Babylonstoren, Cape Winelands Both meditative and creative, bonsai is the age-old art of representing a mature tree to suggest a scene in nature. Join Willem Pretorius, former president of the South African Bonsai Association, and Ernst van Jaarsveld, our resident botanist and tree enthusiast, to learn how to create your very own piece of arbour art. The pair will guide you through the various styles of bonsai, teaching you how to prune, care for and maintain your own.

A-ha Live in Cape Town 14 Feb Green Point A Track, Cape Town Breakout Events in association with Kfm 94.5 is excited to announce the South African tour dates for legendary band A-ha. This will be the first time since 1994 that the band is visiting South Africa, bringing their “A-ha play Hunting High And Low live” tour to Cape Town on 14 February 2020 at the Green Point A Track. Tickets from R595, Kids U3 enter free


29 Feb Casalinga, Muldersdrift Enjoy a taste of the Spier farm life in Gauteng when Spier pops up at Casalinga in Muldersdrift on Saturday, 29 February 2020. Taste acclaimed wines and tuck into farm-fresh fare and tasty treats (deep-fried ice cream, anyone?). There’ll be seasonal produce, pantry essentials (such as jams and preserves) and Farmer Angus’ pasture-reared meats to take home. Tickets from R100

Italian Festival at Idiom 29 Feb – 1 Mar Idiom Wines, Sir Lowry’s Pass The day ticket includes entry to this festival, an event program, a bottle of San Pellegrino or Acqua Panna water and access to the wine and Prosecco tasting areas where guests can work their way through Vinotria’s selection of imported Italian wines that will be open for tasting and buying. Compare these wines to Idiom’s locally grown Italian grape varieties such as Sangiovese, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Primitivo and Pinot Grigio. Visitors will be able to enjoy food, vino, Prosecco, Italian craft beer and a live band playing Italian and other music over the weekend. Tickets cost R200


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Juice Jamming 19 Feb Babylonstoren, Cape Winelands Our signature green, red and yellow juices have become a staple at Babel and the Greenhouse Restaurant. Using the cutting-edge technology of high pressure processing (HPP), we are proudly able to produce cold-pressed juice with an extended shelf life – nothing added, only goodness. This workshop is a unique opportunity to follow this process from farm to bottle.

fashion & beauty | MAMA FASHION

Summer Lovin’ Our selection of this season’s must have fashion pieces to for the perfect summer wardrobe Maia gem necklace, JADE R1895

Electra C3 sunglasses, ZEMP Naturals R995

Ivory, Karen Millen R2100

Yellow multi top, Karen Millen R2400

La Bamba earrings, Pichulik R750

Yellow dress, H&M R429

Naledi hammered disc ring, Woolworths R89.95

Audrey waxy tan bag, ZEMP Naturals R2890 Julia stripe paperbag short, Poetry R599

AMalia sandal, Rare Earth available at Poetry R499


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Boyfriend jeans, Trenery R899

Rafella sandal, Rare Earth available at Poetry R1099

Mellow Yellow

fashion & beauty | MAMA FASHION

Lake Como dress Chartreuse, Bena Women R1250

absolute mama | ISSUE 5


fashion & beauty | MAMA FASHION

Egun Moss necklace, Pichulik R1100

Naledi drop leaf earrings, Woolworths R79.95

Presleigh trapeze dress, Poetry R899

Armourè cuff, JADE R1995

Tassel ringlet flop cross body bag, Woolworths R199

White palm top, H&M R329

Turn up stretch cotton shorts, Woolworths from R299

V-Neck ruffle maxi, Country Road R1499

Tian sandal, Rare Earth available at Poetry R499


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Dewy Green

Ankle strap knot detail stiletto, Woolworths R379

fashion & beauty | MAMA FASHION Ilodia agate necklace, JADE R659

Eleven Eleven watch, ZEMP Naturals R1590

Maya Espadrilles, Witchery from R639.19

Black top, Karen Millen R1700

Belted print satin slip dress, Woolworths from R599

Belted viscose blend jumpsuit, Woolworths R699.30

Hermes earrings, Pichulik R950

Shorts, H&M R429

Freedom iconic dome bag, POLO R1995

Jenna heel, Rare Earth available at Poetr R1199

Rusty Hues absolute mama | ISSUE 5


fashion & beauty | MAMA FASHION Ombre animal swimsuit, Woolworths from R315

Vivienne rafia and canvas fedora, Poetry R275

Renate plunge one piece, Poetry R899

Mediterranean black Turkish towel, The Cotton Company R590

Big Bay Mars bag, ZEMP Naturals R1900 Magnolia printed one piece, Poetry R899

Mini leopard bikini top, Witchery R699

Palm swimsuit, H&M R179

Mini leopard bikini bottom, Witchery R599

Emerald one piece, Witchery R1199

Tassel striped viscose beach kaftan, Woolworths R280

Sun Goddess 26

absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Geo ringlet padded underwire balconette bikini top, Woolworths from R329

Geo twist detail bikini bottoms, Woolworths from R180



PRODUCT DESIG N iFAward Winner Tel: 041 811 3355 for Trade Enquiries

fashion & beauty | KIDS

Hello Beautiful Delightful must-have fashion for the littles

Punky pineapple swim short, Beach & Bandits R580


Small Bandit suit, Beach & Bandits via R580

Trillby straw hat, Woolworths R150 Country Road Slide, Country Road R329

Marvel Black Panther tee, R399

Tom printed tee, Polo R449

Rick tee, Polo R249

Striped poplin shorts, Woolworths R150

POD-S.3.1 shoes, R1299 Jungle board shorts, Country Road R399


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Ombre drawstring swim shorts, Woolworths R199

fashion & beauty | KIDS

Unicorn sling bag, Woolworths R199


Chuck Taylor All Star-Hi, Converse R599

Playsuit, H&M R229 Crinkle cami, Country Road R449

T-shirt, H&M R129

Scallop yoke short, Country Road R429 Amy skinny jean, Polo R749

Bikini top & bottom, H&M R249

Aloha banana suit, Beach & Bandits via R680

Sparkly summer vibes peak cap, Woolworths R140

Sandals, H&M R249

Fruit bather, Country Road R399

absolute mama | ISSUE 5


fashion & beauty | BEAUTY BUZZ

I am Sunshine 8 Natural products that’ll transform your Summer Beauty Routine and will keep your skin hydrated, protected and beautiful!


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

fashion & beauty | BEAUTY BUZZ ESSE Sunscreen A certified organic, mineral sunscreen that offers broad spectrum coverage protecting from both UVA and UVB (critical wavelength of 373nm). It is fragrance-free and mildly preserved making it ideal for sensitive skins. Rapidly biodegradable and coral-friendly.

SKOON. Gel-To-Milk natural makeup remover and skin cleanser is perfect for nourishing and cleansing the skin. It features hero ingredients safflower, maturla and vitamin E which form part of a luxurious milky gel cleanser ideal for all types of skin. Gel-to-Milk works best when massaged into damp skin.

50ml at R650

100ml at R429

SKOON. Gel to Milk Cleanser

Hey Gorgeous Collagen Tri Phase Moisturiser

Lulu & Marula Refreshing Tonic Mist A soothing blend of Rose, Cucumber and Aloe Vera leaves skin smooth and refreshed. Brightening Gingko Biloba and Grape Seed extracts protect skin from harmful free radicals. Spritz under or over makeup for an instant boost of radiance.

This luxurious moisturiser delivers three treatment benefits in one. It reawakens your skin’s youthfulness, repairs dehydration and restores luminosity. Dramatically boosts skin hydration and cellular density for smoother firmer skin.

100g at R550

100ml at R300

SKOON. Fruit Sherbet Exfoliating Mask Rose Quartz Roller by Ecologic The Rose Quartz Face Roller is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to micro-needling.


SKOON. Fruit Sherbet is an enzyme exfoliating mask that works best on all skin types and removes impurities. It’s ideal for all skin types and features hero ingredients such as papain, bromelain, and kaolin as well as other natural essential oils. It can also be applied during the day or evening for best results.

37.5g at R499

ESSE Hyaluronic Serum Intensely hydrating serum with anti-inflammatory action to slow ageing, improve the penetration of follow-on products. Probiotics and prebiotics to support a balanced skin microbiome and improves the appearance of fine lines.

Ecologic Harvest Moon Facial Tea Harvest Moon Facial Tea is a purifying blend of herbs, flowers and berries which have been specially selected to open pores, reduce excess oil and empower the release of impurities.

30g at R145 (4-5 steams)

30ml at R650 absolute mama | ISSUE 5



“YES…I AM THINKING!” Using picture books and philosophical conversation to develop your child’s thinking and understanding. By Diane Horsten Do you feel like you are on a quiz game show with the amount of questions your young children ask? According to a British study, young children ask about 73 questions a day with parents finding themselves unable to answer half of them (Elsworthy, 2017). Surely, if you are going to be bombarded by questions daily, it makes sense to ‘make them count for something’ and add some critical thinking into the mix. Much has been written about the benefits of reading to your children, but when you add philosophical conversation, it enhances the experience.


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Matthew Lipman developed Philosophy for Children (P4C) in the 1970s, when he witnessed first-hand the underdeveloped reasoning skills of his students at Columbia University. Nine years ago, Professor Karin Murris introduced me to P4C at Holy Rosary School. Little did I know how much my teaching would change, with the most obvious result being the amount of questions children are allowed to and encouraged to ask. Questions drive learning. When we ask questions, it stimulates our curiosity and as we search for answers, the learning becomes meaningful. Young children are natural

philosophers, as they try to understand the world around them, asking questions that deal with huge concepts. For example, • Do numbers end? • How can you be different but still have friends? • What does mercy mean? • How can I use my imagination? Thinking takes time and with our busy days as parents, it is not always possible to explore the questions our children ask. By providing a dedicated time to read with your children and explore questions, you will be implementing the easiest tip in the world to foster reasoning and understanding.


TIP 1. Good quality picture books Always start with a good quality picture book. One that opens up the ‘big ideas’ (or concepts – such as, love, hope, race, faith, truth, religion). Books, such as Anthony Browne’s Little Beauty or Piggybook, and Davide Cali’s The Enemy, put big ideas front and centre. Before reading the book, identify the big ideas or concepts that are hidden in its story. This will help you to prepare for the conversation that may follow. However, children frequently surprise us and identify concepts completely different to our own, and we need to be prepared to follow their lead. Go where their learning leads you. Book list available at

TIP 2. Model Thinking Once you have read the book, allow for some thinking time and asking of questions. You will need to model your thinking too. Do not be afraid to admit your own ignorance, as this will provide your children with a solid example of what it means to be a lifelong learner. Be curious, ask your own questions and together try to answer questions using the following techniques with examples taken from David Mckee’s Elmer the elephant. We need to look in the book for the answer. (What colour is the elephant?)

We need to ask an expert. Perhaps, a family member knows or we need to turn to Google. (Are elephants dangerous?) We need to use our imagination or infer meaning from the book, using its clues to guide us. (Was the elephant happy?) We need to talk about it. We have different answers to the question. I wonder if we can build an argument (not have an

… being fair, being honest, friendship, telling the truth. What do you think the big ideas, which are difficult to pin down, are in the story? Provide opportunities to make distinctions between things. “What makes something an animal and not a human?” Start looking for criteria in concepts. “What must something have for it to be real?” Use coaching questions to make

Questions drive learning. When we ask questions, it stimulates our curiosity and as we search for answers, the learning becomes meaningful. argument!) to answer one of our big questions. Perhaps we can try to give better reasons. By discussing these answers and weighing up their value, we enter into philosophical conversation. (What does it mean to be happy?)

TIP 3. Start using philosophical language and questions to probe deeper thinking. By asking this simple question in a non-judgemental tone, “What makes you say that?” opens a window into your child’s thinking. (Ritchhart, 2013) Phrase concepts in unusual ways that help us to think differently. “If Peace was from Africa, what would she look like?” Work out the big ideas together and begin to name them as concepts. “I think the book is about

concepts accessible. For example: • How do we know we have friends? • How do we decide if something is fair? • Should we always tell the truth? • What does it mean to live happily ever after? I wish you many happy hours of philosophising with your children and yes, you will discover that your children are thinking and searching for answers when asking all those questions. Should you wish to find out more about our upcoming “Reading with Children to encourage Real Thinking” workshops visit Workshops will be developed to suit various age groups.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Elsworthy, E., 2017. Independent. [Online] Available at: Ritchhart, R., 2013. 9 Apps for Parents. [Online] Available at:

absolute mama | ISSUE 5




absolute mama | ISSUE 5




Spinal and muscular health is an important building block that can impact your child’s physical and cognitive development. We dive into the benefits of chiropractic and ergonomic care for kids. BY LORI COHEN

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e get preventative checks for the health of our eyes, ears, teeth, heart and a whole lot more. But, says Dr. Greg Venning, chiropractor and author of Thrive, it makes sense for children and babies to get checked proactively by a chiropractor as early on in life as possible. Chiropractic care goes a lot deeper than the commonly known purposes of treating neck and back pain, headaches and injuries, he says. So, how can infants benefit? ‘Some studies have stated that over 90% of babies born through nontraumatic births had signs of misalignment in the spine or skull. These misalignments are called vertebral subluxations. This could


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affect the proper functioning of the nervous system and contribute to health issues throughout life. Because they create interference with the optimum function of the nervous system, they are a health problem, not a back problem,’ explains Greg. How does this happen? The spine, says Greg, has 24 moveable rings that give us mobility while also protecting the spinal cord and nerves. ‘These boney rings can become misaligned or restricted in ways that cause interference to the nervous system, and so compromise the function of the nervous system. This interference can be measured in the body as dysfunction in the cells, tissue organs and glands and it can also be measured in the brain as poor integration of information from the body and the external world,’ he says.

BABY STEPS TO HEALING Excessive fussiness and crying (colic), feeding problems, preferring to feed on one breast more than the other, curves in the spine, a baby’s head or body preferring to turn or bend to one side and constipation, are all conditions that can be assisted with chiropractic care. Babies should be checked by a chiropractor soon after birth, he says. ‘For older children, ear infections, attention and learning issues, bedwetting, allergies, and asthma are just a few issues that could benefit from chiropractic care if subluxations are present,’ explains Greg. While parents report that their babies sleep better and cry less when they are under chiropractic care, the parents themselves are often in dire

These days we are spoilt for choice in the dairy category, and as a mom, you want to make the best nutritional choices for your family. Dairy Goats’ milk composition, in particular, provides a distinct advantage in essential nutrients and has the highest amount of prebiotics among domestic animals. These prebiotics are in the form of oligosaccharides. In the

gut, these prebiotics can help maintain the health of our digestive tract by encouraging the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and offering an anti-inflammatory effect. One glass of Goats’ milk gives you more than two-thirds of the recommended daily requirement of zinc. Zinc is an essential mineral for the maintenance of healthy skin, wound healing and helps boost immunity.

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Cervical spine vertebrae

Cervical nerves C1 Head and neck C2 Diaphragm C3 Deltoids, biceps C5 Wrist extenders C6 Triceps C7 Triceps C8 Hand T1 T2 T3 T4

Thoracic spine vertebrae

White mater Pia mater

T6 T7 T8

Grey mater



Thoracic nerves Chest muscles Abdominal muscles


Dura mater

T10 T11 T12 L1 Lumber spine vertebrae

L2 L3 L4

Lumber nerves Leg muscless

L5 Spinal nerve

Body of vertebrae

Bone of vertebrae

S1 Sacrum



S2 Sacral nerves S3 Bowel, bladder Sexual function S4 S5 Coccyxgeal

need of some attention. ‘Mothers who have carried a baby in their womb for around 40 weeks, putting added stress and strain on the structure of their bodies. Added to that is the birth process, which can be smooth and easy, but very often ends up with interventions that can have consequences. Caesarean births, though necessary in some cases, cut through the muscles of the core and bypass the natural process that the mother’s body is designed to do. ‘Added to that, new parents now


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have a little person who loves to be held for long periods, prams, baby carriers, nappy bags, and a whole world of physical stressors that did not exist for them before. Add sleep loss and emotional stress to the mix and you have some very subluxated new parents,’ says Greg.


There are two types of chiropractors; the first is referred to as a mechanistic or pain-based chiropractor. They see

people for specific conditions, and once the symptom is gone, the job is done. The second type is called a vitalistic or full-spectrum chiropractor. ‘We work with pain and symptoms but also look at the person holistically. We see health as more than the absence of pain, more than a diseasefree interlude. We give people the option of doing deeper work to alleviate the immediate pain, but also to correct underlying problems and find the causes of health issues,’ says Greg.



Movement, or lack thereof, is another issue that is hampering our children’s development, says certified professional ergonomist Esmeralda Kerlen. One of the problems caused by extended hours spent behind school desks and lounging on sofas, is that, to grow muscles, they need to move. And our children simply aren’t moving enough. ‘When you move, your muscles work like a pump. You get an exchange of nutrients going in and out, oxygen in your muscles and waste products are excreted. When muscles aren’t used, they start to break down, and you get a loss of


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muscle strength. You also lose bone density,’ she explains. Another common issue is that abdominal muscles become weak and the lower back muscles start to dominate. This changes a child’s posture negatively. ‘We can help retrain the correct balance to improve posture, but we also work on the wrists, fingers, elbows, and other parts of the body that need to be retrained,’ she says. Children are increasingly seeking help because they have trouble holding a pen, or start piano lessons and have poor hand-eye coordination, she continues. For school-going kids, Esmerelda

says working on a computer with a separate keyboard and child-sized mouse, rather than a laptop, is preferable to avoid muscular-skeletal issues. Poor posture and handwriting are two obvious signs that your child could benefit from working with an ergonomist. They may also complain of headaches, and tingling in their hands or feet, and these issues need to be looked into. Changing habits can go a long way. ‘Encourage your child to take lots of short breaks at school, and take opportunities to stand and sit intermittently while working,’ she says. The objective is to keep those muscles moving.

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Recipe for 30 Banana Bread Boats RECIPE ingredients: Play dough r purpose flou 2 cups alllt 3/4 cup sa of tartar m a e cr 4 teaspoons water rm wa 2 cups luke table oil ge ve of ns 2 Tablespoo l works too) (coconut oi l ng, optiona Food colori gs a b d ze Medium si of tartar and cream lt sa r, ou r and oil. If er the fl d the wate Stir togeth d a t lor x e N pot. d in the co in a large e color, ad on ng ri ng ir ki st a m m heat, you’re only has over mediu k gh oo ou C d e ll. e th now as w ng until ri ir ove st m e e R nu Conti ball. constantly. form into a d to ze ns si gi e e b rg and de a la thickened and n place insi y e tl th h ig nd sl a ol t from hea Allow to co rs wax paper. adding colo bag or onto . If you’re ny th a oo m sm ow l h ti un (for then knead gh into balls ough into the ou d e th e e d after, divid then add th out 5 drops want) and ab h it w rt colors you the bags. Sta d ze si n it. Knead m te iu med in e to brigh a or st m ’t d d sn a oe d of color and inside the bag so it r e geth ll mixed to dough, while Once it’s a s. nd a . h Y A ur yo y to PL you’re read bags inside the play dough e th . re ft to so S to keep once done s. to 3 month up r Keeps fo

2 cups of cake flour 3 tsps baking powder 1 tsp of cinnamon A pinch of salt 150ml of sugar 1 egg 75 g butter or margarine (softened) 1 tsp vanilla essence 2 Tblsp cooking oil 1 cup milk 6 mashed, ripe bananas 30 small paper baking cups


To begin with, mix the dry ingredients together (flour, baking powder, cinnamon and slat). Do this in front of your child naming each ingredient as you add it to the mixture. Then combine the wet ingredients in another bowl in the same way (milk, egg, vanilla essence and cooking oil). Allow your child to combine the dry ingredients with the butter. Your child may now add the milk mixture and mashed banana. This must then be mixed to form a soft dough which can be put into small paper baking cups. The banana bread muffins must be baked in a pre-heated oven at 180oC for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown and a skewer inserted into the middle of each muffin comes out clean. Remind your child of the dangers of hot ovens and that they must always use such kitchen appliances under adult supervision or with adult assistance. Once the muffins are cool, allow your child to decorate them with a toothpick and paper sails to complete their little Banana Bread Boats!

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Fighting Childhood

Obesity Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic globally, and the World Health Organization has called it “one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century.” BY MARIZA HALLIDAY


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besity during childhood is a serious matter that can lead to several medical problems, including diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea and high blood pressure. In addition, being overweight can also take an emotional toll on children, resulting in depression and low self-esteem caused by different psychological pressures. The World Obesity Federation released statistics predicting that 3.91 million South African school children will be overweight or obese by 2025. South Africa has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world with an alarming figure of 13%. The global average stands at 6%.


Childhood obesity occurs when a child has excess body fat and, as a result, falls well above the recommended weight for his or her height. The body mass index (BMI) scale is the most common and effective tool used to


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estimate a child’s appropriate weight. A child’s BMI score is determined differently than that of an adult. Rather than using a mathematical formula, growth charts from the CDC are used to determine a child’s BMI. Growth charts are used because they factor in a child’s growth patterns as they age and accommodate gender differences through the maturation process. • Obese children will have a BMI at or above the 95th percentile • Overweight children will have a BMI at or above the 85th percentile and lower than the 95th percentile


One of the main causes of South Africa’s childhood obesity rate is the rapid growth of the country’s commercial food industry. This has resulted in enhanced consumption of low-cost, readily available and ultra-processed food. Studies show that both children of overweight parents and children subjected to malnutrition during pregnancy or infancy are likely to become obese

later in life. The causes of childhood obesity are complex. The most obvious causes are overeating and not getting enough exercise, fuelled by energy-dense foods and increased screen time. Other reasons obesity may occur include poor sleeping patterns, poverty, poor gut health and genetic predisposition as well as social and environmental factors. Psychological issues can be caused by obesity, but they can also lead to obesity. Children who are stressed, suffer from anxiety, are bored or depressed may become emotional eaters. Child therapist, Gill Liprini, says that it is common for children who are overweight to have a low self-image. “Not only do overweight and obese children get teased, but they also suffer the humiliation of not being able to excel or participate in sport because of their weight. They feel ashamed of their bodies. They either become withdrawn to go unnoticed, or adopt bullying behaviour and become angry and aggressive, as they are often bigger than others,” she says.

What exactly is obesity?

What causes obesity?

Obesity is an accumulation of fat over time, due to an imbalance between the amount of food taken in and the amount of energy (physical exercise) expended.

The cause of obesity is multi-factorial, ranging from one’s susceptibility to gaining weight, to eating energy-rich food and not burning enough of the ingested energy off.

Is obesity a problem in South Africa?

Is obesity a disease and is it curable?

South Africa is part of the countries that have been identified as having high obesity rates. Unfortunately, our rates are growing faster than the world’s average rates.

Obesity is a disease that fits into the classic definition, the symptoms are lack of satiety and increased hunger leading to excessive accumulation of fat, which leads to complications. Currently, we do not have a cure for Obesity, we can only manage the disease, just like we do with hypertension, diabetes and HIV.

What are the benefits of a weight loss of 5% or more? Benefits include

What should / can parents do if their children are obese / overweight? Reduces:

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Contact Details health-related

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HOW TO PREVENT CHILDHOOD OBESITY Children who are overweight or obese need guidance from their parents to make healthier lifestyle choices. These changes need to start at home and include making better food choices and having a positive attitude towards exercising and physical activities. It is

most effective when the entire family is involved in your child’s efforts to lose weight, supporting them by setting good examples that you want them to adopt both now and into adulthood.

Limit screen time

Gradually introduce healthier foods to your child’s diet Prepare meals that are rich in vegetables, fruits and whole-grains, and limit consumption of foods high in sugar and saturated fats

The most important point to remember is to be encouraging and have a positive outlook towards healthy eating and exercise. Don’t


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Do not keep unhealthy snacks around the home Let your child help you prepare meals, it makes for excellent bonding time and creates the opportunity to teach them valuable life skills miss the opportunity to turn these learning moments into bonding ones as well. Making even the smallest change to a child’s dietary

Incorporate exercise into your child’s daily routine,

which can include a wide range of activities such as playing with the dog, sweeping the floor, swimming or playing in the garden habit can show them that carrying out one or more of these tips could benefit their health and development in the future.

One of the greatest challenges for human wellbeing in the 21st century will be to focus on the advantage of having a healthy colon and therefore a good immune system – this is where probiotics can play a significant role. Probiotics are critical for normal digestion and for defence against infection. Bacteria in the gut are known to: • Stimulate the immune system • Enhance the mucosal barrier • Aid digestion and break down toxins • Inhibit adherence of pathogens

A good probiotic can be beneficial in the following ailments: • Diarrhoea or constipation • Bad breath, gas and bloating • Irritable bowel and lactose intolerance • Gastroenteritis and playschool diseases in young children

parenthood | ECO MOM

Eco Mom:

Moulding Eco-Warriors Sustainable living takes dedication and effort, but we all know it’s well worth it to help sustain our planet’s precious resources. Raising your child to also be eco-conscious can seem like an enormous task and a huge responsibility. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful process. BY MARIZA HALLIDAY


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

parenthood | ECO MOM

absolute mama | ISSUE 5


parenthood | ECO MOM


Children learn by watching you. It’s all well and good to talk to them about sustainability, however, if your actions don’t align, they won’t make a positive impact. Incorporating eco-friendly practices into your everyday life can help your kids to understand how small changes can have a big impact.


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

t is possible to bring up a little eco-warrior with the help of a few simple tips and tricks. You might even find it also strengthens your family dynamic and the relationship between you and your child. Here are a few ideas on ways to introduce eco-friendly practices into your home:



The best way to get our kids to respect the environment is to help them fall in love with it. All it takes is a trip to a national park, beach or even a short hike on the weekends. Engage in fun activities like swimming, beach clean-ups and cycling to help them develop a natural reverence for the environment.


Positive reinforcement is always a great way to encourage ecofriendly household habits. A good way to do this is with an ecofriendly rewards chart. Explain that the chart is a positive system and encourage your child to earn stickers by doing environmentally friendly things around the house.

parenthood | ECO MOM


South Africa is prone to droughts, and we should all be doing our part to conserve water wherever possible. It is ideal to teach your children from a young age to always turn off the tap while they’re brushing their teeth and washing their hands. Another good idea is to make use of a bucket to catch water while showering and let them use that to water the plants. If you want the whole family to be conscious of how much water they use while showering, installing a shower timer is a good way to limit excessive water use.


The best way to encourage a good habit is to associate it with another so that they are both eventually carried out together. If you teach your child to wash dishes after dinnertime with the absolute minimum amount of water and only eco-friendly soap, then positive reinforcement will ensure that over time your child will always wash dishes in an eco-friendly way. In a similar respect, if you teach them to switch off lights and power points in and around their bedroom before bedtime, it will eventually become a part of the usual bedtime routine. This simple process will intrinsically link daily household actions with eco-friendly habits.


Kids are easily influenced, and they usually notice much more than you think. If you use plastic in your daily life, then your child might develop a mindset that is indifferent to environmental sustainability. Make sure you always use reusable containers for their school lunches and discourage using other plastics. When you take them grocery shopping, be sure to bring your own reusable bags so that they see this as standard behaviour. Check out the amazing POP bag from, the perfect bag when shopping for all your fruits and veggies.


There are some brilliant resources available to teach kids how to be environmentally conscious. Introducing them to your child will hopefully strengthen the good habits they’ve already learned at home and possibly teach them some new ones! There are so many ways to teach children about and involve them in the eco-conscious journey. Continue to encourage your kids to respect and care for their environment and you will be moulding them into true eco-warriors.


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health & wellness | COLLAGEN


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health & wellness | COLLAGEN

The Buzz About

Collagen By Lori Cohen


lump. That’s how we all want our skin to look, and it’s collagen that acts as ‘scaffolding’ that keeps our complexions looking full and juicy. Elsewhere in our bodies, the protein makes up parts of our connective tissue in tendons, ligaments and muscles. It’s pretty important stuff. The issue is that as we age, our collagen production drops and the collagen we already have starts to break down. For our faces this means a sagging effect starts to take hold, and wrinkles begin to appear. Can you replace lost collagen? The issue is that pure collagen molecules are too big to penetrate the epidermis (skin) and the dermal layer below it. To sidestep the size issue, most

products contain collagen peptides instead. This is collagen that has been broken down into smaller chains of amino acids. It’s these that penetrate the dermis to provide the building blocks for fibroblasts to make new collagen.


Some research shows that oral collagen may improve skin appearance. However, for most people this is unnecessary. If you’re eating a balanced, protein-rich diet, you’ll be getting all you need. Other nutrients that aid the process of collagen production include zinc, vitamin C, and copper. So, fruits and vegetables high in vitamins and minerals are also a friend to supple skin.

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health & wellness | COLLAGEN

Alcohol and a poor diet will work against your skin because they affect the stability and production of the collagen protein. They do this by activating pathways that damage collagen and reduce its formation. Feel like you’re lacking? In Japan, marine collagen has had a firm following for over 300 years. As the rest of the world’s caught on, it’s sparked a trend for smoothies, snack bars and supplements infused with collagen. These supply the body with the amino acids that your body needs to repair and rebuild all types of collagen throughout the body. In particular, athletes and fitness followers have taken to collagen supplementation, enjoying the benefits it gives them in tissue repair and injury prevention. Then there’s gut health. The collagen provides the amino acids needed to repair and rebuild the intestinal wall. It also has antiinflammatory properties – an essential part of the puzzle in overall gut health.


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

Inflammation is the root cause of a range of conditions and diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Finally, it also promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut. These macrobiotic critters are critical to a healthy digestive system and a healthy digestive system is key to a healthy body and mind, it’s a no brainer.


Then there are the beauty products that help to produce or maintain collagen. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps the skin maintain its elasticity and collagen levels. It does this by protecting the skin from oxidative stress that triggers collagen breakdown. (Smoking, pollution and sun exposure are the big three culprits here, so avoid all three if you want to keep your collagen levels in their prime.) The most effective products to have in your beauty cabinet are those based on retinoids. Retinoids are

derived from vitamin A which promotes new collagen formation, by ‘turning on’ genes and cells involved in collagen production. They can be found in over-thecounter creams or prescription-only products based on their strength. They can include irritation and sun sensitivity, and shouldn’t be used when pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s recommended you introduce retinoid use into your daily skincare cream slowly (a couple of days a week in low doses), allowing your skin to build a tolerance. Dermatologists also offer a variety of specialised treatments. ‘In my opinion in-office collagen stimulation is far superior to any tablet or cream one can use. Collagen boosting treatments include those offered through various devices such as IPL, non-ablative fractional lasers and skin needling as well as skin booster treatments combined with plateletrich plasma,’ says dermatologist Dr Genevieve Marks.


Known as South Africa’s healer and rejuvenator Available at: Cape Town Waterfront, Simonstown, Hermanus Cape Town International Airport, OR Tambo International Airport and Garden Route

health & wellness | PLANT BASED DIETS


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

health & wellness | PLANT BASED DIETS

The P Word Transitioning to a plant-based diet comes with heaps of health benefits. We bust the many myths that surround this lifestyle choice. BY LORI COHEN

absolute mama | ISSUE 5


health & wellness | PLANT BASED DIETS

WHAT IS A PLANT-BASED DIET? It’s not vegetarianism, nor veganism – although plant-based eating does have some similarities. Instead, plant-based eating patterns focus on foods sourced primarily from plants. It includes fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes and beans. You may consume meat or dairy in this diet too, but the objective is to choose most of your foods from plant sources.



Plant-based eating for many still includes animal-based proteins in the diet, albeit in smaller proportions, and less often. According to a Protein Summit Report, anything from 15% to 25% of your calorie intake per day should be a combination of plant- and animal-based proteins. The key is to spread them over your meals throughout the day, rather than having them in one nightly meal. But, eating ‘healthy’ plant-based proteins such as beans, nuts, fish or poultry instead of red meat will not only see to your protein needs, it will lower the risk of several diseases. The key to transitioning is educating yourself on how to prepare the meals, says plant-based diet consultant and author of It Works For Me!, Noeleen Bridle. ‘Most people don’t know where to start because


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

they don’t know what plant-based carbohydrates, proteins and fats are, and find it hard to put a meal together.’


You don’t need to fill your pantry with pricey ingredients like quinoa or soy ‘meats’. Most of the ingredients consumed by plant-based eaters should consist of carbohydrates in the form of starches, fruits and vegetables – none of which are considered expensive. The facts back it up. A study published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition found that eating a whole-food, plant-based diet is more economical than a diet that relies on meat (even when cheaper cuts are bought) and dairy products. Tips to help the budget? Buy your ingredients locally and seasonally.



‘There is nothing more exciting than learning how to control your diet using the power of the mind and educating yourself,’ says Noeleen. ‘Transitioning can be slow and requires work, but the choice is yours if you want to make an effort.’ A plant-based diet needn’t be restrictive or repetitive if you challenge yourself to try new food combinations, ingredients, and methods of cooking. Foods with a lack of taste are boring, true. Spices and herbs are the ultimate partners for a plant-based diet.


Nope, but you will lose fat eating a plant-based diet, says Noeleen. The reason for this myth may stem from that fact that many in the fitness industry promote a high-protein diet

health & wellness | PLANT BASED DIETS

and protein supplements to build mass. We naturally gain muscle by working on them, but it’s true that our ability to grow them comes from the amount of food we need to grow mass as an individual, explains Noeleen. ‘A balanced meal includes 70% carbohydrates, 15% protein, and 15% fat per meal. If gaining muscle mass is your focus some individuals may need


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

to eat up to six times a day and even then eat greater portions than others, but everyone can maintain muscle mass on a plant-based diet,’ says Noeleen.



Feeling hungry and having a craving are different things, explains Noeleen. ‘When your food choices have

consisted of high fats and processed foods, removing them from your diet can lead to cravings. Fats keep us satiated, and when they are removed, we do feel the void. Our bodies almost have a withdrawal reaction to the lack of chemicals in our system when we drop processed foods too,’ says Noeleen. Taking daily doses of chromium, zinc and magnesium can help reduce the feelings, she says.

The Children

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health & wellness | SUPERFOODS

Superfoods: THE BENEFITS OF INCLUDING SUPERFOODS WITHIN YOUR DIET Eating a nutritious diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, are one of the most important parts of living a healthy lifestyle. Some foods are more beneficial to our health than most. We refer to them as “superfoods.” BY MARIZA HALLIDAY


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

health & wellness | SUPERFOODS


There is no exact definition of what makes a “superfood.” However, superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that provide large quantities of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  In addition to this they all contain one or more of the following: • Healthy fats thought to prevent heart disease • Fibre which helps to prevent diabetes and aid in relieving digestive problems

• Phytochemicals which have numerous health benefits


The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods can help your body ward off diseases and keep you healthier. Different superfoods bring different benefits, but here are a few advantages your body can look forward to if you enjoy a balanced diet rich in superfoods:

• Aids digestion • Fights cancer • Fights heart disease • Protects organs from toxins • Lowers cholesterol • Regulates metabolism • Reduces inflammation in the body


The following are common foods on superfood lists and including these in your diet will put you well on your way a healthier lifestyle in no time:

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health & wellness | SUPERFOODS

• Berries – These are full of vitamins, soluble fibre and phytonutrients. These are nutrients in plants that offer many benefits. Blueberries are popular superfoods, but strawberries and cranberries are also very healthy. • Kale – Kale contains high amounts of vitamins A, C and K. It also has fibre, calcium and other minerals. It’s a great addition to any meal for a nutrient punch. Other green cruciferous vegetables such as Swiss chard, collards, mustard greens, spinach, cabbages and broccoli are also considered excellent sources of nutrition. • Sweet potato, pumpkin or squash – These are excellent sources of fibre, vitamin A and other minerals. They are low in calories, and they are naturally a little sweeter than other vegetables so no need to add extra sugar or butter. • Salmon – Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Other fatty fish that offer similar benefits include tuna, sardines and mackerel.  • Avocados - Avocados are one of the easiest and most delicious superfoods to infuse into your diet. They reportedly provide the body with significant help in reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). • Ginger – Ginger is a well-known immune booster and helps fight infection, plus it’s believed to help protect against cancer. • Natural yoghurt - A good quality natural yoghurt is generally full of good bacteria, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, protein, vitamin B12,


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magnesium and phosphate. The good bacteria, or probiotics, helps boost digestive health and improves the immune system to help your body fight-off infections. • Tea - High in antioxidants, black and green tea can assist and safeguard your heart and boost your mood. • Cacao - Cacao is the raw form of one of our favourite sweet treats — chocolate. Beans from the cacao tree are dried, fermented and minimally processed, and they are an excellent source of fibre, magnesium

WHAT MAKES SUPERFOOD “SUPER” Also known as a “functional food” because it refers to the food’s ability to affect more target functions of the body than just those that aid basic survival, superfoods consist of the following key elements: • Clean protein • Vitamins • Minerals • Enzymes • Antioxidants • Good fats • Essential fatty acids • Amino acids •A  lso rich in phytochemicals which are known to have disease-fighting properties. Basically, a superfood’s nutrient composition (vitamins, antioxidants and minerals) is notably higher than what the body’s basic nutritional needs for survival require.

and iron. Cacao also contains flavanoids associated with elevated mood and cognitive function.  


While some superfoods may offer an extra advantage to healthy eating, diversity and moderation are equally essential to our nutritional requirements. It’s important to note that while superfoods are good for your health and provide many nutrients you need daily, eating superfoods alone does not contribute to a healthy diet. Eating too much of one type of food can be detrimental to your health and prevent you from getting all the nutrients you need. For this reason, superfoods should be added to a wellbalanced diet, not replace one.



food & fitness | CYCLING

POWER to the Pedal

Getting fit as a family, two wheels at a time. With products on the market such as toddler bike seats and trailers, it’s easier than ever to go cycling as a unit. We explore the benefits of two wheels for the family. By Taryn Dekel


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food & fitness | CYCLING


Modern parenting requires us to schedule in down time. Crazy, right? But all too realistic for most of us. Having a regular cycling date with the whole clan will encourage conversation and strengthen the family bond. You’ll find yourself having conversations outside the home on a bike ride that might not occur normally.


While you’re having fun and exploring the neighbourhood you can kill two birds with one stone by getting fit as a family. Exercising in a group with an informal setting will hardly even feel like exercise but you’ll reap all the benefits. Cycling together will also encourage your children to maintain a healthy lifestyle from their formative years right through to adulthood.


Exercise in general has amazing stress relief benefits but being outside in nature can improve your mood, increase vitamin D consumption and reduce sleep disorders. Cycling can increase stamina, strength, and aerobic fitness but even a lazy ride around the block can improve your general well-being.

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food & fitness | CYCLING


Cycling as a family can introduce much needed activity for the modern child. Often found with a head buried in an iPad or fixated on an X-Box, getting your child out of the house and on a bike will do wonders. Lead by example and show your children how it’s done. Very often buying additional gear such as special gloves or personalized water bottles can add that extra bit of encouragement to get everything going. Don’t make the mistake of waiting till your children are older to pursue cycling as a form of exercise; there are various products on the market to help parents with small children get active on a bicycle with children in tow.


Most of us know our way home, but do we really know where we live and what our neighbourhood looks like? Bike riding offers a unique opportunity to explore your neighbourhood. You’re travelling at a slower pace and are able to identify landmarks and important buildings. This is a way for your children to rely less on GPS by navigating their way home by themselves.


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Once you’ve made the decision to cycle as a clan, you’ll discover various events such as those hosted by Like2Bike or the Pedal Power Association. Like2Bike specialises in promoting and organising kids cycling and running events and they also aim to nurture early cycling development and skills. Their events are aimed at 2-14 year olds and are not connected to an adult cycling event. The Pedal Power Association founded in 1976 is a Public Benefit Organisation committed to promoting cycling and the interests of cyclists. Recreational cycling (on- and off-road),

development through cycling, safe cycling and advocacy are among the PPA’s priorities. Visit and and get cycling! Most important tip: HAVE FUN AS A FAMILY!

CYCLING SAFETY TIPS FOR CHILDREN • Your child must always wear a helmet to protect their face, head and brain if your child falls off their bike. • Put reflective stickers on your child’s helmet and bicycle to increase visibility. • Speak to a knowledgeable cycling consultant about choosing the right bike for your child’s height and weight. • Ensure that your child wears bright and form fitting clothing when cycling to increase visibility to avoid getting clothes caught in their bike chain. • Children should never wear headphones while cycling as this minimises their hearing capacity. • Children younger than 10 years old should always ride on pavements than on main roads.




ur incredibly busy lives and the moments we really appreciate are those that we can build memories on, those we spend together as a family. But how do we find those moments when we are separated by electronic devices that seem to rule the world in this millennium? Well, by getting outdoors, of course. By breathing in fresh air and absorbing the beautiful surrounds whilst getting the rubber side down. That’s exactly what Like2Bike, a kids events and skills clinic company, does. Operating since 2013, we offer both mountain bike and duathlon distances for kids aged 2 -14 to participate in. Currently active in Johannesburg, we are working on going national to open opportunities for more families to get outdoors, experience the trails


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that SA has to offer whilst sharing the love for the sport. Each Like2Bike event has a character interacting with the kids, sending them out on either duathlon or MTB distances. 15,10,5 and 2km FUN distances where parents can participate with their children are a favourite. For those kids that have gained experience within the series, they go alone while Mom and Dad wait at the finish line to receive them with smiles, hugs and immense pride. The 3 difference duathlons on offer include the POWER Duathlon: 2km Run, 10km MTB, 1km Run. The MID Duathlon: 1km Run, 5km MTB, 500m Run and LITE Duathlon: 500m Run, 2km MTB and 250m Run. A heartwarming sight for us as the organizers are the families united as they tear across the start line and finish hand in hand and

children blossom and grow in confidence and ability. We challenge schools to get involved and work toward the ultimate title of ‘Series Champion top school’. Extra murals also offer the children the chance to get to know their bicycles and abilities and a full range of kids gear and bicycles is available. The dynamic team of Kirsty and Smish are waiting to get you and your families out and about, nurture early cycling development and skills whilst fostering a love for the sport and outdoors, building confidence and skill and getting to cross the middle line where the advantages are in abundance. Be the potential. See the potential. Families unite. For more info: WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!

food & fitness | PLANT BASED RECIPES

my vegetarian braai Yummy recipes to broaden the horizons of every braaier!


MY VEGETARIAN BRAAI With more than 90 tried-andtested, delicious and easy recipes, you will be able to satisfy the taste buds of every guest that sits at your table, whether you are vegetarian or vegan. Even meat eaters will be seduced by these tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes which make brilliant side dishes to accompany any meal. My Vegetarian Braai by Adele Maartens is published by Struik Lifestyle, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Available at bookstores nationwide at the recommended retail price of R325.


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food & fitness | PLANT BASED RECIPES

Harissa tofu & grilled peach salad

The spicy Moroccan harissa lifts tofu to another dimension. This salad can also be served in a wrap as a lunch snack with a drizzle of lemon-flavoured olive oil and rocket. Ingredients • 500 g extra firm tofu • 2 Tbsp harissa paste • 2 Tbsp tamari • 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil • Juice of 1 lime • 3 fresh peaches, halved and pitted • 1 packet (35 g) nut and seed sprinkles • Fresh rocket to garnish Method 1. Place the tofu on kitchen paper and press to remove as much moisture a possible.

2. Combine the harissa, tamari, olive oil and lime juice in a blender and blend well. 3. Place the tofu in a shallow bowl and pour in the harissa mixture. 4. Make sure the tofu is completely covered with the harissa mixture. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 4 hours. 5. Make sure the grill is clean and well-oiled and the coals are medium to hot heat (about 180°C). 6. Place the tofu on the braai grid and braai for 5 minutes, turning by 90 degrees halfway through

Serves 4

the cooking time to form a crisscross pattern if you like. 7. Turn the tofu over and braai for 5 minutes, again turning it by 90 degrees halfway through the cooking time. Cut the tofu into cubes, if preferred. 8. Place the peach halves on the braai grid for 2 minutes. Remove from the braai and leave to cool. 9. Mix the tofu with the peaches, sprinkle with the nut and seed mix, garnish with the rocket and serve as a side salad

Moroccan-style chickpea keftas with lemon & mint raita & mini flatbreads These keftas can be served as a quick snack or you can pop a couple of them into a pita pocket as your main meal and serve with a side salad.

Ingredients • For the raita • ½ English cucumber • 1 cup Bulgarian yoghurt • 1 cup fresh mint, chopped • 2 Tbsp grated lemon zest For the keftas • 1 packet bamboo skewers • 1 can (400 g) chickpeas, drained and rinsed • ½ cup canned black beans • ¼ cup dried breadcrumbs • ½ onion, diced • ½ cup chopped fresh parsley • ½ cup chopped fresh coriander • ½ cup chopped fresh mint • 1 tsp ground cumin • 1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary • 1 tsp smoked paprika • Sea salt flakes and freshly ground

black pepper • 1 egg • Extra virgin olive oil • 1 packet flatbreads Method 1. To make the raita, grate the cucumber, wrap it in a tea towel and squeeze out the excess water. Mix the cucumber with the remaining raita ingredients and refrigerate to serve later once chilled. Soak the bamboo skewers for 1 hour while preparing the keftas. 2. In a food processor, pulse the chickpeas until roughly chopped and place them in a mixing bowl. Stir in the black beans and the breadcrumbs. 3. Add the rest of the kefta

Serves 10

ingredients, except the olive oil and flatbreads, and stir well. If the mixture is not wet enough to form a firm ball, add a drizzle of olive oil. 4. Take a palmful of the mixture and press it around the skewer, then roll it lightly to form a sausage. You can decide how big or small you would like to have each sausage. Repeat until all the skewers are done. 5. Place on a braai grid over medium-hot coals and braai for 4 – 6 minutes until cooked, turning regularly. 6. Serve with your favourite warm flatbreads and zingy lemon and mint raita.

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PREP, EAT, L VE The concept of prepping is inspired by busy people who want to make the best out of food-related situations. The idea of prepping is that you use a couple of hours one day a week to pre-prepare several of the meals you plan to eat throughout the week.




Carrot soup


Chili con carne


Pasta genovese


Indian curry

PREP TIP: Make veggie pasta with the spiralizer

PREP TIP: Fry onions and sprinkle over soup

Meat grinder

PREP TIP: Use the pasta maker to roll out nan!

Food processor

Pasta maker

With some hours of prepping every Sunday you will see how the weekday dinners run smoothly. With the magic of the Kitchen Aid Culinary Center you open a window to a world of opportunities to make quick, satisfying dinners for the whole family. All it takes is a little prep and a little planning.

Slicer & shredder

food & fitness | PLANT BASED RECIPES

Polenta tart

Serves 6-8

This is a modern and delicious twist on ‘pap en sous’. The topping options are really endless. Prepare the baby marrows and brinjals on the braai while the polenta bakes, so that they are ready to go on top as soon as the polenta has cooled.

Ingredients • 4 cups vegetable stock • 2 cups water • 1½ cups instant polenta • 100 g parmesan cheese, grated • 1 Tbsp fresh thyme leaves • Sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper • 1 jar (130 g) basil pesto • ½ red onion, thinly sliced • 10 baby marrows, sliced lengthways and braaied over coals • 15 slices brinjal, braaied over coals • 15 pitted calamata olives • 15 strips charred or pickled sweet peppers • 10 roasted tomatoes • 5 sundried tomatoes, halved • 5 pieces bocconcini, torn • Fresh basil leaves to garnish Method 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C. 2. Grease a 27 cm loose-bottomed quiche pan. 3. Place the stock and water in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Add the polenta while whisking constantly. 4. Cook, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes until thickened. Add the parmesan, thyme and seasoning and stir while on the heat until well combined. Pour into the quiche pan and bake for 25 minutes until slightly crisp on the top. 5. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 20 minutes in the pan. 6. Carefully remove the tart from the pan, place on a serving platter and spread the top with the pesto. 7. Arrange the rest of the ingredients on top of the tart and garnish with basil leaves. Serve immediately.


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Mushrooms add off-the-chart flavour Meaty, umami-rich mushrooms are the perfect braai partners for both carnivores and vegetarians. These lip-smacking nuggets of delicious goodness are packed with flavour, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals but low in kilojoules and sodium and are fat and cholesterol free. So pile them high when you braai because they fill you up but will never fill you out! Go to for all our braai recipes Follow us on: FreshMushroomsSA @freshmushroomssa This is a South African Mushroom Farmers’ initiative.


Morish mushrooms are marvellous

food & fitness | SWEET TREATS

Sweet Treats with Freesweet The new sugar replacement, Freesweet contains no artificial ingredients, tastes delicious and bakes beautifully! Freesweet replaces sugar 1:1 ratio in all recipes – from beverages to baking and is available in two delightful flavours – Original and Vanilla.

By Cat Barker from Le Famished Cat Blog



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food & fitness | SWEET TREATS

Gluten & Sugar-Free Churro Sticks

An easy recipe to make Gluten & Sugar-Free Churro Sticks, using the new Freesweet Sugar replacement range. Ingredients For Churro Sticks • 65g macadamia nut flour • 30g coconut flour • 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk fibre • 1 teaspoon xanthan gum • 250ml water • 60g butter • 3 tablespoons of Freesweet Vanilla • 2 small eggs, lightly beaten • 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence Toppings • Sugar-free chocolate, melted • ¼ cup Freesweet Vanilla • 1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon

Method 1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper and grease with baking spray 2. In a medium bowl, sift together macadamia flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk and xanthan gum. Set aside. 3. Heat up water, butter and sweetener in a medium pot until mixture is simmering. Lower heat and add in flour mixture, mixing to incorporate. Continue to cook and stir until the dough pulls away from the pan (2 minutes) 4. T ransfer dough back to the bowl and cool for 5 minutes. The dough should still be warm, but

Makes 10-15 sticks

not hot enough to cook the eggs. 5. Add in one egg at a time, mixing until fully incorporated and then finally mix in vanilla extract 6. T he final dough should still be stiff, elastic and form into a ball easily 7. Allow the dough to rest until it cools to room temperature 8.Spoon dough into a piping bag with a star tip and pipe out sticks onto the prepared baking tray 9. Bake for 20 minutes, until golden brown 10. Brush with melted butter right out of the oven and sprinkle with cinnamon ‘sugar’ and dip in chocolate if desired. Enjoy these treats the same day.

Gluten and Sugar-Free Coconut Cake with Berries This Coconut Cake screams summer! It is dense, super moist, piled with dairy free cream and berries and so delish it is virtually impossible to have just one piece! Well, there is no need to feel too guilty because this yummy summer cake is Gluten and sugar-free. The mixture is a combination of almond and coconut flours, which gives the cake a rich coconutty flavour and the sweetness comes from the addition of Freesweet, a new sugar-free alternative. This recipe creates an easy one-layer cake, but if you double the mixture, you can easily create a layered cake. Ingredients • 170g unsalted butter • ½ cup Freesweet sugar replacement • 3 medium eggs • ½ milk (can use almond milk) • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence • 1 ½ cups almond flour • ½ cup coconut flour • 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder (gluten free if you can find) • ½ teaspoon baking soda For the topping • 250ml dairy-free whipping cream • 1 teaspoon Freesweet • Berries

Method 1. Preheat your oven to 180° 2. Grease a medium sized cake pan and line the bottom with baking paper 3. Cream together the butter, vanilla essence and Freesweet until light and fluffy - you can do this in a stand mixer or by hand using a whisk 4. Add the eggs (one at a time), mixing until incorporated 5. Add almond milk and mix until incorporated. 6. In a separate bowl, whisk together the ground almond, coconut flour, baking powder and baking soda

7. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix thoroughly. Do not panic. It may not look like cake batter at this point 8. Spoon the batter into your prepared pan and bake for 35 to 40 minutes, but you will know the cake is ready as it will be golden brown and starting to pull away from the sides 9. Let the cake cool in the pan for an hour 10. Whip dairy-free cream with a teaspoon of Freesweet and pile on top of the cake, and then top with berries 11. Best eaten on that day, but will stay fresh for 3 days on average

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food & fitness | SWEET TREATS

Freesweet Peanut Butter & Cocoa Ice Lollies Makes 6 ice lollies depending on the lolly mould

If you are looking for a healthy, refreshing and creamy dessert to cool down after a braai, these dairy and sugar-free ice-lollies are for you. You only need a few ingredients and ice lolly moulds to make these delicious treats. The lollies contain coconut milk, smooth sugar-free peanut butter, vanilla essence, Freesweet Sugar Replacement and cocoa powder. Ingredients • 1 can coconut milk • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence • 100g smooth, sugar-free peanut butter • 1/3 cup Freesweet • 1 heaped tablespoon cocoa powder, unsweetened Method 1. Empty the whole can of coconut milk and vanilla essence into a blender or bowl 2. Add the Freesweet and peanut butter. Blend until smooth if using a blender, or whisk until smooth if using a bowl. A blender is a lot easier to use. 3. Pour half of the mixture into a separate bowl. 4. Add the cocoa powder to the remaining half and blend until combined 5. Pour one mix into the bottom halves of the popsicle moulds 6. Follow with the other mix to create two layers 7. Add the ice lolly sticks and freeze until set 8. To remove the ice lollies from their moulds easily, remove from freezer 5 - 10 minutes before serving

Freesweet is available at all leading retail outlets.

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“nou gaan ons braai” South Africans young and old have been enjoying this revered tradition for decades, and it is definitely a custom to pass on to the generations to come. With the perfect entertainment area, you are sure to create memories to cherish forever!


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hat’s better than wood crackling, a chop and some boerie or a nice Tofu steak on the grid, accompanied by the good old potato bake and a fresh green salad with a nice cold beverage in hand, shared with family and friends! With a well-planned braai area, your home can become a focus of enjoyable afternoons, casual conversation and much laughter, here are some top tips to spruce up your outdoor patio and braai area to make the most of the summer soiree’s:

That thatch A thatch lapa and entertainment area is not just aesthetically beautiful but also highly affordable, can provide the perfect shade and shelter from the elements all year round, and is environmentally friendly. Your thatch entertainment area can be any shape and size and can be open or closed in and adds a real touch of creativity to your outdoor entertainment area.

Maintenance and life span A thatched roof requires proper maintenance and has to be replaced after about 15 years. Regular checks for out-of-place straw prevents hosting some uninvited wildlife. Shedding is normal and once the thickness of the layer is reduced to 3/4 of its original size, a new layer of straw should be installed on top of the old one.

Clad is Rad


Take your braai area to the next level with stylish cladding to complement a modern ambience, indoors or outside. A beautiful cladded entertainment area will add a wonderfully textured finish, creating a memorable and inviting braai area. Stone cladding is available in a wide range of colours, including light golden, cream, beige, charcoal, and yellow.

The Wood Fired Pizza Oven Make the most of your outdoor space by buying a pizza oven which will give outdoor cooking a whole new meaning. Whether it be a masonry oven or a mobile one, professionalgrade or family oriented,but an AVIN will take your cooking skills to the next level, the only one you will ever need!

A long lifespan A wood-fired oven is a worthy investment for the long run, provided that you keep it in tip-top shape with regular cleaning and maintenance.


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“We are creating something that we love, and it shows in the product” AVIN DESIGN OPTIONS: • Colour Coated: There are 12 selections of standard colours

to select from, however special colour requests are welcomed for possible creation. • Standard colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black & Pearl white. • Pastel Range: Cotton Candy, Mint Cream, Purple Pudding, Bubblegum Blue & Yellow Butter • All of them available in a Shimmer Gloss or Matt


Oven Specifications Outside dimensions - 920mm W x 630mm L x 580 H. 82kg Fits 2 large (30cm) pizzas with ease


Oven Specifications Outside dimensions - 920mm W x 880mm L x 580 H. 150kg Fits42 large (30cm) pizzas with ease

Food, Family, Friends • AVIN a good time • Pizza in 60 seconds • Cook and bake anything


Mood changers Having the correct lighting strategically placed in your garden, will set the mood and highlight special features, as well as ensure the garden areas are functional for entertaining by allowing guests to move around freely. There’s no need to bombard the garden with lights though. Lanterns around the house and pool area will bring up the ambient light and you can then make use of spotlights as task lighting, directed onto the braai so you can tell your lamb chop from your braai-broodjie.

The Highlights String lights, whether solar or electric, are great to accentuate areas under pergolas, garden seating and pretty arches or highlight the structural shape of a particularly lovely tree.

Reasons to own a Pergola

The Pergola Pergolas are more open than gazebos and can work really well in small spaces. Of course, you don’t have to stick to the traditional octagon gazebo or square pergola when designing your outdoor space. Whatever seems unique and appealing to you can work. This is the new tradition in creating a modern feel while incorporating a classic idea into your back yard.


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• T hey create a definite space: A pergola adds definition to your backyard and creates an entertainment lounge or a dining area if you do not have a deck or patio. • T hey add value: According to experts, you can add as much as 20 percent to your home with attractive landscaping and unlike gazebos, pergolas are extremely affordable, but can add immense value to your home. • T hey can be made with different materials: A pergola is highly affordable and can be built with a variety of materials like metal, cedar, and even vinyl. •Y  ou can combine it with other structures: One of the best things about a pergola is that it can be used as a lead-in to other structures like verandas or gazebos or from your back door, creating an eyecatching outdoor living area.

The Candylwood signature aroma, a blend of six pure essential oils - Cape May, Rose Geranium, Lime, Lemon Verbena, Patchouli and Amyris (from the Candlewood Tree) is infused in its range of handcrafted natural products; soy candles, room sprays, essential oils, ceramic burners, soaps, and notebooks/journals. The fragrance is distinct, uniquely individual and has at times been accused of being a bit addictive. It lifts the mind beyond the ordinary and inspires a yearning to be spectacular. The effect is delightfully uplifting. Everything about Candylwood is intimate, particularly in the way each product is crafted and packaged in the forests of the Crags in the Western Cape. We believe the intimate touch of the hand adds to their uniqueness. The candles, made with Soy Wax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and the signature essential oil blend, are hand-poured into containers. This blend of oils creates a great body moisturiser

and can be applied after burning, while the wax is soft. The soaps are completely natural and made by hand in the long-winded old-fashioned way. The linen/room sprays are blended using pure rainwater. The paper used for the notebooks and journals is either recycled or stone paper, and yes, the paper is genuinely made from crushed stone. Some believe that extraordinary things are discovered upon the blank page. When putting pen to the smooth, silky stone paper, thoughts, ideas and dreams flow with ease. The book covers are recycled newspaper covered with a fine quality linen or cotton fabric, woven locally in the Crags, by Mungo. All packaging is handmade using recycled/biodegradable materials. Candylwood recycles, upcycles & reuses. Our firm commitment is to be kind to the earth and, we will, no matter how inconvenient or expensive, choose the earthfriendly option.

Tanye Pittaway: 073 345 9600 | Sharron Toop: 082 295 6064 |


Nest egg hanging swing chair – twig pattern, KNUS R13730

Pharos dining table, Weylandts, R19995

Sagaform Birdy Hanging Ceramic Bird Feeder, Yuppiechef R499 Weber orinal tongs, Yuppiechef R399 Monkeying around scatter, SHF R690

set the


Add new life to your entertainment area with these fab décor pieces. Disque pendant, SHF R2490 MOP embellished salad server, Poetry R350 Limited edition Agave art, KNUS R10995

Wuxi pot, turquoise, Block& Chisel R1495

Sheffield 2 seater sofa, Block & Chisel R16 995


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Pastel Aqua

Robbia Blue

Available in all leading retail stores

Pool Linen

local travel | OVERBERG


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local travel | OVERBERG

The Overberg region

Old-fashioned town discoveries It’s that time of the year when many flock to the Overberg region for whale watching season and to escape city life. Nestled just over the mountains in Southern Cape, the Overberg will take your breath away with its natural wonders and quaint towns. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, romantic getaway or solocation this region is the perfect holiday destination. By Tamara Toti

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local travel | OVERBERG


ermanus and its neighbouring villages were recently included in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The municipal area of the Overstrand has been named a Creative City of Gastronomy – the third South African destination after Cape Town and Durban to achieve this recognition – taking its place alongside international cities of Gastronomy like Parma - Italy, San Antonio - USA, Phuket - Thailand and Bergen - Norway.The ocean drive from Rooiels to Kleinmond and onward to Hermanus, Stanford and Gansbaai has been turned into a “culinary coastline”, with many small producers, farmers, wineries, breweries, farm stalls and eateries.

Kick off your trip with a visit to the Kogelberg Nature Reserve in the heart of the beautiful Cape Nature Reserve. This reserve offers visitors exceptional diversity and an unmatched beauty. There are also many old-fashioned

cafè’s along the way - Peregrine Farm Stall is a popular lunch spot - make a stop and enjoy homemade meals, a firm favourite is definitely their homemade pies!


Driving into the heart of the whale coast, you’ll be taken aback by its exquisite mountain backdrop and old town charm. Popular for its whale watching hot spots, culture, history and natural beauty, each year hundreds visit the area to see the majestic Southern Right Whale. Typically, these beauties visit from June to December but sometimes stay until late January. During this season the town comes alive with specially planned whale watching tours and the Annual Whale Festival in September. You can also


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

local travel | OVERBERG

River Cheese Farm. Another must see whilst in Stanford, is the Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary, an educational centre for big cats.

choose to experience the beauty of the town by exploring its walking and hiking trails, visit museums to learn about the town’s history or relax at Hermanus’ pristine beaches and treat yourself to a meal at one of the many excellent restaurants.


A beautiful riverside village, Stanford is identified by its well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian styled houses. A treasure trove of antique


absolute mama | ISSUE 5

shops, with famous restaurants and quaint coffee shops that will impress your taste buds, or take the pleasure of sipping on world-class wine at one of the award-winning vineyards. This tranquil destination has some of the finest bird watching spots with over 200 bird species. If you are looking for more adventurous activities, take to the Klein River for some kayaking or book a cruise up the river on the African Queen. For travellers seeking a fun outing for the whole family, pay a visit to the Klein


Located at the most southern tip of Africa, and where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet, the coastal town of L’Agulhas or Cape Agulhas as it’s commonly known, is only an hour drive from Stanford and two and half hours from Cape Town. The rocky land of Cape Agulhas is one of the most peaceful towns in the region, that is not to say you won’t be kept busy. The area has been proclaimed a National Park and is home to a diverse marine life. You’ll find the famous red

local travel | OVERBERG

and white lighthouse, which you can visit to experience incredible views of the town from the top. Take a dip at the lagoon, go for a hike or mountain biking on one of the picturesque trails. Foodies, visit the Black Oyster Catcher Winery for a culinary experience and visit Meisho Maru shipwreck to hear stories of the old boating days.

surrounded by fishermen’s thatch cottages, lies Arniston, a small seaside village. This explorer’s paradise is among the most popular whale watching hotspots. This national monument is perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. Also, visit De Hoop Marine Nature Reserve or go snorkelling. Spend some time sand boarding over the dunes or rejuvenate your spirit by taking a walk and enjoy the picturesque fisherman cottages of Kassiesbaai. Fishermen in the area still go fishing for the catch of the day prepare to get the freshest dishes in the town’s restaurants.



Nestled among unspoilt dunes, flanked by white beaches and

Hidden away in the Langeberg Mountains and surrounded by the

Breede river, Swellendam, the third oldest town in the Western Cape, brings together the seven towns in the greater Swellendam area. This area’s unique character tells historical stories of the trade routes with a farming community that has something for each traveller. A visit to the area can include day tours to Proteas, Whales or take time out for a rain forest massage. For the outdoorsy traveller, enjoy hiking or mountain biking excursions. Treat yourself to a wine tasting tour and enjoy the locally made Wildebraam Berry Liquer. The Overberg region is an A-lister South African destination, perfect if you’re looking for a place of adventure, serenity and natural beauty.

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international travel | SPAIN

The Kingdom of Spain The land of Siesta, Paella, over 8000 kilometres of beach and a family-friendly destination! Spain is a treat to visit with its colourful culture and food to satisfy the fussiest eater. Spain oozes with passion and makes for a great destination to create those special family memories. By Tamara Toti


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international travel | SPAIN

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international travel | SPAIN

Sunrise from Park Guell, Barcelona


pain is a beautiful and interesting country divided into regions, each with its own unique customs, food, festivals and language, the same goes for the climate. The Spaniards love visitors, hosting strangers, drinking good wine, laughing and enjoying a good meal whilst celebrating life. People just aren’t in a rush here. A famous saying is ‘Barriga llena, corazón contento’, which translates to “A full belly and a happy heart”!


The key to having a great holiday in Spain is to plan early and the best time to visit is during Spring when there are fewer crowds, accommodation is cheaper and it’s the best time to hit the beach. Avoid visiting in April and September as it becomes overcrowded. The Spaniards welcome kids in their restaurants with many being smoking- free. You can expect hotel staff to be friendly and fluent in English. Each hotel has free Wi-Fi and some have bicycles for hire, which is great for sightseeing.


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The Bioparc,



Valencia is Spain’s best kept secret and the third largest city with five neighbourhoods for you to choose from - consider staying in Ciutat Vella the heart and soul of Valencia. Nicknamed the City of Arts and Science, the city’s landscape has stunning architecture that tells a story of its past and future. Pedestrian and stroller friendly, Valencia is small enough for you to walk from place to place. The city is full of fun activities, such as science exhibitions and everyone will love the underwater world of L’Oceanografic and the

FIRST THINGS FIRST Before you book, ensure that everyone has a valid passport for at least three months from your departure date. Spain is part of the borderless region known as the Schengen Area and South African passport holders require a Schengen visa as well as valid travel insurance in order to enter Spain. Spain’s health and emergency services are of an excellent quality and are available to visitors.

international travel | SPAIN

Bioparc Valencia, a unique zoo where the animals live in big open spaces, similar to their natural habitats. Visit the museums scattered around the city, or cycle through the beautiful green Turia Gardens and have fun in the sun at one of the beaches in the area.


Not only is it the capital of Spain, but because it is situated 2180ft above sea level, the Spaniards rightly say it is the nearest thing to heaven.Madrid is the most popular travel destination in Spain because it’s home to the Spanish Royal family, it has incredible sights such as the Royal Palace and Picasso’s best work and let’s not forget that the city is home to the football team, Real Madrid. Football

fanatic or not, you have to visit the Real Madrid stadium. The city has several neighbourhoods to choose from - many of these neighbourhoods are compact and thus no tedious, long walks. Paseo del Prado offers the perfect family accommodation. There’s lots to see too; visit the Wax Museum to see statues of famous

footballers, actresses and celebs. Another must-see is the Warner Brothers Movie World theme park and don’t forget to visit one of the amazing tapas bars. Spain’s tapas is said to be delish!


Visit Barcelona to experience a cultural diversity like no other. The city offers visitors a cosmopolitan urban feel, with the most picturesque villages and landscapes. To enjoy the pleasures of the city, choose a central location - El Born, Gothic Quarter and Eixample - are firm favourites. Also, Gaudi’s fabled architecture marks the skyline apart from any other. Barcelona has loads to offer families. With the beach a short walk from the centre, you can easily enjoy a day of building sandcastles and also visit the chocolate museum where you can sign up for a chocolate-

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international travel | SPAIN

The Metropol Parasol, Seville

making class. There are also many interactive exhibits and gardens to visit, the Parc d’Atraccions will entertain both young and old. For the foodies at heart, you’ll be glad to know that Barcelona has the best to offer in seafood and traditional cuisine.


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Known as the historic centre of Spain, Seville has stunning Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance architecture that speaks of days gone by. Visitors to the area will be treated to a wealth of attractions and a guarantee of superb weather with its steamy-hot summers

and mild winters. The Metropol Parasol is by far the favourite attraction in the area, also known as the ‘mushrooms of Seville’ and the largest wooden construction in the world. Designed by the German architect, Jürgen Mayer, this wooden construction doesn’t only cover the square, but on top of the parasols, there is a special walkway and a terrace with a beautiful panoramic view. Metropol Parasol also offers an archaeological museum, shops, several bars and restaurants. A stroll across the Metropol Parasol is certainly worthwhile during your trip to Seville. Seville is also home to one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals and kids are sorted with plenty of activities to keep them entertained too. The city of Seville is made up of maze-like streets and tall buildings. Take a walk with the kids and spend time admiring this beauty. Visit Maria Luisa Park and Plaza de Espana and have the kids enjoy a day of boating and exploring. Plan to see the Royal Alcazar, spend some time at Seville Aquarium or enjoy a sweet treat at one of the excellent restaurants. Planning a family trip with the kids can be tricky, but if you’re going to be visiting Spain, why not try planning your trip with the help of Costsaver, they will make your time in Spain special and memorable.







Iberian explorer

parenthood | DADDY DIARIES


I 108

LIVING By Alasdair Cunningham

was going to add the word ‘Dangerously’ to the title, but that’s not how we roll here at Daddy Diaries, we like to keep

absolute mama | ISSUE 5

things at a more sedate pace. Not because I’m anxious or scared, but because I feel ancient and my kids are young, and it’s easier if they keep up

with me than the other way around. Don’t get me wrong; we still have loads of fun. Bikes get ridden, knees and elbows get scraped, and

parenthood | DADDY DIARIES

sometimes tears are even spilt, and even though it’s always me that’s getting hurt and doing the crying, we still manage to have a marvelous time, and they get to have a good laugh watching their old-man acting like a loon. You can do that with your kids you know, cut loose and act like an idiot. My favorite is reading them stories that I act out with ever-increasing levels of silliness by jumping on beds, pulling weird faces and putting on ridiculous voices for the various characters. I’m like Daniel Day-Lewis,

except for kids, and I’m doing Fantastic Mr Fox instead of the Gangs of New York. Another thing I love doing with the boys is my patent-pending, silly dances to loud music. I suppose all my dancing looks ridiculous because, well, I’m a Dad, with three left feet, whose moves my loving wife calls creepy. We pump the music up and cut loose, like Calvin and Hobbes, and for those few glorious moments I’m Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and John Travolta, all wrapped into one magnificent ball of unselfconscious fun. You wouldn’t catch me doing it outside the confines of the house though, but in front of my kids I get to play the fool because there’s nothing I won’t do to make them laugh. It’s not hard, making them laugh, just saying the word ‘bum’ to my boys makes them dissolve in paroxysms of mirth; it still makes me laugh too, so I have a sneaking suspicion that they’re probably not going to grow out of that any time soon. Also, having played the role of chauffeur on several school trips this year for both my sons and some of their class buddies, I can safely say that whatever conversation they are having, someone will ALWAYS slip in the word ‘poop’, come rain or shine. It must be ‘Kids Law’ or something. I was just relieved to find out that it wasn’t only my two reprobates that spoke like that. But we have lived this year, maybe not with crazy trips to Paris and other exotic climes, but with laughter, and picnics, and time on the beach, and also just by being there, with them, being present, not sticking my face in a cellular phone or worrying about work. That I like to keep to my own time like 3.00 am when I am trying to sleep. And speaking of years, this one has flown by like greased lightning. If it was a sandwich, it would have been devoured in two bites, nom-nom.

I take a certain amount of year-end satisfaction being able to look back at how much my boys have grown. Not just physically, but also emotionally over the last few months. The difficulties that my eldest faced starting Big School are all forgotten now, and I can honestly say that it hurt me far more than it hurt him having to leave him amongst his peers looking like a snot-covered tyke from the cast of Oliver or Les Miserables. But he got over it faster than I expected and was quick to chastise me in that ‘exasperated’ tone all kids learn at birth - that he was fine and he would see me later. Swimming lessons began in January, and my youngest has moved from looking like the Loch Ness monster wrestling an unseen foe in an aquatic fight to the death to two Loch Ness monsters in an aquatic fight to the death; we’re getting there. Baby steps... or Baby Shark steps should I say. Languages are being learned, and my wife and I can no longer spell things out to one another as the eldest has mastered that skill with remarkable ease. We’re just going to have to learn to keep our social commentary about the other parents until bedtime. ‘Kimometers’ has finally become kilometers, and whether it is a unit of speed, time or distance is anyone’s guess, as my boys use it very fluidly. I think that ‘How many kilometers to the weekend Dad?’ is a very valid question indeed. And on the biology front, we have gone from ‘What do you mean I can’t pick my nose in public?’ to ‘Dad, how many megalodons could Godzilla eat in one sitting?’ Yeah, it’s been a great year, even though it all feels like a bit of a blur. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to more of it next year. Who knows, I may even add the Dab and the Floss to my dance routine. Only time will tell.

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essentials | BOOKS

Summer READS A mysterious young girl with unexplainable powers, a yummy Christmas pudding and an enchanted magical frozen adventure awaits in this season’s top reads.


It’s the summer of 1969. The world is changing and Terry Ives isn’t content to watch from the side-lines. When word gets around about an important government experiment, she signs on as a test subject. But behind the walls of Hawkins National Laboratory and the piercing gaze of its director, Dr Martin Brenner, lurks a dark conspiracy. To face it, she’ll need the help of her fellow test subjects, including a mysterious young girl with unexplainable powers. . . Softcover | R195 | Penguin Random House UK


3-6 Winnie-The-Pooh: A Pudding for Christmas A.A. Milne

Christopher Robin has played with all his toys and read all his books... so what else is there left to do on a dark, wintry day? Make a Christmas pudding of course! All the friends from the Hundred Acre Wood gather to help make an enormous pudding, fit for a feast.

Paperback | R100 | Egmont

Frozen 2: An Enchanted Adventure

Emily Stead

Discover the magic of Frozen 2 in this unique digitally enhanced book. Explore the characters and the story of Frozen 2, and download the free app to unlock unique experiences and create your very own digital magic! Discover the world of Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven as never seen before. Hardback | R180 | Struik Children



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essentials | BOOKS


The Beautiful Ones Prince

From Prince himself comes the brilliant coming-of-age-and-intosuperstardom story of one of the greatest artists of all time. Featuring never-before-seen photos, original scrapbooks and lyric sheets and the exquisite memoir he began writing before his tragic death. This work is not just a tribute to Prince, but an original and energising literary work, full of Prince’s ideas and vision, his voice and image, his undying gift to the world. Hardcover | R485 | Penguin Random House

Amaryllis Fox was recruited by the CIA at the age of 21 in the aftermath of 9/11. After an intense training period –where she learns how to master a Glock, get out of flexi cuffs while in the trunk of a car, withstand torture and commit suicide in case of captivity –she is sent undercover to keep nuclear, biological and chemical weapons out of the hands of terror groups. Posing as an art dealer, she is sent on countless dangerous missions around the globe. Each time, the stakes become even higher and the risks more terrifying. Determined to stop the masterminds, Amaryllis’ quest will almost destroy her, until she realises that the only way to actually defeat the enemy is to have the courage to sit across from them… and listen. In this explosive first-hand account –filled with suspense and plot twists to rival Carrie Mathison in Homeland –Life Undercover is an edgy story of an undercover CIA operative, hunting the world’s most dangerous terrorists, using deception and disguises and dead drops in the night in order to protect our streets. Revealed in never-before-seen detail, Amaryllis offers compelling insight that can only come from having fought on the front lines. Softcover | R320 | Penguin Random House UK

The Flexitarian

Compiled by Julia Charles

This collection of deliciously simple recipes can be adapted to create food suitable for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and meat-eaters – the perfect cookbook for anyone wanting to embrace a more plant-based diet. Softcover | R290 | Struik Lifestyle

3-6 The South African Alphabet Alex Latimer

The South African Alphabet is not your typical ‘ABC’ book for children. It has been splendidly illustrated by Alex Latimer with illustrations on subjects unique to South Africa. Softcover | R80 | Puffin


absolute mama | ISSUE 5


K id s t r ave l for f r e e w it h M S C C r u i s e s! E ac h c h i ld u nde r t he a ge of e ig hte e n s h a r i ng a c abi n w it h t he i r p a r e nt s t r ave l s f r e e of c h a r ge * . W h i le on b o a r d you c a n e nj o y a c a r e f r e e vo y a ge , e x plor i ng t he mo s t b e aut i f u l de s t i n at ion s b y s e a a nd r e s t a s s u r e d t h at you r c h i ld r e n w i l l b e e nte r t a i ne d a nd t a ke n c a r e of f r om t he mome nt t he y s te p on - b o a r d . O u r v a r ie d K id s’ P r o g r a m me s i nc lude f a m i l y a nd s up e r v i s e d ac t i v it ie s , e xc it i ng e nte r t a i n me nt a nd s o c i a l e ve nt s t a i lor -m ade for fou r s e p a r ate a ge g r oup s . A l l c h i ld r e n s’ ac t i v it ie s a nd e nte r t a i n me nt a r e i nc lude d i n you r c r u i s e f a r e! Pl a n you r ne x t f a m i l y hol id ay on M S C C r u i s e s . A l l me a l s , ac c om mo d at ion a nd e nte r t a i n me nt a r e i nc lude d i n t he f a r e – R 3 0 0 0 s e c u r e s you r c a bi n! C a l l u s on 0 87 63 0 03 3 3 or v i s it u s on m s c c r u i s e s .c o. z a to f i nd out mor e .

Up to 2 kids under 18 years* travelling in the same cabin as their parents on local departures, cruise free only paying the mandatory charges. This offer is subject to the availability of 4 berth cabins. Not valid on Grand Voyage or international departures. For a detailed overview of all fares please visit our website

At the end of the day, it’s all about comfort Sweet dreams with the Maxi-Cosi Iora bedside sleeper, knowing your baby is only an arm’s reach away.

Get peace of mind after a long day, knowing that your baby is sleeping in luxury only an arm’s reach away. The Iora is sophisticated, adjustable and has the most comfortable mattress your baby could ever dream of. @maxicosisa Tel: 041 811 3355 for Trade Enquiries

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