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JCB joins national call to action over ventilator shortage


Ibstock steps up forklift safety with Doosan

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Our high material-to-air ratios reduce energy and compressed air requirements. Our low conveying velocities provide significant process savings in both operation and maintenance. Initial cost is surprisingly affordable too, thanks to our modular design concept and ease of installation.

Proven capability Dynamic Air dense phase pneumatic conveying systems have been proven in over 15,000 installations worldwide. They handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from less than a hundred kilograms per hour to 400 tonnes per hour, over distances exceeding 1500 metres.

Sixteen concepts Each Dynamic Air system is custom designed from one of our sixteen different conveying concepts. So you get a conveying solution that fits your process perfectly, without compromises.

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JCB JOINS NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION OVER VENTILATOR SHORTAGE JCB is poised to re-start production at a factory closed as a result of the Coronavirus crisis in order to join the national effort to manufacture ventilators, the company announced today. JCB received a direct appeal from Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this month to help plug the national ventilator shortage and to help save lives of Coronavirus patients. Following the approach, JCB Chairman Lord Bamford promised to help in any way the company could and immediately mobilised a research and engineering team to examine potential ways to assist. Now JCB is ready to restart production at a factory which has been closed for nearly two weeks as a result of the Coronavirus crisis. But instead of making cabs for JCB diggers, the plant is being mobilised to make special steel housings for a brand new design of ventilator from Dyson. A minimum of 10,000 of the JCB housings are earmarked for manufacture once Dyson receives regulatory approval for its design. The first prototypes of the housings have been delivered to Dyson after


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rolling off the production line at JCB’s £50 million Cab Systems factory in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, which Boris Johnson visited during the election campaign. The factory fell silent on March 18th along with eight other JCB UK manufacturing plants after a fall in demand caused by the Coronavirus crisis. Mass production of the housings could start in a matter of days. Today JCB Chairman Lord Bamford said: “When we were approached by the Prime Minister we were determined, as a British company, to help in any way we could. This project has gone from design to production in just a matter of days and I am delighted that we have been able to deploy the skills of our talented engineering, design and fabrication teams so quickly at a time of national crisis. This is also a global crisis, of course, and we will naturally help with the production

of more housings if these ventilators are eventually required by other countries.” JCB’s response to the national call to action would see the return to work for around 50 employees affected by an extended company shutdown announced last week. JCB suspended production at its nine UK production plants until at least the end of April as a result of the Coronavirus crisis and furloughed the vast majority of its 6,500 workforce. The company is paying them 80% of their basic pay for the next month, regardless of what they earn. Employees returning to work to help manufacture the ventilator housings will be paid 100% of their normal pay.


ABBEY LOGISTICS TO REWARD AND FINANCIALLY PROTECT FRONTLINE WORKERS AMID COVID-19 PANDEMIC Supporting the national effort to get the UK through the COVID-19 pandemic, road tanker company Abbey Logistics will pay frontline employees a recognition payment at the end of the year. The move is an acknowledgement for their staff’s hard work and commitment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme is aimed at drivers, wash bay, planning and workshop teams, whose roles are vital to keep the wheels turning and provide essential supplies to the UK’s crucial supply chains. To ensure staff do not continue to work if they need to self-isolate, Abbey says they will top up sick pay for frontline staff for two weeks to be no less than £300 or 80% of their full-time weekly wage. Employees who currently receive £300 or above whilst off work sick will continue to receive the higher payment. The move is to protect Abbey employees from financial hardship should they need to be absent due to COVID-19. Abbey Logistics’ CEO Steve Granite said the transport company wanted to acknowledge staff that are putting themselves on the frontline to ensure the UK continues to have a secure supply chain of food and essential medicines whilst providing financial support for our key workers who need to selfisolate. “Logistics workers are on the frontlines, ensuring the public has access to the food and essential products they need during this pandemic. “Our teams are working around the clock to keep food, pharmaceutical and other essential manufacturers stocked with ingredients to ensure products are produced and on the shelves. “We want to acknowledge the dedication and commitment that our frontline teams are showing and reassure them that if they need to self-isolate, they will be supported

to get through this crisis, and not while they stay at home and burden the industry with more debt recover.” from loans that some companies will Reflecting on the Government’s have to call upon just to keep afloat. actions to support the logistics The sector needs grants, not debt.” sector during the pandemic, Granite added: “Transport companies are indispensable, without them the YOUR SIEVING & SCREENING PROCESS country would grind to a halt, we are under immense financial pressure at the best of times WITH SIEVMASTER BY FARLEYGREENE. and even more so during the current situation. “We are doing what we can to acknowledge our frontline staff while striking a balance between looking after our teams and maintaining commercial responsibility. “Not all logistics companies will be in this position, so it is extremely Sieves, screens, sifters. +44 (0) 1256 474 547 important that the www.farleygreene.com UK Government enquiries@farleygreene.com provides our sector the financial support it needs


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NEW ALLU CRUSHER AND TRANSFORMER DEVELOPMENTS PREMIERED AT CONEXPO Despite reduced attendance at this year’s show, the launch of the new heavy duty range of Allu crushing attachments and the latest Transformer developments saw Allu’s booth welcome many visitors at the CONEXPO/ CONAGG show. The global launch of the new Allu crusher series at the Las Vegas exhibition marked the world premiere of the first three crusher models. Designed for excavators in the 10 to 33 ton range, all have purpose developed features that ease their use and optimize performance, whilst providing easy maintenance in the field. Jeroen Hinnen, vice president of sales for Allu Group says of Allu’s latest development: “By bringing this new product line to market we will be able to provide customers with what they have been looking for. The Allu Transformer range offers unique productivity and efficiency benefits on soft rock and other materials, whilst the Allu Crusher

range enables hard rock, and often troublesome demolition materials, to be effectively reduced.”

Despite a reduction in numbers of visitors to the Las Vegas show, Allu reported that it was one of the most successful exhibition’s the company has attended there. “Despite many people not being able to come to the show, there were large numbers of visitors to our stand,” says Allu’s global marketing manager, Marjut Lindroos. “We received a large number of enquiries for the new crusher series as well for our Transformers and Processors. Customers, whatever their application, seemed genuinely excited by our TS blades and the ability of our Processors to effectively stabilise ground. We would like to thank all our visitors for their interest and look forward to seeing them again soon!” The Allu booth at CONEXPO/ CONAGG was located at: Central Hall, stand C20326.


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VORTEX AWARDED FOR RECYCLING EFFORTS For the third time in six years, Vortex Global was recognized by Cope Plastics for its commitment to sustainability, environmental responsibility and making the world a better place. The Gold Level Milestone award recognizes companies who have achieved a total of 200,000 pounds of recycled industrial plastics. For Vortex, this milestone was reached in just six years. “Our awards are based on quantity of plastic that we have kept out of the landfills and brought back into the industry. Vortex’s latest accomplishment of 200,000 pounds of recycled plastic is very significant,” said Kip Slattery, Recycling Sales Manager from Cope Plastics. “Cope’s Topeka branch has several customers that utilize our recycling plan and Vortex is the first to reach the 200,000-pound mark. Cope Plastics has 16 branch locations with Topeka being the third highest in volume for recycling, due in large part to participation from Vortex.” The Milestone Awards are part of Cope’s Solutions-Based Customer Recycling Award Program (SCRAP), which recognizes companies who are making a conscious effort to recycle surplus plastic materials. Vortex has participated in the SCRAP program for the past six years. In 2016, Vortex achieved SCRAP’s Green Level Milestone Award for recycling a total of 50,000 pounds of industrial plastics and the Silver Level Milestone Award in 2018 for recycling a total of 100,000 pounds of plastics. Both of these achievements were also accomplished in two years. “Playing an active role in the sustainable plastic manufacturing industry is very important to Vortex,” said Tim Deines, Director of Supply Chain at Vortex. “We are proud to be part of this effort, and the partnership we have with Cope Industries to help make this happen. We look forward to continuing this program so the important natural resources that make up plastics are respected and used appropriately.” Worldwide, Vortex employees are also taking part in personal recycling initiatives to improve the environments we live in. This includes Vortex’s headquarters in Salina, Kansas, USA, as well as its global offices in Darlington, United

Kingdom; Querétaro City, Querétaro, slide gates, diverters, iris valves México; and Shanghai, China. and loading spouts designed Recycling plastics is just one of the specifically for handling dry bulk many ways Vortex and its employees solids in gravity, vacuum, dilute, or work to lessen the environmental dense phase applications. Vortex impact the company has. To learn valves and spouts are engineered more about the other recycling for dependability, durability, easy initiatives and environmental maintenance, and offer proven programs at Vortex, click here. solutions to material handling and Through these efforts, Vortex process efficiency problems. With is committed to its community, an in-house team of engineers, conserving resources, and protecting Vortex products can be completely the environment. As a part of our core customised for individual applications values – Respect, Integrity, Humility, or special installations. Passion and Empathy – Vortex is willing and eager to reduce its ecological footprint, so that there will be a healthy world for future generations. About Cope: Cope Plastics, Inc. is the premier Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe and tube couplings are plastics distributor rugged, heavy duty, self-aligning and self-grounded and the largest couplings with a high end pull. They can be used fabricator of for almost any application where pipe or tube ends machined plastic need to be connected. The Tuf-Lok self-aligning parts in North couplings install quickly and easily with little effort. America. Cope’s Features Solutions-Based • Self-aligning Customer Recycling • Self-grounding Award Program • High pressure rated (SCRAP) was • Full vacuum rated created to help its customers increase • Stainless or mild steel sustainability efforts through and easily • Usable on thin or thick wall accessible, viable pipe or tube recycling channel • Low cost for post-industrial plastic. • Reusable About Vortex: • Absorbs vibration For more • Externally leakproof than 40 years, Tuf-Lok (UK) Vortex has Tel: +44 (0) 1706 822512 Email: sales@tuflok.co.uk • www.tuflok.com provided quality Bulk Solids Today



IBSTOCK STEPS-UP FORKLIFT SAFETY WITH DOOSAN Ibstock plc is a leading manufacturer of innovative clay and concrete building products. With 38 manufacturing plants in the UK, the business supplies the construction sector under such well-known brands as Ibstock Brick, Forticrete, Supreme, Anderton and Ibstock Kevington – generating revenue of over £390 million. On-site safety is a top priority across all of its plants, a conviction it pursues vigorously when specifying requirements for its vast fleet of forklift trucks. In fact, to ensure the safety of its workforce the business has been instrumental in working with two forklift truck manufacturers on developing an innovative pedestrian detection and automatic braking system for reversing lift trucks. Initially introduced on hydrostatic trucks, the system has more recently been significantly upgraded and adapted by Doosan for use on five of its torque converter, three tonne capacity D30S-7 counterbalance trucks, which were supplied to Ibstock’s Forticrete facility in Anstone near Sheffield in early 2019. Rob Lloyd, Production Manager for Forticrete, explains the reasons for engaging with Doosan on developing the automatic braking system for torque powered forklift trucks: “We’re moving thousands of tonnes of concrete products a year between production processes, block stacking and loading vehicles. Much of the work involves rough yard duties and that demands a tough, rugged truck that is capable of providing reliable performance in a harsh environment. We found hydrostatic trucks were not best suited to the task and realised we needed the robust, heavy-lifting power of torque trucks – but, critically, we needed them to have automatic braking when reversing.” The sophisticated pedestrian 8

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detection system automatically applies the brakes if a person or obstacle is detected in the path of a reversing vehicle. The threestage safety system warns with an alarm and flashing lights at 9-5m from the object, automatically slows the forklift at 5-3m and at 3m the brakes are applied hard to perform an automatic controlled stop. An override button fitted to Doosan’s reverse grab handle allows the driver to proceed at a slow speed if the path can be navigated safely. Working together with local Doosan dealer, Glosrose Engineering and control and safety specialists, Transmon Engineering, the Doosan trucks were quickly prepared and run through their paces by the team from Forticrete. The feedback was very positive, with drivers praising the responsiveness of the vehicle, the comfort of the driving position and the comprehensive range of safety features on the Doosan truck. In addition to the standard safety features – and along with the new pedestrian detection system – the Doosan trucks were all supplied to Forticrete fitted with the ‘blue spot’ and ‘red triangle’ projected warning light systems,

seatbelt interlocks, door interlocks on the cab, HEPA filters on the air conditioning to remove fine silica particles, automatic radio cut-out when reversing, key-pad driver access and flashing beacons that remain active for 15 minutes after the truck is switched off. Together with the five Doosan D30S-7 Diesel counterbalance trucks, Glosrose also supplied a two tonne capacity Doosan B20X-7 electric counterbalance for indoor applications, handling product within the curing ovens. “What we liked about Doosan and Glosrose was that they were keen to work with us and were easy to work with,” says Rob Lloyd. “Also, the Doosan product was renowned for its rugged and reliable performance in tough conditions – when you’re lifting one tonne packs of blocks and stacking them six high you need a powerful truck that can do the job. “But it’s safety that’s our top priority, and importantly, on the Doosan automatic braking system the vehicle comes to a complete stop, whereas on the hydrostatic truck the similar system doesn’t stop the vehicle completely. The Doosan system is better and safer, and that’s absolutely critical to us.”


AUMUND SUPPLIES CONVEYING TECHNOLOGY FOR THE LARGEST SUGAR SILO IN THE WORLD Conveying technology from AUMUND is now also in demand within the Dubai based Group, Al Khaleej Sugar, one of the largest sugar producers in the world. The first order is from its Egyptian subsidiary, Canal Sugar, for a CENTREX® Discharge System and two AUMUND Bucket Apron Conveyors. Intense negotiations between the Al Khaleej Sugar Group and the AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH Branch Office in Dubai led to the award of the order. The two AUMUND Bucket Apron Conveyors will be fabricated in stainless steel. All of the equipment will be on site before

the end of this year. Canal Sugar is constructing a new sugar production plant near Beni Suef. It is the largest agro-industrial project in Egypt since 1952. The Canal Sugar Refinery will be able to process 5.4 million tons of sugar beet per season. AUMUND Fördertechnik already supplied the CENTREX® Discharge System type CTX 8000, which has a diameter of 8 m, in March this year. The CENTREX is in ATEX (explosion proof) design and will be installed in a silo which extends approximately 65 m underground.

The silo holds around 400,000 tons of refined sugar and is therefore the largest of its kind in the world. The discharge capacity of the CENTREX® is up to 300 tph of sugar, which will be transported onwards to the packing plant by the AUMUND Bucket Apron Conveyor type BZB 1400/400. The BZB is approximately 145 m long with a vertical lift of about 103 m. The second AUMUND Bucket Apron Conveyor ordered by Canal Sugar is of the type BZB 1600/400 and has a capacity of up to 400 tph. It will operate as a collecting conveyor under the sugar centrifuges.

GUTTRIDGE COVID-19 STATEMENT In light of the current situation, we would like to reassure all our customers and suppliers that we are continuing to monitor the spread of COVID-19, which is at the forefront of the media. As a company, our doors are still open, but we have put in place certain restrictions in order to safeguard both our employees, and those we come into contact with. Our employees matter to us and it is imperative that their welfare is considered as a priority. Whilst we are closely following government advise and guidelines, it is still business as usual with government recommended exceptions. We will continue to keep our manufacturing facility functioning and are working closely with our suppliers

and transport companies to ensure that risks are minimised. It is important that we can continue to support vital services such as the Food Industry, agriculture and essential manufacturing during these unprecedented times. Our parent company, Mitchells, is based in China. They have worked exceptionally hard to restore the production facility to full capacity, now that 95% of their employees have been cleared to return to work. We are taking lessons learned from them in order to cope with the virus. We would like to thank our customers and our suppliers for their continued collaboration and support at this difficult time, please follow government guidelines and keep

yourselves safe. If you have need of essential machinery or parts, please call our sales office on 01775 765300. Our phones are being manned and you can also contact us at sales@ guttridge.co.uk

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SCOTBEEF LAUNCH NEW STREET FOOD RANGE Following in-depth technical consultations and the installation of a third static retort from Holmach Ltd, Scotbeef are leading the way with their new wave of high quality meat products In response to market trends in the street food category and the ongoing success of their delicious recipes including beef ribs, lamb shoulder and brisket in authentic sauces, Scotbeef were looking to develop further pulled meat ranges for their premium retailers. With their technical expertise in thermal food processing and their innovative range of technologies, Holmach Ltd were the ideal choice of partner to support Scotbeef in developing the production capabilities at their East Kilbride factory. The project has seen the installation of a third Lagarde static retort from Holmach Ltd for the steam cooking of “slow cooked” meat products in pouches. Other “slow-cook” style foods are also in the pipeline. To ensure the quality of the process before finalising the order, Scotbeef and Holmach Ltd carried out extensive trials at Lagarde’s research facility in the southern Rhone valley, France. This was to compare Lagarde’s retort with traditional technologies such as water bath and steam ovens. Using the Lagarde retort, allows Scotbeef to optimise cooking processes to give repeatable quality 10

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without high energy usage. An autoclave uses about 40% of the steam required in a traditional steam oven process. Sophisticated PC software results in very accurate pressure and temperature control, in turn allowing the handling of delicate film and foil laminates without damage. Of course, fully automatic cooling of the product is also provided by the Lagarde retorts. Accuracy to within 0.5°C is part of a retort’s design requirement across the entire process. Robbie Galloway, CEO of Scotbeef commented: “We are very happy with the performance of our Lagarde retorts and from the technical advice, service and training we have received from Holmach Ltd.” As well as pouches of meat, joints can be cooked to a specified core temperature and then cool if necessary, to chill temperatures without the need for operator intervention. Added to this is a capability to pasteurise recipe dish products and doypacks of stocks and sauces as required. All processes are automatically recorded for evaluation and validation. Two doors ensure a “through the wall” operation, separating high and low care environments and the machines are entirely constructed from stainless steel, ideal for use where brined meats or fish are being processed. www.holmach.co.uk


JCB LENDS A HAND AS ROYAL STOKE HOSPITAL APPEALS FOR GLOVES JCB has answered a call from the University Hospitals of North Midlands for donations of vital supplies of personal protective equipment during the current Coronavirus crisis. More than 8,000 pairs of gloves and a large quantity of face masks have been gifted to the hospital as it gears up for an influx of patients in the coming weeks. They were donated by the JCB World Parts Centre at Uttoxeter, which continues to provide service, technical and spare parts back up to customers including farmers maintaining the food supply chain, contractors providing JCB generators to NHS hospitals and hirers keeping crucial utility services intact. JCB Parts and Service Managing Director Ian Sayers said: “We are delighted to support our fantastic NHS and the Royal Stoke Hospital by donating much needed gloves and masks. They are doing an amazing job and we are pleased to be able to help.” JCB donated the equipment after a former employee who now works at the Royal Stoke University Hospital got in touch. Paul Bytheway, Chief Operating Officer at UHNM, said: “We have been delighted at the response from local businesses across Staffordshire who are really pulling together in this crisis and grateful to JCB for their generous donation.”

STAINLESS STEEL BUTTERFLY VALVE Posi-flate has introduced an inflatable seated butterfly valve with a highly polished 316 stainless steel housing and disc. The Series 486 inflatable seated butterfly valve from Posi-flate features a fully machined 316L stainless steel housing. The single piece disc and shaft is available in a number of materials including 316L stainless steel and hastelloy. The disc may be polished to a mirror finish or coated with PTFE, nylon or other high performance coating. The stainless steel valve is ideal for powders, granules, slurries and liquids and is available in sizes 2” (50mm) to 20” (500mm). Typical applications include loading and unloading of process material, sterile air control, and outlet valves for storage containers or hoppers. It is suitable for many applications, such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The inflatable seat design of the Posi-flate butterfly valve provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the seat against the disc, providing more sealing area and an even pressure distribution against the disc every time. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life considerably. Because the Posi-flate disc only makes casual contact with the seat during opening and closing, torque requirements are substantially lower. This ease of movement also allows the disc to come to a perfect 90-degree position every time. Additionally, the smooth profile of the disc helps material flow easier and reduces build-up. For unique fail-safe monitoring, a pressure switch can be utilized to verify a perfect seal. Posi-flate Milton Keynes, United Kingdom +44-1908-622366 E-mail: sales@posiflate.co.uk www.posiflate.com Bulk Solids Today



DYNAMIC AIR OFFERS 16 DIFFERENT PNEUMATIC CONVEYING CONCEPTS • Four different vacuum conveying systems • Twelve different pressure conveying systems. Each system has its own unique set of operating characteristics for pressure, conveying line velocity, efficiency and performance. Because each and every material to be conveyed reacts differently under a given set of operating conditions, it is extremely critical to match the system operating characteristics to the material to be conveyed in order to achieve the most desired conveying performance and to provide the best value to you, the customer. Dynamic Air’s 16 different pneumatic conveying concepts have the ability to convey at almost any conveying velocity desired to suit a given material to be conveyed. Dynamic Air can convey many materials with conveying velocities as low as 50 feet per minute (0.25 m/sec) using the HDP 6000 dense phase pneumatic conveying system and, using the LDP 2000 dilute phase pneumatic conveying system, Dynamic Air can convey at velocities well over 7000 feet per minute (35 m/ sec). Plus Dynamic Air’s conveying capacities range from just a few hundred pounds (100 kg) of material per hour up to 400 tons per hour and conveying distances exceeding 5000 feet (1500 m) in length. In addition, Dynamic Air’s pneumatic conveying systems become highly efficient when they employ the unique patented DC-5™ Air Saver technology and are unmatched for performance and reliability. These systems can handle even the most difficult of materials, plus they significantly reduce the energy requirements and convey material at much lower conveying line velocity with higher conveying line densities and reduced dynamic loading. When Dynamic Air’s DC-5 Air Saver technology is employed on lower pressure systems using less than 15 PSIG (1 barg), in many applications the conveying line velocity can be lowered well below the normal saltation velocity. Depending on the material being conveyed, energy requirements can be reduced and system performance and reliability drastically improved. The Result: Gentle handling of heavy abrasive and nonabrasive materials that cannot tolerate degradation. 12

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For many fragile crystalline and granular materials there is no finer material handling process. Dynamic Air’s 16 different pneumatic conveying concepts can offer a more gentle treatment of system components as well. Because of lower velocities, system wear and related breakdowns are minimized. Dynamic Air Pneumatic Conveying Systems Are: • Energy and labor efficient • More reliable, because of our DC-5 Air Saver technology • Flexible to design in tight plant environments • Easy to install with minimum disruption to existing plant production • Clean - because the system totally contains the material conveyed • Friendly to the environment • Equipped with fewer moving parts • Lower in initial investment costs • Lower in maintenance http://www.dynamicair.com/systems.html www.dynamicair.com


DYNAMIC AIR LTD SPECIALISTS IN CONVEYING, MIXING AND DRYING OF DRY BULK SOLIDS Corporate Description Dynamic Air is a manufacturer of pneumatic conveying systems, vibratory equipment, and process equipment. We provide manufacturing, sales, technical, and service support to customers and representatives worldwide with offices in: • St. Paul, Minnesota U.S.A., • Milton Keynes, England, • Brazil, • China, Full Scale Test Facilities Our state-of-the-art full-scale test facilities are available to perform: • Full pneumatic conveying testing • Blending • Mixing • Agglomerating • Coating • Bin discharging • Dust collection Dynamic Air provides: • Complete electrical and mechanical design • Engineering • Start-up services Sixteen Conveying Concepts: We offer sixteen different pneumatic conveying concepts • Four different vacuum conveying systems • Twelve different pressure conveying systems. Each system has its own unique set of operating characteristics for pressure, conveying line velocity, efficiency and performance. Our 16 different pneumatic conveying concepts have the ability to convey at almost any conveying velocity desired to suit a given material to be conveyed. Capabilities include the handling of difficult abrasive to very fragile

granular materials at capacities exceeding 400 ton per hour and distances exceeding 1500 m in length. Markets Served • Cement • Ceramics • Chemical • Dairy • Feed • Food • Foundry • Glass • Mining • Petrochemical • Pharmaceutical • Plastics • Power • Pulp & paper • Railroad • Refinery • Refractory • Rubber • Steel • Wastewater

Dynamic Air Ltd.

26 Peverel Drive Milton Keynes, United Kingdom 44 (0)1908 622344 sales@dynamicair.co.uk www.dynamicair.com Bulk Solids Today



ULTRA-HIGH CAPACITY BULK BAG FILLING SYSTEM A new sanitary bulk bag filling system from Flexicon features dual SWING-DOWNŽ fillers fed by high capacity weigh hoppers, achieving fill rates of up to 40 bulk bags per hour. The patented filler design simultaneously lowers and pivots each fill head into a vertically-oriented position that places the inflatable spout connection collar, inflator button, and four bag loop latches within reach of an operator standing on the plant floor. This significantly increases the safety and speed of connecting bulk bags, as the operator can connect each bag loop and the bag spout without having to stand on a ladder or reach over equipment to secure the bag. Bagging rates are further increased by drastically reducing the time needed to load material into the bag. Whereas conventional fillers are typically mounted on load cells, allowing a PLC to open and close a valve or start and stop a conveyor to slowly fill the bag by weight, the new system employs dual gain-in-weight hoppers positioned above the bulk bag fillers. This allows pre-weighed material to descend into the bag at extremely high rates, and saves additional time by refilling the weigh hopper while the full bag is being removed and an empty bag is being connected. Once the inflator button is pressed and the collar secures the bag spout, filling operations are automatic: the fill head raises and returns to horizontal orientation; a dedicated blower fills the bag with air which removes creases in the bag, allowing the material to fill corners to create a stable bag; the surge hopper’s roller gate valve opens; pre-weighed material fills the bag; the valve closes; the inlet seal deflates and the bag loop latches release, allowing a forklift to remove the filled, palletized bag. Ports on each filler are vented to a dust collection system to prevent displaced air and dust from escaping into the plant environment. While a bag is being filled and then forklifted on one side, an operator can connect an empty bag on the opposite side, maximising output. Widened base frames allow filling of portable totes in addition to bulk bags. The all-stainless steel system is finished to sanitary standards and equipped with a corrosion-resistant, water-tight and dust14

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tight controls enclosure, allowing wash-down. The company also manufacture bulk bag dischargers, bulk bag conditioners, drum fillers, drum/box/container tippers, bag dump stations, flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, weigh batching and blending systems, and engineered plant-wide bulk handling systems with automated controls. For information contact: Flexicon Europe Ltd, +44 (0)1227 374710 sales@flexicon.co.uk www.flexicon.co.uk








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As agribusinesses gear up for the next picking season, Goplasticpallets. com has experienced a rise in demand for its Powders or Pastes bi-colour stack and nest Sizes from 2 to 25,000 litres crates which the company Versatile Mixing Machines launched last spring. Since January, Advanced Plough / Delta Blade: Agglomerates to Paste Goplasticpallets.com Spiral Blade: Cake Mixes to Mastic has sold an impressive Rotary Drum: Rice Flakes to Carpet Fibres 25,000+ bi-colour crates from its stack and nest (S&N) range to farmers and larger producer organisations and Complete mixing plant design to commissioning cooperatives for everything from leaf harvesting to soft fruit Test mixers available for production development handling. These striking two-colour crates are being used Production scale machines for short or long term hire right from the field to the packhouse, where the fresh produce is washed and then repacked into the same crates for its T: +44 (0)1260 272894 onward journey. www.jrboone.com Ben Messingham, UK Sales Manager for e: sales@jrboone.com Goplasticpallets.com, said: “In recent months we’ve noticed more and more Agri customers shifting away from using bale MIXING SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE arm crates in favour of our bi-colour stack and nest crates. “Agri customers today expect their picking crates to deliver more than just durable storage. A growing level of environmental awareness and concerns for hygiene mean 12296 Solids & Bulk_Chemical_124x86.indd 1 18/03/2016 that customers are increasingly looking for more robust, longer lasting solutions that can be easily washed, and for crates that can be conveniently stored when not in use. Our bi-colour stack and nest crates achieve all of this and more!” Manufactured from HDPE, the bi-colour stack and nest crates are extremely robust with smooth walls making them Unlike other valves that seal easy to clean and offering a large internal storage capacity – with friction, Posi-flate’s unique up to 60 litres. butterfly valve uses an The clever two colour design helps growers stack and inflatable seat store the crates safely and efficiently. When full, the crates to seal with air can be easily stacked by alternating the colours, and when pressure. Thus it empty, by turning the crates 180 degrees the other way and matching the colours they conveniently nest inside each other. requires less torque Several advantages these bi-colour stack and nest crates and a smaller actuator, have over conventional bale arm crates include: resulting in lower cost. • nesting capabilities – bi-colour S&N crates can nest Plus, the seat automatically up to 80% space saving depending on design, many compensates for wear, providing growers find the 50% nesting crate a good selection longer life. Some users have as it is squarer in shape which is better for larger produce like lettuce and cabbage reported over six million • durability – the absence of a bale arm means that cycles and the valves are bi-colour S&N crates are less vulnerable to damage still going strong. and offer an extended life span • easier to clean – the hinge on the bale arms crates can make these more difficult to clean, where bi• Less friction colour S&N crates can be thoroughly cleaned with • Low torque ease as they have no moving parts. Goplasticpallets.com’s bi-colour stack and nest crates • Low maintenance come in a number of different heights from 123mm to 320mm • Lower actuator costs with the option of either a solid or perforated base and side • Longer valve life walls. As standard they come in the choice of red and grey or • More reliable blue and grey, however for larger orders other colour options are available. Tel: +44 (0) 1908 622366 To find out more, call our team of experts on 01323 www.posiflate.com 744057 or email your enquiry to sales@goplasticpallets.com.

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MIXING IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE What do the Shrewsbury Town and Carlisle United Football pitches, Ascot Race course and the Guards Polo ground have in common with the Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton and Bolton Wanderers’ training grounds. Answer: they have all had their grass surface reinforced with Tarmac’s Topsport reinforced sports surface. Topsport protects high water sports surfaces all over the UK, and now a John R Boone continuous Delta Blade mixer is helping to make sure that


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Tarmac are providing their customers with exactly the blend that they need. Topsport is produced at Tarmac’s Eaton hall quarry in Cheshire by mixing a small but carefully metered percentage of polypropylene fibre with the sand that is quarried on site. For some blends carefully selected topsoil is added to create a “complete mix”. The individual polypropylene strands are approximately 50mm long, and have a very low bulk density. The fibres come to site as highly compressed blocks on pallets and are then “combed” into the mixer, which means that in many cases fibres arrive at the mixer in clumps. The sand and topsoil have a much higher density than the fibre, making the material especially difficult to mix together.

MIXERS, BLENDERS & DRYERS Achieving a significant improvement in product quality was vital to Tarmac, because quality issues resulting from the mixer they were using were restricting the market available to the company. Tarmac had also identified further market opportunities that, if they were to be exploited, would require an increase in production capacity. The key therefore was to generate a high throughput, high shear mixer that provided a truly homogenous mix of three disparate materials. The mixer is configured to a relatively long aspect ratio, which gives both an ideal environment for the highshear mixing required and the time required for a homogenous mix to develop. John R Boone maintains in-house test mixing equipment that represents every major variation of their production mixers and undertook extensive in-house testing of materials supplied by Tarmac, ensuring that every blend could be achieve within Tarmac’s specification. The continuous plough type HDBM mixer JR Boone supplied was equipped with a patented Delta Blade and high speed cutters, which quickly break up difficult and agglomerated materials and distribute them completely through the mix. The components are fed in together at the top

of the mixer and through the speed and shape of the Delta Blades are completed fluidised, [passing through the high speed cutters and mixing throughout the entire length of the mixer. The homogenous mix is discharged via an adjustable weir plate which can be used to vary the residence time in the mixer to match the production rate required, typically 40 MT/hr.

High Efficiency Drying or Cooling of Bulk Solids The Bella dryer/cooler offers thermal efficiencies to 80 percent or better because air flows around material while it is suspended in the weightless zone. The result is a more consistent material.

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MAGNETIC DISC SEPARATOR PROCESSES BEACH SANDS Bunting’s latest Magnetic Disc Separator (MDS) is for processing and separating key minerals from a beach sands deposit. The three-stage Magnetic Disc Separator is destined for a mineral processing operation in Africa. Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators for the mineral processing, mining and ceramic industries. The Bunting European manufacturing facilities are in Redditch, just outside Birmingham, and Berkhamsted, both in the United Kingdom. Magnetic Disc Separators (MDS) enable an accurate separation of minerals with varied magnetic susceptibilities. Typically, a Magnetic Disc Separator will feature up to three high-intensity electromagnetic discs, each set at a different height from a feed conveyor. The first disc will be set the furthest from the feed material, in order to extract only the most

magnetically susceptible particles. The second and third discs are set at lower gaps, increasing the magnetic force at each disc and therefore separating different grades of magnetic material. Magnetic intensity can also be further adjusted by varying the current of each coil to suit each client’s specific

Figure 2 - One of the 3 magnetic discs across the conveyed mineral mix

Figure 1 - Magnetic Disc Separator set up for final product tests


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SIEVES, SIFTERS, SEPARATORS & SCREENING mineral separation requirements. Unlike other designs, Bunting have a designated coil for each magnetic disc. The coil and magnetic disc relationship enable precise adjustment of the magnetic field at each stage and ensures accurate generation of the optimum magnetic field. In this latest project, the beach sands mineral mix includes ilmenite, garnet, monazite, silica sand, rutile, and zircon. Prior to determining the specification of the production-scale Magnetic Disc Separator, Bunting undertook comprehensive material tests in their mineral processing laboratory at Redditch. The controlled tests determined the magnetic power required at each stage to produce a successful separation. The production-scale Magnetic Disc Separator has six distinct separation stages. In operation, the beach sands mineral mix is evenly fed via a vibratory feeder onto a conveyor belt which passes under all three magnetic discs. Each magnetic disc produces a different magnetic force to separate a specific group of minerals. In addition, each magnetic disc is positioned at a tilt of approximately 1 to 2mm to generate two slightly different magnetic fields at the front and rear of each disc. Subsequently, there are six separate stages of separation. In this beach sands application, disc 1 is set to first produce 7000 gauss on the surface the belt (separation stage 1) and 8000 gauss at the rear (separation stage 2). The mineral mix is conveyed under the clockwise rotating disc with the 7000 gauss magnetic field removing larger iron-bearing particles including the highly paramagnetic ilmenite (FeTiO3) into the first collection area to the left of the feed direction. The black mineral rich fraction is used as a source for TiO2. The magnetic field strength at the rear of the disc is 8000 gauss and removes any remaining and smaller-sized particles of ilmenite. The combined ilmenite recovery rate from disc 1 is +95%. Disc 2 is rotating in a counter-clockwise direction to the conveyor feed and focuses on recovering minerals of medium magnetic susceptibility.

Figure 3 - Minerals being lifted and separated on one of the three magnetic discs

Figure 4 - The final separated fractions

Separation stage 3 uses a magnetic field of 13,000 gauss to recover pink and red minerals such as Almandine Garnet (Fe3Al2SiO2). At the rear, the magnetic disc is generating a higher field of 14,000 gauss. This recovers any remaining almandine garnet. In this application, the recovered garnet is sized for use as an abrasive grit media in shotblasting applications. The third and final magnetic disc rotates in a clockwise direction in relationship to the feed and is set to produce fields of 16,000 (separation stage 5) and 22,000 (separation stage 6). Separation stage 5 is for the recovery of the weakly paramagnetic orange-brown mineral monazite ((Ce,La,Nd,Th)PO4) with stage 6 recovering smaller monazite particles. Through the two separation stages recovery is +95%. Monazite is a phosphate mineral that contains rare earth elements; in this case the minerals include Neodymium, Cerium, Lanthanum and Praseodymium. The mineral is a highly valued raw material source for rare earth magnet manufacture. The remaining non-magnetic, cream-coloured mineral fraction is a mix of silica sand, rutile and zircon sand, which is separated using electrostatics, froth flotation and density separation. Rutile is used in the production of tioxide (via the Chloride route); zircon sand is commonly used in ceramics; and silica sand is the base material in the manufacturing of glass and ceramics. The ability of the Magnetic Disc Separator to produce six different fractions from one source makes the technology ideal and unique for many applications. Presently, Bunting is manufacturing a number of Magnetic Disc Separators every year as well as undertaking numerous tests in their mineral processing laboratory. The Magnetic Disc Separator is one of several specialist high-intensity magnetic separators in Bunting’s mineral processing portfolio. For further information, please contact us on press@buntingeurope.com or visit our website www.mastermagnets.com Bulk Solids Today



FARLEYGREENE’S HIGH PERFORMING SLIMLINE RANGE Farleygreene have been one of the main sieving providers in the UK since 1976. Based in Hampshire they serve some of the largest food and pharmaceutical companies in the world, and their network of international distributors currently sells to over 20 countries around the globe. Given their main workforce based at their UK factory is made up of just 26 employees, Farleygreene continue to plough through the industry, and are on course to become one of the global leading providers of sieving equipment. Farleygreene were recently recognised for their international exports at the PPMA (Processing and Packaging Machinery Association) Group Awards last year where they won Exporter of the Year 2019. This success can be attributed to their customer orientated approach which enabled the development of one of the most effective circular vibratory sieves on the market. Whilst remaining at its core a high functioning check sieve, the Slimline range has been continuously developed over recent years to meet changing customer requirements, especially from the food and pharmaceutical industries. Consequently, the Slimline range holds a competitive edge ranking high on overall machine quality and flow rates achieved. Farleygreene operate their factory under strict ISO 9001 quality guidelines, ensuring that every machine has been checked against their Quality Management System before it leaves their premises. Additionally, their machinery is made in the UK making them part of the Made in Britain campaign that promotes and contributes to UK manufacturing. The Slimline range is designed to be gravity fed as part of a continuous production line, or stand alone on mobile or static frames supplied by Farleygreene. Different connection types are available suited to various integrations with mixers, IBC containers, rotary valves, big bag dischargers and screw conveyors. The Slimline range is offered in four different sizes to meet various customer requirements. Pneumatic lifting and lowering systems are available on larger models to protect user’s safety whilst providing 20

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ample access to the mesh screen to be visually inspected or removed for cleaning and mesh replacements. For factories with limited room, different styles of vision inspection ports are offered. As well as ticking several boxes for performance and integration, Farleygreene also adhere to strict requirements in place for the food and drink industries. Their Slimline range is designed largely with hygiene in mind as their crevice free design provides little opportunity for bacteria build up, it is also easy to take apart for cleaning, tool free, so downtime for factories is kept to a minimum. The Slimline range is also available with the following: • Full ATEX certification • Proof of compliance with EC regulation 1935/2004, FDA and CE certified components • Metal detectable components • A wide range of finishes including ViwateQ® finish • Ultrasonic upgrade to reduce clogging and accelerate material flow • Full spares and accessories for replacement or to keep in stock Additionally, the Slimline sieve is available with a pneumatic/pressure adaptation or sack tip station integration, again in various sizes designed to suit your set up. To continue to serve their food and pharmaceutical customers in high demand during the Coronavirus pandemic, Farleygreene continue to remain open and operational. Contact them on +44 (0) 1256 474 547, email enquiries@farleygreene.com or find your local distributor for assistance today.

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TENOVA TAKRAF STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR SOLID FERTILIZER PRODUCTS By Ralf Katzke, Scraper Reclaimer Technologies, Tenova TAKRAF Dry bulk fertilizer products, whether they be within fertilizer factories or at shipping or receiving points, are mainly stored in stockpiles. Employing a pile instead of a high silo is an economical solution for large volumes. In most circumstances, the stockpiles are covered in order to protect both the environment, as the product is prevented from being blown around, and the product itself as it is shielded from being affected by adverse weather conditions. In most instances where a fertilizer product boasts both a consistent composition and quality from an upstream chemical process, the piles also often function as buffer storage. The piles are thus employed to balance time and volume between production and shipping or to balance reception during interim storage and onward transport to users. In other instances where there is very little or no consistency – specifically when mined ores of varying qualities and/or characteristics arrive at a chemical plant and require homogenization prior to a chemical process – piles can also be employed as a blending bed. This is often the case for large fertilizer storages, especially those with high throughputs for either stacking, reclaiming or both, and are usually equipped with fully automated stockyard machines. LEVERAGING MORE THAN 50 YEARS OF FERTILIZER INDUSTRY STOCKYARD MACHINE EXPERTISE Tenova TAKRAF is a global OEM for mining and bulk handling equipment with a history dating back almost 300 years. The company boasts a successful 50 year plus track record of supplying stockyard machines to the global fertilizer industry, with its first scraper reclaimer (for a potash factory) being supplied in 1966. Since then, the company has designed, manufactured, supplied and successfully commissioned around 400 scraper reclaimers across various commodities with a large majority being employed in the effective handling of potash, urea, phosphates and sulphur. Tenova TAKRAF’s approach to this vast array of global projects is “flexibility”. This means they treat the specific requirements of each project in a unique manner, ranging from the supply of a single machine to various machine packages and/or delivery of a complete bulk conveyor system including storage bin machines, conveyor belts and loading & unloading equipment. Such complete handling systems leverage an extended and well established material handling 22

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portfolio covering stockyard / disposal facilities, loading / un-loading equipment, conveying, port facilities and in-plant handling equipment. STACKING AND RECLAIMING In most instances, a storage facility is fed material through a network of conveyors that efficiently carry the product to be stored. In order to achieve an optimal pile width within the storage area, the stacking of material is carried out via overhead tripper cars. Having supplied machines with capacities of up to 4,000 t/h, Tenova TAKRAF boasts significant experience in the supply of these under-roof tripper cars. For the recovery of product from a pile, scraper reclaimers are the preferred (and dominant) equipment of choice for operators and planners alike. Some of the advantages of these machines include: • Proven robustness and reliability • High efficiency and low operating costs • Simple and steady working movements allowing for full automation • Gentle treatment of material and almost dust-free handling of fertilizer products MAXIMUM STORAGE SPACE IN INDOOR AREAS As a result of general market developments and increasing fertilizer logistic requirements, the global demand for storage volumes and handling capacities is increasing. This growing demand has resulted in large pile widths, sometimes even exceeding 60 m. For such indoor applications, the portal reclaimer, which boasts separate main and auxiliary reclaiming booms, is the preferred solution, as it requires a minimum amount of space due to its shape. This results in the maximum covered storage space for the product stack. Depending on bulk products’ densities, Tenova TAKRAF is able to supply portal reclaimers with handling capacities of up 6,000 t/h and with rail-spans that can exceed 60 m. SPECIAL FEATURES OF STOCKYARD MACHINES THAT HANDLE FERTILIZER As previously mentioned, scraper reclaimers are, due to their method of operation, very gentle in their treatment of material and thus operate with minimal dust creation. This makes them ideally suited to fertilizer material that often comes in granulated form. This gentle treatment of a material, together with the minimization of dust, also applies in principle to all equipment within the fertilizer handling value chain including boom stackers and/or overhead tripper cars. These machines, which generally employ cone


shell stacking for the minimization of dust, can also be equipped with lowering booms or special chutes in order to further improve handling and dust minimization. Nevertheless, depending on the characteristics of the fertilizer product and our customers’ unique requirements, Tenova TAKRAF is able to equip their scraper reclaimers and stockyard machines with special features such as: • Stainless steel design for blades and chutes • “De-lumpers” arranged within the discharge chutes for the breaking up (“de-lumping”) of caked bulk material • Hoses on hose reels for fresh air supply to operator cabins • Life-time lubricated outboard roller chains • ATEX-certified components in case of inflammable / explosive bulk material such as sulphur CRITERIA THAT MAY INFLUENCE THE CHOSEN BULK STORAGE ARRANGEMENT In addition to the globally popular solution of employing portal reclaimers in combination with overhead tripper cars for indoor fertilizer storage facilities, other alternative solutions can potentially also be employed or be even better suited in certain specific instances. Spending the time to properly evaluate all options and making an informed decision based on all factors including the overall space situation, storage shed design & structure and/or on individual mass flows, may mean that the following machine solutions might be an even more suitable choice: • A stacker with tripper-car travelling on ground along the pile • A combined stacker / reclaimer • A circular storage arrangement In addition, the requirement for homogenization may also bear significant influence on equipment selection. Nowadays, very light building structures even for

large shed dimension are available and quite commonplace. Often, these light building structures do not allow for any under-roof installation of incoming conveyors with a travelling tripper car. In such cases, an alternative approach in combination with such a light building structure might employ an on-ground travelling stacker. In such instances where all equipment is installed at a ground level, access to equipment for maintenance is significantly safer and more efficient as an additional benefit. If space at the site is limited, then a circular buffer storage facility may turn out to be the most effective spacesaving solution. Bulk material is stored against a retention wall, with both stacker and reclaimer mounted on a central column. In circular buffer storage solutions, the feeding of the pile is conducted via a boom stacker employing the cone shell stacking method. Reclaiming is accomplished via a cantilever reclaimer, which conveys material into a central chute located below the central column. From this central column, material is then fed, via a feeder, to the outgoing conveyor. In operations where material logistics can be managed in such a manner so as to avoid simultaneous stacking and reclaiming operations, a combined stacker / scraper reclaimer can also be an effective cost saving solution. In this instance, stacker and scraper booms are mounted on the same chassis resulting in substantial cost savings not only for the equipment itself but also in reduced rail lengths and fewer conveyors being required. PRODUCT CONSISTENCY THROUGH HOMOGENIZATION / BLENDING In instances where fertilizer originates from mined ores and/or where variations exceeding the acceptable product range can be expected, material consistency can then be at risk. In order to protect against such consistency issues, the stockpile may, in addition to its buffer function, also be given the additional task of homogenization / blending. Blending beds generally operate in an adjusted combination of chevron-stacking and front-reclaiming. The stockpile is built up according to the so-called “chevron method” in a longitudinal stockpile, or the so-called “chevcone method” in a circular stockpile. In both methods however, stacking is required to achieve a sufficient number of material layers. Reclaiming is then conducted via a bridge-type reclaimer, which takes material from the front side of the stockpile. In this manner, reclaiming achieves a perfect mixture of material, depending on the number of layers and the incoming deviation and/or distribution. For further information, visit: www.takraf.com Bulk Solids Today


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MaxxDrive The M a x x D r iv e T M range of Industrial Gears are designed to our tried and tested Unicase principle of a one piece housing, into which all the bearings are integrated providing the highest levels of precision, rigidity and strength. This produces a compact, lighter unit that can be mounted in any position and with the use of larger roller bearings guarantee’s a long operating life. There are 9 sizes in the range with ratings of 25,000...250,000Nm, covering motor powers 2.2...2,200kW and with gearbox ratio’s of 5.54...1,600 : 1. Shown below on a base frame with a fluid coupling between motor and gearbox for soft start functionality. The product is fully flexible and can be adapted to suit all applications.

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