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Help me When I was sad, Mònica told me beautiful words, and I felt joyous. MarionaMesa

When I had to say goodbye to my grandfather the last time I saw him before he died, knowing that I wouldn’t see him again. I gave him a big hug and left to get on a plane. It made me feel satisfied because it was a good way to say goodbye to him.

Neil Parker

One year when we were leaving Canada I was very sad because I wouldn’t see my family again for at least another year. My parents helped me get over it and made me feel good.

Neil Parker

A happy day of my life was when I went to Port Aventura with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I had a very good time. Neil Parker

š I was on the top of the world, because I was in a beautiful concert by 1D. (Paula Rangel)

Iš was walking on air when I helped my friend Aina when she had problems with her future boyfriend. (Paula Rangel)

탑I was

in seventh heaven :) when I was swimming in a beautiful sea in Mallorca.


š I felt really gratified when my family helped me when my grandfather died. (Paula Rangel)

I was happy :) and my sister Marta too, when I helped her because she had a problem with her best friend. (Judit)

I was happy 탑

:) and my friends too, when they helped me because I was sad:( . (Judit)

I was in the top of the world and my friends too, when I was in the pool in Figaro. (Dani)


feel good when I gave100€ to Haiti when there was the earthpuake there.


.HHappy ›A

very happy moments of my life was when my parents took a picture of me and the king Gaspar. (Dani)


Happy moment I like very much when my family meets for Christmas and after eating we play games together. (David C)

Help you I usually help to set the table and prepare food and I am really satisfied . (David C)

Help me I like when my uncle helps me and we prepare the games together or when he tells me the instructions. (David C)

Happy moment When my mother, my sister and I went to buy my cat Nina. (Paula.G)

When I was sad because I failed an exam, my friends helped me and I felt good. (Paula.G)

When my friend was sad because her uncle died I was with her and she felt better. (Paula.G)

I felt very happy when I was with my friends and we made a bonfire and we talked about happy moments. Mercè Gil

I helped my great grandmother and one week later she died, so I was very happy, because she was very important for me. Mercè Gil

I was very happy when my best friend helped me, it made me feel very grateful. Mercè Gil

I was happy when I helped my friends when they had problems and I felt very good (Marta)

I feel really happy when my family organized me a surprise party with my cousins and friends. (Marta)

When after a dance performance my mother told me that I did it very well. I feel perfect.

When I was in the beach this summer, I remembered things and I had very beautiful hours (Cristina A.)

When I stay with my grandmother and I help her, I feel joyful (Cristina A.)

When my friends help me and I feel better after her help. I feel truly happy (Cristina A.)

I was very happy when my father helped me learn to ride a bike. (Laia)

I felt happy when I helped my

cousin to walk. (Laia)

I was very happy when I had my dog for first time . (Laia) I —

Happy moments (Berta Clotet)

I was really happy when my friends organized me a surprise party, it was great.

My cousin was very gratified when I told him that I would go with her to a summer camp.

I was completely happy when my parents told me than I was going to have a sister.

One day ,when I was eleven years old, my mother helped me to study hard for an exam and thanks to her I got ten points. (Ferran B)

One day a football teammate called Ivan helped me a lot. I am the goalkeeper of my team and in the middle of a football game he stopped a ball with his body in the goal line when I was beaten.. (Ferran B)

One day I helped my mom to clean the house and I felt very well because she always has a lot of work and I helped her a lot. (Ferran B) One day I helped my mom to clean the house and I felt very well because she always has a lot of work and I help a lot. (Ferran B)

I was very happy when my friends and my family organized a surprise party on my 10th birthday. (Mariona BoldĂş)

I helped my grandmother and one month later she died. I was sad but I felt good. (Mariona BoldĂş)

I was very happy when my best friend helped me. I felt really good. (Mariona BoldĂş)

I was so happy When I was in London giving cookies to the squirrels.(Mònica Munuera)

I felt so good when I helped to my friend when she was sad.(Mònica Munuera)

I was joyful when my friends helped me when I was in a bad situation.(Mònica Munuera)

I felt in the seventh heaven when my brother was born on 10th April 2003. (Georgina Ducet)

I was very satisfied when I helped one of my friends when she was passing a bad situation. I tried to do a lot of things, such as doing crazy things and all like that. But when she laughed I felt like walking on air. (Georgina Ducet)

One day, I was very sad because my dog died and I wasn’t smiling but my friends helped me a lot and instead of all the sadness, I could show them a smile. Just for that I’m still very grateful for what they do. (Georgina Ducet)

•I was happy when I was getting on in Shambala for first time. Even though my uncle was fainting twice when the rollercoaster was on. Melany Solano

•I was happy when my little cousin was born in 20th December in 2011. He is my favourite cousin♼. Melany Solano

•I was happy when I was dancing, in the past and in the present. Melany Solano

I always feel happy when I am with the scouts. Berta Garcia FilbĂ

I helped my best friend when she was sad because a person hurt her. I feel happy and she feel better. Berta Garcia FilbĂ

My sister helped me when I had to study for a social sciences exam. I felt good for the marks and she felt happy for helping me. Berta Garcia FilbĂ


When I showed my best friend Alex thunder war I was very proud.

Help me · Last year I gave 50€ of the money I got for Christmas for poor people (Pau Oliva).

Happy moment My cat is always beside me during hard and painfull moments (Pau Oliva)

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Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO B  

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO B

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO B  

Happiness Day 03/20/2014 2n d'ESO B

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