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How to treat yourself without guilt

Nov 30, 2016 5 views

Would you like loose 5 kg per month? I'm talking about losing weight without Dieting and being able to treat yourself at the same time. Does it sound too good to be true? You may ask: “What is the catch?” There is no catch, no fancy gimmicks - just to know a healthy balance. In addition, you need to learn to love yourself... Yes, that’s right, you need to love and appreciate you, the way as you are. I have never been a believer in any type of Diet and you don’t need to worry I’m not going to give you another lesson on how to “eat healthy” as I am far from perfect myself. I am definitely not a Diet Guru so anything that you take from my advice may work for you and it may not. I can only tell you what works for me, what I believe in and how to keep a healthy balance. The fact is that these principles can be applied, not only to your diet but in other areas of your life too. It is important here, for me to add a word of caution.

I am guilty I was introduced to healthy eating when I was 18 and I learned what a big impact food has on our lives. I have watched very carefully what I eat, learn how my body reacts to different foods, etc. You can’t study your own body and diet like this without picking up an awful lot of information about food and how it affects our bodies - just name it and I can tell you! Don’t worry I am not obsessed with healthy food - much :-). So I knew that “you are what you eat”... that every time you eat something healthy your body gets vitamins but I was also aware that the opposite is also true. Every time you eat something unhealthy it is bad for your body – not only you are not getting the vitamins your body needs to function but you are using up precious resources processing the food you should have avoided – double whammy! Despite KNOWING this, I would tell myself: “Come on, you only live once! Just one time won’t hurt, why not?” So I did it!


Wouldn’t you know it... the only thing that bothered me was that red light inside my head, flashing madly every time I ate something “naughty” and the whole guilt process started. I would promise myself not do the same “mistake“again. I would go for about a week, or even sometimes for a whole month but there would come a point where I was craving something different from being “good”! Oh for some sweet, delicious, juicy, buttery, full of flavor and color, freshly baked, hmmm ... just to have 3 bites of something goooooood :-). Of course, I found what I was looking for with no effort at all – I usually just had to follow my nose (why does the food we should avoid smell so darn good?) and the red light popped up and the whole guilt process started again. If you have ever been on a diet, I’m sure you will have recognized yourself in this example – I think anybody who has tried to avoid the foods that are bad for them will recognize themselves in this example! You start out with such good intentions and have been so good for days or weeks and now? How could you do that? Where was the will power? You feel so guilty and like you have failed.

Treats with no guilt I was the same until I learned: it is OK to treat yourself. It is normal and treats are a part of a healthy diet. Treats are part of life. So be kind to yourself. It is important to treat yourself. So remember that treats are PART of a balanced diet. The key word here is “balance” - your body can not run on full power all the time. If you don’t treat yourself occasionally and deprive yourself of everything you enjoy, your subconscious mind will sabotage you anyway. As soon as I understood this fact I was able to give up the guilt-trips and I have not felt guilty about what I eat since then. My body and mind now work in harmony. Like a car, your body needs fuel to run and the food is the body’s fuel. In a car you need to stop at some point and fill up the tank – you can run a car right down to the bottom of the fuel tank but if you don’t fill it up it is likely you will have to push it to the nearest petrol station! Unlike a car, we don’t have a fuel gauge to let us know that we are running on empty so the human body needs to be refueled at regular intervals – you can’t fill up the tank then run it until totally empty. The body needs a slow, smooth and steady supply of fuel to enable it to function optimally. You may be wondering why I am telling you this – it’s because I know there are many people out there like me. People who are working hard to improve themselves; who can be harsh to themselves and if they have the treat once a time, the whole process of guilt starts. We are listening to all of the “do’s and do not’s” but nobody has told me that it is ok to treat yourself. It is important to have the treat. It is OK to kind to yourself. Otherwise, your subconscious mind will sabotage you sooner or later. Because it is impossible to get to your goal without topping up your tank. It is ok to stop at the petrol station and enjoy your cake and coffee there. As soon as I applied this rule to my eating I successfully managed to loose 5 kg per month and still have treats with no guilt, no regrets, my body, and mind are one in harmony.

Smart saver I realized that the same rule can be applied to anything- I tested it on my finances too. Have you, like me, been told all of the time how saving is important? Of course... it is important but some people do not manage to save anything – their money burns a hole in their pockets! That is one extreme but I went to the other. I was saving money as much as I could - for the bad times... for later... because “you never know what will come” or what could happen, right? For that unexpected “something” Guess what? It came! Of course, it came because my mind was programmed for that... and despite me saving, there was no money left for me to just to enjoy myself. I felt like I had


worked and worked, so hard and had nothing to show for it. Not even memories of the times I enjoyed myself because I never made any memories – I was too busy saving. So I had to learn how to treat myself with money too as it is also part of being balanced. Every month I keep 10 % of my earning just for myself. This is my “play with money.” It is the money I use to enjoy myself, to fuel my mind. Since then my body and mind are in harmony. I use it for very special treats as I have learned to live for the present. For the moment, in a balanced way. There is no longer any need for my subconscious to sabotage myself because I feel deprived of not getting anything nice in my life. Sounds simple? It is simple and easy... once you recognize it and apply it. So think about what areas in your life are not in harmony and apply this principle. You will be amazed with the results! P.S.: Maybe you have just started your business, feeling overwhelmed, having a full list of duties and do not know what to do first. Maybe that little treat of the fresh walk is exactly what you need. So do not feel guilty, take a break and go for a short walk. It is OK. Learn how to treat yourself with no guilt. P. P.S.: If you feel that your treat is to do get what you deserve then click here.


How to treat yourself without guilt  

Treats are part of our life. Knowing how to treat yourself and do not feel a guilt is important to keep the life in the right balance.

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