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Forklift users switching from LPG to lithium-ion


New Raruk Automation Partnerships Take AMRs To Next Level


Boone Mixer Makes Short Work Of Hazardous Waste

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Less degradation

Cost effective

Move your dry granular materials gently, reliably and with significant reductions in product degradation and/or system wear.

Our high material-to-air ratios reduce energy and compressed air requirements. Our low conveying velocities provide significant process savings in both operation and maintenance. Initial cost is surprisingly affordable too, thanks to our modular design concept and ease of installation.

Proven capability Dynamic Air dense phase pneumatic conveying systems have been proven in over 15,000 installations worldwide. They handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from less than a hundred kilograms per hour to 400 tonnes per hour, over distances exceeding 1500 metres.

Sixteen concepts Each Dynamic Air system is custom designed from one of our sixteen different conveying concepts. So you get a conveying solution that fits your process perfectly, without compromises.

BellaTM Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer

GYRO EXTM Bin Activating Feeder

Dynamic Air Ltd. Milton Keynes United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@dynamicair.co.uk


Dense Phase Transporter, J-Series

BulkBusterTM Bulk Bag Unloader

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FORKLIFT USERS SWITCHING FROM LPG TO LITHIUM-ION Operators of LP Gas-powered warehouse trucks are increasingly switching to lithium-ion batterypowered alternatives as they look to maximize truck up-time, drive down running costs, reduce operational noise levels and eliminate exhaust emissions within their buildings. That is the view of John Maguire managing director of Narrow Aisle Ltd – manufacturer of the Flexi range of articulated VNA forklifts. John Maguire says: “LP Gas is costly and linked to global oil prices, and from an operational point of view, the time taken to change or fill each gas bottle means that truck downtime can be a problem for some high utilisation customers. “In addition, the control systems and catalytic converters required to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide emission from LPG engines add significantly to a truck’s operating costs, so it’s easy to see why many warehouse operators consider lithium-ion powered trucks to be a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to LPG machines. Indeed, according to recent research, 78 per cent of lift truck operators stated that they will consider lithium-ion when the time comes for their next forklift acquisition.” Narrow Aisle Ltd launched the Flexi LiTHiON range of lithium-ion powered articulated warehouse trucks two years ago and the trucks have become a popular choice among a wide range of customer groups who need the rapid charge and multi-shift availability provided by lithium power without the storage and time consuming change-over issues associated with LP Gas bottles. John Maguire says: “The Flexi LiTHiON range is clean, quiet, powerful efficient and easy to drive and is proving to be a highly popular product with third party logistics service suppliers and 4

Bulk Solids Today

manufacturers with warehouses looking to achieve maximum supply chain efficiency.” The fully integrated Flexi lithium-ion system requires zero maintenance and delivers extended multi-shift availability – making models in the Flexi LiTHiON collection the ideal ‘green’ energy solution for modern order fulfillment operations, temperature controlled stores, chemical stores and automotive manufacturing facilities. With all drive, hydraulic and power-steering functions digitally controlled and integrated with the battery’s advanced software systems, the Flexi LiTHiON is able to perform at full power throughout a typical shift with no drop off in performance levels. This ability to distribute consistent power levels, means maximum efficiency is achieved even during the busiest multi-shift operation. The truck monitors the battery function constantly and reports the battery status in real time - and the combination of fully integrated digital motors and lithium-ion power is so effective when it comes to eliminating wasted power that truck availability is typically increased by 25 per cent every day.

Models in Narrow Aisle’s Flexi LiTHiON range are some 30 per cent quieter than, for example, models of the same type powered by LP Gas with PTO steering and can etain the ability to operate safely and efficiently in aisles as narrow as 1.6 metres wide and can lift loads weighing up to 2.5 kg and to heights of 14 metres. Like all models in the Flexi range, they feature the well known easy to drive ‘True Radius’chasis technology that allows the truck’s mast to rotate through 220 degrees smoothly. True Radius functionality makes Flexis particularly straightforward to operate and has been proved to significantly reduce rack or product damage compared with any reach truck-serviced warehouse. John Maguire adds: “For any multi-shift operation, switching from LPG to lithium-ion-powered materials handling equipment really is a ‘no-brainer’. “A lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in under an hour and provides consistent voltage - which means they don’t slow down the machine as they discharge. And, because they do not emit any exhaust gases, they are a better option for the working environment.”


FORMER BAKER HUGHES SENIOR EXECUTIVE APPOINTED AS CHAIRMAN OF NOVOSOUND, SCOTLAND’S FAST GROWING ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Industry heavyweight joins Novosound to drive international growth strategy Novosound, the awardwinning novel thin-film ultrasound technology company, has appointed Dr Derek Mathieson, former Chief Marketing and Technology Officer for global energy technology business Baker Hughes, as its new chairman. Previously, Dr Mathieson, who is currently based in Houston, Texas, has held a number of highprofile positions at Baker Hughes. These include Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer; Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer; President, Western Hemisphere Operations; and President, Products and Technology. In his most recent role, as Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, he was responsible for leading the commercial growth strategy for the company, including the development of multi-generational integrated technology plans for Baker Hughes’ extensive products and technology portfolio, managing corporate communications and leading future business incubation efforts. Dr Mathieson earned a Ph.D. in micro electro-mechanical systems and a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in engineering from that institution. He is a chartered engineer with the United Kingdom Engineering Council, a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, and an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Prior to joining Baker Hughes he served as Chief Executive Officer for WellDynamics

Incorporated which was acquired opportunities and I’m looking by Haliburton in 2008. His forward to working with them to achieve their ambitious goals.” career also includes roles at Shell In just two years, Novosound Exploration & Production and has rapidly revolutionised Wood Group both based in the ultrasound technology, which United Kingdom. has remained largely unchanged Founding Director and CTO at for 40 years, by replacing Novosound, Dr Dave Hughes said: conventional sensor materials “Derek brings vast experience with a flexible piezoelectric of international businesses to thin-film material. The company Novosound. With the global has created the world’s first truly ultrasonic market now valued flexible NDT ultrasound tool that at $45billion, and growing, we simplifies complex inspections strongly believe there is a huge in Aerospace and Energy, and opportunity to grow at scale and a fit and forget sensor that can to take a big part of that market. measure corrosion up to 400°C Attracting such an influential and continuously in Oil and Gas. internationally respected industry leader as Derek is extremely exciting for us and is a strong reflection on the work we have delivered to date and demonstrates YOUR SIEVING & SCREENING PROCESS our future ambitions and plans.” Derek Mathieson WITH SIEVMASTER BY FARLEYGREENE. said: “Industries like oil & gas, aerospace, nuclear, industrial and infrastructure crave innovation that brings improvements to process, efficiency and safety. Ultrasonic Sensors are at the heart of that. Dave Hughes and his highly skilled team at Novosound have rapidly developed Sieves, screens, sifters. ground-breaking +44 (0) 1256 474 547 Non-Destructive www.farleygreene.com Testing (NDT) enquiries@farleygreene.com technology with truly global market


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NEW RARUK AUTOMATION PARTNERSHIPS TAKE AMRS TO NEXT LEVEL RARUK Automation is formalising three partnerships with world-leading providers of ancillary systems for the latest generation of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). As a result, the company can now offer the entire range of material handling products from ROEQ, along with the Iconsys iAM-R robot arm solution and the UV-C facility disinfectant system from Enabled Robotics. The move reinforces RARUK Automation’s position as the UK’s go-to provider of automation systems with a unique edge. A new generation of AMRs is changing the way that premises such as factories, warehouses, healthcare facilities and offices move materials around. To help facilitate this trend, RARUK Automation offers the marketleading MiR fleet of flexible and easy-to-program mobile industrial


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robots. Any business looking to automate its internal logistics will benefit from MiR, and now there are added advantages on offer with the latest technology partnerships formalised by RARUK Automation. Denmark-based ROEQ,

short for Robotic Equipment, was formed in 2017 specifically to develop equipment for MiR autonomous mobile robots. Designing and manufacturing products that include carts, lifters, conveyors, racks and docking stations, RARUK Automation can supply the entire ROEQ portfolio.

COMPANY NEWS After working together for some time, the two companies have decided to publicly announce a formal partnership in line with increasing demand for these innovative solutions. Interested parties can visit RARUK Automation’s inhouse demonstration facility in Bedfordshire to see a number of ROEQ products in action. Demonstrations can also be provided at customer sites or indeed, visitors to Intralogistex 2020 (1-2nd October) will see a MiR250 AMR operating with a ROEQ S-300 Cart. For those looking to add a robotic arm to their autonomous mobile robot, the iAM-R from Telford-based Iconsys, provides the perfect solution. The iAM-R, which is the flagship Iconsys product, is unlike any other autonomous mobile robot. This intelligent solution comes with a modular interface that is individually built to serve specific workplace requirements, ensuring the robot becomes one of the in-house team. Put simply, by adopting iAM-R, internal logistics and production flows become optimised via the use of an automatic, mobile material gripper. Like ROEQ, Iconsys has an established partnership with MiR, ensuring its products are designed specifically to maximise performance. Each iAM-R can be customised to provide a very adaptive solution for manufacturing and logistical processes. The six-axis robot arms come in three different sizes capable of carrying up to 10 kg in weight. These easy-to-program collaborative robots (cobots) can be combined with a choice of grippers, tool changers and integrated vision systems. See an iAM-R working in collaboration with a CNC machine here: https://youtu.be/REy9Q88qIgA Another new option for

users of MiR solutions from RARUK Automation is the UV-C from Denmark-based Enabled Robotics. UV-C is designed specifically to disinfect facilities and premises, a particularly pertinent task in the wake of COVID-19. Enabled Robotics has devised a system that uses mobile cobots equipped with ultraviolet (UV) light sources or disinfectant sprayers. These MiR-mounted cobots can autonomously navigate a healthcare facility, for example, and then complete the disinfection of hospital rooms or surgical theatres without any human interaction. UV light is dangerous for humans, as are bacteria and viruses, so this type of solution is proving popular. The cobot positions the UVC light bar to disinfect individual surfaces and objects, ensuring the light reaches areas not accessible with fixed UVC light bars. All of these solutions offer a genuine opportunity for any business looking to automate its processes. The latest generation MiR solutions available from RARUK Automation, in combination with ancillaries from the company’s newly announced technology partners, ensure the pathway to optimised internal logistics has never been so accessible.

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Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe and tube couplings are rugged, heavy duty, self-aligning and self-grounded couplings with a high end pull. They can be used for almost any application where pipe or tube ends need to be connected. The Tuf-Lok self-aligning couplings install quickly and easily with little effort. Features • Self-aligning • Self-grounding • High pressure rated • Full vacuum rated • Stainless or mild steel • Usable on thin or thick wall pipe or tube • Low cost • Reusable • Absorbs vibration • Externally leakproof

Tuf-Lok (UK) Tel: +44 (0) 1706 822512 Email: sales@tuflok.co.uk • www.tuflok.com

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SCALA EXPANDS M&A EXPERTISE WITH NEW STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP Leading supply chain and logistics consultancy, SCALA, has announced a new ongoing partnership with mergers and acquisitions specialist Global PMI Partners. The partnership, which started in July 2020, will provide SCALA and its clients with the opportunity to access a wider range of expertise in assessing acquisitions. Global PMI Partners’ client base will in turn benefit from additional access to industry experts across the supply chain ecosystem when evaluating their future state operating models and releasing value, ensuring that the two separate supply chains can merge into one seamless entity. The partnership expands SCALA’s existing service offering, supporting companies both pre and post acquisition through an in-depth analysis of supply chain synergy benefits, as well as implementation and change management. This also builds upon SCALA’s Supply Chain


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Due Diligence offering, launched at the beginning of 2020, which supports M&A activity by identifying mission-critical issues, omissions or errors that weaken or invalidate the reasons for purchase. Global PMI Partners is a global specialist in M&A integration and divestment projects. The business provides expert consultancy to its global client base following a merger or acquisition, ensuring the deal runs smoothly. This consultancy service can help to safeguard the success of a merger or acquisition and reduces risk for all parties involved. John Perry, managing director at SCALA, commented: “As we emerge from the challenges of COVID-19, businesses will need to review their place in the market, as well as how to go about pursuing growth. In this “new normal”, it is believed there will be a need for companies to audit their business relationships, including

potential acquisition and divestment opportunities. “Given its position as an industryleader in M&A consultancy, we are extremely pleased to be partnering with Global PMI Partners. The partnership will not only enhance our offering to clients, but also help to solidify our growing reputation as an international consultancy.” Chris Charlton, partner at Global PMI Partners UK, said: “We are delighted to be working with the team from SCALA and look forward to introducing their skills and expertise to our clients whilst making our carve out and post-acquisition integration capabilities available to SCALA’s clients.”

For more information, visit www.scalagroup.co.uk


CUSTOM DESIGNED PNEUMATIC CONVEYING SYSTEMS Dry, granular materials can be moved gently, reliably and with significant reduction in product degradation and/or system wear with a Dynamic Air pneumatic conveying system. Each Dynamic Air pneumatic conveying system is custom-designed to achieve the optimum performance characteristics at the highest efficiencies. Dynamic Air has developed 16 different pneumatic conveying concepts, utilizing both pressure and vacuum, for handling a wide variety of dry bulk solids to provide a conveying solution that

fits the process perfectly. Dynamic Air pneumatic conveying systems can improve efficiency, reliability and overall quality of the material conveying process. Dynamic Air Ltd. Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Phone: 44 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@ dynamicair.co.uk www.dynamicair.com www.dynamicair.com/systems. html

SELF-ALIGNING COUPLINGS Tuf-Lok ring grip couplings are low cost, heavy-duty self-aligning couplings for either high pressure, to 150 psig, or full vacuum rated applications. Utilized in all industries where pipe ends need to be connected, they are ideal for pneumatic conveying systems as well as gas and liquid applications. These couplings install quickly and easily, reducing installation costs. They are available in 2-inch (50mm) through 10-inch (250mm) pipe sizes and are made for use on plain end pipe or tube, regardless of pipe or tube wall thickness..Other features include self-grounding, vibration resistant, leak-proof, with an extremely high end pull for difficult applications. No machining or grooving is required to maintain pipe integrity. Every coupling

becomes a union, providing easy, lowcost maintenance when piping components need replacement. Standard gasket materials are available to meet special design conditions, such as food grade, higher temperatures or special chemical resistant applications. Tuf-Lok UK Phone: +44 (0) 1706.822512 E-mail: sales@tuflok.co.uk www.tuflok.com www.tuflok.com/primary/ products.html

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YANMAR OFFERS EXTENDED WARRANTY PROGRAMME ACROSS UK & IRELAND Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA is offering construction professionals across the UK and Ireland lasting peace-of-mind through its comprehensive YCare programme. Designed to maximise uptime and productivity, the package is available across Yanmar’s portfolio of excavators, carriers and loaders. While every new model comes with industryleading warranty cover as standard, YCare gives customers the opportunity to extend this cover for up to six years at a highly competitive price point. This gives construction professionals the confidence to focus on the job in hand, without worrying about unexpected maintenance or repair bills. David Cockayne, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA, commented: “Our ambition is to get construction professionals across the UK and Ireland into the safest, most

capable construction equipment on the market. To achieve this, we are continuously working with operators to understand how we can improve their ownership experience and help their businesses thrive. “While a 12-month warranty is industry standard, we wanted to give our customers the chance to expand their warranty for up to six years. This gives them greater peace-of-mind, allowing them to focus on project delivery. Without the unexpected cost and disruption of unplanned maintenance, we can lift a burden from their shoulders and ensure their Yanmar equipment continues to perform at its best.” For more information about Yanmar’s YCare Complete Extended Warranty, or to find your nearest dealer, visit www.yanmarconstruction.co.uk.


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BRITISH OFF-ROAD MACHINERY OPERATORS URGED TO ADOPT STAGE V COMPLIANT GENERATORS British off-road machinery operators have the opportunity to radically improve air quality and minimize their green-house gas (GHG) emissions, thanks to a series of Stage V generators that meet the Non Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) emissions standards for mobile power. Developed through a collaboration between a specialist provider of generators; Power Electrics, and the UK’s leading provider of GreenD+ (paraffinic HVO fuel), Green Biofuels. Air quality is a critical factor in the UK’s health, and Stage V Generators offer a huge advance in emissions reductions. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs reported in July 2020 that the mortality rate caused by air pollution is equivalent to 28,000 to 36,000 deaths a year[1]. Independent tests have confirmed that the New Stage V generators, developed by the two companies as part of an ongoing partnership, have the lowest emissions on the market thanks to the use of the high performance paraffinic alternative HVO fuel, Green D+, supplied by Green Biofuels. Using GreenD+ reduces GHG emissions by up to 90%, when compared to regular diesels. Power Electrics are commencing a rolling conversion of their 2,500 generator fleet to Stage V compliant generators which can all run on Green D+. The aim is for these to form the backbone of the Power Electrics fleet of rental generators, giving off-road machinery operators the opportunity to access the UK’s lowest emission rental generators and reduce GHG. This means that emissions contributing to climate change can be reduced, as well as pollution affecting the local air quality. The London Greater Authority has reported that since March 2020, the particulate emissions (PM2.5) of nearly all sites in London and regional background sites, exceed the average guideline limit of 25 μgm3 set by The World Health Organisation[2]. Power Electrics has been using GreenD+ for 12 months and has used 3 million litres of GreenD+. The total emissions savings in this time have been calculated as: 8,612mt of NOx and 31.3mt of Particulate Matter. In addition, a total saving of C02e over regular diesel of 8,190mt of C02e (equivalent to 1,688 single flights London/Sydney) has also been achieved. When combined with the rolling conversion to Stage V, these savings will see the Power Electrics hire fleet contend for the title of lowest emission and highest GHG saving fleet in the UK. Green D+ has already been widely adopted in the UK as a drop-in diesel replacement by centrally fuelled fleets – on-road, off-road and in back-up power applications, where it helps to meet the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) and the Non-Road

Mobile Machinery requirements for improved air quality. Green Biofuels also recently announced a collaboration with Volker Fitzpatrick, a leading construction company operating in the rail infrastructure sector, who estimate they will reduce 4,000mt of CO2e over the coming 12 months thanks to the use of Green D+. Green D+ is aligned with each of the Mayor of London, TFL and Network Rail’s separate policies to reduce transport’s contribution to climate change with the use of, amongst other initiatives, biofuels. Specifically, in line with the Mayor’s proposal for solutions which are price competitive with conventional technology, Green D+ enables construction and infrastructure operators to switch from conventional road vehicles to low CO2emitting transport and low carbon fuel sources without any change to equipment or fuel tanks. Andy Pullin, Managing Director of Power Electrics, has commented: “We are delighted that through the hard work and dedication of our team and the outstanding GBF technical team we have achieved a remarkable thing. To be able to launch a Stage V generator with the lowest emission fuel providing the best local quality and a GHG saving is something of which we are hugely proud. We look forward to being able to deploy our fleet of Stage V generators where they will make the biggest impact and help improve air quality and reduce carbon.” William Tebbit, CEO Green Biofuels, has commented: “We are delighted to continue to work with Power Electrics to deliver the best air quality and GHG savings possible in mobile generators. Increasingly our customers are recognising that without any capital expenditure any diesel engine can use our fuels and immediately improve air quality and reduce GHG. “Many are still talking about plans for battling climate change, but we believe now is the time for action. Green D+ can be used instantly with no capital expenditure to hugely reduce emissions and greenhouse gases. As a lot of our customers say – it’s a no-brainer; as we say it’s a solution for HERE and NOW. Bulk Solids Today



NEW BEST-IN-CLASS DOOSAN DX420LC-7 STAGE V EXCAVATOR Providing best-in-class fuel efficiency and productivity, the new DX420LC-7 Stage V 43 tonne crawler excavator has been launched by Doosan Infracore Europe. To meet Stage V engine emission regulations, the DX420LC-7 excavator is powered by the new Scania DC13 Stage V compliant diesel engine, providing 257 kW (344.4 HP) of power, the biggest engine in this machine segment. Using super-efficient DOC/DPF+SCR aftertreatment technology, the Scania engine offers a new solution to exceed Stage V regulations, not requiring exhaust gas recirculation. This is combined with the new generation Smart Power Control Technology (SPC3) to provide 3-10% better fuel efficiency (m3/l) than the previous DX420LC-5 model. There are now four power modes available, which help to simplify the operation of the new DX420LC-7 excavator compared to the more complex choice of eight power modes and SPC combinations in the previous generation machine. The operator is able to set the power mode (P+, P, S or E) in both one-way and two-way working modes. In addition, by bringing together the SPC3 system and a new Doosan Mottrol main control valve, the new DX420LC-7 also offers 2% more productivity than the DX420LC-5 in company tests, ensuring the best digging, swing and tractive forces together with the best lifting performances for this size of machine.


Already excelling in spaciousness and ergonomics, the new cab in the DX420LC-7 model takes ease of operation and comfort for the operator to unprecedented levels. Like all other Doosan Stage V models, the cab has a new high quality seat and offers more features as standard than other machines on the market, ensuring super controllability and high precision in all applications. Key new features in the cab • New 8-inch touch-enabled colour LCD gauge panel with 30% larger screen • Stereo system integrated in the gauge panel (with Bluetooth streaming function) • Keyless start system • Enhanced interior cab design • Improved air conditioning/defrost performance • Seat Heating (2-step) • 360o Cameras • LED type cab space lamp • Ultrasonic sonic detection of obstacles (option) • LED lights (option) • Side protection or Catwalk (option) • Air compressor (option) As standard, 360° cameras provide full visibility around the excavator and allow the operator to see a top-down view of the area outside the machine. The camera array comprises a front camera, two side cameras and a rear camera. The camera display is separated from the gauge panel. DPF MAINTENANCE GREATLY REDUCED

Thanks to the new DOC/DPF+SCR technology, maintenance of the diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been greatly reduced, with a six times longer automatic regeneration interval (60 hours) and an 12

Bulk Solids Today


ash cleaning interval of 6000 hours, compared with the previous DPF in the DX-3 generation machines. The operator is now able to see the amount of ash build up in the DPF from their seat in the cab via the gauge panel and that a regeneration has been successful. The new DX420LC-7 model is also factoryinstalled with Doosan’s state-of-the-art DoosanCONNECT wireless fleet monitoring system. The DoosanCONNECT system offers a web-based fleet management solution which is very useful for monitoring the performance and security of machines and promoting preventative maintenance. As a leading brand in information and communications technology (ICT), Doosan has taken a remarkable step forward, by offering customers lifetime-free cellular service with all DX-7 generation excavators. This means that customers can use the DoosanCONNECT service without any limitation as long as they use the service with a cellular network. Satellite service will be offered free-of-charge for a 3-year period. For more on Doosan construction equipment, please visit the website: www.eu.doosanequipment.com

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BASE MODEL CARBON STEEL FLEXIBLE SCREW CONVEYOR Flexicon have introduced a new base model 1450 flexible screw conveyor with 115 mm O.D. polymer conveyor tube and low cost carbon steel floor hopper and discharge housing. Round, square, flat or beveled flexible screws in any length from 3 to 12 metres are offered to convey virtually any


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free- and non-free-flowing bulk material including products that pack, cake, seize, smear or break apart. The only moving part contacting material is the inner screw, which self-centres as it rotates, providing ample space between the screw and tube wall to minimise or eliminate grinding. The lower end of the screw requires no bearing, while the upper end is driven beyond the point of discharge, preventing material contact with bearings or seals. Fully enclosed, the conveyor tube prevents product and plant contamination, while the gentle rolling action imparted by the screw prevents the separation of blends. Model 1450 is available with an optional start-stop control panel and a range of flow-promotion devices, and is available on a Quick Ship basis in the Americas and in Europe. The company also manufacture other flexible screw conveyors, as well as pneumatic conveying systems, tubular cable conveyors, bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, bulk bag fillers, manual dumping stations, drum/box/container tippers, weigh batching systems, and automated plant-wide systems integrated with new or existing process equipment. For information contact Flexicon Europe Ltd, +44 (0)1227 374710, sales@ flexicon.co.uk, www. flexicon.co.uk


AUMUND PENETRATES STRONGHOLD OF BIOMASS HANDLING IN JAPAN Taiheiyo Cement Corporation, Japan’s largest cement producer, fires its new power plant in Ofunato with both biomass and coal. Until now conveying of biomass in Japan has been dominated by domestic manufacturers, but the AUMUND Hong Kong team successfully convinced its customer of the merits of the conveying technology solutions offered by AUMUND for both of these types of fuel. An order from Taiheiyo Engineering Corporation for three AUMUND Bucket Elevators and an AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor was the result. AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor type LOUISE TKF for handling alternative fuels in Taiheiyo Cement’s Ofunato Power Plant in Iwate Prefecture, Japan (© AUMUND) The customer chose two identical AUMUND Bucket Elevators with Central Chain type BWZ and an AUMUND Drag Chain Conveyor type LOUISE TKF for its biomass conveying, all with capacities of up to 150 tph. The AUMUND machines transport palm kernel shells (PKS) and palm empty fruit bunches (EFB), which are used as alternative fuels in the Ofunato power plant. The conveying concept is designed so that the different materials are kept apart and enter the silo buffer tanks separately.

High Efficiency Drying or Cooling of Bulk Solids

For coal handling Taiheiyo decided upon an AUMUND Bucket Elevator with Gravity Discharge type BWZ-S and a capacity of up to 35 tph.

The Bella dryer/cooler offers thermal efficiencies to 80 percent or better because air flows around material while it is suspended in the weightless zone. The result is a more consistent material.

Dynamic Air Ltd. • +44 (0)1908 622344

www.dynamicair.com Bulk Solids Today



GERICKE TCM TURBO COMPACT MIXER – ONE STEP AHEAD Gericke’s unique experience in continuous mixing and feeding has resulted in a new family of mixing solutions. With the TCM Turbo Compact Mixer it is possible to continuously, and fully automatically, feed and mix up to four streams with minimum space requirements and high accuracy. In many applications, the demand for flexibility in production is increasing, but without compromising on hygiene and cleanability. This often leads to complex systems that require extremely time-consuming and costly dismantling and cleaning. The new TCM compact mixer from Gericke is aimed precisely at such processes where demanding additives such as colours or flavours are added. Due to the “end-of-line” addition strategy, only a few equipment parts need to be cleaned. This also makes the TCM ideally suited for products that must guarantee zero cross-contamination handling of allergens. The complete disassembly allows easy and quick cleaning. Even the mixing chamber is removable. Downtime due to cleaning is reduced by up to 90%! With the small volumes, recipe accuracy is guaranteed even with frequent start-stop operation, which has been confirmed in an extensive series of tests. Despite the compact size, capacities of up to 20’000 l/h can be realised. The mixing process is both fast and gentle, and prevents segregation when used directly before filling or extrusion lines.


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Mixer control is critical to quality and production efficiency in rubber compounding. Most often to produce a rubber compound a combination of plastic resin Powders or Pastes (pellets, flakes, powders, or liquid) Sizes from 2 to 25,000 litres is combined with other materials, including liquids and Versatile Mixing Machines bulk solid materials. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has Advanced Plough / Delta Blade: Agglomerates to Paste introduced a customized system for a rubber compounding Spiral Blade: Cake Mixes to Mastic application. This system includes a variety of mechanical Rotary Drum: Rice Flakes to Carpet Fibres equipment, such as a bulk bag unloading system, complete automation of the mixing and batching processes, and the Complete mixing plant design to commissioning electrical controls. Test mixers available for production development Production scale machines for short or long term hire Batched ingredients (liquid and solid materials) must be mixed.  A specialty mixer is used. The workhorse mixer T: +44 (0)1260 272894 of the rubber manufacturing industry is the internal mixer, www.jrboone.com or Banbury (named for its principle inventor) in which e: sales@jrboone.com heat and pressure are applied simultaneously. The internal MIXING SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE mixer uses two interrupted spiral rotors moving in opposite directions at a set RPM, as required by the compounding process for the specific rubber compound being produced. The shearing action in the internal mixer is intense, and the 18/03/2016 power required for the mixing/blending operation can be12296 Solids & Bulk_Chemical_124x86.indd 1 quite high. Mixer process control is required to produce the end product and is automated for optimal efficiency.  This is a Unlike other valves that seal part of the overall automation and process control system with friction, Posi-flate’s unique provided by Sterling Systems & Controls, which includes; butterfly valve uses an mixing/blending process, main batching process, auxiliary inflatable seat batching, drop mill process, extruding and cooling.  to seal with air Mixing/Blending Control pressure. Thus it An HMI mixing screen provided in the Sterling requires less torque Systems’ automation system is an extension of the main and a smaller actuator, batching screen which shows all of the equipment resulting in lower cost. associated with the mixer. From the mixing screen the Plus, the seat automatically user has the capability to control the mixer’s RPM on the compensates for wear, providing formula being run, along with the capability to view the longer life. Some users have status of and control related equipment. This screen also reported over six million offers a data trending screen that allows the user to view cycles and the valves are the batch temperature, mixer torque, mixer power, and still going strong. mixer speed for the last twenty hours. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 45+ years of • Less friction experience providing efficient solutions for process • Low torque equipment, batching, micro, minor and bulk weighing, bag • Low maintenance unloading systems, as well as plant automation. Sterling’s • Lower actuator costs designs utilize the latest technology to provide specialized data management, raw material management, along with • Longer valve life production data tracking. For more information contact • More reliable Sterling Systems & Controls at 1-815-625-0852 sci@ Tel: +44 (0) 1908 622366 sterlingcontrols.com, and at www.sterlingcontrols.com. www.posiflate.com

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ELEVATING SERVICE PERFORMANCE A forklift truck is a vital tool, and significant investment, that should be regularly maintained and productively managed across the whole life of a truck. But how many businesses fall short? By Ross Farquhar, Strategic Planning Manager at Rushlift How important to your business is your forklift truck fleet? Across a broad swathe of industrial and commercial concerns the forklift truck fleet is a key enabler, responsible for the smooth movement of goods between manufacturing processes, through warehouses, and onto vehicles – an absolute necessity for the competitive performance and financial wellbeing of the business. And yet, how well planned, maintained and managed is the average fleet? How sophisticated is the analysis of vehicle usage data – is utilisation evenly spread across the fleet? What are the damage trends and causes? And is servicing being regularly carried out? Up-time for each and every vehicle is critically important. Breakdowns or failures of any description, whether they are due to mechanical issues or problems of compliance, can result in lost production, poor performance, delays and unhappy customers. Reducing risk, controlling costs and ensuring productivity requires attention to detail – and some applied knowledge. Monitoring every aspect of the fleet should be an on-going process, controlled and managed by specialists that understand the importance of regular servicing, damage control, compliance issues and cost analysis. A forklift truck fleet, of any size, is


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a significant investment that should be appropriately assigned to the tasks at hand, efficiently put to good use, regularly maintained and managed productively across the whole life of a contract. At Rushlift, a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Industrial Vehicles, we work closely with the fleet owner over the entire length of the contract, to maximise the overall performance of the fleet: from specifying and recommending the most appropriate trucks for the duties to be performed – and that means providing the best truck for the job, whatever the make – to providing full, regular servicing, fast breakdown call-out, and on-site meetings to review fleet performance. Specifying the best truck for the task is a core focus for Rushlift, as we are primarily concerned with providing solutions that work best for the fleet owner over the entire life of the truck. Of course, Doosan have an extensive range of forklift trucks of over 200 models of counterbalance, reach and warehouse trucks, with capacities spanning 1.3 tonne right up to 25 tonne, over power sources of electric, gas and diesel, so there is every reason that a market leading Doosan truck would be, in many instances, best suited for the job. However, we are also able to provide any other piece equipment that is required for the job, regardless of the manufacturer. But it’s important to stress that Rushlift is not constrained to source from a single supplier – far from it. A recent example is Weir Minerals, where Rushlift supplied 55 vehicles to the heavy engineering business. A critical consideration in selecting Rushlift was our ability to provide any truck that Weir Minerals required and that included Genie scissor lift and cherry pickers, a Hoist compact gas counterbalance truck, Jungheinrich VNA trucks and a JCB Telehandler. Forklift trucks not only need to be designed and built to be easily serviced, as with the Doosan range, but the service support network must be highly responsive. Rushlift has service centres located strategically across the UK and over 130 highly qualified field engineers on the road at any one time, enabling the company to issue a guarantee that an engineer will be on site within 4 hours. And underscoring our on-going commitment to service, Rushlift has just introduced a fleet of 90 brand new service vans, fully kitted out and replenished every night with parts by an in-the-night courier service. Illustrating the importance that businesses place on service support excellence, Fraser Boyd, Transport Operations Manager at Buildbase – one of the UK’s fastest growing builders merchants with more than 165 branches nationwide – commented: “Ensuring

BULK MATERIALS HANDLING the uptime of our forklift trucks is absolutely essential to the efficient running of our sites. So having reliable and fast service back-up and support, across all our sites, requires a service organisation that can provide nationwide coverage – even to really outlying areas such as the Highlands and the Shetland Islands. “Rushlift accommodate all our service requirements. With any breakdowns or servicing needs they just make it happen, which takes a big burden off of our shoulders.” Of course, fast and easy access to parts is a fundamental support function – ­ waiting for parts to arrive from a distant European parts store can cause delay and increase down time. However, Rushlift’s UK Parts Distribution Centre in Northampton carries in excess of £1.2 million worth of stock for next-day delivery. With a 4.30pm cut-off for orders – one of the latest in the industry – Rushlift customers get the best possible support, all from within the UK. Important too, is Rushlift’s Fleet Management System, which is provided free of charge to all customers. The online platform enables customers to access up-tothe-moment information on their forklift truck fleet, log breakdowns on a 24/7 basis and access maintenance records, account details and other vital information. Importantly, live data is fed through the engineer’s tablet making site visits simpler, with all maintenance records updated in real-time. Above all else, Rushlift is a sales and service-oriented business. By looking strategically across the length of the

contract, we are able to deliver extended value. From analysing the usage of individual trucks we can make recommendations that may save significant costs, whilst improving operational performance. An example of this can be seen at Hydrobolt, a leading specialist manufacturer of fasteners for the construction and heavy engineering industries. When the contract on their forklift truck fleet came up for review Rushlift identified the potential to rationalise the fleet by replacing their fleet with a highly versatile 4.5 tonne Doosan gas truck, the G45SC. The new Doosan G45SC was capable of working both within the facility and, as it had a lower cab specially fitted, was suited to unloading containers as well. “Having just one truck that can be used in our transport area inside and for both yard duties and unloading containers, meant that we could take a truck out, which was quite a big cost saving,” says Ian Butler, Operations Director at Hydrobolt. Rushlift also recommended and supplied two Combilifts for Hydrobolt’s steel bar store, demonstrating versatility in providing a complete handling solution. Service support is everything, as Ian Butler says: “In running a manufacturing business where product quality and lead-times are critical, you need reliable handling equipment. So for me, it’s all about the service support and I can’t emphasise enough the fantastic level of support we’ve had from Rushlift.” Further information on Rushlift’s full service offering can be found at www.rushlift.co.uk

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BOONE MIXER MAKES SHORT WORK OF HAZARDOUS WASTE New rules for managing Hazardous wastes posted a challenge for leading hazardous waste management company Augean PLC. Since November 2008 the treatment of chemical wastes prior to landfill has to be carried out under much more tightly controlled conditions. In particular, the mixing of waste with binding agents must be carried out in a closed vessel inside a building to minimise the risk of contamination to both the environment and workers. With the legislation pending, Augean took the decision to make a substantial investment to provide the company with the most advanced treatment unit for chemical waste in the UK. Augean’s Project manager has been following the progress and is very pleased with the results from the new plant. At the heart of the £1.2 m project is the mixing unit, which combines the shredded waste with cement and PFA (Pulverised fly ash) to form a cake which can then be safely consigned to designated hazardous landfill sites. The plant can accept a wide variety of waste containers ranging from 1M3 IBCs through 200


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litre steel drums and 50 litre plastic drums, The operator loads, combinations of these containers onto the large infeed conveyor which delivers them to the heavy duty shredded reducing everything to 25mm or less. The waste is then fed into the mixer with a measured amount of cement and PFA, the mixer then combines and encapsulates the waste particles with a cementicious coating. The finished product is then discharged into a skip for transport to landfill. After loading the containers the process is remotely controlled from the computerised operator panel keeping human intervention to a minimum. The mixing is a pretty brutal process and the mixing machine needs to be up to the job. So Augean turned to one of the most experienced companies in the business, J R Boone of Congleton to provide the machine they were looking for. A series of very successful tests were carried out in a pilot plant on a full range of wastes that showed the proposed design could meet he brief. This was scaled up into the full size unit, which comprise a 6-tonne horizontal paddle blade mixer driven by a 132Kw motor. The mixer consists of a semi-omega shaped mixing chamber with outboard bearings carrying a contra flow paddle blade agitator. Adjustable packed glands seal the agitator as it passes through the ends. The mixing chamber ends and agitator are made from carbons teel with agitator blades in wear resistant ‘Abro’ steel. The discharge is via a specifically de4signed heavy duty flush fitting valve. Making the anti dust-tight was a key requirement and there is also an extraction and treatment system for volatile components. The types of waste handled are broad and include ceramics, adhesives and resins and centrifugal sludge from waste oil. On a typical 16-hour day, the installation can process up to 360 tonnes of finished solidified/stabilised material for hazardous landfill. “It’s a great piece of kit”, sums up assistant site manager Andrew Waterhouse, looks after the equipment on a day-to-day basis. “It does exactly what it’s supposed to do”.

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TENOVA TAKRAF STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR SOLID FERTILIZER PRODUCTS By Ralf Katzke, Scraper Reclaimer Technologies, Tenova TAKRAF Dry bulk fertilizer products, whether they be within fertilizer factories or at shipping or receiving points, are mainly stored in stockpiles. Employing a pile instead of a high silo is an economical solution for large volumes. In most circumstances, the stockpiles are covered in order to protect both the environment, as the product is prevented from being blown around, and the product itself as it is shielded from being affected by adverse weather conditions. In most instances where a fertilizer product boasts both a consistent composition and quality from an upstream chemical process, the piles also often function as buffer storage. The piles are thus employed to balance time and volume between production and shipping or to balance reception during interim storage and onward transport to users. In other instances where there is very little or no consistency – specifically when mined ores of varying qualities and/or characteristics arrive at a chemical plant and require homogenization prior to a chemical process – piles can also be employed as a blending bed. This is often the case for large fertilizer storages, especially those with high throughputs for either stacking, reclaiming or both, and are usually equipped with fully automated stockyard machines. LEVERAGING MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF FERTILIZER INDUSTRY STOCKYARD MACHINE EXPERTISE Tenova TAKRAF is a global OEM for mining and bulk handling equipment with a history dating back almost 300 years. The company boasts a successful 50 year plus track record of supplying stockyard machines to the global fertilizer industry, with its first scraper reclaimer (for a potash factory) being supplied in 1966. Since then, the company has designed, manufactured, supplied and successfully commissioned around 400 scraper reclaimers across various commodities with a large majority being employed in the effective handling of potash, urea, phosphates and sulphur. Tenova TAKRAF’s approach to this vast array of global projects is “flexibility”. This means they treat the specific requirements of each project in a unique manner, ranging from the supply of a single machine to various machine packages and/or delivery of a complete bulk conveyor system including storage bin machines, conveyor belts and loading & unloading equipment. Such complete handling systems leverage an extended and well established material handling 22

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portfolio covering stockyard / disposal facilities, loading / un-loading equipment, conveying, port facilities and in-plant handling equipment. STACKING AND RECLAIMING In most instances, a storage facility is fed material through a network of conveyors that efficiently carry the product to be stored. In order to achieve an optimal pile width within the storage area, the stacking of material is carried out via overhead tripper cars. Having supplied machines with capacities of up to 4,000 t/h, Tenova TAKRAF boasts significant experience in the supply of these under-roof tripper cars. For the recovery of product from a pile, scraper reclaimers are the preferred (and dominant) equipment of choice for operators and planners alike. Some of the advantages of these machines include: • Proven robustness and reliability • High efficiency and low operating costs • Simple and steady working movements allowing for full automation • Gentle treatment of material and almost dust-free handling of fertilizer products MAXIMUM STORAGE SPACE IN INDOOR AREAS As a result of general market developments and increasing fertilizer logistic requirements, the global demand for storage volumes and handling capacities is increasing. This growing demand has resulted in large pile widths, sometimes even exceeding 60 m. For such indoor applications, the portal reclaimer, which boasts separate main and auxiliary reclaiming booms, is the preferred solution, as it requires a minimum amount of space due to its shape. This results in the maximum covered storage space for the product stack. Depending on bulk products’ densities, Tenova TAKRAF is able to supply portal reclaimers with handling capacities of up 6,000 t/h and with rail-spans that can exceed 60 m. SPECIAL FEATURES OF STOCKYARD MACHINES THAT HANDLE FERTILIZER As previously mentioned, scraper reclaimers are, due to their method of operation, very gentle in their treatment of material and thus operate with minimal dust creation. This makes them ideally suited to fertilizer material that often comes in granulated form. This gentle treatment of a material, together with the minimization of dust, also applies in principle to all equipment within the fertilizer handling value chain including boom stackers and/or overhead tripper cars. These machines, which generally employ cone


shell stacking for the minimization of dust, can also be equipped with lowering booms or special chutes in order to further improve handling and dust minimization. Nevertheless, depending on the characteristics of the fertilizer product and our customers’ unique requirements, Tenova TAKRAF is able to equip their scraper reclaimers and stockyard machines with special features such as: • Stainless steel design for blades and chutes • “De-lumpers” arranged within the discharge chutes for the breaking up (“de-lumping”) of caked bulk material • Hoses on hose reels for fresh air supply to operator cabins • Life-time lubricated outboard roller chains • ATEX-certified components in case of inflammable / explosive bulk material such as sulphur CRITERIA THAT MAY INFLUENCE THE CHOSEN BULK STORAGE ARRANGEMENT In addition to the globally popular solution of employing portal reclaimers in combination with overhead tripper cars for indoor fertilizer storage facilities, other alternative solutions can potentially also be employed or be even better suited in certain specific instances. Spending the time to properly evaluate all options and making an informed decision based on all factors including the overall space situation, storage shed design & structure and/or on individual mass flows, may mean that the following machine solutions might be an even more suitable choice: • A stacker with tripper-car travelling on ground along the pile • A combined stacker / reclaimer • A circular storage arrangement In addition, the requirement for homogenization may also bear significant influence on equipment selection. Nowadays, very light building structures even for

large shed dimension are available and quite commonplace. Often, these light building structures do not allow for any under-roof installation of incoming conveyors with a travelling tripper car. In such cases, an alternative approach in combination with such a light building structure might employ an on-ground travelling stacker. In such instances where all equipment is installed at a ground level, access to equipment for maintenance is significantly safer and more efficient as an additional benefit. If space at the site is limited, then a circular buffer storage facility may turn out to be the most effective spacesaving solution. Bulk material is stored against a retention wall, with both stacker and reclaimer mounted on a central column. In circular buffer storage solutions, the feeding of the pile is conducted via a boom stacker employing the cone shell stacking method. Reclaiming is accomplished via a cantilever reclaimer, which conveys material into a central chute located below the central column. From this central column, material is then fed, via a feeder, to the outgoing conveyor. In operations where material logistics can be managed in such a manner so as to avoid simultaneous stacking and reclaiming operations, a combined stacker / scraper reclaimer can also be an effective cost saving solution. In this instance, stacker and scraper booms are mounted on the same chassis resulting in substantial cost savings not only for the equipment itself but also in reduced rail lengths and fewer conveyors being required. PRODUCT CONSISTENCY THROUGH HOMOGENIZATION / BLENDING In instances where fertilizer originates from mined ores and/or where variations exceeding the acceptable product range can be expected, material consistency can then be at risk. In order to protect against such consistency issues, the stockpile may, in addition to its buffer function, also be given the additional task of homogenization / blending. Blending beds generally operate in an adjusted combination of chevron-stacking and front-reclaiming. The stockpile is built up according to the so-called “chevron method” in a longitudinal stockpile, or the so-called “chevcone method” in a circular stockpile. In both methods however, stacking is required to achieve a sufficient number of material layers. Reclaiming is then conducted via a bridge-type reclaimer, which takes material from the front side of the stockpile. In this manner, reclaiming achieves a perfect mixture of material, depending on the number of layers and the incoming deviation and/or distribution. For further information, visit: www.takraf.com Bulk Solids Today


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