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ABOUT THE MAGAZINE 44 DEGREES is an online magazine dedicated to the promotion of contemporary Israeli artists. The magazine showcases various artists such as digital media artists, painters, sculptors, and curators, with each issue focusing on a different theme. Artists showcased in the magazine may be contacted via the URL posted. The magazine may be viewed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem information archive room and in Tel Aviv Museum Library. 44 DEGREES online art Magazine was founded by the artist TAMMY MIKE LAUFER She created the concept and she's also the Designer\ Editor \Art director \Curator Producer \ Website Director. The official website of the magazine

www.44degrees.net Drawing on the front of the magazine is three-dimensional technique by the artist Tammy Mike Laufer.

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Tammy Mike Laufer lives and works in Israel. She is an international contemporary artist and art director. She is graduate from the extension of the "Technion" Israel Institute for Technology in the department of Graphic Design, and continuing education program for designers at Sivan College Tel Aviv. She has been engaged with Digital Media for two decades. Tammy Mike Laufer's digital media works were exhibited in Museums, art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale) Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more.

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RuTea S. NOY

























































Gallery Artists SOUL OF MEXICO






THE Is the limit

RuTea S. NOY I am a multidisciplinary artist, visual storyteller/narrator, working with a large range of tangible and digital mediums, forms and techniques. My art is poetic, musical, imaginative, educational and entertaining. It meant to increase awareness, bring joy, hope and inspiration to others. By blending together controversial disciplines I create dramatic statements and hints for those wishing to experience everyday life in a nonconventional fashion.

Here Comes The Sun- Digital Art

Currently, I am working on Maiden Voyage a multimedia collection containing art, photography, film, music and movement. It will be dedicated to the memory of artist Idit Burstyn, Jazz musician Avery Sharron and film director Morten Parker. Web site

You Are My Sunshine - Fine Art Photography

Moonlight Sonata - Fine Art Photography

Blood Moon -Mixed media on silk (1f x 1f)

How High Is The Moon - Mixed media on canvas (1f x 1.5 f)

TAMMY MIKE LAUFER This time I present a series of photographs. Taken with my iPhone in the same place on different days. The colors and location of clouds, creating different effects. I do not often display photos, most of the times I draw on the computer, but this time the subject speaks of the sky and I decided to present series of photographs of the sky, nature's artwork. I have been deals with digital media for two decades. My digital media works were exhibited in Museums, Art projects in places such as Italy (53 Venice Biennale), Greece, Japan, the US, Portugal, Lithuania, Warsaw, Israel and more. tamylauf@netvision.net.il www.TammyMikeLaufer.com

IPhone Photo - Givatayim, Tel Aviv – Israel 2016

IPhone Photo - Givatayim, Tel Aviv – Israel 2016

IRIS ZEMACH Walking with or without the camera, I'm looking all over: looking up, looking down and straight forwards, searching for a variety of perspectives and angles. I usually like to bring the reality as an abstraction My photography is often considered more as a painting, either because the way I use of the camera lens, or due to deliberate movements of the camera while photographing. I am trying to bring to the viewers the reality aesthetics as they have not experienced before, and surprise them. It happened sometimes they don’t really understand what they are looking at. I hear a lot: Is it painting or, what is it? These two questions make me happy. Lately I find myself creating new realities by emerging two or more photos. This is a new way of creativity, and its fun for me. http://www.irisphotography.co.il

irisphotography10@gmail.com All photos can be printed up to 120x80 cm. Printed on high quality photo paper, signed and numbered (max. 21 copies)

DANIELLA WEXLER I am fascinated by clouds but as a work of art I don’t want them banal, and because the sky is the limit I did with them something new that came as a surprise even to me! Photoshop printed on metal. size: can be changed. daniella.wexler@gmail.com www.daniellawexler.com

JOZSEF RAZ A digital artist photographer. Visual graphic design and history of art graduate. On the way from the analog world to the digital world , I went from using direct contact of the materials such as : celluloid , steel , wood , glass and canvas to the digital world where I collect all the materials for my work using the camera and the scanner . The computer's mouse is my main tool to draw and scalp my work of art . My work expresses " searching after the beauty in the ugliness and the ugliness in the beauty " and creates an illusion of the fantasy world . jozsefraz@gmail.com

NETTA KASHER I'm a photographer, an Illustrator, a biology student, and a scientific Illustrator, yes there is such thing. Well, someone needs to draw turtles' shells. This page is dedicated to my photography and illustrations, at least to the less biological ones. If something catches my eyes, I just have to find a way to preserve it. Especially if It's people or animals that look as if they've been taken from a fairytale, like a six-eyed spider, a stressed rabbit, or a friendship drawn into the woods. I Illustrate and photograph for myself, for exhibitions, and by demand. The important thing is to create. If you care about the awards I won, or in which exhibitions I took part, you're welcome to check my 'About' page. The rest of you can just scroll down and enjoy my works. netta.kasher@mail.huji.ac.il Facebook

NINO HERMAN I was born in Tel Aviv, got married in Jerusalem, and together with my wife Tchiya we founded a village in the Judean Mountains called Nataf in between those different two great cities. I live on a nature reserve, love the city I was born in, and my photography moves between spaces. Between the human and abstract, an unplanned, non-directed, unprocessed encounter, with a simple reality. I try to convey a world of layers, telling us that, much like our world inside, the reality outside is also complex and made up of layers. The images of the dust reflected on the car window, or through the car window, were taken after a several very dusty days. Everything is in constant motion, nature gives and takes. You need a deep understanding to let go all the time. Nature has no boundaries and limitations, and we must always remember that life is holy. That's the important thing. http://www.ninoherman.com/ ninoherman@gmail.com

EHUD MELAMED I was born in Israel on 1956, married with 3 children. My professional knowledge as a photographer was acquired in the school of geographical photography in Tel Aviv, Galitz photography school , workshops with "Massa-Aher", Contact, studio Harel and others. For the last 30 years my photography is of landscape and nature, animals, people and portrait, modeling and fashion, theatre and dancing. I use today - Nikon DSLR camera D7100 melamed.ehud@gmail.com http://www.pbase.com/melamed2

RACHEL AVNON EHRENFELD " In this hot spot, where millions of birds cross the sky, I was born and bred. On the bank of the Jordan River between the Gilboa and Gilead, clouds relieved the heat of the sun for a moment. I, Rachel Avnon Ehrenfeld, from Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi, an art therapist, and an artist who paints the landscape of my childhood." Ravnon@gmail.com Facebook

Walkway of fish ponds-Acrylic on canvas, 50X70 cm

Clouds and Wheat Field-Acrylic on canvas, 35X70 cm

ELI BASRI I am 60 years old, lives in Shoham, a small town in Israel. I started my interest in photography 35 years ago. I am a self-taught. As an amateur photographer, my main interests comprehend many areas especially landscape, nature, abstract, street photography and urban. I always looking for the rare light and weather conditions that enable me to emphasize the subjects in a special way. It is very important to me to reflects the reality as is without any manipulation on my work. I took part in many exhibitions, competitions, and my works have. http://www.pbase.com/basri_eli elibasri@gmail.com

MARGALIT MOLNAR GOITEIN I have a Ph.D. degree in civilizations, communication & society from University of Paris 8, France (grade "très honorable"), M.A. degree in Art & Media at The American U. and CUA, in Wash. D.C. USA (grade A). Media & arts studies in Bezalel, CUA, Sho'ham College etc. I specialize in journalistic photography, focusing on the moment, street photos, human faces and figures in their special environment. Color is prominent in my work. The photos present a realistic interpretation of "the sky is the limit": The little boys discover the wandering birds flying to the sky, the fiery sky with the praying people on the Ganges river in Rishikesh, India, the statue of the Beauty opposite the sky in Ez, French Riviera, girl on sea & sky - sheer pleasure. margalitmg@gmail.com http://www.news1.co.il/blog/jewelmor/

Prayers on ganges river, India

Wandering birds in the sky

DAVID GANON A film student, a teacher of photography and production professionals and freelance photographer. Work reflects back to the initial and primary, as the painting is financed foundation began photography world, this technology allows to return the photograph to the starting point. Experiment in the moonlight, the technique combines low-speed photography, like the first cameras operated without a mechanism for shutter speed and record the light on the back of a light-sensitive material. The work is based on the Midrash legend describes that light Created before the creation of the world. "– )‫ ג‬,‫ו ַי ֹּאמֶ ר אֱ ֹלהִ ים י ְהִ י אֹור" (בראשית א‬ ‫אֹורה נִב ְֵראת תְ חִ לָה ו ְַאחַ ר כְָך‬ ָ ָ‫ ה‬:‫ַר' י ְהּודָ ה ָאמַ ר‬ .‫הָ עֹולָם‬ ‫מָ שָ ל לְמֶ לְֶך שֶ בִקֵ ש ִלבְנֹות פַ ְלטִ ין ו ְהָ י ָה הַ מָ קֹום‬ ?‫ מֶ ה עָ שָ ה‬.‫ָאפֵל‬ ַ‫ לֵידַ ע הֵ יאַ ְך הּוא קֹובֵע‬,‫הִ דְ לִיק נֵרֹות ּופָ נָסִ ים‬ )‫תֵ מַ לְיֹוסִ ים;(אבני היסוד‬ .‫אֹורה נִב ְֵראת תְ חִ לָה‬ ָ ָ‫כְָך ה‬ ‫ פרשה‬,‫(מדרש בראשית רבה‬ ).‫ דרשה א‬,‫ג‬

davidganon555@gmail.com Facebook

MIRI STRAUSS TLALIM My creation process starts by collecting objects and materials that I “meet” through my wonderings, and by “hunting” sights that are caught in my phone’s camera. Then, In the studio, I'm putting things together by melting and sticking and nailing and digging into the material, scorching it, drawing and painting. My work deals with ideas of caring for worlds and humanity's future as well as personal scenes that cause the viewer uneasiness. Facing scars that time causes, I try to use thrown-away artifacts and upgrade them in my art to a higher level, in a new and relevant version... miri.strauss@gmail.com

Color print, size 100X50 "in between 1"

Color print, size 100X50 "in between 2"

MICHAL ZAKAI My art works engage with the theme of “connection� through composition and collage techniques. Using colorful pallet is one my ways dealing with the theme of "connection". The sky, as an art medium is a space through which reality and imagination come to life and make their impression on me. The theme connection , the complexity of reality and the sky lead me to rethink and perceive reality. Looking at reality through the creative process is a search for mine inner truth, which leads to the essence of an image or a thought, one that reflects mine perception of reality. http://michalzakai.co.il abiaran@bezeqint.net

MICHAL BIBER As a painter, my greatest fascination and strength is in looking. I find that everyday moments and places can become enticing once as I look at them with a fresh perspective, until I notice something unusual, like seeing something for the first time. Like a director, guiding the viewer through a scene, I allow the spectator a "sneak peek� at these brief moments which I witness and capture on my canvases. Much like a director, I use the power of lighting, framing and actors to bring these cinematic happenings to life and present my unique interpretation of them. The paintings play with realistic and abstract elements, forgoing certain details and creating vast fields of color in a constant dialogue between traditional and contemporary painting techniques; a delicate balance between conveying narrative and sensation, that corresponds with European painting traditions as well as by local Israeli artists. Many of my works, deal with the tension between interior and exterior, while insisting on depicting dust, clutter and dirt, eliminating known hierarchies of aesthetics and importance. The paintings strive for a higher, purer truth, and bring all parts of the composition to the same level, be they magnificent trees and mountains, dumped oil barrels or a person– they all carry a non-hierarchical function within the depicted reality. process and final results. http://www.michalbiber.co.il/ micbib64@gmail.com

Oil on wood 30 cm

ELI GROSS The sky is the limit - when it is flat with a hint of clouds it frames tranquil sensitive vista, love and longings for long-lost faraway places. When the sky is stormy with a dense color palette, bursting clouds and fiery-colored sunsets, it symbolizes an overwhelming awe of nature. The stormy sky stands in the way of human prayer and constitute a framework for rugged landscapes rooted in memory for their exceptionality. The sky is the limit to the overall color composition and the possible ruggedness of stormy color outbursts. Either way, every brushstroke communicates with the overall complex with careful intent, as Icarus did not learn anything and pride melted his wings. He did not realize that the sky is the limit. Pride driven blindness brought forth blatant disregard for what should be obvious to all man. www.eligross.com eligross@orange.net.il

Aurora - Oil on canvas - 50X35 cm

Clouds and colors blend at sunset Acrylic on Canvas - 40X50 cm

YEHUDA BENASALVAS SHAHAL I studied architecture at the University of Rome, but a few years later I went to the plastic arts. Realistic painting and sculpture. I specialized in painting portraits in tempera which I studied with the famous Italian maestro Salotti. My paintings range has undergone changes during the years of creativity from Surrealism, Realism and Pop Art. In recent years, I focus on expressing movement both in painting and sculpture, less on the material I use for the sculpture. The advantages of being a multidisciplinary artist , is the ability to create and move from subject to subject, be it sculpture, painting, writing poetry or prose and production of models of historical monuments. Several environmental sculptures are displayed in various cities in Ireland. http://www.shahalart.com/ yshahal@gmail.com

Vega 46X38cm.Tempra

OREN GOLAN I works as a freelance photographer and specializes in public relation, products, fashion and special processing effects. However, I prefers dedicating most of my time to my art and finding ways to getting my messages heard. Born in 1975 in Israel, Oren from a very young age I felt passionate about photography. I received my first camera when I was about eight years old and started to document my friends. Only at the age of 27, after struggling between my dreams and ideas, I decided to become a professional photographer. I studied multi-media at Sivan Collage in 1999-2002 and then photography at "The Studio" Art College in Ra'a'nana, Israel in 2003-2004. Always driven by a concept, I describes myself as a documentary photographer eager to provoke my audience with messages and raw images that most people shy away from. Each frame I captures is about a dialogue between 2 – 3 elements … it’s the dialogue that inspires my work. www.orengolan.co.il orengolan75@gmail.com

ILAN NACHUM I started travelling in the desert when I was about 10 years old. since than, I love the clear starry nights of the desert. There, I can feel the silent power of nature. ilanachum11@gmail.com Facebook

YAEL OREN I create pictorial allegories in my paintings by combining realistic images. They are frozen theatrical scenes or stories without words. The images, painted in layers atop each other, are combinations of representations from nature, such as a cloudy sky or sea shells, juxtaposed with simple, typical, daily objects like the most common Israeli floor tiles, a magnifying glass, and objects you might find on a dining room table. The sky is the beginning and the end of the process. The tile, which is the earth, with all the objects in it, is both crumbling down from, and toward, the sky. Sometimes the sky stands alone, the square format making it a tile of its own.

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 120x120cm, 2011

http://e.yaeloren.com/ orenbahnof@gmail.com

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 20x20cm, 2009

Untitled, Oil on Canvas, 120x120cm, 2011

DALYA BERSANO I'm a painter, Single Mother, teaching and living Art. I Lives on the green mountain, in north of ISRAEL I create original art, nature and landscape, sky and water, and all of Mother Nature's gifts. My paintings have bold and bright colors that remind me of the mirror of nature after rain. I paint with oil colors, with my fingers, without brushes. (Except for the tiny details). I get my inspiration traveling in the nature of Israel and around the world. In 1999 I presented my first exhibition in Haifa, Israel. Since recognized an artist. I have been participating in various exhibitions in California, New York and Israel. God has blessed me with such a wonderful gift, and I intend on using and sharing it as long as I breathe.

Light of the Moon

Dalyaber@yahoo.com Facebook When the sky kiss the water


LILY DAVID The Sky is Not the Limit. Throughout history the sky was a window to dreams and beliefs. For me, the sky and the clouds have always been a fascinating and magical world. They allowed me to sail into a world of imagination, creativity and stories. The textures, shapes and colors woven in the clouds and in the sky while time and seasons change, creating a wonderful palette for personal expression. For me, the sky is not the limit, but it is the key to hidden and unknown worlds of imaginations. lilyd13@walla.com www.all-art.co.il/art/lilyd13

None absolute black panda & oil on canvas 2005 120-170

Oil on canvas 270-150 2014

The Creation oil on canvas 1993-1996 280-72 (2) (1)

DUBI RONEN Many times I want to stop the speeding train and get off. For years my dear friend - my imagination - would accompany me as I activate the emergency brake to bring the speeding train to a sudden halt. In my search for the means to assist me in preserving the precious moment when the train suddenly stops, I discovered painting. During those magical breaks from movement, I create and when it is time to reboard the train, these magical creations board the train as a wanted passenger. I combine materials - I am a freak for materials - rough with the delicate, dark with the bright, and rough with the smooth. Mixing materials intrigues me. For me the canvas is just a two dimensional beginning to a three dimensional end. I create using construction materials: cement, aluminum, iron, wood, stone and concrete. I prefer raw materials with rough texture and natural color, in particular concrete and its shades. After establishing the base using construction materials, I begin creating with lines. I love drawing lines. The construction-material base embraces the line eagerly. A line drawn on concrete is timeless, like the adhesion of man and woman. The delicate quality of the line acts in opposition to the strong construction materials as they join together in perfect harmony to create a whole. There remains no conflicts, rather we experience a perfect compliment. dubi.ronen@gmail.com http://dubironen.wixsite.com/dubironen

SAVANI 185X81cm cement & dye on canvas

ESTY KATZ An Israeli artist lives in the village "Kfar-Vradim" in the western Galilee. Graduate of the faculty of Art, University of Haifa. I Paint mostly landscapes, my painting are lack with the presence of people, but my presence, as the painter, is always there. Landscape painting refers to personal and emotional reality rather than a specific geographical landscape. My paintings can be categorized to series, when sometimes dominate the optimistic colors that pleasing the eye and sometimes the colors are dark and pronounce the mood inside, depending same period. Paintings pronounced division between Heaven and Earth. katz.ester@gmail.com

Oil on canvas

Oil on paper 68X33cm

20X30 cm

YULIA LIBERMAN In "Marginal notes of «the Name of the Rose »"Umberto Eco wrote, that the author should die, having finished the book. Not to block somebody ’s way to the text. I don't claim for greatness of the well-known author. But... I don't want to block the way of your vision, of your understanding. Look! So I feel the world in color, so I see the world in lines. Maybe you feel like me? From my heart to your heart, from your soul to my soul the «thread» will be stretched... and we will become richer in one thought, in one emotion... Yulia.Liberman9@gmaik.com http://yulialiberman9.wix.com/libermanyulia

Second sky-1 oil on canvas 50x70 cm

Second sky-2 oil on canvas 40x120 cm

AVI NACHUM Born in 1967, reside in northern Israel. My style of painting is realistic adjacent surrealism, which was more prominent in my early artistic steps, particularly channeled and inspired by the great surrealist Rene Magritte, who passed the very same year I emerged. I have middle named my only daughter Rene, in his commemoration. I have taken part in various artistic projects, private as well as joined exhibitions, in Israel as abroad. The past few years have been less commercial and more introspective, as I have refrained from exhibiting while focusing more on creating new and inspiring art. "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" -Pablo Picassoavchek@hotmail.com Facebook

"The chairs series“- oil on canvas 60 x85 cm , 1997

"Untitled" - from the "Bird' series-Oil on canvas 70X80cm, 2001

NISSAN RABIN I work as a computer technician by day to pay the rent But my biggest love is painting. which I generally do at night I started painting 10 years ago as part of therapeutic process due to traumatic events that took place in Lebanon and west bank during my service in the Israeli defense forces. i was diagnosed with post trauma syndrome.one sleepless night I found on the web this amazing painter Bob ross that run the television program the joy of painting. This show and person took me by charm, and the next day I went to the store and bought an Easel brushes, paint canvases and started painting with Bob ross .the painting process brought joy and happiness to my life which were full of pain agony and bad memories from the army and later on from the divorce I went trough.the painting helps me to express my self and deal with the mental pain and anguish. I hope to actualize my dream and be an appraised painter. www.all-art.co.il/art/nissanrabin nissanrabin@gmail.com

Marine landscape-oil on canvas 90X70 cm

Storks at sunrise-oil on canvas 50X100 cm

MICKEY HAREL Skies are the unlimited. It has always been most challenging for me in a poetic way. In Israel we are so limited with water, and water is life. Life we are granted with from the skies. That is what makes me connect skies with water. And call them in Hebrew Shammayim. (water are there) So when I capture a peace of the skies in a pond or when I walk through the marches I like to draw it, and enjoy this since the clouds can rapidly move on. Skies have long ago been reached by mankind with sky scrapers, By airplanes crossing countries, and attack jets striking in battles. In our country we see them a lot. When I was young I lived pretty near to an army airfield. That was tough since I'd much rather lay on the grass and look into the depth beyond and absorb its kind silence. As an art teacher I always tell my students that skies and clouds are the best school for painting and drawing but apart of the lights and shades creating weight or loose shapes, There is only the looking deeply into it since it keeps on changing figures. mikusharel@gmail.com

, Skies in the wilderness pastels on paper 35x27 cm

Deep skies and an airplane, charcoal pencil and pastels' 35X27 cm

ANNA MIRON The skies and the trees, human bodies or my cat, all look the same to me . The same basic shapes which I try to merge and find them some meaning together, for they are together in the universe. It may be a clear and well defined meaning or a subliminal one, the kind I myself am not totally aware of. Surrealism may be the word for it. I prefer small format paintings. They are more direct and personal , requesting to come close and look at a painting without any ambiental interference. Nothing is square or static in my paintings , as nothing is square in nature , in a body shape or in our thoughts. miron.anka@gmail.com Tomorrow 21/29 cm water colour

War 50/50 cm Acrylic

MIRA CEDAR Although I was painting since young, I haven't felt myself as a painter until I visited Kassel's Documenta at the year 1982, the age of 'back to painting'. There, suddenly, in one click, I understood that this is my place. At the beginning I painted realistic paintings and drawings from photographs and looking. The abstract came later and got its last shape when I got acquainted with the form of the E..E.G test. The graphic description of the Epileptic attack was haunting for me, and so happened that the line is the main subject of my abstracts. My natural composition is the all-over one. It is as if I describe a piece, one frame from an endless two- dimensional world. For me the abstract is the perfect two-dimensional world! At the same time I made realistic and semi realistic paintings. Every technic or material got expressed in those two ways, sometimes two series at the same time. www.miracedar.com miracedar@gmail.com

Oil on canvas 30X40 cm 2012

Anabel Mayorga, Mexico Born in Mexico City,1968. Currently lives en Cuernavaca Morelos, Mexico. Mention of Honor in the VIII State Watercolor Salon Contest with the artwork "VERDEAZUL" Morelos, México. And became a member of The Society Of Watercolor Artists of Morelos AC. Read more about the artist at http://www.pintoresmexicanos.com/anabelmayorga/

Jessica Feldman, USA / Mexico Born in Cleveland Ohio, Mexican parents. She studied in México, Boston, Florence and Miami. Her art is considered “Mexican Op Art” binding the richness of Mexican culture in a contemporary way. Read more about the artist at http://www.jessicafeldman.com.mx

José Luis López Galván, Mexico Born in 1985 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The main goal of his work is the creation of a collage that when it integrates represents a believable portrait of the world, not about the looks of the things. Read more about the artist at http://joseluislopezgalvan.blogspot.mx “El traje de yo”. Oil on canvas

Roberto López Fuentevilla, Mexico Born in Mexico City. studied drawing and painting in Florence, Italy as well as participating in several painting workshops. He is a member of the Mexican Society of Watercolor.

Read more about the artist at http://www.lopezfuentevilla.com

VĂ­ctor Haro, Mexico Visual artist, with over 30 years experience, specialising in hyperrealism. The main element in his work is the human figure, and everything that represents life itself, surrounded by situations that g i v e m e a n i n g t o e a c h p i e c e . His work is placed in private galleries and public spaces in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Spain, and Argentina. Read more about the artist: http://victorharo.com

Jazamoart, Mexico He took his professional name from his dual passions of jazz and art. He is best known as a painter with over 400 individual and collective exhibitions on several continents. He lives in Mexico City. Read more about the artist at: http://www.jazzamoart.com

Vladimir Cora, Mexico His style has been described as neo-figurative, minimalist and coarse, and he creates his works in series usually related to the apostles, flowers, birds and women, especially those related to Nayarit. He has had over 150 individual exhibitions both in Mexico and abroad and continues to work from his home state. Read more about the artist at: http://nuun.mx/portfolio/vladimir-cora/

JosĂŠ Parra, Mexico Young artist with an old soul. He has managed to bridge that chasm between the old and the new in a language that is ecstatically of his own creation. His subject ideas about power versus fear, tradition versus novelty, royalty versus common, and reality as interpreted or transfigured by the glorious excesses of Baroque. Read more about the artist at http://joseparra.com

Montserrat Pérez Guzman, Mexico Work that speaks about the identity of the artist, incorporating important elements in a personal development process in the course of its first 24 years of life: the two Mexican states in which it is grown (Oaxaca and Puebla) incorporated in the form of a map. The technique used is entirely manual. Read more about the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Ricky Granna, México Born in Chapala Jalisco Mexico in 1975. His work has been exhibited in Mexico and abroad, like: • Regionale Art Museum of Gyeongman , Korea. • Centro Cultural du Mexique, Paris (France) . • Cultural Center of Mexico, Denver, Colorado. • Poliforum Siqueiros, CDMX. Read more abput the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Pedro Trueba, Mexico Mexican artist and architect. As an artist, the set of his work shows an evolution from realism to expressionism and ventures into abstraction reaches. He has exhibited in more than a hundred times his fine art work both individually and collectively in various cultural centers, galleries and museums in Mexico. Read more abput the artist at: http://pedrotrueba.com

José Luis Malo, Mexico “Art must be considered as the most authentic human expression, it allows us to know ourselves and to know others, widening or perception thresholds of the world and its actors. An art expression should be considered by its ability to surprise the viewer with its artistic proposal and aesthetic.” -Luis Malo. Read more about the artist at: http://joseluismalo.mx/

Yunuen Esparza, Mexico Life is chaos. Mexican visual artist Yunuen Esparza concentrates on giving order to this chaos by using geometric figures and color to infuse her compositions with a sense of harmony. She finds inspiration in common and ordinary life situations. Read more about the artist: http://torchezgaleria.mx “Marzo – Piscis” Oil on canvas

Ignacio Guerrero, Mexico The dream-playful surreal world of Ignacio Guerrero evokes hidden places in the ways of the impossible: the flight of a bird, a cage, horses, mermaids, men and women in full metamorphosis show quasiKafkaesque common elements in the strange world created from the recesses of his brushes, embedded in acrylic paints and poetry they anoint their fabrics. Read more about the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Alfonso Mena, Mexico Born in Mexico City in 1961. He studied painting at "La Esmeralda" School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, INBA, Mexico City (1979-84 ). Between Biennial, contests, and collective exhibitions he had participated in seventy exhibitions in Mexico and abroad. Read more about the artist at http://www.alfonsomena.com/index.html

Rodolfo Nieto, Mexico Mexican painter of the Oaxacan School (apprenticed under Diego Rivera, later served him as an assistant). Nieto moved to Paris in the early 1960s. Here he became friends with artists such as Julio Cortázar, Severo Toledo and José Bianco. He worked at the Atelier 17 with Stanley William Hayter and his discovery of the work of Edvard Munch spurred an interest in wood engraving. Read more about the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Francisco Toledo, Mexico Toledo’s art is imbued with his Mexican heritage of history and mythology. He has exhibitied at numerous museums and galleries in Europe, Mexico, South and North America and Asia. Read more about the artist at http://www.franciscotoledo.net

Rubén Leyva, Mexico He was born in the City of Oaxaca in 1953. Ruben Leyva has received the following distinctions: In 1986, First Place Painting, City of Oaxaca, Casa de la Cultura of Oaxaca and State Government of Oaxaca. In 1995, Invited Artist to he commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the UN. Read more about the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Eduardo Sánchez del Valle, Mexico Lalo Sánchez del Valle considers himself as a humanist and his autodidactic training confirms it. Only autodidacts confess in their statement that their interests, influences and inquisitiveness are so ample that they do not accept any possible specializing. Read more about the artist at http://www.lalosanchezdelvalle.mx

Gustavo Bustos, Mexico Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, 1971 . Every paint has his own honest personal message that moves the spectator so it can modifies his sentimental and spiritual structures. Read more about the artist at: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Adriana Torres, Mexico A mexican artist who paint vivid iconic hugs, Adriana Torres was born in Mexico City, earned an Honors Degree in Industrial Design and established a succesful career as an awarded winning painter and jewerly designer. Her primary intention is to create a simple visual experience of a hug, using basic forms, colors and textures as language. Read more about the artist: http://torchezgaleria.mx

Alan Vรกzquez, Mexico To create his unique works, Alan Vazquez uses recycled materials. He has painted large format murals in Mexico and Costa Rica; the fundamental topics are peaceful proposals to abolish bullfighting and the overfishing of sharks. Read more about the artist at http://www.alanecologistartist.com

Adriana Velarca, Mexico Her Art, purely abstract and contemporary is filled with misticism and elegance, between soft curves of color that tint the strokes until they find their proper place in new balance and colorful elements." Forms emerge by chance, but whit precision in her strokes, where they cause the canvas to flow in soft movements.

Miguel Lรณpez Vรกzquez, Mexico The visual and emotive memory of his work is a subtle trace of color and form that enriches the spectator like the aftertaste of a good wine, a fine chocolate, the aroma of a perfume. Reminiscences that fade but never disappear. Recollections that might seem very mundane, at the end of the day, are the ones that have more permanence.

Ileana Miranda, Mexico Ileana Miranda has a full compromise with her artistic vision trying to share her feelings and specific vision of the world with the spectators. She wants to remind us that the doors of fine arts are always open for anybody who dares to cross thresholds and transmit their dreams through painting.

Vesna Pavan, Italy Vesna has grown through continuous studies: artistic, theatrical, psychological, Breath work, Chromotherapy. All these interests and experiences, in time, have allowed her to see, discover and understand the various facets of the human being and the deep expressiveness of female.

María de los Ángeles Rodríguez, Mexico The artist calls her technique “destructed.” She starts with a photo or an image of an existing place as a background. She proceeds to alter it by means of perspective, color, and use of geometric figures. Sometimes the background is upsidedown or rotated. This way she creates her fantasy.

Héctor Gómez,Mexico He has specialized in creative photography or “signature photography.” Since 2010 creating works that invite to selfintrospection and evoke, in a surrealistic style of imagery, the daily life challenges of facing solitude, feelings of achievement and the approach we each take towards tackling uncertain moments in human life.

Kike Abed, Mexico Enrique is an adventurous photographer who enjoys spending his free and working time in nature. He has lived for most of his life close to volcanoes in central Mexico, which constantly inspire his photography. Initially a hobby, his passion for photography has become a way of life, and is now the perfect excuse for extensive travelling and adventuring.

Alex Figueroa, Mexico He tracks the most common symbols between continents, the most iconic images, and he incorporates them in a natural way to pop imagery. His work is inspired by popular culture, advertising and mass communication. He uses photography to capture urban images or natural landscapes at an almost abstract level and joins it to the digital illustration.

María Pardo, Mexico Plastic artist that has used different techniques ranging from fresco, tempera, gouache, charcoal, to acrylic and oil. The inspiration that she has for the work that she represent is a fusion between the animate and the inanimate, the real and the fictitious, the natural and the artificial. These elements can be perceived because the pictures in this series of mannequins, have something lifelike.

María Elena Valdes, Mexico Maria Elena Valdes is a 25-year-old Mexican photographer and producer, born in Puebla, Mexico. In 2014, she graduated from St Edward’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photo-Communications. After graduating she moved to NYC, where she is currently based. Maria enjoys working within the context of culture and has an aesthetic approach focusing on details of her subjects. Whether shooting celebrities or models, that she captures in photography or motion.

Laura Romano, Mexico By guiding her sense of light, perspective and deepness, she makes daily moments into a unique scene full of colors, making in her works a sense of living. She is interested in making works where feelings are developed using perspective, proportions, light, and drawings as her main tools to get it. Her art is becoming her ultimate passion.

Pepe Lavín, Mexico He had a connection with drawing since his firsts steps, inspired by nature and all it’s sensitivity. Developing talent and self-trusted at the act of drawing something; all the experiences represented are a spiritual, intuitive inner personal journey.

Ana Sofía Vázquez Urrea, México Born in Sonora, Mexico in 1997. Has worked with Adriana Torres multiple times and she has learned everything she knows about the artistic atmosphere thanks to her formation and guidance. Today she lives in Mexico City and studies the career of Graphic Design at Universidad Intercontinental (UIC) where she says has been key for supporting her and developing different branches for art and design that she applies on her artworks day by day.

Anna Rosa Pelayo, Mexico She graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. Since she was a child, she had many questions to be answered so she became an observer, not of what can be seen, but of what can be felt. This experience is translated to her artistic work. Her artistic work is inspired by nature, the human being and its evolutive changes. As a sculptress she works with different materials like clay, ceramic, bronze. As a painter she works mainly egg tempera, asphalt, and oil wax media.

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