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On the cover and this page: A Ken Kane Aerial AT-402 makes a pass in Manitoba Canada.

Built for heroes. A G AV I AT





Ag pilot. Few jobs are as demanding or as essential. Challenging fields. Pivots. Powerlines. And changing crosswinds thrown in for good measure. Early mornings and late nights. All to keep crops healthy and the world’s food supply protected. It’s a heroic mission – and we build the best airplanes for those that do it well. And now we’ve built a company to support you. Not just today. Not just next year. Always. With a focus on safety, customer service and leadership that’s second to none. Because the way we see it, heroes deserve nothing less.

To learn more about all that’s new at Thrush and with the airplanes we build for the most essential flying jobs in the world, call Mark McDonald (704) 253-5772.







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Those Were the Days

My first landing in an Ag-Cat was in my new B-model on a newly snow plowed runway, somewhere south of Elmyra.

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I had an acquaintance contact me awhile ago and asked if he could send me something. “Sure,” I said. He explained that he had bought some land from a retired farmer that used to be a customer of mine when I had a flying service in the 1970s. While cleaning out the farmhouse, he discovered a desk with some old billing statements in it. Low and behold, the statements were marked paid, dated 10/31/76 from Ag-Air Crop Service, which was the company I had formed in March 1976. I remember that my wife, Sandy, who was the company bookkeeper and loader, had gone to a local print shop to have the statements printed, very simple 8.5 x 8.5 sheets of paper that required filling out by hand script. Shortly after the phone call from my acquaintance, I received the statements in the mail. Sure enough, they were in Sandy’s handwriting and titled “Ag-Air Crop Service”. I am sure you can imagine the memories holding that 44-year old paper held for me. In 1976, I was starting out with a new business with only two previous seasons and less than a 1,000 hours of ag time. I had many lessons to learn in the coming years about not only how to send customers their end of the month statements, but also how to fly an ag plane and run an ag operation. However, at 24 years old, I was bullet proof and you couldn’t tell me anything! I was an ag-pilot with his own ag-plane and spraying business. Gee, did I have a lot to learn! My 1970 C-188A AGwagon “B” with a 300 HP Continental engine and 200-gallon hopper served me well that first year. So well, that I was able to convince the bank to loan me enough money to buy a brand new 1976 B-Model Ag-Cat, an end of the year left over model from Mid-Continent Aircraft Company in Hayti, Missouri. With nearzero cross-country flight time (except for my Commercial Pilot’s license and the ferry flight


Ag-Air Crop Service P. 0. Box 66-Marshallville, Georgia 31057

BILL LAVENDER•Day or Night•825-3923


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from Georgia to Hayti to trade-in my AGwagon), I took an airline to the Ag-Cat factory in Elmyra, New York to pick up my new Ag-Cat in the middle of January. The operator I had flown for the year


before I opened my operation had also bought a new Ag-Cat. We met in Elmyra to fly the aircraft home in formation to Georgia. Our Ag-Cats only had a wet compass, that and a map was the only way to find our way back to Georgia. Never mind it was snowing and colder than anything I was accustomed to. The Ag-Cats had R-985 radial engines with 64-gallon fuel tanks. You should be able to figure out the dilemma I had allowed myself to get into. After a snow shower passed through with fresh snow covering the ground, we departed Elmyra. No radios on board of any sort. For most of our route, the uncontrolled airports were covered in snow, while the controlled fields were plowed. With only 64 gallons of fuel, two hours would be pushing it flying in unknown territory with many landmarks covered in snow. That equated to about every 200 miles we needed to land for fuel. Of course, it didn’t work out that way. We had to either land short of 200 miles or extend the leg into the unknown… My first landing in an Ag-Cat was in my new B-model on a newly snow plowed runway, somewhere south of Elmyra. I can still remember seeing the “motor grader” sitting at the end of the runway, wondering how this landing was going to end. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. All turned out fine and after a couple of days we made it home. It was a happy ending to a flight that should have never been made without first making a few landings at Elmyra and waiting on decent weather. When you look at the graphic of the 44-year old Ag-Air Crop Service billing statement in this editorial, take note of the prices I charged for spraying. The two-gallon work was $1.25 and the five-gallon work was $1.75. This farmer was really giving this new operator a test by letting me fly a small portion of his crops; note a repeating 3, 56 and 57 acres. I was glad to get any acres! My first year’s gross for flying (not including chemicals) was about $30,000. In case you are wondering, Sandy also worked for the local grain elevator operator to put groceries on the table. We got by cheap, living in a single-wide trailer and no children at the time. My how things have changed. I’m not so sure if for the better or not. I was happy then and I’m still happy today! Until next month, Keep Turning

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20 Years Ago - Frankie Williams Opened up my AgAir Update this morning with my coffee and was pleasantly surprised to see the 20 years ago article about the Brave. So hard to see those words to the memory of... but I wanted to thank you guys for helping to keep him alive in the aviation world. I have of course cried with a broken heart that I most days don’t think will ever heal but it does help to know that those who loved him still think about him. I would like to share the article on Souther Field’s Facebook if you could email it me whenever you have a chance and thanks again. He truly loved you guys and this industry.... Stephanie Williams, CFO Souther Field Aviation, Inc. Americus, Georgia Hello Stephanie; Thank you for the kind words. Everybody loved Frankie! We are just a few of the many that did love him. The office should have sent you extra copies of the magazine with the article. Amazingly, I find it really hard to believe it was 20 years ago when I flew the aircraft. Gee… You are welcome to post on your FB. Deb will send you whatever you need. I’m ignorant when it comes to FB. Take care —Bill

Memorial Eddie Gideon’s was my husband, we lost him in July. I thought we had a subscription to AgAir Update but I have not received it. Would love to have this with the memorial of the 13 pilots list this past season. I will gladly pay for a copy if

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our subscription is out, or pay for it to be renewed. Thank you Tammy Smith Atmore Alabama Tammy; I am very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are going through. But, if sending you extra copies of the edition of AgAir Update that had the memorial is of any help, I will be more than glad to send to you. There is no charge. You do not have to renew your subscription, unless this is something you would like to do. If you are still wanting to update your subscription, I’ll have Mary Jane contact you about that. I’m not aware of its status. Take care, —Bill

Hall of Fame Just finished the January issue of AAU. I really do enjoy the slick magazine format and Graham is doing a kick-ass job with it. The article on the Finklea Brothers noted “Unknown” as the year they were inducted into the NAAHOF; they were both inducted in 1983, along with three other individuals. That is according to the list of inductees that I started maintaining in 1992 as Chairman of the Nominations Board. That list was documented at the time I came onto that Board in 1988 and it started with Lt John A. Macready, in 1982. I know why some information may be limited, but I’m confused why any of the induction years are in question. As a past member of the Nominations Board, I’m sure you remember seeing the list of

inductees to which I refer. In the absence of any evidence that list is incorrect, I would have to assume it is accurate. Good to see you in Savannah. Happy New Year! Rick Reed Charleston, IL Morning Rick; Appreciate kudos. It’s a Graham thing! And great seeing Becky in Savannah. Oh, were you there? Ha! Thanks for the update. Starting a regular column on the NAAHOF inductees was Graham’s idea. I reminded him that I had done that as far as I could go with the data. That was nearly 20 years ago. So, it was a good idea to revisit and remind AAU readers of the importance of the Hall of Fame. He simply picked up what I had done back then. I suppose for whatever reason, I didn’t have the dates for the Finklea Bros., or overlooked them. Take care,—Bill


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Four Decades of Excellence

IN CANADA by Ted Delanghe

Ken Kane observes a practice load jettison in the field.

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“Do you miss it at all?” It was the last question posed during a recent interview with retired owner/operator Ken Kane of Ken Kane Aerial Ltd., one of the largest and most respected ag aviation businesses in North America. For Ken, the answer was straightforward: “Yes I do. I miss the people. I miss the customers. I miss the challenge of organizing things so the operation runs smoothly and safely. I even miss getting up at 3 AM to get the work orders prepared so that when daylight, everyone knows where they have to be and when, and what they have to do.” There is an old adage that the good things are always simple, but the simple things are not always easy. Running an operation the size of Ken Kane Aerial - 17 ag aircraft, 36 airstrips, half a million acres or so treated every season, an army of personnel including pilots, mixer/loaders and office staff – is a handful in anyone’s book. But Ken stressed that he operated under a simple, but strong central philosophy: “Treat your people right and be organized.” It was a philosophy that provided a rich harvest of dividends; a place where people liked to work and people liked to stay with the company. A large and loyal customer base developed over the years with a mutual respect between owner, staff, customers and suppliers; not to mention the satisfaction from helping local producers protect their crops to achieve the best results possible. All this did not happen overnight, of course. In the mid ‘60s, while Ken was working for a natural gas company in Russell, Manitoba, he earned his wings under the guidance of Joe Shemochko, a local ag/bush pilot. In 1970 Ken bought his first airplane, an Aeronca Champ, to build time and gain flying experience. His first foray into the ag spraying business coincided with a new posting for him from the gas company to Minnedosa, Manitoba. It was there that he purchased a J-3 Cub equipped with a 25-gallon tank and Sorensen spray gear, built an airstrip and that first year polished off 985 acres. There was a natural progression from that point onwards to larger aircraft, along with building an evolving business where again the focus was on solid leadership along with in-depth preparation and organization. “From the very beginning,” noted Ken. “I wanted to stay away from the frantic ‘911’ type of response for help amidst a sudden outbreak of bugs or whatever. Instead, we wanted to offer a ‘same day/next day’ proven response

that producers could trust to deal with their issue, whatever, wherever and whenever treatment was required.” That time period also Ken Kane November 2020. involved moving from a single aircraft operation into a fleet of aircraft, beginning with a Pawnee in 1975, a Cessna 188 in 1976 and another in 1977. In 1982, a brand new 600 HP Ag-Cat was added to the fleet and just a few years later in 1985 an Air Tractor arrived on the scene. It was the very first AT-301 brought into Canada and was the beginning of a growing addition of Air Tractors to deal with the increasing number and needs of local producers, along with building a solid business relationship with Leland Snow, founder of the Air Tractor. “I’ve been asked if there was a detailed plan that guided us through the years”, Ken said. “But honestly, our focus was simply on providing excellent service to our rapidly growing customer base, as we became a trusted and established ag aviation business. If that meant buying another aircraft, building new airstrips to cover the growing territory, or working closely with local chemical retailers to meet the needs of their customers, we just went ahead and did it. It was all ‘part and parcel’ of a well organized package we built over the years.” While the aircraft make-up is the most visible part of any operation, you can’t build a successful business unless you have excellent support people. “We never had to advertise for any position, whether it be for a pilot, mixer/loader, office staff or whatever, because the word got around that Ken Kane Aerial treated their people well, paid them well and looked after them well. We hired university students as mixers/loaders where they could make enough money in a season to continue with their education. For us, they were excellent workers with an attention to detail. We ensured that everyone had a full meal at suppertime, whenever suppertime might be. We also brought on experienced ag pilots from Australia,” he added, “who injected a lot of expertise into our operations.” That expertise was invaluable in hiring ➤ agairupdate.com | A 13


Above: The Ken Kane Aerial crew pose in front of a PT6A powered Air Tractor. (Owner Ken Kane on left - Circa 2016) Top Left: Dale Kane preparing another load for the P&W R-1340 powered AT-401. MIddle Left: The Ken Kane Aerial flight line in 1994. Note the AT-401 model on the “flag” pole. Bottom Left: Ken Kane on the wing of a company Pawnee in 1976.

A 14 | agairupdate.com

and bringing new pilots up to speed. “Any time we brought a new driver onboard, I would tell them to stick to the senior pilots like Pit Bulls,” he remarked. “Don’t be afraid to ask them questions because you think you might look a bit foolish. The senior pilots had all been there and they were each openly accommodating of newbies’ questions or concerns.” As Ken Kane Aerial continued to grow, it was obvious that an essential element to making it all work was strong leadership. Ken stressed, “I felt it was important for everyone to know that we always had their backs, that if there was an issue that needed looking after, it would be looked after promptly. If a pilot had an issue with an aircraft, I would get together with the pilot and AME (licensed mechanic) and get everything sorted out in short order.” “I remember telling our staff that if it looked like I was mad, that wasn’t the case,” he added with a smile. “I was just very preoccupied with how to make things better.” A natural progression for the business came about when Ken’s son Dale became an integral part of the operation, starting as a mixer/loader before he could drive. A Pilot’s License followed and soon Dale was in the driver’s seat; first with a Pawnee, then an Ag Truck, then his own Operating Certificate and three AT-401s. Eventually, his passion for farming took over and he hung up his helmet to focus on managing 9,000 acres of his own, where – not surprisingly - keeping things

organized and developing mutual respect with his employees are front and centre. Another significant milestone along the way was the conversion of the growing fleet of radial engined Air Tractors to turbine engine power. “We were finding that we weren’t getting the safety margin we needed from the old P&W R-1340s, especially when faced with warmer operating temperatures. We just couldn’t carry the load size we wanted. So, we looked around for a solution. That solution turned out to be the Walter M601 turbine engine conversion beginning in 2003. That quickly provided the extra performance and safety margin we wanted, at a price we could afford.” There was some initial skepticism within the ag aviation industry of the reliability of these new turbine engines built in the Czech Republic. “From the start, it was a good move for us,” Ken noted. “We established a good working relationship with the North American rep for the engine. We found the M601 was a solid performer under all conditions and was a great addition to our operations.” The growth in fleet size continued in 2014 with the purchase of five AT-402Bs powered by the PWC PT6A turbine, with son Dale adding another two AT-402Bs the following year Yet another element to overall operations was attention to detail on what was required and when. “It wasn’t anything complex or fancy, just common sense,” Ken noted. “For example, we had our office staff produce laminated maps and


landing strip locations for each pilot, so that we didn’t have to continually reinvent the wheel every time a new job came up. And, our work orders had only five items that needed to be entered by the pilots for each job, instead of having to fill in a lot of non-critical info that could be entered on the ground.” Ken reiterated the importance of leadership in his organization. “By leadership, I don’t mean micro-management where you’re constantly looking over people’s shoulders, which oftentimes only meant getting in the way instead of letting the person get the job done. If the work is organized, the crews don’t have to talk with the boss. But good leadership does mean being around and easily accessible. You have to be available 24/7 so that when a major decision has to be made, it is taken care of pronto.” Ken’s peers also recognized the good work being done in Minnedosa and in 2014 Ken was presented with the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association Award of Excellence, which recognizes an individual’s contribution to the betterment of agricultural or forestry aviation in Canada. There was one more element Ken stressed that from his point of view is an essential part of any successful operation. It has to do with working hard to build trust and respect. “Respect is earned, not bought, rented or leased,” he stated. “It is something that provides the glue to an organization. You earn respect by doing your job well, by treating people well and by being honest and open at all times. We really stressed that – not in so many words – but just in the way we went about doing business, day in and day out.” Treat your people right. Be organized. Add to that tank mix mutual respect and solid leadership and you have a strong credo that speaks of a lasting legacy Ken Kane and Ken Kane Aerial brought to the ag aviation scene and beyond. Author’s Note: In 2016, after more than four decades in the ag aviation world, Ken retired and sold his ag-aviation business. Ted Delanghe is a former Canadian Air Force pilot turned ag pilot, having flown more than 50 aircraft types from ultralights to fighters, including a wide range of ag aircraft. He resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, where he is also a business consultant with a specific focus on aviation and aerospace. agairupdate.com | A 15



Tracy Thurman thurmantracyt@gmail.com


There are many people, places and things we’ve left behind. Some we will always miss; some we are glad to be done with.

A 16 | agairupdate.com

Looking in the rearview mirror, we can always see where we’ve been. Where we’ve been might have some relevance to where we’re going, but it never has the final say on how and when we get there. What’s behind us will always remain where it is, in the past. It’s only a memory of yesterday and if its reflection should show up as you look toward tomorrow, then you need to get out of the cockpit for a minute and clean your windshield. There are many people, places and things we’ve left behind. Some we will always miss; some we are glad to be done with. All have taught us lessons and offered some form of training which has served to propel us forward. There were spray seasons we’ve all endured when the wind was wrong, the load too heavy and the runway too short. Times when we just had too much weight and drag and not enough lift and thrust. Those weren’t the best times, but perhaps those times were the ones that taught us the most. Those times make the great seasons even better. As long as we have enough sense to realize it. As we stumble into the new year, we’re leaving a not-so great year behind. 2020 will go into the history books with more black eyes than a cowpea patch. I think we’ve all learned a lot about ourselves and about our world as a whole. Things ain’t like they used to be and probably never will be again. There are new challenges to overcome and things we will have to adapt to. The calendar will continue to unfold whether we like it or not, so we’d better be prepared to do the best we can to make it through whatever comes next. I have a feeling we’ll all need to exploit as much ground effect as possible in the coming year. Fly the wing. This new year lays before us unmarked and wide open. A twelve-month long road divided into fifty-two weeks and three hundred sixty-five days.

Every one of them a blank slate just waiting for us to fill them in. There will be opportunities we haven’t yet found, there will be traps and wires we haven’t yet seen. We will need to approach with a handful of caution and a pocketful of optimism. The possibilities are endless. Agricultural aviation is one of those few industries that doesn’t waver much with the national headlines. No matter what the lapdog media spews, we still do what we do. We’re mostly a behind the scenes kind of occupation, part of the vague reality of life. We have to provide food and fiber for the world even when the world is going crazy. I find it interesting how the five thousand dollar a plate fundraiser serves fresh meat, vegetables and fruit to enjoy while they talk about how terrible modern agriculture is. I guess they never heard that it’s not polite to complain with your mouth full. But we already know that story.

I guess what I’m getting at here is to try our best to go forward without dragging all last year’s nonsense along with us. I guess what I’m getting at here is to try our best to go forward without dragging all last year’s nonsense along with us. Who knows, there might be a day coming up when common sense could return. It could happen, maybe. This year brings great changes to many of us. I’ve heard of a few guys retiring after a lifetime and thousands of hours in the seat. Others are ➤


agairupdate.com | A 17


just beginning on their own journey in this magnificent way of life. I’m especially excited for those guys. I know we wish them all the very best. Personally, I made a move that hurt like hell, but one that was necessary. I left California behind and finally made my way back to my home soil in Oklahoma. I was blessed beyond measure to fly for Lakeland Dusters Aviation. It became my home and the folks there were my family. I absolutely loved working and flying there. The pilots there are guys I have always admired and I consider it an honor to have had the opportunity to have flown with them. I learned more than I could ever count and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was without a doubt, one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made. But I’ve learned, mostly through trial and error, there is an ebb and flow to life and it’s up to us to recognize when the tide is right to set sail. When the good Lord shows you which way to go, you’d best hitch up your britches and step out. We do well when we learn to listen to the Man with the master plan. He never said it would be easy. But He did say, “Have faith.”. I brought my helmet and seat cushion with me

to Oklahoma, because there’s some great fellas out here in the American Midwest who have a beautiful 502 Air Tractor they said I could fly. One of my personal principles is to spend every day earning my place and to never take anything for granted. I’m looking forward to earning the opportunity to fly and work with another incredible operation. It’s going to be a whole new horizon and I’m chomping on the bit to get going. I don’t know what I‘ve done to deserve all the blessings I’ve been given. If I knew, I’d write a book about it and put on a long winded infomercial. That’s probably why I don’t know. Some things are best left alone. Let’s go forward now, all of us into 2021 with our eyes wide open, chests out, backs straight and our minds set on being safe, efficient and successful! Happy New Year! Fly well and stay safe!



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DEPENDABLE EQUIPMENT SINCE 1951 agairupdate.com | A 19


VOLO PER VERITAS / FLYING FOR THE TRUTH Juliana Torchetti Coppick | jutorchetti@yahoo.com.br

Help from Heaven - Part Two Last month in Ag Air Update, Juliana T. Coppick wrote about her ferry flight from the Thrush factory to Fort Lauderdale in a new 510G with the H80 engine in Part one. In this Part two, Juliana continues the Brazilian ferry flight from Fort Lauderdale to Puerto Rico.

Flying over Columbus Cove, The Bahamas.

A 20 | agairupdate.com

Fort Lauderdale - Puerto Rico leg November 26, 2020. At 12:30 UTC (07:30 AM local time) the GE H80 engine in the 510G Thrush was already hissing on the ramp of the Fort Lauderdale Executive airport. If you recall, last month I completed my first leg of my ferry flight to Brazil from Albany, Georgia to Fort Lauderdale. Because I knew this leg of my journey would be about a seven hours and 30 minutes flight, I filled the hopper with 380 gallons of Jet A and the wings with 230 gallons. The hopperâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fuel was sufficient for the planned time en route and

the fuel in the wings would be my reserve. My biggest concern was the weather. Despite having checked conditions en route several times, I knew that I would fly for a long time without weather radar coverage and without an Internet signal. I shook these thoughts away when I remembered that decades ago, aviation pioneers flew long routes with only compasses and maps. Having GPS, radio and transponder on board put me at a very privileged level. I savored the idea that every hour of the flight was towards something new for me. As soon as I was allowed to start the taxi, a huge sense of gratitude invaded my cockpit. At the staging area, I saw another agricultural aircraft behind me and for a moment I wondered if it was on a ferry flight. The answer I would find out exactly three hours after takeoff. Lined up for takeoff on Runway 09, I took off and soon found myself over the Atlantic Ocean; â&#x17E;¤


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The Bahamas; Reserve fuel is essential in this region as the weather can change quickly.

A 22 | agairupdate.com

an indigo blue sea that merged with a magnificent morning sky. I climbed to 9,500 feet, immersed in the blue expanse, I reveled at the landscape. Islands, islets, the constant company of the sea and a calm atmosphere were like scenes from an aeronautical fairy tale. But, as things sometimes go, the glee lasted about three hours. Around 15:30 UTC, I started to encounter clouds. The sea, once blue, began to show nuances of gray, as well as the sky. My idyll had been interrupted and my previously carefree thoughts gave way to only one purpose, to keep myself in visual conditions. I have a philosophy that the mission is important. But the mission is the macro. The current moment is the micro. Without managing the moment, there is no mission to be accomplished. Trying to get around cloud formations and having to descend more and more, I reached 2000’ MSL. I heard someone calling me on the open radio frequency. It was the pilot of the aircraft I had seen behind me in Fort Lauderdale. He immediately asked me, “Are you Brazilian? Do you speak Portuguese?”. I confess that I felt relief when I found out that he was a Brazilian aviator and that he was experienced flying this route. At that moment, I understood perfectly the meaning of the term “help from heaven”. As I struggled at 2000 feet between rain and sea, my new friend informed me that at 13,500 feet everything was beautiful. I didn’t think twice when I saw a “blue hole” in that gray expanse. I spiraled upwards. Fortunately, the clouds only lasted a few more miles and I was able to see the sea surface. The sea in that region is a stunning color; emerald

green near the islands and turquoise blue at sea. Occasionally, the other pilot and I would talk on the radio and he would give me information about conditions ahead of me. About 35 minutes before the estimated time for my landing, I started a smooth descent. My new aviator friend had landed about 10 minutes before me. After 7.7 hours of flight, I finally touched the ground at Rafael Hernandez Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico with four hours of fuel to spare. Exhausted, happy and grateful, I taxied to the airport’s west ramp where ground support was waiting for me. I climbed out of the H80, anxious to breathe the island’s tropical air and remove the life jacket. A long stretch like this requires some logistics in the cockpit with regard to what to take and where to store things. In case of an emergency water landing, it is wise to keep the survival kit at hand and the life jacket is worn. Fortunately, I didn’t have to use either. In sharing this experience, I feel a responsibility to remind AgAir Update readers that each flight is different. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t be influenced by my experience alone. One more leg was accomplished. I couldn’t wait to get to the hotel, take a shower and eat. But, I still needed to prepare for the next day and carry out procedures to officially leave the US territory with the Thrush; prepare the flight plan, paperwork and check weather. Everything had to be ready for the next day. In fact, the next day was very different from what I imagined. That part of the story will be for the next edition of AgAir Update. Stay on board!


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Zanoni Equipamentos Where a Family Works Together by Bill Lavender

The Zanonis - (L-R) Vitor, Leticia, Lucas, Graziela, Sergio, Bruna (Zanoni) and Juliano Mastella.

A 24 | agairupdate.com

Zanoni Equipamentos is a name that carries the trademark of quality liquid application equipment for aerial applications and a family name where father, mother, sons, daughters and in-laws work together to keep the Zanoni Equipamentos name at the top of the list of aerial application equipment manufacturers. Sergio Zanoni at one time from the early 1990s to the late 1990s, worked for his cousin, Pedro Luiz Teruel, who was one of the largest, if not the largest at the time, Ipanema operators in Brazil. Teruel Aviação Agrícola, located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul operated 17 Ipanemas at the height of the company’s operations (April 2016). Sergio was responsible for maintaining the company’s spray systems. Out of a need for a more reliable spray system, using his educational background in mechanical engineering from the University of Parana, Sergio started manufacturing booms and pumps for Teruel Aviação Agrícola’s Ipanemas. Later,

Sergio expanded his efforts and began providing hydraulic spray pumps and other equipment for Neiva. At that time, Neiva was the manufacturer for the Ipanema, which was later acquired by Embraer. Sergio is responsible for introducing stainless steel spray systems to Brazil upon his formation of Zanoni Equipamentos in 1997. Today, Zanoni Equipamentos is based in Paranavai, Parana operating from a modern 1500-square meter manufacturing facility. The company’s current facilities were built in 2003 and have been expanded since then. Here, Sergio is responsible for all the project work for updating the present product line and developing new equipment for the changing world of ag-aviation. He is assisted by five other engineers. Although Sergio is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company, more importantly, his family works by his side. His wife, Graziela, is the company CFO (Chief Financial Officer). His son, Vitor Zanoni assists his mother with the ➤


1–This machine uses very high pressure water to drill through a sheet of metal or to cut metal sheets into desired shapes. 2–All Zanoni equipment that handles liquids are

tested with this machine. 3–An overview of part of the Zanoni facility in Paranavai. The large white machine on the left is a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining tool that can make precision cuts to metal. 4–Spray ball valves precision built from solid stainless steel raw material. 5–The Zanoni spray system has a shut off valve ahead of its large stainless steel filter enabling the operator to prevent spillage when cleaning the filter and to protect the flowmeter. 6–Zanoni Equipamentos has a longtime agreement with Canadian AgNav GPS to build its mechanical flow control unit integrated with the boom system. 7–This diverter attaches to the spray boom for the Zanoni rotary atomizers that are plumbed to other diverters with a hose. 8–This is just one aisle of many in the Zanoni stock room.

agairupdate.com | A 25


The greeting sign at the Zanoni Equipamentos facility in Paranavai, Parana Brasil. Lucas Zanoni explains this is one of the final inspection tables with an array of spray pump components. In the background is Lucas’ uncle, Final Inspector Eduardo Cabral.

company financials, as well as owning a manufacturing shop for specialized stainless steel residential and commercial products within the Zanoni facility. Lucas, who is Sergio and Graziela’s son, recently returned to the company from working in Sao Paulo and is responsible for expanding the company through his position as International Business Relations. Lucas’ and Vitor’s sister, Bruna, is married to Juliano Mastella. Bruna is responsible for Quality Control, while Juliano is manager of Sales. Leticia Zanoni, married to Vitor, handles the marketing for Zanoni Equipamentos. Two other key employees are Luciana Teixeira and Eduardo Cabral. Eduardo Cabral is Graziela’s brother and the company’s Final Inspector. Luciana is responsible for coordinating sales and leading the company’s office. Zanoni Equipamentos builds all types of spray systems for ag aircraft. It does not build dry application spreaders, nor does it manufacture CP-like nozzles, mix tanks or hoppers. Zanoni specializes in quality equipment for the application of liquid products from ag-aircraft. It also partners with Alan Poulsen, who is a dealer for the Spectrum Electrostatic Spray System. Zanoni builds the nozzle and other components of the ES system. The electronics are outsourced to a Brazilian company. This system’s booms are manufactured from stainless steel, as well. Each Zanoni component that is intended for use with liquids is tested at the factory to prevent leaks and ensure correct operation. The usual test pressure is 50-60 PSI, unless a certain component requires a higher test pressure. Spray pumps are completely built from stainless steel and come in three sizes, 2”, 2.5” and 3”. They are the same, basic pump except for the Air Tractor and Thrush versions that are somewhat heavier at 13 kilograms, while the others for Ipanema, Cessna and A 26 | agairupdate.com

Pawnee weigh 8 kilograms. The spray pump comes standard with an electric fan brake manufactured by Zanoni. The Zanoni electric spray pump fan brake has a large braking surface area for rapid stopping of the rotating blades and a longer life than conventional brakes. The electric brake has a selection of three different size blades offering a variety of GPM (gallons per minute) for different ag-aircraft. All pumps’ housings are from forged stainless steel which provides a more precise fit and is much stronger than standard pump housings. The 2” pumps are capable of delivering up to 110 GPM and the 3” spray pump has been field tested to deliver up to 170 GPM, but has the capacity to deliver even more GPM.

Zanoni Equipamentos builds all types of spray systems for ag aircraft. The pumps use a special shaft seal that has a tungsten face that better resists abrasive chemicals with very little wear over time and rarely leaks. The pump shafts are square shaped, which guarantees a longer service life. It is not unusual for Zanoni to deliver 10 spray pumps in one day during the spray season. Zanoni Equipamentos also includes in its production line several models of pumps for the ground support of ag aircraft. These products are also stainless steel and with other technologies to ensure durability. Zanoni centrifugal ground support pumps were developed to be installed on electric motors and internal combustion engines, such as those ➤


agairupdate.com | A 27


Juliano Mastella shows Zanoni inventory waiting to be shipped.

Owner of Zanoni Equipamentos, Sergio Zanoni, stands by an extensive inventory of spray system stainless steel stock.

from Honda and some Brazilian brands. This equipment is used by agricultural aviation companies in Brazil and also supplied to some of the largest agricultural machinery factories in the country. In 2020, Zanoni Equipamentos manufactured around 300 ground support pumps and has more than 500 already sold for 2021. There are six welders in the welding shop making precision welds for all the spray equipment. The chief welder, Ednaldo Fonseca was Zanoni Equipamentos’ first non-family employee. The latest edition to Zanoni’s product line is a hydraulic fire gate. As many as 2-3 units a week have been delivered. To date, over 100 fire gates have been delivered to Brazilian and South American operators. The Zanoni fire gate does not require any switching to go from spraying crops to working fires. It is a horizontal style gate that has a larger opening than a standard gate and is opened by fast and precise hydraulics. Later this year, the Zanoni fire gate will be able to interface with the Ag-Nav GPS unit providing GPS accuracy of application and volume applied. Additionally, Zanoni Equipamentos also builds rotary atomizers. This equipment has stood out in the Brazilian market for fungicide crop spraying and is also being used in North America for mosquito control. The rotary atomizers come with three different screens and three different size blades, which can be replaced according to the desired droplet size and flow rate for each application. In addition to the positive reception from operators and agronomists regarding the uniformity of droplets offered by the equipment, these rotary atomizers have shown a long service life. They are manufactured from stainless steel, including the Variable Restrictor Unit (VRU) of the rotary atomizer (the small valve which connects the nozzle to the boom with a hose). The rotary atomizers also have longlife bearings. A 28 | agairupdate.com

In January 2021, Zanoni atomizers will be tested at the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the U.S. This research project will offer a large database to contribute to the quality of aerial application with this type of technology. The company is also developing a special rotary atomizer for helicopters and small ag-aircraft. The unit has a smaller body than a standard size rotary atomizer. It is lighter and has the capability to apply at lower rates needed by helicopters and small ag-aircraft.

Family oriented, quality driven, the Zanoni family has grown to have the respect of all their customers throughout South America. Family oriented, quality driven, the Zanoni family has grown to have the respect of all their customers throughout South America for Zanoni Equipamentos products. This includes expanding the company’s reach by partnering with U.S. company, Turbines Conversions, as Zanoni Equipamentos’ exclusive North American dealer. Whenever the industry needed an improvement with its spray systems, for over twenty years, Zanoni Equipamentos has been at the forefront with its modern spray systems and now its hydraulic fire gate. There is every reason to believe innovation from the Zanoni family will continue for many decades to come.




Celebrating 75 Years in Agricultural Aviation.


agairupdate.com | B 1



National Agricultural Aviation Association

Meet NAAA’s 2021 Leadership Team The National Agricultural Aviation Association is pleased to announce its 2021 officer team, led by NAAA President Mark Kimmel. Serving alongside Kimmel are Vice President Jim Perrin, Secretary Sue Stewart and Treasurer Dwayne O’Brien. Let’s meet this year’s officers.

President Mark Kimmel (Mississippi) 2021 officer team, led by NAAA President Mark Kimmel. Serving alongside Kimmel are Vice President Jim Perrin, Secretary Sue Stewart and Treasurer Dwayne O’Brien.

B 2 | agairupdate.com

In the 1920s, the agricultural aviation industry was born. It started over a grove of Catalpa trees outside of Troy, Ohio, in 1921, but the service expanded its fortified commercial roots in the Mississippi River Delta. One hundred years later and with a plethora of progressive changes, the industry continues to thrive and evolve on this, its centenary. Appropriately, leading the industry this momentous year as NAAA’s 2021 president is a fortified, gentlemanly leader from the Mississippi Delta, Mark Kimmel. Those who know Kimmel know he is a thoughtful, intelligent, broad-minded and industrious ag aviation operator and farmer from Greenwood, Mississippi. And just as the ag aviation industry’s roots stem from this densely rich agricultural area, so do Kimmel’s roots in both ag aviation and farming. He is the perfect leader for NAAA and the ag aviation industry as the latter celebrates its centennial this year. Kimmel owns Dixie Dusters Inc. in Itta Bena,

Mississippi. Kimmel has two Air Tractor AT-502B planes and two pilots. There are seven employees, himself included. Dixie Dusters provides aerial application services to farmers in the Mississippi Delta. His pilots have less than a 15-mile ferry in either direction from his operation with approximately 40 customers. “There are more flying services in this compacted area than probably anywhere in the state, if not the country. Eight different flying services overlap within this area of the Delta,” Kimmel says. “We all have plenty of work,” he adds. “We have no competition from ground applications because it is so wet, which results in a great need for aerial application of inputs.” Kimmel also farms year-round on 3,000 acres, growing cotton, soybeans and corn. The busiest time of year for him is from September to March. That is when he is picking cotton, desiccating and cutting soybeans and corn, marketing his current crop, identifying what to plant the following season, and getting leases in order and executing the plans. Kimmel has been farming and applying using variable rate (VR) technology since 2005. He purchased the equipment 15 years ago for $80,000 and was one of the first to use it. In his first year alone, he saved $14,000 in fertilizer costs using the technology on just a 400-acre test plot. In addition, his overall yields increased markedly. He also used the technology on his flying service’s customers’ land, providing them savings. Today, about 20% of his cotton farmers utilize his VR fertilizer aerial application services. Kimmel was president of the Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association (MAAA) in 2008 and 2009—and held all of its other officer positions before that. In 2014 he became MAAA’s representative on NAAA’s board of directors. Since that time—and as a testament to his ➤


While you are busy keeping America’s shelves stocked,

NAAA keeps your shelves stocked.

As an ag pilot, you’ve got your customers’ backs. NAAA has yours too. Where would aerial applicators be without a healthy inventory of products labeled for aerial use? That’s where the National Agricultural Aviation Association comes in. NAAA advocates—actively— to ensure that pesticide product labels are approved for aerial use without burdensome restrictions. When a product you apply, or should be able to apply, comes under EPA review, NAAA is there. NAAA has commented on over 150 active ingredient registrations with the EPA since 2017. How many acres would you be able to cover if those products were restricted from aerial use? If you value your livelihood, prove it. Join NAAA in its efforts to protect agricultural aviation and your way of life. Call (202) 546-5722 or visit AgAviation.org to support the cause.

agairupdate.com | B 3


leadership—Kimmel is the only person to have held all of the officer positions at NAAA and in succession—secretary (2017), treasurer (2018), vice president (2020) and now president. He also remained on NAAA’s Executive Committee as the immediate past treasurer in 2019. Before serving on NAAA’s board, Kimmel was on the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Foundation Board. The museum, located in Jackson, Mississippi, houses the National Agricultural Aviation Museum (NAAM) and Hall of Fame and numerous other ag exhibits. Kimmel’s main focus this year as the aerial application industry celebrates its centennial is to use not only the nostalgic, historical past of the industry to generate public attention and positive media coverage but also to promote the technology and stewardship practices the industry has embraced over the past 10 decades. “This could be a true opening for positive press for us,” he said. Kimmel is a major proponent of NAAA’s Precision Agriculture Committee and its efforts to facilitate more automation in manned aircraft aerial application and embracing and building efficiencies in precision application use. “Things change, and we need to be right there with it,” he said. “That is something this industry has done since its inception. It’s evolved, stayed relevant and stayed alive.”

Vice President Jim Perrin (Wisconsin) Jim Perrin is NAAA’s 2021 vice president. He previously served as NAAA treasurer in 2017. His company, Agricair Flying Service in Bancroft, Wisconsin, has 10 employees, including Jim and his wife, Julie. Jim is the chief supervisor and Julie manages the office and handles the logistics work with Agricair’s customers. The Perrins have two pilots besides Jim and six employees on the ground crew. After flying two Thrush planes and an Ag-Cat, the company will operate three Thrushes this season. NAAA’s new VP is a strong advocate for NAAA—the industry’s advocate—and would like more operators and pilots to support the association as members. “The association is the only thing that stands between us doing our job and not doing our job,” Perrin said. “I’m always just a little amazed and perplexed when people aren’t members. I hear complaints sometimes from people about issues from years and years ago, and my response to them is that the only way to make a change is to get involved. I really B 4 | agairupdate.com

believe that the only group out there that’s truly advocating for aerial application is the National Ag Aviation Association.” To emphasize that point, Perrin singled out the two things he sees as the biggest threats to the industry and the work NAAA is doing on aerial applicators’ behalf to contend with those issues. “I think the biggest issue facing us as pilots and operators really the most directly is product registration. I think the second biggest issue facing us is the potential for hours of service,” he said. “NAAA has done an incredible job in both fields. Without NAAA, I honestly believe that we would already be dealing with massive buffer zones that would be unworkable for aerial application. We would literally be down to a handful of products left that we could spray by air. The second one, hours of service, the FAA has made it clear at every single meeting that that is on the table. The NTSB has made that clear. And so far, in my opinion, the only thing that’s made that situation workable is the work of NAAA.” Perrin is excited about the work NAAA is doing to commemorate the agricultural aviation industry’s 100th anniversary this year. “The hundredth anniversary is a big deal. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase our industry,” he said. “It gives us the opportunity to talk about and maybe sell our industry in a public setting in a way that the conversation didn’t have to start on a negative tone.”

Secretary Sue Stewart (Texas) Sue Stewart is the coowner of D & S Aerial in Haskell, Texas. She and Dewayne Phillips bought their one-plane operation in 2005. Stewart, who is from Haskell County and was raised by her farmer/ rancher parents, handles all the front-facing work with farmers and Phillips flies their Air Tractor AT502. Cotton, wheat and pastureland are their three main crops. Stewart began attending NAAA’s board meetings in 2010 when she became the New Mexico WNAAA representative. She served as treasurer of the WNAAA in 2014 and chaired the NAAA Support Committee in 2019 and ’20. She is also the executive secretary of the New Mexico Agricultural Aviation Association. Following a bylaw change enacted in December 2014, the WNAAA was reconstituted as the NAAA Support Committee in 2015. Stewart had doubts about the change initially but quickly came around after seeing how women were able to ➤


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800-349-6827 www.ijetservice.com

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Explore the History of Agricultural Aviation National Agricultural Aviation Museum

5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se Habla Español CRS QTFR-573L Envienos un Correo Electronico www.tennairco.com

Monday-Saturday 9a-5p 800-844-TOUR Exit 98B • Lakeland Drive • Jackson



2015-MSAG-PlaneAd.indd 1

EASA Approved

7/21/15 8:32 PM

agairupdate.com | B 5


become more involved at all NAAA board levels. “I was kind of iffy, I’ll have to admit, at first, but I really think it has made a pretty huge difference in how the women are getting used,” Stewart said. “We have some intelligent women on our board. … I’m so proud that they’re getting to serve and do things on the NAAA level because I think they’re a true asset to the NAAA.” Hard-to-see drones and meteorological evaluation towers are two issues facing the industry of concern to Stewart. “It seems like everybody is getting a drone. I’ve had some customers that live fairly close to the airport, and they’re really good about calling to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to be counting cattle today. What are your plans?’ You know, kind of working with us,” she said. “Go the opposite direction and we’re not very far from a little airport that [flies] model airplanes and now drones. It hasn’t been a problem, but it is a concern.… I do realize they’re coming around and they’re going to be a part of things [in agriculture].” Being in an area populated by wind turbines, keeping track of quickly erected met towers is an ongoing challenge for D & S Aerial. “Luckily, our competitors, we all talk back and forth, but those met towers just pop up,” Stewart said. “We were spraying a field and went back two days later to do the field right next to it, and there was a met tower there. That’s how fast it went up. It wasn’t there and then it was there. That’s a concern of ours because they’re not putting them on a log or calling us or anything.”

Treasurer Dwayne O’Brien (Louisiana) As someone trained in NAAA’s Leadership Training Program in 1998, Dwayne O’Brien, NAAA’s new treasurer, jokes that he is a late return on NAAA’s investment. Although he grew up in the industry, before O’Brien officially began ag flying in the mid-1990s, he was in the Army’s special operations forces. O’Brien remained in the Army’s reserve force but left active duty in 1994 to begin flying for O’Brien Flying Service in Iowa, Louisiana, for his father, Zoren O’Brien. It was the best of both worlds—he maintained his military ties in the reserves in the winter months and got to fly ag in the summer. Then 9/11 happened. One month after the terrorist attacks, the Army sent O’Brien to Afghanistan. He got his orders while he was at NAAA’s fall board meeting in San Diego. Dwayne took over the business from Zoren in 2004. Today B 6 | agairupdate.com

O’Brien Flying Service runs four aircraft—three Air Tractor AT502XP planes and one AT-502—and has about 22 employees during its peak from April to early July. Its primary crop is rice. O’Brien appreciates all the work NAAA does on behalf of the industry on a variety of issues. Among the most salient issues for him and his fellow ag pilots is the work NAAA does to ensure products are approved or remain registered for aerial use. “Product relabeling and registration is big for us. [NAAA comments on] roughly 50 to 60 reregistrations of products registered for aerial use a year. If the products we put out don’t get relabeled, that’s going to directly affect all of us. If we don’t have the products, you don’t really need us,” he said. “It’s very important not to lose sight of that. That’s essential to us, and I think a lot of people take that for granted.” Like father, like son: Zoren O’Brien was NAAA’s treasurer in 1994 and NAAA president in ’95. His mother was president of the WNAAA in 2000-2001. After the elder O’Briens were tragically killed last August, NAAA renamed its Outstanding Service Award the Zoren and Joan O’Brien Memorial Outstanding Service Award after Dwayne’s parents. O’Brien appreciated the gesture. “It was very nice. It was a culmination of a lot of the hard work that both of them did.” Recalling lessons he learned from them, O’Brien said his parents taught him to be fair and honest in everything you do. “There will be days when you see people that aren’t, and they usually don’t stick around in this business very long. Try to be helpful. We help even my competitors. They’ll call me for parts or special tools or ask, ‘Hey, did you have this problem before?’ Yeah, and I’ll share it with them. To just be a team player. The military imposes a lot of that on you and dad was military too. Mama came from a big family. They really liked being around other people. That’s just the way I was raised, to always help the other person.”

Strength in Numbers: Join NAAA NAAA is fortunate to have a dedicated group of officers and volunteer leaders serving on its board of directors, but there is also strength in numbers. If you aren’t a member, the single-most effective way you can address the range of critical issues facing your business is by joining NAAA. The payoff far exceeds what you will spend in dues in the form of effective advocacy, national representation, education and safety programs and the personal connections you will make as you participate in association activities. To join, call (202) 546-5722 or visit AgAviation.org/ membership.


agairupdate.com | B 7



Rafael Correa da Costa contato@agroflysistemas.com.br

The Differences Between Profit and Profitability in Your Company Profit and profitability are two concepts related to the business’s net profit.

B 8 | agairupdate.com

Profit and profitability are two key performance indicators that you need to master to understand your company’s financial health. Many entrepreneurs think that both are synonymous, but there are essential differences that change the perspective of finances. When the two concepts are mixed, understanding your company’s results is masked (for better or worse, depending on the case) and management becomes less efficient. In order not to take this risk, it is better to understand once and for all the difference between profit and profitability. Profit and profitability are two concepts related to the business’s net profit, but with different

points of view and functions. To understand the difference between them, let’s start by defining each one. Profit is an indicator that reveals how much a business earned in relation to everything it received, that is, its net profit margin. Technically, it is the relationship between net profit value and the value of services in percentage, that is, the company’s earnings compared to its sales. It is easy to understand these concepts: when a company sells a product or a service, the price charged does not reflect the cost of labor, structure, aircraft purchase, taxes, etc. Therefore, net profit is the amount that is left for the partners after deducting all expenses, taxes, and other


company costs. On the other hand, profitability is a percentage measurement that reveals operational efficiency, whether it can cover costs and still generate a good percentage of profit from sales or services provided. Profitability is an indicator linked to initial investment and how much return it can provide for the business. In this case, we can measure how much the company earned from the initial investment made to open or any other investment type.

Profitability is an indicator linked to initial investment and how much return it can provide for the business. For this, profitability is calculated based on the relationship between net income and the company’s investments. In this case, the calculation can be applied to the total net profit and the sum of assets during a period or specific investments to measure how profitable the business is for the partners. ➤

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agairupdate.com | B 9


The two indicators are closely related, it is possible to have good profitability and low profit and vice versa.

B 10 | agairupdate.com

In addition, profitability can assess whether an investment is worthwhile for the organization. Finally, profitability can also be calculated based on the company’s cash flow at the end of the year, compared to investments made in the same period. You may have noticed some critical differences between profit and profitability in the definitions. First, profit compares the company’s final profit with billing for services, while profitability compares the absolute gain with the investments. Both are based on a net profit comparison, but point to different financial performance analyses. Also, profitability depends on costs, pricing, and the relationship with the competition, determining whether the sales revenue will cover all costs and still generate a profit on the final balance. Profit, on the other hand, depends on the company’s ability to generate returns from invested resources. Although the two indicators are closely related, it is possible to have good profitability and low profit and vice versa. Understanding the difference between profit and profitability is essential to know precisely your company’s earnings. That’s because evaluating just profit or just profitability can give you the false impression that your business is successful when the reality may be different when comparing both. Measuring correctly, supported by agricultural aviation management systems, is also essential. Confusing these concepts can make your company appear to have problems that it does not have, or present unrealistic results. It is of no use to a business to show a large profit if the investments were substantial, just as it is not ideal to have significant profitability if the revenue was not so great. The correct assessment of these two variables provides more accurate information about the company, allowing better decision making. It is possible to perform predictive analysis to avoid losses in the future. If you plan to raise funds to invest in the company’s growth, it is vital to have attractive profit and profitability. It is not because profit and profitability are different that they do not have an essential relationship for those who evaluate a business’s health. For example, a company that has profit, but is unprofitable, may not maintain itself because even if the return is positive in relation to the investment, the costs can still be very high. There are also cases in which the company may

be seasonal, requiring a large initial investment. In these cases, profitability needs to reach a desirable level to recover the investment. In addition, it may be that the company is not profitable initially. Still, profitability pays off over time and promotes the recovery of investment; in that case, only the return period on investment will be more significant.

Ideally, there should be a balance between the two indicators, signaling that the company can cover its costs, generate profit and still give a good return on the initial capital invested. Similarly, a company may have lower profitability, but have an excellent profit, favoring specific investments to optimize the gross revenue costs. Ideally, there should be a balance between the two indicators, signaling that the company can cover its costs, generate profit and still give a good return on the initial capital invested. Rafael Corrêa da Costa, Cuiabá Brazil Bachelor of Aeronautical Science, Post-graduate degree in operational safety, 13 years experience as an executive and agricultural pilot. Ten years as an operational security manager for ANAC (Brazilian FAA). Rafael has served as flight coordinator and air operations manager, in addition to acting as a pilot, and managing six agricultural aviation companies with aeronautical advice. He is currently CEO of Agrofly Sistemas.


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With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to reach out and make sure you are up to date on all of the exciting th happening at Lightspeed. As it turns out, the highly successful launch of our Zulu PFX headset this summer was just the b Please read below for the following topics: • CES Innovation Awards Honoree • Lightspeed online training available • Holiday gift with purchase promotion • Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag Launch Lightspeed Aviation has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for our Zulu PFX ANR aviation headset. Products entered into this prestigious program are judged by an expert panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the consumer electronics trade media assembled to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories. Zulu PFX won in the In-Vehicle Accessories/Control/Navigation category. The CES Innovation Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the producer of the International Consumer Electronics Show. Entries are evaluated on their engineering, aesthetic and design qualities, intended use/function and user value, how the design and innovation of the product directly compares to other products in the marketplace and the unique/novel features present. Products chosen as CES Innovation Honorees reflect innovative design and engineering in some of the most cutting edge tech products and services coming to market.

I don’t think I can overstate what this honor means to Lightspeed, but what this means to you as a dealer is that in additio the innovative features that speak for themselves and the great reviews that keep rolling in from pilots and prominent av editors, you can now point to the CES award as solid proof that Zulu PFX is a groundbreaking product, even when comp products across other industries.

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Our website offers a wealth of resources, including detailed product descriptions, educa videos, FAQs for each product, and an easy-to-understand primer on active noise cance

Because Zulu PFX incorporates many features never before seen in aviation headsets, several months ago we created an easy to access online training platform. The Zulu PFX Sales Training course consists of six short modules, each followed b interactive quiz. We’ve designed the course so that an average trainee can finish all six modules in less than 30 minutes (b course does not have to be completed in one sitting).

One of the most exciting features of this training platform is that it allows us to track the progress of trainees, giving us an of our dealers’ readiness regarding their knowledge of Zulu PFX. Many of our dealers have already taken advantage of thi resource. If you aren’t one of them, don’t miss this opportunity to increase your staff’s readiness. This will be an important ensuring a confident sales team and a successful holiday selling season.

To access the course, go to http://training.lightspeedaviation.com/PublicCoursePage.aspx, click on Zulu PFX Sales Train Course, and follow the steps to register. It is important that all trainees include their company name in their registration inf

agairupdate.com | B 11



Auger Dan’s Trucks and The Adjustable Clear-Sock by Bill Lavender

Auger Dan — Dan Whited by an Auger Dan Truck.

B 12 | agairupdate.com

TRUMANN, AR — The ag aviation industry often requires special equipment, custom built to serve its needs. Almost every ag operator, at one time or another, and for some on a regular basis, needs a good, reliable dry loader truck. Many have designed and built their own units, sometimes sufficing to do the job, while at other times, coming up short of the ideal unit. Others have bought trucks from individuals or companies who have made a noble effort at building what amounts to a complex piece of equipment. For a dry loader truck to truly meet the needs of an operator, it must be able to load the aircraft rapidly, weigh the material and adjust the height of the delivery sock, while at the same time be a

unit that is easy to drive and operate; a tall order. Dan Whited’s Auger Dan’s Trucks meets this order. After building trucks for over ten years with his brother, Roy, Dan formed his own company and now has sold about 20 trucks for loading ag aircraft. From his personal experience as a loader, ag operator and load truck builder, Dan’s Auger Dan’s Trucks have evolved into about as close to a perfect loader truck as can be possible. During a recent visit by AgAir Update, Dan took the time to explain his innovations and why he believes Auger Dan’s Trucks are the best on the market. They surely look as good, if not better, than any we’ve seen! It quickly becomes real obvious the amount of


The Adjustable Clear-Sock extended and retracted. Linkage is actuated by an aircraft flap-type switch that controls a DC motor connected to linkage attached to delivery sock.

thought that has been placed in the design of an Auger Dan’s Truck. The basic loader truck is comprised of a stainless steel hopper mounted to the customer’s choice of cab and chassis with a 12-inch stainless steel folding auger and mild steel fuel tank. The base charge for an Auger Dan’s Truck is $25,000. Although for an additional $5,000, every major component can be manufactured from stainless steel. The basic truck uses a mechanical chain drive to turn the flighting inside the auger. For another $5,000, the auger can be hydraulically driven. It is the customer’s choice. Some customers provide Dan with a new cab and chassis, while others have asked him to locate a used one. Dan’s preference for a used truck is a Ryder lease truck that has been taken out of service. These trucks sell for about 1/2 the cost of a new one and have about 200,000 miles on them, 1/2 the miles the trucks are rated for. Buying a truck from Ryder, the operator is given a 30-day unconditional warranty, even down to the light bulbs! With more than 200,000 usable miles remaining on the truck, how many operators are likely to drive a loader truck that far? The capacity of the stainless steel hopper is approximately 10,000 pounds of urea. If the customer prefers that the auger not extend through the top of the truck, the capacity will have to be reduced approximately 2,000-2,500 pounds (for urea) in order to maintain the 18° angle that Dan figures is the ideal angle for the auger. The hopper is mounted on four 7,500-pound rated weigh bars, that do an excellent job of weighing the product and transmits the data to a display in the cab. All of Dan’s trucks,

as of February of this year, are outfitted with electric controls that are mounted in the cab that operate the hydraulic valves mounted outside on the loader rigging for safety and convenience. The components on Auger Dan’s Trucks are built to last. Based on Dan’s experience, he’s determined that “the cheapest way is the best way”. Read that statement closely and you’ll understand that it is cheaper in the long run to build the best truck you can! For example, the weigh bars could have been smaller, but what if a driver has to go down the road with a load of fertilizer, shouldn’t those weigh bars be able to take a little jolting? And, the mounting of the hydraulic controls outside of the cab, easier and safer. The angles of the sides of the hopper are 47°, not 50° or 40°, but 47° and for a good reason. Dan has found this angle is the best to minimize having to beat the sides to get the fertilizer to the bottom of the hopper. It doesn’t stop here! The planning and design, that is. Every piece of mild steel is coated with “Over Rust”, a product that protects the metal from rusting for several years; much better than paint alone. Do you know how heavy and cumbersome the grating is in the top of the hopper of a typical loader truck? Auger Dan’s Trucks has subdivided the grating into easier-to-handle four sections. And, the expanded metal easily carries Dan’s 300 pounds; several helpers can stand on the grating with no problems. A close look at the baffled fuel tank demonstrates the thought that has gone into its design. The front and rear ➤ agairupdate.com | B 13


#1— One of four 7,500 pound-rated weigh bars, each mounted on a corner of the hopper framework. #2—Inside view of cab with controls. From his days as a loader, Dan knows that towards the end of a long, hard day, a bench seat is nice to take a brief rest on between loads, thus the controls are not mounted over the seat. #3—Rear view of an Auger Dan’s Truck, auger extended with clear delivery sock. #4—Roll over tarp cover; bungee cord prevents tarp from falling into hopper. #5—Up and over, Dennis Webb’s (County Line Flying Service, Coy, Arkansas) Auger Dan Truck extends its auger. Note the clear delivery sock. The Adjustable Clear-Sock was not invented at the time of these pictures. #6—Mounting for the auger’s mechanical chain drive. #7—Note inset of 3/16-inch thick end wall of fuel tank. Welding is on the outside and inside of tank that is pressure/soap tested for leaks and mounted to 6-inch channel iron. Note oversize 50-gallon hydraulic reservoir with dual cooling fans #8—Attention to detail: electric actuated hydraulic valves.

B 14 | agairupdate.com

sides, along with the bottom, are formed from one piece of metal, reducing the amount of welding needed and minimizing the risk of leaks. The welding is on both the inside and outside of the end walls, then pressure tested. The end walls are inset about 1/2-inch to reduce flexing and extend the life of the fuel tank. Depending on the need of the operator, the basic fuel tank holds from 400 up to 700 gallons. The fuel pump is hydraulically driven and can deliver as much as 100 gallons of fuel per minute. The Auger Dan’s Truck is offered with two hydraulic systems. The primary system consists of a 15-gallon per minute pump that operates the fuel pump, hopper flow gate (mounted where the

operator/driver can see it) and folding auger. The second, optional hydraulic system, consists of a 40-gallon per minute pump with a 50-gallon reservoir tank that drives a 40-horsepower motor, replacing the standard mechanical chain drive for the auger. Relying on his knowledge of building loader trucks, Dan knows that the life of a hydraulic unit depends on not overloading it and keeping the fluid cool. The large 50-gallon reservoir tank helps with this, but the double cooling fans are the key to cool hydraulic operation. Maybe one of the best examples of ingenuity for a loader truck is Dan’s invention, The Adjustable Clear-Sock. All ag operators know who use a loader ➤


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Randy Mink’s (Poor Boy’s Flying Service in Bay, Arkansas) Auger Dan’s Truck is starting its fourth season, with only routine maintenance!

B 16 | agairupdate.com

truck, the delivery sock is always needing to be at a different height. Maybe because two different type aircraft are being loaded by one loader truck. Or, the ground is wet and the loader truck auger height is changing as the truck makes ruts, or the weight is shifting on the truck changing the height of the delivery sock. With Auger Dan’s Truck’s Adjustable Clear-Sock, not only can the operator and pilot see the material as it is augered into the aircraft hopper (the tube is made of clear material), also the driver can adjust the height of the sock with a simple aircraft flap-style electrical switch that controls a DC motor that in turn moves connecting links attached to the sock, up or down. A terrific idea! The clear delivery sock can be adjusted in seconds from within the cab of the truck for each load by simply toggling a switch! This unit fits any size auger and bolts on within minutes; depending on the time the operator devotes to running the wiring. Cost; $995. The

commercial grade DC motor is a larger portion of the cost of the all stainless steel kit. It is always good to visit a first class operator, whether it be a flying service or a supplier to the business, who takes the time to do something right the first time. There’s no question in our mind, an Auger Dan’s Truck equipped with the Adjustable Clear-Sock is the premium loader truck in the marketplace. Dan Whited takes orders for each truck and can deliver about one a month with the company’s present production schedule. Meaning, if you are needing one you best get your name on the list, there’s already three ahead of you!


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P.O. Box 19094 Jonesboro, AR 72403 View our video on YouTube: www.youtube.com/MrAugerD

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Mabry I. Anderson An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation

The Move Westward — Chapter Three continued…

Rio Grande Valley Stearman in 1955 equipped with four ICD rotors on demonstration flight.

B 18 | agairupdate.com

Another legendary early Westerner was the late C.T. “Red” Jensen, stellar pupil of Rhodes and Irving. Irving was Jensen’s first instructor. Red began hanging around airports as a small boy and was said to have made a parachute jump at 14, when General Billy Mitchell dedicated the Colusa Airport. Jensen did some agricultural flying for Rhodes and Irving about 1928 or 1929. In 1930 he formed his own firm, Jensen Dusting and Planting Company, at the old Sacramento airport. He bought property adjacent to the airport and eventually developed his own field there. He fought a continuous battle with City Hall, but finally won the fight. Jensen was one of the first operators to engage heavily in sulphur dusting. Sulphur was a specific control for mites and aphids, especially in truck crops. He began applying it routinely, which was a hazardous procedure. Several aircraft had burned in the South due to the low flash point of diffused sulphur, where a spark, or even very hot air temperatures, could set it off. During his long career, Jensen landed burning aircraft on five

occasions, twice with his clothes on fire! He was never seriously hurt. Jensen had a knack for inventiveness and contributed significantly to the development of better equipment and techniques. After World War II, he modified the belly of the TBM torpedo bomber to carry borate for fire fighting. He also helped pioneer the use of helicopters in the agricultural flying field. Some of his improvements and modifications on the Allouette bear his name. Red Jensen was a controversial man. People either loved him or hated him, never in-between. He never dodged a fight for what he believed to be right and he usually came out on top. During his lifetime, he collected hundreds of friends and quite a few enemies, along with dozens of vintage aircraft, including Travel-Airs, Stearmans, N3Ns, Wacos, TBMs, and helicopters. These aircraft were sold at auction after his death and the sale drew hundreds of hopeful customers. Jensen was reputed to have logged over 23,000 hours of actual agricultural flying time before he quit logging entirely in 1965. He was always interested in the progress of the industry. He ➤


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A Curtiss Fledgling with J-4 engine and four ICD rotors, owned and operated by Independent Crop Dusters, San Francisco, California, 1934.

B 20 | agairupdate.com

founded and served as president of the California Agricultural Aircraft Association. The old Curtiss-Wright operation at Westley pioneered agricultural flying in California. According to Phil Murray, they were doing some ag flying in the 1920s with Challenger Commanders. Murray, Mel Carberry, Vern Boller, and Milton Robertson all flew for this firm and later set up their own operations that were very influential in moving the industry forward. Murray went on his own in 1931, operating out of Oxnard with one Travel-Air 2000. He was a visionary airman with boundless energy, who built a sizable business. Later he developed his firm into the well-known Murrayair, Ltd., and introduced agricultural aviation to the Hawaiian Islands, setting up a large operation that is still performing there. Along the way, Murrayair introduced an entirely new agricultural aircraft, the EM-Air. Murray is still active, making his home in Oxnard and commuting to the Islands. Mel Carberry also set up his own operation in the early 1930s at Brawley. He began with one Travel-Air 4000 and expanded rapidly. A legendary stunt pilot who worked for him was Hal Lundberg. Mel also later employed Max Shear, an old-timer who is still active at McNeeley Aviation in Phoenix, Arizona. The 1930s were good for agricultural flying in California. With Milton Robertson and Britton “Bing” Rey setting up Independent Crop Dusters in San Francisco, and “Pappy” Dunlap and his Hawke Dusters at Modesto, others followed suit. Among them was Ralph Clark, who opened Clark Dusters at Hollister. These operations led to the formation of many other firms later on, including Kenneth Onstott of Yuba City, Bob Phillips of Ceres, Joe Sellers at Bakersfield, and Rex Williams. Phillips is a former president of the National Agricultural Aviation Association. Many of these firms are still

operating. Rex Williams, for example, took his operation to Orovada, Nevada. In Arizona, Curtis “Pappy” Quick probably set up the first bona fide operation in that state. Quick left Texas and settled in Phoenix in the early 1930s, operating some Standards and at least one of Lloyd Stearman’s C3Bs. Charles “Monk” Ray, an early mechanic who still lives in Glendale, Arizona, worked for Quick as a mechanic and helper in those early days. Ray was a talented mechanic who helped build and maintain Quick’s dusting fleet. Along the way, he built himself a Heath Parasol, a little single-­seater monoplane widely advertised back in those days and one of the first home-builts offered in kit form. The craft was powered by a four-cylinder Henderson motorcycle engine. As an old motorcycle rider who once owned a Henderson, I can’t say that I envy Monk too much insofar as his power plant was concerned!

One of agricultural aviation’s most influential figures was Southwesterner William “Bill” Marsh. Perhaps even earlier, Tom Allen Scott migrated to Arizona from the South and set up a firm at Mesa that did agricultural flying. Allen began his career during the “Dark Ages,” with the Finklea Brothers at Leland, Mississippi, in 1926. His firm, Aviation Specialties, became widely known and contributed considerably to the growth of the business in the Southwest. One of agricultural aviation’s most influential figures was Southwesterner William “Bill” ➤


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American Dusting belly tank installation on Stearman in Texas in the 1950s.

B 22 | agairupdate.com

Marsh. Bill was a native Californian, who began his career by hanging around the old Del Paso airport at Sacramento. The early operators were working that region heavily. Bill has said that, as early as 1928, he had made up his mind to enter the agricultural flying field. In a 1970 interview, he stated that he was intrigued by agricultural flying for many reasons: the pilots were better paid; they had fewer working hours per year; and they were obviously technically superior! Bill Marsh became better known in Arizona where he successfully operated firms in Mesa and Litchfield Park. His Mesa firm was known as Aerial Application Technology and in Litchfield Park the firm was called Marsh Aviation Company. Marsh Aviation still operates out of Litchfield Park under the management of Billâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s former partner Bill Walker. Marsh was one of the first presidents of the National Agricultural Aviation Association and was a leader in working for proper legislation to improve agricultural aviation. He led the crusade to bring about the adoption of a useful FAA Part 137, greatly benefiting the industry. He was also a leader in the development of better application equipment and techniques. He greatly contributed to the advancement of the entire industry. Marsh has been honored with an annual award presented in his name each year by the NAAA. His death in

the 1970s was a tremendous loss. Other significant Western pioneers are Rex Williams and Bob Leverton. Rex began dusting for Speed Nolta at Willows. As mentioned earlier, he worked for Curtis Quick in Phoenix. He set up a firm near Phoenix called Rex Williams Airplane Crop Dusters, using Standards, Travel-Airs, and a Bull Stearman. Later, Williams used helicopters. His firm still operates on a rather large scale out of Orovada, Nevada, under the management of his son John. Bob Leverton, another Southwest early bird, operates Country Boy Crop Dusting Company in Tolleson, Arizona. He, along with men like Bob Copeland of Chandler and Dale Steward of Phoenix, has done much to promote the art all over the Southwest, particularly in Arizona.



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Regina Farmer regina.farmer@chem-man.com

Passing the Torch Throughout the years, I’ve worked with many customers and consider them like family. When I started the business in 1992, Jerry and I drove around letting ag operations know about our software. We also went to southern state and national conventions. Advertising in the AgAir Update also helped get the word out. I’ve seen many companies come and go, but it seems lately that I’ve had many of the companies I started out with decide to retire and “pass the torch” to upcoming operators. I am going to focus on three of them.

Paul and Glenda Gould with Agratech, Inc. in Webbers Falls, Oklahoma have been with us since 2002, about a year after they opened. I called Glenda and she was working on the year end and

B 24 | agairupdate.com

closing out the books. I have found out through the years that many ag operators are multitaskers and Paul was no exception. His degree was in “entomology” (the study of insects) and it eventually helped him out in his ag business. His father had a spray business in Western Oklahoma so spraying runs in the family. When a local man in Webbers Falls was retiring, Paul bought the business out. He also owned “Pivot Parts” since there were so many pivots in the area as well as a company called “Aerial Services” which contracted work for auditing high lines. Glenda worked for twenty years at the phone company and eventually joined Paul to help him. She said “When I was younger I was a loader, drove trucks and picked up jugs”. I think everyone in the industry was saddened when Paul was killed in an ag plane accident on July 10, 2020. Glenda is planning on retiring. I told her that I was planning on calling her and catching up with her in her life. (I hope she travels once this covid is over.) ➤


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Jim and Pam Hess with Hamlin Flying in Hamlin, Arkansas are right around the corner from me so I could always run by and talk to Pam and show her new updates, etc. Pam sent me a few words about their life in the ag aviation business. “Jim’s father James H. Hess Sr. started Hamlin Flying Service in 1966. We bought him out in 1998 and a few years later James decided it was time for him to retire. After doing our books old school for three decades we decided to step up to modern technology and purchased Chem-man legacy program in 1995. I will admit when Chem-Man took another step up and went digitally online I drug my feet for a couple years. I should not have hesitated. Now it’s again time for a step up, or down might be the better word, as Jim and I have decided to retire. Jim’s looking forward to staying more frequently at deer camp and I am looking forward to expanding on my crafting. We have a great pilot that has been with us since 2009 that will be taking over and still giving great service to our customers.”

B 26 | agairupdate.com

Stan and Donna Wojcik with Ag-Air Inc. in Knox City, Texas have been with us since 1995. Stan actually flew in the navy as a young man and started a spray business with a rented plane and a handful of customers. They did a lot of work with ag planes and helicopters especially with the boll weevil work. He laughed and told me a story when he was a young operator at a convention. They were looking at the “old timers” and said, “That’s what I am now!” He mentioned that he loved the freedom of the industry and being able to think out of the box. He also serves at the county judge and will continue to do this after retirement. Donna came along to help in 1989. She has always been fun to work with on the billing side of things and they are one of the first of the ag operations that started going to the New Mexico convention which is so much fun! Sometimes I get asked “When do you plan on retiring?” I love my work and the people I work with. My dad retired in his mid-eighties and I turn 60 next month so I’ve got a few more years to go. I’m definitely going to miss my long-time friends but I’m also looking forward to helping out the young ones coming on. Happy retirement y’all!


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National Agricultural Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame

Jack Colley Father of the Colley Super Stearman

John W. (Jack) Colley Clarkston, Washington. Inducted —1993 Active in aerial application from 1950-1987 in Washington, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Central America, and fire control in Idaho. Modified and rebuilt Stearman aircraft (Colley Super Stearman) and sport aircraft. Member of several state agricultural aviation associations. Born May 23, 1923, Jack Colley grew up and attended school in Edmonds, Washington, playing B 28 | agairupdate.com

the clarinet in the school band, basketball, football and baseball. He had a paper route and raised homing pigeons; two major interest, airplanes and motorcycles. In Jack’s senior year of high school he left to join the National Guard, completing a one year military obligation. He attended night school to graduate from high school. After war was declared in December of 1941, Jack was called to duty, applying for Aviation Cadet training in early 1942. The program had him in preflight in Montgomery, Alabama, primary in Americus, Georgia, basic in Newberg, New York, graduating from pilot training at Turner Field in Albany, Georgia. He was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant and became a flight instructor at Turner Field training French students in B-25s for the remainder of the war, attaining the rank of Captain in 1945. After the war, Jack returned to Seattle and started a motorcycle delivery business. He joined Cossack’s Motorcycle Stunt and Drill Team, winning the Pacific Northwest Championship in 1947, a successful motorcycle racing career. Jack began crop dusting in 1950, treating wheat with a Stearman in eastern Washington and Montana. He later began dusting cotton in New Mexico and Texas during the summer and fall. In 1953 he had went to Central America to spray cotton, which began in September and ended in late December. By 1953 he developed a schedule that had him flying over wheat in the Pacific Northwest, cotton in Louisiana and cotton


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in Nicaragua, ten months out of the year. Jack survived three serious crop dusting accidents, totally destroying each Stearman with no serious injuries. In 1952 the engine failed in southern Idaho and 1956 Nicaragua with yet another engine failure that had the Stearman go through the top of a house at the end of the strip. Then, in 1976 he was caught in a downdraft in Nezperce, Idaho where the aircraft burned. From 1960-1965 Jack worked fire control for the forestry service at Grangeville, Idaho. In 1974 he furnished the aircraft and did the stunt flying for the movie “Whiff’s”, filmed near Salt Lake City, Utah. Beginning in 1960, Jack operated Colley Aviation out of Nezperce, Idaho building the Colley Super Stearman. The company built a total of 26 highly modified Stearman aircraft. Involved in the rebuild for the model AG 75, the fuselage was completely dismantled, sandblasted, inspected and internally treated with linseed oil and refinished with epoxy paint. It was modified to accommodate a molded 300-gallon fiberglass hopper with a Transland gate box, Simplex spray system and 2-inch bottom loading system. The hopper loading door was operated by a cockpit control lever. A molded fiberglass fuselage cover was installed incorporating four large access doors with a fully enclosed canopy having exit doors and good all-around visibility. The tail trunion was modified to elevate the tail six inches, improving ground visibility while maintaining stable ground handling. The fuselage was assembled with all new hardware including bearings, pulleys and cables. A 600 hp P&W R-1340 engine and Hamilton Standard 12D40 propeller were installed with fresh overhauls. A 12-volt electrical system and 27-inch wheels and an automobile brake system were installed. The wing panels were extended and squared for high performance fiberglass wingtips, which greatly improved flight stability and the spray pattern. Eighteen-gallon reserve fuel tanks were added to each upper wing, giving the Super Stearman a total of 80 gallons of fuel capacity. Ailerons were installed in the upper wings making four, equal size and balanced ailerons with servo boosters for improved control. Further work to the airframe had all the wood inspected and refinished with spar varnish. The B 30 | agairupdate.com

tail sections were sandblasted, internally treated with linseed oil and refinished in epoxy paint, like the fuselage. All wing, center section and tail surfaces were recovered with long life (at that time) Dacron fabric. All fabric surfaces were finished in orange and yellow, with the fuselage in a deep blue with a yellow trim stripe. The empty weight of Jack Colley’s Super Stearman was certified at 3,300 pounds with a gross weight of 5,200 pounds. The wing span was 36 feet, length 26 feet and height 11.5 feet. It was a striking aircraft, built and designed upon the many years of Stearman flying experience Jack Colley obtained throughout his career. Along with Jack designing the Colley Super Stearman, he belonged to many state ag aviation associations, as well as the national association. Even after 37 years in the ag aviation industry and into his retirement, he maintained his memberships in the organizations, serving as vicepresident of the Idaho Aviation Trades Association, president of the Idaho AAA and a board member for the IDAAA, PNWAAA, and the NAAA. Jack Colley, father of the Colley Super Stearman. NAAHOF Inductees is a series of articles featuring the inductees to the National Agricultural Aviation Museum’s Hall of Fame. Although some of the information is limited, including in some cases unknown induction years, it is the best compilation available from The National Agricultural Aviation Museum, the NAAHOF Nominations Board of Directors, the NAA Museum Board of Directors and Mabry Anderson’s book, Low and Slow. Each month Ag Air Update will feature one or more individuals honored in the National Agricultural Aviation’s Hall of Fame, how many depending on the information available about the individual. Enjoy reading about the history and the history makers of ag aviation:



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3 5

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NTSB REPORTS Accident Synopses

NTSB Identification: CEN20CA320 Date: July 31, 2020 Location: Memphis, MO Aircraft: Cessna A188 Injury: Minor Performed preflight inspection in anticipation of of ag operations. Released Control Stick Lock in the cockpit started at the Left wing checking flaps and Ailerons. Removed tie-down strap and held in my hand. Checked fuel strainer, good. Proceed to_ engine and checked fuel strainer, good. Checked oil level noting 1 quart low. Proceeded to Rt wing fuel strainer, good. Checked Right wing Aileron and flap, good. Removed Rt wing tie-down strap and held in hand. Proceeded to Tail section and removed tie down strap holding all three straps in hand. Thinking I needed to get a quart of oil and hang up the tie-down straps, I neglected to note that a rudder lock had been installed (Locking devise was the same color red as the red striping on the aircraft). I had walked around the aircraft several times and simply did not notice the rudder lock. I am a contract pilot and the operator had the aircraft on the ready pad for me to preflight without any tie-downs or locks installed for the preceding 4 days (I had only been on site 5 days). I had not tied down the aircraft the night before and was not familiar with how the operator stored the aircraft when not in use. As the operator was busy preparing a second aircraft for the morning launch I decided to help out and ready my aircraft. I taxied aircraft to loading pad and did not notice anything unusual. At the loading pad and as the aircraft was loaded for spray ops it was not noticed that the rudder lock was still in place. Last thing prior to roll out, I check that the controls were free and B 32 | agairupdate.com

correct I could not see behind to verify rudder travel but the pedals felt normal. Upon roll out the aircraft started straight but did fade to the left I corrected and it faded right I was having to use braking to maintain direction which caused me to go long on the runway. Just as I was to pull back the throttle and abort the takeoff the aircraft tail came up, straighten out and started to fly. I was past the point of no return so I continued the take-off. Aircraft was slow and heavy and I held it in ground effect as long as possible. There was 1O foot high corn at the end of the runway. I drug the mains and the spray booms through the tops for about 10 yards. This caused leaf and corn tops to accumulate on the gear and spray booms increasing drag. The runway descends rapidly at the end to the sloping side of a valley. As the surface faded from underneath me I lost ground effect I Pitched slightly and flew across the valley which was half a mile to the other side. I realized I was not going to clear the valley on the other side so I pithed slightly for higher altitude. The aircraft lost lift due to too much drag and began to sink rapidly. At this point, years of Safety seminars and recurring training took over and searched for the best place to land. I had preplanned an escape route on the first day I flew at that field and headed for it A crash was imminent I remembered from training that if I was going to crash to reduce the speed and impact using the terrain. In front of me was a small tree with tall heavy brush growing around it I was going too dart the side of the hill so I flew through the tree and slowed the aircraft immediately. The aircraft nose into a soft hillside as it had been raining off and on for the past several days. the aircraft slid up hill on its nose and main

gear 25yards to a stop. the double impact was very violent but using the tree and tall bushed contributed to saving my life. Immediately, I shut down all electrical poser and file then egressed to the left side of the aircraft. When help arrived I was standing at the main wing and felt a need to sit down which I did on the left Horizontal stab. I dropped my hands to my side and felt a bungee cord with my right hand it was at that point and much to my surprise I realized the rudder lockers still in place. I was transported by the operator to the hospital. I receive minor cuts abrasions on both shoulders from the shoulder harness, whiplash to my neck and lower back. Treated and released I must add that years of lying attending Safety Seminar and various other training programs contributed greatly to being able to handle an emergency situation and surviving an accident. With only second to react. I only did what I had been though when survival took over. In addition the accident itself will always remind me of doing a complete and thorough preflight inspection.


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God’s Sovereignty In Our Life

There are many things in our life that we have no control over.

B 34 | agairupdate.com

The saying, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul” –William Ernest Henley; isn’t a realistic view of our life. There are many things in our life that we have no control over. God sovereignly controls everything in His universe. Nothing happens within God’s universe that God hasn’t allowed to happen. God’s purposes for our life are not always known by us, because they’re His eternal purposes. God always has our eternal welfare in view! We cannot understand many of God’s eternal purposes and plans for our life because we cannot see or understand the future. “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps…Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand” (Proverbs 16:9, 19:21). When we don’t like what’s happening to us, we often say, “Why has God allowed these things to happen in my life?” But it’s because we cannot see the eternal plan that God is working out in our life. We’re very conscious of our present circumstances, and most of the time we’re living according to our feelings and emotions, which can lead us down the wrong path. God’s longsuffering, mercy and kindness allows humans to rebel against Him, but it’s also true that God doesn’t have to allow humans to resist His will. God could demand that we follow His will and force us to obey Him. He could say, “That’s the way it is, and if you don’t like it, poof, you are history.” God will allow us to make our own choices which can be a mistake when it comes to following God’s will for our life. “God is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” (2 Peter 3:9). “The Lord has established His throne in

the heavens, and His kingdom rules over all… Whatever the Lord pleases, He does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps” (Psalm 103:19, 135:6). We have no right to challenge God, because He is a good, gracious and merciful God, and whatever God does is right. In the few short years that we’ve been on planet earth, which one of us can say that? It’s not wise to challenge God’s rule of everything in His universe. “For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning…My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure” (Isaiah 46:9-10). God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to build the Babylonian Empire, but he became prideful and God warned him about his pride in a dream. For a year Nebuchadnezzar walked carefully, but then he said, “This is the great Babylon, which I have built!” Nebuchadnezzar didn’t consider that it was God that allowed him rule. God took his sanity from him and he lived with the animals and ate the grass of the field like the cattle. After seven seasons God returned Nebuchadnezzar’s sanity to him, and Nebuchadnezzar wrote, “All the peoples of the earth are regarded as nothing. He does as He pleases with the powers of heaven and the peoples of the earth. No one can hold back His hand or say to Him: ‘What have you done?’” (Daniel 4:35). “For who makes you different from anyone else? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as though you did not?” (Corinthians 4:7). Everything a person has, in one way or another, was given to him or her! You didn’t choose your DNA, the time or place of your birth, your



Automated Mixing and Automated Records Thank you, Bradley Reed, for supporting the NAAA by purchasing the Mixmate donated to the live auction by Praxidyn.

parents, your intellectual ability, your looks, and color of skin. Someone gave us the food, care, and protection we needed as babies. Someone helped us in our education, our opportunity to earn a living, and anything else we have. No matter how hard we’ve studied in school and worked at our business or profession, we would have nothing except for what the Lord and many others, by God’s providential hand, have given us. Thinking we are a self-made man or woman is foolishness; nothing is more self-deceitful than this type of selfish arrogance, and God hates it. “If anyone thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself” (Galatians 6:3). Many people think that they can live their life anyway they please because they don’t believe in God or because they think that God isn’t concerned, or that God condones or approves their lifestyle. King Saul deceived himself into thinking he could fulfill the role of a priest, but it cost him his kingship and his life (1 Samuel 13:7-14, 31:4-6). Sennacherib thought he could reproach and blaspheme God, but his army was destroyed and he was killed by his own sons (Isaiah 37:8-38). King David deceived himself into thinking he could get away with adultery and murder, but trouble come to him from within his own family for the rest of his life. Ananias and Sapphira thought they could deceive God, but both of them died because they lied to God (Acts 5:1-11). God knows everything about every human, and ultimately we’ll answer to Him for our thoughts, motives, words and actions in our earthly life. The apostle Paul wrote, “O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?” Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor?” (Romans 9:20-21). God has every right to do things according to His good pleasure of His will, and what right do we have to say to God, “Why have You made me like this; or why have you done this or that?” Jesus prayed that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10). “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, For wisdom and might are His…He removes kings and raises up kings…He reveals deep and secret things…Those who walk in pride He is able to put down” (Daniel 2:20-22, 4:37).

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B 36 | agairupdate.com

We are proud to announce that Mid-Continent Insurance Division is expanding its offerings to include individual/group life & health insurance for pilots/operators. We are ready and able to provide you with the same level of quality service that many in the aviation community have come to know and expect. Contact our licensed producers today for more information. 1-800-325-0885 / Josh Rittenberry josh@midcont.com / Heather Riggs heather@midcont.com






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We rebuild and STOCK THRUSH WINGS and LANDING GEAR We can rebuild your broken Thrush or Brave fuselage We rebuild Brave wings including new Spar Caps 24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 FAX: 559-686-9360 P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 Se Habla Español

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French Agricultural Pilot Talks About Fighting Locusts in Africa the landscape, with vegetation practically devastated in several places. According to Druart, airplanes are the only aid capable of tackling the problem.


Locusts have invaded the African horn region which covers Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya.

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Agricultural pilot Christophe Druart worked on the UN mission to combat locusts in Ethiopia. His story was highlighted in January in the French newspaper L’Union. Originally from the Ardennes region in northwest France (bordering Belgium and Luxembourg), Druart joined the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) team beginning of last year. For about a year, the locusts have invaded the African horn region (which covers Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya. In response, the UN sent pilots to fight insect clouds still on the ground. Druart took many of the images showing the damage caused by insects, which destroy huge areas of plantations in just a few hours. The video (https://sindag.org.br/noticias_sindag/ piloto-agricola-frances-fala-sobre-combatea-gafanhotos-na-africa/) also shows photos of the clouds seen and fought in-flight and hitting the airplane’s windshield (impairing the pilots’ visibility). According to the Frenchman, combating the insects is done with insecticides applied at the rate of one liter per hectare. Even with aerial application used to control the pest, the insects continue to transform

According to the UN, actions in East Africa in 2020 prevented the loss of 2.7 million acres earlier this year; enough to feed 18 million people for one year on the continent. However, new clouds began to form at the end of last year, after Cyclone Gati passed through Ethiopia and Somalia in November. The invasion is now taking place in northeastern Kenya and could spread again into the region. For a video on this story, please visit the link below to visit SINDAG, the original author of this story. Reprinted with permission. https://sindag. org.br/noticias_sindag/piloto-agricola-francesfala-sobre-combate-a-gafanhotos-na-africa/


HIGH PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH THE RIGHT PARTS APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the appearance, with our name proudly engraved on the side; APS offers the ultimate in braking performance.

Contact us for a list of our distributors 618.797.3140 apsbrakes@apsbrakes.com


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Edilson Rodrigues - Aeroterra’s Operational Manager, Jeferson José Rodrigues - Aeroglobo’s Sales Agent, Diogo Vieira Bonioti - AeroGlobo’s Ferry Pilot and Salmom Batista Rezende - Aeroterra’s Owner, receiving the 200th aircraft sold and delivered by Lane / Aeroglobo in South America, an AT-402B model 2020, at the base of Aeroterra in Luiz Eduardo Magalhães, Bahia, Brazil.

Lane Aviation / AeroGlobo Reach 200 New Aircraft Sold and Delivered to South America by Marcos Paulino

Lane Aviation has sold more Air Tractor aircraft than any other dealer in the world.

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AeroGlobo Aeronaves, the Lane Aviation South American representative located in Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil reached a historic milestone this year, selling and delivering its 200th aircraft to South America to Aeroterra Aviação Agrícola LTDA, based in Luís Eduardo Magalhães city, in Bahia State, Brazil. The company also was privileged to sell and deliver the 3,000th Air Tractor ever produced, which was acquired by AMAGGI, from Mato Grosso State, Brazil in 2013. Lane Aviation was the first dealer appointed by Air Tractor in 1974. Since then, Lane Aviation has sold more Air Tractor aircraft than any other dealer in the world. A specialist in the South American agricultural aviation market, AeroGlobo has become

the exclusive South American representative for Lane Aviation, expanding the range of services it offers year after year. Currently, it offers new aircraft sales and service, training, equipment sales, financing, warranty services and insurance. These two hundred aircraft that today cross South American skies form a very significant number for a company with 12 years of experience and pioneering spirit. In Brazil alone,50% of the turboprop fleet working in the agricultural sector arrived through AeroGlobo, founded in 2008 by engineer Fabiano Zaccarelli Cunha. AeroGlobo is headquartered in Botucatu, and also is an Air Tractor certified South American training center, training more than 300 pilots to


Grant Lane – President’s Lane Aviation, Pedro Valente - Amaggi’s Chief Executive, Itamar Locks – Amaggi’s CEO, Fabiano Zaccarelli Cunha – Aeroglobo’s Director and Jim Hirsch – President’s Air Tractor, in 2013 in Olney TX, in delivery celebration of the 3,000th aircraft manufactured by Air Tractor and acquired by Amaggi, a 2013 AT-502B.

Your new Air Tractor is ready! YOUR #1 AIR TRACTOR DISTRIBUTOR IN SALES AND SERVICE AIRCRAFT 2021 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW ................................................. $CALL$ 2009 AT-802A, -65AG, 5100 TTAF&E, MIDWESTERN AIRCRAFT, NDH, FRESH ANNUAL AND HOT SECTION INSPECTION ...........................................................................................$695,000 1998 AT-402B, -34AG, 5780 TTAF&E, NO FERTILIZER, VG’s, AG PILOT X, AND HATFIELD FUEL SYSTEM..........................................................................................................................$400,000

date. The company simulator is also certified by Flight Safety International and is an authorized training facility of Pratt & Whitney Canada having carried out training with more than 450 aviation professionals worldwide. AeroGlobo also operates three maintenance centers - ABA, located in Barreiras (BA), SOMA, in Primavera do Leste (MT), and Tangará, in Orlândia (SP) -, plus three spare parts centers. “The partnership that Lane Aviation found with AeroGlobo was one of success, responsibility and mutual trust, but mainly, an opportunity to offer the Air Tractor operator quality service and support for their operation”, said Grant Lane, the owner of Lane Aviation. Aeroterra Aviação Agrícola LTDA, the buyer of the aircraft, was founded in 2008. This Air Tractor became the 15th aircraft in the Aeroterra fleet. Partners in the company are Salmom Batista Rezende, Leonardo Correa da Silva and Ronaldo Amazonas de Brasil Mendanha. “Having the name of AeroGlobo among Brazilian and South American agricultural aviation is a source of great pride for our entire team,” says owner Fabiano. “This historic brand strengthens us to continue to seek the total satisfaction of our customers.” He points out that another partnership was formed in 2016 with Falconer from Argentina.

ENGINES R-1340, ZERO TIME SINCE OVERHAUL BY COVINGTON ...............................................$67,500 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE ......................................... $CALL$ PROPELLERS HARTZELL 3 BLADE AND 5 BLADED PROPS – NEW AND USED ..................................... $CALL$ DISPERSAL EQUIPMENT TRANSLAND 10 VANE SPREADER FOR 38” GATE, NEW ....................................................$9,900 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROPHAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS ............................................ $CALL$


“Flying Excellence Since 1945”


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: logan@laneav.com • www.laneav.com P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471

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Fully Warranted 2020 Q u e e n C a t s N-TBA N-TBA

500 gal “SC-Plus” TPE 331* ................... $465,000 400 gal “SB-Plus” TPE 331* ................... $395,000 * New Prop - your engine

N936QC 350 gal “A+R1340” Complete/Deluxe** $239,000 N141QC 350 gal “A+R1340” Complete/Deluxe**.... $239,000

Used Parts Buy or Sale Over 30 years of service

**OHC Top Shop Engine/Fresh Prop

Jigged Frames — “ground-up” — restorations More Versatility, Safety and STOL Performance Less Debt, Maintenance and Depreciation Costs

P.O. Box 482, Municipal Airport, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476 USA Tel: 870-886-2418 • frank.kelley@ag-cat.com • Fax: 870-886-2489


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Ellis Stuart Chad Stuart Office: 850-675-1252 Cell: 850-380-6091 ncsflyboy@yahoo.com

ELECTRODE AVIATION Aircraft maintenance facility specializing in Air Tractors and other aircraft. WE OFFER: • 100hr., 300hr., Annual, and Hot Section Inspections • Aircraft Painting • Aero LED reseller • Rebuild wrecks • Refurbish aircraft from the ground up • Transland authorized dealer Call us for your Satloc and Transland needs

Office: 870-857-3744 62 Airport Rd. Corning, AR. 72422

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EXHAUST REPAIR SPECIALISTS  P&W R-1340 & R-985 Exhaust Systems in Stock  Complete Overhaul  Exchanges Available  Replacing & Repairing: • Beaded Ends • Burnout Ends • Cylinder Ends • Clips - Heavy-Duty

Daryl Evans Cell

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Want to see more photos of the airplane? Quickly view ads online by scanning the QR code with your phone! Open the Camera app on iOS and Android and focus on code. Aircraft - Ag Cat

1989 Super B Fat Cat, super 6 engine, 500 gallon, 11,166 TT, 1189 since hot, 188 IRAN, hydraulic spray system, air conditioning and heat, wing extensions, servos, night lights, E/I digital gauges. $250K out of annual or $280K with annual. Call 509-5208267

1977 450B Ag Cat, High time everything, needs TLC, ready to work. $45,000 OBO Might trade on decent Pawnee. Call Joe at 918-704-0308

G164B Ag Cat - 14000+ TT, Garrett Dash 1, 4813 since overhaul, 1173 SHOT, total cycles 3609, lots of cycles remaining on wheels. Good cool running cool starting Garrett, 80 gal fuel, cold air, new windshield, April 2020 annual. Working hard right now. A hard working, easy to fly standard B Model, good low time prop. $145K 870-926-7165

1976 Grumman Ag Cat G164A, TTAF 8689, Engine & Prop TT 0. $115,000 Call Boyd at 406-3884497 or 406-580-9909

1975 Ag Cat G164A, AFTT 5956. R-1340-AN-1 Engine, 185 hours since engine was completely disassembled and IRAN done by Covington Aircraft. 12D40 Prop with AG-100-4S blades. Extended wings, metalized wings, single point fuel, electric brake, new tail spring. $70,000 OBO. Willing to trade for a Pawnee, Ag Wagon, tail wheel airplane or helicopter. 856-207-5637 or 856-759-4254

1976 Super B Ag Cat -1 Garret. Raised wing, 400 gallon hopper, Bantam, load hawg, goose feet, spreader, 114 gallon fuel, AC, smoker, booms, 118 hrs since IRAN prop, 2000 hrs since hot Tail section recovered 118 hours ago. $205K. Located north east KS. 785-294-0242

1962 Light Frame 450 Ag Cat, 377 TT since total rebuild, 377 Since major overhaul by Covington, new spray system at rebuild, Bantam GPS. Great Ag Cat! $110,000 Call 563-880-9641

1975 Grumman Ag Cat G164A, AFTT 5678, Engine & Prop TT 302. $100,000 Call Boyd at 406-388-4497 or 406-580-9909

1968 Grumman A Model Ag Cat, Roughly 8800 hours AFTT, Smoker, Auto flagman, Single point fueling, Aileron Servos, Rudder servo, Elevator servo, Tail wheel lock, Paint and fabric in good condition, New fire wall, No engine included with sale. AgNav will be removed prior to sale. $30,000 Or best offer! Call Jeff Chorman at 302236-3007 or 302-349-5055

1962 Light Frame Ag Cat R-985, 11025 TT 825 SMOH. SATLOC M-3, Bottom Load Single Point Fuel System, 80 Gallon Fuel, 25” Transland Gate, New Transland 8 Vane Large Intake Spreader, Smoker, Flagger, Oil Filter Kit, Stainless Steel Booms w/ CP-09 Nozzles, Heavy Landing Gear, Locking Tailwheel, engine just went through full disassemble and repair by Tulsa Engines, S.S. Belly, Early B- Model Wing Extensions, B- Model Canopy/Tail, Fuselage Strobe. $55,000 701-400-1113

1976 Ag Cat G164B, N48643, S/N 99B, TT: 8732.22, SMOH: 166.92, P&W 1340 600hp Covington Engine, Heavy Landing Gear, A/C, Smoker/Flagger, SATLOC 99.5, Flow Control, TeeJets & CP’s, 80 gal Bottom Load Fuel, Hershey Tips, Airplane is Still Working Times May Change. $105K Lance 308-325-2095 or Nathan 308-324-8770 March Completion: 2021 Turbo SB+ QueenCat, 400 Gal, 120 fuel, HiWings, TST, Heavy G/S/W, DAF TL-38 Combo, AgJet FWF w/NEW Prop, Your TPE331 Engine. ALL frameworks “fixture-perfect”. Buy smart, fly safe, do better work! $395K Outright. AgCat Sales & Service since ‘71. 870-8862418/2489F, 759-1692Cell frank. kelley@ag-cat.com

2 Airplanes for sale crop duster, aerial application, spray plane. Maxi-Cat w/ GAR turbine conversion $125K. B-Model Ag Cat $55K. Both located in SE Washington State. Call/ Text Willie for details at 509-566-7021

1978 Ag Cat B Model, 10079TT, 765hrs. on Covington 985, 470hrs. on Memphis prop. 22D30 hyd. prop. ag 200 blades, 80 gal. fuel, Grumman sys. S/S booms CP3s, S/S belly, spreader, Del Norte GPS, Hyd. hopper door & auger sys. root pump, smoke, aileron & elevator servos, 500x5TW, TW lock, center line tall tail, new tires, several spare parts & overhauled accessories. Call 870-2538242

Your choice out of three 400 Gallon Super B Ag Cats. Only looking to sell one at the moment but all are well maintained and always hangared northern airplanes. They aren’t exactly alike though, so look at each photo for better details. All Garrett powered (2 have Super 1’s & one is a -1), 400 Gallon Hoppers, SS Booms, Swathmaster Spreaders, All Metal Wings, Cockpit Heat, Bottom Load Fuel, Automatic Flagman. These airplanes are all working, so the times are subject to change. $295K Message for more info, or call 541-969-2062. (2) Super-6 Garrett Fat Cats! Hi Wings, Long Fuel, Metalized, 500+Gal 41” TL Deluxe H-V Combos w/C-Model Gear, TST, FlyTips, Fully Servo’d, Fresh Annuals. Retired owner will accept reasonable offers, consider Ag Cat Trade-Ins. AgCat Sales & Service since ‘71. 870-886-2418/2489F, 7591692Cell or frank.kelley@ag-cat.com Better than new 450 Ag Cat! Expertly “Ground-Up” rebuild, Loaded with upgrades, 300 gal, 67 fuel, Ext’d, FlyTips, “B” Canopy/Cockpit, TL-25 gate. EVERYTHING NEW OR OHC. Ready for another 50 years of safe, reliable, profitable service. Worth $169K but will consider fair offer. AgCat Sales & Service since 1971. 870-886-2418/2489F, 759-1692 Cell, frank.kelley@ag-cat. com

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CLASSIFIEDS Export Special: S/N 1188, “FactoryJig’d” OHC fuselage, NEW 335 Hopper, Ext’d/Metal wings, 80 fuel, 24V w/ Strobes, El-Servo, TWLock, TE Hybrid Combo, GOOD for 100-hr service run. YOUR E&P 985/1340, CofA4 Export in your supplied container. $75K. frank.kelley@ag-cat.com, 870-8862418/2489F, 759-1692 cell Special Pair Pricing for (2) “NEW” Super A+600 Queen Cats. 350-gal. H-V TLand Combos, TST B-Cockpit, Zero AF&E&P! Buy smart, fly safe, do better work! Bank on 4-wings! Ag Cat Sales and Service since 1971. 8702418/2489F frank.kelley@ag-cat.com Order your Turbine Ag Cat Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Order your B Model Ag Cat Pen and Ink Drawing From our DeSpain Collection today for $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478987-2250

AT-400 AT-400, PT6A-15AG, Bantam GPS/ flow/G4 screen, CP’s, Zee Air/heat, fresh hot. For more information call 309-7594646 or email farmair@farmairinc.com


1993 AT-401-0898, 5684 AFTT, P&W R1340-AN1, 1018 SMOH by Covington, 22D40 Prop w/6533A-12 Blades, Air Conditioner, Smoker, W/S Washer, Chip Detector, Cold Air Intake, Business Band and Comm Radios, SATLOC M3 Touchscreen w/IntelliFlow, 126 Gallons Fuel w/Single Point, Lane Fan/Brake, SS Booms, 10,757 Hour Spar, Clean Northern Airplane $159K 406-768-7400

Aircraft - Air Tractor AT-301

1982 AT-301 Bailey Conversion 331-1, 10900 Airframe, 1700 Since Complete Overhaul by Ag Air Turbines, CP’S, VG’S, RH Boom Shutoff, Crophawk, LiteStar GPS, Smoker, Flagger, Spreader, 435 Gallon Hopper, 331-1 Garret, Feb. Annual. $125,000 Call Richard at 541-9800229

1984 AT-301, 7591.2 TTAF, 962.1 SMOH on R-1340-AN1 by Covington, 963.2 SMOH on counterweight propeller, 2247.6 remaining on spar, M3 SATLOC, Collins Air Conditioning, Smoker, Oil Filter, Chip Detector, CP Nozzles, 120 Gallon Fuel. Fresh Annual. $90K trade for AC/ other Equipment. Call Mid State Aviation 308-784-3868 1986 AT-301, R-1340 geared engine, 600 hrs since Covington OH, Bantam GPS, CP’s, $75K no trade. Farm Air Inc. Call 877-715-8476 Get Serious About Selling Classifieds Starting at $19.99 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

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1991 AT-401-0817 AFTT 4382, Geared Super Six R1340 12:1 Blower/Cold Air Intake TSHO 614, 23D40 Prop, Drop Booms, Lane Fan & Brake. $135,000 Contact Frank Booth, Owner. Located in Waco, TX 254-7223223

1992 AT-401, P&W R1340-AN1, 600 HP, TSMOH 650 hrs. by Younkin(2012), TTAF 6400, no corrosion or damage history, Hamilton Standard Hyd. 22D40, TSOH 45 hrs., 38” Gate, 400 gal hopper, new seal w/Transland spreader, 5 blade Weath Aero fan pump, SATLOC Lite II, 36 CP03 nozzles, A/C. Price reduced to $115K Scott at 402-746-4078

AT-402 2013 AT-402B, REF. 2499-19, Maturity iam 02/02/2020, Maturity ca 02/06/2020, Hartzell propeller total hours 1161.60 available hours 1844.40, Pratt & Whitney engine total hours 1161.60 available hours 1844.40, Micronair au 500 bar, GPS Hemisphere Bantam w/7”, Laser altimeter, Strobe navigation lights, US$630,000 Contact: Pelópidas Bernardi phone/whats: +1954-278-0939

1999 AT-402A w/PT6A11AG, Maintained like no other & it’s mechanically solid! 6843 TTSN, M3 SATLOC, Bottom load fuel, 475 hrs SN landing gear, VG’s, 210gal fuel, rinse tank, heat & A/C, very clean, great flying airplane. The airplane will come with a fresh hot section and fresh annual. Motivated seller, CALL WITH AN OFFER! Will consider a trade or partial trade on nice general aviation bush plane. Call or text Dusty Elkinton 417-321-0210 at Dusty’s Air Service Nevada, MO

1998 AT-402B -34. TT 5804. Just came out of Annual. Ag PilotX w/flow control, Hatfield Single Point Fuel, Lane Fan Brake, Agrinautics Pump new in 2020. 216 gal fuel, New PAR 200-B radio, VG’s, CP09 on booms, never had a spreader on it. All logs intact. Clean airplane and low hours for its age that is ready to work. $400K Email rivenbark.mike@gmail. com for more info.

1989 AT-402, N1012B, PT6A-15AG, 18,134.8 TTE, 12,725.5 TTAF, Paper Flagger, Left & Right Bottom Load Fuel, Left & Right Loader Value, Flow Control, Vertex Generator, Heat & A/C, Aluminum Boom, SATLOC GPS. No damage history. See spec sheet for details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.midcont.net 1991 AT-402, 4323 TTAF, 2058 since Cascade conversion, no damage history. Walter engine and Avia prop, Lane electric brake, Reabe hopper gauge, Bantam GPS w/flow control, Ag Tips, Single point fuel. Very nice airplane, flies great! $225K or possible trade for AT-502. 563-880-9641 Order your Turbine AT-402 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Get Serious About Selling 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

1999 AT-402B, 7922 TTAF, PT6A-15AG 8950 TTE, Covington Light OVH at 6500 engine hours. SATLOC Bantam with G4 screen, flow control, A/C, heat, Garmin G5 attitude indicator, CP 11 nozzles, smoker, very little fertilizer, Transland 10 vane. Overhauled FCU and fuel pump at 7322.0 TTAF, Wing spars were done at factory in June 2019. One owner, always hangared. Mid-Continent Aircraft, 800-325-0885 midcont.net

AT-502 1995 AT-502B, N60792, PT6A-15AG, 10,717 hours total airframe time, air conditioner, smoker, Lane fan and brake, 100 Hours since Hot Section Inspection. 6,500 hours left on spars, Reabe Hopper and Pressure Gauge, Bantam w/IntelliFlow. $195,000 Larry 956-330-7119 1991 AT-502 - Serial number 5020133 with 9960 TTSN, PT6A-34AG 14683 TTSN, 7590 remaining on spars, 38” gate, VG’s, 170 fuel, Reabe hopper gauge, CP’s, new hopper, cool start, night lights, S.P. fuel, new annual. $290K, Call 309-759-4646

1997 AT-502B N5010J, TTAE 9723, PT6-34AG, 1538 SHOT, Gear box 7675, Landing gear & hopper 1860 SN, Starter/Gen 971SOH, New Batteries 5-18, 38” gate, 3”load, single point fuel, Bantam GPS, smoker, load hog, hopper rinse, CP09’s, crop hawk, Storm cutter wire strike protection. $350K Negotiable 662721-2510

1996 AT-502B, -34AG, TTAF 7896, Power Section TSOH 918.9, 2/2016 Light Overhaul Power Section by Covington, SHSI 599.4, 918.9 Since OH prop, 600 Since new gear, Wings done 7/1/2020, Single point fuel, VG’s, Smoker, Lane Brake, Stainless spray system, CP11 nozzles, Harbor A/C. $450K Call Neal Aircraft at 806-8285892

CLASSIFIEDS 1997 AT-502B, 3800 AFTT, 0--since Covington light OH, SATLOC, CP’s, new annual, For pricing and more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@farmairinc.com

creativepro.com Parting Out 1990 AT-502 -34 Engine & Prop. Call Mike at Valley Air Crafts 559.686-7401

Order your AT-502 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-9872250

AT-504 2011 AT-502B, N677LA, TT 3699, Annual January 2020, Prop IRAN February 2018, No damage history, HSI May 2020 at 3679, Equipped with Wingman, Air Repair hydraulic gate system, hydraulic flaps, SATLOC G4 w/flow control. $425,000 Call Pete at Air Repair 662-846-0228 www. airrepairinc.com

2012 AT-502, TTAE 4147 hrs., PT6-34 1569 hrs. since hot section by Covington, 4 Blade Loadmaster 1032 since IRAN, No damage history, Air Repair hydraulic gate, Wingman, VG’s, CP11’s, single point fuel, heat and A/C, Lane fan and electric brake, SATLOC G4. Hot section prior to sale. $550K. Call David at Gary Flying Service 662822-4534

2015 AT-504 N970FA, S/N 504-4028, 1730 hours TT Airframe, Engine & Propeller, PT6A-34AF PCEPH with recent work by Covington, Dual cockpit w/dual controls, 2 inch spray system, streamlined drop boom system, Lane electric pump brake and adj. fan, Smoker and much more. See spec sheet for details. Aircraft is like new, clean, no corrosion, with fresh annual inspection. $750K Call CoFire Aviation at 970867-8414

Number one dealer worldwide in sales, service and price!

Storm Cutters Storm Shield Storm Tailwheels

AT-602 1997 AT-602, N602LA, PT6A-45A, 9,370 total aircraft time, air conditioner, smoker, Lane fan and brake, Bantam w/IntelliFlow. 3,500 hours since Light Engine Overhaul, 1650 Since Prop Overhaul, 3,500 hours remaining on spars. Stainless booms, Reabe Hopper and Pressure Gauge. No damage history. $275,000 Larry 956-330-7119

In stock for all models Air Tractor

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Pumps - Valves - Parts

All models Thrush and Air Tractor 1992 AT-502, N1532B, TTAF 9792.3, PT6A-15AG TTE 11,407.01, 0.0 SHSI by Prime Turbines. Annual inspection due 3/1/2020, SATLOC Bantam w/Flow Control, Wingman, Like New Hopper, New panels, paint and cam locks, Wings due at 17,798.9 hours, New Main Gear less than 200 hours, 164 gal fuel, Stainless Booms w/ CP-09-3E. For price call Darryl at South Delta Aviation - 479-935-4891 / 870995-1323 nights and weekends 2000 AT-502B, Bantam GPS, Flow, L7 Light Bar, Wingman, Com Radio, Transponder, Covington Hot Inspection, Farm Air annual. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@ farmairinc.com 2020 AT-502XP, FTO, 234 Fuel, SS Camlocs Lane Brake & Fan, MVP50. $1,060,500 Call Lane Aviation 888995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX: 281-232-5401

2007 AT-602, N602TA, -65AG, 5698 TTAE, SATLOC G4 w/IntelliFlow II, L7 Light bar, Hatfield Fuel, 292 gal fuel, AC & Bleed Air Heat, Smoker, Flagger, AmSafe Airbag Restraint, STORM Cutters, ADSB In/Out Garmin Aera 660/GTX350, Transland Rt Boom Shut Off with Internal Belly, Comm, VHF, UHF, AM/FM, Lane Fan w/ big brake. Call 620-339-9161

Best brake prices in ag aviation for 502, 602, 802, Thrush

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2010 AT-602, PT6-60, 6000 TT, IRAN prop, replaced PT starter and governor number 6 bearing October 2019 and HSI, new CT blades and segments and bleed air valve 700 hrs (clean). $520K Call 662-645-8790

662-846-0228 Sales Service Parts Satloc Service 662-846-0228 662-846-0229 662-843-0803 662-846-0229 Pete Jones Fax 662-843-0811 Danny Lowery Dallas Bright sales@airrepairinc.com • www.airrepairinc.com

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CLASSIFIEDS 2015 AT-602, -65AG, 3,450 TTAE, Aircraft is in good condition, NDH, recent annual and hot section inspection, new Air Tractor paint on entire aircraft. $735,000 Call Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281232-5401

AT-602, Complete solid airframe less engine/prop. -65 engine mount, 11,000 AFTT, 1600 remaining on spar. $125K For more information call 309-7594646 or email farmair@farmairinc.com

1998 AT-602, N5086H, SN 602-0504, TT 8072.3, PT6A-60AG 0hrs. since hot section inspection, Single point fuel, Reabe hopper gauge, SATLOC G4 w/flow control, SS spray system, Lane brake, AFS check valves and CP11-TT nozzles, 383.3 TT on all 3 landing gear, 1583.8 since wing spar replacement, 0 hrs. on overhauled starter/gen. Fresh annual. $465K Call Neal Aircraft at 806-828-5892

2012 AT-602, N2061L, Tac reading 3686.6 hrs, TTAE 3686.6 hrs, annual inspection date - new at sale, no damage history. PT6A-60AG, SN PCE-RGO179, TT 3686.6 hrs, H.S.I. new, Starter Gen. 0 hrs SMOH. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C, SN EVA3161, TT 3686.6 hours, SATLOC Bantam w/G4 screen, comm radio, Transponder, Lane fan & brake, smoker, s/s T/W deflector, factory heat & air, drop booms, low time landing gear, 0 time FCU and HP fuel pump. Ready to Spray. $695K Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@ southeasternaircraft.com

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2006 AT-802A, PT6A-65AG, 7400 TTSN, Wingman, G4 with flow control, S.P fuel, com, CP’s. For pricing and more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@farmairinc.com

2017 AT-802A w/PT665AG engine, 2297 TT, G-4 w/IntelliFlow, Hatfield Fuel, Smoker, Vondran 10” Hydraulic Gate, Wingman, AFS Booms w/right boom shutoff, SS pump, Lane Brake, Reabe Hopper Gauge, Radio Box w/Garmin audio panel and comm, Kawak Quadrant, Storm Cutters, Shadin Fuel Flow and 308 Gallon fuel. $1,050,000 605-933-0399

2007 AT-802A, Extensive Fresh Annual, N4170S, Last Annual Inspection: 4/20/2020, TTAF 5,060 hrs, Time Since Annual: 44Hrs, Avionics SATLOC 4, Engine -Pratt & Whitney, Model: PT6A-65AG, TTSN: 5,064, TTSLOH: 44 hrs, TT Since Annual: 44hrs, Propeller Hartzell S178. HCB5MP-3F. M11276NS, 44 Hrs SMOH. $760K Phone 520-220-6364

1999 AT-802A, N803DG, Airframe only - no engine $98K or with engine for $550K, TTAF 8290.9, 600 on new ignitors & O/H main fuel pump, 1025 since prop IRAN, LED nose lights, Ag Pilot X GPS w/flow control, wingman, fast start, single point fuel, A/C. Negotiable Call or text 662-721-2510 2021 AT-802A, FTO, -65AG, LOADED, BOTTOM LOAD FUEL. $1,532,500 Call Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

2019 AT-802 FireBoss Equipped as a FireBoss, Equipped with PT6A-67F engine, dual cockpit/ full dual controls. Air Tractor FRDS fire gates, rear seat instruments and avionics, 380 gallon fuel, and a very unique paint scheme. Aircraft is additionally equipped as a FireBoss with amphibious floats, ground fill option, and a WipAire rear seat redundancy control package. Available for immediate delivery. Call Mike at Valley Air Crafts 559-686-7401

1994 AT-802A, SN-11, -65 Pratt, G4 SATLOC with flow control, drop booms, 10 in. Vondran hydraulic gate, night work lights, 2300 hrs remaining on main gear legs and tail spring, 4500 hrs remaining on wings. Email lowerrivercattleco@gmail.com

AT-802 Single & Dual Cockpit. PT6A-67F Engine (1600hp), Full avionics and instrumentation. Computerized FRDS Gen II Fire gate. Aircraft with very low use and flight hours. Call or email: +34 667 102 184, sales@airtractoreurope.com

2010 AT-802A PT6A65AG, N389LA 802A0389, 3,526 TT, 10” Hydraulic Gate w/Vondran Controller, Wingman, G4 w/Flowcontrol, CP 11 Nozzle, Smoker, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Single Point Fuel & 308 Fuel, Fresh Annual. $725K Call David at 870-501-1136

2019 AT-802, Equipped with PT6A-67F engine, dual cockpit/full dual controls. Air Tractor FRDS fire gates, rear seat instruments and avionics, 380 gallon fuel, and a very unique paint scheme. Available for immediate delivery. Call Mike at Valley Air Crafts 559-686-7401

Order your AT-602 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-9872250

AT-802 2008 AT-602 -65B. Completely rebuilt in 2008. 5550 hr since rebuild. Fresh annual. Flow Control. Large size propeller N11276N5, 800 since new hub & blades, Bantam w/G4 screen. W/W. Heat/ factory a/c. Wash out system. Manual tail wheel lock. New transponder. Garmin audio panel. Comm radio. All mounted in radio box. SS Fasteners. New paint on leading edges. Wingman. LED strobes and nose lights. Night flight package. Factory air intake. Off set engine mount. Aileron trim. All glass good. Price reduced to $295K As is. For sale or lease. 501516-6156

2002 AT-802A -65AG, 0—Covington hot, New CT blades, 7 ½ “ gate, Wingman, G4 w/flow, ADSB out, CP’s, Red/White, Approximately 4100 TTSN. Contact Farm Air at 877-715-8476

1997 AT-802AF PT667AG, TT 6677, -67AG w/ Fresh Hot Section 27960 SNEW, Prop 7591 SNEW, Hydromax Fire Gate, Fresh Annual, USFS/DOI Carded, ADSB, BK KMA 24H, BK KY196, Garmin GTX 327, TDFM 136, Sky Connect AFF. $750K 575-763-4300 or email cameron@ aerotechteam.com

2006 AT-802A, PT6-67AG, N41119, TTAF & TTE 5540, 10” Hydraulic Gate, SATLOC G4. $650,000 Call Steve at Ag Air Aircraft 870-236-0146 or email agairmaintenance@gmail.com

2012 AT-802A, 802A0473, N473FS, PT6A65AG, 3,300 TT, Hatfield Single Point Fuel, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Smoker, Wingman, G4 w/Flowcontrol, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Storm Cutters, 10 Hydraulic Gate w/Vondran Controller, Fresh HSI. $725,000 Call Frost Flying at 870295-6213

2017 AT-802A, 02A-0701, N8033N, PT6A-65AG, 308 Gallon Fuel, Single Point Fuel, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Smoker, Wingman, G4 w/Flow Control & 7 1/2” Geared Manual Gate, Fresh Annual $925,000 Call Frost Flying at 870-295-6213


Aircraft - Cessna

2007 AT-802A, N4265D, PT6A-67AG, 5917 Hrs. TTAE, fresh HSI, 3320.6 Hrs. TSLO engine, SATLOC Bantam, radio pkg., smoker, electric fan brake, Fast Start, CP nozzles, new paint, glass & more. $625,000 Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@ southeasternaircraft.com 2009 AT-802A -65AG, 5100 TTAE, Midwestern Aircraft, NDH, fresh annual and hot section inspection. $695,000 Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

2001 AT-802 -67AG, TT 4990, Engine SMOH 1369 Fresh Hot Section, Prop 148 SNEW, TDFM 138, KY196A, KY 196A, Garmin 345 ADSB, Fresh Paint in 2019, Hatfield Fire Gate or available with 10” Transland and booms. $925K Call 575-763-4300 or email cameron@aerotechteam.com

2004 AT-802 -67AG USFS/ DOI CARDED, -67AG Fresh Hot Section, TT3932, STOH 2205, Prop 73 SPOH, KY 196A, KY 196A, TDFM 136A, GTX-345 Transponder, Smoker, Hydromax Fire Gate USFS/DOI Carded Fresh Annual. $800K Call 575-7634300 or Email cameron@aerotechteam. com for further details. 2005 AT-802A, 6975 TTSN, PT6A67AG, 6975 TTSN, 220 since Covington hot, 0-SIRAN prop, electric brake, smoker, CP’s, G-4 w/flow, Kawak, MVP50T, wingman, 10” gate, new wing spars, new hopper, Farm Air referb, Sept. 2018 annual, NO TRADES. Call 309-303-5161 Fire Boss, Single & Dual Cockpit. PT6A67F Engine (1600hp), Full avionics and instrumentation. Computerized FRDS Gen II Fire gate. Aircraft with very low use and flight hours. Call or email: +34 667 102 184, sales@airtractoreurope.com Order your AT-802 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection Call 478987-2250

1975 Cessna 188B Ag Truck, N84497, TTAF 3169, SMOH 488. $100,000 Call 402-4327502

1976 Limited Edition Stars and Stripes Cessna Ag Truck, N76AG, TTAF 6638. USA Centennial Limited Edition Airplane. View aircraft: https://www.1011now.com/ content/news/50-years-of-agriculturalaviation-508669521.html $120K Call 402-432-7502 2011 Cessna T-206, 850 Hours Total Time Since New! G1000 with synthetic vision, ADSB, Factory Air, all options. This airplane is like new. $495,000 Call Sun Valley Aviation, 956-4214545

1969 Cessna Ag-Wagon A188 (super clean) Registration: C-GZNI Serial #1880034 Location: Trois-Rivieres, QC, TTAF 5882 hr, Engine : Continental IO-520D Engine Time: 185hr/1200hr, Propeller: Hartzell 3 blades, Paint/overhaul: 2004 Equipment: VHF, Transponder/encoder, AgNav II, Spreader and spray kit. $79,000 USD Call Richard 819-3803333 1972 Cessna 188 Ag pick up for lease. Low time engine, recent annual, M3 SATLOC, CP nozzles. Call Zach at 941737-1609 1982 Cessna T188C Husky, TTAF 6394.14 hrs, Engine TT 0 hrs, TSIO-520-T1B, Continental factory rebuilt zero time engine, New exhaust, New hoses, New oil cooler, New Lord mounts, 0 hrs. SOH, Propeller and governor (Maxwell Aircraft). Equipment: SATLOC Intellistar GPS, Intelliflow flow control, right boom shut off, drop booms, hydraulic/manual spray system, Stainless hopper shut-off valve, smoker, flagger, electric tachometer, King KY96A comm. radio/Bus Band ready/ANR/ LEMO jack, Vortex generators, Kevlar leading edges, 22x8.0 tires, pulsing LED nose lights. $130K 605-3504536

1974 CESSNA AIRCRAFT 188 FOR SALE $75,000, Frame: 1974 Cessna Aircraft A188B, TTAF 6271.7 hrs, Engine: Continental Motors IO-520, TSMO 1344.4 hrs, Prop: Hartzell Propeller, TSOH 307.9 hrs, Spray Equipment: Hi-Tek Atomizers, Installed 2018, GPS: Bantam GPS and IF2 Flow Control, Installed 2018. $75,000 USD Contact Chris at 204871-0950 - Apex Aviation - Manitoba, Canada

1972 Cessna 188 Ag Wagon, N21883, TT6350, 1740 SMOH, Prop165, stainless steel booms, SATLOC Lite 2, new leading edges, refurbished hopper, CP nozzles, owner flown since new. Good flying and fast! Current annual with sale. Call Kevin at 785-386-8875

1972 Cessna 188B, 6596TT, 848 SFRM IO520, 524 SN McCauley 88” 3 Blade Black Mac, Bantam GPS and Flow Control, Airfoil drop booms with CP-03 Nozzles, Spreader, FL-760 Comm., Garmin 496, Freon type AC system removed in box with STC, many misc. spare parts and hardware. $100,000 Call Jay Sharp at 515-961-4026

1975 A188B Ag Truck, TT 9300, IO-720 400hp, Roberson STOHL, 3 Blade w/ 0.0 SPOH, Winglets, Ag Nav w/ Flow Control, Radio and Transponder, Smoker, Droop Booms w/ CP’s, Spreader, Fresh Annual. $135,000 Call Darryl or Bill at South Delta Aviation - 870-5729011 days / 870-995-1323 nights and weekends

1968 Cessna Ag Wagon, S/N 188-0360, NDH. Always been a Clean Northern plane in excellent condition. TT 3607 -0-470R, 309 SMOH engine and prop, Super-Booms, SATLOC Lite, Smoker, Flagger. Great flying plane. A good plane to start that new pilot. 701-799-8629

1964 Cessna 310I, TT 5253, Continental IO470U engines TSMOH LH 573 RH 249, McCauley props TSPOH LH 573 RH 670. Nice twin, true 6 seater & heavy hauler. It’s a clean northern airplane with no corrosion, new tires, new heater & fresh annual. Paint and interior are both prob a 5 out of 10. Basic radios. Would be interested in trade for Piper Cherokee 6, Saratoga, or Lance. $55,000 Call Tanner Sotvik at 701-520-0229 or 701-662-4416

1978 Cessna Ag Truck, 5832 TTAF, 625 TTE, 550 TT on prop, 8.50X10 Clevelands, GPS, field ready. Price reduced to $112,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. Call 850-336-0552 1975 Cessna Ag Truck, TTAF 4802, SFR 1240, SPIRAN 1240, S/S Dual Exhaust, Smoker, Wag, Crophawk 7B, Hyd/MAN SS spray system (except pump), 30 CP03, 4 Rotary Nozzles, A/C, No Heat, Landing, Inst. Lights, Hopper Light, Wing Tip Strobe, VG’s Hardwired ANR, Locking Tailwheel. $105K 478-2853731

Aircraft - Dromader 1995 Dromader, REF. 200501-19, Engine 0 hours from factory. Brakes. Several new and used parts. Engine with 20 hours, it is necessary to check and replace the cylinders. 20/25 cylinders, rings. Original and other adapted spraying equipment. Fire gate and original sower. $250,000 Spare Parts $50,000 Contact: Pelópidas Bernardi phone/whats: +1-954-278 0939

agairupdate.com | A 39


1983 N983BG M-18 Dromader S/N 1Z01112, Airframe: 5800 TT (Times are approximate) Brand New Prop Installed: 910, Engine SMOH: 910 (Overhauled by Pacific Turbine Brisbane on June 2, 2015) SATLOC Bantam included (can put in any GPS you would prefer) Single Point Fuel/Hatfield Fueling System, 192 Gallon Fuel, Harbour Air Conditioning, Cockpit Heat, Electronics International MVP-50 Engine Monitor, Complete Turbine Conversion & Rebuild in 2015, Reabe Digital Hopper Quantity Gauge, Windshield Wiper, PAR200 Bluetooth Radio, Hydraulic System Removed, Cleveland Wheels & Brakes, Springs in Gear, Electric Flaps, 3rd Rudder Hinge, Servos, Electric Rudder Trim, Tailwheel Extension, VG’s, Kawak Throttle Quadrant. All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952-941-6255 for more information! Order your Flying Dromader Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Order your M18 Dromader Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Piper

1969 Piper Pawnee PA25260 C Model w/Hutch metal wings. N4385Y. Fully restored by the leading Pawnee authority Aerial Banners, Inc. 0.0 SMOH Lycoming O-540-G1A5, new: Hartzell const spd prop, Stits fabric/paint, batt, tires, wheel bearings, nuts/bolts, glass, exhaust, alternator, starter, mags, regulator, gauges, cables, fuel bladder, STC Solutions permanent wing attach STC SA01154AT, brakes, rotors, all new Ag equipment. This aircraft was completely disassembled. The frame was inspected & overhauled in our factory jig. 25 years of Pawnee experience. Can be set up for banner/ glider towing. $79,900 954-893-0099 or email milo@aerialbanners.com

A 40 | agairupdate.com

1981 Piper PA-36-375 Turbine Brave, PT6A-20 662 SMOH, 232 SHS, Prop TSO 542, TTAF 5722, 2382 remaining on wing spar, fresh annual, new SATLOC Bantam w/ IntelliFlow, Lane adjustable fan & brake, smoker, CP check valve nozzles, Nav/ Strobe Instrument/Landing and taxi lights. Very clean, great flying, great transition airplane. $310K OBO For more information call 318-339-4747 or email lowgoflyers@gmail.com

Pawnee 235 C, 5021 TT, 507 SMOH, 120 SPOH, New fabric & paint in 2002, always hangared when not in use. Wings & ailerons extended 2002 also. New Dakota wing tips last year. Strobes, recent windshield, SATLOC Lite GPS, recent bungee cords, new spray valve & load valve, SS booms, all new AFS check valves & CP swivels and nozzles, new fuel bladder in 2002, always stored full of fuel over winter, smoker & flagger. $78K 701-739-2618

1966 Pawnee PA-25-235, N4494Y, S/N 4161, Tach and TT 2739.4, Lycoming O-540-B2B5 SMOH 433.2, Prop TT 2739.4, Annual completed 6/24/20, New spray pump and electric brake 6/24/20, SS Booms, M3 GPS w/key pad, screen not touch screen. $75,000 Ready For Immediate Sale! See spec sheet for details. Email Aaron at aaron@advantageagair.us

1974 Piper PA-25-235, TTAF 2400, Lycoming O-540 with 250 SMO, SATLOC GPS Lite Star II bracket air filter, 38 gallon wing tanks, TEC-JET nozzles, cockpit electric fan, November annual. $75,000 Contact Stephanie Williams at 229-924-2813

1975 Turbine Brave for sale! 5966TT, 2927 remaining on wings, Prop 121 since IRAN, Engine PT6-20, Johnson Leading Edge Kit, VG’s, refurbished hopper, Garmin Radio. Great Ag plane. $200K Best offer, motivated seller. Please feel free to call or text with any questions. Kyle Abernathy 580-471-2071 or 580-4712072

1978 Piper PA36-400, N3993E, TTAF 12,275, TTE 9952 Currently in Annual inspection, TSMOH 1124, PTT 6484, TSMOH 210, Bantam SATLOC. One owner, Complete books, Southern Ag SS streamlined drop booms, Hopper relined 6/2008, VG STC, Hopper light, New Transland spray pump, Converted to 400 5/2016. Call 515-832-4366

1974 Piper Brave PA 36-400 IO-720 (400 HP) 3975 TT, 1875 SMOH, Wing Spar AD Complete, SATLOC Litestar III, Dyna Nav Flow Control, Superbooms with Davidon Rotary Atomizers. Price reduced to $110,000 or make reasonable offer. Call 701-400-1113 1979 Piper PA 36-375, TTSN-8075 TSMOH 1495, Wing AD due. $55,00 as is or will price with wing AD complied with. Call 830-275-1127

1975 Piper Pawnee PA25-235 D Model, TTAE 4092.29, SMOH 144.5 by Gann Aviation, Lycoming 0-540 B2C5 engine, Agrinautics pump, Weathaero Fan, Dropped airfoil SS beams, CP check body & Tips w/J tubes. All Ads complied with SATLOC Lite 2, owner/operator always hangared. $86K Call Jamie at 256557-2882

1976 PA 36 SUPER BRAVE 400 HP - 3965 Total Time, 66 since Overhaul engine, 66 since IRAN Prop, 4040 hours remaining on wing spar caps, 275 gal hopper, Agrinautics pump and fan, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles and check valves, 2” left side load, extended wings, 90 gal fuel with new fuel cells, crop hawk, automatic flagger, pistol grip, nav/strobe/instrument/landing/ taxi and night working lights, left entry step, good paint, tires and glass. Price reduced to $185K or OBO. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service at 559-6861794, info@johnstonaircraft.com or www.johnstonaircraft.com

1976 PA 36 Turbine Brave 550SHP - 6450TT, 3097 since P&W O/H PT6A-20A engine with 0 since HSI and A.D.2014-11-05 was performed, 0 SOH 3 Blade Hartzell Prop, 275 gallon hopper, JAS gate, Agrinautics pump, electric brake, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles, 2” left side load, improved hopper lid, JAS High Lift Wing Leading Edges, 90 gal fuel, CommRadio, Crophawk, electric turn and bank, clock, nav/strobe/ instrument/landing and taxi lights, Del Norte GPS, pistol grip, left entry step, very good tires/glass and paint, 1739 hours remaining on wing spar caps. This aircraft was imported from Australia, and has just had an extensive annual inspection of the engine, prop, and airframe, along with a NEW Airworthiness Certificate. This aircraft is in very good condition! Need a very reasonably priced, nimble turbine that will get a lot done for small $$$? This is it!! $275,000! Or Best Reasonable Offer. Call 559-686-1794, Email info@johnstonaircraft.com or www. johnstonaircraft.com 1982 Piper Super Cub. Lowest time Piper built Cub on the planet, 650 hours TTSN, 0 SMOH, Stits Fabric, beautiful paint, Com Radio, L3 Lynx transponder with ADSB in-out with touchscreen weather, traffic. $150,000 Call Sun Valley Aviation 956-421-4545 Order your Clipped J3 Cub Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250


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Low time 1979 Piper Brave 400, 3426TT, Eng304 SMOH, Bantam w/Intelliflow, smoker,270gallon hopper, fan brake, SS booms, aero flow check valves,CP11 nozzles, egt/cht, external jump, dual side load, good paint, excellent interior, good seat, spray on/off switch and flaps on stick. Great flying fuel efficient plane for smaller jobs! One of the nicest well equipped Braves with low hours! $110K Arnold 806-435-0599 arnoldterhune@ yahoo.com Order your Piper Pawnee Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Thrush

1977 Thrush S2R, R-1340-S3H1G, Fresh annual (see spec sheet), 8515 TTAF, turtle back, wing extensions, cool air induction, right boom shut off, speed ring, 99 SATLOC w/flow control, flagger, hopper rinse, disc brakes, spring tail wheel, otter prop, Call Terry for details at 620-5445333

1973 Thrush S2R, Geared 1340 23D40 TSMO 280 AFTT 8,400, SATLOC M3, AutoCal flow control, Transland spreader and speed ring included. Delivery negotiable. $110K For more information call or text 719648-9924

2004 Thrush 550, TTAF 8093, with PT6-60AG 0 shot, 0 time fuel control, Bleed valve, and High pressure pump, 0 SMOH prop, Hyd. gate box, SATLOC G4, booms and spreader. Sale with fresh annual. $420,000 Call 979-257-6695

A 42 | agairupdate.com

1980 Thrush S2R-15DC (Converted to PT6A-34 in 1988) Airframe TT: 15,960 (Approx.) Roughly 3000hrs remain on spars. Engine PT6A-34: 0 hours Since Extensive HOT (Installed New CT blades, Shroud segments, and Sealing ring. Installed Overhauled FCU, High Pressure Fuel Pump, CT vane Ring, Combustion liner, Large Exit Duct and Small Exit Duct. Fuel nozzles cleaned and flowed, and MORE!) SWTI CT Vane ring AD complied with Oct. 2020, Prop: 900 Since IRAN. Options: 500 gallon hopper, Satloc Bantam GPS with flow control, Load Hawg, hydraulic gate box, KAWAK Throttle quadrant, Smoker, Aluminum Booms with CP nozzles, LED Leading edge lights (New lenses), Windshield wiper/washer, AC, Rear observer’s Seat, VG’s, Metal Tail, New Stainless camlocks all around, and more! Currently Undergoing Extensive airframe refurbishment from the Hopper to the tail! Stripped, primed and painted frame from the cockpit back. including inside the front cockpit, rebuilding the rear cockpit, New all around windows, frames, and doors. Tinted front and rear cockpit side windows, refurbed horizontal stabilizer, Vertical, Rudder, and Elevators, rebuilt tail wheel assembly, and much more! This one is a must see! Sold with fresh annual. $425K ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952941-6255 for more information!

2008 550 Dual Cockpit Thrush w/P&W -60AG. TTAE: 5465, TSHOT: 888. This aircraft has the factory 29,000 hour wing spars! Has a fresh Starter Gen, fresh tach gen, and fresh Bleed Valve. This airplane is ready to work! New Paint job in 2019! Extras include: Single Point Fuel, VG’s, Smoker, Shadin, AC/Heat, Lane Fan/Brake and Reabe Hopper Gauge. It currently has an Ag Pilot X GPS w/Flow Control installed, but I am a GPS dealer so that can be arranged to your preference. $550K Call/Text Kameron at 712-8992017 with any questions. Will consider a 510 Thrush w/-34 as partial trade. Order your 510 Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection Call 478-987-2250

Turbine Garrett -5 powered Thrush 1700 SHOT (good cycle times remain on wheels) Airframe recondition 1700 hrs ago in 2017. Ag Pilot X w/Flow Control, Heavy gear, metal tail, aileron and elevator servos, SS camlocks, VG’s, recently O/H 300 amp Start/Gen, Fast Start, hopper rinse, Electric boom shutoff, super booms, stainless CP’s, smoker, 200 gal fuel, KAWAK Throttle quad, Digital EI gauges, Panel mounted IPAD dock, PAR100 Bluetooth comm radio, harbour A/C and MORE! Aircraft Currently having Thrush Factory lower wing spar caps replaced at ASI in Hutchinson, MN. This one is clean from a South Dakota Operator, come by see for yourself! $429,950 Negotiable. ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952941-6255 for more information!

2019 Thrush S2R-T34, N1009F, TTAE 1160, PT6A-34AG, AM Safe Seat Belts, Long Control Stick, G5, Vortex Generators, IntelliFlow, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Custom Air Tail Wheel, SATLOC G4, Leading Edge Lights, SS Booms, Smoker. Annual 1/21/19 See spec sheet for details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885 www.midcont.net

2004 710 Thrush w/P&W -67AG. TTAF: 5255, TTE: 6689, TSHOT: 173, PSOH: 1550. Over $100,000 was put into the Power Section at Covington 173 hours ago including all new Second Stage PT Blades. A fresh hot section was performed as well at this time. This airplane is ready to work! New Paint job in 2017! Extras include: Cascade Cowling with alternating avoidance lights, Hatfield Single Point Fuel System, Kawak Quadrant, Smoker, Shadin, Hopper Rinse, Lane Fan/Brake and Reabe Hopper Gauge. $675K Call/Text Kameron at 712-899-2017 with any questions. Will consider a 510 Thrush w/ -34 as partial trade.

2012 Thrush S2R-T34, N986MM, TTAE:5100, PT6S-34AG, 400 hrs. SHI, Hartzell 4 blade prop, 900 hrs.SNEW, Cascade, MVT-50 glass panel, Load Hawg, Bantam GPS, IntelliFlow, Leading Edge lights, Vortex generators, Smoker, Bottom load fuel. Very clean aircraft, well maintained and no damage history. See spec sheet for more details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www. midcont.net

1996 Ayres S2R-T34, N2243J, TTAF 8929.6, PT6A-41 Engine Time 16,645, TTSHI 934.0, SATLOC G4 w/IntelliFlow, A/C & Heat, Bottom Load Fuel, Lane Electric Brake, Load Hawg, Cool Seat, Hopper Rinse Tank, SS Boom, Fuel Cap 192 Gallon. See spec sheet for more details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.midcont. net

1977 Thrush S2R Turbine - 11,063 hours Total Time Airframe, Johnson Conversion and rebuild in 2007 (ME601E-11 with Avia Prop), Walters ME601E-11 engine with 3 hours Since IRAN (1560 SMOH), 400 gallon Hopper, AG Pilot X GPS with Flow Control (or Satloc Bantam if you prefer), MVP-50 Engine display, Electric Fan Brake, Bottom load fuel, Smoker, Air Conditioning, Metal Tail, KAWAK Throttle quadrant, Fiberglass belly, Winglets, Nav lights, Polished Spinner. Fresh Thrush Service Center Annual! Primed and Repainted Engine cowl, leading edges, vertical stab, and winglets. Rebuilt the tailwheel and primed and painted. She’s very clean and ready to go! Bring offers and trades! All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952-941-6255 for more information!


FROST FLYING INC. 1998 Ayres S2R-T15, TT 7101, P&W PT6A-15AG TSNEW 7101, TSHSI 30 hrs, Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D TSMOH 30 hrs. Century Wing Spars, 220 gal fuel, 400 gallon hopper, Zee Air Conditioning, CP09 Nozzles, SATLOC M3 GPS, Stainless Steel Booms. Last annual inspection November 2018. $330,000 Contact Stephanie Williams at 229-924-2813

Excellent condition 1974 Thrush S2R, TT 4913, Pratt & Whitney R1340 geared engine, TSMO 229. Only 378 hours since complete rebuild! Always hangared. Contact Brent at 308-289-3534 for more information. $185K. CK-AG-29 Wing Splice, Extended Wings, Aileron Servos, 29” Wheels, Spring Tail Wheel, Cold Air Intake, M3 SATLOC, Crop Hawk, Smoker, New Stainless, Steel Booms, Cool Seat, Bottom Load Fuel. Visit https://mega.nz/folder/ TnhBxI5b#uPRTR4blbIBcMm9-0Y6a-Q for more pictures.

2017 Thrush S2R-H80, N813MC, TTAE 2050, GE-H80-100, CP Nozzles, Vortex Generators, IntelliFlow, Load Hawg, Hopper Rinse Tank, Smoker, Bottom Load Fuel, MVP-50 Panel, G4. Very clean aircraft! Annual 11-20. See spec sheet for details. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.midcont.net

2013 Thrush S2R-H80, N3046N, TTAF 2700, Fresh annual, load hawg, VG’S, bottom fuel/dual load, IntelliFlow w/Smart pump, Leading Edge lights, SS booms, hopper rinse, Bantam, smoker, spreader w/kick plate, radio, CP’s, G4 IntelliFlow. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www.midcont.net

PT6A-41 850 SHP Thrush. N2249U, has been completely rebuilt from the spinner to the end of the rudder. We put the fuselage in our jig and replaced all the tubing from the cockpit back and upgraded to the later stronger longeron sizes. We installed all the factory beef up kits to the forward fuselage. We rebuilt the wings and installed new spar caps, rebuilt the factory metal tail, made new fuselage side panels and installed with crosspoint s.s. fasteners, we painted the aircraft with high solids Alumigrip polyurethane paint, we replaced windows, we installed a dropped stainless spray system we installed a cool seat with new covers and a Hooker harness, We installed the Cascade front end conversion kit with the 14” longer mount, we installed the MVP50T glass panel in the new upper center instrument panel, we installed a new Dyna Nav Vektor Max GPS, we installed a new KAWAK throttle quadrant, it has a radio and Harbour air conditioning, it has vortex generators, 192 gallon fuel capacity with bottom loading, it has nav/strobe/landing and taxi lights, and a 525 gal hopper. The engine is a King Air takeoff with approximately 4000 hours since P&W factory overhaul and 10 hours since hot section and test cell run. The High Performance 4 bladed Hartzell prop has 10 hours since new. The aircraft is fast, hauls a full hopper load, gets off the ground quickly, turns extremely well, and is a delight to fly. It should out perform an AT-502XP. We have over $700,000 USD in the aircraft, and we are asking $650,000 USD with a $2500 allowance for spray nozzles. We will entertain reasonable offers. Call 559686-1794, Email info@johnstonaircraft. com or www.johnstonaircraft.com

www.frostflying.com 2021 Slots Available .............................................................................Call 2012 AT 802A, 802A-0473 N473FS, PT6A-65AG, ~3,300 TT,Hatfield Single Point Fuel, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Smoker, Wingman, G4 w/Flowcontrol, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Storm Cutters, 10 Hydraulic Gate w/ Vondran Controller, Fresh HSI ......................................................... $725,000.00 2 0 1 7 AT 8 0 2 A , 8 0 2 A - 0 7 0 1 N 8 0 3 3 N , P T 6 A - 6 5 A G, 3 0 8 Gallon Fuel, Single Point Fuel, Electric Brake Gr Adj, Smoker, Wingman, G4 w/Flowcontrol & 7 1/2” Geared Manual Gate, Fresh Annual ...................................................................... $950,000.00

Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor Weath-Aero

1999 Thrush S2R-T34, N23034, AFTT 11,048 hrs., Current Annual, Avenger Wing Spar 38,391 hrs. remaining, Extensions and Winglets, PT6A-34AG TSO: 0.0, Four Blade Hartzell Propeller STC SA04302CH, HC-B4TN-3C/T10702NS TSN: 0.0, New Tires, New Brakes and Rotors, Zee A/C System w/Heat, Single Point Fueling System, Fuel Quantity Indicator, Refurbished Hopper with new gate box, New Booms. See spec sheet for details. Turbines Inc. 812-8772587 www.turbinesinc.com

Compro Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles

Jack Frost jack@frostflying.com Frost Flying Inc Office 870-295-6213 Maintenance 870-295-3776 Fax 870-295-6674

Garrett Frost garrett@frostflying.com Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237 parts@frostflying.com

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Matt Ashburn

IA and A&P mechanics needed

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Order your Bell 206 Helicopter Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

2020 Thrush 510P - DC, 120 hours Since NEW (Approx.) Engine/Propeller: PT6A-34AG, Hartzell 3 blade prop. Equipment: 510 Gallon Hopper, Garmin G5 EFIS Artificial Horizon, MVP-50T Glass panel color display, 228 gallon (useable) fuel capacity, 2 inch stainless steel spray system, 41 inch stainless steel gate box, 4340 chrome-moly steel spar caps (29,000 hour life), Stainless steel bottom fuselage skins, Alodine Chromicoat L25 for corrosion resistance, Massive overturn structures, 3 – in. left side loader, Quick detach fuselage skins, 28 – volt electrical systemDual 24 – volt batteries, 250 amp Starter generator, Solid-state generator control unit, Wire deflector cable, Cockpit wire deflectors, Stainless steel rudder cables, Outside air temperature gauge, Spring steel tail wheel assembly, All metal Empennage, Zee Systems electric air conditioner/cabin heat, High flotation 29-in. tires, Cleveland dual caliper disc brakes, Wing root fairings, Upper and lower hopper windows, 4130 chromemoly tubular steel fuselage, Aileron servo tabs, Adjustable mesh (cool) seats, Dual inertia reels, Hooker harness (Certified to 5,000lbs), Sealed cockpit enclosure, Windshield wiper and washer, Adjustable rudder pedals, Navigation and instrument lights, Wing tip navigation & strobe lights, Cockpit lighting, K&N barrier filter system, Polyurethane Finish, Powder coating (Airframe, engine mounts, and Landing gear). Additional Options: AG Pilot X GPS w/Flow control, Single point re-fuel with auto shut-off (Hatfield), Vortex Generators, Smoker, Electric fan brake Model 111F, Hopper Rinse, LED leading edge lights, Garmin 225 Comm. ASI JET is a Factory Authorized Thrush Dealer, Service center, and Parts distributor. Specializing in New and Used aircraft sales, Please Call ASI Jet Sales at 952-941-6255 for more information!

1997 Ayres S2R-G10, N773CC, AFTT 6500, Engine: 1813.0 SHOT/ CAM1813, Propeller O/H Conrad Maxwell on 4/5/12, Cool start system, Hatfield single point fueling, ATS-VG’s, AG-TIPS-MARBURGER, Kawak hydraulic system, SATLOC G4, Load hawg, Max weight 7900, Empty weight 4718, Useful load 3182. $420K Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885 www.midcont.net

A 44 | agairupdate.com

1999 Thrush S2R-T34, SN G10-161, Frame off conversion. Like new. TTAF 5,350. Engine PT6A -34AG. TSO 0.0. Century Wings with 115 gal fuel per side, extensions and winglets. New 4 Blade Propeller STC SA04302CH. New 510 gal Hopper. New tires, brakes and rotors. ZEE AC with heat. Single point fueling system. Fuel Quantity Indicator. Hopper quantity gauge. New pump and stainless steel booms. Heavy duty landing gear. Cool seat. New paint. Current annual. Turbines Inc 812-877-2587 peg@turbinesinc.com Order your Radial Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Order your Thrush 660 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Order your Dual Cockpit Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Weatherly

1993 Weatherly 620B, 5000 TT, 600 SMOH Covington, new wing brackets. 137 available. $105,000. Call 256-708-5966

1995 Weatherly 620B, TTAF 7344, Pratt & Whitney R985 TSOH 66 hrs, Hartzell HC-B3R30-4B 1661 TSOH, Crop Hawk Flow Meter, VG’s, CP’s, Lane pump fan and electric brake, Smoker, LED Landing Lights, 70 Amp Alternator. March 2020 Annual. $135,000 Call Stephanie Williams at Souther Field Aviation, Inc. 229-9242813 Order your Weatherly Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250

Aircraft - Other 2006 Beech G-36 Bonanza, 880 Hours since new, Garmin 1000/WAAS, Factory Air, Leather. This airplane is like new. Price reduced to $475,000 Call Sun Valley Aviation, 956-421-4545

B1-A Callair Manufacturing Rights. Available now is the type certificate, drawings, jigs, tooling, aircraft parts, and property associated with this 300 gal Pratt and Whitney 985 powered sprayer. Start your own aircraft company or expand your line. Call for details. Airplane Services Inc. 850-675-1252, 850-380-7268, 850-380-6091. Order your The AgOp Collage Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 Order your In-Formation Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection Call 478-987-2250

Reliable Midwest based 1989 Weatherly 620A. Pratt and Whitney R985 overhauled at Tulsa Aircraft Engines 474 hrs SMOH. Hartzell HC-B3R30-4B Propeller 1512 SMOH. SATLOC M3 GPS with flow control. Smoker, Automatic Flagman, Stainless Steel CP-09 spray nozzles. 5390 hrs TT. Annual Inspection Completed March 2020. $99K Contact Devin Conley with Silverwings Ag, LLC. 785342-2184

Order your Stearman Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection Call 478-987-2250

Helicopters Bell 47 Booms Complete. Also have rear section of Bell 47. Call 660-572-0265 2 Huey helicopter buckets for sale. Call Guy at 803-645-8230 1982 Hiller UH 12-E, 3112 TT, 100 hrs. on new engine. Two spray trucks also for sale. Call Guy at 803-6458230

Engine - Piston R1340-AN2 Airmotive Overhaul, New Pistons, mags, harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 R1340 Engine Overhaul, New Pistons, New bearings, mags, ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 R985-AN1-14B Tulsa Overhaul, New Pistons, Bosch mags. Ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 Pratt & Whitney Piston Engines, Parts and Accessories in stock. 0-Time R-985 / R-1340 / R-1830-92 & -94 / R-2000-7M2 / R2800CB engines ready to go. Complete stock of engine parts. We stock complete OHC cylinder assys. Ready to install. Call Sun Air Parts 661-257-7708, Fax 661-257-7710 or email info@sunairparts.com Pratt and Whitney overhauled 1340 cylinders, carburetor, Ag cat spreader call Terry at 870-536-1348 or David at 870-550-1664 R-1340, Zero Time Since Overhaul By Covington, $67,500.00 Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

Engine - Turbine Jetset Airmotive - PT6A-34 For Sale - PCE-RBO167, TTSN:5392.7, TCSN:6981, TSO:1394.5, CSO:1846 See spec sheet for details. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email preeves@jsamiami.com Jetset Airmotive - PT6A-34 For Sale - PCE-RBO219, TTSN:5125.8, TCSN:7303, TSO;1214.9, CSO:1614 See spec sheet for details. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email preeves@jsamiami.com Jetset Airmotive - PT6A-28 For Sale Serial Number: PCE-52074, TSN:5901.9, CSN:6033, TSHSI:0, TSO:2375.9, CSO:2507 See spec sheet for details. For pricing call Paul at 305-825-2001 or email preeves@ jsamiami.com PT6A-60AG, 6500 hours TT, Fresh Hot Section, O/H Fuel Control Unit, O/H Bleed Valve, O/H Starter Generator. $295,000 For more information call Bill Kingrey at 979-257-6695





• Reduced Turning Time • Shorter Takeoff Rolls • Improved Aileron Authority • Lower Stall Speed (800) 677-2370 Vortex Generator Technology

4000 Airport Road, Suite D Anacortes, Washington 98221 (360) 293-8082 FAX (360) 293-5499 www.microaero.com micro@microaero.com

Micro VG Kits Available for: Thrush: S2R, S2R-T11, S2R-T15, S2R-T34, S2RHG-T34, S2R-T45, S2R-T65, S2RHG-T65, S2R-R1340, S2R-R1820, S2R-R3S, S2R-G1, S2R-G5, S2R-G6, S2R-G10, S2R-H80 (510G) Air Tractor: AT-300, AT-301, AT-302, AT-400, AT-400A, AT-401, AT-401A, AT-401B, AT-402, AT-402A, AT-402B, AT-501, AT-502, AT-502A, AT-502B, AT-504 Cessna Models: 188B, A188B, T188C Dromader : PZL M18, M18A, M18B Piper Brave: PA-36-285, PA-36-300, PA-36-375 Weatherly: 201, 201A, 201B, 201C, 620, 620A, 620B

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Since 1981 dedicated to pt6 engines

Your #1 PT6 overhaul/rePair alTernaTive

812.877.2587 | turbines@turbinesinc.com |


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CLASSIFIEDS Zero TSO PT6A-34AG. Overhauled by EOS. Please call us at (561) 745-6150 for more infomation. PT6-15AG For Sale, Fresh gear box, overhaul, 0 since hot section. Call Bill Kingrey for cycle times and price. 979257-6695 PT6 Starter Generator #23046-28 OHC, #23048-21 A/R, $5000 for pair, or trade for 23046-007. Call 870-8862418/2489F, 759-1692 Cell frank. kelley@ag-cat.com Walters 601E-11 OSIRAN, Engine 2250 TT, 1300 hrs sense factory overhaul. Complete with overhauled prop hub, and a set of blades, 99 in dia. $95,000 Memphis, TX. 940-585-6176 Turbo Cat Kit ready for installation this winter. Kit includes new firewall forward, Hartzell propeller, EI-MVP, custom built fiberglass cowlings and much more. We can supply a new PT6A-15AG or -34AG for a great price with the kit. Includes a “Fly Safe Transition Program” Contact ann@ turbineconversions.com for pricing and additional details. Complete Engine Package! TPE331-6 Engine, 537 Since Cam, CD Aviation Hartzell Propeller HC-B3TN-5M/ 537 Since New, Starter Generator 23047007, 25 Hours Since Overhaul, Beta Tube Included. $177,000 Call Lynn Johnson at 701-360-5966 or 701352-3700 (3) PT6A-34AG Engines For Sale, TSO’s 0.0 PT6A-45R TSO 1259.9. Visit our website for spec sheets. Or call or email Jay Streb at 812-877-2587, jay@ turbinesinc.com

Equipment - Booms Tsla Center Boom 59105 (AT401-402) $1200. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800-437-5319 For Sale - High quality Stainless Steel booms, pumps and nozzles! On the shelf and ready to ship. Contact mark@ turbineconversions.com SUPERBOOMS, Thrush Servos; Maintenance on Ag & G.A. Aircraft Including Heavy Structural Repairs; Robinson Helicopter Service Center; Machining, Fabricating & Sheet Metal Gurus; Tri-State Aviation, ND 800642-5777 or tsa@tri-stateaviation.com www.tri-stateaviation.com

Equipment - Nozzles AU3000 MICRONAIR (7) Available for sale with accessories. New Condition $800 Plus Shipping or we accept offers. Pictures Available. Contact Global Aviation LLC 816-447-2226. www. globalaviation.global

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New Zanoni Equipment Atomizers in stock and ready to ship at Turbine Conversions, Ltd. High quality, all stainless steel, tested, proven and US operators are loving these atomizers. Contact Mark@turbineconversions.com for more info. www.turbineconversions. com CP09-3P nozzles (59) $50 each, CP04 Poly Check valve (68) $26 each, CP02 SS check valve (76) $80 each, CP09-3E (67) $80 each, 7” SS drops (30) $5.50 each. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800-437-5319 Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. Now STC’d for all 400 and 500 series Air Tractors.

Equipment - Parts 3 Hatfield Fire Gates. Air Tractor, vented lids for a 502, Transland quick attach. Make a Reasonable offer. Call 204856-9422 AT-802 Hatfield Fire Gate - New Production ready to ship! Original Hydraulic Clam Shell Design, STC, BLM & IATB Approved. Proven reliable design, currently fighting fires in North & South America. Built tough, lighter weight and affordable pricing available options. Other aircraft models available - STC on All models of AT, Thrush and M18 Dromader with short lead time. www.turbineconversions.com Contact ann@turbineconversions.com We have an overstock of the large Lane Fan, 111FLT offering special below list pricing to reduce stock. Call Transland at 940-687-1100 or email sales@ translandllc.com for more information.

Equipment - Pumps 502B spray pump Agrinautics 38” Gate Strut Assembly and complete bottom installation ready to go (Electric brake) second 502B spray pump with all bottom installations (electric motor for fam feather) see pictures of both pumps. Note: they are used pumps. You have to pick it up. $3,900 870-930-5729

Equipment - Spreaders 25” Stainless Steel Spreader, Like new, 9 Vanes for low volume applications. $1,500 Call Bill at 863-467-4000 Used Swathmaster spreader for 25” gate. $2,500. Call Don 830-275-1127 New Swathmaster Stainless Steel Spreader (steel 304) for Air Tractor gate box, 38 inches. Ready for use $5,500. Call 954-278-0939 or email wwt. pba@gmail.com

(2)Transland SS 22274 38” to 25” gate box adapters & 21966 Gate Boxes. $2500 Eachor $4000 for both plus shipping. Call 620-525-6712 Transland SS Swathmaster 38in. Special 54495 (5in. Throat) w/wing extension 254 in. wide, Spreader Quick Attach 23505, Brackets for 402B & homemade cart, (NEW 52916) Stainless Low Volume Gate Door. Like new, used once on spike contract, would be great for cover crop work. $10K OBO plus shipping. Call 620-525-6712. TRANSLAND SS SWATHMASTER 25in, has brackets for 402B, Spreader Quick attach 23507, comes w/2 more center sections & 4 wings. $3000 OBO plus shipping. 620-525-6712 New SWATHMASTER Stainless Steel Spreader (steel 308) for CESSNA 188 gate box, 25 inches. Ready for use. $4,000. Also available NEW SWATHMASTER’S for THRUSH, AIR TRACTOR, PIPER, etc. Ask for price. Call 954-278-0939 or email wwt. pba@gmail.com 25 Inch Gate Swathmaster Spreader Price reduced to $2,500 Call Colton at 804-387-3825 Transland 10 vane spreader for 38” gate, new, $9,900; Lane Aviation 281342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401

GPS - AgPilotX Helicopter light bar now available with the new iPad based guidance system AgPilotX. Entire system with helicopter light bar is 13 lbs. Call Anthony Fay with Insero for details 480-285-4367

GPS - DynaNav Like new factory reconditioned DynaFlight-AirAg-Pro system complete with new wiring harness, new GNSS Antenna and new display. Only the processor box is reconditioned, Special Price: $8,900 Call 604-465-0009

GPS - SATLOC Used SATLOC M3 as removed for upgrade. $2,000 Call Don 830-2751127 2 Year Old SATLOC G4 GPS System for sale, like new. Also have various used GPS systems. AG PILOTX DEALER. $13,000 Call Tanner J. Sotvik at DEVILS LAKE AERO SERVICE 701520-0229 or 701-662-4416 (2) SATLOC G4 GPS w/IntelliFlow. $14,000 each. Call Ed at 361-9477891 or 361-387-9090 Get Serious About Selling Classifieds Starting at $19.99 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

Help Wanted Red Willow Chemical is looking for an energetic, dependable and positive team member to fill the role of an Agriculture Spray Pilot position and an A&P position in McCook, NE. These positions can be filled by either a fulltime year-round position or seasonal/ contract, however the applicant must reside in Red Willow County, NE during peak spraying seasons. Pilot position is responsible for piloting an Ag Cat and/ or Brave, coordinating maintenance, communicating with agronomy and chemical sales staff. The ideal candidate must be able to multitask and be dependable. A valid commercial pilot license is required with a MINIMUM OF 500 TURBINE HOURS. Herbicide experience is highly preferred. Sign on and seasonal bonuses, Paid Time Off (PTO), Group Health Insurance, 401(K), Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Wellness Program. Email your resume to cspencer@rwchemical.com Experienced Rotary-Wing AG Pilot Needed - Pilot with experience wanted for 2021 and beyond. At least three full seasons of Forestry experience is and row crop experience is preferred. Our season runs from first of March through beginning of November throughout the South and Midwest. B&S Air, Inc. operates some of the cleanest and well equipped OH-58’s, 206B’s, and Long Rangers in the industry, and we spare no expense on our maintenance program. We run two batch trucks and a turnkey with all crews to maximize productivity. Percentage based pay system with no limits to earning potential. Call 229-838-6733 or visit us at https://www.bandsairinc.com/ VersaAir Services in Kansas is looking for a fixed wing Thrush S2R turbine pilot for the 2021 season. VersaAir Services is a successful helicopter operator diversifying into the fixed wing market and seeking an individual that we can grow the fixed wing division with. We are placed in a great location in eastern Kansas with private asphalt runway. Please email jsutton@versaair. com and/or rdeweese@versaair.com for more info. In search of Ag Aircraft support person. Duties will include servicing aircraft, loading chemicals, driving truck, maintaining facilities in a professional manner and maintaining aircraft. A&P/ IA encouraged but not mandatory. Operation is located in the Midwest with a lot of growth potential. Individual must be self motivated with attention to detail and interested in growing a professional and profitable business. Opportunity for ownership in maintenance shop for the proper individual. Email resume to blindads@agairupdate.com Subject: ID#3084


“Hard Cased” cutter blades

Spacer blocks stabilize blade during strike

Adel clamps for trailing brake line

Inexpensive insurance against a wire strike




985-868-1477 www.autocalflow.com autocalflow@aol.com


“Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: glane@laneav.com • www.laneav.com P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471 agairupdate.com | A 47

CLASSIFIEDS Experienced Ag Pilot Needed, Full time position, paid health insurance, salary negotiable, located in Oklahoma. Call us at 405-255-8748 AT-802 pilot needed in southeast Missouri. Most active March thru September. Full time seat, must be insurable in 802 and clean accident history. Please email resume to blindads@agairupdate.com, Subject: ID#3058 and include a phone number. Canadian AT-802 Pilot Wanted If you are looking for an upgrade from a 500 gallon airplane we are willing to train the selected candidate - Kinniburgh Spray Service LTD, based in Taber, AB is a proactive organization with 68 years of service, requires a Professional Agriculture Aerial Applicators to fly our Air Tractor 802 and/or 502. Job duties: Fly fixed wing Turbine Air Tractor safely and efficiently. Work with customers and ground crew in a professional manner. Be available when conditions are optimum. Perform elementary maintenance and servicing of aircraft and maintain journey logs following Transport Canada guidelines. Certificates Required: Canadian Commercial pilot’s license, Alberta and Saskatchewan Aerial Pesticide, Applicator License, Valid Category One Medical license. Skills Required: Min 1000 Hrs Ag of which 500 hrs must be turbine Ag, Proficient in speaking, reading and writing English, Capable of operating Satloc GPS systems, Clean Flight Record, Insurable through our insurance provider. Wages/ Salary: $70/Hr based on 40hr/ week, overtime with remuneration. Wages based on acres sprayed, acres sprayed in season depend upon weather and farm economy. Workers compensation provided. Benefits and relocation expenses provided. Email resume including references to info@ kinniburghspray.com. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Ag pilot wanted - Gravity Ag Services of Vauxhall, Alberta, Canada is an expanding company looking for an 500hr experienced, insurable, Canadian Commercial licensed aerial applicator to join our team. Our team utilizes the Thrush 510p to service our customers. The successful applicant will be required to safely and efficiently fly on both irrigation and dry land from May to September. We are looking for a strong work ethic to professionally work with customers and crew. Email resume to gravityag@outlook.com Agtegra Cooperative is currently taking applications for 2 full-time pilots willing to relocate to South Dakota. Competitive pay and great benefits For details and to apply visit www.agtegra.com/careeropportunities.

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Driver/Support crew needed for Wildland Fire Suppression Aircraft. Looking for a motivated individual to travel and assist pilots with aircraft for fire suppression duties. Temporary position with long term possibilities dependent on performance. CDL Class A with Hazmat and tanker endorsement required to apply. Duties include: driving pickup truck and gooseneck trailer set up to different bases as needed. transporting crew to the fire bases from the hotel and back, loading/ fueling aircraft, making sure equipment is clean and well taken care of. For further questions you can contact Chrissy/Kyle at the Fort Morgan Airport. 970-867-8414. Please send resumes to cofireaviation@gmail.com Wanted - Loader/Driver for Helicopter Spray Operation, A&P would be helpful. Could work into pilot position. Call 641821-0015 Full service FBO serving West Central MN, is looking to add an Experienced A/P Mechanic. Prairie Air Inc. is located in Elbow Lake MN which is in the heart of MN’s best agricultural & resort areas. Elbow Lake offers small town living at its best, while located conveniently to several metropolitan areas. Pay DOE Full benefits available including profit sharing. Requirements: Must be a US citizen and high school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to read, write and understand the English language. Have a current FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate. Must have minimum Five (5) years recent experience working full time as an aircraft mechanic. Must provide own quality set of tools. Must have leadership skills. Working Knowledge of computer usage to include Microsoft Windows based programs. Call 218685-6594 Looking for Ag & King Air Simulator Instructors. Instructors are 1099 contractors. Work is on a per student basis. 1-3 day courses and paid by the day. Work one on one with the students. Classroom and simulator instruction. Days are 9-5 with no weekends. Lodging fees are covered for instructors that travel in to our location to teach. Flight instructor certificate not needed. Looking for someone who has an Ag pilot background/ experience. Turbine experience is a must. Could be active or retired. Must have an interest in teaching and passing on their knowledge to others in the industry. Email resume and references to blindads@agairupdate.com Subject: ID#2710 Operator looking for AT-502 pilot. Multiple locations - Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Email resume and references to jim@ agrimaxllc.com

Looking for the right pilot. Wilbur-Ellis is looking for a Bell 47 Pilot with row crop spray experience to work in King City California. King City is located in the south end of the Salinas Valley, 150 miles south of San Francisco, 60 miles south east of Monterey. I have a full-time position available for the right applicant. You must be stable and accident/violation free. WilburEllis has excellent benefits, including company provided transportation. The season runs from the middle of March through the middle of November. The work is difficult and challenging but rewarding. Pilots are expected to be in the office in the afternoon to prepare for the following days work. This is a full time position for an experienced Bell 47 pilot with row crop experience. If this is something you are interested in, please send me a resume. Mark Plaskett 831-594-2430mplaskett@wilburellis. com Need a couple of batch truck drivers for a helicopter spray crew. Must have at least a class B cdl license with hazmat. Good driving record. Will be traveling a lot. We pay salary, pre diem, and commission. Contact Danny at 662453-9406 for details Helicopter Pilot - Position available spraying in South Texas. April thru November. Room and Board provided with excellent pay. Call Cameron Hendrickson at 815-739-6813 or 815384-5151 Looking for an experienced UH-1 helicopter mechanic. Ag experience preferred but not required. We have a large operation. 3+ ships to maintain. All the spray machines are UH1-B’s. No depot level maintenance. Only intermediate and phase maintenance is done in house. You will be required to oversee and direct maintenance operations and complete all associated paperwork for the helicopters. Please send resumes to TIGERJONES204@ YAHOO.COM Opening for full time A&P mechanic/ director of maintenance in Northern California. IA is preferred and experience with PT6 engine is preferred, but not required. Aircraft: Turbine Ag-Cats and Radial Ag-Cats. Benefits are: profit sharing, matching 401k, health insurance, dental, vacation, sick leave, and holiday pay. Willing to help with relocation cost. Contact Alex at 530882-4286 Immediate Midwest position open for an Aerial Helicopter Ag Pilot. Family business seeking experienced Bell 47 pilot for upcoming 2019 season. Ag spraying experience preferred. Great opportunity for the right person. Email rbauer2965@gmail.com or call 815383-9378

North Dakota aviation operation looking for an Experienced and “PASSIONATE” A&P/IA and pilot to fly/maintain/rebuild turbine Thrush and North American AT6 aircraft. Flying season runs from June through August. TPE-331 and sheet metal experience preferred. If you do not love aviation, and enjoy maintaining and flying airplanes, please do not apply. Email resume and references to Luke at luke@ltenterprisesnd.com Large midwest aerial application business looking for A&P and IA mechanics. Must have Air Tractor and PT6A experience. Starting salary is 7080K if qualified. Must supply a resume and three references. Send resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com, Subject: ID#2234 or fax to 478352-0025 Looking for agriculture pilot with S2R-T34 experience in seeding, fertilizing and spraying to work in Guyana, South America. For more information email hr@aslgy.com or call 592-222-1234 ext. 239/226 Help Wanted - Ground Crew position & Mix Truck Operator for helicopter crew. CDL a plus. We will help get CDL. Full time & part time position. Must be willing to travel May thru October. Low time pilots wanted. Guaranteed flight time. For more information contact Caleb Harvey at (706) 577-4220 or email caleb@bsairinc.com. Due to expansion opportunities we are looking for experienced 502 and 802 pilots. Must have knowledge of the latest GPS units. This is a full time turbine position in the Upper Midwest. Historically from May to October. We spray a large variety of row crops. Mostly fungicides, insecticides and micro nutrients no herbicide work. We also do dry fertilizer and cover crops. We are looking for team players willing to grow with us. A pilot with a strong work ethic is desired. Please reply with a resume to Agpilot502802@gmail.com Looking for experienced AT-802 and turbine Thrush pilots for the season 2019-2021. Must have experience in fire fighting on Air tractor 802 or Thrush. The pilots will be based in Cyprus for 6 months contract per year. Please send your resume to: aviators@ hotmail.gr attention to Mr. Nicolas Full time, year around position, A&P required, IA a plus. Busy shop servicing Air Tractor, King Air and light jets. Location in NW Iowa. Top pay for right individual. Come to the Iowa Great Lakes! 712-262-0070 Looking for banner pilot and loader for spray operation. Possible advancement to our spray operation. Housing provided. Call Bob at 410-251-6224


skytractor.com 800-437-5319 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 • 701-636-5880 • fax 701-636-5881 • skytractor@rrv.net Ag Cat Parts

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CLASSIFIEDS California Crop Duster - Long term pilot job. Call 209-948-9345 Helicopter Loader wanted for Aerial Operator in SW. Must have CDL. Call 866-627-8292 or email Trirotoraz@ gmail.com IA and A&P mechanics needed. Call 870-295-6213 Salary depending on qualifications and experience.

Miscellaneous Hot Shot transistorized 3 foot cattle prod. $50 Call 402-841-5144 David Clark Headset, Model number H10-13S, stereo headset in excellent shape $250. Call 402-841-5144 250 Amp Dry Spline Starter Generator. $3,500 Call Chad Stuart Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 Portable containment tarp for loading, like new - used 1 time. 15’x50’. $2500 or best offer. 785-263-3037 Used 250 AMP Wet Spline Starter Generator. $3500 Call Chad Stuart at Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 Ag Cat tail spring A1590-1 $1200. Please call Peg at Sky Tractor 1-800437-5319 Christmas Trump Shirt - Short and Long Sleeve. Youth small through 4XL. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402367-3213 or send email to parts@ stormaeronatuics.com to place an order. Trump Shirts “Keeping Ag Aviation Great”. Three different designs featuring an Ag Cat, Air Tractor and Thrush. Colors are Gray, Black, and Red. Sizes Range from Youth medium through 4XL. Shirts cost $25. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213 or send email to parts@stormaeronatuics.com to place an order. Crop Duster Video - “The Crop Dusters The Early Years 1921-1955”; the era of Stearmans and Cubs flying the fields will never be seen again. Available in VHS or DVD. Only $20.00, plus S&H. MC and Visa accepted. Call 478-987-2250 Historical Video Productions. Toy plastic model Air Tractor. 12” wingspan, removable stand. Great toy for the kids or desktop model. $15 + s/h order online at www.takeofftoys.com or e-mail trevoredwards@sw.rr.com Vino? They do say ag pilots age like wine. Place your favorite wine in these high quality Rolf wine glasses etched with an ag plane, sold as a Set of 4. $49.99 plus S&H Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-9872250

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Specialty belt buckles, show your pride in style. $39.99 plus S&H Makes a great gift! For more information call 478-987-2250 Aviator Backpack and matching coin purse (sold separately). For more information call 478-987-2250 New from our DeSpain Collection, Pen and Ink Thirsty Stone Coasters. These high quality coasters will look great on any desktop or table. Set of 4. $29.99 plus S&H Makes a great gift! For more information call 478-987-2250 DeSpain Collection Customizable Note Cards featuring your favorite Pen and Ink drawing. $19.99 plus S&H For more information call 478-987-2250 Keep your drink hot or cold in this insulated 16oz Air Tractor Tervis Tumbler. $14.99 plus S&H Made in the USA, Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250

Operations For Sale or Wanted Agricultural Operation For Sale in sunny BRAZIL: 20 years of operation, customers, 04 IPANEMA EMBRAER 201/A AIRCRAFT, 01 CESSNA 188 AG TRUCK, trucks, equipments, spreaders, booms, hangar, 20 acres private runway, 3 homes for up to 10 people, etc. The nicest place to operate and make money in BRAZIL. Fly soybean, rice, corn, forest etc. The area worked can be improved with work hard. Call 954-278-0939 or email wwt.pba@ gmail.com

Parts - Airframe Used set of AT-502 wings with 170 fuel, 4600 hrs remaining on spars, all control surfaces and hardware. $42K Call Farm Air Inc. 877-715-8476 Firewall Forward Engine Cowling for an AT-502B. Includes everything except the engine. $20,000 Call 256-762-1827 Blue anodized aluminum windshield washer replacement cap with handle. $65 Available online only at www. ambericandesigns.com Questions ambericandesignsllc@gmail.com Air Tractor Bolt In Step Extension - CNC cut anodized aluminum step extension that bolts into existing step for more footing and traction. $125 Available online only at www.ambericandesigns. com Questions - ambericandesignsllc@ gmail.com CNC cut anodized aluminum spray mirrors. $275 with mirror online only. $275 www.ambericandesigns.com Questions - ambericandesignsllc@ gmail.com

Titanium Full Swivel Tail Wheel Now approved and available for S2R 660 Thrush - full swivel tailwheel with Titanium Tail Spring. Durable, long life span, lighter weight option for Thrush owners. Contact ann@ turbineconvesions.com for information and to reserve your production slot for this winter. www.turbineconversions. com Reinforced Thrush Leading Edges - Send your leading edges to us and we will reinforce them with durable custom extruded aluminum reinforcements. Available directly from Turbine Conversions,Ltd ann@ turbineconversions.com or contact our favorite Thrush dealer for more information. www.turbineconversions. com Ag Cat Factory Frames - 4130 weld assys “fixture” per­fect, ready to install. Upgrades, hoppers, long fuel, hi-wings, struts/wires, all components, special hardware and much more. AgCat Sales & Service since 1971. 870-8862418/2489F, 759-1692 Cell, frank. kelley@ag-cat.com For Sale: Solid Diffuser for Air Tractor, already tested and endorsed, highest quality, produced with stainless steel plate and rivet, uniform distribution. Manufactured by PBA Aviation. $5,500 Contact Pelopidas Bernardi fone/whats: +1-954-278-0939 B-Model Ag Cat Wings. Long range fuel. Good paint. $10k each, $35k for the set. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 1960 Piper Comanche Wings Complete with Gear, Paint Fair, No Hail damage. Also have fuselage. $9,000 Call Tanner J. Sotvik at DEVILS LAKE AERO SERVICE 701-520-0229 or 701-6624416 Upper Left Wing Less Wing Tip, Fuselage Frame, 3-1in. Landing Gears, 2 Struts For Wings, New Leading Edge For Aileron, 1 Fuel Tank, Elevators. 541-571-3017

Smokers/Driftfinders - Minimize your off target drift risk. FAA/PMA’d and STC’d for installation on most Agricultural aircraft. 44 years in business and over 6,200 units in service. For more information Please call Compro Aviation, Inc. 785-899-2294 or visit us on the web at www.comproaviation.com Super “B” Ag-Cat Wings, fresh paint, metalized, big fuel. $50,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979-257-6695 AT-402 airframe sandblasted, primed and painted. Comes with belly skin and Turtle deck. Also includes tail spring and tires. Includes tail but needs left elevator. $35,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979-257-6695 REBUILT 29” THRUSH LANDING GEAR IN STOCK & we can REPAIR / REBUILD yours to LIKE NEW STATUS. Johnston Aircraft Service, INC. 559-686-1794 / Email parts@johnstonaircraft.com / www.johnstonaircraft.com Tools for reaming attach bolts Wing Main (Centerwing to Outboard wing) attachment joints for Dromader M-18 per repair service bulletin #e/02.170/2000 Available for rent. Contact Ann at Turbine Conversions 616-837-9428 or email ann@ turbineconversions.com

Parts - Engine AgJet TPE331 SB+/SC+ Conversion Kits - Installed or assembled Kits with heavy mounts. Allied/AmAg Ag Cat Center AgJet TPE331 SB+/SC+ Conversions Radial Parts: 2 Fiberglass AT Speed Rings, 1 THRUSH Speed Ring, 1 Radial engine mount with ring. Make offer. Cascade Aircraft Conversions. 509-6351212. info@cacaircraft.com -34 Cascade Inlet System. Firewall FWD for S2R Thrush. $35,000 Call Bruce’s Flying Service at 229-7254150

Rudder and Elevator off of an AT-301 for sale. $1,000 Call Mike for details at 352-494-3978.

Ground Support Engine Driven Transfer Pump, Zanoni Equipment’s all stainless steel construction paired with a Honda 13 HP motor. Special introductory pricing orders received by January 31, 2020. Contact Mark@ turbineconversions.com for more info.

Front seat for a Citabria 7 series and a Maule tail wheel, tire size 8x3.00x4 single arm in fair condition with good bearings and race. Both for $175 Call Don at 402-841-5144 or email flyagrp@cableone.net

Complete Wingman for sale. Pump and all accessories included. As removed from 2600 hour AT-602. $10,000 Call Lynn at 870-734-6064

Fresh refurbished AT-402 hopper with lid. $7,500 Call 620-285-5609

602 Wingman System. Call for Price: 870-672-2089

Brand new windshield for an AT-400 or AT-301. $350 Call Colton at 804387-3825

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P.O. Box 540 - 1601 Hwy 84 Hayti, Missouri 63851 USA sales@midcont.com Tel: 573-359-0500 • 800-325-0885 • Fax: 573-359-0538

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AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE Complete aircraft service and repair Airframe maintenance Turbine engine maintenance Modifications Line services Paint

As well as being a certified FAA repair station, we also have our own H80 Specialist, Lubus Hrdina. Contact us today for all your maintenance, repair, and warranty work. tom@midcont.com lubos@midcont.com / 800-325-0085. Authorized Distributor for Thrush • Authorized Satloc Distributor and Repair Station • Ag-Aviation Insurance • FAA Repair Station

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2012 Air Tractor AT602-1216 N2061L PT6A-60AG 3686 Hrs TTAE, fresh HSI, Satloc Bantam w/ G4 screen, Lane fan & brake, smoker,s/s T/W deflector, drop booms, low time landing gear, 0 time FCU and HP fuel pump. ...................................................................................................................................$650,000.00 2007 Air Tractor AT802A N4265D PT6A-67AG 5917 Hrs. TTAE, fresh HSI, Satloc Bantam, radio pkg., smoker, electric fan brake, Fast Start, CP nozzles, new paint, glass & more ......................................$625,000 PT6A-34AG S/N PCE-PH0187 TTSN 8131.1 Hrs. TSLO 1259.0 Hrs. TSHSI, test cell and long term preservation 0.0 Hrs. ....................................................................................................................... $195,000

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CLASSIFIEDS Air Tractor Gen 2 Firegate, Complete system, Fairings, wire-harness. Call For Price: 870-672-2089 Collins Dynamics A/C unit for a Thrush, new inbox, $4999 OBO Call 337-2247803 for details. 2013 AT-502B Firewall forward parts: Engine mount, cowling and Ram Air filter system. All parts with less than 1400 hours total time. Very clean and well maintained AT-502B. Call Cascade Aircraft Conversions for more details 1-509-635-1212 Cockpit adjustable flow control kit. Manual control or GPS variable rate ready. Integrates into existing hydraulic systems. More info at Kawak Aviation Technologies 541-385-5051 www. kawakaviation.com Thrush S2R STC battery retrofit kit. 300% longer battery service life.  200% faster starts. Battery replacement cost 25% of original.  For more information call Kawak Aviation Technologies at 541-385-5051 or visit www. kawakaviation.com

Position Wanted Completed seat 1,2, & 3 courses including hazmat courses. Looking for Aerial Fire sponsorship and long lasting relationship with company. Please call or text Hale 678-779-4726

Propellers 12D40-6101-12 Propeller, Overhauled with 8130 Form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 Hamilton Standard Propeller 23D40 with 6511-12S Blades Overhauled Completely includes 8130-3 form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 23D40 with New Blades 6511A-9 installed. Completely Overhauled Propeller. With 8130-3 form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 QUALITY Propellers For Sale 33D50-6601A18 OHC........$29K 23D40-6601A19 OHO........$28K 22D40-6533A12 OHO........$25K 22D40AG200-2 418-SOH..$22K 12D4DAG100-4S 375-SOH.$19K 12D40AG100-2 828-SOH...$18K 2D30AG100-2 OHC............$23K HC-B3TN-5M/T10282N+4. Call AmAg, 870-886-2418/2489F frank. kelley@ag-cat.com Hartzell Prop HC-B3T10-3D, Blades T10282N +4, Prop Assy, Buckhead, Spinner, OSTMOH Prop. $28,000 Call Bruce’s Flying Service at 229-725-4150

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For Outright Sale: Overhauled 5-Blade Prop. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C. Fits AT-502A, AT-503, AT-602, AT-802, Thrush S-2R-T65 & S-2RHG-T65.’06 Hartzell Overhaul. TSN: 1379.5 (TSO:0). Call Steve or Gary at 210-9245561 or email sales@dixieair.com Hamilton Standard 22D40 Hydromatic Propeller 6533 blades overhauled complete with distributor valve and prop, Governor. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805

Real Estate Lot for sale: One-acre-square house lot for sale in new Plane Living Sky Park neighborhood with 2,000 s.f., all brick, covenants. Lot is one of 13 directly on new sod runway. Taxi out of your hangar, directly onto the runway. Located in Peach County, Georgia. Public water, septic sewer, paved streets, curb and gutter, street lights. Less than five miles west of I-75, Exit 142, approximately five miles to Fort Valley, GA and approximately 10 miles to Warner Robins, GA. Google It! South side of Hwy 96 at 50 Lane Rd., Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 (Google photo before development). Save thousands and buy from owner. $25,000 OBO. 478.987.2250

Seat Wanted Experienced ag pilot wanting long season good seat. 18K total time, 15K Ag, 12K turbine ag, 3K 602, 1K 502, 8K 402. Experienced with herbicides, fertilizer seeding etc. SATLOC G4 and shape files. ATP, CFI, A+P, IA. Excellent health. Contact: agpilot18K@gmail.com Pilot and plane looking for work - AT 402, AT-502 and pilots available for hire. Looking for any work available before Iowa corn run 2021. Willing to trade early season work for work in North East Iowa later in season. 941737-1609 or 563-880-9641 Pilot Looking for seat for the 2021 season. Bell 206, Bell407, AS350, H500, Bell 47. High time, Bell Factory School, Euro-Copter Factory School. 53 years old, single, no accidents no violations. Steve at 901-378-6724 I’m looking to put my self and or myself and my plane to work this winter. I have well maintained Lycoming powered Cessna Ag wagon that’s ready to go. I have experience in everything from Pawnee’s to 802’s doing herbicide, fungicide, row crop as well as fruits and vegetables, as well as timber and rice experience. Clean insurance records, no insurance drift claims or accidents ever. Available from November until mid March. Agpilot1984@yahoo.com 252-214-3509

Looking for Winter 2020 Seat or a Commitment to 2021 Season. Currently working at a great operation. Folks here are great and I would need time to make sure I leave them in a good situation. This has been a great stop for my career, just really need a more steady seat with more acres. I am licensed and insured for Herbicide. Also CFI etc. Actively but confidentially searching for a good fit for us. Team player, long days and nights no problem. Easy to get along with etc. Relocation not an issue; only time constraint is helping my current outfit replace me. Please respond to the email listed Agpilot2020@gmail.com and we can discuss your needs and my qualifications/references to see if we’re a good fit. Cheers Pilot/A&P Please read the attached resume. I am a pilot with an A&P looking to break into the Ag field. 10,000+ total time 500 hrs AgNav experience. 600+ Turbine, 100+ tailwheel. Previous check airman. Willing to visit your operation to see if it’s a good fit for possible relocation. Email nathanrdunkley@gmail.com or call 801-696-5720 I’m a first year ag pilot looking for a 2020 Seat and beyond. I have 220 tailwheel hrs., 20 AT-301 hrs., 45 ag hrs. I went to Eagle Vistas’s Ag Aviation school and hold a commercial pilot license. I am willing to relocate and invest myself in your operation. If your interested or want more information call Reed at 806-736-0567 or email me at reedakoehn@gmail.com Thanks! Pilot Available For 2021 - Licensed in LA, AR & MS. Looking for 2021 seat preferably around Northeast LA, Southeast AR or in the area but will entertain other locations also if anything may be available in the Florida region. Liquid, fertilize, seeding and rice herbicide experience. Time in 4,5,6&802 also thrush 400&510 . For more info please send text or leave voicemail if no answer at 318-3766993. Looking for long term seat in the US. I have an interesting combination of Aviation Engineering, Flight Training and Flight Experience, both Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing. Currently flying Thrush 510, Robinson 44, Robinson 66 and King Air C90. Experience in liquid application, aerial seeding and aerial fertilization. I am also URT (Upset Recovery Training) and aerobatics flight instructor giving instruction for more than 80 pilots already including AG pilots on how to recover airplanes form upset attitudes. Pilot Licenses: ATP, IFR Helicopter, CFI, TT Rotary Wing 1,500 hours. Resume and references are attached. For more information email cerionidiego@gmail.com

From 188 to 802 and everything in between, 5000hr Ag. Zero accidents or drifts. Wanting full time position that’s worth relocating for 5-10+ years. For more information, feel free to send me an email at aerialprofessional@gmail.com Experienced turbine pilot looking for a seat for the 2020 season and beyond. 5000+ hours ag time. Experience flying Air Tractor and Thrush. Call 318-6695351. Agricultural pilot seeks long-term position in Midwest or other states. Corn run is fine. A definite team player. Looking for a professional operation with well maintained equipment. Willing to relocate to any state. 7,800 hours AG time, most in 500 gallon turbines: row crop, tree crop, and some herbicide. Thank you for your consideration. Please email all inquiries to 1spraypilot724@gmail.com Previous owner/operator available short term or possibly long term for a good turbine Air Tractor operation. Extensive history of subcontract work around the country. Highly productive and efficient. No accidents or violations. Quality applications of liquid and dry work. SATLOC, flowcontrol, and shape file work since 1995. 8000 TT, 6500 ag, 3500 turbine. Call 701-541-0102 leave message. Pilot Looking For Heli Seat - Bell 212, UH, Rangers, 500s, 133, 137, 135 AG. OAS Cardable, Extensive experience with mosquito Vector control. 40 years of ag pilot experience. Call Andy at 850686-2020 South African pilot, 56 year old, experienced on radial and turbine engines. Holder of South African commercial license, single and multi engine, IF and Ag ratings. AG Aircraft types PA 25, PA36, G164B, Air Tractor 301/401/402 B, Thrush 510 S2R-34T. Willing to relocate anywhere in the US or Canada, kindly email: craighhamman4@gmail.com

Service Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location.

Training Riggin Flight Service, flight school offering private, commercial, instrument, Ag, multi-engine, tailwheel, etc. We tailor our courses to meet your needs. www.RigginFlightService.com (605)256-9774.


THE LATEST IN GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL AVIATION NEWS SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Authorized Hatfield Dealer for the Single Point Fueling System

PROUD TO BE THE CANADIAN AIR TRACTOR DEALERSHIP Exclusive Air Tractor Dealership • New Air Tractor 402, 502XP, 502B, 504, 602, 802 & 802F series • Used all models – Call for pricing Designated Pratt & Whitney Maintenance Facility for PT6A-AG engines • Hot Section Inspections • Line maintenance • Mobile repair

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Box 125 Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B2 P: 204-870-2828 | F: 204-857-7408 sales@portageaircraft.ca | www.portageaircraft.ca

Portage Aircraft Maintenance • Air Tractor tubular, structural & welding • Annual, 100 Hr, 300 Hr inspections • Imports, upgrades & installations • Aircraft calibrations agairupdate.com | A 53



, Hundreds of Kits Available 2 Duplication Program Second to None 3 Custom Built, TSO-Certified Stratoflex Hose Assemblies Phone: 866.413.2780 ext. 293 Fax: 618.931.1102 E-mail: sales@aerohoseshop.com Website: www.aerohoseshop.com

SEND HOSES TO: 3701 Highway 162 Granite City, IL 62040


If you want to prevent this, look into the new Storm Shield™ The Storm Shield™ is the latest advancement in bird/drone strike protection technology for general aviation. The Storm Shield™ is: • 8 Times Stronger than Factory (OEM) Air Tractor Windshield. Impact tested at National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab at Wichita State University • Scratch Resistant with Greater Clarity • Advancing Safety for the Aviation Industry • Available for all Air Tractor and Thrush models (Center Windshield)

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stormaeronautics.com • 3370 MN Road, David City, NE 68632 • 402-367-3213

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Forest Protection Limited “Xenia Morales - Women In Aviation Scholarship” - Forest Protection Limited (FPL), operating for nearly 70 years out of New Brunswick, is a company known for Aerial Work, including aerial firefighting and aerial treatment of pesticides and herbicides. We are looking to encourage women to join or further their aviation industry skills as either pilot or Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) apprentice. Estimated Value: $5,000, Available Scholarships: One per year, Scholarship Year: 2021. Pilot applicant: If awarded to a pilot applicant, the scholarship is partial funding toward the total costs associated with completing Agricultural Pilot Training. Training will take place at Battleford Airspray in Saskatchewan. Candidates must possess a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) apprentice applicant: If awarded to an AME apprentice applicant, the scholarship is partial funding toward the total costs associated with completing approved training. This training must take place at a Transport Canada Approved Training Organization (ATO). Please submit an essay of fewer than 1000 words, including a personal statement describing how this new opportunity would help advance your professional goals and ambitions. Candidates will be evaluated on personal accomplishments, involvement in the aviation community, and future career aspirations. Applicant must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, with preference given to a New Brunswick resident. Essays can be submitted to info@ forestprotectionlimited.com with the subject title “Xenia Morales - Women in Aviation Scholarship.” The deadline to submit is March 31, 2021.


New loader truck for sale - Automatic, new loading system, flip over, stainless steel tube, mild steal bed, scales, bottom load fuel. Call 870-931-8485 Fertilizer Loader Truck - F350 fertilizer loader truck, steel bin and 10” tube. Cab rusted but dependable $5000 Call Dave at 509-520-8267

1984 GMC Black Tank Truck, 4 compartment units for fuel in tank with pumps. Formerly Texaco engine 454, five speed transmission, 2 speed axle. $2,700. Buyer pick up item after sale. 979 219-9351

Fire Support Trailer For Sale - 2007 Siems Gooseneck Dove Tail Trailer, dual axle, dual tires, 24,000 GVWR. Has (2ea) 1000 Gal. poly tanks for water & retardant, 400 Gal. Jet A Fuel tanks w/fill-rite meter, Generac Mdl. GP174500 Stand By Generator. 17,500 Watt, has Honda GX-390 gas motor on pumps. $35,000 Call 409656-5998

Wanted to Buy Pawnee 235 AG Parts Wanted - New or reconditionable - Transland 20360 spray control, Agrinautics 6303 pump case, Agrinautics 6335 pump head assembly spreaders. Make offer. Email Vincent P. Lognon at drysticks@aol.com or call +33 613 203 015 I am looking for a Swathmaster for 802A, for 10” gate with 10ft wings. Call 979-234-2482

We build loader trucks to your specifications. Stainless Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Hopper w/ Stainless Steel Tube. Been in loader truck business since 1980. Call Pat Ballard Office:870-697-2004 Fax:870697-3568 185 Hwy. 42 West, Hickory Ridge, AR

Wanted to Buy - All models of Cessna 206, does not need to have an engine. If you have one sitting in your back field turn it into cash by emailing ann@ turbineconversions.com


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Pratt & Whitney Canada Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF)

Specializing in the Maintenance and Overhaul of the PT6A, R985 & R-1340 Engines

www.covingtonaircraft.com Ph. (918) 756-8320

Se Habla Espanol â&#x20AC;˘ FAA Repair Station No. CP2R750K

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