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Gaivota Agricultural Aviation expanding in Brazil

inside this edition: Working east and west of the Chesapeake Bay • Tales from a corn run• Hemisphere GPS introduces Eclipse II • Sizing up agricultural aviation • The retirement of Chris Iremonger

Bill Lavender

C Ron Deck December 1941 - September 2010

from the cockpit

Industry mourns passing of Ron Deck

On the morning of September 10, I learned that my longtime friend, Ron Deck of Sky Tractor Supply in Hillsboro, North Dakota, passed away. Ron had been battling cancer for many months. I would venture to say that just about everyone in the ag-aviation business knew Ron. If you ever attended a state, NAAA or Canadian trade show, Ron would have been there in full support with his array of supplies and services that Sky Tractor had offered. When the exhibit hall doors started to close and the rest of us exhibitors were filing out, Ron would still be patiently talking with a customer, oblivious to the end of the exhibit hall time. Ron truly cared about his customers. He wanted them to succeed safely and profitably. He spent many hours explaining the ins and outs of the Hemisphere GPS systems that he knew about and understood in detail, as well as CP Nozzles, helmets, ag-aviation software and the list goes on. My friendship with Ron goes back to the early 1990s, maybe even before then. I can distinctly remember when he served as president of the NAAA in 1990 and carried around a cell phone that was so huge it looked like a military walkie-talkie. I remember times when we would ride in the old blue van from a trade show back to his

home for a bowl of homemade bean soup. Ron was an adamant Ag-Cat operator. He believed in the aircraft and made many modifications to it that improved its performance. I can remember well his struggle with making the decision to convert from his geared R-1340 radial engines to the Walter turbines. Then, after he had operated them, the big smile he had on his face with his satisfaction and enthusiasm about the converted aircraft. He could hardly contain himself, asking me to come fly them, which I did on two different occasions, several years apart. I always felt that Ron “had it figured out”. He lived in North Dakota. But, about the time the first frost fell in Hillsboro, he was packing the van, in more recent years the motorhome, to hit the road working the trade shows. While his friends were hunkering down for the cold North Dakota winter, Ron and Barb would be enjoying the warm sunshine of the South attending state trade shows. If there is any room in heaven, I know that Ron Deck will be there. He was a man of the Bible that not only did he read, but practiced and studied with a burning need to understand. More than once he would sit with me and we would enter into deep discussions about passages unlike any with a preacher or lay person. Ron could

easily quote passages from the Bible that related to whatever was going on around him at the time. He had a very good understanding of the Bible and could relate that understanding to whomever he was discussing it with. Our industry will mourn the loss of Ron Deck. It’s impossible for me to understand how such a vital, health conscious man could lose to cancer. Ron’s passing only proves we are on this Earth at the will of God. We do not have any rights to be here. What may seem unfair to us in the loss of a loved one, has to be part of a bigger plan. Ron Deck - September 9, 2010 Volume 28, Number 10 october 2010

Gaivota Agricultural Aviation expanding in Brazil

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inside this issue Calendar of events .................................................................................................................... 4 AgAir mail ...................................................................................................................................... 6 Gaivota Agricultural Aviation expanding in Brazil.................................................................................. 8 Working east and west of the Chesapeake Bay..................................................................................10 Tales from a corn run.......................................................................................................................... 12 Savvy thinking...................................................................................................................................... 18 Hemisphere GPS introduces Eclipse II................................................................................................. 20 Sizing up agricultural aviation............................................................................................................. 22 Family and friends celebrate the retirement of Chris Iremonger........................................................24 Featured classified ads......................................................................................................... 26


Working east and west of the Chesapeake Bay • Tales from a corn run• Ron Deck passes • Hemisphere GPS introduces Eclipse II • Sizing up agricultural aviation • The retirement of Chris Iremonger

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Gaivota Agricultural Aviation Expanding in Brazil (Front to back) Marcos Morandi (an owner) on the wing of a Gaivota Agricultural Aviation AT-802 with brother and owner, also on an AT-802, Fernando Morandi. Jose Marcelo Morandi, a pilot and nephew, stands on the AT-502. See story page 10.

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October 2010


agair mail AAU comment book Check out this guy maybe one chapter per month? Kirk Price Morrilton, AR Hello Kirk; Good to hear from you. Hope all is well in Arkansas. I’m familiar with the book, “Border Pilot”. I actually have a copy, somewhere. As for a monthly column, there are a few conflicting issues such as copyright laws, content and available space. I believe it would serve all better to simply write a book review. I’ll see what I can get done. Thanks for the suggestion.—Bill

aphid Graham; I’ve got the enemy by the tail. I’ve sent your dad some pictures in the past, thought this was a good one! Audubon, Iowa last week, slow right now, waiting on the aphid! Lin Stanton Greenwood, MS Lin; I have your photo uploaded in AAU’s Photo Gallery (http://www.agairupdate. com/photo_gallery.php). I have also forwarded your picture and message along to Dad! Thanks,—Graham


You are making on-line improvements every issue! Keep it going! I was wondering if there will ever be a complete on-line version, one that will carry all the content as the printed edition. I am away from home often and I just don’t want to change the mailing address every time I am out. Currently in Minnesota. Very nice here! Crop dusting is still good here, the general public doesn’t hate us. They seem to understand what we are all about, a necessary tool in the farming belt! Andy Stein Woodland, CA Hello Andy; At this time, AAU will not be online in its entirety, unless I can figure out a way to “protect” my print advertisers. I don’t want AAU’s online version competing with its print version. Actually, at some point in the very near future, the site will require a password. I’m not saying it won’t happen some day, just not today. Yes, Minnesota is a pretty good state to fly ag, just try to get south by winter.—Bill

snakedoctor I have been meaning to contact you for quite a while now, and I am happy to finally do so. I am a Mississippi native living and working in Texas now, but I still stay close to my roots in ag aviation. I just got back from a visit to my hometown of Inverness, where I flew into Mark Gary’s strip. I grew up in

awe of the “snakedoctor’s” talent and am now proud to say that I am a close personal friend. I was lucky to have the help of several Mississippi ag pilots in my early days, learning to fly from Mr. Dean Newell. Eaglerock Joe Ours soloed me, and my true mentor was Tommy Outlaw of Belzoni, if you have ever heard that name. I spent one short wheat season in an Ag-Truck before I moved on to flying people and now I fly 767s for American Airlines. I still fly GA though, living on an airpark southwest of Ft. Worth. But crop dusting got in my blood early and is still my true love. Mark always has copies of your newspaper and I really enjoy pouring over them when I visit. You put out a comprehensive, informative publication that helps keep me in touch with my past. Mark keeps inviting me to the Mississippi ag aviation convention. Maybe soon I will be able to go and I can meet you. If you are ever near Aresti Aerodrome, TE02, stop in. Thanks again for such a good publication. Sincerely, Hiram Douglas Texas Hiram; Ya start out with two damaging strikes against you; Mark Gary and an airline pilot! You should know I am seriously kidding. Mark Gary is a near and dear, long time friend of more than 20 years. He used to take me in when I was nearly broke and traveling for ag-articles giving me food, drink and a place to stay. As for the airline job, I have a high regard for airline pilots and their obvious discipline. I wish I could get some of it to rub off on my fellow ag-pilots. In recent years, I have made a friend of a United Captain (Airbus 319/320 currently, but a sleeve-long list of other aircraft), Walt Jazun. He has fondly increased my respect for airline captains, traveling with me mostly in Argentina and some in the U.S. He’s an Argentine that has lived in the U.S. for about 30 years, based out of Denver. I’ve copied him this email. Your email sounds ever so familiar to the first one

he sent me four or five years ago. Thanks for all the compliments. But, I have to ask, how did you get that 767 stopped on Mark’s 2,500’ strip?—Bill

help Can you tell me who are the aviation contractors that do G.E. Walter conversions to ag aircraft? Thank you, Karl Hello Karl; The only company converting agaircraft to the GE Aviation engine (Walter) is Cascade Aircraft Conversions in Washington state. I’ve copied the company with this email. I’m sure they will be in touch. Best regards, Bill Lavender

update from Africa Pat is being discharged from the hospital today. He celebrated by cracking a can of Old Speckled Hen, his first beer in over a month. (I don’t know how he managed for so long? My body would go into shock). Sara had to be moved to another hospital where there is a nerve specialist so she will be at least another two weeks. When you visit us we could go camping in the Mara. Cheers Russ Neylan Airspray East Africa Ltd Russ; You are too funny. Camping in Mara after all Pat and Sara went through! Well, I do like to sport hunt (see AAU about killing wild hogs from a heli), so be sure I’m properly armed for killing bandits! Please give my warmest regards to Sara and Pat. I wish them a full recovery. And, I would like to travel to Kenya to visit one day. I was thinking about my last trip to Africa just last night, trying to remember the year, 1997, I think. Thanks for the update.—Bill P.S. - I completely understand the beer withdrawal thing! -Bill

spraying Hey Bill, did a little spraying this year, sure was great to get back to it!! Wayne Slaugthter Farmville, NC Hello Wayne; How in the world have Lou and you been? I’ve not heard from you in too many years. All good here. I guess you got all the rust off those old body parts so ya could fly!—Bill

super-cub I must have missed the issue with a BiPlane Super Cub. Since I started out in this business flying Super Cubs I would sure like some info/pictures of one with two wings. I once saw a BT-13 fuselage that had structure added that looked like they were going to put a top wing on it. This may have been Clevenger also. It was on the Salinas Airport. Do you have any idea what became of that project? Russ Walker Du Quoin, IL Hello Russ; What name/company is your AAU subscription listed under? I can only

find one Russ Walker from Brawley, CA, but he’s not a current subscriber and would not have seen the Bi-Plane Super Cub. I’m not sure whatever became of the Clevenger or the BT-13. I am assuming it fell by the wayside.—Bill Didn’t realize that my sub had expired. Brawley is winter quarters now that I am retired. Soon after I sent that email it dawned on me that the picture was probably a Super-Cub with a “SpanFlow” duster installed. What looked like swept back wings (I suppose that some extra lift was obtained) of about 12 ft span was actually the dust spreader. They were a very good duster but were not worth a damn for seed or fertilizer. Back in those days airplanes and insurance were fairly cheap and on the Central Coast of California, time (fog in the morning and wind in the afternoon) was at a premium. So each pilot had a duster and a sprayer. Three of us flying, plus a spare made for seven SuperCubs. When we went to bigger airplanes (Pawnees) we sold one, or maybe two, as ag machines and the rest were

cleaned up, converted back to two seaters and sold for what was then a fair amount of money. If only we had kept them for a few years. Russ Walker Du Quoin, IL

Hello Russ; From my memory, I’m pretty sure the Super Cubs were bi-plane and not a Span-Flow spreader installed. I’ll have my office email a photo to you. Also, I’ll have Brit get in touch with you about renewing your AAU sub.—Bill

stearman Wanted to let you know the Stearman made it home to Beaumont. Andy flew it here solo from Ohio. I took these pics out of a friend’s Stearman yesterday. Andy and Mark Mitchell are the pilots. David Mitchell M & M Air Service, Inc. Beaumont, TX Hello David; What a gorgeous aircraft. Really nice. Thanks for the pix and update.—Bill

October 2010

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October 2010


eEdition I appreciate the expanded web coverage. Robert Grace Grace Flying Service St. Francis, KS Hello Robert; I hope your season this summer was safe and profitable. Thanks for your comment. Graham works very hard to provide the best possible Internet experience with AgAir Update. There is more to come that will be enjoyed by all subscribers to AgAir Update’s printed edition.—Bill

common sense Low-time, head colds and friends a very good article. Lots of common sense. Keep up the good work. Carlin Lawrence Carnegie, OK Thank you Carlin. See ya,—Bill

advice We are a small crop spraying business based in Zambia, Africa, shortly to complete our first year of operations. It has been a hell of a ride of which one


day we will tell all, however for now I just want to update our contact details and ask for some advice. 1. Please send our subscription to: Farm Spray Aviation, P.O.Box 28, Fringilla, Zambia 2. We purchased Cessna Ag Trucks from an organization in Turkey that sold us ‘airworthy’ aircraft. We even went and inspected them in Adana, twice. They looked a little ragged, but the seller assured us the engines would be overhauled. So, we went ahead with the sale. Well, we received to big pieces of Ag Truck scrap and ended up having to completely rebuild them. Now the issue we have besides being ripped off by this gent is that he sits with a whack of our money that we left as a deposit for another two Ag Wagons. Could you give us any advice on how to go about getting this money back? Many thanks, Geoff Thomas Farm Spray Aviation Zambia, Africa Hello Geoff; What a stroke of bad luck. I guess it goes without saying that hind sight is

20/20 and that the purchases should have been made locally or through a reliable broker or in the U.S. From your letter, it seems to me you have a case for an international lawyer of some sort. I don’t know of anything that I can do. Turkey is out of my “territory” with only about a dozen subscribers from there.—Bill

1st seat Greetings - I hope this inquiry finds you well! I’m still after that first seat. My 2+ years of searching have these constants: Operators ask whether I’m ag-schooled, but don’t have confidence in existing schools’ finished products; and graduates I’ve followed-up with feel they were sold a bill of goods. Both operators and graduates agree the tuition charged is excessive. None guarantee a job or provide jobplacement assistance. My questions to you are: Do you believe seeking a pre-employment agreement to train is better than a costly, up-front gamble, since a job is then probably waiting on the other side of the expense? Do you believe hiring someone to train you in basic

ag-maneuvers, plus focused self-study of the State-specific academics would work out well and save a substantial sum of money? I’ve found two instructors who teach maneuvers as a school does, and that local libraries can secure the same study materials for free. That has presented a route for significantly reduced expenses and personal, selfpaced home-study conveniences that produce about the same end results. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Jeff Christie Visalia CA. Jeff; Regardless what anyone tells you, I can assure you that you’ll be a better and safer pilot after attending an agschool that teaches ag-flying and uses ag-aircraft. Your typical CFI, even an aerobatics CFI, can’t give you that, rest assured. As for the costs, you are about to embark on a career that pays as good as any college graduate expects to make. How much does it cost to attend four years of college, not accounting for the time? An education is not

cheap, whether you get it properly or through hard knocks. Most of today’s operators did not attend ag-school, me included. I managed to stay alive for five-figure hours in 27 years, but those first years contained a huge amount of luck and I made many unnecessary mistakes. If I had to do it over, I’d go to an agschool. It’s kind of like getting your IFR rating. The rating by no means makes you an IFR pilot, it only gives you the opportunity to learn to be one.  The ag-aviation industry is not the same as it was when I started in 1974. As I am sure you know, today the aircrafts’ cost approach and surpass the million dollar point. They are outfitted with sophisticated GPS and flow control units that task the pilot while spraying. Your ability to fly has to be second nature, as easy as walking, to be able to manage the systems and not bend the aircraft.  Our industry does not need any green pilots with wrong attitudes and lack of respect for the “dues that have to be paid” to be an ag-pilot. There are no short cuts and that is one of the reasons it is so hard to break into the business. Ag-pilots that survive, usually are a cut above, in a special way, than any other type pilot.  I honestly believe, overall, attending a bona fide ag-school will open more doors for you. It will not get you a job in itself. But, at least the operator knows you can land a taildragger, operate a GPS, etc. There are no guarantees when you get out of college you’ll get a job. And, when you do, it most likely will not be at the top of the ladder, but a slow crawl to that point as you become experienced in your field.  Hang tough, for those are the ones that make it in this business. Landing the seat is only part of the battle. Good luck,—Bill

Ron Deck tribute Excellent article on Ron. He will be sorely missed. Tommy Allen Parts Manager Frost Flying Inc. Marianna, AR I just read your article about Ron Deck. It just stopped me in my tracks. We always remember the people that treat you nice. What a smile he had. Contagious. Frank Martin Colusa, CA I read the tribute to Ron, thank you for your heartfelt and well written words. I feel fortunate to have known him and his family; my life has been enriched because of them. Wishing you and Sandy well. Hug your grandson for me -- he must be almost old enough to drive!! Cindy Schreiber-Beck Tri-State Aviation Inc Wahpeton, ND I wanted to tell you that your write up on Ron Deck was excellent and much appreciated. I certainly hope Ron is somewhere in the afterlife enjoying what he believed in. David Johnston Johnston Air Service Tulare, CA Thanks Bill- Members of MAAA, a old friend of all of us has passed away, Ron Deck . He will greatly missed by all.. Everyone looked foward to seeing him each year. We offer our condolences and prays to Ron’s Family during this time. We wish you the best, and be thinking about you. Will Green Poindexter Inverness MS

Hello Will Green; Thanks for your comments. Got your info on the Dorr Field Fly-In and will have the info in our Calendar on line and in the October printed edition. Will also include it in our next eEdition. I’m going to try to make it over for Friday and Saturday. —Bill

photo back in time Carlos Viaud & Max Velasco 1958, Mexico, DF. The Stearman was property of Coperativa Algodonera Salvadorena. Francisco Viaud Houston, TX

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From the original pioneers of Controlled Droplet Application For more details contact: Micron Sprayers Limited, Bromyard Industrial Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire HR7 4HS, UK. Tel.: + (44) 1885 482397 Fax: + (44) 1885 483043 E-mail: Web:

Micronair Sales & Service Inc., 10833 N.W. 50th Street, Sunrise, Florida 33351, USA. Tel.: (954) 578 5555 Fax: (954) 578 5566 E-mail:



Gaivota Agricultural Aviation expanding in Brazil by Alan McCracken Two brothers, Fernando and Marcos Morandi, together with a friend, Mr. Mangabina, moved to northern Brazil from Parana. They brought with them a Cessna Skylane that had been adapted to distribute grass seed for new pasture development near Amazonia. These young men were highly motivated to be successful and obviously not afraid to take risks. Their pasture seeding business prospered. They saw a promising future in agriculture aviation, especially as new farming areas began to develop in the region of Mato Grosso with a dramatic expansion of cotton, soybeans and corn plantings. They needed to buy a company to achieve their dreams. Hence, in 1995

they bought the company Gaivota Agricultural Aviation. Gaivota was founded in 1969 in Aracatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil. When it was acquired by the Morandis and Mr. Mangabina, it only had one aircraft in operation, a Piper PA-18 (PT-ARU). Shortly after buying Gaivota, they bought a Piper Pawnee 260 to use in their new business. Marcos and Fernando Morandi concluded they needed larger aircraft to keep up with the work demand. They bought their first Air Tractor from the factory, a brand new AT401, registration PT-WUD. It did not take long before they realized their future needs would be for turbine ag-aircraft. The

main objective of the larger aircraft was for the application of herbicides and fertilizers being applied to the increased sugarcane being grown to meet the demand for ethanol production as an alternative fuel. In 2000, Giavota bought its first turbine powered ag-plane, an Air Tractor AT-402. Today, the company has an extensive fleet of turbine and piston aircraft; four AT-802s, one AT-502, one AT-402, one 300 Brave and one Cessna Ag-Truck. It also has a general aviation fleet for air taxi services, as well as being used in the ag-spraying operation to move personnel that includes; Cessna 210, C-206 and C-185. All of Gaivota’s pilots have completed the

Brazilian AeroFogo training course for aerial fire fighting. However, at this time they have not yet participated in this market, even though they made a corporate decision to paint their AT-802 aircraft with the bright red and white colors of a professional aerial fire bomber. Mr. Mangabina commented that the cost to paint the aircraft their striking red and white colors was more expensive, but he felt it was worthwhile to differentiate the fleet. Gaivota Agricultural Aviation is headquartered in Vilhena in the northern state Rondonia, Mato Grosso. In addition to having a large fleet of ground support trucks and equipment, it has a staff of 67 that includes pilots and office personnel. Gaivota has several operating bases located at;

With four AT-802s, an AT-502 and an AT402, plus several other ag-planes, it takes a large ground fleet to keep them in the air.


Miraselva in Parana, Sapezal in Mato Grosso and Caiabu in Sao Paulo. Typical applications are on sugarcane, soybeans and cotton. With over 90% of Gaivota’s applications on sugarcane, the company has concentrated its efforts on this crop that demands much high volume work applying liquid herbicides, ripening agents and dry fertilizers. Because of this demand for high volume applications, they have found the AT802 is an ideal aircraft for the job.

Two brothers, Fernando Morandi and Marco Morandi own and operate, as well as pilot, the aircraft of Gaivota Agricola Aviacion. Fernando is seated in the cockpit of an AT-802, while Marco is boarding an AT-802 to depart with another load.

Today, plans are in the making to further enhance the performance of their ag-aircraft fleet through improvements to the application equipment with the objective to reduce spray volumes and to minimize off-target spray drift. Combined with an extreme amount of hard work, faith and honest business practices, today Gaiviota Agricultural Aviation is one of the largest, if not the largest, flying services in South America.

Seen from the air, the Gaivota fleet makes for an impressive photo. The operation is clean and efficient.

October 2010


Working east and west of the Chesapeake Bay by Bill Lavender EASTERN SHORE / VIRGINIA — At the beginning of the summer, AgAir Update completed a trip to Delmarva. This peninsula in the northeastern United States includes the states of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. It is bordered on its eastern shore by the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean. The Chesapeake Bay borders its west side. The trip started with a stop in Delaware visiting Allen Chorman & Son (AAU August 2010) and would not have been complete without a stop to visit old friends, Carter and Matt Crabbe. I first met Carter Crabbe some time during the mid-1990s. He was serving as an NAAA director for Virginia. With his distinct Virginia southern gentleman’s accent, he would describe working the challenging Delmarva area. Delmarva has plenty of agriculture. The problem is most of the fields are

small and much of the spraying is done by ground machines. “Every farmer has a ground rig and the chemical companies have two!”, explains Carter. Carter was spraying for Bill Robinson in New Church, Virginia thirty years ago when Robinson offered to sell out to him. Today, Carter operates Car-An Flying Service from the Accomack County Airport, using two 600 HP Ag-Cats. “The Ag-Cat is a tough and dependable airplane. It is just what I need for the small fields here. Earlier this morning, I sprayed 50 acres, all in small fields. It is not unusual to have a 100-acre job in five fields. There used to be nine ag-planes working the Eastern Shore. Today, there are just my two Ag-Cats. I recently bought out the last remaining operator, an old friend of mine, Harvey “Windy” Belote, just south of here.” Most of Carter’s ag-flying is in the

Air Conditioning

EnvironmEntally SafE ag-aircraft air conditioning SyStEmS

Virginia part of Delmarva. About a third of it is wheat with field and sweet corn, soybeans and lima beans making up the remainder. Application rates are two to five gallons per acre using Tee-Jet nozzles. Wind is a constant headache because open water is less than 15 miles east or west. Most of the flying has to be done in the early morning, finishing by midday. Along with wind is the influx of commercial chicken houses. “I really have to watch myself working around the chicken houses. It’s not so much the noise of the aircraft that bothers them, it’s the shadow they see coming across the ground towards them that causes them to run to one end of the chicken house which can suffocate many chickens.” There’s another part to the Carter Crabbe story. About the time Carter’s tenure as a director with the NAAA ended, his son, Matt, appeared on the scene. There were no doubts about the father-son connection, Matt’s Virginia southern gentleman’s accent gives him away. Matt Crabbe operates from the Hanover County Airport, about 20 miles north of Richmond, Virginia. Occasionally, Matt will cross the Chesapeake Bay to help Carter and vice

versa. Mostly, he stays on the mainland side of Virginia, dealing with its own set of unique challenges. Matt grew up in the ag-aviation business helping his dad. After graduating from high school, he worked in medical supplies sales while attending college and earning his pilot’s licenses. He flew charter for a while, then in 1995 started ag-flying. Today, Crabbe Aviation operates two AT-400s and a C-188. His business is based in Virginia and Elizabeth City, North Carolina where he recently bought James Fletcher’s operation. “There use to be about a dozen agplanes working in this area. Now, a good portion of the work is done with one AT-400, due mostly to urbanization and ground rigs. I have to be really careful when spraying fields, often scheduling spray jobs during the middle of the week in the daytime when people are at work, instead of while they are at home cooking hamburgers on the grill,” says Matt. It’s not just homeowners Crabbe Aviation has to be aware of. The Washington ADIZ is a half-hour flight north, which Matt sprays in. He is required to have a transponder and conduct the flight with ATC Flight Following. He maintains a good

inverter Powered Systems for turbine thrush & at

Engine drive Systems for most P&W 1340 ag-aircraft

collin’S aircraft dynamic'S inc. 1107 calle naranja • alamo, texas 78516

PH: 956-787-6720 • faX: 956-787-5409 manufacturer of aircraft air-conditioning Since 1980


Carter Crabbe with Newton Lee at the Accomack County Airport in Virginia on Delmarva.

relationship with the Richmond air traffic controllers, who hand off him to Washington controllers. The area is littered with Special Use Airspaces, including A.P. Hill, Langley, Fort Eustese, Oceana Naval Air Station and Elizabeth City US Coast guard air station. The area is heavily congested with military aircraft at any time of the day. The main crops treated in Virginia are wheat, corn and soybeans. While 110 miles southeast to the Elizabeth City operation, wheat makes up about a third of the work, with potatoes, cabbage, soybeans and corn making up the balance. This year wheat acreage was off by at least 50% due to excessive rainfall. Along with urbanization, both operations are plagued with wind issues, causing most of the work to be flown in the morning time. It takes more than row crop aerial applications to make a flying service feasible in Virginia. Complimenting the crop applications, Crabbe Aviation also applies granule products for mosquito larvae control. Some of the dry material used is made from corn cobb impregnated with Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). Applications are made over marshlands and dredge sites with standing waters. Crabbe Aviation also flies wildlife surveys. Flying the rivers that lead to the Chesapeake Bay from the Virginia Eastern Shore to West Virginia in the company’s 172 RG Cutlass, eagle nests are counted and hatch numbers are calculated. Now, the eagle is off the endangered species list, largely because such surveys have shown as many as 300 of these birds in a 30-mile radius. Along with crop treatments and wildlife surveys, Crabbe Aviation has about a two-week fire season in Virginia. Flying along the border of and into the Appalachian Mountains can be challenging and every precaution must be adhered to. It is not enough that Crabbe Aviation has to deal with Special Use Airspace, urbanization, mountains and a general decline in the need for agricultural aircraft in Virginia, but also there’s the ever present competition with the ground machine. Typically, ground machines with 90-foot booms work the fields for a much lesser charge per acre than the airplane. To combat this, Crabbe Aviation participates in local community events, as well providing a brochure to his customers about “Aerial Application and How It Benefits You”.

Matt Crabbe with one of Crabbe Aviation’s AT-400s and its appropriate logo in Hanover, Virginia.

The brochure gives details about why a ground machine costs the grower more than a bushel of soybeans per acre from track damage alone, plus other detriments to using the ground machine; soil compaction, lack of timeliness and professional applications. The brochure has two photos, one of an Air Tractor spraying and another of ground machine

tracks through a soybean field. It also contains calculations that easily demonstrate a minimum of $2.50 per acre savings using the airplane as opposed to using the ground machine. The brochure is a good visual reference for Crabbe Aviation’s customers to justify using an ag-aircraft. Ag-aviation continues to be a

challenging profession. This is no more truer than in urban areas like Virginia and Delmarva. Carter and Matt Crabbe have been able to adapt over the years to be able to continue with successful businesses despite these obstacles. Diversification and diligence are the keys to those successes.



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BRASIL Tel: 55.19.9807.4577 ARGENTINA Tel: 54.11.3324.2117

USA 5611 NW 60th Street, Kansas City, MO 64151 Tel: (816) 505.2048 Fax: (816) 505.2049 Mobile: (816) 728.1945

October 2010


Tales from a corn run by Marc Mullis After being released from fire duty in late June, I drove to Kansas to spend the Fourth of July weekend with friends. As my trip progressed north the browns and grays of West Texas soon changed into all shades of green. An hour shy of my destination, I answered a phone call from the office. Scott Schertz, an old friend and ag-operator in central Illinois, was in the middle of a fungicide run on corn and he needed help. I had not flown row crops in years and it had been even longer since I had visited Illinois. After the holiday weekend, I would need to return to West Texas, climb into my AT502A and head east on a seven hundred

nautical-mile cross-country flight. Summer thunderstorms were the primary weather pattern for that time of year forcing me to change my flight plan several times. I departed Fort Stockton on a Sunday morning intending to make Shawnee, Oklahoma my first fuel stop. After an hour and half of cruising, I ran into a fog bank and had to divert to Sweetwater, Texas. While I waited for the fog to lift, I amended my flight plan to make Seminole, Oklahoma my next fuel stop. Upon arrival, it was apparent a tornado had recently devastated much of the airport. Walking up to what was left of the office, I focused on a sign on the door

that read, “Absolutely No Fuel Sales on Weekends”. To make matters worse, I had no phone service. I was contemplating my predicament when a sheriff’s patrol car pulled up. The deputy had seen the big red and white airplane from the hi-way and pulled in to investigate. After hearing my story, he made a phone call and before long I was fueled and on my way. Approaching Missouri, the weather radar on my Garmin 496 lit up like a kid’s coloring book. I diverted into Springfield, Missouri. Just as I tied down, the heavens opened up. More than four inches of rain fell in a very short time. By late the next morning, I arrived

at Scott’s headquarters in Hudson, Illinois. Hudson is a small town north of Bloomington. Everyone at the airstrip was busy. I was informed I was the tenth aircraft. After being briefed on operations, I headed back to the hotel to study for my Illinois Commercial Applicators License test, which was scheduled for noon the next day. With favorable test results in hand, I returned to the airstrip late in the afternoon and was promptly handed a package and instructed to go to work. Each package contained a list of fields with appropriate latitude and longitude, with maps. The radius of work was up to sixty miles and you never knew where

Parking spots were a premium at Schertz Aerial Spraying in Hudson, Illinois.

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you were headed until it was pulled up on the GPS. The majority of the work was two gallons per acre, so on the longer ferries fuel became a consideration. Scott also had numerous satellite strips where product and fuel were available.

The following weeks became a blur with sixteen to seventeen-hour days being the norm. About the time pilot fatigue became a factor, a welcome thunderstorm came through and gave everyone a welldeserved rest. It seemed the fax never quit spitting out work orders. Soon, even more aircraft joined in the fray. There was only a twelve to fourteenday window for effective fungicide applications on corn. It all ended as fast as it had started. The fax machine fell silent and that was it. Everyone returned to the hotel and packed for the trip home. Before I departed Illinois, I received a call that Max Birney, an ag-operator in

Typical Illinois countryside, wires and houses.

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160 mph




150 mph




140 mph




130 mph




120 mph




*Based on Spray Nozzle Models, USDA ARS AH-726, I. W. Kirk Settings: all at 40 psi, 5 gpm rate; CP-11TT—4025 tip, 8° Default Angle; CP-09/07—.125 orifice, 0° Deflection; CP-03—.125 orifice, 30° Deflection

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Toll Free 866 303-0600 October 2010


southwest Kansas, had put out a call for help. He was in the middle of an unprecedented corn run, but this time we would be battling insects not fungi: Spider mites, that usually show up in pockets and thrive in heat. During the ongoing heat wave they had infested the entire area. Some fields required multiple treatments. Twenty-five to thirty-knot southwest winds made the next day’s ferry a long one. The 90 to 100-knot ground speed

required an extra fuel stop. I finally arrived at Max’s place mid-afternoon. His main airstrip is located halfway between Sublette and Copeland, Kansas. Operations had ceased due to the wind and heat, so after securing the aircraft I headed to Garden City, forty-five minutes north to check into a hotel. At 1900 hours everyone met at the airstrip to try to put out one or two more loads before dark. Spraying starts at first light in the morning and ends when the

temperature breaks 90 degrees or the wind becomes too high. Usually we only got out one load in the evening. About 95 percent of Max’s work area is irrigated with center pivots or circles as they are called. The quarter-mile pivot legs cover about 125 acres, while the half-mile pivot legs cover about 500 acres. Just as with Scott’s operation, the application rate was two GPA. The smaller circles could be combined so that most all loads were 250 acres. The

Max’s brother, Marc, in front of a wall map of the area. Each dot on the map represents a center pivot.

Center pivots or circles dominated southwest Kansas.

large open fields were welcome flying after the urban landscape of Illinois. The high point of the day at Max’s place was the wonderful meals provided by his charming and talented wife, Jillae. The Kansas run ended after two weeks. With thirty nights in hotels and 150 hours logged in the airplane, I was ready to go home to Texas.

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aeromedical advisory Frederick E. Tilton, M.D. FAA Federal Air Surgeon

(Don’t be) asleep at the switch On a daytime flight, a commercial airliner with three crewmembers and 40 passengers flew past its destination airport after both the captain and first officer fell asleep. The pilot awoke and landed safely. NTSB determined the captain’s undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) was a factor in this incident. Not just an inconvenience—Apnea is a medical term that means “being without respiration.” OSA is characterized as a repetitive upper-airway obstruction during sleep, as a result of narrowing of the respiratory passages. OSA is recognized as a major contributor to many health-related ailments. According to some estimates, OSA affects 4-7 percent of middle-aged people, most of whom are overweight and have higher deposits of fatty tissue in their respiratory passages. Gravity can cause this tissue to obstruct a person’s airway. Snoring can result when the airway is

partially obstructed. With further tissue obstruction of the airway, there may be complete occlusion. Whether the obstruction is partial (hypopnea) or total (apnea), the person struggles to breathe and is aroused from sleep. These sleep interruptions are often unrecognized, even if they occur hundreds of times a night. A real danger is OSA sufferers may not recognize the condition and may only know that they typically wake up feeling sleepy and tired. Losing sleep is more than an inconvenience. Sound sleep is essential for good health and clear mental and emotional functioning. OSA is also associated with reduced blood-oxygen levels feeding the brain, which, of course, is a major health concern. Repetitive decreases in blood-oxygen levels associated with OSA may eventually increase blood pressure, strain the cardiovascular system and increase the

risk of heart attack or stroke. The implications for pilots are significant, because people with mild-to-moderate OSA can show performance degradation equivalent to 0.06 to 0.08 percent bloodalcohol levels, which is the measure of legal intoxication in most states. OSA symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment—Symptoms suggesting OSA include: loud and excessive snoring; difficulty concentrating, thinking or remembering; daytime sleepiness, fatigue and the need to take frequent naps; and headaches and irritability. The only way OSA can be diagnosed is through a sleep study. Once diagnosed, OSA is highly treatable, either with surgery or non-surgical approaches. Non-surgical approaches include: • Making behavioral changes, such as a different sleeping position or environment and a diet to lower body fat.

• Using dental appliances that thrust the lower jaw forward and open the airway. • Using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine or Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machine. These machines use air pressure to hold tissues open during sleep. The newer machines—and the one required by the FAA—have a computer device that keeps track of the number of hours and days that you are compliant. • Taking medications approved by the FAA. Surgical methods can be significant and do not always succeed. They should be used only after nonsurgical methods have failed. If you experience one or more symptoms of OSA, consult a physician. OSA treatment has a high success rate and, if your OSA is treatable, you can maintain your airman medical certificate and continue to enjoy aviation.

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Actual Image taken by Machida’s 3mm Videoscope.

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Ron Deck passes …change is often challenging, but we are ready for it, and the time is here! Ron’s faith in us will keep us true and straight, and we will meet your expectation of continued sales, service, and support. Thanks for coming with us into this next chapter at Sky Tractor Supply! Your complete ag aircraft dealer

See you in Savannah!

Hillsboro, ND • 800-437-5319 •

Ron Deck, 68, Hillsboro, ND passed away Thursday, September 9, 2010 at his home surrounded by family. He was born December 19, 1941 to Paul and Marie (Hoffart) Deck in Harvey, ND. He attended grade school in rural Selz, ND. He graduated high school from Notre Dame Academy in Willow City, ND. He then attended St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN. He served in the US Navy as a Nuclear Specialist from September 1961 though January 1966. He served aboard the USS Little Rock and the USS Constellation, as a veteran of the Vietnam War. He was a member of the VFW and American Legion, and the Commander of Osmon Lane VFW Post 4172 from 1973-1974. On October 22, 1965 he married Barbara Egan of Bremerton, WA.They moved to Carson City, NV where Ron acquired his crop spraying training. They then moved to Goodland, KS where he had his first crop spraying job. From there they went to Reno, NV where he completed his instrument rating and flight instructor courses in both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. He then moved to Bismarck, ND and worked for AgriChemical Aviation as a flight instructor. In 1970, he started Deck Flying Service in Hillsboro, ND with a 90 horsepower Piper J-3 Cub. He grew his small operation into Sky Tractor Supply Company, a nationally known company that operates three 751 horsepower, turbine ag aircraft and supplies aircraft parts worldwide, while being the number one leader in United States GPS ag market. In 2003, he was presented with the American Red Cross Everyday Heroes Awards for using his airplane to put out a house fire. In March 2010, his significant contributions to the aviation industry were

recognized when he was inducted into the North Dakota Aviation Hall of Fame. He served on the NAAA Board of Directors for 18 years representing North Dakota. He held various offices in the NAAA which consisted of past secretary (1987) and president (1990). As chairman of the Constitution and ByLaws Committee; he helped NAAA grow by expanding the membership categories. As the owner of Sky Tractor Supply he belonged to numerous state agricultural aviation associations. In 1993 he received the NAAA Falcon Club Award. In 1990 and 1998 he received the Allied Industry Individual Award for the National Agricultural Aviation Association. He is survived by wife Barb: children: Peg (Tony) Klemetson; Cheryl (Steve) Fugleberg; Mike (Denise) Deck; Wendy (Jay) Alfson all of Hillsboro. Brian Egan, Lake Jackson, TX; and Audra (Gabe) Mayo, Fargo, ND. Fourteen grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; his mother Marie Deck, Harvey, ND; sister Kathy (Merle) Moen, Rapid City, SD; brother Herb (Peggy) Deck, Round Rock, TX He was preceded in death by this father Paul and brother Ken. All memorials will be used to establish an H-509 Scholarship at Hillsboro High School and NAAA scholarship.

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Fall burndown gives growers an edge for success in 2011 Starting next year’s crop with a fall burndown results in increased yield potential, operational efficiency and better resistance management RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC— Between this year’s harvest and next spring’s planting, winter annual weeds can take over fields, but a fall burndown application can knock down weeds and set up growers for a strong 2011 crop. “Eliminating winter annuals with a fall burndown gives growers a clean field in the spring, providing them the opportunity to manage spring planting more effectively, control resistant weeds and maximize their yield potential,” said Dr. Dan Westberg, Technical Market Manager for BASF. According to the University of Illinois Extension, dense populations of winter annuals can physically interfere with planting and may reduce soil drying and warming, which can delay planting and limit the time available for spring field

operations.1 Dr. Westberg explained that eliminating winter annual weeds provides growers the opportunity for an earlier planting date, which gives crops more time to maximize their yield potential. Completing fieldwork in the fall, such as combining a weed burndown and fertilizer application, also helps growers spread out their workload and manage planting with greater flexibility in the spring. A cleaner field allows soils to warm up more quickly in the spring and limits fertilizer loss to winter annual weeds. This gives growers the potential to plant earlier, protect fertilizer investments and gain yield benefits, in addition to providing much-needed flexibility and time during the busy planting season. “Growers can get even more flexibility in the spring by using Sharpen™

herbicide, powered by Kixor® herbicide technology, for fall burndown,” said Dr. Westberg. “At its burndown use rate, Sharpen has no planting restrictions the following spring. As a result, growers can change their cropping plan in the spring to adapt to changes in weather and market opportunities.”

Kixor controls more than 70 broadleaf weeds, including a number of winter annuals that establish themselves in the fall and are becoming increasingly resistant to traditional herbicide chemistries. Marestail is a winter annual that can be especially difficult to control in the spring – particularly if

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wet or cold weather delays timely spring applications. Additionally, glyphosate and/or ALS resistant marestail are common in many fields. In fact, a BASF survey found that 45 percent of growers polled list marestail as a top threat in their fields.

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control of marestail,

tool growers can use to manage resistant weeds. “A fall burndown application is an excellent resistance management tool because it gives growers another opportunity to bring a different mode of action to bear on their weed populations,” Dr. Westberg said. To optimize fall burndown results – and get the most out of every acre – growers should utilize a fast, effective herbicide like Sharpen herbicide, powered by Kixor herbicide

technology, which provides complete control of today’s toughest broadleaf weeds.

crop protection division BASF’s Crop Protection division is a leader in crop protection and a strong partner to the farming industry providing well-established and innovative fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Farmers use these products and services to improve crop yields and crop quality. Other uses include public health, structural/urban pest control, turf and ornamental plants, vegetation management, and forestry. BASF aims to turn knowledge rapidly into market success. The vision of BASF’s Crop Protection division is to be the world’s leading innovator, optimizing agricultural production, improving nutrition, and thus enhancing the quality of life for a growing world population. Further information can be found on the web at Follow us on Twitter: basfagro and subscribe via RSS: www. to our news feed.

October 2010


money talk

Samuel L. Miller,

Will you benefit if the “Small Business Jobs Act of 2010” becomes law?



10:31 AM

Page 1

As this article is being written, the “Small Business Jobs Act of 2010” has been passed by the Senate and is supported by the House of Representatives and President. However, it is not yet law. It’s important to check with your tax counsel and advisor to determine how you might

benefit from this new bill if it becomes law. The comments below apply to the Federal Tax Law. Each State may not adopt the Federal Law. Check on your State Law. Consider the items below for discussion with your tax counsel. Expanded Asset Expense Election for Small Businesses (Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code): This asset expense election applies to both new and used equipment as

TABLE ONE: Depreciation Percentages Table NEW

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Year 1





Year 2





Year 3





Year 4





Year 5





Year 6





Year 7



Year 8



well as new improvements. If the total of all asset purchases during 2010 and 2011 are less than $2,000,000 then the taxpayer is allowed a first year deduction of up to $500,000 in Section 179 expenses. If total asset purchases exceed $2,000,000, the maximum amount expensed ($500,000) is reduced dollarfor-dollar by the amount of purchases in excess of $2,000,000 until the expense deduction reaches zero when the total of all asset purchases reach $2,500,000. BONUS DEPRECIATION: The 50% bonus depreciation only applies to new assets acquired and placed in service during 2010 unless contracts are entered into before December 31, 2010. The first-year depreciation may be increased by 50%. The 50% bonus depreciation claimed in the first year is in addition to the normal depreciation calculated on the balance (Purchase price plus sales tax less the bonus depreciation). The total depreciation claimed can never exceed the purchase price of the equipment plus the sales tax. The 50% bonus depreciation available on NEW equipment could make purchasing new equipment more beneficial to the purchaser than purchasing used

equipment. “TABLE ONE: Depreciation Percentages Table” shows the differences in depreciation for new and used equipment using the 5 Year MACRS and 7 Year MACRS depreciation methods. NEW & USED SECTION 179 EXAMPLES using 5 Yr & 7 Yr MACRS: Table Two and Table Three show examples of combining the Section 179

deduction with the bonus depreciation using 5 Yr MACRS and 7 Yr MACRS depreciation methods. 5-Year Carryback on Net Operating Losses for Small Businesses: This new bill provides additional benefits that allow losses in 2010 to be carried back five years for small businesses and could apply against the alternative minimum

tax. Gross receipts of $50 million or less are required to be considered a small business. If you would like to have a full summary copy of this tax law emailed to you when it becomes available, go to , click “Request Information” and enter “Email New Tax Law” in the Comments Box.

TABLE TWO: Section 179 Deduction Examples for Year One using 5 Yr MACRS Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three












Section 179 Deduction







Bonus Depreciation







Purchase Price


5 Yr MACRS Depreciation







Total First Year Deduction













% of Purchase Price

TABLE THREE: Section 179 Deduction Examples for Year One using 7 Yr MACRS Sample One

Sample Two

Sample Three












Section 179 Deduction







Bonus Depreciation







7 Yr MACRS Depreciation







Total First Year Deduction













Purchase Price

% of Purchase Price


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Nebraska Operation SAFE

Aviation Insurance Specialist  Business

 RotoR CRaft

 PleasuRe

 sPoRt CRaft

 CommeRCial

 sPeCial Risk

 WoRkman’s ComP

 ag aviation

by Alan Corr, SAFE Analyst As one would expect, July and August were relatively slow when it came to pattern testing. During the twomonth period, only ten planes went over the string. For the year however, fifty-five planes have been tested with a total of 391 passes over the string. This puts Nebraska above last year’s total of fifty-three planes tested with a total of 353 passes, and a good number of planes to be tested yet this fall. A few interesting things did happen in regard to boom set-up and volume deposition in July. First, I tested an AT502 that patterned very nicely out to 74 feet. The distance between the outside nozzles on each side equaled 75 percent of the wing span. To try and reduce the likelihood of drift when applying herbicides, the outside two nozzles on each side were turned off reducing the distance between

the outside nozzles forty inches or approximately 70 percent of the wing span. The result was an effective pattern of only 58 feet (a drop of over 20% in swath width), and the variation across the swath increased.

This occurred again when I tested a 510 Thrush with the outside nozzles spaced at 70 percent of the wing span. The total coverage area was only about 60 feet, and the effective swath width was approximately 55 feet. When the booms were lengthened and outside nozzles spaced at 75%, the effective swath


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width increased to over 70 feet. It does not take much of an increase in total nozzle spacing to make a significant difference in effective swath width. The second interesting occurrence happened when it took several hours to pattern test a plane. We started testing at about 9:00 am with an air temperature of 70 degrees and the humidity was about 55 percent. The application rate was 1.7 gallons per acre. Throughout the morning slight adjustments were made to the boom set-up. We continued testing that plane. However, as the morning went on and the temperature increased, the application rate decreased. It got to the point in the early afternoon

when the air temperature reached 86 degrees where the fluorometer would no longer read any dye deposition and the droplet cards indicated an application rate of less the one-half gallon per acre. After visiting with those that know more than I (and they weren’t hard to find), they told me they have experienced that same thing and it is incredible the amount of spray that can evaporate under hot conditions. I had planned to research this further by a controlled pattern test with one plane throughout the day and measure the evaporation loss as the temperature increased using just water and dye and then using additives like crop oil or some of the antidrift products. I would assume

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that the evaporation loss would be greatly reduced when using additives. Obviously, spray planes were tied up doing other things during the past

couple of months so I have not had the opportunity to look into it further. Hopefully next year I can find a pilot with nothing to do on a hot day.

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From Safety to Efficiency to Proficiency Robert A. McCurdy Turbine Transition Instructor 318-649-1007 318-680-9149 Flying Tiger Aviation

Robert A. McCurdy, Chief Pilot / Flight Instructor Flying Tiger Aviation, LLC,

Beating a dead horse I may be “beating a dead horse,” or “preaching to the choir,” but I do think this is a subject that should be addressed from time to time. I am talking about preflighting your airplane (Oh, no!). It is so easy to become complacent about checking your airplane before the first flight each morning and I am talking about myself, too! It has happened more than once that a student who is doing my turbine transition course has said something like, “Hey Robert, did you notice the hinge pin on the right elevator is sliding out?” Or, “Did you know the pump fan clamp on the back of the pump is not connected?” I tell all of my turbine

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in my opinion

students that I can learn from them as well as they can learn from me regarding a preflight. I welcome those students who have been flying radial engine Thrushes, Air Tractors or Ag-Cats to show me a thing or two and then I will include it in my next inspection with a student. The fact is I do a walk-around every morning before the first flight, but the problem is my walk-around gets to be such a habitual routine that I am prone to miss something. It has been suggested to break the routine, you could do your preflight clockwise instead of counterclockwise, or occasionally make a more thorough and detailed inspection. One other

thing; try not to get distracted while preflighting your airplane. It’s so easy to run inside to answer the phone and then get in your ship before completing the preflight.

I know of a case where a pilot forgot to release the control lock before take off in a Dromader. The airplane managed to get airborne, but crashed shortly

thereafter. I believe the pilot was killed. An NTSB inspection of the wreckage revealed the controls were still locked. To quote a local pilot in Rayville, Louisiana, “You do not want to read in the NTSB report, ‘A thorough preflight inspection would have prevented the accident.’” This profession requires many things that should be part of your safety checklist, i.e. ferrying at 500’ AGL, draining the fuel sumps on your airplane, replacing the fuel filter often on your Jet-A fuel tank, or making a good preflight

inspection at least before the first flight of the day. Be especially alert for complacency regarding your preflight inspection, especially towards the end of the season. One more quote from yours truly, “Proper preflight planning prevents post pileup pucker.” Be safe, have fun and make money.




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- Lindley Johnson, AgPilot/Owner Johnson Airspray Argyle, MN

Photo of ASC spray trial SK, Canada 2009

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Higher yields: the only farming answer by Dennis T. Avery CHURCHVILLE, VA—Is the Green Movement finally ready to face the global need to triple crop yields over the next 40 years—and drop its dedication to land-selfish organic farming? Maybe yes, and none too soon. The planet’s wild biodiversity is at stake. I recently spoke about the benefits of high-yield agriculture to environmental prizewinners at an international DuPont meeting, This isn’t news. I’ve been praising high-yield farming for decades for feeding more people better diets from less land—and thus saving room on the planet for wildlife. I estimate seven million square miles of wildlife habitat have been spared. This is equal to the land area of South America! This time, however, I was joined on the program by Dr. Jason Clay of the World

Wildlife Fund-US, who echoed most of my praise for high-yield farming. Dr. Clay and I agreed that the world would need more than twice as much food per year by 2050, due partly to the last surge in human population growth and even more due to the world’s rising wealth. We agreed that with 37 percent of the world’s land area already in farming, there was no salvation in doubling the earth’s plowed land area. He absolutely agreed with me that the future of world agriculture had to be higher yields, which organic farming has never delivered. We both noted the latest information on high-yield benefits: a Stanford University study that says the soil carbon that would have been lost if the additional seven million square miles

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  


   


had been plowed would have equaled one-third of all the world’s industrial emissions since 1850! So whether you’re worried about feeding hungry people, saving biodiversity or preventing man-made global warming, the farming answer is always the same—higher yields per acre. And farming is mankind’s biggest impact on the natural world, by far.

I suggested to Dr. Clay that this should mean 

some reevaluation of the “toxicity” rap that agricultural pesticides have gotten among our urban consumers.

   



Far more worrisome is the lurking presents of dangerous bacteria in our food. Consumers should demand electronic pasteurization to protect

against such threats as salmonella in our eggs, hamburger and fresh produce. The electronic pasteurization kills virtually all bacteria, including the food spoilage bacteria, so fresh foods taste fresher. The need for tripled world crop yields must be taken into account when Federal regulators and judges act to support or block new technology such as biotechnology. If not overturned, the Federal judge who recently ruled against biotech sugar beets is going down a dangerous path with consequences far beyond sugar beets. Without biotech, we may not have the tools to feed the people and save wildlife habitat from the plow. We should increase our investments in agricultural research, thanking Bill Gates and Warren Buffett along the way for their massive planned investments in research for “a second Green Revolution.” The land-grant agricultural colleges and their Council for Agricultural Science and Technology have been swimming upstream on high-yield research in recent decades. Both the American Farm Bureau Federation and Dr. Clay’s World

Wildlife Fund/US are partners in a broader alliance (the Keystone Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture) with food manufacturers, such as General Mills and Kellogg’s; the Fertilizer Institute; Croplife (pesticides); plus enlightened environmental groups: Conservation International, the National Association of Conservation Districts, NRCS/USDA, The Nature Conservancy and the World Resources Institute. This is a promising alliance between the idealists and the pragmatists who respond directly to the concerns about food shortage, biodiversity, climate and ultimate sustainability. Dennis T. Avery, a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., is an environmental economist. He was formerly a senior analyst for the Department of State. He is co-author, with S. Fred Singer of Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years. Readers may write to him at PO Box 202 Churchville, VA 24421 or email to

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In memory of Rod Shelburne Rod Shelburne was one of the most active members of NATA for many years, serving on the Board of Directors and always there for help or advice. During the off season Rod would tow the fuselage of the Piper spray plane and donate his own time and money to volunteer fire departments over a four-

Rod Shelburne state area, demonstrating how to extract a downed pilot from his aircraft. Rod was one of the pioneering pilots in Nebraska who first used aircraft to fight fires. Rod was a licensed EMT and member of the Ogallala Fire Department for 50 years as well as the Brule Fire Department, and was a lifetime member of the Elks Club. He was the first firefighter to get a National Fire Fighter 1 certificate. He and his wife, Judy, celebrated their 50th anniversary on June 27th. Dennis Brosius bought the Piper aircraft from Roman and Ester Becker of Becker Flying Service in Hartington, NE. It was a great aircraft and cost him $6,500 which he paid by check. He bought it in the fall of 1979—crashed it in August of 1991. The FAA determined the cause was weather related MicroBurst. No injuries, but the plane was destroyed. Dennis donated the fuselage to Rod Shelburne and Rod set it all up and used it for teaching fire extractions and rescue demonstrations of pilots for fire departments all over Nebraska. In January 2010, Rod donated the fuselage to NATA to be used for education and demonstration purposes. NATA will use this as a teaching tool for young and old for years to come. A memorial service was held Friday, September 3 at 2 p.m. MST at the Ogallala Auditorium with a reception and fly over at the Ogallala Fire Department. Source: NATA Voice


Fast-track your medical certificate

“What a great ending to a sad day at the Ogallala Fire Station. The pilots that conducted the fly-over and the missing man formation did an outstanding and professional job. There were 300 people lined up on the front apron of the fire station to watch the fly-over. As the planes neared, the bag-pipe player began playing and there was silence like you have never heard before. When the Pawnee broke out of formation and headed in a southwesterly direction towards Shelburne’s private air strip, you could have heard a pin drop on the streets of Ogallala. There was not a dry eye in the bunch. I would just like to say a big thank you to the pilots that conducted this fly-over. What a fitting tribute to Rod and his family, I will never

forget that day as long as I live.” Ralph Moul-Fire Chief Keystone-Lemoyne Fire & Rescue

With FAA MedXPress, you can get your medical certificate faster than ever before. Here’s how: Before your appointment with your Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) simply go online to FAA MedXPress at https://medxpress.faa. gov/ and electronically complete FAA Form 8500-8. Information entered into MedXPress is immediately transmitted

to the FAA and forwarded to your AME before your medical examination. With this online form you can complete FAA Form 8500-8 in the privacy and comfort of your home and submit it before scheduling your appointment. The service is free and can be found at:


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We’re the small shop that’s huge on service - unsurpassed in workmanship. We’re your experts for complete service to the full line of Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines.

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ww w.s o u th west-ai r moti ve. com

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The Right Map Means Nothing Is Left To Chance Surety Online Mapping is designed to help your business increase accuracy, productivity and efficiency. • Surety utilizes Farm Service Agency (FSA) aerial images, acreage and field borders to combine aerial maps with legal descriptions, latitudes/longitudes and customer data into custom maps and reports. • Surety offers nationwide coverage with easy-to-organize information and quick-to-identify field characteristics.

d, go with Sur go to the fiel ety. u o y n W he • 701-746-8580


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an endangerment finding is warranted,” said AOPA President and CEO Craig L. Fuller. He called the comments a vital step toward solving the multifaceted puzzle that is unleaded avgas, saying, “My experience in Washington suggests that on complex issues like the ones surrounding aviation fuel, you simply will not reach your destination unless you know how you’re going to get there. The coalition comments highlight the need for sound data and a better understanding of the issue before we can develop an effective, scientifically sound roadmap that puts air safety first and foremost while attempting to address real environmental concerns.” “The technical challenges of removing lead from aviation gasoline are formidable,” said Rob Hackman, AOPA’s vice president of regulatory affairs and



/Opera Addre

by Chris Dancy Frederick, MD – The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) and the General Aviation Avgas Coalition on Friday, August 27, responded to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) on leaded aviation gasoline (avgas). In its comments, the coalition reiterated its commitment to moving to an unleaded fuel but highlighted the many challenges – including safety concerns and technical hurdles – that lay ahead and must be addressed and overcome to make this transition. “The entire general aviation community took a very hard look at the data the EPA presented and the questions they asked and concluded that our best input to EPA is to suggest that neither the situation nor their own findings suggest

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AOPA and Avgas Coalition respond to EPA questions about lead in aviation gasoline

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Home of the Super 600 "The Engine That Sets The Standards In The Ag Aviation Industry"

TEL 323-663-3961 FAX 323-664-5189 • • 3033 North Coolidge Ave. • Los Angeles, CA 90039-3491

liaison to the General Aviation Avgas Coalition. “Given the widespread impact of the actions described in the ANPR – particularly how they might affect the safety of flight – any determination related to lead emissions from pistonengine aircraft must be supported by sound and complete data.” The ANPR represents the earliest step in an EPA process which could ultimately result in lead emission standards for general aviation aircraft. In direct response to questions asked in the ANPR, the coalition agreed that more study and research is needed before the EPA can even proceed to the first step in the process: the potential issuance of an endangerment finding. The coalition concurred with the EPA’s own assessment that there is not currently enough understanding of the impacts of the small amount of avgas used, and that the EPA should continue to gather data, including the monitoring being established as part of the recently-updated National Ambient Air Quality Standard for lead. The comments note that to date, the limited monitoring completed has not indicated whether or not lead emissions from pistonpowered aviation engines exceed the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for lead. The industry has been and remains committed to the research necessary to find an unleaded fuel for the future. The General Aviation Avgas Coalition is made up of aviation and petroleum industry associations whose members will be directly and significantly impacted by any EPA decision on lead in avgas. In addition to AOPA, members include the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the National Air Transportation Association (NATA), the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), and the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (NPRA). “A decision to continue research into this important issue before making any determination is consistent with the Clean Air Act, responsive to the Friends of the Earth Petition, and will help to ensure that the EPA’s ultimate decision appropriately protects pilots and the public,” the coalition comments concluded. The coalition will continue to work closely with the EPA and FAA to develop a plan to transition to an unleaded fuel that addresses safety, economic and environmental concerns.

“Line Up and Wait” phraseology change Beginning September 30, 2010 , the words “Line Up and Wait” will replace the words “Position and Hold” to instruct a pilot to enter the runway to await take-off clearance. Under the new “Line Up and Wait” phraseology, the controller will: • State your call-sign; • State the departure runway; • State “Line Up and Wait”. • Exercise Caution. Be aware the phrase “Traffic Holding

in Position” will continue to be used to advise other aircraft that traffic has been authorized to “Line Up and Wait” on an active runway. Remember: Never cross a hold line without explicit ATC instructions. You may not enter a runway unless you have been: • Instructed to cross or taxi onto that specific runway • Cleared to take off from that runway, or

• Instructed to “Line Up and Wait” on that specific runway. Please visit: runwaysafety/ for more details on the change as well as to view an instructional animation explaining the new phraseology. If in doubt ask! For additional information, go to http://

October 2010


hands-on flying

Tracy Thurman

Dark cloud on the horizon The agricultural aviation industry has evolved in leaps and bounds in recent years. New technologies and practices have moved us forward at light-speed. We are seeing a generation of pilots who have never sat behind a round engine or dabbed dope and fabric on a torn wing. We have become sophisticated, clean, computerized and professional beyond what many of our forbearers could have dreamed. Our safety record is enviable and our machines are state-of-the-art. With any society, progress and growth are what keep it viable. However, progress and growth might also bring new problems that could go unnoticed and may not be in the best interest of that society; even threatening


its existence. Mechanization and computerization introduce “production line” methods and attitudes, wholesale numbers and depersonalization. Throughout America, we have seen the demise of family farms; sold out or taken over by corporations whose offices are in different states or even in another country. We shook our heads and mourned the passing of an American icon and went about our business. Now we are seeing the corporations nibbling and biting at the agricultural aviation industry. Recently, I read about several operations bought out by large chemical companies. I sure don’t fault these operators. It would be hard to pass up a big check and a chance to realize the dream of retirement and security.

I’ve had several conversations with operators around the country who have established themselves in their area and communities. They’ve worked hard and dedicated themselves to providing a necessary service to their customers and a living for their families. Then the day comes when they go to the local airport and see an unfamiliar yellow ag-plane parked next to a load truck that has the name of a chemical company emblazoned on its door. They find out the big boys have moved in, cut his prices or are giving away the application to sell chemicals. It is a predatory tactic that should be considered unethical and certainly threatens the existence of local operators. The customer has the right to find the

best deal. After all, it’s the bottom line that speaks the loudest. It is how this is achieved that makes the difference. If the big chemical companies can move into an area, make wholesale deals with the growers, then pull up and leave town, where does that leave the local operator? It makes me wonder about the coffee shop conversations after the chemical company leaves and the growers have to face the man who had flown his fields in the past. Could we be seeing the beginning of a new agricultural aviation industry? I don’t believe it will be any kind of an improvement. There is a dark cloud creeping over the horizon and while it may appear to be far away, it could move in quickly and be upon us before we know it. Maybe all this sounds like paranoia. I’m not a fortune teller and I’m certainly not an expert on anything of value. I see a trend that is slowly gaining momentum and I believe that it could be a hazard to our industry if left to its own accord. I don’t know what solution, if any, is out there. The chemical companies that have branched into aerial application have much larger bank accounts than any of us. They can absorb lost revenue as long as they can make it up somewhere else. I hope while they work to extend their influence they also adopt the ethics of those who they consume. Competition is healthy and necessary, yet the tables must have some sort of balance, a sense of fair play and respect that can only come from the players themselves. As ag-pilots and operators, we are in this business because we love it and to make an honest living. We are in it because it gives us satisfaction and freedom; because we are independent and not corporate types and because it is the life we chose and were fortunate enough to be blessed with it. If this ominous cloud arrives, it sure is going to change things.

FAA supersedes AT-802 AD The FAA is adopting a new airworthiness directive (AD) to supersede AD 2010-1308, which applies to all Air Tractor, Inc. (Air Tractor) Models AT-802 and AT-802A airplanes. AD 2010-13-08 currently requires operators to repetitively inspect (using the eddy current method) the two outboard fastener holes in both of the wing main spar lower caps at the center splice joint for cracks and repair or replace any cracked spar cap.

Since the FAA issued 2010-13-08, is has evaluated service information issued by Air Tractor and determined it needs to add inspections, add modifications and change the safe life for certain serial number (SN) ranges. Consequently, this AD would retain the actions of AD 2010-13-08 and would add inspections, add modifications and change the safe life for certain SN ranges. The FAA is issuing this AD to detect and correct cracks in the wing main spar lower cap at the center splice joint, which could result in failure of the spar cap and lead to wing separation and loss of control of the airplane. This AD becomes effective on September 9, 2010. To read the full AD, visit AgAir Update’s web site,

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ind it it in in an an Find ir tractor ractor! air

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Carlin Lawrence

wing and a prayer

God’s divine power for Godly living “God’s divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness” (2 Peter 1:3). The supreme objective of every Christian should be to have an intimate knowledge and relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Jesus prayed to His Father, “This is eternal life, that they might know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent” (John 17:3). A Christian’s faith will always be strong when their knowledge of God is strong. Christians who have a weak knowledge of God will always have weak faith. It is through the knowledge of God that Christians learn that He has given them

His Holy Spirit (God’s divine power) to empower them to live godly lives on this earth. God has also given Christians the gifts of the Holy Spirit to empower them with the ability to serve Him. God created humans for His own pleasure and fellowship. But Adam and Eve sinned against God and broke that fellowship between God and humanity. God sent the law and its sacrificial system, but even this didn’t give the people a close and personal relationship with God, because no one could keep the law and sacrificial system perfectly. Then God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay the full penalty for the sins of humanity, so that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will

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receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and eternal life. With the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, a Christian can have a full and meaningful relationship with God. But just as God gave Adam and Eve a choice to serve Him, or disobey Him, God has given every Christian that same choice. Why? Because God wants a loving relationship with His people! God could force all Christians to worship and serve Him, but that would be a forced relationship. God wants every Christian to willingly obey Him, serve Him, and fellowship with Him—God is a loving God! Even with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, Christians are drawn to sin. Why? Because they dwell in a sinful flesh and

live in a sinful and satanically controlled world. Satan and his demonic forces are constantly seeking to destroy the witness of Christians who can be deceived by Satan’s schemes (1 Peter 5:8). It is the Holy Spirit that gives Christians the power to resist the sinful temptations that Satan throws at them. The knowledge of God teaches Christians that they cannot serve the world and God. John wrote, “Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him… You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God” (1 John 2:15, James 4:4). God’s

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divine power will not allow Christians to be tempted beyond their ability to resist worldly temptations (1 Corinthians 10:13). The lusts of our flesh, greed, arrogance and the lust for power and glory are a part of our everyday life, and it is easy to fall into those traps. Joseph was betrayed and sold by his brothers to Egyptian traders and became a slave in Egypt. Being an honest man and hard worker, he was eventually put in charge of the household affairs of Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh’s top men. Joseph was young and good looking and Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him. She grabbed him with the intention of forcing him to into bed with her, but he freed himself from her grasp by slipping out of his coat, and he ran out of the house. Paul told Timothy to flee youthful lusts (2 Timothy 2:22). The best thing a person can do is run from any place or person that presents a temptation to do evil. James tells us to submit to God and resist the devil, and Satan will flee from us (James 4:7). Strong faith in Jesus Christ puts Satan on the run. Sin is attractive and desirable to a Christian’s flesh, and anyone who denies that is only fooling themselves. In spite of the attractiveness of the things of

this world and the lusts of their flesh, Christians are commanded to remain obedient to God. The opportunity to sin is always there for Christians, but God gives us the choice of serving our fleshly lusts or obeying Him. God’s divine power has given every Christian the ability to think like God, to act like God, and to pray according to the will of God. The primary purpose of a Christian’s life should be “To live worthy of the Lord and please Him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work and growing in the knowledge of God” (Colossians 1:10). By the power of the Holy Spirit we can live a life pleasing to God. “For the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). Being a disobedient Christian always brings hurtful consequences into a Christian’s life. God chose Saul to be the first king of Israel and as long as Saul listened to God’s instruction he was a successful king. But he disobeyed the Lord and Samuel told him, “You have rejected the Word of the Lord, and the Lord has rejected you as king over Israel!” (1 Samuel 15:26). Saul was killed in a battle (1 Samuel 31:2-6). Even though a person is a Christian, God has the right to discipline them if they are

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719.688.0951 October 2010


wing and a prayer disobedient (Hebrews 12:1-11). God can do this in several ways; He can make your body weak, He can make your body sick, or He can even take your life (1 Corinthians 11:30). Speaking of himself, Paul said, “I beat my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize” (1 Corinthians 9:27). God demonstrated His love for us by sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins (Romans 5:8). Because of God’s love, Christians are to make every effort to live a life that is pleasing to God and Jesus Christ.

ntsb reports NTSB Identification: *ERA10CA279* Date: May 22, 2010 Location: Lake Placid, FL Aircraft: PZL MIELEC M18 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot was departing from the 60-foot-wide runway, which was lined with trees on both sides. During the takeoff roll, the pilot stated that he drifted “too far over to the left” and the airplane’s left wing impacted a tree. The airplane subsequently “pulled” to the left, impacted a second tree, nosed over, and came to rest inverted in a canal which ran alongside the runway. The left wing sustained substantial damage. The pilot reported there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures. NTSB Identification: *ERA10CA309* Date: June 10, 2010 Location: Alcolu, SC Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-402B Injuries: 1 Uninjured. According to the pilot, he was conducting


an aerial application flight over a field. His vision was obstructed by glare from the sun and he did not see a dead tree in front of the airplane until “it was too late.” The airplane impacted the tree and descended into the field. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing. The pilot reported that there were no pre-accident mechanical malfunctions or failures with the airplane. He further reported about 14,000 hours of total flight experience, which included 4,700 hours in the same make and model as the accident airplane. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA386* Date: July 09, 2010 Location: Chillicothe, MO Aircraft: GRUMMAN ACFT ENG G-164B Injuries: 1 Uninjured. According to the pilot, the aerial application flight was one of several that day at the same aircraft weight, ambient temperature and wind speed. Due to some variable winds, the pilot

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elected to takeoff in a different direction from the previous flights. Approximately 30 feet above ground level and above the tree line, the pilot felt the airplane begin to sink and he was unable to maintain altitude. He stated, “I believe there was a very small wind shear or wind shift just above the tree line and I had not yet achieved enough forward airspeed to overcome the loss in lift.” The airplane impacted terrain and came to rest inverted. Examination of the airplane revealed the engine was separated from the airframe and the empennage was bent. No anomalies were noted with the airframe or engine that would have precluded normal operation. The accident day was the first time the pilot conducted aerial application flight activity.

substantial damage. The pilot reported the engine lost power during the middle of a spray run when he was just above the height of the corn crop. He stated he turned the airplane away from the town and power lines. The airplane then contacted some small trees and a ditch during the forced landing in a bean field. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA406* Date: July 10, 2010 Location: Muncie, IN Aircraft: WSK PZL MIELEC M-18A Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot was making aerial application

swatch runs to two fields that had high tension power lines running between them. The airplane contacted an additional smaller wire that ran from the high tension lines to a substation located one-quarter of a mile away. The smaller wire, which was 73 feet above the ground, was not marked and there were no poles for this wire between high tension lines and the substation. After contacting the wire, the pilot flew the airplane back to the departure airport. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing.

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NTSB Identification: *CEN10LA404* Date: July 09, 2010 Location: Deshler, OH Aircraft: ROCKWELL INT’L S-2R Injuries: 1 Uninjured. A Rockwell S-2R collided with trees and a ditch during an off airport forced landing following a loss of engine power during an aerial application flight. The pilot was not injured and the airplane received

electrOde aviatiOn

The WeATh-Aero

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October 2010


NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA411* Date: July 14, 2010 Location: Blackstone, IL Aircraft: TOMCAT MK6B Injuries: 1 Minor. The pilot was spraying a corn field during the aerial application flight when the accident occurred. He made a turn at the end of a swath run and was leveling out five feet above the corn when the helicopter encountered a dust devil. The helicopter descended into the corn in a level attitude, resulting in substantial damage. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA412* Date: July 16, 2010 Location: Edmore, ND Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-301 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot was landing on a private grass strip that had not been used for several weeks during which time the grass had grown “considerably”. Upon landing, the tall grass caught the left spray boom which resulted in the airplane traveling off the side of the runway into a wheat field. The pilot reported the airplane traveled 25-30 feet after contacting the tall grass and it came to rest 90° from the touchdown heading. The right


wing and empennage were substantially damaged during the event. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA410* Date: July 17, 2010 Location: Cairo, NE Aircraft: PIPER PA-25-260 Injuries: 1 Minor. The pilot departed from a 2,500 foot private strip on the third, of four planned aerial application flights. During the take-off the pilot noted that the wind had shifted from the northeast to the east, and was about 5 knots. Shortly after lift-off, the single-engine airplane began a slow descent. The pilot attempted to correct the problem by turning into the wind while heading to lower ground; however, the airplane continued to descent until it impacted terrain. The pilot stated that there were no preaccident mechanical problems with the airplane, and that the accident could have been prevented by having a lighter load, aborting the take-off, dumping the load just after take-off, or dumping the load instead of making a 90° turn. NTSB Identification: *ERA10CA367* Date: July 19, 2010 Location: Roseville, PA

Aircraft: BELL 206 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot of the helicopter stated that he was conducting an aerial application flight over a river. He completed a site survey, noted wires in close proximity to the site and began application at an altitude of 40’. The pilot stated that approximately 3/4 of the way across the river, he “momentarily lost sight” of the power lines. The main rotor blades struck the power lines and the pilot maneuvered the helicopter over a shallow water area. The helicopter lost anti-torque control and the pilot performed a hovering autorotation to the river, where it impacted rocks and rolled to the right. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to the main rotor system, fuselage and tail boom. The pilot stated that there were no mechanical malfunctions or anomalies with the helicopter and the accident could have been prevented with a more thorough examination of the spray site and adjustment of the spray pattern. NTSB Identification: CEN10CA434 Date: July 23, 2010 Location: Whittemore, IA Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR 502B Injuries: 1 Uninjured.

The pilot reported that he had made four previous agricultural aerial application runs prior to the accident flight, one of which had the same load as the accident flight. The grass airstrip was about 2,640 feet long and was soft due to recent rains. He put in 10° of flaps, held the brakes and ran the engine up to 1,700 lbs of torque. He departed to the north since the windsock was indicating a slight northeast wind. After he released the brakes and started the takeoff roll, the airplane encountered a soft spot in the runway which reduced his ground speed. Halfway down the runway the tail had still not come up, so the pilot “forced the tail up using the trim tab” and by pushing the stick full forward. The pilot eased the forward stick pressure and the tail went back to the ground. He immediately began to dump the load and he put in full flaps. About 100 yards before the end of the runway, the pilot “pulled the stick all the way back and became airborne, but stalled [the] airplane.” The left wing stalled and impacted the ground. The airplane came to rest in a corn field on the edge of the grass airstrip. The pilot reported that he “should have stopped the ground roll when I encountered the wet spot in the strip.” The airplane sustained

substantial damage to the left wing, right wing, and empennage. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA428* Date: July 23, 2010 Location: New Hampton, IA Aircraft: BELL 206B Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot reported that he struck wires at the end of an aerial application spray run which caused the helicopter to shake violently. During the emergency landing, the helicopter landed hard and rolled over on its right side. The helicopter sustained substantial damage to its fuselage, main rotor and tail rotor. The pilot stated that he should have performed a better “recon” for obstacles and wires in the field. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA445* Date: July 28, 2010 Location: Zwingle, IA Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B Injuries: 1 Minor. The pilot reported that after an agricultural spraying run that he had completed, he made a turn for another pass. As he came out of that turn, the airplane was heading west into the afternoon sun. The pilot misjudged the

height of the top wire of poles along the edge of the field. After striking the wire he noted that he had almost no elevator control and executed a landing in a field. The airplane subsequently nosed over. The pilot made no mention of control difficulties prior to striking the wire. NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA446* Date: July 28, 2010 Location: St. Olaf, IA Aircraft: BELL 206 Injuries: 1 Minor. The pilot reported that he was performing agricultural spraying operations in the helicopter when the accident happened. He stated that he was making a final “trim” pass along the northern boundary of the field and heading west into the afternoon sun. He said that as he finished his pass, he looked down at the spray boom to insure that the nozzles were shut off and when he looked back up he saw the wires that crossed his path as they contacted the helicopter. The helicopter became uncontrollable and impacted into a field in a nose low attitude. The pilot made no mention of pre-impact difficulties with the helicopter in his statement.

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NTSB Identification: *CEN10CA454* Date: July 29, 2010 Location: Petersburg, TX Aircraft: PIPER PA-36-285 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot reported that during an agricultural aerial application run underneath electrical wires, the airplane’s right main landing gear collided with a signpost and was “torn off”. The pilot then flew the airplane back to his base of operations. During the landing, without the right main landing gear, the right wing impacted the ground. The airplane spun around 180-degrees before coming to rest in the upright position. The pilot was not injured; however, the airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing during the accident. NTSB Identification: *ERA10LA401* Date: August 04, 2010 Location: Donalsonville, GA Aircraft: AYRES CORPORATION S2R-T34 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot recounted the events that transpired just prior to, and during the accident flight. Prior to departing, the airplane’s fuel tanks were filled, and 300 gallons of chemicals were loaded.

The purpose of the flight was to apply the chemical to a peanut field, located about 5 miles northeast of 17J. After applying chemical to the interior of the field, the pilot maneuvered the airplane and began spraying the outer portions of the field. While transitioning the airplane to the final segment of the application, at an altitude between 200 and 300 feet above ground level, the engine “quit.” The pilot further described that he heard a “pop” sound, heard the engine “spool down,” and observed blue smoke trailing from the top of the engine cowling. All of the engine instruments appeared to be indicating normally prior to the loss of power. The pilot selected a nearby field and maneuvered the airplane for the forced landing. As the time during the descent was limited, the pilot did not attempt to shut down or secure the engine during the descent. The airplane touched down in a cow pasture and struck a fence row before coming to rest. The pilot then noted the sound of “something spinning” coming from the engine cowling before he subsequently shut down the engine, after which the sound ceased. Upon exiting the airplane, the pilot saw oil draining from the lower aft portion of the

engine cowling. An FAA inspector examined the wreckage at the scene and noted that the propeller was “locked” and not free to rotate. The airframe and engine were retained for further examination. NTSB Identification: *CEN10LA463* Date: August 08, 2010 Location: Lindsay, NE Aircraft: AT-802A Injuries: 1 Fatal. There were no witnesses to the accident. The main body of wreckage was located between two corn fields. There was fire after impact. The engine and propeller were located on a dirt road just south of the wreckage.

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October 2010


Hemisphere GPS introduces Eclipse II Multi-GNSS receiver technology with advanced ASIC design Calgary, AB, CANADA — Hemisphere GPS announced its next generation Eclipse II GNSS receiver technology and the release of the Eclipse II OEM board – the first product incorporating these technological advancements. Based on new Hemisphere GPS firmware and ASIC designs, Eclipse II provides improved RTK performance, GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, and OmniSTAR® support, and reduced power consumption. New Hemisphere GPS digital and analog ASIC designs optimize performance and provide the ability to track and process a wide range of GNSS signals including current and modernized GPS, GLONASS, SBAS and the future Galileo and Compass system signals. The ASICs offer flexibility in GNSS board design by reducing the number of board components required, thereby reducing

complexity and improving reliability. The powerful new digital ASIC can process five separate GNSS frequencies and up to 90 separate satellite signals at one time. Multiple copies of the digital and analog ASICs are being combined into Eclipse II GNSS receivers that offer the most optimal combination of performance and value in the marketplace. “The new Eclipse II technology highlights our commitment to continuous innovation in GNSS solutions,” said Dr. Michael Whitehead, Vice President, Technology at Hemisphere GPS. “Providing a higher level of GNSS performance allows our OEM partners to take their products to the next level.” Eclipse II improves GNSS performance, particularly with RTK and GLONASS applications, through Hemisphere GPS’


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patent-pending SureTrack® technology. Benefits include extended and more robust RTK solutions as the rover RTK receiver will process all available signals even if they are not common with the base receiver. RTK solutions are therefore better maintained in challenging environments, baselines of up to 50km are possible, and reacquisition times are improved resulting in more robust overall performance. In particular, GLONASS performance is enhanced through SureTrack as GLONASS receiver bias issues are avoided and GLONASS signals aid the positioning solutions even with GPS-only base stations. The new Eclipse II receiver technology is currently available as the P320 OEM board and evaluation kit. Hemisphere GPS is integrating Eclipse II technology into other form factors and into many

of its existing GPS receiver products and plans to introduce those products in the coming months. Hemisphere GPS designs and manufactures innovative, cost-effective GPS products for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications in agriculture, marine, construction, and other markets. The Company holds numerous patents and other intellectual property and owns several leading brand names, including Outback Guidance®, a leading brand in precision GPS for agriculture. The Company is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with major product development, sales, and marketing facilities in Arizona, Kansas, and Australia. For more information about Hemisphere GPS, please go to



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Sizing up agricultural aviation - circa 1969 Back in History by D. A. Walker FLIGHT International, 21 August 1969— Next week sees the opening in Kingston, Ontario, of the Fourth International Agricultural Aviation Congress. Representatives of crop-spraying companies, aircraft and agriculturalchemical manufacturers, pilots and plant pathologists will be among the delegates. “Progress through cooperation” is the theme of the congress. What is the extent of progress so far? In this article D. A. Walker, of the International Agricultural Aviation Centre, The Hague, reviews the latest statistics relating to the use of aircraft in agriculture, forestry and public health. Reference to a country’s agricultural aviation activities will often be found in the annual report of the civil aviation authority, but such figures normally

cover only aircraft in use, hours flown, and so on, without mentioning the area treated. The International Agricultural Aviation Centre (IAAC) periodically compiles surveys of the world-wide situation, and sends out questionnaires to the authorities responsible for compiling output figures. The current survey is not yet complete, but the accompanying table provides a representative cross-section of current activity. The most accurate figure available at present, 18,700 aircraft in use throughout the world for treating 370 million acres annually, gives an indication of the scale of this tremendously fragmented and diverse activity. If estimates for the USSR are to be taken at par, then, in the Western world, the USA possesses the largest fleet of agricultural aircraft and probably the largest manufacturing

It’s Practically

one world

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capability for both aircraft and ancillary equipment. The 1968 figures for USA show an increase of 11 percent, both in the aircraft fleet and the area treated, over 1966. Overall utilisation is low, but this covers private aircraft used occasionally for aerial application by farmer/owners. Commercial fleet utilization is probably near to 400hr per annum. A 38 percent increase in total flying hours for the US industry is forecast for 1975 in comparison with the 1968 figure of 1.11 million hours. The 1966 figures for Canada show that 8 percent (666 aircraft) of the country’s total aircraft fleet was engaged in aerial work connected with agriculture, forestry, wildlife conservation, etc. and that these aircraft flew 67,736 hours. Within this total, 207 aircraft were specifically

engaged in aerial application of sprays and fertilizers, treating a total area of some 5.26 million acres, and flying a total of 19,536hr. Generally, the present survey reveals an expansion of activities in most countries, There are, however, certain notable exceptions. In Australia, drought conditions, affecting many parts of the country from 1965 onwards, caused a reduction in aerial agricultural work; and whilst the 1967 figures of 108,688hr flown and 15.2 million acres treated are up by 10 percent on 1966, this level is still below that of 1965. It is worth noting that considerable improvement has been maintained over the years in the safety of aerial agricultural operations, the accident rate dropping further from 3.83 (1966) to 3.58 (1967) per 10,000hr, which is lower than that of

agricultural aviation activity, 1968 Country Algeria Argentine* Australia* Colombia Czechoslovakia Denmark Ecuador Egypt France Germany (East) Guyana Greece Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Madagascar Malaysia Morocco Mozambique Netherlands New Zealand Portugal Spain Turkey UK USA USSR Yugoslavia * 1967 figures

Acres Treated 102.000 12,350,000 15,200,000 6,150,000 1,640,000 138,000 346,000 200,000 316,000 1,760,000 86,500 1,290,000 2,840,000 590,000 128,000 1,140,000 4,000,000 141,000 12,800 92,500 19,000 173,000 8,200,000 93,000 3,820,000 1,150,000 605,000 78,500,000 185,000,000 2,182,000

Aircraft Fleet 7 450 300 208 82 14 77 23 50 — 2 15 — 37 14 33 147 10 1 12 2 18 209 8 89 52 47 5,700 7,000 77

the private flying sector (3.86). In New Zealand, probably the most serious reduction in work of any country has taken place. Figures for 1968 are down by 27 percent on 1966, due to the continuing effect of the “tightening-the-belt” policy within the agricultural industry as a whole, in the wake of sterling devaluation. During the period 1966-68, the agricultural aircraft fleet was reduced by 44 aircraft to 209; however, production figures for the first two quarters of 1969 reflect signs of a gradual recovery. The agricultural aircraft fleets in Central and South America are now estimated at 2,500 aircraft and, with the exception of Ecuador, which forecasts a reduction in activity, a considerable expansion is likely. This is expected to occur especially in the field of public-health operations such as mosquito control, as use of ultra-lowvolume spraying techniques increases. On the African continent, the situation with regard to indigenous fleets of aircraft is complicated by the annual migration of aircraft, particularly from European countries; a noticeable influence is the recent

increase in operations carried out by East European operators. In 1969, according to Slov-Air, the Czechoslovak operator, up to 60 Z-37 Cmelaks, belonging to Bulgarian and Czechoslovakian companies, will be operating in Egypt and Sudan. It is expected, however, that the indigenous aircraft fleets will increase in size as experience is built up. In addition, the aircraft of the various intergovernmental locust control organizations in the inter-tropical convergence zone may maintain their utilisation by conducting agriculturalaviation activities in member countries, if the present locust upsurge dies down below plague infestation levels. Generally, useful net productivity increases have been achieved from the fleets in use over the past three years, probably due to recent trends towards using lower volumes of spray liquid with higher chemical concentrations. It is to be expected that dispersal mechanisms will improve considerably in the near future to meet more critical performance specifications required by modern methods. Source:

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A quiet achiever! Family and friends celebrate the retirement of Chris Iremonger by Mike Feeney A popular image of earlier New Zealand agricultural pilots has been that they tended to be of a somewhat exuberant, extroverted and party-loving disposition. And, thinking back, I would have to concede that there was more than a grain of truth in that belief. Certainly, when the weather prevented flying, some of we younger single chaps behaved as though it was our last night on earth... and for some; it was! However, there were many others who exercised moderation and just got on with the job in a professional and modest fashion. Our comrade Chris Iremonger is one of that sensible, yet drolly humourous breed of ag. pilots. On Saturday evening on the 10th of July, some 160 folk gathered at Te Kuiti’s Waitomo Club to enjoy time with Chris and Sibyl Iremonger. From around the region and the North Island came long-time friends and old work-mates. It was an interesting mix of loader drivers, farmers, truck operators and some venerable pilot chums, retired and current. Chris was born at Stratford on March 19th, 1944 and nearly did not pursue an aviation career as, after completing his secondary education at St. Patricks, Silverstream, in 1961 he underwent three years training to become a priest. After a rethink, he returned to the family


farm and joined the Stratford Aero club. Whilst learning under Brian Doyle he also joined Rural Aviation as a loaderdriver and was teamed up with the late Sam Bickerstaff of whom he has fond memories. He later loaded Fred Ewing and Don Erceg on Cessna 180s and 185s. This experience convinced him to attend the Wanganui Commercial Pilot School, passing his CPL flight test in late 1966. He was cleared to do some ferry flying in the Rural aircraft and saved enough to pay his way, with some help from his father, through the 50 hour course at Bereck Dalcom’s Wanganui Agricultural Flying School. He learned much from Bereck’s realistic training in Cessna 180, ZK-BUG, an excellent training type for the role. Chris got his chance at some topdressing ops. when, in July 1968, Don Erceg was out of action following a car accident. A big change in his future occurred when, in early ‘69, Rural bought out the Te Kuiti operator, Northern Air Services. Chris was moved to Te Kuiti with 480 hours in his logbook. He gradually established himself in the region where he was to remain up until the present time. From late ‘71 Chris had sufficient experience to carry our spraying operations on the forests of the central North Island and a variety of farm work. In 1973 he had the pleasure of

Chris with his Cessna 188 Agwagon when a much younger aviator.

picking up a brand new Cessna C-188B Agwagon, ZK-DJZ, which he enjoyed flying until 1986. In 1994, Rural Air Services (1986) Ltd sold the Te Kuiti operation to Wanganui Aero Work so Chris’s Ag Wagon years were over and he flew a FU-24-400 until 2000 when Cresco LTS was allocated to Te Kuiti. Chris liked the FU-24 and Cresco because of their better visibility, clean windscreens, high-lift wing and much larger cockpit for pilot and loaderdriver or farmer. He speaks highly of Wanganui Aero Work’s maintenance and the presentation of their aircraft. With 28,000 hours of ag. flying, 19,000 of them on Cessna Ag Wagons, Chris decided to move to an area rep.’s job with the company thus providing the chance for long-time loader-driver, Grannt Lennox to get a pilot’s seat. So from 2007, Chris eased Grant into the area and provided mentoring and much support until just a few months ago. Forty years of continuous ag. flying operations is a splendid achievment. A particularly significant event occurred in 1971 when Chris and Sibyl married and proceeded to add

considerably to the district’s population and to the nation’s human resources thus: Shaun (36), a RNZAF C-130 Hercules Captain; Matt (34), flying Beech 1900Ds for Eagle; Jane (32), busy mother to a daughter, son and two step-daughters; Jessica 31), a District Nurse in Auckland and twin to Robert who is a Paramedic in Auckland; James (27), also a pilot with Eagle; and finally, Kate (21) who is studying physiotherapy at Otago University. Sibyl has bee married to Chris for nearly 40 years, most of them during which Chris was actively flying. There is a degree of mental stress placed on ag. pilot’s wives due to the accident rate; very high in earlier decades, not so bad now. To the best of my knowledge, 140 pilots have been killed whilst engaged in ag. operations within New Zealand and many other New Zealanders have died when ag. flying overseas. So I asked Sibyl if she would care to reflect on aspects of being married to a 28,000 hour ag. pilot. She sent me these thoughts: “Dear Mike, A good aspect of being married to my

topdressing pilot was that he loved his job. It certainly makes life easier when your man likes going to work to earn the money to keep the household going. It was also great when the children were pre-schoolers and he was around on wet or windy days to entertain them when I was really busy. When I returned to work it was a real bonus that Chris could mind the children on non-flying days. The children had wonderful experiences flying down to Feilding with Chris when the aircraft was on a maintenance check. The downside was that who wants to go to to the beach or on a picnic when it is raining or blowing, or both! All the good days were taken up by flying. There are only so many times you can disappoint little kids who don’t really understand the importance of flying from marginal

airstrips in the best and safest conditions possible. I guess I developed a great measure of independence as I found that I had to get used to going without him. I could go on and on. The waiting for the plane to come home from Feilding on bad weather days because that was when most of the maintenence was done. It would be getting dark. You knew what time he left because he phoned for a weather report. It takes only one hour from Feilding, so where is he? Like all ag. pilot’s wives, I’ve had Chris dead and buried many a time! The dreaded phone call re. an an accident; be it your husbands, or someone never got any easier.... but I mustn’t bore you Mike; you know all this anyway. But through it all we have made a Rick Harding of Wanganui Aero Work made a presentation to Chris and Sibyl who both spoke of the memorable decades and of all the friends they had made during nearly 40 years of marriage and Chris’s long involvement in the agricultural aviation industry.

great life for ourselves. We have seven wonderful children who are working at jobs they love and Chris and I are still together. We have wonderful friends, many of whom are from the aerial topdressing industry...real characters with whom we have shared many wonderful, and not so wonderful, experiences. I hope this explains a little.” How nice it is to be writing about an ag. pilot friend who is still alive and knew when it was time to make the break from flying overloaded aircraft from

hill-country airstrips. We must all hand over to younger men, but the current Wanganui Aero Work pilot, Grant Lennox, still confers with Chris on aspects of flight operations in the region. And the quiet, modest understated achiever tells me he is quite content to have his memories as he cruises around at low speed on the local golf club’s lawn-mowing tractor. “With thanks to author Mike Feeney and the New Zealand monthly magazine he writes for

This is a current shot of the old Te Kuiti aerodrome base office and lunchroom that Chris, and many other loader-drivers and pilots, spent so much time in whilst waiting for the weather to improve. It brings back good memories for me also as, during the first half of this decade, when I was Wanganui Aero Work’s QA and Safety Manager, I always looked forward to my regular working visits to chat with the troops about safety and audit stuff. Chris, Fraser Wilson, Ronnie Henderson and Malcolm Lilley always made me welcome to the cosy office with a ‘cuppa’ and a biscuit. Sadly, Ronnie and Malcolm have left us but Fraser is with Super Air and flies a very nice Pratt & Whitney PT-6 FU-24 out of Te Kuiti. It is a great old and historic airfield with many happy memories for so many of us.

October 2010


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Piper airframe parts, continental and Lycoming engine parts and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at tfn

thrush 1973 S2R600, 7800 TT, 300 SMOH, geared Eng., 300 SPOH Albatross Metal Tail A/C AG Nav w/Flow Control and 1973 A188B 3400 TT 740 housr on CYL “2” bottom end 740 SPOH Satlock Airstar electric pump, big tires, New Windscreen 204-362-0406 (10 -10) 1974 Thrush 8000 TT Walters 2000 hours 10 IRAN Metal tail, new SS belly, M3, Big Fuel, This aircraft is a 9 out and in. 218-201-0083 (10 -10) 1968 S2R 400 gal 8200 TT Garrett -6 1681 TT SHOT and gearbox insp., SS booms, Lane brake, CP flat fans, a/c, M3 Satloc w/aerial ace, shadin fuel flow, jpi boom pressure, 2 sets of night lights, ky 96 com, cool seat. $250,000 obo 719-340-1430. (10 -10)

1997 510 Thrush, -34, 5630 Hrs. TTAE, 25” gatebox with swathmaster spreader, M3 Satloc with Intelliflow, A/C, CP nozzles, Prop has 415 hrs. since IRAN, Lane pump brake, currently working, January annual, call 870-255-1300 (10-10) Parting out Thrush main landing gear, 29” wheels & brakes, tail wheel assy-, spray equipment etc. aircraft went in inverted. Call Sid or Jerry for specific items, 800-542-8565 or email A 8 - 11

1983 DC Thrush Walter 601E-11, 1000hrs left before overhaul, new gear box, new prop, 29,000 hr spar caps, no ad’s, VG’s, winglets, 80’ swath, Satloc M-3, CP’s, electric brake, SS spray valve, Crophawk, smoker, ac/heater, fuel flow, single pt fuel, strobes, wingman, spreader, intercom, paint 09 $350,000. 912-384-6466 (10 -10) 1994 Ayres 510 Garrett –6 Conversion - 7,800 Hrs. TT; Good Paint; Satloc; Air Conditioner; Rinse System; Smoker; SS Spray System; Electric Brakes; Landing Lights & Strobe; Not Available until September 1, 2010. Call Eugene 979-5321718, 979-533-1720 Day or night 0 4 -11 1996 Ayres PT6-45, 510 gallon, air, 228 fuel, Satloc, recent spar cap replaced, smoker, flagger, crop hawk, spray system. Make offer. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. 800-325-0885 www. t f n

The 660 Thrush with its innovative wing design and 54 foot wing span and over 400 square foot wing area ensures unmatched stability and control during Ag maneuvers. The combination of a solid airframe and powerful engine creates an airplane that outperforms the competition. Thrush is known for their structural durability and excellent performance under extreme conditions. 1976 Ayres 400 Gal. Thrush with -6 Garrett Engine; Satloc; Air Conditioner; Smoker; 29” Wheels and Brakes; New Paint; Fresh OH Prop; SS Spray System; Lane Brakes. Call Eugene 979-532-1718, 979-533-1720 Day or night A 4 -10

1996 S2R-T45 DC, SN T45 013 N32995, TTAF 4060, PT6-45 SN PCE 84056 TTSOH 4475 PROP Hartzell HC- B5MP-3C, TSNEW 2150, TSOH 375, This a/c is in above average condition, new paint 2008 all AD’s & Log Book in compliance, 3000 hrs left on wings, engine has recent hot section w/ Covington Aircraft, with light OVH on power section less than 200 hrs ago, New starter/gen recent FCU and fuel pump, M3 SATLOC, Com Radio w/ VOX, Fast Start, Heat and A/C. Available end of August 2010. $475,000 or OBO 712-243-4038 (10 -10) 1992 Ayres 510 D C - 7,600 Hrs. TT; Garrett -6 Engine Low Time; M-3 with Variable Rate Flow Control, C.P. Nozzles; SS Spray System with Lane brakes; Air Conditioner; Smoker; Low time Prop; Nice clean airplane that is ready to work Priced To Sell Call Eugene 979-532-1718, 979-533-1720 Day or night A 4 -10 1976 S2R-T34 400 gal Thrush. TTAF 14,042, TTE 15,947. Load hawg, air cond, weath-aero fan, SATLOC, metal tail, fresh annual (eddy current good, 1600 since wing o/h), new tires, booms, breck spreader, good paint, “0” prop IRAN, fresh annual, extensive “0” Hot by Prime Turbines Inc. $285,000 Call for HSI details 662-745-2616 (10 -10)

2009 510 Thrush S2R-T34, SN 510-312, N5298H. Brand new aircraft with new Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turboprop engine. $769,850 Contact ASI Jet Center Aircraft Sales. 952941-6255 or, A 11-10

The 550 Thrush offers new sturdy hopper and innovative large hopper door to improve access when loading dry chemicals, while providing a 550 gallon capacity. Fuel economy, low acquisition cost and proven performance makes the 550 Thrush a great option for operators. The 550 Thrush offers a choice of power plants, allowing you to tailor the aircraft to meet the demands of your particular operating environment. 2004 710 THRUSH W/ 844 TT / 2231 PT6A-67 ENG & 68 S. H.S.I 70 nozzles, Lane Fan & Brake, Satloc M3, Air / Heat, fuel flowmeter, D.G. attitude indicator, smoker, flagger, crophawk, Garmin radio/GPS. JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: www, t f n

The 510 Thrush has sent the standard in Ag Aviation for dependability. With rugged construction, simplified system and low maintenance, the 510 Thrush is the aircraft any operator can depend upon. Low maintenance, maximum loads, superior pattern makes the 510 Thrush a profit machine. All Thrush Aircraft models provide superb visibility, light control forces, and unmatched speed and maneuverability.

October 2010


engines New 1340 Cylinder $1800 and 985 cylinder $800 or Best offer 435-671-3455 (10 -10)

R1340 FWF Complete as removed from Thrush - 1014 S.O.H. Engine and 524 S.O/H AG100-2 Propeller. Very Good Condition $25,000.00 - Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 559686-1794, t f n

1 EA. Continental IO 520-D Zero SMOH in Stock. $21,000 outright or will exchange heavy case and shaft. Call Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or email A 8 - 1 1

PT6A Engines: Deal Direct with ATS to buy, sell, lease or exchange ~ view our current inventory at www.PT6A.Aero (FAA C.R.S. TQZR133K) tfn

For sale 2-600 hp Rockwell Thrushes, current annuals, always hangared, excellent condition, Call 306-861-0177. (10-10)

PT6A-20B S/N PCE22511. TT 7430.7, SOH 4214, 0 SHOT (Covington). Including new CT blades, New Segments, Rebuilt vane ring & burner can. Removed from AT-402 for upgrade. 507-525-3068 or 1-507-526-7264 (10 -10)

Large inventory of Thrush parts surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 t f n

New PT6-34 ag engine in stock Call for price Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 A tfn

TPE331-PC (2.5 Cores) the Lot..$5,000 TPE331-6-252M (Dmgd Core) Good Logs... $7,500 TPE331-2-201A 0-GSI/HSI 2700RCs....$115,000 R985 ANI (API), 792-SMOH....$10,500 R985-14B (Pickett) 0-SOH...$29,500 R1340-AN2 (Cov) 1115-SMOH...$19,000 .....also Radial and Turbine Accessories. AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) t f n

1970 S2R Thrush 600 turn windows, Aileron servos, extended wings, new main tires and brakes, 763 SMHOE, 430 SPOH, 14785 TTAF, $45,000 229-886-8592 (10-10) 1969 S2RW601/400 (751 SHP) Hatfield Walter Conversion 9465 TT - 2175 S factory OH eng. - 400 gal hopper, Lane Fan and elec brake, SS booms, ext wings, lights, 29” tires, Servos, Serv Aero Turtleback, Satloc M3 GPS. $225,000 JAS 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, tfn

weatherly 1995 Weatherly 620B. 2990 TTAF&E, 330 SOH Tulsa, 330 SOH 3 Blade Hartzell, Hangared in SD SNEW!! SatLoc LiteStar, Crophawk 7, Stainless booms w/CPs, Weath-Aero Fan, Automatic Flagger $120K OBO. 605-448-2264 (10-10) Weatherly Headquarters - 1993,1994,1996 - In Stock. Also available 1974. Performance, low fuel burn. The ideal in-between airplane. Mid-Continent 800-325-0885 t fn

miscellaneous aircraft

1975 mod Decathlon 1765 TT 265 SMOH engine 65 SMOH constant speed prop. Call 478-973-8105 (10-10) Unlimited Racer project: 85% complete Yak11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. For pictures and details call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 t f n


J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has the largest selection of Lycoming and Continental engine cores in stock. Over 100 to choose from. Call Sid or Jerry for your parts or engines needs. 800-542-8565 or email A 8 - 11

R-1340, zero time since overhaul by Covington $53,500.00 New PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 outright or exchange call Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 t f n

PT6A-65AG Engine for sale. Only 2025 TT, 183 TSO. Ready for immediate delivery. Call Gary or Steve 210-924-5561. sales@ (1 0 -1 0 )

10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at t f n

Garrett TPE331-6-252M Part 135 Engine with 3,500 Hrs; Fresh Hot Section on 5400 HR. TBO Call Eugene 979-5321718, 979-533-1720 Day or night A 4 -11 Universal Turbine Parts has serviceable PT6 engines for sale. 2 ea PT6A-20 TSO 0, 4010 2 ea PT6A-21 TSN 1767, 1767 5 ea PT6A-28 TSO 0, 0, 2098, 3268, 3791 PT6A-34 TSO 0 PT6A-34AG TSO 0 PT6A-41 TSO 4961 3 ea PT6A-42 TSN: 2986, 3124; TSO 0 2 ea PT6A-50 TSO 3137, 3869 PT6A-65 TSO 816 PT6A-67 TSO 5222 We also buy PT6 engines in all conditions. Please call Bill or Joel at 334-361-7853 or email t f n Garrett TPE-331-10-511M Part 135 Engine with lots of time and cycles remaining. Call Eugene 979-532-1718, 979-5331720 Day or night A4 -10

JJETSET AIRMOTIVE has the following PT6 engines for sale, lease or Exchange. M.O.R.E ready to TBO 8000 hours. PT6A-11 TSO Zero PT6A-28 TSO Zero PT6A-34 TSO Zero PT6A-114A Zero time overhauled PT6A-41 TSO 974 Email or Khris or Max at 305-8252001 or Email (10 -10) Covington Turbine Engines Available. PT6A-20 2800 TSO PT6A-15AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul PT6A-34AG 1789 TSO PT6A-34AG 780 TSO PT6A-34AG 0 TSO PT6A-34AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul We are also interested in buying or exchanging for any core you may have regardless of condition. Contact: David Hamilton at 918-756-7862 or davidh@ At fn

Pratt & Whitney R-985 & R-1340 Overhauled Engines in stock. Props, carburetors, magnetos, alternators, & accessories for above engines. Call Chester Roberts Supply Company, Collinsville, TX Tel: 903-429-6805 Fax: 903429-6047 A 0 4 -11 JETSET AIRMOTIVE Buys and Sells all models of PT6 engines and has an extensive inventory of materials in various conditions. Call Paul at 682-738-3031 Email preeves@jsamiami. com or Khris or Max at 305-825-2001or Email krod@ (10 -10) Cylinders For Sale – Overhauled complete assy’s with new pistons installed. Ready to install. R-985 $1250.00 each Two or more less 5%: R-1340 $1950.00 each Two or more less 5%: Outright price: includes all gaskets. Sun Air Parts. 661-257-7708 fax 661-257-7710 T F N

dispersal equipment (3 ) 38 inch gate Breackinridge Spreaders, (2) 12 vane (1) 10 vane. Very good condition, used as spares, Call 501-5166156 (10 -10) Transland 41” 10 Vane Spreader 20250 Like new only put out 10 loads of Rye Grass, no Fertilizer list $6500. Will Sell $5000 Call 863-467-7777 (10 -10) Two 41 inch Breckenridge Spreaders. 13 vane. Used. $2500.00 each. Chad Stuart Airplane Services Inc. 850-3806091. (0 5 -11) CP NOZZLES AND CHECK VALVES. Distribuidor en Argentina: ArAvia S.A. -Venado Tuerto (Sta Fe) T.E. 54-3462-433540 FAX: 438344 tfn 10” hydraulic Transland Gate assembly complete. $10,000 OBO George 409-656-5998 (10 -10) ASC Rotary Atomizers - See and April 2009 issue of AAU, A. McCracken. Made in USA. asc@, 317-896-2561 A 0 1 -11 Stainless Steel Fabricators, Inc. ---Stainless spreaders and accessories new and used. We manufacture 12 vane,13 vanes and 10 vane spreaders. Call us at 800-736-3433 or 870-217-9232. (01-11)

ASC Rotary Atomizers - Consistent droplets, large flow openings, easy to mount without changing your existing pump, boom and flow control method. Made in USA. asc@dynafog. com, 317-896-2561 A 0 1 -11 Everything you need for fixed wing or helicopter JAS 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: www, t f n TRANSLAND 10 vane sprder for 38” gate, new $8200 Agrinautics, root, Crophawk, Transland, others Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FA X 281-232-5401.t fn Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. For southern US and other countries call Spectrum Corp. office 713-783-5771. (10-10) CP NOZZLES AND CHECK VALVES “The Drift fighters”. Plus they improve your spray pattern. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: t f n Transland and Agrinautics, overstock sale. Call Danny for listing 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@airrepairinc. com t f n ASC Rotary Atomizers - Why use old hydraulic nozzle technology? Rotary Atomizers are proven as the most accurate method to apply both low & high volume formulations. Made in USA., 317-896-2561 A 0 1 -11 SprayTarget variable rate nozzles in stock. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 t f n Variable Rate OC and engine driven hydraulic spray control systems. Coming soon variable rate dry for standard gate and hydraulic flaps. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 t f n Dispersal Equipment: Weathaero Feathering Fans, Crophawks, Smokers, Flaggers, Nozzles, Transland, Breckenridge Spreaders, Airfoil Booms, Dry Breaks, Stocking All Aircraft Styles. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885 tfn

Agrinautics, Inc. Best spray pumps, valves, and strainers in the business! For service w/ a smile,call us at 435-586-1200. e-mail: t f n

gps Ag Nav Guia Gold systems w/ antenna and light bar. Like new. Contact Ted or Cameron for pricing at 575-763-4300. ( 10 -10) Model 33302-11 Tremble GPS receiver Call for more information 912-682-5728 (10 -10) TRACMAP GPS has great features, easy to use, large screen, racetrack guidance, usb key easy import of files, competitive pricing. Now available from Turbine Conversions call 616-837-9428 0 1 - 1 1 Intelliflow Flow Controls -in stock, now shipping! Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 tfn Wanted: Trimble AgGps 23 Lightbar. Call Dave at 574-8624392 A tfn Hemisphere GPS systems in stock, Intellistar, M3, Intelliflow, and Litestar2. We did it again, leading Level 3 Service Center/ Dealer 2009. Why buy anywhere else, we’ve got what you need, and service after the sale! Call now 800-437-5319 t f n Used Satlocs. Litestar 1 and II. Airstar. New M3s in stock Prompt repair service Compton Flying Service 888-336-3924 t f n Satloc, Intelliflow Variable rate application. The Satloc Level III Service repair center. Mid-Continent aircraft Corp. Hayti, Mo 1-800-325-0885. t f n Satloc and Del Norte Air Repair Inc, is the worldwide leader in sales and sercece. Call Danny (sales) or Dallas (service) 662846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn Hemisphere GPS & Flow Control Dealer Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559686-9360, e-mail: info@johnstonaircraf t fn Authorized AgNav Distributors. New and used systems. GIS Spray data services/conversion. Summit Helicopters Inc. Call Gary at 816-813-0442. (10 -10)

October 2010


parts J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc has purchased a large new inventory of Citabria GCBC part in late 1977-79 rnge. Lots of common everyday parts. Landing gear, wheels 7 brakes, engine parts etc. call Jerry or Sid today 800-542-8565 or email A 8 -11 For Sale: As removed Zee SZ45-002-1A Motor and condenser assembly. Removed to install factory air. $2000. Call Tommy, Matt or Bryan @ 870-295-6218 tfn 3 sets new heavy gear for S2R Thrush. $10,000 per set exchange for core. Many other S2R parts/components. Call or fax Bruce’s Flying Service, Inc. 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. E-mail (10-10) Cleveland Wheels and Brakes. Buy used and save money. Air-Tractor, Thrush, Ag Cat. Chad Stuart Airplane Services Inc. 850-380-6091 ( 0 5 - 11 ) Loadhog hydraulic hopper lid system from AT-402. Excellent condition. $3,000. Airplane Services, Inc. Chad Stuart 850380-6091 ( 0 5 - 11 ) Used serviceable PT6 starter/generators. Wet or Dry spline. Guaranteed to work. $3,500 Chad Stuart. Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 (0 5 -11) Spend your time doing what you do best “SPRAYING” and let us find those parts for you. Part numbers are really important. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email A 8 -11 1set serviceable S2R wings. Group 1 Wing. 196 gal. fuel/ wing extension yellow. Eddy Current inspected. Found no cracks. These wings were removed from a 600 Thrush. 9000 hrs. $40,000 Call or fax Bruce’s Flying Service, Inc. 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. E-mail (10 -10) Smoke Systems. Used In great condition. $250. Airplane Services, Inc. Chad Stuart 850-380-6091 (0 5 -11) Vacuum Meters ready to ship. Clean, accurate, closed system. Why pay 50,000 for a accurate system when you can do it for a fraction of the price and require no computers. Compton Flying Service 888-336-3924 tfn

1 set S2R wings, Group 5 Wing. 2000 year model. 6000hrs TT. New factory spar caps. 0 hours with new spar caps. 228 gal fuel. $80,000 unpainted exchanged or 85,000 painted to your specification and exchanged. Call or fax Bruce’s Flying Service, Inc. 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. E-mail (10 -10) J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. still has one of the largest Cessna, and Piper Ag Aircraft inventories in the USA and has a huge inventory of Lighting and wheel and brake inventory. Let us be your total part provider. Call in your needs - Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or A 8-11 Remeber J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is a Transland, Black Steel Brake and McFarlane dealer. We have a large amount of these brands inventory in stock as well as Cleveland. GE Lighting, Cessna, Piper etc. give us a call for all your parts needs at 800-542-8565 or email us at A 8-11 Air Tractor Parts New and Used (Associate dealer for Lane Aviation). FWF cowlings 402,502,602 many to chose from, removed for Factory and Cascade P-cowl conversions. New and used (Factory Rebuilt) Aileron, Flaps, Elevators, Rudders, Horz/Vert stabs in stock and ready to sale or trade. Call Wendel or Steve North Star Aviation 620-356-4528 We have all fibreglass parts for Weatherly and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 t fn For Sale, M18 wings, ailerons, flaps. 0 since new, propeller still in box, for sale or trade on people airplane. 573-2463216, 573-225-8019 (10 -10) Retrofit Hopper Door for AT502 and AT602. Now available for fall and winter installation Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 t fn

Rebuilt Thrush 510 hopper with Jon Herr door. $8,000. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 t f n J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has 29” wheel sets. We will accept your 10” wheel and brakes in exchange. Also have 29” Thrush Landing Gear. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email A 8 - 11 Vacuum Meters ready to ship. Clean, accurate, closed system. Set of new Thrush Aircraft current production wings featuring the 29,000 hour life limit on low spar caps. Upper and lower 4340 Chrome-Molly steel spar caps with 114 gallon fuel tank on each wing, 0 SNEW. Contact Thrush Aircraft Spares Department 229-883-1440, Complete Thrush Factory Metal Tail W / Updates.Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 559-686-1794 / Email t f n New Thrush -34, -60,-65 models. 600 HP, Your Thrush distributor. Portable Air conditioner Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885. tfn Jasco Alternator kits in stock. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn Superbooms for Cessna, Piper, Thrush, Air Tractor and custom manufacture; THRUSH AILERON SERVOS-STC’d kits. TSA 800-642-5777 or (TFN) O/H’D Thrush 29” Landing Gear & We Can Repair / Rebuild Yours. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 559-686-1794 / Email t f n PARTS, PARTS, PARTS. For all your ag aviation needs, please call Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer tfn

GPS Antenna Mount, for specific ag aircraft, Performance and looks, slip stream design delivers peak signals. Contact Terry Barber 605-258-2743. (10 -10)

8 Million new surplus parts for Cessna, Piper, and other aircraft; Continental and Lycoming engines; and a few spray system parts, big discounts. Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at t f n

Thrush rebuilt extended wings with 40,000 hour approved Avenger spar cap kit installed, 192 gal fuel, new leading edge H.D. ribs and leading edge skins. Will paint your color(1).Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 559-686-1794, t fn

S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. specializes in the overhaul of Radial and Turbine engine accessories. We have most items in stock ready to ship for exchange. Give us a call @ 830-625-7923 or fax 830-625-4138. t f n Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. t f n Emco Wheaton/Buckeye Dry Break Couplers and adapters, Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: t f n 10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at t f n

It’s more than just the hIstory of avIatIon It’s the lIvIng hIstory of mIssIssIppI and the south

NatioNal agricultural aviatioN MuseuM Where a Way of lIfe, comes to lIfe. natIonal agrIcultural avIatIon museum 1150 lakeland drive, jackson ms monday - saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

601-713-3365 800-844-TOUR this project is partially funded through a grant by the jackson convention and visitors Bureau


World-one stop Ag aviation center, all parts and accessories for everything in Ag Aviation for 61 years. MidContinent Aircraft Hayti, Mo. 800-325-0885 tfn Cessna Parts - Engine, propellers, authorized service center. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: A tfn

Cessna Authorized Parts Center: Prompt, World-Wide Parts Service, Engines, Bonaire 550 Conversions, Wings. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 t f n NEW! CP11TT/w-3 Tips & Shutoff in stock ready to ship today.1-800-437-5319 Sky-Tractor Supply Company t f n Thrush parts - Wings, props, tail feathers, batteries, tires - we have the inventory. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: PARTS, PARTS, PARTS... For all your ag aviation needs, please call Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service (800) 441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer A TFN Cessna Ag Parts. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 t f n Brave and Pawnee parts - engines, props, spar kits, fuel cells and foam kits, and much more. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: t f n Agrinautics, Automatic Flagman, Aero Engines, Arrow prop, Air Tractor (Associate dealer Queen Bee Air Specialties) CP Nozzles, Compro Smoker, Crophawk, Covington Aircraft Engine, Collins Air Conditioner, Cleveland, Chip Detector, Hot Stuff, Honda Engines, Johnson Sidewinder, Nieto Products, New and used aircraft, (large) Parts Inventory, Schweizer, Spraying Systems, Co., Superbugs, APH-4 Helmet, Simplex, Tires, Transland, WeathAero. Sky Tractor Supply 800-4375319, 701-436-5881. t f n Rebuilt Thrush 510 hopper with Jon Herr door. $8,000. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 t f n

propellers J & C Enterprises has a Cessna 188 props in Stock Y.T. Also offer some STC’d propellers. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email A 8 -11 Props for Sale: 2D30-6101A-18 OHC 23D40-7035A-12S OHC 22D40-6533A-12 OHC 23D40-6533A-18 Serviceable cond. 23D40-6533A-18 Serviceable cond. Call: PropWorks, Winnipeg, Canada Tel: 888-679-2965 email:

A12 -1 0

For Outright Sale: Overhauled 5-Blade Prop. Hartzell HC-B5MP3C. Fits AT-502A, AT-503, AT-602, AT-802, Thrush S-2R-T65 & S-2RHG-T65.’06 Hartzell Overhaul. TSN: 1379.5 (TSO:0). Call Steve or Gary 210-924-5561. ( 10 -10) IA200/FA8452, NEW $4,500 2D30-6101A20, A/R. $3,500 2D30-6101A12, IRAN $9,500 2D30-6101A12, OHC $14,500 22D30-AG200-2, OHC $15,500 2D30-AG100-2, OHC, $11,500 22D40-AG200-2 OHC..$20,000 22D40-AG200-2, 190 SOH, /new blades... $21,500 33D50-7005A, A/R-K/D. $6,500 HC-B3TN-3D/5M, OHC/+4NB’s. $19,500AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) t f n Hartzell 3 Blade and 5 blade Props, new & used $CALL Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 t f n .


1993 Peterbilt folding BAG truck, built for Air Tractor 802. Loads 6,000 lbs, has fuel tank and reel. Great shape. Call Brandon 318-303-3147 (10 -10) 2 to choose from! 1992 model of International 4700. DT466 diesel, a/c, standard transmission, PTO chain drive, well maintained, aluminum wheels, your choice for pipe and hopper. 640 stainless fuel with gasoline engine fuel pump. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133 Cell: 870-919-2317 A 10 -10

Air Tractor Financing can put an Air Tractor in your hangar. For a limited time, Air Tractor is offering competitive financing options in the U.S. and Canada from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. Fly now and take seven years to pay, 10 years to amortize and have a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. Other attractive term periods are available, too. These financing options are available on both new and used Air Tractors purchased through Air Tractor dealers. See your Air Tractor dealer today!

vehicles Loader Truck for sale. All stainless steel, all hydraulic, had aircraft fueling system and tank. Not running 6000 lbs hopper $5,000. Call 870-222-4556 (10 -10) 1984 Ford F700 diesel Allison automatic 12” mild steel folder 7000lb hopper 300 gal. fuel Honda pump. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133 Cell: 870-919-2317 A 1 0 -1 0

Souther Field Aviation, Inc. Visit Our Website Phillips AV & Jet a FULL SERVICE FBO

miscellaneous J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is always looking for all types of derelict aircraft, parts inventory, both new and used. We will buy small or a shop full. Contact Jerry Buster 800-5428565 or email A 8 - 11 Original DeSpain Pen and Ink cropduster printer’s proofs now available by artist Richard DeSpain. Several to choose from, reduced sale price, $1000 each. These are the originals that the signed and numbered prints are made from. Contact Richard DeSpain 501-753 3291 or t f n

WeathAero Fans • Auto Flagger • Transland • Agrinautics Pump and Valves Thrush Parts • Covington Radial & Turbine Engines • Compro Smokers WAG • SATLOC • AgNav Phone: 229-924-2813 Office Fax: 229-924-4356 e-mail: Parts Fax: 229-924-2066 e-mail: Web:

Frankie Williams President Paul Pearson Maintenance Souther Field Aviation, Inc. 223 Airport Road, Americus, GA 31709

HELMET with slide up visor $850. Deluxe Kevlar Helmet with ANR, Softskins, Oregon seals $1200. 800-437-5319 A t f n Load hog,with hyd. Installed in a 510 gallon hopper. Good shape. Both for $14,400.00 JOHNSON @ 218-437-6415. (10 -10) Reduce Drift, Increase Deposition and Retention use Control™ For FREE SAMPLE go to freesample Call 765-395-3441, t f n English to Spanish Technical Translations Former A&P and Ag-Pilot, Carlos Retamosa Specializing in translating:  • Aviation technical manuals • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) • Service Bulletins (SBs) Contact 598-53-24376

Auger Truck for sale. 1995 FL70, all stainless steel hopper, bed and auger. folding System, hyd gate adjust, hyd fuel, air brakes, auto transmission and A/C. Scales. New Auger and PTO drive shafts and bearings last year. 870-225-3698 (10 -10) 1500 gal Jet A refueler; Nissan UD 3300 truck; epoxy lined steel tank: Liquid Control counter with predetermining counter (new 2003); single point and over the wing nozzles: automatic reel. Truck and pump work well; good rubber $15,900 Call 501-985-1484 AR location. tfn Auger Trucks For Sale (Trade-Ins) Also list of customer trucks. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133 Cell: 870-9192317 A 1 0 -1 0

tfn AG Operators can calculate your breakeven, % investment return, profit potential, and produce annual & monthly cash flows. Project your financials without spending hours of your time. All reports are produced automatically and accurately after you provide your cost inputs and gross application fees. Types of analyses performed include: Company/ Individual Ownership, Managed with/without Leaseback, Commercial Operation, Agricultural/Fire/Ambulance Operations, Joint Ownership, Fractional Ownership, and Charter/Rental. AG sales organizations can provide prospects with customized & professional ownership cost analysis. This program is a great sales aid and management tool. FREE sample reports. Click REQUEST INFORMATION on the website or call 281-419-7443

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October 2010




irparts LLC

Chosen for value and service

AG Aircraft parts in stock! Discounts ranging from 25% to 85% off!

New surplus aircraft parts in stock for: Cessna, Piper, AG Cat G164A/B-600 and many others, fixed and rotor wing! • • • • • • • •

Airframe parts Accessories and parts Dispersal system parts Wheels, brakes and parts Propellers, blades and parts Spark plugs, filters of all kinds Engine parts, piston and turbine Hardware: AN, MS, NAS

ine h! l n o e e r F y Searc Inventor 800-433-0814 Toll free, U.S. & Canada

Tel. 330-698-0280 - Fax. 330-698-3164

We Buy Worldwide! Inventories of new parts for almost anything.


HOTSTUFF AG AIRCRAFT CLEANER Call to order the # 1 Ag Aircraft cleaner in the country, Used by over 400 operators Coast to Coast. Blue Stripe Distributing 877-924-5025 A 12-10 Soft stop pump brake . No more sheared keys. Fast start engine system. cut starting heat and time. A must. MidContinent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885. tfn SUPERBUGS A safe and economical way to speed up Mother nature! Dispose of hazardous waste in loading and spill areas, ponds and ditches. SUPERBUGS disposes of insecticides, Fungicides, herbicides, and petroleum products Such as waste oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvent or anything of organic nature. Blue Stripe Distributing Toll Free 877-924-5025 t f n AFS Check Valves- Make the switch to AFS check valves, Find out what many operators already know, increased productivity, eliminate leaks and drips, long life, and no moe trying to find buckets!!! To help clean up your operation today call 800-833-2013. www. or Fax 574-862-4669. t f n Crop Duster Video - “The Crop Dusters - The Early Years 19211955”; the era of Stearmans and Cubs flying the fields will never be seen again. Available in VHS or DVD. Only $20.00, plus S&H. MC and Visa accepted. Call 478-987-2250 Fax 478-987-1836 Historical Video Productions. tfn Beautiful 2.73 ac wooded lot in upscale Pine Ridge Equestrian Estates, located in Citrus County, Florida only five miles from Crystal River. Covenants, 27 miles of horse trails, community center, pool and golf course. Nicer homes and mini-ranchettes. Zoning allows up to three horses and stables permitted on lot with your house. Horse trail borders back end of lot that is 298’ wide and 400’ deep on 3620 Stirrup Drive, Beverly Hills, Florida (Google it!). Public water and septic sewer. Contact Bill Lavender 888-987-2250 One-acre-square house lot for sale in new Plane Living Sky Park neighborhood with 2,000 s.f., all brick, covenants. Lot is one of 13 directly on new sod runway. Taxi out of your hangar, directly onto the runway. Located in Peach County, Georgia. Public water, septic sewer. paved streets, curb and gutter, street lights. Less than five miles west of I-75, Exit 142, approximately five miles to Fort Valley, GA and approximately 10 miles to Warner Robins, GA. Google It! South side of Hwy 96 at 50 Lane Rd., Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 (Google photo before development). Save thousands and buy from owner. $50,000 OBO, includes closing costs. 888.987.2250.

software PC SPRAY Dedicated Application Software, Version 3. Fully-functional program. Buy it once, use it forever! No annual fees. Technical support for the life of the product. Call or email for demo today. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800437-5319. tfn

insurance DOUG DAVIDSON, aircraft owner and commercial pilot, has served the unique insurance needs of the agricultural aviation community since 1982. He founded Davidson Solid Rock Ins. in 1995 on Christian principles, honesty, integrity, and the commitment to provide insurance products as solid as our name! One call is all it takes to shop all available markets for your specialized aviation insurance needs. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you at 800-358-8079. Or visit our website at .t fn Wheels up. PIM Aviation Insurance is one of the oldest and most experienced ag aviation insurance providers in the industry. We provide access to creative negotiation and problem solving for all your risk management needs. Our passion to keep you flying is deeply rooted, resulting in knowledgeable recommendations and cost-sensitive pricing. For a free, no-obligation quote, call 800.826.4442 or visit us online at Proud member of NAAA. tfn INSURANCE from the Leading Ag Aviation Brokers. 61 Years Risk Management, Lowtime Pilot Coverage. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 t f n “Insurance from a name you can trust, at a price you can afford”, is what we do and it’s our motto. Hardy Aviation Insurance, Inc, is centrally located in Wichita Kansas and has been servicing the aerial application market for years now. RANDY HARDY established Hardy Aviation Insurance in 1995 with aerial application as his main focus. Prompt courteous service from a staff dedicated and knowledgable includes ANGIE BANZ and RITA ETHRIDGE, both of whom have years of experience servicing the aerial application business. Give us a try, you might be suprised. Call 1 800 721-6733 or fax us at 316-945-2330. Get an online quote from our web site at or e-mail us at t f n

The Right Aviation Insurance Broker makes all the difference in the world. A 35 year professional pilot and former Ag Insurance underwriter work together to give you the experience and knowledge to get you the right coverage for the least cost. We work for you, not the insurance companies. Jim Gardner and Rick Langley @ Insuramerica Aviation, Inc. 978-936-4000. 800-654-7892 ext 4108 or 4104. jgardner@ t f n

services !!Attention Thrush Owners!! North Star Aviation Inc is now the new STC holder of the Thrush Reinforce Leading Edge Skins. If you are getting ready to rebuild your Thrush wings due to AD09-26-11 or tired of bird strikes and ugly leading edges!! Now is the time to install North Star Aviations new Thrush heavy duty reinforced leading edge skins fully STC’d SA03518AT no Field approval required. For more Info contact Wendel or Steve @ North Star Aviation Inc. 620-356-4528 We rebuild and refinish any fibreglass part for Weatherly, Cessna, Piper and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B,C and D). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 t f n

seat wanted

vacation rentals

Seat wanted 3500 ag 4400 tt recip only georgia and south dakota license,for 2011 season. Call 229-400-4978 (10-10) 2 AT-502’s w/pilots available for work. Licensed in ID, CA, IN, and reciprocating states. Will acquire additional licensing if necessary. GPS equipped. Call 208-731 5233 or 208-358 3179 (10 -10)

help wanted Exp. Turbine pilot wanted April through Sept in Nebraska. Needs to be available to fly as well as operate business. Maybe needed on the farm, when flying is slow. Must have good work ethics and get along with others. Farming Experience a plus Must have min. 3000 hrs. Turbine time 478-973-8105 (10 -10) Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. Only $45 888-987-2250. Fax: 888-382-6951.


Stainless Steel Fabricators, Inc. --- Stainless spreaders and accessories new and used. We repair all models including Transland and Swathmaster. 800-736-3433 or 870-217-9232. ( 01-11) Borescope and Videoscope Repair Services. Any brand or any model. Your one stop source for the best value visual inspection equipment since 1981. Check out our new products and rental units at or call Borescopes-R-Us at 931-362-4009. (10 -10)

Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location. (tfn)

wanted to buy EXHAUST Wanted: R-1340 and R-985 Exhaust Send Old Exhaust segments for exchange or Sell them! Call Daryl @ 940-902-0797 tfn Wanted to Buy Air Tractor AT-301 or AT-401, Ferriable Southeastern Aircraft Sales 800-441-2964 or t f n

operations I would like to purchase an Aerial Spraying Business, fixed wing only. I would prefer a turbine operation but I will consider all options, a long history with a solid customer base is ideal along with chemical sales, complete records for my CPA’s review, and a current owner who can stay on board through the transition. I have 20yrs of successful experience and I am now seeking an ownership role. Thanks for your time and I look forward to visiting. (10-10)

Doctor’s Orders: A pilot’s vacation home with a pilot discount! St. George Island, Florida. Directly on private beach with expansive views of the Gulf of Mexico, three levels of covered furnished decks. Spacious open living/dining/kitchen area. Five bedrooms including two master suites and four baths, multiple TVs/DVDs/VCRs/wireless Internet. Occupancy 12, beds: three kings, four twins, one queen sleeper sofa. Underhouse concrete parking, 15’ x 30’ pool (heated for a fee), enclosed hot/cold outdoor shower, fish cleaning area, parkstyle grill. Paved 3339’ airport on island (F47) a quarter mile from the house. Ask for “pilot’s discount” Major discounts for Spring and Fall! Visit for photos, 877.272.8206. AgAir Update “Endorsed”. (10 -10)


Ag Pilot Training-PERSONALIZED INSTRUCTION Initial and Re-current. DGPS LIGHTBAR, Tailwheel, and Spin/Upset Recovery by Mentor,Randy Berry, 40 Yr CFI and Active Ag Pilot. See our web site at: EAGLE VISTAS LLC PH 772-285-5506 (10 -10) Tailwheel endorsements and time building in south Texas for aspiring ag-pilots. C-170 available for training and rental with discounts for block time. Contact Clyde at 956-202-2094 or t f n Learn To Fly Ag In Sunny Brazil!!! Eight flight hours dual DGPS equipped (C170) plus 23 hours solo in EMBRAER 300 HP Ipanema (Similar To Brave 300HP) or CESSNA 188 AG TRUCK. 100 hours ground school (chemicals, crops, calibration DGPS, etc.) - Instructors are English/Spanish/ Portuguese Spoken. Only $6,500.00 USD - Contact phone/fax 55 51 3723 7000 in Cachoeira Do SuL, state of RIO GRANDE DO SUL - BRAZIL tfn

Acorn Welding......................................... 33 Ag - Nav, Inc. ............................................3 Air Tractor Inc.............................................5 Airforce Turbine Service........................23 American AgViation............................... 32 Auto-Cal, Inc............................................ 13 Collins Aircraft Dynamics, Inc............. 12 Covington Aircraft Engines..................36 CP Products.............................................. 15 Desser Tire & Rubber Co......................28


Dyna Nav Systems, Inc. ....................... 19 Frost Flying............................................... 31 GE Aviation - Walter Engines............... 24


Gulf Coast Ag Aircraft SS.....................28 Hemisphere GPS..................................... 21

Cessna 180-185-188, PiPer Brave & Pawnee, CitaBria, DromaDer aero CommanDer Lark & Darter sCott & XPm taiLwheeL Parts, ContinentaL, LyComing, transLanD, harDware, ChamPion & CitaBria, mCfarLane, ag fiBergLass anD a Lot more. Having trouble finding tHose difficult parts!!!

Isolair Inc.................................................. 18 J & C Enterprises, Inc............................ 35 Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc..............30 Lane Aviation, Inc................................... 29 Laviasa...................................................... 25 MACBRI.................................................... 13 Machida Borescopes.............................. 17

LET our STAff fINd ThAT hArd To LoCATE PArT for you.

Micron Sprayers Limited..........................9 Mid - Continent Aircraft Corp.............22

Aircraft hardware

NAA Museum.......................................... 32 Orsmond Aerial Spray Pty. Ltd............ 31

ESTABLISHED HELICOPTER SPRAYING SERVICE FOR SALE. Strong customer base w/ 35 yrs. in same area & a continuous year-round work flow. Must have 5 years helicopter crop spraying experience. *Added Bonus* Helicopter & mix trailer for sale. Call for full details 863675-6919 or 305-216-1967, ask for Marvin Scripter (10-10)


international advertiser index

Perkins Technologies.............................. 23 Preferred Airparts................................... 34 Queen Bee Air Specialties.................... 14

your Authorized Transland dealer wE buy SALvAgE & NEw PArTS INvENTorIES

Sky Tractor Supply Co............................ 18 Southeastern Aircraft............................. 34 Souther Field Aviation, Inc....................33 Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc..20 Sun Air Parts............................................ 33 Thrush Aircraft Inc.....................................8 Transland ................................................ 16

Se habla Español Airport Road #14 • Thomas, OK 73669

800-542-8565 • 580-661-3591 (OK) • 580-661-3783 (FAX) • email address:

Tulsa Aircraft Engines............................ 17 Turbine Conversions Limited................ 18 Diner Club

Universal Turbine Parts Div..................20 Zee Systems............................................. 14

October 2010



Repair Station No. CP2R750K

P&WC Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility


Dependable Engines. Affordable Prices. For more than a quarter of a century, Covington Aircraft has been providing professional pilots with the highest level of radial and turbine engine overhaul and repair. Today, the Covington reputation is world-renowned for its quality, advanced technology and skilled technicians. So whether you need service in the field, engine repairs, a major overhaul or the affordable Light Overhaul, or even an engine exchange, choose the name that’s trusted by more professional pilots than any other – Covington. Available Engine Services • PT6A, R-985, and R-1340 Engine Overhaul • PT6A/Radial Engine Troubleshooting & Repair • Hot Section Inspection • Power Section Module Repairs • Overhaul Level Repairs • Periodic Engine Inspections • Fly In Facility For All Your Engine Needs • Rental Engines Available (PT6A) RADIAL DIVISION (R1340/R985) (918) 756-8320 Hwy 75 & Airport Rd. • P.O. Box 1344 • Okmulgee, OK 74447 TURBINE DIVISION (PT6A) (918) 756-7862 201 East Airport Road, P O Box 1336 , Okmulgee , Ok 74447 36

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