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Happy moments in our lives

Last year, when I was with my family in the hospital, the doctor told us that my grandfather was well and he didn’t have cancer so I feld very happy. AINA FARO

When I helped my bestfriend I felt very happy AINA FARO

One day I felt bad because I was angry with my mother and later, my best friend came and helped me AINA FARO

I was with my friend Andrea. We were in Pablo Alborán's concert. I felt very happy and all was like a dream for me.

Clàudia R.

I helped Andrea when she couldn't came to sleep in my house, but finally she could. So I felt very good.

ClĂ udia R.

My best friens Andrea helped me when I couldn'tgo to Pablo Alborán's concert. I felt very sad but she helpped me a lot.

Clàudia R.

I was happy when I went to Port Aventura with my godmother, her boyfriend and other people. (Anna)

I felt so bad when my grandmother died. I was 4 years old but I was very sad and my family helped me and some days later, I felt better. (Anna)

When my cat died, my best friend called me to know if I was well. I was a little girl and I was sad, but after speaking with my friend, I felt better. (Anna)

I was very happy with my friend Claudia, because we went to a Pablo Alboran’s Concert.


I was helpping my friend Claudia, when she couldn’t go to a Pablo Alboran’s Concert, but finally she bought a tiket to my cousin.


When I was sad, my best friend Claudia, took me a beautiful photo so I felt better


I was very happy when I was with my best friends in Granollers, we were dancing. Alba.

I felt very well when I helped my sister, she felt better than before she had the problem. Alba.

I didn’t feel very well, I had a problem with my uncle and my best friend helped me. I felt better than before. Alba.

路I was very happy when my team CE Llerona won a tournament in Bigues i Riells because we won Bigues and Sant Feliu de Codines. Gerard

·I was very happy when I helped my little brother to do the homework when he was crying because he didn’t know how to do it and my parents weren’t at home. Gerard

路I was very sad when my grandmother died and my parents helped me talking about it.


JORDI RODRI I helped my friend when he had a problem. Then I felt good.

JORDI RODRI When I was 13 years old grandmother (Neus) died. I can’t describe how I felt and my friend Josep supported me.

JORDI RODRI When I went to Ireland, I felt very well

Arnau Tejedor Almoril I was very happy when I debuted with my team in a tournament in Barcelona to play the CUP.

Arnau Tejedor Almoril I was very happy when I helped a friend to solve his problems.

Arnau Tejedor Almoril I was very sad when my aunt died and my parents helped me.

I was happy when my console PlayStation 4 arrived in my house.

Daniel Bernachi

One day my friend was sad because her mother had died. I felt sorry for him and tried to help him through it. I felt happier

Daniel Bernachi

My mother left Bolivia, I was very sad but my sister talked with me, then I felt better knowing that I still had someone with me.

Daniel Bernachi

Carla Sรกnchez I feel very happy when I am with my friends.

I felt very well when my friends helped me because I felt sad. It is the best emotion.


I was sad because I had problems but now I haven’t problems. When I have problems I’m very sad and unhappy, but my friends help me.


For Christmas I always feel very well because I love being with my family. LAURA

I felt very happy when (as my granny’s dog died) my family and I gave her a puppy, she soon felt better. LAURA

I was so sad when my granny’s dog died, my friends listened to me and helped me talking to me. LAURA

Laia I felt happy when I was 7 year old and I was on holidays in Tunisia swimming into the sea. I was there with my family. It was great.

One day I helped a person because she was sad and when I helped her she felt as happy as me. (Laia)

I was sad because I had a problem and some people help me. I was gratifud. (Laia)

I feft very happy when I was with my friends. (BĂ rbara Vizcaya)

I felt very good and very happy becouse I helped my friends. (BĂ rbara Vizcaya)

When I had problems with my boyfriend my friends always helped me. (BĂ rbara. Vizcaya)

Marc JuncĂ I travalled around Paris,this was a good moment.

Marc JuncĂ I helped my friend when he had a lot of problems. I helped him.

Marc Juncà Sometimes when I was sad my friends helped me. When I got bad marks,my friends helped me and they said “Don’t worry”

On 23th October. It was my birthday and I we celebrated it with my friends Carla, BĂ rbara, Laura and Anna. And we went to the bowling alley in Granollers. (Marta Barjuan)

I and my mother went to the ASIL in La Garriga for visiting my grandmother and when my grandmother saw me, she started to cry because she was very happy. (Marta Barjuan)

When my aunt died, my friends helped me. So I felt better. (Marta Barjuan)

On 4th November.It was my birthday and my family and I went to fun fair.(Paula Dominguez)

I and my friend, helped a dog that was under a car. I felt good.(Paula Dominguez)

When my great grandma died. I felt sad. My parents helped me and I felt better. (Paula Dominguez).

One day I played gta v with Neil. I felt happy. Soufiane

When my brother was born, I was very happy because he was my first brother. (JĂşlia Marcer)

When my aunt was ill, I went to the hospital and I helped her. I felt joyous. (JĂşlia Marcer)

When my rabbit died, my best friend came and she calmed me. I was merry. ( JĂşlia Marcer)

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Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO C  

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO C

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO C  

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO C

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