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6 minutes 365 days

6 minutes 365 days

Diary Planner Notebook Your Choice for self-exploration honestly speaking, these introductory pages did require a full 17 times of writing and re-writing. To state loud and clear the purpose of 6 Minutes, 365 Days – that’s not a walk in the park‌ Finally, we decided that the most valuable story we can share is our own positive experience towards which the book has led us. We can sincerely say that everything you will see in these pages has helped us throughout the years, because we have done those things. We have lived through them. They have given us answers and opportunities, helped us develop and nurture our inner passion for life, our ability to be happy. Because happiness is energy: the one that fills us with the need to act and create, the one that makes us overcome sadness and depression, the one that pushes us towards friendships and relationships, the one that shows clearly a more fulfilling way to spend this and the next 364 days of the year. And, essentially, our entire life. YES, happiness can appear out of the blue, but it has been observed that in such cases it vanishes just as swiftly. For you to have meaningful, longterm, indestructable joy seeping through every day of your life, it is necessary to sow, nurture, and cultivate seeds of positive habits. One of these: step by step, getting to know and accept yourself. Just like peeling an onion, or dissembling a slice of a mille-feuille, layer by layer, we get to the core: to the realization that it is fine to be imperfect, to inner harmony, to the revelation that our lives do not require a frame or a permission to be satisfied with them. YES, then the dominoes fall. Exploring ourselves deeper and deeper, it suddenly clicks: we relate to others and the outside world better as well. We merge, unify, consolidate with the ability to sincerely, compassionately accept the forever


altering forces of life. In a way, this book is an invitation to meet your true self, which is undoubtedly submerged in such qualities as Altruism, Intellect, Openness, Honesty, Goodness, Truthfulness, Responsibility, Nobleness, Patience, Kindheartedness, Friendship, Respect, Support, Forgiveness, and many more. And then you find that there is enough room to fit in Love as well. YES, that’s why 6 Minutes goes through several stages of self-development: self-exploration -- self-acceptance -- self-improving -- understanding others -- the ability to love. Which is the reason the tasks work best when done in their respective order, day by day, for at least 6 minutes. Of course, this book forgives everything: even starting it from the end page or having to idle away in your drawer for a while. When you get back to it – simply continue where you left off. The blank page (it’s always next to the illustration page) is your creative day, and you can do – or not do – whatever you like with it. Yes, even if 6 minutes seem like nothing in the eternal flow of time and you wonder if such a trifle is capable of making a change: we are sure it is. (By the way, do the math: 6 minutes for 365 days add up to a respectable thirty-six and a half hours). In the age of technology, our deepest contemplations often no longer than a Facebook post or an Instagram comment, this book provides what everyone could use: a real, undisturbed, vitally important chance to be with yourself. For yourself. At least 6 minutes a day. We are sending you warm hugs, hoping that you have at least 6 minutes a day and 365 days to fill your life with joy. Sanda and Viktorija


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Why Write

Why do we feel it is important to encourage picking up a pen and writing? Writing by hand possesses a special power, no matter how many important thoughts, wishes, analyses, and goals we might outline inside the head. Various experiments have shown that writing by hand helps us formulate our thoughts more precisely; in addition, the information we write stays in our memory longer (compared to writing on a computer). Paper and pen improve our ability to concentrate and focus; moreover, writing down our inner negative experiences lower their importance and, subsequently, the stress levels in our bodies, flourishing creative energy. Writing by hand every now and then is also a workout for our brain: during the process, specific parts in our brain, responsible for speech, memory and thinking, are activated. It turns out that writing by hand can be a tool to maintain youth – not to mention the major changes a written word may bring in your life. At least within this book.


Date ____/____/________

Benefits What am I going to gain if I dedicate a few (for example, six) minutes to myself? The clearer and more detailed your description, the better.

I’ll be able to enjoy life more I’ll become more sincere, compassionate, and overall a nicer person If you don’t know, be honest. The everyday tasks in this book is a way to discover what you really want. Be patient. Sooner or later, it will happen.

Damnit, 6 wasted minutes a day


Date ____/____/________

50 “I am”

Write down 50 good qualities/traits that you possess or would like to possess. Yes, you can think of 50. After all, you don’t have to finish the list today.

hon tow esty my ard se s lf/ oth ers




tn igh


gratitude for...

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.� /Carl Rogers/ 9

Date ____/____/________

The big five The wise say we are the mean average of the five people with whom we contact/interact the most. My five “most often� people are:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 18

What does this tell me? Who am I? With whom do I want to communicate more?

Date ____/____/________

Show this page to a friend (or someone close) Write a personal message – one that is too hard to say out loud, the text message you’ll never send, the Facebook post you’ll never write.

“It’s better to stand by someone’s side than by yourself.” /Jack London/ 19

Date ____/____/________

Who is this person? (If you wish, take a picture of your answer and send it to him/her) I think you are a fantastic person and you deserve each and every moment filled with happiness...


Date ____/____/________

I pay attention and listen The Universe is constantly trying to tell us something. What is it saying now?


Date ____/____/________

Glue in something from today

(If you ever need it, you’ll know where to find it.)


Date ____/____/________

10 things that make me happy 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

This list is finally over Got any more? 67

“The heart which does not turn inwards, grows and fills with joy. It is the greatest secret of the life of a heart. Doing others a favour, it is us who gain the most.” /Thomas Mann/


Date ____/____/________


Date ____/____/________

Like attracts like

Like magnets, we attract everything we say, feel, or do. What would I like to attract? (Feel it and imagine as it if had already happened).


Date ____/____/________

The nice things

What makes a nice person? (Mention traits, qualities, characteristics – anything you can think of).

Which of these do I possess?

127 27

Date ____/____/________

I have the time, energy, and resources to take care of another person. Rewrite the phrase (you can alter the sentence and insert someone’s name) as many times as necessary to feel it is true.


Date ____/____/________

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along.” (Rumi) How do you understand these sentences? Do you agree? What are your conclusions?


“If you can’t feed a hundred people,

then feed just one.” (Mother Teresa)


Date ____/____/________


Date ____/____/________

My values Common good

(For my family and colleagues; openness, teamwork, positive change in my field, my country, the world, compassion‌)


(Learning, changing my views, improving my cultural behaviour...)

My own good

(Finances, stability, good relationships, professionalism...)


Date ____/____/________

Important in conflict resolvement

When dealing with conflicts, it’s important for me: to speak calmly to make sure no one slams the door not to interrupt them

Should tell this to friends, household, colleagues. 215

Date ____/____/________

In this spread, write the dreams you remember from last night. Do it every morning.


Keep this spread open on your nightstand until both pages are full. It is said there are 3 types of dreams: 1. The great dreams of life: 2-3 dreams that you’ll remember forever. These dreams guide your path. 2. Repetitive dreams: the same idea, different executions. These display your most significant inner conflicts. Even though they are hard to explain, you can try to outline/draw their elements, for they say that each element is yourself. 3. Predicting dreams. Unique. Never repeat. Supposedly, they show the emotions that have not been released throughout the day and those you could experience in the future. 247

Date ____/____/________

Write 3 good things that happened to you today. They can be small (a colleague offered you some sweets) or big (got promoted). Give the episode a name. Describe it in detail: what you said or did, what others said or did, the circumstances, etc. Write why each of those things went well.

1. 286

2. 3. 7x

For a lasting effect, just like in sports, you should do this every day at least for a week. Later, repeat it once in a while. 287

Date ____/____/________

If I could spend the rest of my life on the beach, sipping cocktails, reading books and sunbathing,

Would I truly be happy?

What else does happiness mean to me?


Date ____/____/________

A pleasant occurence

Describe a specific event – a nice and pleasant one. What did you say? What did he/she say? Why did it happen?

“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” /Coco Chanel/   345

Date ____/____/________

If I had... If I currently had 10 EUR to freely spend, I...

If I currently had 100 EUR to freely spend, I...


If I currently had 1000 EUR to freely spend, I...

If I currently had a million to freely spend, I...

P.S. Did you spend something on others as well? :)


Date ____/____/________

Don’t forget to forgive

To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. I need to forgive (and I will endeavour to forgive):


Forgive Forgiveness comes with understanding By other’s deepest sorrow landing Step over your self-righteous pride Forgiveness road you’ll firmly stride. Forgive the bad, fallacious, evil Even in lies and cheat receival Him who no forgiveness knows Forgive him, will you, forgive those! Forgive them now, not at that time Your body carries painful grime Instead of evil, Love you’ll give And in kind blessings forgive! Forgive the sinner! Not in a way In time to cast revenge as may Should a thousand times it take, Forgive them for forgiveness sake! Forgive distinctively, not as if A drunkard leaning from a cliff The cord of fault is to be torn Forgiveness pulls each separate thorn. Forgive them, don’t you care to judge Those who against you still hold grudge To live a life filled with love No harm on others ever shove Forgiveness road is surely tough The Road of Love – strong enough For benevolence to flow in you – Forgive them ALL is what to do. /Орис/