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20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


46th Annual NAAA Convention and Exposition December 3-6, 2012 Savannah, Georgia


This Cockpit is Now Open for Business. The new Thrush 510G is FAA Certified and ready for delivery. Built on the legendary Thrush 500-Series airframe, this amazing airplane is powering into the future propelled by an exclusive GE H80 turbine engine. It will bring a whole new level of productivity to your operation – thanks to higher cruise speeds, increased fuel efficiency and enhanced hot and high performance. Not to mention no required hot section inspections, and a TBO of 3,600 hours. Combined with a hopper capacity of 500 gallons and a gross weight of 10,500 pounds – this is one workhorse of an airplane. There really is something new going on here at Thrush, and we’re quickly leaving other ag planes in the crop dust. Learn more about the good old fashioned 21st century engineering going on at Thrush Aircraft. Visit us online or call Eric Rojek at 229.789.0437.







Something new is going on here. 2E


233 Booth

A message from Thrush Aircraft It’s NAAA 2012 show time in Savannah, and all of us at Thrush are looking forward to seeing you for what promises to be another terrific event. Every year, the folks that put together this Show Guide allow us a page here in the front to tell you about the wonderful things going on with our company and our products. But this year, it seemed like there might be a better use for this space and, besides, you can find out anything you want to know about the products we build by visiting our website, speaking with our customers, or just giving us a call. And, if you’ll stop by our display during the show, we’ll put you in the cockpit of a new single and dual cockpit 510G, or a new 510P and you can see, personally, what great airplanes they really are. What we would rather use this space for this year is to talk about what an amazing time it is to be a part of this industry. We’re seeing record sales, steadily increased flight hours, and better safety records than ever before. What’s more, we’re seeing innovation – from glass cockpit technology, to better engine life, to ongoing research on techniques for increasing productivity every time you fly. We’re proud to be a part of all this with you – because this is a business we’re deeply committed to – not just to sell airplanes – but to do something that matters, and do it well. There’s an amazing energy at Thrush right now – and we believe it’s spreading to the entire industry. We like to say: “Something new is going on here” and it is. And it benefits us all. Whether you’re flying an old Air Tractor or a brand new Thrush – there should be a spring in your step – because we’re all a part of an industry that’s getting better – and that more people are discovering the merits of every day. You might have seen the recent articles about the new Thrush 510G in Flying magazine, or Sport

Aviation. Combined, these two publications touch more than a million readers. Folks we weren’t talking to before, and who have a lot of misconceptions about the ag aviation industry. You might say: “Why the heck should that matter?” It matters because the more we expose people to what we do – and help them understand the thoughtfulness that goes into every ag flight, the better off we’ll be. Field access, flight restrictions, unreasonable regulations – those are all created by people who have no understanding or appreciation for our business. We have been, for the most part, invisible for many years. And believe it or not, that’s never a good thing. Now, we have global corporations like GE and United Technologies investing in our industry. And that really is good for us all, because others will follow – and that means we’ll continue to get better technology, better operating parameters, and a better understanding from everyone – from rule makers to landowners – of what a vital role ag aviation plays in the agricultural cycle. Our industry deserves to thrive – and there’s

never been a better time for it. Survival is never mandatory in any business. It only happens if you work hard to evolve to meet varying conditions and changing needs. That’s what we’re doing at Thrush – by offering more options, better research, and a way of doing business that’s built around our customers – rather than ourselves. Our job is to help you – and everyone like you – do your jobs better. And to ensure those outside our business appreciate the importance of what we do. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously – and a commitment we’ll continue to keep. We hope you’ll join us.—Thrush Aircraft

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


311 Booth

from the Cockpit Bill Lavender Publisher, AgAir Update

From the Cockpit

Back to Savannah I have traveled throughout most of the U.S. where beautiful cities are plentiful. However, there are a certain number of cities that simply take your breath away; Savannah, Georgia is one of them. Of course, I could be a bit partial, with Georgia my home and having visited Savannah many times. That aside, I know you will find Savannah as one of the best venues ever for the 46th NAAA annual convention and exhibition to be held December 3-6, 2012. December 3-6 are the official dates, however, exciting things are on the agenda before the official start date. NAAA’s AgAv PAC (Political Action Committee) golf tournament starts Saturday night, December 1, with a reception and Calcutta before Sunday’s Best Ball tournament at the luxurious Club at Savannah Harbor. This is an important fundraiser that helps NAAA communicate with politicians in Washington, D.C. Because of political contributions laws, funding has to come from sources other than the Association. Monday night the NAAA will host its Welcome Reception. This is the kickoff event for the upcoming days that are filled with educational and networking opportunities. For those of you registered, I don’t have to tell you how important it is to attend NAAA’s annual convention. Reading the pages of AgAir Update’s Show Guide, you will know what to do, where to go and when to do it. For those who have not registered, you should also read the show guide. You will be convinced, I am sure, to make plans to attend. The purpose of AgAir Update’s Show Guide is primarily two fold; promote attendance to the NAAA convention and to better facilitate the time of those attending. When you read the show


guide, you will see exhibitors’ ads featuring their products and services. In some cases, you will read a more detailed accounting of what you can expect when stopping by an exhibitor’s booth. You will also read about speakers, the program schedules for NAAA and WNAAA, as well as any other important events taking place this week. It is an exercise in preparation. If your time is limited, it will help you identify which sessions and receptions to attend and which exhibitors should be at the top of your list to visit. I hope you can make all the events NAAA has scheduled. I know having quality time with over 140 exhibitors can be a challenge.







46th Conv Annual N Expo ention an AAA sition d Dece

I would like to extend a special m invitation to everyone to visit Savan ber 3-6, 20 12 nah, G AgAir Update’s booth, #311 (When eorgi a you enter the exhibit hall, we will be on your left just before the P&WC booth.). These are exciting times in ag-aviation and AgAir Update is right smack in the middle of them. Recently, Expect a grand time with we’ve expanded our online store, the AgAir Update fantastic southern hospitality when you attend Marketplace. There will be items from it for you to this year’s NAAA convention and exhibition in inspect and buy. We will be moving throughout the Savannah, Georgia, the first week of December. I exhibit hall taking videos and photos. Be sure to will be looking for ya! wear your best smile. AgAir Update will also introduce its newest service, Video Interviews. These videos are for anyone with a web site that would like to deliver a visual message. Vendors will use them for their web sites to better describe and demonstrate their products and services. Aerial application companies can also use them to communicate with their customers and the general public.

keep turning...

46th Annual Charting a fident Co se ur Con

CONVENTION & EXPOSITION 32°04’ 52”N 81°05’26”W

December 3–6 Savannah, Ga.

Chart a Confident Course at NAAA’s 2012 Convention & Exposition This December, come with confidence to NAAA’s 46th Annual Convention & Exposition, featuring the world’s largest trade show for agricultural aviation, great opportunities for networking, and a dynamic lineup of speakers and events—all in the beautiful heart of Coastal Georgia’s Low Country! Whether you plan on staying the course or are in need of a course correction, the 2012 NAAA Convention provides the perfect launching pad to propel yourself and your business to new heights. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran operator or a fledgling ag pilot, you won’t find a better outlet than NAAA’s Convention & Exposition to help you achieve your personal goals and business objectives.

We’re confident that you will:

Tee Up for the 2012 AgAv PAC Golf Tournament

Join NAAA for a round of golf in support of a worthy cause at the 2012 AgAv PAC Golf Tournament December 1–2. With 2012 poised as one of the most significant Presidential and Congressional election years in recent history, your donation to help strengthen NAAA’s influence in Washington, D.C., and support candidates friendly to our industry is more important than ever. What better way to do this than by having fun on the links with your fellow aerial applicators? Held at the luxurious Club at Savannah Harbor, on the grounds of the Westin hotel, the tournament will be a four-member team scramble starting Sunday morning, December 2. Don’t miss the pre-tournament reception and Calcutta on December 1. To sign up, call NAAA at 202-546-5722 or visit www.

Marvel at the astronomical life and career of astronaut Story Musgrave, NAAA’s Kickoff Speaker. Musgrave has charted a remarkable course throughout his life and career— so much so that Dos Equis ought to Story Musgrave seriously consider patterning its Most Interesting Man in the World commercials after him!

Connect with the best vendors

in the industry at the World’s Largest Agricultural Aviation Trade Show. The trade show keeps getting bigger and bigger, and this year NAAA Exposition attendees are in for one of NAAA’s biggest airshows ever. At least 10 aircraft will be on display. More than 130 exhibitors are locked in already, but prime booth space remains. Visit www.agaviation. org/content/trade-show to secure your booth.

Render an enthusiastic verdict for

the Mock Trial presentation during NAAA’s General Session. Unlike other mock trial demonstrations, this mock trial will be real, with the facts coming directly from a case the law firm of Geff Anderson Anderson, Riddle & Kuehler LLP tried in 2009 involving a high-priced drift claim. Before court goes into session, Dr. John Thorne will provide the latest information on federal and state NPDES Pesticide General Permit regulations.

Fortify your aerial applica-

tion knowledge with practial educational programming, including sessions covering application Concurrent Sessions technology, chemicals, security, aircraft airframe, helicopters, engine manufacturing and more.

Additional highlights include: • ASABE/NAAA Technical Session Program • Compaass Rose (for new and low-time ag pilots) • WNAAA Convention Programming

• Live & Silent Auction • Farewell/Awards Banquet —Celebrate agricultural aviation’s unsung heroes

Get ready for an unforgettable week.

NAAA Hotel Registration Information • To make reservations in NAAA’s room block, contact the Savannah Housing Bureau at 912-644-6465. To receive NAAA’s discounted group rate, you must make your reservations through the Savannah Housing Bureau. Please refrain from calling the hotels directly. Individual hotels cannot match NAAA’s group rate or reserve a room in NAAA’s housing block and will not be able to answer questions about NAAA’s room block. • Book online at NAAA’s official hotel-registration website:

Register today!

NAAA’s official hotels are conveniently located near the convention center and Savannah’s entertainment district. Despite being on opposite sides of the Savannah River, getting to and fro is easy. The Westin, Hyatt and Marriott each have their own ferry docks, and a free ferry service will shuttle attendees across the river throughout the day. Free shuttle bus service will also be available.

RESERVE YOUR ROOM TODAY! NAAA Room Rates: $114 per day + tax Room Block Cutoff: Nov. 8, 2012

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


Mark Hartz, NAAA President Andrew Moore, NAAA Executive Director

From the NAAA

Set your coordinates for Savannah and NAAA’s 2012 Convention & Exposition On behalf of the National Agricultural Aviation Association, we would like to invite all AgAir Update readers to attend NAAA’s 46th Annual Convention & Exposition. This year, NAAA is leaving the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas for the Southern comforts and hospitality of Savannah, Georgia. Our first convention in Savannah in 2010 was a smashing success, and the Hostess City of the South has bent over backwards again to make us feel welcome. During the time between our 44th and 46th conventions, the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center installed extra-large hangar doors at our request to accommodate our aircraft exhibitors. Thanks to this significant facility improvement, this year’s convention is being billed as the “Aircraft Show” with 10 airplanes and three helicopters scheduled to appear on the trade show floor. This year’s theme is “Charting a Confident Course,” and that’s exactly what we intend to help you do. Whether you plan on staying the course or are in need of a course correction, the 2012 Convention & Exposition provides the perfect launching pad to propel you and your business to new heights. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran operator or a fledgling ag pilot, you won’t find a better outlet to help you achieve your personal goals and business objectives. With more than 25 hours of educational programming, 140 exhibitors and 1,000 aerial application professionals, you’ll be in good company when you join us in Savannah. We have whipped up the perfect starting dish to whet your appetite the 2012 Kickoff Breakfast. This year’s kickoff speaker personifies NAAA’s convention theme in the extreme. An astronaut with agricultural roots, Story Musgrave is a true renaissance man. He spent more than 30 years as a NASA astronaut and


flew on six spaceflights, but that doesn’t begin to do justice to his astronomical life and career. The 2012 General Session features two stellar seminars brimming with legal and technical advice from four of America’s leading legal and environmental regulation authorities. First, sifting through the details of each applicable NPDES permit has certainly been a trying experience for aerial applicators this year. To help attendees protect themselves to the fullest extent possible, longtime NAAA consultant Dr. John Thorne will be on hand to offer guidance on what you need to do to stay in compliance and avoid subjecting yourself to enforcement actions or worse—citizen action suits. After the NPDES update, the aerial application industry will be on trial when the law firm of Anderson, Riddle & Kuehler LLP (ARK) presents a mock trial adjudicated by actual jurors. The case involves an application of 2,4-D within two miles of a large cotton field, making the potential loss almost $1,000,000, a number far in excess of the applicator’s policy limit. The presence of 2,4-D on the cotton was indisputable. Only the source of the contamination remains in dispute. Several educational sessions are on tap throughout the week, including programming focused on application technology, chemicals, engine performance and maintenance, security and FAA regulations, helicopters and airframe sessions with Air Tractor and Thrush. The PAASS presenters—our roving safety instructors—moderate Compaass Rose, an information-sharing session geared toward lowtime and prospective ag pilots. The ASABE Technical Session will follow a new format this year. Rather than focusing on specific research projects, members of ASABE’s Aerial

Application Committee will address high-interest topics, including volume applications, the effects of active products and adjuvants on droplet size, boom setups for optimal performance and using models to improve applications. For specific solutions for your business look no further than NAAA’s two-day exposition. The world’s largest agricultural aviation trade show brings buyers and sellers of aerial application-related products, supplies and services together under one roof. Last year, a record-setting 155 exhibitors lined the trade show aisles in Las Vegas. As of Oct. 1, 143 exhibitors had signed up for Savannah, putting us on track for another capacity showcase of cutting-edge goods and services. Whether you plan on upgrading your GPS and GIS hardware and software, are in the market for a new aircraft or simply want to investigate new crop protection products available from different chemical companies, you’ll find what you’re after at NAAA’s 2012 Trade Show. Our Live Auction is the single most important fundraiser for NAAA and WNAAA. Last year’s auction raised more than $372,000. Two full-service hot section inspections (HSIs) for a small and large PT6, courtesy of Pratt & Whitney Canada, highlight a growing list of auction items. After long convention days, you’ll be ready to unwind, and NAAA can help with that too. We’ve got wall-to-wall receptions, including the Welcome Reception (Dec. 3), Live Auction Reception (Dec. 4), Pratt & Whitney Canada Reception (Dec. 4) and Farewell Reception (Dec. 6). If you plan to come in early, we encourage you to swing by Perry, Ga., on Nov. 30 for AgAir Update’s Open House and Hangar Party. We appreciate Bill and Graham’s willingness to roll out the welcome mat

for NAAA and our guests. Their pre-convention soirée epitomizes the Southern hospitality that will be on display all week long in Savannah. Finally, NAAA is holding a golf tournament for its AgAv PAC Dec. 1–2 prior to the official start of the convention. The AgAv PAC is used to strengthen NAAA’s presence in Washington, D.C., by supporting congressional candidates friendly to the aerial application industry. Held at the luxurious Club at Savannah Harbor, the tournament will be a four-member team Best Ball starting Sunday morning, Dec. 2. A pretournament reception and Calcutta takes place on Dec. 1. That’s just a taste of what you’ll find at NAAA’s 46th Annual Convention & Exhibition. You’ll find much more information within these pages and on NAAA’s website at Please join us for what promises to be an unforgettable week! Register for NAAA’s 2012 Convention using the pre-registration form found on page 10E or go to Look for the convention registration button on the homepage.

Savor something old and something new at the 2012 WNAAA convention Attention, women of the agricultural aviation industry! You’re invited to Savannah, Georgia, for a heaping serving of Southern hospitality. All women, including spouses and employees who work in the ag aviation industry, are welcome at the WNAAA Convention Dec. 3–6. Far from being a good old boys club, NAAA’s 2012 convention will be replete with events tailored to the women of the industry. A Meet & Greet on Dec. 3 and the WNAAA President’s Open House Dec. 4 offer food and fellowship for all, but space is limited for one special engagement a free lunch at one of Savannah’s finest restaurants, The Olde Pink House. To RSVP for the Dec. 5 luncheon, email Phyllis Howard at or Nancy Turnquist at In addition to being seriously fun, the WNAAA will address a serious subject, “The Burden of Stress,” but in a fun, stress-free setting during the Athena Program. You will receive straightforward advice from some of the most experienced female

partners in the industry and have the opportunity to foster relationships that last a lifetime. The Women of the National Agricultural Aviation Association look forward to meeting y’all!

WNAAA convention schedule Monday, Dec. 3 Kickoff Breakfast............................. 8 a.m.–9:45 a.m. Meet and Greet...................................10 a.m.–12 p.m. Welcome Reception ................. 6:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4 President’s Open House (Theme: Sunflowers & Tumbleweed)...1 p.m.–3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5 Athena Program – The Burden of Stress ...............9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. Lunch at The Olde Pink House (RSVP required) .................................................12 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 6 Farewell Reception.......................... 5:30 p.m.–6 p.m. Farewell/Awards Banquet . .............................. 6 p.m.

NAAA Convention attendance history Year 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

Location Mobile Reno Las Vegas Las Vegas Reno Reno Las Vegas Reno Reno Reno Reno Orlando Reno Las Vegas Reno Savannah Las Vegas

Pre-Reg 567 738 731 711 568 520 585 406 658 366 401 546 423 638 503 766 712

On-Site 396 582 782 756 426 442 318 238 463 195 183 257 255 394 199 339 404

Booth 369 482 434 1 460 472 515 493 462 457 435 423 476 452 545 523 582 671

Total 1332 1802 947 1927 1466 1477 1396 1106 1578 996 1007 1279 1130 1577 1225 1687 1787

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


Fire Boss

Now Powered by a 1600 HP Pratt & Whitney Engine

Over 50 Operating Worldwide Spain Australia Montenegro

United States Canada Macedonia 651.209.7191

1700 Henry Avenue — Fleming Field South, St. Paul, MN 55075

Fire Boss LLC is proud to represent the “Fire Boss” water scooping system that has been exclusively designed for the Air Tractor AT-802. Fire Boss LLC is part of the Wipaire Group of Companies based in South St. Paul, Minnesota. Wipaire is the largest manufacturer of aircraft floats in the world, having built floats for various aircraft types ranging from 2-seat Piper Cubs up to the 21-seat de Havilland Twin Otter. The Fire Boss system combines several airframe modifications, aircraft performance enhancers, and a pair of 10,000 series amphibious water scooping floats that enables the AT-802 Single Engine Air Tanker to scoop up to 800 gallons in about 15 seconds. Nearly 60 Fire Boss systems are currently in operation throughout the world.

“Night Vision Imaging Systems enable pilots to work safely whenever and wherever.” Visit us at NAAA, Booth #559 to find out how night vision can enhance your business.


Fire Boss scoops into Savannah

The Night Time is the Right Time.






Bringing back a legend In the early 1960s the new Piper PA-25 (Pawnee) and the Grumman Ag Cat replaced the Cub dusters and Stearmans. Many of these are still flying all over the world today and remain pillars of the agricultural aviation industry. Piper Aircraft allowed several “licensees” to produce Piper aircraft also. One of these companies bought the US Type Certificate #2A10 (Restricted Cat.) and #2A8 (Normal Cat.) for the PA-25 from Piper and is now known as LAVIASA, and is located in the Province of Mendoza in Argentina. LAVIASA’s PA-25-260 HP can be purchased with the new Lycoming Engine, IO-540-D4A5, (constant speed prop) that will use LL-100, auto gas, or Ethanol. LAVIASA is also very excited to offer the new PA-25 airframe with the new SMA 305-230E diesel engine with a Hartzell composite

propeller. This SMA engine is the same one that Cessna is putting into their new 182 and caused such excitement at AirVenture, in Oshkosh, WI this summer. It burns JET A and produces 230 HP to 10,000 feet at 11 GPH! There are no mags, ignition harness, or spark plugs to maintain, contributing to additional operational savings and dependability. It also utilizes a single lever engine/prop controller. A demo tour of the new PA-25 with the SMA engine is planned for spring/ summer of 2013. LAVIASA also offers the PA-25 in a two place canopy version for ag pilot training and banner/ glider towing. In addition, you can now have available-full parts inventory for existing and new PA-25’s. LAVIASA has developed a relationship with Eagle Vistas’ Randy and Beverly Berry who

are our representatives for the USA and Canada territories. Come see the new PA-25 in Booth 707. Manufacturing representatives from SMA will be on site, to answer questions regarding their new diesel engine. Our goal is to attend SAFE clinics, farm shows, and stopping by to visit as many operators as we can around the US and Canada, so come by and let us put your flag on our itinerary map and we will be calling you to let you know when we are close by! LAVIASA’s PA-25 with either the Lycoming or SMA engine, is a perfect solution for a new small, safe, efficient and affordable entry level for an agricultural aircraft. Come by our Booth 707 and see what other new changes we have for the PA-25! Ask us about dealership opportunities for the US and Canada.

The Legend Returns... US Debut of the NEW PA-25 Come see us in NAAA Booth #707 and ask us about all the new features the PA-25 has! Visit our web site at: For Inquiries: Please contact Laviasa, USA & Canada Representative Eagle Vistas LLC at 772-285-5506

Eagle Vistas LLC

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


46th annual

naaa convention & Expo

C   C   C

Savannah, Ga. ◊ Dec. 3–6, 2012

pre-registration must be received by Wednesday, nov. 21, 2012. use this form and register today! MEMBEr rEGistration: You must be the designated member of an Operator or Allied Industry Company, State Association Executive, or have a Pilot, Affiliated Operator, Affiliated Allied, Associate, International or WNAAA membership in your name, or be the spouse of an NAAA member to qualify for member rates. Registration at the convention site will cost $50 more per person!

registration registration With Banquets Without Banquets $335 $230 $280 $170 $115 Free registration registration non-naaa Member With Banquets Without Banquets Non-member $460 $355 Spouse $400 $295 Child (under 12) $115 Free Banquets: kickoff Breakfast and Farewell/awards Banquet naaa Members Member Spouse Child (under 12)

Extra BanquEt/rEcEption tickEt FEEs: NOTE: Attendance at the Welcome Reception, Auction Reception and Farewell Reception are included in your registration fee. Purchase Kickoff Breakfast or Farewell/Awards Banquet tickets only if you purchased a “without banquets” package. Purchase extra Welcome Reception and Farewell Reception tickets only for guests with no registration package. Monday, Dec. 3 Kickoff Breakfast $45/each # needed Monday, Dec. 3 Welcome Reception $45/each # needed Thursday, Dec. 6 Farewell Reception $30/each # needed Thursday, Dec. 6 Farewell Banquet/Awards $80/each # needed rEGistrant: First Name


Last Name

(Please print your name as you would like it to appear on your convention badge.)










spousE rEGistrant: (Please print name as you would like it to appear on convention badge.)

aDDitionaL rEGistrants: First












paYMEnt: Registrant Fee


Credit Card

Spouse Fee



Add’l Registrants


Exp Date:




Banquet Tickets



totaL DuE


(U.S. funds only, must accompany registration)

or Check # Phone State


“Signature is permission to bill Credit Card.”

Mail payment and registration form to: naaa – 1440 Duke street – alexandria, Va 22314 print registration form at – Fax 202-546-5726 – questions? call 202-546-5722 E-mail online registration opens July 9 at


46th Annual NAAA Convention & Exposition schedule of events Saturday­­ ‑ December 1 6:30 p.m.

AgAv PAC Golf Tournament Players Reception & Calcutta

Sunday­­ ‑ December 2 7:30 a.m.–1:45 p.m. 7:30 a.m. 8 a.m. 1 p.m. 8 a.m.–4 p.m. 9 a.m.–4 p.m. 12 p.m.–6 p.m. 12 p.m.–4 p.m. 4 p.m.–6 p.m. 4:30 p.m.–6 p.m. 4:30 p.m.–6 p.m.

AgAv PAC Golf Tournament Players Continental Breakfast Tee Times Begin Players Lunch & Awards CD Aviation – TPE331 Engine Maintenance Training Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 Seminar Registration Open – Convention Center PAASS PDC Committee Compaass Rose Concurrent Session NAAA Board Meeting WNAAA Board Meeting

Monday­­ ‑ December 3 7:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m. 8 a.m.–8 p.m. 8 a.m.–9:45 a.m. 10 a.m.–12 p.m. 10 a.m.–12 p.m. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. 1:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m. 2:45 p.m.–4:15 p.m. 4:30 p.m.–6 p.m. 6:30 p.m.–7:30 p.m.

Registration Open – Convention Center Exhibitor Setup Kickoff Breakfast – Story Musgrave WNAAA Meet and Greet ASABE Technical Session Canadian AAA Board Meeting Concurrent/Company Sessions Honeywell Engines Hemisphere GPS Concurrent/Company Sessions FAA/Security Piston Engines AgSync Concurrent/Company Sessions DuPont Crop Protection Scott’s – Bell 47 Inc. AgSync Welcome Reception

Tuesday­­ ‑ December 4 7 a.m.–8:30 a.m. 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. 8 a.m.–11:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.–12 p.m. 12 p.m.–6 p.m. 1 p.m.–3 p.m. 3 p.m.–5 p.m. 5:30 p.m.–7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.

CP Products Breakfast Registration Open – Convention Center Exhibitor Setup NAAA Business Meeting NAAA General Session NPDES Permit Update Mock Trial Trade Show Hours WNAAA President’s Open House NAAREF Board of Directors Live Auction & Reception Pratt & Whitney Canada Reception

Wednesday­­ ‑ December 5 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m. 8:15 a.m.–9:45 a.m. 8:30 a.m.–9:30 a.m. 9:30 a.m.–11:30 a.m. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. 12 p.m.–1:30 p.m. 3 p.m.–4 p.m. 4 p.m.–5:30 p.m.

Registration Open – Convention Center Concurrent/Company Sessions Laviasa Aircraft Chemical Session Allied Industry Meeting WNAAA Athena Program – The Burden of Stress Trade Show Hours WNAAA Offsite Event – Lunch at The Olde Pink House (RSVP required) Silent Auction Closes Concurrent/Company Sessions Application Technology Turbine Engines

Thursday­­ ‑ December 8

8 a.m.–6 p.m. 8 a.m.–9:30 a.m. 9:45 a.m.–11:15 a.m. 1 p.m.–2:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.–6 p.m. 6 p.m.  Schedule subject to change. For the most up-to-date listings, check NAAA’s convention page at

Registration Open Concurrent Sessions Thrush Aircraft Concurrent Sessions Air Tractor Inc. Concurrent Sessions Compaass Rose Helicopter Farewell Reception Farewell/Awards Banquet

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


The Timken PT6 Overhaul Visit Timken at NAAA, booth #400

Timken understands. Your business is in the air. That’s why we offer you more options including PMA parts and DER repairs, giving you greater control over every PT6 overhaul. As an OEM supplier that the aerospace industry relies on every day, Timken is the name you can trust to keep your fleet on the job and earning their keep. Learn more about Timken Aerospace Aftermarket. Call 480.606.3130 or visit © 2012 The Timken Company. Timken® is a registered trademark of The Timken Company.





Timken provides products and services throughout aircraft lifespan The capabilities of Timken Aerospace span a large range allowing us to provide you products and services throughout the life of your aircraft. Many of you know about this diversity, but there might be some new areas for you to consider. As recently as 2004 we provided “just” bearings to this industry. Those products included highly engineered ball and roller bearings for use in landing wheels, engines, gearboxes and guidance instruments. Through significant acquisitions and organic growth, we have increased our capabilities substantially. Our aerospace product and services offering includes: Bearings —We continue to proudly manufacture bearings and push ahead into new technology areas that improve product performance and reliability. Transmissions —We now manufacture helicopter main rotor transmissions, engine nose, intermediate and tail gearboxes along with jet engine accessory gearboxes. We can repair the

transmissions we manufacture as well as a number of other helicopter gearboxes and transmissions. Complex Parts —Timken offers a wide range of OEM-licensed and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved replacement products for engines, gearboxes and auxiliary systems. We provide high value power transmission products to help improve supply chain costs. Services—We overhaul engines, bearings, fuel controls and accessories, drivetrains, and other parts such as nozzles and compressor case assemblies. This range of products and services encompasses our vast knowledge and expertise in diverse areas. Installation of a two-bay engine test cell at the Timken Mesa, Arizona facility provides on-site testing and improved service for our customers. The state-of-the–art OEM correlated test cell has separate controls for each bay, providing the ability to run two different engines simultaneously. Each bay is currently configured to run PT6A, PT6T and T53 engines.

Stop by booth #400 at the NAAA show. Contact us at 480.606.3130 or visit



Complex Parts

Engine Test Cell at Mesa, Ariizona facility


20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


APS Brakes


Innovation, quality, performance = BlackSteel® brakes

The APS“BlackSteel” Advantage – ®

As if affordability wasn’t enough, APS also offers a high quality disc. The “BlackSteel” discs are CNC-machined from a one-piece forging, allowing for a stronger disc and a reduced risk of cracking. The APS heat treatment process provides additional strength to the steel, and provides the surface with a high resistance to rust and corrosion. The APS “BlackSteel” brake disc is the first choice among many commercial operators, making our brake discs the “proven original.” ®



618.797.3140 (local) 618.931.0190 (fax) (email)



Aviation Products Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing BlackSteel® brakes for the past decade. During this time, they’ve developed some of the best general aviation aircraft brake discs available. APS brake products are designed and fabricated with the durability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, as well as the heavy braking associated with agricultural work, resulting in greater safety margins. APS brake products offer these advantages at a very economical price, providing lower operating costs to the operators. With


APS distributors strategically located around the world, availability of the APS brake products is excellent. APS brake products are a truly innovative product at a cost effective price and worth your time to explore. Check it out at!

Rocky Mountain Propellers

819 Booth

Safety and quality are trademarks • hartzeLL • mccaULey • DoWty • SenSenIch • mt propeLLer • rapco DIStrIbUtor • WooDWarD • pISton • pt6a

• Large Inventory • Same Day ShIppIng • UncompromISeD QUaLIty • competItIve prIceS • WorLD cLaSS Warranty • Factory traIneD technIcIanS

2865 aIrport DrIve erIe, co 80516

Faa/eaSa crS Fr6r545n Fax: 303-665-7164

GovernorS 14E

Rocky Mountain Propellers, Inc. is an FAA/EASA approved repair facility and is an acknowledged leader for quality servicing of propellers, piston governors and PT-6 governors. Rocky Mountain Propellers services Dowty, Hartzell, McCauley, MT, Ontic, Sensenich and Woodward products and is a distributor for Goodrich De-Ice and Rapco products. Our technicians are factory trained by the propeller manufacturers so you receive the very best servicing for your aircraft. Propeller hubs and associated pitch change components are inspected using stateof-the-art non-destructive test methods. Inspection procedures utilized include magnetic particle, fluorescent dye-penetrate and Eddy Current. All machining and re-plating processes required by Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives are completed in-house to minimize downtime. Safety and quality workmanship are the trademarks of Rocky Mountain Propellers. Our staff of highly trained technicians is equipped to serve the aviators of the Rocky Mountain Region and throughout the world. Our services come with a world-class warranty Rocky Mountain Propellers, Inc. is centrally located north of Denver, Colorado. Customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region and the world can rely on prompt and courteous service whether they ship articles in, or fly directly to the facility. With our 21,600 sq. ft. facility with heated hangar, we offer safe, secure indoor storage of aircraft. We strive to serve the aviation industry in a timely manner with a high level of performance, precision and safety. Specialists in propeller and governor overhaul since 1982.

Universal Turbine Parts Worldwide supplier for many turbine engines Universal Turbine Parts is the premier independent supplier of PT6, JT15D, and PW100 turbine engines and components in the world. We provide exchanges and outright sales on a wide variety of engine models and on aftermarket turbine parts. Our customer and supplier base is made up of the best-known names in the small gas turbine engine industry. The repair vendors supporting Universal Turbine Parts are all

FAA certificated repair stations performing the highest quality turbine engine part repairs available. Universal Turbine Parts is ASA100 certified in order to meet the requirements of FAA AC 00-56. We provide our customers with high quality turbine engines and engine components and replacement parts and full documentation to support their installation.



Stocking distributor of PT6, JT15D & PW100 parts and engines • NEW, OH and SV condition We buy TURBINE AIRCRAFT, ENGINES and INVENTORY. We manage ENGINE OVERHAULS and REPAIRS.

120 Grouby Airport Road Prattville, Alabama 36067 T 334 361 7853 F 334 361 0290

Make your visual inspections easier!

Bruce’s Flying Service

Machida, Inc. offers a variety of flexible borescopes, videoscopes, accessories, and approved kits for the internal inspection of various engine models.

We Replace Spar Caps Repair Wings and Landing Gears Complete Line of Used Serviceable Thrush Parts

229-725-4150 Arlington, GA • fax: 229-725-5135

Actual Image taken by Machida’s 3mm Videoscope.

800-431-5420 ▪ 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


NationAir Aviation Ins. It’s time to expect more from an aviation insurance broker. A lot more. Many insurance buyers don’t realize just how much they could be getting from a broker—and how much they might be missing. Agricultural aviation requires specialized insurance knowledge. Fortunately, NationAir has provided affordable coverage in this area for over three decades, so we understand all of the details and issues related to the aerial applications business. We provide you with superior customer care, expert advice and unique services such as contract review and dedicated claim advisors. It’s time to discover better. And NationAir delivers. To learn more, contact a NationAir ag representative today. • Liability Protection

• Property and Casualty

• Physical Damage Coverage

• Workers’ Compensation

• Fixed Wing or Rotorcraft

• Mosquito Abatement

Bob Cox


Alison Wynne 269-547-9966


John Worthing 402-475-5860

215 Booth

Meeting aerial applicators’ insurance needs NationAir’s experience, history and underwriter relationships make it one of the dominant insurance brokers in the agricultural aviation marketplace. NationAir Aviation Insurance is among the country’s top 10 aviation insurance brokers, as well as a top five broker with significant underwriters. The sheer volume of business that NationAir places, along with its knowledge and reputation for integrity, gives it a level of influence that benefits all of its clients. Aerial applications represents a significant part of NationAir’s core business. Its professionals have been committed to representing aerial applicators for more than three decades. NationAir’s team knows how challenging and complex this industry can be, and understands what the ag community needs from a broker. NationAir’s influence and experience enable you to get the most competitive rates in the industry, and also gives them early access to key developments from the markets. In its 35th year of operation, NationAir Aviation Insurance is one of the largest and oldest specialty aviation brokerages in the United States, with three agricultural specialists and representatives in eight locations across the country. While NationAir represents all types of aircraft owners and operators, from homebuilts to regional airlines, agricultural aviation has been one of its specialties since its inception. NationAir boasts the most knowledgeable, committed service team in the industry, too. NationAir knows it takes more than just one person to handle your insurance needs. Its team approach means there are many people working behind the scenes to assure a rapid response for time-critical issues such as certificate requests. A strong infrastructure, with a highly trained, experienced service team, gives brokers the time to do their jobs while increasing the level of attention you receive. And there’s always a friendly voice at the other end of the phone instead of an endless chain of voice mail options. What’s more, NationAir offers additional services as part of your basic insurance package. The company’s in-house claims advisors serve as advocates on your behalf, dealing with underwriters and making sure the claims process goes smoothly. A contract specialist, Gary Stewart of Ascot Consulting, reviews your contracts to make sure your interests are fairly represented. NationAir clients receive these services at no additional charge. Throughout the year, NationAir meets regularly with clients and associates in the aerial applications industry, attending all major national and state association events. To better share its agricultural knowledge, NationAir publishes Fly Low, Fly Safe, keeping you updated on key industry issues and creating a forum for your questions and concerns. The newsletter, published several times a year, includes articles from industry experts, NationAir brokers, underwriters and claims representatives. To read past issues, visit agaviation.php The agricultural aerial application business is very competitive. You probably get regular requests from brokers to handle your insurance. But only NationAir provides the right combination of experience, knowledge and outstanding customer service. NationAir will help you find the right coverage at the best rates possible, and review your coverage periodically so it keeps up with you’re the everchanging agribusiness environment. Discover better. Discover NationAir. For more information,




AgSync is your web-based work order management system AgSync is a web-based work order management system designed for the aerial and ground application business. AgSync’s Manager, is an online service to organize and store customers, farms and fields, including a high resolution mapping program to print maps and export to agricultural displays in common file formats including Satloc, AgNav, Trimble, and TracMap. For example, an aerial applicator works with growers, consultants or retail locations where fields are flown multiple times per season and they prefer to place orders in-house to apply them immediately. This

manages the overall orders, dispatching, and record keeping process. The AgSync TaskForce edition, enables aerial and ground application companies to efficiently communicate the orders, dispatch status, and record keeping, through real-time customer connectivity. Task Force has the ability to plug-in other modules to extend functionality, including: invoicing; aircraft and personnel tracking. AgSync also provides a service called Operator for pilots and ground operators seeking the ability to have direct communication with dispatch for daily work orders, and files for the agricultural

displays. The product features the ability to communicate field completion information upon finishing work in the field directly from the cockpit or cab. AgSync is designed with flexibility, connectivity, and the future in mind. It can be custom deployed to manage the growth in agricultural relationships, communication, work flow, and wireless connectivity within a small business or retail businesses with multiple branches. For more information: Ph: 877.923.5832, Web:  E-mail:

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New products and on-site training in Savannah The AG-NAV INC. team invites you to visit us at Booth # 845 during the 46th NAAA convention in Savannah, GA. FREE navigation demo software and GIS post-processing software will be available to all visitors. Visitors to our booth will also have the opportunity to see our new products and will be able to speak with our staff, on-site training provided. Our customer loyalty speaks volumes for the quality of products we have delivered in the past and the experience obtained during these years will guarantee that every product manufactured by AG-NAV INC. will have 100% satisfaction. When you purchase from AG-NAV, we offer you reliable factory service and support as well as FREE software updates for the life of your product. This year, AG-NAV INC. is pleased to introduce the new and improved TRACKERNAV system. This system is designed like no other tracking system without operational costs. TRACKERNAV is an advanced Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system designed with fleet management in mind. GPS technology and airwave communication technology provide for a robust, scalable system with no upfront telemetry costs. TRACKERNAV consists of an in-vehicle GPS receiver coupled with a modem. Combined with TRACKERNAV software on your PC, TRACKERNAV puts you in control of your data from anywhere in the world and when you want to see it. Other AVL systems store data off site which can lead to costly monthly data hosting fees. When deployed as part of a fleet management system, TRACKERNAV delivers accurate real-time information enabling route planners to compare where the vehicle should be and where the vehicle actually is. The SPRAYVIEWW software has been very successful with helping our clients interface applied data to Google Earth. During the 2012 season many customers used this software to get accurate maps and geo-referenced data for their applications by interfacing with Google Maps. With SPRAYVIEWW, data analysis is easy and reporting

is better than with other more costly agriculture GIS software on the market. Many of our clients have asked for the automatic booms on/off technology to be able to use georeferenced maps with exclusion zones and such. This year we delivered a fully automatic on/off valve that reacts in a fraction of a second to the maps information during the application. This allows for the pilot to just fly the lines and maintain the guidance line accuracy. This makes the system fully automatic along with our automatic AG-FLOW control and our navigation system. The SMART BAR (L-S), BRIGHT BAR (L-S), PILOT INDICATOR hardware suits the requirements for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, light weight and aerodynamically designed to fit any type of aerial application aircraft. All models will be on display at Booth # 845. When you visit us at our booth, we will have several systems on display for you to interact with, such as the popular AG-NAV GUIA “GOLD� model for aerial application. The AG-NAV GUIA is a DGPS navigation system designed to meet and exceed specific requirements for guidance in aerial applications. Features such as the USB port allows for fast uploading and downloading of files, saving you time and money. One USB stick can store data for a whole season, making the AG-NAV GUIA very safe and reliable. No data cards, no PCMCIA, no memory cards to carry or lose, just a plain USB key will do the trick. With the AG-NAV GUIA, your data stays in the hard drive until you decide otherwise. The NAV SYSTEM - The operating system for the AG-NAV GUIA allows pilots to navigate through menus with relative ease. It runs on LINUX platform; thus, there are no attacks from viruses most common in Windows operating systems. The AG-NAV GUIA uses features with full data logging that has proven user-friendly and successful in agricultural, forestry, geophysics, mosquito control and many other airborne applications. The FLIGHTMASTER navigation system has been

designed to meet mosquito control aerial application specific requirements in the battle against field infestation. This system carries an on-board weather station (AIMMS20) and provides real-time information on wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. Data is updated on every pass and displayed on a moving map during navigation. FLIGHTMASTER provides the pilot with swath, directional guidance and other navigational information required to carry out precise aerial applications. The FORESTMASTER works in similar fashion, but with features geared for forestry application. The AG-FLOW automatic flow control system has been designed to ensure a steady distribution of application rates by automatically adjusting its flow. This system consists of a flow meter or sensor, a valve and DC motor to adjust the valve position, and a controller box. The flow rate is adjusted automatically by the valve position; thus, controlling the required flow to the spray booms. The controller box is a stateof-the-art computer which has serial ports and CAN bus technology used for communications with other systems. The simple and easy installation process guarantees that the AG-FLOW is ready to use right after installation as calibration is very fast and effective. The AG-FLOW is also capable of variable rate application. Looking into the future, we wonder if there is a need for a full autopilot AG-NAV system. For more information on the above systems and other AG-NAV products such as FIRE-NAV, TRAXNAV, GROUND-NAV, LI-NAV and PHOTO-NAV, please visit us at NAAA BOOTH # 845 or contact us today at 1-800-99 AGNAV (24628). You can also visit our website at See ya at the 46th NAAA convention

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Turbine Aircraft Marketing TPE 331 Engines and Accessories 3 and 4 blade Hartzell Hubs Engine Instruments Inventory includes: -1, -5, -6 and -10 series engines

David Finley 972.248.3108 ext 213 214.649.2288 mobile

Rick Forbes 972-248-3108 ext 302 214-649-2290 mobile

Dallas Office 4550 Jimmy Doolittle Drive Addison, Texas 75001 TEL: 972.248.3108 • FAX: 972.248.3321

TAM-there for you TURBINE AIRCRAFT MARKETING, INC. (TAM)-Specializes in Honeywell TPE 331 engines, Hartzell props, engine instruments and gauges. TAM was established more than 14 years ago with David Finley heading up the Engine Group. David has over 40 years experience in general aviation engines. Thelma Pence has over 28 years of experience in both commercial and general aviation engines. TAM maintains an inventory of engines, and other related engine requirements which are forever changing to accommodate the ag aviation industry demand. Whether you require an outright purchase, lease, or exchange on your TPE 331 engine requirement, we can accommodate your need. You may require something other than an engine, such as a Hartzell prop, engine

instrument or gauge. We are here to help. Time is valuable, so let us lend a hand to keep your engine costs down and you in the air. As our engine inventory is constantly changing we make every effort to maintain an inventory of -1, -5, -6, and -10 Honeywell TPE 331 engines at all times. Additionally, we often carry the PT6 line of engines and inventory of PT6 spares. TAM is just north of BIG D (Dallas) and accessible from every direction you may be located. Give us a call or drop us an email. David Finley, 972.248.3108 ext 213, 214.649.2288 mobile, dfinley@ or Rick Forbes, 972.248.3108 ext 302, 214.649.2290 mobile,

Simplex Aerospace

419 Booth

Simplex model on display in Savannah Simplex Aerospace, manufacturer of FAA STC’d aerial spray systems for helicopters, will exhibit at NAAA booth 419. A Simplex Model 4900-010 agricultural spray system will also be on display at the show in the Ag-Nav booth. The Model 4900-010 will be installed on a RDC OH-58, the military version of the Bell 206. The OH-58 helicopter is owned and manufactured by Rotorcraft Development Corporation of Corvallis, Montana. The Simplex Model 4900 spray system is STC’d for the Bell 206 A&B, and it is the only FAA STC’d agricultural spray system for the RDC OH-58. In addition to the Model 4900, Simplex also produces FAA STC’d spray systems for Bell, Eurocopter, Hughes, McDonald Douglas and Robinson models. Founded in 1946 Simplex ( has built a reputation as the leader in design, manufacturing, and certification of aerial application and mission equipment for helicopters. Simplex maintains its industry leadership by incorporating the latest technology in the design and manufacturing of systems from high-strength, low-weight composite material to produce cost-effective solutions for firefighting, agricultural spray, cargo and other aerial applications.


647 Booth

AeroFlow Systems

AFS check valves the choice of applicators AFS check valves continue to be the check valve of choice for discerning aerial applicators who are concerned about making their operation leak..and Two models, standard and on-off, allow operators to configure spray booms for quick, easy gallonage change. The internal screen filters particles to eliminate the cause of check valve leaks. Join the long list of satisfied customers and start spraying with confidence. AeroFlow Systems will be in booth 647 in Savannah, come by and say hello.

Standard Check Valve

On-Off Check Valve

agricultural operators automated excel model! input your costs to calculate...

Annual flying hours to break even Return on your investment Your profit potential Annual & monthly cash flows

Works with any type of aircraft!

aircraft Dealers Prepare professional aircraft cash flows for your prospects Customize your sales presentation based upon the operatorʼs cost Help your Ag Operator make the best purchase decision

Free Sample reports 281-419-7443 Click REQUEST INFORMATION on the website

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Intercontinental Jet Service Corp. is a Honeywell Factory Authorized Agricultural Service Center that can offer total support for your TPE 331 engine anytime, anywhere. 3322 N. 74th E. Ave. • Tulsa, OK 74115

800-349-6827 Fax: 918-834-5187

Intercontinental Jet Service Corp.

555 Booth

Intercontinental Jet Service Corp (IJSC) is a Honeywell Authorized TPE 331 Agricultural Service Center based in Tulsa, OK, with over 25 years in business and some of the most knowledgeable TPE331 technicians in the industry. In addition to scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements, IJSC can also provide engine upgrades and rental engines. IJSC offers 24/7 technical assistance and will provide on-site assistance when the need arises. We take pride in our work and our reputation and will always work to accommodate the business schedules and financial needs of our customers. In addition to complete TPE331 service, we have an inventory of new, overhauled and inspected parts and components for both aircraft and engines, everything from consumables, such as S.O.A.P kits and filters, to major components, such as fuel valves and igniter boxes. Additionally, IJSC has an accessory shop that can repair or overhaul your aircraft components such as starter/generators, fuel boost pumps and tach generators. IJSC is currently installing a shop dedicated to the repair and overhaul of propellers. The propeller capability will be added in the fourth quarter of 2012. For more information about our capabilities, request a quote, or technical assistance please contact Neil James at or 1-800-349-6827

13 YEARS MAKING OPERATORS MORE MONEY Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. 7500 San Felipe, Suite 860 Houston, TX 77063 USA Website: Southern US & Other Countries

Phone: 713-783-5771 Fax: 713-783-5772


Northern US and Canada Newberg Electrostatic Spraying

320-848-2745 320-848-2745


# 323

Serving agricultural aviation for 60 years

Authorized distributor for Air Tractor, Southeastern Aircraft Sales offers new and used aircraft, parts and service. Now in our 60th year, our reputation has been built on honesty and integrity. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you and your company.

Visit us at booth #747


Aircraft Sales & Service, Inc. Fort Pierce, Florida

Our 60th year serving agricultural aviation Sales • Service • Parts


Office 772-461-8924 • Fax 772-461-9050 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide






Air Tractor is building more airplanes, and doing it better than ever Things are humming these days at the Air Tractor aircraft manufacturing facilities in Olney, Texas. Rick Turner, Vice President of Operations, reports the company is on track to deliver a record 185 total aircraft by year’s end. With this rise in production, some might wonder if it comes at the cost of quality. Not so, says Rick Turner. “Air Tractor quality is better than ever, and we have the statistics to back it up,” he says. According to Turner, during the past several years, Air Tractor has implemented several new quality assurance initiatives throughout its raw materials and components sourcing, manufacturing and aircraft assembly processes. These investments in quality assurance go handin-hand with Leland Snow’s legacy of continual aircraft improvements. And the company-wide efforts are paying off with better and more consistent aircraft quality, better production efficiency, lower costs and higher customer satisfaction, Turner reports. Heading up these initiatives is Bob Salyers, Air Tractor’s Quality Manager. He has adopted the best practices of manufacturing quality control and integrated them into Air Tractor’s aircraft production process. “ Rather than inspecting out defects,” says Salyers, “ we take proactive measures to prevent defects from occurring. In this way we

can keep aircraft production levels high, while maintaining our quality standards.” Salyers notes that Air Tractor employees are very aware that as production rates rise, so also comes an increased possibility for defects. “ That’s why we’ve built in these preventive measures to our manufacturing processes, and why employees have ‘zero defects’ as their goal.” One such quality assurance initiative produces a “ Pass Rate Report,” which monitors quality by department. The goal of this program is to sustain a 98% (or better) pass rate for Air Tractorfabricated parts – a goal that’s well inside the 20th percentile of industry standards. According to Salyers, Air Tractor parts are inspected at every step of the manufacturing process, including receiving inspection of parts and materials, forming, fabrication, prime, paint, assembly, and installation. “ Since April we have inspected over 600,000 parts and are currently meeting or exceeding our benchmarks in every department,” he reports. Another Air Tractor quality assurance program is the final assembly “Aircraft Score Card.” As Salyers describes it, the Aircraft Score Card is an evaluation of the airplane as it’s presented to the inspection department. It’s a way to track squawks, trends, and re-work man-hours, as well

The Leland Snow Mark of Excellence: A promise of quality from Air Tractor.

Air Tractor is employee-owned. There’s pride in ownership and in building a quality product.


Rick Turner Air Tractor Vice President of Operations

as track the cost of rework. “Our goal is 100% conformity,” says Salyers. All discrepancies noted on an aircraft’s scorecard are corrected before it is released for delivery. And even after that, every airplane is inspected once again by a Senior Group Leader or Rick Turner to assure it checks out as ready for delivery. Only then is the aircraft worthy to receive Air Tractor’s Leland Snow signature Mark of Excellence -- the company’s promise of quality. “ The Leland Snow Mark of Excellence is a point of pride among the employees here,” says Rick Turner. “ It’s not just a decal stuck on the side of the cockpit. It really means something to us, and we hope that it will become just as meaningful to Air Tractor owners, too.” Air Tractor became employee-owned in 2008, and Turner says that the employees’ pride in company ownership also extends to the new airplanes that fly to all corners of the world. “ I think that our employees see each aircraft as a direct reflection of them, of Texas, and ultimately a reflection of the best America has to offer,” says Turner. Take a virtual tour of Air Tractor’s manufacturing facility and learn more about Air Tractor at

return on investment After a season of flying, did your airplane earn its keep? Watch that “value” trend line point north with an Air Tractor. Designed and built to be your money-making machine.

Visit us at Naaa, saVaNNah

Booth #732

AIR TRACTOR GLObAL DEALER NETwORk AbIDE AG-AERO CORP. (Parts Only) (662) 378-2282 AGSUR AVIONES, S.A. (Central & South America) +54-2477-432090

AG AVIATION AFRICA (Southern Africa) +27-824-515-388

FIELD AIR (SALES) PTY. LTD. (Australasia) +61-353-394-222

AIR TRACTOR EUROPE (Europe & North Africa) +34-96-265-41-00

FROST FLYING, INC. (U.S. + Central & South America) (870) 295-6213 jrfrost47@

CONAIR GROUP INC. (802F in Canada) (604) 855-1171

LANE AVIATION (U.S. + Mexico, Central & South America) (281) 342-5451 / (888) 995-5263

FARM AIR, INC. (877) 715-8476


NEAL AIRCRAFT, INC. (806) 828-5892 QUEEN bEE AIR SPECIALTIES (U.S. + Canada) (208) 745-7654 / (800) 736-7654 SOUTHEASTERN AIRCRAFT (772) 461-8924 / (800) 441-2964 VALLEY AIR CRAFTS (559) 686-7401

AIR TRACTOR, INC. • OLNEY, TEXAS 76374 940.564.5616 • AIRTRACTOR.COM 20th•Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide 25E

NAAA silent auction When it comes to high-stakes entertainment, the intrigue, drama and excitement of NAAA’s Live Auction is hard to beat, which is why it has become one of the signature events at each convention. The Live Auction on “Convention Tuesday” is very important to NAAA and WNAAA from a fundraising standpoint, so enjoy the reception food and beverages and bring your checkbooks. Shhhh! NAAA and WNAAA also hold a Silent Auction each year. Bidding opens on Tuesday and closes on Wednesday afternoon. • Ag-Nav Inc.—2 (two) $1,000 gift certificates for any repair or Ag-Nav product; 1 (one) Ag-Nav Guia GOLD complete, for helicopter or fixed-wing certificate/display • AgAir Update—Lifetime subscription to AgAir Update; 1 (one) pen & ink drawing of choice by Richard DeSpain • Phoenix Aviation Managers Inc.— Matted print of “Leland’s Legacy” commemorating Air Tractor founder Leland Snow • Pratt & Whitney Canada—2 (two) certificates of credit of OEM parts and labor related to Hot Section Inspection parts (HSIs) applicable at either an HSI, repair or overhaul shop visit—one for small PT6 AG engine, one for large PT6 AG engine. Includes parts (e.g., new OEM CT blades, new OEM CT shroud segments and new OEM CT shroud housing) and labor. HSI parts valid for five-year period and transferrable upon sale of aircraft • Southwest Turbine—1 (one) Part Number 3103496-1 Turbo Maxx Crossover Duct • StandardAero—TPE331 engine maintenance discount. 10% discount up to $10,000 on any future TPE331 scheduled or unscheduled maintenance event. (Valid for one year after date of auction) • Tulsa Aircraft Engines—R-1340 radial engine outright (no exchange required), zero time since overhaul, new pistons, newly reconditioned cylinders with new barrels including a 1,200-hour warranty against skirt failure, new brass magneto gears and corrosion-resisting cylinder barrel and head sealer


Prime Turbines


Prime Turbines now offers more: PT6A engine overhaul! Dallas • Hyannis • Pittsburgh

PT6A Repair & Overhaul

Explore the alternatives… call Prime Turbines.


LD Blake 870.208.3814 1.800.282.4744 Fax : 870.208.9336



Prime Turbines (Prime) now offers a revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul services. Engine overhaul complements Prime’s strong list of capabilities, allowing them to offer operators a comprehensive assortment of services for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A Engine Series. Prime’s revolutionary brand of PT6A engine overhaul offers operators a variety of options and build specifications to customize the Repair & Overhaul (R&O) process. Being an Independent FAA Authorized Overhaul Facility allows Prime the freedom and opportunity to remain aligned with the interests and objectives most important to the operator. Prime Turbines offers the engine services operators need for today’s ever-changing environment. In challenging economic times like these, aircraft operators turn to experienced, proven shops they can count on to provide top quality service at a fair and affordable price. And with tighter budgetary constraints and greater demands for justification placed on aircraft and engine maintenance, operators need creative ideas to control cost while maintaining quality and reliability. About Prime Turbines - Prime Turbines is FAA & EASA certified, specializing in PWC PT6A Engine R&O services, along with hot section recertification, engine performance testing, power section and gas generator repair, fuel nozzle overhaul/ exchange, and bleed valve overhaul/exchange service. The company is also an authorized distributor of FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (“PMA” ) parts for PT6 hot sections. Learn more at

Curtis Agri-Line ASC

604 Booth

ASC Rotary Atomizers are still going strong ASC-A10 Rotary Atomizer installed on a standard boom

by Graham Parker Rotary atomizers have now provided excellent service for more than 40 years and this year has shown yet again an increase in the number of operators turning to rotary. The ASC Curtis / Agri-lineTM rotary atomizer has stood the test of time and proved itself through the years to provide excellent repeatable and reliable service. Those operators investing in ASC atomizers soon understand the benefits, namely consistent improved deposition, versatility with the ability to apply the full range of chemicals, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides at application rates from ULV, LV to HV, together with operational reliability and minimal maintenance. In some applications, because of the improved performance, reduced rates of application have been possible enabling greater productivity to be achieved. Learn more by visiting us at the NAAA Booth 604 Contact Curtis Agri-Line ASC 17335 US Hwy 31 North P.O Box 297 Westfield, IN 46074 USA E-mail: Ph: 317-896-2561 Fax: 317-896-3788


We’re the small shop that’s huge on service - unsurpassed in workmanship. We’re your experts for complete service to the full line of Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines.

• Overhaul • Repair • On-site Capabilities • Hot sections in the Field

Booth #325 & 327 4801 North Tumbleweed Road • Eloy, Arizona 85131 • 800-325-0885


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Products, programs and sponsorships for a healthy ag aviation industry

aviation, and I really appreciate things like AgSync,” said Tom Rongen, of Minnesota-based AgriMax LLC. “To bring that technology forward — I don’t know if it would have advanced without BASF.”

BASF: An active partner supporting the aerial application industry

Additional support

After a difficult season, aerial applicators and growers across the country are optimistic that next year will be a success. As they start planning for 2013, one partner they can continue to count on for support is BASF. BASF remains focused on growing the market for aerial applicators to help increase demand for their business. The company does so by providing crop protection products that are effective, reliable and economical for aerial application, but that’s not all. Below are some highlights of the involvement of BASF in developing and maintaining a healthy aerial application industry..

Improved plant health, from the skies Since the introduction of Headline® fungicide in 2006, BASF has helped lead the proliferation of aerial application of fungicides. Through the early 2000s, the main products applied via aerial application had been herbicides and insecticides. Fungicide applications, on the other hand, were much more rare. Headline fungicide changed that. With research highlighting the disease control, Plant Health benefits and resulting yield improvement provided by Headline fungicide, it became an attractive product for growers — especially as commodity prices continued to rise. “All of a sudden, the aerial application companies go from spraying 100,000 acres a year to spraying half a million to a million acres a year,” said Clay Rassi, National Sales Manager for AgSync. Today, BASF offers a number of fungicide products, in addition to Headline fungicide, that can be applied aerially. That includes TwinLine® fungicide and Caramba® fungicide for cereals, and Headline AMP® fungicide, a combination fungicide specifically developed for corn growers


who want maximum protection from foliar disease, as well as improved Plant Health.

Increasing accuracy, efficiency In addition to providing these products, BASF also has supported the development of mapping tools to improve the accuracy and efficiency of aerial applications. This was partly in response to the large increase in business that resulted from the release of Headline fungicide. Many more fields were being sprayed, Rassi said, “ but with the same people and the same equipment.” This increased acres-to-applicators ratio was a challenge, especially because of the planning process common to aerial applicators, which, as recently as 2005, still involved the tedious manual mapping of routes and spray areas that resulted in inaccuracies and unreached profit potential for growers. With the number of acres that required application increasing ten-fold, a need developed for a more accurate, efficient way to do business. A solution hit the market in 2006: AgSync. AgSync is a complete aerial work order management software system focused specifically on helping aerial applicators cover more acres without having to hire on planning staff. By providing more simple coordination between retailers and applicators, the program has helped reduce the average applicator’s annual workload by 40 percent. David Roth, of Nebraska-based Roth Aerial Spraying Inc., credits AgSync with helping his company become more efficient. It helps Roth’s company simply maintain records and easily access them later on. “It allows us to do things that we were not able to do before,” Roth said. BASF is the exclusive marketing partner for AgSync. “BASF has been a huge supporter of agricultural

Support for programs that benefit the aerial application industry is also important to BASF. That’s why the company sponsors a number of Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-Regulating Application and Flight Efficiency) fly-ins held throughout the country. The clinics are meant as an opportunity to boost equipment performance, applicator knowledge and ensure safety. Hands-on sessions put applicators in touch with trained analysts to get aircraft in top working condition, as well as teach applicators about pertinent legal requirements. In 2012 alone, more than 330 aircraft have been inspected at Operation S.A.F.E. fly-ins, not to mention hundreds more in previous years. “Operation S.A.F.E. fly-ins are a great opportunity for applicators and one of the best means of evaluating spray patterns, droplet size and application precision,” said Gary Fellows, Ph.D., BASF Plant Health Technical Services Manager and member of the NAAREF (National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation) PAASS (Professional Aerial Applicators’ Support System) Program Development Committee. “BASF is also working hard to increase participation and NAAA membership, for the good of everyone in the industry.” BASF also has an eye on the future of the aerial application industry. Manpower is essential, which is why BASF supports the annual National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) scholarship program. Each year, these scholarships help new and in-training pilots get the education they need to become successful aerial applicators. “BASF is on the cutting edge of fungicides,” Roth said, “ but it’s also on the cutting edge of agricultural aviation. They have helped promote and maintain a professional image for the industry.”



Headline AMP™ fungicide combines the proven power of Headline® fungicide with a unique triazole for corn that stops diseases in their tracks. And independent trials demonstrate that Headline AMP delivered more bushels of corn per acre than any other fungicide.* Your ultimate success can depend on the performance of the fungicide you apply. So use Headline AMP, and your business can take off too. Visit or talk to your authorized BASF retailer today.

*Results summary 34 university and seed company small-plot replicated trials conducted 2007-2010 Always read and follow label directions. ©2011 BASF Corporation. All Rights Reserved. APN 11-01-268-0011

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Aircraft Conversion

Cascade aircraft conversions network is growing! Cascade announces new distributor networks in an effort to better serve the industry due to the world-wide demand for the Cascade Pressure Cowl. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. in Hayti, MO, the iconic Cessna and Thrush dealer and complete service center with over 60 years in ag aviation, was Cascade’s flagship distributor. With an expanding market in Central and South America, Cascade

reached out to Cessna and Thrush dealer Africair/ Tropical Aviation Distributors (TAD) in Miami, FL. TAD and its affiliate Africair, Inc. combine to make the largest Cessna Aircraft Company in the world. Africair is the exclusive Cessna representative for 48 countries in and around Africa, while TAD represents Cessna’s entire product line for 37 countries in the Caribbean and South America.  Seeking a fulltime local presence in South Africa, Cascade teamed with Orsmond Aviation in Bethlehem, South Africa. Orsmond Aviation operates a fleet of 35 aircraft operating internationally covering all forms of aerial application and maintenance. Nick Whyte of Makandi Aviation in Malawi, owner of the first Cascade Pressure Cowl on the African Continent, sold and installed by Orsmond Aviation, reported, “It’s a fantastic conversion! Compared with the “old” intake if I set 97% with the Cascade, then I say that torque is up 5 psi., ITT temp


is down 30 degrees, NG is down 1.5%, fuel flow is down 3.1 gph. So far as I can see, the conversion is fantastic - a must do!” The time required to access the air filter system to service is about 15 minutes. Great news for busy operations! Cascade Aircraft continues to refine their product offerings and has added LED lights to the lineup.  LED lights have 50,000+ hr. lamp life allowing pilots to operate them continuously without worrying about burnout. Safety is paramount, having the LED landing/strobe lights on and pulsing during operations greatly increases visibility. Making a small investment can yield lifesaving dividends helping to avoid the possibility of a mid-air during the crowded ag-flying season. Mid-Continent, TAD, Africair, Orsmond Aviation and the crew at Cascade Aircraft look forward to servicing your needs whether it is turbine conversions, pressure cowls or the new LED light solutions, give them a call!



PH: 509-635-1212 • FAX: 509-635-1477

GE Turbine Conversions

Pressure Cowls

• Complete Firewall-Forward unit • 751 HP Turbine • Auto Start system

• Reduce ITT • Reduce Fuel consumption • Protect Your Investment

for Air Tractor & Thrush

Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Dennis Davis 800-325-0885

for all PT6 Air Tractor & Thrush

DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK Africair Inc./ Tropical Aviation Dist. Juan J. Phillips 305-255-5955 ext. 1035

Orsmond Aerial Spray (PTY) Ltd. George Orsmond or Tom Bezuidenhout +27- (0)-58-303-5261

GE Authorized Service Center for M601 and H80 engines




Order now i time n Christ for mas

M A R K E T P L A C E Boy’s Barnstormer Backpack

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Girl’s Soaring Plane Backpack

order yours today. 478-987-2250 books Low & Slow....................................$10.00 Flight at lower levels.....................$12.95 Guide to flying in South America..$15.00 My 100 loves.................................$15.00

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Personalized Note Cards


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Pen and Ink Drawings

For DeSpain Collection choose from… AgOp Collage — Ag-Cat B-Model — Ag-Cat A-Model — Ag-Cat Turbine — Air Tractor 401 — Air Tractor 502 — Air Tractor 402 Air Tractor 602 — Air Tractor 802 — Bell 206 Helicopter — Clipped J-3 Cub — Dromader Flying — Dromader M-18A — In Formation Piper Pawnee — Stearman — Thrush 510 — Thrush 660 — Thrush - Dual Cockpit — Thrush - Radial — Thrush - Turbine — Weatherly

More info @ 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


Johnston Aircraft Service

116 Booth

Supporting ag aviation since 1947 Thank you to all our customers in the ag aviation industry. Without you, we wouldn’t be here! Since the beginning of Johnston Aircraft Service (JAS) in 1947, we have enthusiastically participated with you in all the positive changes for our industry. From the early radial engined biplanes converted into ag aircraft to today’s purpose built turbine ag aircraft, we have partnered with you to support positive progress. You and we have seen spray system technological advances, guidance system’s amazing progress, pilot safety and comfort enhancements and our industry being recognized worldwide for the tremendous support we give growers, fire fighters, pipeline patrollers, fish spotters, geological surveyors, and much, much more. The knowledge and expertise we have gained in our 65 plus years of existence mean that we can provide you with unparalleled support. Whether it be parts, maintenance, modifications, aircraft/engine/propeller sales, or tech support, we are here for you! Please visit with us at the show in booth 116.


24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 FAX: 559-686-9360 P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 Email: WebSite:

Se Habla Español

Distributor for APS Brake Discs and Linings 32E

Cascade Thrush Walter Conversion featuring the Pressure Cowl.

We repair / modify / Thrush and Brave Wings and conTrol surfaces soluTions for The Thrush spar cap ad CENTURY (60,000 HR LIFE) & FACTORY SPAR CAP insTallaTion / sales.

Brave 4,100 Hour Kit Installation and Sales. Thrush Fuel Capacity Increase. Thrush Landing Gear Repair and Rebuild. Distributor / Rebuilder of Emco Wheaton Dry Break Equipment. Distributor / Dealer for All Ag Equipment. Parts & Services Catalog Available.

We completely rebuild/repair/modify Thrush and Brave aircraft!!


Garrco Products


Arkansas operators take Control™ field situations. Arkansas had many operators utilizing Control™ as a drift control additive last year. Some of the comments I hear are: “Best material I’ve ever used, Very easy to mix and load, The material that I used to get on the windshield is gone, and Where can I get some Control™?” When one starts hearing these types of comments, there may be more to the performance than just good lab results. I was visiting a couple of different operators during the season and overheard conversations where they were either going to borrow some Control™ from someone else’s pallet until their shipment came in or another operator was coming to borrow some from them. This alone may tell the true story on performance. Mixing and compatibility are one of the major issues with any drift reduction additive. John Garr, Jeff Tidwell, and I met at Tidwell Flying Service in Lonoke, Arkansas on a very cold morning just prior to the AAAA annual convention to try several different tank mixes. John has some new products under development and the mix results on those are another story, but we tried every way we could think of to cause mix problems with Control™without success. Control™ mixed very easily under all scenarios even with almost ice-cold water! I have had any number of operators ask me which drift control products are best. I’m not so sure there is a best product. Remember there are many application variables. I would recommend that operators try to select a product that consistently shows positive results. Also, additives alone are not the complete answer. Properly utilized, they may provide an extra margin of safety. Operators should use every tool possible to avoid drift. Proper equipment setup and operation will always play a dominant role.

by Dennis Gardisser, It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but every once in a while I come upon something that is worth repeating. I’m sure many of you have heard the 80-10-10 story that I tell when it comes to drift reduction products: 80% of the time nothing happens, 10% of the time the result is worse, and 10% of the time there is a definite improvement. Laboratory results may be better, but actual field experience has been pretty close to this. Arkansas S.A.F.E. clinics have included one day of field evaluations of drift potential for years. These evaluations have included a variety of different equipment setups and operating variables and typically include the favored drift reduction additives for the area. The data has been quite sporadic and probably a reflection of the variety of setups, weather conditions, mixing procedures, and operating variables. With all that said, there have been a few products that consistently show a positive response. Control™ from Garrco Products, Inc. has been one of the products that has consistently shown a reduction in drift potential. A replicated field study was initiated last year to look at nineteen different drift control additives and water with two aircraft. The aircraft were selected to give two separate speed scenarios, 115 and 150 mph. A preliminary report of this study was presented at a NAAA/ASAE joint technical meeting. I encourage everyone to obtain a copy of that report, available through links on the NAAA web page, and see how their favorite product performed. Control™ was one of the top performing products in this study. The key to consistency can also hinge back to how well products perform under real


Deposition Aid/Drift Retardant

“Products Now Registered in Mississippi and Arkansas”

• Independent research shows superior performance. • Mixes extremely well with no plugging. • Pilots say they won’t work without Control™! • Aids the deposition of liquid nitrogen

Without Control™

Just cents per acre with results you can see!!! Contact for FREE Sample With Control™

“Your Additive Specialist” P.O. Box 619, Converse, IN 46919

Tel: 765-395-3441 Cell: 561-379-6251 Fax 413-235-5154 email:

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New Surplus Aircraft parts!

Chosen for value and service

Discounts ranging from 25% to 85% off!

New surplus aircraft parts in stock for: Cessna, Piper, and many others, fixed and rotor wing!

• • • • • • • •

Airframe parts Accessories and parts Dispersal system parts Wheels, brakes and parts Propellers, blades and parts Spark plugs, filters of all kinds Engine parts, piston and turbine Hardware: AN, MS, NAS

nline Free o rch! ry Sea Invento



Tel. 330-698-0280 - Fax. 330-698-3164

Call or check online for details!

Toll free, U.S. & Canada

We Buy Worldwide!

7:15am to 8:00pm EST.

Inventories of new parts for almost anything.

Preferred Airparts Serving operators worldwide Preferred Airparts, of Kidron, Ohio, has been serving aircraft operators and maintenance facilities worldwide since 1982. Their present stock includes over 11-million new parts for J-3s to jets. Preferred has many parts for ag operators including Cessna and Piper airframe parts. They have a large inventory of new Grumman/Schweizer G164A/B-600 spares including structural members, sheet metal, landing gears, firewall forward for the R-1340, dispersal system components and more. New parts are sold from 25% to 85% off list. The company also has new, used, and overhauled Continental and Lycoming engine parts at 50-65% discount. Turbine engine parts are a growing segment of Preferred Airparts’ business. Their ever-expanding stock is serving operators of P&W PT6A, Allison/Rolls Royce 250 and other turbine and jet engines for parts, consumables and rotables. Wheels, brakes, and parts for many aircraft are a strong point at Preferred, along with light units and repair parts of all kinds. They have a wide selection of consumables including air, oil, and vacuum filters, spark plugs, and other items for piston and turbine aircraft including ag. Preferred is now a distributer of Donaldson air filters and JP Aero Plastics windshields and windows. Also they stock many popular Champion oil filters and Gill batteries to help you fill your order. You can check stock on Preferred’s web site,, or call, fax or e-mail the sales team a list of your parts requirements. Anyone with inventories of new parts to sell, anywhere in the world and “for nearly anything that flies”, can contact Preferred for an offer. Contact info, phone 800-433-0814 US & Canada, 330-698-0280 Intl, Fax 330-698-3164,

Booth #325 & 327



34E • 800-325-0885

Agrinautics 426 Booth

Unsurpassed in quality and engineering

SAME SUPERIOR ENGINEERING NOW EVEN MORE PROTECTED! • Hard Anodized Teflon Tuffcoat® Protection • 2 Year - 800 Hour Warranty Protection

Agrinautics has been providing the ag industry with superior spray components for over 50 years. Founded by George Sanders in 1958, Agrinautics still takes pride in manufacturing spray pumps and valves that are unsurpassed in quality and engineering. All components of our pumps, valves and strainers are still manufactured on site at Agrinautics so that we have absolute quality control in each casting until it is assembled and sent out the door. In addition to protecting our pumps and valves with the industry’s best warranty (2-years / 800 hours), we also offer the option of Teflon® Tuffcoating. The hard anodizing and Teflon coating resists wear and corrosion and as an added benefit, makes clean-up a snap. Give it a try today!

• FAA PMA Protection Maintenance Friendly Pumps, Valves & Strainers For All Aircraft Makes

Agrinautics would like to thank all our customers for a great year.

Specialty Application Available 435-586-1200 • 1215 N. Airport Road • Cedar City, UT 84721

Souther Field Aviation, Inc.

FOR ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE & PARTS NEEDS Export Experts Authorized Turbine Brave Conversion • Transland • Covington Engines • Ag Nav • Turbine Conversions • Single Point Fueling

• Agrinautics Pumps & Valves • Wag • Cascade Conversions • TracMap


And So Much More… Frankie Williams - President— Paul Pearson - Parts & Maintenance— Stephanie Williams - Exports—

223 Airport Road, Americus, GA 31709 Phone: 229-924-2813 Fax: 229-924-4356



J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc

910 Booth

Celebrates 42 years of service J & C ENTERPRISES AVIATION INC.

800-542-8565 SPECIALISTS IN CESSNA 188


J & C Enterprises Aviation has been located in Oklahoma for 42 years. The business was started by Jerry and Cecilia Buster in 1970. We are located in the central United States and our staff is on duty from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM to help with your aviation needs. We specialize in Cessna ag aircraft, but we also have an extensive inventory of Cessna 180-185, Piper Brave and Pawnee, Citabria, Dromader, and Aero Commander Lark and Darter. We are dealers for Transland, McFarlane, tail wheel parts, general aviation parts and even larger miscellaneous new and used parts. Our staff will help you fill your aviation needs! Just call Sid, our parts manager, or Jerry, Grant, Denise, Wilson, and Cecilia who will be glad to help you.

Cessna 180-185-188, PiPer Brave & Pawnee, CitaBria, DromaDer, aero CommanDer Lark & Darter, sCott & XPm taiLwheeL Parts, ContinentaL, LyComing, ChamPion, mCFarLane, anD a Lot more. HAVING TROUBLE FINDING THOSE DIFFICULT PARTS?


Chip Kemper, President

Aircraft Hardware

Your Authorized Transland Dealer WE BUY SALVAGE & NEW PARTS INVENTORIES

800-542-8565 • 580-661-3591 (OK) • 580-661-3783 (FAX) • email address:


Your Northwest Air Tractor Dealer 800-736-7654

Se Habla Español Airport Road #14 • Thomas, OK 73669

Air TrAcTor SAleS & Service

Fax 208-745-6672

Diner Club

Office 208-745-7654

136 N. Yellowstone Hwy. • Rigby, Idaho 83442

Delivering on-target technical advice in less time: the new-look asabe session by Brad Fritz USDA-ARS Aerial Application Technology Group This year, the ASABE/NAAA Technical session is being rebooted. While past years’ sessions were full of the latest and greatest aerial application-related scientific research, this year’s session looks to provide a more focused and application-driven experience. To that end, the speakers have identified four main topic areas on which to focus: AGDISP spray dispersion modeling, active product and adjuvant effects on spray atomization, details of a new swath patterning system and a review of research and guidance for low rate aerial applications.

422 Booth

Kawak Aviation

The goal of this year’s session is still to present a science-based overview of recent and state-of-the-art aerial application research, but to focus more on practical use and application of the information presented. While this year’s session will also be somewhat shorter that past years (two hours instead of three and a half hours with a lunch break), we hope the more focused program will enable us to present more information in a more effective manner.

Spreading The Wings of Insurance Protection to Ag Aircraft Owners and Pilots

Kawak introduces the new T3 Throttle Quadrant Bend, Oregon – Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc. introduces its new T3 Throttle Quadrant for use on agricultural aircraft. A key element of the quadrant is Kawak’s “SafeLock” feature. It prevents un-commanded movement of the propeller lever which can result in a potentially hazardous situation for the pilot, bystanders or structures. The T3 includes, canted levers to improve pilot control ergonomics and reduce fatigue, superior slide and gate design to ensure ultimate safety of operation and oil-impregnated lever bushings for maximum wear resistance, and many more features, improving strength and safety. Kawak has also included multiple mounting provisions for an easy bolt in replacement on Air Tractor, Thrush, Dromader and Ag Cat. The PMA approval for the T3 is expected to be complete by year’s end. Kawak Aviation Technologies, Inc. began as Ag-Air Systems in 1991 and quickly became a leading manufacturer of turbine propulsion and hydraulic powered systems for ag-aircraft, efficiency mission equipment for aerial firefighting, unmanned vehicles, and the air cargo industry. Agricultural aviation remains a primary focus of Kawak’s product development and business portfolio.

Aviation Insurance Coverage Customized for Ag Aircraft Owners and Operators

Falcon Insurance is one of the largest independently owned insurance specialists in the country. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.


Call for same day quotes and coverage or visit our website. Austin: 800-370-0557 Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville: 800-880-4545

Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644

PO Box 291388, Kerrville, TX 78029

THE NEW KAWAK T3 THROTTLE QUADRANT..... EQUALS RESTROOM BREAKS WITH CONFIDENCE. Go ahead, leave your engine running and prop in feather. We used feedback from Ag Pilots to design the new Kawak T3 Throttle Quadrant with positive engaging lever gates, ultra smooth operation, and robust construction. This means that you never have to get caught in a compromising situation because your airplane decides to taxi away without you. You asked for it, we’re ready to deliver. > INQUIRE AT or call 541.385.5051

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GE Aviation


GE Aviation Launches H75 and H85 Turboprop Engines

GE Aviation has launched two derivative engines of its recently certified H80 engine: the H75 and H85 turboprop engines. The H75 engine will be rated at 750 shaft horsepower (shp) for takeoff and maximum continuous operation, and the H85 engine will be rated at 850 shp. Like the H80, the H75 and H85 engines will be aimed at the agricultural, commuter, utility and business turboprop aircraft segments. Engine type certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration are anticipated early next year. “The H80 turboprop has been extremely successful for us, and we anticipate the same level of interest for the H75 and H85,” said Paul Theofan, president and managing executive of GE Aviation’s Business and General Aviation Turboprops. “There are several potential aircraft applications that could benefit from these two new engine models.


GE looks forward to bringing these engines to the business and general aviation marketplace.” The H75 and H85 engines will be manufactured at GE Aviation’s facility in the Czech Republic. Production of the H80 engine is underway with 40 engines being produced this year, increasing to 75 engines in 2013. On September 24, the H80 turboprop engine received type certification from Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register (IAC AR). To date, the H80 engine has received type certifications from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Brazilian Civil Aviation agency (ANAC) and the Argentine Administración Nacional de Aviación Civil. GE is pursuing type certificates for the H80 in other countries, including Canada and China, to support of the expanding global customer base. The first aircraft to enter service with the H80 engine will be the Thrush 510G agricultural aircraft. The H80 engine has also been selected to power the Aircraft Industries L410 commuter aircraft, which is expected to enter service

early next year, and Technoavia’s all-new Rysachok twin engine aircraft. GE Aviation is taking steps to ensure the H80 has a smooth entry into service. Line maintenance classes are underway to help customers learn how to keep their engines in top operating condition. GE Aviation has also developed an extensive network of service and support centers around the world. The H80 turboprop engine combines the elegant, robust design of the M601 engine with GE’s 3-D aerodynamic design techniques and advanced materials to create a more powerful, fuel-efficient, durable engine with no recurrent fuel nozzle inspections and no hot section inspection. The H80 engine will feature an extended service life of 3,600 flight-hours or 6,600 cycles between overhauls. It will provide the option of a single- or dual-acting governor, allowing customers flexibility in propeller selection. GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings. For more information, visit us at Follow GE Aviation on Twitter at and YouTube at GEAviation. Check out the latest H80 video at http://

GE Aviation

rugged for a reason GE H80 Series engines are built to last with advanced materials and a robust turboprop design. Combining the latest technologies with modern 3D aerodynamic design, these powerplants deliver the enhanced takeoff power, dependable hot day performance and reduced cost of ownership required by the modern aerial applicator. To experience the next generation of engine performance, call: Greg Ryan Sales Representative North and South America +1.954.292.5312

Michal Ptacnik Sales Representative Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia +420.222.538.701

GE H80 Series turboprop engine

72281_h80_aau_jr_pg_ad.indd 1

10/4/12 3:15 PM

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North Star Aviation

Offers a wide variety of service Located in Ulysses, Kansas, North Star Aviation is your full maintenance facility offering top quality services. Our mission is to provide safe, reliable and high quality aircraft maintenance for our customers.

   

To do this we employ five full time mechanics. All of our mechanics are FAA A&P Certified, two of which are A&P I/A Certified. North Star Aviation is now owned and operated by Steve and

Annual Inspection Hot Section Inspection Gear Box Inspection Nozzle Cleaning & Flowing

   

Samantha Rice. We maintain a large fleet of turbine powered Air Tractor and Thrush aircraft. We offer a wide variety of services on airframe and powerplant including, Annual Inspection, Hot Section

100 Hour Inspection Eddy Current Inspection Aircraft Recovery Aircraft Refurbishment

Inspection, Gear Box Inspection, 100 Hour, Nozzle Cleaning and Flowing, Aircraft Recovery and Refurbishment. Maintaining a large inventory of Air Tractor and Thrush parts, we are able to get our customers back in the air quickly. We strive to be a one stop shop for all your Air Tractor and Thrush needs!


Specializing in recycling plastic agricultural containers.

For more Information or to Schedule a Pick-Up Call Us.

800-654-3145 801 W Airport Blvd.,Ulysses, KS 67880 888-272-1417 Toll Free, 620-356-4528 Local, 620-356-3864 Fax www.


We are the Environmentally Responsible solution to your agricultural container management problems.


Intel® Core™ i7 processor Windows® 7 64-bit operating system Receive files onboard from Internet Transfer files wirelessly

Data Sharing with AgSync and Flight Plan Online™ Live onboard video and calling through Internet Full connectivity with HQ Access system remotely through Internet

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Like the thousands of other PT6-powered aircraft operators, Top Hat Ag owner Stan Jones is proudly PT6. With 23,000 engines in flight, pilots trust the PT6 more than any other engine of its class. Yet this remarkable engine hasn’t just made history. With continual technology improvements and rock-solid performance, it defines the future. Are you proudly PT6? Join the nation. At

24356 PT6_Stan_AgAirUpdateIntEdition.indd 1


3/6/12 4:44 PM

Client: Pratt & Whitney Canada Ad Title: PT6 Nation - Stan Publication: Ag Air Update International Edition Trim: 9.5” x 12.25” • Bleed: 1-1/2” per side NA • Live: 9.5” x 12.25”


Kugler Company


Kugler KQ-XRN® is just plane smart Often, the best time for foliar application of fertilizer coincides with recommended spraying time for crop protection chemicals including herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. That’s good news for aerial applicators who want to improve results for their customers. Kugler KQ-XRN is The Perfect Delivery System™ for a wide range of crop protection chemicals. By using Kugler KQ-XRN as your carrier (instead of water), you give your customers’ crops a powerful and long-lasting fertility boost as you address pest or disease situations.

Kugler KQ-XRN® is non-corrosive and very equipment

plant needs it. Your customers will see a quick green-up and continued plant performance as the nitrogen is absorbed over the weeks to come. The unique adhesion characteristics of KQ-XRN means that it also sticks to weed leaves.

In the case of herbicides such as glyphosates, Kugler KQ-XRN technology is The Perfect Delivery System™ for achieving optimum penetration on weeds and improving control. The convenience of mixing Kugler

KQ-XRN with crop protection products leads to greater efficiency and better results. Your customers will literally see the difference— and your pass across the field will increase in value for both you and your customers.



It’s just plane smart. “You can’t find a slow release nitrogen product

friendly. It’s

that’s easier to handle and easier on the equipment.

remarkably easy to

fungicides with good results. No other products fit

handle and easy to apply. Better yet, Kugler KQ-XRN® is

We piggyback aerial applications of KQ-XRN with our system as well as Kugler products.”

Mason Hansen Kugler Dealer Flagler, CO \ High quality 28% nitrogen solution (with 72% slow release N)

non-burning, even

\ The Perfect Delivery System™ for crop protection chemicals

at high application

\ Equipment friendly; non-corrosive

rates—so you reduce the risk of

\ Super adhesion keeps fertilizer & chemicals on the plants longer

See what growers are saying about Kugler KQ-XRN at:

damaging your customers’ crop. Kugler KQ-XRN coats the leaf with a clear film that stays on the job for weeks—penetrating the waxy layer of any leaf tissue to deliver nitrogen over the long term as the

1.800.445.9116 \ www.KuglerCompan

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CONTAINMENT/LOADING PAD -Portable/Permanent Containment Solutions -Aluminum and Fiberglass Construction


-Standard or Custom Sizes

746 Booth

-Visually Inspectable -Easy on / Easy off

605-865-3400-office 605-865-3481-plant

Over 32-years in aerial application and over 15-years in the containment business.

Virtually maintenance free, the OctaFlex Portable Containment/ Loading Pad provides the most userfriendly available work area on the market and is customized to your specific aircraft size requirement. As mandated by the EPA, this unit is visually inspectable and is constructed of impervious material that will not become hazardous waste. The washing or loading process uses a sub-bay to collect the waste water and offers protection for ground water


Competitive Pricing same Day Turntime

from accidental spills. This portable solution offers protection for any location and can be disassembled for seasonal storage. The OctaFlex Portable Containment Pad can be easily covered to prevent unwanted rainwater accumulation. OctaFlex Environmental Systems, Inc. strives to provide the industry’s most innovative, superior and cost effective environmental products. Stop by booth #746 at the NAAA convention for more info or just to say hello.



Providing your the best in overhauled engine and airframe accessories, fuel metering units and aircraft propellers. We can issue 8130’s for domestic and international customers. Major distributor for Weldon Pump, Dukes, Inc., Rapco Fleet Support and Kelly Aerospace

First class service to the aircraft industry for more than 40 years! FAA Approved Repair Station #RV3R829L

Exchange Available

We Overhaul

EAsA Approved

TPE331 & PT-6A FuEl NozzlEs

5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se habla español CrS QTFr-573l envienos un Correo electronico

Aircraft Accessories Repairs, Sells, Services, Overhauls and Exchanges  Air Conditioning Compressor Drive Motor  Aircraft Heaters  Alcohol Pumps  Alternators  Blower Motors  Carburetors  Controllers  Cowl Flap Motors  De-Ice Distributor Valve

 Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators  Feathering Pumps  Feathering Valve  Fuel Boost Pumps  Fuel Injectors  Fuel Pumps  Gate Valve  Generators  Governors  Hydraulic Pump

 Hydraulic Power Paks  Induction Vibrator  Inverters  Landing Gear Motors  Magnetos  Manifolds  Motors (AC-DC)  Pressure Relief Valves  Propellers  Regulator and Relief Valves

 Reverse Current Relays  Scavenge Pumps  Single Port Ejector Valve  Starter Generators  Starters  Starter Adapters  Tach Generators  Turbo Chargers  Vacuum Pumps  Waste Gates

Manufacturers  Adel  Aerospace  Aircraft Parts  Air Research  American Bosch  Aro  Beech  Bendix  Bendix Scintilla  Bendix Stromberg  Cessna  Chrysler

 Continental  Delco Remy  Dukes  Dynamic Air  Eastern Industries  Edo Air  Eicor  Electro Mech  Facet  Flortrop  Ford  Garwin

 General Design  General Electric  Globe  Hamilton Standard  Hartman  Hartzell  Jack & Heintz  Janitrol  Jasco  Lamb  Lear Romec  Lear Seigler

 Leece Nevill  Leland  Lycoming  Marvel-Schebler  McCauley  Mitsubishi  NYAB  Pesco  Prestolite  Rajay Rotomaster  Sensenich  Slick

 Stewart-Warner  TRW  Thompson  Titan  Vickers  Weldon  Westinghouse  Woodward

LARgE inVEntORy OF nEw wELdOn PUMPS in StOck 2740 N. Sheridan Road • Tulsa, OK 74115 Richard and Pete Popplewell

800-255-9924 Tel: 918-835-9924 • Fax: 918-835-3681

e-mail: • web site:




Proven Modern Training Methods for Today’s Aircraft and Pilots Ag - SEAT - Special Ops Initial Turbine Transition / Recurrent Training (all makes and models)

Andy Montague brings training program to Central Florida Ag Aero Andy Montague was the first to recognize the need for high-quality, simulator-based training for turbinepowered aircraft. He pioneered the development of the highly successful program that has been used to train hundreds of pilots from countries all over the world.

751 Booth

Andy co-founded Central Florida Ag Aero in Orlando, Florida, USA. The company is devoted exclusively to agriculture, fire fighting and special operations. The program is well known and accepted as the standard for training throughout the industry.

GPS / Drift Control / Operational Safety / Emergency Procedures Insurance Approved In Aircraft Training Available

CFAA Central Florida Ag Aero, LLC 866-673-8607 • 407-482-2266 •


Biobor JF® A biocide... And so much more! The Original Jet Fuel Biocide and Lubricity Agent since 1965 Biobor JF® was developed jointly by SOHIO and U.S. Borax as the original answer to outbreaks of microbial contamination and damage found in commercial jet aircraft. Unlike water soluble biocides that are drained out during aircraft sumping, Biobor JF® mixes completely with the entire fuelload plus the water allowing the entire fuel system to be treated and protected. Biobor JF® continues to deliver safe, effective protection against the ravages of microbial contamination which cause fuel filters to clog. Plus Biobor JF® protects your entire system from damaging corrosion. Remarkable treat rate of 1 oz treats 80 gallons. Biobor JF® is IATA and FAA accepted.

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Agtelligent announces new product Agtelligent is excited to announce the release of their new product, Mixmate, marking the beginning of a new branch of precision agriculture. Mixmate is a mobile blending system designed to mix chemicals or fertilizers for field application. Current precision ag systems generate spatial records, but lack the accuracy of an accounting system. Mixmate bridges this gap by recording the actual amounts of each ingredient in every batch, providing the necessary information for automated and precise record keeping. Ingredients are measured by weight in Mixmate’s stainless hopper. Bulk ingredients connected to the system are automatically measured and dispensed, while motorized ball valves and pumps are computer-controlled to precisely measure each individual chemical. Mixmate automatically generates a record of the


exact amounts of each chemical used in a batch. The mix location, time and field conditions are also recorded. Batches are prescription-based and can be custom calculated based on the area, volume or weight requested, meaning partial batches can be created by simply entering the acres for the load. The batch can also be modified for field conditions such as wind or weed size. For example, the wind speed can modify the amount of drift retardant required and is calculated automatically. Mixmate is designed to be both durable and portable, traveling with you to allow for mobile mixing. In addition to the added convenience of mixing on the go, the mobile feature eliminates the danger of transporting a hot mix by keeping chemicals separate until they reach their destination. Other Mixmate safety features

cis e tec

Cus tom che

hno log

y fo r sa fe, e a

sy a nd a l mix ccur ing to ate b calcu lend l a t e ing batch record ke e eping to s b y area monito r chem icals a nd cos ts o m b r i l o e f m m ixing and increased e syste fciency

Automate d Portable

include a built-in jug rinser to effectively clean empty containers and safety latch to ensure the lid remains closed during tank rinsing and automated filling. Mixmate is easily calibrated by pouring an accurately measured five gallons of water into the inductor, the only calibration needed to measure any substance. The system comes mounted on a plastic pallet and pre-assembled, with just a few simple hoses to connect to the user’s tank and 12volt power supply. Mixmate is constructed using Honda engines, KZCO valves, Banjo pumps and flange fittings. A rugged Android tablet is used to control the system, which is both easy to use and familiar to smart phone users. For more information on Mixmate, visit www.


With Mixmate mobile blending technology, chemical mixing and record keeping come together to create a new branch of precision agriculture. Designed to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, Mixmate means results.

Visit us at the NAAA Show Booth #558 A Quality Product of Agtelligent, LLC · 34488 Juniper Rd · Oakland, IA 51560 · 712.587.9720 ·


Dallas Airmotive

219 Booth

AgRight: Decades of PT6A-AG experience and the industry’s most thorough light overhaul AgRight, powered by Dallas Airmotive, leverages the expertise of one of the world’s foremost independent providers of turbine engine repair and overhaul services. When we tackle a light overhaul for your Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-AG, we leverage 80 years of engine service experience and 45 years of PT6A expertise. Since 1967, when we became an authorized PT6A service center, we have repaired and overhauled thousands of P&WC engines.

AOG mobile response teams When you’re AOG, you need fast, reliable service to minimize downtime and maximize scheduling flexibility. Dallas Airmotive, a BBA Aviation Engine Repair and Overhaul (ERO) company, delivers 24/7 field service support, with teams available for emergencies or for scheduled diagnosis and repair on the PT6A-AG. We support each field service technician with the in-depth expertise of our 24hour technical group, F1RST SUPPORT, taking advantage of the industry’s most sophisticated, cutting-edge technology to provide consistent, effective solutions. All backed by extensive spare parts, components and exchange inventories to keep PT6 operators up and running.

AgAirUpdate NAAA Show Guide - 1/2 Page 2 Column 4.66”w x 12.25”h

OUR LIGHT OVERHAUL (IS NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY) Looking for a light overhaul for your PT6A? AgRight gives you the most thorough light overhaul work scope in the industry at a cost comparable to any authorized shop, large or small. We provide industry-leading service whether it’s repair, overhaul, test, warranty or field support. You won’t get that level of support through any other light overhaul provider. It’s a light overhaul. Not a once-over-lightly.

PT6A regional turbine centers Eight Regional Turbine Centers offer quick-turn repair and inspection and can dispatch field technicians to troubleshoot or for engine removal and reinstallation. • Charlotte, North Carolina – Stanly County Airport, 704-983-7991 • Dallas, Texas – Dallas Love Field, 214-956-4880 • Dayton, Ohio – Dayton International Airport, 937-890-8276 • Millville, New Jersey – Millville Municipal Airport, 856-327-7317 • Phoenix, Arizona – Deer Valley Airport, 623-824-7961 • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Washington County Airport, 724-206-2320 • St. Louis, Missouri - Spirit of St. Louis Airport, 636-537-9955 • West Palm Beach, Florida, 561-734-0121

PT6A capabilities Fuel nozzle cleaning and inspection - Exchange kits available - Same-day flow check for your nozzles • Field service support • P&WC authorized (DDOF) • Light Overhaul and Module Overhaul Programs • FOD, MIO, full-service engine repair

• Hot section inspection – all models • Hot section component repair • Fly-in facilities • Videoscope inspection • Engine change (R&R) • Power section repair - Over-torque - Lightning strike - Sudden stoppage

Compare Us To Others When you bring your PT6A-AG engine or module to us, our light overhaul work scope offers more value and reliability including standard services such as accessory overhaul, comprehensive inspection of key components, and full balance of all rotating subassemblies. Do other shops include all this as standard? Know what else you get? Options. No work begins without your authorization. No surprises. Industry-Leading Warranty* We offer a three-year or 1,500-hour warranty on our work. And if Dallas Airmotive performs your next scheduled Hot Section Inspection, the warranty will be extended for the entire module or engine for another three years or 1,500 hours*. Closer To Home Our eight strategically located Regional Turbine Centers ensure that, wherever you are, you’re not far from expert assistance, including 24/7/365 field service support. And smaller multiple facilities help ensure a quicker turn time on your engine.

* 1,750 hours for PT6A-34AG; 1,800 hours for PT6A-21AG, -27AG, -28AG.

For field support and OEM-authorized service to keep your engine and your operation running smoothly, contact Dallas Airmotive. Te l 2 1 4 - 9 5 6 - 3 0 0 1 • To l l - F r e e ( U S A ) 8 0 0 - 5 2 7 - 5 0 0 3 •

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Owning the chicken… or buying its eggs If buying insurance is like buying eggs -- and all insurance products in our industry are typically the same -- then it doesn’t really matter which chicken you buy your eggs (insurance) from. Or does it? PARMA is very different than the rest of the egglaying chickens out there. When you join PARMA, you get to OWN the chicken -- the very same chicken that lays the eggs that you buy every year. So which is the better situation? When you join PARMA, you can say, “I also own the chicken!” No other insurance carrier can make that offer. When you own the chicken, you do not need to sign a “broker of record” agreement that effectively prevents ag operators from receiving a competitive bid from another broker. When you join PARMA, you join a like-minded group of ag operators who want to take control of their costs and own the company, rather



than continuing to buy the same product year after year with no chance to benefit from their own safety record and risk management. So, who do you want to guard the chicken house? PARMA is the clear choice. It is time to STOP buying eggs and take control. Let PARMA be your guide, and through skilled risk management, we will show you that owning the chicken that also lays your eggs is much better than buying eggs from the traditional market. Step up to PARMA and become a part of this free-range movement. It is time to make a change. Own your portion of the chicken. Come and join the ONLY independent solution that you, the ag operator, own. It is time to own the chicken that lays the eggs. Call PARMA before you buy your eggs this year. 1 800 717 7504. Come visit us at NAAA in Savannah, booth 724!

hunting for A better risk mAnAgement plAn? We hAve A spot for you see us At booth #724

A cooperAtive risk mAnAgement progrAm for sAfety-conscious operAtors. membership benefits include spot, Air evAc life teAm service & fly right sAfety dAtA. Join pArmA : tAke control of your costs.


give us a try! go to for the facts. toll-free : 800-717-7504 9550 s. eastern Ave., ste. 253 las vegas, nv 89123

301AgriSmart Information System Booth

Product preview from AgriSmart Information Systems LLC

Flight Plan Online brings together some of the best technologies to give you a better way to communicate with your customers and manage your business so you can focus on spraying more acres. You and your pilots will be able to spend more productive time in the air and less time doing paperwork. Your customers will appreciate the professional and accurate mapping that Flight Plan Online provides as well as its ease of use. They will welcome the ability to track the progress of their job orders with no phone calls. The most powerful component of Flight Plan Online is the ability to process job orders using a centralized online system. This allows you or your customers to submit accurate jobs orders with geo referenced field maps. As job orders come in you can review them for accuracy and formally accept the work. Job orders can also include sensitive area alerts, field worker alerts, and adjacent crop identification to let you assess the level of risk. You can see all outstanding jobs on a map screen to filter those jobs into the most efficient batches for spraying. You can easily schedule job batches with common products and geographic proximity. Flight Plan Online generates all the information needed by the pilot, including loading sheets, individual job maps, and master maps that give an overview of all field locations. You can easily upload shape files to your guidance system to make the most of the guidance technology that is already in your plane. After spraying you can record actual application information and if desired, download the data from your guidance system to include as-sprayed imagery. You can then generate invoices from the job details already captured in the process, even on the same day you spray! Flight Plan Online also acts as your electronic system of record keeping, allowing you to generate a formal

application report any time to document regulatory compliance. Flight Plan Online communicates wirelessly with the newer guidance systems. Our customers tell us that Flight Plan Online makes their lives better, takes stress out of the cockpit, makes them more efficient internally and brings better communication to their customers.

Bottom line, Flight Plan Online will help you earn more revenue and maximize your profits by making the most efficient use of your resources. For more information on Flight Plan Online visit their website at or give them a call at 800 890-6945. See them at Booth #301 at the show!

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In these tough economic times We can Save you money on; Engine Repairs Hot Sections Parts Repair Fuel Nozzle Exchange Insurance Claims Lightening Strike Inspection Engine Overhaul Using the approved Pratt & Whitney testing program First Class work accomplished by experienced Professionals

For immediate Service Call Jim 812-877-2587 812-877-4604

At Turbines Inc. we repair your airworthy parts, not replace them. 50E

445 Booth

Turbines Inc.

Engine repair, engine overhaul

In business for 30 years, Turbines Inc. is the oldest and most experienced independent agricultural PT6 overhaul shop in the USA. Turbines Inc. can repair your PT6 engine using the highest quality and experienced labor at a price well below our competitors. Giving back to you, the customer, a reliable, less expensive engine. Turbines Inc. gives the most economical and quickest turn around on prop strikes, insurance claims, hot section inspections, fuel nozzles, engine repairs and engine overhauls than anyone in the PT6 agricultural engine business.

Turbines Inc. also has a new computerized test cell using the approved Pratt & Whitney testing program. At Turbines Inc. we repair your airworthy parts, not replace them. For scheduling or troubleshooting information call Jim at: Phone: 812-877-2587, fax: 812-877-4604,

From the heartland of America, our engines are flying over every continent. 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


Hershey Flying Service Booth #325 & 327 • 800-325-0885

Aviation Insurance Specialist  Business

 RotoR CRaft

 PleasuRe

 sPoRt CRaft

 CommeRCial

 sPeCial Risk

 WoRkman’s ComP

 ag aviation

Hershey Flying Service was established in 1949 by Pete and Floyd Rouche as an aerial application business. Pete and Floyd would start the season in the southern states and eventually find their way back to Nebraska providing aerial application along the way. In 1969 the brothers purchases their first AgCat and fell in love with the aircraft. In 1974 Pete and Floyd decided to retire from the aerial application buisness and go strictly into rebuilding aircraft. Their plane of choice was of course the Grumman AgCat. They were responsible for building all their jigs and fixtures for the aircraft, a skill they both learned working in California at the aircraft bomber factories during World War II. Pete worked on B-17s and Floyd worked on A-25s. Today Hershey Flying Service is responsible for many STC modifications to the AgCat, along with holding numerous PMA replacement parts to support the fleet. Hershey has become the premier repair facility for AgCats with a customer base made up of the US, Canada and numerous other countries all over the world. On March 25, 2011 Hershey Flying Service was sold to Jared Storm of Storm Flying Service Wahoo, Nebraska. Jared is looking to expand Hershey’s capabilities concentrating on supporting the AgCat fleet, but also looking to support other ag aircraft models. Dave Crankshaw will continue to manage the Hershey facility and provide excellent service to all our customers. Hershey Flying Service truly is “Everything AgCat...and more.” For more information visit us at or on FaceBook.




Gerald andrews don Peters

800-844-7105 Tel: 334-793-9802 • Fax: 334-793-5490 P.O. Drawer 6727 Dothan, Alabama 36302 “We Want and Appreciate Your Business We’re Working To Earn It”

“Everything AgCat... And More” • • • • •

Established 1949 FAA/PMA Replacement Parts Transland Dealer STC Modifications Complete AgCat Rebuilds and Major Airframe Overhaul and Repair

18488 West HWY 30 P.O. Box 215 Hershey, NE 69143 Phone: 308-368-5556 Fax: 308-368-5503

FA A A p p r o v e d R e p a i r S t a t i o n N o . M U 2 R O 1 8 L



Transland Inc.


Transland continues a 50-year tradition of building quality products focused on helping operators improve their profit margins and offering ease of operation. This year, we will be showing some of our latest developments in the fire gate product line. Extensive design and testing has gone into development of these new gateboxes, comments and field test results show vast improvement over other fire gate applications in the market. Last year we introduced the Quick-Release Boom Hanger Clamps, and this year we have added Stainless Steel Boom Hangers to our line. Other products you will see at the Transland booth include our new center boom design with a quick-disconnect [QD] cap, and a new strainer design with the QD cap. Transland general manager Roberto Rodriguez says, “the QD cap allows operators to clean and change screens with ease, and as with all our other new products, a focus on keeping ground time to a minimum.” Transland sends out a big thank you to all our customers who continue to support our company and our industry. We are always interested in ways we can improve our products so please feel free to contact us at any time with any suggestions on how we can make improvements to make your life a little bit easier. To contact us about any of these products or other application needs, call sales manager Anthonie York at 940.687.1100, or email

Aluminum Strainer

Center Boom

Aluminum Strainer


• Spreaders

• Meterates

• Pumps

• Stainless Steel Booms

• Fire Gate Boxes

• Strainers

• Stainless Steel Valves

• Bomb Bay Fire Gate

• Swathmasters

Boxes 1206 Hatton Road, Suite A, Wichita Falls, TX 76302 Tel: 940-687-1100 • Fax: 940-687-1941 Se Habla Español Call Your Authorized Transland Dealer Today

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Farm Air Inc.

Parts and service in the heart of the Midwest From Nebraska to Minnesota to Ohio, Farm Air has the parts and the maintenance capabilities to keep Midwest Air Tractors flying. Located in the heart of farm country, Farm Air’s ¾-mile grass runway and highway proximity make it easy access for fly or drive in service. Our parts department features an extensive inventory. Beyond a large supply of Air Tractor parts, Farm Air carries a number of other supplies for agricultural aircraft necessity. Spreaders, booms, spray pumps, valves, and all associated rebuild kits are available from companies such as Transland and Agrinautics. CP Products spray nozzles are on


hand to complete your spray system and are custom assembled for your application. We’re also a factory authorized Hemisphere GPS dealer and have systems available for purchase as well as installation. Other essentials available include, but are not limited to; tires, tubes, brake supplies, batteries, hardware, lighting, and electrical parts. Anyone involved in aerial application knows that maintenance is essential to the longevity of aircraft efficiency. Our facility offers year round maintenance with full time A&P certified mechanics. Farm Air’s technicians routinely perform 100-hour inspections, annuals, and eddy current inspections.

645 Booth

Other services include single point fuel installation, wing spar AD repairs, AmSafe airbag installation, and installation of GPS systems. They are also Air Tractor certified to rebuild wings. Most notably, Farm Air is a dealer for Air Tractor. So, if your current aircraft isn’t doing the job, please contact us to see what new or used Air Tractor we can get you into! Stop by our booth at the NAAA convention in Savannah to learn more about how Farm Air can help keep you flying safely and effectively!

New & Used Air Tractor Sales 802 – 602 – 504 – 502 – 402 – 401

Aircraft Maintenance & Repairs Annuals, Eddy Current Inspections, Certified AMSAFE Airbag Installation, Airframe, Certified Wing Spar Replacement and Wing Repairs

Extensive One-Stop Parts Inventory Air Tractor, Transland, Agrinautics, CP Products, Hemisphere GPS dealer, Aircraft Spruce dealer, Flight Grip, Hatfield Fuel Flow Systems, Stainless Steel Fabricators spreaders

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Kimmel Aviation Ins. Kimmel Aviation Insurance arose from a need to write hard to find and much needed insurance on cropdusters in 1972. The insurance side of the business started very pragmatically as customers were coming to the Kimmel Aviation Ag Aircraft dealership to trade in their $500 converted Super Cubs and Stearmans for the more productive and shiny new Cessna Ag Wagons and Ag Trucks. The $20,000 price tag and the ever evolving regulatory environment in the early 1970s mandated that all certified applicators must carry a minimum liability insurance policy or a bond

The Kimmels have been our insurance provider and family friends across three generations. We can’t imagine doing business with anyone else.”

800-647-9397 T H E K I M M E L S H AV E Y O U C O V E R E D .

442 Airport Road, Greenwood, MS 38930 •

KAI121_jr-page_FINAL.indd 3



of $10,000. Cessna Finance also wanted to make sure their loans were protected. Very few companies would insure ag aircraft back in the early 1970s so Dorothy Kimmel made it her mission to find that coverage for their customers. From its humble beginnings, the insurance part of the business grew and formally incorporated Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc. in 1979. Over the years, Dorothy Kimmel has received numerous industry awards including, but not limited to MAAA Outstanding Service Award – 1975, MAAA President’s Award – 1985, WMAAA President, 15 years WMAAA Director to the WNAAA, WNAA Vice Pres. 1991, WNAAA President 1992, Lee Abide Award – 1998, Arkansas (AAAA) Distinguished service award 2006, MAAA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award – 2006. In addition, Dorothy also served on numerous committees and served both the NAAA and MAAA for each of her 45+ years as a member of both organizations. Her most outstanding achievement was to raise a family of four boys, all who entered the ag aviation field and chose career paths closely related to ag aviation. — Kenny & Michael Christmas, Christmas Flying Service, SHELBY, MISSISSIPPI Although Dorothy is still active in the agency, her youngest son, Frank Kimmel, took over the day to day operations of Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency in 2004. Frank brings with him 14,000 hours of flying experience including 8000+ as an ag pilot. Frank also has his own pedigree of accomplishments including , 1992 John Horne Memorial Safety award (NAAA), Novartis Leadership training delegate – 1998, NAAA Related Service Award – 2008, Arkansas (AAAA) Outstanding Service Award 2008, and the MAAA Allied Industry Associate of the year 2010. In addition to the ag association awards, Frank was elected by his aviation insurance peers to serve on the Aviation Insurance Association (AIA) Board of Directors in 2005. He served as the Director of the Domestic Agents and Brokers Division until he was elected Vice President of the AIA in 2009 and then AIA President for 2011 – 2012. As you can see, it is true when their ads say, “When you need a respected voice to work for you, “The Kimmel’s Have You Covered”!”

Reliable Service for over 40 Years


9/21/2012 11:31:40 AM

Trace Engines Exceptional performance offered by Trace Engines TRACE Engines L.P., produces FAA Production Certified V8 engines and firewall forward conversion kits to the ag market for the Air Tractor 301, 302, 401 & 402 series aircraft. These engines have 600 horsepower at take off and 500 max continuous horsepower. TRACE provides a modern reciprocating powerplant with good fuel efficiency and unbeatable overhaul costs. The overhaul cost at 1,500 hours is less than $40,000. TRACE may provide you with a more affordable approach to maximize your profits next season. Many folks have inquired what TRACE has been up to in the last year. In July

The Trace deHavilland Beaver

of 2012, we attained an amendment to our 401 and 402 STC to allow 301 and 302 series aircraft to be included in the STC. Both a 301 and 302 were converted in 2012. George’s Aircraft is now installing the TRACE engines and firewall forward kits, allowing TRACE to focus on development of new STCs for additional platforms. TRACE is continuing to diversify with two STC, that are currently in development; one is our deHavilland Beaver, which is ready for FAA flight test and our Cessna Caravan STC for freight applications. Our products are truly for “working” aircraft and our customers see the value in low operating, maintenance and overhaul costs. Come talk to us at the show or call us to discuss an alternative to just moving up to a turbine. TRACE also produces the TowBot, which allows the operator to safely move aircraft by themselves with a remote control towing solution. TowBots can allow the owner to fit more aircraft in their hangar than conventional tugs, as well as offer incredible maneuverability. The TowBots are sold around the world through distributors. Towbots are also used in manufacturing facilities such as the Blackhawk production line. Check out our website for specifics on your application at or give us a call at 432-618-7223. Feel free to add us on Facebook or follow our Twitter account for the latest updates. Come by and see David Czarnecki (COO) or William Diaz (Sales) at the show.

High Performance Aviation Experience high performing aviation with the turbocharged TRACE V-8 engine! Our 600 horsepower engines are ready to be installed in your Air Tractor 301, 302, 401, or 402 aircraft.

Schedule a factory tour to view a conversion in process by calling 432-618-7223. TRACE Engines L.P. 3000 W. Interstate 20 Midland, TX 79701 432-618-7223 432-618-8745 (FAX)

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide



Lane Aviation


Honesty and integrity for over 67 years Grant Lane, owner and operator of Lane Aviation.

ROSENBERG, TEXAS — Come join Lane Aviation, Inc. at Booth # 744 during NAAA’s Trade Show and Exhibition being held December 3-6, 2012, in Savannah, Georgia. We’ll be providing free draft beer and good Texas conversation about sales, service and parts for both new and used Air Tractors. Ask us about our very special convention sale price for the time proven, reliable Lane Aviation spray pump fan and brake combination. With over 67 years serving the agaviation industry, Lane Aviation prides itself in maintaining a business ethic of honesty and integrity for every facet of the company. We are the #1 Air Tractor distributor for sales, service and support. Our diversity in ag-aviation, such as our spraying operation that utilizes two AT502Bs, allows us to know how to best respond to the ag-operator’s needs. We understand the importance of time when there is an AOG situation

and make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Lane Aviation is strategically located near all forms of shipping, including overnight services such as UPS and FedEx, as well as air, rail and sea from Houston. Often times an operator’s problem can only be solved with a visit to his operation by owner, Grant Lane. This can include delivering or picking up an aircraft, or using a Lane Aviation company plane to fly in a vital part. When it comes to Air Tractor aircraft sales, Grant Lane’s life long experience in the ag-aviation business has made Lane Aviation the #1 Air Tractor dealer, selling more Air Tractors than anyone else in the world. Lane Aviation was appointed the first Air Tractor dealer in 1974. Since then, beginning with the efforts of the late George Lane, son Grant has continued to provide the best choice of ag-aircraft, helping and advising customers every step of the way in the aircraft buying process. Whether a customer is upgrading his Air Tractor fleet, or making the transition to the Air Tractor or to turbine power, Grant Lane’s experience can be counted on to help make the right buying decision. Located in Rosenberg, Texas, Lane Air Park (T54), the Lane Aviation maintenance facility can handle every type of Air Tractor aircraft maintenance, as well as most all other

Dona Jorden has been with Lane Aviation for 20 years and is responsible for your parts needs. 

ag-planes. This includes annual and routine inspections, major airframe repairs, engine exchanges and outsourcing major engine repairs. With Air Tractor factory training and FAAcertified A&P and IA mechanics, customers are assured of the highest quality work for their aircraft. Also located at Lane Air Park is the fully stocked parts division of Lane Aviation. Not only is it essential to have readily available parts to ship to customers, this extensive parts inventory facilitates repairs made in the maintenance shop. A one-stop

Angel Bailey is Office Manager. She handles overall company administrative duties. She has been with Lane Aviation for 16 years. 

parts division is a key element that assures customers of the best parts service for the highest quality repairs. Simply put, Lane Aviation, Inc. is widely regarded as a “Best Practices” example for the agricultural aviation industry. Every ag-aviation operator customer can be confident they will receive unparalleled support. Lane Aviation, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers with the most efficient service possible without compromise to safety and quality. Visit us in Savannah, Booth # 744, near the Air Tractor exhibit.

Lane Electric Brake and Fan Assembly is easy to use, low maintenance, durable, 12/24-volt, with affordable replaceable parts, available in small and large sizes for multiple volumes.

Lane Aviation is a dealer for: • Transland • Air Tractor • Collins Air Conditioner • Hemisphere Air • Onboard Systems • Zee System

• Agrinautics • CP Products • Compro Smoker • Flight Grip • Weath-Aero • Pratt & Whittney

Lane Aviation also provides a wide variety of other aircraft parts such as Whelen, Cleveland, Hartzell, Spraying Systems, etc.

Stop by our booth #744 for a cold beverage and ask us about our Convention-Special pricing for the Lane Electric Brake and Fan Assembly. The Lane Aviation group at Lane Air Park, Rosenberg, Texas, waiting to meet58E all your service and sales needs. 

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Auger uger An’s s DAn rucks Trucks Stainless steel auger systems for loading ag aircraft Electronic height adjustable clear sock for dry material delivery


Phone: Home: 870-972-8056 • Cell: 870-919-2317 Fax: 870-578-6145





Affordable and quality service Ag-Air Turbines, Inc. of Midvale, Idaho, is operated by Robert Baker and Katie Baker. We are solely committed to the agricultural aerial applicators as a Honeywell Authorized Major Service Center. We offer affordable and quality repairs and maintenance for

the TPE331 engines. We provide hot section inspections, gearbox inspections, compressor section inspections/refurb, engine test cell, torque calibration, vibration analysis, engine sales and 24-hour technical support and A.O.G. Emergency field services.

2612 Glenwood, Jonesboro, AR 72401 View our video on YouTube:


➹ Technical assistance in conjunction with Honeywell Technical & engineering specialists ➹ Honeywell authorized warranty claims repairs ➹ Emergency A.O.G. field service ➹ Hot section inspections ➹ Gear box inspections ➹ Compressor section inspection/refurbish ➹ Lebow torque calibration ➹ Engine run stand ➹ CAM ➹ Engine Sales 60E

Authorized Service center For honeywell AeroSpAce

ROBERT BAKER KATIE BAKER 2245 Airport Rd., P.O. Box 155 Midvale, Idaho 83645 Phone: (208) 229-8340 • Fax: (208) 355-1114

529 Booth


FMC provides valuable crop protection solutions FMC Corporation has been serving agriculture long enough to know that new challenges in crop management are always on the horizon. Crop by crop, region by region, we’re dedicated to meeting these challenges head-on with innovative crop technologies that add value to your operation. And as we remain committed to investing in farming’s future, we are proud to support the National Ag Aviator’s Association (NAAA). Together, FMC and NAAA work to enhance the efficacy of aerial-applied pesticides. By providing innovative crop protection products, FMC delivers broadspectrum control and long-lasting activity to take away the challenges growers face today. These products help aerial applicators get effective control of weeds and insects. Bottom line, we’re in this together, and the only factor that determines our success is yours.

TAKING PEST CONTROL AND YOUR BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS. Your business is off the ground. Ours is firmly planted on it. And what we do down here can make your business up there much more successful. We develop innovative herbicides and insecticides that deliver effective control of pests for better yields and higher quality. Cadet® and Shark® H20 herbicides, and Hero®, Stallion® and Carbine® insecticides are just a few of the many FMC brands that will keep your business flying high.

Check us out at NAAA booth #529 See your FMC Star Retailer for our products. Visit for more information. 888-59-FMC-AG

The use of aerial applied products often saves growers time. In order to see high yield results, growers must take an active role in pest management. The use of aerial applied products often saves growers time. This can be critical during planting and throughout the growing season when pests or disease threaten a crop. Agricultural aviation and FMC have the same goal – to encourage best management practices. An important player in the overall agriculture industry, aerial application is a critical component of high-yield agriculture. The focus for the grower must be to produce maximum yield. By utilizing aerial applications, growers can be more efficient and effective with their time and resources. This type of best management practice is encouraged by FMC. A diversified chemical company, FMC has served agricultural, industrial, environmental and consumer markets globally for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and quality products. The company employs approximately 5,500 people throughout the world, and operates its businesses in three segments; Agricultural Products, Specialty Chemicals and Industrial Chemicals. To learn more about FMC crop protection products, visit us at booth #529 or go online to

Always read and follow label directions. Cadet, Shark, Hero, Stallion, Carbine and FMC are trademarks and investing in farming’s future is a service mark of FMC Corporation. ©2012 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. F100-027582 10/12


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10/9/12 1:47 PM


Tulsa Aircraft Engines

247 Booth

Building the best radial engine possible Update on our cylinder reconditioning program for R-985 and R-1340 Engines. by Rex Vaughan Tulsa Aircraft Engines Inc. Years ago, our customers were having multiple cylinder failures on different model aircraft and engines. Tulsa Aircraft Engines recognized it was not always the pilots causing these failures, so we decided to investigate the problem further and found a resolution that would help the industry. Tulsa put together a program to recondition the

heads and make new barrels for both the the R-985 and the R-1340 engine. Our intention was to try to prevent head to barrel separation on the R-985 engines (where we made about a 98% improvement) and cylinder skirt failures on the R-1340 engines (where we made a 100% improvement). With over 200 R-985 engines having undergone our process, there have only been 19 cylinders fail. The R-1340 engine has had a 100% improvement on the cylinder skirt failures (no failures). There are no new cylinders in production at this time, prompting Tulsa Aircraft Engines to improve on all of their overhauls - putting out the best

engine possible. Tulsa Aircraft Engines now has another approval for coatings on the pistons to help prevent scuffing on the sides and for a heat barrier. This enhances performance in the engine and will aid in prevention of piston failures. Be sure to attend NAAA’s Live Auction in Savannah at this year’s NAAA convention in December for the opportunity to bid on a Tulsa Aircraft Engines-donated fresh overhaul R-1340 (no exchange needed). All proceeds from the auction go to NAAA to promote ag-aviation.

Specializing in Repair and Overhaul of Pratt & Whitney R-985-1340 Engines since 1973

9311 East 44th St. North Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115

918-838-8532 Fax: 918-838-1659 Se Habla Español



701 Booth

Hardy Aviation Insurance

Specializing in aviation insurance Hardy Aviation Insurance is located in Wichita Kansas. Randy Hardy established the agency in 1995 and we are closing in on our 18th full season. Our agency has seen tremendous growth over these past 18 years. As an aviation insurance agency and broker, we specialize in all areas of aviation insurance with a special emphasis in aerial application. As a full service agency we can also offer property and casualty coverage such as hangar and contents, business auto, and Workman’s Comp.

you can afford. At this year’s NAAA in Savannah please stop by our booth and visit with Randy Hardy, Angie Banz, Tim Wiebe and Dick Russell. We have a special treat in store for you this year courtesy of Dusty Dowd of Syracuse Kansas. You’ll have to stop by to see, but it will be worth it. Hardy_AgAirUpdate_38Pg_Color_07_HardyAvIns_AgAirUpdate_38Pg_02 12/12/11 11:30 AM

We specialize in all areas of aviation insurance with a special emphasis in aerial application. Within our agency, Angie Banz, Rita Ethridge and Tim Wiebe have a combination of over 70 years of experience in aerial application insurance. Randy Hardy, Dick Russell and Tim Wiebe, all being pilots, dedicate their time traveling to meet aerial applicators to review their aviation insurance needs. In addition to our long time support staff of Melinda Greene, Kelly Fay and Peggy Hahn we have recently added Mary Humphrey, a specialist in air show coverage including all the various types of insurance associated with that field. Hardy also announced last year the hiring of Mona Rathmel who works from our Dallas facility with a special emphasis in higher performance aircraft like the Malibu’s, Mirage, Meridian, Matrix, Jetprop’s, Pilatus PC-12’s and TBM 700/850’s. Hardy Aviation Insurance is dedicated to service the old fashion way, with hard work, communication skills and the willingness to negotiate your needs as though we were an extension of your business. From agricultural aviation to fixed base operations and personal aircraft, we strive to make a satisfied customer through our hard work and dedication to your needs. We represent all the major insurance companies who offer aviation insurance or alternate needs. Aerial application is a very specialized business and when seeking coverage you need to work with and through an agency that understands your needs and knows the insurance company’s policy well enough to match their policy to your expectations. Good policies and good service are not only good business, but also necessary to insure you have the coverage you need at the price

Booth #325 & 327 • 800-325-0885 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide






TracMap progress in USA – an interview with company president Colin Brown

Colin Brown An AgAir Update interview with Colin Brown, TracMap President and Founder AAU—So how long have you been selling systems in North America? Brown—We sold our first systems almost four years ago, after exhibiting at HAI. AAU—What prompted you to come to the U.S.? Brown—It resulted from meeting some North American pilots who were working in New Zealand and using our TracMap systems. They liked the simplicity and heard nothing but positive reports from our NZ customers. They suggested we should look at coming here. AAU—How has progress been since those first sales? Brown—In helicopters it’s been OK, but fixed wing has been slower than we would want. AAU—So why the difference between helicopters and fixed wing? Brown—There are a number of reasons. The main one is that up until recently our system did not really suit what most fixed wing operators wanted. In particular, we didn’t have an outside lightbar option until last year. Whereas for helicopters, the light weight and reliability of our systems is a major plus factor. AAU—For most aerial applicators you are a “new kid


on the block”. They worry whether you will still be here when they need assistance or servicing. Brown—That’s understandable and normal. We know some people may not know who we are and it takes time to get known and trusted. We are the largest GPS business in New Zealand, where over 60% of all fertilizer applied in the country is with a TracMap system. We also sell units into Australia, South Africa, and Europe. AAU—What have you put in place to demonstrate the ongoing commitment to this country? Brown—A number of steps. First we needed to establish a network of distributors, and take time to get to understand the market. I spent a large part of 2011 here at conventions and talking to aerial applicators. I needed to be confident there was sufficient opportunity for us to justify setting up a full North American based business. Since then we have established our base at Griffin, GA, and employed a full time sales manager to focus specifically on supporting our aviation business. AAU—Therefore I take it you are committed to this market? Brown—Absolutely. From market surveys we have done, and feedback from existing customers, we know we have a good product, and there are people looking for an option. Plus, we already have quite a customer base.

Mark Hornback in his favorite pastime

AAU—Are there any differences between New Zealand and the USA? Brown—Not much. The main difference is demand for mapping, and use of cellular for wireless transfer of maps to and from aircraft. In New Zealand it is a great deal more common. We expect over 100,000 maps will go through our wireless system this year, and there is probably another 20,000 maps produced directly without using the TracMap mapping system. AAU—Tell me about your North American manager. Brown—His name is Mark Hornback, and he is based in Tacoma, WA. We believe we are fortunate to find Mark, for he has a great reputation with his previous company for delivering top service to customers over a 20-year period. AAU—How did you find him? Brown—Actually he found us. The company he worked for had been bought out by a large corporate, and so he decided that after 20 years it was time for a new challenge. He likes working for a smaller business where every person is an individual. AAU—How has he fitted in so far? Brown—Very well. He is a personable guy, and has quickly picked up the knowledge needed to provide the necessary customer and sales support people need. Be warned, however, he is a keen fisherman and will talk for hours on the subject!

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Aero Engines

1st in quality, dependability and service

"Your Overhaul SpecialiSt For R-985 & R-1340 P&W Engines and Continental W-670 Engines"

Our ShOpS prOvide YOu With the BeSt

Check Our Overhaul Cost... includes Magnetos & Carburetor • EnginE Shop-

Magnaflux, Zyglo, Ultrasonic, and Dimensional Inspections.

• CylindEr Shop-

"Chrome" Or "Steel" Barrels, “Metallized" Cylinders, 100% Guide Replacement, New Or Serviceable Pistons.

• ACCESSory Shop-

Magnetos, Carburetors, Starters, and Generator Overhauls.

• MAChinE Shop-

Cam Grinder, Cylinder Grinder, Piston Grinder, Lathes, and Balancing Machines.

• pArtS dEpArtMEnt-

Over a Year's Supply of Most Parts and Enough Engines to Support an Exchange Program, and Inside Storage of Customer and Overhaul Engines


Home of the Super 600 "The Engine That Sets The Standards In The Ag Aviation Industry"

TEL 323-663-3961 FAX 323-664-5189 • • 3030-34 North Coolidge Ave. • Los Angeles, CA 90039-3491



Aero-Engines, Inc. was founded in 1955 to service the needs of operators using Continental W-670 and Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 engines. The company was founded by eight experienced mechanics and continues 57 years later to have the most experienced and dependable crew in the business. The current partnership ranges from a minimum of 30 years to 40 years of experience with the company. Centrally located in Los Angeles since its inception, our shop continues to be the leader in providing quality and dependable overhauls of Continental W-670 and Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 engines. We have the most complete facilities in the country with an engine shop equipped to do our own inspections such as magnetic particle (Magnaflux) dye penetrant (Zyglo), ultrasonic and dimensional. Our cylinder shop’s strict standards include fully “metallized” cylinders, 100% guide replacement, new or serviceable pistons and a choice of “steel” or “nu-chrome” barrels. Our accessory shop overhauls our magnetos, carburetors, starters and generators using the finest parts and equipment. Our machine shop is the best equipped of its kind, with cam and cylinder grinder, balancing machines and much, much more. The parts department has an extensive supply of parts, enough engines to support our extensive exchange program. Aero-Engines, Inc has provided service to a large number of ag operators over the years, but has also overhauled engines for commercial and private aircraft such as the de Havilland Beavers and Otters, Stearmans, Staggerwing Beachcraft, etc. Many of our engines have been on the winning aircraft at the Reno Air Races in the AT-6 category. Last year’s winner was Dennis Buehn.

Super 600 Aero-Engines is the home of the Super 600, officially known as the Vintage Radials’ altered Pratt & Whitney R-1340. The engine incorporates a modified version of Pratt & Whitney R-2800 cylinders, thus increasing reliability and performance of the engine. The increased cooling fin capacity, higher rated manifold pressure, larger valves, forged heads, higher horsepower rating and increased compression ratio of the R-2800 cylinders is quite an improvement over the original R-1340 cylinders. The Super 600 engine, approved under STC SE01200LA, is rated at the same horsepower as the stock R-1340, but operators of the 25 engines in existence believe there are some “hidden horses” that can provide a boost when needed. Presently these engines are being used on Air Tractor, Ag-Cat and Thrush aircraft. We serve you with pleasure; confident we can supply you with the quality engine to suit your needs. Contacts: Otis N. Perera, President Tony B Ortega, Chief Inspector


844 Booth





Turbine Transition Training

Sava 844 in

Now Availab le

Air Tractor 504

Professional agricultural pilot training In 2000, Fran de Kock had a vision. He designed an agricultural pilot training program with an emphasis on safety. He was motivated by the high number of incidents and accidents in the industry to improve ag aviation’s safety record. Fran’s first ag training aircraft was a tandem seat, dual control PA25 Piper Pawnee. He felt it was important for instructors to be in the airplane with the students demonstrating application techniques, answering questions and monitoring progress. Presently, three Gippsland GA200’s, configured with side by side dual controls, are used for training. This is a great improvement as instructors are able to monitor the reactions of the students! All aircraft are fully operational for spraying - outfitted with Hemisphere GPS, flow controls, booms and nozzles. Reality training at it’s very best! The latest additions to the fleet are two Air Tractor 504s which utilize the same training configuration as the GA200 - side by side with dual controls. The legend of Leland Snow lives on with the creation of this phenomenal turbine powered training aircraft. Once again - Reality training at it’s very best!

Professional Agricultural Pilot Training Gippsland GA 200

All our training planes: -feature dual controls, side by side cockpit configuration -are equipped with Hemisphere GPS and Flow Control Systems Also available: Private and Commercial Training, Pilot Assessments for Operators


North Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada

Phone 306-445-3099

Looking For your

Pot oF goLd?

◆ Air Tractor Sales & Service Center ◆ Complete General and Ag Aircraft Maintenance, Repairs and Rebuilding ◆ Complete Parts Inventory ◆ Hydraulic Spray Systems ◆ Annuals / 100-Hour Inspections ◆ Airframe Repairs and Alterations ◆ Recoverings and Fabric Repairs

ind it it in in an an Find air ir tractor ractor!

MEFFORD FIELD • TULARE, CA 93274 P.O. BOX 566 • TULARE, CA 93275-0566 559-686-7401


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ZEE Systems Easy maintenance and efficient ZEE Systems introduces its new Z33-8900 Motor Compressor and Z33-89600 Motor Compressor Condenser assemblies with brushless DC variable speed drive motor and direct drive scroll compressor. This system is built for easy maintenance and efficient operation. The motor is more efficient with built in soft start and the scroll compressor means a lower starting and running current. No brushes to change. No pulleys and belts to adjust. With the optional controller the motor speed can be adjusted for desired cooling at the lowest possible current. The Z33-

COOLING & HEATING for your comfort.

8900 Motor Compressor will be used in all future designs. The SZ43, SZ58 and Z99 drive motors will be phased out with continued parts support planned for several years. The Z33-8900 is designed to easily retrofit current motor compressor designs.


Turbine Conversions Booth Turbine Conversions-the aviation innovation specialist

Motor Compressor Condenser

Evaporator / Heater

ZEE Systems air conditioning equipment has been cooling AG aircraft since the 1970’s.

800-988-COOL 210-342-9761

The foundation of TCL’s product development for over 20 years has been to develop products that make the ag operator’s job easier and more productive. TCL prides itself in providing high quality custom built products that are reliable in the field. TCL’s variable rate rotary gate is the most versatile, easy to use and reliable low volume gate available in the marketplace and is available in 25”, 38” and 41” models with three choices of rotor sizes. A new feature available in December, the rotary gate will have GPS controlled rates of application. TCL is the home of the original air induction system for Air Tractor and Thrush. This system will drop fuel flow four gal/hr and lower ITT temperatures giving you more horsepower at pull up. Originally designed by Frakes Aviation, the STCs are now produced in our PMA facility and offer a choice in filter systems; Centra Cept or K&N filters. Are you an M18 owner that is in need of parts? TCL is your place to go, we now offer new factory and used parts for all models; also available for lease is a wing repair tool kit. See you in Savannah in Island Booth #117.

The Aviation Innovation Specialists P&W Turbo Cat 616.837.9428 est 68E



225 Booth


AmSafe Seatbelt Airbag AmSafe Inc. is proud to be an Allied Member and support the NAAA through our donations of Seatbelt Airbag systems, one for Air Tractor and one for Thrush for the Live Auction. Please come by and visit Richard Heitzman at our booth #225. AmSafe is the world’s leading provider of safety restraint products for the aerospace, defense, specialty and vehicle industries. We have made great strides with our engineered textile solutions and we manufacture unique products such as the seatbelt airbag, an RPG net protection system, airframe barrier nets, lightweight cargo nets and restraints, and of course, the product we are most known for - the aviation passenger seatbelt. We are also the first and only company to have a seatbelt airbag system installed worldwide on both commercial and general aviation aircraft

Higher Education Roar offer! g with a ti

Flying Tiger Aviation offers flight and ground training for budding ag pilots, and turbine transition training for older hands.

• Ground Instruction & Tail Wheel Training • Instruction for Pesticide Licensing Testing • Dual-Control Turbine Thrush • Dual-Control Ag Cat • Primary S.E.A.T. Training • Glider Flight Instruction Over 80% of General Aviation aircraft come standard equipped with AmSafe Seatbelt Airbags.

• Private Instrument & Commercial Instruction

Designed to protect occupants from impact with glare shields, instrument panels, and control yokes. You can have the same protection on your Thrush S2R ag aircraft. To place an order or to receive more information please contact:

Thrush Aircraft Inc Jody Bays - 229-789-0439 AmSafe Inc Richard Heitzman - 830-822-8068

Standard equipped when you purchase new, and STC retrofit kits are ready to ship now. Three hour install with a list price of $4,400.00

Call now! Call Now! Flying Tiger Aviation (318) 244-7581

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600 Booth

Keeping agriculture covered W E ’V E G O T


We provide accurate, even coverage in the agricultural field. Just like the operations we insure.


Turbine Installation, LLC

PIM Aviation Insurance takes pride in being a part of the agricultural aviation family for more than 30 years. Over that time, they’ve developed a host of insurance policies and products to meet the requirements of agricultural aviation industry. Their AgPack™ is an example of one such offering. It provides a number of policies and coverages to provide the protection needed for the ongoing health and sustainability of the aerial applicators’ business and family including: • Aircraft Hull and Liability • Chemical “Drift” Liability Insurance • Chemical Inventory Coverage • Business Auto Insurance • Workers Compensation Insurance • Airport Liability • GPS Insurance • Employment Practices Liability • Directors and Officers Liability • Environmental Pollution Liability • Property and Contents Coverage (including Inland Marine and Business Income) • Pilot Life Insurance (Group or Individual) for Aerial Applicators • Coverage for other Personal & Business or Commercial Use Aircraft “As the years go on, and technology and litigation continues to advance, new insurance exposures are created that affect aerial applicators,” said Tim Bonnell Sr., President of PIM Aviation Insurance. “So we’ve continually worked to find insurance policies to address both the new and ongoing exposures that our customers face.” PIM’s customers ensure that the world’s population has food on their plates. With a mission of such high importance, PIM understands how critical it is to keep aerial applicators covered.

Turbine Installation

413 Booth

Efficiency equals greater profits 5017 Aviation Way Caldwell, ID 83605


Air Tractor AT-802 Powered by Honeywell TPE331-14GR 1650 SHP 4500 HSI/9000 CAM 70E

Turbine Installation, LLC, continues to progress and expand the company’s offerings and capabilities with the completion of multiple STC for the installation of the Honeywell TPE331-14GR engine in the Air Tractor AT-802 airframe yielding the most efficient and powerful Single Engine Air Tanker on the market today. This efficiency also translates to greater profits for the spraying agricultural market as well. The addition of the STC to install the Honeywell TPE331-10 and -11 engines in the PZL M18 Dromader has added a welcome compliment to the existing Honeywell engine conversion currently offered through Turbine Installation, LLC. Visit our website at, follow us on twitteer and come by our booth # 413 at the NAAA convention in Savannah to get the latest news!!


CP Products


Paying attention to nozzle and check valve care Even CP® Nozzles and Check Valves don’t last forever and they do need maintenance. If there were such a thing as an airworthiness directive for aerial spray equipment, more attention would be paid to nozzle and check valve care. There are several ways to determine whether maintenance is needed. First, just look at them. Are they cracked? Are the deflector edges rough? Do the flat fan stainless inserts still have an even elliptical shape? Do they drip? Second, charge the boom. Is the spray even on each of the nozzles? Do the check valves shut quickly on all the nozzles? Check all the deflector angles on CP03/09s. Are the patterns even with no breaks? On CP-11TTs, do the tips still have a good pattern and appear to be flowing the same? Third, flow check the orifices and tips. Are the flow rates even, nozzle to nozzle? Are they close to what they were when new?

If nozzle or check valve bodies are cracked, they will leak and should be replaced. If deflector surfaces are nicked, patterns will be irregular and droplet spectra will change. Deflectors can be replaced. Stainless inserts in flat fan tips wear out and the wear will be uneven. The patterns and flow rates won’t be as accurate as those in good shape. Replacement flat fan tips are available. If nozzles drip and the cause is not cracked bodies, debris or loose tension, chances are the white Teflon® seals are scratched. Seals are available. On CP-03/09s, the beveled side of the seals goes against the body (remember “B” to “B”). Seals on the CP-11TT cannot be installed backward. Before taking CP-11TTs apart, put a shop rag on the table so that the detent ball isn’t lost. Before reassembling them, lubricate the detent hole with marine grease or similar product. The Company uses torque wrenches when assembling nozzles and swivels. The wrenches are set at 15” pounds. Failure to tighten nozzle bodies may

or Just starting out? CP’s Nozzles are the BEST CHOICE! Which nozzles will work best for you? CP-11TT #25 40° Flat Fan 5 gpm—40 psi

CP-07 and CP-09 CP-03 0.125 Orifice, 0 Deflector 0.125 Orifice, 30° 5 gpm—40 psi Deflector 5 gpm—40 psi

% under 200 Microns

% under 200 Microns

% under 200 Microns

160 mph




150 mph




140 mph




130 mph




120 mph




*Based on Spray Nozzle Models, USDA ARS AH-726, I. W. Kirk Settings: all at 40 psi, 5 gpm rate; CP-11TT—4025 tip, 8° Default Angle; CP-09/07—.125 orifice, 0° Deflection; CP-03—.125 orifice, 30° Deflection

cause leaking or contamination of the Teflon® body seals. Too much tension on the nuts may cause the studs to pull. Replacement of the nozzles is the only option, if that happens. Check valve maintenance should be done at least annually. There is one o-ring in the stainless core and one on the needle just under the diaphragms. There is one Teflon® seal and one Viton seal on the needle. All these parts should be replaced. Be sure the cap is very tight after replacing the parts. Do a “catch” test to verify the nozzles are flowing correctly. Both CP-03/09 orifices and tip stainless inserts will eventually wear. Gradual decreases in pressure required to do common rates indicates wear on those parts. They should be replaced. The most important component of nozzle and check valve maintenance is the care given throughout the season. Keep them clean and debris free and they will last a very long time.

MAINTENANCE is a MUST! even with CP’s!!! Keep your CP® Nozzles and Check Valves in top shape. Replace seals and O-rings annually.


Toll Free 866 303-0600 20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


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616 Booth

Davidon, Inc. manufacturers of the Hi-Tek Rotary Nozzle and Tri-Set Nozzle for row crops, and the extremely popular mosquito nozzle, is very happy to announce the development of a new boom clamp. We also custom make booms with reinforcements for all aircraft including the AT602 and AT802. We are pleased to inform our customers that we will have our newest products on display at the NAAA convention in Savannah Georgia this December. Please come by Davidon’s booth 616 and visit with us and see the new boom clamps, nozzles, clean out ends and DRP-955.


Hi-Tek Rotor Nozzle

Boom Clamp

DAVIDON, INC Makers of Quality Products

Manufacturers for Hi-Tek Nozzle, Tri-Set Nozzle and DRP-955 Drift Retardant and Penetrator.

5660 Calhoun Rd. Unadilla, GA 31091 Tel: 229-645-3605 • Fax: 229-645-3880

R.T. TuRbines, inc. With over 40 years of experience.

Pratt & Whitney PT6A Engine Repair and Overhaul FAA Approved Overhaul Station MW9R610J

Complete Engine Overhaul and Repair Service Power Section Inspection Hot Section Inspection In-house Welding of Hot Zone Components


R.T. TuRbines, inc.

870-295-3552 72E

FAA CRS # MW9R610J 3397 Hwy 121 West •Marianna, AR 72360 Rex Thompson, Jr. • Cell 501-412-3208



20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


December 3-6, 2012—Savannah, Georgia

2012 concurrent/general session program

Monday—December 3 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.— Concurrent/Company Sessions Chemical Session Discussion of new chemistries that will be or are now on the market, including products addressing resistance and that hone in on targeted pests protect beneficials and replace some of the older broad spectrum chemistries. Speaker: Fred Whitford, Coordinator, Purdue Pesticide Programs “The impact of pH and water hardness on pesticide performance.” Hemisphere GPS 2:45 – 4:15 p.m. FAA/Security Piston Engines AgSync Dialogue about interacting with your customers to utilize the latest

technology to streamline crop protection and fertilizer application processes and manage technology complexities in aerial application.

4:30 – 6:00 p.m. DuPont Crop Protection Discussion on new aerial application solutions for crops, pasture and rangeland. Panelists: Dr. Wayne Schumacher, New Technology Manager Ms. Katie Conklin, Range and Pasture Specialist Mr. Gerald Hobson, Range and Pasture Specialist Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. An update on the company’s efforts to provide OEM level customer support and services for the Bell 47 operators since the transfer of the TC from Bell Helicopter, as well as their plans to possibly re-introduce an improved model 47 helicopter. Panelists: Neil Marsh Scott Churchill 800-437-5319 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 • 701-636-5880 • fax 701-636-5881 •


Personal Flight Assistant


Sky Tractor Supply your COMPLETE ag aircraft dealer

Associate Dealer

Tuesday—December 4 9:45 a.m. – Noon - General Session NPDES Permits Learn about the latest adverse impacts of the nationwide Clean Water Act (CWA) regulatory permits for applications of aquatic pesticides. Be sure to attend in order to hear about the latest legal challenges from anti-pesticide activists and to continue to keep your business in compliance with this complicated and evolving industry regulation. Speaker: Dr. John Thorne, Bergeson & Campbell PC

Mock Trial Attorneys from Fort Worth-based ARK Law Firm will try an actual case in front of the NAAA membership. The mock trial will provide convention attendees with an actual look into the real world of a lawsuit and should generate some consideration into exactly how the public views aerial applicators and their role in the stewardship of agriculture. The facts will demonstrate how small mistakes may create the appearance of unprofessional conduct on the part of the applicator in the eyes of the public. Actual mock trials such as the one that will be presented are used by plaintiff’s attorneys, defense attorneys and insurers to gauge the value of a case and to examine what types of presentations may be persuasive to a jury. The lessons learned during the mock trial will assist each applicator in avoiding the costs associated with having to finance a similar mock trial based upon his own conduct and reduce the risk of drift litigation.

Attorneys; Geffrey W. Anderson, ARK Partner Guy H. Riddle, ARK Partner Raven Atchison, ARK Associate Attorney

Wednesday—December 5 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Concurrent/Company Sessions Laviasa Aircraft Honeywell Engines 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. Application Technology Introduction of new drift reduction technologies on the market, from nozzles and adjuvants to other technologies designed to increase efficacy, efficiency, effectiveness and mitigate drift. Turbine Engines

Thursday—December 6 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. Concurrent/Company Engines • Thrush Aircraft 9:45 – 11:15 a.m. • Air Tractor, Inc. 1:15 – 2:45 p.m. • Helicopter Session • Compaass Rose

PRATT & WHITNEY PT6A Midwest Turbine Service (MTS), an FAA Repair Station located in Hartford Wisconsin, specializes in the repair, inspection, overhaul and HSI on Pratt & Whitney PT6A Series engines along with customizable on-site service options and troubleshooting services. MTS also offers part repair services including, but not limited to, NDT, machining services, coatings, SB incorporation, reducing to spares along with piece-part sales at competitive prices.

Midwest Turbine Service, LLC.

Lighting Up the World... Runway or Taxiway at a Time.

BrightPortal Resources, LLC 2003 Avenue G • Danbury, TX 77534 Tim Cowsert

Solar LED Markers from BrightPortal


4200 County Road U • Hartford, Wisconsin 53027 Phone 262-673-7163 Fax 262-673-7839 Website • email: Please visit our website to read more about MTS and to see our test cell in operation. MTS is privately owned and is not related to any other facility with similarity in names, so be sure that you call Midwest Turbine Service, to get the Service you deserve.

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


good food good music good times In the spirit of the NAAA convention in Savannah, GA and good Southern hospitality, AgAir Update is hosting an Open House and Hangar Party Friday, November 30th, 2012. Enjoy Southern bar-b-que and ag-pilot fellowship before the NAAA convention. Live music, great food, ag-aircraft display and demos, along with good ol’ Southern hospitality. Participating aircraft and demos include: • Air Tractor, Inc. • Fire Boss • Eagle Vistas • Thrush Aircraft, Inc. (demos between 3:00 and 5:00)

RSVP before November 21 @

• Fly-in to the KPXE (Perry-Houston County Airport) and taxi up to the AgAir Update hangar. • Drive-in to Perry, GA (on Interstate 75, 90 miles south of Atlanta) and park at the AgAir Update hangar. • Motorhome space available (no power). • Host hotel: Hampton Inn, 478-987-7681 use code “AgAir” Transportation to hotels provided. • More information will be sent once you RSVP. 76E

S & T Aircraft Accessories

424 Booth

S. & T. Aircraft Accessories, Inc. "Full Engine Accessory Line"

Your accessory shop S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc., an FAA approved repair station since 1983, continues to increase our inventory and overhaul capabilities. Our large inventory enables us to ship most items the same day on an exchange basis.  If you prefer having your accessory overhauled, we make every attempt to provide a quick turn-around time. We continue to overhaul and stock the following accessories for radial engines:  starters, magnetos, fuel pumps, carburetors, tach generators, hydraulic pumps, generators, voltage regulators, reverse current relays, prop governors, auxiliary boost motors, alternators and voltage controllers. We also overhaul and stock the following accessories for turbine

engines; starter-generators, reverse current relays, tach generators, fuel pumps, voltage regulators and auxiliary boost motors. As an authorized distributor of Skytronics, Inc., we carry new Jasco alternators, voltage controllers and resistors for outright purchase and overhauled alternators and voltage controllers are available for exchange. For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.  To learn more about us, feel free to visit our website As always, we look forward to seeing you at the NAAA Convention in Savannah, GA. Please stop by Booth #424 and visit with us. We hope to see you there!  

FAA Approved Repair Station No. CC2R737K

Large stock of overhauled/certified engine accessories for radial and turbine engines. Authorized distributor of Skytronics, Inc.

Generators Magnetos Starters Fuel Pumps Alternators

Carburetors Tach Generators Hydraulic Pumps Voltage Regulators Voltage Controllers

Reverse Current Relays Aux. Boost Motors Vacuum Pumps Prop Governors Starter-Generators

Call Us Today For all yoUr aCCessory Needs OVERHAUL or EXCHANGE Booth #424

310 FM 483 • New Braunfels, Texas 78130 Email: Web:

Tel 830-625-7923 • Fax 830-625-4138

Isolair Helicopter Systems





Isolair has the system for you GRESHAM, OR - ISOLAIR, Inc. has had one of the busiest years in recent memory and is looking to carry on this momentum with the approval of their 3900-280 Innovator II spray system for the Enstrom 280, F28, and 280FX. ISOLAIR is also currently developing both spray and dry systems for the Robinson R44 that will undoubtedly be the best options available in today’s marketplace. As an industry leader, ISOLAIR continues to put the customer first, ensuring each and every client is satisfied with their individual aerial application wants and needs. Come visit ISOLAIR at BOOTH #:207 and ask about this year’s show special!!

For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the helicopter equipment, ISOLAIR has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom systems andequipment, bucket spreaders firefighting grapples torches, ISOLAIR can helicopter ISOLAIRtohas the systemsystems, to fit yourforestry company’s needs.and From agricultural spray and will do it forestry all! systems and bucket spreaders to firefighting systems, grapples and torches, ISOLAIR can With competitive pricing, quality assurance, to itinstall andeasy will do all! products, and an ongoing commitment to customer service, we welcome you to contact us.toOur friendly and and knowledgeable staff is ready to With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy install products, an ongoing commitment answer your questions help you the ISOLAIR best meet your to customer service, weand welcome youfind to contact us. Oursystem friendlythat and will knowledgeable staff isoperational ready to answer your questions and help you find requirements. the ISOLAIR system that will best meet your operational




GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 FAX:FAX: +1 (503) 492-2756 +1 (503) 492-2756 EMAIL: EMAIL:



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24/01/2012 10:08:53

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide


Covington Aircraft Engines

423 Booth

New Tunica, Mississippi division now open Since 1972, Covington Aircraft has worked very hard maintaining their four core values of integrity, dependability, affordability and quality service. Quality Service is one attribute that Covington is constantly monitoring and has always taken very serious. Aaron Abbott, Covington’s Executive Vice President, says “Just because we think we’re serving the customers’ needs doesn’t always make it true. We depend on our customers to tell us whether we’re making the grade or not. As we’ve traveled to the many ag shows, a repeated comment has surfaced over the last few years. ‘We wish you were more accessible and closer to us along the Mississippi River Delta.’” Covington’s new Tunica, Mississippi location is


an answer to those customer requests. Covington’s desire is to provide the same quality service customers have grown accustomed to having at the Covington Oklahoma location. Located just minutes from Memphis, their new state of the art facility will fulfill what their “Delta” customers are looking for, dependable, quality service close to home. Just out of class B airspace on the new Tunica airport, Covington will be centrally located in the Mississippi Delta and able to provide expedited service to ag and corporate customers in the region. “Our intentions in Tunica are to support our customers with rental power sections, engines and props,” says Luke Abbott, Covington Aircraft Engines President and Operations Manager of the Tunica location. “Whether a job requires the use of our airborne Mobile Response Team, one of our Mobile Response Team trucks, or our Tunica fly-in facility, we will only be minutes away from supporting a customer that needs assistance. We also intend to inventory the accessories, parts and products that our customers may need. Whether you fly into our Tunica hangar or we come to yours, you will be able to depend on our Tunica crew and you can expect the same great service you have received from Covington Aircraft over the past 40

years. Covington will be Covington whether we are answering the phone in the” Delta” or in Oklahoma. You will deal with the same people you are used to dealing with in Oklahoma. My family has relocated to the Tunica area and more Covington folks are on the way. We are serious about working and living here in the Delta, close to our customers.” The Tunica location will be capable of taking care of your needs whether it’s an older PT6A-20 or the new PT6A-67F or even a radial engine. David Hamilton, Covington’s Turbine Shop VP in Oklahoma, says: “This isn’t an R & I shop solely depending on our facility in Oklahoma to carry the mechanical and technical load. We intend for our Tunica team to be able to meet the needs of the operators in the area, with full intentions of putting down deep roots in support of our customer’s business.” With Covington’s extensive rental pool, Pratt & Whitney Canada warranty support, and new or overhauled parts and engines; Covington is proud to be a part of what’s going on in the Mississippi Delta. For more information about Covington Aircraft Tunica or to find out more about what Covington Aircraft has to offer, visit us on the web at or follow us on social media.

NAAA Convention advertisers’ booth numbers Company Booth # Page A.E.R.O. (APS) 523 14 Aero Engines, Inc. 606 66 AeroFlow, Inc . 647 21 AgAir Update 311 31, 76 Ag - Nav, Inc. 845 18 Ag Air Turbines, Inc. 551 60 Agrinautics 426 35 AgriSmart Information Systems LLC 301 49 AgSync 545 17 Agtelligent 556 46 Air Repair, Inc. 410 Inserts Air South Insurance 52 Air Tractor Inc 732 25 Aircraft Accessories of Oklahoma, Inc. 44 Aircraft Cost Analysis 21 AmSafe Aviation 225 69 Auger Dan, LLC 253 60 Auto-Cal, Inc. 513 34 Aviation Specialties Unlimited 559 8 BASF 717 29 Battlefords Airspray 844 67 Biobor 749 45 BrightPortal Resources, LLC 153 75 Bruce’s Flying Service 15 Cascade Aircraft Conversions LLC 417 30 Central Florida Ag Aero LLC 30 Covington Aircraft Engines 423 80 CP Products Co., Inc. 511 71 Curtis Dyna-Fog Ltd 604 27 Dallas Airmotive 219 47 Davidon 616 72 Dyna Nav Systems, Inc. 540 73 Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. 506 37 Farm Air. Inc 645 55 Fire Boss 753 8 Flight Grip, LLC 612 17 Flying Tiger Aviation 69 FMC 529 61 Garrco Products, Inc. 628 33 GE Aviation 345 39 Hardy Aviation Ins Inc. 701 63 Hemisphere GPS 429 41 Hershey Flying Service 52 Intercontinental Jet Corp 555 22 Isolair, Inc. 207 77 J & C Enterprises, Inc 910 36 Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 116 32 Kawak Aviation Technologies 422 37 Kimmel Aviation Insurance 509 56 Kugler Co. 316 43 Lane Aviation Inc. 744 59 Laviasa 707 9 Machida Borescopes 15 Mid - Continent 325 27,34 Mid - Continent 325 52,63 Midwest Turbine Service 624 75 NAAA 401 5 NationAir Aviation Insurance 215 16 North Star Aviation, inc 40 OctaFlex 746 44 PARMA 625 48 Pratt & Whitney Canada 315 42


Preferred Airparts 34 Prime Turbines 609 26 Professional Insurance Mgmt. 600 70 Queen Bee Air Specialties 525 36 R. T. Turbines, Inc. 538 72 Rocky Mountain Propellers 819 14 S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. 424 77 Sanag 21 Simplex Manufacturing 419 20 Sky Tractor Supply Co 601 74 Southeastern Aircraft Sales 747 23 Souther Field Aviation, Inc. 354 35 Southwest Airmotive Corp. 27 Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. 323 22 Sun Air Parts 34

Tennessee Aircraft Co Inc 607 Thrush Aircraft Inc. 233 Timken Aerospace & Defense 400 TRACE Engines LP TracMap NZ LTD 308 Transland 439 Tulsa Aircraft Engines 247 Turbine Aircraft Services, Inc. Turbine Conversions LTD 117 Turbine Installations LLC 413 Turbines, Inc. 445 Universal Turbine Parts USAg Recycling, Inc. 712 Valley Air Crafts 518 Zee Systems Inc.

20th Annual NAAA Convention Show Guide

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