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David Chen

David Chen

Illinoi, U.S.A Aug 28,1985

Education 2004-2008


-No.6, Shuangfeng 1st St., Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County 308, Taiwan (R.O.C.) -mausbachstraße 49 D-48149 Münster Germany

Chung Yuan Christian University, Department of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

National Chiao Tung University, Department of Architecture, Master of Architecture

Practical Experience 2007-2010

2004-2007 intern 2012-2016


Chen, Mi-Shan Architects & Artificer, Hsinchu, Landscape Architect

-Won several competition -Collaborated as a lead landscape architect with architects. -architecture design, interior design, Landscape design. -Design, Concept development, 3D building, architecture render, 3D animation

ECG International, Taipei Seattle, Landscape Architect,

-Won several competition -Lead few projects and competitions -Landscape Design and urban planning -Design, Concept development, 3D modeling, architecture render, 3D animation, Presentation

behet bondzio lin architekten, Germany, Münster, Architect

-Lead and Won a competition -architecture design, interior design -Design, Concept development, construction drawing, 3d modeling, architecture and interior render

2007 Oversea study

Relevant Experience

UC Berkeley & University Washington. Landscape Architecture.

Archilife Research Foundation, symbiosphere 1 center.

2005 & 2006 Trainee. Summer,

-sustainable design -Article published


Wu-Tsem Cultural assets research Studio, researcher

-Data collection and Visualization -Sculpture and painting practice -Documentary & film archiving




AIM Post-Industry Age, Green Transformation -Best Architecture Award


AECON 2011 Water SOS


Miao-Li Min Der Reservoir International Competition


Taipei Public Housing competition


AWR Competitions: Life Saving–First Step against Disaster International Competition


SAIC 2012 student architecture international competition


NTUT ARCH International Student [Orientation] Competition


Shengsi Island: Renewing China Traditional Village Lifestyle International competition


Intelligent Green Building Design Competition /Division B: Toward Future Home


NCTU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Building Reconstruct


Taipei Danshui Riverside Competition

-Judge's Award

-Excellent Work Award -Gold Medal Award -Selected

-Honorable Mention -Selected -Selected

-Bronze Medal

-Honorable Mention

-Silver Medal Award

Exhibition 2007

New Tec Exhibition “Eco-City"


Exhibition of “Jai ” Architect exhibition


Adaptive City Design 2016 Taipei

-Lead Designer and construction management -Exhibition of National Chiao Tung University -Personal Work

Computer Skills

Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere. ***** Auto Cad **** Vectorworks **** Sketchup ***** Rhinoceros+Grasshoper ** Autodesk Revit ** Autodesk Ecotect ** Artlantis Studio ***** V-ray **** Octane *** Visulazer ***** Keyshot **** MAC/Windows *****


Mandarin Chinese ***** English **** Taiwanese **** German **




Overlap the city / AIM Post-Industry Age, Green Transformation

Competition_2011 The Best Architecture Design Personal Work


Taipei Railway Workshop / Cilvic Recreation

Academic Project_2013 spring co-studio with: University of Hong Kong Department of Architecture Group Work 20

Waterfront Campus/ City Boundarie

Academic Project_2012 Summer co-studio with: Yale school of Architecture Personal Work 26

Wei-Zhu Chinese Medicine Clinic .Taiwan Client: Mr. & Ms Sun Interior design project_2016


Critical Arch/ Bauhaus Museum Dessau

competition_2015 behet bondzio lin architekten, German, MĂźnster 38

Villa Assi, Rabiyeh, Lebanon

Housing Project_2014-2015 behet bondzio lin architekten+Carole Asfour-Lin Architektin, German, MĂźnster 46

Taitung Coast Landmark


Travel & Sketch

Client: Taitung city goverment Landscape design project_2011 ECG international, Taipei Seattle

Personal Work


Overlap the city / AIM Post-Industry Age, Green Transformation

Competition_2011 The Best Architecture Design Personal Work



From 2005, Shougang Group starting transfers their productivity and technology into Hebei and some other place else, the site is an old industrial district with massive area and low density around. Shougang Industrial district was design for high efficiency production and transportation, so the site are design into horizontal and rectangle (transport way) and vertical (buildings); The industrial pattern are different from public or commercial space that created events and city activities. .

Beijing are the centre stories of China emperor, Beijing has been political centre of China for eight centuries, every major road are surrounding or radial from the forbidden city. So it's easily to recognise the hierarchy from the map, historical building are the closet, and then the centre city, industrial are on the edge of urban planing. But because of development and population growth, the city development expand to area of suburbs for further expansion, the pattern of city has been carve into block of Industrial district, business section and residential area and so onďź› After decade, the pattern has been overlap by new kind of space requirement.


In the common concept of industrial factory, are the combine of chimney and gigantic factory buildings, in the pace has been transfer into a public park, the concept of gloomy factory still remains in the space, and it would be awkward for a factory building standing surround by dwellings. So using translucent box put on the outline of chimney and factory building, to weaken the sense of factory, so it can blend into the sense of metropolis, and recreated the new skyline.



In this redevelopment of industrial zone, the goal are to remain most factory, and combine the chimney and gigantic factory with new commercial building and natural park, the elements that insert into this site are meant to created a new atmosphere then before, the old gloomy industrial factory site, so some boxes are connected several factory building, some can separate a massive factory into different program. the purpose are to create a sense of metropolis that growing out of the old rigid factory.



Taipei Railway Workshop / Cilvic Recreation Academic Project_2013 spring co-studio with: University of Hong Kong Department of Architecture Group Work_collaborate with: Zhi-qin Huang+ Zhen-Yu He+ Yi-Ting Chen+ Yu-Xian Lin+ Wei-Chen Huang Adviser David Tseng+ Shu-Chang Kung+Eric Chuang








There are only few open space untouched left in Taipei city, high population demand more housing unit for dwelling, and the high tolerant between Government t o d e v e l o p e r, f o r c i n g m o r e historical site been demolished for construction site. Taipei Railway Workshop are facing the same situation here, it's build in 1935, the time of Japan occupation and it serve until 2014, the building structure and equipment inside are well preserve, most outdated train vehicle are store inside this workshop, so the historical value of Taipei Railway Workshop are irreversible. But the reality of social demand to development the area, some land nearby are already been build, Songshan tobacco factory are fully develop into culture park and some hotel, which became too commercial and only benefit to the developer, so its critical to preserve TTD while develop into the capacity goverment demand. So our strategy is to connected the near by pedestrian into the centre of factory, created an urban oasis inside the overpopulated Taipei, keep the open field as it has



The complicated situation in Taipei, are high demand of development needed, but base on historical building on it or beside, and traffic infrastructure cut through, it's multiple situation between vertical and horizontal. In vertical situation are the building or infrastructure near by, because of the narrow road between every building, so it created excessive of architecture language. on the horizontal are challenge to connected different building or site with different program. So it should separate into different layer, lower level are keeping the atmosphere of historical building, and also close to traffic system, on the top are residential or office


Some of historical building are small can be define as an object to be exhibit, a historical building that sit with other commercial shop, both in similar dimension, and continues as a gallery. by preserve the industrial frame and old railway, that we can differentiation each characterise of each area, so the residential or commercial building in the area, can base on what was left and growth into a new type of building.




Waterfront Campus/ City Boundarie Academic Project_2012 Summer co-studio with: Yale school of Architecture Personal Work Adviser_Albert Ho+Jen-Suh Hou


can endures of flood, so it can redefined architecture program that can adapted in the flood zone, and adapt into the bad weather. Can the natural landform be carefully manipulated, in nature’s own way, into sustainable living settlement? It’s highly possible to sculpt landform into longterm suitable areas via modulation by following the spontaneous nature of water, accumulation and erosion – accumulate around areas of higher altitude, formulate diverse mechanism around the catchbasin for containment, build the tributaries along favorable courses, and locate the outlet where erosion and sedimentation can be best maintained for geological and biological purposes.

Living habitat and river was merge together in the early urban growing, but in the stage of high density, the city build into a water proof city, the dike and infrastructure separate urban life and river. Separate of water resilience, Taipei are vulnerable in dealing water disaster. The boundaries can be alter and adapt into natural habitat, an climate change research center plugin here can created efficiency effect of link city and natural river, the goal is to transform a high density cities to merge and adapted natural rapid change. Every year at least three typhoon rage to Taiwan, Billions of state budget for flood control, infrastructure build for prevent flood, pump system, sewer and reservoir, all those engineer construction indeed can reduce the chance of flood, but on a standard. The problem is over standard flood and storm are increase these day, the increase of city development and density, water impermeable ground make sewer system over loading for storm water. The best solution is not just trying to do the flood control, but should intergrade the living condition into accept the constantly flood. instead of sacrifice riverside for building of heavy infrastructure, but build a connection with the function of natural variation, instead of traditional dike and watershed, it's possible to design buildings or dike with different function, by categories different function or program


To create settlement PROACTIVELY! Landscape has been formed, essentially, by two determining factors - the speed of water and the particles that it carries with it. These two factors operated on the landform with variously different geological and biological features - contour, material, vegetation, etc. Landform has always been passive in this natural process. By applying these two factors from an entirely different angle, it turns the table around and our landscape CAN become a proactive shaping force of our environment and settlement by leveraging the principles of accumulation and erosion.



Orientation – people seeking absolute value in random natural landscape, defined through analyzed and comprehend. But In fact, the concept is to be relatively balanced, through different space factors affect each other in a three-dimensional way, and reach the balance critical point. When one of the factors starts up the variation balance and emerge along the disintegration, repeatedly the process and finding new balance, keep shape the landform in to constant changing process. Buildings, cities, and human settlements are inseparable parts of natural landscape. Any form of landscape could become lifeless and stale should it become independent of the life-giving natural process and the overall eco-environment. Water - one of the primary sources of environmental force that shapes the various aspects of our landscape is evidently either a formidable destructive energy, or an awesome power to be harnessed.



Wei-Zhu Chinese Medicine Clinic, Taiwan Interior Design Project_2016 Client: Mr. & Ms. Sun



To differentiate the practice of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, it's similar to their cultures. For Chinese medicine, it's a bit of mystery and vague, by using implicit methods to diagnose the symptoms. For example, the doctors diagnose patients' condition by feeling their pulse and observe them, which is quite different with the Western way, using the equipment and data collecting, such as operating the X-ray machine to "see" the problem, and furthermore, fixing it by cutting the patient open. "He should just be in the mountain there, Deep, way deep in the clouds somewhere.” by Jia Dao's poem The context of seeking medical attention has sublime to the spatial experience in the old Chinese painting and poetry. Since the ideal of good doctors are rare, who live like a hermit in a small hut in the wild, it usually tooks a lot of effort to reach the destination. That's why the seeker (patient) must across mountains and rivers to get the prescription. This is the mystery of medical practice and the ideal of searching, meanwhile, a poetic transition has happened during this journey. Beneath the pine, I asked of the child. "My master's gone for herbs grown wild; He should just be in the mountain there, Deep, way deep in the clouds somewhere." XUN YIN ZHE BU YU ("Failing to Find the Hermit") -- by JIA DAO (779 - 843) 尋隱者不遇 唐 • 賈島  松下問童子, 言師採藥去。 只在此山中, 雲深不知處。




Critical Arch/ Bauhaus Museum Dessau competition_2015 behet bondzio lin architekten, German, MĂźnster



Bauhaus Museum Dessau - Critical Arch The Bauhaus Museum Dessau is located in the city park of Dessau-Rosslau. Our proposal takes the urban block form and redefines the north-east corner of the city park to respect the scale of the historic city. The undulated massing of the museum bends towards the park to become part of the given whole. The continuous roof scape hovers over the city park to enclose and disclose the museum. A museum in and as the city park. How does one exhibit a school that has heralded incredible innovation? In our search for an architecture of exhibition carrying the spirit of a workshop for innovation we arrived at the fusion of two typologies: workshop and gallery. The arched top-lit museum space, as found in the archetypal Louvre museum, is split into two roof sections. The half arched roof is then mirrored to form an independent structure to be repeated over the whole site providing shelter for all diverse functions. The arched roofs are proportionally scaled to meet all functions. The roof scape is wrapped by expanding metal sheets, allowing discrete e ff e c t i v e l i g h t t r a n s m i s s i o n . T h i s translucent envelope diffuses daylight and lights up all interior activity with serenity.


The internal passages are organized as a void pinwheel with an atrium in the center of the museum directing visitors to all public functions. These interior streets with their axial views reconnect the visitors with the outside, extending the exhibition space towards the open urban context / park. The museum is split into three platforms that gradually elevate towards the southern part of the site to gradually detach the museum from street traffic and gain serenity. The utility and building service are placed under the elevated platform.





Villa Assi, Rabiyeh, Lebanon Housing Project_2014-2015 Client: Mr. & Ms. Georges + Natalle Assi behet bondzio lin architekten+Carole Asfour-Lin Architektin, German, MĂźnster








Taitung Coast Landmark Client: Taitung City goverment Landscape design project_2011 ECG international, Taipei Seattle, 46


Taitung Coast Landmark was build for 2012 new year celebration, an political statement for new government welcome the first sunrise of Taiwan, the ideal of landmark can match the first sunrise that uplift out from the ocean. so in the design process which determent sphere shape of landmark are instantly determent, my goal are trying to make it less memorial and more merge into landscape, so what I created are using passage as landscape to surrounded the centre sphere.




cooperated with an local artist, using bamboo and rattan to weave with the structure, create an organic looks.



Travel & Sketch

15.07.2015 Gรถreme, Cappadocia, Turkey 18.06.2015 Thermae Diocletianl, Rome , Italy



01.02.2009 Český Krumlov, Cezch 02.07.2015 Ayasofya, Istanbul , Turkey


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