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Morris Ag-Air, leading the way in the American Southwest

Yank flies ag in Australia

Australia has always had a certain appeal to Jake Perry.

Air Tractor AT-802A #500 delivered to its new owner

The single-seat 802 series aircraft reached another milestone April 4th..

20 years of everything PT6

For a turbine powered ag-plane, the most important component is the engine..

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May 2013


keep turning… this issue Volume 31 Number 5 | may 2013

12 16 Yank flies ag in Australia 19 20 years of everything PT6

Morris Ag-Air, leading the way in the American Southwest

Yuma is living up to its claim as the lettuce capital of the world.

Australia has always had a certain appeal to Jake Perry.

For a turbine powered ag-plane, the most important component is the engine.


Air Tractor AT-802A #500 delivered to its new owner The single-seat 802 series aircraft reached another milestone April 4th.

27 20 years ago

Blanch’s, Braves & Bananas.

6 Calendar of Events 7 From the Cockpit 8 AgAir Mail 14 Canada Fly-in On the cover - Morris Ag-Air Thrush working while the sun goes down. Photos provided by Morris Ag-Air.


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Bill Lavender L.D. Blake of Prime Turbines and I discuss the attributes of having letters for a name. I wonder what the L.D. represents.

from the cockpit

Grinding on the grindstone

Finally, spring has arrived in the southeastern U.S.. However, in mid-April the midwestern states are still battling storms with snow, of all things. For many parts of the country, planting will be delayed and so will the start of the season there. This can set the stage for a compressed season. When that happens, aircraft get behind on their work schedules. This is the nature of the beast for aerial applicators, but a time when the awareness factor should ramp up a notch or two. This month’s cover and feature article is about Morris Ag-Air in Arizona. It was written by AgAir Update columnist Tracy Thurman. Not too many years ago, Tracy submitted his first article to me. It was an “ok” article, needing only a little grammar editing. So, I decided to give him a chance to see what he could produce. What I thought would fizzle with time has turned out to be one of AgAir Update’s more popular columns, “Hands-On Flying”. Tracy has a unique way of connecting with AgAir Update readers. Usually, his column is about his experiences flying ag in the western states, either Arizona or California. He has an impressive background with extensive flight time in several agaircraft models for both night and day flights. I put a great deal of confidence in his articles and I know AgAir Update readers do, too. This month’s article about Morris Ag-Air is a venture from the norm for Tracy. He did good, as always.

a great article about a green ag-pilot who flew over 800 hours his first year. Expect business-related articles that will tell you more about the services and products they offer. As always, there will be human interest articles, as well as articles from around the world. The pot is on its way to filling. Graham is working on a monthly “pilot profile” column that I know you will find interesting. Visit to learn more about it and how to make a submission. Trust me when I write that finding good information to fill the pages of AgAir Update every month of the year is challenging. Our industry is small and somewhat limited, but amazingly there always seems to be something on the horizon worthy of publishing. With that in mind, let me see what else there is to do today! Until next month, Keep turning...

Now that the trade show circuit for the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 is behind me, there will be visits to create a melting pot of future articles. Already, I have in the cooker

May 2013


agair mail memories Hey Bill, Thanks for the copy of AgAir Update Latinoamerica. Hope the guys down “south” enjoy the article Fumigadores, vacas y rifles. Many years ago, us gringos flew in many of those countries covered by AgAir Update and we experienced back in those days being shot at by a rifle, or a shotgun. Seems like it is still occasionally being experienced by crop duster pilots here in the good old U.S.A. Folks just don’t seem to ever realize the possibility of a fatality to the pilot, or serious mechanical damage to an airplane. A couple of mornings ago, just at dawn while enjoying a cup of coffee, a wonderful sound permeated the still clear dawn. The sweet sound of a Pratt & Whitney 600 on take-off. Oh, the memories of that sound.

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I know operators and pilots are looking forward to spring and a busy season. However, I read where some water suppliers here in southeast Texas have warned area rice producers that water needed for irrigating rice fields may not be available for this year’s crop due to the drought. I feel sad for those farmers and operators, who have depended on this resource for so many years. Hopefully, it can be resolved. Thanks to folks like you who keep our industry updated and in preserving the world of “Air Agriculture”. Bob Wheat Anahuac, TX Hello Bob; Good to hear from you. Only been shot at once that I know of when flying over a dove shoot. Recently, a Texan got 18 months and about a $300,000 fine for shooting at and hitting an ag-pilot’s plane. The bullet went through the engine, firewall, hopper and into the cockpit and through his pants leg. Wow! That was just a little too close. Imagine the angle of the bullet to make that trajectory. Yeah, I remember those P&W 1340s. Attended a spray clinic earlier this week and heard and saw a 600 Ag-Cat go over the test string. It reminded me of my Ag-Cat days in the late 1970s. You are right, no sweeter sound.—Bill


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I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the reprint of the radial engine article from 1975. Super good information! Some things are timeless! I started out flying round engines. I was taught to fly the engine as much as the airplane. “Nurse the old girl and take care of her and she’ll do the same in return”. I especially liked the paragraph about derating to 500 H.P. and saving some power back. It was one of the lessons that was drilled in by the guy who taught me to fly. I hope your round engine readers found it as useful today as it was in 1975. Thanks again and please give my regards to your crew! Tracy Thurman Gridley, CA Hello Tracy; Thanks for your comments. I too thought it was interesting reading. I wish I had the info in 1977 when I was operating a radial Ag-Cat. Everyone at AAU says, “Hi!”.—Bill

achievement Good morning Bill, I was informed this morning that Dick Spivey has passed away. Dick was the owner of Cordele Flying Service back in the 60s. He sold the flying service to his chief pilot, Dub Cooper; about 1969 I think. Dick worked here in Foley, Alabama from 1972 until his retirement. Dick was one of the few that was able to fly until he was 78 years old [crop spraying]; He, Cotton Carnahan, Ralph Frizby and a few others. Bill Bergman Delhart, TX Good morning wild Bill; Thanks for the info on Dick Spivey. I did not know him, but very familiar with Cordele Flying Service. It seems he had a very long life filled with ag-flying.—Bill

four friends Thanks for the hard copy of March AAU. Really enjoyed. Hardly recognize anyone in the pictures anymore. Too much time away. The copy jarred my memory with four good friends. Michael Rutledge has one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and he still has the “duster bug” Tried to discourage him and was too hard so decided to help him by recommending he talk to Rick Reed. Clicked, and that was the second friend in the issue. Next was the picture from Russ Walker. Worked with Russ many years and knew him for many more. Last was the article from a reprint by Everett Sneed. Many years on the CAAA board together. Learned a lot from Everett and many other old timers that taught us newcomers about radials. Miss all my friends from the many years. However, I do not miss the county man with his ticket book and the lawyers. Tom Mills XDUSTER Brawley, CA Hey Tom; Great to hear from you, as always, from your perch below sea level in Brawley. I am starting to realize exactly what you are feeling. We often reprint “20 Years Ago” articles. It amazes me the photos I see! Sure brings back the memories, all good ones.—Bill

hat collection If you are still collecting caps, here is one you have probably missed. Circa about 1978. Best regards, G.A. Walker St. Albert, AB Canada Hello George; I am presuming the 1978 “antique” Golden West Aviation hat came from George Walker. Many thanks my friend.


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May 2013


Mystery aircraft Can you identify the plane in this photo? Submitted by Mike Feeney Hamilton, New Zealand See page 23 for answer.

Yes, I am still collecting ag-aviation caps. I have several hundred and looking for more wall space to display them. Many of them bring back memories of friends and visits from the past. I have been considering trying to “light the fire” to get another round of agoperators sending me the latest version of their cap. —Bill

enjoyed Greetings from Arkansas Bill! I just read your article about Joe Huysmans in your latest edition. I enjoyed the article very much. I get the opportunity to fly with Joe every summer during the corn run flying for Schertz Aerial. He is indeed a remarkable man, quiet and unassuming, but when he does speak you would do well to listen. Working beside him sometimes I just wanted pull over to the side and park to watch him fly. He is the consummate professional and a nicer man you will never meet. I feel lucky to have been able to work beside someone like Joe. Thank you for telling his story but somehow I think you may only have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Stop in if you are ever in the neighborhood. Mark Hartz Almyra, AR Hello Mark; Thanks for the favorable comments about Joe. Tracy Thurman, who has a regular column with AAU, wrote the article and flies with Joe. I hope your season gets off to a good start. If I get lost in Arkansas, you will be the first one I call. —Bill

cell phones

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Hey, I just read an article in the news about a helicopter crash in EMS that spoke about texting while in flight. I myself had a near miss last season from this exact situation along with the way management ran the show for the pilots at this particular outfit.   I feel it would be beneficial to do a story on this to bring awareness to our industry on the huge distraction from utilizing a cell phone for texting and other tasks while in the cockpit. We have so much information at our fingertips these days and it creates a false sense of productivity when using a cell phone for many of our daily working tasks.   I have been outa the loop for a while, but I feel this topic is important to share. Andy Stein Durham, CA Hello Andy; Good to hear from you. I am aware of the problem texting while flying creates. I know NAAA is addressing this issue. I’ll try to keep it forefront with AAU readers, but you can only drag the horse to the trough. You can’t make it drink.—Bill

20 years ago


The article on Lakeland was so erroneous it seems like it was a reprint from the 80s. You may want to talk to Reid Potter next time. They haven’t had a recip for YEARS. Joseph Bognuda Santa Maria, CA Oops! I guess it would have helped to have read the title first on the Lakeland article. Rumor has it there will be pilot profiles in the future? I read AAU cover to cover every month. My apologies, Joseph Bognuda Santa Maria, CA Hello Joe; Apologies not needed. Glad to see ya reading AAU!  We like to stir old memories with our 20 years ago articles

I am Deke Walker from Americus, Georgia and now fly in Michigan. There are four pilots up here, Bill Hatfield, Kenny Reese, Maurice Quesnel and Bob Muller who are great pilots with lots of history. If your are think about coming up here sometime, they would be a great story. Deke Walker Americus, GA Hello Deke; Long way from home, aren’t ya? I bet you aren’t flying the PZLpowered Kruk up there! Good to hear from you and thanks for the invite. I am always looking for a good story. I know those four marauders, five including you, and would love to write an article about them. I am not sure when I can be that way, as we are in the planning stages for late spring and summer travel. If I had to guess, maybe in May. Let’s stay in touch. —Bill

Yep. You got it. Graham is collecting enough pilot profiles to be sure we can maintain the column for at least a year. Ya got anyone you’d like to submit? You can go online through and submit a profile. —Bill

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May 2013


Morris Ag-Air, leading the way in the American Southwest by Tracy Thurman Yuma Arizona is an agricultural contradiction. The primary growing season is late fall and winter. While the rest of the country is dealing with ice and snow, Yuma is living up to its claim as the lettuce capital of the world. Produce is grown here; enough to stock the shelves of supermarkets around the country and in places around the world. Here, aerial

Miles Morris, owner operator Morris Ag-Air Southwest in Yuma, Arizona.

application is growers preferred choice of crop protection and none other is better at it than Miles Morris of Morris Ag-Air Southwest. Miles Morris was born into the business, the youngest son of Gary Morris of Morris and Sons Aviation. The family operated in Yuma Arizona, a with another business in Orovada Nevada. Tragically Gary Morris was killed when he collided with high voltage power lines in 1999. The family business would soon be sold out. Miles‘ brother Mike held onto the Orovada operation and still runs it today. Miles and Mike are not only brothers, but best friends. They worked for many years as partners under the same operating certificate. They have separate certificates now, and still consider their partnership as viable as ever. Miles speaks highly of their connection, “I have been very fortunate, very blessed. One of the things I am most glad for is my brother. We have a great relationship. I know I can always depend on Mike and he knows that I’m always here for him.” It is a good thing to hear when all too often the story of two brothers is much different. Miles is a relatively young man compared to most operators. Average build and height, with a lightning fast grin that flashes like sunlight off of water and a disarming personality that makes complete strangers feel like old friends. He believes in the ag-aviation industry and serves as the Arizona NAAA representative. He is a farsighted individual who looks to the horizon and sees the promise that lies ahead. He pays his employees and pilots well. As a testament of his personality and ethics, he treats everyone with respect and consideration. It’s these attributes that carry him through life and certainly have had a big impact on his success. Miles started his business by buying out Pierce Aviation from the family after Jim Pierce’s untimely death in 2004. He was flying for Pierce Aviation at the time. Miles was twenty-four and the thought of being an operator was a daunting one. Miles mustered his courage and made a bid on his former boss’s business. Working his way through banker after banker until he found one that would take a chance on a young, unproven ag pilot, he borrowed what he could. With his brothers airplanes


shouldering the liens and every dime he could scrape together, Miles Morris took a deep breath, threw his shoulders back and stepped into the ring. The business came with three high-time Thrushes and a couple of equally high-time pilots. He was a fresh faced kid in the midst of some mighty salty old timers. They knew him though and had flown alongside him. When the business became Morris Ag-Air, they simply changed hats and continued doing what they had been doing for all the years before. Miles was probably shaking like a leaf inside, but he never showed anything but steadfast determination. Ag pilots respond favorably to strength and leadership and this young, new operator took the reins in hand and steered the operation competently. Spraying over half a million acres a year, it’s a busy operation. He owns six turbine Thrushes and one OH-58 helicopter. He employs five full time pilots, other than himself, and adds a “back up” pilot during the busy season. He also employs forty ground support personnel. He signs a lot of paychecks.

many seasons. One has over thirty thousand hours. He is continually rebuilding, improving and upgrading the aircraft, updating their technology, while enhancing their safety, reliability and comfort parameters. Those old birds wear their scars with dignity and sport their refinements proudly. Miles’ operation encompasses a vast area. Besides working four valleys that make up Yuma County, he works in neighboring Bard, California and owns a satellite operation in Blythe, California. He also sends a couple of airplanes and pilots to Iowa in the summer to join Midwest Airspray in their corn and soybean runs. I asked Miles about his experience being an operator. He looked to the side and summed it up succinctly. “When it’s good, it’s good, but when it’s bad... it’s really bad. We’ve been very fortunate and I do truly love this business.”

The aircraft generally log well over a thousand hours a year. A cadre of mechanics maintain the machines during the day, since most of the flying is conducted at night.

The good has certainly far outweighed the bad and Morris AgAir Southwest is thriving like never before. “The customers like us. We do good work and we are always ready to lend a hand when they need us,” he added. Lending a hand is no problem. Miles and Company are very active in the community and give generously to the various organizations and charities. He is proud of his roots and the diverse land that is his home.

“I like the old, light frame Thrushes,” Miles points out. “They are just better airplanes and fit us just right. I’ll keep these airplanes until I retire.” Indeed his airplanes are veterans of

Morris Ag-Air Southwest is going to be around for a long time. Not just because they can, but because Miles Morris has earned it.

Morris Ag-Air OH58 being loaded on a nurse truck adjacent to a lettuce field.

Photos provided by Morris Ag-Air.

May 2013


Dennis along with Shaun Kinniburgh, local agronomists, farmers and company pilots. Notice we wear toques because we need them not because they make you look cool!!

L to R is pilot Don Fossum and owner Shaun Kinniburgh along with Dennis.

Canada Fly In, March 21, 2013 Alberta, Canada

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May 2013


Yank flies ag in Australia By Jake Perry Australia has always had a certain appeal to me. The culture, the people, the landscape, the oceans and the language were just a few reasons for going there. Not just to visit, but to live. After all, I had been looking for spray jobs there before I had even set foot in an ag plane. It all started in March of 2011. Dad and I were driving to Kansas to retrieve our hunting gear from the previous season. As we drove along I made my way to the classified section of AgAir Update and found a listing requesting a pilot for Australia’s summer season. I knew there would be more experienced candidates out there but figured I finally had enough experience to be a legitimate one myself. Within a few minutes I emailed Skycroppers in Griffith, NSW, inquiring about the pilot position for the southern hemisphere’s 2012 season. Mr. Gerard Higgins, owner of Skycroppers, replied to my inquiry and the process slowly started to come together. The massive time difference (17 hours, which often led to different days) created some challenges with communication; not with Mr. Gerard, but with CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Administration – Australia’s FAA).

Getting a license there was no small task, as I couldn’t find anyone who had done this transition recently and CASA often had conflicting instructions. In short, there are four main prerequisites to flying ag in Australia. First, your Australian employer must do a work-sponsored visa. Next, you have to apply for a security badge; which varies depending on the type of airport(s) you’ll be flying out of. The badge I needed was an ASIC badge. Once the security check is done, you can apply for a license transfer, which also involves getting a physical, an eye exam and a language test. Taking the Australian applicator’s exam was the easiest part; the test wasn’t easy, but it was at least straightforward. I departed Monroe Regional Airport, Louisiana, on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. The whole process had been dream-like until the cabin door closed on the flight to DFW. I was excited, but also sad to see my friends and family fade into little dots through that cabin window. I arrived in Sydney, Australia on Thursday, October 20. I spent my first week in Sydney finishing up my medical and tying up loose ends of the ASIC card and license transfer. I arrived in Griffith on October 28 where I was greeted by Mr. Gerard and the rest

Jake Perry

of the Skycroppers crew. We quickly got acquainted and went to work. Since I was still waiting on a license transfer, Mr. Gerard offered to let me work on the ground crew so I could study for the applicator’s exam and learn the ropes of the ground operation. Much to my relief, my license transfer finally went through on November 11. Ground work seemed to have lost the appeal it once possessed when I was kid. Skycroppers runs four airplanes, a 402, 502, 504 and an 802. The day I was cleared, Mr. Gerard put me in the 402 for a pilot proficiency flight which included stalls, GPS tracking and water dumps. I found the transition from the 602 back home to the 402 in Australia to be quite easy. In my opinion, their characteristics are closer than any two ag planes I have flown, although the 402 was considerably lighter on the controls. Skycroppers covers a large area of crop land. To the best of my memory, their furthest client was approximately 70 miles from their base. They do most of their work from satellite strips. There were at least six strips set up for spray and many more for dry work, which made fertilizing a dream. I don’t recall flying over more than five miles for a fertilizer ferry and often times we were fertilizing right next to the strip, which as we all know is very, very convenient.

(L-R) David Rennie, Andrew Rennie, Dominic Maher, Jake Perry, Annette Coates, Tristan Rountree, Isabelle Gilbert, Philip Payn, Jeremy Bluck, Hanna Higgins, Gerard Higgins.


The day after my proficiency flight I started spraying. My first job was glyphosate on cotton off of a satellite

strip approximately 20 miles West of Griffith. Glyphosate came in a solid state which I found very nice and should be something we should look into in the future for the States. Cotton was very small that early in the year, much was only six-eight inches tall when I arrived and some was still being planted. With intense irrigation in the area, courtesy of the Murray Darling River Basin, we were able to spray cotton multiple times as the ground rigs couldn’t get in the field. The 402 was also set up with JABRA booms and was a good tool to have; I personally used this feature a lot. I have often been asked about the field sizes, as many people see videos of Australia with twoeight mile runs. I didn’t experience these in the Griffith area but nonetheless the flying was good with fewer and smaller trees than at home. With two–four planes spraying and fertilizing rice and cotton all over creation, plus long travel times for ground crews, coordination was vital in running the operation efficiently. This is where Dave Rennie helped greatly. He

does a wonderful job of organizing the company’s days. All day, every day, he was on the phone with farmers, chemical companies, ground crew and pilots. At the end of the day he would have a stack of maps for each pilot in the order to be completed and would brief us all the night before on the following day’s details. As with all flying services, plans change constantly and Dave was always busy staying one step ahead of the work being done. 65% of the work I did that summer was on rice, while cotton made up the balance. Most people think of cotton when they think of crops in Australia, but Skycroppers is in a unique area that services rice and cereal crops in addition to cotton. I did most of the rice herbicide in the 402. With the water being stable in the patty, we used straight streams and let the water help with the dispersal of the chemical throughout the patty. Water rates with rice spray varied, but were considerably less than what we use in our area, here in the States. The results were great though.

or Just starting out? CP’s Nozzles are the BEST CHOICE! Which nozzles will work best for you? CP-11TT #25 40° Flat Fan 5 gpm—40 psi

CP-07 and CP-09 CP-03 0.125 Orifice, 0 Deflector 0.125 Orifice, 30° 5 gpm—40 psi Deflector 5 gpm—40 psi

% under 200 Microns

% under 200 Microns

% under 200 Microns

160 mph




150 mph




140 mph




130 mph




120 mph




*Based on Spray Nozzle Models, USDA ARS AH-726, I. W. Kirk Settings: all at 40 psi, 5 gpm rate; CP-11TT—4025 tip, 8° Default Angle; CP-09/07—.125 orifice, 0° Deflection; CP-03—.125 orifice, 30° Deflection

Darn ‘roos messing up my golf game.

Before I started spraying rice, Mr. Gerard warned me about ducks in the fields. I tried my best to hide my disbelief, as I couldn’t imagine they could be worse in Australia than during burn-down in the Delta, but boy was I wrong! With flooded rice fields everywhere and no migratory pattern, the ducks were nothing short of a nuisance. That year in the Griffith area there were approximately 10,000 acres of rice that had been destroyed by ducks. From breaking off passes to the field, to repeated fly-overs to scare them off, to smoking nearly every pass, the ducks were a constant battle when spraying rice. Our main rice chemicals

MAINTENANCE is a MUST! even with CP’s!!! Keep your CP® Nozzles and Check Valves in top shape. Replace seals and O-rings annually.


Toll Free 866 303-0600

May 2013


were Taipan, Saturn and Londax. The Saturn and Taipan came in 5-gallon jugs which made for a strong back! Toward the middle of the spray season when fertilizing was becoming more consistent, Mr. Gerard graduated me to the 502. The 502 was equipped with standard booms and variable rate liquid and dry through the Auto-Cal system. I found the transition into the 502 more difficult than that of the 402, but nonetheless it came around. It was in Griffith that I met Mr. Jim Graves of Louisiana with Auto-Cal. I found it ironic that I met a man from my home state 9,000 miles away. I admit I was a skeptic of dry variable rate work but after flying with it I am a fan and a believer. It may not be a system for every flying service but we did quite a bit of V-rate dry at Skycroppers, and I was very impressed. Every fertilizer application was done in the water at 75-150KG/HA (approx. 75-150 pounds per acre) and with the close strips it was very efficient for the pilots, crew and the company. Fertilizer began to taper down towards the end of January and my time as a pilot

ended with it. Once the fertilizer push was over, Skycroppers was able to handle the rest of the spraying for the season with their regular, full-time crew. January 19, 2012 was my last day to spray at Skycroppers. Once my time flying was over I was eager to come home, but not without first visiting the Great Barrier Reef for a diving trip, as well as a lookabout to a couple of other parts of the country. I landed in Monroe, Louisiana on February 1, 2012, excited to see my family and friends again, but missing the ones I made abroad. Flying in Australia was truly a dream come true. I met many great people. I learned a lot about flying and even more about life. Flying with Skycroppers made me more conscientious of professionalism in our industry and the importance of creating a good image of ourselves to the public, as we are being held under a microscope like never before. I would like to thank Mr. Gerard for taking a chance on hiring a “Yank”. I

Turbine Conversions, Ltd

An early start.

Satellite strip. This is the boom set up with the Brinkley boom (the large drop orifice)

would like to thank his family for their hospitality, which included a delicious Thanksgiving meal. I would also like to thank the Dalton and Gilbert families, as well as the Skycroppers crew. They all brought me into their homes and lives and made the months away from home a wonderful experience. Lastly, I would like to thank Barry Boyette and my Dad, Lamar Perry. Without your guidance, leadership and patience I would never have made it this far, much-less had the opportunity to pursue a lifelong dream. I can’t thank you enough for the time you have invested in me.

Fertilizing rice at the edge of the irrigation area

The Aviation Innovation Specialists

Home of the Original Air Inlet System for Air Tractor & Thrush Your source for M18 Factory & Used Parts PMA Thrush Gates & replacement seals Single Point Fueling System

Lockable Full Swivel Tail Wheel for Ag Cat & Thrush

The Turbo Cat Pratt &Whitney Ag Cat Conversion

Reinforced Wing Leading Edge for Thrush Variable Rate Rotary Gate With Gate Keeper Technology 616-837-9428 est A-18

Waiting on the ground crew to make it over

20 years of everything PT6 by Bill Lavender For a turbine powered ag-plane, the most important component, and the most costly, is the engine. Often times, 50% of the value of the aircraft can be attributed to the engine. Without that ever-so-vital component, the aircraft is useless in the capacity of an airworthy tool. Without a reliable source of parts and serviceable engines, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a turbine powered ag-plane. The world’s largest inventory of serviceable turbine engine parts is located in a small, quaint Alabama town on a small, nondescript general aviation airport. Universal Turbine Parts (UTP) recently celebrated its 20th year in business in Prattville, Alabama. Prattville is located just outside of

Flanked on the left by Vernon Taylor and on the right by Joel Plake, General Manager are (L-R) Emily Thomas, Deidre Aadson, Wendy Riley and Kimberly Matheson of Universal Turbine Parts Customer Service department ready to satisfy the engine support requirements of the customer. Final UTP-1301-Ad 1


5:13 PM

Page 1



S t o c k i n g d i s t r i b u t o r of P T 6 , J T 1 5 D & P W 1 0 0 p a r t s a n d e n g i n e s • N E W, O H a n d S V c o n d i t i o n

We b u y T U R B I N E A I R C R A F T, E N G I N E S a n d I N V E N T O RY.

Specifically designed and certified for Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters, Apollo spray systems are proven to be the most efficient, easy to install and remove. Lets you and your Robinson make the most of your day, dawn till dusk.

We m a n a g e E N G I N E O V E R H A U L S a n d R E PA I R S .

FAA and EASA STC’d and ready to deliver. Nobody makes a better system. Call us for complete details or visit us online. Toll-free 1-800-326-1534 Tel. (440) 632-5136 Fax (440) 632-1685

UNIVERSAL TURBINE PARTS 120 Grouby Airport Road Prattville, Alabama 36067

T 334 361 7853 F 334 361 0290

May 2013


Montgomery, somewhat in the center of the state. With over 300,000 parts, representing more than 20,000 part numbers, UTP stocks virtually every part found in the complete PT6A series and PW100 series of turbine engines. The company also keeps more than 20 turbine engines in inventory tagged with either a fresh overhaul or a hot section inspection. UTP is ASA-100 certified, meeting the stringent requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 00-56. It provides its customers with high quality turbine engine parts, components and replacement parts with full documentation, including FAA 8130-3 and TC or EASA Form 1 to support installations. UTP was formed in 1993 by Bill Mershon and Vernon Taylor. With backgrounds in aviation, the two men formed a partnership and to this day are actively engaged in daily activities at the company. Joel Plake joined UTP in 2000 and today is its General Manager. Plake moved from Wichita Falls, Texas where he had worked for Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 & PW100 parts repair facility.

Rows and rows of floor to ceiling shelves house a complete selection of PT6A and PW100 turbine engine parts in a climate controlled, 50,000-square foot facility.





A LONGER WEAR LIFE COMBINED WITH COMPETITIVE PRICING EQUALS A MORE COST EFFECTIVE AIRCRAFT BRAKE, AND THAT GIVES YOU MORE LANDINGS PER DOLLAR. The “BlackSteel ” ® brake discs and linings from Aviation Products Systems are one-of-a-kind. With a one piece forging construction and the patented “BlackSteel ” ® heat treating process, the APS brakes are stronger, corrosion resistant, and last 30% longer than the competition. Why wait? Make the “BlackSteel ” ® switch today, and start earning more landings per dollar!



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UTP has four engine buyers; these include owners Mershon and Taylor, as well as Plake and Jeff Raines, who was recently hired to focus on buying used engines specifically for resale. Sometimes after an engine is bought, it is found to be more valuable as a complete engine. When this happens, the engine is either overhauled or a hot section inspection is performed before being placed into inventory.

Bruce’s Flying Service We Replace Spar Caps Repair Wings and Landing Gears Complete Line of Used Serviceable Thrush Parts

229-725-4150 Arlington, GA • fax: 229-725-5135

Universal Turbine Parts facility located at the Grouby Airport in Prattville, Alabama.

The engines bought by UTP are given a summary inspection, then sent to an FAA-certified repair station for teardown. The outsource overhaul shop provides a report of serviceable parts, then packages and returns them to UTP in Prattville. Upon receipt of the parts, UTP’s 40-plus employees catalogue, tag and store the parts in the appropriate bin using integrated computer

GE Aviation

rugged for a reason GE H80 Series engines are built to last with advanced materials and a robust turboprop design. Combining the latest technologies with modern 3D aerodynamic design, these powerplants deliver the enhanced takeoff power, dependable hot day performance and reduced cost of ownership required by the modern aerial applicator. To experience the next generation of engine performance, call: Greg Ryan Sales Representative North and South America +1.954.292.5312

Michal Ptacnik Sales Representative Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia +420.222.538.701

is now offering

Close Calls

Lessons To Live By

Starring Bob Hoover and Wayne Handley


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GE H80 Series turboprop engine

Visa/MasterCard 68364_h80_aau_jr_pg_ad.indd 1

12/13/11 3:43 PM

May 2013


inventory management systems. UTP buys many engines every year, some of which are parted out and others overhauled or hot section inspected to be sold as airworthy engines.

More than a dozen turbine engines on the shelf ready for delivery.

At the overhaul shop, engines are disassembled, inspected, boxed and returned to Universal Turbine Parts to be placed into inventory.

“We sell a large number of engines each year. Approximately half of those are with a fresh overhaul, while the rest have passed a repair or hot section inspection. Engine sales for UTP have increased significantly over the last few years. We feel this is an important additional service that we provide to the industry and is a growing part of our business,” explains Plake. Rows and rows of ceiling high shelving exclusively for turbine engine parts are housed in a 50,000-square foot climate controlled warehouse at UTP. Many of the parts are too expensive or rarely needed for an engine overhaul shop to justify keeping in its inventory. These overhaul shops depend on UTP to always have any turbine part or component they may need.

Competitive Pricing same Day Turntime

Exchange Available

We Overhaul

EAsA Approved

TPE331 & PT-6A FuEl NozzlEs

5005 Market Place Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122 (615) 758-5005 Fax (615) 758-5501 Se habla español CrS QTFr-573l envienos un Correo electronico


When someone orders an engine part, component or complete engine, whether it be an overhaul shop or an individual aircraft owner, there are five well-trained customer service representatives to handle their requests. Because UTP is a worldwide supplier, one of the customer service representatives can speak Spanish and Portuguese for the growing Latin American customer market. Recently, UTP expanded and remodeled its facility to better accommodate the increasing demand for turbine parts. Along with the remodeling, the administrative offices were doubled in size. Nowhere else in the world can virtually every PT6A and PW100 engine part be found in one facility. This makes Universal Turbine Parts unique. It supports the turbine engine operator to the fullest extent, either directly or through engine overhaul shops. It is a profound statement when Joel Plake says, “UTP has everything when it comes to PT6A and PW100 parts.”

Mystery Aircraft photo Submitted by Mike Feeney Hamilton, New Zealand

The little 130 bhp training biplane was transformed into the workhorse that was the mainstay of the first few years of the New Zealand ag-aviation industry. This DH-82 Tiger Moth is spreading its 250 kg load at Mangamahu; inland from Wanganui. The DH-82 was involved in a great number of accidents which kept engineers busy rebuilding airframes. But the rate of pilot deaths was low due to a combination of circumstances. Most crashes were at low speed. The pilot sat behind the hopper which prevented injury due to engine intrusion. The four main wings acted as effective shock-load absorbers. The structure surrounding the pilot was made of steel tube which might deform but not cause serious injury. Crash helmets were not in common use so head injuries did occur if the shoulder harness cable broke. It was even possible to survive in a stall-spin accident.




“Everything AgCat... And More” • • • • •

Established 1949 FAA/PMA Replacement Parts Transland Dealer STC Modifications Complete AgCat Rebuilds and Major Airframe Overhaul and Repair

18488 West HWY 30 P.O. Box 215 Hershey, NE 69143 Phone: 308-368-5556 Fax: 308-368-5503

GPS Systems for Aerial Applicators Only

Grow With Us DynaNav Systems Inc. Toll Free 1-877-333-9626 E-mail:

FA A A p p r o v e d R e p a i r S t a t i o n N o . M U 2 R O 1 8 L

May 2013



from the faa

Tired of fatigue by Matt Rigsby Humans are designed to be awake during the hours of light and to sleep during periods of darkness. In scientific terms, this is called the body’s natural clock, or circadian rhythm. Disturbances to the established circadian rhythm can reduce mental and physical performance, which can be described in one word — fatigue. I’m tired of seeing fatigue as a factor in so many of the accidents I investigate as part of my work. Let me tell you about one of them, which involved a friend I will call “Sam.” I did not know Sam was involved in the accident when I received the assignment. As I walked up to the wreckage, I made an initial assessment of the helicopter’s condition. The rotor and transmission had separated from the aircraft. Then I turned and saw Sam and his student. They were not injured physically, but both were sitting

on the ground in a state of shock. The first thing Sam said to me was: “Matt, I knew I should not have been flying, but I did it anyway.” A momentary lapse in judgment left no one at the controls during a three-foot hover, and the rest is history. What leads to that kind of lapse in judgment? Mental and physical fatigue. Sam was going through a divorce, a bitter custody battle, and financial troubles. He had moved out of his primary residence, had a recent job transfer, and was dealing with the death of a close family member. Oh, and he also had a sinus infection. Life’s many developments had taken their toll on Sam. One of the worst places for a fatigue-related accident is in the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) world, which includes high demands and pressure to move quickly. For both

Technology. Redefined. Functions Included * N1 and N2 * Torque * Fuel Pressure * Fuel Level * Fuel Flow * Fuel Used * Fuel to Waypoint * Fuel in Reserve * Fuel Remaining * Miles Per Gallon * Oil Temperature * Oil Pressure * Outside Air Temperature * Volts and Amps

* Up Timer * Down Timer * Clock (Zulu and Local) * Engine Time * Engine Cycles * Voice Warnings * Visual Warnings * Data Recording * Easy USB Interface * Interactive Checklists * Weight and Balance * Help Screen * EI’s World Class Customer Service

* Much, much more!


Turboprop Engine Analyzer

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Electronics International 63296 Powell Butte Hwy Bend, OR 97701 541-318-6060

May 2013


B:8.625” T:8.375” S:7”



trials demonstrate that Headline AMP fungicide delivered more bushels of corn per acre than any other fungicide.* Your ultimate success can depend on the performance of the fungicide you apply. So use Headline AMP fungicide, and your business can take off too. Visit or talk to your BASF Authorized Retailer today.

*Results summary 34 university and seed company small-plot replicated trials conducted 2007-2010 Always read and follow label directions. Headline and Headline AMP are registered trademarks of BASF. ©2013 BASF Corporation. All Rights Reserved. APN 13-PH-0002

B-2 Job # BSF1-AIR-13-02997 Job Description Aerial Applicator Print


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with a unique triazole for corn that stops diseases in their tracks. And independent


Headline AMP® fungicide combines the proven power of Headline® fungicide

pilots and mechanics, HEMS is a unique helicopter operation. Pilots fly most operations alone and predominately under visual flight rules (VFR). They generally work 12-hour day or night shifts. Medical crews typically work 24-hour-plus shifts. Fatigue can be a significant factor in job performance, so HEMS work needs to incorporate plenty of fatigue risk management methods. As you may know, the FAA regulates requirements for pilot flight duty and rest, but the agency has no jurisdiction over the medical crew’s duty and rest times. Advisory Circular AC0064, Air Medical Resource Management, provides guidance for initial and recurrent training of air medical transport crew members. The Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) chapter in the FAA’s Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge ( calls out the IMSAFE checklist, something readers of this column may have seen previously.

industry should use the IMSAFE risk mitigation strategy. As the name suggests, it could make the difference between a safe flight, and “I knew I should not be flying, but I did it anyway.” Matt Rigsby is a transportation industry officer and accident investigator in the FAA Rotorcraft Directorate. He is an A&P as well as a fixed and rotary wing pilot, who has worked in the helicopter community for 20 years. He has participated in more than 90 helicopter field accident investigations, both domestically and internationally.

1. Illness — Am I sick 2. Medication — Am I taking medicines that might affect my judgment or make me drowsy? 3. Stress — Am I under psychological pressure from the job? Do I have money, health or family problems? Stress causes concentration and performance problems. 4. Alcohol — Have I been drinking within eight hours? Within 24 hours? As little as one ounce of liquor, one bottle of beer, or four ounces of wine can impair flying skills. 5. Fatigue — Am I tired? Fatigue continues to be one of the most insidious hazards to flight safety, as it may not be apparent to a pilot until serious errors are made. 6. Eating — Have I eaten enough to keep me adequately nourished during the entire flight? Most pilots, mechanics, and flight crews are task oriented and want to get the job done no matter what we have going on in our lives. Everyone working in the aviation

May 2013



NAAREF’s Fly Safe messages make great bulletin board material It’s probably fair to say aerial applicators have never had more information available to help them make safe, accurate and efficacious applications than they do now. From advanced GPS capabilities to aerial spray nozzle models and weather data at your fingertips, 21st century ag pilots are privy to a sea

of data, along with a slew of legal, environmental and customerdriven requirements. It can be a lot to process at times, which is why the National Agricultural Aviation Research & Education Foundation (NAAREF) subscribes to the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) when it comes to dispensing its Fly Safe messages, a series of helpful and timely safety reminders sent to operators and pilots throughout the spring and summer flying season.


April 15, 20

Fly Safe C


g July onday durin nal d every M tio d August an tivity warrants addi an ne Ju , May ght ac y in April, creased fli in da n on he M w r he nt ail every ot messages may be se fax or e-m l Watch your issues. Supplementa d le for schedu ess. en safety awar



MAINTA Don’t become a sta2ti0st13 with 1 fatality. r in idents so fa ed 7 ag acc rt L! o p re s a h o AN KILth C S N The NTSB O e pilot to d I T AC R to enable iverted by T t S en I m D ip u T d eq be d COCKPI h advance the tion could

g wit pilot’s atten IMMS besides flyin is crowded e crop. A A g cockpit th d a g n ’s n a y ti S a P d ea o T eG f tr ctive job o tools like th ey reach the limit? a more effe tting the array of souri do th en h se w t r ash in Mis o u lti-task b icopter cr checking u ged el n h m a l n a ch ic ca ex ts ed ilo fatal m pilot had aircraft. P essages ibuted to a f the accident, the m tr e n re co h g T n . crash r the time o orted texti ceding the inutes prio NTSB rep ough not texting at hours pre sage 11 m o en es h tw h m w lt l n a a p A n o . th fi 1 st in 201 in less ith the ospital in flight w previous h inutes into an al messages 20 person d five were received texting during the m 0 3 el fu an ctively n out of es. were sent pilot was a s low on fuel. He ra of four liv e h ss T lo . e sh th a a to w d e le h s d to the cr n ze use of t’s actio have reali sed by the , t. The pilo he should ctions cau inute fligh a rio m a tr 2 is en 3 d sc t d t u te o estima cerned ab rated by the acciden e on the ground n co re a ts st fety exper ctions whil As demon ctice Aviation sa d texting in flight. mplete required fun outcome is the pra n s cial a u co o so es to n er n post o failure cellpho lly dang can cause tion pass to ty! a potentia s n h ca li it io p w ct p a n a tr e io dis act g th r safe other distr take pictures durin ensure you as well. An at hand to e to n sk o h ta p e ll th ce n o of using a our mind ase keep y eness AA recommends media. Ple FR Awaorre T g! F r e b m e you made Rem ictions (TFRs) bef u flhyain proof that g in. e v tr o y es R S re T t gh e su DUA lo porary Fli FSS. Mak FSS or by Check Tem FR NOTAMs from briefing records at T y you obtain comply as verified b to ow! rt fo the ef esolution N

ly Safe” R

Make a “F

informatio or e-mail 546-5722 AA. m the NA e call 202list, pleas faxes or e-mails fro fax fe” the “Fly Sa messages or all ved from fe To be remo from these Fly Sa only removed


n@agaviat Le

t us know

if you wish

to be

Each Fly Safe is formatted like a mini-poster suitable for posting on a bulletin board for everyone in an operation to see. Subject matters are frequently based on current events and other matters of ongoing safety concern. For example, a recent Fly Safe on cockpit distractions (see sample) illustrates the dangers of texting while flying—or even when you are on the ground preparing to fly. Other Fly Safe alerts include reminders to take time to keep your body healthy by eating right, getting sufficient rest and drinking plenty of fluids; minimize stress; maintain equipment properly; plan your flights to leave a way out of potential trouble; avoid ground-based obstructions like power lines, trees, towers and wind turbines; and above all, recognize and heed your gut feeling! The origins of the Fly Safe Campaign date back to 2002 when NAAREF started a safety program called “Fly Safe in July,” historically the peak month for ag accidents. Since then, the Fly Safe messages have increased in frequency. In addition to going out every Monday in July, Fly Safe messages come out every other Monday in April, May, June and August and whenever aviation activity warrants additional safety reminders.

If you are a Part 137 operator or ag pilot who has not been getting NAAREF’s Fly Safe alerts, contact NAAA at (202) 546-5722 or to be added to the recipient list. Back issues are also available to NAAA members at content/fly-safe-messages.

In the interest of safety, Fly Safe messages are freely shared with NAAA members and non-members alike—specifically, all aerial application operators and pilots with a valid email address, fax or both on file with NAAA. If you are a Part 137 operator or ag pilot who has not been getting Fly Safe, please contact NAAA Director of Education & Safety Ken Degg at (202) 546-5722 or to be added to the recipient list. Although this advice is free, the resources to produce it are not. Funding for NAAREF services and programs, such as PAASS, the Fly Safe Campaign and Operation S.A.F.E., comes from NAAA and other donors willing to invest in the future of agricultural aviation. We invite you to join the cause of preserving and protecting the aerial application industry, your livelihood and your life by joining NAAA if you aren’t a member already. To join, call (202) 546-5722 or visit membership to apply online. To make a charitable donation to NAAREF, please visit to donate online. To donate by mail, a printable pledge form is available at content/printable-paass-pledge-and-donation-form. Donations to NAAREF are tax deductible.  

July 4, 2011

In Washington and in

Technology and Safety Education

the Field

Working for the

Aerial Application Industry!

Government Representation

Fly Safe Campaign

Watch your fax or e-mail every Monday in July and every other Monday in August. Supplemental messages may be sent when increased flight activity warrants additional safety awareness.

MAINTAIN ACCIDENT AWARENESS Don’t become a statistic!

The NTSB reports 32 accidents including a third fatality which occurred in South Dakota. We also have an unconfirmed fatality in Montana. July has a history of being the highest accident month – please Fly Safe!

Convention and Networking

Strength ening Ag Aviation 's Image


What action will you take if you are making an application pass and the engine begins to lose power or another emergency situation occurs? Pilots in other aviation fields spend countless hours developing and learning emergency procedures to use automatically when faced with a given threat. Should we as ag pilots do any less? We want to believe the aircraft will not fail us - but what if it does at ten feet above the ground? The logical first step in planning is to thoroughly understand your aircraft’s systems. Understand the fuel selector use if you have multiple tanks. If the fuel pump fails, should a boost pump be switched on? Or a wobble pump? Pilots have brought an aircraft home by pumping the primer to supply fuel to the engine. What is the restart procedure for the engine you are operating? Don’t neglect one of the most important safety features of an ag aircraft – the ability to dump the load. No one wants an environmental clean-up by dumping a load but if you crash, you probably will have the problem anyway! Try to imagine different emergency scenarios, analyze the situations and practice your possible reactions. Do it before the need arises for real!

Remember TFR Awareness

Check Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) before flying! FAA recommends you obtain TFR NOTAMs from FSS. Make sure you have proof that you made the effort to comply as verified by briefing records at FSS or by DUATS log in.

Make a “Fly Safe” Resolution Now!

Exclusive News and Information

Join forces with NAAA— we’ll be your wingman.

To be removed from the “Fly Safe” fax list, please call 202-546-5722 or e-mail Let us know if you wish to be removed only from these messages or all faxes from the NAAA.

May 2013


wing and a prayer

Carlin Lawrence

All creation groans to be perfected again “Creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope” (Romans 8:19-20). God created a perfect universe with no death, decay or destruction (Genesis 1-2). Adam and Eve disobeyed God and

became sinners, lost their fellowship with God and passed their sinful nature to all humanity (with the exception of

Jesus Christ). Their sinful action caused God to curse the earth and every creature and plant in nature. Sin is so pervasive that one sin doomed the entire material universe to corruption; it began to decay and self-destruct and could no longer be what God created it to be (Genesis 3:1-24). The corruption and disorder that man’s sin caused in this universe

Serving Agricultural Aviation Serving Agricultural Aviation

   

Annual Inspection Hot Section Inspection Gear Box Inspection Nozzle Cleaning & Flowing

   

100 Hour Inspection Eddy Current Inspection Aircraft Recovery Aircraft Refurbishment

Strength in Numbers Strength in Numbers

years in business years in business

45 45

states states

40 40



customers customers


When I started my business, Kimmel wrote my insurance. In all that time they my have never given mewrote any reason to consider When I started business, Kimmel my insurance. In all Randy Mink, Service, Arkansas another that timeagent.” they have–never givenPoorboy’s me anyFlying reason to Bay, consider another agent.”

– Randy Mink, Poorboy’s Flying Service, Bay, Arkansas

442 Airport Road • Greenwood, MS 38930 • 800-647-9397 • 442 Airport Road • Greenwood, MS 38930 • 800-647-9397 •


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is very apparent when we look at the destructive forces within the universe. The known history of this earth and humanity is filled with destruction, violence, evil and death. This universe is doomed for destruction (2 Peter 3:1012); God will create a new universe (Revelation 21:1-5). “The creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. We know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now” (Romans 8:21-22). Creation is joyfully looking forward to the day when God will make it completely perfect again. God gives us a small glimpse of this each spring when the grass, trees, flowers, etc. come out in their beautiful colors, but then the summer heat, autumn and winter

stops this regeneration until the next spring. Creation is constantly trying to perfect itself again; but sin always stops this beautiful process. It’s like a person trying to perfect their sinful flesh with religious rules and traditions—but we always fail. This material universe and humanity have no creative powers; only God can make humans and this universe perfect again. God will dwell with His people when He creates a new heaven and earth and there will be no more pain, death, sorrow or crying because we now dwell in the presence of God in His holiness and perfection (Revelation 21). “Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, groan

inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies” (Romans 8:23). Humans inherited our genetics from Adam’s body that was cursed with sin. When we place our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we are sealed with God’s Holy Spirit as a guarantee that He will give us a new, eternal and glorified body when we leave this earthly body (2 Corinthians 5:1-5, Ephesians 1:14). What is this groaning Christians go through? Paul expressed this groaning when he said, “O wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death” (Romans 7:24). Christians constantly battle with our sinful nature (Galatians 5:17). We want to do what

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is right, but we find our self yielding to our sinful nature (Romans 7:14-20)— we groan because of our own sinfulness and the consequences of living in a sinful universe. We groan because we want to be in God’s heaven! Another part of a Christian’s groaning is, “For while we are in this earthly body, we groan and are burdened, because we do not wish to be unclothed but to be clothed instead with our heavenly body, so that what is mortal may be swallowed up by life” (2 Corinthians 5:4). We suffer the consequences of being sinful humans—we are physically and spiritually weak because of the curse of sin! Sickness, accidents, emotional and family problems and death are a part of human life. Earthly suffering is common to all of humanity—everyone goes through the fiery trials of life. Jesus Christ suffered in His earthly life—and He lived a perfect life (Hebrews 5:8)! Only the person who has his/her faith in Jesus Christ can positively know we have a heavenly body waiting for us in God’s heaven. The fullness of our

complete salvation is nearer every day (Romans 13:11)—and we know it! “Our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20). “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?” (Roman 8:24). The hope of being in the presence of God for all eternity is not wishful thinking—God’s promises are an established fact. The English word “hope” comes from the Greek word “elpis” which has the meaning of a confident expectation or absolute security of our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. A Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ gives us absolute confidence that God is going to complete what He starts and fulfill all His promises to His sons and daughters. Paul wrote, “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us the confidence to deny the desires of our sinful nature, deny the

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world’s way of living and deny Satan’s temptations. “We live by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). “But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently” (Romans 8:25). God uses the sufferings, trials and temptations that Christians go through to build our integrity, character, faith and patience (2 Thessalonians 1:4, James 1:2). Christians are to rejoice when we suffer for our faith in Jesus Christ—it proves we have God’s Spirit dwelling in us (1 Peter 4:12-14). Jesus Christ learned obedience through suffering (Hebrews 5:8). Paul tells us not to lose heart, because our earthly sufferings are light and momentary when compared to our eternal glory in God’s heaven (2 Corinthians 4:17). Jesus Christ said, “Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer…Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life” (Revelation 2:10). Will you dwell in God’s presence for all eternity? It’s your choice!

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3/15/13 1:17 PM

May 2013


Robert A. McCurdy, Chief Pilot / Flight Instructor Flying Tiger Aviation, LLC,

in my opinion

Not what we teach Recently we had a visitor fly in who proceeded to chastise us about a flying technique we were accused of teaching.

boss that was the way he was taught. My response to this is “Bull Hocky DooDoo”! That is not the way we teach.

The subject topic; how to take off with a heavy load. In this case, a pilot who had attended Flying Tiger Aviation (FTA) was flying for our visitor and was taking off in a heavily loaded 600 Ag-Cat. We were told the young pilot attempted to pull his airplane off the ground before

At Flying Tiger Aviation, I teach all my students to allow the airplane to fly when it is ready, not before and do not hold it on the ground any longer than necessary. As an aside, I have been flying ag for 45 years and honestly speaking, I truly do not remember ever looking at the

it was ready to fly. The result was the Ag-Cat lifted off the ground, but then settled striking a wing on the ground, then rolling up into a ball, destroying the airplane. Apparently, the rookie pilot told his

There’s an art to all this! Come capture the experience and training you seek in ag aviation Turbine Transition Course

Flying Tiger Aviation offers flight and ground training for budding ag pilots, and turbine transition training for older hands. If you’re interested in an exciting career in the world of flying, please call us for details. We’d love to fly with you.

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of Completion

Flying Tiger Aviation About the artist: Captain Luis Sierra, Flying Tiger Aviation graduate, is currently flying for Dole® in Honduras.

Presented to

Ground Instruction & Tail Wheel Training • Instruction for Pesticide Licensing Testing • Dual-Control Turbine Thrush • Dual-Control Ag Cat Primary S.E.A.T. Training • Glider Flight Instruction • Banner/Glider Towing Training


Robert A. McCurdy Agricultural Aviation Specialist / Chief Flight


airspeed indicator when we (my plane and me) “slip the surly bonds” of Earth. This is the first time I have ever heard a story like this and it affects me personally, as well as the reputation of Flying Tiger Aviation. At the 2011, NAAA convention in Las Vegas, I was presented with the William O. Marsh Safety Award. However, the award should have went to Flying Tiger Aviation. FTA preaches and pounds safety. We have never taught “pulling” your ag plane off the ground before it is ready. Regarding the accident the young pilot had, I am terribly sorry it occurred and very happy he was not injured. As I recall, he was a good student. And so as per always, be safe, have fun, make money and use some common sense!

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Samuel L. Miller,

Is 2013 the year for an aircraft purchase? How is the current economy influencing your business? Is an aircraft purchase decision being considered this year? What are some common sense considerations affecting an aircraft purchase decision? President Obama signed the “The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012" on January 2, 2013. This law changed the requirements for 50% bonus

depreciation, but that doesn’t guarantee it will benefit you. Profits are down for many companies. Lower profits may not allow you to benefit from extra

Auger uger An’s s DAn rucks Trucks

depreciation. The difference between the bonus depreciation and normal depreciation deserves comment. The total amount that can be depreciated using any method is the purchase price plus sales tax for an outright purchase or the cash difference paid plus the sales tax for a trade transaction. The difference between bonus and normal depreciation is the tax year in which the depreciation is deducted. To evaluate the financial

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difference, prepare an after-tax cash flow for the next five years using both the bonus and normal depreciation methods. Then use Net Present Value (NPV) to compute the value in today’s dollars of each depreciation method. You might be surprised with the results of this calculation. The aircraft depreciation remaining on a current aircraft impacts the cash flow for the continued operation of that aircraft. The depreciation amount claimed each year is a non-cash expense that reduces the tax bill and effectively produces cash. Think of the tax savings from depreciation as an interest free loan from the government for as long as the aircraft is owned. If you are near the end of your depreciation, then evaluate a replacement aircraft. If the replacement aircraft is a new aircraft, then it might qualify for the bonus depreciation. The delivery date is one of the key items affecting bonus depreciation. Taxes are always one of the factors affecting a purchase decision, so visit your tax counsel and advisor to confirm the after-tax financial impact of a purchase this year.

your financial projections that compare keeping your current aircraft versus trading it for the replacement aircraft. Since bonus depreciation applies to capital improvements on any type (new or used) aircraft, making improvements to your current aircraft or purchasing a fixer-upper is a financial option. Common sense tells us that as the aircraft ages it will be less reliable and cost more to maintain. New aircraft offer greater reliability and lower operating cost than

used aircraft. Has your aircraft reliability or availability changed significantly? How much longer will your current aircraft be up-to-date with technology? Will your aircraft maintenance cost increase significantly? Is 2013 the year to purchase? Those making a purchase decision on either a new or used aircraft will be smart to do the math before acting. See www. for information on performing aircraft cost analysis.

Purchasing or trading for a used aircraft versus a new aircraft is a financial alternative to evaluate. Used aircraft values have a big impact on total ownership cost. If you’re trading for another aircraft (new or used) the trade-in value of your current aircraft might be a deciding factor in the purchase decision. Estimate the future resale values of your current aircraft and the aircraft you are purchasing. The aircraft resale values as a percentage of the purchase price you paid for the different aircraft will not be the same. Use these projected resale values in

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Other 1%

AgAir Update eEdition poll results

No 39% Yes 60%

Do you use a VHF radio's 123.45 frequency to contact other aircraft?


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And to shoot the bull—Lake Providence, LA Used to but that is a dedicated frequency now.—Dubois, ID Also use our own company FM Freq. (for our own planes) along with the local unicom Freq—Vineland, NJ

The All New

Air to air—Pelham, GA 122.85—Ft. Stockton I usually monitor the nearest airport frequency or 126.7. This is in Canada. Or maybe 123.2 or 122.8.—Bonnyville, AB We use 122.75—Three Forks, MT Perhaps should be required equipment! Maybe a much safer airspace if competitors communicate !—Astoria, IL Doesn't everyone?—Big Sandy, MT It's a freq used for air to air. It seems to bother airline yuppies. However, they are the greatest abusers of the freq. I have heard many union problems discussed for hours crossing the Atlantic or flying across the country at night.—San Antonio, TX Usually when we are formation—Anonymous






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May 2013


Marcelo Drescher, Ergonomic Specialist Agricultural Flight Instructor


We're losing It is often heard within the ag aviation circles that operational safety management (SMS) is something that we tolerate, but doesn’t work for our industry. Is this right or wrong?

Editor’s Note: Marcelo Drescher is a Brazilian ag-aviation instructor and columinst for AgAir Update’s Brazilian edition. His comments here are meant for Brazilian ag-pilots, but also apply to all ag-pilots worldwide.

We know that agricultural aviation has not been accustomed to facing the legal requirement of operational safety implementation as part of the management of an operation. Our first attempt at an SMS system usually involves controlling the people that are running the operation, either pilots or ground crew, by utilizing

their experience and training to effectively implement a home grown “SMS” system. The SMS process involves controlling security, evaluating the performance of people involved in the activities and a systematic approach that includes attention to the human factors; that are for the most part nonexistent in our operations today. For what reason? We know that the environment that ag operators work in is entirely different than the rest of commercial aviation. The

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inherent aspects of the flight maneuvers in ag flying, that include deviations of obstacles near the ground, departures from semi-prepared runways and other aspects that confer high risk activity has contributed to many accidents. This being said, a standard, government imposed, one-size-fits-all commercial aviation SMS system will not work.

It is a natural and necessary progression that the industry introduces a system of operational safety management. It is a natural and necessary progression that the industry introduces a system of operational safety management. But why is there such resistance, or apparent inefficiency, in the

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May 2013


Spreading The Wings of Insurance Protection to Ag Aircraft Owners and Pilots

implementation of this process? First, why has operational safety been erroneously regarded as a time waster, as it limits the operation of the company while retaining the balance between protection and production? Second, talk of effective reporting system, continuous monitoring of all activities (whether they are doing a farm trail, fully insulated), sharing safety lessons learned (in a rut of incessant and tiring work for six months), effective application of standard operating procedures through checklists, among others, seem unrealistic or impractical.

The question still remains: How? The good Aviation Insurance Coverage Customized for Ag Aircraft Owners and Operators

Falcon Insurance is one of the largest independently owned insurance specialists in the country. Our professional staff has decades of experience in aviation insurance, and we are uniquely qualified to provide insurance protection for agricultural aircraft owners and pilots. We are dedicated to providing you with insurance coverage and service that sets the standard for the industry.


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news is that each in its own way, to a lesser or greater degree, already implement some form of operational safety practices. However, we know that we need to manage safety. Not only because of legal requirements, but because of all the benefits of the process. Such as: physical integrity of those involved, preservation of equipment and company image, among others.

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The question still remains: How? The good news is that each in its own way, to a lesser or greater degree, already implement some form of operational safety practices. All companies have rules or attitudes, aimed at proper execution of daily tasks and rules and regulation compliance. However, what we see is a misalignment between what is proposed as a method and whether or not there is any practicality

in imposing this. Theorizing to the extreme, typical of models that attempt to describe human behavior and organizations, tend to giving the impression that everything is possible, and in doing so, reveal an instrument of little use to anyone seeking practical and immediate answers.

teams work well. Any methodology wishing to take effect in the middle of ag aviation have to balance the premise of practicality vs safety. Until we can do this, we will continue to witness fatal and preventable accidents. In the meantime, we will continue losing.

Our aircraft operate well. Our procedures are well prepared and our

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Command aerial label unchanged by Ford Baldwin Delta Farm Press, Over the past several weeks I have received telephone calls along the lines of “what is going on with the aerial label for Command in Arkansas?” I have talked to folks who thought the 24-C aerial label had been cancelled and it could not be aerially applied this year and to others who said their applicators had said they would not apply it until further notice. Nothing has changed in regards to the aerial label for Command in 2013 relative to previous years. What did happen was a single incident in which the interpretation of a statement on the Command label was brought into question, resulting in a liability concern among aerial applicators. The 24-C label contains a statement that essentially says to avoid applications within 300 feet of desirable plants. It has been on

the label all these years, and I was not aware it had ever been called into question. That statement could be interpreted as a buffer zone. Buffer zones or buffer statements are present on a lot of herbicide labels and in some state plant board regulations. Most are rather specific, such as those for 2,4-D on cotton or Facet on tomatoes. Some are specific to towns or municipalities rather than crops. Some of the buffers also take into account whether wind is blowing toward or away from whatever the buffer is intended to protect. Admittedly the statement on the Command label is more nebulous than most I have seen. The word “desirable” is more difficult to define and means different things to different people — often depending upon whom the vegetation belongs to.


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One thing for certain is neither the Arkansas State Plant Board nor FMC Corporation intended for the statement or interpretation of the statement to place a 300-foot unsprayed buffer around every rice field in Arkansas — which is what the strictest interpretation could do. That would create a herbicide resistance nightmare among a lot of other things.

A couple of things have happened recently. FMC has prepared a fact sheet clarifying what I stated above — that is nothing has changed about the Command label for 2013. All of the uses, including aerial application, of Command and all approved tank mixtures remain approved.



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ely to



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13-03-14 8:03 PM

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AgAir Update | Junior Page | 7.08”w x 9.14”h

George Tidwell, Arkansas State Plant Board chairman and aerial applicator recently sent a letter to fellow applicators stating the specific incident was tabled for further study and review to allow us to get on with the 2013 growing season. A more defined interpretation would be: if you keep the Command on the target area, there should not be an issue. If there is an off-target issue, then a buffer zone violation could well accompany that just as in the past with Command and other herbicides. This is a commonsense approach on the part of everyone involved. Typically, buffer zone violations are issued when a documented off-target issue has occurred and the application was closer than the buffer allowed. Through the years, offtarget complaints on Command have been few and far between.

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For field support and OEM-authorized service to keep your engine and your operation running smoothly, contact Dallas Airmotive. Tel 2 1 4 - 9 5 6 - 3 0 0 1


To ll- F re e ( U S A) 800-527-5003

Ag Rig h t@ DallasAir m o tive .co m

Ag Rig h t. c om

What I have attempted here is “Ford’s” interpretation of the situation to slow the phone calls. I work for neither FMC nor the Arkansas State Plant Board, although I have been involved in a lot of dialog about this situation. That dialog is being continued to better clarify the statement on the label, the interpretation and enforcement of the statement, or both. In the meantime, we have a rice crop to make and need to be able to apply Command and mixtures of Command by both aerial and ground application. In that process we cannot leave unsprayed buffers around rice fields, nor can we let the herbicide drift off target and affect someone else’s property. While it may take two or three different trips to the field with two to three different wind directions to get it done, applicators in Arkansas have an excellent track record of doing that, and I expect 2013 to be no different.

Precision Laboratories announces good neighbors giveaway winner WAUKEGAN, Illinois — Precision Laboratories is pleased to announce the winner of the National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Good Neighbors Giveaway. The grand prize winner, Jeremy Seng of Cavalier, N.D., will receive a grilling package including: a Charbroil® grill, Yeti® cooler, an Omaha Steaks® gift card and grilling utensils.

coverage when applied through aerial application equipment.”

“Aerial applicators who attended the NAAA tradeshow had the opportunity to register for the Good Neighbors Giveaway and learn how Volare DC™ makes them a good neighbor by reducing drift,” said Jim Reiss, vice president of Agricultural Chemistries at Precision Laboratories. “Volare DC is designed to improve drift control deposition and

“I was surprised to hear that I had won, and I am glad that I stopped by the booth to sign up,” said Seng. “I am looking forward to using the grill and cooler when the weather warms up.” In 2011, Volare DC received validation through research performed at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Services

Unlike ordinary drift retardants designed for ground application, Volare DC optimizes droplet size and deposition by “right-sizing” spray droplets to resist wind stream shear that ruptures oversized droplets formed from ordinary drift retardants.

(ARS) Aerial Application Technology high speed wind tunnel. It reduced drift by more than 30 percent compared to alternatives and provided superior compatibility at a low-use rate. For more information on Volare DC, visit

about Precision Laboratories is a leading provider of specialized chemistries applied to plants, seeds, soil and water to maximize resource and biological performance potential while stewarding the environment. For more information on the company’s products and its value-added dealers, call 800-323-6280 or visit

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Over 32-years in aerial application and over 18-years in the containment business.

May 2013


65th annual NATA convention by Ronnie Mitchell PIREPS Department of Aeronautics NE The Younes Conference Center at Kearney, Nebraska hosted this years NATA convention, February 18-20. Thirty-nine exhibitors were present selling their products and educating nearly 100 aerial applicators who were there for recertification of their pesticide license, which is good for three years. The word pesticide is an umbrella term for over 1,300 active ingredients with approximately 18,000 labels, for control of a wide variety of things which cause a decrease in the amount of agricultural production a farmer can get from his fields. Why should a farmer use aerial application at an average rate of $8.11/acre (according to the 2012 Farm Custom Rates for NE) with a range between $6-$15/acre (cost of pesticide is in addition to the$8.11/acre)? If a farmer usuallyproduces 200 bushels of corn per irrigated acre, but then uses an aerial

application of pesticides the next year and yields 220 bushels of corn per acre, that’s an increase of 20 bushels per acre. Profit is the bottom line. The three-day recertification event first promoted flying safety with the Professional Aerial Applicators Support System (PAASS) and was presented by RandyHale (TX) and Craig Bair (NE).  This was the 15th year for the program. In Nebraska during 2012, there were three accidents and no fatalities, a remarkable achievement considering most of the flying is less than 20’ above the ground, long hours each day and without an autopilot. There were four modules in the presentation consisting of Agricultural Aviation’s Airfield Watch, Human Factors in Agricultural Aviation, “Stall Spin Avoidance and other Wisdom”, Spray Drift Reduction - “Drift - High Speeds and

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ind it it in in an an Find air ir tractor ractor!

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The topic that really got my attention was the stall/spin avoidance module. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but most aerial applicator aircraft are heavily loaded during their first several passes, making tight turns at low airspeeds, which increases the possibility of getting a stalled wing and therefore dramatically increasing the probability of a stall/ spin. Many aerial applicators are going to turbine aircraft and in order to keep the center of gravity within limits the nose of the aircraft is lengthened (due to turbines’ lighter weight) creating a gyroscopic effect and making turning a new game! So do not bank steeper than necessary when heavy, don’t do hammerhead stall turns and avoid abrupt pull ups to prevent an accelerated stall. Get an angle of attack indicator installed in your aircraft to assist in avoiding these pitfalls.

L to R: Randy Hale and Craig Bair

the Insurance Perspective” and Hangar Ag Flying - “Topics of Interest to Ag Operators.” Airfield Watch has been a topic of interest among all pilots for several years and basically, if you see anything unusual, (anyone trying to access an aircraft through force, anyone who misuses aviation lingo, out-of-the-ordinary videotaping of aircraft, hangars or chemical storage buildings) you need to let the authorities know. There are several numbers you can call beginning with 911 for your local law enforcement. There is the national response number, which is 866-GA-Secure or 866-427-3287.


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Wind gradient was another topic covered in this module and applies to all pilots flying any type of aircraft. Several things can occur with wind gradient, but interestingly, you can climb and gain airspeed and also descend and lose airspeed! If the wind gradient is significant and/or sudden, the pilot maintains the same pitch attitude during climb, the indicated airspeed will increase. The pilot must adjust the airspeed to deal with the effect of the gradient. When landing or descending to spray a field,wind gradient is also a hazard, particularly when the winds are strong. As the aircraft descends through the wind gradient (wind speed decreases during descent due to ground friction) on final approach to landing or to eight feet above a

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crop canopy, airspeed decreases while sink rate increases and there is insufficient time to accelerate prior to ground contact. The pilot must anticipate the wind gradient and use a higher approach speed to compensate for it. Stay a head of the aircraft and live to fly another season!

We broke for lunch with guest speaker, Brian Stuhl, one of 93 pilots to fly the famous Blackbird, the SR71. The other modules were then covered and we broke for lunch with guest speaker, Brian Stuhl, one of 93 pilots to fly the famous Blackbird, the SR71. Brian had been shot down during the Vietnam conflict and suffered major burns requiring over 20 surgeries during the course of a year. His attitude concerning life changed during his hospital stay when he heard Judy Garland sing “Over the Rainbow” (“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true”). As a result, he eventually got back on flying status and later became an SR71 pilot. His life has since evolved around motivational speaking and photography and as a result he has created numerous photo books on the USAF Thunderbirds, the Blue Angels, the SR71 and nature photos. He is an excellent photographer and motivational speaker.




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L to R: Dr. Larry Schulze and Alan Corr

The next day, Wednesday, a major snowstorm was moving through Kansas and forecast to hit Nebraska later that afternoon, so the recertification session was started earlier. First up was John Garr talking about “Adjuvants - The Rest of the story.” Then Alan Corr gave a presentation on setting up an aerial aircraft for optimum spraying patterns. Alan monitored 55 aircraft performing 280 passes over “the string” and other devices to record droplet size and patterns during the 2012 season. Droplet size is measured in microns from very fine 150 microns, to coarse 369-451 microns. The width of a human hair is 100 microns while the optimum droplet size is medium 242-358 micron diameter. Smaller droplet size causes


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drift of the product which might cause damage to crops in another field. Next up was my favorite, Dr. Larry Schulze, who has presented at the NATA Recertification Conference for 26 years. Dr. Schulze is Professor Emeritus, Pesticide Education, UNL and presented “In the Heat of the Summer,” a topic on pesticide labeling and how to interpret the directions on the label. He always brings a lot of humor into a difficult topic and keeps everyone listening to see what he’s up to next! Other presentations included Rick Boardman’s luncheon speech on what the national organization, NAAA, has been


doing to foster public education concerning aerial application. The FAA FAAS- Team, presented “On-line Pilot Proficiency Program for a Safer Year,” by Chris Manthe followed by Bob Wright, Professor of Entomology UNL, “Corn Insect Update,” and Tim Creger, NE Dept. of Agriculture, “Pesticide Regulatory Update.” Not to be out done by the men, the ladies of NATA also had some fun with their own program. On Tuesday, they had a presentation on new ideas and new looks for jewelry termed “Bling Like a Rock Star.” My wife participated in that event by leaving a “few dollars” for a very nice metal belt; she always looks like a rock star to me!

DeSpain Collection Stone Coasters $29.99 DeSpain set of four stone coasters. Set includes Ag-Cat, AT-502, Cessna, and Thrush 510

L to R Front Row: Lea VanBoening, Doris Mitchell, Susan Thomas. Back Row: Sue Roth, LaDonna Simonton, Kenna Ebert, Janet Cavanaugh and Barb Jungren

M A R K E T P L A C E 478-987-2250

The afternoon event was a cooking presentation with new and old gadgets that should be in every kitchen called, “You Do What With That?”  On Wednesday, it was door prizes and a business meeting followed by a presentation on aprons called, “This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Apron.” 

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Extensive One-Stop Parts Inventory Executive Secretary, Judy McDowell, was presented with flowers during the Tuesday evening activities, as this was her 20th year of organizing all the activities of the convention. Judy also produces a very good newsletter for NATA.

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AT-802F — Overall dimensions 18.5” wide by 26” tall.

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ntsb reports NTSB Identification: *CEN13LA163* Date: February 16, 2013 Location: Jennings, LA Aircraft: PZL MIELEC M18 Injuries: 1 Fatal. On February 15, 2013, about 1710 central standard time a WSK PZL Mielec M-18A, single engine airplane, was destroyed after impacting terrain near Jennings, Louisiana. The pilot was fatally injured. The airplane was registered to and operated by Riceland Aviation, Inc. Day visual meteorological conditions (VMC) prevailed at the time of the accident and a flight plan had not been filed for the 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 agricultural application flight. The local area flight had

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departed at 1650 from Jennings Airport (3R7), Jennings, Louisiana. The wreckage was found near a radio tower in a field where the airplane had been spraying. Evidence at the scene showed the airplane impacted and damaged a guy wire on the radio tower. At 1710 the recorded weather data from 3R7 revealed that the wind was from 310 degrees at 3 knots, and the visibility was 10 miles. Sunset occurred at 1800.

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NTSB Identification: *CEN13LA191* Date: March 08, 2013 Location: Paragould, AR Aircraft: GRUMMAN ACFT ENG SCHWEIZER G-164B Injuries: 1 Minor.

terrain at Kirk Field Airport (KPGR), Paragould, Arkansas. The commercial pilot, who was the sole occupant, was not injured. During the attempted takeoff, the left wing impacted the ground and was substantially damaged. The airplane was under the provisions of 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 137 as an aerial application flight. Visual flight rules conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The local flight was originating at the time of the accident. The airplane will be examined by a representative from the Federal Aviation Administration.


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On March 8, 2013 about 1600 central daylight time, a Grumman 164B veered off the left side of the runway during takeoff and impacted

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Air Tractor AT-802A #500 delivered to its new owner Olney, TEXAS – According to Air Tractor, Inc. President Jim Hirsch, the company’s popular single-seat 800-gallon capacity 802 series aircraft reached another milestone April 4th. On this cool, windy and cloudcovered Thursday, S/N 802A-0500 was delivered to its new owner. The proud owner of the 500th AT-802A is Drew Spidahl, owner of Ag-Tech Air, LLC in Lena, Illinois. Air Tractor dealer Harley Curless of Farm Air, Inc. placed the order and completed the sale in mid February. Harley and son Joe were on hand at Air Tractor with Drew and his father Kay to take delivery of the aircraft. This marks the 500th aircraft produced in the 802 series for ag and firefighting work.

“When the very first production model AT-802 was delivered in 1993, Leland Snow thought he might sell six or eight the first year and would be satisfied if he could sell 10-15 per year,” says Hirsch. The aircraft was originally designed as an 800-gallon capacity air tanker for aerial firefighting. The AT-802 was by far the largest capacity ag plane in the industry then, and remains so now, with a 16,000-pound FAA certificated gross weight. “It wasn’t long before the 802 was equipped with spray booms and working as an ag plane,” notes Hirsch. “More and more ag operators saw how the 802 really boosted production and efficiency. Sales steadily grew, and by March 2005, Air Tractor had produced 200 of the AT-802s. Now eight years

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later we have delivered number 500. Today, the AT-802 is the second bestselling aircraft in our product line, just behind the AT-502,” says Hirsch. Drew Spidahl is co-owner of 802 #500 with his father, Kay of Highland Chemical Inc, an independently owned chemical and fertilizer dealer based in Stockton, Illinois. The company has served farmers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa for over 30 years. Ag-Tech Air LLC is a subsidiary of Highland Chemical Inc providing aerial application for its five retail chemical and fertilizer plants (Ag-Tech of Stockton, Ag-Tech of Shannon, AgTech of Mt. Carroll, Chadwick Oil & Ag Services, and Fulton Fertilizer). The

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new AT-802 will join another AT-802 at Ag-Tech Air. “We purchased these two Air Tractor 802s for their efficiency,” Drew says. “From what I saw of their performance last year, I can say they’re quite impressive; they are good, reliable machines.”

Even with last year’s drought, it appears that farmers are still in a good position to make strong investments into their crops this year. This season Drew anticipates that both AT-802s will stay busy. He expects an even stronger comeback from last year’s drought and reduced corn and soybean yields. “We were fortunate last year. We had a 140% increase in acres treated over 2011. This year, commodity prices remain fairly strong and we are forecasting a 200% increase over 2012. Even with last year’s drought, it appears that farmers are still in a good position to make strong investments into their crops this year. Many of them had crop insurance and they’re preparing for another big season. It is our job as a retailer and custom aerial applicator to get growers more bushels. Outstanding service and custom application has always been the main pillar of our

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Air Tractor #500 delivers to its new owners. On hand for the milestone event: (L-R) Kay Spidahl, Drew Spidahl, Ag-Tech Air; Kristin Edwards, Jim Hirsch, Air Tractor; Harley Curless and Joe Curless, Farm Air.

organization and Air Tractor’s 802 helps us deliver that to our growers!” The AT-802 has become one of Air Tractor’s top selling aircraft, thanks to its 800-gallon capacity and high production capabilities. Sales of the AT-802A have grown steadily during the past 10 years, with 48 of the 802 series aircraft delivered in 2012, according to Air Tractor. Founded in Olney, Texas, in 1974, Air Tractor, Inc. manufactures more aircraft for the agricultural aviation industry than any other company in the world. For additional information about the AT-802 and other Air Tractor aircraft, or for the name of your nearest authorized Air Tractor dealer, contact Air Tractor, Inc. at 940-564-5616 or visit our website at

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On the tail of AT-802 #500: a one-of-a-kind decal distinguishes this airplane from all others that came before.

twenty years ago

Blanch’s, Braves & Bananas Editor’s Note: I would like to dedicate this “20 years ago” article to Mary Blanch, mother to Ben and wife to Ted. It doesn’t seem like 20 years ago when Sandy and I were with the Blanchs in Australia. It was our first trip Down Under. The Blanchs welcomed us into their home for a week, although we had never met before. I’ll never forget Ted’s comment (in humor), “Guests are like fish, after three days, they both begin to stink”. The following year, Ben came to stay with us in Georgia for three weeks. He never did stink! Since our visit, Mary has lost both Ted and Ben, two really great men. This article brings back many fond memories, I am sure for her, as much as for me. -BL by Bill Lavender TULLY, QUEENSLAND - Sandy and I left Moree on a Wednesday with a full day of travel ahead of us. We caught an Eastern Australian airline to Sydney. Peter Weatherstone, executive director for the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia, met us at the air terminal. He gave us the “nickel” tour of the city. I dare say we saw almost everything in a

Ted Blanch heads out in his Johnston Super Brave for a banana spray run at Tully Gorge.

couple of hours. From there we caught another Eastern Australian airline to Brisbane, switched aircraft and headed further north to Cairns (pronounced Cans). We were now about 1,300 miles north of Sydney in the tropical region of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef lies only a few miles out to the east in the South Pacific. And yes, we did go snorkeling on “The Reef”.

That evening we were met at the Cairns airport by Ted and Mary Blanch of Blanch’s Aerial Agriculture. This gracious pair would be our host for the rest of the week. Their ag spraying operation is spread over three locations in the northeastern region of Queensland; Tully, Ingham, and Walkamin. Walkamin is the home base, Ingham the fixed base were aircraft

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May 2013


maintenance is performed, and Tully where the bulk of the spraying is done. The first few days we settled in visiting the sights, including “The Reef”, Cairns marketplace, the township of Ingham and Tully with its rainforest, jungle and miles of deserted beaches. Our stay extended until the following Sunday when we left Walkamin for the flight from Cairns to Brisbane, then on by car to the AAAA convention in Surfers Paradise. Ted Blanch is an old hand at the ag spraying “game” as the Aussies call it. He began flying in 1958. In 1967 he started flying ag. He had driven loader trucks the previous five years. In 1974 he formed Blanch’s Aerial Agriculture by putting a 235 Pawnee to work in Ingham. The Pawnee, still used today, was outfitted with Ferguson Plane Boosters and an 180-gallon Transland hopper. The Ferguson Plane Boosters are wing tips squared off with a slight droop; reminds you of the Hutcherson wing tip. In Ingham, the Blanch’s have a maintenance shop and the primary office location. Mary handles the booking and administrative duties. Both engine rebuild and airframe repairs are made at the shop. Bob Robertson, with the Blanch’s the past four years, concentrates mainly on the engine work. Vince Manciagli (pronounced Man-Charlie), 18 years with Blanch’s Aerial Agriculture, handles the airframe work. The shop can do outside maintenance, but stays busy handling its own work.

(L-R) Ben Blanch and father, Ted, operate mixing vat with dust extractor system. Extractor is mounted on left side of mix vat. In 1977 Ted branched out to Tully. This part of Queensland is tropical and noted for its rainfall. To the south in Moree, New South Wales, agriculture is highly dependent on irrigation, while banana plantations and sugar cane paddocks (Aussie for fields) are amply supplied with rainfall, over 300 inches a year! The rainy season starts the end of December and usually ends late March or early April. It isn’t uncommon to receive as much as 10 inches in a single rainfall, creating a paradise of rainforest and agriculture. Banana plantations (not like the old Southern plantations in the States, but small groups of 35-60 acre fields) and sugar 800-437-5319 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 • 701-636-5880 • fax 701-636-5881 •


Personal Flight Assistant


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leading edge kits. The other Brave is a 285 horsepower Tiara. “Bill, the Tiara Brave is the nicest aircraft I have ever flown. You know, it is the only Tiara left in Australia,” Ted explained. The Braves are outfitted with 10 AU5000 Micronair rotary atomizers for low volume work. Application rates are controlled by Crophawk Flow Meters. The majority of the applications are applied at 3 gallons per acre or 30 liters/hectare.

Ben Blanch prepares Ted’s Brave for next day’s work parked in opening of drive-thru load facility. cane are the major crops. Ted explained how these growers make the best customers. Unlike many growers in other parts of the world, the Australian banana and sugar cane growers work in their fields. Ted believes this keeps them in touch with their operations. He explained they were as much friends as customers. I found this to be true. One of his customer friends, Nat Laspina, drove me around the Tully Gorge area introducing me to the “Wet Tropics”, a “protected” rainforest jungle. The bananas require spraying at 14-day intervals with a fungicide, mancozeb. Sometimes Tilt is used as a curative application on fungi. On rare occasions Lorsban is applied for control of various insects. The applications on bananas are applied year-round.

Four years ago Ted built the present loading facility at Tully. It is a drive-thru design. The load pad is covered with a 55-foot wide hangar with the front and rear ends open. The pad is designed to drain any rinsing or spillage to one central point. One side of the hangar serves as a 40 x 25 storage facility for chemicals. Inside this area is the mixing vat. Ted and his son, Ben, designed a vacuum system to remove the dust from the fungicide powders. The dust extractor removes the dust during the mixing operation. Although the dust from the fungicide is not toxic, it makes for a better mixing and working environment. Less than 100 pounds of dust accumulated in the filtration system the first 18 months of operation. The Tully loading facility vastly improves loading for the two Braves and provides a clean place to work. In 1983 Ted and Mary bought Sky Ranch, located outside of Walkamin. This 165-acre ranch, planted in part with mangos and citrus fruit trees and a 2,000 feet sod strip, is home for the

The banana plantations require intense use of manual labor. Primarily Europeans, as well as people from other parts of the world, work on the banana plantations cutting back the baby banana trees (shoots) and clipping down the banana bunches. The workers are very aware of the aerial applications. This requires Blanch’s Aerial Agriculture to schedule applications over the week-ends. Applications start early Saturday morning and finish by Sunday afternoon. Any application not completed must be applied the following morning or late evening while the workers aren’t in the fields. Night spraying on bananas is not possible. Nor can applications in the hottest part of the day be made. The banana leaves close-up at nightfall and from heat stress during the day. This closing of the leaves limits the amount of fungicide that can be deposited on the leaves. Sugar cane requires one or two herbicide applications in the early season. The herbicide is a 2,4-D hormone in combination with Starane (a product similar to 2,4,5-T). The herbicide acts primarily on vine-type weeds. The average sugar cane field is 20-30 acres with the average farm about 150 acres. Blanch’s Aerial Agriculture operates two Pawnees and three Braves. A long time friend and customer of Johnston Air Service, two of Ted’s Braves have the California-based company’s

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Overview of Blanch’s drive-thru hangar. A music radio is left playing over a loudspeaker during the night to ward off roosting birds.

(L-R) Ben and pilot, Peter Stevens, load a Brave from remote airstrip north of Tully.

Blanch’s. Some spraying is done in Walkamin; a few potatoes, melons, and odds and ends.

Often the muster pilots sleep in the outback during the week and return to civilization for the weekends, a modern day cowboy.

Peter Stevens, pilot for the Blanch’s, lives at Sky Ranch. This year begins his fourth season flying ag. Before ag work, he flew helicopters mustering cattle. Mustering is the art of herding cattle with a helicopter. A common practice in Australia. Wouldn’t mustering be a form of agricultural flying?

With Don at the controls of the helicopter, Sandy and I received a first-hand demonstration on how mustering in Australia is done. Don adeptly moved the cattle from one pasture to another, closing the gates with the skids of the aircraft. Utterly amazing. It was Sandy’s first helicopter ride, which included aerobatic rotations. A knuckle-gripper for her. Helicopter muster pilots must be some of the best helicopter pilots in the world.

More about mustering. Ted and Mary’s son, Don, musters cattle with a Hughes 300 when he is not flying ag for the business. The mustering operation can encompass as much as 400 square miles.

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I commented to Ted, during one of our trips from Tully to Walkamin, on how many American ag pilots dream of coming to Australia to fly ag. I noted how he had a model operation, flying in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia. He had the kind of operation the American pilots were dreaming about. Ted was quick to tell me the reality of an American flying ag in Australia was practically nil. Ag pilots in Australia are required to hold one of two ag ratings, AG-1 or AG-2. The AG-2 is similar to a journeyman certificate permitting the pilot to fly supervised work. The pilot must hold the Australian commercial pilot’s certificate. He must pass a written ag exam. Then he must complete 40 hours of flight training with an approved instructor for the AG-2 rating at an approved school. Once the pilot succeeds at this, he is certified as an AG-2 pilot. This will permit him to work under an approved ag operator for overseeing AG-2 pilots. This requires another 20 hours of direct flight supervision. Next the pilot logs an additional 1,000 flight ag hours with remote supervision. This allows him to be eligible for his AG-1 rating. Not an easy task. Ted’s 20-year old son, Ben, has just earned his AG-2 rating. Although not ag flying, he is presently in the States building flight time and experience.

Centrally located near Minneapolis, Minnesota. ASI Jet Sales AG-Division is an Authorized Thrush Aircraft Dealer (All Models) with over 30 years of aircraft sales and service experience! Whether it is New or Used, ASI Jet will provide friendly, fast, and courteous service to help with your next aircraft purchase. We are here to work for YOU, Give us a call!


Our visit with the Blanch’s came to a close after four fantastic days. We saw some of the best of Queensland, Australia. Our next destination would be the AAAA convention in Surfers Paradise. From there we departed for New Zealand. Next month read about a flight in the world’s only PT6 powered Cresco aircraft built by Pacific Aerospace in Hamilton, New Zealand. —AAU


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1974 A model Ag-Cat, 1100 TSMOH eng. on Covington Overhaul, 7200 TTAF, Satloc litestar gps, Hershey wing tips, Oil filter stc, Crophawk, Weathaero, Aileron Servo’s, 25” transland gate, Digital tachometer, Single point fuel, automatic flagman, B model canopy, 300 gal. hopper, strobe lights, New paint and fabric on top wings, ANR power for helmet. Email or call 970-529-3255 (05-13)

D model Ag Cat for sale. Many improvements such as 560 gal hopper, 0 engine and prop on PT6-34 AG raised wing air condition and many others. Call 337-526-4850 (05-13) 1975 –N8788H - AgCat 450A, Zero Covington Eng, hydromatic, 80 fuel, extended wing, Smoker, 2650TT. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573359-0500 tfn 1983 G164 Super B - 10,300 TT/ 295 since O/H engine/ 10 since O/H AG100 Prop: 400 gal hopper, stainless booms, electric fan brake, Transland gatebox, Swathmaster sprdr., 2” left side load, extended metallized wings, 80 gal fuel, bottom load fueling, goose foot aileron servos, nav and strobe lights, smoker, stainless tailwhl, Satloc Airstar II GPS with Raven flow control, very good paint/tires/ glass and fabric. $179,000 559-686-1794 / Email www. tfn

1976 G164B; 420 Gal. Maxicat conversion 1982; 11528 TT; 1118 SMOH Tulsa 96; Albatross blades; next insp 1-20 -16 NWProp; Satloc M3 Intelliflo; 3 boom shutoffs; 5 blade Weathaero Alu -97 pump; 3 booms, AFS Rotary, ULV; wire cutters; bottom load fuel; Oregon aero soft seat; tall straight tail, much more. Owner flown since new, owner retiring. 509-429-2217 (05-13)

1984 AgCat Super B N3628D; 10844 TT; 11138 SNEW; 382 SHSI; VFR; 2012 Paint; 1 Seat; Great Super B AgCat. 10,844 TT, 382 SHOT by Pro-Turbines, 211 SIRAN power section, New Paint... $295,000. For more information call Darryl or Bill 870-572-9011 (05-13) J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has the remnants of one A-model Cat with 4 decent wing cores and a center section. Can send pictures. Call Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or emial At fn

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2009 Air Tractor 602-60 5 inch Hyd. Gate, intelliflow and dry gate controller, 2 sets of booms, Gps equipped,available in Oct. with frest hot/annual. 3200 hrs TTE/AF very clean. $795,000 Call Chuck 662207-6682 or emailcottonwingair@yaoo. com (05-13) FOR LEASE 2009 AT 502, For more information call Darryl Riddell 870-5729011 days or 870-995-1323 nights and weekends (05-13) PRICE REDUCED! 1999 AT-802 5062 TTAE PT6-67AG engine work done by prime turbines test cell approved, 10 HYD Gate, Loadhog, Smoker, Satloc M3,Pulse lights, Single pt fuel, Lane fan, FastStart, Ramair, Crophawk, Shadin Fuel Flow. Call 800 736 7654 tfn 2006 Air Tractor AT-401B, 1,180 Horas desde nuevo, Pratt & Whitney R1340, 18 horas desde overhaul mayor (Covington). Hélice Hydromática de tres palas, 800 hora s desde overhaul mayor. GPS SATLOC M3 con control de flujo, Aire Acondicionado, Radio comunicador, Transponder. Este avión se encuentra en muy buenas condiciones, listo para trabajar. $335,000 Sun Valley Dusting, 956-399-5323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn 2012 AT-802, N928SM, -67, elec. brake gr. adj., smoker, CP flat fan, Wingman, G4 w/flowcontrol, 10” Hydraulic Gate w/Vondran controller, fresh annual, fresh HSI. $1,240,000.00 Call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn

Major airframe repair and rebuilds for all models of AgCats. We will build your dream AgCat from the ground up. Closest thing to a new AgCat out there. Call Hershey Flying Service at 308-368-5556 and ask for a quote. (01-14)

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2005 AT-602 -60 3945TT 0 since IRAN engine 190 SNEW prop,wingman,new glass, new paint, cp nozzles,Lane brake and fan,single point fuel, new gear, new engine mount, ready to go to work, call Michael 870 -759-1888 or (05-13)

2007 802A , Red & White, 1170 TT AF&E&P, 10” gate, split panel, 308 fuel, M3 SATLOC, flow control, no fertilizer, no damage. Fresh annual, like new,ready to work. USD$1,150,000. For more info. email subject 802A or mail to 802A C/O AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or fax to 478-345-AGAV (2428) ATTN: 802A (05-13)

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1999 AT-802 with Pratt & Whitney PT6A67AG Turbine engine. - ACTT..7,723 Engine TT..5,855 - Prop TT..1,209 - Feb. 2013 Annual - FCU & Main Pump overhauled @ 7,590 - Kawak Hydraulic Spray System - Touch Screen M3 with Autocal - Drop Booms with Flat Fans - Single Point Fuel - Wingman - Swathmaster Spreader with Transland Vanes on Gate Door - Air Condition - *Hot Section Inspection will be performed for purchaser *Call Geoff Gamble @ 318-235-7419 (05-13)

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2005 AT 402B -15 P & W engine, 3225 TT, Windshield washer, New Bantham GPS with large screen,smoker, tank rinser, single point fuel, 1 owner, bought new. $582,500. Call 256-426-7242 or 256-2475694 (05-13) 1991 AT-401 - 5160TT/ 811 since O/H engine/ 38 since O/H Hydromatic prop: 400 gal hopper, Lane fan and electric brake, dropped stainless booms, CP nozzles, 2” left bottom load, spreader, 126 gal fuel, aileron servos, vortex generators, nav/strobe/instrument and landing lights, electronic tach, Satloc Airstar 99 GPS, very good condition. 559-686-1794 / Email www. tfn 1996/2002 AT-802A N802RL, TT 5542.1 hr, Engine TT 9379 hr, TSMOH 3637.5, Wing Spar SD 2781 hr, complete spray system w/cp nozzles, big Lane electric Brake w/adjustable fan, M3 Satloc, Garmin 510, Transponder com radio, AC/Heater, smoker, hopper rinse system. $700,000 For more information call RFS sales 210844-4074 (05-13) 1994/20 0 0 AT- 8 02 A , N8 02B L, T T 9134.9hr, wing spar- Century Spar Mod. 60,000 hr life, Fresh paint red over white, M3 Satloc, A/C, complete spray system w/CP nozzles, Lane electric Brake, dry spreader included smoker, $600,000. For more information call RFS sales 210-8444074 (05-13) 2013 AT-502B -34AG available now. Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer t f n

1978 Air Tractor 301 S/N AT301-0126 SMOH 1270 TTAF 9470. Boom and set of CP nozzles. Well taken care of and maintained. Wing spar AD complied with. Ready to go to work! $80,000 or Make offer. MOTIVATED SELLER! Contact Robbie Allen - LEADING EDGE AVIATION 8 01-725 -5 4 0 0, R allen @ leaviation . com (05-13) 1982 - N9996J - Cessna Husky, 5100TT, 130 STOH, 1250 SMOH, new cylinders, air, satloc, smoker. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn 19 93 AT 4 02- G E 58 0 6 T T, En gin e M-601-E-11-GE O SMOH by GE, New Avia p rop, new he av y ge ar, he av y brakes, Satloc, air, SS booms, extended fuel, new paint, tires, batteries, etc. Call Johnson Airspray, Home of the Johnson Sidewinder 218-437-6415 or cell 218-201-1450 or visit our wesbsite (05-13) 1976 AT-301 SN 0030. 4736 hrsTT. 1322 engine SOH. Prop1101 hrs SO. 126 Gals Fuel, flagger, smoker, Satloc litestar 2, Have 0 time since overhaul engine and prop available. Make an offer. bha2@ call Robert Eisele 307-6723421 (05-13)

Large inventory or Air Tractor Parts. Surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn


2013 AT-502B and 802-A Available, see at or call 800-736-7654 tfn 2011 AT-802, 1100 TTAF&E, -65, smoker, Wingman, 10” hydraulic gate, fresh annual, fresh HSI. $1,195,000 Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 TFN 2010 AT-802, 1100 TT, 400 TT Engine, -67, smoker, elec brake gr. adj, load hog, 10” hydraulic gate, fresh annual, fresh HSI. $1,150,000 Frost Flying Inc. 870-2956213 t f n Air Tractor 402 for more information and price call Darryl or Bill 870-5729011 (05-13)

AT-402B: Go turbo. The AT-402B, with the time-proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A15AG turbine engine, offers impressive climb rates and overall performance. The AT-402B’s light handling characteristics help reduce pilot fatigue – while delivering the payload, speed and productivity that helps create profits. Visit your Air Tractor dealer and learn how Wells Fargo’s financing options for qualified buyers make owning an Air Tractor more affordable than you might think. TFN

1980 AT- 301 8960TT Super 6 engine, 902 TT hydromatic prop Tall Tail, all metal control surfaces, aileron servos, Satloc lite, fresh annual with sale, $115,000 559-6867401 or email valleyaircraft@clearwire. net (04-14) 2013 Slots Available Call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn 2002 Air Tractor AT-802A -65, 4153TT. single place, 308 gallon fuel. See @ TFN

2013 Slots Available....................................................................................... Call 2013 March 502 -34 Now available ......................................................... Call 2013 April 402 -34 Now available ............................................................ Call AT-502B: More performance; more profit potential. With Air Tractor’s AT-502B there’s plenty of power and a big, 500gallon payload to please both pilot and operator. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A34AG turbine engine delivers efficient and effective performance that shortens ferry times and reduces takeoffs and landings. Since 1987 the AT-502 series has set the standard as the industry’s most popular ag plane. You can own one with attractive financing options from Wells Fargo. Talk to your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

Order your AT-502 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN 2013 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVIE YOUR POSITION NOW $CALL$ 2012 AT-502B, 250 TTAF&E, SATLOC, SS SYSTEM, HEATER, NDH, LIKE NEW $825,000.00 2011 AT-504, FTO - NEW, Lane brake and fan, Garmin comm, Garmin transponder $849,450.00 2011 AT-502B, 920 TTAF&E, SATLOC, VG’S, LANE BRAKE AND FAN, FRESH HOT AND ANNUAL $760,000.00 Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-3425451 or FAX: 281-232-5401. tfn

2012 AT-802, N928SM, -67, elec. brake gr. adj., smoker, CP flat fan, Wingman, G4 w/flowcontrol, 10” Hydraulic Gate w/Vondran controller, fresh annual, fresh HSI .............................................................................................. $1,240,000 2011 AT-802, N6007S,1100 TTAF&E, -65, smoker, Wingman, 10” hydraulic gate, fresh annual, fresh HSI. ................................................................ $1,195,000 2010 AT-802, N422BR, 1910 TTAF&E, -67, smoker, elec. brake gr. adj., air, heat, 10” hydraulic gate w/Del Norte controller, Del Norte w/flow control, single point, Wingman, fresh annual, fresh HSI ................................................. $1,210,000

2004 AT-802A, N8525D, 4123 hrs, -65, light overhaul done with 1500 hr warranty by Dallas Air Motive with new CT blades, fresh prop, fresh annual, fresh starter , 10” hydraulic gate, Vondran gate, CP 11s, ram air, radio stack, flow control, Intellistar, all new gears, new engine mount, SS fasteners .......................................... $835,000 2008 AT-602, N132JW, 2300 TTAF&E, -60, hydraulic gate w/Vondran controller, Wingman, heat, smoker, single point, shadin fuel, elec. brake gr. adj., fresh annual, fresh HSI ..................................................................................................$875,000

AT-504: Learn and earn. With sideby-side cockpit seating and 485-gallon capacity, the AT-504 is a great way to train new ag pilots and earn while they learn. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turbine engine, you’ll get working speeds and performance like the tried and true AT-502B. And when the training day is done, you’ll see that it was productive workday, too. Wells Fargo financing for qualified buyers is available; just visit with your Air Tractor dealer. TFN Save money. Buy used. Parting out several Air Tractor 402, 502, 602, and 802, Thrush and , Ag Cats. Call Chad Stuart. Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 tfn

AT-401B: Power and payload at the right price. Step up to a highly productive, low maintenance piston engine ag plane for a price that makes solid business sense. The economical 400-gallon capacity AT- 4 01B has a piston - engine price tag, plus all the reliability, durability, safety features and flying ease that make Air Tractor the industry leader. For qualified buyers, Wells Fargo has attractive and flexible terms available. Call your Air Tractor dealer. TFN

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2004 AT-802A, N8525D, 4123 hrs, -65, light overhaul done with 1500 hr warranty by Dallas Air Motive with new CT blades, fresh prop, fresh annual, fresh starter , 10” hydraulic gate, Vondran gate, cp 11s, ram air, radio stack, flow control, Intellistar, all new gears, new engine mount, SS fasteners $835,000 Call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213 tfn

Order your AT-602 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

Unlimited Racer Project: 85% complete Yak 11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. Will also consider trade. For pictures and details ........................................................................................... CALL

Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades 0 SMOH 1340 Younkin S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor

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Weath-Aero Compro

Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles

Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Tommy Allen

IA and A&P mechanics needed May 2013 A-35

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1976- Cessna Bonair,-A188B, 3227.0TT, ENGINE TIME: 456.0, New Tail Wheel Assembly, S.S. Boom, Satloc Lite Star II, Smoker, Locking Tail Wheel,Nozzles 42 Ea Tee Jets, NEW MOTOR IN HYDRAULIC MANUAL PUMP W/NEW HOUSING Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573359-0500 tfn AT-802: Capacity that creates profits. An 800-gallon hopper, zippy 190 mph ferry speeds, and greater working capacity than any other ag aircraft on the market - the AT-802 is simply a hoss. With the AT-802 you’ll ferry faster, spray more fields and do bigger jobs all in one load. That’s production that only Air Tractor can offer you. Visit with your Air Tractor dealer about the AT-802. And ask about special Air Tractor financing now available from Wells Fargo for qualified buyers. TFN 2013 Air Tractor AT-502B, PT6A-34AG 750hp, Nuevo para entregar en Junio de 2013. Equipado con freno eléctrico y abanico variable “Lane”, sistema de riego de dos pulgadas con 44 boquillas, aire condicionado, horizonte artifical, radio comunicador Garmin, certificado de aeronavigabilidad de exportación $815,000.00 Sun Valley Dusting, 956399-5323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn

WE have the largest NEW inventory of Cessna 188 AG Truck & Ag Wagon parts in the USA. Parting out many other air crafts as well. J & C Enterprises Aviation INC 800-542-8565 or Email Sid or Jerry at Atfn Cessna airframe parts, Continental and Lycoming engine parts, and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn J & C enterprises Aviation Inc. Wants to buy your Cessna aircraft, New & Used part of any kind. Call Jerry 800-542-8565 or email Atfn Will trade nice 1972 Super Viking for flying Ag Truck or Pawnee. Will consider projects. Call Jerry at J & C Enterprises Aviation, Inc. 1-800-542-8565 Atfn Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

dromader AT-602: Trim your overhead. You’ll reduce costs and increase profit margins when you scale a multi-plane operation down to a single-plane operation. Air Tractor’s AT-602 makes it an easy choice. The big 630-gallon payload moves you up to high volume production, reduces loads, saves time and helps trim operating expenses compared with two smaller planes. The AT-602 is the ideal solution for 5-gallon work on center-pivot circles. Step it up with an AT-602. Visit your Air Tractor dealer. TFN


1978 Cessna A188B, 3628.3 TT AF, 4481.3 TTE, 755.4 TTP. Yates Engine Conversion, Electric Tach, Satloc M3, Stainless Steel booms and hangers. $115,000 For more information call Darryl Riddell 870-572-9011 days or 870995-1323 nights and weekends (05-13) 1975 – N9482R - Cessna Ag Truck, 3500 3600TT, 300 SMOH, NEW Crankshaft, Bantam, SL40. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn 1977 Cessna TU206G, 1330 TT Airframe/ Engine/Prop. Clean, original factory paint and interior. Call 503-510-6489 (05-13) 1982 - N9996J - Cessna Husky, 5100TT, 130 STOH, 1250 SMOH, new cylinders, air, satloc, smoker. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn


Order your M18 Dromader Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60. plus S&H. Call 478987-2250 or order online at agairupdate. com TFN

Order your Flying Dromader Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478987-2250 or order online at agairupdate. com TFN

piper J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Wants to buy your Piper, Pawnee or Brave aircraft. We are also looking for parts inventory, or derelect aircraft as well call Jerry at 800-542-8565 or email Atfn Piper airframe parts, continental and Lycoming engine parts and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn

Order your Piper Pawnee Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN 1982 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub, 500 horas desde nuevo!!, Tela nueva, pintura nueva, micas nuevas, recién inspecionado, GPS, Comm, Transponder. El PA-18 más nuevo y bonito en el mercado, $135,000 Sun Valley Dusting, 956-3995323, Fax 956-399-2320 tfn

thrush 1993 Ayers Thrush N6018T, ser. no. T41192, TTAF 8131. PT6A-41 S/N PCE-80243, TTE 11,057, 1265 SHSI. TSOH on prop 169. 1415 hrs. since spar caps replaced. Annualed Jan. 2013, Bantam with Intelliflow control, Weathaero fan, SSF spreader, Load Hawg, CP’s. Call 870-479-3737 or email (05-13) 1996 Ayres Thrush, N3299P ser. # T42213, PT6A-42 S/N PCE93532. TTAF 7688, TT engine 9741, 820hrs. since HSI ( 1st and 2nd stage PT blades replaced). TSOH on prop 222hrs. Recent paint and belly skins. Bantam GPS with flow control,SSF spreader, Weathaero fan. May annual. Call 870-479-3737 or email fbfsllc@gmail. com (05-13)

1993 S2R Thrush, N6126Q, TT 7934.0 hr, Wing Spar-Century Spar Mod, 60,000 hr life, Fresh paint Red over White, M3 Satloc, A/C, Complete spray system w/ CP nozzles, Lane Electric Brake, Dry Spreader included, smoker $450,000 For more information call RFS sales 210-8444074 (05-13) 1992 DC Thrush model S2R-T34, ser. no. T34-171DC, N95GP. Airframe T.T. 8594, engine T.T. 10,030, SMOH 3687. SOH on prop 2127. Bantam GPS, Intellistar flow control, CP’s, SSF 13 vane spreader, Weathaero fan, Load Hawg. $335,000 Call 870-479-3737 or email raider.rider@att. net (05-13) 2011 – N7008M, Thrush S2R-T34, 490 TT SNEW, weathaero fan, 66 cp’s nozzles, s.S. Drop boom, led lights, air/heat, bantam gps w/intelliflow, bottom load fuel, vg’s, winglets, smoker, load hawg Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 (tfn) 1974 S2RG5/525(Goering conv.-750 SHP) - 12,624 TT/ 94 since IRAN engine/ 2704 since new 4 blade prop: 525 gal hopper, Simplex pump and electric fan brake, stainless booms, 2” left side load, extended wings, droop tips, aileron ser vos, vor tex generators, 106 gal fuel, bottom load fueling, nav/strobe/ instrument and landing lights, spring steel tailwhl gear w/ 5.00x5 tire, air cond., Satloc M3 GPS with Raven flow control, Big butterfly wing splice plate, 800 hours remaining on wing lower spar caps, good paint/tires/glass/ fabric. $225,0 0 0 559 - 686 -1794 / Email www. tfn 2011 – N70060, Thrush S2R-T34, 1080 TT SNEW, 228 GAL FUEL, WEATHAERO FAN, 60 CP’S NOZZLES, S.S.BOOM, FA N B R A K E , LOA D H AWG , VG’ S , SMOKER, LED LIGHT, BANTAM GPS W/ INTELLIFLOW, MVP-50, 3” SIDE L. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573359-0500 (tfn)

1995 Thrush 510-10, 8000 TT,700 Since New spars 4550 since o-haul, 500 SHOT and gearbox, Turbo Max Crossover, 200 on prop with new blades, Cool Start, Leading edge lights, Bantam GPS, Fresh Paint and Annual, Asking $375,000. 318559-1617 or 318-282-9263 (05-13)

2010 Thrush 510P, 60 0 TT, engine warranty remaining, MVP-50, Single point fuel, Smoker, VG’s, cool start, fresh annual, and More! Call ASI JET AG Division for price, pictures, and details. ASI JET AG Division is an authorized Thrush Dealer! Selling NEW and Used aircraft ASIJET-AG.COM or give us a call 952-941-6255 (01-14) 2010 – N7023B - Thrush T34, 510 gal, 795 1365 Total, all options, dual cockpit, winglets, priced to sell. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn 2009 – 5301W, Thrush S2R-T34, 1785.6 TT, Smoker, Shadin Fuel Flow, S.S. Boom, Satloc M3, 5 Blades Weathaero Fan, Smoker, Air condition/heat, 228 gallon fuel system, VG’s, Load Hawg. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 (t fn)

2000 S2RT65/660(1300 SHP) - 5895 TT/ 0 since O/H engine and 5 blade prop: 660 gal hopper, factory spray system, Lane fan and electric brake, stainless booms, 3” left side load, 26,000 hour life wing, 230 gal fuel, bottom load fueling, aileron servos, quick start system, nav/ strobe/instrument and landing lights, air cond., Load Hawg, good paint and glass, new tires and brakes. 559-686-1794 / Email www. tfn 2000 660 Thrush 5000 TT 0 time PT6A65 Zero time prop. New blades, load hot fast start, bottom fuel, new batteries, new tires and brakes. Spray system. Fresh Annual 812-877-2587 jim@turbinesinc. com (06-13) 2000 – N4081P, Thrush S2R-T660, 7506 TTA, 6825TT SNEW 0.0 SINCE HSI, 4150TT SNEW ,0.0 SIRAN, 660 GAL, 66 CP’S NOZZLES, S.S.BOOM, WEATHAERO FAN, 3” TRANSLAND PUMP, M-3 SATLOC W/FLOW C Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 (tfn) Ayres Thrush Commander - Great Opportunity, I’m selling because the company closed, the engine is newly overhauled with only 30m flytime and cost me more than I’m asking for the plane. The plane also includes a tail ready to receive turbine engines. Giving some material for free too. gustavo.fialho@ (05-13)

Parting out: 1974 Turbine Thrush, Lane Conversion, large fuel, email norm@ (05-13)

2012 THRUSH 240 HRS SNEW Pratt PT6A-34AG, 750 SHP, Hartzell Constant Speed 3 blade Prop, 510 gallon hopper, 250 Amp Starter/Generator, Spray System w/ 41 in SS Gate box, Jet Glo Paint, 2” SS Spray System, 5 Blade WeathAero Cockpit Adjustable Fan, 3” Side Loader, Streamlined Aluminum Booms, Wing Tip Nav & Strobe Lights, 228 Gal Fuel System, Windshield wiper & washer, outside air temp gauge, 5000-pound certified hooker harness, inertia reels, 29” high flotation tires and wheels with dual caliper Cleveland brakes, Zee A/C and Cabin Heat. $810,000 Call Frankie at Souther Field Aviation, INC, 229-924-2813 0 9 -13 1975 – N48399, Grumman G16 4A , 2630TTAF , TSMOH 521 Aero Engines, TSIRAN Prop 522 Ag-100, Spin On Oil Filter, Chip Dect., Digital Tach, Strobes/ Navs., 80 gal fuel, locking Tailwheel, 3” spray sys.w/Lane brake, ext. wings, TE booms, KY97A Comm, GTX320A Trans w/mode C Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 (tfn) Refurbished Thrush 1974-2012 7560 TT Engine M-601-E-11 GE O-SMOH by GE New Avia prop, New air, booms, side panels, glass, belly skins, tires, brakes, batteries, Refurbished 450 gallon hopper, extended fuel, new lower spar cap, new leading edges, new paint, EI glass panel. Call Johnson Airspray, Home of the Johnson Sidewinder 218-437-6415 or cell 218-201-1450 or visit our wesbsite (05-13) 2013- N30620, Thrush, S2R-T34, Factory NEW call for information. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn Thrush 510-34 for more information and price call Darryl or Bill 870-5729011 (05-13)

Belt Buckles - $29.99

510 Thrush • 660 Thrush • Radial Air Tractor • Turbine Ag-Cat Measures 3.75” x 2’ The 660 Thrush with its innovative wing design and 54 foot wing span and over 400 square foot wing area ensures unmatched stability and control during Ag maneuvers. The combination of a solid airframe and powerful engine creates an airplane that outperforms the competition. Thrush is known for their structural durability and excellent performance under extreme conditions. tfn

M A R K E T P L A C E 478-987-2250

J ohnston A ircrAft s ervice SUPPORTING AG AVIATION SINCE 1947!!!



JAS Ultra Thrush.

We completely rebuild/repair/modify Thrush and Brave aircraft!! Thrush Wing spar Cap Sales and Installation Thrush Reinforced Wing Leading Edge Sales and Installation Thrush Fuel Capacity Increase. Thrush Landing Gear Repair/Rebuild and Sales. Brave Wing Spar Cap Kit Sales and Installation. Brave / Thrush Fuselage Repair and Modification. Distributor / Rebuilder of Emco Wheaton Dry Breaks Distributor / Dealer for All Ag Equipment. Parts & Services Catalog Available. We Overhaul and Test Run VO435/VO540 helicopter engines Distributor for APS “Bla ck Steel®” Brake discs and linings

1983 DC Thrush TT 16000, Walter 601E-11, 29,000 hour wing, no AD’s, Satloc M3, Crophawk, fuel flow, a/c, heat, intercom, audio panel, vhf and business com radios, new tires and brakes, strobes, ss booms, cp nozzles, electric pump brake, single point fuel, wingman, spreader,vg’s, winglets. $325,000. 912384-6466 or 912-592-5334. (05-13)

We Rebuild and RecoveR ThRush and ag caT Tail FeaTheRs We stock Thrush units 24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 FAX: 559-686-9360 P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 Se Habla Español •

May 2013


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1977 Turbine Thrush S2R TPE-331-1 (Super) 0 SHSI, 0 SPOH, 9940 TT. Wing Spar due in 1250. Hemisphere intellistar w/intelliflow. AC, landing/NAV lights, comm, smoker, E.I. Fuel Flow, and a Fresh Annual! Call ASI JET AG Division for price, pictures, and details. 952.941.6255 ASI JET AG Division is an authorized Thrush Dealer! Selling NEW and Used aircraft ASIJET-AG.COM or Give us a call! 952941-6255 01-14

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2012 - N30538 – Thrush –S2R-T34 -2012 PT6-34 Ag 510, FTO only 210TT, SMOKER, VG’S, MVP-50T, AIR/HEAT, LED LIGHTS, SPRAYER, MID CONTINENT BOTTOM LOADER. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 tfn

1989 THRUSH S2R-T34 N61378; 6245 TT; 7196 SNEW; 0 SHSI; VFR; 1 Seat; ‘94 Thrush. 6244 TT A/F, “0” SHOT, 216 SIRAN Prop, 216 SIRAN power section, Alum Booms, CP’s, 4 blade Lane, M3, Flow, $410,000. For more information call Darryl or Bill 870-572-9011 (05 -13)

The 510 Thrush has sent the standard in Ag Aviation for dependability. With rugged construction, simplified system and low maintenance, the 510 Thrush is the aircraft any operator can depend upon.  Low maintenance, maximum loads, superior pattern makes the 510 Thrush a profit machine. All Thrush Aircraft models provide superb visibility, light control forces, and unmatched speed and maneuverability. www.thrushaircraft. com tfn

1995 S2R G6 Thrush 4170 TT 0 Since Cam, M3 Satloc, fresh annual, single pt fuel. Call 605-350-4536 (05 -13)

Order your Thrush 660 Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

2005 Thrush S2RHG-T65, TT: 3950 Hrs, Engine: Garrett TPE331-10-511M TT SCAM: 3860 Hrs , SHSI 930 Hrs. w/ New Gearbox,Propeller: Hartzell HC-B4TN-5NL TT: 3950 Hrs, SMOH: 0 Hrs. One Owner/ Pilot SNEW. New Factory Spray System, 64 Nozzles, Weathaero Pump Fan, 3” side loader, cockpit heat & A/C. Windshield Wiper/Washer, 550 Gal Hopper, Satloc GPS with Intelliflow, 228 Gal Fuel. No damage history, well maintained. Current Annual. Good Paint. Tires and Glass are Excellent. $480,000 Call Frankie at Souther Field Aviation, INC, 229-924-2813 0 9 -1 3 Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

Order your 510 Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

New 2013 Thrush 510P with a PT6A34AG or GE H80 engines available, 2013 Deliveries available now. ASI JET AG Division is an authorized Thrush Dealer for North America! We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales. ASIJET-AG.COM or Give us a call! 952-941-6255 01-14 WORLD WIDE U.S. Dealer New/Used Ag Thrush, 34-510, 550-60, *FINANCING AVAILABLE* Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 http://www. tfn

Order your Radial Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S &H. Call 478987-2250 or order online at agairupdate. com TFN

Order your Weatherly Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

bell - hiller Bell OH-58C Garlic Conversion, certified in restricted use category only. N139RD, S/N: 71-20396. Helicopter has 11689.1 total flight time and 8454.1 total engine time. VFR with Carter Engineering Audio Panel, 804D-20, Garmin GNC 250XL GPS/ Com, Garmin GTX-320 Transponder, FDC Aerofilter Kit, Facet external oil filter kit, wire strike kit, and Isolair belly mounted tank and spray system with Kawak hydraulic drive. This ship has been used for ag spraying. An additional set of new Bell main rotor blades (not surplus) are available for purchase with purchase of helicopter. Contact Bart Alexander at 318-424-8395 for information. (05-13)


Order your Dual Cockpit Thrush Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60. plus S&H. Call 478987-2250 or order online at agairupdate. com TFN

Br and New Ag plane for s ale with Lycoming IO-540-K1J5 Straight off the assembly-line. br/en/projeto.php Contact me with any questions. Caio Villares email caio. or call 1-305-3957814 (05-13)

B1-A Callair Manufacturing Rights. Available now is the type certificate, drawings, jigs, tooling, aircraft parts, and property associated with this 300 gal Pratt and Whitney 985 powered sprayer. Start your own aircraft company or expand your line. Call for details. Airplane Services Inc. 850-675-1252, 850-380-7268, 850-380-6091. tfn

Order your Bell 206 Helicopter Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60. plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at TFN

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Order your Stearman Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at T F N Unlimited Racer Project: 85% complete Yak 11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. Will also consider trade. For pictures and details tfn

Order your Boy and AgCat Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at t f n

Order your Clipped J3 Cub Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Ask about our Gift wrap option.Call 478-987-2250 or order online at www.agairupdate. com t f n

FAA repair station for all ag equipment. Thrush spar replacement, annuals. MidContinent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800325-0885 tfn

The 550 Thrush of fers new sturdy hopper and innovative large hopper door to improve access when loading dry chemicals, while providing a 550 gallon capacity. Fuel economy, low acquisition cost and proven performance makes the 550 Thrush a great option for operators. The 550 Thrush offers a choice of power plants, allowing you to tailor the aircraft to meet the demands of your particular operating environment. www. TFN

Unlimited Racer Project: 85% complete Yak 11, 3350 turbo compound with many spare parts including engine. Call with best offer. Will also consider trade. For pictures and details 870-295-6213 tfn

COMMANDER ROCKWELL 112TCA 1977- S/N 13194 TT: 800 hours, fresh annual, all paperwork updated new paint, tires, windscreen and windows green tinted, always hangared.- All ADs complied with.- All instruments inspected.- Radio Nav/Com OK Engine: Lycoming TO-360C1A6D; TT 800 hours TSOVH: 22 hours (TBO calendar) New three blade propeller (STC); new governor Asking U$S 140.000.- Airplane is in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Owner: Verly Valdez Please email to: (tfn)

Order your AT-802F Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at tfn

Order your In-Formation Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S &H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at T F N

bargains Use this category for your items that will sell under $500. Place the classified of one item, one time at $40.00 and the classified will continue running until you sell the item and cancel the ad. Call 478987-2250 to place your classified today.

engines (1) Allied Signal / Garrett / Honeywell TPE331-6-252 engine, complete FWF, include all accessories, starter generators, propellers, oil coolers, inlet cowls & all hoses. $125K. Phone: (772) 468-9292; Fax (772) 468-9297; Email: turbgrp@aol. com (05-13) R-1340 Engine, 0 SMOH by Aero, $54,000 OBO 12D40-211 Propeller, 0 SMOH. $12,500 OBO call Robert Eisele 307-672-3421 (05-13) (2) PT6A-20 engines for sale, (1) TSO 1,000 (1) TSO 1500, price $69,000 each will exchange. Also in stock PT6A-28 engines,Contact Robert at Conquest Aviatio n, 58 0 -239 - 9626 o r e mail (05-13) Jet Set Airmotive PT6A-21 TSO 0 PT6A-28 TSO 1900 PT6A-34 TSO 0 PT6A-135A TSO 326 PT6A-60AG TSN 5284 Fresh HSI. Email Email (05-13) Universal Turbine Parts has the following engines for sale: 11 ea: PT6A-27/28 TSO 0,0,0,0,0 892, 1256, 1458, 2243, 2936, 3602 3 ea: PT6A-114A TSO 0,0,854 2 ea PT6A-135A TSN 653, 653 2 ea PT6A-34 TSO 0,0 1 ea PT6A- 34AG TSO 0 1 ea PT6A-60 TSO 0 1 ea PT6A-65 TSO 275 1 ea PT6a-67 TSO 0 We also buy PT6 Engines in all conditions. Please call Bill or Joel at 334-361-7853 or email or t f n PT6A engines for sale -15, -20, 27, 28, 34, 41, 42, 45, 65, 112, 114, 114A, 135. Contact Robert at Conquest Aviation, 580-2399626 or email conquestaviation@gmail. com (05-13) 1985 Ag Cat Engine for sale. 0 Hours since Covington O/H, TT 3678.6. $53,000 outright, no core. Engine is at Covington. For more info Email or call 573-692-2160 (05-13) 1985 Ag Cat Engine for sale. 0 Hours since Covington O/H, TT 3678.6. $53,000 outright, no core. Engine is at Covington. Also, AgCat firewall forward for engine For more info Email or call 573-692-2160 (05-13)

R985-AN14B 792-SMOH (API) $10,500 R985-AN14B 1045 SMOH (Cov) $15,500 R1340-AN2 1114 SMOH (Cov) $23,500 AmAg 870-886-2418 (2489F) agcat@ t f n

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Geared 1340 Tulsa engine for sell only 95 hours since Major. Continental 220 radial engine core. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-368-5556 (01-14) Available Immediately! PT6A-67AG This engine has recently been removed from and Air Tractor 802 and is ready for sale. This engine has been maintained in accordance with Pratt & Whitney standards and is in great condition. (TSO: 1054.2 CSO: 1266) All information is available for review by contacting Grant Wallace at Wipaire. Please call 651-4146828 (01-14) Pratt and Whitney overhauled 1340 cylinders call Terry at 870-536-1348 or David at 870-550-1664 (05-13) Cylinders For Sale – Overhauled complete assy’s with new pistons installed. Ready to install. R-985 $1250.00 each Two or more less 5%: R-1340 $1950.00 each Two or more less 5%: Outright price: includes all gaskets. Sun Air Parts. 661257-7708 fax 661-257-7710 TFN Garrett TPE-331-10-511M 2 engines available with lots of time and cycles remaining. Call for info. 979-532-1718, 979-533-1720 Day or night A4-14 Covington Turbine Engines Available. PT6A-34AG 50 TSN PT6A-34AG 1789 TSO SOLD PT6A-34AG 780 TSO SOLD PT6A 2800 TSO SOLD PT6A-15AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul PT6A-34AG 0 TSO PT6A-34AG 0 Time Since Covington Light Overhaul. Contact us for New Engine prices. We are interested in buying or exchanging for any core you may have regardless of condition. Contact: David Hamilton at 918-7567862 or Pr at t & W h i tn ey R- 985 & R-13 4 0 Overhauled Engines in stock. Props, carburetors, magnetos, alternators, & accessories for above engines. Call Ches ter Rober t s Supply Company, Collinsville, TX Tel: 903-429-6805 Fax: 903-429-6047 10 -13 J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. ha s the largest selection of Lycoming and Continental engine cores in stock . Over 100 to choose from. Call Sid or Jerry for your parts or engines needs. 800 -542-8565 or email jcaviation@ At fn R-1340, Zero Time Since Overhaul By Covington $63,500.00 PT6A-34AG, 6,434 TTSN, P/S LIGHT OVERHAUL, NEW CT BLADES, O/H VAIN $260,000.00 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 Outright Or Exchange $CALL$ Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-3425451 or FAX 281-232-5401 TFN Cilindros en venta- Completos con pistones nuevos.Listo para instalar. R-985. $1250,00 el par o 5% descuento por cantidad.R-1340 $1950,00 el par o 5% descuento por cantidad.Precio sin recambio: incluye todas las juntas.Sun Air Parts tel. 661-257-7708. Fax 661-2577708. tfn

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PT6-67AG engine outright sale, also PT6114A disassembled 612-867-6160 01-14


AIRCRAFT 2013 AIR TRACTORS, RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW...............................................................$CALL$ 2012 AT-502B, 250 TTAF&E, SATLOC, SS SYSTEM, HEATER, NDH, LIKE NEW .......................$825,000 2011 AT-504, FTO - NEW, LANE BRAKE AND FAN, GARMIN COMM, GARMIN TXP................$849,450 2011 AT-502B, 920 TTAF&E, SATLOC, VG’S, LANE BRAKE & FAN, FRESH HOT & ANNUAL ..$760,000 ENGINES R-1340, ZERO TIME SINCE OVERHAUL BY COVINGTON ............................................... $63,500 PT6A-34AG, 6,434 TTSN, P/S LIGHT OVERHAUL, NEW CT BLADES, O/H VAIN .......... $260,000 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE ..........................................$CALL$ PROPELLERS HARTZELL 3 BLADE AND 5 BLADED PROPS – New And Used ........................................$CALL$ DISPERSAL EQUIPMENT TRANSLAND 10 VAIN SPREADER FOR 38” GATE, NEW .................................................... $9,500 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROPHAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS ............................................$CALL$

Lane Aviation, Inc. “Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471

May 2013


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10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn

dispersal equip Multiple spray systems for sale that fit 206Bs, OH-58s, and 47Gs. Multiple systems including Simplex belly tanks, various booms, and all components. All equipment is in good to excellent condition, we are simply reducing our surplus inventory from 40+ years of spraying operations. Hydraulic and electric systems available. Call Bart with any questions at 318-424-8395. (05-13)

CP NOZZLES AND CHECK VALVES. Distribuidor en Argentina: ArAvia S.A. - Venado Tuerto (Sta Fe) T.E. 54-3462433540 - FAX: 438344 tfn St a i n l e s s Ste e l Fa b r i c ato r s , I n c .- Spreaders and Accessories. Satisfying customers coast to coast for over 30 years. Manufacturer of “original” 10 vane, 12 vane & “the 13 vane” spreaders plus many more. Repairs on all makes and models including Transland and Swathmaster. Call us for all of your spreader needs 800-7363433 or 870-217-9232. (05-13) ASC Rotary Atomizers - Why use old hydraulic nozzle technology? Rotary Atomizers are proven a s the most accurate method to apply both low & high volume formulations. Made in USA., 317-896-2561 A01-14


800-542-8565 SPECIALISTS IN CESSNA 188

Spreader Pan 13 Vane Stainless Steel Fabrication, 38 inch gate, good condition, $3,750. In AR Call 501-516-5874 (05-13) EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR FIXED WING OR HELICOPTER JAS 559-686179 4, FA X 559 - 6 86 - 936 0, e - m ail: web site: www, t f n CP N OZ ZLE S AND CH ECK VALVE S “The Drift fighters”. Plus they improve your spray pattern. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: www. tfn Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. Now STC’d for all 400 and 500 series Air Tractors. (05-13) Transland and Agrinautics authorized distributor – Call us with your needs. Sid or Jerry @ J & C Enterprises 1-800-5428565 or e-mail Atfn


A SC Rotar y Atomizers - See w w w. and April 2009 issue of AAU, A. McCracken. Made in USA . a s c@ dynafo g .com, 317- 896 2561 A01-14

Cessna 180-185-188, PiPer Brave & Pawnee, CitaBria, DromaDer, aero CommanDer Lark & Darter, sCott & XPm taiLwheeL Parts, ContinentaL, LyComing, ChamPion, mCFarLane, anD a Lot more.

Agrinautics, Inc. Best spray pumps, valves, and strainers in the business! For service w/ a smile,call us at 435-586 -1200. tfn



Transland and Agrinautics, overstock sale. Call Danny for listing 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@airrepairinc. com tfn TRANSLAND 10 vane spreader for 38” gate, new $9,500.00 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROPHAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS $CALL$ Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-2325401. t f n

Aircraft Hardware

Your Authorized Transland Dealer WE BUY SALVAGE & NEW PARTS INVENTORIES

Airport Road #14 • Thomas, OK 73669

800-542-8565 • 580-661-3591 (OK) • 580-661-3783 (FAX) • email address:

ASC Rotary Atomizers - Consistent droplets, large flow openings, easy to mount without changing your existing pump, boom and flow control method. Made in USA., 317896-2561 A 01-14

gps Satloc M3 Aerial Ag GPS. 8.4” touch screen, light bar type 2, cresent receiver. email or call 204325-7206 (05-13) Satloc, Intelliflow The leading edge Satloc Level III Service repair center. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, Mo 800-325-0885. tfn

Se Habla Español


D is p e r s a l Eq u i p m e n t : We ath ae ro Feathering Fans, Crophawks, Smokers, F l a g g e r s , N o z z l e s , Tr a n s l a n d , Breckenridge Spreaders, Airfoil Booms, Dry Breaks, Load Hawgs All Aircraft Styles. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 t f n

Diner Club

Intelliflow Flow Controls -in stock, now shipping! Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-4375319 tfn

Satloc G4, M3, and Bantam. Air Repair inc, is the worldwide leader in sales and service. Call Danny (sales) or Dallas (service) 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn Hemisphere GPS systems in stock, Bantam, G4, Intellistar, M3, Intelliflow, and Litestar2. We did it again, leading Level 3 Service Center/Dealer 2012. Why buy anywhere else, we’ve got what you need, and service after the sale! Call now 800-437-5319 Sky-Tractor Supply Company tfn Hemisphere GPS & Flow Control Dealer Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: tfn

parts Thrush S2R STC battery retrofit kit. 300% longer battery service life. 200% faster starts. Battery replacement cost 25% of original. Kawak Aviation Technologies 541-385 -5051 w w w.kawakaviation. com (09-13)

Satloc IntelliStar for sale. Includes CPU, Display, Lightbar, antenna, all cables, manuals, and installation hardware. Only used on the bench and ready for install. Asking $12000, If interested call 877-9235832 ext 703 or email for more information. (12-13) Tools for reaming attach bolts Wing Main (Centerwing to Outboard wing) attachment joints for Dromader M-18 per repair service bulletin #e/02.170/2000 Available for rent. Contact Nancy at Turbine Conversions - 616 - 8379428 12-14 Cockpit adjustable flow control kit. Manual control or GPS variable rate ready Integrates into existing hydraulic systems. More info at Kawak Aviation Technologies 541-385 -5051 w w w.kawakaviation. com (09-13) Used Load Hawg in excellent condition out of AT-602, $8000. For More information call 337-789-3529 or email lakeairser@ (05-13) Air Tractor auxiliary hydraulic system. 20lbs/hr LESS fuel burn, improved spray pattern, reduced maintenance cost, cockpit adjustable flow controls. Inquires call 541-385-5051 or www.kawakaviation. com (09-13) 25 inch Breckinridge Spreader. $1500. Call Chad Stuart. Airplane Services Inc. 850-380-6091. tfn Let us help you meet increa singly stringent precision application demands. Our systems meet those demands, lower operating costs, and increase your profits. Call 541-385-5051 or www. (09-13) Superbooms for Cessna, Piper, Thrush, Air Tractor and custom manufacture; THRUSH AILERON SERVOS-STC’d kits. TSA 800642-5777 or (TFN)

GPS Antenna Mount, for specific ag aircraft, Performance and looks, slip stream design delivers peak signals. Contact Terry Barber 605-258-2743. (05-13)

Gulf Coast aG airCraft sales & serviCe

O/H’D THRUSH 29” LANDING GEAR & WE CAN REPAIR / REBUILD YOURS. JOHNSTON AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 559686-1794 / Email info@johnstonaircraft. com tfn

Cessna Authorized Parts Center: Prompt, World-Wide Par ts Service, Engines, Bonaire 550 Conversions, Wings.MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885 tfn

PARTS, PARTS, PARTS. For all your ag aviation needs, please call Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer tfn

Air Tractor Parts New and Used (Associate dealer for Lane Aviation). FWF cowlings 402, 502, 602 many to chose from, removed for Factory and Cascade P-cowl conversions. New and used (Factory Rebuilt) Aileron, Flaps, Elevators, Rudders, Horz/Vert stabs in stock and ready to sale or trade. Call Steve @ North Star Aviation 620-356-4528 tfn

Thrush S2R aircraft.

Lifetime Spar (60,000 Hr) without inspections. It is economical and easy to install. Call Eugene For Details at 979-533-1720

The “Century” Wing Spar is now in HERE! FIRST KITS NOW IN STOCK

Call Bruce’s Flying Service for all of your Thrush parts needs! 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. E-mail bruceandrews62@ 09-13

Pressure Cowls for all PT6 Air Tractor and Thrush. Reduce ITT 35 to 70 degrees. Reduce fuel consumption. Save on Hot Section Inspections. Easy access to fuel nozzle & air filter. Reduce NG 1 to 3%. Make your -15 perform like a -34. ELIMINATE ONGOING AIR FILTER PURCHASES! Now taking deposits and scheduling deliveries for mid-late 2011 and early 2012. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or . (08-13)

Remember J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is a Transland, Black Steel Brake and McFarlane dealer. We have a large amount of these brands inventory in stock as well as Cleveland. GE Lighting, Cessna, Piper etc. give us a call for all your parts needs at 800-542-8565 or email us at jcaviation@ Atfn Um par de asas estendida 95% completa do Thrush S2R . A pair of extended wings 95% complete Thrush S2R. Brazil. / 16 36274879 (tfn)

Call today to purchase your kit!!!

Garrett TPE-331-10-511M 1 engine available with lots of time and cycles remaining. Call for info.

The mid-west Air tractor dealer, Farm Air Inc. has expanded its parts department. Call Carrie or Randy for all your Air Tractor parts needs at 877-715-8476. tfn

Used Thrush Parts for Sale

Several sets of late model wings • Metal Thrush tails • Many other items


979-532-1718 • 979-533-1720

Souther Field Aviation, Inc.

FOR ALL YOUR MAINTENANCE & PARTS NEEDS Export Experts Authorized Turbine Brave Conversion • Transland • Covington Engines • Ag Nav • Turbine Conversions • Single Point Fueling

• Agrinautics Pumps & Valves • Wag • Cascade Conversions • TracMap


And So Much More… Frankie Williams - President— Paul Pearson - Parts & Maintenance— Stephanie Williams - Exports—

223 Airport Road, Americus, GA 31709 Phone: 229-924-2813 Fax: 229-924-4356



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LOAD HAWG-The modern, efficient, safe, perfect way to improve your solids application. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 TFN

New Piper tailwheel springs. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-368-5556 (01-14)

Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds

Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have par t numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn Thrush parts - Wings, props, tail feathers, batteries, tires - we have the inventory. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: web site: tfn Serviceable S2R wings, Engine Mount Ayers 45-60 Series, short extension wing tip assy, seat assy, strut assy, left engine exhaust stack, control sticks, steps, splice blocks, throttle quadrants, control quadrants, and MANY various other parts. For more information call Bruce’s Flying Service 229-725-4150, fax 229-7255135. E-mail bruceandrews62@gmail. com. (09-13)

Cascade Aircraft Conversions Barrier Filter System for the Soloy Turbine Converted Bell 47/Hiller 12 Helicopters. See decreased TOT by up to 38 degrees C. Pull full torque at lower TOT temps, burn less fuel, extend the life of critical turbine parts. Contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ . ( 08-13)

Replacement parts. New and used for all Ag Cat models. Also carry New Piper tailwheel springs and Transland Dealer. Call Hershey Flying Service 308-3685556 (01-14) J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc has purchased a large new inventory of Citabria GCBC part in late 1977-79 rnge. Lots of common everyday parts. Landing gear, wheels 7 brakes, engine parts etc. call Jerry or Sid today 800-542-8565 or email Atfn S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. specializes in the overhaul of Radial and Turbine engine accessories. We have most items in stock ready to ship for exchange. Give us a call @ 830-625-7923 or fax 830-6254138. tfn Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have par t numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn Agrinautics, Angel Flight Assistant, Automatic Flagman, Aero Engines, Arrow prop, Air Tractor (Associate dealer Queen Bee Air Specialties) CP Nozzles, Compro Smoker, Crophawk, Covington Aircraft Engine, Collins Air Conditioner, Cleveland, Chip Detector, Hemisphere GPS, Hot Stuff, Nieto Products, New and used aircraft, (large) Parts Inventory, S e r vAe ro, Sp r ayin g Sys te ms , Co., Superbugs, SPH-4 Helmet, Simplex, Tires, Transland, WeathAero. Sky Tractor Supply 800-437-5319, www.skytractor. com,, 701-6365881 (fax) TFN

Cessna Par t s - Engine, propellers, authorized service center. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: www. tfn

Brave and Pawnee parts - engines, props, spar kits, fuel cells and foam kits, and much more. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-6869360, e-mail: web site: t fn

8 Million new surplus parts for Cessna, Piper, and other aircraft; Continental and Lycoming engines; and a few spray system parts, big discounts. Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800 -433- 0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at www. tfn

Angel Personal Flight Assistant - in stock, shipping today. Premium quality Bluetooth interface for the cockpit. Noise free cell phone use without fumbling for your phone. Caller ID, direct dial, redial, voice dial, download phonebook and call list entries, dial direct., Stream bluetooth music and control, E6B flight computer, Stopwatch, fuel and approach timer. Large full color easy to read backlit screen, intuitive menus, automatic cut out with radio transmissions, ambient light sensor. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 A tfn

We have all fibreglass parts for Weatherly and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn Spend your time doing what you do best “SPRAYING” and let us find those parts for you. Part numbers are really important. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email At fn Large inventory of Thrush parts surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn COMPLETE THRUSH FACTORY METAL TA I L W / U P DAT E S . J O H N S TO N AIRCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 559-686-1794 / Email www. tfn 10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at tfn

Air Repair Inc. is the source for the Fast Start Kit to get yours today call Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 tfn J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. has 29” wheel sets. We will accept your 10” wheel and brakes in exchange. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email jcaviation@pldi. net At fn NEW! CP11TT/w-3 Tips & Shutoff in stock ready to ship today.1-800-437-5319 SkyTractor Supply Company tfn Retrofit Hopper Door for AT502 and AT602. Now available for fall and winter installation Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn Jasco Alternator kits in stock. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811 tfn

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AgAir Update, P.O. Box 850 • Perry, GA USA 31069 • Tel 478-987-2250 • Fax 478-987-1836 •


J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. still has one of the largest Cessna, and Piper Ag Aircraft inventories in the USA and has a huge inventory of Lighting and wheel and brake inventory. Let us be your total part provider. Call in your needs - Sid or Jerry 800-542-8565 or jcaviation@pldi. net At fn Cessna Ag Parts. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@ tfn Remember J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is a Transland, Black Steel Brake and McFarlane dealer. We have a large amount of these brands inventory in stock as well as Cleveland. GE Lighting, Cessna, Piper etc. give us a call for all your parts needs at 800-542-8565 or email us at jcaviation@ At fn Emco Wheaton/Buckeye Dr y Break Couplers and adapters, Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FA X 559 - 686 -936 0, e - mail: info @ web site: www. tfn

propellers H ar t ze ll m o d e l H C- C 2Y K-1B F, s/n CH-16579E. For more information email (05-13) For Outright Sale: Overhauled 5-Blade Prop. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C. Fits AT-502A, AT-503, AT-602, AT-802, Thrush S-2R-T65 & S-2RHG-T65.’06 Hartzell Overhaul. TSN: 1379.5 (TSO:0). Call Steve or Gary 210924-5561. (05-13)

H ar t ze ll m o d e l H C- C 2Y K-1B F, s/n CH-41802B. For more information email (05-13) McCauley model 2D36C14-F, S/n 737538. For more information email Chucao@tie. cl (05-13)

J & C Enterprises has a Cessna 188 props in Stock Y.T. Also offer some STC’d propellers. Call Jerry or Sid 800-542-8565 or email Atfn

For sale Hamilton Standard 12D40-403 0-since IRAN. Email: or call 701-284-6755 (05-13) 2D30-6101A20,A/R. $4,500 2D30-6101A12,0/IRAN $10,500 22D40-6533A-12, 852-SOH(Beautiful) $19,500 AmAg 870-886-2418 (89F) agcat@bscn. com 12D40-AG100-4S,375-SOH,Nice Blades $12,500 12D40-AG100-4S,OHC $15,500 22D40-AG200-2, 1200-SOH, 60-SIRAN & ADCW $20,500 AmAg 870-886-2418 (89F)agcat@bscn. com 22D30-6533A12, OHC $15,500 12D40-6101A12. 175-SIRAN $11,500 H C - B 3 T N - 3 D/ 5 M , O H C W/ N E W 4Blades $23,000 AmAg 870-886-2418 (89F) Props for Sale: 2D30-6101A-18, 22D30-6533A-12 12D40-6101A-12, 12D40-AG100-2 22D40-6533A-12, 23D40-6533A-18 23D 4 0 -70 05A-12, Call PropWork s, Winnipeg, Canada Tel: 888-679-2965 email: 1 2-13Hartzell 3 Blade and 5 blade Props, new & used $CALL Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401. TFN

GE M601- E11 751 HP TURBOPROP Conversions for Air Tractor and Thrush. Increased Reliability. No Hot Section Inspections. No Nozzles to Service. Cascade Pressure Cowl – Standard Equipment with Lifetime Serviceable Air Filter System! 3,000 HR Engine TBO. Auto Start Systems. Lower Operating/ Maintenance Costs. Improved Safety. Ease of Maintenance Access. Warranty: 1,000 Hr / 1,100 Cycles or 2 Years. Now taking deposits and scheduling deliveries for mid-late 2011 and early 2012. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ . t f n Best Classified Buy In The Industry. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

finance/lease For Lease: Late model Air Tractor 502 for the 2013 season. Inquire - South Delta Aviation. Darryl Riddell 870-5729011 days or 870-995-1323 nights and weekends. (05-13)

Air Tractor financing can put an Air Tractor in your hangar. Air Tractor offers competitive financing options in the U.S. and Canada from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. Fly now and take seven years to pay, 10 years to amortize and have a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. Other attractive term periods are available, too. These financing options are available on both new and used Air Tractors purchased through Air Tractor dealers. See your Air Tractor dealer today! t f n Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

vehicles Auger Trucks For Sale (Trade-Ins) Also list of customer trucks. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133 Cell: 870-9192317 A 04-13 1500 gal Jet A refueler; Nissan UD 3300 truck; epoxy lined steel tank: Liquid Control counter with predetermining counter (new 2003); single point and over the wing nozzles: automatic reel. Truck and pump work well; good rubber $13,900 or Will consider trades for auto, truck, or aircraft Call 501-985-1484 AR location. tfn

Trade with members of NAAA

2013 AT-502B-34AG available now AT-502B -34AG May 2013 AT-602 -65AG, AT-802A -65AG slot available Fall 2013

800-441-2964 Ask for Rick or Chuck Stone F O B Fort Pierce, FL


Office: 772-461-8924 • Fax: 772-461-9050 • • May 2013 A-43

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We build loader trucks to your specifications. Stainless Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Hopper w/Stainless Steel Tube. Been in loader truck business since 1980.

Fight rodent infestation with Cascade’s i n n ov a t i ve a n d e x t r e m e l y s i m p l e solution, Mouse Pants! Hand crafted from the highest quality 2024-T3 aircraft aluminum (lighter and not as likely to carve up an operator like galvanized steel). Quick action Wing nut CAMLOC aircraft grade fasteners. Rubber trimmed to protect your aircraft’s finish and the flooring surface. Order your set of three for only $599.00 plus shipping and handling. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@cascadeaircraftconversions. com (08-13)

Call Pat Ballard Office:870-697-2004 Fax:870-697-3568 185 Hwy. 42 West , Hickory Ridge, AR.


Get these photo mats before they fly off the shelve. A great way to display your favorite photos. Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at tfn

NEW to the DeSpain Collection, Customizable Note Cards featuring your favorite Pen and Ink drawing. For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at t f n

Toy plastic model Air Tractor. 12” wingspan, removable stand. Great toy for the kids or desktop model. $15 + s/h order online at or e-mail tfn Help your little pilot fly high in dream world with these Bi-Plane PJ’s... Assorted sizes available. For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at tfn

Don’t miss a great deal on these beautiful models, great addition to your growing collection. Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250 or vist our Market Place at t f n


iPhone 5 bumpers, Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at t fn

New from our DeSpain Collection, Pen and Ink Thirsty Stone Coasters. These high quality coasters will look great on any desktop or table. Set of 4. Makes a great gift! For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at tfn

Aviator Backpack and matching coin purse (sold separately). Available in blue and pink. For more information call 478987-2250 or visit our Market Place at tfn


Fly through your mail with our Airplane Letter Opener! Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250 or vist our Market Place at t f n PC SPRAY Dedicated Application Software, Version 3. Fully-functional program. Buy it once, use it forever! No annual fees. Technical support for the life of the product. Call or email for demo today. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 t f n Crop Duster Video - “The Crop Dusters - The Early Years 1921-1955”; the era of Stearmans and Cubs flying the fields will never be seen again. Available in VHS or DVD. Only $20.00, plus S&H. MC and Visa accepted. Call 478-987-2250 Fax 478-9871836 Historical Video Productions. tfn Reduce Drift, Increase Deposition and Retention use Control™ FREE SAMPLE Call 765-395-3441, mrfoam1@garrco. com tfn

Order your The AgOp Collage Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $60 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at t f n Specialty belt buckles, show your pride in style. Makes a great gift. For more information call 478-987-2250 or visit our Market Place at tfn w w w. Aircraf tCost AG Operators can calculate your breakeven, % investment return, profit potential, and produce annual & monthly cash flows. Project your financials without sp ending ho ur s of yo ur time . A ll reports are produced automatically and accurately after you provide your cost inputs and gross application fees. Types of analyses performed include: C o m p a ny/ I n d i v i d u a l O w n e r s h i p, Managed with/without Leaseback, Commercial Operation, Agricultural/ F i re/A m b u lan ce O p e r ati o ns , J o i n t Ownership, Fractional Ownership, and Charter/Rental. AG sales organizations can provide prospects with customized & professional ownership cost analysis. This program is a great sales aid and management tool. FREE sample reports. Click REQUEST INFORMATION on the website or call 281-419-7443 tfn SUPERBUGS A safe and economical way to speed up Mother nature! Dispose of hazardous waste in loading and spill areas, ponds and ditches. SUPERBUGS disposes of insecticides, Fungicides, herbicides, and petroleum products Such as waste oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvent or anything of organic nature. Blue Stripe Distributing Toll Free 877-924-5025 tfn

J & C Enterprises Aviation Inc. Is always looking for all types of derelict aircraft, parts inventory, both new and used. We will buy small or a shop full. Contact Jerry Buster 800 -542-8565 or email At fn

HOTSTUFF AG AIRCRAFT CLEANER Call to order the # 1 Ag Aircraft cleaner in the country, Used by over 400 operators Coast to Coast. Blue Stripe Distributing 877-924-5025 Atfn English to Spanish Technical Translations Fo r m e r A &P a n d Ag - Pi l o t, C a r l o s Retamosa Specializing in translating: • Aviation technical manuals • Airworthiness Directives (ADs) • Service Bulletins (SBs) Contact info 598-53-24376 retamosa@ tfn One-acre-square house lot for sale in new Plane Living Sky Park neighborhood with 2,000 s.f., all brick, covenants. Lot is one of 13 directly on new sod runway. Taxi out of your hangar, directly onto the runway. Located in Peach County, Georgia. Public water, septic sewer. paved streets, curb and gutter, street lights. Less than five miles west of I-75, Exit 142, approximately five miles to Fort Valley, GA and approximately 10 miles to Warner Robins, GA. Google It! South side of Hwy 96 at 50 Lane Rd., Fort Valley, Georgia 31030 (Google photo before development). Save thousands and buy from owner. $35,000 OBO. 478.987.2250 t f n HELMET with slide up visor $850. Deluxe Kevlar Helmet with ANR, Softskins, Oregon seals $1200. Sky Tractor Supply 1-800-437-5319 At fn

INSURANCE from the Leading Ag Aviation Brokers. 64 Years Risk Management, Low time Pilot Coverage. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885 www. tfn DOUG DAVIDSON, aircraft owner and commercial pilot, has served the unique insurance needs of the agricultural aviation community since 1982. He founded Davidson Solid Rock Ins. in 1995 on Christian principles, honesty, integrity, and the commitment to provide insurance products as solid as our name! One call is all it takes to shop all available markets for your specialized aviation insurance needs. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you at 800-358-8079. Or visit our website at tfn “Insurance from a name you can trust, at a price you can afford”, is what we do and it’s our motto. Hardy Aviation Insurance, Inc, is centrally located in Wichita Kansas and has been servicing the aerial application market for years now. RANDY HARDY established Hardy Aviation Insurance in 1995 with aerial application as his main focus. Prompt courteous service from a staff dedicated and knowledgeable includes Angie Banz, Tim Wiebe, Dick Russell and Rita Ethridge, whom have years of experience servicing the aerial application business. Give us a try, you might be surprised. Call 1 800 721-6733 or fax us at 316-945-2330. Get an online quote from our web site at or e-mail us at tfn

services Cascade Conversion for Thrush and Air Tractor. Fuel Saving, Cooler running, more power available. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 tfn

Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location.

Jeffries Airworks Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location. tfn

Let us sell your Ag plane! Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. 1601 Hwy 84 East Hayti, MO 63851 800-325-0885 tfn !!Attention Thrush Owners!! North Star Aviation Inc is now the new STC holder of the Thrush Reinforce Leading Edge Skins. If you are getting ready to rebuild your Thrush wings due to AD09-26-11 or tired of bird strikes and ugly leading edges!! Now is the time to install North Star Aviations new Thrush heavy duty reinforced leading edge skins fully STC’d SA03518AT no Field approval required. For more Info contact Wendel or Steve @ North Star Aviation Inc. 620-356-4528 tfn !!Attention Thrush Owners!! North Star Aviation Inc is now the new STC holder of the Thrush Reinforce Leading Edge Skins. If you are getting ready to rebuild your Thrush wings due to AD09-26-11 or tired of bird strikes and ugly leading edges!! Now is the time to install North Star Aviations new Thrush heavy duty reinforced leading edge skins fully STC’d SA03518AT no Field approval required. For more Info contact Steve @ North Star Aviation Inc. 620-356-4528 srice@pld. com tfn

wanted to buy WANTED: S2R 600 radial Thrush. Any year, any condition. Engine optional. Call Bruce’s Flying Service 229-725-4150, fax 229-725-5135. bruceandrews62@gmail. com (06-13) Wanted - Turbine Thrush or Air Tractor, all considered, email specs and pictures to (05-13)

Northwest operation FOR SALE. Ten month season, multiple crops, irrigated with plenty of water and sun. Established business over 36 years, with 68 acres, 2800 ft. blacktop runway, 75ft. by 100ft. heated hangar, with apartment above. Available end of season (Sept.30th 2013) Please email inquires to blindads@agairupdate. com subject: Northwest operation mail inquires to Northwest Operation C/O AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or fax inquires to 478-987-1836 Attn: Northwest Operation (05-13) For Sale; 45 year established ag operation with 2 airstrips, one paved, with 50X100 Hangar ETC. No aircraft just land & business. Possible lease purchase. E-mail (05-13) Montana aerial application business with FBO. Year round income; ag, 135, fuel and maintenance, included hangar, office, fuel systems with truck and equipment. Aircraft included, contact BigSkyDN@ (05-13)



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nline Free o rch! ry Sea Invento



Tel. 330-698-0280 - Fax. 330-698-3164

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Toll free, U.S. & Canada

ENTRY LEVEL AG PILOT TR AINING utilizing Pawnee PA-25/260 CS Dual Cockpit,Dual&Solo Flight Time in Ag Plane. SATLOC BANTAM.Ag Aviation Consultants for Ag Operating Certificate Part 137.See videos at: EAGLE VISTAS LLC 772-285-5506 (05-13)

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seat wanted

EXHAUST Wanted: R-1340 and R-985 Exhaust Send Old Exhaust segments for exchange or Sell them! Call Daryl @ 940-902-0797 or evans.daryl@sbcglobal. net tfn Ag Aircraft Wanted: Immediate cash for Ag planes - All considered - Contact Darryl Riddell at 870-572-9011 (05-13) Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Only $45 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

operations Midwest Ag Operation FOR SALE. 28 years established. Multiple crops both irrigated and dry land, long season. Owner to retire and will sell with or without Turbine Air Tractor and Ag Cat. Available now or fall 2013. Email responses to blindads@ Subject Fall Operation or fax 478-345-AGAV (2428) or mail to PO Box 850 Perry GA 31069 subject fall operation (05-13) Successful mid West operations for sale with or without turbine aircraft. Very successful with diverse crops, seasons April-September. 250-300 K annual acres and growing. Qualified buyers only. Please email responses to blindads@agairupdate. com subject: Operation for sale or fax 478345-2428 att: operation for sale or mail to Operations for Sale C/O AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 (05-13)

Plane and Pilot insured Pawnee 235 licensed in AL, IL, NE. available for Spring and early Summer work email jcobb4443@hotmail. com or call 205-422-7624 (05-13) Looking for spring and summer work with reputable operator. High time Ag pilot FW/RW with Ag equipped R44 II Former Owner/Operator 37 years/12,000 hrs. Will exchange references. Will entertain all offers. Please send resumes via email to subject: seat wanted Fax to 478-345-AgAv subject seat wanted or mail responses to Seat Wanted C/O AgAir Update PO Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 (05-13) 1600+hrs helicopter, 400+ hrs Ag. Able to travel as needed, Certified applicator Kansas with reciprocity. Contact Ken at 316-209-8466 (05-13) AT-502 & Pilot Available: I am currently looking for spring work. I fly a 502A with M3, flow control, & flat fans. I have herbicide experience & am licensed in several states, north & south. I am a professional & work well w/ others. Contact Brent (620) 640-6838 or (620) 649-3224 (05-13)

May 2013


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We rebuild and refinish any fibreglass part for Weatherly, Cessna, Piper and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B,C and D). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 tfn

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Need another plane? Short-term or longterm, Northern Illinois operator with AT-602 and Pilot looking to schedule work in 2013. Please call Jerry at 217304-5557. We are mobile with ground support if needed and are probably already licensed in your state. (05-13) Looking for Seat for 2013 season. 2056 TT, 325 hrs Ag, currently flying acrobatic T-6 and biplane rides looking to get back into Ag flying. Will relocate anywhere for the season. 770-286-6076 or pilot2256@ (05-13) Plane and pilot available in the Midwest for July and August 2013. Late model Turbine with GPS equipment, 15,000+hr pilot lic in NB, CO and KS. For more information call 308-995-4646 (05-13)

help wanted Seeking pilot(s) for the upcoming 2013 season and beyond, May - Sept. in the Midwest (MN, IA, IL, etc.) For a turbine Thrush. Preferred 1000 hrs AG and 250 hours Turbine time. Also have a piston seat, min 250 hours AG time. Looking for long term employees and team players, A&P a plus!Send resume to blindads@ or mail to A & P c/o AG Air Update PO Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 (01-14) Immediate full time positions for entry level A&P mechanics. Please send resumes to North Star Aviation, Inc. Fax 620-3563864 or email (08-13)

Western Montana aerial application firm has an immediate need for one full time A&P mechanic. Bell and Hiller experience preferred but not required. Must have or be willing to get a CDL with hazmat. Extensive travel. Competitive compensation. Email av8orrheli@gmail. com or call 406-360-0207 (05-13) Wanted Ground Crew Personnel for midwest Ag Operation. July, August. Great Prerequisite to learn the business and meet/work with Ag Pilots in the industry. Fax resume with letter of introduction to 866-607-5825 (05-13) Wanted: Cessna C188 and 450 Ag Cat pilot for the corn run in July in Iowa must have 1000hrs Ag and REFRENCES send information to REPettis1@yahoo. com (05-13)

DeSpain Collection Stone Coasters $29.99 DeSpain set of four stone coasters. Set includes Ag-Cat, AT-502, Cessna, and Thrush 510


WANTED Experienced pilot for immediate position with aggressive company. Opperate 7 turbines in MN, ND, SD, IA and IL. Will be based in SD flying a AT50234. Forward resume to jim@agrimaxllc. com (05-13) 478-987-2250

Experienced pilot wanted for 2013 and beyond for M3 with Intelliflow equipped 600 B-model Ag-Cat. Work will be mainly in MN. Work will require travel. You will be subcontracting for other operators and mostly off of private strips without direct supervision of owner. Work will include herbicide, fungicide and insecticide, as well as urea dry work on rice. Expected average is 20,000 acres and 225 hours flying. Pay will be a negotiated commission of percentage of application rate based on experience and ability to be self motivated. Bryan @ 320-760-6474 or (05-13)

WANTED high time rice pilot for the 2013 season and beyond. Northern California. Must have experience in -34 510 Thrush. Please forward resume, flight times and refrences to (05-13) Seeking an A&P for a central Minnesota Maintenance operation. AG experience a must, general aviation experience is a plus. Looking for long term employees and team players, IA’s and Pilots are a plus! Send resume to blindads@agairupdate. com or mail to A & P c/o AG Air Update PO Box 850 Perry Ga 31069 (01-14) IA and A&P mechanics needed. Call 870 -295- 6213 Salary depending on qualifications and experience tfn Immediate full time positions for entry level or experienced A&P/IA mechanics. Please send resumes to A&P c/o AgAir Update Po Box 850 Perry GA 31069 or email blindads@agairupdate subject A&P or fax 478-987-1836 (tfn) Experienced Cessna Ag Pilot Needed for summer season in Missouri and Kansas. Call 816-536-6959. (05-13) Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Read By More Ag Pilots Than Any Other Publication. Only $45 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-987-1836.

Subscription Order Form Company _________________________________________ Name _______________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________ State _______ Zip ____________ Country _______________________ Email _____________________________Phone # ___________________________Fax # ______________________ Comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ q One-year subscription – $39.00 (USA and International) q Two-year subscription – $70.00 (USA and International) q One-year subscription with Airmail – $64.00 (Canada Only) q Two-year subscription with Airmail – $120.00 (Canada Only) q One-year subscription with Airmail – $84.00 (Other Countries) q Two-year subscription with Airmail – $160.00 (Other Countries) q One-year Latinoamerica subscription – $20.00 (6-issues) q Two-year Latinoamerica subscription – $35.00 (6-issues) We accept Visa, MasterCard and U.S. checks, no foreign checks, please. Any checks not affiliated with a U.S. bank will be returned. Additional fees apply for wire transfers.

q Additional copies!!! Only $19.95 a year!! Have additional AgAir Updates sent for your office/hangar for only $19.95 per issue/ per year. Yes! I would like ____ additional copies of AAU sent to me (must go to same address). q Credit Card users add Baker’s Dozen to automatically renew each year.

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PO Box 850 • Perry, GA USA 31069 • Tel 478-987-2250 • Fax 478-987-1836 • •


Advanced Aerial Guidance

Acorn Welding........................................ 33A AERO....................................................... 20A

• Wireless transfer of logs and Jobs • New FAA obstacle warning database • Access the G4 remotely through the Internet • Ability to receive Job files from AgSync & Flight Plan Online

Ag - Nav, Inc. ............................................ 3A

Latest Features: toggle to full map screen, hot keys, calculator tool, FAA obstacle warnings, internet browser access, laser altimeter support, nearest swath feature and more

Agrinautics.............................................. 11A Airplane Services................................... 33A Air Tractor Inc........................................... 5A American AgViation............................... 32A Apollo Spray Systems............................ 19A ASI Jet Sales............................................ 30A Bruces Flying Service............................. 20A Cascade Aircraft Conversions................ 8A Central Florida Ag Aero......................... 32A Collins Aircraft Dynamics, Inc............... 26A


Covington Aircraft Engines................... 48A CP Products............................................ 17A Curtis DynaFog....................................... 22A Custom Air.............................................. 25A Davidon................................................... 32A Desser Tire & Rubber Co...................... 29A DynaNav........................................ 15 & 23A Electrode Aviation................................. 33A

HQ Instant Data Push/Pull ™

FireBoss.................................................. 27A Flight Grip............................................... 33A Frost Flying............................................. 35A

• Live view of any aircraft or asset

GE Aviation............................................. 21A

• Create, view, manage and send job files to any aircraft with a G4

Gulf Coast Ag Aircraft SS....................... 41A Hershey Flying Service.......................... 23A J & C Enterprises, Inc............................. 40A

• View, print or email as-applied spray maps

Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc............... 37A

• Enter Section/Township/Range

Lane Aviation, Inc.................................. 39A

• Various weather layers including US & Canadian Radar and Wind

Micron Sprayers Limited...................... 11A Mid - Continent Aircraft Corp............... 25A Orsmond Aerial Spray Pty. Ltd............. 46A Preferred Airparts................................. 46A Queen Bee Air Specialties.................... 15A Robert McCurdy..................................... 33A

the HQ mobile app is now available for iPhone® and iPad® devices. The HQ mobile app allows instant access for asset tracking and job creation.

SATLOC................................................... 47A Sanag...................................................... 33A Schweiss BiFold Doors.......................... 33A ServAero Engineering........................... 32A Sky Tractor Supply Co........................... 28A Southeastern Aircraft............................ 43A Souther Field Aviation, Inc.................... 41A Southwest Airmotive............................. 32A Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers............ 9A Sun Air Parts........................................... 32A Tennessee Aicraft.................................. 22A

8444 N. 90th Street, Suite 130 Scottsdale, Arizona 85258 USA

Thrush Aircraft Inc................................... 2A TracMap NZ LTD.................................... 24A Transland ............................................... 14A

Phone: (480) 348-9919 Toll Free 800-247-3808

Tulsa Aircraft Engines........................... 10A Turbine Conversions Limited............... 18A Universal Turbine Parts Div.................... 9A

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May 2013


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The Satloc® G4™

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