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Less degradation

Cost effective

Move your dry granular materials gently, reliably and with significant reductions in product degradation and/or system wear.

Our high material-to-air ratios reduce energy and compressed air requirements. Our low conveying velocities provide significant process savings in both operation and maintenance. Initial cost is surprisingly affordable too, thanks to our modular design concept and ease of installation.

Proven capability Dynamic Air dense phase pneumatic conveying systems have been proven in over 15,000 installations worldwide. They handle a wide range of materials and bulk densities at rates from less than a hundred kilograms per hour to 400 tonnes per hour, over distances exceeding 1500 metres.

Sixteen concepts Each Dynamic Air system is custom designed from one of our sixteen different conveying concepts. So you get a conveying solution that fits your process perfectly, without compromises.

BellaTM Twin Shaft Fluidized Zone Mixer

GYRO EXTM Bin Activating Feeder

Dynamic Air Ltd. Milton Keynes United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 1908 622344 E-mail: sales@dynamicair.co.uk


Dense Phase Transporter, J-Series

BulkBusterTM Bulk Bag Unloader

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ain Crosley, MD, Hosokawa Micron Ltd joined 150 thought leaders gathered to discuss ‘Innovation, Skills and the Future of Work’ at the opening of Autodesk’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility (AMF) in Birmingham. Representing SMEs in the processing sector, Iain was invited to join a panel of representatives from academia, a start-up business and a large manufacturer (#makeanything) to address the perceived skills gap and the steps being taken to bridge that gap. Here Iain reviews the day and the future of work in the processing sector, ‘With lively discussions from a wide variety of manufacturing backgrounds and demonstrations of how innovative technology is employed to maximise business opportunities, the day was an exhilarating exploration into the future of work.

The discussions reinforced my view that for companies and their workforces to fully embrace and exploit the new technologies it is important to foster an open mindset, throughout the business so that everyone is at ease with technology and the possibilities it represents. This open-minded approach is vital, ‘business as usual’ is not an option nor is it a strategy for survival. I would suggest that a progressive approach is the only way that processes will be facilitated and gains maximised. Although most companies do recognise the importance of plugging the skills gap with a sound training infrastructure, simply providing training for

young people may deliver only limited returns. What I’m suggesting is a programme of reverse mentoring whereby the more technically aware younger group collaborate with the more experienced engineers, who may possibly be quite tech-resistant to blend respective knowledge and skills to solve problems and create opportunities. At Hosokawa Micron, we have adopted this novel mentoring approach to good effect, not just in terms of skills but also morale and team building.’ www.hosokawa.co.uk



arleygreene sieving technology has recently undergone a significant upgrade to the test facilities at their Hampshire based factory in the UK. Senior Research and Development Engineer, Matthew Calow, who coordinated the refresh explains: “the aim of the update is to control dust, creating a clean room that is dedicated to high precision testing for the additive manufacturing and similar industries. The segregation of the room will also allow us to run two tests concurrently without disturbing operations in our assembly facility.” But this recent upgrade is representative of a much bigger picture, following the recent growth of the company into the 3D printing arenas, the updated facilities demonstrate a larger focus on R&D and last year Farleygreene recruited their first R&D Engineer, 4

Bulk Solids Today

Vincent Yang, to help them achieve this. Yang has worked alongside the Farleygreene Engineering

Team to implement significant design improvements. “Within the past year we have been able produce in-depth analysis on the performance of our existing machines, enabling us to implement new design improvements and increase our understanding of powder handling, developing better solutions to fit our customer’s needs”, explains Managing Director Antony Hare. The test room is now in its next stage to be upgraded to laboratory standard, as Farleygreene address the ever-growing demands of their rapid expansion. They have always welcomed customers to their premises to carry out in-house trials before they make the decision to purchase, and currently offer an extensive range of machinery ready to use for demonstration at their premises. www.farleygreene.com


MODU-KLEEN® DOWNDRAFT SERIES DUST COLLECTOR The Modu-Kleen® downdraft dust collector represents the latest dust collector technology developed by Dynamic Air to contain fugitive dust. With the new Modu-Kleen downdraft dust collector, the air enters at the top of the dust collector housing and flows downward to the cartridge filters, improving the filtering process and the materialto-air ratio. Air velocities are much lower than those with a conventional dust collector, reducing the load on each filter cartridge and extending filter life. Cartridge filters are positioned horizontally, requiring less floor space and making filter removal easier.

Personnel never have to enter the filter housing for general maintenance or for cartridge filter removal. This provides a much safer and quicker method of filter removal. For fast and easy inspections, a large, quick-opening door allows maintenance personnel to closely inspect each cartridge when required. In addition, any single cartridge can be removed without disturbing adjacent cartridges. Also, each cartridge filter has a unique built-in quarter turn bayonet mount, so no tools of any kind are required for cartridge removal.

www.dynamicair.com/products/ dustcollector681.html

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Experience the

difference… …in innovative size reduction We have one of the largest ranges of size reduction equipment on the market and provide a single source supply of comminution equipment and expertise: from <1g to multi-tonne.

• From lump crushing and coarse grinding to micronizing, fine grinding and nano-milling

• Wet and dry milling equipment and systems • Unique equipment for small batch milling <1g • Accurate, repeatable particle size reduction Milling systems contained within an isolator/glovebox can operate to meet OEB 6. Hosokawa Micron size reduction equipment can be designed specifically for installation within an isolator for a more bespoke solution.

Tel: +44 (0) 1928 755100 • E.mail: info@hmluk.hosokawa.com • www.hosokawa.co.uk

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ith offices in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, SumoSafe Global is a new company offering a range of products that significantly reduce damage to palletised loads during the lift truck handling process and make forklift trucks safer to operate. “The SumoSafe range includes a number of ingeniously simple yet highly innovative designs that make a real difference to any forklift operator’s business, both in terms of safety and the cost savings that can be made by cutting or even eliminating product damage,” says SumoSafe’s co-founder, Simon Ross. He continues: “Any company that operates a forklift truck fleet - from a single truck upwards has a duty to ensure that its lift truck operators and the personnel who work around forklifts have

the safest possible working environment. “And, of course, forklift-related product damage within the supply chain is a significant and expensive issue for a great many businesses. In fact, it is probably a bigger problem than the industry is prepared to admit with companies in a broad range of sectors suffering huge bottom-line losses every year as a result of careless handling.” The SumoSafe range includes: • SumoSafefork - a radical new design of lift truck fork that takes traditional steel tines and encases the tip within a protective glove. Made from industrial grade polyurethane, the glove significantly limits the impact of a carelessly driven lift truck’s forks against a load. The results of

independent industrial testing may be seen at https:// www.sumosafe.net/ products/sumoglove/and indicate a very short ROI. • SumoGlove - a variation on the SumoSafefork, SumoGloves are fitted to the tips of a lift truck’s existing forks quickly and easily. They are compatible with all common makes and size of forklift tine; • SumoVision - a system that, as its name implies, improves an operator’s forward visibility even when sight lines are obscured by a large bulky load; • SumoLevel - a new forklift mast tilt indicator system designed to significantly reduce the accidental damage and associated safety risks that are often caused to a pallet, the load and the racking by a lift truck’s forks during the pallet picking and put-away process; • SumoBackbone - a protective device that can be retrofitted to any make or model of lift truck to minimize the risk of an operator suffering a serious spine or whip-lash injury in the event of his or her truck being hit from the rear by another forklift or reversing into a stationery object. “The benefit to any organisation that installs SumoSafe technology will be quickly realised,” says Simon Ross. “They improve operational efficiency and workplace safety to such an extent that payback is almost immediate.” Further information on how the SumoSafe range of products can benefit your business visit : www.sumosafe.net


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SPREAD THE WORD: USING OUTRIGGERS AND SPREADER PLATES TO MAXIMISE SAFETY If it is possible and practicable to do so, why do employers still not comply to health and safety standards and lower the number of accidents that happen onsite when operating MEWP-type platforms? According to recent studies from the HSE, some of the most significant MEWP dangers arise from the misuse of equipment. Major contributing factors to assess before use are the surrounding environment and the stability of the equipment to name but two. All MEWPS rely on the ground conditions on which they stand for their stability so it’s crucial that the equipment is set up with outriggers and spreader plates (unless stated otherwise) in order to maximise stability and reduce potential injury. ADAPTING TO THE ENVIRONMENT

It is important to remember that MEWPS fitted with outriggers should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; not all equipment is the same so it is not correct to assume what may work in one environment or for one piece of equipment will work with another. The assessment of ground strength can vary from an inspection to a full survey so a competent and qualified person should be on site to make sure the outriggers and spreader plates are used accordingly. GROUND CONDITIONS

The conditions of the ground that you intend to carry out the work on must be assessed in the preinspection checks. Outriggers will allow the MEWPS to be stabilised on the ground safely with the spreader plates used to prevent the equipment sinking into the ground or uneven pressure being applied on the ground underneath. MEWPs should only be used if the ground is safe; using outriggers will not automatically make an unsafe environment safe, they will only be a contributing factor to maximising stability. When choosing the right spreader plates for your MEWP, refer back to the manufacturers manual or contact

the manufacturer direct to ensure you have the right equipment to carry out your work. A paved area may look strong, but the ground underneath may be weak when a heavy vehicle such as a MEWP is placed on top or likewise a sturdy soiled ground that is susceptible to holding weight may be uneven from recent pipework underground or adverse weather conditions softening the ground. This is why a competent person must always be available onsite to assess the area before work commences. THE ROLE OF SPREADER PLATES

As a general rule of thumb, to a range of industry sectors. For spreader plates should always be more information on booking access used under outriggers to make sure the training with mentor or for support on weight of the MEWP is spread evenly, guidance working at height safely, reducing the pressure on the ground get in touch with us today – 01246 underneath. 386900. The foot of the outrigger should www.mentortrainingsolutions.co.uk be centred on the plate, ensuring that the ground underneath is even. If there are dips or hollow areas in the ground below, these must be filled before a spreader plate is used on top. Studies from Tuf-Lok ring grip pipe and tube couplings are IPAF’s recent rugged, heavy duty, self-aligning and self-grounded ‘Spread the couplings with a high end pull. They can be used Load’ campaign for almost any application where pipe or tube ends reveal that need to be connected. The Tuf-Lok self-aligning up to 80% of couplings install quickly and easily with little effort. a machine’s Features weight can • Self-aligning rest on one • Self-grounding outrigger, as the boom • High pressure rated rotates over it, • Full vacuum rated so there is a • Stainless or considerable mild steel risk of an • Usable on thin accident or thick wall happening if pipe or tube the outrigger is • Low cost on an unstable • Reusable ground. • Absorbs vibration Mentor • Externally leakproof can deliver Tuf-Lok (UK) a full range Tel: +44 (0) 1706 822512 of working at Email: sales@tuflok.co.uk • www.tuflok.com height courses Bulk Solids Today





hen speciality fabric manufacturer Vlisco approached Hosokawa Micron Ltd seeking a contained drum handling solution to provide a physical barrier between the operator and product to protect their workforce from contact with airborne, fabric dye particles, they were explicit in the challenges that needed to be met. These including the safe handling of drums of various sizes and the de-lidding, opening and emptying of drums into a reactor vessel within a contained environment. Hosokawa Micron engineers responded with a bespoke designed drum tipping glovebox, built around the dye reactor vessel, that met all the customer’s requirements including an Operator Exposure Level of <5µg/m³ to protect operators potentially harmful dusts. Drums and kegs of different sizes and weights are presented to the glovebox on a roller track and manually moved into the glovebox before being connected to the drum tipper. Drums are de-lidded and bags opened before special container clamps suitable for handling a range of weights/sizes attach the drums to the lifting/ tipping device. The drums are then automatically lifted, rotated and dropped onto the reactor where they are located into position to secure and reduce dust creation on discharge. The system is operated under a nitrogen blanket to minimise dust explosion risk and is engineered for ATEX compliance with drum lifting and rotation operated by intrinsically safe air motors. As the reactor vessel contains hydrochloric acid, special coatings are applied to the glovebox chamber and plastic parts were used to make up the filter and extraction systems utilising plastic fans, pipework and plastic coated valves and filters. As an original and heritage 8

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For more information regarding Hosokawa Micron and their innovative process technologies, visit www.hosokawa.co.uk or email info@hosokawa.co.uk textile design company, Vlisco welcomed Hosokawa’s bespoke approach to providing a purpose designed containment solution that reduced both manual handling of drums and operator risk. Michiel Soolsma, Process & Quality Engineer, Vlisco says, “From the first contact, Hosokawa made a great impression by understanding our problems and coming up with possible solutions. Although we needed more time before starting the project, Hosokawa showed patience and assisted us when asked.

From the start to the end of the project Hosokawa showed their experience and engineered a glovebox that is operator friendly and could be integrated in our new installation. I personally enjoyed working together with their engineers on this project with Hosokawa.” For over 170 years, Vlisco has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa.


CHOCOLATE DEMAND GIVES PORT OF LIVERPOOL A BOOST The UK’s largest importer of cocoa and coffee beans is to build a major new warehouse at the Port of Liverpool to accommodate growing demand from food and drink manufacturers. CWT Commodities is leasing the land from Peel Ports and has engaged Mazdon Construction to build the 36,000 sq ft warehouse and new offices, which is in addition to the eight warehouses it has already built on the Liverpool site. Construction has begun and is expected to be completed later this year. Nearly 65,000 tonnes of cocoa beans, more than two thirds of the UK’s demand, arrive via Liverpool each year due to its proximity to factories in Yorkshire and North Wales. The port also handles around a third of the UK’s annual 150,000 tonnes of coffee bean imports. Approximately 80% of the cocoa and coffee beans arrives in containers, with the remainder in bulk vessels. The cocoa beans largely originate in Africa, mainly Ghana and the Ivory Coast, with the coffee coming mainly from

Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia. Jason Cross, Director of CWT Commodities UK, said: “The Port of Liverpool is strategically important to us due to its geographical location resulting in reduced inland transport costs and carbon footprint for the supply chain involved in delivering to the factories. “The continued investment we have made in logistical infrastructure such as the warehouses wouldn’t have been possible without the strong partnerships formed over many years with Peel Ports and Mazdon Construction. We are excited about the completion of the new facilities and the future growth opportunities this will offer.” Alex Hemmings, Managing Director of Mazdon Construction, said: “Having designed and built CWT’s previous warehouse schemes at the Port of Liverpool, we are pleased to be undertaking our third phase of warehouse construction with adjoining offices on three levels. Our successful

relationship with CWT over the last 10 years has been founded on our ability to understand their commercial and operational needs, providing them with a bespoke design and build service here in the UK and ultimately delivering value engineered storage and handling facilities to meet their growing requirements.” Andrew Martin, Peel Ports Group Land and Property Director, added: “This further investment by CWT reinforces the Port of Liverpool’s premier position as the logistics hub that connects food and drink manufacturing and processing centres across the northern half of the UK. “CWT has been a highly valued customer for many years and we’re delighted to support them in the next stage of their growth in the UK market. We thank them for investing in the Port of Liverpool. We would also like to thank Sefton Council and Natural England for their support in making this development happen.” www.peelports.com Bulk Solids Today



DOOSAN EXPANDS SMART SOLUTIONS - POWERED BY INNOVATION Under the theme of ‘Powered by Innovation’, Doosan Infracore Europe has announced a number of new developments that not only add to the company’s current Smart Solutions portfolio for the Doosan range of construction, quarry and mining equipment and but also give a preview of what will be coming from the company in the future. They include a new strategic partnership with Palantir Technologies, an American big data unicorn (a term for a start-up company with a current valuation of US$1 billion or more). This is the first of its type in Korea and forms part of the company’s efforts to provide new products and services by converging ICT technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things (IOT). The service programmes within Doosan Smart Solutions also aim to maximize operating efficiency by creating a smart work environment and as part of this, Doosan has launched a new mobile app for Apple and Android devices for its successful DoosanCONNECTTM fleet and asset management system, now covering over 70,000 of Doosan’s machines worldwide. Further support is provided by a package programme of regular maintenance and extended warranty designed by Doosan and carried out by the service teams at Doosan dealers. To meet increasing demand for the increased efficiency offered by machine guidance systems on excavators, Doosan Smart solutions is now offering new Leica,


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Trimble and Xsite Ready Kits for the Doosan wheeled and crawler excavators from 14 to 30 tonne. Doosan Smart Solutions already provides factory-installed options for the increased flexibility offered by SVAB/Steelwrist tiltrotator systems for the Doosan wheeled excavator range. Giving us a glimpse of the future, Doosan provided an industry-first with a demonstration at Bauma 2019 of long distance remote control of machines using the new 5G telecommunications platform and previewed the company’s ConceptX, providing a complete suite of solutions for site automation including fuel cell drones and autonomous vehicles. Charlie Park, CEO of Doosan Infracore Europe, said: “The construction, quarrying and mining industries are becoming increasingly digitalised. We want to stay ahead by investing heavily in new technology for our product development, which includes investing in our drone solutions and automated machine control. We are also partnered with many big solution providers such as Trimble, Leica, Moba (Novatron) and now Palantir. We want to be known as the most technology-friendly brand in our markets.” Looking to the Future with 5G In what was one of the highlights of the Bauma 2019 exhibition in Munich in Germany, Doosan was the first manufacturer to use 5G technology for worldwide ‘TeleOperation’ of construction machines. Doosan has coined the term TeleOperation to describe the operation of construction equipment from a remote station. At Bauma, remote really meant remote - operating a Doosan DX380LC-5 40 tonne crawler excavator located


over 8500 km away in Incheon in South Korea from an operator’s booth on Doosan’s Bauma stand.

NEW FUEL CELL DRONES Another eye-catching feature of Doosan’s stand at Bauma was a video demonstration of Doosan Mobility Innovation’s drones for monitoring and analysing machine performance and wider operation efficiency on construction, mine and quarry sites. Later this year, Doosan is looking to demonstrate ConceptX, its wide-ranging digital technology development for construction and quarrying machines. Charlie Park added: “It will be an event in South Korea and we are aiming to stage it in November. It will show to customers, dealers and the market in general where Doosan is going on its product development. It will include our complete suite of solutions: control centres, cloudbased systems, digitalised machines, autonomous driving and our drones.” WORKING MORE EFFICIENTLY The new pre-installed Leica, Trimble and Xsite Ready Kits can now be ordered direct from the factory through Doosan Smart Solutions for use with Leica, Trimble and Xsite 2D and 3D machine guidance systems. Doosan also offers factory-installed SVAB/Steelwrist options for the company’s DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165W-5 and DX170W-5 wheeled excavators.

DOOSANCARE SERVICE PHILOSOPHY As well as the standard functionality offered by the DoosanCONNECT system, the mobile app offers new functions such as directions to machines; call service, whereby the app connects the customer directly with the Doosan dealer’s service operation and a Chat option to send messages to the service provider. DoosanCARE is a unique and direct customer care programme that offers ‘Total Solutions’ that are essential to customers’ business development, leading to longlasting partnership and shared growth. Among the benefits provided by this proactive customer solution is a focus on improving machine productivity, increasing machine lifetime and planning service support on the customer side. Charlie Park continued: “Our growth strategy is focused on having a more diverse product and aftermarket services offer. We want to differentiate from others with our higher level of product support and services. To do that, we are creating additional product offerings and improving our servicing capability, through DoosanCARE, and our replacement parts availability. Additional products will include new special application machines, like demolition excavators and material handlers, and increased attachment options, such as the tiltrotators.” For more on Doosan construction equipment, visit the website: www.doosanequipment.eu Bulk Solids Today



PUMP AND VALVE INNOVATOR FINDS A TEST RIG TECHNOLOGY THAT TALKS THE TORQUE To analyse the long term performance and reliability of hard working valves and pumps, serial innovators Manchester-based Bifold Group has adopted radio frequency based torque transducers from Sensor Technology Ltd for two of its specialist test rigs. An inter-generational commitment to advancing science and engineering has seen Bifold transform from a 19th century mining lamp maker into a leading manufacturer of instrument valves and accessories, piping valves and pumps for the oil, gas and wider industrial markets. It has particular expertise in subsea and wellhead control systems and has also developed market leading technology in areas such as solenoid valves with ultra-low power requirements. Its corporate development is just as impressive as its technical advancements. Over the last 1015 years it has consistently grown profits by 50% a year, and is on course to clear £33m this year. During this period it has moved into bespoke premises, created about 250 high value jobs, developed new products and technologies and entered high tech markets around the world. Today 95% of its output is exported. By using the power of computer aided design many of Bifold’s products are built to custom designs, yet they are produced to very short lead times thanks to the efficiency of internet communications. To maintain this standard, sample products and components are comprehensively tested so that their reliability and capabilities are never in doubt. Bifold is as innovative in developing its test regimes as it is in advancing its product technologies and business systems. So when it wanted to assess the effects of wear on its long-life valves it set about designing a special test rig. Engineer Andrew Laverick recalls: “We wanted to measure the power required to operate the valve to see how it changed over time and with long term use. It was clear that the best way to do this was to measure the torque input over an extended period.” “We were open to any design concept for the test rig, but soon found ourselves gravitating towards a TorqSense solution because the Sensor Technology engineers were so helpful and really knowledgeable about test rigs.” TorqSense transducers lend themselves to test rig uses because they are non-contact measuring devices. Attached to the surface of the transducer shaft are two Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices, when torque is applied to the shaft the SAWs react to the applied strain and change 12

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their output. The SAW devices are interrogated wirlessly using an RF couple, which passes the SAW data to and from the electronics inside the body of the transducer. Sensor Technology’s Mark Ingham explains: “All you have to do is set up a TorqSense transducer in the test rig and fire it up. The SAW frequencies reflected back are distorted in proportion to the twist in the test piece, which in turn is proportional to the level of torque. We have some clever electronics to analyse the returning wave and feed out torque values to a computer screen. “TorqSense has been used on many test rigs over the years and I was delighted to hear the Bifold engineers say how easy it is to use and how robust the software is.” Laverick again: “As a test engineer you are almost resigned to long set up procedures and software that falls over at the drop of a hat. But Sensor Technology has designed these problems out of their TorqSense equipment, with the result that we were able to complete our long term test procedures with the minimum amount of fuss and heartache and well within the allotted time schedule.” In fact Bifold has since bought a second TorqSense which is being fitted to a new test rig used to assess the performance of mission critical chemical injection pumps, as used at oil and gas wellheads and on process pipelines. “This project is proceeding well,” says Laverick, “and is allowing us to further develop our abilities to quickly provide bespoke equipment for ultra demanding applications, safe in the knowledge that it will perform faultlessly over a long working life.” www.sensors.co.uk




eir have been working with University of Huddersfield for a number of years The latest research collaboration between a University of Huddersfield professor and a world-leading engineering firm has been hailed by a Government body. Professor Rakesh Mishra, an expert in fluid dynamics, has formed a sequence of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) with Weir Valves & Controls UK, part of the UKbased multi-national Weir Group. The projects have led to massive sales increases and cost savings. KTPs are part-funded by the Government-backed body Innovate UK and every project is assessed by an independent grading panel.  The recently-completed collaboration between Weir Valves and Professor Mishra has now been given the highest grade of ‘Outstanding’ and joins a shortlist that is used to prepare case studies illustrating Knowledge Transfer Partnerships at their best. The latest University of Huddersfield-Weir Valves KTP began in October 2014 and concluded in October 2017. Its official remit was “to design, develop and launch a new range of products for multiphase, multicomponent flow applications”. Professor Mishra supervised the research and postgraduate student Antonio Carlos Oliveira who was embedded within Weir Valves as the KTP Associate at the firm’s manufacturing and design centre of origin in Elland.  The latest fluid dynamics knowledge was used to help the company improve the design accuracy of valves that are heavily used by the oil and gas industry around the world. “We found that we can have the same performance with a smaller valve following the research findings, meaning economies of scale and reduced manufacturing costs,” said Professor Mishra.  The “astonishing improvement in sizing calculations” – as the company describes it – has contributed to a 640 per cent increase in sales for valves in multiphase applications. This was the second successful KTP formed by Professor Mishra and Weir.  The first focused on the company’s need to embed complex flow knowledge into its design, operation and sales teams.  It was able to enhance valve performance and fully comply with the latest international standards.  Now, a third KTP is under way.  It began in January and is being backed to the tune of £211,000 over three years, with half of the investment coming from the company and half from Innovate UK, while the University of Huddersfield contributes its research expertise. This time the goal is to develop SMART valves, embedded with sensors that can estimate the remaining useful life of the product, leading to cost and operational savings for manufacturers and end-users. 14

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The University of Huddersfield has a growing reputation as an inspiring, innovative provider of higher education of international renown. Recognised as a leader in enterprise and innovation, the University has been the recipient of the Times Higher Education’s University of the Year Award and Entrepreneurial University of the Year and was awarded a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.  In the 2015, the University achieved 5 star status from international ratings organisation QS Stars in the areas of teaching, internationalisation, employability, and for facilities and access.   It is currently number one in England for the proportion of staff with teaching qualifications and recently became one of the few universities in the UK to be awarded the ‘Gold’ standard in the Government’s new Teaching Excellence Framework.  The University annually welcomes over 19,000 students to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across subjects covering… …the sciences, engineering and IT …health, education and the social sciences …business, management, law and accountancy …architecture, design, humanities and the arts. The University of Huddersfield’s researchers are dedicated to solving the problems and answering the questions posed by industry, science and society as a whole.  Its research is showcased by internationallyrecognised centres of excellence, strategic industry relationships and a commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.  The Chancellor of the University is His Royal Highness The Duke of York, KG, and the Vice-Chancellor is Professor Bob Cryan CBE. www.global.weir


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STAINLESS STEEL BUTTERFLY VALVE Posi-flate has introduced an inflatable seated butterfly valve with a highly polished 316 stainless steel housing and disc. The Series 486 inflatable seated butterfly valve from Posi-flate features a fully machined 316L stainless steel housing. The single piece disc and shaft is available in a number of materials including 316L stainless steel and hastelloy. The disc may be polished to a mirror finish or coated with PTFE, nylon or other high performance coating. The stainless steel valve is ideal for powders, granules, slurries and liquids and is available in sizes 2” (50mm) to 20” (500mm). Typical applications include loading and unloading of process material, sterile air control, and outlet valves for storage containers or hoppers. It is suitable for many applications, such as food, chemical and pharmaceutical. The inflatable seat design of the Posi-flate butterfly valve provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the seat against the disc, providing more sealing area and an even pressure distribution against the disc every time. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life considerably. Because the Posi-flate disc only makes casual contact with the seat during opening and closing, torque requirements are substantially lower. This ease of movement also allows the disc to come to a perfect 90-degree position every time. Additionally, the smooth profile of the disc helps material flow easier and reduces build-up. For unique fail-safe monitoring, a pressure switch can be utilized to verify a perfect seal. sales@posiflate.co.uk www.posiflate.com

Not all metering screw feeders are the same... Innovation matters...


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Call us on 01282 777566 visit www.trantec.info

Other Valves Fight Friction, We Designed it Out Unlike other valves that seal with friction, Posi-flate’s unique butterfly valve uses an inflatable seat to seal with air pressure. Thus it requires less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in lower cost. Plus, the seat automatically compensates for wear, providing longer life. Some users have reported over six million cycles and the valves are still going strong. • • • • • •

Less friction Low torque Low maintenance Lower actuator costs Longer valve life More reliable Tel: +44 (0) 1908 622366


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BOONE MIXERS AT NOVIDON WORK TOGETHER FOR PERFECT SCALE-UP Wrexham-based Novidon have chosen Boone Mixers for both laboratory test and factory production of carboxymethylated starch products, for use in oil and other drilling applications. The performance of the production unit, a 4000 litre Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer, is accurately modelled in the laboratory by a Boone Universal Lab Mixer. Both mixers feature contraflow paddle blade design, and each is designed to allow pressurised steam injection, a critical part of the process. Boone’s relationship with Novidon dates to 2007, when the company needed to replace a mixing system that was beyond repair. Engineering Manager Mike Shoemark approached Boone. The highly viscous nature of the materials suggested a horizontal mixer and Boone proposed a Horizontal Paddle Blade Mixer (HPBM) complete with pressurised steam addition, which ‘cooks’ and gels the starch mix, at five points in its semi-omega shaped mixing shell. The semi-omega is a ‘short and tall’ shape shared by all horizontal Boone mixers that ensures highly efficient mixing with easy clean and energy efficiency. Mike Shoemark commented “Despite the batch size going from 1300 to 4000 litres, the drive power reduced from 110Kw to 16

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55Kw, with obvious energy savings, and were able to reduce from 24 batches per day to 11.” To meet research and development challenges, Novidon subsequently purchased a Boone Universal Lab Mixer (ULM). The variable speed ULM allows process conditions to be replicated perfectly, so that quality checks, formulation adjustments and research can be conducted on a manageable scale without taking up valuable production time. To allow Novidon to fully create the conditions encountered by the production mixer, Boone supplied the ULM as a pressure rated unit complete with steam addition. The lab mixer allows Novidon to research different methods of carboxymethylation, of potato starch for the production of oil well and other industrial drilling fluid loss inhibitors/lubricants. Mike Shoemark said “We are very impressed with the mixer. The cooked starch is very high viscosity and the lab mixer turns it with ease.“ The on-going success of both the Boone mixing systems and of Novidon themselves has been further underlined with the recent award of an order for a further 4000L HPBM mixer to double production at the Wrexham site. www.jrboone.com


NEW LIGHTNIN COMPACT SERIES – PERFORMANCE WITH SIMPLICITY The Lightnin Series 10 and Series 70 mixers are well proven and renowned for their excellent mixing performance, efficiency and reliability. With its new Compact Series, SPX FLOW, Inc. has transferred the innovative Lightnin technology into a more standardized solution for users who require faster availability. The Compact Series mixers are ideal for open tank applications (e.g. municipal, industrial water or wastewater, and mining & minerals slurry processes) as well as for sealed tank applications (e.g. chemical process applications requiring a mechanical seal). This new series offers many of the features offered on other mixers in the Lightnin range including a choice of high efficiency impellers and a gearbox designed by SPX FLOW specifically for reliability in mixing applications while keeping simplicity of design. The new range also includes the Lightnin True Dry Well which is integrally cast into the gearbox. Critical for drinking water and other applications, the dry well protects against lubricants seeping past shaft seals, which can contaminate process fluids. The Compact Series offers users a highly competitive, straight forward mixing solution which provides the reliability, strength and efficiency associated with Lightnin mixers. The units offer a compact footprint, reduced weight and are easy to install with integrated cast iron feet on the gearbox. They can accommodate double or triple reduction in the same gearbox size, so the same space can accommodate multiple speeds. Their simple construction with parallel shafts in the gearbox further ensures quiet, smooth operation and, with low temperature rise in the unit, long lubricant life. The leading Lightnin impellers are designed to optimize mixing performance by maximizing flow generation and minimizing drive loads. The range covers powers of 0.75 – 55 kW (1HP to 75HP) with speeds of 13-155 rpm, is available with OSHA, CE and ATEX certification and availability of premium efficiency for safe area motors. To ensure excellent customer service and rapid delivery, gearboxes along with the shaft and impeller are assembled in our US facility where SPX FLOW has precision tooling and testing / metrology capability. Through its Lightnin brand, SPX FLOW provides leading expertise in the science of mixing. The new Compact Series offers customers peace of mind, knowing they have the strength and reliability of a Lightnin solution at a superb cost to value ratio.

High Efficiency Drying or Cooling of Bulk Solids The Bella dryer/cooler offers thermal efficiencies to 80 percent or better because air flows around material while it is suspended in the weightless zone. The result is a more consistent material.

Dynamic Air Ltd. • +44 (0)1908 622344

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ew Balance adopts revolutionary vibratory sieve with ultrasonic screening technology in production of new 3D-printed trainer New Balance is one of the world’s largest athletic shoe manufacturers. The company aims to bypass conventional industry practices and provides state-ofthe-art products to professional athletes and everyday consumers. One of New Balance’s latest innovations is the addition of an additive manufacturing laboratory; boasting the production of the world’s first laserprinted shoe. The ‘Zante Generate’ is the world’s first running shoe with a 3D-printed midsole. Composed of Duraform® TPU Elastomer, the revolutionary sneaker is made using a laser sintering process. A dual-purpose laboratory used for new product


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development and research, the 3D printing facility processes a variety of additive polymers. Initially, New Balance’s laboratory began by processing small-batch work. However, looking to up-scale to larger levels of production, New Balance turned to Russell Finex for a solution. A Russell Compact Sieve® with Vibrasonic ® Deblinding System was the answer. This combination not only fulfils the need to increase throughput, but also ensures the purity of processed powders. Daniel Dempsey, New Balance Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer, was delighted with the solution - “To sieve 20kg of material using our previous equipment would take approximately eight hours. With the Russell Finex sieve, we can do the same amount in roughly ten minutes.” Now an integral part of New Balance’s 3D additive manufacturing lab, the Russell Compact Sieve® with Vibrasonic® Deblinding System is relied upon every day. For New Balance, using this industrial screener is critical to aerate powders before the material is loaded to a laser sintering machine. Aerating powder increases the flowability of the material, which is required for stable processing of prints running over 24 hours in duration.

SIEVES, SIFTERS, SEPARATORS & SCREENING Aside from increasing flowability, this screener with ultrasonic sieving system has also been credited for freeing time for the additive manufacturing lab’s engineering team as it screens powders much faster than traditional all-day monitored sieves. The addition of the Russell Finex vibratory screener for AM powders has also allowed New Balance to experiment with powder and complete custom batch work in a much quicker fashion. Dempsey continued, “I’ve never had to do a single thing with this machine other than use and clean it. It’s fantastic. The system allows us to speed up the sieving process, and we’ve drastically increased our ability to iterate or prototype within the company due to prototyping the article directly and skipping a couple of rounds of injection moulding before commercialization. If you think about how that affects things like time to market or the product quality, the more iteration you can do the better product you’re going to end up with.” Established in 1934, Russell Finex has over 80 years of experience in working with manufacturing powders. The company, having worked within the 3D printing sector since its beginnings, has built relationships with key equipment manufacturers and end-users, to ensure its separation equipment meets the current and future needs of 3D printing technology. Get in touch with Russell Finex to find out more. www.russellfinex.com


A new range of high-capacity ballistics separators has been launched by Stadler UK, designed to achieve a higher throughput to meet market demands. The company has updated it’s STT2000_8 range and made its STT6000 model available to the UK market for the first time, in direct response to growing customer demand for units that offer higher capacity, simple maintenance and flexibility when processing a wide range of material. Manufactured at its stateof-the-art production facility in Altshausen, Germany, the separators are suitable for a range of applications including municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste, co-mingled and single stream material. Stadler’s STT6000 is a heavy duty ballistic separator which can be used as a pre-sorting unit in recycling facilities separating the waste stream in three different fractions. The infeed material requires no pre-sorting or shredding, making the STT6000 suitable for landfill mining and construction & demolition waste. Complementing the STT6000 is Stadler’s updated STT2000_8 model which has eight paddles and is 3m wide for higher capacity processing. The angles of the paddles can be adjusted on site providing flexibility to process different types of material without ever changing the machine. Dr Benjamin Eule, director of Stadler UK commented: “Our two new models provide customers with a next-generation ballistic separation solution, delivering exceptional flexibility, high capacity and easy accessibility for maintenance. “We specialise in the design of tailored products that enable MRF operators to reduce downtime and save valuable plant space with complete sorting solutions.” Stadler introduced the first ever ballistic separator to the recycling industry in the 1970s and has since designed, built and implemented hundreds of recycling plants globally. www.w-stadler.de/en Bulk Solids Today




Eclipse Magnetics will be attending the PPMA Total Show from 1st – 3rd October at the NEC in Birmingham this year. On display will be a selection of products from our comprehensive range of high performance magnetic separation and detection systems on stand E62. As the UK’s largest ever event in the processing and packaging machinery sector, the PPMA show is a great platform in which to showcase Eclipse Magnetics’ range of high-quality, high-power magnetic separators for most applications, including bulk, grain, dry powders, damp powders, liquids and syrups, as well as a comprehensive range of metal detectors and vibratory sieves. Used in almost every processing industry to remove ferrous and para-magnetic contamination from process lines, our magnetic separation systems are the perfect solution for preventing product contamination and damage to machinery. Martyn Cotterill, General Sales Manager for Foreign Body Removal at Eclipse Magnetics said: “One of the 20

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greatest challenges to processing industries is ensuring the maximum integrity of the finished product. Contamination risks exist at most stages of production, therefore, failure to ensure that this does not occur can be catastrophic to a brand, as well as a risk of causing personal harm. Robust HACCP systems and high performance foreign body removal equipment are vital to prevent this. Our high performance separation systems have a worldwide proven reputation in the food industry, enabling you to protect your brand and your customer.” As the official Partner for Sesotec products in the UK, Eclipse Magnetics is delighted to be able to feature Sesotec’s impressive range of metal detection systems, X-ray detection systems, and magnet systems on its stand. As one of the leading specialists for contamination detection and materials sorting, Sesotec is a perfect partner for Eclipse, increasing its range of products significantly. To assist customers in complying with customer and independent audits, Eclipse Magnetics also has a dedicated site inspection service to provide documentation for external audits, and vast experience in industries such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical processing. To find out more, visit stand E62 at the PPMA Total Show from 1st – 3rd October at the NEC in Birmingham.

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MERCEDES-BENZ LAUNCHES UK LIMITED EDITION ACTROS1, THE ULTIMATE DRIVER’S TRUCK Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK has unveiled an exclusive new model which elevates driver appeal to a new level. A maximum of 100 Actros1 tractor units are being built and go on sale in March, loaded with optional technology, comfort features and visual enhancements. The eye-catching newcomer has been designed specifically for owner-drivers. However, the Actros1 name reflects the fact that it is also destined to become the ‘number one’ vehicle in fleets run by family-owned, long-distance hauliers that choose highly specified trucks, and larger operators seeking a flagship vehicle, perhaps to incentivise and reward staff. Based on the 6x2 chassis with range-topping GigaSpace cab, Actros1 comes in either distinctive black or silver/black colour schemes. Most customers are likely to choose the 2563LS variant with mighty 460 kW (625 hp) version of the state-of-the-art OM473 15.6-litre, six-cylinder engine, but the 2553LS model with second-generation 12.8-litre OM471 with 390 kW (530 hp) output is also available as a highly fuel-efficient alternative. Actros1 showcases Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ technological leadership. As well as a Safety Pack that includes the ground-breaking Active Brake Assist 4 and Proximity Control Assist systems, and a driver’s airbag, it comes with a high-performance engine brake and tyre pressure monitor. Meanwhile, fuel efficiency is enhanced by the well-proven Predictive Powertrain Control system and Fleetboard telematics hardware. The vehicle also comes with revolutionary


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Mercedes-Benz Uptime maintenance technology. Thanks to an array of sensors which monitor the condition of the vehicle constantly, the customer’s allocated Dealer knows precisely what is required before the truck reaches the workshop and can order parts in advance while allocating sufficient time during a single visit to complete all tasks. Inside, the luxurious Style Line interior design is complemented by a leather-trimmed steering wheel and Comfort leather massage seats for driver and co-driver, an uprated multimedia entertainment system and a Premium Comfort mattress. Practical features such as automatic climate control, an electric sunroof and sunblind, a microwave and pull-out refrigerator, and rear overhead lockers also contribute to the ‘feelgood factor’ for drivers. The Actros1 logo appears on cab and door plaques, and serves as a constant reminder to drivers - as if one were needed - that this is a truck like no other. Colour-coded mats and bed linen are also included.


Externally, the specification includes painted side guards and catwalks, Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels (wider than standard at the front) with painted hubs, and roof-mounted air horns. Bi-xenon headlamps, LED tail lights and an illuminated grille-mounted star complete the striking look. Mercedes-Benz Trucks Marketing Communications Manager Ben Grayson declared: “Actros1 brings together the very best Mercedes-Benz has to offer in terms of performance, comfort, safety, economy and maximised use, in a stunningly designed package which will make it the envy of every other driver on the road.

“With this exciting new model we’re laying down a marker which says that we intend to get even closer to drivers. We’re determined to ensure that for those who’ve previously favoured other brands, a vehicle bearing the three-pointed star is now at the top of their ‘wish list’.” Ben added: “Actros1 has been crafted from start to finish with the driver in mind and, with a maximum of 100 being built, demand is sure to be strong from discerning customers who desire the ultimate in premium exclusivity.” www.actros1.com

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aunched in a global release today, SICK’s next-generation W16 and W26 smart sensors with ‘BluePilot’ alignment are at the helm of a streamlined portfolio of photoelectric sensors, radically-upgraded to optimise ease-of-use with complete object detection reliability. The W16 and W26 proximity, reflex and through-beam sensors are manufactured at a purposebuilt, fully-automated production facility in southern Germany. They mark the culmination of a two-year, ‚Ǩmulti-million research and development project involving extensive consultation with SICK customers worldwide. “When we asked our customers what was most important for future development of photoelectric object detection, they put usability top of the list; they already expected our sensors to be robust,


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100% reliable and always available,” says David Hannaby, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Presence Detection. “So, we set out on a journey to achieve the best of all worlds in one family. We developed the new operating technologies our customers wanted, as well as bringing together all of SICK’s leading optical sensing capabilities to produce a consistent highflier.” For usability, the W16 and W26 sensors are launched with SICK’s new BluePilot assistant, which features a line of five LEDs mounted on top of the sensor for quick, easy and accurate alignment of the light spot even over long distances. The BluePilot combines a potentiometer and teach-in button to simplify set up, range assessment and application mode selection, and provides a real-time on-sensor status display. Manufactured in new robotic production facility to ensure consistent plug-and-play alignment of every device, SICK W16 and W26 sensors bring together the best of SICK’s optical sensing technologies to meet any detection challenge: SICK’s patented Twin-Eye technology achieves reliable detection for reflective materials such as films, foils, contrast-rich or uneven surfaces. The Twin-Eye’s unique second receiving channel builds in high process stability reducing the risk of false or missed signals due to deflections of the light beam. SICK has incorporated LineSpot linear optics to provide highly-reliable detection where the object has mesh, perforations, integral gaps or breaks. SICK ClearSens optical filter technology makes light work of semi-transparent and transparent objects, such as bottles and plastic trays. Intuitive mode selection on the device make it easy to set up the sensor according to the characteristics of object to be detected. With SICK’s revolutionary OptoFilter


technology onboard, the sensors are immune to interference from unwanted light sources and reflections, including LED lighting, hi-viz safety workwear or reflections from machinery. SICKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AutoAdapt function means if the reflector or the front screen of the sensor becomes contaminated, the photoelectric sensor automatically adjusts its switching thresholds for reliable detection. An industry-first in-built Bluetooth option allows easy monitoring and advanced commissioning from smart phones or tablets. Smart IO-Link two-way communication is standard on all devices to enable easy set up and parameter cloning of replacement sensors, addressability and diagnostic functions, as well as opportunity to incorporate sensor-level smart tasks

such as counting and time measurement. Every W16 and W26 comes in a robust Vistal housing to withstand all chemical, thermal and mechanical environmental conditions as well shocks and vibrations. The casing is laser-etched with all product identification so that the sensor remains easily identifiable even after years of service. A 2D barcode enables easy identification and access to product manuals via mobile phone. For more information on SICKâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s W16 and W26 sensors, contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email andrea.hornby@sick.co.uk. www.sick.co.uk

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6:(&2(XURSH Vibratory & centrifugal Solids/solids or liquid/solids separations Standard and custom designs Industrial, food, pharm. designs


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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Intelligent Drivesystems, Worldwide Services

Maxx MaxxDrive Drive The MaxxDrive TM range of Industrial Gears are designed to our tried and tested Unicase principle of a one piece housing, into which all the bearings are integrated providing the highest levels of precision, rigidity and strength. This produces a compact, lighter unit that can be mounted in any position and with the use of larger roller bearings guaranteeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a long operating life. There are 9 sizes in the range with ratings of 25,000...250,000Nm, covering motor powers 2.2...2,200kW and with gearbox ratioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of 5.54...1,600 : 1. Shown below on a base frame with a fluid coupling between motor and gearbox for soft start functionality. The product is fully flexible and can be adapted to suit all applications.

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Bulk Solids Today August 2019 Issue  

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