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July 2012


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Four companies owned and operated by members of the Magalhães family

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On the cover: Brian Townsend enters a wheat field with his Bell 206 helicopter. On this page: One of Townsend Aviation’s nurse trucks used to aid helicopter and fixed wing operations.


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Bill Lavender

from the cockpit

Not so much ability as opportunity It is not often you find me at a loss for the written word, or any hesitation to express my feelings about something. However, I feel the need to try to relay to you how I felt about a once-in-a-lifetime event for any pilot that actually happened to me. I don’t mean to gloat or brag about this, but my kinship with you, my readers, is such I want to share. About a year ago, Graham and I stopped in for a visit with Tim “Toby” McPherson of Tall Towers Aviation, located just northwest of Fargo, North Dakota. During that operatorarticle visit, Toby was kind enough to take Graham and I for a ride in his P-51D Mustang, “Boomer”. Only a pilot can understand the thrill that was experienced from the back seat of this magnificent machine of the WWII era. “Boomer” is a dual-controlled Mustang. During the joy ride, Toby allowed me to make a few “spray runs”, air maneuvers and take off and land. Of course, he was in the front seat and could have easily taken control of this 1490 HP machine. Afterwards, he complimented my flying skills and said I should return one day for a check ride with famed Reno Air Races and ag pilot Bob Odegaard. Sounded like a great idea to me! Well, sometimes people make offers and you know they are only being polite. Particularly when it involves allowing someone to fly the love of one’s life; like Boomer is for Toby. The aircraft was built piece by piece over more than a decade. Its maiden flight was July 17, 2006. On that day, I was at the hospital witnessing the birth of my first grandchild; such a

coincidence. In any case, I had my doubts if this opportunity to fly solo a P-51 Mustang would ever happen. As the months passed, Toby and I visited through emails and at trade shows. We talked about me flying Boomer, with him always saying it would not be a difficult thing for an experienced ag-pilot with “big iron” time. Then, as luck should have it, I was scheduled to be in North Dakota in May of this year for a couple of articles. I asked Toby if this would be a good time to be checked out. “No problem, Bill. I’ll check with Odegaard to see if he is available” responded Toby. It seemed I was about to find out that Toby McPherson does not make idle offers! Toby is an excellent Mustang pilot with a couple hundred hours in Boomer. However, he explained to me that Odegaard was the right pilot to check me out. As far as he was concerned, if Odegaard gave the signal to solo, that was good enough for him. The dates were set. Tuesday through Thursday, May 22-24, with several days to allow for weather and however much time it would take flying to get me up to speed to solo the aircraft. We all met for dinner Monday night and discussed the virtues of the P-51, along with other aviation-speak. You can only imagine the pressure and intimidation I felt. Here I was sitting with two excellent pilots discussing the next day’s check flight. I had read the P-51’s Pilot’s Operating Handbook and felt I knew the basics. Even so, lots was going

Taxing for the first of three solo flights

July 2012


through my head. I kept reminding myself that I had an edge with this “evaluation” flight. In all the other aircraft I have flown, there never was a check pilot. This time, there’d be someone to guide me through the process. I was only slightly relieved with that prospect. Tuesday morning, May 22, Bob Odegaard and I met at the Hector International Airport in Fargo. We went through a thorough briefing about the aircraft and how we would fly it. The plan was to depart the airport traffic area and do some airwork. I strapped myself into the front cockpit and Bob positioned himself in the rear. We tinkered with the radios, which upon departure went into the squelch mode making it virtually impossible to communicate by voice over the intercom. Talking with ATC and the tower was almost as impossible, but they graciously worked with us. With me flying, we took off and departed the pattern. We went through a few wing overs, slow flight, stalls and aileron rolls. I have to admit, with my limited aerobatic abilities, I have found aileron rolls to sometimes be a little difficult, falling out into a split-S. I can assure you, that would be a Standard No-No in a P-51 at any altitude under about 5,000 feet. The aircraft rolls perfectly, even for this novice. Bob took the controls, reduced the power and made a low level fly-by over Toby’s operation. I suppose that was the secret signal Bob was about to do the deed, let Bill Lavender solo Toby McPherson’s beloved Boomer. We returned to Hector International. The weather was perfect with a 10-knot wind almost directly down the runway. After a succession of three or four, or maybe even five (who’s counting?) take offs and landings, we taxied back to the south ramp. I am thinking, “Well, we’ll do a debrief, maybe get some lunch and go back out flying”. Wrong. Bob did do the

Gear sucked up and on the run.


debrief. Then, he asked me, “What would you like to do? There really isn’t any point to continue, since you are very much ready to fly the aircraft solo.” Hmmm... Now was the time when it all comes together. A culmination of 39 years of flying, never once thinking I’d be allowed to solo a P-51 Mustang. It is not so much the ability as it is the opportunity. The aircraft is relatively easy to fly. It does what you tell it to do. You have to have certain disciplines to accomplish controlled flight, but it is not rocket science and it surely does not make me any more of a special pilot, other than there is a P-51D Mustang endorsement in my logbook! I could go into great detail about how the next three solo take off and landings went at the Hector International Airport. Details about how Bob instructed me to always roll the canopy open on final (I bet that’s a real feat during North Dakota’s winter), just in case there’s a nose over and this would help prevent being trapped. I could explain how managing the power, keeping a 400+ MPH aircraft under gear down speed of 170 MPH while in the pattern. I don’t think I can write well enough to describe the shear adrenaline rush when the throttle is opened for the first solo take off, using only 45” of 61” (67” during a wartime emergency) of available manifold pressure to rocket the 9,000 lb gross weight aircraft into the air. And, there’s the welcome clunk of the gear literally falling into the lock position when turning on final. Instead, I will tell you I am humbled beyond description for the faith and confidence that both Bob and Toby, especially Toby, put in my ability to solo Boomer. I am truly indebted. That solo endorsement in my logbook will be one to cherish. Until next month, Keep Turning

calendar of events August 6-7, 2012 New Zealand AAA Conference Rotorua, New Zealand John Sinclair 03 5775679 August 9-11, 2012 Sindicato Nacional dos Aeronautas (SNA) Seminar for Brazilian National Agricola Aviation Pilots Municipal Airport Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande Brazil August 15-17, 2012 Congreso Mercosur and Latinoamericano de Aviación Agrícola Bolsa de Cereales de Rosario Pcia. de Santa Fe Argentina Contact: Sr. Guillermo Forchino-Director Ejecutivo FeArCa October 12-14, 2012 NAAA Fall Board Meeting Louisville, KY Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 October 16-17, 2012 MiAAA Conference & PAASS University Quality Inn & Conf. Ctr. East Lansing, MI Polly McKillop 248-760-0732 October 22-24, 2012 KsAAA Annual Convention Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan, KS Angie Banz 316-617-5680

November 4-6, 2012 PNW AAA Convention Coeur D’Alene Resort Coeur D’Alene, ID Tara Lea Brown 509-989-9098 November 6-8, 2012 Mid State Ag Aviation Conference Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf, IA Don Younglove 815-538-7717 November 6-8, 2012 CoAAA Annual Convention & Trade Show Crowne Plaza Hotel Colorado Springs, CO Dolle M. Lehrkamp 719-768-3367 November 12-14, 2012 CaAAA 63rd Annual Convention Hyatt Regency Monterey, CA Tel: 916-645-9747 Fax: 916-645-9749 December 3-6, 2012 NAAA Annual Convention and Exposition Weston Hotel Savannah International Trade & Convention Center Savannah, GA Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726

January 13-15, 2013 ArAAA 51st Annual Convention Wyndham Riverfront Hotel North Little Rock, AR Ron Harrod 501-376-3233

February 18-20, 2013 NATA Convention Younes Conference Center Kearney, NE Judy McDowell

January 14, 2013 AzAAA PAASS program Custom Farm Service Casa Granda, AZ 602-258-9234

February 21-23, 2013 Canada AAA Conference Deerfoot Inn and Casino Calgary, AB Canada 780-413-0078 events@

January 17-19, 2013 MsAAA Convention IP Casino Resort Spa Biloxi, MS Vicki Morgan 662-229-7836 January 21-23, 2013 OkAAA Convention TBA 405-341-3548 January 28-29, 2012 AMAA Convention Heritage Inn Great Falls, MT

February 4-6, 2013 SEAF Convention TBA Linda Minton 772-971-9980 February 16-18, 2013 NAAA Spring Board Meeting Hilton Alexandria Old Town Alexandria, VA Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726

October 11-13, 2013 NAAA Fall Board Meeting TBD Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 December 9-12, 2013 NAAA Annual Convention and Exposition Reno, Nevada Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 February 14-16, 2014 NAAA Spring Board Meeting TBD Peggy Knizner Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 February 24-26, 2014 NATA Convention Ramada Inn Kearney, NE Judy McDowell

July 2012


agair mail risky business I thought this might be interesting in light of NPDES. Orchard City is a small community we used to spray two or three times a year for mosquitoes. We have decided the litigation risk and enforcement action isn’t worth the risk for our company, so have had to turn away this type of work. Sad, but at the same time nice to know we were appreciated and hopeful that things might turn around at some point in the future. Busy with alfalfa and weeds, hoping for a good year. Deven Felix Olathe, CO Hello Deven Certainly an interesting document. I am sure more such complaints will be forthcoming, see Letters to Editor section of June AAU, where this happened in Laramie. I believe at this point the best thing that can happen is for NPDES

I have finally had a chance to look at the latest AgAir Update and I enjoyed looking at the picture and short story of our new acquisition but I also enjoyed reading your article on the Trace engine. Not sure if you knew, but we have been operating two of them for several years, since Trace got going. We have experienced exactly what you did with your evaluation flight. They


to get so convoluted it will fail and be repealed by congress. However, we are talking about a do-nothing, congress. Thanks for thinking of AAU.—Bill

brain child In the last edition of AgAir Update you published a letter written to our electrical companies. I have to give credit where credit is due. SDAA director Richard Hall was the brainchild for the letter to the electric companies. I merely am the current president and signed those letters. Bryan Hauschild Fergus Falls, MN

million acres A few years ago AgAir Update published a story on Ken Kane and his goal of doing a million acres a year. I was on the phone the other

are very good performers. The other thing that I can say from experience is that sitting behind the Trace compared to a round engine, the fatigue factor is significantly less. We will be happy to see the auto fuel and FADEC ignition when it is ready. Other than that, we have really enjoyed working our two Trace-equipped AT-401s. Your comments about performance and other things about the installation are all correct and that claim comes from our from experience. Your numbers assessment is also correct. I still don’t know how to

make the numbers work for a new turbine here in Canada. Even though we have just purchased one, it is with a different and added mission that we have made that decision. The Trace-equipped AT-401 or AT301 are excellent ag aircraft and with the ability to have an older one completely reconditioned as is with the company in Wichita Falls, it’s a pretty good option when price points and performance are considered. Great publication, AgAir Update. P.S.The calibration clinic with Dr. Dennis Gardisser went very well. We ran all three aircraft through. With all of Dennis’ years of experience and knowledge, we got them all with a very good pattern with a little tweaking. Cheers and I have included a couple of pictures of the AT-401s, the clinic and Dennis even got a ride in the new Thrush. Michael Yaholnitsky Miccar Aerial Good Spirit Air Yorkton, Canada

day with Ken and brought up the article and asked him where he was at with the goal. It sounds like if the bugs are an issue in Canada this year he might very well make the goal of a million acres. I thought you might want to follow up with him after his season to see if he made it. I hope you are doing well, you have been a huge blessing to Cascade. We are having a challenging time (great challenge to have) keeping up with the Pressure Cowl sales with new sales in South Africa, Australia and most recently Colombia, as well as a marked increase in sales in the US. Tom Welch Cascade Aircraft Conversions Garfield, WA Hello Tom; Good news about both Ken and Cascade. I am glad to hear it. As for visiting with Ken about his goal to reach a million acres, that would surely make interesting reading. I am already on it! —Bill

memories Thanks for mentioning International Crop Dusters Day in the last issue of AgAir Update. I had good responses from old and new crop dusters. I really enjoyed the article on flying the simulator. Brought back memories of when I was invited to NASA’s facility in Langley, VA. back in the late ‘70s to participate in designing a new spreader. NASA had an R-Model Thrush as its test airplane plus a Thrush

You can see how messy my desk is by the picture….heck, I even have an old calculator handy to give discounts! Regards, Fred Ramirez AgNav Canada Well, at least you have excellent reading on your desk! See ya in Campo Grande, Brazil. —Bill

July 2012


simulator. I flew the Thrush on several occasions and was also invited to fly a DC-8 simulator, a Jet fighter simulator and finally the Thrush simulator. The DC-8 and the Jet fighter were real thrills. Flying the Thrush simulator was very realistic, for it was almost an exact mock up of the Thrush cockpit. As I flew the Thrush simulator, making swaths of dry material and then returning to the airport, I decided to make a flyby, then went into a hammerhead stall at the end of the runway and then make the landing. As I entered the hammerhead stall, I was almost past vertical attitude when suddenly the controls froze and the aircraft entered an inverted attitude and headed for the runway. I tried everything to roll upright but nothing worked and all I could see was the white center line on the runway. Of course in just several seconds I slammed into the runway at 160 mph inverted. After gaining my composure, dripping with sweat, I emerged from the simulator only to hear laughter coming from the control room. Several fellows came forward and said, “Man, you should have

heard your language as you fought for control. We intentionally closed the hydraulic valves to the controls just to see how you would react.” That was one heck of a flight. Keep those good articles and information coming ! My check is in the mail for renewal of my subscription. Thanks. Bob (“Oldduster) Wheat Anahuac, TX Good morning Bob; Yes, the simulator can become quite real once a person allows himself to get engulfed with it. Flying a sim is the only time I have ever felt airsick. —Bill

request We do have the following serious request from third party : 1- Three used Turbo Thrush S2R-T34 certified in aerial spraying aircraft equipped with spray system. 2- The mentioned aircraft technical data required [remaining life and C of A validity]

3- We need your offer to operate those aircraft in Sudan in spraying of cotton/ wheat during the coming season. 4- Another offer required that we are planning to own and add this type on our fleet which is now Cessna and AN-2. We need quotation concerning the price per aircraft [at least we need 3 A/C]. Would appreciate to confirm availability and your lease and sales offer Kind regards Ahmad Alsheikh Jordan Air Wings Aviation Sudan Ahmad; AgAir Update is an agricultural aviation newspaper. It does not buy, nor sell aircraft. However, it does have an extensive agaircraft classified section in print and on our web site and in our eEditions that can list your needs and read around the world. Here is the link to place your classified ad. php Best regards,—Bill

Mystery photo AIRCRAFT SALES Centrally located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. ASI Jet Sales AG-Division is here to stay! As an authorized Thrush Aircraft dealer and with over 30 years aircraft sales and service experience, whether it is new or used, we have what it takes to help you with your next aircraft purchase. Give us a call!

Do you know the people in this photo?

ASI Jet Sales Flying Cloud Airport (KFCM)


Tel: 952.941.6255 Fax: 952.941.0791

Submitted by Otis Perera, Aero Engines, Inc. Los Angeles, CA See page 29 for answer.

logos Do you have logos of the different crop dusting companies in the USA? Best Regards Carlos Motta El Dorado, Panama Buen dia amigo Yes, we have manufacturer-supplied logos. However, they are proprietary and for use you would have to get permission directly from the manufacturer. In some case, if you do not need a hi-res logo, you could copy from web sites. Hope this helps.—Bill

comment added The following comment was added to the story Another choice — The TRACE Engine V8 on agairupdate. com: I spent my whole ag-flying career in most places of the world. 22,000 hours later, I’m retired and sit and blog a bit. I enjoyed your website and it pleases me that it’s still alive and well in the States. Be well.—

Thanks for keeping me in touch with the industry. I’ve seen a lot of changes and to me one stands out. Years ago when we had more planes and pilots, when a buddy passed away, we gathered with any company that wanted to participate to fly the “Missing Man” formation. Different planes, different engines, just pilots paying respect to a friend (and sometimes a fierce competitor). I don’t know if that tradition continues in other areas, but here in the Imperial Valley, I haven’t seen the dusters continue it. When some of us flew for Jim Vedder, I later wrote a poem. This is the best memory that I have of it. Feel free to use it if you wish. Tom Mills Brawley, California

Flying For The Missing Man

Hello Tom; Sure good to hear from you. I still see around here pilots flying the Missing Man at funerals. However, you are probably right and it is not done as much as in the past. Your poem is very appropriate and will be glad to print it. I appreciate you sending it. I’ll be sure to send you the printed copy of AAU with it.—Bill

Who will fly for him on his special day

by Tom Mills Gathered the planes at the airstrip today, To fly for a friend who had just gone away. We’ve flown many times, too many some say, But we’ll keep flying when a friend goes away. We fly together, best as we can. We fly together for the missing man. We”ll keep flying, best as we can Until we’re down to the last missing man. But who will fly for him when he goes away

Oh we’ll be back in an R or an N And leave him a slot to slip right in Then all together, best as we can We’ll all fly away with the last missing man • 800-437-5319 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 • 701-636-5880 • fax 701-636-5881 •

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July 2012


From Apaches

to ag flying

by Graham Lavender

Brian Townsend always knew he wanted to be an agricultural helicopter pilot. From a very early age, the lure of rotor blades and low-level, precision flying was always a forethought in his mind. Brian grew up in an agricultural aviation operation ran by his father, John. Day in and day out, until Brian graduated high school, he was an active part of the flying service.

Brian Townsend (L) and his father, John, pose in front of one of the company’s two Bell 206 helicopters. Top Inset: Brian Townsend (rear) in the Apache.


him in the pilot seat of a helicopter. As with any helicopter pilot, the hardest part is finding an economical way to learn. Helicopter ratings are notoriously expensive to obtain, which is where the U.S. Army comes in. Brian saw a way to simultaneously serve his country and earn a helicopter rating. So, in 2000,he applied for the Warrant Officer program, and in 2001 entered basic training at Fort Knox. After graduation, Brian immediately entered Fort Rucker, Alabama, where he subsequently became an Apache helicopter pilot. Brian’s military career saw two deployments: Iraq in 2005/06 and Afghanistan in 2008, each with the 101st Airborne Division. On each deployment, Brian was a pilot in command in the Apache.

Brian Townsend makes a turn for re-entry into a wheat field.

John Townsend, Brian’s father, started Townsend Aviation in 1971 with a rebuilt Bell 47. This helicopter provided a solid foundation to grow their operation and a superb example for his son. In the early 90s, while Brian was in high school, the family business transitioned from helicopters into fixed-wing ag aircraft. Starting with a R-1340-powered Ag-Cat, Townsend Aviation flew exclusively fixed wing aircraft. As the business grew, the company replaced the Ag-Cat with a 400-gallon PT6-34 Thrush. Then, in 2006, the company upgraded to an AT-602, which Townsend Aviation still operates today. After high school, Brian went into college to study aviation management. He continued to assist at the spraying operation and soon realized his degree wasn’t going to put

In 2010, with Brian leaving the military, John Townsend saw an opportunity to reintroduce helicopters into his operation. After all, he now has an experienced Apache pilot ready to work! Townsend Aviation purchased a Bell 206 and began marketing the helicopter for confined space applications. This business model proved very effective in the northern part of Indiana, where wind turbines are sporadically located in fields. John proved to be an excellent mentor for Brian’s transition into agricultural flying. Pulling on years and years of John’s experience, the mentorship between father and son flourished; Brian successfully and safely finished his first season as an agricultural helicopter pilot in 2010. 2012 marks the start of Brain’s third season flying helicopters for Townsend Aviation. Since his transition from the military back to the family operation, Brian has obtained his commercial-fixed wing license and began flying the AT602. Once again, a mentorship between father and son has been established and Brian is assured to make a safe and effective transition into the turbine fixed wing ag plane.

Townsend Aviation’s AT-602 utilizes the same nurse trucks as the helicopters.

July 2012


seriously productive With a wingman, or solo. Spraying 800 gallons, or 400. Any way you choose to work with an Air Tractor, it’s all business and a productive day “at the office.” Load it on.

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FIELD AIR (SALES) PTY. LTD. (Australasia) +61-353-394-222

AIR TRACTOR EUROPE (Europe & North Africa) +34-96-265-41-00

FROST FLYING, INC. (U.S. + Central & South America) (870) 295-6213 jrfrost47@

CONAIR GROUP INC. (802F in Canada) (604) 855-1171

LANE AVIATION (U.S. + Mexico, Central & South America) (281) 342-5451 / (888) 995-5263

FARM AIR, INC. (877) 715-8476


NEAL AIRCRAFT, INC. (806) 828-5892 QUEEN bEE AIR SPECIALTIES (U.S. + Canada) (208) 745-7654 / (800) 736-7654 SOUTHEASTERN AIRCRAFT (772) 461-8924 / (800) 441-2964 VALLEY AIR CRAFTS (559) 686-7401

® AIR TRACTOR, INC. • OLNEY, TEXAS 76374 • 940.564.5616 • AIRTRACTOR.COM

hands-on flying

Tracy Thurman

Farm Air—Through the storm The season started late. Eight weeks of work was going to be compressed into half that time. Operator Bill Porter, owner of Farm Air in Sacramento California, prepared his pilots and crew for what promised to be one of the most hectic seasons on record. The work started at a fair pace and gradually increased as momentum picked up. The season was barely eleven days old; Farm Air was on the cusp of everything busting wide open when tragedy struck. God only knows what happened in the cockpit of the D-model Ag-Cat in the brief moments before it struck the

ground killing pilot Nate Brown. Farm Air reeled from shock and grief. They paused to catch a breath and let the effect of the event sink in, but the battle was just beginning and the truth is the death of a comrade, as tragic and heart breaking as it is, does not negate the fact work has to continue and all hands involved have to be fully engaged in the task at hand.



0A predominant operation in the base of the Sacramento Valley, Farm Air has a history that stretches back to the days immediately following World War II. Bill Porter, the current owner and a forty-year veteran ag pilot, has seen difficult times before, but swears this year has been the worst. “It’s bad enough when something like this happens. Losing a pilot, a fellow human being, whom you’ve known and worked with for years, you ask yourself so many questions that have no answers. You have to choke it down and keep going. The operation has to continue. On top of dealing with the usual business at hand, I


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RH_FebMar12_p67.indd 1



Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. 7500 San Felipe, Suite 860 Houston, TX 77063 USA Website: Southern US & Other Countries

Phone: 713-783-5771 Fax: 713-783-5772

Northern US and Canada Newberg Electrostatic Spraying

320-848-2745 320-848-2745

U.S. Patent # 5,975,425

24/01/2012 10:08:53

July 2012


have to deal with the FAA and the NTSB. There is the effect on the employees that has to be considered, while also trying to do everything possible to assist the family. Then, I have to address the hard cold fact we have now 33% less capacity to take care of our customers in a season where we were behind before we even started.”

no matter what. And, we’re glad you’re here,” he said. I concurred, of course, and took my position in the loading area eager to help. Bill was everywhere, with maps and directions. I know he must have felt tremendous pressure, yet he took his time while explaining jobs and maps and treated us pilots like visiting relatives.

Bill got on the phone the day after the accident and sent out the call to neighboring operations. His calls brought a magnificent response. Operators from around Northern California sent pilots and airplanes to help out when Farm Air was swamped with work.

Bill explained to me that he was fortunate to be in an area where the season is usually two weeks different in other areas of the Valley. That difference is what allowed other operators to have the assets available to assist. He also explained he was grateful to have the kind of neighbors and fellow operators who are ready to lend a hand when needed and to answer a call for help without question. “The way everyone has pitched in sheds a good a light on our industry. Folks see that, our customers see that and they appreciate it.”

I had the opportunity to help with our company Super B Ag-Cat. I met Moe Leblanc, chief pilot for Farm Air, on a runway crammed at the end with seed and fertilizer trailers. It was evident he had been flying hard and long, but his spirit was up and he was happy to see other airplanes to help with the work load. “We are way behind and in a hurry… but we will take our time and do it safely

I asked Bill some questions about being prepared and the effects of having such an accident.

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“How can anybody really be prepared for such a thing? You spend all your time trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. There are so many variables. No one can foresee everything that could go wrong.” His frustration was evident in his voice. “Today, ag planes are built a lot tougher, training is better, we’ve all seen horrible accidents where the pilot walks away or at least survives. There are just some accidents that are not survivable. No amount of training or technology can change that. No matter what, you have to keep going. You have to tend to your business. Your employees and your customers are depending on you. You should always maintain a good relationship with your fellow operators.” Farm Air’s wounds will take time to heal. The season still has a long way to go. They will continue through the storm with an eye on the horizon and they will come out on the other side, not better for their loss, but stronger from their effort. Bill told me of a quote given him by his friend Ralph Holsclaw that ends this article well. “There but for the grace of God go I.”

Schedule a factory tour to view a conversion in process by calling (432) 618-7223. TRACE Engines L.P.  3000 W. Interstate 20  Midland, TX 79701 (432) 618-7223   (432) 618-8745 (FAX) Find us on Facebook!


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July 2012


The Tangará family of companies by Bill Lavender Oftentimes, ag-aviation companies start small with a single aircraft and the spouse handling the bookkeeping and scheduling. This is true throughout the ag-aviation world. As the years pass, the small company begins to expand for a variety of reasons, sometimes because the owner’s family has grown. When Carlito (Antonio Carlos da Silva) Magalhães and his wife, Aurea Lucia, formed Tangará Aeroagricola, Ltda in April of 1985, little did they know the company would grow to be a family of four companies owned and operated by members of the Magalhães family. Carlito and Aurea, in the beginning, operated three PA-25 Pawnees. These aircraft were built in Argentina under a license from Piper. Over the next 14 years, Tangará Aeroagricola grew along with Carlitos’ and Aurea’s family and a second company was added, Aeroagricola Chapadão, Ltda in April of 1999.

Aeroagricola Chapadão was established by Carlito’s daughter, Bruna, and son Thiago, in Catalão City, Goias. Three years later, Bruna and Thiago moved the company to Orlãndia where it would be closer to Tangará Aeroagricola, which was adding more customers and needed Chapadão’s help in the state of São Paulo. In the same year, 2002, Tangará Aerocenter, Ltda was formed. Tangará Aerocenter is a repair station that conducts maintenance on the growing number of aircraft owned by Tangará and Chapadão, authorized by ANAC to perform maintenance on Air Tractors and other type ag-planes. The company also serves other general aviation aircraft in the area, as well as ag-aviation companies in the state of São Paulo (Brazil). In 2010, the fourth company, Terra Viva Aeroagricola, was formed by Bruna and her husband, Rogério Velludo Ribeiro. This fourth company extended the flying area of Tanagará and Chapadão to include working with new customers in the state of Minas Gerais. With its base at Fazenda Mosquito in Orlândia, Tangará and its three sister companies employee 25 people during the season, with a full time, year round crew of 15. One of those 15 is Célio Rodriques. Célio handles the paperwork and certifications needed to be filed with ANAC with help from company secretary, Patricia Rodrigues. To help keep the four companies organized, Carlito is the centralized manager. It is his leadership that has taken the family of companies where they are today. Nine pilots fly the nine ag-aircraft. The fleet is made up of five 375 HP Piper Braves, three PA25-235 HP Piper Pawnees and one new AT-502. Each aircraft is guided by SATLOC Lite II GPS units. In its first season, the AT-502 logged over 600 hours. The companies will keep all of its fleet, plus a second new AT-502 was added at the end of 2011 and in its first month flew 100 hours. The Pawnee works very well and is efficient over the smaller hectares of bananas. In 2001, Tangará became a LAVIASA dealer, the manufacturer of the Puelche, the Argentine version of the Pawnee PA-25. This allowed Tangará to sell the Puelche as well as convert gasoline-powered Pawnees to ethanol.

Overlooking loading equipment at the part of the aircraft fleet in Orlândia.


In June of 2011, av-gas cost Tangará $3.15R per liter ($7.45 USD/gal) verses $1.25R per liter for ethanol ($2.95 USD/gal). The Pawnee requires 120 l/hr ($150R per hour) of ethanol

compared to 90 l/hr ($283R per hour) of av-gas. Using ethanol at June 2011 fuel prices is a savings of almost 50%. Comparatively, Jet-A in June 2011 cost Tangará $3.25R per liter ($7.68 USD/gal). Each aircraft has its own service truck, pilot and technician assigned to it.   Four of the service trucks have completely enclosed mix systems with double rear doors and a side access door to the enclosure. Inside, there is a 500-liter fuel tank that uses gravity to feed five-gallon containers to load the small engine aircraft. The Air Tractor is filled with a fuel pump from a Jet-A fuel tank. The service trucks for the Piper aircraft use chemical transfer pumps with 1.5” fittings. However, the Air Tractor’s service truck is outfitted with a 3-inch transfer pump and plumbing. Tangará bought its Air Tractors from AeroGlobo/Lane Aviation, bringing in the first Air Tractor to the area. During its first year with the AT-502, Tangará compared it to the production of the 375 Brave. The swath for the Brave is 16 meters, while the Air Tractor uses a 22-meter swath. The aircraft’s swath is checked by an agronomist. The Brave sprays at about 120 mph, while the Air Tractor easily makes applications at 140 mph. Tangará realized the Air Tractor was doubling the number of hectares treated per hour, 120 ha/hour for the Air Tractor verses 60 ha/hour for the 375 HP Brave. Because of this increase in productivity and related advantages for less aircraft to treat the same number


of hectares, and with a second AT-502 due, Tangará plans to eventually add a third AT-502 to its fleet if the companies’ growth continues. For the Tangará family of spray companies, sugar cane is the primary crop treated. Some soybeans are treated with a fungicide, as well. Usually, the aircraft work individually or as a group of two. The sugar cane is grown on a four-year rotation schedule; four crops are harvested per sugar cane planting. The fifth year a crop of soybeans are planted, afterwards, the four-year rotation starts over. The season for Tangará starts with a liquid insecticide for sugar cane soil insects in September or October, after a minimum of 50 mm of rainfall. The season lasts through May at harvest time. From September/October to March, the sugar cane is treated for the sugar cane borer, cicada and spittlebug insects. From the middle of February until the middle of March, ethrel is applied to the sugar cane using two liters per hectare to inhibit the flowering of the plant. Most applications are made at 30 l/ ha using CP nozzles. Thirty to forty-five days before harvest, glyphosate is applied as a maturing agent in very small amounts, approximately one-fourth l/ha. The fourth year of the sugar cane the dose is upped to three-quarters l/ha. Chemicals are supplied and delivered by the customer.


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July 2012


In the past, sugar cane fields were burned off after the fourth year’s harvest. Now, only about 20% of the farmers do this and beginning in 2012, it will not be allowed for environmental reasons.

and airplane customers in the best possible way. They can meet the needs of the farmer with small and large aircraft. They can also service other agricultural aircraft for all of their maintenance needs. It is a good family relationship.

The Magalhães family works together to be a family of companies. This partnership allows them to serve their farmer

Some of the employees for the Tangará family of companies; Tangará Aeroagricola, Aeroagricola Chapadão, Terra Viva Aeroagricola and Tangará Aerocenter in Orlãndia, Brasil.

Aluminum Strainer

1. One of Tangará’s self contained service trucks with loading equipment secured inside and mix equipment from inside set-up outside. 2. A containment and evaporation site at Fazenda Mosquito in Orlândia. 3. A collision bar to protect the collision strobe light; a small, solid stainless steel tube shaped to protect the light. 4. Bruna Magalhães Silva, the wife of Rogério Velludo Ribeiro, who own together Terra Viva Aeroagrícola, Ltda, in front of the accounting office. 5. Carlos “Carlitos” Magalhães in his Orlândia office. 6. Célio Rodriques, Jr. with all the legal paperwork he manages for the companies, as well as translates for foreign guests.

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July 2012


the FAA safety team

Use caution, avoid wire strikes and collisions with obstacles or the ground (CFIT)

• Remember, if you are spraying crops, you are in the wire environment. Always recon! • Be aware that new towers and power lines are being installed more frequently. • Use ground personnel with two-way radios to help keep you clear of wires and hazards. Work as a team. • Do not let distractions take attention away from flying duties. Keep a mental picture of where you are in relation to known hazards. • Practice situational awareness on every flight. • Keep in mind that it is better to break off a swath run than hit something and that wires are difficult to see down low. • Use extra caution when flying directly over an obstacle. Try to keep it to your side so you can see it.

• Remember that nearly all wire strikes occur due to pilots losing track of their proximity to obstacles or simply not knowing they are there. • Beware of the effect of wind (especially when going downwind) when you are in proximity of obstacles. • Try not to fly up slope when making a swath run over uneven terrain. Consider using slight “up trim.” Do not look back at the swath during a swath run. • Ferry above five and stay alive! • Stay proficient. Maintain a high level of pilot skill and ability to accomplish steep turns and pull-ups close to the ground. • Maintain flying speed. Do not exceed critical bank angles or pitch attitudes. Avoid abrupt or rough maneuvers.

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2012 Iowa Operation S.A.F.E by Wes Sharp The 2012 Iowa Operation S.A.F.E. clinic, held by the Iowa Agricultural Aviation Association, was a big success. 19 aircraft were able to attend even though the two-day event was cut short by a much needed rain. The flight line opened just before 7:00 a.m. on June 6th and remained operational until 6:00 p.m. that evening. The wind was a bit of a concern early in the day, but never reached a point to shut down the flight line. The clinic was ran by Iowa State University Extension Agricultural Engineer Dr. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University Associate Entomology Professor Ken Holscher and University of Illinois Extension Specialist Dr. Scott Bretthauer. These three individuals completed the entire analyst for aircraft that took part in the clinic. With their hard work, the clinic was able to run continuously the first day that allowed all the aircraft to fly in order to beat the weather. The Iowa Operation S.A.F.E. would not be possible without the help and commitments from our great allied members and sponsors. BASF, Bayer, Loveland Products, FMC and Syngenta were all flightline and meal sponsors for the event. AgRight and Thunder Creek Trailers were vendor sponsors. With their generous help, the IAAA was able to hold this Operation S.A.F.E. event and promote safe aerial application.

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Headline AMP™ fungicide combines the proven power of Headline® fungicide with a unique triazole for corn that stops diseases in their tracks. And independent trials demonstrate that Headline AMP delivered more bushels of corn per acre than any other fungicide.* Your ultimate success can depend on the performance of the fungicide you apply. So use Headline AMP, and your business can take off too. Visit or talk to your authorized BASF retailer today.

*Results summary 34 university and seed company small-plot replicated trials conducted 2007-2010 Always read and follow label directions. ©2011 BASF Corporation. All Rights Reserved. APN 11-01-268-0011


Mentoring in a family business (L-R) Jayse Wharam, Glen Wharam, Jordan Loewen and Chris Wharam take a minute from their busy day for a photo op.

by Bill Lavender Family owned and operated businesses are a mainstay in agaviation. It is no different for the northern North Dakota-based flying service, Valley Sprayers, Inc. Glen Wharam, president and owner, started the company in 1995 when he bought it from Marlin Lothspeich to compliment his aircraft maintenance company, Northern Aircraft Services. Both companies are based at the Park River Municipal Airport where the Wharams also operate the FBO. Vernie, Glen’s wife, helps with the jobs around the airport and keeps everyone’s hunger at bay with her home cooking. Jayse Wharam, one of Glen’s sons, is the Chief Pilot. Chris Wharam, another son, is a BASF Business Representative and works the home turf. Glen has been associated with ag-operators through Northern Aircraft Services since 1976. When he bought Valley Sprayers,

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July 2012


he hired two pilots to fly the two A-model 600 HP Ag-Cats. Three years ago, Glen decided to convert one of the A-models with a Mills Conversion. He had Toby McPherson of Tall Towers Aviation (see AgAir Update September 2011) do the conversion. Not only did the A-model change out its radial engine for a PT6A-20 turboprop engine, it also received a Hershey 335-gallon hopper, big gear, 80-gallon fuel and a B-model windscreen. For Valley Sprayers, the Ag-Cat works well. While surrounded by mono wing ag-planes, the company finds the Ag-Cat is better at working the small fields found in a 25-30 mile radius around the Park River airport where all the loading is done.

Jordan Loewen has paid his dues at the load pit. Now, he’s logging time during his first spray season in an A-model 600 HP Ag-Cat.

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Latest Technology GPS Unit Jayse Wharam straps into the Mills Conversion Ag-Cat before leaving for another herbicide load. Due to cold winters, Valley Sprayers has a relatively short season beginning in April and winding down in August. Wheat work makes up 30-40% of the flying, while potatoes are about 20%, sugar beets 20% and dry beans 20%. Additionally, there is some flying over pasture and land in the federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). In early spring, dry urea fertilizer is spread over winter wheat and pasture land, while barley is spread as a cover crop on sugar beet plantings. The barley seed sprouts and helps to serve as a windbreak for the young sugar beet plants, which


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July 2012


have helicopter like leaves that can catch the wind and twist off. The dry work lasts about 2-3 weeks and ends with glyphosate applications on hybrid sugar beets that selectively kills the barley. At the end of April, the spreader comes off and herbicide applications start on CRP land. Farmers are required to keep their CRP land clean of weeds. If left unattended, woody plants and weeds would take over. In May, herbicide applications start for wheat. Often times tank mixes of Headline fungicide from BASF for disease control are mixed with the 2,4-D phenoxy-type herbicides. No surfactants are used in these tank mixes. Applications are made at five GPA total volume.

By late June, potato herbicide and fungicide applications have started. Different formulations of fungicides are rotated to avoid disease resistance. Potatoes are treated for diseases on a weekly schedule for about 8-10 applications. Sugar beets will receive normally three fungicide applications during the growing season. Valley Sprayers’ customers always use Headline for the last fungicide application. They have found this helps sugar beets resist an early frost and after harvest they store better than without the Headline treatment. Growers in the Park River area have found treating their dry beans with Headline and Endura fungicide not only protects the crop, but also aids with treating mold in the beans. These applications are usually applied in July. One local grower is experimenting with Twinline (a combination of Headline and Caramba fungicides) from BASF on wheat to fight scab disease. Twinline at the flowering stage of wheat has shown a yield increase, as well. Typically, wheat fungicide applications are made at five GPA in the 3-5 leaf and flag leaf stages. As the spraying season’s end approaches in August, glyphosate applications are made on wheat to aid with the harvest, desiccating the wheat. Potatoes and dry beans are also defoliated for

Jordan Loewen is honored at the 2011 NAAA convention in Las Vegas where he was awarded the 2011 NAAA/ BASF Agricultural Aviation Scholarship. This was $5,000 and a trip to the convention grant made possible by BASF Corporation.


the same reason, sometimes as late as September, depending on when a killing frost occurs. Valley Sprayers not only keeps its two Ag-Cats busy all season long, it has two high clearance, flotation ground machines. These units are driven by the pilots that fly the Ag-Cats, Jayse Wharam and Jordan Loewen. Some customers want more water for certain applications than is practical with the aircraft, so they opt for the ground machine. The machines are also used in fields too small for the Ag-Cats and near sensitive crops. Approximately 20% of Valley Sprayers’ applications require ground machines. Jordan has logged considerable time in Valley Sprayers ground machines since he came to work right out of high school in 2009. However, three years later, he is now logging time in the 600 HP Ag-Cat. He started working in the shop and originally wanted to learn to weld. Within two weeks of being around the Ag-Cats, he wanted to know how he could become an ag-pilot.

While Jordan was attending Ag-Flight, Glen sponsored him in the NAAA/BASF scholarship program. Jordan wrote an essay describing why he wanted to be an aerial applicator. He won $5,000 to be used toward his flight training and a trip to the 2011 NAAA convention in Las Vegas. Obviously, Jordan has put his scholarship to good use. It is to be hoped family owned flying services will be around for a long time. For many, pressure builds from corporations wanting to buy ag-operations. It’s with companies like Valley Sprayers where talent and dedication like Jordan Loewen’s are recognized and developed. There is no “corporate structure”, just a down-to-earth, one-on-one operation that allows for this type of flexibility. Also, let’s not forget, Vernie’s home cooking! Hardy_AgAirUpdate_38Pg_Color_07_HardyAvIns_AgAirUpdate_38Pg_02 12/12/11 11:30 AM Page

Glen and Jayse decided to mentor Jordan. He loaded the summer of 2010 and attended Lake Area Tech in Watertown, South Dakota where he graduated with an A&P license in the fall. He loaded again the summer 2011 and in the fall attended Ag-Flight ag-pilot school in Bainbridge, Georgia. Starting with no flight time, Jordan graduated within five months with a limited Commercial Pilot’s License and completion of the agpilot course. This year, his flight time in the Ag-Cat is limited to fungicide and insecticide applications.

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July 2012



NAAA unveils new media relations tools to help aerial applicators reach the masses By Andrew D. Moore, NAAA Executive Director Oftentimes NAAA members express their frustration about inaccurate portrayals of the aerial application industry in the media. This frustration is understandable. Unfortunately, there are those in the media who would prefer to serve up a story muddled in controversy, focusing on the supposedly extreme risks of low-level flying and the use of crop protection products, rather than an accurate depiction of the benefits aerial applicators and modern agricultural production provide society in the form of abundant, affordable, safe food and fiber. This is nothing new, of course. It has been 50 years since the book Silent Spring was published and the author, Rachel Carson, wrote that pesticide use was detrimental for the environment, particularly to birds. Much has changed in those 50 years from a policy and technological standpoint. For one, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was created resulting in a more rigorous registration program for crop protection products. Furthermore, the Federal Fungicide, Insecticide and Rodenticide Act has been revised several times since 1962 providing additional safety measures. Most importantly, newer, safer technologies have been developed, including more precise application equipment and chemistries that hone in on the target pest solely. Unlike during the Kennedy Administration, today many chemicals are regarded as much more environmentally friendly because they target the pest with little or no effect on humans, wildlife, pollinators or on other beneficial insects. So why aren’t these stories showing up in the media? Actually, we are starting to see a more balanced approach. In recent months NAAA has seen several examples of the media telling a more accurate story of the benefits of modern agricultural production. For example, Scientific American magazine recently published a story that was also reported on, Time magazine’s website, about an analysis conducted by environmental scientists at McGill University in Montreal and the University of Minnesota. The analysis looked at 66 studies, compared conventional and organic crops across 34 different crop species, and found that “when it comes to major cereal crops, such as corn or wheat, and vegetables, such as broccoli, conventional methods delivered more than 25 percent more yield.”


In another issue of Time from earlier this year came a special issue titled “10 Ideas That Are Changing Your Life” which included a story about ensuring nature’s future in a period of human dominance and mass population. In that piece it stated we will have to promote “technology that environmentalists have often opposed, from nuclear power … to genetically modified crops that could allow us to grow more food on less land, saving precious space for wildlife.” This is reporting that advocates of modern agricultural production like to hear and particularly so from the world’s largest circulation-based weekly news magazine with a readership of 25 million. The importance of ag aviation was one of many positive messages about American agriculture highlighted in the exceptional PBS miniseries America Revealed, which premiered in April. The first episode was named “Food Machine,” and NAAA member Robert Grace of Grace Flying Service, St. Francis, Kan., wonderfully articulated the vital support aerial applicators provide to America’s farmers. NAAA realizes we can’t rely solely on the media to broadcast modern agriculture’s successful story. We must work to positively affect aerial application public relations in a number of ways. NAAA’s public relations efforts include producing the promotional video Aerial Application’s Growing Role, sending out press releases about positive industry news and directly addressing a number of media inquiries at the Association’s office. However, an important approach to be effective in reaching the media and the public is grassroots, whereby each of us communicates the positive aspects and proactive nature of our industry to public officials and media in our local area. To follow through on this NAAA has revamped its Media/ Public Relations Kit to give members practical tools they can use to communicate effectively with the media and public. The updated materials are available on NAAA’s website by visiting and will be distributed to all NAAA members. While the purpose of the Media Relations Kit is to provide tips and guidance for engaging the public and working with the media, much of this messaging advice is intended to

assist NAAA members in shaping their own story. In today’s environment, cookie-cutter messaging is out and engagement is in. The social-media generation is turned off by “corporate messaging” and turned on by authenticity. NAAA members have a great narrative to share, but articulating your story takes knowledge, skill and practice. The talking points provided in the NAAA Media Relations Kit aren’t the story, but they can help shape your unique story in a way that is consistent with the industry’s message and respond to questions in an informed, credible way. Even this approach takes resources and time, but it is the most practical course for us to follow. It is cost-prohibitive for a small association like NAAA to take out ads offered by the national media and effectively reach the public. For example, taking out a one-page, black and white ad in USA Today, the newspaper with the greatest U.S. circulation at 1.768 million, is $125,600. The ly 1 ive Ju t c e ff rates E average network television rship e b m e show (FOX, ABC, CBS, new m nto effect. i o g ately NBC) in primetime reaches roxim p p a 9.1075 million viewers, in by Save you jo ! f i % 10 according to Nielson, and 012 e 30, 2 n u J a 30-second commercial on one of those networks averages $84,000. There are huge ranges depending on the show, the timeslot, etc., but those are the averages and they are dollars NAAA can’t afford to spend without taking a large percentage out of our annual budget, much of which is vital to represent the industry before the federal government in Washington and to produce life-saving educational programming for the industry. NAAA encourages aerial applicators to capitalize on the growing number of media stories being told about the benefits of modern agricultural production. Use the NAAA Media/Public Relations Kit to inform your local public and media about aerial application and the important contribution we as an industry make in

the production of food, fiber and biofuel and environmental preservation. If we are all involved, we can have a positive, cumulative affect across the nation, as well as a strong effect in the areas where we perform our services. The NAAA Media Relations Kits can be previewed in the News & Publications section of NAAA’s website,, but you must be an NAAA member to access the full contents. If you aren’t an NAAA member but would like to become one, please call the NAAA office at 202-546-5722 or visit www.

We get it. You’re used to flying solo. But everyone knows you can’t do it alone. And neither can NAAA.

Membership matters. Join NAAA in its efforts to preserve and protect agricultural aviation and your way of life. Call (202) 546-5722 or visit to join the cause.

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July 2012


environmental views

Dennis T. Avery, Environmental Economist

Bjorn Lomborg adopts high-yield farming CHURCHVILLE, VA—Bjorn Lomborg and his Copenhagen Consensus have just joined one of the smallest clubs in today’s world: people who believe that high-yield farming is the path to a sustainable future for people and wildlife despite, and even because of, its pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irrigation dams, and blast-freezers.

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Lomborg, famous for his book The Skeptical Environmentalist, summons a quadrennial panel of distinguished economists to examine where the world might invest more effectively to solve solvable problems. In 2004, his panel recommended more investment in fighting HIV/AIDS. In 2008, they suggested more investment in delivering

micronutrients to malnourished populations. This year, as Lomborg wrote in the Wall Street Journal on April 24: “One of the main reasons we cut down natural habitat is to increase farming output for a growing population, so one proposed policy is to increase agricultural yields through research and development, making it possible to feed more people with less land. This is a controversial answer to the challenge of the loss of biodiversity but one which might do more, at lower cost, than our current efforts.”

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I confess to having written a book in 1995 titled Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastic: the Environmental Triumph of High-Yield Farming. The book honored Dr. Norman Borlaug, the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize winner, who led international efforts in cross-breeding higher-yielding and disease-resistant grain crops. The new seeds, together with fertilizer, irrigation and pesticides tripled crop yields on the good-quality soils around the world. It was the most amazing humanitarian gain in human history. The higher yields also saved 6.6 million square miles of wildlife habitat from being plowed for more low-yield crops! Borlaug called it “high-yield conservation.” Our best “high-yield conservation” converts to date have been Bill and Melinda Gates, who are supporting tens of millions of dollars worth of high-yield farming research at international agricultural research centers. The Gates

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have also recruited fellow billionaire Warren Buffet, partly because his son Howard was already a “high-yield conservation” advocate. Howard welcomed me when he was vicepresident of the big crop processor Archer-Daniels-Midland, and we put together the only TV spots in history that praised high yield conservation. The spots featured David Brinkley, who had just retired from NBC News. Sadly, the spots were shown only a few times, on then-small cable TV




nets, before Howard left the company and the effort was dropped Howard has published a beautiful book of his own nature photos taken worldwide. It’s titled On the Edge. In it, he says simply, “High-yield farming, through increased efficiency, will continue to help protect additional land from cultivation.” Jason Clay of the World Wildlife Fund-U.S. has written a book titled World Agriculture and the Environment that also makes the

high-yield conservation argument. The American Farm Bureau is in the Keystone Alliance with such forward-thinking organizations as Clay’s World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy. Under environmental movement pressures, and from a media which loves to pillory pesticides, U.S. agricultural research stations have been shifting their focus from higher yields to “sustainable farming.” Unfortunately the “sustainable farming” gets substantially

AgAir Update | Junior Page | 7.08”w x 9.14”h

lower yields and will thus endanger more wildlife. They say it takes 25 years to insert a new thought into people’s minds. We’re now at 42 years since Dr. Borlaug’s Noble Peace Prize and 17 since my book—but we can’t quit now. One highly salient point bears repeating for First World readers: The UN Low Variant population projections to 2300 AD show human numbers peaking soon, about 2045, at 8.1 billion people. Our population will then tend strongly downward, to 6.2 billion in 2100 and 2.3 billion in 2300. After 2300, we can go back to “natural” farming if we choose, without losing nearly so much wildlife. Dennis T. Avery, a senior fellow for the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., is an environmental economist. He was formerly a senior analyst for the Department of State. He is co-author, with S. Fred Singer, of Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years. Readers may write to him at PO Box 202 Churchville, VA 2442; email to cgfi@hughes. net. Visit our website at www.

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Crosswind spray patterns by Alan Corr, Operation S.A.F.E. Analyst Last fall I had the opportunity to test a number of aircraft patterns in crosswind conditions. Droplet cards were placed at ten-foot intervals 30 feet upwind of the aircraft path and downwind for up to 500 feet. Several pilots on 12 different occasions helped with the research, as we wanted to know what happens to a spray pattern in crosswind conditions since often that is how aerial spraying occurs. I do want to explain this article contains information about spray patterns that occurred in various environmental conditions and has not been replicated a number of times. Therefore, the information provided tells us what happened, but not for certain what will repeatedly happen in all cases. The first thing we looked at is how far the pattern shifts downwind at various


wind speeds. It would appear that for each one mph increase in the wind, the upwind edge of the pattern will shift about seven feet downwind. As you can see in Figure 1, for each three mph increase in wind speed, the pattern shifted downwind about 20 feet. These four passes were at a spray height of eight feet. When the height increased to 16 feet, the upwind edge of the pattern shifted an additional 10 feet down wind at a two mph crosswind and up to 20 feet at a six mph crosswind. The chart also shows how the pattern widened as the crosswind speed increased. Another item we looked at was the effect of spray additives or “drift retardants” to the pattern. We ran a number of studies comparing water alone and water with the addition of a drift retardant. The first thing I noticed was in many situations


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the number of fine droplets increased dramatically with the addition of the drift retardant (figure 2). This goes against what I had thought would happen and I have not been able to come up with a good explanation of why it happened. However, each and every one of the products I tested did in fact perform as an advertised drift retardant. Figure 3 shows the downwind movement of spray deposition in gallons per acre associated with the VMD chart (Figure 2) where “0” is the center of the aircraft and “-400” is 400 feet Figure One

downwind in a crosswind pattern. Even though the number of fines increased, so did product deposition, and most importantly, downwind drift was significantly reduced. Again, I conducted no comparison studies between various drift retardant products and each of the products did reduce drift. As I stated in the beginning of the article, this information is merely what happened in the limited number of trials conducted. Even though there were a large number of tests, there were also a large number of variables including wind speed, spray Figure Two

height, droplet size, temperature, nozzle selection and others. We hope to conduct a number of additional trials this year and hopefully be able to gain an insight on a number of issues, including potential crosswind swath width adjustment. I appreciate the support of NATA, the pilots, and BASF in these studies, along with the traditional Operation SAFE testing. Your interest in these programs shows your dedication to helping the industry become more efficient, protecting the environment and in providing a high quality service to the agriculture and food industry in Nebraska. Figure Three

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in my opinion

Robert A. McCurdy, Chief Pilot / Flight Instructor Flying Tiger Aviation, LLC,

Weather Several years ago I was flying on a boll weevil contract for the state of Louisiana out of the small town of Woodworth. One morning, prior to my planned take off of around 0630, I called the Alexandria, Louisiana AWOS station 10 miles to the north . The AWOS reported visibility in Alexandria at six miles. Reduced visibility, but still VMC. I knew, as the day progressed, conditions would get better. My destination, a cotton field, was about 30 miles due

east. After I departed, just as I cleared the tall Loblolly pines to the north, I nearly went into IMC, but managed to see directly below me. I continued my turn to the right hoping to stay in VMC conditions, but to no avail. Still turning to the right at 100’ agl, and in and out of zero visibility, I crossed mid-field, then turned left to what I hoped would be a

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ind it it in in an an Find air ir tractor ractor!

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heading of 180° downwind for runway 36. I continued on my estimated heading of 180° for what I thought would be time enough to turn on a base leg and then turned final for 36. As it was, I did not extend on my downwind nearly long enough and when I could see again, I found myself directly over midfield! So, I dove for the deck. Once the wheels were solid on terra firma, full reverse! Thank you Lord! I remember not too long ago, the visibility at the Monroe, Louisiana airport (12 miles west of our home airport in Rayville) was reporting half-mile visibility in heavy fog. In Rayville, it was “CAVU” (Clear And Visibility Unrestricted). One of our instructors took off with a student and as soon as he looked west, he saw the fog (which resembled Niagara Falls) approaching. What would have happened had he turned east without checking to the west? So what is the moral to this little treatise? In My Opinion, when a nearby AWOS gives you any visibility less than 10 miles, take it with a “grain of salt” and be your own judge regarding the weather. If the AWOS is reporting something really bad, be extra cautious. It isn’t fun to be caught with 500 gallons of high-dollar chemicals in your airplane and no place to put them! And so as per…be safe, have fun, make money and don’t do something stupid…like I did. Excuse the cliché, if you are going err, do it on the side of caution!

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Frederick E. Tilton, M.D., M.P.H.,

aeromedical advisory

Getting into a good rhythm Despite the many instances of sophomoric humor, everyone has a biological clock. It’s called our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythms may have originated in the very early days of single-cell life to protect replicating DNA from high ultraviolet radiation during daytime. However they started, our circadian rhythm is best described as an internal biological clock that regulates our body functions based on our wake/sleep cycle.

Circadian rhythms are not only important in determining sleep cycles, but also in feeding patterns. There are clear patterns of brain wave activity, hormone production, cell regeneration, and other biological activities linked to these daily cycles. These activities mostly work together like a finelytuned watch that must be maintained

to operate within normal working parameters. But we often bring disruptions on ourselves with such things as self-imposed stress. Though we scramble to get everything back to normal, the act of disturbing the body’s intricate clockwork can start a chain of reactions that disrupt its daily functions. A variety of negative effects

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can occur and some can pose safetyofflight issues for pilots.

Circadian Rhythm Disruption The exact duration of our circadian rhythm varies and can be slightly altered. However, recent research suggests that the ideal rhythm is actually 25 hours. Normal circadian rhythms are naturally altered as one ages, including changes in sleep patterns with respect to earlier onset of sleepiness, earlymorning awakenings, and increased need for daytime napping. Any time alteration, interruption, or disruption of the normal 25-hour circadian rhythm is likely to create some kind of physiological and/or behavioral impacts. The medical and scientific community uses the term “circadian rhythm disruption,” or CRD to describe this phenomenon. People suffering from CRD may experience one or more of the following symptoms: • Difficulty falling and staying asleep

• Late-night insomnia • Increased daytime sleepiness • A general lack of energy in the morning • An increase of energy at night • Difficulty concentrating, being alert, or accomplishing mental tasks • Oversleeping and trouble getting up • Increased negative moods CRD-induced fatigue that goes untreated or ignored will almost inevitably have both physiological and psychological ramifications that not only can jeopardize your personal health, but can also become a safetyof-flight issue. To understand what that means, consider just a few of the better-known issues that can adversely affect flight safety. The list includes: increased reaction time; decreased attention span; impaired memory; and sense of personal isolation.

Coping with CRD Here are a few tips for dealing with CRD during your aviation activities. • Always attempt to sleep well before

any flight. • When you’re away from home, try to get as much sleep as you would normally. • If you’re changing time zones, try to stay on your original time zone for shorter stays, and try to get more sleep when possible. • Use caffeine strategically to combat circadian rhythm sleepiness. You can also employ the technique of strategic napping – just not while at the controls, of course. A better plan may be to just reschedule the flight if you feel tired. Frederick E. Tilton, M.D., M.P.H., received both an M.S. and an M.D. degree from the University of New Mexico and an M.P.H. from the University of Texas. During a 26-year career with the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Tilton logged more than 4,000 hours as a command pilot and senior flight surgeon flying a variety of aircraft. He currently flies the Cessna Citation 560 XL.

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question and answer

FAA’s Aerospace Medical Certification Division

Question: From 1983 to 1991 I was an air traffic controller and private pilot. I never had a problem getting a medical certification. From 1991 to the present, I did not fly as pilot in command or control traffic. I did not apply for a medical. My kids have grown and I now have grandchildren. I want to start flying again. I applied for a medical in August 2011, but was denied in October 2011 because of a medicine Run Jan & July of metformin, glyburide combination

and januvia. My physician stopped the glyburide, but as of January 2012, the FAA has still not granted me a special issuance. Why the delay?

Answer: Diabetes mellitus requiring use of medications which may cause hypoglycemia is a serious aeromedical problem. Hypoglycemia is well known as a cause of sudden incapacitation. Combinations of medications can be even more complex since certain

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medications may potentiate hypoglycemia. We also require airmen to be on the prescribed medications for a minimum of 60 days before evaluating for special issuance. I do not have your case to evaluate, but the fact you had to change medications would have created a delay in your evaluation. If all goes well with your current regimen of metformin plus januvia, this should be an acceptable combination of medications for aeromedical purposes.

Question: In 2004 I had an exercise EKG for a UK CAA first class medical, which revealed an anomaly. I went to our local hospital for a follow up examination and was found to have a narrowing of my left descending atrium. A stent was installed in 2004 and I now take one 2.5 mg Bisoprolol tablet per day. I had no indications of any heart problem before, and I have had none since. I have also recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus and so I am taking one 500mg metformin tablet per day. I haven’t flown since 2004, but I now want to renew my Class 2 or Class 3 medical, in order to regain the privileges of my flight instructor certificate. Can you please advise if this is possible?



It’s just plane smart.

Answer: We very frequently find that the routine testing we ask airmen to submit to does, in fact, reveal life-threatening conditions. In most cases, these conditions can be successfully treated. In your case, it is possible to regain a medical certificate, but you will have to work with your treating physician(s) to demonstrate that you do not have a residual problem with any area of your heart muscle that does not get enough oxygen. The link cited for the question above will provide you with appropriate details.

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money talk

Samuel L. Miller,

Compare aircraft costs. How? When we consider a purchase, we want to know how the total ownership cost of aircraft “A” compares to aircraft “B”. Which one is the better deal from a financial viewpoint? Please notice that no qualifiers have been placed on the ownership method, intended usage, or specific expense category of either aircraft “A” or “B”. It might not even be an apples-to-apples comparison. You might already own “A” and want to compare the cost of keeping “A” to trading it for “B”. Your interest is strictly financial. From a big

picture standpoint, aircraft “A” and “B” could be investment “A” and “B”. Which one is the better deal from a financial viewpoint? How do you make this financial comparison and answer this question? Use Net Present Value (NPV) to evaluate and compare any situation “A” and “B”

financially. What is NPV? How do you compute and use NPV?

What is NPV? NPV is a single dollar value that is calculated from a cash flow of payments over a period of time which has been adjusted for the time value of money. To adjust a cash flow to reflect the time value of money requires that each cash flow value be adjusted for the time the payment was received at an interest rate charged on the cash flow. Normally, the interest rate used in the adjustment

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Falcon Insurance is one of the largest independently owned insurance specialists in the country. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.


Call for same day quotes and coverage or visit our website. Austin: 800-370-0557 Dallas: 800-880-0801 Houston: 800-880-8822 Kerrville: 800-880-4545 Lakeland: 800-881-9688 Scottsdale: 800-880-3597 St. Louis: 800-880-8644

PO Box 291388, Kerrville, TX 78029

is called the discount rate. The single dollar value of the total adjusted cash flow not including the initial investment is known as the Present Value (PV). The Net Present Value (NPV) equals the Present Value (PV) less the Initial Investment. As an example, assume $100,000 is the initial investment in an aircraft. This aircraft investment produces a cash flow of $25,000 a year for 5 years. The total cash flow received over the fiveyear period is $125,000. Assume an interest rate (discount rate) of 10%. The $125,000 cash flow adjusted for the time the payment was received (assumed here to be at the end of each year) and the 10% interest rate produces a Present Value (PV) of $94,769.67. The Microsoft Excel PV financial function was used to make this calculation. Therefore: NPV = ($5,230.33) = $94,769.67 (PV) less $100,000 (Initial Aircraft Investment) By definition; if the NPV=0, then the investment return is equal to the discount rate. If the NPV is greater than zero, the

investment return has exceeded the discount rate. If the NPV is less than zero, the investment return is less than the discount rate. In the example above, the NPV calculation produced a value less than zero, a negative $5,230.33. Since the initial investment of $100,000 produced a negative NPV of $5,230.33 using a discount rate of 10%, the investment return was less than the discount rate of 10%.

How do you compute NPV? For the actual mathematics involved, Google “NPV formula” and read about the formula. As you will see, the timing of the cash flow and the compounding of interest are both taken into account. It is much easier to use a financial calculator than hand calculating NPV using the formulas. The Microsoft Excel NPV financial function makes the calculation easy. NOTE: Excel’s definition of discounted cash flow differs from the standard finance nomenclature. Excel uses the letters NPV to denote the Present Value (PV not the NPV) of a cash flow. To calculate the finance NPV using Excel,

calculate the Present Value (PV) using the Excel NPV financial function then subtract the initial investment.

How do you use NPV? All investment decisions should center on calculating today’s value of a future cash flow. You must consider the time value of money. Performing a Net Present Value (NPV) analysis provides a method to compare the value today of situation “A” versus situation “B”. Learn how to use NPV to determine the financial merits of your deals. Take the time to study and understand NPV and you will enjoy many years of successful investing. Using NPV to make financial comparisons between aircraft “A” and aircraft “B” is just smart business. The AircraftCostAnalysis program can be used to produce NPV analysis for any type aircraft, ownership method, lease or purchase, rent or contract situation. Obtain the details at www.

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wing and a prayer

Carlin Lawrence

The impossibility of entering into God’s heaven by human works A rich man asked Jesus, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “Why do you call Me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone. You know the commandments: ‘You shall not commit adultery, do not murder, do not steal, do not give false testimony, honor your father and

mother.’” And he said, “All these things I have kept from my youth.” Jesus said, “You still lack one thing. Sell everything you have and give to the poor and you

will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.” When he heard this, he became very sad, because he was very wealthy” (Luke 18:18-23). We need to understand that this isn’t about how rich this man is; it is about how he felt about his riches—his riches are his gods. This rich man doesn’t understand that he broke the law by just thinking about adultery,

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5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se habla español CrS QTFr-573l envienos un Correo electronico


The Extra is a state-of-the-art aerobatic airplane with limits well beyond your comfort zone. Wayne is a former ag and airshow pilot who enjoys teaching aerobatics and seeing his students have fun. The AGROBATICS course covers stalls, spins, aerobatics and unusual attitudes. You will fly six flights and receive four to six hours of briefing and debriefing. The cost for one person is $2,200, but if two people come through the course together the price is only $1,950 each. Office 209-962-7868 • Mobile 831-596-5820 Fax 209-962-7836

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murder, stealing or lying (Exodus 20:17). He may have kept the physical aspects of these particular commandments, but he hasn’t kept the spiritual aspects of the law—only Jesus Christ has done that. This religious, rich and well respected man had a massive emptiness within his heart—he didn’t have a personal relationship with God. His riches have brought him power and respect—but his life is spiritually empty. This rich man cannot understand why he feels spiritually empty, because he thought keeping the law would give him eternal life in heaven. He didn’t understand that the sacrificial offerings of the law did not put away sin (Hebrews 10:1-4). This rich man has seen the immaculate, sinless, and miracle producing life of Jesus Christ and wants Jesus to tell him what else he needs to do to receive eternal life in heaven. Jesus Christ knows this man’s superficial and self-righteous motives and puts him to the test to show him that he doesn’t love God or love his neighbor as the law required (Deuteronomy 6:5, Leviticus 19:18)—this man worships his wealth. This man has kept the law according to his own self-righteous standards—not according to God’s standards.

this man where his real priorities are by asking him to give away all his wealth to the poor and follow Him—and the man walks away sorrowful (Matthew 19:22). This man’s wealth and power are his gods. He doesn’t understand that if you love the things of this world you are an enemy of God and you don’t love God (James 4:4, 1 John 2:15). You cannot love money and serve God (Luke 16:13). Many religious/works systems today fail to recognize how sinful they are and

don’t understand that the purpose of the law is to show us how guilty we are before God, and that we need someone to save us from our sin (Roman 3:1920, 7:7). A person must abandon all works/righteousness if they want to come to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Unsaved people who think they can please God apart from faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior do not understand how sinful they are. “For whatever is not from faith is sin... Without faith it is impossible to please

The question, “What shall I do” reflects this man’s thinking on how to relate to God—he is seeking God with a works/righteousness motive—he wanted to come to God by his own selfrighteousness standards. This man doesn’t understand that the law demands perfection, and breaking just one commandment makes a person just as guilty before God as breaking all God’s commandments (James 2:10). Jesus knew his superficial and self-righteous motives and shows

July 2012


God (Romans 14:23, Hebrews 11:6). Jesus told this rich man to abandon all his earthly priorities if he wanted to follow Him! You cannot follow Jesus Christ when your heart and mind are dominated by the things of this world (Matthew 16:24). Jesus isn’t saying that eternal life is gained by giving your earthly possessions away. Jesus is saying that you cannot approach God through your own self-righteous good works. Jesus Christ isn’t fooled by superficial believers. Many people b e l i eved in His name, but J e s u s did not commit Himself to them because He knew what was in their hearts (John 2:23-25). Jesus knew that their belief was shallow and superficial—it was not saving faith. In John 6, after Jesus Christ tells the people that they must have a living relationship with Him, many of the people walked away from Him (John 6:53-66). You can say a sinner’s prayer and ask Jesus Christ into your heart and join and be baptized by every church and denomination in

the world, and still not be a born again Christian. Eternal life in God’s heaven demands a living faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Paul wrote, “The just shall life by faith…If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 1:17, 10:9). The words “faith and believe” are action words. They demand a lifestyle of commitment to Jesus Christ above everything else in your life. Jesus Christ will not recognize a superficial commitment to Him. Jesus said, “ It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” And the people said, “Who can be saved?” Jesus said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:2526). Jesus isn’t saying a rich man cannot enter heaven, Jesus is saying that no person, rich or poor, can earn or buy their way into God’s heaven. Jesus said,

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“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). Jesus is telling this rich man that true biblical faith is giving up on all human effort to enter God’s heaven and turn to a living faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior—it is the only thing that counts! Jim Elliot, who was killed while serving as a missionary in Ecuador, wrote, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Eagle Vistas clarifies position There have been concerns that Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service, Fort Pierce, Floridia may be in some way related to the business of Eagle Vistas, LLC. Neither Randy Berry, nor Eagle Vistas, LLC, has any affiliation or duties for the Air Tractor sales, service, or parts of Southeastern Aircraft Sales and Service.

Randy Berry is very proud to be the Chief Pilot at Southeastern Aerial Crop Service, Fort Pierce, Florida (The application division of Southeastern Sales and Service). “My family has been friends of Mr. Chuck Stone and his family since my dad recovered Pawnees for Chuck in the 1960s. Rick Stone and Southeastern Aerial Crop Service are my employers. My job

description as Chief Pilot and ag pilot is to service our community with quality aerial applications.” Eagle Vistas, LLC’s marketing concepts, mentoring techniques and consulting services express only our policies and are not related in any way to Southeastern Aircraft Sales and Service. Randy Berry, Eagle Vistas LLC www. 772-285-5506

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ntsb reports NTSB Identification: *CEN12CA264* Date: March 15, 2012 Location: Cheyenne Wells, CO Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-301A Injuries: 1 Uninjured. During the departure roll from a dirt strip, the agricultural spray airplane encountered wind shear. The pilot was unable to get the airplane off the ground and the airplane hit a fence post when it overran the end of the airstrip. The right wing was substantially damaged during the impact.

NTSB Identification: *CEN12LA282* Date: May 09, 2012 Location: Flora, IN Aircraft: BELL 206B-III, Injuries: 1 Uninjured. On May 9, 2012, about 0920 eastern daylight time, a Bell 206B-III impacted terrain near Flora, Indiana, while spraying a wheat field. The pilot was not injured. The helicopter was substantially damaged. The following is based on what the pilot told a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector. He had exhausted his chemical load in the middle of the spraying operation and

returned to the staging truck to resupply. He then returned to the field to resume spraying. Approaching the field from the northeast at a 45° angle, he made a climbing left turn to align the helicopter for a spray run to the east, climbing to an altitude of approximately 100 feet and slowing to about 45 knots. The helicopter began to descend and settle. He increased collective to arrest the descent, and the helicopter impacted the ground in a level attitude on an easterly heading. The main rotor blades flexed down and severed the tail boom. The helicopter rolled over and came to rest on its right side facing west.



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Authorized Service center For honeywell AeroSpAce

NTSB Identification: *CEN12CA301* Date: May 07, 2012 Location: El Campo, TX Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT-502B, Injuries: 1 Uninjured. While departing a private airstrip, the pilot rotated the airplane for takeoff early in order to avoid ground equipment near the end of the runway. As a result, the airplane did not climb and settled back to the runway. The airplane would not become airborne so the pilot aborted the takeoff. However, the airplane was traveling too fast to stop on the runway. The pilot maneuvered the airplane to avoid the parked vehicles, but collided with obstacles and terrain resulting in substantial damage to the fuselage and wings. NTSB Identification: *CEN12CA280* Date: May 08, 2012 Location: Sterling, IL Aircraft: CESSNA A188 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. While landing on runway 7, the pilot lost directional control after the tail wheel touched down. The pilot continued

the landing and attempted to stop the airplane. The airplane then ground looped and departed the runway surface. During the ground loop, the right main landing gear separated and the right wing bent upward. The airport reported the wind at the time of the accident from 300 degrees at 13 knots. The pilot reported no mechanical problems with the airplane prior to the accident. The airplane owner stated his pilot landed on the wrong runway based on the wind conditions. NTSB Identification: *CEN12LA310* Date: May 19, 2012 Location: Humnoke, AR Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR AT-602 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. On May 19, 2012 an Air Tractor Inc AT602 impacted terrain during landing when the airplane touched down short of runway 36 at a private airstrip near Humnoke, Arkansas. The pilot stated that he misjudged the touchdown point. The pilot was uninjured. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage. Visual meteorological

or Just starting out? CP’s Nozzles are the BEST CHOICE! Which nozzles will work best for you? CP-11TT #25 40° Flat Fan 5 gpm—40 psi

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140 mph




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*Based on Spray Nozzle Models, USDA ARS AH-726, I. W. Kirk Settings: all at 40 psi, 5 gpm rate; CP-11TT—4025 tip, 8° Default Angle; CP-09/07—.125 orifice, 0° Deflection; CP-03—.125 orifice, 30° Deflection

conditions prevailed and a flight plan had not been filed for the local flight that originated from the private airstrip. NTSB Identification: *WPR12LA220* Date: May 21, 2012 Location: Nicolaus, CA Aircraft: GRUMMAN G-164D Injuries: 1 Fatal. On May 21, 2012 a Grumman G-164D impacted terrain during an agricultural application flight near Nicolaus, CA. The pilot was fatally injured; the airplane sustained substantial damage. Witnesses saw the airplane make a low pass across a field, make a hard banking turn to return towards the field, and impact the ground. The airplane was recovered for further examination. NTSB Identification: *CEN12FA312B* Date: May 23, 2012 Location: Sedgwig, AR Aircraft: G-164D/AT-802 Injuries: 1 Fatal,1 Serious. On My 23, 2012 an Air Tractor Inc. AT-802A airplane and a Grumman

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July 2012


G164C airplane collided in flight while maneuvering northeast of Sedgwick, Arkansas. Both airplanes were substantially damaged. The pilot aboard the Air Tractor was fatally injured, and the pilot aboard the Grumman received serious injuries. Both airplanes were operating locally and had departed local private strips at undetermined times. According to local law enforcement personnel, the Air Tractor was applying herbicide to a rice crop in a north and south application pattern. The Grumman was applying herbicide to an adjacent rice crop in an east and west application pattern. The Air Tractor was northbound and had just finished an application pass and the Grumman was westbound, in the middle of an application pass when the two airplanes collided. The Air Tractor continued several hundred feet to the north and came to rest inverted. The Grumman continued several hundred feet to the west and came to rest on the left side. There were no ground witnesses to the impact, nor was radar data available.


NTSB Identification: *CEN12CA313* Date: May 23, 2012 Location: Clear Lake, SD Aircraft: Ayres Corporation S2R-R1340 Injuries: 1 Serious. The pilot reported that he saw the power lines at the north end of the field as he started the aerial application work. However, he reported that he did not conduct a detailed observation of the lines. The power lines encountered during the accident flight had two lower wires that he did not anticipate. The arrangement of the power lines was different from those he had encountered in the area previously. As he approached the north end of the field, he was concentrating on a small group of trees when the airplane impacted the lines. He stated that the two lower wires caught him completely by surprise. The windshield separated as a result of the impact and he had difficulty seeing because of debris and wind in his eyes. He subsequently elected to dump the application load and execute a precautionary/forced landing to an open field. The pilot reported that

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there were no anomalies related to the airplane prior to impacting the wires. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the wings and during the landing. NTSB Identification: *WPR12CA229* Date: May 24, 2012 Location: Royal City, WA Aircraft: Rockwell International S-2R Injuries: 1 Uninjured. The pilot stated that the purpose of the flight was to perform an aerial application on a wheat field. During a pass, he mistakenly descended the airplane too early and struck a pipe on a center pivot irrigation system. As a result, the left main landing gear sustained damage, and the pilot flew the airplane back to the airport to land. Upon touchdown, the airplane ground looped due to the damage incurred by the landing gear. The airplane’s left wing was damaged during the landing. The pilot reported that there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures with the airplane prior to striking the object.

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NTSB Identification: *CEN12LA323A* Date: May 25, 2012 Location: Alicia, AR Aircraft: Thrush Aircraft Inc S2RHG-T65 Injuries: 2 Uninjured. On May 25, 2012 a Thrush S2RHG-T65 sustained substantial damage when it collided with an Air Tractor AT-802A when it lost directional control during landing roll at a private airstrip near Alicia, Arkansas. The Thrush impacted the Air Tractor which was on the taxiway preparing to depart from the private airstrip. Neither pilot was injured. The Thrush departed the airstrip at 0630 and was returning to refuel and obtain more chemical when it impacted the Air Tractor as it was preparing to depart. NTSB Identification: *ERA12LA365* Date: May 26, 2012 Location: Dansville, NY Aircraft: CESSNA A188B Injuries: 1 Minor. On May 26, 2012 a Cessna A188B collided with trees during a forced landing near Dansville, New York. The airplane sustained substantial damage,

and the pilot sustained minor injuries. The pilot stated that the flight departed with 7/8 capacity fuel in each fuel tank, and approximately 11 quarts of oil in the engine. After takeoff the flight proceeded to the spray location, and he executed approximately 20 spray passes. At the completion of the next spray pass or nearing the end of his load, the engine lost power. At that time the fuel tanks had about 3/4 capacity. He maneuvered the airplane for a forced landing and during the descent, the airplane collided with trees. The airplane came to rest on its right side with the left wing separated. NTSB Identification: *WPR12LA233* Date: May 27, 2012 Location: Wilton, CA Aircraft: GRUMMAN G-164A Injuries: 1 Uninjured. On May 27, 2012 a Grumman G-164A experienced an in-flight fire to its chemical dispersal system near Wilton, California. The pilot was not injured, the airplane sustained substantial damaged during the accident sequence, and was subsequently consumed by post impact

fire. The local flight departed from a private airstrip near Clarksburg about 0730. The pilot reported that he had just completed a pass over a vineyard where he was applying sulfur powder. As he pulled the gate lever to stop the flow, he felt a clunk. The sulfur continued to flow from the spreader, so he initiated a steep left turn to keep the powder within the confines of the vineyard. As he initiated the turn, the plume of sulfur ignited behind the airplane. He then felt a popping sound from the hopper, which was now on fire. He performed a forced landing into a residential driveway, and during the ground roll, the main landing gear became embedded in soft dirt, and the airplane nosed over. NTSB Identification: *CEN12LA344* Date: June 04, 2012 Location: Kenmare, ND Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR AT401 Injuries: 1 Uninjured. On June 4, 2012, about 0930 central daylight time, an Air Tractor Inc AT401 impacted terrain during an aborted

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takeoff on runway 26 at Kenmare Municipal Airport (7K5), Kenmare, North Dakota. The pilot aborted the takeoff after he thought the airplane performance was degraded, and the airplane ground looped. The certificated pilot was uninjured. The airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing. The airplane was under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 as an aerial application flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan had not been filed. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

July 2012


We have been doing this for a long time by Bill Lavender Joy and Dave Johnston have been operating Johnston Aircraft Service since Dave started working with his father, Elmer, in 1968 in Tulare, California. Joy came along a few years later from Australia after marrying Dave. Elmer Johnston formed the company in 1947. Today, Johnston Aircraft Service employs 15 people. Johnston Aircraft Service is a full service and parts center for Thrush Aircraft and Cessna C-188 aircraft. It holds 10-15 STCs for the Thrush and Piper Brave aircraft that include

Dave Johnston at Johnston Aircraft Service in Tulare, California with a refurbished Thrush. Note the paint scheme. The aircraft was painted by Johnston Aircraft Service. If you like the looks of this Thrush, it is still available. However, the other Thrush has been sold!

Air Conditioning

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collin’S aircraft dynamic'S inc. 1107 calle naranja • alamo, texas 78516

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modifications that improve the overall performance of these aircraft; wing root fairings, carburetor cold air intake mods for R-1340 engines, leading edge cuffs, engine conversions, propeller conversions, etc. Recently, Johnston Aircraft Service became a Cascade Aircraft Conversions installation center. This provides for installing the M601 Walter and GE Aviation engines, as well as the Cascade Pressure Cowling and other Cascade Aircraft Conversions’ STCs. During an AgAir Update visit, Dave explained two aircraft he had for sale in inventory. One was a 1981 Thrush with the Cascade Walter Conversion utilizing the Cascade Pressure Cowling, the 40,000-hour Avenger wing modification and many other mods. The aircraft has an empty weight of 4,800 pounds with an Intellistar GPS, Intellistar Flow Control, Air conditioning, S.S. booms and CP nozzles. It was converted and refurbished by Johnston Aircraft Service in 2010.

Both aircraft have 510 gallon capacity, exceptional ferry speeds and can easily work at 120- 150 MPH, depending on engine torque.

Both aircraft have 510-gallon capacity, exceptional ferry speeds and can easily work at 120-150 MPH, depending on engine torque. For more information about these two aircraft, converting an ag-plane with the Cascade conversion, installing a Cascade Pressure Cowl, or Thrush/Brave mods, repairs, maintenance and parts, contact Johnston Aircraft Service at info@ or call 559-686-1794

J ohnston A ircrAft s ervice SUPPORTING AG AVIATION SINCE 1947!!!




130 TT Since Complete Rework of Aircraft Factory Hot and High Remanufactured Engine (751 SHP), Cascade Conversion CP Nozzles - Smoker / Flagger - 40,000 Hr. Avenger Spar Cap Kit - New Intellistar GPS with Intelliflow Flow Control - Garmin COM Radio Oregon Aero Seat Cushions - Bottom Load Fuel - And much, much more.

We RepaiR / modiFy / ThRush and bRave Wings and conTRol suRFaces soluTions FoR The ThRush spaR cap ad CENTURY (60,000 HR LIFE) & FACTORY SPAR CAP insTallaTion / sales.

Brave 4,100 Hour Kit Installation and Sales. We Install and Sell Cascade Walter Conversions and Pressure Cowls. Thrush Fuel Capacity Increase. Thrush Landing Gear Repair and Rebuild. Distributor / Rebuilder of Emco Wheaton Dry Break Equipment. Distributor / Dealer for All Ag Equipment. Parts & Services Catalog Available.

We completely rebuild/repair/modify Thrush and Brave aircraft!!

The second aircraft is a 1979 Thrush with the Cascade Walter Conversion and the Cascade Pressure Cowling that weighs only 4,400 pounds. It has a fabric tail with the ServAero Mod, extended wings, 192-gallon fuel and many other mods. This aircraft was completely refurbished in 2011.

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We Rebuild and RecoveR ThRush and ag caT Tail FeaTheRs We stock Thrush units 24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 FAX: 559-686-9360 P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 Se Habla Español •

July 2012



v n e e l o e p h t e e


by Graham Lavender How often does the opportunity present itself to fly with a legend? How about a legend that holds the world record for inverted flat spins (78) and the world record for time-to-climb in propeller driven aircraft (brake release to 20,000 feet in three minutes and six seconds)? A legend that pioneered the first airshow airplane to have a positive thrust-weight ratio, and, best of all, a legend who used to be an ag pilot?

Wayne Handley, of Handley Aerosports, began his flying career in college in 1957. Since then, Wayne has had a successful career in ag aviation and airshow performing, claiming numerous championship titles and receiving a multitude of awards: The Bill

Wayne Handley (front) and AgAir Update’s Graham Lavender prepare for a flight.

True Satellite Image Background Moving Map Technology You’ve Never Sprayed Like This Before


• • • • • • •

iPad Simple iCloud Connectivity lets others see what you are seeing Send Jobs and Reports by WiFi and 3G phone service Integrated Aircraft, Ground Support, and Office Operations DGPS, WAAS, LAAS, compatible Automatic Flow Control System Rapid Return on Investment 1-440-632-1687 iPad and iCloud are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc




o s pa c


Barber Award for Showmanship, Art Scholl Showmanship Award and the Crystal Eagle Award whose inscription read “In acknowledgment of sustained leadership in the field of agricultural aviation and concurrent record setting activities as a professional acrobatic pilot who added new dimensions to the domain of precision airshow flight”. In 2005, Wayne was inducted into the ICAS Foundation Hall of Fame. Wayne and his wife, Karen, live at the airport community of Pine Mountain Lake in Groveland, California. It is here, in a nondescript hangar, Wayne keeps his Extra 300L, the tool he uses to coach pilots, especially ag-pilots, on what it feels like to be “outside the envelope”. I had the privilege of taking Wayne’s Unusual Attitude and Recovery course, tailored to situations agricultural pilots are presented with on a daily basis. The class consists of six progressive flights of approximately 45 minutes each, depending on your stamina. The Extra 300L is a tandem-seat 300 HP aerobatic monster - powered by a Lycoming AEIO540L1B5 and certified to +/- 10 Gs. If, by chance, you are straight and level, the aircraft will cruise at 170 kts. Takeoff performance is 315 feet with a 3,200 FPM climb rate. The Extra 300L stalls at 55 kts; to say the aircraft is docile is an understatement. Flight characteristics of the Extra are very akin to helicopter flying, just think about the control input and you are already over controlling.

front. Wayne is one of the very few instructors who allow students in the rear seat of the aircraft for training. S-turns are the norm while taxiing. For takeoff, a quick application of power and right rudder, the Extra 300 rockets into the air and we are off to the practice area. After some initial slow flight, turns and benign stalls, Wayne takes the controls. He demonstrates many maneuvers and then has you fly them. Accelerated stalls, loops, rolls and spins, just to name a few.

GE Aviation

rugged for a reason GE H80 Series engines are built to last with advanced materials and a robust turboprop design. Combining the latest technologies with modern 3D aerodynamic design, these powerplants deliver the enhanced takeoff power, dependable hot day performance and reduced cost of ownership required by the modern aerial applicator. To experience the next generation of engine performance, call: Greg Ryan Sales Representative North and South America +1.954.292.5312

The class begins with a thorough introduction to the aircraft, seatbelt system and parachute. Once you’re strapped in and ratcheted down in the rear seat, Wayne effortlessly gets up

Michal Ptacnik Sales Representative Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia +420.222.538.701

GE H80 Series turboprop engine

68364_h80_aau_jr_pg_ad.indd 1

12/13/11 3:43 PM

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As the course progresses, so does the flying demands. During day two, Wayne is having you fly the maneuvers until correction is automatic. Wayne takes the controls and places the aircraft in every situation imaginable. One of his favorite things seemed to be blurring the horizon, and as the aircraft is tumbling end over end, calmly saying, “Your airplane.” The final day of flying with Wayne Handley produced many aerobatic maneuvers and recoveries from very unusual attitudes (which rudder do you use when the airplane is going backwards?). More importantly, by the third day you understand exactly why the airplane was behaving the way it was. Stalls from uncoordinated turns were a nonevent by now and spin recovery was automatic. Since Wayne’s Unusual Attitudes and Recovery Course is tailored to each individual pilot, this provides for a remarkable platform to demonstrate to ag-pilots just how wrong things



could become in an airplane. Many agpilots take their ag-planes to the very edge of the envelope for controlled flight, all the while with less altitude needed for a recovery and often without any aerobatic training. After completing Wayne’s course, the ag-pilot leaves knowing just how dangerous a hammerhead stall, exceeding knife edge and being uncoordinated in the ag-turn can be. There has yet to be an ag-pilot to complete Wayne’s course that did not come away a better and safer ag-pilot. Flying with Wayne presents a safe way to explore the outside of the normal flight envelope; most of Wayne’s flying has been there. By sharing this knowledge and experience with other pilots, particularly ag-pilots, Wayne has undoubtedly enhanced the safety of flight and undoubtedly saved some aviators from what would have otherwise been dire a situation. For more information about Wayne’s course, or to contact him, visit

Apollo Spray Systems


“Everything AgCat... And More”

Specifically designed and certified for Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters, Apollo spray systems are proven to be the most efficient, easy to install and remove. Lets you and your Robinson make the most of your day, dawn till dusk. FAA and EASA STC’d and ready to deliver.

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Established 1949 FAA/PMA Replacement Parts Transland Dealer STC Modifications Complete AgCat Rebuilds and Major Airframe Overhaul and Repair

18488 West HWY 30 P.O. Box 215 Hershey, NE 69143 Phone: 308-368-5556 Fax: 308-368-5503

FA A A p p r o v e d R e p a i r S t a t i o n N o . M U 2 R O 1 8 L


Nobody makes a better system. Call us for complete details or visit us online. Toll-free 1-800-326-1534 Tel. (440) 632-5136 Fax (440) 632-1685

Mystery photo revealed


AirAg E-Series

Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI) & embedded Processor

DynaGrip Control

Entire system weighs less than 7 pounds (3 kilograms)


AirAg PRO The picture is from the cover of Aerial Applicator magazine, Volume 15 Number 6, July 1977. Scanned and submitted by Otis Perera. (L_R) Terrell Kirk of Grumman, Bob Nelson of Paumanock Leasing of Georgia, Andy Haden of Miramachi Air Services Ltd of New Brunswick, accepting six Ag-Cats from Dick Reade, Mid-Continent Aircraft Sales.

Processor Integrated Flight Guidance Instrument (IFGI)

DynaGrip Control

Entire system weighs less than 10 pounds (6 kilograms)

It’s Practically


GPS Systems for Aerial Applicators Only

“The World Center of Ag Aviation” Distributors - Thrush, Cessna, Weatherly, Satloc, Cascade Conversions and Load Hawg. So whether it’s ag-craft sales, services, parts or insurance We are BIG enough to serve you ANYWHERE - ANYTIME - PROMPTLY SMALL enough to need and appreciate your business

1601 Hwy 84 • Hayti, MO 63851 800-325-0885 •

DynaNav Systems Inc. Toll Free 1-877-333-9626 E-mail:

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The WeATh-Aero Full FeAThering cockpiT conTrollAble WindmillS “Still” the preferred method for powering the spray pump

Used Parts Buy or Sale

Over 30 years of service

Airplane Services, Inc. 1817 Mineral Springs Road Jay, Florida 32565

Ellis Stuart Chad Stuart

Office: 850-675-1252 Cell: 850-380-6091

Variable Pitch - Full Feathering. No pump brake required! High strength composite blades. Measured drag comparisons show that drag is cut in half from current fixed pitch fans in braked position.

Weath-aero Controllable Windmill division

Serv-Aero engineering, inc. 37 Mortensen Ave, Salinas, CA 93905

Orders: 831-422-7866 Fax: 831-422-8232


We’re the small shop that’s huge on service unsurpassed in workmanship. We’re your experts for complete service to the full line of Pratt & Whitney PT6 Engines. • Overhaul • Repair • On-site Capabilities • Hot sections in the Field

4801 N Tumbleweed Road Eloy, AZ 85131 520-466-7274


EXHAUST REPAIR SPECIALISTS www.sou t h w es t -a irmot ive. com


Proven Modern Training Methods for Today’s Aircraft and Pilots Ag - SEAT - Special Ops Initial Turbine Transition / Recurrent Training (all makes and models)

 P&W R-1340 & R-985 Exhaust Systems in Stock  Complete Overhaul  Exchanges Available  Replacing & Repairing: • Beaded Ends • Burnout Ends • Cylinder Ends • Clips - Heavy-Duty

Daryl Evans Cell

GPS / Drift Control / Operational Safety / Emergency Procedures Insurance Approved In Aircraft Training Available

CFAA Central Florida Ag Aero, LLC 866-673-8607 • 407-482-2266 •


940-902-0797 Office & Fax 979-732-9449 PO Box 266 • 1042 Jennifer Ln. Columbus, TX 78934

Export Experts Authorized Turbine Brave Conversion • Transland • Covington Engines • Ag Nav • Turbine Conversions • Single Point Fueling

• Agrinautics Pumps & Valves • Wag • Cascade Conversions • TracMap


And So Much More… Frankie Williams - President— Paul Pearson - Parts & Maintenance— Stephanie Williams - Exports—

223 Airport Road, Americus, GA 31709 Phone: 229-924-2813 Fax: 229-924-4356


Lighting Up the World... 629 US Hwy 87 Kress, TX Tel: 806-684-2732 Fax: 806-684-2735 Runway or Taxiway at a Time. Solar LED Markers from BrightPortal


BrightPortal Resources, LLC Tim Cowsert 2003 Avenue G • Danbury, TX 77534 979/270-1655

Productions, Inc Queen

C at s

N999QC 500 gal “SC-Plus” TPE331-6 Deluxe* .... $550,000 N997QC 400 gal “SB-Plus” TPE331-1 Deluxe* .... $475,000 N936QC 360 gal “SA-Plus” TPE331-1 Deluxe* .... $395,000 * CAM’d Executive Engine, New 106” Prop

N995QC 350 gal “B-R1340” Complete/Deluxe** $235,000 N992QC 300 gal “A+R985” Complete/Deluxe** (F.I.,H3Prop) $215,000 **0-SMOH Covington Engine/OHC Hydramatic Prop

Let the engines tell the story

USAg Recycling, Inc. Specializing in recycling plastic agricultural containers.

Jigged Frames — Fully Warranted More Versatility, Safety and STOL Performance Less Debt, Maintenance and Depreciation Costs P.O. Box 482, Municipal Airport, Walnut Ridge, AR 72476 USA Tel: 870-886-2418 • • Fax: 870-886-2489

Hi-Tek Rotor Nozzle

DAVIDON, INC Makers of Quality Products

Manufacturers for Hi-Tek Nozzle, Tri-Set Nozzle and DRP-955 Drift Retardant and Penetrator.

5660 Calhoun Rd. Unadilla, GA 31091 Tel: 229-645-3605 • Fax: 229-645-3880

From Safety to Efficiency to Proficiency Robert A. McCurdy Turbine Transition Instructor 318-649-1007 318-680-9149 Flying Tiger Aviation

For more Information or to Schedule a Pick-Up Call Us.

800-654-3145 We are the Environmentally Responsible solution to your agricultural container management problems.

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Souther Field Aviation, Inc.


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ag-cat Gruman G-164A, fuselage & wings, 4 wheels, 6 landing gear struts, New Leading Edge wing panels, & other panels, flying wires and lots of parts. Spray parts and hopper, 3 spreaders. $6,500 call 520-4663442 (07-12)

1984 400 Gal B-Model with PT6-15 Mills Conversion, 13509 TTAF, 10549 TTE, 0 SHOT, New prop, new paint, new fabric, tall tail, raised wings, long range fuel, Hersey wing tips, new tires, A/C and heat, $350,000. Call Airplane Services Inc. 850675-1252 or 850-380-6091 (07-12)

1979 Super Ag Cat PT6A-27 O since I-ran engine, New Oil Cooler, 1000 SMOP with plus 4 blades, Electric Pump Brake, New Glass, Heater, Spreader, Stainless Steel booms, CP Nozzles, Fresh Annual Price $275,000.00 Contact Office 229-5241134 or Cell 229-220-6343 (07-12)

1967 G-164A Ag-Cat 10,000TT, 525 SMOHE, 650 SMOHP, AG-NAV2, smoker, flagger, B model canopy, Davidon Tri-Set’s, spreader included. Fresh Annual 5/3/12 $79,000 Please email george@cropjet. com or Call 208-358-1802 (07-12)

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Turbine Ag Cat today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN G164-C Model King Cat, firewall forward conversion includes R1820-71 engine and Hamilton Standard propeller Model 33D50-119. Engine mount cowling,oil cooler and plumbing, instrument panel also included. For more details contact Matt at Avag Inc. 530-882-4286 (07-12) Major airframe repair and rebuilds for all models of AgCats. We will build your dream AgCat from the ground up. Closest thing to a new AgCat out there. Call Hershey Flying Service at 308-368-5556 and ask for a quote. (01-13)

A+ 60 0, 30 0 gal DAF Tland Conb, 194SMOHE, 419 SOH Hyrda-Prop, SatLoc Lite, Fresh A AI LIC ., GREAT VALUE ...$130K B+600 (AN2) 350 gal DAF Tland Conb,1114 SMOHE. OHC 23D40/7005A17 prop, AACP/AAI rebuilt, 80 fuel, TST, Hvy Gear, Big Tires, M-3 StaLoc, CropHawk, Beautiful .....$155K C182B Skylane 3300 TTA, 100 SMOHE & P, S-TEC auto pilot, Nice Trade for AgCat REDUCED............................................$74K B450 300 gal DAF GAAC Comb., 1046 SMOHE, 0 IranP, ACP/AAI rebuilt, 80 fuel, TST, Beautiful...................................$129K SB+TPE331-6 400gal, Turbo Cat, “04 HFS Refurb, AC, 114 fuel (BL), loadhog, DAF 25” Tland, 1719 SHSI/3799-SGBI/1700RCs, 902-SOHP...................$315K SB-TPE331-1 400gal, Turbo-Cat, ‘05 HFS Refurb, AC, 80 fuel (BL), DAF 25” T l a n d , 2 8 91- S H S I/9 61- S G B I/3 8 6 SIRANP..........................$215K B -TPE331-1 350 Gal Turbo car ‘96 WueenCat, 8006-TTA, 1918 SoHAF/ AAI, 10351 TTE. 1918SGBI/SHSI, RCS 2106/2707/1160, 1918-Snew 106” prop, DAF Tland Conb, 80 fuel, air, AgNav GUIA GPS, CP nozzles, TST, strobes, cool seat, Big tires, fly tips, more! GREAT VALUE..... ........................$285K AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) agcat@ AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) t f n J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has the remnants of one A-model Cat with 4 decent wing cores and a center section. Can send pictures. Call Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or emial At fn

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the B Model Ag Cat today. $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

air tractor

20 08 AT- 602- 60, TT 134 0.4. Jump seat, 286 Big Fuel, Hatfield Fueling System, CP FlatFan Nozzle, Transland Spreader, Flow Control, Satloc M-3 w/ touchscreen & Telaflow and Wingman. $942,000. Serious Inquires only. Deposit Acceptable to hold. Available Oct. 2012. Call 870-945-1383 (07-12) AT 502A Prop HC-B5MP-3A, 10282AN+6, Fresh OHC, Located in CA. Make an offer. For more info. Call Will Staughton 316633-4262 (07-12)

1989 AT-502, TTAF 10,615, SHOT 230, SPAR Done at 9052, Satloc M3, Inteliflow, SS Plumbing, drop booms, CP’s, Lane Brake and fan, Agrinautics pump, A/C Heat, smoker, side load fuel, window washer, VG’s, referb hopper @9052,New Paint. For more info email steggs@ or call 970-854-2728 office or 970-520-2728 cell (07-12)

1993 AT-402 TT 8066.2, PT6A-15AG TT 7825.9, SHOT 543.7. HC-B3TN-3D TT 7605.6, SOH 1093.1, SIRAN 83.1, Has 9800 hour spar caps installed at TTA of 7323.5 by Air Tractor. Next replacement due @ TTA of 17,123.5 (in 9,057.3 hours) 5 blade fan, Electric brake, Aluminum booms, Satloc M3 with small screen Flow control, Harbour air conditioner, Single point fuel. Annual inspection due: 3-1-13 For more info call Darryl or Bill 870-572-9011 (07-12) Large inventory or Air Tractor Parts. Surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn

A comprehensive range of specialist CDA rotary atomiser systems for ULV and Low Volume aerial spraying.

Public Health Forestry Migrant Pest Control Plantations General Agriculture


Head Office (UK) Micron Group Tel: +(44) 1885 482397 Email: USA Micronair Sales & Service Tel: +(1) 954 578 5555 Email:

2004 AT-802.PT6A-65 extensive annual 4,133 TTE@AF new I star Satloc GPS, Hyd gate, new CT blades, wingman, side load fuel, full radio stack,New Ram Air inlet system,smoker 0SPOH, CP nozzles, Lane pump and flow control $875,000. Call Brent 870-236-3165 (07-12) 2012 602, -60, 292 gallon fuel, smoker, elec. br. gr. adj. fan in inventory....Call for price Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 t f n 1997 AT-802A, PT6A-65AG, Annual due: 4-1-2013. Spar cap replacement due at TTA of 8000.0 (in 1294.6 hours), Prop overhauled 11-8-10 with factory new blades, All new landing gear installed at 6115.5 (589.9 hours ago), A/C, Heater, CP nozzles, Swathmaster spreader, “GPS” instrument panel, Intellistar GPS, Intelliflow flow control, 38” gate, Wingman Ram air inlet, Fast Start, Offset engine mount Garmin SL40. Darryl 870572-9011 (07-12)

1991 AT-402 N4551L 402-807 -27 1004 hrs SMOH-Covington. prop 805 SOH, Airframe 6835 Since New, All AD’s and SB complied with, AT Ram Air, Single point fuel, Bleed air heat, AT AC, 3 Piece windshield w Wiper, repainted and re skinned 2005, AFS CV’s, Lane Electric fan, Trimble Trim Flight 3, Smoker, Night Lights,Garmin SL-40, GTX 327 Transcoder w encoder, AT Radio Stack, Raven Flow meter. MVP-50P engine monitor. $495,000 For more info email or call 574-5361901 (02-13)

Like new AT-301,$180,000, available for immeidate sale, TT: 7400 hrs. Engine SMOH: 48 hrs., Wings Done, New Paint, VG’s, A/C, Tall Metal Tail, M3 email or call 870-9267724 (07-12)

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the AT-602 today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN 2002 Air Tractor AT-802A -65, 4153TT. single place, 308 gallon fuel. See @ TFN

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of The AT-502 today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

1998 AT-602 -60 8610 TTAF/E. Wings done winter 2009 Fresh paint dec 2010, 10 hrs on fresh hot, Wingman, M3 flow control, 70 cp flat fan nozzles, 10 vane spreader, $650,000 Gary Flying MS Paul 662-347-1063 (07-12)

AT-401B: Power and payload at the right price. Step up to a highly productive, low maintenance piston engine ag plane for a price that makes solid business sense. The economical 400-gallon capacity AT- 4 01B has a piston - engine price tag, plus all the reliability, durability, safety features and flying ease that make Air Tractor the industry leader. For qualified buyers, Wells Fargo has attractive and flexible terms available. Call your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

2012 Slots Available Call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn

2012 Air Tractors, All Models, Fall Deliveries $CALL$ 2013 Air Tractors , Reservie Your Position Now $CALL$ 2009 AT-802A/65AG, 1,800 TTAF&E, HYD GATE, LOAD HAWG, G4 W/FLOW, COM/TXP $1,195,000.00 Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-3425451 or FAX: 281-232-5401. tfn

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the AT-401 today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

2012 AIR TRACTOR AT-502B, PT6A34AG, Nuevo, para entrega en Noviembre de 2012. Equipado con freno eléctrico y abanico variable “Lane”, sistema de riego de dos pulgadas con 44 boquillas, aire condicionado, horizonte artifical, radio comunicador Garmin, certificado de aeronavigabilidad de exportación $815,000.00 Sun Valley Dusting, 956399-5323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn Save money. Buy used. Parting out several Air Tractor 402, 502, 602, and 802, Thrush and , Ag Cats. Call Chad Stuart. Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 (07-12)

1979 Cessna Turbo 206, 3,741 Horas desde nuevo, 850 horas desde motor remanufacturado, Intercooler “Riley”, Robertson STOL, Interior nuevo de cuero, Radios “King”, con inspección anual reciente. $197,000 Sun Valley Dusting, 956-399-5323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn J & C enterprises Aviation Inc. Wants to buy your Cessna aircraft, New & Used part of any kind. Call Jerry 800-542-8565 or email Atfn

AT-504: Learn and earn. With sideby-side cockpit seating and 485-gallon capacity, the AT-504 is a great way to train new ag pilots and earn while they learn. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turbine engine, you’ll get working speeds and performance like the tried and true AT-502B. And when the training day is done, you’ll see that it was productive workday, too. Wells Fargo financing for qualified buyers is available; just visit with your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the AT-802 today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

AT-502B: More performance; more profit potential. With Air Tractor’s AT-502B there’s plenty of power and a big, 500gallon payload to please both pilot and operator. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A34AG turbine engine delivers efficient and effective performance that shortens ferry times and reduces takeoffs and landings. Since 1987 the AT-502 series has set the standard as the industry’s most popular ag plane. You can own one with attractive financing options from Wells Fargo. Talk to your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

WE have the largest NEW inventory of Cessna 188 AG Truck & Ag Wagon parts in the USA. Parting out many other air crafts as well. J & C Enterprises Aviatiion INC 800-542-8565 or Email Sid or Jerry at At fn Cessna airframe parts, Continental and Lycoming engine parts, and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Turbine AT-402 today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

AT- 4 02B: Go turbo. The AT- 4 02B, with the time-proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A -15AG turbine en gine, of fer s impressive climb r ates and over all per formance. The AT- 4 02B’s light handling characteristics help reduce pilot fatigue – while delivering the payload, speed and productivity that helps create profits. Visit your Air Tractor dealer and learn how Wells Fargo’s financing options for qualified buyers make owning an Air Tractor more affordable than you might think. TFN


Will trade nice 1972 Super Viking for flying Ag Truck or Pawnee. Will consider projects. Call Jerry at J & C Enterprises Aviation, Inc. 1-800-542-8565 At fn


Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the M18 Dromader today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

AT-802: Capacity that creates profits. An 800-gallon hopper, zippy 190 mph ferr y speeds, and greater working capacity than any other ag aircraf t on the market - the AT-802 is simply a hoss. With the AT-802 you’ll ferry faster, spray more fields and do bigger jobs all in one load. That’s production that only Air Tractor can offer you. Visit with your Air Tractor dealer about the AT-802. And ask about special Air Tractor financing now available from Wells Fargo for qualified buyers. T F N

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Flying Dromader today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

piper J & C Enterprises avaition Inc. Wants to buy your Piper, Pawnee or Brave aircraft. We are also looking for parts inventory, or derelect aircraft as well call Jerry at 800-542-8565 or email jcaviation@pldi. net At fn

AT-602: Trim your overhead. You’ll reduce costs and increase profit margins when you scale a multi-plane operation down to a single-plane operation. Air Tractor’s AT-602 makes it an easy choice. The big 630-gallon payload moves you up to high volume production, reduces loads, saves time and helps trim operating expenses compared with two smaller planes. The AT-602 is the ideal solution for 5-gallon work on center-pivot circles. Step it up with an AT-602. Visit your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Piper Pawnee $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

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1980 AT- 301 8960TT Super 6 engine, 902 TT hydromatic prop Tall Tail, all metal control surfaces, aileron servos, Satloc lite, fresh annual with sale, $115,000 559-6867401 or email valleyaircraft@clearwire. net (04-13)

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Piper airframe parts, continental and Lycoming engine parts and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn



1982 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub, 500 horas desde nuevo!!, Tela nueva, pintura nueva, micas nuevas, recién inspecionado, GPS, Comm, Transponder. El PA-18 más nuevo y bonito en el mercado, $145,000 Sun Valley Dusting, 956-399-5323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn

thrush 1995 S2R G6 Thrush 4170 TT 0 Since Cam, M3 Satloc, fresh annual, single pt fuel. Call 605-350-4536 (07-12)

WHERE A WAY OF LIFE, COMES TO LIFE. NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL AVIATION MUSEUM 1150 Lakeland Drive, Jackson MS Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

601-432-4500 800-844-TOUR

1989 S2R G-6 8050 TTAF 610 Since Iran Engine, Drop Booms, CP Nozzels, Single Point Fuel, Satloc M3 With Intelli Flow, A/C, Quick Start.... Clean Good Flying Airplane. Asking $230,000 Please Call 806-778-1418 (07-12)

1994 S2R 510 - 45, 680 0 T TAF Fa st St a r t, Lo ad H o g , CPs , M3 W/f l ow c o n t r o l . Fr e s h P a i n t a n d a n n u a l . Asking $360,000 Call 870 -479-3737 or 870-370-0511 (07-12)

The 660 Thrush with its innovative wing design and 54 foot wing span and over 400 square foot wing area ensures unmatched stability and control during Ag maneuvers. The combination of a solid airframe and powerful engine creates an airplane that outperforms the competition. Thrush is known for their structural durability and excellent performance under extreme conditions. tfn

This project is partially funded through a grant by the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau

1974 geared 1340 Thrush S2R 130,000 7000 TT 590 SMOH Tulsa Engine prop AD done 2 months ago, smoker , VHF radio, CPS, drop booms, strobes LTS. Single poine fuel, Lane pump brake, oil f ilter, new exhaust cost $630 0. New Spark plugs, Tires & brakes, A/C Spring Tail f lagger, SS pump, Flow Control Crophawk Aileron Ser vos Satloc 99 CHIP LT. $130,000 or Best Offer Jim Lister 405-245-8498 (07-12)

The 550 Thrush of fers new sturdy hopper and innovative large hopper door to improve access when loading dry chemicals, while providing a 550 gallon capacity. Fuel economy, low acquisition cost and proven performance makes the 550 Thrush a great option for operators. The 550 Thrush offers a choice of power plants, allowing you to tailor the aircraft to meet the demands of your particular operating environment. www. TFN


Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of The 510 Thrush today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN


985-868-1477 AUTOCALFLOW@AOL.COM A-34

1983 DC Thrush TT 16000, Walter 601E-11, 29,000 hour wing, no AD’s, Satloc M3, Crophawk, fuel flow, a/c, heat, intercom, audio panel, vhf and business com radios, new tires and brakes, strobes, ss booms, cp nozzles, electric pump brake, single point fuel, wingman, spreader,vg’s, winglets. $325,000. 912384-6466 or 912-592-5334. (07-12)

N752WC 2010 J.A.S. REMANUFACTURED WALTER CONVERSION THRUSH 130 Total Time Since Complete Rework of Aircr af t, Fac tor y H ot and High Remanufactured Engine, (751 SHP), Cascade Conversion, New Avia High Performance Propeller, 510 Gal. Hopper, Weath-Aero Fan, Stainless Steel Booms, CP Nozzles, 3” Left Side Load, Wing Extensions, 40,000 Hr. Avenger Spar Cap Kit, New H.D. Wing Leading Edge Skins and Ribs, 192 Gal. Fuel, Vortex Generators, Wing Root Fairings, Aileron Servos, Bottom Load Fuel, 29” Tires, Spring Steel Tailwheel with 5.00 X 5 Tire, Air conditioning, New Intellistar GPS with Intelliflow Flow Control, Smoker, Flagger, Garmin COM Radio, Nav / Strobe / Instrument / Landing Lights, Oregon Aero Seat Cushions, New Side Panels with Stainless Steel Fasteners, New Custom Paint, Excellent Tires / Glass / New Poly Fiber Fabric. Tulare, California. 559-6861794 / Email tfn

The 510 Thrush has sent the standard in Ag Aviation for dependability. With rugged construction, simplified system and low maintenance, the 510 Thrush is the aircraft any operator can depend upon.  Low maintenance, maximum loads, superior pattern makes the 510 Thrush a profit machine. All Thrush Aircraft models provide superb visibility, light control forces, and unmatched speed and maneuverability. www.thrushaircraft. com tfn 1996 Thrush S2R-6, 4250 TT, 500 TT Since hot Section, 1000 hrs since gearbox. $375,000. Call 229-886-8592 (07-12) JUST AVAILABLE – 2012 PT6-34 Ag 510 Thrush, FTO only. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 TFN

New 2012 Thrush 510P with a PT6A-34AG engine available for July Delivery. ASI JET AG Division is an authorized Thrush Dealer for North America! We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales. Give us a call! 952941-6255 01-13

FAA repair station for all ag equipment. Thrush spar replacement, annuals. MidContinent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800325-0885 tfn


Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Bell 206 Helicopter $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

misc. aircraft 1962 Mooney M20C, 5300 TT, 1100 S M O H , G a r m i n 6 5 0 , G a r m i n 3 2 7, G a r m i n 3 4 0, S L4 0, 5 6 0, K i n g 8 9 B , manual gear, $60,0 0 0.0 0 318 -7223501 (07-12)

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Radial Thrush today a $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Weatherly today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

bell - hiller (3) Hiller 12E’s for sale. Simplex spray system, Satloc equipped, mid-time or better on most components for more info. email: or call: 612-7510864 (07-12) Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Thrush 660 today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Dual Cockpit Thrush, $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Only $45 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

B1-A Callair Manufacturing Rights. Available now is the type certificate, drawings, jigs, tooling, aircraft parts, and property associated with this 300 gal Pratt and Whitney 985 powered sprayer. Start your own aircraft company or expand your line. Call for details. Airplane Services Inc. 850-675-1252, 850-380-7268, 850-3806091. (07-12)

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AgAir Update, P.O. Box 850 • Perry, GA USA 31069 • Tel 478-987-2250 • Fax 478-987-1836 •

July 2012


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WORLD WIDE U.S. Dealer New/Used Ag Thrush, 34-510, 550-60, 660-67. *FINANCING AVAILABLE* Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO 573-359-0500. 800325-0885 t fn

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Pratt and Whitney overhauled 1340 cylinders call Terry at 870-536-1348 or David at 870-550-1664 (07-12)

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Stearman today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN


Cessna 180-185-188, PiPer Brave & Pawnee, CitaBria, DromaDer aero CommanDer Lark & Darter sCott & XPm taiLwheeL Parts, ContinentaL, LyComing, transLanD, harDware, ChamPion & CitaBria, mCfarLane, ag fiBergLass anD a Lot more.

2008 BEECHCRAFT BARON G58, 1,000 Horas desde Nuevo! Equipado con la sistema Garmin 1000, con radar, trafico, nexrad, etc. Aire condicionado, certificado de aeronavigabilidad de exportación. Este avión se encuentra en condición de nuevo. $950,000 Sun Valley Dusting, 956-3995323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn Unlimited Racer project: 85% complete Yak11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. For pictures and details call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn

Having trouble finding tHose difficult parts!!!

LET our STAff fINd ThAT hArd To LoCATE PArT for you. Aircraft hardware

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of the Clipped J3 Cub today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

your Authorized Transland dealer wE buy SALvAgE & NEw PArTS INvENTorIES


Se habla Español Airport Road #14 • Thomas, OK 73669

800-542-8565 • 580-661-3591 (OK) • 580-661-3783 (FAX) • email address:

Available Now! “Guide to Flying South America” Only $15.00 “My One Hundred Loves” Only $17.95 Or order both at $27.95 and Save Add $5.00 S&H MasterCard/Visa Call or Fax your order TODAY!!! 478-987-2250 Voice • 478-987-1836 Fax


Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of In-Formation today $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

Diner Club

TWO - Honeywell Air Research TPE3316-252 engines. Complete firewall forward. Includes all accessories, Starter Generator, Propellers, Oil Coolers, Inlet Cowls and all hoses. 4700 hours Total Time Since Overhaul, and 1300 hours Since Hot Section Inspection. Will sell individually or the pair. Contact us @ 772-468-9292 • Fax: 772-468-9297 • email: turbgrp@aol. com (07-12) Garrett TPE-331-10-511M 2 engines available with lots of time and cycles remaining. Call for info. 979-532-1718, 979-533-1720 Day or night A4-13 Geared 1340 Tulsa engine for sell only 95 hours since Major. Continental 220 radial engine core. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-368-5556 (01-13) Available Immediately! PT6A-67AG This engine has recently been removed from and Airtractor 802 and is ready for sale. This engine has been maintained in accordance with Pratt & Whitney standards and is in great condition. (TSO: 1054.2 CSO: 1266) All information is available for review by contacting Grant Wallace at Wipaire. Please call 651-4146828 (07-12)

PT6A-28 TSO 3684 Fresh HSI PT6A-28 TSO 0 PT6A-28 TSO 2554 PT6A-34 TSO 0 PT6A-34 TSO 4200 PT6A-114A TSO 0 PT6A-114A TSO 1866 PT6A-135 TSO 527 PT6A-135A TSO 236 PT6A-112 TSO 3240 PT6A-21 TSO 3599 PT6A-42 TSO 2901 Fresh HSI Phone: 305-825-2001 Email preeves@ Email krod@jsamiami. com (07-12) -15 AG and -34AG in stock. Call for price Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn Cylinders For Sale – Overhauled complete assy’s with new pistons installed. Ready to install. R-985 $1250.00 each Two or more less 5%: R-1340 $1950.00 each Two or more less 5%: Outright price: includes all gaskets. Sun Air Parts. 661257-7708 fax 661-257-7710 TFN Covington Turbine Engines Available. PT6A-34AG 50 TSN PT6A-34AG 1789 TSO SOLD PT6A-34AG 780 TSO SOLD PT6A 2800 TSO SOLD PT6A-15AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul PT6A-34AG 0 TSO PT6A-34AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul. Contact us for New Engine prices. We are interested in buying or exchanging for any core you may have regardless of condition. Contact: David Hamilton at 918-7567862 or Pr at t & W hi tn ey R- 985 & R-13 4 0 Overhauled Engines in stock. Props, carburetors, magnetos, alternators, & accessories for above engines. Call Ches ter Rober t s Supply Company, Collinsville, TX Tel: 903-429-6805 Fax: 903-429-6047 (10-12) J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has the larges t selec tion of Lycoming and Continental engine cores in stock. Over 100 to choose from. Call Sid or Jerry for your parts or engines needs. 800-5428565 or email Atfn FOR SALE: PT6-15AG TTSN 3980, “0” time since light overhaul by Timken Aerospace,Prop Gov,Prop Overspeed gov,Starter Gen. fuel pump.$235,000.00. C a sc ade Aircr af t Conver sion 50 9 635 -1 21 2 c a s c ad e @ co m p l e te b b s . com (08-12) R-1340, Zero Time Since Overhaul By Covington $61,000.00 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 Outright Or Exchange $CALL$ Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-3425451 or FAX 281-232-5401 TFN TPE-PC (2-1/2cores).............................. ......$3,500 TPE331-6-252M (Dmgd Core Nice Logs)... $6,500 R985 AN14B 792 SMOH (API)................ ....$10,500 R985 AN14 1045 SMOH (Cov)................ ....$15,000 R1340 -AN2 891-SMOH (174-SIRAN) (cov).$34,000 R1340-HYD 1046 SMOH (cov)....................$2100 A m A g 8 7 0 - 8 8 6 - 2 4 1 8 (24 8 9 F) a g c a t @ b s c n . c o m t f n

Cilindros en venta- Completos con pistones nuevos.Listo para instalar. R-985. $1250,00 el par o 5% descuento por cantidad.R-1340 $1950,00 el par o 5% descuento por cantidad.Precio sin recambio: incluye todas las juntas.Sun Air Parts tel. 661-257-7708. Fax 661-2577708. tfn Universal Turbine Parts 16 ea PT6A-27/28 TSO 0, 0, 0, 892, 1256, 1458, 1525, 2162, 2663, 3161, 3258, 3482, 3489, 3515, 3912, 3912 1 ea PT6A-34 TSO 0 2 ea PT6A-42 TSO 2140, 3234 We also buy PT6 engines in all conditions. Please call Bill or Joel at 334-361-7853 or email or T F N 10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn

dispersal equip CP NOZZLES AND CHECK VALVES. Distribuidor en Argentina: ArAvia S.A. - Venado Tuerto (Sta Fe) T.E. 54-3462433540 - FAX: 438344 tfn 38” gate 10-vane wide Transland spreader $4000. 38” gate 10-vane wide Transland spreader $2000 38” gate 8-vane deep throat Transland spreader $1000 Gary Flying Service MS, Paul 662-3471063 (07-12) D is p e r s al Eq u i p m e n t : We ath ae ro Feathering Fans, Crophawks, Smokers, F l a g g e r s , N o z z l e s , Tr a n s l a n d , Breckenridge Spreaders, Airfoil Booms, Dry Breaks, Load Hawgs All Aircraft Styles. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 t f n EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR FIXED WING OR HELICOPTER JAS 559-6861794, FA X 559 - 6 86 - 936 0, e - m ail: web site: www, t f n ASC Rotary Atomizers - Why use old hydraulic nozzle technology? Rotary Atomizers are proven a s the most accurate method to apply both low & high volume formulations. Made in USA., 317-896-2561 A01-13 CP N OZ ZLE S AND CHECK VALVE S “The Drift fighters”. Plus they improve your spray pattern. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: www. tfn Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. Now STC’d for all 400 and 500 series Air Tractors. (07-12) Transland and Agrinautics authorized distributor – Call us with your needs. Sid or Jerry @ J & C Enterprises 1-800-5428565 or e-mail At fn A SC Rotar y Atomizers - See w w w. and April 2009 issue of AAU, A. McCracken. Made in USA., 317-896-2561 A01-13

Agrinautics, Inc. Best spray pumps, valves, and strainers in the business! For service w/ a smile,call us at 435-586 -1200. tfn Transland and Agrinautics, overstock sale. Call Danny for listing 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@airrepairinc. com tfn

Plan for the

TRANSLAND 10 vane spreader for 38” gate, new $9,400.00 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROPHAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS $CALL$ Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-2325401. t f n ASC Rotary Atomizers - Consistent droplets, large flow openings, easy to mount without changing your existing pump, boom and flow control method. Made in USA., 317896-2561 A 01-13

gps Satloc Warranty repair and service. New Bantums and Intelliflow systems in stock. New Litestar II and G4s ready to ship. Compton Flying Service Ralph or Pete 888-336-3924 or 580-217-1914 -- 1912 We do GOOD work. tfn Satloc, Intelliflow The leading edge Satloc Level III Service repair center. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, Mo 800-325-0885. tfn Intelliflow Flow Controls -in stock, now shipping! Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-4375319 tfn Authorized AgNav Distributors. New and used systems. GIS Spray data services/ conversion. Summit Helicopters Inc. Call Gary at 816-813-0442. summitGIS@ (07-12)


Satloc G4, M3, and Bantam. Air Repair inc, is the worldwide leader in sales and service. Call Danny (sales) or Dallas (service) 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn

AIRCRAFT 2012 AIR TRACTORS, ALL MODELS, FALL DELIVERIES.......................................................... $CALL$ 2013 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW ......................................................... $CALL$ 2009 AT-802A/65AG, 1,800 TTAF&E, HYD GATE, LOAD HAWG, G4 W/FLOW, COM/TXP ...$1,195,000

Hemisphere GPS systems in stock, Bantam, G4, Intellistar, M3, Intelliflow, and Litestar2. We did it again, leading Level 3 Service Center/Dealer 2011. Why buy anywhere else, we’ve got what you need, and service after the sale! Call now 800-437-5319 Sky-Tractor Supply Company tfn

ENGINES R-1340, ZERO TIME SINCE OVERHAUL BY COVINGTON .............................................. $61,000 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE ........................................ $CALL$

Hemisphere GPS & Flow Control Dealer Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: tfn

DISPERSAL EQUIPMENT TRANSLAND 10 VAIN SPREADER FOR 38” GATE, NEW ................................................... $9,400 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROPHAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS .......................................... $CALL$

PROPELLERS HARTZELL 3 BLADE AND 5 BLADED PROPS – New And Used ...................................... $CALL$

parts New Piper tailwheel springs. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-368-5556 (01-13) 25 inch Breckinridge Spreader. $1500. Call Chad Stuart. Airplane Services Inc. 850-380-6091. (07-12) Superbooms for Cessna, Piper, Thrush, Air Tractor and custom manufacture; THRUSH AILERON SERVOS-STC’d kits. TSA 800642-5777 or (TFN) Cessna Authorized Parts Center: Prompt, World-Wide Par ts Service, Engines, Bonaire 550 Conversions, Wings.MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885 tfn

Lane Aviation, Inc. “Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471

July 2012


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Gulf Coast aG airCraft sales & serviCe Thrush S2R aircraft.

Lifetime Spar (60,000 Hr) without inspections. STC recertifies aircraft for 10,500# gross weight instead of 6,000# gross weight. It is economical and easy to install. Call Eugene For Details at 979-533-1720 The “Century” Wing Spar is now in production. First kits available the week of June 25, 2012. Call today to purchase your kit!!!

Garrett TPE-331-10-511M 1 engine available with lots of time and cycles remaining. Call for info.

Used Thrush Parts for Sale

Several sets of late model wings • Metal Thrush tails • Many other items


979-532-1718 • 979-533-1720

GPS Antenna Mount, for specific ag aircraft, Performance and looks, slip stream design delivers peak signals. Contact Terry Barber 605-258-2743. (07-12)

Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have par t numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn O/H’D THRUSH 29” LANDING GEAR & WE CAN REPAIR / REBUILD YOURS. JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 559686-1794 / Email info@johnstonaircraft. com tfn

New 2 inch stainless Transland booms for Cessna $950.00ea 192” long, (34)1/8” female fittings, 5 1/2” spacing, 1-1/2” female Q.D. inboard, 1” male Q.D. outboard with dust cap, for more info. email or call 507-360-6155 also have alum streamline booms,Sorensen spray tanks, pumps & many misc items! (07-12) Air Tractor Parts New and Used (Associate dealer for Lane Aviation). FWF cowlings 402, 502, 602 many to chose from, removed for Factory and Cascade P-cowl conversions. New and used (Factory Rebuilt) Aileron, Flaps, Elevators, Rudders, Horz/Vert stabs in stock and ready to sale or trade. Call Steve @ North Star Aviation 620-356-4528 tfn Call Bruce’s Flying Service for all of your Thrush parts needs! 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. E-mail bruceandrews62@ 09-12 Remember J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is a Transland, Black Steel Brake and McFarlane dealer. We have a large amount of these brands inventory in stock as well as Cleveland. GE Lighting, Cessna, Piper etc. give us a call for all your parts needs at 800-542-8565 or email us at jcaviation@ Atfn LOAD HAWG-The modern, efficient, safe, perfect way to improve your solids application. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 TFN

PARTS, PARTS, PARTS. For all your ag aviation needs, please call Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer tfn Um par de asas estendida 95% completa do Thrush S2R . A pair of extended wings 95% complete Thrush S2R. Brazil. / 16 36274879 (tfn) Serviceable S2R wings, Engine Mount Ayers 45-60 Series, short extension wing tip assy, seat assy, strut assy, left engine exhaust stack, control sticks, steps, splice blocks, throttle quadrants, control quadrants, and MANY various other parts. For more information call Bruce’s Flying Service 229-725-4150, fax 229-7255135. E-mail bruceandrews62@gmail. com. (09-12)

Cascade Aircraft Conversions Barrier Filter System for the Soloy Turbine Converted Bell 47/Hiller 12 Helicopters. See decreased TOT by up to 38 degrees C. Pull full torque at lower TOT temps, burn less fuel, extend the life of critical turbine parts. Contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ . ( 08-12) Replacement parts. New and used for all Ag Cat models. Also carry New Piper tailwheel springs and Transland Dealer. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-368-5556 (01-13)

Pressure Cowls for all PT6 Air Tractor and Thrush. Reduce ITT 35 to 70 degrees. Reduce fuel consumption. Save on Hot Section Inspections. Easy access to fuel nozzle & air filter. Reduce NG 1 to 3%. Make your -15 perform like a -34. ELIMINATE ONGOING AIR FILTER PURCHASES! Now taking deposits and scheduling deliveries for mid-late 2011 and early 2012. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or . (08-12) Thrush parts - Wings, props, tail feathers, batteries, tires - we have the inventory. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: tfn 8 Million new surplus parts for Cessna, Piper, and other aircraft; Continental and Lycoming engines; and a few spray system parts, big discounts. Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800 -433- 0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. tfn


J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc ha s purchased a large new inventory of Citabria GCBC part in late 1977-79 rnge. Lots of common everyday parts. Landing gear, wheels 7 brakes, engine parts etc. call Jerry or Sid today 800-542-8565 or email At fn S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. specializes in the overhaul of Radial and Turbine engine accessories. We have most items in stock ready to ship for exchange. Give us a call @ 830-625-7923 or fax 830-625-4138. t fn Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have par t numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn The mid-west Air tractor dealer, Farm Air Inc. has expanded its parts department. Call Carrie or Randy for all your Air Tractor parts needs at 877-715-8476. tfn We have all fibreglass parts for Weatherly and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn

Agrinautics, Angel Flight Assistant, Automatic Flagman, Aero Engines, Arrow prop, Air Tractor (Associate dealer Queen Bee Air Specialties) CP Nozzles, Compro Smoker, Crophawk, Covington Aircraft Engine, Collins Air Conditioner, Cleveland, Chip Detector, Hemisphere GPS, Hot Stuff, Nieto Products, New and used aircraft, (large) Parts Inventory, ServAero, Spraying Systems, Co., Superbugs, SPH-4 Helmet, Simplex, Tires, Transland, WeathAero. Sky Tractor Supply 800437-5319,, email@, 701-636-5881 (fax) TFN Cessna Par t s - Engine, propellers, authorized service center. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: www. tfn Air Repair Inc. is the source for the Fast Start Kit to get yours today call Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn Spend your time doing what you do best “SPRAYING” and let us find those parts for you. Part numbers are really important. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email At fn COMPLETE THRUSH FACTORY METAL TA I L W / U P D AT E S . J O H N S T O N AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 559-686-1794 / Email www. tfn Large inventory of Thrush parts surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn

10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn Brave and Pawnee parts - engines, props, spar kits, fuel cells and foam kits, and much more. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-6869360, e-mail: web site: t fn Angel Personal Flight Assistant - in stock, shipping today. Premium quality Bluetooth interface for the cockpit. N oise free cell phone use witho ut fumbling for your phone. Caller ID, direct dial, redial, voice dial, download phonebook and call list entries, dial direct., Stream bluetooth music and control, E6B flight computer, Stopwatch, fuel and approach timer. Large full color easy to read backlit screen, intuitive menus, automatic cut out with radio transmissions, ambient light sensor. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 At f n J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has 29” wheel sets. We will accept your 10” wheel and brakes in exchange. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email jcaviation@pldi. net At fn NEW! CP11TT/w-3 Tips & Shutoff in stock ready to ship today.1-800-437-5319 SkyTractor Supply Company tfn Retrofit Hopper Door for AT502 and AT602. Now available for fall and winter installation Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn

Jasco Alternator kits in stock. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. still has one of the largest Cessna, and Piper Ag Aircraft inventories in the USA and has a huge inventory of Lighting and wheel and brake inventory. Let us be your total part provider. Call in your needs - Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or jcaviation@pldi. net At fn

Props for Sale: 2D30-6101A-18, 22D30-6533A-12 12D40-6101A-12, 12D40-AG100-2 22D40-6533A-12, 23D40-6533A-18 23D 4 0 -70 05A-12, Call PropWork s, Winnipeg, Canada Tel: 888-679-2965 email: 12-12 J & C Enterprises has a Cessna 188 props in Stock Y.T. Also offer some STC’d propellers. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email Atfn

Cessna Ag Parts. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@ tfn Remember J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is a Transland, Black Steel Brake and McFarlane dealer. We have a large amount of these brands inventory in stock as well as Cleveland. GE Lighting, Cessna, Piper etc. give us a call for all your parts needs at 800-542-8565 or email us at jcaviation@ At fn Emco Wheaton/Buckeye Dr y Break Couplers and adapters, Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FA X 559 - 686 -936 0, e - mail: info @ web site: www. tfn

propellers For Outright Sale: Overhauled 5-Blade Prop. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C. Fits AT-502A, AT-503, AT-602, AT-802, Thrush S-2R-T65 & S-2RHG-T65.’06 Hartzell Overhaul. TSN: 1379.5 (TSO:0). Call Steve or Gary 210924-5561. (07-12)

GE M601- E11 751 HP TURBOPROP Conversions for Air Tractor and Thrush. Increased Reliability. No Hot Section Inspections. No Nozzles to Service. Cascade Pressure Cowl – Standard Equipment with Lifetime Serviceable Air Filter System! 3,000 HR Engine TBO. Auto Start Systems. Lower Operating/ Maintenance Costs. Improved Safety. Ease of Maintenance Access. Warranty: 1,000 Hr / 1,100 Cycles or 2 Years. Now taking deposits and scheduling deliveries for mid-late 2011 and early 2012. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ . t f n Hartzell 3 Blade and 5 blade Props, new & used $CALL Lane Aviation 888-995LANE 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-2325401. T F N

Trade with members of NAAA

2012 AT-502B Available December

800-441-2964 Ask for Rick or Chuck Stone F O B Fort Pierce, FL


July 2012 A-39 Office: 772-461-8924 • Fax: 772-461-9050 • •

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IA200/FA8452, NEW.......................$4,500 2D30-6101A20, A/R. ......................$3,500 2D30-6101A12, O-IRAN............... $10,500 22D30-AG200-2 OHC...................$15,500 12D40-6101A12 175-SIRAN .........11,500 12D40-AG100-4S, OHC...............$15,500 22D40-AG200-2, 1200-SOH, 60 SIRAN & ADCW, . $17,500 12D40-AG100-2, 375-SOH Nice Blades... $12,500 23D40-7005A-18 891 SOH ...........$18,000 H C - B 3 T N - 3 D/5 M O H C w/ N Ew + 4 blades.. .$22,000 22D30-6533A12 OHC..................$15,500 12D40-AG100-2 OHC................$15,500 22S 4 0 - 6533A-12 852 SO H (beautiful)...................... $19,000 AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) agcat@ tfn

Chip Kemper, President

Auger Trucks For Sale (Trade-Ins) Also list of customer trucks. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133 Cell: 870-9192317 A 07-12 1500 gal Jet A refueler; Nissan UD 3300 truck; epoxy lined steel tank: Liquid Control counter with predetermining counter (new 2003); single point and over the wing nozzles: automatic reel. Truck and pump work well; good rubber $13,900 or Will consider trades for auto, truck, or aircraft Call 501-985-1484 AR location. tfn


Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. Only $45 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836

Air TrAcTor SAleS & Service


Your Northwest Air Tractor Dealer 800-736-7654 Fax 208-745-6672 Office 208-745-7654

136 N. Yellowstone Hwy. • Rigby, Idaho 83442

Ready for Take Off

The Turbo Cat P&W conversion


Air Tractor financing can put an Air Tractor in your hanger. Air Tractor offers competitive financing options in the U. S. and Canada from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. Fly now and take seven years to pay, 10 years to amortize and have a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. Other attractive term periods are available, too. These financing options are available on both new and used Air Tractors purchased through Air Tractor dealers. See your Air Tractor dealer today! tfn

vehicles International Automatic Auger Trucks, flip over, big fuel,scales, ready to go. Poorboy’s Flying Service. 870-932-8020 or 870-931-8485 (07-12)



Turbine Conversions, Ltd

The Aviation Innovation Specialists 616-837-9428 est A-40

We build loader trucks to your specifications. Stainless Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Hopper w/Stainless Steel Tube. Been in loader truck business since 1980. Call Pat Ballard Office:870-697-2004 Fax:870-697-3568 185 Hwy. 42 West , Hickory Ridge, AR. 1995 GMC TopKick, new Auger and pipe, all stainless, New bearings and bolts, IRAN Winter 2011 by Auger Dan. $45,000. For More information Call 870-9451383 (07-12)

Toy pla stic model Air Tractor. 12” wingspan, removable stand. Great toy for the kids or desktop model. $15 + s/h order online at or e-mail (07-12) Fight rodent infestation with Cascade’s i n n ov a t i ve a n d e x t r e m e l y s i m p l e solution, Mouse Pants! Hand crafted from the highest quality 2024-T3 aircraft aluminum (lighter and not as likely to carve up an operator like galvanized steel). Quick action Wing nut CAMLOC aircraft grade fasteners. Rubber trimmed to protect your aircraft’s finish and the flooring surface. Order your set of three for only $599.00 plus shipping and handling. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ (08-12) SUPERBUGS A safe and economical way to speed up Mother nature! Dispose of hazardous waste in loading and spill areas, ponds and ditches. SUPERBUGS disposes of insecticides, Fungicides, herbicides, and petroleum products Such as waste oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvent or anything of organic nature. Blue Stripe Distributing Toll Free 877-924-5025 tfn w w w. Aircr af tCost AG Operators can calculate your breakeven, % investment return, profit potential, and produce annual & monthly cash flows. Project your financials without spending hours of your time. All reports are produced automatically and accurately af ter you provide your cost inputs and gross application fees. Types of analyses performed include: Company/ Individual Ownership, Managed with/ without Leaseback, Commercial Operation, Agricultural/Fire/Ambulance Operations, Joint Ownership, Fractional Ownership, and Charter/Rental. AG sales organizations can provide prospects with customized & professional ownership cost analysis. This program is a great sales aid and management tool. FREE sample reports. Click REQUEST INFORMATION on the website or call 281-419-7443 t f n PC SPRAY Dedicated Application Software, Version 3. Fully-functional program. Buy it once, use it forever! No annual fees. Technical support for the life of the product. Call or email for demo today. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 t f n Reduce Drift, Increase Deposition and Retention use Control™ FREE SAMPLE Call 765-395-3441, mrfoam1@garrco. com tfn

Crop Duster Video - “The Crop Dusters - The Early Years 1921-1955”; the era of Stearmans and Cubs flying the fields will never be seen again. Available in VHS or DVD. Only $20.00, plus S&H. MC and Visa accepted. Call 478-987-2250 Fax 478-9871836 Historical Video Productions. tfn

Order your DeSpain Pen and Ink Drawing of The AgOp Collage today! $60.00 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at tfn HOTSTUFF AG AIRCRAFT CLEANER Call to order the # 1 Ag Aircraft cleaner in the country, Used by over 400 operators Coast to Coast. Blue Stripe Distributing 877-924-5025 Atfn HELMET with slide up visor $850. Deluxe Kevlar Helmet with ANR, Softskins, Oregon seals $1200. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 At fn J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is always looking for all types of derelict aircraft, parts inventory, both new and used. We will buy small or a shop full. Contact Jerry Buster 800 -542-8565 or email At fn One-acre-square house lot for sale in new Plane Living Sky Park neighborhood with 2,000 s.f., all brick, covenants. Lot is one of 13 directly on new sod runway. Taxi out of your hangar, directly onto the runway. Located in Peach County, Georgia. Public water, septic sewer. paved streets, curb and gutter, street lights. Less than five miles west of I-75, Exit 142, approximately five miles to Fort Valley, GA and approximately 10 miles to Warner Robins, GA. Google It! South side of Hwy 96 at 50 Lane Rd., Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 (Google photo before development). Save thousands and buy from owner. $50,000 OBO, includes closing costs. 478.987.2250. tfn English to Spanish Technical Translations Fo r m e r A &P a n d Ag - Pi l o t, C a r l o s Retamosa Specializing in translating: • Aviation technical manuals • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) • Service Bulletins (SBs) Contact info 598-53-24376 retamosa@ tfn Beautiful 2.73 ac wooded lot in upscale Pine Ridge Equestrian Estates, located in Citrus County, Florida only five miles from Crystal River. Covenants, 27 miles of horse trails, community center, pool and golf course. Nicer homes and miniranchettes. Zoning allows up to three horses and stables permitted on lot with your house. Horse trail borders back end of lot that is 298’ wide and 400’ deep on 3620 Stirrup Drive, Beverly Hills, Florida (Google it!). Public water and septic sewer. $59,000 O.B.O Contact Bill Lavender 478987-2250 tfn

insurance INSURANCE from the Leading Ag Aviation Brokers. 63 Years Risk Management, Lowtime Pilot Coverage. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www. tfn

DOUG DAVIDSON, aircraft owner and commercial pilot, has served the unique insurance needs of the agricultural aviation community since 1982. He founded Davidson Solid Rock Ins. in 1995 on Christian principles, honesty, integrity, and the commitment to provide insurance products as solid as our name! One call is all it takes to shop all available markets for your specialized aviation insurance needs. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you at 800-358-8079. Or visit our website at tfn “Insurance from a name you can trust, at a price you can afford”, is what we do and it’s our motto. Hardy Aviation Insurance, Inc, is centrally located in Wichita Kansas and has been servicing the aerial application market for years now. RANDY HARDY established Hardy Aviation Insurance in 1995 with aerial application as his main focus. Prompt courteous service from a staff dedicated and knowledgeable includes Angie Banz, Tim Wiebe, Dick Russell and Rita Ethridge, whom have years of experience servicing the aerial application business. Give us a try, you might be surprised. Call 1 800 721-6733 or fax us at 316-945-2330. Get an online quote from our web site at or e-mail us at tfn

services AT 502-34 bantam with flow control, with experienced “no issues” pilot available for work now until August 1st and also after August 21st, 2012. Email blindads@ subject: 502 w/pilot or mail to 502 w/Pilot C/O AgAir Update PO Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or Fax 4789871836 Subject 502 w/pilot (07-12) Blue Diamond Turbine Services, Inc. Honeywell TPE-331 Repair/Overhaul facility. Contact us @ 772-468-9292 • Fax: 772-468-9297 • email: turbgrp@aol. com (07-12)


2012 Slots Available ..................................................................Call

SOLD 2010 AT-602, -60, 1493 hrs TTAF&E smoker, single point fuel, elec. D brake gr. adj., Wingman, 10” hydraulic gate, Intellistar w/flowcontrol, L O S Fresh HSI, Fresh Annual. ...................................................$920,000

2010 AT-802A, 860 TT AF&E, -65, smoker, elec. brake gr. adj., Intellistar w/flowcontrol, Wingman, 10” hydraulic gate, Fresh HSI, Fresh Annual. ............................................................. $1,190,000

SOLD 2009 AT-602, 1441 TTAF&E, -60, smoker, elec. brake gr. adj., CPs, 10” hydraulic gate, M3 flow control, wingman, Fresh HSI, Fresh Annual., . ........................................................................................$875,000 SOLD 2010 AT-602, -60, 1820 TTAF&E, smoker, single point fuel, elec. brake gr. adj., Intellistar w/flowcontrol, Fresh HSI, Fresh Annual. ...$950,000

Unlimited Racer Project: 85% complete Yak 11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. For pictures and details ........................................................CALL

Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location. We rebuild and refinish any fibreglass part for Weatherly, Cessna, Piper and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B,C and D). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn Cascade Conversion for Thrush and Air Tractor. Fuel Saving, Cooler running, more power available. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 tfn Let us sell your Ag plane! Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. 1601 Hwy 84 East Hayti, MO 63851 800-325-0885 tfn

-15 AG and -34 AG in stock ....................................CALL FOR PRICE Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies


Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades 0 SMOH 1340 Younkin S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor

Jack Frost Frost Flying Inc Office 870-295-6213 Fax 870-295-6674


Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles

Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Tommy Allen

Needed IA and A&P mechanics July 2012 A-41

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!!Attention Thrush Owners!! North Star Aviation Inc is now the new STC holder of the Thrush Reinforce Leading Edge Skins. If you are getting ready to rebuild your Thrush wings due to AD09-26-11 or tired of bird strikes and ugly leading edges!! Now is the time to install North Star Aviations new Thrush heavy duty reinforced leading edge skins fully STC’d SA03518AT no Field approval required. For more Info contact Wendel or Steve @ North Star Aviation Inc. 620-356-4528 tfn !!Attention Thrush Owners!! North Star Aviation Inc is now the new STC holder of the Thrush Reinforce Leading Edge Skins. If you are getting ready to rebuild your Thrush wings due to AD09-26-11 or tired of bird strikes and ugly leading edges!! Now is the time to install North Star Aviations new Thrush heavy duty reinforced leading edge skins fully STC’d SA03518AT no Field approval required. For more Info contact Steve @ North Star Aviation Inc. 620-356-4528 srice@pld. com tfn

wanted to buy Looking for a 450hp Ag-Cat A or B, extended wings with Export C of A. Just send the specifications and photos of the unit to: Aerowurk z Aviation contact person: Hannah Daquiado email: or mobile no.: +63 9088725840 Tel. No: +63 082 234-8843 (07-12)

Ag Aircraft Wanted: Immediate cash for Ag planes - All considered - Contact Darryl Riddell at 870-572-9011 (07-12) I would like to purchase a 1990-1999 Ayres S2R Turbo Thrush. Preferences are 510 gal S2R-T45 or S2R-G10 but S2R-T34 also considered. Single or Dual cockpit OK. I want to make the purchase ASAP but do not need to take delivery until late August/early September. I am happy to lease back the aircraft until then if needed. Email response to blindads@agairupdate. com or send to Thrush wanted c/O AgAir Update Po box 850 Perry Ga 31069 or fax 478-987-1836 (07-12)

Tr a c e i s b u y i n g 4 01 a n d 4 02 A i r Tractors, any age, any engine. Prefer 20 0 0 m o d e ls an d up. A ls o b uy in g 301 and 302’s with tall tails and 350 gallon hoppers. Top price paid for clean straight airframes with logbooks intact. Prefer no damage. for more information call 214-674-4023 or email 10 -12 EXHAUST Wanted: R-1340 and R-985 Exhaust Send Old Exhaust segments for exchange or Sell them! Call Daryl @ 940-902-0797 or evans.daryl@sbcglobal. net tfn

WANTED-Simplex spray system for a early Jet Ranger. Approx. 140 Gal. For more information Email: clandells@centurytel. net or call 509-269-4003 (07-12)


An ex traordinar y oppor tunity to own Kootenai Valley Flying Service., Inc., a well established, stable and exclusive North Idaho aerial and ground application business. This package includes a 1981 Air Tractor, ground sp r aye r s , 30 0 0 ’ gr a s s r unw ay an d hangar, a 2760 sq ft home, 182+ acres and too many items and equipment to list. $1,225,000. Call Darlene or Joe at 800-669-3248 or email: (07-12) Successful established Mid-West aerial application business for Sale. modern hangar and chemical mixing building, 2-10,000 fuel tanks and pumps. local customer base, 100,000 acres plus. Currently using turbine aircraf t. Please Send Mid West operation C/O AgAir Update P.O. Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or email blindads@agairupdate. com (07-12)

Flying service located south of Beedeville, Arkansas. Nice 1,800 ft paved strip with parallel Bermuda strip, Late 90’s office, two large storage trailers, covered mixing area with ss vats and extra steel vat, large concrete/asphalt loading pad, large newer vertical fuel with large electric pump, plenty of acres to build large hanger/ hangers on. Base crop is rice, and there’s plenty of potential for someone starting. Asking $90,000 will consider trade for airplane of equal value or partial toward strip Send Response to AR Operations C/O AgAir Update PO Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 or email blindads@agairupdate. com Subject AR Operations (07-12) Best Classified Buy In The Industry. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836

seat wanted First year Ag Pilot seeking opportunity. Commercial Pilot 11,000. TT - Tailwheel 900, Flight Instructor 9,600., ( 21 years). Experience: Pawnee, Ag Cat, GA-200 time. 20 Hrs. Ag time with Flying Tiger. NAAA, FLAAA, PAASS. Safe and Reliable. Ready to listen and learn. Will re-locate Resume and References available. Contact: Romke Sikkema: 863-446-6879, romke. (07-12) Commercial Pilot/ A&P seeking to earn a first seat. All flight time in tailwheel A/C, 50 hours Ag in AT, Ag Cat, Pawnee. E x te nsive f ar m/gro un d ap p lic ato r experience. PAASS attendance. 850777-0554 (07-12)

Subscription Order Form Company _________________________________________ Name _______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________ State _______ Zip ____________ Country _______________________ Email _____________________________Phone # ___________________________Fax # ______________________ Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ q One-year subscription – $39.00 (USA and International) q Two-year subscription – $70.00 (USA and International) q One-year subscription with Airmail – $64.00 (Canada Only) q Two-year subscription with Airmail – $120.00 (Canada Only) q One-year subscription with Airmail – $84.00 (Other Countries) q Two-year subscription with Airmail – $160.00 (Other Countries) q One-year Latinamerica subscription – $20.00 (6-issues) q Two-year Latinamerica subscription – $35.00 (6-issues) We accept Visa, MasterCard and U.S. checks, no foreign checks, please. Any checks not affiliated with a U.S. bank will be returned. Additional fees apply for wire transfers.

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PO Box 850 • Perry, GA USA 31069 • Tel 478-987-2250 • Fax 478-987-1836 • •


Available for 2012 Corn Run 4 planes been in the business for 21 years. Will license anywhere. Brown Aviation Inc. Ronnie Brown 281-960-3972 (07-12)

help wanted AT 502-34 bantam with flow control, with experienced “no issues” pilot available for work now until August 1st and also after August 21st, 2012. Email blindads@ subject: 502 w/pilot or mail to 502 w/Pilot C/O AgAir Update PO Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or Fax 4789871836 Subject 502 w/pilot (07-12) Ag Pilots Needed for A sian Pacif ic Rim. Must have minimum 1000 hours Ag Experience. Salary and Expenses Negotiable. Please Email your Resume and Contact Information to: aginstructor705@ (07-12) Ag Pilot Instructor Needed. Must be a CFI with minimum 1000 hours Turbine Ag Experience. Two to Four Month Overseas Contract to Train New Ag Pilots. Salary and Expenses Negotiable. Please Email your Resume and Contact Information to: (07-12) IA and A&P mechanics needed. Call 870 -295- 6213 Salary depending on qualifications and experience tfn

SEAT Pilot wanted. Must be AT-802 current and carded within the last three years. Full time position open now. Contact Western Pilot Service 602-432-6318 (07-12)

Immediate full time positions for entry level A&P mechanics. Please send resumes to North Star Aviation, Inc. Fax 620-3563864 or email (08-12)

$100K+ Turbine Pilot Position In AR. Must have 1000 hr Ag, 500 hr turbine, herbicide exp. a plus. MUST be willing to relocate! Pay based on exp. Looking for long term commitment. Send resume with 3 year work history. To Turbine Pilot C/O AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 or email blindads@agairupdate. com ATTN: Turbine Pilot or fax 478-9871836 ATTN: Turbine Pilot (07-12)

schools Hog Air Aviation Inc. We are offering a turbine transition course starting November 15th of 2012 and running till March 15th, 2013. The training will take place in a brand new AT-802 with -67 and loaded with G4 Satloc and all the radios. The course will include training from two real life ag pilots. 1. Ground school on AT-802. 2. Satloc training with the new G4. 3. Spraying. 4. Start up and proper shut down. 5. Field entry and departure. Minimum of 10 hours will be required at the price of $15,000. Financing will be available at my local bank with W.A.C.

Wanted: 502 Air Tractor pilot, at least 1000 hours turbine experience, northern season position from May until August. Any questions please contact Jim Schick at 605 -853-2777 or 605 -871-3833. Send Resume to Aero Spray Service, Inc. P.O. Box 416 Miller, SD 57362 or fax to 605-853-2332 or email to aerospray21@ (07-12) PILOT WANTED IN AUSTRALIA. Agforce Pty Ltd is based in Moree and Parkes in NSW Australia. We are looking for an experienced turbine agricultural pilot for our spring summer season - Aug/ Sept2012 to April 2013 . We operate AT-802,AT-502, PT6- 34 Thrush. We are an APPROVED SPONSOR for subclass 457 visa. Our work is cotton, cereal crops and weed work. Please apply via email to (07-12)

Call 870-236-3165 ask for Brent.

international advertiser index Acorn Welding........................................ 30A Africair..................................................... 19A Ag - Nav, Inc. ............................................ 3A Airplane Services................................... 30A Air Tractor Inc......................................... 14A American AgViation............................... 31A Apollo Spray Systems...................... 26, 28A ASI Jet Sales............................................ 10A Auto-Cal, Inc........................................... 34A BrightPortal Resources......................... 31A Central Florida Ag Aero......................... 30A

Immediate full time positions for entry level or experienced A&P/IA mechanics. Please send resumes to A&P c/o AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or email blindads@agairupdate subject A&P or fax 478-987-1836 (07-12)

Ag/Fertilizer/Mosquito Pilot Training utilizing Pawnee PA-25/260 Dual Cockpit, Dual & Solo Flight Time in Ag Plane. SATLOC BANTAM. See ad in this issue & check out our videos at: EAGLE VISTAS LLC 772-285-5506 0 2-13

Collins Aircraft Dynamics, Inc............... 24A

Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

Electrode Aviation................................. 30A

Covington Aircraft Engines................... 44A Davidon................................................... 31A Desser Tire & Rubber Co........................ 9A DynaNav........................................... 21, 29A FireBoss.................................................. 22A Flight Grip............................................... 30A Frost Flying............................................. 41A


GE Aviation............................................. 27A Gulf Coast Ag Aircraft SS....................... 38A


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July 2012


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Ag Pi l o t, CF I , CF I I , Ag I n s t r u c to r seeking seat. Hours 514 Total, 206 Ag. PAASS certified. Farm background and Ag Aviation business management experience. Highly motiv ated and dependable. Resume and references available. 573-421-6164 (07-12)


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