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Across the Prairie

Portage Aircraft Carries the Air Tractor Brand in Canada

Photos from the State Conventions Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi In Depth with AGNAV Laura Lawrence Flying Low in Canada


More Fight For Firefighters. The arsenal of aerial attack weapons for firefighters just got larger – and better. The Thrush 510G Switchback is FAA Certified – and soon it will be joined by the new 710P Fire Bird – the newest, most advanced firefighting aircraft in the industry. The Fire Bird features an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated fire gate and—unlike other SEAT aircraft, a separate, mechanically actuated jettison system for added pilot safety. Best of all, it’s a Thrush. Which means it’s designed to climb faster, handle better, work harder and get you home safely each night. Because we believe whether you’re spraying row crops or battling wildfires, you deserve an aircraft that fights as hard as you do. For more information of the new 710P Fire Bird, or the new 510G Switchback, and how they can help you join the fire fight, visit us online, or call Eric Rojek at 229.789.0437.

Built the best, to fly the best. A 2 |



The Best System for Pilot Safety Variable Rate Technology:

Able to manage complex variable rate maps from simple spray on/off to variable rate prescription.

Voice Command:

No worry about your accent. Platinum can be trained to recognize your voice.

Emergency Help: with an SOS message.

Send a text message to two mobile phones

Free Flight Planning App:

Create jobs and do flight planning anywhere in the world. Try it while it’s free.

Guia Platinum

Based on proven navigation technololgy, Ag-Nav is a global leader in systems that keep pilots safer and more in control while maximizing flight value. The new Platinum system offers pilot-friendly guidance with a simple interface for greater usability and ease of flying. Whether conducting precision agriculture, fighting fires, controlling wildlife, surveying, or combating Zika mosquitos, Ag-Nav offers flexibility and performance in both the air and on the ground. FOR OUR COMPLETE PRODUCT LIST, VISIT AGNAV.COM/NAVIGATION-SYSTEMS/ Take your job to the next level – Take total control

Ag-Nav - The leading name in GPS navigation systems When you buy an Ag-Nav product, you have for over 20 years. Be able to complete your job with the best tech support in the industry waiting confidence and expertice with an Ag-Nav system. for you -24/7, 365 and in 9 languages

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1 (800) 99-AGNAV GENERAL@AGNAV.COM 1 (705) 734-0909 | A 3

Keep Turning… In This Issue Volume 37 Number 2 | February 2019 12 Across the Prairie - Portage Aircraft Carries the Air Tractor Brand in Canada 16 Taking GPS to the Next Level 22 First Air Tractors Delivered to Brazil for 2019


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24 xarvio Zone Spray Protects the Right Acres

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28 Laura Lawrence, Flying Low on Canadian Crops

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32 Agricultural Aircraft Operating Above Parallel 29 South Require Transponders

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Jonair’s impressive lineup of Air Tractors displayed on the ramp of Jonair and Portage Aircraft in Canada



E&M Flying Service Holly Grove, AR

CAN DO-ING IT. Lathan’s is the classic ag aviator story. From ag plane loader to pilot of an AT-802, Lathan Busby has lived every chapter, done every task in the hangar and on the ramp. And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Because that experience provides a healthy dose of pragmatism and confidence that Lathan brings to bear to get the job done. Just like we do. See what we mean: | A 5



Bill Lavender

Our Busy Seasons

For us, it is our “busy season”, not unlike yours during the peak months of your season.

A 6 |

If you have not noticed by now, then you must have not “flipped” through the pages of this month’s edition of AgAir Update! Believe me when I say, “We didn’t plan it this way.” There is an overwhelming number of Canadian-related articles in this February edition. However, it could have not worked out any better with the Canadian Aerial Applicators Association’s annual conference being held in Montreal this month. Of course, AgAir Update will attend with an exhibit booth. Please be sure to stop by for a visit. This month’s feature cover story is about Portage Aircraft and Jonair; based in (you guessed it) Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. Graham flew the Baron to Canada for this article about Portage Aircraft becoming the exclusive Air Tractor dealer for Canada. I know you’ll find it interesting reading. To add to the Canadian flavor, you’ll read about probably the only (not really sure about that) Canadian female ag-pilot, Laura Lawrence. Uniquely enough, AgAir Update’s columnist, Juliana Coppick, a female ag-pilot that flies both in Brazil and the U.S., wrote the article and made a long distant friend at the same time! Another Canadian-based article in this month’s edition is about precision aerial applications. Charlie Steele of Mississippi wrote a Letter to the Editor about his satisfaction with his Air Repair hydraulic variable and constant rate hopper gate. In my reply, I commented that variable rate would one day be the norm. When you read about xarvio Field Manager, you will be convinced that variable rate has arrived, at least in Canada. But, this inundation of Canadian articles does not stop, be sure to read all about Ag-Nav, Inc., a GPS company based in Barre Ontario. This time, I made the trip to Canada to visit with my 20+ year friend Fred Ramirez, president of Ag-Nav. I left very pleasant 70°F weather in Georgia to be greeted by Canadian snow, ugh! There’s a lot to read about Ag-

Nav. It is not your “run of the mill” company. As I write this, I am about halfway through AgAir Update’s winter state trade show circuit. As if I can’t get enough of traveling, I have a 15-day break after the Mississippi convention before the SEAF convention and I booked a week of travel in Brazil! Oh well, so much for taking a break. I can’t complain too much about all the travel Graham and I do in January and February. It is a lot; 22 days away from home in the 31 days of January and almost that many in February. For us, it is our “busy season”, not unlike yours during the peak months of your season. We all have to “get it while we can” and this is the time of year for AgAir Update. The good thing about all this is that I get to renew old friendships and make new ones. That becomes more important to me as the years literally fly by (44 years since I started in ag). Seeing people and remembering just how long I’ve known them and the memories this brings back is very rewarding. I can honestly say I have many more friends away from home than at it. I often joke, “Where can you enjoy a beer while on the job?” However, all the restaurant eating and convention hall beers really take a toll on the diet! Until next month, Keep Turning…



February 4-6, 2019 SEAF Convention

Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel Mobile, AL Linda Minton February 15-17, 2019 NAAA Spring Board Meeting

Alexandria, VA Lindsay Barber Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 February 21-23, 2019 Canada AAA Convention

Hotel Bonaventure Montreal, Quebec Canada Shauna Prokopchuk 780-413-0078 www. February 26-28 2019 Tri-States AA convention

Sioux Falls Convention Center Sioux Falls, SD Andrea Goebel 605-690-3477 Terry Stieren 952-226-5874 Cindy Beck 701-899-3232 www.tristateaerialconvention. com March 2019 Aerial Firefighting Europe 2019 Nimes, France May 27, 2019 International Crop Duster’s Day

July 30 - August 1, 2019 Congresso da Aviação Agrícola do Brasil 2019 - SINDAG

Sertãozinho - SP – Brasil August 19, 2019 Brazilian Ag Aviation Day October 11-13, 2019 NAAA Fall Board Meeting

Denver, CO Lindsay Barber Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 November 3-5, 2019 PNW Convention

Coeur D’Alene Resort Coeur d’Alene, ID Tara Lea Brown 509-989-9098 November 4-6, 2019 KsAAA Convention

Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan, KS Rhonda McCurry 316-796-1180 November 18-21, 2019 NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo

Rosen Shingle Creek Orlando, FL Lindsay Barber Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 December 3-5, 2019 Mid-States Convention

Isle of Capri Casino Convention Center Bettendorf, IA Brandon Flexsenhar 309-208-9668

January 2020 MoAAA Convention

January 2020 NM AAA Convention

TBA Mike Hall 573-649-2587 aerialcropservices@sbcglobal. net

TBA Sue Steward 940-864-2456

January 2020 ArAAA Convention

TBA Katherine Holmstrom 501-503-3310 January 2020 AzAAA PAASS Meeting

January 8-10, 2020 TxAAA Convention

TBA Lorena Campos 512-476-2644 Lcampos@thetexascapitol. com January 17-19, 2020 MsAAA Convention

TBA Brittany Armstrong 520-705-9692

Beau Rivage Resort & Casino Biloxi, MS Vicki Morgan 662-299-7836

January 2020 LaAAA Convention

February 3-5, 2020 SEAF Convention

TBA Ed Krielow 337-230-9952

Marriott Savannah Mobile, AL Linda Minton 772-465-0714

January 2020 AMAA Convention

TBA Colleen Campbell 406-781-6461 www.montanaarialapplicators. org January 2020 NEAAA Convention

TBA Sandy Carter 609-820-7846 businessoffice@northeastaaa. org January 2020 OkAAA Conference

TBA Sandy Wells 405-341-3548

February 16-16, 2020 NAAA Spring Board Meeting

TBD Lindsay Barber Tel: 202-546-5722 Fax: 202-546-5726 February 23-25, 2020 NATA Convention

Younes Center Kearney, NE Taylor Moore 402-761-2216 May 27, 2020 International Crop Duster’s Day | A 7



Kudos Good morning Bill. It was good to visit with you this past weekend at the MsAAA convention in Biloxi, Mississippi. Our annual crop duster get together is always an opportunity to see old friends and to meet the new generation of ag-pilots rapidly taking over for us older guys. I have been meaning to send a note to you about Air Repair’s hydraulic gate dry system for variable and constant rate applications. This year was the first for us to do all our rice acreage solely utilizing the constant rate capability. The system performed without any hitches and proved its usefulness and need. We had the best results in 39 years of dry fertilizing rice with streak free, uniform applications. It was literally difficult to tell which way the fields were flown. My thanks go to Pete Jones of Air Repair Inc. in Cleveland, Mississippi for developing a fine product that has been sorely needed for years. I have always hated the days spent fertilizing in a high wind (the norm) giving us an upwind airspeed 20-40 mph slower than the downwind passes. Obviously, the system is very capable of variable rate work. Longwood Flying Service is beginning to break into that market. Although, I originally purchased the system for constant rate applications, I do not regret the decision. Fly safe, Charlie Steele Longwood Flying Service, Inc. Hollandale, MS Hello Charlie; As always, good to see you too this year in Biloxi. Thanks for sending the email giving kudos to Pete Jones’ hydraulic A 8 |

gate. I believe it is a worthwhile hydraulic system/gate (operates other items, too) for its constant rate function. However, as prescription applications become more popular and a necessary application technique, this gate will surely lead the way with its variable rate capability. Hope you have a safe and profitable season, —Bill

the damage they do, so as a result people kill the hogs on sight. Most are left where they fall and this provides year round food for the buzzards. And to my knowledge buzzards do not have very many of God’s creatures willing to take a big bite and say, “that sure was tasty.” So the buzzard population keeps increasing and we keep hitting them with the airplanes. Later Dan Kubecka Edna, Texas Hello Dan; I know that must have been quite an experience! Gee… Have you thought about the Storm Shield? After this event, the pilot might even pay for it! —Bill

Buzzard Strike My daughter Jana indicated to me that you wanted to know a little info about the buzzard strike on one of my 502s. Dickie Ellis, one of my pilots was fertilizing rye grass in a second crop rice field when the buzzard came through the front windshield. The buzzard’s head protruded into the cockpit with the wings enveloping the outside of the windshield. He was able to land the aircraft safely with very limited forward visibility by looking out the side windows. He suffered minor cuts to the exposed portions of his head. But the most unpleasant aspect was flying back to the hangar covered with buzzard blood and guts and tolerating the smell. We dumped the fertilizer on the concrete and put it in another plane to finish the job. We spent about five hours cleaning and disinfecting the cockpit. Nasty job. Something else comes to mind. The reason we have so many buzzard strikes is because of the hogs. Everyone in this whole area hates the wild hogs and all

Misconception Dear Bill, Wow new Mag is awesome. I must clear up a common misconception as even yourself replied, “I’ve only made one flight in a Cresco (turbine Fletcher)”. A Fletcher is a Fletcher made for piston power, but some have been re-powered with a Garrett, some a Walter and some a PT6, but they are still Fletchers (last produced about 1975). A Cresco is a whole new aircraft. No parts are interchangeable with a Fletcher. Payload increased, VNE increased and incorporated many other changes. The only similarity is that they look similar to the uninitiated (last produced about 1990). The PAL 750 XL, which as an AG


machine is called a Falco, again has nothing interchangeable with a Cresco and is another whole step ahead with a design payload of 2.2 tonnes and 3000 litre hopper, spacious cockpit and many other new features (currently in full production and up to about 130 made now for different roles). The Falco has had the PT6A-34AG from day one, but the factory has nearly completed an 860 HP version for certification in March 2019. Again, to the uninitiated they look the same but side by side it is like a C-172 alongside a Caravan. The photo is a re-powered Fletcher easily picked by numerous straps holding fuel tanks on leading edge and fully flying tail plane as opposed to Cresco and Falco having much bigger elevator and tail plane. Tried to keep it simple, hope it makes sense. Andy Stevenson New Zealand Good evening Andy; Thanks for the update! Gee, I knew there were some differences, but wasn’t aware they were so prominent. Now I know! Who would have thought (outside of NZ and Australia) there were three different aircraft built along similar lines as the Fletcher, Cresco and Falco. I should have stated, “I’ve only made one flight in a Cresco.” Oh well… Appreciate the kind kudos. My son, Graham, is responsible for the new magazine format. And, congratulations to you for your aviation award. I guess if we old farts hang around long enough, somebody will recognize us! (joke).  Take care and for sure, stay in touch, —Bill

Turbine Brave Good morning Bill, there was a request in your magazine to find a guy selling turbine Braves. That would be me Larry Rose. Could you forward my email address to Griffin Ag Air. email is ldraz777@gmail. com Thanks, happy new year.

Larry Rose Imperial, CA Alison I’m forwarding you this email as request by Larry. Take care and HNY!—Bill

Horses Photo taken today near Pioche, Nevada Will finish Dec 19 with a target of 1000 horses that won’t winter kill in the desert. Note: Adoption Sale: $125/horse, free shipping for a truckload. Ron Cline Ellensburg, WA Amazing, Ron! Who would have thought there are 1,000 wild horses wandering the ranges of Nevada. That is some good mustering you are doing with your helicopter. I can’t imagine there being a problem “selling” them. —Bill

GPS concerns Hi Bill, I must congratulate you and Graham on the impressive look of the magazine; it’s great, well done . I was sad to read of the tragic accidents caused by towers. This is just some thoughts which may help others . When I started spraying our infield guidance was with flag men and the only distraction in the cockpit was the boom pressure gauge, then came the Crophawk. Our normal focus of vision was about 750 yards in front of the aircraft, lining up on flag men and noting obstructions for our next run. Now we have more and more distractions in the cockpit, guidance, cellphones, more complex engine monitoring, etc. Our natural focus point is much closer, so we are less likely to see

in time a tower or a stray wire. Added to this, our aircraft are much faster which adds to the danger. Perhaps pilots need to be reminded of this possibility and perhaps step back to when we flew around any unfamiliar field checking for obstacles before starting application runs . Anyhow Bill, I have retired now and handed over my companies to my two sons. I play around on my little farm and Sara and I can travel a bit. I have time to enjoy your magazine. We wish you, your family and your readers a great 2019 Safe flying, Cheers, Pat Neylan Bissel via Kajiado, Kenya Hello Pat; My apologies for the delay in responding to your email. I’ve been on the road since Jan. 3 working state ag-aviation trade shows. As always, it is good to hear from you. Thanks for the kudos! I completely understand your concerns about GPSs in ag-aircraft and the exceptional airspeeds reached by ag-aircraft today. However, like the dog that tasted the chicken, there’s no going back! Enjoy your retirement and give Sara a hug for me, as well as good wishes to the “boys”. Cheers, —Bill

Calendar You two have really outdone yourselves this time! Great year-view calendar! Thank you! Andrew Moore NAAA Executive Director | A 9


Across the Prairie Portage Aircraft Carries the Air Tractor Brand in Canada A 10 |


In the Central Plains region of Manitoba, Canada, less than 75 kilometers (47 miles) west of Winnipeg is Portage la Prairie. It is in this south-central Canadian location that, in 1978, John Bodie and Ken Kane formed the aerial application company Jonair. Fast forward 40 years, and Jonair has evolved into not only a leading aerial application company, but lent to the formation of Portage Aircraft. Started by John for turbine aircraft maintenance, Portage Aircraft is now owned by Dave Frisch and Bryan Dion and is the exclusive Air Tractor dealer for Canada. Here’s their story. ➤ | A 11


Top: The Jonair fleet of aircraft include one AT-502XP and five AT-502Bs. Left: Portage Aircraft travels the country calibrating spray systems for operators. Right: The maintenance team at Portage Aircraft uses stateof-the-art maintenance tracking systems to minimize downtime. Opposite Page: Jonair/Portage Aircraft owners Brian Dion and Dave Frisch (L-R).

In the Central Plains region of Manitoba, Canada, less than 75 kilometers (47 miles) west of Winnipeg is Portage la Prairie. Boasting a modest population of around 13,000, Portage la Prairie is also home to the McCain Foods and Simplot potato processing plants, which provide French fries for McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and various other commercialized restaurant chains. Richardson Milling, owned by Richardson International and previously known as Canoat milling, one of the largest oat mills in the world, is also located in the municipality. The city’s name is derived from the French word portage, which means to carry a canoe overland between waterways. In this case the

A 12 |

“portage” was between the Assiniboine River and Lake Manitoba, over la prairie. It is in this south-central Canadian location that, in 1978, John Bodie and Ken Kane formed an aerial application company together. Fast forward 40 years, and Jonair has evolved into not only a leading aerial application company, but lent to the formation of Portage Aircraft. Started by John for turbine aircraft maintenance, Portage Aircraft is now owned by Dave Frisch and Bryan Dion and is the exclusive Air Tractor dealer for Canada. Bryan Dion started with Jonair in the winter of 1999/2000 and Dave Frisch began in 2003. Jon Bodie offered a succession plan to the pair


in the latter part of 2010. The duo jumped at the opportunity and in 2011 began their first season as business partners. Bryan originates from a dairy and grain farm background. Being an agronomist and certified crop advisor, Bryan and Dave form the ideal partnership. Jonair is the agricultural spraying division of the companies, whereas Portage Aircraft handles the aircraft sales, maintenance and spraying calibration. Currently, Jonair operates two 502XPs and four AT-502Bs. There also is a Bonaire Conversion AgTruck in the mix. Jonair’s 502XPs are two of eight making Canada home. A busy year for the Canadian operation runs about 300 hours per aircraft. Jonair’s senior pilots are on their 21st season and the most junior just began his 4th. Bryan and Dave like to start their pilots on the ground for about two seasons, then progress them to the AgTruck. Then, the duo requires that the pilots go through an approved ag course. Once completed and before they transition into the AT-502, the new pilots are sent to Battlefords AirSpray for AT-504 instruction. All aircraft in the Jonair fleet are outfitted with SATLOC G4s and a mixture of CP-9 and CP-11s nozzles. In addition to aerial application, Jonair is also an independent ag retailer.

2018 was Dave’s first year flying the 502XP. He credits the quieter noise signature and increased performance to the success of the aircraft in his operation. Jonair utilizes some short airstrips and this is where the XP shines. Portage Aircraft was formed in addition to Jonair by John Bodie to serve turbine aircraft;! at a time when there weren’t any! Jon had the foresight, amongst many naysayers to see the future of the ag aircraft. Now, Portage maintains the fleet of aircraft for their sister company Jonair, as well as many surrounding aircraft. The company is 100% focused on Air Tractors since its inception. Becoming an Air Tractor dealer has opened the door to exceptional service and support for Air Tractor operators in Canada. Previously, items were being delayed at the border, or availability was limited. This proved very troublesome during the peak seasons for AOG situations. Now, as the Canadian Air Tractor dealer, located in Canada, Portage is able to stock a large amount of parts and mitigate that delay or the dreadful breakdown during the middle of summer. Portage has recently upgraded its maintenance tracking systems and are able ➤ | A 13


This page: Portage Aircraft utilizes a start-of-the-art maintenance faciity, where every part is categorized and entered into a real-time maintenance tracking system, then cross-referenced to each aircraft. This reduces the time the aircraft is in the shop and out of service.

real-time track maintenance items per aircraft, as well as instantaneously see if a part is in stock. This dramatically reduces the amount of time the aircraft is in the shop. Portage Aircraft engineers have been factory certified in airframe welding and wing spar centersplice work. Portage Aircraft also specializes in new aircraft setup and GPS installations to customize the aircraft to customers’ operational requirements. Through the collaboration of Portage Aircraft, Queen Bee Air Specialties in Idaho and Air Tractor, Portage Aircraft was able to bring a dealership and support system for the Air Tractor to Canadian aerial applicators. Now, with Dave and Bryan at the helm, Portage is set to carry the Air Tractor name “across the prairies” and into the future.

A 14 |


Portage Aircraft Specialties is your exclusive Canadian agricultural retail dealership for Air Tractor Inc. We can provide a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services through our 8,400 sq ft climate controlled, state of the art maintenance facility. We also offer a wide range of Air Tractor parts, with the ability to provide overnight delivery to aerial applicators across Canada.

PROUD TO BE THE CANADIAN AIR TRACTOR DEALERSHIP Box 125 Portage la Prairie, MB R1N 3B2 P: 204-870-2828 | F: 204-857-7408 | | A 15


Taking GPS to the Next Level by Bill Lavender

(L-R) Lai Nguyen and Fred Ramirez demonstrating the many Ag-Nav GPSs advantages at the National Agricultural Aviation Association AgExpo in Reno, Nevada 2018.

A 16 |


ituated in the industrial district of Barrie, Ontario is a 6000-square foot facility that houses the diverse AgNav, Inc., which started as a unit of the geophysical data collecting company, Picodas, originally based in Toronto, Canada. Today, Ag-Nav has 18 employees, all of which are technical-oriented except for those in accounting and marketing. The company primarily manufactures GPS navigation systems with tracking and function data collection capabilities. It recently expanded its product line to include ground power units in both 12-volt and 24-volt options for aircraft. Picodas decided to sell its aerial ag-GPS division and Ag-Nav was formed in 1999. Over the years, as a company that focuses on niche areas of GPS, Ag-Nav has recognized the needs of both agricultural ground and aerial operators. AgNav offers multiple hardware units and software versions that include aerial ag-operations, aerial firefighting, ground and mosquito applications and vehicle tracking. Support equipment includes laser altitude guidance, flow control units for both wet and dry materials, voltage power stabilizer, ground

power units and aircraft light bars, along with industry specific software. Moving from Toronto in 2000, Ag-Nav now resides on a 6-acre plot in the industrial area of Barrie. The administrative offices are approximately 3,000 square feet of space, while the manufacturing, inventory and storage areas utilize an additional 3,000 square feet for a total complex of 6,000 square feet. There is additional space that is leased to other companies for storage with 15 loading docks. Fred Ramirez is president of Ag-Nav and oversees operations, handles sales and company management. He is multilingual; Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese and is currently studying Mandarin. This skill greatly helps him with AgNav’s worldwide market. He moved from Ecuador in the 1980s finishing high school in Canada. He holds a degree as an Electronics Technologist. Fred worked at Picodas from 1994 until 1999 when he became a partner in Ag-Nav. Lai Nguyen is the lead company engineer. He moved to Canada from Vietnam in 1983. He attended the University of Waterloo in Waterloo,


Ontario Canada graduating in 1992 with a Professional Engineering License, after completing three years of practical experience in navigation, data management and communications at Picodas where he worked until 1999 when he became a partner in Ag-Nav. Lai is vice president of engineering responsible for technology, engineering and product development at Ag-Nav. The basis of the Ag-Nav family of products is the Guia GPS units. All are precision navigation units. Offered in models Platinum, Gold, Silver and Lite, there is an Ag-Nav aerial GPS for any need. Platinum Guia, the heart of the Ag-Nav System, offers Auto Booms that takes out pilot worry and responsibility for on/off spray functions. It can incorporate exclusion zones and variable rates, freeing up the pilot to focus better on the job at hand. The Platinum Guia can interface with up to four video cameras that can be mounted on helicopters to eliminate blind spots for the pilot during landing. The video equipment can also be mounted on either fixed or rotary wing aircraft to monitor the application equipment while in use. With a large 8.5” moving map display, the Platinum Guia is designed as a single unit with no extra components that add weight and take up space in the aircraft. The console is sealed, avionicsgrade aluminum that is powder-coated to withstand the harsh environment of ag-aviation. Memory cards are not required for the 8 to 64GB hard drives.

File transfer is easy with its 3G and Wifi capabilities. With over 150 functions available to the pilot, the Platinum Guia is versatile. Its unique “SOS Crash Alert” function can notify preprogrammed entities. Aircraft booms can be divided into four sections with selection options. Other functions include countdown audio and voice command capabilities. The Platinum, as its name implies, has all the features Guia GPSs offer. Gold and Silver Guias also offer Auto Booms and differ from each other in that the Gold platform has full flow control, the Silver does not. Their screens are 6.5”. Guia Lite offers precise GPS guidance, as well. It comes with a compact, intelligent, 4.3” touch screen display. Like its sibling Guias, it comes ➤

Top: Ag-Nav President Fred Ramirez gives a demo of the Platinum Guia, Gold/Silver and Lite GPSs and light bar. Middle: Chris Plante services an Ag-Nav light bar. Maximum turnaround time for any repair is two weeks. A loaner option is available for AOG situations. Bottom: Jason Corbin, Ag-Nav Production Manager with the Ag-Nav P-550 dual band (L1 and L2) GPS receiver. Below: The Ag-Nav office and manufacturing facility consisting of 6,000 square feet of space based in Barre, Ontario Canada. | A 17


Left: The Enercraft GPU during assembly. The cases are nearly “bulletproof” in their rugged design. On the rack are lithium 3-volt batteries that are installed in series to produce either 12 volts or 28 volts per the Enercraft model. Middle Left: AgFlow unit on test stand. All units are flow tested before shipping. The biggest problem for a flow control unit is impurities in the fluid. A pre-filter should be used before the product reaches the unit. The new “Unified Flow Controller” (UFC) combines all the capabilities of previous flow controllers (low volume, dry and standard) into one AgFlow UFC CPU (Central Processing Unit). Middle Right: Ag-Nav parts, spares and hardware room. Groups of parts are available to supply the manufacture of 20-50 units. The GPS console and light bar are made of avionics grade aluminum and powder-coated for long term protection against the harsh elements of ag-aviation. Units are tested for 48 hours at temperature ranges from -10°C to 40°C upon completion of manufacturing and tested again at delivery. Right: Anti-static precautions are mandatory to prevent electrostatic discharge on components and avoid systems malfunctioning. These Ag-Nav technicians are in the assembly lab and must wear electrostatic discharge (ESD) protective shoes and static release bracelets and ESD coats.

A 18 |

with either an internal or external light bar. Light bars- Complimenting the Guia units are seven choices with 3D guidance display; internal (small fixed wing and helicopter) and external mounting (midsize and large fixed wing aircraft). The units use high intensity LED technology that gives clear guidance in intense lighting conditions, as well as dimming for the lowest lighting conditions making night operations safer. Key features are precision steering indication, obstacle warning alert, altitude guidance and dimming capability. Programmable, the pilot can customize units to display the data chosen. P-550- Guias receive data signals from the P-550, a precision GPS receiver and antenna. The unit is more accurate than its predecessor at a refresh rate of 20 times a second at 20Hz compared to the P-500 at five times a second. The unit is completely waterproof. Upgrading from the P-500 to the P-550 only requires the new unit and a data cable change. Starting 2019, all Guias will use the P-550. There are four versions of flow control systems that interface with the Guias; AgFlow, , AgFlow1 AgFlowG and AgFlow G1. The AgFlow automatic flow control system for aerial applications is designed to ensure a steady distribution of product by automatically adjusting the flow rate. It consists of a flow meter, controller box, stainless steel valve and DC

motor to adjust the valve. It has CAN bus technology allowing it to communicate with other GPS units besides the Guias. AgFlow AT00- The On/Off Target Flow system (AT00) is the next step in flow control technology. It allows for worry-free automatic product dispersant control that automatically shuts on/off the aircraft’s spray boom system. It can also be operated manually by using a panel mounted toggle switch AgFlow1 is a standalone flow control system. It has touchscreen technology with its own built-in navigation system. The compact 4.3” console monitors activity and data from the spray system that controls the spray valve. Data is logged on a USB or memory card and can be viewed on NavViewW or SprayViewW software. AgFlow G is an automatic granular flow control unit that works with Isolair dry application equipment and several different brands of bucket applicators for helicopters. For an Isolair unit, it uses two built-in electric motors, one for each hopper and impellers to accurately adjust dispersal rates. Impellers prevent product jamming. Calibration is based on revolutions per weight that can be easily changed in the field to accommodate a variety of products. The calibration is displayed on a monitoring screen and recorded. The AgFlow G motor(s) will automatically stop if a blockage occurs and notify the pilot as well as protect the motors. The AgFlow G alerts the pilot


when the tanks or bucket are empty. Calibrations can be saved for ease of returning to a predetermined calibration. It is a standalone system and requires no other guidance systems. AgFlow G1 is the equivalent to the AgFlow G, but as a stand-alone version Ag Laser- Guias can help the pilot maintain a specific altitude by using the Ag Laser. It measures the distance from the aircraft to the ground in real time by calculating the time it takes for a short pulse of infrared light to reach the surface and return to the aircraft. It has a range of 150 meters (500 feet). When the optimum height is programmed into the unit, it will give an indication through the Guia if above or below the ideal height zone. All Ag-Nav Guias are upgradeable using the same cabling, making an upgrade a simple matter of exchanging hardware. Also, Ag-Nav offers an annual preventive maintenance program. The GPS owner sends in the unit for evaluation. All functions are checked out. If there are no problems, there is no charge, except for shipping. Units cost between $5,000 to $17,000 USDs. Over 6,000 units have been manufactured. As important as the hardware for a GPS unit is its software. A versatile software suite can greatly enhance the functionality of a GPS. Ag-Nav has created multiple software applications that do this exactly. Examples of these

applications are; FlightMaster, FireNav, PhotoNav, LiNav, TraxNav, TrackNav, NavViewW, SprayViewW and AgMission. FlightMaster is a guidance system application for wind offset to meet specific requirements for mosquito control applications, as well as other aerial application needs related to meteorology. With its on board Meteorological Data Probe, it provides real-time information on wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure. With this data uploaded every second and displayed on a Guia moving map, by using the AgDisp model created by the US Department of Agriculture, it provides the pilot with offset swath, directional guidance and other navigational information. Development is ongoing for dry applications. FireNav is a real-time navigational package that was developed to incorporate GPS technology to enhance air attack on fires. It can make data transfers inflight from one aircraft to another, including the aircraft making drops, the bird dog aircraft monitoring the drops and to the command base. With FireNav, the pilot can monitor the position of all aircraft involved in the firefighting, as well as where previous drops were made. As the pilot approaches his drop point, the unit gives a countdown indication for where to pick up from the last drop. The bird

dog aircraft can use FireNav to mark a target line for a drop and all aircraft participating in the mission will be able to view on their FireNav Guia. Proximity alerts to other aircraft can be set up. The unit uses a radio modem with a range of 60 miles line of sight. PhotoNav provides real-time aerial navigation for photogrammetry applications. PhotoNav software consists of two programs; NavTrain and NaviGate. NavTrain familiarizes personnel with program operations, setup areas grids, camera trigger points and print-outs. NavTrain does not provide real-time data. NaviGate provides the real-time data with four operational modes: Map, Grid, Line and Waypoints. The survey area can be created from maps, typing in coordinates, on-the-fly, or pressing a key when over each area corner. Camera trigger points are predefined with the camera automatically triggered upon reaching the closest point. All data is stored and displayed. The user can also manually trigger the camera. LiNav is a GPS navigation system to meet the requirements for general aerial survey. LiNav uses PNav software with customizable data output that has proven user-friendly and successful in aerial survey applications. TraxNav- Ag-Nav will customize applications for customers. An example is TraxNav that was initially developed for a customer in Australia. This application ➤ | A 19

Right: Four Ag-Nav engineering team members (L-R): Fashor, Quin, Tuan and Trung.

was for the applying dingo bait. Dingos (predator dog-like animals) are fed a bait by aircraft from a calibrated dispersing unit that works with the data provided by TraxNav that is also coupled with a camera. Another niche application was recording data for wild hog hunting. The unit tracked from where the shot was fired with a sensor that picked up the recoil from the gun. The unit took the recoil data and projected where the shot would hit the target, recorded it and counted the shots. The system is ideal for wildlife tracking and bait/trap setting. TrackerNav is software that is an Advanced Vehicle Location system (AVL) designed with fleet management in mind. When deployed as part of a fleet management system, TrackerNav delivers accurate real-time information enabling route planners to compare where the vehicle should be and where it actually is. This reduces response time for incidents, breakdowns and delays. It can help answer questions; why is the vehicle late, where is it now, why does one vehicle use more fuel than the other, etc.? The TrackerNav app allows Ag-Nav Platinum Guias to be tracked in real time using Wi-Fi network, hot spots, or satellite data transmission systems. This is an effective safety net for operations on the ground keeping track of aircraft on flight missions. It is especially beneficial for government inspections. There is no need for the inspection to be on site. It can be monitored remotely with on Internet seeing all data displayed on the Platinum unit. If desired, an ag-operator can provide a customer a user authentication, then that customer can view in real-time all data from the Platinum and the position of the aircraft A 20 |

assuring the customer the application meets all requirements e.g., application rate, coverage, position and boom on/off. NavViewW is a precision Geographical Information System (GIS) software package. This free tool allows the creation of flight maps, manage flight data, print reports, view all-season flights on one screen and move data across platforms without risk of losing it. SprayViewW- An advanced version of NavViewW is SprayViewW, which can do all the same functions but is more powerful for mission analysis, data conversion and application reports. SprayViewW helps create a report using a background map and selected data to create a spray area. Project data can be replayed that has been saved in a Shapefile from the GPS. Data is easily moved onto a USB stick to a computer or vice versa. The software allows converting files into text, DBF files viewable in Excel, data tables, as well as DXF and Shape files for use in other GIS software such as ArcGIS, ArcMap, AgSync, Flight Plan Online and ChemMan. Using an Internet connection, SprayViewW allows files to be converted into KML files giving an accurate view of an application overlaid on Google Earth. Maps can be downloaded from Google Earth and digitized into spray areas. This ability permits others to view spray areas on Google Earth, as well as being able to send the data to a GPS unit when using Ag-Nav’s wireless data transfer technology AgNav Connect. There is a one-time licensing fee for SprayViewW with no annual subscription fees and allows access to free updates for life. Ag-Mission is a web-based, flight planning application software that has the

capability of creating jobs with satellite map background and sending job files to Platinum Guias wirelessly across a cellular network. When a job is done, Ag-Mission helps the pilot by receiving as-applied data files that saves time. Data is centralized and mission information can be shared, viewed and/or processed by application customers, pilots, suppliers or office staff. Designed for Ag-Nav users, the app is free during the development time. EnerCraft- GPS units, related software and hardware are not all Ag-Nav offers its customers. Enters EnerCraft, a product unrelated to GPS, but very important to ag-aviation. Through a partnership with an Argentine company, Ag-Nav manufacturers a lithium, battery-powered 12 and 28volt engine ground power unit (GPU) to start aircraft engines. The 12V unit is primarily for piston aircraft prolonging the aircraft’s battery life. The 28V unit is primarily for turbine engine aircraft and also prolongs battery life, but more importantly starts the turbine engine quicker with a cooler Internal Turbine Temperature (ITT). With supercharging capacitors for the unit’s lithium batteries (four for the 12V unit and nine for the 28V), a quick, level and stable charge is applied. It is very evident that Ag-Nav, Inc. has pulled out all the stops to meet the demands of aerial application precision GPS navigation and its related requirements for both software and hardware. In its 20th year as Ag-Nav, Inc., the company continues to meet those demands as well as expanding with the introduction of EnerCraft GPUs.



VISION TO SEE INSIDE YOUR ENGINES. INSIGHT TO KEEP THEM FLYING. INNOVATIVE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS TO KEEP YOU MOVING FORWARD. Pratt & Whitney Canada’s advanced service technology provides a complete, on wing view of your engine from the inside out. Our FAST™ solution, now available on all Air Tractor models, captures fullflight data to deliver predictive and preventative insights, empowering you to plan for maintenance and increase your aircraft’s availability. It helps you see the small details — as well as the bigger picture.



First Air Tractors Delivered to Brazil for 2019 by Bill Lavender

Right: (L-R) Jack Mezzo and Sean Gunter, Air Tractor ferry pilots, with Grant Lane, president of Lane Aviation in Rosenberg, Texas at Lane Airpark. Below: Two 2019 Air Tractor AT-402s about to depart for Brazil from Lane Airpark in Rosenberg, Texas.

A 22 |


wo 2019 Air Tractors, an AT-402A and an AT-402B departed from Lane Airpark on Saturday, January 12 for Cuiaba, Brazil. The aircraft were sold by Lane Aviation’s Brazilian Air Tractor representative AeroGlobo based in Botucatu Brazil. The highly experienced ferry pilots are (L) Jack Mezzo and (R) Sean Gunter with Grant Lane (far right), president Lane Aviation. The AT-402A is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-11AG and the AT-402B is powered by a PT6A-15AG engine. Otherwise, the aircraft and props are identical. The new owners are Celso Jose Minozzo and Orlando Henrique Ferrari Polato. The normal flight time to the state of Mato Grosso in the heart of Brazil is approximately 32 tach hours that takes about five days. The route of flight starts in Rosenberg, Texas direct to Fort Lauderdale, Florida over the Gulf of Mexico the first day, followed by a direct leg to Aquadilla, Puerto Rico the second day. The third day takes

the duo to Grenada, a relatively short flight instead of continuing on to Boa Vista in order to avoid arriving there amidst late afternoon thunderstorms. On the fourth day, the pilots enter into Brazil with their first port of entry in Boa Vista. Fifth day they fly to Sinop with an overnight there. The sixth day, if good weather throughout the trip, the aircraft will arrive at their destination in Cuiaba. These two AT-402s are the first Air Tractors to be delivered to Brazil in 2019. Last year Air Tractor sold and delivered over 50 Air Tractors of all models, including the first AT-602s for Brazil. Lane Aviation, through its Brazilian representative AeroGlobo and its affiliate, Argentine company Falconer, sold and delivered over 25 Air Tractors into Argentina and Brazil in 2018.


Photo: Bill Lavender

Camera: iPhoneXS | A 23


xarvio Zone Spray Protects the Right Acres by Doug Mackay, P.Eng. - Digital Farming Specialist—xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions – powered by BASF

Above: Doug Mackay tested the prescription with a partial fill of water to calibrate the timing of the auto boom shutoff and began his field application.

A 24 |

xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions is the global brand of BASF’s Digital Farming offering. Since 2016, xarvio has been developing the Field Manager web-based and mobile app that allows growers to treat the areas of the field that have the greatest opportunity for economic return and saving yield from disease. The xarvio solution uses satellite imagery of fields collected during the growing season to show the highest biomass areas of the field with the highest disease potential and those with lower biomass that may not be economical to treat. The grower or their advisor can select which parts of the field to treat to optimize their fungicide use. In Western Canada, canola is a popular oilseed crop, reaching 22.9 million acres in 2017 (Source: Canola Council of Canada). The seed is used for cooking oils, animal feed, and biofuels. A fungal disease called sclerotinia stem rot (white mold)

plagues the crop during the flowering period via the infection of the plant by fungal spores. There are fungicide solutions that can help suppress the disease but they must be applied preemptively before infection begins, normally at 20%-50% flowering. Once the fungal infection appears, it is too late to treat and yield losses of 50% or more can potentially occur. Aerial application is a popular way for growers to apply fungicides to allow timely application, less compaction and yield loss caused by wheel tracks from ground sprayers. In 2017, xarvio began testing Zone Spray prescriptions by aerial application in conjunction with Provincial Airways of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and AG-NAV. After successful initial tests and advancing on what was learned, in-crop application was tested in 2018. On the morning of July 20, 2018, the first aerial Zone Spray prescription was applied to


canola in Canada. The prescription file for the plane was created by Doug Mackay with xarvio, using the xarvio Field Manager web software and sent to Cheryl Denesowych of Yorkton Aircraft Service to test the file format for the Satloc© GPS system. The prescription was wirelessly transferred to the Satloc G4 system in the Thrush 510P aircraft, owned by Darren Tiede of Target Airspray near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada. Pilot Cody Rockafellow tested the prescription with a partial fill of water to calibrate the timing of the auto boom shutoff and began his field application. The field used for this application was 280 acres (113 Ha) in size with two grassed waterways dividing the field into three parts. While the ag pilot would usually manually turn the spray boom on and off over these areas, the guidance controller automatically performed the shutoff from the prescription file with high accuracy. After calibration, the system appeared visually accurate in turning the fungicide on and off over the correct part of the field. A DJI drone recorded the flight from the side of the field and a GoPro was mounted on the underbelly of the aircraft to visually confirm both the crop density and timing of the on and off cycles. Zones 4 through 7 were selected by the grower to apply fungicide to as shown in Figure 1. Zones 1 through 3 are the lower biomass areas and were left untreated. The north and east parts of the field were not treated and left as a check for the trial.

If you want to prevent this, look into the new Storm Shield™ The Storm Shield™ is the latest advancement in bird/drone strike protection technology for general aviation. The Storm Shield™ is: • 8 Times Stronger than Factory (OEM) Air Tractor Windshield. Impact tested at National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) lab at Wichita State University • Scratch Resistant with Greater Clarity • Advancing Safety for the Aviation Industry • Available for all Air Tractor and Thrush models (Center Windshield)

Follow us • 3370 MN Road, David City, NE 68632 • 402-367-3213


Figure 1 – xarvio Field Manager zone map

A job report is created from Field Manager that tells the operator how much water and fungicide are required to complete the field. This takes the guesswork out of how much product and water are required for the last fill on the field, reducing waste or not having enough product to complete the job. Field Manager considers the area of the field, zones which are turned on or off, the water rate and product rate. A grower who creates their own Zone Spray prescriptions through the web-based software could provide this job report to the applicator before starting the field, so the applicator would know exactly how much water and product are required for the job. About 20% of the field was not treated due to lower biomass, disease risk and potential economic returns on the fungicide application, leading to savings for the grower on ➤

FAA approved repair station No. MU2RO18L

Tuffcoat components are tool steel strong

Non-stick surface for quick clean-out ALL AIRCRAFT MAKES SPECIALTY APPLICATION AVAILABLE FAA/PMA approved 435-586-1200 • 1215 N. Airport Road • Cedar City, UT 84721 | A 25


fungicide costs and more efficiency for the ag pilot through covering more acres per fill. By protecting the right acres, there are benefits and efficiencies to both the grower and applicator through sustainable practices. Figure 2 shows the asapplied map recorded by the navigation controller. The as-applied data can be easily downloaded and laid over the prescription map and Google Earth background imagery. The shapefile data can be given to the grower for his records. The white patches in the background image are saline areas where the crop has lower biomass and would usually not justify a fungicide application.

Figure 2 – Zone Spray as-applied map

The grower, Spencer Hilton of Hilton Ventures near Strathmore, Alberta, Canada shared his impressions of xarvio Zone Spray and aerial fungicide application, “I was really impressed how well the Zone Spray prescription was applied by A 26 |

the plane. The on and off zones matched up with the crop conditions and shut off over the grassed waterways very accurately. The shutoff resolution is not as fine with a plane as with a ground sprayer with section or individual nozzle control, but we were able to pick out large enough areas in the zone map to turn the spray off over to make it worthwhile. We prefer to use aerial application for our canola fungicides for the amount acres they can cover in a day, the timeliness of getting our fields done and there are no tracks left in the crop that can reduce yields.” Field Manager Zone Spray by xarvio is available to growers and ag pilots in Canada who want to protect the right acres and make the most efficient use of their fungicide application. It is an easy to use tool that simplifies the grower’s decision of when and where to spray canola fungicides and makes the ag pilot’s job easier to treat the right acres. Visit for further information on xarvio Field Manager. A video of Zone Spray in action is on our YouTube page. channel/UCSEbEwfJNpRP5K9slXm3GDw Search “xarvio North America Digital Farming” on YouTube.


LEADING THE WAY WITH A REVOLUTIONARY NEW PRODUCT Transland has been an innovative leader in agricultural aviation for over 73 years. We’ve mastered the science, we know what works. Our revolutionary new Switchback Fire Gate transforms your ag aircraft into an aerial firefighting platform within three hours. Talk to your dealer about making your aircraft a multi-purpose profit center.

Transforming Agricultural Aviation Through Technology | | A 27



Juliana Torchetti Coppick

Laura Lawrence, Flying Low on Canadian Crops

I recently had a conversation with a fellow female ag-pilot. Since I fly ag in both the U.S. and Brazil, naturally I was eager to talk to my counterpart, Laura Lawrence of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada.

Laura Lawrence started her ag-aviation career in a Cessna C-188 AgWagon.

A 28 |

Laura Lawrence was born in Moose Jaw. The city has a population of about 34,000 and is known for its clear skies. That’s one of the reasons in 1940 the Royal Canadian Air Force established the RCAF Station Moose Jaw, a training center for pilots. Before becoming an ag-pilot, the 28-year old aviatrix accumulated many miles around the globe. From birth until eleven, she lived in Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, New

Brunswick Canada and Saudi Arabia. The constant changes were due to her father’s career in the RCAF. Captain Brooke Lawrence flew in the RCAF for 12 years. When in Saudi Arabia, Captain Lawrence trained pilots in a Pilatus PC-9. After ejecting on a training flight and the uncertainty after the tragic September 11, the family returned to Canada. As a little girl, Laura flew with her father as he worked for a major oil company. She used to ➤


I liked my Thrush 510G so much,

I bought another one “Buying the 510G was the best business decision I’ve made. With faster ferry and spray speeds and full load takeoffs, I am more productive at a lower cost. Our aircraft are drawing in new business from up to 100 miles away. This thing is awesome!”


Location: Birtle, MB, Canada Aircraft: 2 x Thrush 510G Engine: GE H80 | A 29


Left: Laura Lawrence flying “co-pilot” with her dad at the controls. Right: Baby Laura with her dad, Brooke Lawrence, in the cockpit as a Snowbird pilot that flew for the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.

take turns with the boss’s children “flying” in the right seat. Even with the autopilot engaged, the kids enjoyed a taste of the passion for flight. During her childhood, Laura loved to spend summers by the lake, learning to ride dirt bikes and drive boats. She was awakened to the joys of the outdoor lifestyle. To this day, Laura enjoys spending time around cattle and horses, as well as anything outdoors like hunting and fishing. She tells me that her father never took her mother flying, They did not want to chance something happening to the both of them while in the air. So, Laura assumed the task of taking her mother to the air and says that it was pure fun! Laura speaks fondly of her family, especially of her mother’s dedication to the family since her father spent long periods of time away from home. When Laura’s mom was younger, she spent two years in Germany where her father served as an electronic technician for the RCAF. As you can see, Laura has aviation in the blood! Laura started private pilot lessons at the age of 17. She attended college, but at 20 decided she was more interested in pursuing aviation and left school. Laura took advantage of an opportunity to work at the local airport in Moose Jaw. During the summer of 2016, she completed the Commercial Pilot course and while working at the A 30 |

airport began her flying career on photography flights in a Cessna 172. When she decided to become an agricultural pilot, her father wasn’t pleased about it. At the time he was a captain for West Jet. He talked to some aviator friends and most said, “Do not let your daughter fly ag; it’s dangerous!” However, Laura decided flying ag was worth the “risk”. In 2017, she enrolled in Battlefords Airspray, based in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, agricultural school. She convinced her father to support her decision. Soon, he realized advice from his friends came from a preconceived image about ag-aviation many people have in their minds and was not true. One of the challenges Laura sees as a female ag pilot is starting a family. One day, this is something she would like to do, but for now she does not consider it wise to take a break in her ag-aviation career; not even for a year or two. She has an opinion very similar to mine about women in agricultural aviation: it’s not rocket science! Laura sees female participation in aviation as normal. She tells me there are other women pilots in Canada; not only in agriculture, but military and the airlines. “Our stories do not differ much from male aviators. We all have challenges, doesn’t matter the gender.”

Laura, who just finished her second ag-season flying an AT-401, says fortunately she never had an emergency situation; just a spray pump that broke in flight and startled her so much she almost dumped the load. But, she stayed calm and managed the situation. Now, she is double cautious during the preflight inspection. She said to me something that is very common for women flying ag: growers and others arrive at the airstrip and ask, “Who is the pilot?” Or, are we “waiting for the pilot.” When we say, “I’m the pilot”, they feel a little embarrassed and surprised. We laugh and say it’s alright! We don’t see it as a sexist thing. It’s just because people are not used to seeing a woman flying a spray plane. It’s only a matter of time to replace the surprised faces for a more natural, “Hi aviatrix! Are you the pilot spraying my field today?” Laura has big plans for the future; maybe firefighting in Australia or flying the big turboprop ag-planes. She has also considered an airline career for the off season. She remembers the “old times” when she used to work on the ground at the office. She recalls times when things were very stressful and she was envious of the pilots taking off and leaving the chaos behind them. She knows from her own experience how hard ground personnel work. She is always grateful


Left: An avid lover of the outdoors and animals, Laura poses with her horse, Cody. Right: Her last flight for the 2018 season, Laura takes a moment for a selfie in the AT-401 she flew during her second spray season in Canada.

for what they do. They are a very important part of the success of the industry. Speaking of gratitude, she thanks James Wood, James Pottage and Provincial Airways for the opportunities they gave her that allowed her to become an ag-pilot. She says of friends and role models Denver Craig and George Giesbrecht,

they too have helped her greatly. Laura is great gal and I really loved the conversation we had to write this article. Maybe someday we’ll get together for riding horses and talking aviation in Canada! Our conversation confirmed some of my beliefs. One is that we are all the same: all special!

Another Successful Installation in

G uat e m a l a 50+ Installed

• • • •

• Strong “pull” through the turn with the load on board Shortened takeoff distance by 475 feet Considerably quieter on the ground (from outside) • Noticeably lighter rudder • Flights taken at 5,250 foot elevation Considerably quieter in the air (from outside) Smooth in flight

Additional increase of up to 233.6 Equivalent Shaft Horsepower | Up to 584 ft lbs increase in Thrust Shorter Takeoff Distance | Increased Climb Rate | Improves Aircraft Empty Weight CG MADE IN THE U.S.A. /AeroInnovationsllc | | 812.233.0384 | | 7750 E SR 42 | Terre Haute, IN 47803 | A 31


Agricultural Aircraft Operating Above Parallel 29 South Require Transponders Argentine ag-operators are now required to have a transponder or Automatic Dependent Surveillance System (ADS-B) installed if flying above the 29th south parallel. Other agricultural aircraft that operate below said parallel do not have to meet this requirement. Civil Aviation Resolution No. 166/2018 states, “ALL aircraft for agricultural use with an Argentine license that operates above the 29th parallel or within the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ)

determined by the international boundaries with; Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil. All ag-aircraft operating north of the 29th south parallel must have the installation and use of a responder equipment (ATC Transponder) or an Automatic Dependent Surveillance System (ADS-B). The measure applies to all ag-aircraft. — ANAC

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National Agricultural Aviation Association

Meet NAAA’s 2019 Leadership Team


he National Agricultural Aviation Association is pleased to announce its 2019 officer team, led by NAAA President Perry Hofer. Serving alongside Hofer are Vice President Darrin Pluhar, Secretary Jane Barber-Pitlick and Treasurer Bradley Reed. Let’s meet this year’s officers.

President Perry Hofer (South Dakota) Perry Hofer, NAAA’s new president, has a long history in his home state of South Dakota and nationally advocating for ag aviation safety and a fair, unburdened regulatory environment for the industry. Hofer owns and operates Doland Aerial Spraying in Doland, S.D., where he primarily sprays soybeans, winter wheat and spring wheat. In addition, he and his family manage a 6,000-acre farm, growing corn, soybeans and a small amount of wheat. They also have 260 head of stock cowcalves. Hofer started flying ag in the mid ’80s and established Doland Aerial Spraying in 1996. He flew and farmed simultaneously and still does. Perry and his third son, Mikel, both fly for Doland Aerial today. Perry flies a 525-gallon S2R Thrush with a converted Honeywell TPE331-5 turboprop engine. Mikel flies a Weatherly equipped with a Pratt & Whitney R-985 piston engine. They cover 50,000 to 60,000 acres annually in the Spink B 2 |

County area where Doland is located. Hofer is a longtime member of NAAA and the South Dakota Aviation Association. He has served in numerous capacities on NAAA’s board, including as chairman of the Research & Technology Committee in 2010, NAAA Treasurer in 2011, NAAA Vice President in 2014 and chairman of the Safety & Federal Aviation Regulations Committee from 2013 to ’18. He also served as treasurer of NAAA’s sister organization, the National Agricultural Aviation Research and Education Foundation, in 2018. Hofer has been very active on tower marking at the local, state and national level, and has seen both cell and real time kinematic (RTK) towers (a sub-inch-accurate ground-based guidance system for ground rigs) erected near his airspace over the past 15 years. Hofer has adopted a safety-focused agenda for his term as NAAA President. Protection from towers is an area he remains passionate about, particularly considering the three tower fatalities that occurred in 2018. Another focus is ensuring that industry contributions to NAAA in the form of advocacy and financial resources are sustained. Regarding industry advocacy, he also is concerned about a decrease in the volume of agriculture’s national voice. “The general population is becoming more and more removed from agriculture,” Hofer said. “More and more people are owning ag land that don’t farm it, so they don’t quite understand the importance of modern agricultural production which includes using aircraft to disburse needed agri-chemicals. As such, it is going to be huge to continue to educate the public about the importance of our industry.” Hofer has remained active on NAAA’s board for a few simple reasons. “I am just trying to give back to an industry that has given me so much in terms of friendships,” he said. “I also just plain enjoy it and have learned so much serving on the national


by being in contact with such a diverse number of operators throughout the country and learning different business formulas.”

Vice President Darrin Pluhar (Montana) Darrin Pluhar’s experience as NAAA Treasurer in 2016 has prepared him well for his new position as NAAA’s vice president, and he is ready to serve in whatever capacity that entails. As treasurer, he learned a lot about the history and overall direction of NAAA. Going through the budget process, chairing Budget & Finance Committee meetings and participating in Executive Committee deliberations served as a good history lesson. “Now, I can rely on that and as vice president just do whatever I need to do. You’re kind of at the discretion of the president,” Pluhar said. Pluhar completed his 30th season as an aerial applicator in 2018. He owns and operates Plu’s Flying Service in Ekalaka, Mont. After his term as treasurer, he stayed on NAAA’s board as the Association of Montana Aerial Applicators’ state representative. He also became a PAASS presenter in 2016. The chief objectives of the PAASS Program are to reduce aviation accidents and drift incidents. “My goal would be to see zero on the fatality side some year for us…. I don’t like seeing red numbers up there for fatalities,” Pluhar said. “Whatever we can do, if we can save one accident a year or one life a year, that’s huge.” Pluhar has strived to do just that over the past three years by delivering NAAREF’s safety education program around the country. He has presented the PAASS Program in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Florida and at the Mid-States and Northeast regional ag aviation conventions. Arkansas, Texas and Nebraska’s conventions are on the itinerary this year.

When asked about big issues facing the industry, Pluhar said they’re all important but tower marking, UAV safety and detection, and rescinding the NPDES pesticide general permits are near the top of the list for him. For as many fronts as NAAA is working on to preserve and foster aerial applicators’ livelihood, Pluhar would like to see more aerial applicators supporting the cause by becoming an NAAA member. “When you only have 60 percent of your operators as members—and the shocking one is less than 40 percent of pilots are members—that’s an issue,” he said. “Without the support of the NAAA, we’d be paying more for fuel, we’d have more regulations to deal with. We wouldn’t have a good avenue [to petition the federal government]. We’ve got a good relationship with the FAA, the EPA, a lot of government agencies.” Pluhar has known Perry Hofer since 2002. “We got a good group of officers this year between Perry, Jane [Barber-Pitlick] and Bradley [Reed],” he added. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Secretary Jane Barber-Pitlick (South Dakota) For a retired person, Jane Barber-Pitlick hasn’t slowed down much. If anything, the Onida, S.D., resident and longtime NAAA volunteer seems to be picking up steam. Pitlick retired in 2014 from Brett’s Spray Service but still co-owns Star-Flex, which makes GPS antenna mounts for ag aircraft. She has ➤ | B 3


served as Sully County Coroner ever since she was first elected in 2008. Pitlick also is a member of the Onida City Council and was elected as the city council’s representative to the Sully County Regional Railroad Authority. Tending to family also occupies her time. She takes care of an elderly cousin who is homebound and stays busy with 21 grandchildren between her and her husband, Dave Pitlick, 12 of whom live in Onida. All the while, Pitlick has been faithfully attending NAAA board meetings since her first term as Women of South Dakota Director in 1994–95. She served as president of the Women of the National Agricultural Aviation Association in 2010 and received NAAA’s Outstanding Service Award in 2016. This year Pitlick will continue to serve the association as NAAA Secretary and a member of NAAA’s Executive Committee. Pitlick takes to heart a famous Teddy Roosevelt saying as another reason for remaining committed to NAAA. President Roosevelt said, “Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business or industry in which he is engaged. No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere.” “I like that quote,” Pitlick said. “I just believe that everybody, they just owe it to themselves to help better the association, to help it grow so that we have a stronger voice on the Hill.” Pitlick was “flattered and honored” to be asked to serve as 2019 NAAA Secretary and looks forward to working with her fellow officers, including Hofer, a longtime friend and fellow South Dakotan. “You know where you stand with Perry,” she said. “He stands up for what he believes and he’s not afraid to voice his opinion, but at the same time, when you tell him something and he does not agree with you, he’ll take what you say and how you feel into consideration and if he was wrong in his thinking, then he’ll admit it. He’s a fair person. He’ll do good.”

Treasurer Bradley Reed (Louisiana) Heading into his 30th season as the operator of Reed Aviation, Bradley Reed remains as passionate and committed to the craft of aerial application as ever. His desire to improve is constant, particularly when it comes to mitigating drift. Reed bought the business from his parents in 1988 and completed his first season as an operator in ’89. Reed’s parents had A-model 1340 Ag-Cats, but he transitioned to turbine Air Tractors B 4 |

within a year or two after buying the business. Today his fleet consists of an AT-502 and 602 and a DW-1 Eagle. Rice is the predominant crop in Reed’s area, but he also treats soybeans and makes applications to aid in crawfish cultivation. “Anybody I talk to about aerial application quickly understands that I’m very passionate about the drift issue,” said Reed, who calls getting a handle on drift the single biggest concern in his area. With the amount of herbicide spraying they do, drift mitigation has always been important in south Louisiana, but with urban encroachment and different varieties of rice bred to be tolerant of certain products and not others, the risk for aerial applicators is even higher now. Reed began serving on NAAA’s board as Louisiana’s state director in 2016. He chaired NAAA’s Research & Technology Committee in 2017 and ’18, and it’s clear he’s interested in harnessing technology and research findings for his own operation, as well as for the benefit of NAAA and the industry at large. As R&T chair he has advocated for NAAA to become a clearinghouse for aerial application research and data to help members answer questions and improve their practices. “We need to be the collector and disseminator of information and knowledge,” he said. Reed couldn’t believe it when Nominating Committee Chairman Dominique Youakim asked him to be NAAA’s 2019 treasurer. Accepting the position required him to step outside his comfort zone, but after consulting with peers he respected, Reed accepted the nomination. “Really and truly, I’m a guy that likes to sit in the back. I don’t like being up front,” he said. “But NAAA had faith in me.” Reed got to know President Hofer by serving on board committees together over the last few years. “He’s a very personable guy,” he said. “I’m very impressed with his nononsense, homespun wisdom.”

Strength in Numbers: Join NAAA NAAA is fortunate to have a dedicated group of officers and volunteer leaders serving on its board of directors, but there is also strength in numbers. If you aren’t a member, the singlemost effective way you can address the range of critical issues facing your business is by joining NAAA. The payoff far exceeds what you will spend in dues in the form of effective advocacy, national representation, education and safety programs and the personal connections you will make as you participate in association activities. To join, call 202-546-5722 or visit membership.




NAAA is the voice of the aerial application industry. As the landscape of American agriculture changes, NAAA works to ensure a profitable business environment remains by flexing our political muscle and preventing unnecessary and burdensome regulations from affecting your business.









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Delta Turbines bridles the PTE331-12UA


EMPHIS, TN — There’s an expanding portion of the ag aviation industry, albeit small in number, that is focusing toward the big iron, relative that is to ag aircraft. With its use in a growing

worldwide aerial fire bombing fleet and high intensity pine tree fertilizing in the south, the PZL M-18 Dromader is one of the big iron.

B 6 |


Above: With the Memphis skyline as the backdrop, Carl Bailey pilots the first TPE33112UA installation on an ag aircraft, a PZL M-18B Dromader. Left: The V-Tail Bonanza chase plane has difficulty keeping up with the high ferry speed of the turbine-powered Dromader.

Carl Bailey of Delta Turbines, Inc. has been in the ag aviation business for more than 36 years. He began as a spray pilot. Not satisfied with the performance of the aircraft he was using, he began modifying. One of his first modifications was a TPE331-6 engine conversion to an AT-301. I visited with Carl in the summer of 1993 and flew his rocket ship AT-301 for a day, spraying soybeans in east central Arkansas (see AAU October 1993). The Arkansas Department of Agriculture was kind enough to issue me an “honorary”/temporary ( I believe for about three days) pesticide applicator’s license. That evaluation flight was probably the only really true evaluation flight that I’ve flown where I logged enough hours to relate to exactly how the aircraft performed. Needless to say, an AT-301 with a 480-gallon hopper and a TPE331-6 (780 SHP) performed extremely well. Yeah, those numbers are correct, no typos; 480-gallon hopper, AT-301 and 780 SHP. Sensing a market for a large hopper, high performance ag plane, Carl began working with the M-18 Dromader. He has always been a believer in AlliedSignal’s TPE331 engines. Therefore, his first Dromader engine conversion was the TPE33110UA (inverted air inlet and three-blade prop). I flew Carl’s marvel of a conversion (see AAU July

1995), and found it to be a rather remarkable aircraft with its long 22-foot cowling, from prop to cockpit. However, Carl soon discovered that the huge Dromader needed more than just a high-powered turbine engine. The aircraft could use servos for its control surfaces. And with the additional horsepower, a larger hopper would be in order. It seemed the more Carl worked with the Dromader the more items he felt he could improve upon. Not to mention, after a couple of spray seasons, a need for an even larger engine! Thus, the advent of the TPE331-12UA installation, an 1,100 SHP powerhouse. Let’s not get ahead too quickly. Carl realized if he was going to convince ag pilots the Garrettpowered Dromader was a viable option, he was going to have to make the plane lighter on the controls and increase the hopper size. Working the Dromader in his own spraying operation gave him a special insight to what needed attention and if his “fixes” worked. After several months, Carl finally was awarded his STC for servos to all three control surfaces of the Dromader; ailerons, elevators and rudder. He also expanded the aircraft’s hopper top to provide a measured capacity of 785 gallons with a 6.5-foot lid. These mods radically changed for the ➤ | B 7


Using the original belly skins, they are dropped aft of the center section approximately 11 inches. A new piece is added between the original skin and the center section. A drain is formed in the V. This prevents accumulation of contaminates in the center section area. The conversion cost $2,800 if the original belly skin is usable. Reinforcement is double that of the factory. Also, airflow is improved.

better the handling characteristics of the aircraft and its ability to cover a lot of acres in a day. Carl’s work with the Dromader included removing the air scoop and the rotating beacon. These two items created a high frequency vibration that was transferred through the rudder to the rudder pedals, fatiguing the pilot. With strobe lights, the rotating beacon was no longer necessary. Zee Systems’ air conditioning ended the need for an air scoop. Another area of technology that Carl addressed was the harnessing of an engine’s torque output. He knew that no B 8 |

matter how much shaft horsepower an engine developed, if it wasn’t swinging a properly designed “toothpick”, all efforts would be mute. Carl was able to convince Hartzell to work with him in developing a three-blade prop for the TPE331-10UA. This prop developed more torque from the same horsepower than other props available for the TPE331-10s, enhancing its takeoff performance dramatically. Carl applied this same technique to the design of the five-blade Hartzell “Monster” prop. This 119inch prop brings out the best in the TPE331-12UA for takeoff performance. That’s really the only area where the -10UA is weak. Once in the air, both operate at the same SHP. Only, the -12UA will be operating at a lower percentage of torque than -10UA, thus the potential for a longer, trouble free TBO. Author’s note: There exists a TPE331-11UA which is a -10 engine with a -12 gearbox, developing 1,100 SHP. With a fresh CAM inspection its value is about $150,000 less than a new -12. Carl contacted me in December, giving me the information about his newest brainchild, the TPE331-12UA Dromader. He was really excited about it and wanted me to come to Memphis to fly it. Of course, I agreed. After Carl finished the installation, my first opportunity to stop in Memphis came during a cross country to Nebraska. We set the date and met at the Charlie Baker airport on the north side of town. There’s more to designing an engine conversion than simply building a mount, forming a cowling, picking a prop and hooking it all together. Much of the engineering was already accomplished with the -10UA installation. However, there were some things that had to be addressed specifically for the -12UA, none the least being the inlet design and engine rigging. Carl had a strong feeling that he could improve on the inlet design for the -12UA. He knew the FOD inlet screen affected the horsepower and there should be a better way to get the air into the engine with a ram effect. He built a plenum that he thought would bring the air into the engine better with a larger inlet opening forward of the exhaust. However, after the installation was flown his sensors indicated he was not getting the ram effect he desired. So, for our evaluation flight he had reverted back to the standard inlet installation. But, Carl is confident that an inlet can be built similar to a smile-design that will give the ram air effect, improving available horsepower on high density altitude days. He also believes the dampening effect of a new style inlet will quiet the ground noise emitted by the -12UA. I arrived at 2M8 midday. Not letting a simple evaluation flight get in the way of lunch, we headed for town. A big Sunday lunch at Morrison’s Cafeteria is not the best way to prepare for an evaluation flight in an ag aircraft that is intimidating to even the most adept ag pilot. Coupled with a full stomach, Carl managed to unsettle it by explaining that he hadn’t yet quite got the rigging like it should be on the installation. Hmmm... Rigging the throttle setting and prop blade pitch on a turbine-powered ag plane is a critical adjustment. It has a


profound effect on the way the aircraft lands and is even more evident with the larger horsepower versions. During an earlier test flight, upon approach to landing, Carl pulled the throttle to idle, then slightly behind the stop. The prop went to beta and would not come out. Thinking he was going to be landing short of the runway Carl prepared by slowing the Dromader as much as possible. The slow airspeed caused the prop to come out of beta, launching the Dromader into a climb. Carl corrected that problem by turning up the idle on the engine fuel control unit. However, Carl warned, this caused the engine to develop too much torque during landing, pulling the Dromader across the runway threshold at 100 MPH. Also, because the rigging wasn’t completely right, he instructed me to not move the throttle behind the stop until I flared the aircraft. He told me that when I was ready to land to ease the throttle behind the stop, being very careful to move it only a small amount. Also, I should expect a lag in the engine’s response to the throttle position. Neat trick. I won’t go into detail about how I got the -12UA Dromader on the ground in one piece. I’m not sure I know how I did it. One thing is for sure, the show was on when I eased that throttle behind the stop, and it wasn’t pretty; too much behind the stop. Carl has assured me that Hartzell and AlliedSignal are working with him to remedy the rigging. Not taking into account the landing, (Carl can squeak it on) the -12UA is one phenomenal ship. Unbelievable raw horsepower! Unbelievable performance. Admittedly, the aircraft was empty without a spray system. But, it doesn’t take much figuring to realize a full load, booms and a hot day could easily be managed. A maintained vertical speed of 2,300 FPM at 100 knots with 80% torque, the -12UA Dromader is climbing at an angle that will get your attention. Scooting across the field at speeds of 140-150 mph with only 45% torque, the aircraft is one fast honcho. I flew the -12UA Dromader northwest of Memphis, across the Mississippi River, to work some of the Delta rice fields. Ferrying at 50% torque, indicating over 150 mph, I bumped the throttle to 60% torque to begin the application sequence. Of course, not before I had done a few stalls and Lazy-8s. I found I had to keep reducing the torque to keep the speed down. The first couple of runs crept up to the 175 MPH mark, much too fast for me and the aircraft for that matter. The flight was smooth except for some tail movement at the higher airspeeds. Carl developed a remedy for that as well (see pictures). Dropping the belly skin will improve airflow and help prevent center section spar corrosion. The aileron rolls on the breakout from the field were smooth and positive. There’s no question the Dromader ➤

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The TPE331-12UA installation is a clean one with plenty of room. Originally, the nose cowl inlet was closed, the plenum area over the top of the engine with the inlet from the side. The final conversion will most likely have the smile-style inlet.



B 10 |

is heavy iron. But, the servos are a marked improvement. You don’t need to crowd it. The aircraft works its best with consistent, smooth turns. I could have used a couple more days in it to really get the feel for flying it. But, that’s not the way it is with an AgAir Update evaluation flight. I climb into a strange aircraft and spend a short period of time in it. The reality is that’s not a fair way to evaluate any aircraft. Working the aircraft during a spray season is the only way to really form an evaluation. I’m sure Carl will have that done this season. I’m also sure that the TPE331-12UA Dromader will receive high praise, especially on a hot day working from a short strip. It is one tough hoss. Maybe the best thing about this conversion is the cost. Approximately $685,000 buys a new airframe, TPE331-12UA engine, propeller and conversion. If a -11UA was available, the conversion would be about $150,000 less. Not a bad price for almost 800 gallons of turbine performance!




“Lighting Up the World” Runway or Taxiway at a Time.


BrightPortal Resources, LLC 1410 Country Road, Blanco, TX 78606 Tim Cowsert

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(5263) 281-342-5451 TEL | 281-232-5401 FAX

vely to

t oud o be d Pr


AgAirAd_resized_rev_C9511.indd 1


KATIE BAKER 2245 Airport Rd., P.O. Box 155 Midvale, Idaho 83645 Phone: (208) 229-8340 • Fax: (208) 355-1114


ed | P.O. Box 432 | Rosenberg, Texas 77471

26/08/13 1:23 PM | B 11


Arkansas Agricultural Avaition Association’s Annual Convention Held in Little Rock, Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas | January 5-7, 2019

B 12 | Photos: Andria Russaw


CONTROL DUO LS™ provides two great products – CONTROL WM™ deposition aid/drift mitigation adjuvant and a unique NIS in one easy-to-use package.

BENEFITS ■ Contains a unique, highly effective NIS blend that enhances pesticide uptake while not increasing the number of fine droplets as most NIS and oils do. ■ Contains CONTROL WM™ proven in many research and field trials to be superior at mitigating drift and increasing deposition.

Without CONTROL™

■ Multiple independent trials demonstrate a 2X higher retention of the spray solution on plant surfaces. ■ Significantly lowers evaporation of the spray droplet ■ Satisfies most label requirements for surfactant and drift adjuvant. Its higher ratio of polymer to surfactant is designed for aerial application at a low cost.

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KAI121_quarter-pg_FINAL.indd 2

9/21/2012 11:43:17 AM


Ag Air Update 7.875 X 4.75

Triple Concentrated Ag Aircraft Cleaner

May be used in steam cleaners, hot or cold washers, foamed on or applied with mop or brush. Removes: exhaust and chemical stains, even those with a vegetable oil base. Shipped in 5-gal. quantities. One gallon of new formula with four gallons of your water makes five gallons of concentrated, which can be further diluted.

New 2500 hour cleanable air filters for Air Tractors by Challenger Aviation Products using K & N High Flow Media All filters are FAA/PMA/STC approved.

877-924-5025 • | B 13


Texas Agricultural Aviation Association’s Annual Convention Held in San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas | January 9-11, 2019

B 14 |


Photos: Melanie Woodley, AgAir Update. | B 15


Keahey Goes Live on Pilot to Pilot Podcast


eed Keahey, Chief Pilot of Keahey Flying Service in Columbia, Louisiana was interviewed by the Pilot to Pilot Podcast series in November of 2018. Keahey was the first ag pilot to be interviewed by the aviation-based audio series. Podcast host Justin Siems started the interview with Reed by diving into a little history of the Keahey family of aviators, and how Reed got his start in the business. Reed, a 3rd generation agpilot, freely discusses growing up in an ag aviation family and the influence his dad, Drew, had on his career choice. Reed continues to explain to Pilot to Pilot his eventual decision to get into flying, and his slight regret that he didn’t start a little sooner. The podcast continues with Reed telling his story of learning to fly, and his electrical fire and how he handled that emergency. Justin and Reed talk very nonchalantly about how Reed transitioned into ag flying from his initial commercial rating. Reed did an excellent job correcting some of the initial general aviationbased questions, like “Do people get into ag flying to build time”. With some quick statistical answers, Keahy did an excellent job representing ag aviation as the life-long career that it is for so many. Training and how to break into the business also were covered with the podcast, and Keahey explained to his audience the importance of working from the ground up, as well as building relationships and trust. Reed Keahey had a successful podcast interview with Pilot to Pilot; one that showcased the ag aviation industry, corrected some misconceptions and even invited further conversation. To hear the full podcast, visit/episodes. Reed’s episode is number 46.

B 16 |


Aircraft Spruce Everything For Planes and Pilots









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With the holiday season approaching, we wanted to reach out and make sure you are up to date on all of the exciting thin happening at Lightspeed. As it turns out, the highly successful launch of our Zulu PFX headset this summer was just the be Please read below for the following topics: • CES Innovation Awards Honoree • Lightspeed online training available • Holiday gift with purchase promotion • Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag Launch

R.T. TuRbines, inc.

Lightspeed Aviation has been named a 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for our Zulu PFX ANR aviation headset. Products entered into this prestigious program are judged by an expert panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the consumer electronics trade media assembled to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories. Zulu PFX won in the In-Vehicle Accessories/Control/Navigation category.

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I don’t think I can overstate what this honor means to Lightspeed, but what this means to you as a dealer is that in addition the innovative features that speak for themselves and the great reviews that keep rolling in from pilots and prominent avia editors, you can now point to the CES award as solid proof that Zulu PFX is a groundbreaking product, even when compar products across other industries.

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FAA CRS # MW9R610J 3397 Hwy 121 West •Marianna, AR 72360 Rex Thompson, Jr. • Owner Danny Thompson • Cell: 870-821-2840


870-295-3554 | B 17


Dockery Celebrates 69 Years Of Flight by Bill Lavender Circa October 1990

J.O. Dockery and wife Irene standing by Stearman equipped with one of the first 450 HP P & W engine installations, in 1946. Photo courtesy of J.O. Dockery.

B 18 |


inally on the third attempt, I made it to Navarre, Florida I had tried to get with J. O. Dockery twice before and failed. When flying back from Fort Pierce, Florida after doing the feature story on Chuck Stone and Southeast­ern Aircraft Sales and Service, I had tried to fly over to Navarre, which is located in the panhandle of Florida. The weather and time prevented me from making the trip then. The second time I drove the 300 miles to Navarre, and J. O. Dockery (Dock) was out of town visiting in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Why didn’t I call first? Well, that is another story altogether. Anyway, I now was on the way to see a living legend. Who is J. O. Dockery? I guess there may be a few of you that may not know. Dock, as he insist that you call him, is the last of the living origi­nal ag pilots. I do not use the term original loosely. I am talking about dusting in 1924! Shoot, I’m talk­ing about more than crop dusting, names like Wiley Post, Paul Braniff, Charles Lindbergh, Clyde Cessna, and the list goes on of Who’s Who during the birth of aviation in America.

Jess Orval Dockery was born in Dallas, Texas on February 26, 1909. Nobody in his family flew. Actually, there were hardly any pilots during that period of time. Just the same, his mother had a liking for aircraft and wanted to name her son after Orville Wright. The nurse screwed up the birth certificate and spelled Orville, Orval. Dock’s father worked for Singer Sewing Machine Company until the beginning of the first world war. When Singer began manu­facturing machine guns in Lawton, Oklahoma, Dock’s father started a business that ran jit­neys (auto-like buses) from town to the army base. Dock was seven at the time. When he got out of school in the afternoons, he would hitch a ride on one of the jitneys to the army base. Dock would slip onto the base and learn all he could about the signal corps air­craft; Jennys, Canucks, De Havillands and such. After the war, the Dockery fam­ily moved to Corpus Christi. One day Dock caught a glimpse of an old Hisso Standard gliding onto the South Bluff in Corpus Christi. Dock jumped on his bike and made his way to the improvised airfield. Barney

Flowers of Houston, Texas was the pilot of the Hisso Stan­dard. He was selling surplus army signal corp aircraft to whoever he could find with a need for an air­plane. When he spotted Dock, he traded with him to watch his air­craft till he returned in exchange for a ride in the airplane. With that Flowers climbed on Dock’s bike and headed into Corpus Christi. What he did not tell Dock was that he would not be back for three days. Well, Dock stayed with the air­plane till Flowers returned and earned his promised airplane ride. Flowers loaded up Dock and headed for Alice, Texas, then on to Laredo, Brownsville, Harlingen and back to Corpus Christi. All the time in the air, Flowers would give Dock dual in the Hisso Stan­ dard, but he never let him solo the aircraft. In the barnstorming hops, Dock received sixteen hours of dual. Barney Flowers had man­aged to sell a few aircraft. One of the aircraft was sold to a busi­nessman in Corpus Christi who owned a fleet of fishing boats. Flowers caught a jitney to Hous­ton. There he picked up a Hisso Standard to bring back to the busi­nessman. Again Dock was delegated the job of watching over Flowers’ Hisso Standard. Dock had been telling his brother, Alfred, about how well he could fly the airplane. Of course, Dock being only 12 years old, the truth may have been stretched a little. Dock, under pressure from Alfred, offered his brother a ride. Alfred, somewhat leery, declined saying that he wanted to see Dock fly the Hisso Standard around the field first, then he would ride with him. Well, Dock having never soloed an airplane, only intended to taxi the airplane to the end of the field then return and tell Alfred that there was a problem with ➤





the airplane. That would get him out of having to fly the airplane around the field without Flowers’ permis­sion. Dock was not accustomed to the reduced weight with only himself in the airplane. And in the process of taxiing across the field Dock found himself airborne. There was nothing else to do but fly the air­craft. As Dock banked the aircraft around to land, the last drop of gas passed through the carburetor. Dock’s first solo flight had also turned into his first dead stick landing! The day was September 12, 1921. J. O. (Dock) Dockery was 12 years old and he had soloed his first aircraft; the beginning of 69 years of nothing less than historical flying. Dock remained in Corpus Christi for the next two years spotting fish for the businessman that had bought the Hisso Stan­dard from Flowers. He flew 600 hours those two years and to Dock’s knowledge that was the beginning of aircraft fish spotting. At 15 years of age in 1923, Dock moved to Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Not far from Pine Bluff, in Stuttgart, Arkansas, a man by the name of Dick Schilberg oper­ated a blacksmith shop and garage. Schilberg also built-up Hisso Standards to sell. Schilberg had sold an airplane to the Cadillac dealer, Johnny Sellers, in Jackson, Mississippi. Schilberg’s regular pilot was on a periodic drunk and Schilberg had no one to fly the airplane to Jackson. Learn­ing of this, the 15-year old Dock approached Schilberg telling him he could deliver the airplane. Dock delivered the airplane to Jackson. The Cadillac dealer tipped him $100 and paid him another $2,800 in cash for the airplane. Dock returned to Stuttgart and Schilberg paid him $20.00 for the ferry flight. But that was not the way it always was working for Schilberg. All Dock cared about was flying airplanes. The only airplane Schilberg had to fly was the one he was building to sell. Impatience won out and Dock moved to Capi­tal Hill, Oklahoma to work for Burl Tibbs. Tibbs was training students to fly. He hired Dock to help him with the training. Actu­ally, Dock did all the training for students, Paul Braniff, Benny Howard, Wiley Post, along with other notable future avia­tion pioneers. The only problem was that Tibbs would not let Dock solo the students. Tibbs would solo the students and thereby receive the credit for teaching them how to fly. About this time, farmers were realizing the benefits of applying pesticide dust to cotton fields. Two gentlemen in Georgia by the name of Henry “Pop” Elliott and Douglas Culver, pilot and me­chanic respectfully for Huff-Dal­and Dusters, had applied dust through a container installed within the aircraft hopper. Until this time, dust that had been ap­ plied was through an external mounted tank that required a pilot and another individual that manned the external tank by opening and closing its bottom gate. In 1924 Dock and Allen Scott teamed up to design an internal tank or what was later to be called a hopper. Thinking they were the first to do such a thing, excite­ment was in the

B 20 |

air. Delta and Pine Land Company, the largest cotton producers in the world with over 22,000 acres of cotton, was being devastated by army worms devouring the young cotton stalks. The company had attempted ev­ery known way to eliminate the army worm. They had dug ditches and set fire around the cotton fields hoping to burn-up the army worms as they moved from one field to another. They had mounted dust­ers to poles stretched across the backsides of mules. Field workers followed behind the rigs operat­ing the dusters. Still, the army worms were winning. Dr. B. R. Coad, entomologist for Delta and Pine Land Company, approached Dock and Scott about mounting a hopper inside a Hisso Standard to dust out a load of calcium arsenate. In the hurry to prepare the Hisso Standard for dusting, Dock and Scott failed to seal the hopper from the cockpit. They also did not think it would be necessary to pressurize the hop­per. They thought that upon opening the shovel handle in the bottom of the tank that the material would make its way out. Dock won the toss to see if he or Allen Scott would make the first application. The aircraft was loaded in Scott, Mississippi to dust the most prized cotton that Delta and Pine Land Company had. When Dock arrived, the aircraft had been loaded with five hundred pounds of calcium arsenate. The field was surrounded by cypress trees except for one end that was open. Dock lined up for the first pass. Not sure of what to expect, Dock pulled open the shovel handle gate over the middle of the field. That was when he learned that sealing-off the tank from the cockpit would have been a good idea. Blinded by the dust, Dock could only fly in circles. It took him thirty minutes to get the 500 pounds of dust on the 200 acres of cotton. Be­cause the hopper was not pressur­ized, nor was there any type of venture at the gate, the material tended to pack at the bottom of the tank and flowed slowly. Upon landing, Dock learned that the owners of Delta and Pine Land Company were as pleased as could be over the application. The treat­ment worked and saved many acres of cotton from the army worm that year. Because of the efforts made by Dockery, Scott, Elliott and Culver, ag aviation was well on its way to becoming an es­sential tool for farming. In 1924, Dock was hauling passengers between crop dusting seasons in Meridian, Mississippi. Dock had secured a deal with the Texaco Oil Company. Dock’s air­plane had Texaco chalked across the fuselage and stated that he used Texaco products. In exchange for this, Texaco furnished Dock with fuel. One Saturday Dock saw an old Jenny slipping onto the field. As the Jenny rolled to a stop, out stepped a tall slim fellow. The man wanted to know if he could buy some fuel from Dock. Back in those days, if you could find an airfield that had fuel you were lucky. Dock explained to the slender gentle­man ➤


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J.O. Dockery at Pardeeville, Wisconsin, standing by Stearman 450 HP plane equipped with Burnham venturi sprayers. June 1952. Photo courtesy of J.O. Dockery.

that he did not own the fuel. He had an arrangement with the oil company to advertise. As it turned out, the tall slender man was none other than Charles Lindbergh. Lindbergh was barn­storming the countryside. Dock suggested to Lindbergh, or “Slim” as Dock called him, that if he was to chalk the Texaco name on the side of his Jenny, both could fly pas­sengers that day. Sunday, Lindbergh left with a full tank of gas and a pocketful of money. Slim would look for areas that were promising for airplane rides. He decided to setup on a field be­tween Columbus, Mississippi and Starkville, Mississippi. This proved to be a good location for Lindbergh. It was known as Camp Field. Often Dock and Slim would meet at Lake Village, Arkansas to haul passengers. On one such occasion, Slim wanted to carry a girl friend of his for a ride late in the day. It was approaching darkness and Lindbergh didn’t want to attempt to make a flight so close to darkness in his Jenny. He turned to Dock and asked could he borrow his Hisso Standard to carry the girl for a ride. Dock consented and with that Charles Lindbergh made his first night flight in Dock Dockery’s Hisso Standard aircraft at Lake Village, Arkansas. In November of 1925 Charles Lindbergh stopped to visit Dock in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Slim was heading to Iowa to visit his mother for the holidays. Lindbergh ex­plained to Dock that he was about to go to work for Robertson Air­craft as chief pilot flying the mail. He asked Dock if he was inter­ested. On January 2, 1926 Dock, along with a group of pilots, met in St. Louis, Missouri to qualify for the $25,000 bond required by Robertson Air­craft to fly the mail. One of the re­quirements was that the pilot had to be 21 years old. Dock was only seventeen. When asked his birthdate by the bondsman, Dock told him February 26th. The bondsman never asked him what year and handed back his identifi­cation with a 1904 birthdate. B 22 |

Robertson Aircraft was running low on aircraft. Lindbergh had bailed out of two De Havillands with Liberty-12 engines. Better known as “Flaming Coffins”. The De Havillands had cables that would stretch after the first few hours of flight. The cables required extensive safety wiring that would have to be re­done after they stretched. The chief mechanic asked Dock if he would mind test flying the air­craft before he safety wired the cables. This would pre-stretch the cable and the mechanic would only have to safety wire the cables one time. Putting the De Havilland into a steep dive and a hard pull out would suffice to stretch the cables. Instead, Dock elected to loop the aircraft. After several loops, Dock returned the De Havilland to the field. Awaiting him on landing was Major Bill Robertson, presi­dent of the company. For the next thirty minutes Dock received quite a blessing-out about the incident. Robertson threatened to suspend Dockery for 30 days without pay. But Dock did not give him the chance and promptly quit, draw­ing his pay and leaving. In 1926 Dockery was involved with Huff-Daland Dusters flying and instructing future pilots. He did not really like the schedule that was kept. The pay was a base of $300 a month. During the dust­ing season, duster pilots re­ceived one cent an acre bonus. The passenger pilots were paid five cents a day and ten cents per mile, as a bonus to the base pay. Two important events occurred for J. O. Dockery in 1927. He got married to his wife, Irene, February 28th and he received his Cer­tified Letter of Authority (pilot’s license). Although a pilot had to be twenty-one to receive his trans­port license, Dock was only eight­een. When the examiner asked him his age, Dock presented him with his mail plane bond identifi­cation. The examiner gave him certificate number 190. At the time there were an estimated 10,000 pilots that were not certified The first one hundred certificates were given

to a select few that were involved in the certification proc­ess according to Dock. Then the examiners were given certificates in groups of 100. These certifi­cates they dispersed to the pilots that applied for their license. Therefore, any pilot at that time may have received a number be­tween one and ten thousand. But, Dock did not keep his certificate for long. The general feeling amongst the pilots was that the certification program would not last anyway. Dock was caught flying a non-certificated aircraft across state lines into Kentucky. After being approached about the incident by the authorities, in leu of suspension or whatever, Dock figured that he would give them their certificate back and not be liable. Well, as the story goes, Dock could still fly, but not certified aircraft. This only caused prob­lems for Dock. So he had to re­apply for his license and this time he was issued number 2418. In 1928 Dockery helped Paul Braniff start Braniff Airlines. Braniff was sold to American and American to Universal Airline Systems. During this time Dock accumulated several thousands of hours in the J-5 Tri-motor while flying for Paul Braniff as his chief pilot. Upon leaving Universal Airline Systems in 1932, Dockery started J. O. Dockery Air Service in Clarksdale, Mississippi. In those beginning years, Dock had owned a Travel Air 6000 and four Stear­mans. Three were flyable and the forth one was damaged. Not long after the Clarksdale operation was opened, Dock opened another operation in Stuttgart, Arkansas. In the forthcoming years Dock operated throughout the South. He was responsible for introducing ag aviation into Wisconsin, Illi­nois and Minnesota in the late 1930s. Dock eventually stan­dardized his fleet of aircraft to Stearmans after World War II. He had tried UPF Wacos and N3Ns, but he liked the Stearman the best. Dock found out quickly ➤



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that the 220 horsepower Conti­nental radial engines and 225 horsepower Lycoming engines were not powerful enough for ag work. Dock con­verted many of the Stearmans to the 300 horsepower Lycoming engine. Wanting even more horsepower, Dock designed an engine mount using the BT-13 engine mount ring and con­verted the Stearmans to P&W R-985s with 450 HP. The magnetos were practi­cally jammed to the Stearman firewall. The rights to the Dock­ery mount were sold to Lilly Aero in Carlisle, Arkansas. For this he was paid a $100 royalty for every Stearman that Lilly Aero installed the Dockery mount. Eventually, all of Dockery’s Stearmans were converted to R-985 engines. The only problem, according to Dock, was the R-985s couldn’t be bought surplus. The engine was $10,000 outright new. Instead, Dock could buy a surplus BT-13 for $2,500 with an R-985; easy choice. During the height of J. O. Dockery Air Service, Dock oper­ated as many as fifty Stearmans at one time. Dock operated R-985 Stear­mans until the end of his career as an ag-operator. He had bought over 200 Stearmans through the years. On one occasion, he bought 100 Stearmans with one purchase. He bid a contract and paid $975 a piece for them. The first Pawnees produced were not strong enough for Dock’s operation. They were equipped with only 150 horse­power engines. The same held true for the early Ag-Cats with their 220 HP Continental engines and cost over $6,000. At the end, it did not make since to revamp the entire fleet of Stearmans.

C U LT I VAT I N G MISSISSIPPI Explore the History of Agricultural Aviation National Agricultural Aviation Museum Monday-Saturday 9a-5p 800-844-TOUR Exit 98B • Lakeland Drive • Jackson


2015-MSAG-PlaneAd.indd 1

B 24 |

7/21/15 8:32 PM

He decided to stop being an ag-operator. September 12, 1990 J. O. Dock­ery logged 69 years of flying. During the first years, there was no such thing as log books. Dock could not tell me accurately how many hours of flying he had flown. He said in the early years he often flew 12001500 hours a year. It was not until the last fifteen years that he was not logging over a 1,000 hours a year. And even now, he manages to log 400-500 hours a year at the young age of 81. Dock and I came to the con­clusion that logging over 60,000 hours would be a safe estimate! Only a couple of years ago Dock flew an Ag-Cat during a two-week spray run for a friend in Elaine, Ar­kansas. Today, Dock is glad he is not in the ag aviation business. He is glad to leave it to the new breed of ag pilots with the turbine engines and the ever present government officials. Dock flies daily carrying passengers to see the local country side in Navarre, Florida. He gives biennial reviews and check-outs in Stearmans. The president of Watkins Products recently bought a $100,000 Stearman, com­pletely refurbished to a beautiful show plane. He called-on Dock to check him out in the aircraft, which Dock did. Dock’s favorite airplane is the Stearman with the P&W R-985 engine. He believes it is one of the best ag planes to ever come along at the time. He says it is a great airplane for aerobatics, as well. For a man that has owned over 300 aircraft, of which 200 were Stear­mans, that is quite a compliment to Lloyd Stearman, who by the way, was a friend of Dock’s. There is no way to explain the thoughts and feelings that go through you while sitting in the presence of a man such as J. O. Dockery. It is like talking to a living history book of aviation. It could not be any more impressive than carrying on a conversation with Wiley Post, or Charles Lindbergh, or Paul Braniff. I felt so strongly about this travel into history that I took my son, Graham, out of school to meet Dock. The entire contents of this feature on J. O. Dockery are the result of one day with him. It is not possible everything about this man can be covered in one day, maybe not even in a year. Dock is a living testimony to the entire aviation era, especially the begin­ning of the ag aviation period. Ag aviation is fortunate that J. O. Dockery decided to fly ag aviation instead of the airlines, or the mili­tary. Because of his obvious free spirit, he helped birth the ag aviation industry that is alive today. In December of 1984, at the National Agricultural Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, J. O. Dockery was enshrined in the National Agri­cultural Aviation Hall of Fame in Jackson, Mississippi and rightly so. I would also like to recommend Mabry Anderson’s book “Low and Slow”-An Insider’s History Of Ag­ricultural Aviation. Mr. Anderson’s book is full of the his­tory and pictures of the early ag aviation era. There are many more details about J. O. Dockery in Mr. Anderson’s book. Dock, thanks for a day in your life that I will always remember.


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Fertilizer challenges

Not all fertilizers are created equal. You can cram the hopper full of urea, but other fertilizer mixtures and compounds are fairly heavy. Liquid fertilizers are notoriously heavy.

B 26 |

It’s usually the thing we lead off with when the season starts; truckloads of fertilizer rolling into the airport and being staged at various remote air strips across the country. The thing I like about dry work is it cycles quick. You’re flying a little higher, so the wires and trees are a little easier to navigate. It’s a faster paced operation that keeps everyone and everything moving along at a brisk pace. Most of the time the runway is close enough to the field being treated that there’s not much ferry time and the load flows out of the airplane rapidly. It can be darn tiring if you’ve got a lot to do. Flying with a spreader on instead of spray booms requires a bit of a mental change. You’re thinking of the job in pounds instead of gallons, swath widths are generally figured to best fit the field within reasonable parameters. Even numbered passes are always best, though it doesn’t always work out that way. A spreader is a big draggy thing that needs to be considered when preflight planning. It is more often than not overlooked. If you’re coming from months of spraying, you need to adjust your flying to compensate for the extra drag and weight of

a big hunk of stainless steel hanging underneath your airplane. It affects your take off roll and your turns. A spreader will noticeably increase your stall speed and extend your runway requirement. If you get in a bind, you most likely won’t be able to jettison enough of your load in time to save your butt. Not all fertilizers are created equal. You can cram the hopper full of urea, but other fertilizer mixtures and compounds are fairly heavy. Liquid fertilizers are notoriously heavy. We spray UN32 liquid fertilizer quite often. At 11.06 pounds per gallon, the job has to be taken in smaller bites. We figure our loads to compensate for weight. A 362-gallon load of UN32 is equal in weight to 500 gallons of water. If you’re adding water and other materials, you’ll have some math to do to make sure you’re not overloading your airplane. The window in the hopper makes it look like you’re taking light loads, the end of the runway however will tell a different story altogether. Do your math and keep in mind the conditions you’re working in. Dry urea weights somewhere around forty-eight pounds per cubic foot. Other dry fertilizers can weigh more. For example, 11-52-0 will be about


sixty pounds per cubic foot. Using sixty-two cubic feet as a base number for a 500-gallon hopper, a full load of urea will be approximately 2,900 pounds, that’s a 360-gallon load of water. In a AT-502, or 510 Thrush, you could almost take off from the parking lot with that. Almost. However, 11-52-0 works out to just over 3,700 pounds, equal to a little over 450-gallons of water. That’s a big difference. Given the conditions that exist at the time of application, including the available runway length, a smart pilot will consider all variables when he’s figuring loads. We don’t have scales on our loader trucks, so it’s difficult to get an exact weight for what’s going in the hopper. We use a density scale, a little gadget you fill with the material, balance it on the edge of a pocket knife blade, read the scale and that tells you what the material weighs per cubic foot. It’s basic and simple and doesn’t require batteries, hydraulic fluid, or any sort of education beyond walking and chewing bubble gum at the same time. Take the number the density scale gives you and multiply it by the cubic feet of your hopper. You can easily adjust how you want the airplane loaded by using this handy dandy device Fertilizer season also tends to correlate with bad weather during late winter and early spring. This is when rain storms, wind, fog and mud play their biggest roles of the year. Many loads of fertilizer and seed have been applied in the rain. Countless trucks and belt loaders have gotten mired in the

mud at the end of a runway or access road. Rain makes everything slippery and messy. Urea spilled on the wing root quickly cancels out the non-skid material and the area the loader is working on becomes a slip and fall hazard. I’ve seen wing jumpers fall off airplanes before, I’ve done it myself and I can tell you, it hurts. I’ve seen pilots spool up their propeller while a man was still working at stuffing the hopper. There’s no need for that. Take a little extra time if you have to. It doesn’t do any good to be quick if you have to stop because someone got hurt. Besides that, it’s just plain rude. If your wing jumper needs to move quicker, then give him some more training, or find out what’s causing the delay and fix it. Challenges when doing dry work is making sure you get the material spread out evenly and don’t run short or too long. A little long is good. A little short is way bad. Track your loads and the number of loads that you get from the trailers. If you get seven loads from one trailer, then you should check your progress and confirm you have covered the right number of acres, plus a few, for seven loads. We have mirrors on the crossbar in the center of the aircraft hopper, so we can see the gate at the bottom. If you don’t do that, you should. It’s a big help. I usually consider the crossbars at the bottom of the hopper to be the empty point. I bring a little back. After a half dozen loads, I know I have enough saved back for a headland or a short pass. Fly well and stay safe! | B 27


Eagle Vista Graduates

Left: Mike Polit, from Orangevale, CA. Mike will be working for Jones Flying Service, in Biggs, CA in an AgCat. Middle: Ryan Gilland, from Elkton, TN. Ryan is planning on working as an ag pilot in his local farming area. He has a background as a farmer and ag consultant. Right: Lex Horne from Cleveland, MS has worked as a loader and is looking for his entry level ag pilot position.

B 28 |


What Operators Are Saying....


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Mississippi Agricultural Aviation Association’s Annual Convention Held in Biloxi, Mississippi Biloxi, Mississippi | January 17-19, 2019

B 32 |

Photos: Melanie Woodley, AgAir Update.


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Working toward the best wireless solution

I We talked about how outdated our industry has been in multiple areas; including uploading Shape files to the GPS.

B 34 |

’ve always loved technology and the thought of reducing paperwork in an industry that requires so much documentation is exciting to me. I’m very familiar with the progression of media. I wrote our software program “ChemMan” in DOS where we used the large floppy disks. We then progressed to 3.5 floppies, CDs, SD cards, Zip drives and the awesome USB drive. Now with the evolution of the need for mobility and the Internet, even USB drives are considered outdated. The time for an easy streamlined solution is now. Several months back Anthony Fay and David Dewil of the Insero company dropped by our office in Jonesboro, Arkansas to show us their iPad GPS system. In explaining their product, Anthony Fay stated “AgPilotX is the first GPS system in the industry to capitalize on the power of an Apple device. Connecting to the Internet and email could not be easier. We can send files from the plane to Chem-Man effortlessly. You can even run apps like ‘ForeFlight’ and ‘My Radar’ on the AgPilotX”. We talked about how outdated our industry has been in multiple areas; including uploading Shape files to the GPS, downloading the applied log information from the GPS for display and having to handwrite documentation about weather, tach, pilot, date applied, etc. Both companies quickly worked on the ability to load both programs on the iPad GPS system and getting the Shape files to easily load into the AgpilotX. Now by clicking on a button in the Chem-Man program wirelessly it automatically displays the shape files in the AgPilotX. ChemMan also worked on getting the AgPilotX’s spray pattern easily uploaded into their software with the optional ability to match it to a job. Currently, this has to be done via email, but a quick synchronization is the goal. After talking to owner of Insero, Greg Guyette, we both agreed that a “Beta” customer would be the key in working toward the best wireless solution. They chose “Ag Air Inc.” in Scott,

Left to right—Gordon Boozer, Corey Boozer, Tyler Arnold, Regina Farmer, Anthony Faye with Insero

Mississippi who were mutual customers of both companies and one of the first customers of the AgPilotX. I talked to owner Gordon Boozer and son Corey who said they are very pleased to be the Beta testers and have been pleased with what they’ve seen in both programs so far. I also talked to Anthonie York with Transland Company who recently bought out the Satloc GPS division from Ag Junction. He said he also wanted to update the G4 systems and work on a wireless transmission of data. He plans on hiring extra developers to make this happen. I have no doubt that as we work out the details, all of our GPS companies will strive to make this happen. The stage for complete synchronization is very early, but the goal in my view is to save the ag operator from having to document any information that can be done wirelessly. This includes documenting the pilot, weather, tach info, applied GPS data, etc. The ultimate goal is for our pilots to be safe and have the ability to focus on what they’re trained and paid to do. Having fewer things in the cockpit is also a plus. Taking time out for documentation of course is a necessary evil. Hopefully soon that will be a lot easier!


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Robert McCurdy “Ag-Pilot Instructor — Retired”

The most insidious danger

If you think you can go under a wire, don’t do it! “Thinking” you can go under it ain’t good enough!

B 36 |

It was around 12:30 PM, September 13, 1971 (not a Friday), when I rolled my Pawnee up in a ball and spent the next four months in the burn unit at Fort Sam Houston Army Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. I had been a Navy carrier pilot and was trying to build sufficient time to get on with either Delta or Northwest (Orient) Airlines, as at that time they were the only ones hiring. I resented having to be a darned old crop duster to do it. I had an attitude problem, but that wasn’t the heart of the problem. In my squadron, VS-24, there was a sign in the ready room that read, “COMPLACENCY KILLS.” And it does! On the 16th of September 1971, I was in and out of lucidity on the Intensive Care Ward of the Veteran’s Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi prior to being flown out to Texas. My good friend and fellow ag pilot, Johnny Trusty, came to see me. For some reason, that old slogan, “Complacency Kills” was going around and around in my mind every day, all day long. When I looked up and saw Johnny, that’s what I said to him, “Complacency kills”! It wasn’t my bad attitude that made me dive into that tiny field and hit the tree that darn near tore the whole right wing off of my airplane. It was complacency! I thought I was invincible, crop dusting was beneath my dignity and ability, I was God’s gift to ag aviation and to boot, I was bullet proof! Earlier that summer, before I hit that tree, I had cut seven wires and ripped the right landing gear off on a ditch bank. I thought I invented the Hammer Head turn and there were no wires so low that I could not go under them. I was more than bullet proof; I was a complacent and stupid fool.

So what’s this little In My Opinion article about? I have seen a few (not a lot, but enough to make me concerned) students who appear to think they are bullet proof. Because of this, it is very easy for them to tacitly and unintentionally slip into a complacent attitude regarding their ag flying. More often than not, these are young pilots who are very talented. Some are so good that it scares me. When I instruct an exceptionally good pilot and I see some the not-so-subtle tell-tale signs, I will have a cards-on-the table talk with them. Regardless of how good they are when they finish my training, I want them to know that they still have a heck of a lot to learn. Therefore, In My Opinion, complacency is the most insidious danger that faces new ag-viators. Incidentally, Johnny Trusty has a large wooden plaque mounted over the exit door of his hangar / loading dock that simply says, “Complacency Kills”. He and any other pilot cannot help but see this plaque as they taxi out. Now, I want to add one comment regarding flying under wires; if you think you can go under a wire, don’t do it! “Thinking” you can go under it ain’t good enough! Should you be flying a turbine, this axiom goes double!

So, as per usual, be safe, have fun and make money... and don’t be complacent!


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Mabry I. Anderson An Insider’s History of Agricultural Aviation

The Early Days Down South — Chapter One

A Jenny with Lt. L.C. Simon at the controls applies calcium arsenate at Scott, Mississippi, on August 30, 1922. Calcium arsenate presented problems by killing both harmful and beneficial insects.

About this time, scientists and entomologists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture were investigating the possibility of chemical control of cotton insects, particularly the boll weevil, that had only recently invaded the Cotton Belt from Mexico. Growers were suffering millions of dollars in tosses, and the Department had set up the Delta Laboratory at Tallulah, Louisiana for cotton insect control research. This unit had been in operation since about 1909, under several different directors. At this time, it was headed by Dr. Bert R. Coad, a superb and visionary entomologist. He was ably assisted by C.E. Woolman, a young farm agent and entomologist. Both Coad and Woolman were intrigued with airplanes, Woolman having flown at every opportunity, having had his first ride as early as 1910.

Horse Drawn Dusters Limited success had been obtained in controlling boll weevil with ground-applied lead arsenate dust and the newer, more powerful B 38 |

calcium arsenate. However, the slowness of application made real control virtually impossible. Hand-cranked ground dusters had been developed that were carried by men through the cotton fields and some success had been obtained with horse or mule drawn dusters, but these too were somewhat impractical and inhumane, since the toxic calcium arsenate literally took the hide off the mules after extended use. No satisfactory engine-driven dusters had yet been developed. Coad learned of the successes in Ohio on the catalpa grove and immediately arranged to go to Washington and argue his case for more aircraft experimentation in the Louisiana cotton fields. He appeared before several Congressional committees before they appropriated funds and obtained the services of the Army Air Service. As a result, in early 1922, Air Service equipment and personnel moved to Tallulah and the first serious development of agricultural aviation was under way. In the beginning, flying equipment consisted of two Curtiss JN-6 Jennies with Hispano--Suiza


CLOCKWISE FROM ONE O’CLOCK Lieutenant G.L. McNiel pilots a Jenny JN6H on a dusting demonstration at Shirley Plantation, Tallulah, Louisiana, on August 15, 1922. Overall view of Scott Field, Tallulah, Louisiana, during the summer of 1922. Note tent-top hangars and weather observation ‘tower.” Photo by Dr. Bert R. Coad. Lts. Arnold and McDonald prepare for a photographic flight in the DH-4 at Tallulah, Louisiana, on September 2, 1922.

(Hisso) engines and one DeHaviland 4-B with a Liberty 400. The Jennies were for dusting and the D-H for observation and photography. It was found rather early in the game that the Jennies were somewhat underpowered, although they did hundreds of dusting experiments virtually all of the 1922 work was done with Jennies. The Air Service, however, made available DeHaviland 4-B’s with the famous 400 hp Liberty engine, which did a very creditable job and would easily haul everything loaded aboard. These aircraft were flown by a series of officers, among them Lts. Charles Skow, G.L. McNiel, L.C. Simon, and John B. Patrick. Enlisted personnel serviced and maintained the equipment. Most of the civilian personnel employed by the laboratory also worked on this project. Notable contributions were made by “Haw” Kirkpatrick, who contributed technical knowledge, labor, and professional quality photography to the program. The dusting equipment was designed and built in the laboratory, relying on knowledge gained from the earlier work on ground equipment. The hoppers were built of galvanized sheet metal and

were mounted in the rear seat of the aircraft. Early models required that an operator stand in the seat of the aircraft, directly behind the hopper (being held securely by a leather strap) and turn a feeder crank, which caused the dust to be discharged through an opening in the bottom of the fuselage. With the airplane airborne, the air flow across the discharge tube interfered with the dust delivery. A funnel was installed ahead of the opening and the air it collected was directed into a slot in the front of the discharge tube. This was apparently the first attempt to utilize the venturi principle in spreading dusts through a dispenser. This improved the dust distribution considerably. An airfield was constructed three miles from Tallulah on Shirley Plantation which was owned by the estate of Walter M. Scott and was called “Scott Field” in his honor. Temporary buildings were constructed with “tent tops.” The entire airfield was surrounded by large cotton fields. Beginning in early August 1922, hundreds of dusting flights were made from this field, mostly occurring on the Shirley and Hermoine Plantations

in large Delta lands, relatively free of obstructions and well suited to cotton production. Neighboring plantations, on both sides of the Mississippi, also received demonstration flights. One rather notable demonstration was made on the huge Delta and Pine Land Plantation at Scott, Mississippi on August 31, 1922. Lt. L.C. Simon flew this demonstration before an extremely large audience of farmers, entomologists, and interested spectators. This flight was instrumental in influencing Delta and Pine Land Plantation in becoming one of the very earliest users of agricultural aviation in its huge farming program. To the spectators, these early flights must have been fascinating. Alan L. Morse, an aeronautical engineer assigned to this program, wrote of one of the aircraft: “She wore her military insignia proudly, but otherwise she was a sorry sight! Her stick-plywood fuselage had been chopped away to accommodate the hopper; air scoops stuck out on top and a six-foot tunnel arrangement was strapped underneath. She was plastered with calcium arsenate and her elevators drooped dejectedly, ➤ | B 39


but she was not dejected. She was there doing her job. “As I watched, a three-man crew prepared to swing the prop. Numbers one and three faced the aircraft while number two, in the middle, faced away. Then each man grasped his neighbor’s wrist and they were ready. Number one then pulled the prop down and through and as 400 horses came to life, the other two jerked him clear of the whirling blades. Then the D-H wobbled away to the end of the field, headed into the wind, and took off over the trees. She was bad news for the boll weevil!”

Low-Level Flying Skills She was also bad news in some respects for the pilots. They had learned to fly by fighting the German Fokkers in 1918 over France and now almost as much was required from them in the new, low-level art of crop dusting. By experiment, they learned that dusts must be continuously agitated to be

B 40 |

manageable. The dust would bridge just above the hopper exit, resulting in light, anemic clouds and then the dust bridge would collapse and a great puff would emerge and all but smother the cotton. Various agitating devices were designed, including rotating paddles and sword-like blades that swept back and forth across the sloping sides of the hopper somewhat similar to the action of a windshield wiper. Brainstorms sprouted into tinware, such as air scoops extending outside the cockpit area to provide ram air pressure to force the dust out of the hopper and into the venturi under the aircraft. Later, a leveroperated hopper was developed that has remained basically unchanged, but the wind driven agitator apparently did not occur to any of the people working on the project at this time. In addition to the purely technical aspects involved, these early pilots were confronted with an entire set of new questions that had to be answered. Could

dusting be done while ground mists lay on the field? Could a pilot flying above the ground fog orient himself in relation to the field? At what altitude and speed should he fly to best discharge the dust into the cotton? What width swaths should be flown to do the best job and was the residue from the last swath sufficient for marking the beginning of the next swath? Would an airplane and engine stand up under the excessive wear that daily dusting flights inflicted? Answering these questions was a monumental and sometimes hair-raising task, particularly with the unreliable engines of that day and age and the poor maneuverability of those old World War I airplanes.

Continuing next month with Chapter One — The Early Days Down South.


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Carlin Lawrence

Seeking Our Own Glory Is Sinful


Jesus warned His disciples not to “show off” in doing their good deeds.

B 42 |

esus asked His disciples, “What was it you disputed among yourselves on the road?” But they kept silent, for on the road they had disputed among themselves who would be the greatest. And He sat down, called the twelve, and said to them, “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all” (Mark 9:33-35). One of the most important characteristics of being important in Jesus Christ’s kingdom is humility and meekness. Sinful pride and ambition was a problem among Jesus’ disciples and it’s still a problem today within Jesus’ church. There’s not a single Christian congregation on planet earth that selfish pride and selfish ambition hasn’t hindered the work of God within His people. A true servant of God forsakes the power, riches, and pleasures of this world so he/she can focus their thoughts,words and actions on pleasing God in every aspect of their life. “A man’s pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will retain honor” (Proverbs 29:23). James and John asked Jesus, “Grant us that we may sit, one on Your right hand and the other on Your left, in Your glory…And when the ten heard it, they began to be greatly displeased with James and John. But Jesus called them to Himself and said to them, ‘You know that those who are considered rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. Yet it shall not be so among you; but whoever desires to become great among you shall be your servant. And whoever of you desires to be first shall be slave of all’” (Mark 10:37, 41-44). We might want to criticize James and John for seeking positions of power, honor and glory, but before we do, we need to take a good look at ourselves. Because of the sinful nature of humanity, most of us would rather be the leaders and let someone else be the servants. Wanting to have power, glory and honor is common among sinful humanity, but that’s the opposite of what Jesus taught.

The political and religious organizations of this world are just as guilty as these disciples of Jesus were. Just as the disciples argued over who deserved the most prominent positions, over 20 centuries later, political and religious leaders are still jockeying for positions and power. Church history, and I mean all churches and denominations, is a story of strife and power seeking. Too many times men and women start off being servants but end up being blinded by their hunger for power and self-glory. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it” (Luke 9:23-24). It’s hard for humans to put others in front of themselves. All of us have the tendency to have that “me first” attitude.We all have the tendency to call attention to ourselves, rather than denying ourselves. The Pharisees did their good deeds to impress other people (Matthew 6:2), but Jesus warned His disciples not to “show off” in doing their good deeds, because if they did they wouldn’t have any rewards in heaven (Matthew 6:1). Being a true servant of God and self-promotion are like water and oil, they don’t mix very well. The true servants of God will try to avoid the limelight as much as possible. They are content doing what God has called them to do without any praise from man. There are hundreds of “Halls of Fame and Who’s Who” in America, but you won’t find many true servants of God on these lists. Being a servant of God’s people is a choice we make for ourselves. If we will keep our “spiritual eyes” open and look for places to serve, God will give us that opportunity. Always remember, “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them” (Hebrews 6:10). Through the prophet Isaiah God said, “I am the


Lord, that is My name; and My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to carved images” (Isaiah 42:8). Vain glory, selfish ambition, and self-exaltation pervades the human race. The struggle within individuals, businesses, and corporations for many people isn’t about how good of an employer or employee they can be, or how good they can perform for their customers, it’s about their own selfish desires to climb the ladder of personal success and wealth. People often neglect their own families and their own souls for the glory, fame, power, wealth, and accomplishments in their so-called “worldly success.” They forget that God has a different outlook on human “glory.” “To seek one’s own glory is not glory” (Proverbs 25:27). “Let no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being…Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:24, 31). The question is, “What is our motivation? What is our goal in life?” If we’re unwilling to humble our self before God and other people, our earthly works will have no eternal value, they’re nothing but wood, hay, and stubble, and will burn (1 Corinthians 3:9-15). Our ambitions and glory seeking can cause us to get into all sorts of sinful words and actions. It’s dangerously easy to fall into the trap of trying to get what we want at any cost, and to make unwise business decisions that can lead to ruin and poverty. Seeking our own glory can cause us to compromise our integrity and honesty in order to attain fame, wealth, and power. “Before honor comes humility.” Jesus said, “I do not seek My own glory” (John 8:50). Jesus humbled Himself in His service of God and mankind (Philippians 2:1-11). The vocation that God has called you into can easily become a temptation to exalt yourself. Don’t fall for that temptation; put aside all worldly striving and ambition and humbly seek God’s glory instead of your own. “In the mouth of a fool is a rod of pride” (Proverbs 14:3).


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Plenum Airworthy Directive


n Plenum Airworthy Directive that applies to Honeywell International Inc. (Honeywell) TPE3311, -2, -2UA, -3U, -3UW, -5, -5A, -5AB, -5B, -6, -6A, -8, -10, -10AV, -10GP, -10GT, -10N, -10P, -10R, -10T, -10U, -10UA, - 10UF, -10UG, -10UGR, -10UR, and -11U, -12B, -12JR, -12UA, -12UAR, -12UHR, -25AA, -25AB, -25DA, -25DB, -25FA, -43-A, -43-B, -47-A, -55-B, and -61-A turboprop engine models,including those engine models with a -L stamped after the model number (for example, -43-BL); and TSE331- 3U turboshaft engine models with combustion chamber case assemblies, part numbers (P/Ns) 869728-x, 893973-x, 3101668-x, and 3102613-x, where “x� denotes any dash number installed was issued. This AD was prompted by reports that combustion chamber case assemblies have cracked and ruptured. We are issuing this AD to prevent failure of the combustion chamber case assembly. The unsafe condition, if not addressed, could result in failure of the comb. Inspect all accessible areas of the combustion chamber case assembly, focusing on the weld joints, before accumulating 450 hours time in service (TIS) since last fuel nozzle inspection or within 50 hours TIS after the effective date of this AD, whichever occurs later. Perform the inspection in accordance with the Accomplishment Instructions, paragraphs 3.B. (1) through 3.B. (2), in Honeywell Service Bulletin (SB) TPE331-722178, Revision 0, dated May 3, 2011, or SB TPE331-72-2179, Revision 0, dated May 3, 2011, as applicable to the affected engine model. Thereafter, repeat this inspection during scheduled fuel nozzle inspections at intervals not to exceed 450 hours TIS since the last fuel nozzle inspection. For TPE331-3U, -3UW, -5, -5A, -5AB, -5B, -6, and -6A engine models with combustion chamber case assemblies, P/ Ns 869728-1, 869728-3, or 893973-5, installed, and without the one-piece bleed pad with P3 boss; and for TPE331-1, -2, and -2UA engine models modified by National Flight Services, Inc., supplemental type certificate (STC) SE383CH, remove the combustion chamber case assembly from service at the next removal of the combustion chamber case assembly from the engine, not to exceed 3,700 hours TIS since last hot section inspection.

B 44 |

After the effective date of this AD, do not weld repair the applicable combustion chamber case assemblies unless the weld repair procedures are approved by the Manager, Los Angeles ACO Branch and that approval specifically refers to this AD.

Installation Prohibition After the effective date of this AD, do not install a combustion chamber case assembly, P/N 869728-1, 869728-3, or 893973-5, in TPE331-3U, -3UW, -5, -5A, -5AB, -5B, -6, and -6A engine models or in TPE331-1, -2, and -2UA engine models modified by National Flight Services, Inc., STC SE383CH, unless the combustion chamber case assembly has a one piece bleed pad with P3 boss.

Top Left: With One Piece Top Right: Without One Piece Bottom: A new style plenum has been released under various Honeywell Cat 1 Safety Service Bulletins for most TPE331 engines. The plenum is more robust and less susceptible to failure. The new style plenum is easily identified by the scalloped lip on the mating flange. Contact your TPE331 Service Center of choice for pricing.


Joe Price began his career in aviation in the US Air Force in 1984 as a crew chief on the F-4 Phantom and later on the F-16 Falcon. He spent four years as the Allison 250 program manager for TECI from 1996 to 2000. He started his career with CD Aviation Services in 2008 as the APU and TFE731 Sales Manager and eventually transitioned to Sales Manager for all of CD Aviation Services programs in 2015. He enjoys spending free time with his family at his home in the country. He also enjoys hunting, hiking, bicycling and motorcycling. If you require assistance, Joe is available to customers through email:, or CD Aviation Services’ office / AOG line; 417.206.2327. CD Aviation Services is based in Joplin, Missouri. Visit their website at: CD Aviation Services began 26 years ago serving the agricultural aviation industry. It has facilities in the United States, Canada and Europe, employing mechanics with over 260 years of combined turbine engine maintenance experience. The company is a Honeywell Authorized Part 145 repair station for the Honeywell TPE331 engine, along with other Honeywell engines.


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NTSB REPORTS Accident Synopses

NTSB Identification: GAA18CA371 Date: June 20, 2018 Location: Hutchinson, MN Aircraft: AIR TRACTOR INC AT 301, Injuries: 1 None According to the pilot in the tailwheelequipped airplane, during an aerial application flight the pilot took onboard more product to disperse than he had initially planned. The airplane was heavy, and he chose not to take on additional fuel, to prevent an over-gross weight scenario. However, during flight the engine lost power and he forced landed in a dirt

field that was water-logged due to recent storms. During the landing roll, the airplane nosed over. The pilot reported that, “I misjudged what I believed to be a safe quantity of fuel remaining.” The airplane sustained substantial damage to the rudder and vertical stabilizer. The pilot reported that there were no mechanical malfunctions or failures with the airplane that would have precluded normal operation.

NTSB Identification: GAA18CA563

Aircraft: Air Tractor AT802 Injuries: 1 Serious The pilot reported that, during an agricultural application flight, the right wing struck a power line pole and the airplane impacted terrain. The airplane sustained substantial damage to both wings, fuselage, and empennage. The pilot reported that there were no preaccident mechanical failures or malfunctions with the airplane that would have precluded normal operation.

Date: 09/21/2018 Location: Napoleon, ND

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We rebuild and stock THRUSH WINGS and LANDING GEAR We can rebuild your broken Thrush or Brave fuselage We rebuild Brave wings including new Spar Caps 24 HR. PHONES: 559-686-1794 or 686-2161 FAX: 559-686-9360 P.O. Box 1457, Tulare, CA 93275 Se Habla Español • •




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500 gal “SC-Plus” TPE 331* ................... $465,000 400 gal “SB-Plus” TPE 331* ................... $395,000 * New Prop - your engine

N936QC 350 gal “A+R1340” Complete/Deluxe** $249,000 N141QC 350 gal “A+R1340” Complete/Deluxe**.... $249,000 **OHC Top Shop Engine/Fresh Prop

Jigged Frames — “ground-up” — restorations More Versatility, Safety and STOL Performance Less Debt, Maintenance and Depreciation Costs

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The WeATh-Aero Full FeAThering cockpiT conTrollAble WindmillS “Still” the preferred method for powering the spray pump

Aircraft maintenance facility specializing in Air Tractors and other aircraft. WE OFFER: Variable Pitch - Full Feathering. No pump brake required! High strength composite blades. Measured drag comparisons show that drag is cut in half from current fixed pitch fans in braked position.

Weath-aero Controllable Windmill division

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• 100hr., 300hr., Annual, and Hot Section Inspections • Aircraft Painting • Aero LED reseller • Rebuild wrecks • Refurbish aircraft from the ground up • Transland authorized dealer Call us for your Satloc and Transland needs

Aaron Keahey, Manager Office: 870-857-3744 Cell: 870-450-8443 62 Airport Rd. Corning, AR. 72422

EXHAUST REPAIR SPECIALISTS  P&W R-1340 & R-985 Exhaust Systems in Stock  Complete Overhaul  Exchanges Available  Replacing & Repairing: • Beaded Ends • Burnout Ends • Cylinder Ends • Clips - Heavy-Duty

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Ag Cat

1989 Super B Fat Cat, super 6 engine, 500 gallon, 11,166 TT, 1189 since hot, 188 IRAN, hydraulic spray system, air conditioning and heat, wing extensions, servos, night lights, E/I digital gauges. Price reduced to $290,000 Call 509520-8267 1971 G164A -600, AG100 80gals fuel, approx. TT 8100, approx. SMOH 950, Wing Extensions, Transland Spreader. Excellent condition. Ready to Work. Make Offer Reduced to $51,900 910290-2706 May Completion: 2019 TURBO B+ “QueenCat”, 400 gal, 120 fuel, hi-wings, T. S. T., heavy G/S/W, DAF Transland Combo, NEW AgJet FWF w/new Prop, YOUR TPE331 Engine. All frames factory-fixture­-perfect! Buy cheaper, fly SAFER, do better work! $375K. AmAgCat 870-8862418/2489F, 759-16920 frank.kelley@

1976 G-164B AG-CAT, 1267.8 SHOT/ GBI/CSI/New wheels. 1068.7 SOH prop/new +4 blades. 1068.7 since Agri-Jet turbine conversion. TPE3311-151G “Super 1”, two New Barry Engine Mounts this spring, 335 gal hopper, 115 fuel, bottom load fuel, servos, goose feet, tall centerline tail, Bantam, IntelliFlow, Com radio, panel ANR, Fabric great condition, paint great condition, Lane fan and electric brake, CP11 nozzles, brass CP check valves, spray valve new 2 years ago, new batteries June 18, always hangared. $280K 815-848-1320 Kris@

Turbine Ag Cat, G164 A model w/3311. Engine was at Ag Air Turbines last year for gear box repair and was run in the test cell after and made great power without heat. Big fuel 115 gallons. Lane fan & brake, Dyna Nav Vector w/ flow control. This machine hasn’t seen fertilizer in years. Has a par200a audio panel/comm and 330 gallon hopper. Very clean northern machine. $150,000 Call Tim Swanson at 989-292-1362

1978 G164B Turbine Cat, N3627S, SN 732B, 965.0 Tach, 4867 TT, PT6A-34A TT920.69/859 cycles. Power section light OH .5hr., 100% warranty until 1000 hrs, then prorated to original warranty. Professionally waxed by CM Shine ($3k) Prop TT965.1, 0 SPOH, Serial # PCE PH0871. Hatfield Conversion, Frakes Aileron Servos, Rudder Servo, Elevator Servo, Long Range Fuel, Custom recessed dash, GPS Canopy, MVP50, Instrumentation, Right boom shutoff, G4 GPS w/IntelliFlow, 965 hrs since rebuild, Heavy Gear, 29x1100 tires, 1 yr, Air conditioning w/sealed cockpit, Hershey wing tips, Smoker Dual bottom load fuel, Breckenridge stainless tail wheel, CP Swivels Poly Tjet, Transland pump and spray valve, Lane Brake, Agrinautics fan, COM Radio, 38” gate box. For more information contact Sky Tractor LLC at 800-437-5319, www., or Fax 701-636-5881

G-164B AgCat, 400 Gallon Super B. Ground up restorations better than new. Raised Metal Wings, 115 Gallon Fuel, New Tail Spring, Main Gear, Tires Tubes, Brakes, 38” Gate Box, 400 Gallon Hopper. Buyer supplies firewall forward. Expected finish dates March 1st and October 1, 2019. To speak for a production slot, contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213. $325K (2) 2019 Super A+600 Queen Cats! 350-gallon, Hi-Vol TL Combos, B-Cabins, T.S.Tails, Zero AF/E/P’s, See to Believe! Bank on 4-Wings. AmAg, Call 870-886-2418/2489F, 870-7591692 Cell or email frank.kelley@ag-cat. com

G-164C Model AgCat, Serial #43C, N3407G - Ground up restoration better than new. Second to last C model ever produced. Raised Metal Wings, Stainless Steel Belly, Relined 500 gallon Hopper, 115 Gal Fuel, New Tires, Tires, Brakes, Tail Spring, Main Gear have been checked and magnafluxed. Air Frame will be finished by the end of 2018. Buyer supplies firewall forward. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-3673213. $425K

1972 2-Hole Ag Cat A-Model, Engine TT 302.8 hrs. R985-14B crank shaft, TTAF 5357.6, 298.9 since rebuilt. Aircraft is in a restricted category for banner towing, dual control. No reasonable offer refused. $70,000 337652-8659 Leave message if no answer

1978 B Model 600. 7400 TT. 4 hrs SMOH 4hrs SPOH. Aircraft completely refurbished by Hershey Flying Service in 2004 @7302 TT. SATLOC M3. New 330 gal Hershey Hopper. Aircraft is like new. Has not sprayed since Rebuild. Tulsa Engine and Prop OH by Northwest Propeller. $150,000. Contact Arvid @ 701-430-0215 Parting out 400 gallon B-Model. Good wings, hopper, and many other parts. Call Chad Stuart. Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091

1978 Ag Cat B Model, 10079TT, 765hrs. on Covington 985, 470hrs. on Memphis prop. 22D30 hyd. prop. ag 200 blades, 80 gal. fuel, Grumman sys. S/S booms CP3s, S/S belly, spreader, Del Norte GPS, Hyd. hopper door & auger sys. root pump, smoke, aileron & elevator servos, 500x5TW, TW lock, center line tall tail, new tires, several spare parts & overhauled accessories. Price reduced to $80,000 Call 870740-8093 or 870-564-2585

1974 Grumman, G164A, N9688, AG CAT, P&W Model: R-1340AN-1 HYD, S/N:8524, 600HP, Engine Time 90.0 Engine Installed: 02-5-17, Overhaul By: Tulsa Aircraft Engines, Prop Specs: Hamilton Standard, Model:12D40, S/N:T187149, Blades: AG-100-2, TIME:165.0, Modifications/Conversions: Propeller O/H 06-12-2015 BY Memphis Propeller Service, Recovered Vertical Fin, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizers, Elevators with Ceconite 101, Poly Fiber Date: 4-16-2013. $110,000 Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885

G164B Ag Cat, N8834H, SN1B, 7266TT, 227 SMOH R1340, 23D40311. Fresh rebuild, better than new! As seen in Savannah, GA Call Mike Deck at SKY TRACTOR LLC 701-636-5880 or 800-437-5319

1972 G164A Ag Model Ag Cat, with B Model mods, N100F, 10,000 TT, 1000 R1340 Covington, Locking TW, stainless valve, chip light, CP nozzles, 120g fuel, Hershey metalized wings, stainless belly, stainless airfoil booms, Smoker, com radio, sealed cockpit, B Model windshield, flat custom panel, centerline short tail, Hershey tips, Rudder/Aileron/ Elevator Servos.. REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE! For more information contact Sky Tractor LLC at 800-437-5319, www., or Fax 701-636-5881

1984 Ag Cat Super B, N3627G, Airframe TT: 14,336.0, Engine TT: 10,849.0 PT6A -15AG, Equipment: Big Fuel – 120 gallons – Side Load, Wing Extensions – Hershey Tips, Hershey Heavy Tail Spring, Bantam w/ G4 plus Flow Control, Mills Conversion FWF, 400 Gallon Hopper, A/C, Bleed Air Heat, 38” Transland Gate, Agronautics Ground Adjustable Fan, Elevator Servo, Goosefeet Aileron Servo’s, CP Nozzles w/ Drop Airfoil (DAF) Booms. Go to http:// php?id=1055 to see spec sheet for more details. $345,000 Call Darryl or Bill at South Delta Aviation - 870-5729011 days / 870-995-1323 nights and weekends

Sky Tractor LLC is proud to present the completion of the SN1B Ag Cat! You will not find another like it! Satloc Bantam w/Intelliflow, 114g Long Range Fuel, All new fabric tail and wings, ANR Hardwire Hookup, Custom Seat, Electric Brake, Raised Wing Kit, Chip Detector. So much to list so make sure to check out the spec sheet! Call Sky Tractor LLC at 1-800-437-5319 | A 35


Beginner’s “Dream-Machine”, MINT “450” G164A DAF 300 gal TE-Combo, 46 fuel, 12V, Canopy, Gray & Yellow, 90% Original, 0-SIRAN A&E&P. Earn as you learn the safe & sound way. $109K, or owner will trade for ?? 870-S862418/2489F, 759-1692 Cell frank.

1976 Ag Cat G164A, N48555, SN 1671, R1340 1171 SMOH, 12D40 Prop, SS drop booms, CP Flat Fan w/ swivels, Airstar 99 w/flow control, Smoker, Wing extensions & Hershey Tips, Aileron & Elevator Servos, 80g fuel w/bottom load, 1” main gear, Hershey tail gear, Sealed cockpit/ 1pc windshield, metalized wings, Tall tail - centerline, Flagger, Speed Ring. For more information contact Sky Tractor LLC at 800-437-5319, www.skytractor. com, or Fax 701636-5881 Two Hole Ag Cat project for sale. Call Storm Aeronautics for more details. 402-367-3213

Air Tractor

2005 AT-802A, PT6-65AG, S/N 802A-0203, TTAE 10,70, 9,430 hrs remaining on wings. Engine has had CT blades and segments. Good cycles left. Cycle breakdown available, but approx 2/3 life remaining on all components. Airframe in good shape. SATLOC G4, In-dash comm, In-dash transponder, Reabe Hopper Gauge, Wingman, Lane fan and brake, Spreader, set of CP Booms, Davidon HiTek Rotary Nozzles. Willing to help export. Also possible trade for AT-402 or AT-502. Call 318439-0710.

1991 AT-402 PT6A-34, 9717.9 TTAF, 457 SHOT, 457 Since starter/generator overhaul, 1989 since wing spars were replaced, new paint on fuselage and tail surfaces at last annual, SS camlocs installed at last annual, side load fuel, load hawg for hopper, 461.9 hours on all new landing gear, LED nose lights, AERO LED Nav lights. $325,000 Call Chad at 318-341-2008 or Jason at 318-417-0406.

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1995 AT-502B, N60893, TT 8602, PT6A-34 TT: 13,804.9 SHOT: 188.4, Hartzell prop TT: 3682.2 SOH: 0.0 Annual inspection due 1/1/19. Spar cap replacement due at TTA of 17,312.0 (in 8710.0 hrs.) Bantam SATLOC, Intelliflow flow control, SS booms, CP Nozzles, A/C, Hopper rinse, Wingman, Smoker, Lane electric brake and fan, 38” gate. Price reduced to $300,000 Call Darryl at 479-935-4891

1982 AT-400A, S/N 301-454. 12,996 TTAF, 4855 TT on PT6A-21 SNEW. O since HSI. 430 SIRAN propeller. Converted to turbine in 1996 by Air Tractor dealer Southeastern Aircraft. 430 TT since wings spars done. Due each 4450 hours. Original 350 gallon hopper. Great turbine break-in plane for a young pilot. Many mods: 401 brakes, heavy lifetime main gear, chrome spinner, 29” tires, 3-piece windshield, Zee Air, SATLOC Bantam with flow control, Swathmaster spreader, aluminum booms w/AFS nozzle bodies and CP-11 nozzles w/swivels, all metal tail, nose lights with Bayou LED flashing/steady system, auto hopper door, bleed air heat and 430 hours since fresh paint. Asking $200,000. $300K invested. MS. 662822-3204.

1995 AT-502B -34, 29,569 Engine TT, 445 hrs since hot, 445 hrs on prop, 10-11k hrs TTAF, approx. 5000 hrs left on wing spars, SATLOC Bantam with G4 screen and L7 light bar. Airplane is currently working. Needs a little TLC but it’s a money making machine! $210K Call 662-345-8395

1995 AT-402B, PT6A -15AG, TTAF: 11516.2 10/2019 ANNUAL INSPECTION. ENGINE: ETSN: 6800TT, TSO: 6800 , TSHSI: 2507.9, PT6A-15AG, S/N: 14269. PROPELLER: HARTZELL, HC-B3TN3D, S/N: BUA23738, PTT: 4681.00, PTSOH: 372.00. $199,990 954549-0826

Clean AT-504-34AG, 825TT, P&W warranty, with or without NVG, SATLOC bantam with IntelliFlow, A/C, heat, smoker, Reabe hopper quantity, am safe harness, single point fuel auto-fill, big fuel, Garmin com radio, audio panel, transponder, hopper rinse, CP11 nozzles, 3” load. Digital Attitude Indicator. Lowered price to make room. 920-205-5900

Clean 2010 AT802-65AG, 4100hrs A&E, hot by Prime Turbines 750hrs ago, fast start, smoker, wingman, ag laser, wig wag nose lights,10” hydraulic ,gate w/ hemisphere controller, Hatfield fuel, G4 w/ flow control(IntelliFlow),com/ audio panel, Reabe turn window & tank quantity gauge, new main gear, new tail gear. Need room. 920-205-5900

1996 AT-502B, PT6-34AG, 2522 TTAF, 7524 SMOH E on more program, 10” Transland Hydraulic Gate, Ag Nav, CP Nozzles, Smoker, Full avionics package for fire, Spray and Fire ready, a very clean, always hangared, one owner airplane. $400,000 Would consider trade for C-185. Call Mark for more details 406-544-2630

1999 AT-602 PT6-60, 8153 TT, 320 SHSI Blades & Segments, Fuel Control, Shaden FF, Garmin com, M3 SATLOC, IntelliFlow, CP nozzles, Reabe hopper gauge, Lane electric fan, 10” hydraulic gate, Transland spreader, Wingman, SP fuel, Work lights, Smoker, A/C, Heat. Price reduced to $535,000 Call 208789-4119 2017 AT-502B, 1,000 TTAF&E, BANTAM, FRESH HOT, ANNUAL, VERY CLEAN. $790,000 Call Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 2019 AT-802 available for early spray or fire season. Call today to customize to your specifications. Contact Rick Stone at 800-441-2964 or mail@

Buy the engine, get the plane for free. 1991 AT-402B -34, G4, new panels, hopper, rinse, gear, AmSafe, LED lights, storm shield and cutters, 3 yr paint, new wings, extensive work by Covington, -34 new rear case, input shaft, starter generator, power section, and over speed governor. Excellent times on rotables. 620-397-3052

2003 AT-502B, Priced to sell at $480,000 OBO: 3723 TTAE, G4 with flow control, KY96 VHF Blue Tooth Audio Panel Company FM Storm Cutters, Lane Brake, CP Nozzles, Large Fuel, Smoker, heat, AC, Hopper Rinse, Bottom load fuel, Shadin Fuel Flow, VG’s, P&W ADSA DTU data box for trending. Call Kinniburgh Spray Service 403-7958245 or 403-223-8245

2009 AT-802A-0345, N329LA, approx. 4,000 hrs TT, -67AG, elec. brake gr., adj., smoker, single point fuel, G4 w/ Flowcontrol, Wingman. $725,000 For more info Frost Flying 870-295-6213

1999 AT-402B, 7818 TTAF, PT6A15AG 8850 TTE, Covington Light OVH at 5000 hours. HSI at sale, SATLOC Bantam with G4 screen, flow control, A/C, heat, Garmin G5 attitude indicator, CP 11 nozzles, smoker, very little fertilizer, Transland 10 vane. Wings spars have 180 hours left. One owner, always hangared $240,000. Call Ricky 662-515-5049

1986 AT-301 - Photo of maintenance attached. Equipped with Ag Nav GPS, Crop Hawk, Aluminum Spray Booms CP Nozzles, Stainless Steel Transland Spreader, 401 Landing Gear, All metal Tall Tail and much more! $98,000 Call Larry L. Taylor at 801-941-3279


1996 AT-802-PT6A -67AG, 6094TT, 555 SHOT, 380 gal fuel, Dual Cockpit, Dual A/C, SATLOC, flow control, KAWAK hydraulic system, dual single point fuel, pulse light system, FAST start, CP nozzles, smoker. For sale or trade for 502A. Call 402-318-2258


1996 AT-502B, PT6A-41 ESN PCE80762 850SHP Turbine Engine Cascade; Engine TT 5980, 2580 SOH, 3 HSI; Fresh 9800 Hour Wing Spars. $485K Visit Web Site For More info. or call Kyle 970-867-8414 or 970-7680553

Clean 1983 AT-301, 4498TT, 601SMOH-Tulsa. 22D-40 prop, A/C, VG’s, Winglets, SATLOC AirStar, Crop Hawk, Smoker, 126 gal fuel, fresh annual. $100,000 Call Ken at 580484-7267

Available for Lease 2019 crop year. Air Tractor 602 and Air Tractor 502B. Call Darryl 479-935-4891 darryl@ 1990 AT-401 Geared, 8897 TTAF, 1850 hr left on wing spar, Tulsa engine 817 hours, G4 IntelliFlow, air conditioning, com radio, CP nozzles, fresh annual and prop ad complete. Price reduced to $180,000 Steve 507236-1938 2013 AT-602 -60AG, 4050TT A&E, Fresh HSI & Annual, 0hrs on O/H Starter/GEN, SATLOC Bantam w/G4 screen & IntelliFlow, AmSafe airbags, Hatfield automatic SP fuel system, Big fuel. NEW: Batteries / tires / rotors / brakes / ALL new fuel, oil, air filters. Includes Swathmaster spreader, no damage, very clean airplane. All logs and aircraft records in good order. Price reduced to $695K Gavin 509-2204338

1981 AT-301, 6900 hrs TT, 900 SMOH, Low Time wing spars w/VG’s & winglets, 150 hrs OH prop Governor, 250 hrs on new prop, Tall tail w/OH rudder with new fabric & paint, New extra thick widescreen, SATLOC 2 GPS, New tires & tubes, Reconditioned spray system: New plumbing & hoses, New spray valve, re-built Weth-Aero pump. Spare yellow tag MAG, One Spare yellow tag JUG & piston, comes w/SS spreader. Good compression’s. Runs Strong. Title free & Clear. All logs in good order. *Priced w/engine OH in mind. Asking $85k or 2 payments of $45K Call 509220-4338

1986 AT-401, 7860hrs TTAF, 940hrs TSOH Oct 2013, Well maintained clean bird, Air Conditioning, WeatherAero Fan, Agrinautics Pump, CP-03 Nozzles, AgNav GUIA Gold with Flow Controller, Smoker, Storm Wire Cutters, Big Wheels and Brakes, 2000hrs till spar caps are due. Fresh C of A. $150,000 Can facilitate import into the United States. Call James at 306-692-7335 NEW 2018 502XP Available. Call for 2018 Pricing. For more information call Frost Flying Inc. at 870-295-6213

“Hard Cased” cutter blades

Spacer blocks stabilize blade during strike

Adel clamps for trailing brake line

Inexpensive insurance against a wire strike



Lane Aviation, Inc. “Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”

2005 AT-602, N113LA, S/N 6021137, 7700 TTAF, 13,700 TTE, PT6A60, 0 since HSI, 500 since prop IRAN, Wing spars done, SATLOC Bantam with flow control, Factory heat and air, CP nozzles, Auto hopper door, Working airplane. $300,000. 662-207-1549


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471 | A 37


2012 AT-602-1216 -60AG, N2061L, 3234 Hrs. TTAE, SATLOC Bantam w/ M4 screen, comm radio, Transponder, Lane fan & brake, S/S T/W deflector, factory heat & air, drop booms, new landing gear. $795,000. Go to http:// php?id=1999 to see attached spec sheet for details. Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@ 2016 AT-802A, PT6A-65AG, 1750 TTSN, 308 fuel, MVP50T, S.P. fuel, G4/flow, hyd gate, wingman, CP’s, Covington hot. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@

1987 AT-501-0005, N7314R, 1 owner last 25 years, NorCal aircraft. Always hangared, 4786.0 HRS TT A/F (8000 hr spar caps), 43.0 HRS TT SMOH Super 600 (1st O/H), HS 23D40 w/ 7035A-9 blades. Last reseal 3/16, 200 HRS SNEW Acorn exhaust, Bantam guidance, GTX XPDR, VAL 2000 Comm, Digital business band, Kelly electric A/C, Meticulous records and maintenance, all AD’s current, spar splice ‘07, Fresh annual available, Int’l shipping available. $225K USD 209-327-3311

2001 AT-502B -34AG, TT 11228, hot section 1384, No damage history. Wings, Paint, New Landing Gear, Partial refurb in 2012. 3240 hours since wings done. VG’s, AFS check valves CP 11’s, SATLOC Bantam W/Intelliflow, Load Hawg, Smoker, Heater, and AC. Always Hangared! $250K OBO Call 662-8737125 SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER! 1991 AT-402A with 6800 TTSN, complete fuselage, all engine cowling and mount, wingman, smoker, CP’s, fast start, 170 fuel, 0-SIRAN prop. Haul it away for $135K. Haul it away with new wing spars installed by Air Tractor for $180K. Call 309-303-5161

AT-402B: Go turbo. The AT-402B, with the time-proven Pratt & Whitney PT6A-15AG turbine engine, offers impressive climb rates and overall performance.  The AT-402B’s light handling characteristics help reduce pilot fatigue – while delivering the payload, speed and productivity that helps create profits.  Visit your Air Tractor dealer and learn how Wells Fargo’s financing options for qualified buyers make owning an Air Tractor more affordable than you might think.

1986 AT-301A, TTAF 8793, SMOH 986 Covington, 563 SMOHP with new ag 100 blades, spare prop, spreader, 2940 since new spars, SATLOC, AT fan and brake, CP nozzles. $80,000 Call Gentry at 334-850-1013 or 334-3650170 2016 AT-802A, PT6A-65AG, 2050 TTSN, MVP50T, S.P. fuel, 308 fuel, wingman, CP’s, hyd gate, G4/flow, Covington hot. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@

2002 AT-802 -65AG, N8507K, Approx. 9,360 TT, 1,556 hrs since wing spar, 2,121 hrs since gear, Single Point Fuel, Smoker, G4 w/IntelliFlow, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Heater, Fast Start, CP-09’S, Manual 5 in Gate, Breckenridge Tail Wheel, Garmin Com Radio, Fresh Annual & Hot Section Inspection, New CT Blades, CT Vane Overhaul, & New Segments. $580,000 For more information call Frost Flying Inc. at 870-295-6213 2018 AT-802A -65AG, FTO, LOADED. $1,411,000 Call Lane Aviation 888995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX: 281-232-5401

2013 AT-602, 3,250 TTAE, BANTAM, LANE BRAKE, NDH $650,000 Call Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281342-5451 or FAX: 281-232-5401

2009 AT-402B -15, 2600TT 0SPOH, no damage, 3p window, heat, Shadin, big fuel, cps, SATLOC, hangared, fresh annual. Will lease out in Canada $525K USD. Call Keith at 204-362-0854

2008 AT-402A, 2295 TTAE, AmSafe Airbags, Wire cutters, smoker, VHF/ FM, single point fuel, AG NAV with flow control, A/C and heat. Prop done Jan 18. NDH. Very Clean. Call Scott at 306-220-8638

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AT-504: Learn and earn. With side-byside cockpit seating and 485-gallon capacity, the AT-504 is a great way to train new ag pilots and earn while they learn. Powered by the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turbine engine, you’ll get working speeds and performance like the tried and true AT-502B. And when the training day is done, you’ll see that it was productive workday, too. Wells Fargo financing for qualified buyers is available; just visit with your Air Tractor dealer.

2005 AT-602 -65AG, 6000 TTAE, Prop 0 since IRAN, 0 since Hot section by Covington with new CT blades, Bantam Flagger. $580,000 Call 870-759-1398

1991 AT-401, TTAF 5700, TSO Engine P&W 1340 444hrs approx. Covington Overhaul TSO, Propeller 22D-40 constant speed Hamilton Standard. VGs, AgNav Guia, AutoCal II Flow control, Bendix King VHF Radio, Engine cold air kit, Engine oil filter, Collins Air conditioning, Cool Seat, 32 VariRate Nozzles. Clean with lots of recent new parts. $180,000 Call Ben at 403-3361793 SPECIAL OFFER - Bring Your Trailer! 2001 Project AT-502B, Complete fuselage firewall aft, 7400 TTSN, $70K. With new wing spars from Air Tractor $126K. Call 309-303-5161

2011 AT-502B-2760, N2022Y, PT6A34AG, TTAE 2095.4 hours, Time HSI 437.3 hours, Starter Gen. 437.3, 3” load system, SATLOC Bantam GPS w/ G4 screen, radio package, new annual at sale. $595,000. Go to http://classifieds. to see spec sheet for details. Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@ SPECIAL! Great flying 1997 AT-602, 8750 TTSN, spars done, PT6A-60AG, 125 since hot, 540 S-IRAN prop, fresh FCU/pump, Kawak, CP’s, hyd. spray pump, wingman, needs annual. NO TRADES $388K Call 309-303-5161 AT-400, PT6A-15AG, Bantam GPS/flow/ G4 screen, CP’s, Zee Air/heat, fresh hot. For more information call 309-7594646 or email

1998 AT-602 -65B, Completely rebuilt in 2009, 5550 hrs since rebuilt, good times left and maintained by Covington. Has fresh extensive annual & hot section inspection. Bantam GPS, windshield washer, heat, a/c, washout system, manual tailwheel lock, transponder, Garmin 560, Garmin audio panel, comm radio. All mounted in radio box. Wingman, anti collision lights on leading edge, LED strobes, night work lights, factory air scoop, off set engine mount, electric Aileron trim, all glass good, this aircraft has been maintained as good as it gets. Call for details 501-516-6156.




The all new Ag-Nav standalone flow controller is a solution for efficient and accurate aerial application of granular products. system is designed a unique flow irTherAcTor AleS withervice controller that uses 2 built-in motors to accurately adjust the dispersing rates of granular material, providing a high level of accuracy. With USB support, material types and application rates are stored and may be changed on-the-fly. Safety features include: Gate jammed auto-stop, and info messages on screen.




Your Northwest Air Tractor Dealer 800-736-7654 Fax 208-745-6672

•Standalone flow controller •Dual tank monitor •High accuracy •Data download •Gate jammed auto-stop •USB support

•Compact •Light Weight •Data Recording software •Touch Screen •Real-time data display •IP67 enclosure

For more details, please contact AG-NAV or visit our website.

Office 208-745-7654

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2006 AT-802-0227, N4169C, W/ PT6A-67AG, TTSN approx. 1260, Air Tractor FRDS Gate, 2 FM radios, 2 VHF, Dual Transponders and Encoders, L3 with active Traffic, Aspen Primary Flight Pro 1000 with synthetic vision displays. GDL 39, Aera 660, and Avionics upgrades ADSB (compliant with L3) NDH. $1,030,000 Call Queen Bee Air for more information at 800-736-7654. 2014 AT-502B, 1500 TTAE, G4 w/ Flow, VG’s, Smoker, Comm & TXP, Lane Brake and Fan. $650,000 Call Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281-3425451 or FAX: 281-232-5401

2010 AT-802A W/-67AG, N6000J, TTAF&E 3550, PT6A-67AG, SHSI 950, Hartzell HC-B5MA-3D, SIRAN 700, Annual inspection due 2/1/19, LED Strobes, New Gear 2017, AC & Heater, CP-09 Nozzles, SATLCO G4 w/ Intelliflow, Wingman, 48 Volt Fast Start, Smoker, 10” Hydraulic gate w/Vondran Controller, Ram air inlet, Offset engine mount. $825,000 Call Darryl at South Delta Aviation - 479-935-4891 / 870995-1323 nights and weekends

2012 AT-802A-805ET, -65, 3740 hours engine and airframe since new, loaded with extras, fresh annual and hot section. Price reduced to $800K Call David at 870-501-1136 or email

2015 AT-602, N602MD, -65AG, 2,000 TT, Smoker, Single Point Fuel, Elec. Brake Gr. Adj., G4 w/Flowcontrol, Wingman & Transland Hydraulic Gate w/Transland Controller. $825,000 For more information call Frost Flying Inc. at 870-295-6213

2009 AT-502B-2691, N769PB, -34AG, 3037 Hrs. TTAE, 400 hrs. on new Loadmaster 4 blade prop and landing gear, SATLOC G4 with flow control, CP nozzles. New annual at sale. Go to details.php?id=1827 to see spec sheet for all options. $625,000 Contact Rick Stone at Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 or mail@

2016 AT-802A PT-65AG, N8011N, TTAE 1975 hours, Wingman, 7 1/2 inch Transland gate, CP 11’s w/AFS check valves, 254 fuel, single point fuel, G4 w/flow control. $1,125,000 Call Al Patrick at 870-510-6882

Ready to work AT-502B with-34. Price reduced to $285,000. Call John at 361935-6006 for more information.

2016 AT-802A -65AG, Wingman, GPS/flow, Hyd. Gate, 308 fuel, S.P. Fuel, Approx. 1200 TTSN. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email

1979 AT-301, TTAF: 8797, SMOH eng: 0 (Covington), SMOH prop: 0, Spars 4,792 remaining Hydromatic prop, spinon oil filter, engine driven A/C, metal tail, AmSafe belts, VG’s, M3 flow control, CP nozzles. $135,000 Call Richard 320979-8326

A 40 |

“1981” AT-400 –15 AG, NDH no fertilizer, 9624 hr TAT, 2455 hr Spar Remaining, 1977 hr SPOH, 7749 hr TET, 207 hr HSI, 539 hr FCU OH, 2591 hr new CT Blades, 1977 hr new gear, Metal Tail, Reabe Gauge, Reabe Canopy, VG’s, Air Bags, Single Point Fuel, AC & Heat, Dual Fuel Gauges, Low Fuel Lights, Smoker, Rinse Tank, Lane Fan Brake, Aleron Servos, January Annual, In Reabe Fleet since 1985. Price reduced to $275,000 Contact Jeff Reabe at 715498-1157

2001 AT-502B PT6A-34AG, N9148C, TT 9250, SMOH 9250, TT on Landing Gear: 750, TT Since Spar Caps Done: 1350, SATLOC G4 GPS w/flow control, Factory A/C and heat, Wingman hopper door and auger system, Kawak control quadrant, Weath-Aero fan brake, AFS check valves w/ CP-11 nozzles, Aluminum drop booms, LED strobe system, Bayou Light flashing system, Hopper rinse system, Smoker. $355K Call 662-822-3204 One Time Offer - 1992 AT-502B, 12,800 TTSN, PT6A-34AG, 20 since hot, Bantam 7” Screen, Com Radio, CP’s, Smoker, No Trades. Excess to our needs. Fly it away for $225K. Call 309303-5161

2012 AT-802 - SN 802A-0436, PT6A67AG, 3450 TTE, Prop and Airframe, Flow control, G4 SATLOC, 10 in Hydraulic gate, Vondran controller, single point fuel, Lane brake, wingman, AC and Heat, Smoker, Comm radio, Annual 12-15-17 Late Aviation, $80K spent on hot section. Loaded aircraft. Reduced to $800K Call David 870-501-1136

1999 AT-502A, N166MM, Airframe TT 4750, Engine PT6-45A TT 31,210, SMOH 3659, Since Hot Section 727, Prop SMOH 847, A/C, cockpit heat, single point fuel, G4 Satloc with flow control, Lane fan and brake, booms with CP nozzles, all stainless plumbing, 10 inch Vondran hydraulic gate and hopper extension, 2 dry spreaders. New Paint Job! $500,000 Call David at 806-7771892 2018 AT-502XP, FTO, 234 Fuel, SS Camlocs Lane Brake & Fan, MVP50. $1,021,500 Call Lane Aviation 888995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX: 281-232-5401 1993 AT-502, SN 502-0206, N9085F, PT6A-34AG, TTAF 15,625, TTE 8172.6, Hobbs 7319.8, SHOT 1341.7, SMOH 1341.7. Wingman, Satloc GPS, Smoker, FastStart, AC/Heat, Tranland Spreader, spray booms. Fresh annual, hangared. $300,000. Call (870) 2631300 or

1996 AT-502B-0365, N37VA W/PT6A-34, TT Airframe 6692.0, Engine TT 8803.7, Engine TSOH 4118.9, Cabin Heat & Air, Lane Brake & Fan, Night Working Lights, Smoker, RH boom Shut Off, GPS (Bantam) with Flow Control, CP’s, Standard Spray System with Drop Booms, VG’s. $415,000 For more information, visit our website at or call us at 1-800736-7654

1998 AT-602, N5006X, PT6-60, Hatfield fuel, Smoker, Automatic flagman, G4 SATLOC w/IntelliFlow, Elec. fan brake,Wingman, CP11 nozzles, Transland spreader, TT 13150, 200hrs since HSI. 200hrs since prop Iran. Manual tail wheel lock. $250K For more info email 1986 AT-301, 600 hr R-1340, Bantam GPS, CP’s, smoker. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@ 2012 AT-504, 1000 TTSN, Fresh Hot & Annual. $725,000 For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@

1997 AT-602, Available for Lease or Purchase! $400 / hour with a 250 hour minimum. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3 Prop, 6300 hrs. TT, 2444.7 hrs. SOH, 494.5 hrs. SIRAN. Annual inspection due 3/1/19. Has upper aft longeron kit installed. Has heavy horizontal brace tube assemblies and Concord sealed batteries. Fast-Start, SATLOC M3 with big screen, Single point fuel, Factory a/C, Bleed air heat, Smoker, Hydraulic gate, Hopper rinse, Wingman, KY96A. Available for Lease or Purchase! $400 / hour with a 250 hour minimum. Call Darryl at South Delta Aviation - 479935-4891 / 870-995-1323 nights and weekends 2009 dual cockpit /single control, AT802, PT6A-65AG, STD gate, wingman, s.p. fuel, electric brake/fan, smoker, GPS/flow, Covington hot, approx. 3300 TTSN. For more information call 309759-4646 or email farmair@farmairinc. com



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2013 AT-502B, N3031J, TT: 2698.9, PT6A-34AG TT: 2698.9, SHOT: 1527.7 by Frost Flying Service. Prop: HC-B3TN-3D, S/n: BUA-32488, TT: 2698.9, SOH: 1086.0 by First Flight Propeller with new blades. Annual inspection due: 12-1-17, Spar cap replacement due at TTA of 9800 hrs., 1086.0 hours since power section IRAN by Covington. 25” gate, Swathmaster, Single point fuel, Wingman, Hopper rinse, Factory A/C, Smoker, Air bags, G4 SATLOC,Flow control, Stainless steel steps, Manual tail wheel lock, Digital hopper gauge, Ram air inlet. Price reduced to $595,000 Darryl Riddell 479-9354891

2013 AT-602, 3,250 TTAF&E, BANTAM, LANE BRAKE, NDH .........................................$650,000 ENGINES R-1340, ZERO TIME SINCE OVERHAUL BY COVINGTON ...............................................$67,500 NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE ......................................... $CALL$ PROPELLERS HARTZELL 3 BLADE AND 5 BLADED PROPS – NEW AND USED ..................................... $CALL$ DISPERSAL EQUIPMENT TRANSLAND 10 VANE SPREADER FOR 38” GATE, NEW ....................................................$9,900 AGRINAUTICS, ROOT, CROP HAWK, TRANSLAND, OTHERS ........................................... $CALL$

Lane Aviation, Inc. “Specializing in Turbine and Piston Air Tractors”


281-342-5451 TEL • 281-232-5401 FAX e-mail: • P.O. Box 432 • Rosenberg, Texas 77471 A 42 |

2019 Air Tractors, all models, call Southeastern Aircraft Sales at 800-4412964 to reserve your slot! LOAD HAWG - Now STC’d for Air Tractor - Call Mid-Continent today to schedule your installation. 800-325-0885 2019 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW, $CALL$, Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE 281-342-5451 or FAX: 281-232-5401

2018 AT-802’s, AT-502XP’s, AT-502’s and AT-402’s. Please call Queen Bee Air Specialties, Inc. 1-800-736-7654 2019 Slots Available Call Frost Flying Inc. 870-295-6213

AIRCRAFT 2019 AIR TRACTORS , RESERVE YOUR POSITION NOW ................................................ $CALL$ 2018 AT-502XP, FTO, 234 FUEL, SS CAMLOCS, LANE BRAKE AND FAN, MVP50 .... $1,021,500 2018 AT-802A, FTO, -65AG, LOADED......................................................................... $1,411,000 2017 AT-502B, 1,000 TTAF&E, BANTAM, FRESH HOT, ANNUAL, VERY CLEAN ........... $790,000 2014 AT-502B, 1,500 TTAF&E, G4/FLOW, VG’S SMOKER, COMM & TXP, LANE BRAKE/FAN ..........................................................................................................$650,000

Several 2006-2016 AT802/AT802A -67F, wheels configuration, full avionics, FRDS Gen II, 380 USG, full lightning protection, airbag. Detailed maintenance. Call or email: +34667102184, sales@

1989 AT-502 N10126, 14,012 TT, PT6A -34AG 16,683 TT, 1223 SHOT, 3583 since Light Overhaul by RT Turbines w/new CT Blades, 2775 hours since last gear box inspection, Fuel Pump and Fuel Control replaced May 2016. Equipment: Cascade inlet, LED nose lights, Aluminum booms, CP nozzles, G4 GPS w/Intelliflow flowmeter, Air Repair hydraulic gate system w/ smart cylinder. Go to http://classifieds. to see spec sheet for details. $280,000 Call Darryl or Bill at South Delta Aviation - 870-572-9011 days / 870-995-1323 nights and weekends

Air Tractor 502XP: Go to work hauling a full 500 gallons all day, every day. Even when temperatures soar, the 502XP can power you through more acres in less time, with less effort. Quiet 4-blade prop. 867 horsepower PT6A-140AG engine. Rebalanced airframe. Larger fin and rudder. From nose to tail, it is a remarkable combination of power, stability and productivity. Visit with your Air Tractor dealer about the 502XP. Ask about special Air Tractor financing available from Wells Fargo for qualified buyers.

AT-802: Capacity that creates profits. An 800-gallon hopper, zippy 190 mph ferry speeds, and greater working capacity than any other ag aircraft on the market - the AT-802 is simply a hoss. With the AT-802 you’ll ferry faster, spray more fields and do bigger jobs all in one load. That’s production that only Air Tractor can offer you. Visit with your Air Tractor dealer about the AT-802. And ask about special Air Tractor financing now available from Wells Fargo for qualified buyers.

2006-2016 AT802/AT802A -67F on floats “Fire Boss”, full avionics, yellow and blue paint scheme, 1600 shp, computer gate, 380 USG, NAV/COM/GPS, audio box, radio, ELT, from 200 to 1600 hours TT, extremely careful maintenance. Call or email: +34667102184, sales@

1980 AT-400, 7700 TTAF, 5500 TTE, 0 SHOT, 1500 Hrs on wing spar, New Prop, Overhauled Prop Gov, Overhauled Overspeed Gov, Overhauled Fuel Control Unit, New Landing Gear, New Paint, New Windshield, Satloc, Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-3806091


AT-602: Trim your overhead. You’ll reduce costs and increase profit margins when you scale a multi-plane operation down to a single-plane operation. Air Tractor’s AT-602 makes it an easy choice. The big 630-gallon payload moves you up to high volume production, reduces loads, saves time and helps trim operating expenses compared with two smaller planes.  The AT-602 is the ideal solution for 5-gallon work on center-pivot circles.  Step it up with an AT-602.  Visit your Air Tractor dealer. 

AT-502B: More performance; more profit potential. With Air Tractor’s AT-502B there’s plenty of power and a big, 500-gallon payload to please both pilot and operator. The Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turbine engine delivers efficient and effective performance that shortens ferry times and reduces takeoffs and landings. Since 1987 the AT-502 series has set the standard as the industry’s most popular ag plane. You can own one with attractive financing options from Wells Fargo. Talk to your Air Tractor dealer. 2012 AT-502B, PT6A-34AG (750hp) 3,000 horas desde nuevo, 750 horas desde sección caliente y reparación mayor del hélice. Aire Acondicionado, SATLOC G4 con INtelliflow, boquillas CP, Radio VHF, Transponder, Horizonte Artificial, Freno Eléctrico con Abanico Variable (Lane), Generadores de Vortice, 170 galones de combustible, broches de acero inoxidable. Este avión se encuentra en buenas condiciones, un solo dueño desde nuevo, nunca accidentado, con su certificado de Aeronavigabilidad de Exportación. Disponible en Agosto, 2017. $630,000 Sun Valley Aviation, 956-421-4545 2013 AT-502B Firewall forward parts: Engine mount, cowling and Ram Air filter system. All parts with less than 1400 hours total time. Very clean and well maintained AT-502B. Call Cascade Aircraft Conversions for more details 1-509-635-1212 SPECIAL ONE TIME FLY IT AWAY - 2005 AT-802A, 6975 TTSN, PT6A-67AG, 6975 TTSN, 220 since Covington hot, 0-SIRAN prop, electric brake, smoker, CP’s, G-4 w/flow, Kawak, MVP50T, wingman, 10” gate, Sept. 2018 annual, NO TRADES. Fly it away for $550K Call 309-303-5161

2007 AT-802-0277 N4274S with PT6A-67AG, TT 1,240, Air Tractor FRDS Gate, 2 FM radios, 2 VHF, Dual Transponders and Encoders, NDH. $1,000.000 Please call Queen Bee Air for more information at 800-736-7654


1976 Cessna A188B ND NY Plane, $89,990 - $25K Off, Original Logs, 6302 TTAF, 600 SMOHE, 0STOP NEW TOP, 2-Hours $13,000+, New Superior Cylinders sent out Nickle Process the best winter storage and well its just the best you can have for your barrels, New Exhaust System 3 Years Old, 1208 SPOH, Ag Nav GPS w/New Ant, Garmin SL40 VHF Flip Flop, New Quick Drain PN S6250, Lane Elect Brake, SS Air Foil Drop Booms, All New Tires Tubes & Brakes, 2 Years on New Wheels & Bearings, 2 Years on new Brake Discs, All 3 new style engine control cables. Need Hangar Space. Need It Gone! Call 518-537-7433

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FAA - PMA Approved 1976 188B Ag Truck work ready, TTAF 5249, Engine TSMOH 1176, Prop 1176, Firewall forward was new in August 2013. Engine IO-550, McCauley 3 Blade propeller, VGs, Equipped w/ SATLOC Bantam, Crop hawk flow meter, Hyd pump, one set of booms w/ CP3 nozzles and another set of booms w/8 Micronair UA5000 Atomizers, 2 spreaders. Aircraft is clean and in great condition, well taken care of. Needs new paint. Delivery available. Can facilitate importation into US. $125K Call Arley Dueck at 011 501 623 5890 or email

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1979 Cessna 188 Ag Husky, TT 7,323.2, TSMOH 1399.9, TSPOH PTSO 1956.3, New Dyna Nav GPS, Super Booms with CP-03 nozzles, new tires and a Transland Meterate system installed. Sold separate. Well maintained Northern aircraft. $120,000 406-4394179 or 406-285-3006

662-846-0228 Sales Service Parts Satloc Service 662-846-0228 662-846-0229 662-843-0803 662-846-0229 Pete Jones Fax 662-843-0811 Danny Lowery Dallas Bright • | A 43


1981 C-T188, N2066J, TT 9,276.4, TSMOH 604.6, PTSOH 604.6, Dyna Nav GPS, AFS nozzle body’s, CP11 nozzles, CP swivels, Super booms, Right boom shut off, Big tail wheel, wing tips. This Cessna is one of those that seems to haul more and fly a little better than the rest! $135K. 406-439-4179 or 406-285-3006

1962 Cessna 182 - rebuilt engine 40 hours, new prop, new radios. $72,000 Call 661-201-7960

1975 A188B, 3615 TT, 300hp IO520-D 385 SMOH, Gami Injectors, 400 SPOH, SATLOC Bantam, Crop Hawk, Transland pump w/Weath-Aero fan, stainless valve & airfoil booms, CP nozzles, 3 new tires, clean Northern airplane. Sold with fresh annual. $115K Call or text (361) 219-9845

1982 T188C Cessna Husky, 5600 TT, 704 STOH, 856 SPOH, A/C, SATLOC Crop Hawk 7B, CP nozzles, airfoil booms, strobe lights and smoker. Call Doug at 308-327-2306 1971 Cessna 188 Ag Truck - Great starter aircraft for sale, 3500 TTAF, IO-520D with 1020hrs SOH May 2005, 360hrs SPO June 2016. Equipped with CP03 Nozzles, Weathaero Fan, Agrinautics Pump, AgNav GUIA Silver GPS, Crop Hawk. $100,000 Can facilitate import into the United States. Call James at 306-692-7335

1980 Cessna T188C Husky - Fresh engine, fresh prop, fresh paint, TracMap GPS, stainless steel boom with CP03 nozzles, 6,450TT. $115,000 Cell # 719 469-1469 or Office 719 2635300

1966 Cessna Ag Wagon A188, 4184 Total time with 1130 SMOH and 574 SPOH. Aero fan, CP11 nozzles, SATLOC lite, smoker and automatic flagman. Call Rex Kelley 308-214-1516

1972 Cessna Ag Truck, TT 5643.2, Fresh engine: SMOH 8.9 hrs, Engine TTSN: 2482.5, Prop TTSN: 492.4, Annual: 9/18/17, A/C is rigged out for Banner Towing. Booms, pump, etc, crated, goes with aircraft. Aircraft will be sold with fresh annual. $116,900 Call Darryl at South Delta Aviation - 479935-4891

A 44 |

1968 Cessna Ag Wagon, S/N 1880360, NDH. Always been a Clean Northern plane in excellent condition. TT 3607 -0-470R, 309 SMOH engine and prop, Super-Booms, SATLOC Lite, Smoker, Flagger. Great flying plane. A good plane to start that new pilot. 701799-8629

1976 Ag Truck, 4056TT, SMOH 5 hr., SPOH 5 hr., 5 Prop Governor, OH 5 hr. All New Millennium Cylinders, Hyd. Pump, SS Booms, CP 11 Nozzles, SATLOC Bantam GPS, Garmin 196 GPS, Cabin Heat, CHT, Flashing Beacon, Spin on Oil Filter, Fire Extinguisher, 22 x 800 x 8 Wheels, Good Pait and Glass, No Dry Fertilizer 863-467-7777 or

Dromader 1975 A188B Ag Truck, TT 9300, IO720 400hp, Roberson STOHL, 3 Blade w/ 0.0 SPOH, Winglets, Ag Nav w/ Flow Control, Radio and Transponder, Smoker, Droop Booms w/ CP’s, Spreader, Fresh Annual. $135,000 Call Darryl or Bill at South Delta Aviation 870-572-9011 days / 870-995-1323 nights and weekends

1998 M-18B Dromader - Clean, Low time M-18B available. 1950 TTAF, 280hrs TSMO in March 2017, 23E50 Prop with 230hrs TSPO in Feb 2016. Well maintained, M3 SATLOC w/Flow Controller, CP11 Nozzles, Tall Tail, Lane Brake, and Agrinautics Pump. Fresh C of A. Accepting Offers! Can facilitate import into the USA. James at 306-692-7335

Piper 1978 Cessna Ag Truck, 5832 TTAF, 625 TTE, 550 TT on prop, 8.50X10 Clevelands, GPS, field ready. Price reduced to $112,000. Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-336-0552

1979 Turbine Cessna T188C Husky, N188HT, TT 7,117, 3,371 hrs since turbine conversion (STCSA02029SE) utilizing Soloy Aviation Solutions Mark 1 Turbine Pac with Rolls Royce 250-C20S turbine. Excellent performing airplane, very clean. Too much to describe. See attached AAU cover story on plane’s history. Also looking for a clean Ag Cat Super B+ P&W PT-6A. Call Terry at 503-510-6489 or email chopper431@

1975 Cessna A188B Ag Truck 400HP N4816R. TTAF 10493, Lycoming IO-720 TSO 754, Hartzell Prop TSO 2874.8, Ag Tip Winglets, VG’s, extra 16 gallon of fuel in wings. Wings and air frame completely rebuilt in 2014. Great airplane! If it will fit in the hopper, it will haul it. Spare zero time engine at a reasonable price if interested. Call David Chancy at 229-645-3605

1975 Cessna Ag Truck, TTAF 4628, SFR 1068, SP IRAN 1068, SS Dual Exhaust, Smoker, Wag, Crophawk 7B, Hud/Man SS Spray System (except pump), 30 CP Nozzles, 4 Rotary Nozzles, VG’s, A/C, Wingtip Strobes, Beacon Strobe, Inst. Landing, Taxi, Hopper Lights, Hardwired ANR, Big Tailwheel, Tinted Glass. 4/18 Annual. $125K 478-285-3731

1972 Cessna 188 Ag Wagon, N21883, TT6350, 1740 SMOH, Prop165, stainless steel booms, SATLOC Lite 2, new leading edges, refurbished hopper, CP nozzles, owner flown since new. Good flying and fast! Current annual with sale. Call Kevin at 785-386-8875

1976 Piper Pawnee, PA25-235, Engine: LYCOMING 0-540-B2C5, AFTT: 5085.3, Propeller: MC Cauley (IA200/FA8452), TTE: 400 TSO, Flow Control: AgFlow 1, GPS: TracMap Flight Pro, Spray System: 1” Stainless Steel, Rotary Atomizers: Qty. 8, Electronic Spray on/off valve. $93,000 Call Wade at 306-786-3345

1975 Piper Brave, PA36-285, Engine: P&W PT6A-20B, AFTT: 6946.5, Propeller: Hartzell, TTE: 250 TSO, Flow Control: AgFlow 1, GPS: TracMap Flight Pro, Spray System: 2” Stainless Steel, Electronic spray on/off valve, ASC Rotary Atomizers: Qty. 10. Price reduced to $380K Call Wade at 306-786-3345 1975 PA36-285 Brave, 2600 TT, Zero time on wings, SATLOC Lite Star, STC for IO720D1CD. Can be purchased with or without IO720. Great price! Call Billy at 406-366-2122


A comprehensive range of specialist CDA rotary atomiser systems for ULV and Low Volume aerial spraying.

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Head Office (UK) Micron Group Tel: +(44) 1885 482397 Email: USA Micronair Sales & Service Tel: +(1) 512 266 9044 Email:

HIGH PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH THE RIGHT PARTS APS has designed a high quality brake disc that has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. A true blend of strength and durability. CNC machined from a rigid one piece design these brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance. Heat treated to give it the appearance, with our name proudly engraved on the side; APS offers the ultimate in braking performance.

Contact us for a list of our distributors 618.797.3140



1979 PIPER SENECA II • $99,950 • NEW TO MARKET Get in and out of short strips with this STOL equipped Seneca! Airframe 3700 TTAF Engines:1810/1810 SMOH Props:1600/1960 SMOH. CNX80 NAV/COMM/ WAAS, KLN94 GPS, Garmin GTX 330-ES (ADS-B Out), HSI, Altimatic IIIC AP, EI Digital Oil/EGT/CHT, Robertson STOL kit, Certified Flight into Known Icing, Upgraded Engines (Turbos, Wastegates, Electric Primers, etc.) Lo Presti Speed Mods, HID landing lights with Pulsing recognition lights, Portable 4 place Oxygen system, 123 gallon fuel, Ground Power Port, AND MORE! Beautiful New Tan Leather Interior with rear Club seating, Recent Paint done in Overall White with Navy Blue and gold accents, Fresh Annual! $99,950 We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts! ASIJET.COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255

1976 PA 36 SUPER BRAVE 400 HP - 3965 Total Time, 66 since Overhaul engine, 66 since IRAN Prop, 4040 hours remaining on wing spar caps, 275 gal hopper, Agrinautics pump and fan, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles and check valves, 2” left side load, extended wings, 90 gal fuel with new fuel cells, crop hawk, automatic flagger, pistol grip, nav/ strobe/instrument/landing/taxi and night working lights, left entry step, good paint, tires and glass. Price reduced to $185K or OBO. Contact Johnston Aircraft Service at 559-686-1794, or www.

1982 PA36-375 (400HP) 5687TT, 1320 SMOH 1459 SPOH, SATLOC LiteStar, Lane electric brake, smoker, flagger, King Ky92 Comm, King KT76A trans, CP nozzles. Call Doug at 402318-2258

1975 PA-36-285 Piper Brave with 6736TT airframe, Lycoming IO-720A1B engine(400hp) 1772 SMOH, 1394 SPOH, over 2000 hrs. left on wing spar AD’s, AeroFan, CP nozzles, SATLOC AirStar, flagger, smoker, spreader. With fresh annual. Ord, NE. Rex Kelley 308214-1516

1982 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub, 620 horas desde nuevo!!, Tela nueva, pintura nueva, micas nuevas, recién inspecionado, GPS, Comm, Transponder. El PA-18 más nuevo y bonito en el mercado, $135,000 Sun Valley Aviation 956-421-4545

1976 PA 36 Turbine Brave 550SHP - 6450TT, 3097 since P&W O/H PT6A-20A engine with 0 since HSI and A.D.2014-11-05 was performed, 0 SOH 3 Blade Hartzell Prop, 275 gallon hopper, JAS gate, Agrinautics pump, electric brake, dropped streamlined booms with CP nozzles, 2” left side load, improved hopper lid, JAS High Lift Wing Leading Edges, 90 gal fuel, CommRadio, Crophawk, electric turn and bank, clock, nav/strobe/ instrument/landing and taxi lights, Del Norte GPS, pistol grip, left entry step, very good tires/glass and paint, 1739 hours remaining on wing spar caps. This aircraft was imported from Australia, and has just had an extensive annual inspection of the engine, prop, and airframe, along with a NEW Airworthiness Certificate. This aircraft is in very good condition! Need a very reasonably priced, nimble turbine that will get a lot done for small $$$? This is it!! $270,000! Or Best Reasonable Offer. Call 559-686-1794, Email or www.

1964 PA-25-250 Pawnee, TT 7281, engine 509 SMOH, 509 on new Stits Poly-Fiber, Satloc Lite, stainless booms, new Agrinautics pump, spreader, all AD’s complied with. Selling because upgrade turbine fleet. Clean northern airplane! $74,000 PRICE REDUCED! Call Joe at 308-695-0551 or 308-697-3677

1966 PA25-235 Pawnee with very late serial number that incorporates some 1967 C model features/ 5971 total time/ 94 since O/H engine: 150 gal hopper, Agrinautics pump and 6 bladed fan, dropped streamlined booms, CP and AU5000 nozzles, left side load, nav/flashing beacon/nose landing light, removable turtle deck, metal belly, pistol grip, Satloc M3 GPS, very good fabric/ tires/glass – always hangared, March 2018 annual. $75,000 Call 559-6861794, Email or

1966 PA 25-235 Pawnee 3716TT/707 since O/H engine/2327 since IRAN Prop: 150 gallon hopper, Agrinautics pump, Weathaero fan, dropped streamlined booms, 2” left side load, nav/left landing and nose lights, Trimble GPS, Pistol grip, metal belly, new wing fabric in 2005 and empennage fabric in 2004, good tires/ glass/fabric and paint, annual completed in Sept. 2017 and all A.D. notes up to date. Aircraft hangared. Price reduced to $60,000 Contact Johnston Aircraft Service at 559-686-1794, info@

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Fly this 1966 Pawnee away for $56K. 400 since overhaul by Lycoming, smoker, CP’s, spreader, always hangared. Call 309-303-5161

Piper PA-25-235, 6919Z, 7606TT, 725 SMOH, Full hutch conversion, SS sprayer, CP nozzles, weath aero fan, Crophawk, smoker, flagger, low time prop, 250 hp. Email or call 785-282-0218

1977 Thrush S2R, TTAF 7770 hours, TTE 50 hours, TT Prop 50 hours, Serial #2366, $80,000 US dollars. Call Ron at 306-861-0177

1972 Thrush S2R Geared Super Six, 9235 TTAF, 397 TSMOH Engine, 235 TSPOH Prop, 23D-40 Albatross Blades, 5YR AD complied. Annual 5-1-18. Big Butterfly & wing extensions. Cold Air Induction, Pre-Oiler, Smoker, Cool Seat, Hooker Seat Belts, SATLOC Bantam, New tires, brakes, battery. Fresh Fabric on tail surfaces. Flight line FL760 Comm Radio, Lane Brake & Fan. Custom Air tail wheel & spring steel tail wheel spring. Serv-Aero Flying horizontal stabilizer. Fast, reliable great flying airplane. Ready to spray. $150K 209-765-6762

1979 Ayres Thrush - N4010H SN2527R 13,796 hrs. TT, Goering Conversion Garrett TPE331-6-6-252M, 0-Time Cam (CD Aviation), 500 Gallon Hopper, 1,365 hrs. since Lower Spar Cap Replaced (Gustin), Zee A/C, Cool Seat, Bottom Load Fueling, Transland Stainless Steel Booms, CP11 TT Nozzles, SATLOC Bantam, G4 Screen, L7 Light Bar, IntelliFlow Flow Control. Call Jim 218-289-1999


1982 S2R- 600 Thrush, 5331 TT, 859 SMOH, 859 TTP Since New Blades, New paint 9/10, SATLOC Bantam with IntelliFlow, All ADs, Commercial Annual, Lane Brake, Cold Air Intake, RH Boom Shutoff. $140,000 Call 204-324-1300,

2004 Thrush 710P, 4700 TT Airframe (Times are Approximates), PT6A - 67AG, 6100 TT Engine, 100 Since extensive HOT, SATLOC Bantam GPS w/IntelliFlow, Cascade Conversions Pressure Cowl, Hatfield Single Point Fuel, KAWAK Throttle Quadrant, Shadin fuel flow meter, Smoker, Hopper Rinse System, Lane Electric Fan Brake, Fast Start System, Digital Hopper level indicator, New Paint in 2017! Fresh Thrush Service Center Annual completed! $699,950 **All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts! ASIJET. COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255


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Since 1981 dedicated to pt6 engines

Your #1 PT6 overhaul/rePair alTernaTive

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2013 Thrush 510P - T34, Loaded with options! Airframe: Approx. 1000 hours TT (Approx.)Engine/Propeller: Approx. 1000 Hours TT 10 hours SHOT - PT6A34AG, Approx. 1000 Hours TT - Hartzell 3 blade prop. Additional options include: Hemisphere G4 GPS w/Flow control, Single point re-fuel with auto shut-off (Hatfield), Smoker, Electric fan brake Model 111F, Hopper Rinse, LED leading edge lights, Garmin SL40 Comm, Right Boom Shut off and MORE!!! We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts! ASIJET.COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255

2012 S2RT34/510DC THRUSH (750 SHP), 2837TT/45 since HSI ENGINE/ 2369 since NEW, PROP: 510 gallon hopper, electric opening hopper lid, SS booms, ground adjustable pump fan with electric brake, CP nozzles, 3” left bottom load, 29,000 hour wings, aileron servos, 230 gal fuel, air cond./ cabin heat, nav/strobe/instrument/ landing lights, MVP 50T Glass Panel, electric turn coordinator, Icom IC-A210 VHF Radio, GME TX3520 UHF Radio, Garmin GTX327 Xpndr, Avionics master switch, SATLOC G4 GPS, IntelliFlow flow control, smoker, Excellent tires and brakes, dual cockpit, 10,500 lb certified gross weight. AUSTRALIAN AIRCRAFT. $705,000 USD Call 559-686-1794, Email or

1977 Thrush - Approximately 8500 TTAF. Approximately 950 TT on engine. Call Terry for details at 620-544-5333

1980 S2R -11AG Thrush w/Cascade Conversion - Completely taken to frame, new paint, glass, everything refurbished inside and out. Over $200,000 spent on engine with only a season on it since IRAN. Engine work sheet from Turbines Inc. available upon request. Need to sell to make room for other aircraft. Call Mike at 979-758-4022

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1973 Thrush S2R - Priced to sell! TTAF 9459, Walter M601-E11 TT 7479.5, TSOH 2029.5 AVIA V508EAG Prop TSOH 2029.5, 3445.5 Hrs. remaining on spars, Harbor A/C, Smoker, SATLOC Bantam w/G4 screen, single point fuel, CP flat fan nozzles, AFS check valves, Transland pump, electric brake, Shadin fuel flow, new tires and new front windshield, horizontal re-done at annual, spreader available with sale. Contact Stephanie Williams at 229-924-2813

2013 Thrush S2R-H80, 3520 TTAF&E, Bantam w/G4 screen, IntelliFlow, Heat, Air, Smoke, Lane fan & brake, single point fuel, comm radio, load hawg. $540,000 Call Ricky 662-515-5049

1994 Thrush G6-115, 8683TTAF, 0 SHSI, TurboMax Crossover Duct, New Wheels, All Engine ADs Done. 1174 SGBI, Good SOAPS, 0 Prop, 40K HR Wing Spar Kit Installed 2012. New T/W Spring, Fork & Spindle In 2011 Has 1565 Hrs. Large Vertical Fin Attach Ftg. SATLOC Bantam, Flow Control, Approved Side Fuel Loader. $345K 912381-2893

2011 Thrush 510 S2R-T34, 1850 TTAF&E, Cascade pressure cowl, Vortex generators, Load hawg, SATLOC bantam w/G4 screen and flow control, MVP 50 display, smoker and spreader. Call 601946-7118

1979 PT6-34 Turbine Thrush, TTAF 20148 Hrs., TTSN PT6-34 Engine 8011 Hrs., M3 SATLOC, Metal Tail, 500 GAL. Hooper, Cascade Air Intake, Electric Half Boom Shut Off, One Owner Pilot Last 15000 Hrs. $350,000 Call Mark For More Info 541-571-3017


1975 Garrett Thrush, 1433 time since refurbished in 2013. Clean aircraft with many options. Heavy gear, custom air tailwheel. SATLOC Bantam, Intelliflow, 525 gal hopper w/rinse system, new spray gear, com radio, business band, transponder, single point fuel. 701-8452100

2004 Thrush 550, TTAF 8093, with PT6-60AG 0 shot, 0 time fuel control, Bleed valve, and High pressure pump, 0 SMOH prop, Hyd. gate box, SATLOC G4, booms and spreader. Sale with fresh annual. $420,000 Call 979-257-6695

2013 510 -34 Thrush, 1500 TTAF & Engine, (450 hrs. since eng. split for pre-purchase), 3”load, CP11, Lane fan & brake, smoke, flag, AC/heat, MVP50, Hatfield single point fuel, com radio and transponder. New SATLOC Bantam w/ flow. Very clean. Looking for a CLEAN, 802 or 602-65...possible trade. Price reduced to $665K. Email agairflying@ for more information.

PRICE REDUCED! 1996 Garret Super -1 Factory Diet Thrush Light and Nimble Very Clean Northern Aircraft, ND, SD all of its life. 5272 AFTT, 180 hrs since spars were done. See spec sheet for full list of details, too many to list! $285,000 OBO Trades considered. 701-290-4735 1994 Ayres, S2R-T34,N94PR, TTAF 7835.9, P&W PT6A-34AG, 750 HP, Prop Hartzell HC-B3TN-3D, 3 BLADED, 0.0 SIRAN, Avionics/Radios, GPS Bantam w/Intelliflow, , 578.7 hrs. since spar caps, CP-09’s, Vortex Generators, Hopper Rinse, Spreader, Harbor A/C, Electric Fan Brake, center point fuel, Bottom Load Fuel, Smoker, Kawak Quadrant, New Landing Gear, Wingman. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

Walter Powered 1970 Thrush S2R, TTAF 10,240 hrs., approx. 1,000 hrs. left on spar, Walter 601-D-11, 410 hrs. SIRAN. Aircraft has Lane fan and brake, SS pump & system, flow control, Harbor A/C, SATLOC 99.5, metal tail, spring tail gear, Cascade fire wall forward. 200 gal. fuel, full side loader, cool seat. Annual with sale. All my extra’s with sale (tires, starter/gen etc.) Price reduced to $175K Call Ron Hink 940-585-6176 or 806204-0057

1996 G6 510 Thrush, 5411 TTAF, Engine AD 2018-13-05 has been complied with 10/8/18, 1250 since GB, & Hot, G4 w/flow, new spray pump, Lane fan, spray valve, 3”load, CP11, AFS, VG’s, AC/heat, factory hopper rinse, 4 battery conversion, com radio & includes load hog which has been removed. Very clean. $370K OBO Email for more information.

The 550 Thrush offers new sturdy hopper and innovative large hopper door to improve access when loading dry chemicals, while providing a 550 gallon capacity. Fuel economy, low acquisition cost and proven performance makes the 550 Thrush a great option for operators. The 550 Thrush offers a choice of power plants, allowing you to tailor the aircraft to meet the demands of your particular operating environment. www. WORLD WIDE U.S. Dealer New/Used Ag Thrush, 34-510, 550-60, *FINANCING AVAILABLE* Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO Call 800-325-0885 or visit


P.O. Box 540 - 1601 Hwy 84 Hayti, Missouri 63851 USA Tel: 573-359-0500 • 800-325-0885 • Fax: 573-359-0538

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Repair and Overhaul of Pratt & Whitney R-985-1340 Engines since 1973 9311 East 44th St. North Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115


Flying should be the least of your concerns! You need to rely on other experts for help and advice. And when you rely on a diversified ag services corporation like Mid-Continent, flying is the least of your concerns. Repair Station

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PH: 509-635-1212 • FAX: 509-635-1477 ATTENTION: 850SHP STC FOR AT-502B AND THRUSH 510P Owners.

850SHP STC FWF kit for THRUSH 510P Proven Performance Increase

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all models of Air Tractor & Thrush • Reduce ITT • Reduce Fuel Consumption • Protect Your Investment - No FOD History

PT6A-41/42 850 SHP POWER UPgrade for AT502B and THRUSH 510P aircraft. Complete bolt on FWF kit. In Pressure Cowl testing, NG speed reduced 1-3%, ITT reduced up to 33° C, increase in available HP. Unmatched performance, excellent filtration, class leading ease of air filter and fuel nozzle maintenance. The Pressure Cowl comes with the 850SHP kits. Call Cascade now to improve performance. 1-800-716-2550

Johnston Aircraft Service David Johnston 559-686-1794

DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Dennis Davis 800-325-0885

Orsmond Aerial Spray (PTY) Ltd. George Orsmond or Tom Bezuidenhout +27- (0)-58-303-5261 | A 49


PRICE REDUCED AGAIN!!! 1998 Thrush S2R G-1 Super Conversion, Very Clean and well cared for aircraft. Airframe: Approx. 4875 hours TT, Approx. 900 remain on Wing Spar Cap. Engine/Propeller: 200 hours Since EXTENSIVE Hot Section (Arkansas Turbines), 1800 Hours Since Super-1 Conversion. Hartzell 3 blade prop - 4000 Hours TT, 1300 SMOH. Equipment:Bantam GPS with flow control, 400 Gallon Hopper, Large fuel (Approx. 190 Gallons), Single Point bottom load Fuel (both sides), Shadin Fuel Flow Meter, Air conditioning, Smoker, Hopper Rinse, Vortex Generators, Five Blade Weath Aero fan, Aluminum Booms, Comm Radio, Dual Landing light, NAV / Strobe lights, Windshield wiper/washer, Tinted windows, Mesh seat and MORE!!! New Batteries 6/17, Overhauled Ignitor Box 6/17 $359,950 **All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts! ASIJET. COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255

2012 Thrush S2R-T34, N3000H, TTAF: 2400, Engine(s) P & W PT6A-34 (SN PCE-PH0851) HP 750, Since Hot Section: 0. Prop Specs: Hartzell B3TN3D (SN BUA32808), 3 Blade Prop, Time: 600 IRAN. Equipment List: MVP Glass Panel, Bantam GPS, Intelliflow, CP Nozzles, Winglets, AM-SAFE Seatbelt Air Bags, SS Booms, Smoker, SS Spreader, Vortex Venerators, Leading Lights , NAV- Lights, Strobes. Excellent Exterior & Interior. Annual completed 2-2017. $665,000 Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-325-0885

1994 S2R-T34, N524SL, Model Number: PT6A-34, TSO: 0.00, Exportable, Wings: Avenger Spar Enhancement Kit, LoadMaster 4 Blade Propeller , Single Point Fueling System, AG-NAV 2 GPS, Air Conditioning. $500,000 Contact: Turbines Inc. at 812-877-2587 or turbines@

New 2019 Thrush 510P, 510G, 510GR, 550P or 710P aircraft slots available for 2019! All options available! Call for Pricing and availability! ASI JET is an authorized Thrush Dealer Parts distributor, and Service center for North America! Centrally located in the State of Minnesota, We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts distribution! ASIJET.COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255!

1979 S2R-T34, N455JM, Exportable, LoadMaster 4 Blade Prop, Wings: Vortex Generators, Strakes and Delta Wings, Wing Tip Extensions, SATLOC Bantam GPS and Intelliflow, Hopper: 500 Gal, Load Hawg, Record Inlet, Harbour Air Conditioning, TSO: 757.4 GG / 757.4 PS. Contact: Turbines Inc. at 812-877-2587 or turbines@


2015 Thrush 510G Airframe: 900 hours TTSNEW, Engine/Propeller: 900 Hours TTSNEW 150 Hours SPOH. Engine Warranty good through 9/1/2020! (or 2500 TT). Equipment: 510 Gallon Hopper, MVP-50T Glass panel color display, 228 gallon (useable) fuel capacity, 2 inch stainless steel spray system, 41 inch stainless steel gate box, 4340 chrome-moly steel spar caps, Stainless steel bottom fuselage skins, Alodine Chromicoat L25 for corrosion resistance, Massive overturn structures, Quick detach fuselage skins, 28 – volt electrical system, Dual 24 – volt batteries, Wire deflector cable, Cockpit wire deflectors, Stainless steel rudder cables, Outside air temperature gauge, All metal Empennage, Zee Systems electric air conditioner/cabin heat, High flotation 29-in. tires, Cleveland dual caliper disc brakes, Wing root fairings, Windshield wiper and washer, Front Baggage compartment. Additional Options:, Satloc Bantam with Intelliflow flow control, Load Hawg, Single Point fuel, Electric fan brake Model 111F, Smoker, Vortex Generators, Leading edge LED lights **All specifications are subject to verification upon inspection by buyer. We specialize in NEW and Used aircraft sales, service and parts! ASIJET. COM or Give us a call at 952-941-6255

2015 Thrush S2R-H80, N6214F, TT: 1,070.2, Dual Cockpit w/Observers Seat, G4 SATLOC w/Intelliflow, Load Hawg, Smoker, Left Landing Light, Bottom Load Fuel-MCAC, Air Repair Hydraulic Gate, Booms, 42 each CP11TT Nozzles, MVP-50T, Glass Panel, AM Safe Seat Belts. Call for price. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

The 660 Thrush with its innovative wing design and 54 foot wing span and over 400 square foot wing area ensures unmatched stability and control during ag maneuvers. The combination of a solid airframe and powerful engine creates an airplane that outperforms the competition. Thrush is known for their structural durability and excellent performance under extreme conditions.

1996 Weatherly 620B, N9017K ,TT 4,058, Engine TSMOH 800.4, PTSO 800.4, Dyna Nav GPS, AFS nozzle body’s, CP11 spray nozzles w/CP swivels, right boom shut off, wing attach fitting AD complied with and new attach fittings installed. Engine overhauled by Tulsa. Weatherly Aircraft is making a comeback and this airframe will be supported again soon! This plane fly’s great, has an excellent pattern and is a money maker! $115K 406-439-4179 or 406-285-3006

1991 Weatherly 620A, 450 P&W. Hartzell prop, TT4222, SMOH117 Tulsa premium overhaul, Prop 117 SOH, oil filter-oil tank heater Compro smoker, stainless spray valve & booms, recent gear bushings, Trimble GPS w/flow control, factory night lights w/wing tip strobes. Dry climate western KS last 22 yrs. $75K w/current annual. 785-8998409

Misc. Airplane The 510 Thrush has sent the standard in Ag Aviation for dependability. With rugged construction, simplified system and low maintenance, the 510 Thrush is the aircraft any operator can depend upon. Low maintenance, maximum loads, superior pattern makes the 510 Thrush a profit machine. All Thrush Aircraft models provide superb visibility, light control forces, and unmatched speed and maneuverability. www.

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1996 Ayres S2R-T34, N2243J, TTAF: 8352.0, Engine(s) P&W PT6A-41 (SN PCE-80183) HP 850 TT: 16,645, 357.0 SHS, Prop Specs: Hartzell HC-83TN-30 (SN BUA-19511) Time: 1623, New wing spars installed, SATLOC Bantam w/Intelliflow, Smoker, A/C & Heat, Bottom Load Fuel, Lane Electric Fan Brake, Cool Seat, Hopper Rinse Tank, Boom & Nozzles. $425,000 Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

2012 Thrush S2R-H80, N509DS, 1120.0 TTAF, GE Aviation GE-H80100, 800 HP, 1120.0 TT. Prop Specs: Hartzell, 1120.0 TT. Avionics/Radios, GPS Bantam w/G4 Screen, Garmin SL-40 Comm Radio, CP Nozzles, Vortex Generators, Intelliflow, Intercom, Hopper Rinse Tank, Smoker, Bottom Load Fuel, MVP-50 Panel. $675,000 Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885 Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Starting at $19.99 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

B1-A Callair Manufacturing Rights. Available now is the type certificate, drawings, jigs, tooling, aircraft parts, and property associated with this 300 gal Pratt and Whitney 985 powered sprayer. Start your own aircraft company or expand your line. Call for details. Airplane Services Inc. 850-675-1252, 850-380-7268, 850-380-6091.



2000 Comp Air, Karlsen Douglas, WC7, N22WC, S/N 001, Engine M601D (8), 7 Turbine, 6 place, tailwheel, Airframe TT 250.7, Engine and propeller 250.7 Since IRAN, Dual King KX-165’s, KLN 90B GPS, KT76C Transponder, S-TEC Autopilot. $125,000 Please call Queen Bee Air for more information at 800-736-7654

Complete 1987 PZL Mielec with Garrett engine mount conversion one TPE 331 -11 engine just returned from repair station. N2297L Lots of additional control surfaces, wings and Misc parts. For more information call Milton McDuffie at 912-223-2385

Complete PZL Mielec with Garrett engine mount conversion one TPE 331 -11 engine just returned from repair station. N92640. Lots of additional control surfaces, wings and Misc parts. For more information call Milton McDuffie at 912-223-2385

Turnkey Helicopter spray setup. 1977 Hughes 500D with Isolair gear, Ag Nav GPS, AutoCal flow controller ready to spray. 1993 low miles Kenworth truck and trailer ready to support this or any other helicopter. $650,000 buys it all. Call 208-934-8298 or email rodheli@ for more information, times, and specs.

1972 Bell OH58A+, Arrow Falcon certificate, Dyna Nav flow control, SATLOC M3, Isolair spray system, electric pump. $385,000 Call 218494-3617

Bell 206 Spray Helicopters For Sale or Lease! Bell 206 B’s or 206 L’s turnkey spray ready with Simplex System. AgNav or SATLOC GPS systems. Ready for you to chose your paint colors. Good component times remaining. Fresh annual with sale. Call Brian 561-7231911

Engine - Piston Bellanca Citabria 7GCAA N5057P, TTAF 6735, Lycoming O-320 TSMOH 860, Sensenich Prop TT 1610, New Concorde Battery, New Ceconite in 2010. Great flying airplane. Priced to sell. Call David Chancy at 229-6453605 Order your Clipped J3 Cub Pen and Ink Drawing from our DeSpain Collection today for only $59.99 plus S&H. Call 478-987-2250 or order online at Turbo Prop Ag Planes - Take advantage of our biggest inventory of Turbo prop ag planes. Special buys and trades welcome. PT6, Garrett, GE even Walters. Mid Continent Aircraft Corp Hayti, MO 573-359-0500 Best Classified Buy In The Industry. Starting at $19.99 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

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Dromader USA LLC Factory NEW and Overhauled engines ASz62IR for the Dromader M18, AN2, and Otter. All engines come with Factory warranty and Accessories. Zero time overhauls in stock. Call Jeff at 317-579-6666 ext. 18 or R1340 Engine Overhauled, New Pistons, New Bearings, mags. Ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/ exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 R1340-AN2 Airmotive Overhaul, New Pistons, mags. harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 Pratt & Whitney R-985 & R-1340 Overhauled Engines in stock. Props, carburetors, magnetos, alternators & accessories for above engines. Call Chester Roberts Supply Company, Collinsville, TX Tel: 903-429-6805, Fax: 903-429-6047 or email crs5r@

R1340-S83H1-G, 364-SMOH, 0-SIRAN Tulsa. $39K. 23D40-6601A19, OHC AAOK, $28K. Spring Delivery. 870-8862418/2489F, 870-759-1692 cell or email

PT6A-15AG for sale! Approximately 4000 hrs TT, Fresh Hot Section, 0 time since IRAN on Gear Box. Great cycle times remaining! $175,000 For more information call Bill at 979-257-6695

Excellent Ag Cat R1340 FWF (removed for Turbine), 800-SMOH/40-STOH Canadian times. 40-SOH AG200-2 Prop. Runs great & dry! Engine $25K, Prop $20K, All $47K Call 870-8862418/2489F, 870-759-16920 or email

PT6A-60AG, 6500 hours TT, Fresh Hot Section, O/H Fuel Control Unit, O/H Bleed Valve, O/H Starter Generator. $295,000 For more information call Bill Kingrey at 979-257-6695

Pratt & Whitney Piston Engines, Parts and Accessories in stock. 0-Time R-985 / R-1340 / R-1830-92 & -94 / R-2000-7M2 / R2800CB engines ready to go. Complete stock of engine parts. We stock complete OHC cylinder assys. Ready to install. Call Sun Air Parts 661257-7708, Fax 661-257-7710 or email R-1340, Zero Time Since Overhaul By Covington, $67,500.00 Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281-342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 R985-AN1-14B Tulsa Overhaul, New Pistons, Bosch mags. Ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 Geared R1340 & 23D40 Prop, FWF removed for Turbine Conversion. Prop: Ham STD 23D40 Blades 6533A-18 IRAN: 2/3/2016 by Memphis Prop. Engine is w/Rex at Tulsa Aircraft Engines. The blower section was just repaired due to high oil consumption. Engine has around 900+/- hrs TSOH - Logs are at TAE w/Engine. Includes AC Compressor and O/H’d prop Governor. Will sell Engine and prop separate from the mount and cowling. Price reduced to $50,000 302-287-9623 R985 AN 1/14B OHC new pistons, chrome cylinders, new bearings, Bosch mags warranty outright or exchange.  Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903429-6805 R985-AN1-14B Tulsa Overhaul, New Pistons, mags. Ignition harness, carb, with warranty outright/exchange. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-4296805 Pratt and Whitney overhauled 1340 cylinders, carburetor, Ag cat spreader call Terry at 870-536-1348 or David at 870-550-1664

Engine - Turbine United Turbine PT6 Center of Excellence since 1991!! PT6A Overhaul, Repair & Test Capability. Component & Accessory Overhaul, Repair & Test. Part Sales & Purchases. Onsite, P&W correlated test cell. Call 305-885-3900 www.

Universal Turbine Parts - PT6 Engines Ready For Immediate Shipment; PT6A27/28, PT6A-34, PT6A-41, PT6A-42, PT6A-67D. Stock changes daily. Please contact us for current availability. We also buy PT6, PW100 & PW500 ENGINES in any condition. Call Jeff Raines Phone: (334) 380-8611 Fax: (334) 361-0290 or e-mail jraines@ or 850SHP PT6-42 Turboprop FWF Power Upgrade for the Air Tractor AT502/502B aircraft. Complete new FWF package ready to bolt on your aircraft. 850SHP continuous up to 106° F OAT. This power upgrade package includes engine, new engine mount, all accessories, MVP-50T glass panel engine analyzer, Cascade Pressure Cowl including the new Par 46 LED pulsing light system and field proven serviceable air filtration system providing superior protection and maximum air availability to the engine. Power up your productivity with this new STC from Cascade Aircraft Conversions. Now scheduling production and receiving deposits. Contact Cascade at 509.635.1212 or FOR SALE GE H 75 -200 turbine engine still in can. Less than one hour time on it, used for design development. Great price on just the engine or even better price when you buy a conversion kit package and the engine. Contact Turbine Conversions, Ltd Ann Hatfield-Grahek at 616-837-9428 or for more information Many Honeywell/Garrett TPE331-6 and TPE331-10 available in stock. Call 417-781-8324 or e-mail sales@ Jetset Airmotive: PT6A-27 TSO 0. For pricing call Paul at 817-354-2002 or email PT6A-34AG, Sn# PCE-57427 “0” SOH. Call Darryl Riddell at 479-9354891 Cascade has the 850SHP STC kit for the AT-502 or AT-502B aircraft. This kit is complete with prop, MVP-50T Glass Panel Display, New Upper Instrument Panel. Power to perform and reports from owners are “increased my gross $300/hr”. Call Cascade to power up your business at 509.635.1212

CLASSIFIEDS 850SHP PT6A-41/42 Thrush FWF kits for sale. New balanced mount/Pressure Cowl included. Contact: Cascade Aircraft Conversions 509.635.1212 or email A.E.R.O. Turbine Parts: Call for the best pricing on your PT6A Engine Parts & Rotables. Contact sales@ or call (877) 8425640 Ext. 381. NEW PT6 -11, 15, 34, 60, 65, 67 OUTRIGHT OR EXCHANGE, $CALL$; Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 PT6A-15AG Engines: Need an engine replacement or upgrade for your Ag aircraft? Pratt & Whitney Canada has some 0 TSO PT6A-15AG PT6A-15AG PT6SMART(SM) engines available. Fly with the Eagle. Explore the available options for new and used engines and make your business “PT6SMART (SM)”. Email mike.lee@ or call 450-647-3682. Covington Aircraft - Turbine Engines Available: PT6A-21 0 TSO; PT6A135A NEW; PT6A-34AG NEW; PT6A-34AG 0 TS Covington Light Overhaul; PT6A-41 3196 TSO; PT6A41 3511 TSOPT6A-42 2107 TSO; PT6A-42 2066 TSO; PT6A-65AG 314 TSN; PT6A-65AG 5916 TSN/ 0 TS Covington Light Overhaul; PT6A-65AG 3998 TSN/ 0 TS Covington Light OverhaulPT6A-67AG 2851 TSN. Contact us for New Engine Prices. We are interested in buying or exchanging for any core you may have regardless of condition. Contact: David Hamilton at 918-756-7862 or davidh@

Equipment - Booms ElectroStatic Spray System complete with booms, as removed, from a 502. Unique setup to accommodate both ElectroStatic nozzles and conventional nozzles on the same boom. Great shape. Save over $12K from the cost of new. Asking $26,500. Call or text Rob 218415-0205 SUPERBOOMS, Thrush Servos; Maintenance on Ag & G.A. Aircraft Including Heavy Structural Repairs; Robinson Helicopter Service Center; Machining, Fabricating & Sheet Metal Gurus; Tri-State Aviation, ND 800642-5777 or Boom Clamps-The Davidon Boom Clamp was designed with simple form and workmanship for ease of use and ease of mind about function. Aluminum construction for 2” and 3” inch airfoil booms. The one you’ve been looking for. Made in USA. Davidon Inc. 229-6453605.

Custom Boom Systems–Specializing in 2” and 3” Airfoil Aluminum Booms custom built to your specifications. Length, Nozzle Spacing, Attachment ends, all tailored to your specific needs. Stainless Steel Available also. Made in USA. Davidon Inc. 229-645-3605. Nearly New Helipod (Simplex) Spray System. Carbon Fiber Boom and complete system. Excellent condition and price! Split shipping: Call (509) 856-8353

Alternators, Carburetors, Fuel Boost Pumps, Fuel Systems, Generators, Hydraulic Pumps, Magnetos, Propellers (Hamilton Standard & Hartzell), Prop Governors (Turbine & Radial), Reverse Current Relays, Starters, Starter Generators, Tach Generators, and Voltage Regulators.

Best Classified Buy In The Industry. 478-987-2250. Fax: 478-352-0025.

Equipment - Nozzles Newberg Electrostatic Spraying LLC is the exclusive distributor for Spectrum Electrostatic Spray Systems. Do more acres with better performance. Call Ed Newberg 320-848-2745. Serving northern US and Canada. Now STC’d for all 400 and 500 series Air Tractors. 44 used Davidon atomizers and booms for sale. Booms measure 16 feet & 6 inches. All atomizers in excellent condition. Lost spraying contract. $14.000 Call Davidon, Inc. 229-6453605 Rotary nozzle set for sale. Great condition! Only used 3 months. Versatile with any boom. Lost spraying contract and need to sale. Call Davidon, Inc. 229-645-3605 CP nozzles and check valves. Distribuidor en Argentina: ArAvia S.A. -Venado Tuerto (Sta Fe) T.E. 54-3462433540 - FAX: 438344 CP NOZZLES and CHECK VALVES THE DRIFT FIGHTERS! - We carry a VERY LARGE INVENTORY and we have KNOWLEDGEABLE SALES PEOPLE! Improve your spray pattern and CUT DOWN ON YOUR HEADACHES! Contact Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: /web site: NEW! CP11TT/w-3 Tips & Shutoff in stock and ready to ship today! Call 1-800-437-5319 Sky Tractor LLC

2740 N Sheridan Road | Tulsa, OK 74115 Tel: 918-835-9924 | Fax: 918-835-3681


(617) 870-4927

Safe. Precise. Automatic. Call or sign up online to partner with KIWI today!

Tri-Set Hydraulic Nozzle-Three Deflection angles, Three Orifice sizes, Quick Easy Adjustment, USDA Performance Tested and data Available. Made in USA. Davidon, Inc. 229-645-3605. www. Rotary atomizer Nozzle delivering Uniform Droplet Spectrum, Low Drag, Low Maintenance, Dependable performance. Made In USA. Davidon, Inc. 229-645-3605 www. | A 53


Equipment - Parts We have an overstock of the large Lane Fan, 111FLT. Price is under list. Call Transland at 940-687-1100 or email for more info. Agrinautics, Root, Crop Hawk, Transland, others, $CALL$; Lane Aviation 281-342-5451 or FAX 281232-5401 Cascade Aircraft Conversions Barrier Filter System for the Soloy Turbine Converted Bell 47/Hiller 12 Helicopters. See decreased TOT by up to 38 degrees C. Pull full torque at lower TOT temps, burn less fuel, extend the life of critical turbine parts. Contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ Let us help you meet increasingly stringent precision application demands. Our systems meet those demands, lower operating costs, and increase your profits. Call 541-385-5051 or www. EVERYTHING you need for YOUR Aircraft-PARTS, ENGINE OVERHAULS, REPAIRS/REBUILDS/MODIFICATIONSSPECIALIZING in THRUSH and BRAVE! JAS 559-686-1794, FAX 559-6869360, e-mail: info@johnstonaircraft. com /web site: www.johnstonaircraft. com Agrinautics, Inc. Best spray pumps, valves, and strainers in the business! For service w/ a smile, call us at 435-5861200. Dispersal Equipment: Weathaero Feathering Fans, Crophawks, Smokers, Flaggers, Nozzles, Transland, Breckenridge Spreaders, Airfoil Booms, Dry Breaks, Load Hawgs, All Aircraft Styles. MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

Equipment - Pumps SS All-Flo 2” NTP Diaphragm Pump P/N # SP-20, 180 GPM 2” 316 Stainless Steel/PTFE Engineered for maximum fluid and chemical compatibility & freeze free operation, ranging from clean fluids to slurries, to solids applications. Bolted design provides ease of maintenance and leak free operation. NEW Price $5700 Selling 2 New in the box at $4000 each one used for $2500. Details: Air Inlet 3/4”, Weight 146, Max Flow 180 GPM, Max Air Pressure 120 psi, Max Solids 1/4”, Max Suction Lift Dry 13 ft, Max Suction Lift Wet 26 ft . Call Tanner at 701-520-0229

Equipment - Spreaders 25 Inch Gate Swathmaster Spreader Price reduced to $2,500 Call Colton at 804-387-3825

A 54 |

AL Spreader for Pawnee. Make offer. Pictures available. (253)225-2226. Brave Spreader Sold. Breckenridge spreader for Thrush or Dromader. $3000 Call Frank at 318614-8661 41” SSF 13 vane spreader, fresh overhaul by SSF, looks almost new. $4,000 Call 573-225-8019 Grumman dry spreader for sale. Good condition! $750 OBO call Aaron Meyer at 308-367-6538 or email ameyer@

Finance Air Tractor financing can put an Air Tractor in your hangar. Air Tractor offers competitive financing options in the U.S. and Canada from Wells Fargo Equipment Finance. Fly now and take seven years to pay, 10 years to amortize and have a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. Other attractive term periods are available, too. These financing options are available on both new and used Air Tractors purchased through Air Tractor dealers. See your Air Tractor dealer today!

GPS - AgPilotX


Used AgPilotX - Includes light bar, hub, iPad, meter (electromagnetic), valve (KZ valve) and all wires. $15,000 OBO Call Jed 605-233-1411

Standard Grumman Gate Spreader. 9 vane 24” inside measurement on the throat. Motivated to sell make an offer. Email or call Monticello at 270-305-2749

AgPilotX – New iPad-based GPS Guidance System from Insero - $11,995 introductory offer. Only 3 components – all wireless. Call Anthony at 480-2854367 or Greg at 602-363-9225

Transland 10 vane spreader for 38” gate, new, $9,900; Lane Aviation 281342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 STAINLESS STEEL SPREADERS & REPAIR - STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATORS, INC. In business for over 30 years. We are the manufacturer of “original” 10 vane, 12 vane & “the 13 vane” spreader, standard throat and high volume. We do repairs on all models, including Transland and Swathmaster. Call for more information. 800-7363433 or 870-217-9232 New Gate Keeper technology controlled seeding gate - Pilot friendly, easy calibration, and accurate distribution. TCL’S variable rate gate it the most versatile on the market- Applies from ultra fine product like herbicide impregnated sand all the way up to coarse seed accurately. Contact Turbine Conversions - 616-837-9428

Equipment - Support Very nice Supertow III aircraft tug. Over $5,000 for a new one and this one is barely used. NEW, NEVER used snow chains. New headlight and engine servicing. Has battery tender onboard. Rated up to 15,000 lbs. $3,000 Jacob 580-330-0589 or 620-492-2414 Load Hog out of 510 Thrush. $2500 or Best Offer. Call Mike at 352-494-3978

AgPilotX Dealer – New iPad-based GPS Guidance System from Insero – Full Installation Services. Only 3 components – all wireless. Call Valley Air Service for more info: 208-697-2759, email us at graham.kearns@valleyairserviceinc. com or visit our website at www.

GPS - DynaNav Like new factory reconditioned DynaFlight-AirAg-Pro system complete with new wiring harness, new GNSS Antenna and new display. Only the processor box is reconditioned, Special Price: $8,900 Call 604-465-0009 NOW introducing the new VEKTOR MAX GPS - faster, more capability and extremely user friendly. DYNA NAV VEKTOR MAX GPS - NEWEST system on the market with a FANTASTIC PRICE for all of it’s CAPABILITIES! EASY to use, RELIABLE, MUCH FASTER and HIGHER TECH. DYNA NAV FLOW CONTROL SYSTEMS ALSO AVAILABLE - PREMIUM QUALITY at an AFFORDABLE PRICE! JAS - NORTH AMERICAN DEALER Tel 559-6861794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: / web site:

GPS - Garmin For sale is a A Garmin GNS-530w Waas Ifr Gps Nav/com With Terrain. Some of the features of this unit are: Huge 5” diagonal color moving map display 760 flip/flop channel com Waas 200 flip/flop channel nav, Built-in vor/loc converter, Built-in glide slope receiver 14/28 volt. This unit is capable of displaying all the latest and greatest toys (traffic, xm weather, storm scope, ect.) $6500 Call 541-275-0929

GPS - SATLOC M3 complete system for sale. New non touch screen,keypad, 1 year old light bar, GPS antenna, controller boxes, wires but no flow meters. $2,350 509-4321442 New 8.4” M3 Touchscreens in Stock – $1395 each. Buy as an upgrade, a replacement or for inventory. New SATLOC Systems - Bantams, G4s, IntelliFlow’s and more in stock. From Insero - Call Anthony 480-285-4367 SATLOC GPS sales and repair center. Call for all your SATLOC needs. North Star Aviation, Inc 888-272-1417 SATLOC, Intelliflow The leading edge SATLOC Level III Service repair center. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, Mo 800-325-0885 Intelliflow Flow Controls - In stock, now shipping! Sky Tractor LLC 1-800-4375319 SATLOC GPS systems in stock, Bantam, G4, M3, Intelliflow, and Litestar3. We did it again, leading Level 3 Service Center/Dealer 2015. Why buy anywhere else, we’ve got what you need, and service after the sale! Call now 800437-5319 Sky Tractor LLC SATLOC G4, M3, and Bantam. Air Repair Inc, is the worldwide leader in sales and service. Call Danny (sales) or Dallas (service) 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 sales@airrepairinc. com

Help Wanted Wanted - 4 Level 1 or Level 2 SEAT Fire Pilots - Good pay, worker comp, travel time, early fire season. Contact George at M&M Air Service 409-656-5998 / 409-794-2352 or email mmairgeorge@ Looking for an IA or A&P with agricultural aviation experience to help manage a part 145 repair station. We specialize in complete rebuilds of Ag Cats as well as manufacturing parts and components for other ag aircraft. We also design and develop new STC’s for aircraft such as the Storm Cutters and Storm Shield. This is an established company with over 69 years in the industry and under new ownership since 2011. We moved into a new 22,000 square foot facility in 2016 and plan to grow. Must be an IA or have the ability to obtain an IA, a plus if you have turbine engine experience. Unique opportunity for the right person. Call Storm Aeronautics located in David City, NE USA at 402-367-3213, email resume and references to jared@ or visit our website at http://www.stormaeronautics. com





• Reduced Turning Time • Shorter Takeoff Rolls • Improved Aileron Authority • Lower Stall Speed (800) 677-2370 Vortex Generator Technology

4000 Airport Road, Suite D Anacortes, Washington 98221 (360) 293-8082 FAX (360) 293-5499

Micro VG Kits Available for: Thrush: S2R, S2R-T11, S2R-T15, S2R-T34, S2RHG-T34, S2R-T45, S2R-T65, S2RHG-T65, S2R-R1340, S2R-R1820, S2R-R3S, S2R-G1, S2R-G5, S2R-G6, S2R-G10, S2R-H80 (510G) Air Tractor: AT-300, AT-301, AT-302, AT-400, AT-400A, AT-401, AT-401A, AT-401B, AT-402, AT-402A, AT-402B, AT-501, AT-502, AT-502A, AT-502B, AT-504 Cessna Models: 188B, A188B, T188C Dromader : PZL M18, M18A, M18B Piper Brave: PA-36-285, PA-36-300, PA-36-375 Weatherly: 201, 201A, 201B, 201C, 620, 620A, 620B

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2019 AT-802 available for early spray or fire season – call today to customize to your specifications. ...................................................................................................................................Call 2011 AT-502B-2760 PT6A-34AG N2022Y, 2095.4 hrs TTAE, 437.3 hrs HSI, 437.3 hrs, Starter Gen, 3” load system, Satloc Bantam GPS w/G4 screen, New annual at sale. ........................................$595,000 2009 AT502B-2691 N769PB PT6A-34AG 3037.1 Hrs. TTAE, 0 hrs. HSI & starter gen. 400 hrs. on new Loadmaster 4 blade prop and landing gear, Satloc G4 w/ flow control, single point fuel, VGs, radio pkg, many other extras. New annual at sale. . ..........................................................................$625,000


AIRCRAFT SALES & SERVICE | A 55 Office: 772-461-8924 • Fax: 772-461-9050 • •


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AG Aircraft parts in stock! Discounts ranging from 35% to 85% off!

New surplus aircraft parts in stock for: Cessna, Piper, AG Cat G164A/B-600 and many others, fixed and rotor wing! • • • • • • • •

Airframe parts Accessories and parts Dispersal system parts Wheels, brakes and parts Propellers, blades and parts Spark plugs, filters of all kinds Engine parts, piston and turbine Hardware: AN, MS, NAS

Free onlinaerch! e e Inv ntory S

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Aerial Ag Pilot needed. This is a Year-Round, Full-time Position for a fixed wing pilot position in the Desert Southwest Arizona. Almost exclusively night flying. Must be licensed in Arizona and California. Our fixed wing aircraft fleet is all turbine Thrushes. Must have good references. Please send your resume to and/ or call Miles at 928-580-9970. Canadian Turbine Pilot Wanted Kinniburgh Spray Service LTD, based in Taber, AB is a proactive organization with 67 years of service, requires a Professional Agriculture Aerial Applicators to fly our Air Tractors 502/602/802 from May 25, 2019 to September 15, 2019. Job duties: Fly fixed wing Turbine Air Tractor safely and efficiently. Work with customers and ground crew in a professional manner. Be available when conditions are optimum. Perform elementary maintenance and servicing of aircraft and maintain journey logs following Transport Canada guidelines. Certificates Required: Canadian Commercial pilot’s license, Alberta and Saskatchewan Aerial Pesticide, Applicator License, Valid Category One Medical license. Skills Required: Min 2500 Hrs Ag Turbine of which 1000 hrs must be turbine Air Tractor, Proficient in speaking, reading and writing English, Capable of operating Satloc GPS systems, Clean Flight Record, Insurable through our insurance provider. Wages/Salary: $60/Hr based on 40hr/ week, overtime with remuneration. Wages based on acres sprayed, acres sprayed in season depend upon weather and farm economy. Workers compensation provided. Benefits and relocation expenses provided. Email resume including references to info@ Only successful applicants will be contacted. Seasonal ground help needed at Midwest operation. June thru July. CDL required, excellent pay and housing included. Email resume and references to Subject ID #2053 or fax 478-352-0025

For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom For over 30 years, ISOLAIR has been manufacturing industry leading helicopter systems for the helicopter equipment, ISOLAIR has the system to fit your company’s needs. From agricultural spray firefighting, forestry and aerial application industries. With a broad line of certified and custom systems andequipment, bucket spreaders firefighting grapples torches, ISOLAIR can helicopter ISOLAIRtohas the systemsystems, to fit yourforestry company’s needs.and From agricultural spray and will do it forestry all! systems and bucket spreaders to firefighting systems, grapples and torches, ISOLAIR can With competitive pricing, quality assurance, to itinstall andeasy will do all! products, and an ongoing commitment to customer service, we welcome you to contact us.toOur friendly and and knowledgeable staff is ready to With competitive pricing, quality assurance, easy install products, an ongoing commitment answer your questions help you the ISOLAIR best meet your to customer service, weand welcome youfind to contact us. Oursystem friendlythat and will knowledgeable staff isoperational ready to answer your questions and help you find requirements. the ISOLAIR system that will best meet your operational


2410 NW BURNSIDE CT. 27600 SE HIGHWAY 212 GRESHAM, OR 97030 U.S.A. BORING, OR 97009 U.S.A. PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 PHONE: +1 (503) 492-2105 FAX:FAX: +1 (503) 492-2756 +1 (503) 492-2756 EMAIL: EMAIL:

A 56 |




Looking for a long term experienced 402 pilot to fly for a well established company in Ohio for 2019 and beyond. Liquid and dry work. Fungicide, insecticide, seeding and fertilizer applications. No herbicide. Season generally runs April thru October. Please send resumes to chadniese@ or call Chad Niese at 419-235-4182 Helicopter Pilot Position Available We are looking for experienced Bell 47 Ag Pilot for 2019 and beyond. Spraying Apr-Nov., South Texas, pay by the hour, a lot of hours and housing provided. Please email resume to or call Cameron at 815-739-6813 with questions.

Miccar Aerial Ltd. is looking for Turbine Ag Pilots for the 2019 season. We pride ourselves on providing safe and efficient aerial application services to farmers of the Yorkton and surrounding areas. The following minimum requirements should be met; Valid Canadian Commercial pilots license (Air Tractor & Thrush); Valid Class One Medical license; 500 Hrs Pilot in Command;Professional Aerial Applicator Training Course; Saskatchewan Pesticide Applicator License; Industry Experience either ground or flight; Proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. Position is seasonal and starts June 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Wages are in accordance with our company pay schedule. Training will be provided to the selected pilots in accordance with the approved company training program. Full job description is attached. For more information contact Miccar Aerial at 1-306-786-3345. Bell 47 Ag Pilot Needed - Full time position in Bakersfield, California. Call John at 661-201-7960 Product Specialist Position - CapstanAG™ is a pioneer in innovative precision agricultural products using cutting edge technology. Our mission is to provide growers and applicators with the best solution to their ever changing needs, coupling that with the highest level of customer support. CapstanAG’s recently released innovation for the Aerial market is SwathPRO™. SwathPRO utilizes PWM(Pulse Width Modulation) technology to solve complex Aerial application issues. SwathPRO has generated incredible feedback from pilots and growers that have been field testing this product over the past year and a half. We are in the process of looking for the right person to fill a Product Specialist role who will work closely with Engineering, Sales and other team members to make SwathPRO as successful in the market as our other products. The perfect candidate will have a minimum of 2-5 years of Sales/ Marketing experience, and experience within the aerial application industry. A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field is preferred. The candidate must have excellent written and oral communication skills and the ability to travel up to 50% or more. The right candidate will be able to manage this position anywhere in the US. If you would like to be a part of our team and feel like you have what we are looking for, please forward your resume to our HR Department, bchildress@ Looking for experienced AT-802 and turbine Thrush pilots for the season 2019-2021. Must have experience in fire fighting on Air tractor 802 or Thrush. The pilots will be based in Cyprus for 6 months contract per year. Please send your resume to: attention to Mr. Nicolas

CLASSIFIEDS Pilot wanted for large Midwest turbine operation. Late model thrush and air tractors. Paid housing with acre pay varying on experience. Please email resume and references to blindads@ Subject: ID#1882 or fax 478-352-0025 Experienced 502/802 pilot wanted for North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa area. Long hours working between multiple airports. Pilot has to be flexible for travel between mid May and mid September. Herbicide, fungicide and insecticide work. Pilots in the last 3 years have been in the 65,000 to 70,000 plus acre range. Great pay! Call Rod at 701-321-0767 Central Michigan applicator looking for a pilot for the 2019 season and beyond. We fly 4-510 Thrushes with -10’s and a B model Ag Cat with a Walter engine. Our season runs from late May through August. We could take a high time pilot and put them in a Thrush or a less experienced pilot and have them fly the Ag Cat. We are a clean safe operation and we have some flex ability on hours and wages. For more information Contact Greg Wing, Manager - Heritag Ag, Lakeview Michigan. 989-400-9836 402 Ag Pilot Wanted - Pilot needed from now through November in Louisiana. Please contact Jace at 985-637-0747 or email at

FKMCD seeking an experienced Helicopter pilot. Experience in Bell 206 & H-125 Helicopters is preferred. Must have the following qualifications to be considered: Helicopter: 1500 hours (500 hours of Helicopter with 100 hours as PIC in the last 12 months), Valid FAA Commercial pilot certificate with rotorcraft-helicopter rating, A current FAA 2nd Class Medical Certificate, and Able to obtain a “Public Health Pest Control” and “State Aerial Applicator” from FL DACS in first 6 months. Submit resume to

Full time pilot needed for fertilizer and herbicide work. Please send resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com Subject: ID#1954 or fax to 478352-0025

Loader needed for North Dakota operation. Great opportunity to possibly work your way up into a seat! Call Rod Mattern at Mattern Spray Service 701321-0767

Help Wanted - Full time A&P mechanic needed in manufacturing setting. Experience with turbine engines a plus. We offer competitive wages & benefits. If you are an independent, self starter, with attention to detail person, please send your resume to Turbine Conversions, Ltd at

Full time pilot wanted in Edcouch Texas flying AT-502 with a minimum of 1000 hours Turbine Ag Time Call 956-2623023 or email email larryskalitsky@

Seeking 2 experienced pilots for 2018 season and beyond. We are looking for 2 pilots who can step into the plane and go to work while being efficient. Work is in multiple states(OK, KS, ND, OR) off multiple locations. Herbicide is a fair portion of our work, this means you must be able to tell the difference between corn and soybeans. Seat would be from now until mid-October. (Looking for permanent pilots; recurring season starts in mid march.) Planes are a 602 with a -65 and a 510 with a -41. Short, rough strips are fairly common. 2,000 turbine AG minimum. Time in type highly preferred. Herbicide experience required. Must be able to pass license tests in the states listed. If interested please send a resume to adaaspraying@ and call our office at 580532-4483. Thanks, The Deterdings at ADAA.

AgroFlite Corporation is seeking experienced AT-602 pilots. We have immediate availability for full time and part time pilot positions. This position consist of extensive dry work and some liquid work as well. Previous ag experience is required in Air Tractors or equivalent aircraft. We operate extremely clean equipment and offer very competitive compensation. Come join a team of professionals that love what they do! Please email resumes to

Full time, year around position, A&P required, IA a plus. Busy shop servicing Air Tractor, King Air and light jets. Location in NW Iowa. Top pay for right individual. Come to the Iowa Great Lakes! 712-262-0070 Long Term Pilot wanted. Looking for a very qualified Ag-Pilot to fly a late model 802 for the 2019 season and beyond. Season runs from Mid-June thru Mid-August. Liquid and dry work. Midwest based with excellent equipment and pay! Email resume and references to Subject ID#1960 or fax to 478-352-0025

Ag Pilot Wanted - South East Texas, We operate 4-600 series Air Tractors. Full time commitment preferred. Call Paul Bruton 979-541-7864 AT-502 pilot needed at Texas Bailey Flying Service in Plainview Texas. Call Rick at 806-494-2248 or 806-8893400 AIA plus A&P mechanic opportunity. Willing to relocate for year round work. Salary and benefits upon qualifications. Please send resume and references to blindads@agairupdate. com Subject: ID#1528 or fax to 478352-0025 800-437-5319 16285 5th St. NE, Hillsboro. ND 58045 • 701-636-5880 • fax 701-636-5881 • Ag Cat Parts

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Weath Aero Fan

Your COMPLETE ag aircraft dealer! | A 57

CLASSIFIEDS ero Tech Inc. is in search of a qualified AT-802 pilot for the 2018 season, July-Sept. Employment will open opportunities to next years fire season if your interested in flying a SEAT. Standard pay with guarantees. Email applications to

INSURANCE from the Leading Ag Aviation Brokers. 64 Years Risk Management, Low-time Pilot Coverage. Mid-Continent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800325-0885

We are looking for an experienced pilot to fly our 510 Thrush (Pt-6) or Turbine Cat for the 2018 season. Please send resumes’ to Hendricksonflyingservice@

Trump Coffee Mugs ($12) and Kozzies ($4). “Keeping Ag Aviation Great”. Three different designs featuring an Ag Cat, Air Tractor, and Thrush. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3212 or send an email to parts@stormaeronautics to place an order

Turbine ag pilot wanted for spray season. Please send resume to Looking for banner pilot and loader for spray operation. Possible advancement to our spray operation. Housing provided. Call Bob at 410-251-6224 IA and A&P mechanics needed. Call 870-295-6213 Salary depending on qualifications and experience. AG AIR AIRCRAFT, INC. located at the Corning Municipal Airport in Corning, AR is looking for A&P and A&P IA Mechanics. Must have the following: Air Tractor experience, PT6A experience and 3 references. Contact Aaron Keahey at 870-857-3755. Email resumes to

Insurance HARDY AVIATION INSURANCE, INC. “Insurance from a name you can trust, at a price you can afford.”-Randy Hardy. Centrally Located in Wichita Kansas since 1995, Hardy Aviation Insurance has a strong history in the aerial application industry by tailoring the best comprehensive plans to fit their client’s specific needs. Prompt, courteous service from a dedicated and knowledgeable staff whom have years of experience servicing the aerial application industry. Hardy Aviation Insurance has expanded coverages beyond aviation insurance to include: Homeowners, Auto, Marine, Life, Farm & Ranch, Long-Term Care and Business Insurance. Call 1 800 721-6733 or fax us at 316-945-2330. Get an online quote from our web site at www. or e-mail us at DAVIDSON SOLID ROCK INSURANCE DOUG DAVIDSON, aircraft owner and commercial pilot, has served the unique insurance needs of the agricultural aviation community since 1982. He founded Davidson Solid Rock Ins. in 1995 on Christian principles, honesty, integrity, and the commitment to provide insurance products as solid as our name! One call is all it takes to shop all available markets for your specialized aviation insurance needs. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you at 800358-8079. Or visit our website at www. 

A 58 |


Trump Shirts “Keeping Ag Aviation Great”. Three different designs featuring an Ag Cat, Air Tractor and Thrush. Colors are Gray, Black, and Red. Sizes Range from Youth medium through 4XL. Shirts cost $25. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213 or send email to to place an order. Gentex HGU/55E Kevlar - Brand new Gentex helmet for sale size L. Still under warranty. Has lightspeed ANR. $2000 Email: SUPERBUGS A safe and economical way to speed up Mother nature! Dispose of hazardous waste in loading and spill areas, ponds and ditches. SUPERBUGS disposes of insecticides, Fungicides, herbicides, and petroleum products such as waste oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, solvent or anything of organic nature. Blue Stripe Distributing Toll Free 877924-5025 Reduce Drift, Increase Deposition and Retention use Control™ FREE SAMPLE Call 765-395-3441, mrfoam1@garrco. com Toy plastic model Air Tractor. 12” wingspan, removable stand. Great toy for the kids or desktop model. $15 + s/h order online at or e-mail Fight rodent infestation with Cascade’s innovative and extremely simple solution, Mouse Pants! Hand crafted from the highest quality 2024-T3 aircraft aluminum (lighter and not as likely to carve up an operator like galvanized steel). Quick action Wing nut CAMLOC aircraft grade fasteners. Rubber trimmed to protect your aircraft’s finish and the flooring surface. Order your set of three for only $599.00 plus shipping and handling. Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 or tom@ HOTSTUFF AG AIRCRAFT CLEANER Call to order the # 1 Ag Aircraft cleaner in the country, Used by over 400 operators Coast to Coast. Blue Stripe Distributing 877-924-5025

DRP-955 DRIFT RETARDANT PENETRATOR-SPREADER/STICKER-UV Protectant For drift reduction, deposition increase, University tested. Big Gun in the war on Drift! Made in USA. Davidon, Inc. 229-645-3605. www. Aerocreeper - Adjustable Height Creeper - Work on your plane or equipment with more comfort and ease! Easy to operate, 10 quick adjustments, Height range 4.5” to 20”, Heavy duty design, Low maintenance, Made in USA! Great customer service! Use promo-code AA18 for $20 discount. 435-744-1019 Crop Duster Video - “The Crop Dusters The Early Years 1921-1955”; the era of Stearmans and Cubs flying the fields will never be seen again. Available in VHS or DVD. Only $20.00, plus S&H. Call 478987-2250 Historical Video Productions.

Operations For Sale or WanteD Business operation for sale. Metal shop building with office, storage, containment wall. Fuel tanks 12K, Jet 8K Av with pumps, concrete load pad with mixing tanks, hoses, 2000 Intl truck with tanker trailer, portable mixing tank with pumps. 95 Intl stainless auger truck with scales. Two(2) airstrips (1) Thrush aircraft. Located South East Arkansas, operating certificate part 137. Working business with good price structure. 800-325-0885 Established fixed wing aerial application business for sale. Diversified crops averaging over 120,000 acres in 2018. Owner willing to stay on for transition. Email inquiries to blindads@ Subject: ID#2029 or fax to 478-352-0025 Business Opportunity - Recently Built 80ft Wide X 60ft deep Hangar, 62ft X 16ft Hydroswing door 18ft side walls Located on Municipal Airport. Great Opportunity for someone wanting to work and build an Aerial Application Business $150K - Sold my planes and need to sell facilities. 605-448-8372 Faulkton South Dakota Former Ag Operation for sale or lease. Located in South Central US. Includes airstrip, hangar with office and apartment. Great spot for owner operator, helicopter or airplane. Email all inquiries to blindads@agairupdate. com Subject: ID#1603 or fax to 478352-0025 Ever wanted to start your own AG OPERATION (Under Part 137)? As Ag Aviation Consultants we can help you find an airplane and train you.  We can help you get your Operating CertificatePart 137, Private or Commercial. Call Eagle Vistas LLC 772-285-5506

Business Operation For Sale - 60X60 Hangar used as Maintenance and Aerial Application Business. Includes 18ft by 19ft office with restroom. 55ft by 12ft Bifold door. 14ft sidewalls. Insulated Radiant heat. Attached 16ft X 60ft cold storage also includes Octa Flex Containment for Spraying Business. Good side fields with very good price structure. Upper Midwest cornsoybeans-small grain. Good Opportunity for someone willing to work. $117,500 605-448-8372 Redfield, South Dakota

Parts - Airframe Dromader USA LLC for all of your Dromader M18 engine and airframe parts. Spark plugs, fuel and air filters, brake pads and more. STC’s for VG’s, remote Mount Oil Filter, MTOW. Call Jeff or Corey at 317-579-6666 or Ag Cat Parts For Sale - All For $5,000 - Upper Left Wing Less Wing Tip, Fuselage Frame, 3-1in. Landing Gears, 2 Struts For Wings, New Leading Edge For Aileron, 1 Fuel Tank, Elevators. 541571-3017 AT-402 airframe sandblasted, primed and painted. Comes with belly skin and Turtle deck. Also includes tail spring and tires. Includes tail but needs left elevator. $35,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979257-6695 Super “B” Ag-Cat Wings, fresh paint, metalized, big fuel. $50,000 Call Bill Kingrey at TURBINE YELLOWJACKET PARTNERS LLC. 979-257-6695 Set of rebuilt, remanufactured AT-402 wings. 0 time on new spars and large fuel capacity. $85,000 Call Bill Kingrey at 979-257-6695 Load Hog / Handler. Working well when removed from AT-402. Half the price of new at $8,500 and comes with the hopper door already mounted. Cell# 719 469-1469 or Office 719 2635300 Parabrisas y Cortacables STORM AERONAUTICS, Distribuidor oficial EN ARGENTINA - +54-3462-463488 Brand new windshield for an AT-400 or AT-301. $350 Call Colton at 804387-3825 Replacement parts. New and used for all Ag Cat models. Also carry New Piper and Weatherly tailwheel springs and Transland Dealer. Call Storm Aeronautics 402-367-3213 Starter and Relay, E-80 24 volt starter type 756 model 21 0 SMOH, AN3025-1 24 volt 300amp Reverse Current Relay new surplus with 8130. 870-897-4548

AT Parts - 802 rudder like new, 802 vert. stab. 502 elev. 502 horz. set 502 Landing Gear,set 402 Landing Gear. 402 canopy. 870-897-4548

Prop Tether Kits in stock, ships today. Sky Tractor LLC 800-437-5319, www.,, Fax 701-636-5881

Avenger 40,000 hour Stainless Spar Caps. Available now. $30,000 Call Darryl Riddell 479-935-4891

Cessna airframe parts, Continental and Lycoming engine parts, and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at www.

Rudder and Elevator off of an AT-301 for sale. $1,000 Call Mike for details at 352-494-3978. Front seat for a Citabria 7 series and a Maule tail wheel, tire size 8x3.00x4 single arm in fair condition with good bearings and race. Both for $175 Call Don at 402-841-5144 or email Smokers/Driftfinders - Minimize your off target drift risk. FAA/PMA’d and STC’d for installation on most Agricultural aircraft. 44 years in business and over 6,200 units in service. For more information Please call Compro Aviation, Inc. 785-899-2294 or visit us on the web at AgCat Factory Frameworks Sale! All 4130 assemblies “fixture-perfect”, ready to install. Also up-grades, hoppers, long fuel, hi-wings, wires, canopies, components, special hardware. AgCat Sales & Service since 1971. AmAg: 870-886-2418/2489 Fax, or cell 870759-1691 AT-502B wings with new spar. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email FAA approved STC’d wire cutters for Air Tractors. Storm Cutters are the newest advancement in wire cutter technology (Patent Pending). These cutters mount to the landing gear and have adel clamps positioned along the trailing edge of the gear to secure the brake lines which do away with the standard black zip ties currently used. We now have Storm Cutters in stock and available for Air Tractor models 301-802. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213 to order your set, or check us out at www. Piper airframe parts, Continental and Lycoming engine parts and a few spray system parts, new surplus, big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/Canada; 330698-0280. Check stock at www. Cessna Authorized Parts Center: Prompt, World-Wide Parts Service, Engines, Bonaire 550 Conversions, Wings.MidContinent Aircraft, Hayti, MO, 800-3250885 PMA Piper Brave and Weatherly tailsprings in stock. Contact Storm Aeronautics at 402-367-3213


Retrofit Hopper Door for AT-502 and AT-602. Now available for fall and winter installation Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 We have all fibreglass parts for Weatherly and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264 Pressure Cowls for all PT6 Air Tractors and Thrush Aircraft. Balanced Mount/ Pressure Cowls for Thrush. Reduce ITT 35 to 70 degrees. Reduce fuel consumption. Save on Hot Section Inspections. Easy access to service fuel nozzles & air filter. Reduce NG 1 to 3%. Make your -15 perform like a -34. ELIMINATE ONGOING AIR FILTER PURCHASES! Please contact Cascade Aircraft Conversions at 509-635-1212 Air Tractor auxiliary hydraulic system. 20lbs/hr LESS fuel burn, improved spray pattern, reduced maintenance cost, cockpit adjustable flow controls. Inquires call 541-385-5051 or www. REBUILT 29” THRUSH LANDING GEAR IN STOCK & we can REPAIR / REBUILD yours to LIKE NEW STATUS. Johnston Aircraft Service, INC. 559-686-1794 / Email / BRAVE and PAWNEE PARTSEngines, Props, Spar kits, Fuel cells, Foam kits, Wings, Turbine and 400 CONVERSIONS, and much more. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: /web site: Cessna Parts - Engines, propellers, and MUCH MORE-AUTHORIZED SERVICE AND PARTS CENTER. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: parts@ /web site: www. Thrush parts - Wings, props, tail feathers, batteries, tires - we have the inventory. Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ web site: www. 2018 Slots Available ............................................................Call NEW 2018 502XP available ..................Call for 2018 Pricing 2009 AT-802A-0345, N329LA, approx. 4,000 hrs TT, -67AG, elec. brake gr., adj., smoker, single point fuel, G4 w/Flowcontrol, Wingman ............................................................... $725,000 2002 AT-802, N8507K, Approx 9,360 TT, 1,556 hrs since wing spar, 2,121 hrs since gear, -65AG, Single Point Fuel, Smoker, G4 w/Intelliflow, Kawak Throttle Quadrant, Heater, Fast Start, CP-09’S, Manual 5 in Gate, Breckenridge Tail Wheel, Garmin Com Radio, Fresh Annual & Hot Section Inspection, New CT Blades, CT Vane Overhaul, & New Segments. ..................................... $580,000 2015 AT-602, N602MD, -65AG, ~2,000 TT, Smoker, Single Point Fuel, Elec. Brake Gr. Adj., G4 w/Flowcontrol, Wingman & Transland Hydraulic Gate w/Transland Controller ..... $825,000 Complete Air Tractor Parts And Accessories Dealer For Every Major Ag Aviation Parts and Supplies Large Selection of PT6 Accessories New Turbine Props and Blades 0 SMOH 1340 Younkin S/S Pumps, Booms and Center Boom for Air Tractor

Jack Frost Frost Flying Inc Office 870-295-6213 Maintenance 870-295-3776 Fax 870-295-6674

Weath-Aero Compro

Target Spray Variable Rate Nozzles

Garrett Frost Parts 870-295-6218 Fax 870-295-6237

Large inventory of PT6 and Air Tractor parts • Financing Available Call for Wingman installation For AgAv Parts & Accessories Call Matt Ashburn

IA and A&P mechanics needed

CLASSIFIEDS Fresh refurbished AT-402 hopper with lid. $7,500 Call 620-285-5609 LOAD HAWG-The modern, efficient, safe, perfect way to improve your solids application. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 Agrinautics, Automatic Flagman, Arrow prop, Air Tractor (Associate dealer Queen Bee Air Specialties) CP Nozzles, Compro Smoker, Crophawk, Covington Aircraft Engine, Collins Air Conditioner, Cleveland, Chip Detector, Satloc GPS, Hot Stuff, Nieto Products, New and used aircraft, (large) Parts Inventory, ServAero, Spraying Systems, Co., Superbugs, SPH4 Helmet, Simplex, Tires, Transland, WeathAero. Sky Tractor LLC 800-4375319,, email@, 701-636-5881 (fax) Lockable full swivel tail wheels for Thrush or Ag Cat, 500-5 or 600-6 wheel available all STC approved Call Turbine Conversions 616-837-9428 to order. Tools for reaming attach bolts Wing Main (Centerwing to Outboard wing) attachment joints for Dromader M-18 per repair service bulletin #e/02.170/2000 Available for rent. Contact Nancy at Turbine Conversions 616-837-9428

Large inventory of Air Tractor parts surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811 Large inventory of Thrush parts surplus to our needs. Call for list. Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-8430811

Parts - Engine PTG Starter-Gen #23046-28, OHC / S&T, $4500 or trade for 23046-007. AmAg: 870-886-2418/2489 Fax, or email frank. 10,000 P/N of Continental & Lycoming parts, 50% discount on most new! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800433-0814 US/Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at S & T Aircraft Accessories, Inc. specializes in the overhaul of Radial and Turbine engine accessories. We have most items in stock ready to ship for exchange. Give us a call @ 830-6257923 or fax 830-625-4138. Air Repair Inc. is the source for the Fast Start Kit. To get yours today, call Air Repair, Inc. Phone. 662-846-0228 Fax. 662-843-0811

Parts - Other Amtech Hopper quantity system 802 AT - I have 2 systems available for sale. Still operational. $1500 Call Michael at 317-403-1470 AgJet TPE331 SB+ & SC+ Conversions on Sale. Installed or pre-assembled Kits w/Heavy Mounts. Call 870-8862418/2489 Fax or email frank.kelley@ Miscellaneous parts for 802 and others, most brand new: engine mounts, landing gears, 118” propellers, spray kits, Micronair AU5000, pilot and mechanic complete training courses, FTD Level II simulator for AT-802. Call or email: +34667102184, sales@ The mid-west Air tractor dealer, Farm Air Inc. has expanded its parts department. For all your Air Tractor parts needs call 877-715-8476, email farmair@ or visit our website www. Accessories & Parts! 100’s of new and OHC accessories, parts for just about everything. Big discounts! Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at 11 Million new surplus parts for Cessna, Piper and other aircraft; Continental and Lycoming engines; and a few spray system parts, big discounts. Please have part numbers when contacting us. Preferred Airparts, 800-433-0814 US/ Canada; 330-698-0280. Check stock at

PT6 Engines ready for immediate shipment PT6A-27/28 PT6A-34 PT6A-34AG PT6A-41 PT6A-42 PT6A-60A PT6A-65 PT6A-67D

Stock changes daily. Please contact us for current availability. We also buy PT6, PW100 & PW500 ENGINES in any condition.

Call Jeff Raines Phone: (334) 380-8611 | Fax: (334) 361-0290 | A 60 |

Cockpit adjustable flow control kit. Manual control or GPS variable rate ready. Integrates into existing hydraulic systems. More info at Kawak Aviation Technologies 541-385-5051 www. Thrush S2R STC battery retrofit kit. 300% longer battery service life.  200% faster starts. Battery replacement cost 25% of original. For more information call Kawak Aviation Technologies at 541-385-5051 or visit www. HUGE INVENTORY OF BUCKEYE EQUIPMENT AND PARTS. WE SELL NEW COUPLERS AND ADAPTERS PLUS PARTS, and WE REBUILD YOUR COUPLERS/ADAPTERS FOR ABOUT 1/2 OF NEW! Johnston Aircraft Service, Inc. 24 hr. Tel 559-686-1794, FAX 559-686-9360, e-mail: info@ PARTS, PARTS, PARTS. For all your ag aviation needs, please call Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service 800-441-2964 Air Tractor Dealer

Propellers For Outright Sale: Overhauled 5-Blade Prop. Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C. Fits AT502A, AT-503, AT-602, AT-802, Thrush S-2R-T65 & S-2RHG-T65.’06 Hartzell Overhaul. TSN: 1379.5 (TSO:0). Call Steve or Gary at 210-924-5561 or email Prop for sale - Hamilton Standard, 12040-AG100-2 Blades 200 SOH $7,500 OBO call Monty 541-891-2634 2ea. Hamilton Standard 22D30 with 6533A-12 blades 0-smoh, 2ea. Hamilton Standard 22D30 with 6533A12 blades run out. 1ea. McCauly IC235 LFA7570 0smoh with extension. 870897-4548 Used 5 Blade Hartzell HC-B5MP-3C, 572 hrs since overhaul $25,000 Call Chad Stuart, Airplane Services, Inc. 850-380-6091 New and used 3 and 5 blade PT6A propellers. For more information call 309-759-4646 or email farmair@ HARTZELL 3 BLADE AND 5 BLADED PROPS – NEW AND USED $CALL$ Lane Aviation 888-995-LANE / 281342-5451 or FAX 281-232-5401 Hamilton Standard, 22D40 Hydromatic Propeller 6533A Blades overhauled complete with distributor valve and prop, Governor. Call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 3D40 6101 Blades Ham Standard 3 bladed. Overhauled. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 12D40-6101-12 Overhauled with 8130 Form. For more information call Chester Roberts Supply Co. at 903-429-6805 QUALITY PROPELLERS FOR SALE 23D40-6601A19 OHC............... $28K 22D40-6533A12 OHC.................. 25K 22D40AG200-2 OHC.................... 24K 12D40AG100-2 40-SOH............... 20K 12D40-6101A12 OHC.................. 22K 2D30AG100-2 OHC ..................... 22K 12D40AG100-4S 375-SOH .......... 18K 12D40AG100-2 828-SOH............. 16K HC-B3TN-5M/T1o282N+4 NEW CALL AmAg 870-886-2418/2489 Fax AgCat Sales/Service since 1971 email frank.

Seat Wanted Ag Pilot available now, for Spring 2019 and beyond. 1093 TT, 759 AG, 80 Turbine. Herbicide Experience. PAASS attendance. Extensive Farm Background. A&P Mechanic with Ag Aircraft Maintenance Experience. Resume with References Available. Please Email

CLASSIFIEDS Productive and experienced turbine ag pilot seeking a late 2019 or 2020 seat and beyond. Proven managerial and sales track record. Born and raised farming in the Midwest. Currently working as a CA journeyman ag pilot. 4000 total time, 1400 Ag, 1000 AT-502, 100 Turbine Thrush. Email Subject: ID#2078 or fax to 478-352-0025. Pilot with 24 years of experience looking to relocate. I’m an American living in the Dominican Republic. I’ve been crop dusting/spraying for 24 straight years, more than 25,000 hrs in Cessna 188’s, Ag Cat Turbo Prop, Thrush Turbo Prop and Air Tractor Turbo Prop. Still active and flying everyday. I also fly a Pitts S2C, have Skywriting and some Air show experience. Looking to relocate to the USA to a permanent job. I am 53 years old, recently remarried and still have 15 or more years to give to this job that I love so much. Go to http://classifieds. to see resume. Call 829-917-7939 or email Looking for a 2019 ag seat. Second year ag pilot. Flying Tiger & Eagle Vista’s graduate, aerobatic training with Greg Koontz, featured in 2018 January issue of AgAir Update. Turbine transition done at Flying Tiger and Thrush factory. Turbine time in Air Tractor 402, 502, 602 and 802 also thrush 400 510 & 550. Turbine proficient in Air Tractor 402 & 502 also thrush 400, 510 & 550. TT right at 1000, total ag 400. Full resume upon request. Email: colemckee309@ Cell: 318-376-6993 Entry level Ag pilot seeking an opportunity. Licensed in CA, A&P with 16 + years GA experience including lots of dope and fabric work. Been working in aviation and or agriculture at some level most of my life. Farming experience 15 + years. My life’s experiences have taught me how to solve problems and get things done! 2500 TT, 474 Turbine, 150 TW, 25 Ag, 295 multi eng. Contact Edward at or call 559-393-9127 PILOT AVAILABLE! Commercial with Instrument Rating. Years of experience as ground support for ag and fire. Three years timber, one on rice, one on sunflowers, two on fire and a short season helicopter timber. 385 hours TT 180 tailwheel. Recent ag/low level training in Cessna 180 with ag, fire and military pilots. Willing to go anywhere for my first ag seat. Lots of references. Call Sam at 913-909-2032. Single, no kids, no pets, do not currently rent or own a home. Very easy to relocate! I am looking for a full time seat, 4700 TT 3700 AG. 670 Night Ag. 2100 Turbine, 4620 T.W. Agriculture background, good work ethic, Call James Friedrich. 509-670-9643

20,000 hr. plus ag pilot looking for seat. Experience in all turbine and recip ag aircraft. Current ag license in CA, TX and MN. Would prefer working in Washington State. Can supply lease aircraft. Please Call Sam at 979-255-1963 Currently flying Thrush 510, Robinson 44, Robinson 66 and King Air C90. Experience in liquid application, aerial seeding and aerial fertilization. I am also URT (Upset Recovery Training) and aerobatics flight instructor giving instruction for more than 80 pilots already including AG pilots on how to recover airplanes form upset attitudes. Pilot Licenses: ATP, IFR Helicopter, CFI, TT Rotary Wing 1,500 hours. Helicopter Flight Instructor: Robinson 44: 1,300 Hrs. (Piston), Robinson 66: 500 Hrs. (Turbine), Period: 2010 to now. Fixed Wing Commercial Pilot 2.500 hrs, FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR IFR, Ready for ATP license, Turboprop: 850 hours King Air C90, IFR: 410 hrs., Night Flight: 175 hrs, Flight Instruction: 200 hrs., Glider Flight Instructor: 420 hrs. Period: 2010 to now. Resume and references available upon request. Please email Seat Wanted - 1200 hours of turbine time and 1000 hours of radial engine time. Willing to relocate. Current Kanas commercial applicator license. References and resume available upon request. Call Gary at 806-685-3463


Centrally located at KHCD airport in Hutchinson, Minnesota. ASI Jet is an Authorized Thrush Aircraft Dealer and Service Center with over 30 years of experience. Specializing in New and Used Aircraft Sales, Heavy Airframe Maintenance and Installations, Wing Spar AD compliance, Parts support, and More! Give us a call, we are here to work for YOU!

Eagle Vista Graduate looking for an Ag seat. I’ve loaded in SE Arkansas for the past 3 years and are willing to relocate anywhere. Call Alex at 501-993-9833 for resume and references Looking for 2019 Seat, 9304 TT, 7680 Ag Time, 136 Turbine Time. Round, Flat or Turbine. Resume available upon request. Call Cory at 507-456-6906 or email

Service CD Aviation Services provides maintenance for the TPE331. Contact us for a full list of our services. 417-2062327 or Southeastern Aircraft Sales and Service. Late model aircraft sold by Southeastern Aircraft Sales & Service will have a New Annual Inspection, Fresh Hot Section Inspection and a 100 HOUR OR 90 DAY WARRANTY. Now That’s Peace Of Mind! Call Now 1-800-441-2964 AgCat parts and service center. World wide parts and service for any model of AgCat. Call Storm Aeronautics at 402367-3213 We rebuild and refinish any fibreglass part for Weatherly, Cessna, Piper and Ag-Cat (A, B and Super B,C and D). Call for prices. Professional Fibreglass Repair. 530-735-6264


985-868-1477 | A 61



Let us sell your Ag plane! Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. 1601 Hwy 84 East Hayti, MO 63851 800-325-0885 FAA repair station for all ag equipment. Thrush spar replacement, annuals. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885 Cascade Conversion for Thrush and Air Tractor. Fuel Saving, Cooler running, more power available. Mid-Continent Aircraft Corp. Hayti, MO 800-325-0885

Start to finish AG PILOT TRAINING utilizing AgCat Gr164A Dual, Pawnee PA-25/260 CS Dual Cockpit & PA-25 Single for Solo/Dump/Spray. Citabria for Private all in Tailwheel, Tailwheel Proficiency, and UpSet/Spin Recovery and Ag Biennial. Satloc and TracMap GPS. Ag Aviation Consultants for Ag Operating Certificate Part 137. See videos at: EAGLE VISTAS LLC 772-285-5506



Lightweight, equipped with the latest generation Lithium batteries. Improves engine operation, provides clean energy and increases turbine life. Operates in any weather condition.

• 28.5 Vdc. Peak start: 2800 amp 40 amp hours (1140 watt hours) without power ac • Full recharge in 45 minutes • Operates in - 40°f to 185°f • 55.1 x 35.8 x 22.6 cm • 22Kg

For more details, please contact AG-NAV or visit our website.

Riggin Flight Service, flight school offering private, commercial, instrument, Ag, multi-engine, tailwheel, etc. We tailor our courses to meet your needs. (605)256-9774. Training Center Certified For Mechanics & Pilots. Certified Simulator FTD Level 2, Fire Fighting Training, Turbine Transition Courses, Emergency Training. EASA 147 training center for mechanics, 96 hours theory and practice. Flight school with FTD level 2 (EASA) simulator. Simulation for fire OPS. Call or email: +34667102184, sales@

FUEL TRUCK FOR SALE! $8,750 OBO. 1976 FORD straight 6 with DUAL TANKS, approx. 300 Gal, Front Tank, Approx. 800 Gal Rear Tank, Could hold JET A and 100 LL. No title or Tag. 17,000 Original Miles Never off the airport. Recent Fire Marshall Inspection. All required signage. All works and pumps. Call 772-285-5506

W W W. A G N A V. C O M

1 (800) 99-AGNAV GENERAL@AGNAV.COM 1 (705) 734-0909

We build loader trucks to your specifications. Stainless Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Straight and Fold Up. Mild Steel Hopper w/Stainless Steel Tube. Been in loader truck business since 1980. Call Pat Ballard Office:870-697-2004 Fax:870-697-3568 185 Hwy. 42 West , Hickory Ridge, AR.


403-223-8245 |

A 62 |

Dynamic Propeller Balancing with Chadwick Helmuth engine printout equipment. Jeffries Airworks, Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis. Much more than just a balance. Call Jim Jeffries, A&P/IA, 985-507-9981, Nationwide service on your location.

1984 GMC Black Tank Truck, 4 compartment units for fuel in tank with pumps. Formerly Texaco engine 454, five speed transmission, 2 speed axle. $3,595. Down payment of $1000 to Paypal with balance due by wire transfer to seller’s account or cashier’s check. Buyer pick up item after sale. Contact Carl at 979 219-9351 Auger Trucks For Sale (Trade-Ins) Also list of customer trucks. Call Auger Dan Office: 870-578-6133, Cell: 870-9192317 or visit http://www.augerdanllc. com

Wanted to Buy Piper PA36 PT6 Turbine Brave. Airframe must be factory 375HP or 400HP. Minimum 2000 hours remaining on wing. Email: A.E.R.O. Turbine Parts: PT6A Core Engines and/or PT6A Excess Inventory Wanted for Purchase. Contact sales@ or call (877) 8425640 Ext. 381 EXHAUST Wanted: R-1340 and R-985 Exhaust Send Old Exhaust segments for exchange or Sell them! Call Daryl @ 940-902-0797 or evans.daryl@

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USING A SINGLE CONTROLLER “GLOBALLY, 80% OF AG PILOTS RELY ON SATLOC” The all-new IntelliFlow 2 from Satloc has the ability to control both liquid and dry gate systems using a single controller unit, enabling pilots to switch between liquid and dry application with the push of a button.


2207 Iowa Street Hiawatha, Kansas 66434 USA

SAT-127.indd 1

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Pratt & Whitney Canada Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF)

Specializing in the Maintenance and Overhaul of the PT6A, R985 & R-1340 Engines Ph. (918) 756-8320

Se Habla Espanol • FAA Repair Station No. CP2R750K

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February 2019 - U.S. Edition in English  

The digital version of the February 2019 issue of AgAir Update, Ag Aviation's Best Read Publication.

February 2019 - U.S. Edition in English  

The digital version of the February 2019 issue of AgAir Update, Ag Aviation's Best Read Publication.